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Just a few days ago, very few people knew who Gwen Berry was. However, in modern America, protesting the flag is a good way for an athlete to become famous.

Gwen Berry (Credit Image: © Wang Lili/Xinhua via ZUMA Wire)
Gwen Berry (Credit Image: © Wang Lili/Xinhua via ZUMA Wire)

Miss Berry finished third in the hammer throw at the U.S. Olympic Trials. On the medals stand, while the white athletes who took first and second stood at attention with their hands on their hearts, Miss Berry mugged for the camera with her hands on her hips, and then looked the other way. Unless the American Olympic team sweeps the hammer throw, Gwen Berry will be known almost exclusively for this gesture of disrespect. Color of Change is now helping her negotiate corporate sponsorships.

This incident captures blacks’ relationship with America. Miss Berry shirked the most basic gesture of national respect because she thought it would be an insult to her people. She aired her complaint on the “Black News Channel,” the very existence of which tells us a lot about “privilege.” “I never said I hated the country – never said that,” she said. “All I said was I respect my people enough to not stand or acknowledge something that disrespects them. I love my people, point blank, period.”

Many conservatives are disgusted. “How, Exactly, Can One Represent America but Oppose Its Anthem and Flag?,” asks Charles C. W. Cooke in National Review. He argues that Miss Berry is “electing” to represent the United States and thus should not object to the flag. Rep. Dan Crenshaw says she should be removed from the team.

Representative Dan Crenshaw (Credit Image: © Chip Somodevilla/CNP via ZUMA Wire)
Representative Dan Crenshaw (Credit Image: © Chip Somodevilla/CNP via ZUMA Wire)

However, in a sense, Miss Berry is right. She lives here, but she doesn’t consider herself “American.” At the least, she considers “her people” to have a greater command on her loyalty. Her passport is not her true nation.

I respect her honesty. She loves her people. We love ours. She doesn’t think the flag of the historic American nation represents her. I agree. The difference is that her racial nationalism does not offend those with media power. Love for our people, by which we mean whites, is “hate.” Her racial nationalism may get her corporate sponsorships.

I’m sure she’s sincere. What does the historic American flag mean to people who believe this country was founded by white “racists?” She’s not wrong. The Founders thought that they were starting a white country. Given today’s standards, they wouldn’t just be barred from politics; they’d be lucky to hold jobs.

The flag is also the official banner of the current government that rules from the District of Columbia. That government gives blacks like Miss Berry priority in jobs and education. The government pursues “equity,” which is now more important than what were once core American freedoms of association and the freedom to do what you want with your property. For biological reasons, blacks will never achieve equality, so the government’s war for equity will end as disastrously as the war in Afghanistan.

We should reconsider trying to convince Gwen Berry to respect the flag. Pursuing racial equality has been the main American domestic policy goal for more than 50 years. Almost every other priority, including space exploration, science, building the military, controlling spending, or undertaking great public works, has been secondary. You could almost argue that the United States of America exists to prop up black people. Paul Kersey calls it “Black-Run America,” not because blacks literally run it, but because their prosperity and even emotional self-esteem are apparently the most important national goals.

What have decades of effort and uncounted trillions accomplished? American education, transportation, and quality of life are worse. Videos from the past, when American cities were clean, orderly, and attractive, look like dispatches from a utopian future. It’s painful to realize they were destroyed for nothing. Countless achievements were sacrificed so blacks could be coddled. The bill amounts to one of history’s great tragedies.

Whole areas of American cities are in ruins. Patriotism is declining. America’s history is being rewritten and statues of its heroes torn down to appease blacks – but they are angrier than ever. Still, white Americans keep degrading themselves, trying to convince blacks to love them.

September 22, 2018 – Detroit: Over one third of all properties in the city were foreclosed on between 2005 and 2014,.totaling roughly 140,000 homes and buildings. Mediadrumimages / Kyle Brooky (Credit Image: © Mediadrumimages / via ZUMA Press)
September 22, 2018 – Detroit: Over one third of all properties in the city were foreclosed on between 2005 and 2014,.totaling roughly 140,000 homes and buildings. Mediadrumimages / Kyle Brooky (Credit Image: © Mediadrumimages / via ZUMA Press)

Few have contributed so little yet demanded so much as blacks. They shouldn’t be angry at America; whites should be. We pay for their temper tantrums.

Don’t try to get blacks to respect the flag. Consider your own protest. When some black celebrity begins speechifying, the black nationalist flag flies, or the “Black National Anthem” plays, turn your back. If current trends continue, the federal government’s flag may deserve the same treatment.

Does this mean I’m giving up on America? I’d suggest it’s blacks who have given up on us. We are racist no matter what we do. Some whites may go along with this because they profit from it. Many more seem to be driving themselves literally insane pursuing an impossible and immoral creed. There’s no reason to go along with it any more.

I’m taking Gwen Berry at their word. We share a passport, but we aren’t part of the same people. I have nothing against her personally, but she is no more to me than is any Japanese or Guatemalan. If Gwen Berry doesn’t like the flag, that’s her business. If she gets corporate sponsorships from this display, it’s further proof that America is just an enormous shopping mall.

We can’t blame Miss Berry for acting in her own interests. Instead, we need to act in our own. Turn your back on America’s pet racial minority, its subsidies, its demands, and its complaints. Make your own demands.

If blacks want to build Wakanda, they are welcome to try. I wish no one ill, but after America has spent decades putting blacks at the center of our national identity, I find it hard to care. If the regime can’t even get token gestures of respect from its client class, that is the regime’s problem, not ours.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I’ve actually grown to hate the Olympics, especially the medal ceremonies. I’m old enough to remember the Black Power protest by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, where they raised an arm and donned a black glove. Whites were typically aghast, as they are today on Fox, Newsmax, and OAN. The faux outrage of talk show hosts like Hannity is comical. Gwen Berry should have done like Kaepernick and taken a knee. Better yet, eliminate anthems altogether. They’re no longer politically correct.

    • Replies: @UNIT472
  2. bob sykes says:

    Africans are a separate species in the genus Homo. Let them live their lives separately in their own space. Wakanda, indeed.

  3. UNIT472 says:

    I agree, way past time to close the Olympic games. They aren’t amateur anymore and have been ‘political’ since at least 1936. While we used to snigger at the East German ‘women’s teams’ we are now willing to allow a man to compete as a woman ‘athlete’ ourselves simply to pander to a bunch of sexual deviants in the Democrat party.

    While I am also tired of professional sports leagues I can’t shut them down but shutting down the multibillion dollar Olympic games is easy. Just prohibit government funding for them. We’d be doing a favor for the taxpayers all over the world. No more Olympic Villages full of Jamaican bob sledding teams or other third world athletes with no chance of winning a medal but looking for a way to immigrate to the west that doesn’t involve a rubber boat crossing a wide, stormy sea.

    • Agree: follyofwar, TTSSYF
  4. Thomasina says:

    Addicts destroy families too. Sometimes they end up as addicts because of parental abuse or neglect, but that is not always the case.

    Often times they have been pandered to or made dependent by a parent who secretly wants to keep them around for their own selfish reasons (for protection). Every excuse is made for their bad behavior, every attempt is made to elevate the unruly child (make them feel special) and bring the other family members down to their level. I have seen this over and over again. The goal is power and control (which gives them protection).

    Blacks are not doing this on their own. They are purposely being championed, pandered to, and given permission to blame everybody but themselves for their actions. They are being led by the nose by a party who could care less about Blacks, but cares greatly about their own tribe’s protection.

    This narcissistic party knows they been instrumental in destroying what was once a high-trust, community-oriented society, and they’re aware that Whites are noticing this and are not happy about it. This party wants to maintain what they have accomplished (destruction) while Whites want their country back.

    (((Who))) is this party? Who feels they need protection? Who wants to bring the rest of society down to the level of the unruly child?

    Of course Blacks should be proud of themselves, but feel proud for something you’ve accomplished. Don’t try to drag others through the mud in order to elevate yourselves!

    Show us what YOU’VE got. Looting, raping, murder, Fentanyl Floyd and third-rate Gwen Berry isn’t going to cut it.

    • Agree: Ace
    • Replies: @goldgettin
  5. Der ain’ no whiskey in de jug dat kin heal up de bite of a blue-lip nigger!

  6. TG says:

    I hear and agree with much of what is here. But respectfully, I think you are missing something major.

    “What have decades of effort and uncounted trillions accomplished? American education, transportation, and quality of life are worse. Videos from the past, when American cities were clean, orderly, and attractive, look like dispatches from a utopian future. It’s painful to realize they were destroyed for nothing. Countless achievements were sacrificed so blacks could be coddled. The bill amounts to one of history’s great tragedies.”

    I’m sorry, but the idea that ‘coddling blacks’ is responsible for all – or even most – of this, just doesn’t wash.

    What is dragging America down? How about:

    – We ended two centuries of successful protectionism, and shipped the core of our industrial might to communist China. Now we are de-industrialized, minus all those jobs, increasingly minus all the centers of innovation and research, and only barely keeping things together because of a massive trade deficit – heaven help us when China decides they don’t need to ship us more then we ship them. That wasn’t blacks, that was our corrupt elites throwing away the sinews of industry for short-term profits.

    – We waste something like a trillion dollars a year on endless pointless winless overseas wars, starving the domestic economy of investment. That wasn’t blacks, that was our corrupt elites getting massive high profit no-bid contracts.

    – We spend tens of trillions of dollars bailing out and subsidizing Wall Street, and again, starving the real economy of investment. OK sure, Barak Obama was the public figurehead for a lot of this, be he took his marching orders from a bunch of pasty-white billionaires.

    – Our medical system is the most expensive in the world, yet delivers less than most other industrialized nations. Even people with ‘good’ 9that is, expensive) insurance can be bankrupted with ‘surprise’ medical billing. Don’t pin this one on blacks. It’s the rich strip-mining the economy.

    – The founders of this nation were not socialists, but they realized that people had to be able to get out from under unpayable debts. Now we have mostly removed the ability of non-billionaires to declare bankruptcy, sentencing them to a life of debt-slavery. Again, that’s not blacks. That’s our parasitic elites.

    – We have opened the borders to the overpopulated third world, driving wages and living standards down, and rents and profits up. OK sure, blacks were chumps and actually cheered this on, but this was top-down elite policy.

    Around 1950 the population of California was about 10 million, and in many ways it was close to an earthly paradise. Now, mostly because of government cheap-labor immigration policy, the population is about 40 million. Water is running short (rainfall has not decreased, thank you very much), traffic is terrible, housing costs are sky high… that’s not blacks. I mean, blacks are about 6% of California’s population and falling. If you got rid of all the blacks in California, do you really think that all of these problems would go away? How?

    The real problem is that our elites have become corrupt and care only about their own profits and power, and nothing about the nation itself. Blacks have certainly not acted well, and at least for now so-called black ‘culture’ is not something to respect, but they are a sideshow to the main event.

  7. SafeNow says:

    “There’s no reason to go along with it any more.” – the essay

    I think there is. Social peace. Chris Caldwell asks “what did \$20 trillion in debt buy?” (His book is only a year snd a half old, and yet the figure was only \$20 trillion). Answering his own question, he wrote “social peace.” And so it will continue, as Biden might say, like an eagle on steroids.

    How, you ask, might a racially explicit steroid eagle payment scheme pass constitutional muster? Kavanaugh gave a clue recently. The clue recently came in the short opinion he wrote in the eviction-moratorium case. He allowed it, because it was time-limited. This was Justice O’Connor’s technique to save affirmative action in Grutter v. Bollinger. (A 2003 case, saying 25 years of affirmative action passes “narrow tailoring” —how’s that timetable going so far? — is the achievement gap almost closed?)

  8. Does she do “more” damage to the U.S. than the typical far left Democrat politician, of whom there are many in office in this here U.S. of A.? Does she do more damage than those Americans who still vote for and support the democrat party, which is quite willing to put up with these far leftists? I think not.

    • Agree: Ace
  9. What I find truly offensive about the Gwench is the stupid lipstick.

    Though I prefer politics to be kept out of sports, there is a long tradition of politics and sports. After all, Olympics isn’t just about individuals but contest of nations with flags and anthems, which could be construed as political statements. And commentators have often politicized sports. Significance of Jesse Owens, Hungary’s victory over Soviet Union following 56 invasion, US miracle on ice, and etc. So, it’d be disingenuous to berate the Gwench for her politicizing.

    Still, there is an adult and serious way to convey one’s cause and a stupid childish way. If the Gwench is truly a serious person, why not show up with some dignity? Why not act like an adult? That way, even if we disagree with her politics, we can still respect her seriousness as a person. But just look at her dumb lipstick and childish demeanor.

    Those lipsticks and her cheap antics speak less of politics or justice than publicity-hogging, celebrity-craving, and other displays of narcissism turned farcical, or farcissism.

  10. meamjojo says:

    She should return to Africa. Help build up her relatives, help get that country into the 21st century. Why stay in a country where you think you don’t belong, aren’t accepted?

    We should pay the transport cost and give anyone wanting to leave a few thousand \$\$ in return for giving up their citizenship and leaving America permanently.

    • Replies: @Anon
  11. @Thomasina

    Good comment.But…please tell me,who is “this” party?Where did “they”
    come from?Why is there “nothing”” we” can do? Who’s paying for “this”?

    Why are you capitalizing black?

    “show us what you’ve got.”Who is the YOU’VE of which you speak?

  12. Hood makes a good point. The falsehood lies not with Berry but in what much of the idiocracy in Murika consider to be American ‘identity’ – a hodgepodge of demonic doctrines spewed daily over the endless channels of Talmudvision, et al. A favorite one held by ‘conservatives’ (who couldn’t even conserve the ladies’ room) is the magic dirt theory. Drag an African, a Chinese or an Afghani here and … voila! … Murika’s magic dirt transforms them into true believers in limited government and individual liberties who are even more faithful to the founders’ vision than the Paine and Jefferson themselves. As can be seen with Miss Berry, even after four centuries this theory is observably false.

    Crenshaw is the very epitome of the ‘conservative’ who spouts such nonsense. The authors of the constitution refer in its preamble to their “posterity”. Crenshaw and his fellow conservatards think this word means any usurer, grifter, moron or criminal allowed across the porous borders and their descendants. It’s of a piece with the astoundingly stupid remark spouted by another conservative whose name escapes at the moment that it’s entirely possible for a negro to become Polish. Not any more than it’s possible for the White American who said this to become Chinese. (The Chinese would disabuse the poor fool of such a notion in very little time).

    Gwen Berry is not an American any more than Ben Shapiro (the littlest Chickenhawk) is. The fact that they were born within the borders of the place once occupied by a long-dead republic means nothing. One might as well argue that those born in garages are truly self-driving automobiles. Berry’s disrespect of the flag is a moot point because the flag itself no longer represents anything that actually exists. The lawless occupation regime situated in Washington is an evil empire – the world epicenter of corruption, totalitarianism and depravity: Babylon the Great. They might as well replace it with some rainbow monstrosity, perhaps with an image of Baphomet at its center. It would be more fitting, no? Hood made the basic point himself in an earlier article. The neo-klowns and other minions of the devil have at last achieved their objective: America is now merely an idea – one of utter blasphemy, evil, murder and depravity of every kind. Let it burn. Time to move on.

    • Agree: Exile, Ace
  13. Thomasina:

    Blacks are not doing this on their own. They are purposely being championed, pandered to, and given permission to blame everybody but themselves for their actions. They are being led by the nose by a party who could care less about Blacks, but cares greatly about their own tribe’s protection.

    It’s quite true that blacks are not doing this entirely by themselves. They nevertheless have a part in it. They’ve made their choice. It will not end well for them, but they chose it willingly. Those who elect to play stupid games tend to win stupid prizes.

  14. @TG

    The race-obsessed writers around here — see also, Derbyshire, Kersey, Sailer, a. o. — to the extent they are even willing to discuss anything else tend to feign obtuseness about or parrot Establishment narratives. Willfully or not, they are part of the “sideshow” you describe.

    Your comment should make some of them squirm.

  15. anonymous[254] • Disclaimer says:

    Whole areas of American cities are in ruins. Patriotism is declining. America’s history is being rewritten and statues of its heroes torn down to appease blacks – but they are angrier than ever.

    Blacks are much less angry with whites than compared to 30 years ago. The anger is now directed at the police rather than white people in general. The goal is to increase white-black intermarriage or liaisons that produce children so that blacks can be completely absorbed by whites. The plan might not be completed until 2200. Rep. Steve King understands this is the plan and fully supports it.

    King said he’d like to see less of an emphasis on race in the future.

    “If you go down the road a few generations, or maybe centuries, with the inter-marriage, I’d like to see an America that is just so homogenous that we look a lot the same,” he said.

    • Replies: @George 1
  16. Anon[222] • Disclaimer says:

    Africa is a continent containing many countries. Don’t parade your American lack of education please.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  17. George 1 says:

    Steve King is a moron. America will be a tiny footnote in the history of the world by 2200. Thanks in large part to people like him who gave the country away to savages.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  18. I don’t know who she is………AND… I don’t give a rats ASS who she is.. Life can be so simple, if one merely eliminates all of the garbage the American media tries to dump into ones mind.

  19. This is not a racial war of Blacks against Whites. Blacks have ZERO and I repeat ZERO power. American is now a global empire and we citizens are just living at the core of it existence. So in order to curb our enthuisiam for freedom, democracy and liberity (ideas which are opposed to the bottom line of Empire), the empire will need to “reset” the “nation” and cull those who stand in the way of its bottom line.

    The biggest dissapointment of Unz review is it is to saturated with “race” realist, who continue to take the bait and act as if Black people have any say or any power in all of this. Blacks are being used purely as tools to intigate just what is happening, that is a White nationalist reaction. I hear people on here criticize Charles Murray because he is hanging on hope of a America where citizenship is based on individual rights. Charles Murray knows what he is doing.

    He can’t be direct or else he will be cancelled and the masses of White Americans will not hear about his data or read his book. But Charles Murray is making a simple case, you can fight for your rights based on being a White person, just understand you are doing this not as a free agent but as a reactionary. You are taking the bait being given to you by the global elites, the bait of actually beleiving that Blacks are the one making critical race theory a reality. And if you take that bait, than just accept that America is done and your ideologically identity is no longer the ideas that came out of the enlightnement, You have drank the reactionary cool aid.

    The same way globalist have essentialized blackness and than pinned that identity to ghetto lower IQ trash culture, so that even a smart black child from a middle class educated high IQ black family relates to a thug like Michael Brown or George Floyld more than he does Ben Carson and Glenn Loury both black men from the ghetto who have high IQs and are models of success.

    You yourself white man, by embracing “White” identity, your sons and duaghters will ultimately identify down to the poor white trash hillbilly, who drinks all day and beats his wife. Yes this is a stereotype but its also true. Has anybody read Murray’s Coming Apart? That is what will become of your white identity. Not the values of Greco-Roman but of Wigger Low County. You will preach white pride but your sons will become white rappers. Because that is the nature of identity politics based on race as it exist in America.

    Don’t think you will become like the Chinese. China has been a overtly ethno-centric civlization for 5000 years. Western civilization has not been ethno-centric it has been enlightement. Socrates did not see himself special because he was Greek or European or whatever you want to call it. He was killed by his own people did we forget that. The legacy of Western liberalism is real and it saddens me that the traditional White American is now so easily taking the White Identity bait, only because it tells me that we are coming to the death of Western Civilization, though many White identititarians don’t see it this way.

    The majority Jewish and Anglo-American Power Elites who go to all white and jewish schools and marry each other are laughing at this entire show they have orchestrated. But the irony is that its not the Blacks they are laughing at, as they have never had any expectations for Blacks but they are laughing at the working class, middle class Whites who on one side are buying the intersectional bullshit and are hating themselvs and on the other side are abandoning the ideals values of this nation which their forefathers fought to create in exchange for an essentialist white identity.

    • Replies: @George 1
  20. Bill H. says: • Website

    News flash. Very few, a miniscule number, of those athletes are “representing their country” when they compete in the Olympics. They do not seek to earn medals and glory for their nation, they seek to earn medals and glory for THEMSELVES as INDIVIDUALS. They will come home and they will not say that the United States won the medal they are carrying, they will say, “I won this medal” and “This is MY gold medal.”

  21. George 1 says:

    OK. I would respond that it will be exceeding difficult to believe that black people have no say while they are beating your brains out or burning down your house or stabbing you to death.

    But hey. That’s just me.

  22. anon[287] • Disclaimer says:

    hey moron the same white hating communists coddling negroids ARE THE SAME ONES IMPLEMENTING ALL THOSE DESTRUCTIVE POLICIES YOU LISTED

  23. Move her to the Ochympics.

  24. anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:
    @George 1

    Steve King was the patriotic straight shooter in the last 20 years in Congress.

  25. @TG

    “Sideshow” is a pretty good word for it. “Bread and circuses” is the classic phrase. The game is divide and conquer, and it keeps working.

    As long as the powers that be can still get the left to provoke half of the right into making fools of themselves over race and gender issues, and assimilate the other half into appeasement and compromise over the same issues, they’ll keep winning.

    I can whine about black culture, race hustlers and equity scams as much as anyone… but at the end of the day, it’s all just reality show TV for the political consumer. The opportunistic profiteers at the top of the heap are laughing all the way to the bank at our inability to recognize just how successfully we’re being played against each other while they loot and pillage with impunity.

  26. meamjojo says:

    I do know that. Your point was?

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