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Times Attack on Tucker Carlson Backfires
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Tucker Carlson (Credit Image: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia)
Tucker Carlson (Credit Image: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia)

The New York Times used to be called “The Gray Lady” for its sober, restrained prose. The paper deserves a new nickname. The New York Times just published a three-part series primarily written by Nicholas Confessore on Tucker Carlson. Considering the thousands and thousands of words that went into it, there’s not much that is new. Mostly, it repeats what Mr. Carlson said, with the expectation that readers will be disturbed. What if they aren’t? The overall title – “American Nationalist” – reflects the social divide between media elites who find the term scary and Americans who embrace it.

The series begins with one of Mr. Carlson’s nightly monologues, in which he is “claiming on air that mass immigration made America ‘dirtier and poorer.’” This is supposed to be shocking. “Many wondered what price he might pay,” said the Times, because “blue-chip advertisers were fleeing,” and some within Fox thought he had “crossed some kind of line.”

This tells us a lot about the way the media works, with “blue-chip advertisers” apparently having a huge impact on what can or can’t be said. This supports Mr. Carlson’s view that there is a ruling class that limits debate.

The Times says that when Mr. Carlson “dismissed those protesting the [George Floyd] killing as ‘criminal mobs,’” companies such as Angie’s List and Papa John’s (which has its own reason for being politically correct) dropped their ads, amidst “nationwide outrage.” Who cultivated this “outrage”? The story says Fox occasionally takes local news stories and has them “turbocharged by the channel’s vast digital news operation.” Wasn’t that what national media did with George Floyd and a thousand other stories? Compare that treatment to what happened after a black man killed children and Dancing Grannies in Waukesha during a Christmas parade. The Times buried that on page A22.

The paper uses words such as “mainstream” or “provocative,” and expects us to accept their judgments. However, the article acknowledges Tucker Carlson has the “highest-rated cable news show in prime time.” Why doesn’t that make him mainstream?

In an article about a show watched by millions of people every night, the Times explains Tucker Carlson’s arguments as if speaks in code. In Part One, the Times lists Mr. Carlson’s “encyclopedia of provocations,” and explains more “provocations” in Part Two. Part Three just shows video segments and calls them extremist, conspiratorial, etc.

Mr. Carlson’s opinions are almost treasonous.

Mr. Carlson has become the most visible and voluble defender of those who violently stormed the U.S. Capitol to keep Donald J. Trump in office, playing down the presence of white nationalists in the crowd and claiming the attack “barely rates as a footnote.” In February, as Western pundits and politicians lined up to condemn the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, for his impending invasion of Ukraine, Mr. Carlson invited his viewers to shift focus back to the true enemy at home [people who call him “racist”] . . . . He was roundly labeled an apologist and Putin cheerleader, only to press ahead with segments that parroted Russian talking points and promoted Kremlin propaganda about purported Ukrainian bioweapons labs.

This kind of writing suggests that the Times knows its readers will not watch Mr. Carlson for themselves, so the Gray Lady can call him whatever she likes. In Part Three, the Times summarizes Mr. Carlson’s core message: “They [the ruling class] want to control and then destroy you.” I would say this series is more evidence he’s right.

The Times inadvertently raises the question of why “extreme” ideas are so popular. It suggests that this popularity was manufactured. “’Tucker Carlson Tonight’ is the apex of a programming and editorial strategy that transformed the network during the Trump era,” the Times clams, after interviewing “dozens of current and former Fox executives, producers, and journalists.” The Times adds that the network is trying to “wring rising returns out of a slowly declining audience: the older white conservatives who make up Mr. Trump’s base and much of Fox’s core viewership.” It’s a “slowly declining audience,” yet the series calls The Great Replacement a “conspiracy theory.” At the same time, the Times also calls Tucker Carlson Fox’s future, “a star whose intensity and paranoid style work to bind viewers more closely to the Fox brand, helping lead them through the fragmented post cable landscape.”

Like many conservatives, Mr. Carlson left libertarianism for more nationalist views. An article about this change might be interesting, but instead Mr. Carlson’s views are dismissed as “white backlash” or a “nativist American tradition that runs from Father Coughlin to Patrick J. Buchanan.” Apparently, Mr. Carlson’s views are both lucrative theater and an expression of his “true views.” The series also includes a bizarre section about Tucker Carlson’s troubled mother, and his recovery from a difficult family situation. This is supposed to have shaped his views. The article also describes Mr. Carlson’s ferocious work habits, something you’d expect in a successful person. There are also random stories from “one former employee,” “one friend,” and “another Former Fox employee.”

One named former colleague is Eric Owens, whose Twitter feed suggests he’s a liberal now. He says little of interest except to note that Mr. Carlson is worried his views might make it hard for his children to find jobs. “It’s not right for this to affect my family, and literally affect my children’s future,” Mr. Carlson reportedly said. He clearly fears the ruling class’s ability to strike back.

“He is going to double down on the white nationalism because the minute-by-minutes show that the audience eats it up,” said one “former employee.” Does Tucker Carlson preach “white nationalism?” Discussing culture change, immigration, or reasons to be skeptical about new wars does not make him a “white nationalist.” That term, if it means anything, means someone who wants a separate white state, not someone who wants to keep the increasingly diverse United States together.

The Times insists that Tucker Carlson’s approach is rooted in race. “The show would grasp the emotional core of Mr. Trump’s allure — white panic over the country’s changing ethnic composition . . . .” So Trump’s appeal is “white panic”? The link in the Times story is to an article written in 2016 by the same author. In it, Nick Confessore quotes Jared Taylor as saying he has “no idea” if Mr. Trump agreed with him. At most, Donald Trump was “expressing the discomfort many white people felt about other races.” This is hardly white nationalism. President Trump disavowed robocalls Jared Taylor made on his behalf, and promoted a Platinum Plan of privileges for blacks. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Carlson talk about things that worry many whites, but not as white advocates.

“One former employee” says stories occasionally “originated farther afield” than mainstream sources. Most white advocacy sites don’t do original reporting; they post articles from other sources and talk about them. But merely looking at sources “farther afield” is somehow awful. The story argues that “Mr. Carlson has adopted the rhetorical tropes and exotic fixations of white nationalists,” “story lines otherwise relegated to far-right or nativist websites like VDare,” and rhetoric similar to “sites like American Renaissance – which promotes ‘the biological reality of race.’” The author suspects that The Daily Stormer could once have been a source. Again, these sites mostly discuss and analyze publicly available stories and opinions from which the Times averts its eyes.

The story mentions Somali migrants in Maine as a “parable of replacement” for both American Renaissance and Mr. Carlson. So what? Mr. Carlson has simply noticed the same things we have – he has a house in Maine, for heaven’s sake. The New York Times calls The Great Replacement a “conspiracy theory,” but a staff columnist wrote something called “We Can Replace Them.”

Unless you deliberately ignore it, there is plenty of news on blacks murdering white South African farmers, but Mr. Carlson is somehow disreputable if both he and talk about it. For most of Mr. Carlson’s monologues, he wouldn’t need any source besides the Gray Lady herself. Just get the facts, strip away the commentary, and point out implications the Times ignores.

The Witkruismonument outside Polokwane, a series of crosses erected in memory of murdered South African farmers. (Credit Image: Johnnyhurst via Wikimedia)
The Witkruismonument outside Polokwane, a series of crosses erected in memory of murdered South African farmers. (Credit Image: Johnnyhurst via Wikimedia)

The story makes much of “Mr. Pillow’s” advertising, which is important financial support, but “Mr. Pillow” is hardly a major company. Corporate America, broadly speaking, doesn’t want to associate with Mr. Carlson even though he has the highest rated primetime cable news show. That suggests there is a ruling class that doesn’t want certain things discussed, even if advertising on a show that touches on them would boost sales.

Cardboard cut outs of Mike Lindell are seen throughout the MyPillow manufacturing facility in Shakopee, Minnesota on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. (Credit Image: © TNS via ZUMA Wire)
Cardboard cut outs of Mike Lindell are seen throughout the MyPillow manufacturing facility in Shakopee, Minnesota on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. (Credit Image: © TNS via ZUMA Wire)

The story mentions Blake Neff, one of Mr. Carlson’s writers who was posting politically incorrect ideas under a pen name. When this was revealed, Mr. Neff lost his job, and Mr. Carlson had to talk about it on air. This is hardly the behavior of a “white nationalist.” The fact of doxxing and its consequences again seem to confirm Mr. Carlson’s view of a hostile elite.

It’s hard to imagine a left-wing equivalent. Joy Reid wrote unfashionable things about homosexuals on her old blog. Her initial defense was to say she didn’t think she wrote them and suggested she was hacked. She later apologized. There were no consequences and she still has her show at MSNBC. Will the Times ever investigate her writers and researchers, and try to get complaints about her?

The story says the ADL called for Mr. Carlson’s head after he mentioned demographic “replacement.” The ADL gratuitously added that “the same concept had helped fuel a string of terrorist attacks, including the 2018 mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue.” However, when an unrepentant Mr. Carlson again talked about the Great Replacement, ratings among 24-54 year-olds increased by 14 percent. Just brushing up against racial questions draws more viewers. The question is not why Tucker Carlson is so popular. The question is why no one else with media power is copying him. If anything, there may be a greater media market well to Tucker Carlson’s right.

If Mr. Carlson has gained such a following despite boycotts, opposition within his own company, snide pieces like this, and even an attack on his house, what would cable look like if media companies really did pursue ratings at all costs? They appear to be more concerned with controlling the message than attracting a following.

Fox’s supposed rightward turn led to it lose “some of its most respected news journalists, most notably Chris Wallace, the longtime host of Fox’s flagship Sunday show.” Viewers didn’t follow Mr. Wallace out the door. He got a show on the streaming service CNN+ that was canceled within three weeks. “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace” will be his new show, this time hosted on HBO Max. I suspect the answer to that question will be “no one.”

The article is full of language like “testing his boundaries” and “crossing some sort of line,” as if Mr. Carlson’s existence, and his willingness to talk about issues like immigration, anti-white hate, and leftists’ cultural extremism, is somehow illegitimate. Clearly, there are certain things Americans can’t freely discuss, but Mr. Carlson’s popularity shows that these are issues Americans want to discuss. The length, depth, and effort of this New York Times article shows how frightened the system is of even a single dissenting voice.

What happens if white advocates are allowed to compete fairly in the “marketplace of ideas?” I suspect that we could give Mr. Carlson a real challenge. We’ve got an awful lot more to say than Brian Stetler. This article unintentionally shows how vast our potential audience is, but the Times seems to think fighting “misinformation” means stopping free speech and protecting children from the wrong arguments.

Here’s the paper on Elon Musk.

The “misinformation” the ruling class fears is the truth. It fears debate so much it’s now edging towards using state power to try to stop it. Mr. Carlson laughed at this series. Calling him an “American Nationalist” is especially funny. In a real country, all citizens are nationalists.

Mr. Carlson believes the old America still exists. This shows he is not a “white nationalist.” We want a white nation or at least a white supermajority, not a multiracial, multicultural state. An American nationalist thinks that this country is worth saving as it is.

For America to survive, Mr. Carlson’s arguments would have to be taken seriously, not banned. Many white nationalists think our rulers will muzzle us more than ever. For that reason, a white nationalist is already looking to what comes after America.
If our ruling class were wise, it would recognize that Tucker Carlson isn’t a threat but a warning. It almost certainly won’t, so there will be hard times for all citizens. If anything, Mr. Carlson is trying to save this foolish ruling class from itself. If it doesn’t listen, we become the final argument. Whites are receptive to our message, and if the repression weakens, our message will prevail.

The New York Times may even sense that. Perhaps it isn’t really scared of Tucker Carlson. It is scared of what comes next.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The fire next time

    • Replies: @Richard B
  2. Rich says:

    I’m amazed at how easily the left has been able to scare big corporations into boycotting anyone who opposes the far left agenda. Obviously, 90% of parents would oppose the woke platform, yet corporate America kneels to it over and over. Why isn’t there a moderate to center-right group organizing boycotts and punishing corps for pushing the pedo-left agenda? I understand a large segment of American society automatically rejects boycotts called for by religious groups, but I’d think some sort of parents group could easily fill the void.

  3. They can push around these big corps because lots of them have been intentionally triangulated.

    It is some ugly, mafioso-type quagmire of big money firms (Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street) garnering enough stock that they can force Board members on who will do their bidding. I imagine their bank loans/financing factor into the squeezing too.

    So, these corps aren’t doing it out of choice, virtue signaling or “compassion”. They are forced to do it.

    This will give a sense of it.

    • Agree: Treg, JM
    • Replies: @Realist
  4. Franz says:

    If anything, Mr. Carlson is trying to save this foolish ruling class from itself.

    That’s what scares me. Of all the groups of people in the world I’d like to see fermenting for fossil fuels of the future, it’s our ruling class. Tucker, alas, is in a small way part of it, and thus has no choice.

    He’s a good fella anyway.

    • Agree: JM
  5. Bolsheviks hate open debate. When they had control of Russia, the penalty for putting up a flyer on a lamppost was mandatory immediate execution on the spot.

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  6. You can always hint at nothing and call out look a squirrel! – It is much more difficult to get away with hinting at a lion while doing so.

  7. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Carlson believes the old America still exists. This shows he is not a “white nationalist.” We want a white nation or at least a white supermajority, not a multiracial, multicultural state. An American nationalist thinks that this country is worth saving as it is.

    Are you prepared to lead a secession movement? If not then this can’t happen. Look at under 18 demographics. The country is non 47% non-Hispanic white among the young.

    • Agree: Dutch Boy
    • Replies: @Pierre_7
  8. Are we unanimous about what constitutes “white”? When I lived in Appalachia it was explained to me that the third K in KKK stood for Katholics. Among these are Germans, Poles, French, and of course the Irish. None of these were at all welcome when they were allowed to immigrate here, to work the lousy jobs that WASPs thought were beneath them, or too dangerous to risk the lives of their valuable slaves on. When exactly were these lesser men allowed to think themselves better than say Hispanics or Haitians, or actually equal to the transplanted Englishmen who formed the American power elite?

    • LOL: 3g4me
  9. @Craig Nelsen

    And AmRen being AmRen, it doesn’t mention that the Laundry Service marketing agency which the CEO was about to fire for a failure to perform was run by Jews at the time, iSteve has more detailed reporting on what went down. Here’s a bit from the legal complaint in the lawsuit against Laundry Service:

    32. At the end of the call, Mr. Schnatter expressed how his comments regarding the NFL were improperly reported and used to paint him as someone he was not. He then said:

    “[W]hat bothers me is Colonel Sanders called blacks n—–s. I’m like, I never used that word. And they get away with it. And we used the word ‘debacle’ and we get framed in the same genre.”

    33. Mr. Schnatter thus did not use a racial slur against African Americans in the call. On the contrary, he clarified—in this impromptu discussion of race—that it was a term he had never used. And, moreover, that it was absurd to draw a moral equivalency between his describing NFL management’s handling of the anthem protests as a “debacle” and statements by a public figure openly disparaging minorities.

    34. Unbeknownst to Mr. Schnatter, Laundry Service recorded the call. However, Laundry Service continued recording after Mr. Schnatter hung up, and captured internal discussions between senior Laundry Service employees (including Stein, its CEO at the time) directly after the call ended. Those discussions are shocking. Laundry Service immediately began to discuss how Mr. Schnatter’s statements on the call could be used against him to damage his image so “he gets fucking sent out to pasture on this shit” (in Stein’s words). The plan, according to the recorded conversation, was to arrange for Mr. Schnatter to have an hourlong live interview with a hostile media personality and prompt Mr. Schnatter to make damaging statements which need “to be viral.”

  10. Tucker’s not bad, but sometimes he comes up with a real clinkers like this:

    “‘The trans elderly should be able to live their lives in dignity.’ Who doesn’t believe this? Everyone believes this.”

  11. Alrenous says: • Website

    The term “white” is a legal category invented for the convenience of left-wing American politicians. Makes the divide-and-conquer strategy a lot easier if it’s laid out literally in black-and-white for you. Even the lowest of “low-information” voters can grasp that one.

    Real individuals do not think in these bureaucratic ways.

    The fact American dissidents do tend to think in these ways shows they’re not dissenting nearly as much as they think. They like bureaucrat-supremacism, they just think the bureaucrats should be wearing different uniforms or something.

    Hajnal European is a more useful category. I find it’s still a bit weak, however. Segregation is good; the more segregated, the better. Englishmen are for the most part a variety of German, and yet putting them together in a neighbourhood still invokes unnecessary Putnam-esque friction. The idea of combining Occidentals and Negroids should be totally laughable. If you live in England you can learn to recognize (admittedly minor) irreconcilable differences between Anglos and Saxons, never mind these “nations” we hear so much about in the modern world.

    E.g. Russians are awesome. But not as neighbours. Best appreciated from a goodly distance. Jazz music would sound good even if 100% were piped across the Atlantic. Segregation is wonderful.

    In part, the term “white” is the thin end of the wedge of so-called integration. If we can put Limeys and Krauts together, why not Limeys and Vatniks? Why not Limeys and Orientals? Why not…?

  12. Realist says:
    @The Real World

    So, these corps aren’t doing it out of choice, virtue signaling or “compassion”. They are forced to do it.

    This could quite possibly be true. But that does not absolve them of responsibility. If someone kidnaps your children and says they will be killed unless you rob a bank and give them the money. If you follow through you will be guilty of robbing a bank.

    The companies should blow the whistle on the big money firms.

  13. Ole_ed says:

    ‘Tucker, alas, is in a small way part of it, and thus has no choice.’

    Carlson is smart enough to know that his Civic Nationalism is a joke.

    Fuck Candace Owens, and all her ‘bros’ and ‘sistahs’.
    Mr. Carlson, you’re either part of the solution or part of the problem; time to choose.

    • Disagree: Treg
    • Replies: @Apex Predator
  14. The New York Times used to be called “The Gray Lady” for its sober, restrained prose. The paper deserves a new nickname.

    Purple Biatch

    One thing for sure, places like Detroit would do better with immigration.

    New folks replacing whites is bad, but new folks replacing blacks always leads to less crime and more economy.

    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  15. Legba says:

    It’s almost as if there was some kind of group influencing the corporations to act against their own self interest

    • Thanks: GKWillie
    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  16. Muggles says:

    Like many conservatives, Mr. Carlson left libertarianism for more nationalist views. An article about this change might be interesting,

    Yes, it would be interesting since no one has ever claimed Carlson was a libertarian. So this assertion would be a place to begin citing evidence.

    He was more of a soft neocon and later dropped that.

    I am unaware that Carlson ever claimed to be a libertarian or wrote/spoke at or with any libertarian groups or outlets. There aren’t many to begin with.

    Of course most of what he now says, and perhaps in the past also said, are ideas which are common to both conservatives, libertarians and others not brainwashed into loving the State as God on earth.

    I am a regular viewer of Carlson and he is now more “libertarian” than ever, since he is promoting America First, non interventionism and anti war ideas. Highly suspicious of Government As Your Friend.

    I would term him a “populist libertarian conservative” along the lines of the late Murray Rothbard (minus the “conservative”) who was long a populist, non-interventionist libertarian. Actually he was “Mr. Libertarian” and in contrast to Koch Brothers funded Beltway libertarianism, always promoted the view that Ruling Class statists in league with the oligarchy and military-industrial complex were at odds with average middle and working class Americans.

    In fact he long advocated a collaboration with principled leftists (who today are embodied by Tulsi Gabbard and Glenn Greenwald), who are “old fashioned” free speech oligarchy skeptical advocates. They frequently appear on Tucker’s show, along with some others from the old Left.

    Tucker is now the foremost public voice of libertarian ideas, but doesn’t know it. Just as well.

    The tiny and often oddball libertarian movement does best when sticking to issues and ideas that reflect traditional American values and respect for the law abiding productive middle class.

    Politically this was best expressed by former Congressman Ron Paul and now his son Senator Rand Paul along with a few others.

    To be attacked by the oligarchy and their media mouthpieces is a badge of honor.

    Oh, and Elon Musk is also coming along nicely. The Ministry of Truth hates him too.

    • Replies: @Anon
  17. @Rich

    Rich, I believe it only seems easy but in reality the ground had been prepared for years–by the universities and schools, by the massive U.S. media complex and by sell out politicians. It was a case of boiling the frog, by turning up the heat slowly. Now it’s on full. Americans, in general, have been deeply asleep to what has been going on in their nation for years. Trump wittingly or unwittingly opened the can of worms for all to see how the nation was run for years and who was running it and why it was run in that way. It is all coming out. All Americans had as information for years, was a huge media complex totally usurped by the left and far left that broadcast globalist propaganda and not news.

  18. @Ole_ed

    Carlson is smart enough to know that his Civic Nationalism is a joke.

    And clearly you are dumb enough to not understand why he tows that line. I’m certain with the ultimatum below–

    Mr. Carlson, you’re either part of the solution or part of the problem; time to choose.

    He just just going to jump right up and go full 1488 for Ole_ed from the Unz forum. Because I certainly know I would commit career suicide and lose my multi-year multimillion dollar cushy contract just so oblivious WN hardliners could feel good about me.

    This is why you all have been a joke movement since the 90s and still are today. You are blunt force instruments. Subtlety, nuance, slowly shifting the Overton Window, etc. are beyond your comprehension level. So you instead show how ‘hardcore’ you are by tearing down some of the most powerful weapons in our arsenal to reach millions of normies and start them on the road to the Dissident Right. Brilliant Strategy. Back to Stormfront with you…

  19. It is scared of what comes next.

    Probably nothing comes next. Americans are confident that their government fears their guns; they are sure that America is still no.1 country; they think that enough keyboard warriors can defeat any attack on America and Americans.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  20. KenH says:

    The paper deserves a new nickname

    Yes, the Oi Vey Times

    It’s a “slowly declining audience,”

    Has the NYT writer seen the ratings for MSDNC and CNN lately? If not for cable bundling these networks into their packages they would go out of business overnight just like CNN- did.

    Tucker discusses subjects of interest to white people that the Jewish occupation government wants hidden from us. Whites who don’t hate themselves and welcome racial dispossession are the most underserved people in media an entertainment. Everyone else has spokesman and champions but whites are denied this which means we are the untouchables of America society which has been made possible by Jewish power and influence.

    But Tucker also isn’t above a little cucking and virtue signaling like almost all conservatives. On his Tucker Carlson Today show with podcaster Daryl Cooper, Tucker said that “Malcolm X said some really interesting stuff” or something to that effect. Perhaps but so did George Lincoln Rockwell, Dr. William Pierce and David Duke but Tucker would never dare say so on camera so it’s hard to not to lose respect for him.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
    • Replies: @GenFranco
  21. @Observator

    Answer to your question, Mr. Bullshit dispenser:
    When the Whites of European stock, albeit recently arrived and economically disadvantaged, realized that Mud Creatures like mestizos/indios/negros/negritos and mongrel variants of such were, and still are, inferior compared to Whites…indicated by any and all metrics.
    Go stir some shit elsewhere.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  22. conatus says:

    Whites should re-frame the way they are discussed by changing two labels:
    Like Jung-Freud says, ‘White nationalist’ evokes no sympathy, no moral sympathy for the underdog, but if the label was switched to ‘White Liberationist’  then Whites actually acknowledge their oppressed state and are more sympathetic.
    Liberation from generalized world hate.  Hundreds of examples but one is Whites die at a higher rate in USA than European countries. See Angus Deaton and his ‘Deaths of Despair’ book.
    White Liberationist.

    The second re-framing would be
    The Democrats are the Black Party. What could be more obvious.

    • Replies: @Pop Warner
    , @Joseph Doaks
  23. Tucker is an inspiration and a brave man, yet he barely scratches the surface of reality: control of this once-great nation by obscenely wealthy White-hating Jews who purposely stir up Blacks to commit anti-White violence.

  24. @Fidelios Automata

    People like you and KenH are explicitly or implicitly saying Carlson should destroy 99.999% of his influence which you admit is positive for … what??

    I strongly suspect he’s smart enough and has experienced enough to have enough of the big picture, but for now he’s doing his thing in the framework of his enemies. Who’ve made it quite clear that if they weren’t wimps they’d have already killed him and his family who they’ve already targeted Antifa style (didn’t they essentially move out of his D.C. area home?). I’m satisfied with what he’s doing for now.

    • Replies: @KenH
  25. KenH says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    People like you and KenH are explicitly or implicitly saying Carlson should destroy 99.999% of his influence which you admit is positive for … what??

    You didn’t comprehend what I said. I never said Tucker should make a public case for GLR or David Duke.

    But Tucker can freely admit on his show that he thinks Malcolm X, a white hating black nationalist, was right about some things without repercussion or cancellation yet would never dare admit that the pro-white figures I mentioned also were right about a lot of things. So he’s playing by the rules laid down by Jewish media elites and somewhat of a coward. There’s nothing courageous about what he said.

    Tucker did not have to say anything positive about Malcolm X and alienate a percentage of his audience.

    You’re obviously in the camp that believes Tucker is totally off limits to any criticism from the right and must be praised to the heavens 24/7.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  26. The New York Times used to be called “The Gray Lady” for its sober, restrained prose. The paper deserves a new nickname.

    “The Gray Lady” is just fine.
    She’s been showing signs of dementia & fecal incontinence for some time.

  27. saggy says: • Website

    The amazing thing to me is that Carlson can say what he says, first, and then second, millions can hear him and essentially do nothing.

    He explicitly exposes the insanity of US foreign policy, as for example in the clip below when he describes the US machinations in Ukraine, and literally says it’s leading us toward a war with Russia, which has nuclear weapons, this is all explicitly stated, and yet on my Facebook page none of my 60 or so friends seems to notice.

    We are closer to WW III than ever before, and the US population couldn’t care less …. it’s really remarkable ..

    Video Link

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks, InnerCynic
  28. Tucker Carlson is the voice of the silent majority, the white Americans whom have been belittled, betrayed and condemned to former slave master purgatory.
    Race and gender are now the prominent ideology of the permanent state now in control of all Americans institutions. We have been high jacked by a tribe of thieves, charlatans and criminals who use every law, act and amendment against us.
    Until the real (((enemies))) of civilization are exposed and names are printed across every newspaper and media outlet around the world in every language spoken and read, nothing will change.
    Russia and China are the only ones capable of bringing down GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM PIGs,
    Until that happens, “we are doomed”. (John Derbyshire)

  29. Ghali says:

    It was called the “Gray Lady” because it was printed in gray colour, not because of “its sober, restrained prose”. It is a Neo-fascistt Jewish propaganda outlet addicted to lies and thrives on distortions of reality to promote violence and racism.

  30. @Rich

    Whenever they talk about climate change bla bla bla, as a Californian, I’m appalled that they allow millions of illegals and refugees here when water is diminished and housing is limited.
    What the hell are these despicable GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM PIGs thinking???

    • Agree: Richard B, Pop Warner
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Richard B
    , @follyofwar
  31. Ghali says:

    Americans from A to Z should be ashamed for their cowardly obsequious to Jews. The American regime is guilty of playing an attack dog to please and protect the interests of this Neo-fascist racist ethnic group. Jews in America control all aspect of Americans life from politics, to finance and education.

  32. The NYT was semi house-trained compared to Nick Cohen in the ‘Guardian’ sewer. I was not surprised because Cohen, in my opinion one of the most Evil creatures extant, a propagandist for the genocide against Iraq (for which I believe he should get the ‘Streicher Stretch’), a die-hard Blairite, a slanderer of Corbyn, and apologist for Israel etc, is given to raving hysteria. This one is a beauty, even for Cohen. How the ‘liberal’ Guardian became infested with what, in my opinion, are hate-crazed lunatics like Cohen, is quite a tragedy, if not surprising.

    • Agree: Gordo
  33. @Cauchemar du Singe

    Better a ‘Mud Creature’ than a ‘Shit Creature’ like you.

  34. Z-man says:

    Man, what is it with these long, long articles. At least 500 words too long, not that I read those 500 and another thousand also. 🤣😆😂
    I used to enjoy my summer Saturday mornings, walking to the local Korean owned bagel shop and getting the thin Saturday edition. I’d read most of it on my front porch or back yard. It made me feel like I was still single before I entered the house again where wife and kids were waking up.😊
    Then one day, the price doubled on the Saturday edition and I stopped buying it. Then my online version I used to get at work reduced it’s free content. I stopped reading there also. That was years ago and I think I’m better informed now than then even though the paper was a lot better than it is now.
    The Times has a lot of real estate, they’re Jews after all, that’s the only thing that’s keeping them alive because their paper, hard copy or electric, is going to be a dinosaur soon, as in EXTINCT.

  35. The left will help us empower President Carlson. Their hatred will fuel the fires.

  36. Richard B says:
    @40 Lashes Less One

    The New York Times may even sense that. Perhaps it isn’t really scared of Tucker Carlson. It is scared of what comes next.

    From this perspective Trump’s remark, It’s not me they’re after. It’s you. I’m just in the way. becomes, It’s not me they’re afraid of. It’s you. That’s why I’m here. To make it easier for them! And yeah, he was always in the way. That really was the reason he was there in the first place, to torpedo his own desperate and gullible base.

    In any event, I always thought that that comment of his was one of his tackiest. But it was also one of the most revealing. Because it showed better than anything that he really didn’t give a f*ck about them. But, as Tucker once said during one of his monologues a couple of years ago, You get what you put up with. Right again Tucker.

    • Agree: Liza, Getaclue
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  37. Karl1906 says:

    Because they’ve done this way too often. This whole lame shtick of calling everybody a “nazi” because of differing opinion has become too easy and too obvious. Hell, even on twitter the name calling and “ad personams” serve now only as easy “identifiers” for hired goon, bot or moron.

    Besides, people are sick and tired of this whole narrative and the ideology behind it going on and no matter how often it is repeated it will not stick. At least not with the majority.

    There is still hope for major improvement from this side – including a serious backlash. If the WW3-scenario and its total breakdown of society can be avoided.

  38. @KenH

    In full examination what did David Duke say of value to the american reality that we can discover in taking apart his commentary?

    We were, are dealing with the reality all were struggling with and found Malclom X’s contribution to be rather claryifying and useful! Not David Duke’s.

    The hsitorical record is there for all to examine. The historical still concludes this way in favor of Malcolm X on content, facts and general social value of his work relative to the situation…not on his race, or the race of David Duke, but on historical social value of the work of the 2 men.

    The historical record is there for all to examine proving KenH to be sill racist

    • Replies: @Rurik
  39. Rich says:

    They push “climate change” on the weak minded so that no one notices “Wealth Inequality”. We are raped in taxes by the government while a select few live like the pre-revolution French aristocracy. Will people ever wake up? The whole purpose of illegal aliens being allowed to swarm the country is to drive down wages so the rich can be filthy rich. In NYC the wage difference, benefits included, between an American union carpenter and an illegal alien is around \$80 an hour. An hour. The US will be a third world country very soon.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  40. I christen the New York Times, an angry lady. But more to the point, their readership, which is mostly Jewish, does watch Tucker Carlson Show, albeit, without admitting to it, just like Jewesses prefer good looking White men, like Tucker Carlson, to father their children because they’ve plenty of Jewish looking men in the family in forms of fathers and brothers, so why add to the ugliness when you can have your cake and keep it too, i.e. the children will be technically Jewish but will have proper Christian last names to hide behind.

  41. DanFromCT says:

    If these articles began with a photo, in this case of Nicholas Confessore, everyone would understand everything at once—that the NYT is some impossibly effeminate douche like Confessore, who looks in his case like nothing if not a F-to-M tranny trying to grow a beard.

    Just a generic photo of the mental patients comprising the Times editorial board would do nicely, confirming not only that the Times is managed by limp-wristed Jewish fruitcakes and seriously troubled women with an axe to grind against the Christian family, but that taking them seriously as the Republican Party and Conservatism Inc do is proof enough the latter two are obviously controlled opposition, using the Times just as they do the courts as if both were unassailable for the purpose of concealing Republican and conservative betrayal of Legacy America.

    • Agree: Pierre de Craon, Gordo
  42. Richard B says:

    What the hell are these despicable GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM PIGs thinking???

    That is indeed the question.

    Hard not to come to the conclusion that they’re not really thinking, just destroying.

    “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever.”

    In their own words, it’s what they do because it’s who they are.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  43. @Richard B

    I’ve heard that DeSantis won’t run against Trump in 2024. Rand Paul has said likewise. Is any republican of stature willing to run against 78-year-old failed ex-president Trump for the nomination in 2024? Didn’t Trump sell out his MAGA fanatics? Why are they so stupid not to realize it?

    Perhaps only Tucker will be able to do it. He certainly has the gonads to try. But will he leave his lucrative talk show (if he still has it) for the rigors of a far too long campaign to run against that insipid loudmouth?

    I believe that, deep down, Tucker knows that nothing can save this rapidly failing country, esp. after the illicit Biden regime is done with its 4 years carnage. That’s certainly a good reason not to run. If he was honest about it, I think Tucker might confess to trusted friends, soto voce, that the only solution is separation.

    • Agree: Richard B, Getaclue
    • Replies: @Richard B
  44. Carlson/MTG, the dream team for president. No way they win given mail in ballots are here to stay. But fun to watch the msm defend Biden’s refusal to participate in a presidential debate and their refusal to run campaign ads proven false by fact checkers, “dangerous to our democracy, Russian disinformation, disenfranchise poc, would give legitimacy to hate, etc, etc.”

  45. @Richard B

    The Khazar Jews are just a few people. They could not have done, and continue to do in the world, with the world what they have done and do, without the support of other humans especially Christian white males and females.

    The world, Nature has no problem except humans. Insofar as humans are the problem the earth will be fine will once humans exterminate ourslves…nature correcting itself. But as it stands now the Khazars Jews are destructiveness in human form. But I dont see white people except perhaps some Russians, as an different

    And at times in the history of Africans, Chinese, Japanese etc., I Have seen enough to understand that they too would be seriousl destructive on all levelas of lifer were they to achieve as much power, in the way they have achived it as as the Khazars. and they would be able to bribe all the rest same way save they would not need to depending on he amount of population they have

    The only chance humanity has would be to do like the Hungarians have achived in 1956 and carried through to this current day…democracy in the socil life from the productive base all the way through. Look! The Hungarians remain the only real opposition to the Jews in Europe, in the white deveoped world to this point. But for the Hungarians the insane European Oil Embargo would have been passed and effected by no that the people must run the world in real democracy, based on the general productive owenership w

    But no matter how obvious it is of all society by the people, ordinary people will not rise up and revolutionize society accordingly, all around the planet.

    Incredible! Just one small, tiny group of people is allowed to do this to billions of humans! Control, manipulae and bleed almost all humans! If this is our test of existential worthiness we have failed miserably

    • Troll: RestiveUs
  46. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Rich asks:

    “Why isn’t there a moderate to center-right group organizing boycotts and punishing corps for pushing the pedo-left agenda? ”

    I respond:

    The reason is that American Conservatives have had over 100 years of failure by using Conservative, “nice guy”, “sweet reason” tactics and always bowing down to big \$ money, big media, big corporations.

    I highly recommend you read to things:

    Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” – these tactics work for people out of power – that’s us
    GL Rockwell’s “W Power” the chapter on 50 years of Conservative failure.

    American Conservatives pretty much always lose because they agree to remain in the Conservative sand box, they don’t fight fire with fire.

    I’ve been doxed it’s terrible – destroys one’s business and one’s personal life.

    I’ve also DOXED – I/we doxed local reporters that published the home neighborhood of White officer Wilson in the infamous Ferguson MO “Hands up don’t shoot”.

    These as* hole reporters were trying to incite Antifa BLM mobs to attack officer Wilson and his family at Officer’s Wilson’s home same as they are now doing to Conservative members of the US Supreme Court that have been talking of reversing R vs W.

    We returned the favor – doxed the reporters.

    Doxing works, the as* hole reporters backed down.

    Folks, everybody please get out of the Conservative sandbox. It’s not Ike’s 1950s America – we’re out of power pretty much everywhere that counts in media, academia, \$ high finance and corporate power.

    These hateful people are now sexually corrupting our 4 year olds and invading, desecrating traditional Christian churches.

    Why do we have to be so nice and fair to these sick people that hate us.

    Look what happens to these sick people in Russia – Cossacks whip pussy riots with cossack whips.


    • Replies: @Nancy
  47. Dutch Boy says:
    @Priss Factor

    Alas, it is not a replacement but a supplement (those black people are not going back to Africa).

  48. @CelestiaQuesta

    Without using the word GloboHomo (which he cannot say) Tucker has brought up this point many times. Biden’s invasion has made the country dirtier and poorer. And, my god, we still have 2 1/2 years left of Biden (if he lives that long). The country will NEVER recover – nor should it.

    BTW, while we’re talking of illegal immigration, Texas’ Governor Abbott has pulled off the most stupid stunt imaginable – busing hundreds of illegals to DC. That accomplishes nothing, though it makes the Fox viewers ecstatic. If they’re coming from West Texas, it just gets them a little closer to Florida, as well as a free vacation bus trip. This also makes the Biden regime happy, as Texas residents are paying for it instead of the 50% of US citizens who actually pay taxes.

  49. Tucker says “we are all the same.” Does he believe it? Would he live in a majority black neighborhood? Or is he a hypocrite? Seems to me he’s just another conservative pushing the racial equality lie.

    • Replies: @GKWillie
    , @Petermx
  50. GenFranco says:

    I’m not sure how Tucker Carlson nuking his own show works for us. The first mention of Rockwell or Duke means career death.

    Tucker’s show is arguably the ONLY show worth watching in all of Network/Cable news. We need more of him, not less. It’s a different front in this battle.

    • Agree: Ben Sampson
  51. That Gray Lady is a Yenta

  52. Rurik says:
    @Ben Sampson

    In full examination what did David Duke say of value

    a very great deal, in fact

    In fact, if every American (and European and beyond) would have read his books, then in all probability, most of the wars and strife and hatred and looming abyss that the Western world is on the verge of plunging into, could all have been easily avoided, simply by listening to David Duke explain, (often in their own words) the sinister and insidious self-appointed ‘chosen’ = racial and tribal supremacists who’ve got their gnarled fingers pulling the levers at the printing press and media to drive the planet to the brink of all out nuclear Armageddon, in their fevered and hysterical imperative to dominate and or genocide all other peoples.

    This knowledge, is a thousand times more immediate and critical to the lives and well-being of all the peoples of this planet, than the few things of limited consequence that Malcolm did on occasion have to say.

    For the record.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  53. The New York slimes was been renamed years ago – The Old Grey Hag. It hasn’t been a “lady” since Duranty’s Stalinist screed about the Soviet Union.

  54. FLgeezer says:

    Excellent post as usual Rurik. Your contributions make for great, insightful reading. Many thanks!

    • Thanks: Rurik
  55. Durruti says:

    Nicely written article by Gregory Hood.

    He makes his point.

    Tucker Carlson is a charismatic human, who enjoys being featured on the front pages of America’s leading Zionist Newspaper. My dad also made the NYT (for building Harpsichords).

    The commentators appear to miss Hood’s point of view. After all, Hood wrote the article.
    Give Carlson credit for intelligence, and a bit of courage (you don’t expect him to identify MOSSAD & friends as the murderers of JFK do you?). If he did, Carlson would become a non-person; and we would not be discussing him – here.

    We Americans do not enjoy freedom of information, or even Sovereignty.

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti

  56. @Rurik

    Look here! Duke is not the only one who ever said that! Nor was there ever a limited flow of such revelation from the intellectually capable. I dont think Malcolm ever so advised the world as to be prepared for nuclear armageddon

    I paid no attention to Duke nor to many of of those who offered such advice. I did not have to. It became clear to me early what the contours of our reality were, and what the results would be unless we were able to bell the capitalists before they exhausted their expansionary potential. Once exhausted the capitlists in confrontation with their own limits would become even worse than those who gave us world wars 2 and 3 and all the prior savagery to those wars, the savagery in-etween and after those wars to our current point of armageddon

    Huxley and Orwell, and others did wonderful work for humanity, were white men of Christian origin anyway but of great intellect and positivley oriented with results to match

    Anyway man I have have no real problems with the David Duke I knew in the sense of hating him for any reason. He was human a product of our global experience, entirely possible as he was.

    This is how WickyWacky begins describing Duke: “David Ernest Duke is an American white supremacist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, far-right politician, convicted felon, and former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. From 1989 to 1992, he was a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives”

    I respected Malcolm X. I saw him as a positive influence and a chellenge to the oligarchy which is why he was assassinated..

    I am moving on. History which weighs to the nagative at this point on Duke of course will decide fully in time. History has already decided fully in the positive on Malcolm X

    David Duke’s Books are still there to be read by all and if they are as relevant and useful as you appear to be arguing then why not…?

  57. @conatus

    The second re-framing would be
    The Democrats are the Black Party. What could be more obvious

    And as Steve has observed, the democrats more or less did this to themselves in 2020. But Republicans never capitalized on it because their leadership follows the same cult of negrodolatry and wouldn’t dare criticize the Sacred Race, even if that would sway way more Hispanics and moderate Whites. Republicans don’t want to win, they’re afraid of winning, they’re designed to lose. They are the Washington Generals of American politics: square white guys who get embarrassed by the flashy Harlem Globetrotters night in and night out, owned by the same Jewish family. As long as Whites stick with the GOP, they’ll stick with the culture of losing

  58. Emslander says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    If anything, there may be a greater media market well to Tucker Carlson’s right.

    That was the next line and I think there’s a vast market that would favor order, in the same sense that the pre-WWII Germans meant “order”. Disorder of thinking, of economics, of government and of behavior are our central difficulties. An ordered society in this nation would be the closest we could ever get to paradise on earth.

    There is a vast political and intellectual market out there for ordered living.

  59. of course I should have mentioned Karl Marx a likely Jew, who clarified a great deal for us all with his ecnomic analyses of capitalism, put the world into great general perspective, making little warnings of armageddon from Such as David Duke hardly essential…additive, useful etc but not of great moment!

    And I do stand corrected on my numbering of the great human wars…they are 1 and 2 of course, not 2 and 3

    And I also wanted to note a fact on Global Warming in response to a comment above…that thehuman body is a natural historical content that one can read if one can get inside one’s memory and follow chronologically.

    By that I always wondered where did they get consistent chronological warming from as I do not remember any at all in my life time.

    And in support I list this current May and late April as some evidence. I remember warmer early springs where I have lived consistently for fifty plus years than lets say the past 10-15,which have all been cold all the way into middle May and beyond like it is now

    Global Warming is indeed a fictional program the capitalist are using to beat down the peoples cause

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  60. The story mentions Somali migrants in Maine as a “parable of replacement” for both American Renaissance and Mr. Carlson. So what? Mr. Carlson has simply noticed the same things we have – he has a house in Maine, for heaven’s sake. The New York Times calls The Great Replacement a “conspiracy theory,” but a staff columnist wrote something called “We Can Replace Them.”

    I say:

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire has been using Refugee Overload as a DEMOGRAPHIC WEAPON to destroy cultural cohesion in Maine and New Hampshire and Vermont.

    The Somalians were sent to Maine by evil and immoral elements in the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire. The evil and immoral and treasonous scum in the US State Department targeted Maine and New Hampshire and Vermont — and many other mostly White states — for demographic destruction and Refugee Overload.

    Greedy evil filth in the Refugee Overload Racket have financially benefited from dragging Refugee Overload into Maine and New Hampshire and Vermont. Greedy real estate interests love to grab all the loot they can from the federal government to house the Refugee Overload and to raise rents for housing by bringing in more Refugee Overload. The landlords can charge the federal government top dollar and reduce supply of housing by dragging more Refugee Overload into the USA.

    Greedy and evil and immoral business owners can use Refugee Overload to keep wages low and to displace American workers.

    The Somalians in Maine are pawns in an evil game of cultural dissolution played by the evil and immoral scum in the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire.


    Tweets from 2015:

  61. Pierre_7 says:

    This is shocking. Old stock Americans need to organize and promote family-oriented policies. There should be incentives for families for having more than 2 children.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  62. @Rich

    Anthropogenic climate destabilisation, like everything else, is used as a Divide and Rule tactic by the ruling parasites. They have spent tens of billions creating and financing a denialist industry that has recruited millions of morons and ignoramuses, mostly because they were told that environmental concern is ‘Leftist’, enough for these hate-crazed imbeciles to work to kill their own children and grand-children.
    Here in Austfailia, the Murdoch and other hard Right MSM are STILL insanely denialist, and the rest, the ‘liberal’ rump (there are NO truly Left MSM)are weak-kneed and compliant, and obsessed with ‘issues’ like transgenderism, and poisoning children with ‘puberty blockers’. After the very worst bush-fires in our history, constant flooding deluges, record floods, the Great Barrier Reef bleaching for the sixth time since 1998 (bleachings were unknown before then)etc, the MSM and politics are STILL full of raving denialists, and environmental catastrophes are generally simply ignored. Hatred of China sells much better. Lemmings have nothing on the Great Austrayan Mediocrity, who cannot even be bothered protecting their own children. How fucked is that!

    • Replies: @JM
  63. @Neuromancer

    So you think that elderly transvestites should be paraded through the streets, to be pelted with rotten fruit, do you?

    • Replies: @Sisifo
  64. GKWillie says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    Exactly. Unless and until the wealthy mouthpieces on the (very loosely named) “Right” can find the balls to say that the majority of Amercan Blacks are a TOTAL FUCKING DISASTER, they will never succeed in uniting the white majority, or even most Hispanics for that matter.

    It’s simply a matter of speaking the truth. If they can’t do that, what good are they?

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  65. @Ben Sampson

    The sort of narcissistic cretin who thinks that his backyard is the world, and his no doubt dementing ‘recollections’ are worth more than science and observation. Does Homo imbecilensis come any lower than this type?

    • Replies: @Sam Hildebrand
  66. They’re building him into a future President.

  67. Nancy says:

    “Remember, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; so be cunning as serpents and yet as innocent as doves.”

  68. Petermx says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    Whether he believes it or not would not change the fact that the best force for good on television would no longer be seen if he did not support the idea of racial equality. He would be blasted as a horrible racist and never seen again if he didn’t. Last night’s show was phenomenal. He is close to being fired.

    I commented to my friend:

    I think he’s treading on dangerous ground. Does he know the ethnic makeup of the Lincoln Brigade? I didn’t until Gilad Atzmon wrote about it… That would explain why the “Spanish” communists symbolically executed Jesus by a firing squad. Next thing you know he’ll say something positive about Francisco Franco. OMG. LOL.

    My friend’s reply:

    I agree. Also last night, and not for the first time, he kept saying that NO OTHER RELIGION comes even close to being as kind, as tolerant, etc. I was thinking that a lot of [Jewish people] must be squirming listening to that. He never uses the approved term “judeo-christian.” He then said emphatically that such an outrage as committed in that church would have provoked a great reaction among politicians if directed at ANY OTHER RELIGION.

    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  69. Flubber says:

    I thin k that joke didn’t even part your hair as it flew clean over your head.

  70. Anon[689] • Disclaimer says:

    He’s not a non interventionist. He just said that” we can dictate to that goat herder Millah Omar”, but not to nuclear power Russia. That’s not the mindset of a non interventionist but of an arrogant hateful racist Amerikan imperialist who felt betrayed because the US did NOT nuke Iraq, Afghanistan S. Arabia and genocide all those Arab/Muslims. And Iran. He and Muslim murdering Gabbard are anti Semitic[ against Semitic Arab/Muslims] neo con imperialist war mongers who are only offended that we did not kill em all in the Middle east[ except for Israel] He blame the pro abortion activists for not protesting at mosques, and calls Christians good and peaceful people, says that with a straight face. And wants pro abortion activists to recognize civilization is the product of good Judeo Christianity. They should all be united in attacking Muslim places of worship. So he has reporters asking Muslim representatives if protesting in front of churches is proper. To paint them as anti Christian and stir up a Muslim vs Christian hatred over this abortion debate. That’s how he’s using this bru ha ha. About abortion itself; all he says is; its a tragedy. And the states should decide; so he’s good with abortion on demand up to birth, if that’s how the states decide. He uses “Christian civilization mantra only to contrast and stir up animosity against Muslims! He could care less about abortion.

    • Disagree: PeterMX
  71. @mulga mumblebrain

    Carbon dioxide is .034% of the atmosphere and 3.6% of greenhouse gases. 97% of carbon dioxide is natural and 3% is man made. Man’s affect on the atmosphere is miniscule. The science seems weak on climate change.

    Michael Chrichton agreed with the commentor you so gracefully called an imbecil.

    • Agree: JM
    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  72. Richard B says:

    Great comment!

    Didn’t Trump sell out his MAGA fanatics? Why are they so stupid not to realize it?

    He sure did sell them out. As to the second question, what’s that Mark Twain said, It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled. Or something like that.

    I believe that, deep down, Tucker knows that nothing can save this rapidly failing country.


    In fact, the USA is to countries what Humpty Dumpty is to anthropomorphic eggs.

    • Agree: Getaclue
    • Thanks: follyofwar
  73. JM says:

    I’m amazed at how easily the left has been able to scare big corporations into boycotting anyone who opposes the far left agenda.

    This is the opposite to the truth. The big corporations/financial houses want this “leftist” (really ultra-liberal) domination of society because its tyranny crushes all critical thought. That makes western nations putty in their hands, which is perfect for their cosmopolitan plans, already more than halfway achieved.

    A real left would be seeking maximum unity (vs maximum division) of the working population to bring the banks and corporations to heel and reverse the surreal income disparities they have created. The earlier left – at least in my country fought against all cultural movements (e.g. emerging Feminism) that would divide working people from this task. The cultural add-on started in the USA with the (hegemonic) Jewish New Left, gradually displacing the older conception through the seventies and reached it’s high point – in the service of Corporations/banks – in the 2000’s when they publicly declared for full Globalization. Of course the conceptions of most Europeans run counter to that model and so all they have and believe has to be challenged and crushed.

    • Replies: @Rich
  74. A new nickname for The New York Times? How about ‘ The GAY Lady’ ?

    • LOL: Petermx
  75. anonymous[188] • Disclaimer says:

    The country needs to be split into several new countries.

    • Replies: @Jeffrey A Freeman
  76. As rightwing Zoomer kids would say: “You can’t cuck the Tuck”

    • Thanks: Curle
  77. JM says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Lies and garbage from a grub who hates Australians.

  78. @Sam Hildebrand

    I enjoy Mumblebrain. He is often funny and always clear and lucid, easy to undertstand. I wanted to understand the climate cLaims after all its global warming human caused catastrohe, extinction …

    Not to eschew the data entirely but the sources must be trusted as it is not my data. The data had to coresopond to reality. I coud make such a coparison easily. My backyard is a worl class city of millions, a huge city in a huge magnificnet region in which there are at 5 other smaller cities over 100 miles or so, numbers of towns and villages. It is full of roads great highways, trains lines, air lines…media and all of means and ways to do what I have claimed

    The time of the year that sticks in my craw weatherwise for example is the spring, early to middle spring. The 21 of April hits and sticks in my consciousness like glue. I want environmental warmth after the long winter like I want a delicious slice of bread. There was a time yearly early May, first week it got warm and stayed warm for the duration. It has not done so in years. It says cold now.

    Like right now the 21 day of spring the sun is out consistently now but its May 21 and you still cant put the vegetables out safely. They are dying in the cold.

    Where is the global warming I ask simply by my physical experience of the environment?

    By the global warming they goon about consistentl we should be having heatwaves. There are none! I dont know where you live but where |I live there are many lakes, rivers, streams bursting at their seems this early spring, water all over the place, flooding. There is no water shortage wont be, cant be water shortage.

    The grass is utterly verdant, green, bursting all over. I have mowed my lawn twice already but it could have been 4 times were I on the ball. And my garden is ready to go…just waiting on a bit of certainty that the cold is finally gone to put out my veggies

    I see the world, experience the world, my own regions every day. And it is easy every single day to check the world around me, the farthest reaches, every nook and cranny, for the weather. Try it Mumbles! its the easiect thing to do…to see the temperature, rainfall, sunshine etc., the world over- every day!

    There is no global warming that I can see by simple temperature observation, experience, addition… You can check it yourself! you can even get the weather recording and assement equipment and record and assess yourself every single day.

    You do not have to trust any provider at all

    Global Warming is an obvious case of people accepting routinely now propaganda without question

    • Replies: @Sam Hildebrand
  79. @Ben Sampson

    The climate change industry along with their toadies in the press are shameless. Any cognizant observer of the msm coverage of extreme weather events can see the dishonesty. Every Single Time a tornado, huricane, flood, drought, wildfire, heatwave occurs, the msm blames climate change. They have yet to figure out how to blame cold snaps on climate change, but I’m sure they are working on it, along with blaming earthquakes, solar flares and volcanoes.

    Hell, they even blame crime sprees on climate change:

    And we are suppose to take them seriously?

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  80. Rich says:

    The left in the US no longer follows the paradigm you outline. What is known as the “left” in the US is the pro-minority, pro-corporation, anti-White, anti-free thought group. Sanders, who claims to be a “socialist” actually backs open borders which drives down the wages of working people. It’s a new world.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  81. @anonymous

    And why is white/red Maine black??

    What da?!?

  82. @Rich

    Big corporations are only allowed to be big by government. Government can easily make them small if they don’t behave. One of the big lies about America is that it has a free trade economy. It does not. America is a fascist country, defined as a “partnership” between business and government – people with money and people with guns. Guess which one dominates.

    • Replies: @aldasfail770
  83. @Petermx

    Tucker should have called the new press secretary what she is, a disgusting, stupid baboon.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  84. Petermx says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    Jen Psaki did not do her job well and this new one may not last long either. Not only are they both incompetent but they need to be better than any previous Press Secretary. They are the first to serve a President that is a senile old man.

  85. @Rich

    The “true left” still votes for Democrats–from the cemetery.

  86. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Calling him an “American Nationalist” is especially funny. In a real country, all citizens are nationalists.

    Good point.

  87. Rich says:
    @Sam Hildebrand

    I was told by one of the climate crazies that colder weather is proof of global warming because as the polar caps melt global warming will cause an ice age. The climate change religion is just another one created to separate people from their hard earned money.

  88. @Rich

    That’s why it changed from the falsifiable and falsified global cooling and then global warming (“hide the decline”) to the unfalsifiable climate change. Climate is always changing, there are in fact many regular patterns to it like the El Niño–Southern Oscillation, so we can never prove that their claims are wrong.

    • Agree: Rich
  89. @That Would Be Telling

    So you’re a denialist, too. And a moronic one, using the denialists’ dumbest trope, the argument from nomenclature.
    Of course the climate always changes, you poisonous dullard. But it is the RATE and EXTENT of that change that counts, particularly as we just enjoyed ten thousand years or relative climate stability during the Holocene, a benign climate regime for our species, during which our population grew from a few million to several billion. I see another of the resident cretins agrees with you-you’ve found your niche.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  90. @Rich

    Always fun to see a moron struggling with simple premises. The loss of Arctic sea ice has caused an albedo flip from reflective white ice, to heat-absorbing dark seas. That has amplified northern warming, leading to a decreased gradient between high latitude temperatures and those of the tropics and temperate zones.
    That has caused derangements of the jet-streams, leading to weather systems getting ‘stuck’ as with last year’s heat-dome over the Pacific north-west in the USA and British Columbia. One manifestation of this process is the collapse of the arctic polar vortex, that used to keep cold air trapped in the high north, but now that cold air can escape and make excursions into lower latitudes. At the same time warmer air can penetrate far north, causing it to rain, rather than snow, at the North Pole.
    It’s an easy concept to follow. Even primary students could probably get the gist, but not retards, intellectually and spiritually, like you, obviously.

    • LOL: Rich, Sisifo
  91. @That Would Be Telling

    This day was so special I spent it all outside, from about 7 am to just awhile ago. I got the delicious bread I wanted at a food shop by the name of Ample.

    I walked in and they were on special- fresh Croissants..fresh, light and flaky and delicious! Get 3 for \$1.49. I never got my haul home! We ate them all on the way.

    What Global warming nonsense. I live in a glorious region environmentally when the weather is good. It was golden today..all day long. I fixed my car, made many trips in chores long pending but most of the day in the garden, It’s really hard to ruin a day like today. Mulgar would have had to have been realy creative…..

    • Thanks: That Would Be Telling
  92. @Sam Hildebrand

    Actually, in most of the West, the MSM either downplays the climate catastrophe, or ignores it (the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef for the sixth time-the only six occasions in recorded or scientifically established, history-since 1998 was a ‘story’ for two days, then Memory Holed)or outright denies it, for the delight of poisonous swine like you. To be a moron is sad, but to be an enemy of Life on Earth is the sin for which there is NO forgiveness.

  93. @mulga mumblebrain

    Your satire cracks me up. The msm downplays climate change, lol. I agree with you that it is ridiculous to believe that man’s puny .12% contribution to greenhouse gases has any signifcant effect on global warming. Again thanks for your posts, I appreciate a good dry since of humor.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  94. I find Unz Review to be a great site, for articles relevant and matters ignored if not censored by the majority. If one reads comments here on the other hand, it soon degenerates into a disgustingly small minded, bigoted hate festival. You attract some truly vile types here Ron.

    • Agree: Ben Sampson
  95. @Sam Hildebrand

    I used to like Mumbles! He is sharp and brilliant, full of knowledge, which hides his vile for a while. Disappointment shatters when his vile is detected, the disappointment on my part was real when it was found all for nought

    Oh well! We must go on I guess!

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  96. @Howardofski

    There used to be anti trust laws but apparently like everything else they can be bought.

  97. @Rabbitnexus

    You attract some truly vile types here Ron.

    That’s going to be true of any site serious about freedom of expression, which is very much so.

    The only complaint I have about it is that the total number of trolls etc. that can be put in “IGNORE COMMENTER” purgatory in the popup you get from hitting the “AGREE/DISAGREE/ETC.” button is highly finite, like maybe around 90? This does have performance issues front and back end, but it would have been be handy back during the COVID wars if it was a bit larger.

    And of course you have to have or develop the self-discipline to not look at replies from often self labeling ones like this @mulga mumblebrain character, but that’s a good thing to cultivate. Life is short, too short to waste much time on such entities.

  98. @Ben Sampson

    I see Mumbles quoting strongly, powerfully held belief in data he cannot possibly have developed himself, know whether it is true false, honest or culturally and class biased

    I used to believe in Jesus and Catholicism same way, from a child, strong, stood on my understanding and belief against all comers. I had to stop doing that because the data isnt true, is not honestly presented to prome human truth and advancement. It is all classbiased and culturally bent.

    I did not pay detailed attention to Globla warming as it grew. Then there was a revoluion in my light bill. It went from a few dollars every month to 125.00+! That was when I began to pay attention. All of sudden roaches appeared in my house I called the exterminator…3 times and the roach infestation got worse every time.

    Then I tried to get rid of the infrestattion myself and discovered another ervolution had taken place in the quality of the relevant products…they were really shitty and sold at the dollar store. There were supposedly good products by Raid etc but these were horribly expensive and you had to order they often from Amazon.

    That is when I realized the purpose of the Dollar Stores. Look at Global warming and the revolution it is mean in the cost structure of our lives, the way we do things, the real shitty quality of the products readily available to the people and the very expensive nature of anythng that is even remotely of any quality.

    I had to figure out a combinationof chemicals and behavioral responses to get rid of my roaches and a comprehensive response to the life I see developed aound me directly resulting from ‘Global Warming’ which is what the Amazon Corporation appears to have been built on, at the expense of the people of the world.

    And if there is concern for Global Warming just look at the waste taking place and the uttely ruinous impact that may having on the environment: Yesterday I disposed of 3 water hoses for my garden and have 2 more to go.I simply cannot fid a durable water hose that lasts to keep my yard watered.

    With all the watered down products how much waste and warming is taking place there? EVERYTHING is watered down! There are gradations of quality now by stores. the Dollar stores are pure garbage and getting worse! Then there is the Wal Mart level which is better but not by much. I have found Amazon to be best but far from the ordianry good quality of things back in the day. But Amazon expensive

    What is that doing to the environment this way of doing business now?
    If anythng is having a negative impact on the environment it is the way of doing all the business in the west at least. There can be absolutely nothng positive in all Mubles clains because his approach while seemingly most comprehensive and of the longest view is not at all. His view is nothng but religious and hides more than it exposes in favor of the system.

    Who have lost big time in all this? When was the last time most people here checked their pockets

  99. Rurik says:

    a disgustingly small minded, bigoted hate festival. You attract some truly vile types here Ron.

    Hear, hear!

    Just look at what I read on this thread regarding David Duke and his opinions of the tribe:

    I paid no attention to Duke nor to many of of those who offered such advice. I did not have to. It became clear to me early what the contours of our reality were, and what the results would be unless we were able to bell the capitalists before they exhausted their expansionary potential. Once exhausted the capitlists in confrontation with their own limits would become even worse than those who gave us world wars 2 and 3 and all the prior savagery to those wars, the savagery in-etween and after those wars to our current point of armageddon

    Huxley and Orwell, and others did wonderful work for humanity, were white men of Christian origin anyway but of great intellect and positivley oriented with results to match

    Anyway man I have have no real problems with the David Duke I knew in the sense of hating him for any reason. He was human a product of our global experience, entirely possible as he was.

    ~ Ben Sampson

    Now he may use the euphemism “capitalists” to mask his obvious hate, but he’s clearly suggesting that David Duke is correct about the tribe’s efforts to force the planet into both world wars, (true enough ; ), and are the ones behind this current war with Russia, (obviously ; ) and that Huxley and Orwell were “white men”, but why the need to point all of that out?!

    Why can’t he just mention Huxley and Orwell for their obvious genius and prescience, without also pointing out that they were ‘white men’???

    Why the need to be so ” disgustingly small minded, bigoted”?

    Doesn’t he know how *hurtful* such word are?!?!!!

  100. @Fidelios Automata

    And what kind of “reality” would that be where the simple act of calling out that fact (which is largely true) is sufficient?

    It might suffice for you, who on certain days may debate your existence, but for reasonable and informed people we recognize that Carlson presents millions with an easily accessible alternative (wide ranging and articulate) to the malevolent western press controlled by the truly immoral.

  101. From the Corporations down to the smallest tradesman all appears to have worked out ways not to do their professions in ways that help thier client but tohokk them in ways that forces them to return continually for services they really do not need

    Its like the Covid vaccination program that hokks people on the need for continual vaccination.

    Then again I have been paying attention to obesity especially in women. All women are now fat! Fat! overweight in massive obvious clear ways.

    I dont know if its the same where you all are but it is that way here! What the hell is going on. There is huge attention to diet seeming in the media and everywhere. Veggies and quality food have never been more available. Why is there so much overweight….?

    The general database of society seemingly globally cannot be trusted at all. The data base is class skewered, culturally biased and lies. All of it! For the database to be trusted it must be popular controlled, by the people for the people and cut up sectorally in the interest of this or that dominant minority group and class

    Mumbles can go on all he wishes but I trust my eyes my lived experience, the nature and quality of behavior of the people I have met in my life and can observe by all available means living in the world during my time. Using that as guide I can try to make sense of the supposedly scientific data about and available. I grew up with a religion full of great Jewish saints etc. I have lived my life with actual Jewish people and from that I have seen what they are making all thatdata moot. Its simply not true and from that I can see what in fact is true

    I can work from and with what is absolutely rock solid true which is why I stay so simple: All things came into the world in detcctable ways and will pass out out it in its due course and time..Birth and death..nothng lasts forever. Motion and by motion all things take place..there is danger in existence and one must learn to live if one s to complete ones duration. That sets everthing up..human subjectivity in particular. We must look out for ourslves as that is our job and no one elsese. and it is the same for all life forms

    But by the same process there is cause and effect which shapes guides and disciplines subjectivity into motions that do not influence cause and effect into negtaive potentials for us if we can help it, come to know, go out and learn what to do to make positive returns not negative. Cause and effect is everything environmentally…period. We are bound to ‘pay’ for our behaviour regardless. We cannot hide ultimately! It always comes home! Therefore if we want for the best results what we must do is clear..go out and look for the best results essential to our survivla live it, build it

    All of this by now is quite obvious to everyone! It is all by now very simple indeed. The only realy chance humanity has is for social revolution into popular control the people taking the social stage and putting it to the general use, development and survival of our species. That way we make the database truthful, classes and general not sectoral…bring in ito trustworthiness by the people who can put it to full trustworthy use in human development

    It is time for humanity to put up and shut to hell up!!! it is time to shut down the Khazars Jews, put people like Biden into a home for the aged..or humanely leave him with his wife in his home to live out his life. It is time to remove the nuclear weapons and germ warfare, time f for the people of the nations to deal with their issues on their own with no international involvement…make thir oen decions as they live and go meet their needs period…

    Mulga Mumbles is a point of reference for me..a nagative one on a blog. The debate is important. I am not bothered at all by Mumbles…
    I am done now. nothng more to say!

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  102. @mulga mumblebrain

    The issue is falsifiability.

    Do “human caused climate change” advocates make accurate predictions or false ones?

    Oops–the con artists got caught lying:

    Busted again:

    and again and again and again and again and again….

    Say it loud and proud:

    “I dindu nothing!”

    • Thanks: That Would Be Telling
    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  103. @Ben Sampson

    Its like the Covid vaccination program that hokks people on the need for continual vaccination.

    I was starting to compose a reply to your above complaints about quality, including pointing out how you can buy many professional pesticides, but the above lunacy which has nothing to do with reality convinces me people like you should be stuck with consumer marketed ones, and that this whole chance was on balance probably a good thing. If the results aren’t adequate, hire a pro. We aren’t back in the days of my grandfather where people were trusted to for example responsibly use quarter sticks of dynamite to remove tree stumps, we don’t trust people like you to read directions and follow them so getting access requires more than going to a Dollar General (one of those as of a few years ago still was selling perfectly fine wasp spray).

    (On COVID vaccinations: there’s no “hooking” of people, if you stop getting more doses, for those of use with good immune system the prime plus two boost ones you’re perfectly fine. We may have to play the reformulation game like with the flu, but that’s almost entirely speculative at this moment (there was some worrying evidence found before COVID based on the prior “common cold” coronaviruses, one of which is suspected to have cause the late 19th Century “Russian Flu”) and up to nature (how much can the virus get around natural and vaccine immunity and be seriously pathogenic).

    The first generation vaccines have been just fine against classic Wuhan through Omicron, as in ones targeting the spike proteins of the later variants don’t provide markedly better protection against them (thank you, conserved regions of the virus genome and cellular immunity (the non-antibody adaptive type)), while very few vaxxed have bad outcomes against the later variants, especially milder Omicron.)

  104. @Ben Sampson

    I have found the polyurethane garden hose I bought from ELEY to be excellent. Only used it heavily one year when there was enough of a drought I had to water my trees, but in the four years since then it hasn’t deteriorated and works fine for the occasional uses it’s been put to. Ditto the slick quick connect accessory fittings they sell.

  105. I thought I had shut up shop but I discover I have to come back one last time and admit defeat, admit to being caught out and exposed as That Would be Telling exposes
    I will try to be sharper next effort if I can work up the courage to try on the UNZ again. You see I every reason and benefit in the world to come here and try to derail the population and now that I have been exposed I have lost that opportunity really

    all the best guys! Its been a slice

  106. Sisifo says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Only when they touch children, which they will.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  107. Sisifo says:

    Actually, I find the comments to be highly educative and entertaining, I bought several books suggested in comments that I didn’t know about, and I generally learn more from the comments than from the articles.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  108. @Sisifo

    Bulldust, and, who knows, projection.

  109. @Justvisiting

    Garbage. The IPCC Reports contain ranges of predictions, or projections, of future climate and weather. These have been consistently wrong, but on the optimistic side.
    The retreat of montane glaciers worldwide is IRREFUTABLE. To quote one, supposed, example of some fool making a hard prediction in one place is imbecile, but you denialists are nothing if not morons. The story, in a Murdoch shit-rag, by infamous denialist Delingpole, goes on to LIE that Glacier Park’s glaciers are untouched. IN FACT, ALL the named glaciers have melted to some degree in recent decades, the worst by 80% and by an average 40%. The same is true of >90% of montane glaciers, worldwide. Did you know that Dickheadpole was lying ie are you a liar too, or a brainwashed, hard Right, moron? Or both, of course.
    Then you quote ‘Newsweek’ from forty-seven years ago???!!! Are you fecking insane, or just so viciously stupid that you think nothing has changed in all those DECADES? And the ‘Competitive Enterprise Institute’ a HARD Right shit-hole full of types like you that value money morte than Life on Earth. Have you any idea just how Evil and banal you are?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  110. @Ben Sampson

    There’s nothing sadder that the Dunning-Krugerite, blathering on, with no coherent ‘argument’, just a ‘mad woman’s shit-spray’ of sewer of consciousness incoherence, in order to deny the reality of anthropogenic climate destabilisation. When ALL the science and evidence is against you, resort to lying or disinforming, or, as here, ‘magical unthinking’, then declare yourself a genius, and await the accolades.
    I’m a gardener, too. I know many gardeners, and NONE of them deny that the climate is rapidly destabilising. They see it, day after day, season after season, some with seventy years experience in the same place. Some were denialists for a time, for the usual ideological reasons that drive most denialism, but not any more. They all fear for their children and grand-children.

  111. @mulga mumblebrain

    You are obviously passionate about the health of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), and I understand. But bleaching due to higher ocean temperatures is not the issue. According to this research back in 2012, when you get past the typical lip service to Co2, the top two reasons, by a lot, are cyclones and (COTS):

    “Tropical cyclones, coral predation by crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS), and coral bleaching accounted for 48%, 42%, and 10% of the respective estimated losses, amounting to 3.38% y−1 mortality rate.”

    The same article predicted that the coral reef cover would decrease significantly by 2022.

    “Without significant changes to the rates of disturbance and coral growth, coral cover in the central and southern regions of the GBR is likely to decline to 5–10% by 2022.”

    Thier prediction was way wrong, the health of the reef improved significantly.

    Man made global warming is a hoax. 99.88% of atmospheric Co2 is natural. And, Co2 is only 3.6% of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The GBR is not experiencing more cyclones because of global warming:

    However, man does cause significant damage to the environment, if left unchecked. Probably the top two stresses to the ocean environment that we can do something about are:

    -Nutrient runoff, a major contributor to (COTS) and algae blooms

    -Micro plastics in the ocean

    Soil erosion and wasteful applications of fertilizers are the main source of nutrient runoff. Lots of things can be done about this. Grassed waterways, increased adoption of precision application of fertlizer/pesticides, stream bank stablization, wetland conservation, no-till, etc.

    Micro plastics in the ocean are a result of third world countries using the ocean as a landfill. Building sanitary landfills in coastal third world countries goes along way in fixing this problem.

    Imagine what could be accomplished if the billions and billions of \$ that is wasted trying to reduce Co2, was actually diverted to fixing environmental issues that man actual has control over.

    • Thanks: That Would Be Telling
  112. @mulga mumblebrain

    Have you any idea just how Evil and banal you are?

    Calling out scamsters is always evil and banal to the scamsters.

    I wear it as a badge of honor.

    You sound like the perps in cops–bla bla bla bla bla–somebody put those drugs and guns in the car and my pockets when I was not looking–I dindu nothing!

  113. With so many viewers of Tucker Carlson and so few readers of the New York Times, it seems mathematically improbably their consumers are mutually exclusive.

    The NYT used to be “All the News Fit to Print” now it is “All the News Fit to Sell”

  114. Atle says:

    One of the hardest lessons I learned is that there is a large, powerful, sub population that earnestly desires the end of America. That’s not that easy to absorb.

  115. @Legba

    “It’s almost as if there was some kind of group influencing the corporations to act against their own self interest .”

    It’s more like there is some kind of group influencing corporate big-wigs to act against their shareholders interest. Unfortunately, and just like most Americans, the shareholders are uninformed, apathetic and believe, against all evidence, that their leaders, their betters, the so-called “elite” actually have their best interest at heart! Those big-wigs could be voted out at the next stockholders meeting, but they won’t be.

    Likewise, White Americans still make up a majority of the population; why, oh why, do so many of them vote for any Democrat? The Democrat party has long been the party of bad ideas, but now clearly has become the party of liars, cheaters, criminals and traitors.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  116. @conatus

    “The second re-framing would be
    The Democrats are the Black Party. What could be more obvious.”

    I propose: “Democrats are the party of bad ideas.” Especially since 2015 and the rise of Trump they have shown their true nature. Actually, they deserve even harsher language, but that would offend the suburban soccer moms, and we need their votes!

  117. @Sisifo

    “I find the comments to be highly educative and entertaining, I bought several books suggested in comments that I didn’t know about, and I generally learn more from the comments than from the articles. ”

    Me too!

  118. @Atle

    “One of the hardest lessons I learned is that there is a large, powerful, sub population that earnestly desires the end of America. That’s not that easy to absorb. ”

    Yes, and not only do they control the entire Democrat party but also way too much of the Republican party.

    But please don’t give up, folks. Vote in the primary for the most pro-MAGA candidates you can identify — Trump-endorsed or not. The Donald started this patriotic awakening and we must keep it alive, Trump or no Trump. Republicans must, absolutely must, take control of the House and the Senate in 2022 and impeach Biden/Harris for treason!

  119. @Joseph Doaks

    White Americans still make up a majority of the population; why, oh why, do so many of them vote for any Democrat?

    Ask them. They will tell you.

    Warning: It will be like asking the residents of 1600s Salem, MA why they burned witches.

    You will wish you had never asked the question!

  120. Skeptikal says:
    @Ben Sampson

    It’s called planned obsolescence.

    Unfortunately planet Earth can no longer deal with the waste stream of cheap shit our lives have been flooded with.

    Not to mention all of the totally unnecessary packaging.

    What will happen to food distribution when the oil is not there to manufacture all of the single-use containers of our “sustenance,” much of which apparently ends up whirling in a gyre in the Pacific Ocean?

  121. @Atle

    Count me in! The end of ‘America’, or Thanatopia as I prefer, would be the best thing for humanity imaginable. Including Americans. An archipelago of several advanced, but peaceful, States, across the old USA would be a boon to humanity.

  122. Vinnie O says:

    Where do I sign up to get recognized as a “White Nationalist”? I don’t think I’m currently a member of ANY organization, but then I was never an Joiner kinda guy.

  123. Dream says:

    For Tucker Carlson, “The Great Replacement” is about the replacement of Republican voters with Democrat ones, not white replacement.

  124. It’s what happens to one, in this administration, when they are too good at their job. This being, the most general statement that can be made about how this administration views Americans that challenge its toxic ideological assumptions.

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