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The Power of Progressive Conspiracy Theories
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There is a story about Dr. Samuel Johnson and his famous dictionary. Some ladies told him they were glad he had omitted “indelicate and objectionable” words. Dr. Johnson said he was sorry they had looked for them.

That could be a story about conservatives and progressives. Progressives are dying to find hate crimes and neo-Nazis and will invent them if they don’t exist. If non-whites attack Asians, they manage to blame whites. They are more obsessed with race than we are. The problem is that conservatives and corporations take their delusions seriously.

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) began with an attempt to pander to blacks. CPAC invited and then withdrew a speaking invitation to “Young Pharaoh” because of things he said about Jews. This was especially embarrassing because the conference’s theme was “America Uncanceled.” After CPAC joined the “cancel culture” and groveled, leftists found a new “controversy.”

February 26, 2021, Orlando, Florida: Donald Trump, Jr. waves as he leaves the stage after addressing attendees at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference at the Hyatt Regency. (Credit Image: © Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images via ZUMA Wire)
February 26, 2021, Orlando, Florida: Donald Trump, Jr. waves as he leaves the stage after addressing attendees at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference at the Hyatt Regency. (Credit Image: © Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images via ZUMA Wire)

CPAC had designed the stage to look like a “Nazi rune”! It was Othala or the “Odal” rune from the Elder Futhark system. A rune would be bad enough, but an SS unit also used the symbol, so that made it a “Nazi rune.”

When some Twitter busybodies started this, I thought no one would care.

These people, and presumably the thousands who liked these tweets, were serious. So were the media.

It even became international news.

This is insane. Anyone who sincerely believed conservatives designed their stage to be a “Nazi symbol” is crazy. First, the stage designers were not conservative activists but professionals who work with groups of all kinds. I would be astonished if they knew the stage resembled anything.

Second, conservatives would have nothing to gain from using pagan symbols. Are we supposed to believe they want a pagan symbol to somehow convince all the neo-Nazis out there that CPAC is secretly on their side? What about all the Christian organizations who fund and participate in CPAC? The stage was obviously designed so speakers could walk into the crowd.

USA Today, the most widely distributed newspaper in the country, published an opinion column blasting CPAC for not apologizing. The media are contemptuous of “QAnon.” Believers supposedly see numbers or gestures and read extreme conclusions into them. Here, reporters are doing the same thing.

Yesterday the National Guard was protecting Washington D.C. against “QAnon” believers who were supposedly going to storm the Capitol. Again, here are serious outlets:

When nothing happened, it didn’t make journalists wonder if they should stop making wild charges. In fact, Newsweek is already promoting another fake scare. Apparently, March 20 is now the day QAnon believers will run wild. Who are the real nuts? People online who think President Trump will somehow reclaim office or reporters who think CPAC encoded a Nazi rune?

Historian and activist Deborah Lipstadt said the stage design was probably inadvertent but the fact nobody noticed “is a very big oops.” To avoid this “oops” means everyone in America should be an avid student of the SS and recognize “Nazi runes.” Is that what she really wants?

For example, there are signs with arrows pointing up all around the country. The Tiwaz rune looks like an arrow pointing up. It is an ancient symbol, often carved on weapons by those who practiced the indigenous European faith in the hope it would bring victory. It was also reportedly used by some German soldiers during World War II. Does this mean it must be banned? Maybe it does. When the Norwegian ski team appeared with sweaters that had the Tiwaz or “victory” rune, The New York Times said there was a “Neo-Nazi Uproar.”

Journalists worried about QAnon believers should examine their own beliefs, and normal people shouldn’t indulge their Nazi fantasies. Unfortunately, normal people aren’t just indulging them, but apologizing. Matt Schlapp, who heads the American Conservative Unions, which puts on CPAC, denied the accusations of a “Nazi stage,” but felt he had to talk about his love and support for Jews. Even his denial was defensive. The ACU also reportedly blamed the design company, Design Foundry.

It said that it had “no idea” there was a hidden shape in the stage, but it also bent the knee to the deluded: “We are saddened and horrified at the accusations that this was a deliberate act. Design Foundry denounces all hate speech and acts of racism, prejudice, or bigotry in all forms.”

CPAC was held in a Hyatt hotel, and the Hyatt company felt compelled to issue a statement: “We take the concern raised about the prospect of symbols of hate being included in the stage design at CPAC 2021 very seriously as all such symbols are abhorrent and unequivocally counter to our values as a company.” Even the hotel had to defend itself against the poisonous power of the rune.

Progressives are not going to calm down now that Donald Trump is out of office. Instead, they will find new “fascists” and “Nazis” to crusade against. The Nazi threat never ends and fighting it is now everybody’s business.

Over the last few years, “watchdogs” such as the Southern Poverty Law Center have lost their importance. Normal conservatives know what “antifa” are, and a majority of Americans are “extremely concerned” about antifa violence. However, this isn’t because conservatives have learned to ignore left-wing fanatics. It’s because CNN, The New York Times, Business Insider, and others have taken over the SPLC’s job. Everyone can be a Nazi hunter and a crusader against the Ku Klux Klan.

Belief, even (maybe especially) irrational belief, has power. Progressives with an almost religious belief that powerful racists run the country have toppled statues, terrified institutions, and raised billions of dollars.

A crusade against Nazis is romantic.

Comic via Stone Toss
Comic via Stone Toss

Of course, maybe they know perfectly well that the shape of the stage was a coincidence and were cynically stirring up an artificial moral panic. That might be even worse.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. There are almost no progressive conspiracy ‘theories’, mostonly conspiracy ‘hypotheses’.

    Please differentiate the two, otherwise you have to write 1000 words to discount what is discountable with 1.

  2. This made me recall that in 2014, a famous Brazilian libertarian¹ was ridiculed by a WaPo (!) columnist², Vincent Bevins³, for suggesting that the 2014 FIFA World Cup logo contained subliminally a socialist message.


  3. g8way says:

    Progressives and corporations have been pushing an endless stream of obvious nonsense like this for more than five years. This is nothing compared to the “Insurrection” and “Pandemic” scams. Whether anybody involved actually believes them is irrelevant as they are simply pretext for draconian actions to be taken later, and a reminder that they can say any crap they want and get rewarded for it.

  4. gay troll says:

    First, the stage designers were not conservative activists but professionals who work with groups of all kinds. I would be astonished if they knew the stage resembled anything.

    They’re called Freemasons, buddy, and yes, they know exactly what they’re doing.

  5. Wyatt says:

    Good choice to include Rock Throw at the bottom. He’s a good boy.

  6. rashomoan says:

    Pareidolia, n.


    The perception of recognizable patterns or images, in random or vague arrangements of shapes, lines, colours, etc. Also in extended use.

    Yet another progressive psychological disturbance to go along with gaslighting, projection, etc.

  7. It’s a mixture of both. There are true believers and cynical manipulators who work in concert to create the moral panics. The cynics create the stories, and the true believers take them up.

    I know a guy, very intelligent by many objective measures, who really believes all this crap. Anything that happens between a black and white is interpreted as whites supremacist crime. He really sees the people around him as white supremacists who will bubble over anytime to hurt blacks around them. I believe he really thinks this stuff. Of course his entire income stems from wokeist sources so that may color his thinking.

  8. The idea that Germany’s National Socialism was pagan is an attempt by pro-Christian revisionists to distance their churches from their enthusiastic support of the “New Germany.” When Catholic bishops blessed party members and their regalia they routinely invoked Romans 13:1 in their rituals, steadfastly reminding their flock, “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.” Their Lutheran counterparts, who also embraced Nazism by a large majority, similarly incorporated Martin Luther’s dictum from “Secular Authority” into their ceremonies, reminding the attendees that “we must firmly establish secular law and the sword, that no one may doubt that it is in the world by God’s will and ordinance”. Hitler himself boasted in a 1937 speech to the Reichstag that in four years of Nazi rule “we have eliminated atheism” and there is no mention of paganism (or indeed of Aryans or “super-men”) in Mein Kampf. Hitler also declared in numerous speeches that his favorite New Testament story was the expulsion of the moneychangers from the temple, in which he said Jesus furnished him with his example of how to deal with Jews – harshly.

    The major Jewish spokesman in the Reich, the Zionist Federation of Germany, in a June 21, 1933 memorandum to the new government, characterized National Socialism as “the rebirth of the national life of a people, which is now occurring in Germany through the emphasis on its Christian and national character.” Before he fell out of favor, Pastor Niemöller (of the “first they came for the communists” line) campaigned for Hitler, describing the NSDAP platform as a “renewal movement based on a Christian moral foundation”. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany announced in 1935 that in line with the government’s reform policies, the Jewish “Old Testament” would henceforth be stricken from the Canon. The first silver coins minted by the new government were 1933-dated 3 and 5 Mark pieces commemorating the 450th anniversary of Martin Luther’s birth.

    Today’s popular image of the Third Reich furnishes the most graphic illustration of the difference between history and what historians term “memory-history.” The former aims to present an accurate account of what actually happened, while the latter promotes an interpretation of past events that is tailored to harmonize with the psychological needs and political agendas of the present.

  9. Garliv says:

    Progressives are dying to find hate crimes and neo-Nazis and will invent them if they don’t exist.

    Liberals/leftists (or whatever label they adorn) are on a perpetual search for anything to get offended about. They are searching for a single flea on a dog with the determination of idle baboons. Totally deranged and no sane argument seems to penetrate their thick skulls.

    • Replies: @Stealth
  10. Do you think Trump will ever get his own ice cream?

  11. Stealth says:

    They’re deranged, alright. One factor I think we should all be aware of is the likelihood that many of them, especially women, have brain damage resulting from years of abusing alcohol and prescription meds. Whether it’s wine, Valium, SSRIs, sleeping pills or weed, upper middle class liberal females go through a lot of substances, and over time it really messes them up. I’ve seen it happen to more than one of them.

  12. KenH says:

    Radical left wing progs are totally unhinged to the point that they are dangerous. They see racism and white supremacy everywhere and inhabit an alternative universe. That is who the FBI should be focusing on except that agency seems to have a lot of sympathizers and adherents of that radical worldview.

    I knew two people who were big into the Qanon stuff and if anything it seemed to have a pacifying effect on them because they just had to sit back and “trust the plan”. I’m not sure what Qanon missives radicalized some of the unarmed Jan. 6 erectionists, but the FBI should publish what they were instead of just talking their usual crap to the media.

    CNN, MSNBC, Daily Kos, Huff Po, NOI and many others make up the umbrella of the Qanon type conspiracies for the far left and black nationalists.

  13. tgordon says:

    “USA Today, the most widely distributed newspaper in the country…”

    Should read, “USA TODAY, the most widely distributed toilet paper…”

    I’m a poor man and that being said need to forego decadent luxuries like cottony soft asswipe if I want to make ends meet.

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