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The Northman: Our Roots, Evils and All
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You’ve probably seen headlines like “White Supremacists Love The Northman.” The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Paste Magazine and The Mary Sue have used them as clickbait.

Of course, director Robert Eggers had no pro-white intensions when he made the movie, claiming instead that he aimed to take Nordic culture back from “Nazis:” “Nazi misappropriation of Viking culture cemented my disinterest as an adult.”

His waffling doesn’t matter. Mr. Eggers is one of the best filmmakers alive. The Witch and The Lighthouse raise fundamental questions about the nature of reality. We’re never quite sure what’s happening. At a time when people seem to be living in entirely different realities based on where they get their news, these films hit deep. They suggest there’s more to life than public relations. There could be something supernatural.

With The Northman, Mr. Eggers takes us back to a sacralized world, where the gods are ever-present, fate is set, and glory awaits the strong. It is subversive just to suggest there’s an alternative to modernity, even if that alternative is frightening. That’s why some critics don’t like this movie.

The film is visually stunning, with lingering shots of vast glaciers and idyllic countryside. While it’s set in Iceland, only some of the filming took place there; the majority was in Northern Ireland.

In pleasant contrast to the recent crop of clichéd Viking movies and television series, Mr. Eggers strove for historic accuracy, consulting scholars such as Neil Price to portray the Norse as authentically possible, down to their villages, costumes, and views of life.

The Northman isn’t a “pro-white” movie that glorifies Vikings. All atrocities are done by whites to whites. Perhaps that is enough for a movie to be politically incorrect. It is a scandalously all-white movie, with no artificial “diversity.” The leftists were right: The personal is political.

Our great myths, stories, poems, and plays, don’t belong only to “whites” but to the world. True to our Faustian spirit, our culture explores the human condition without limits. Unless it were done to desecrate, there’s nothing wrong when Asian musicians play Beethoven, or an African drama group puts on Julius Caesar. The emotions are universal. Of course, it’s jarring when non-whites play white historical characters.

The Northman is a retelling of Hamlet. It is the story of Amleth — a hero from Saxo Grammaticus’s history of the Danes. There is a prince disinherited by a murderous uncle, who slays prince’s father, steals the kingdom, and makes the mother his wife. There’s the hero’s strategy of pretending to be something he’s not, in order to get revenge. There’s a woman who complicates his quest.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a universal and modern man, aside from his religious beliefs. He sees both the infinite potential and poisonous corruption within our species, from godhood to “quintessence of dust.” He muses on nihilism, suicide, cowardice, and purpose — something especially remarkable given his deep belief in God. He’s paralyzed by intellect. He’s the modern West.

The Northman gives us the deeper roots of European man. If white advocates want to see a movie glorifying our race, they won’t find it here. The Vikings in the story are torturers, rapists, and enslavers. Perhaps some critics may not like the movie because it shows that whites can be victims, even slaves. History isn’t a continuous story of whites cruelly ruling the world.

In one scene, Vikings lock women and children in a building and burn them alive, something none of the warriors protest or even really notice. “We did good,” says one. It’s impossible not to think the word “good” was inserted simply to show this alien morality. What we’re seeing can’t be “good.”

However, even in its cruelty, Amleth’s worldview, something so intertwined with his nature that it’s unshakable, saves him from indecision. There is no wondering about morality, no rumination on man’s place in the world, no need to prove his uncle’s guilt to others. Initiated by his father into a royal cult, he learns always to live “with honor,” which means always putting vengeance first and protecting one’s bloodline. He lives with the reality of fate. Fate is something to be discovered, not invented. “Your fate is set and you cannot ‘scape it,” say two prophets in the film. Contrary to the film’s promotional material, which included the line “Conquer your fate,” Amleth fulfills it.

But if we have a set fate, are we free? Broadly speaking, pagan northerners would answer that fate is set but there’s still choice. You can try to flee fate, but it will drag you back. If you don’t abide by the honor-based morality of vengeance, you will live in shame and disgrace. There is no equality, even of souls. The warrior seeks what Julius Evola would call a mors triumphalis, in which heroic action leads to complete totality, when becoming is being. In mythic terms, he goes to Valhalla as one of the High One’s chosen, blessed to fight until the end of time.

What of the white slaves? They are chattel, unworthy of consideration. Amidst a terrible scene of slaughtering innocents and wholesale destruction, one Viking lightly mentions that these “savages” make fine slaves. Acting like ravening beasts is not “savage,” but these terrified women and children, some beautifully dressed, are. Despite this, one can’t help admiring an honor-based system compared to the victimhood-based system of today.

By digressing from Hamlet and even the written legend of Amleth, Mr. Eggers forces us into an alien mentality. This movie does what few others can by gradually getting us to accept scenes of magic and irrationality. It is neither an action movie nor a play. It is a saga, complete with the exaggerations, crude humor, and acceptance of magic and gods directly intervening in human affairs. Hamlet may have seen his father’s shade, but Amleth gets direct help from Odin.

In this story, Amleth’s father, King Aurvandil War-Raven, returns home to the joy of his son. The king seems secure. His settlement is orderly and well defended. His people greet him with respect. His warriors cheer him and he brings home treasure, including a necklace that belonged to another prince. This means the War-Raven ruined a kingdom much like his and probably murdered a prince just like his son. In his world, this is cause for celebration.

King Aurvandil (Credit Image: © Focus Features / Entertainment Pictures /
King Aurvandil (Credit Image: © Focus Features / Entertainment Pictures /

His brother Fjölnir enters and the king greets him with gratitude. However, Fjölnir enters with black dogs, a hint of animal rage. Heimir, the fool, jokes that the queen lusts for the king’s brother, enraging Fjölnir, but the king calms him. The fool, of course, can say what no one else can, and his “jest” cuts to the truth, as we learn.

The king has a wound that may kill him. He initiates Amleth into his line’s Odinic cult, something bizarrely subterranean. They recite lines from the Hávamál — Odin’s sayings. He warns Amleth about the secrets of women, who spin our fates. In this telling, Odin lost his eye to learn the secrets of women.

The king tells Amleth he must avenge his death if he dies by the sword. Heimir the fool says Amleth must live without fear. Most importantly, Amleth reaches into his father’s wound and sees the “tree of kings,” his entire royal lineage. Amleth weeps to see the wound, but Heimir tells him that “the last tear you shed in weakness” will be returned to him when he needs it most.

The next morning, Fjölnir and his men ambush the king. The king warns his brother that he will lose the kingdom and face vengeance. Even in this world of constant war, there is a divine order that must not be defied. The king dies courageously, screaming for Valhalla. Back at the settlement, Fjölnir’s warriors are killing and terrorizing the people. Fjölnir is carrying Amleth’s mother, who seems to be screaming. Children and women run and Amleth the prince must disguise himself to reach a boat and escape. A soldier who lost his nose to Amleth’s dagger tells Fjölnir the boy is dead, undoubtedly to cover the shame at letting a boy escape and disfigure him. Amleth rows away vowing: “I will avenge you father. I will save you mother. I will kill you Fjölnir.”

Much later, we see Amleth again, initiated into an Odinist Männerbund preparing for a raid. The warriors perform a ritualistic dance showing off their battle prowess and working themselves into a frenzy. This is an ancient rite of the Indo-European peoples. These wolf cults (also drawing on bear symbolism in The Northmen’s version), were traditionally for young warriors on the cusp of manhood, for raiding and scouting. Here, the men, who seem older, are becoming berserkers — warriors supposedly impervious to pain. They are warriors for Odin, who is frenzy in human form. A holy man calls on them to become beasts, and they howl in the night.

Amleth (Credit Image: © Focus Features / Entertainment Pictures /
Amleth (Credit Image: © Focus Features / Entertainment Pictures /

The next day, Amleth repeats a feat from Njáls Saga, catching a thrown spear and hurling it back before leading the charge against a walled settlement. When he enters, he slays several men heroically, and rips into a man’s neck with his teeth, howling with bloodlust.

Mr. Eggers takes care to show what this raid really did. Children and women run and scream, and the scene conjures up Amleth’s childhood escape from those who tried to kill him. Now, he’s bringing terror to innocents. His men kill anyone they don’t take as slaves, kill children in front of parents, and burn a group alive.

Amleth is indifferent to the butchery but does not share in the comradery of the warrior band. He broods after the battle even after his commander praises him. Instead, he’s drawn to a seer. The seer returns his “last tear” to him and says he must not forget his fate to avenge his father. She then disappears, leaving us wondering if the meeting really happened.

Amleth learns his father was right and that Fjölnir’s kingdom was conquered. Fjolnir “killed his brother for nothing” and is now a sheep farmer in Iceland, where he took Amleth’s mother. Amleth learns that some slaves will be sold to Fjölnir, brands himself, and poses as a slave to get to this target. In the boat, he meets Olga (pictured below), a Slavic slave who notices immediately that Amleth is a Northman, not a “sheep.” She has a kind of earth magic, and Amleth calls her “spellseeker.” He helps her during a storm, and friendship begins.

Credit: Regency Television / Focus Features / Album
Credit: Regency Television / Focus Features / Album

While Hamlet (and the historical Amleth) feigned madness, this Amleth feigns submission while still showing strength enough for Fjölnir to think him a worthwhile investment as a slave. Once he has taken his place on the farm, he follows an animal that looks like both a wolf and a bear to a cave where he meets an Odinic prophet.

The holy man produces the jester Heimir’s severed head, complete with new eyes and a tongue. This is the “Yorick” scene from Hamlet, and Amleth mourns his dead friend. Unlike Hamlet, Amleth gets to hear from him again, as the he-witch summons Heimir’s spirit. The spirit and the priest tell Amleth of a powerful weapon, hidden in a mound in the clutches of a dead warrior.

Amleth finds this weapon and fights an undead draugr. Did this undead duel really happen? We don’t know. The sword is immensely powerful but can be unsheathed only in darkness or at the “Gates of Hel,” a volcano in Iceland.

He is with Olga now, and with her earth magic (putting psychedelics into the guards’ food), they can unleash chaos. Amleth murders some guards and nails them to a building in horrific fashion. Some blame the Christian slaves, who, Fjölnir’s men believe, worship a nailed corpse. Later, Olga unleashes madness on the guards with her poisoned food.

Amleth wages war on the farm, but his plan falls apart when he finally confronts his mother. She says she hated his father, that Amleth was the product of rape when she was a slave. She says she begged Fjölnir to kill both the king and his son. She tells Amleth that Fjölnir is a far greater man than his father. She then tries to seduce him.

Some may argue that his mother is an oppressed female, doing what it takes to survive. However, even if she started as a slave, Amleth’s father made her queen. She is now just the wife of a petty chieftain who sleeps with his slaves. He’s a downgrade from the War-Raven. Still, Fjölnir now has a certain wisdom, cautioning his sons about the vicissitudes of fate and the need for masters to show slaves they are strong. He has learned from his mistakes. Still, her character is shown by her willingness to have her son murdered and her attempt to seduce him.

Nicole Kidman as Queen Gudrun . (Credit Image: © Focus Features / Entertainment Pictures /
Nicole Kidman as Queen Gudrun . (Credit Image: © Focus Features / Entertainment Pictures /

Shattered by this conversation, Amleth kills Fjölnir’s eldest son, Thorfir. This prince is weak, and even his father knows it. Fjölnir fails to see Amleth’s true nature, dismissing him as a smelly slave when they first meet. In contrast, Olga, who has deeper wisdom, saw Amleth was not just another slave. This classical view of slavery, in which the slave deserves his fate because he lacks the power to defeat his enslavers or the courage to kill himself, is entirely different to our modern view. As even Fjölnir notes, no man can know whether he will spend next Yule as a king or a slave.

Fjölnir has also suffered from his blindness by not recognizing Amleth and giving in to emotion before his “inferiors.” He begins killing slaves to try to get information from them. When he starts to cut Olga’s throat, Amleth reappears to save her. Amleth defeats several warriors, but can’t unsheathe his sword in the daytime, so is captured and tied up.

Fjölnir gives his weak son a warrior’s funeral and goes to finish Amleth. However, Amleth has escaped, thanks to ravens presumably sent by Odin to free his bonds.

With his revenge partially taken, Amleth decides to escape with Olga. Hate is all he has ever known and he wants to be free of it. He has a future that doesn’t need to be defined by grief or animal behavior. He sees in a vision that his wife has two children in her womb, but he also sees that Fjölnir will hunt down and kill them if Amleth does not kill him. Amleth tells the sailors to take Olga on to Orkney, while he swims back to meet his fate. She cries out in despair as he leaves her.

Alexander Skarsgard as Amleth, Anya Taylor-Joy as Olga. (Credit Image: © Focus Features / Entertainment Pictures /
Alexander Skarsgard as Amleth, Anya Taylor-Joy as Olga. (Credit Image: © Focus Features / Entertainment Pictures /

He attacks the farm, killing the guards. He looses the slaves and tells them to take their freedom. Now awakened to love and optimism, he has become a liberator rather than an enslaver. They burn the farm. Amleth confronts and kills his mother. Fjölnir takes the body and tells Amleth to meet him at the volcano, the Gates of Hel.

Amleth prepares for battle, vowing to defend his blood and boasting that it will live on, but in the volcano, Amleth and Fjölnir kill each other. Amleth’s last vision is of his lover with his two children, telling him that they are safe.

Amleth must choose between kindness for kin and hatred for enemies, and he chooses “both.” Was his choice the right one? Fjölnir’s power has been much reduced, and Amleth abandons his wife and unborn children to the care of others. However, because he knows from his visions that he and Olga have started a new dynasty, he believes his children’s happy future is set, just like his suicidal present.

The Icelandic sagas and other texts from the “Viking” period tell many stories of family feuds that went on for generations. It’s easy to believe in fate when social expectations are so extreme that you must kill certain people, and so continue a process that will never end. What freedom does anyone have in such a system? Christianity sanctified the warrior ethos of the Germanic folk while using the growing power of the state to end feuding. Instead of warbands, kingdoms would raise armies and dictate justice. Far from being a pro-pagan film, The Northman shows that Christianity may have been the necessary next step.

Nevertheless, Christian, pagan, or nothing, all Europeans should agree that the faith that conquered Europe was not the same faith taught by the Nazarene. Warrior orders and social distinctions remained and even grew stronger. The Odinic frenzy was not eliminated, but taken up by knights who fought crusades for the Holy Land. Pagan cults and holidays merged into the new Christianity.

April 18, 2022, Los Angeles, CA: Robert Eggers at the Los Angeles Premiere of The Northman at TCL Chinese Theater IMAX (Credit Image: © Kathy Hutchins via ZUMA Press Wire)
April 18, 2022, Los Angeles, CA: Robert Eggers at the Los Angeles Premiere of The Northman at TCL Chinese Theater IMAX (Credit Image: © Kathy Hutchins via ZUMA Press Wire)

Even our deepest and most refined cultural expressions, even those that speak to almost all people, still arose from the specific culture and religious ethos of whites. Getting even a glimpse of these roots or seeing into the mind of our pagan ancestors is “white advocacy” regardless of the director’s intentions. Understanding the way our ancestors thought, even if we are disgusted by it, is necessary to understand ourselves. It’s also something uniquely ours.

Is there anything we can learn from these warriors and their code? First is dedication to one’s moral worldview. Throughout the film, there are moments when we wonder if the supernatural is real. To Amleth, it is real and he can therefore die confident of victory. A character in a saga must be aware he is in a saga and act accordingly. Those who truly believe the West is in danger of extinction, who don’t see this as an intellectual game, must regain that spirit of fighting a holy war or spreading a sacred idea. Resacralizing the world is necessary to develop the necessary spirit of resistance.

Second, the emphasis on familial blood and the “tree of kings” shows us that we are not and have never been alone. Though Amleth comes from kingly blood, all of us are bound in a tree that connects us to our most distant ancestors. Endless blood feuds are a bad way to run society, but it is preferable to a world in which whites are utterly disconnected from their past and have a meaningless existence in the present. Our individual, family, and racial honor matter. Like Hamlet, we are beguiled by sophistication and philosophy, but it leads nowhere without an irrational, religious zeal to defend our blood. Both Hamlet and Amleth die, and both get revenge, but only Amleth dies knowing he has continued his royal line. Fortinbras, the real hero of Hamlet, takes the sweet prince’s country with barely an effort.

Finally, this film reminds us we have a past that is uniquely ours. Here, we see the origins of what may be the greatest play by the greatest playwright. That root was fed by our blood and could only have been nourished by Western Man. We don’t need to look to fantasy-lands or mass culture for an identity. The stories, heroes, and sagas have always been with us. We are an ancient people who can accomplish wonders when we summon the will.

Perhaps the best way to do that is not to discuss the threats we face rationally. Perhaps it is best to tell our kin that everything in history had to happen exactly as it did to this point for us to be where we are now. We have a fate that may prove dangerous but that allows the possibility of heroism if we have the courage to meet it. Depending on what you believe, that may be Heaven, Valhalla, or the peace of the grave, but if we don’t rise to meet our fate, our fate will be extinction.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. How interesting – have finished watching this flick a minute ago, thinking about the article that Kevin MacDonald had written and opened the page to see if there are some news, and here it is – a new review of this piece of crap. Well it happens to me a lot.

    So I’ll be brief.

    The Varangians are pictured as something between Zulu, but without drums and Comanche, but without feathers. These dudes like to get naked and dance around fire. They also like to get drunk and bark like dogs, which is a part of their initiation into adulthood. Then, wearing only underwear that looks like Kelvin Klein drawers they go on a raid – storming a settlement of the Rus’ in the land of the Rus’.

    That is one of the episodes that is worth talking about.

    First of all the Rus’ in the land of the Rus’ happen to be the actual Rus’ – that is, the Russians and not some fabulous tribe of the Swedes, as Kevin MacDonald said in his review. No, here they seem to get it right, at least for a moment. But not for long.

    The Rus’ also happen to be small weak and having rather Asiatic appearance. And they are wearing Mongolian helmets with a long tassel. And of course none of them can fight – the Northmen slaughter them all without getting a scratch. Then they select some good looking women and kill all the others.

    Then there is another funny episode.

    Having killed all the Rus’ and having burned their village, in the land of the Rus’ these brave Scandinavians find a slave market in the land of the Rus’ where other brave Scandinavians are running a slave trade business sending Rus’ women to Kiev and Constantinople. Of course the Rus’ can do nothing about that.

    Well that one girl for some reason happened to be blond so they decided to take her with them – she had the hair of a Valkyrie, despite being a Slavic savage – so they took her to their advanced Nordic farm so she could work in the kitchen and cook advanced Nordic food, like boiled pork.

    She was about to receive some Nordic masculine penetration when Hamlet saved the prince during a baseball game so they left her be because Hamlet liked her. After that Hamlet becomes a manager and begins to plan his revenge.

    Every night he does something terrible – makes the dogs to start biting people or makes the people to start cutting their own throats. Although it is not clear how he does all that it is somehow clear that he is doing that nonetheless.

    Well it takes a good portion of the film. He gets caught at some point and is being tied to a post when a bunch of crows untie him. And he goes into a volcano called Hell to fight his uncle with his magic sword. He kills his uncle. His uncle kills him as well.

    The end.

    How such a piece of drivel can inspire a professor to write a review, let alone have a multiple orgasm while watching it is incomprehensible.

    And no the Varangians were not able to go from the Baltic Sea to Constantinople – there is no passage.

  2. Rahan says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    Well, the reviewer seems to be describing the symbolic resonance he felt while watching the film, while on your side it seems more about “why are Slavs always depicted like this in western films” which is a valid but different dimension.

    Likewise, his is more of “we see how Christianity was needed to tame and channel the savage indo-aryian spirit”, while yours is more “no, at this date the Dnieper was blocked by the Kumans” and so on.

    Additionally, for a society of people dead inside, seeing a representation of alleged ancestors not being dead inside can be very exciting.

    Not unlike the late 20th century dead inside evangelicals would get all giddy which they see someone “showing passion” in even the most ridiculous ways. Or today the globohomo crowd starts having anal spasms of lust when they see some Negro or hysterical feminist “showing passion”.

    And yeah, go back in time enough, everyone’s a Zulu, no going around that.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  3. laughing.

    Anyone the least bit familiar with viking social order would look with suspicious eye at the following,

    ” Heimir, the fool, jokes that the queen lusts for the king’s brother, enraging Fjölnir, but the king calms him. The fool, of course, can say what no one else can, and his “jest” cuts to the truth, as we learn.”

    as it is hard to imagine a court jester suggesting anything of the kind to a Viking king and live the night.


    Have not seen this series or film, will eventually get around to it — but the rest all sounds like Viking behavior – It’s hard to exaggerate Viking reliance on brute force. Despite also being skilled traders, builders, ship builders and seaman

    • Agree: Malla
  4. Tom Verso says:

    It seems to me that any ethnic discussion about this movie that does not include Kevin MacDonald’s May 4th review of the movie here on the Unz Review is seriously lacking in scholarly integrity.

    However, the reason I seldom read this blog, unless a title peaks my curiosity, is just because it is ideologically driven rather than a social scientific site.

    I understand that your purpose is to promote your ideology and you do that well.
    However, I do have a problem with promoting ideology in the guise of scholarship.

    Ideology in the absence of scholarly research (taking in all obviously available facts and factual opinions) is propaganda. And, propaganda is inherently socially destructive.

    For example, I recall disparaging comments in one of your podcast about the troubled ‘socialist’ economy of Venezuela without mentioning the facts of US sanctions and confiscating its gold/money. Sorry I can’t remember the date for a footnote; but I only mean to illustrate what I mean by propaganda verses scholarship.

    • Agree: Treg
    • Troll: Eric Novak
  5. Well it sounds like a ripping good yarn, and don’t we all (or some, at least) wish we lived in a time when humans were allowed to live in accordance with their nature and not as neutered consumers and pampered wage slaves. I’d like to think that maybe some of my ancestors in fair Albion were rugged specimens like these, but more likely they were all cowering nondescript peasants, recognizable as such, as Monty Python’s King Arthur discovers, because they’re covered in shit.

    And it really is something to think about, that before science, people could look up at the clouds and know as surely as they knew the earth was under their feet, that there, just above their heads, were the great beings who controlled their fate, along with the people they loved who had died. Even Christians would mistake for moral philosophy their would-be savior’s formulation of behaviors that would cause the god above to grant them good fortune. And how vexed they were when the first Russian cosmonaut went up, and, poor ignorant atheist that he was, said, “I didn’t see any god up there.”

    • Agree: Odd Rabbit
  6. @Rahan

    The point regarding the absence of a route from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea is a side note. The accepted legend is that the Varangians traveled through the rivers on their ships, and that is in fact impossible, but not because the Cumans blocked Dnieper – there is no water path. People have tried to follow that route, and it happened that without going a substantial part of it on foot it’s impossible to complete. Dnieper had nine long rapids along this path, which obstructed the river. There were about 30-40 smaller rapids as well, and to get to Dnieper in the first place there was a long distance to be crossed between two other rivers. Twice.

    And for a long time it has been taught that Varangians walked, carrying the ships on their shoulders, but there are tens of kilometers to walk through the forest, up and down the hills. So now the legend has been changed a little. Now it is said that the goods were unloaded onto land transport to cross the portage, and reloaded onto other waiting ships on the Dnieper. But of course Varangians controlled the route, so there was no problem in doing that.

    However the sole source of information about it all is the Rus’ Primary Chronicle — the main Russian historical document. There are a lot of Scandinavian sagas, telling stories about their travels, but none of them has a mention of these alleged expeditions to the Black Sea. But in the Primary Chronicle this trade route is described in detail, including the aforementioned rapids on Dnieper, and the route was not called the Route from the Varangians to the Greeks, as it is called in the West, but the Route from the Greeks to the Varangians.

    Also there is no mentioning of Varangians in the chronicles of the Greeks until the 11th century, although there are some records about the Rus’ — however we are told again that the Rus’ and the Varangians were the same people, and that is also a lie. There are no records in Scandinavian sagas mentioning these fabulous Rus’ Varangians. There is no such a word in the Scandinavian languages, that would explain such a name, so we are told that the name was Finnic and that these Varangians for some reason adopted it, and later the Russians also adopted it, but from the Varangians. However Rus’ is a Russian word and it has a meaning — it means blond, or a fair-haired people.

    To cut it short the entire narrative is a 17th century Swedish war propaganda, which is still being used. And the truth is that these Varangians had a settlement near Novgorod, where they would bring their goods to trade and the Russians would bring goods from Crimea and Constantinople. The Scandinavians were not called the Rus’ — they were called Varangians, in Russian — Варяги, which sounds the same.

    And speaking of which, such the ancestors, not being dead inside are not exciting to see at all. Perhaps the Vikings were not as educated and cultured as the Romans or the Greeks, but they were not Zulu. Zulu could not build ships, Zulu could not make swords. As a matter of fact they still can’t. And the Vikings sailed to Iceland and perhaps even Greenland. The Rus’ celebrated the solstice nights, therefore possessed knowledge of the stars. And in this flick we are shown some savages, knowing nothing but how to kill.

    Except for that girl Olga there are no positive characters in this film.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Troll: Eric Novak
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
    , @egwin
  7. neutral says:

    I am surprised they even allowed this movie to be made, having an all white cast is sacrilege these days. They will make sure that any next such movie will get the Netflix Valhalla and add in some black Vikings.

  8. These Vikings seem one step above headhunter tribes in Papua New Guinea, who until very recently, were obsessed with blood vengeance as the only way to placate the angry spirits of their ancestors, or the Comanche, who would revenge ride 1000 miles across the plain to nail people to the ground and rape old women until they died. The only positive is Amleth’s spiritual awareness of his gods, which most of us can only dimly imagine, but overall, it’s another attempt by Hollywood to portray Huwite ppl as bloodthirsty savages. Which Celtic queen was gang raped by Roman soldiers, and after she was freed, she and her husband searched them out and killed them all? I can’t remember, but she looked at the corpses and said, “It is good that only one man living should have known me.” Why hasn’t anybody made a movie about that? I would go see it.

    • Replies: @Kali
    , @Alden
  9. The best movie I have ever seen about Viking life is “In the Shadow of the Raven” (“”), the second in a trilogy by the Icelandic director, Hrafn Gunnlaugsson. The trilogy is set towards the end of the Viking era, when Iceland has started becoming Christianized. “In the Shadow of the Raven” received a limited national release in the USA, in a version with English subtitles. The movie is available on video/DVD but the last I checked, is only available in a European format that is not compatible with US devices. One of the joys of the movie is watching the lead actress, the radiant Tinna Gunnlaugsdóttir (

    A little research might suggest that some of those posting here have less knowledge of the relations among Vikings, Byzantines, and Slavs than they think they do. The Icelandic saga, “Haralds Saga Sigurðarsonar” (, for example, is a useful source on the Vikings in Russia and the Mediterranean and the Varangian Guard. In fact the Varangian Guard was recruited primarily from among Vikings who got to Byzantium either through the riverine/portage routes across Russia and into the Black Sea or via the Mediterranean and Sea of Marmara. Vikings on these routes easily switched roles from traders to raiders/slavers, as was the case for most seafarers up until fairly recently. Northern European variants of the English word, “slave”, all derive from the word Slav.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
    , @Wokechoke
  10. @Here Be Dragon

    All excellent points. And I agree. Your previous comment about a well known and admired evolutionary psychologist that shot his load over this actually denigrating and disparagement of “his people” is comical. “Nordic” or “Aryan” makes a lot of impotent, strategically constipated contemporaries live vicariously. “Muh people were Vikings”….”We wuz Kangs”. This sick culture of primitive savages I would never embrace or be proud of.

    Yes, they did tools better than Zulus, but then so did Hawaiians, who navigated the Pacific (Thor Heyerdahl, and all that). Hawaiians were otherwise base basic, cannibals. How about the Aztecs and Incas??? Rip out living hearts and eating them? Mass sacrifices involving child mutilation?

    The dirty secret is that the kind of people that think this is indicative of hidden strength which can somehow be summoned to utilize and activate (just add water) to regain “Our Homelands”, from (((You Know Who))), is pathetic, pitiable and a thousand other synonyms. The kind of people that rhapsodize are usually retiring, office bound, academics, and “intellectuals”, who never did anything challenging or proved themselves in a real world situation. No men of action here. Mere passengers with “dormitory hands”, on one of Joseph Conrad’s ships, driven by his “man of action”. These people are not part of the evolutionary caravan. They are lab subjects to be examined and forgotten.

    When I see Viking or **gasp (swoon with awe and reverence) Northern Europe, where the entire world was created, where before there was nothing. Actually a bright flame that burned brightly, but for only about 600 years. In that era, Europe stood on the shoulders of previous discoveries and nascent developments that were bequeathed.

    Well, what do you see, in prosaic descriptions, depictions in movies, monographs, paintings, etc? Filth, animals in the streets, open sewers, chamber pots tossed out the window blindly into the alleys. (As I witnessed in Egypt. Sanitation was optional (people stank), and during Shakespeare’s day many believed that bathing exposed the skin to atmospheric poisons. Before Pasteur, doctors wore the dried blood of earlier patients proudly going from patient to patient. I can personally verify that French cultural norm did not include daily bathing well into the 1970s. For you Crudos-like me- this means really stinky pie!!.

    Meanwhile, in Japan and China, the differences are huge. The towns and villages show order, cleanliness, advanced architecture, sanitary disposal, and proper spatial arrangement of animate and inanimate units. Textiles are advanced, refinement and order the norm. Look at the cities of Buddha’s epoch, compared to the medieval putrefaction and pestilence.
    People of privilege in Roman times used human urine for laundering their clothes. Boil the piss out of them.

    I mean, come on! Look at the Hittites, architects, engineers, builders, inventors and then…..The Norsemen living in crude hacked log barns, with animal skins like prehistoric knuckle draggers. This is porn for contemporary wankers and weak turkey necks, over inhibited and “One Ball Wonders” and Bobby Browns.


    Let’s hear it for all the Nordic Beauty Contest fans over at the


    So, can we look to Nor Dicks for inspiration today? Certainly not, these are the biggest pussies in Europe. Driven by abstract ideas, hollow personalities abound, the girls are “eeeesee” and driven by externe radar reception. Never marry one.
    They prefer Blacks, anyway. The Jews moved in after 1500 and saw blank slates and vacuum vessels just waiting to be filled and written on, into.

    Fucking Apes.

  11. Odyssey says:

    What a compilation of falsified history. Just bullet points:
    – Vikings were Slavics
    – The term ‘Indo-Europeans’ is a nonsense without any meaning, here is used for Yamnaya primitive nomads (ancestors of western Europeans) who came from Russian steppes and conducted genocides on indigenous people
    – Byzantium never existed, East Roman Empire – yes
    – Goths were NO Germanics
    – Which modern nation reveres wolfs?
    – Where Scandinavians and their mythology originated?

  12. @Jus' Sayin'...

    You people are killing me with this stubborn ignorance.

    This is the Russian history, it has been studied well. We know everything. We know the sagas and the chronicles. We have read it all.

    A little research might suggest that some of those posting here have less knowledge of the relations among Vikings, Byzantines, and Slavs than they think they do. The saga “Heralds Saga Sigurðarsonar” is a useful source on the Vikings in Russia.

    Yes indeed it is — because it begins in the year 1030, the 11th century when the Rus’ was at the peak of power, since the Khazars had been defeated and Khazaria conquered. Until then there are no sagas about no Vikings traveling to the Black Sea — no such thing.

    And the story is true. That man, Harald Sigurdsson visited the court of King Yaroslav of Kiev — Yaroslav the Wise, and married his daughter, Ellisif — Elisaveta Yaroslavna. He then became the King of Norway. However no Vikings had been traveling to the Black Sea before the fall of Khazaria.

    The grandfather of Yaroslav the Wise, Sviatoslav defeated the Khazars and established that trade route and safe passage to the Black Sea. Before that the Khazars and Pechenegs had been robbing and killing, and raiding people. The Vikings would have been outnumbered and had no chance.

    Vikings on these routes switched roles from traders to raiders/slavers, as was the case for most seafarers. Northern European variants of the English word, “slave”, all derive from the word Slav.

    Well the Rus’ did not call themselves Slav. There were two other tribes — the Slovaks and Slovenes, and these had migrated to Europe and from them the generic name was extrapolated, a lot later, to other peoples who spoke the Slavonic languages.

    Byzantine historiographers under emperor Justinian (527–565) describe tribes of these names emerging from the area of the Carpathian Mountains, the lower Danube and the Black Sea, invading the Danubian provinces of the Eastern Empire.

    So these European variants of the word “slave” all derive from the Greek word Sklábos and the Latin Sclavus. But that is not a reference to the Rus’ — it refers to the Slovaks, who happened to be trapped between the Avar Khaganate and Khazaria and were indeed often captured and then sold on slave markets.

    The Vikings had nothing to do with it.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  13. Odyssey says:

    Slovaks and Slovenes are very recent names and from their names was not derived the term ‘Slavs’. The term ‘Slavonic’ does not exist. There was no migration of so-called ‘Slavs’ to Europe, this is one of the greatest history hoaxes. Aryans were proto-Slavs. The first name for Slavs was ‘srb’ (serb) which is several thousands of years old and meaning ‘cousin, the member of the same race’. The meaning of ‘srb’ and ‘race’ is the same. Sanskrit is a local version of the ancient ‘srb’ language from which all other ‘Slavic’ languages developed, Russian was the first in the 8th cAC, other much, much later. ‘Rasa’ is a Serbian word, adopted in English as ‘race’. Modern Balkan Serbs and Lusitanian Serbs preserved their original name. The East Roman Emperor Justinian and his uncle, the Emperor Justin born in the neighbouring village in Serbia, were Serbs. Vikings were genetically – Slavics.

  14. Wokechoke says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    It’s not difficult to sail up the Rhine, March for a while and sail down the Danube to get to the Black Sea. Also the Dano-English defeated at Hastings emigrated and became the Imperial bodyguard aka Varangians. First expats.

    I’d guess their skills were as good as gold for the Emperor.

  15. Odyssey says:

    What is ‘rus’ hair? We can see it for e.g. on Botticelli’s paintings:

    There are many versions of the Serbian folk song – Girl, you have ‘rus’ hair! (Ruse kose curo imas).

    One live version is (2 min):

  16. James392 says:

    The Northman is set in 914AD. In addition to the ocean going boats mentioned above, they had writing and steel, I believe. I have not seen the film. But the desire of Hollywood to portray whites as savages, when actual savages did not have writing, steel, nor the ability to make large seaworthy boats by joining pieces of precisely worked wood together, is anti-white. None of the reviews have mentioned any effort to show the Vikings as more advanced than savages. But they must have been. The film might as well be Disney, as far as I can tell.

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  17. Kali says:
    @Red Pill Angel

    Which Celtic queen was gang raped by Roman soldiers, and after she was freed, she and her husband searched them out and killed them all? I can’t remember, but she looked at the corpses and said, “It is good that only one man living should have known me.” Why hasn’t anybody made a movie about that? I would go see it.

    I don’t think it’s the queen you’re refering to, but Bodicia raised and led an army against the Romans after they kidnapped and raped her two daughters.

    I hope you remember the name of the other one. She sounds interesting!

    Fond regards,

    • Thanks: Red Pill Angel
  18. Tom Verso says:
    @Poupon Marx

    You write
    Scholarly research, academic, etc??? LOL.

    Frankly, I’m not sure what you mean.

    Many of the links you list are my favorite ‘scholarly’ sites for the reason that they regularly, in a very scholarly fashion, debunk ‘unscholarly’ work. Especially,’ watts up with that’, ‘junk science’ and ‘climate depot’.

    • Replies: @poupon marx
  19. @Tom Verso

    You obviously did not read what I wrote about the abysmal state of “scholarly work” and research. Kevin McDonald THEORY of his definition of Individualism using the Hunter Gatherer-Farmer Kinship dichotomy has serious errors and is not the driving force for the extreme ideology and conformance of the Scandanavian countries.

    The refutation to this is in large part experience and personal contacts. That, and a general knowledge of people and human nature that comes from extensive travels and interaction. To a large degree, MacDonalds progenitors are reverse engineered and require lengthly abstract support and cherry picked data.

    The insularity of the man, his job (tenure seeking university professor), etc, all conspire against honesty and integrity when new data or errors appear. That’s because whole reputations, positions and promotion depend on an academics picking a position, theory, hypothesis and riding in singularly to his retirement. Rather than admit inadequacy, errors in conclusions and process, etc.

    All in all, you’re making excuses for laziness, and denial. Stay in you cloistered world, chalk tower, and pretend you have sufficient cause and basis for profound propositions.

  20. @Odyssey

    Here is some serious nationalist crap.

    Slovaks and Slovenes are very recent names and from their names was not derived the term ‘Slavs’. The term ‘Slavonic’ does not exist. There was no migration of so-called ‘Slavs’ to Europe, this is one of the greatest history hoaxes.

    Slavonic is the original name of what later was shortened to Slavic, these are words of the Anglophone world. The source of both is the word словѣньскъ – pronounced “slovenski” – the name of the language and the word from which the names Slovaks and Slovenes originated.

    And Slavic migrations to the Balkans is a topic well researched. You cannot create a hoax with such an amount of historical, linguistic and genetic studies material that has been collected.

    “According to genetic studies the distribution, variance and frequency of the Y-DNA haplogroups R1a and I2 among South Slavs are in correlation with the spreading of Slavic languages during the medieval Slavic expansion from Eastern Europe.”

    Sanskrit is a local version of the ancient ‘srb’ language from which all other ‘Slavic’ languages developed.

    Sanskrit has a lot in common with the Slavic languages but most of all with Russian, including grammar and a substantial amount of lexicon, however it belongs to a different branch of Indo-European languages. All Slavonic languages developed from the Balto-Slavic branch and Sanskrit from the Indo-Iranian.

    The East Roman Emperor Justinian and his uncle, the Emperor Justin born in the neighbouring village in Serbia, were Serbs. Vikings were genetically – Slavics.

    There is something similar in Ukraine. Their historians are now teaching that the Greek god Heracles was a real person, born in Ukrainian Crimea and that Ukraine was the cradle of civilization. Also the French come from Ukraine since their ancestors were the Gauls and that is because they used to live in Galicia, which is in Ukraine, so – !

    As only a Serb could have written all this nonsense, there is an article in Serbian below. You may find it interesting.

    One thing though, where you are right is that the word Rus’ is a Slavonic word and it means “blond” – this is for all those who keep telling us that we adopted this name from some fabulous tribe of Varangians.

    The song that you posted is in Serbian. The Serbs were not in touch with the Varangians. That proves that the name is of the Slavic origin. The Rus’ were not Varangians.

    Here is another folk song, in Russian – “The Rus’ Curls”

    Продирање Словена на Балкан

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  21. Odyssey says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    What a disappointment and plus wiki citations. The migration of Slavics is well documented? Really? You may give us ONE SINGLE primary evidence? Genetics? Is I2 indigenous European haplogroup or, it just originated there, left Europe and returned back during the big ‘well documented’ migration to Europe? The term ‘Slavonic’ exists (there is a province, now in Croatia – Slavonia) and it could mean something from this province (e.g. Slavonic cheese) but the wiki usage as, for e.g., ‘Old Church Slavonic’ is idiotic. The article you provided is from before the ww2, the obvious falsification by a German collaborator who, at the end, killed him. If this is your the best reference you are lagging at least 80 years. Russian language is younger language in comparison with Serbian. You do not need expert linguistic knowledge to establish this. It is softer, faster, it has more vowels for the same words (breg-bereg, srb -serb, etc). Older languages sound rougher and have less vowels. Modern Serbian is the closest to Sanskrit, it is established long time ago. Latin language borrowed a lot from Serbian, not from Russian. English, too, or they may be somewhere adopted Russian words (when, where, how)? Indo-Iranian? You must be joking, or you don’t know where Indo-Iranian originated? From which language evolved sc. Balto-Slavic and Indo-Iranian? What is the relationship btw sc. Balto-Slavic and sc. ‘Indo-European’? Do you know what is the meaning of ‘Rg Veda’? Do you know where Russians originated, where they lived during the Ice Age and during the melting of ice when in Russian steppe was a Mediterranean size lake? Who were Vikings (this you can find even in wiki that they have Russian genetics)? Who were Goths? Who were Aryans? So, who was Justinian (and Diocletian and Constantine and Spartacus)? Who was the iron fist of Roman army? Italians, Greeks? If you are coming back, pls do this without ‘wiki’ hoaxes, otherwise that will a measure of your credibility. Mentioning Galicians in this context was a cheap shot which does not deserve any comment.

    • Replies: @Odyssey
    , @Here Be Dragon
  22. Odyssey says:

    Still under impression and very disappointed with such unexpected naivety of the Russian brother, a passionate wiki reader, I missed to address the term ‘rus’. It is meaningless to even think that it came with some Varangians. People already lived on this land for few thousands of years and did not wait for some Varangians to bring some toponyms. But, I am not sure if Russian brother knows what is in the root of the Russian name. Coincidentally (or not), Prussians have the same root. What is the link between them? Russians for Russia say (phonetically) – Rasiya. The alternative name for Serbs are – Rasi. Their medieval kingdom was Rashka with a capital city – Ras. Hungarians still call Serbs – Raci. Prussians are Serbs, germanised in the 12 cAC but spoke Serbian until 200 years. So, the root is the ancient Serbian word ‘rasa’, which English adopted as ‘race’. Its meaning is the same as the original meaning of ‘srb’ (serb) – cousin, the member of the same race. Later Greek reading of Rasi is known as ‘Thracians’. Herodotus said that Thracians (i.e. Serbs) were the biggest nation in the world after Hindus. It means that the terms ‘Russians’ and ‘Thracians’ (and ‘Serbs’) have the same meaning.

    • Replies: @Swaytonious
  23. @Odyssey

    Brother there are new things we can learn. We never know it all.

    The term ‘Slavonic’ exists (there is a province, now in Croatia – Slavonia) and it could mean something from this province (e.g. Slavonic cheese) but the wiki usage as, for e.g., ‘Old Church Slavonic’ is idiotic.

    Slavonic is an English word, so since we both understand “Slavonic” speech we don’t need to use it. To them in the Anglophone world it means Slavic, but it sounds a little archaic to them. To us it is a foreign word, loaned from our old language.

    And it’s surprising to see a Serb who doesn’t recognize our old language. There is a corpus of literature, written in this language. How can anybody deny its existence is impossible to understand.

    Црквенословенско писмо

    Modern Serbian is the closest to Sanskrit, it is established long time ago.

    All Slavic languages are somewhat related to Sanskrit, but the only respectable work on this topic that we have seen so far is from that Hindu linguist, and he said it was Russian that has most similarities with Sanskrit.

    Sanskrit and Russian: Ancient kinship

    Latin language borrowed a lot from Serbian, not from Russian.

    Of course, we have never said that Latin borrowed anything from Russian. You mean the word “Slav” apparently – it was loaned from Greek. The Latin borrowed from Greek.

    Do you know where Russians originated, where they lived during the Ice Age and during the melting of ice when in Russian steppe was a Mediterranean size lake?

    During the Ice Age there were no Russians – only the ancient Ukrainians.

    Maybe also Serbians.

    But, I am not sure if Russian brother knows what is in the root of the Russian name.

    From Old East Slavic русъ (rusŭ), from Proto-Slavic *rusъ, from earlier *rudsъ, from Proto-Indo-European *hrowd-s. Adjective – русый (rúsyj): fair-haired, blond, light brown (of hair).

    • Replies: @Swaytonious
    , @Seraphim
  24. Odyssey says:

    It is obvious that your knowledge is insufficient, and you did not answer on almost any of my questions. In many western documents when they talk about Slavic languages, they mention Old Church Slavonic because they avoid saying – Serbian language? Why? Because if they write ‘Serbian’ it would be politically incorrect not to mention other South Slavic languages – Croatian, Macedonian, now even Bosnian and Montenegrin which did not exist and somehow appeared from nowhere. I know very well the language of old literature and old church service.

    You are playing dumb and not answering where were Russians before the 8th cAC and what was their previous name. Sanskrit is present in other European, non-Slavic languages (e.g. English). So, what is the connection btw Russian (8th cAC) or English (12th cAC) and Sanskrit (before 2000BC)? Where and how they met? Where Indo-Iranian originated and where? How can you use the term Balto-Slavic before 2000BC if the term Slavic originated in the 7th cAC? Which Romans (west?) took this word from Greeks in the 7th cAC? As I said, Greek word for Serbs was Thracians. What’s happened with your ‘well-documented’ evidence about Serbian migration to Balkan? Any evidence of Croatian or Slovene migration? Asiatic Bulgars came to today’s Bulgaria in the 8th cAC and adopted the language of indigenous people. How it is possible that this indigenous language is the same as the language of allegedly newly arrived Serbian tribes which came from unknown location (you may know?) and no one noticed their arrival? Romanians have the same genetics as Serbs, but they are considered indigenous Balkan people. How it is possible that these indigenous people have the same genetics as some migrants from Asian steppes (i.e. Serbs)?

    If you don’t know facts, you can use the simple logic to establish contradictions. So, who was Justinian? It would be fair to confess that you cannot answer any of my questions. It is not a shame, you have so much to learn and I envy you on your upcoming journey. Is this description of the origins of the Russian name applies to Prussians, too? Who are Prussians, who was the Empress Catherine and who founded and named many of (East)German cities – Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Brandenburg, etc? I am positive and ready to help the Russian brother everywhere where is needed, in Ukraine’s operation or just to acquire any new knowledge. For e.g. about Sanskrit about which you know almost nothing and here you can watch the following 3 min:

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  25. Richard B says:
    @Tom Verso

    However, the reason I seldom read this blog, unless a title peaks my curiosity, is just because it is ideologically driven rather than a social scientific site.

    Haha. As if social science isn’t ideologically driven and hasn’t been for ages.
    The universities have been culturally and intellectually stagnant for well over 50 years.
    It was a problem even before the 60’s. Now? The university is suffering from what is arguably the worst case of Cultural Impoverishment in its 700 year history.

    The humanities in general and the social sciences in particular in the second half of the 20th century did nothing to stop that. They just made it worse. There are a number of reasons for this and a number of consequences. Certainly one of the most important was that the Arts & Sciences were placed under the iron paw of ideologically-driven scholarship, which itself was subject to the disastrous policy of Publish or Perish. Better referred to as Publish and Perish.

    In any event, an intellectual community is the last thing a university is today.
    If anyone wanted serious and stimulating intellectual conversation they’d have to form a group and keep it a secret.

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  26. Bankotsu says:

    So westerners are proud of Vikings? They are pagan barbarians. They do know how to fight though.

    • Replies: @We are all Dumb
  27. Karl1906 says:

    Yeah, go and watch this movie! It’s actually not too deep and overly authentic*, but certainly good entertainment. The (young) director has done two good films before and will hopefully not become the next Villeneuve (read: open to woke propaganda and making lame compromises because of it).

    *The lauded-to-death television series Rome – initially – tried to show us the mindset of people and times but it quickly became pretty much standard fare the moment they moved away from showing us the aristocrats fucking in front of their slaves. It’s not about being explicit it’s about making us understand how they thought and acted and why. And that’s almost impossible to do.

    • Replies: @Swaytonious
  28. Franz says:
    @Tom Verso

    However, the reason I seldom read this blog, unless a title peaks my curiosity, is just because it is ideologically driven rather than a social scientific site.

    Piques your interest or peaks your interest?

    Not asking as the grammar nazi on this site. I’m far from that. But either word can be right which came as a surprise to me. Depending on the meaning I mean,

    Apart from that, the movie sounds like a dog.

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
    , @Che Guava
  29. Dumbo says:

    It seems to me that our knowledge of the vikings is a bit limited because most of the writings about (the sagas, etc) were written after or contemporarily with Christianization. What is called the Viking age is basically contemporary with the beginning of Christianity, and thus not “purely pagan”, if you visit the Viking Museum in Stockholm you’ll see.

    Even the runic stones, many of them already have Christian elements. Before that, I guess they just did not like to write or record, it was all oral. It seems the interest in recording History is contemporary with Christianity. If it wasn’t for a Christians and people like Snorri Sturrulson, we might not have many written records.

    A lot of people in the alt-right seem to LARP about the ancient Nordics, but, if I had to chose Pagans, I’d choose the ancient Greeks and Romans, which are closer to us, seemed to be smarter, had much more influence in European culture, and in the end are more important too.

    P. S. I haven’t seen the movie, although Eggers is an interesting director.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  30. @Odyssey

    Goths were NO Germanics

    Can you elaborate?

  31. egwin says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    Your points about the rivers are accurate enough, I suppose. Still, the Greeks made it all the way to the Varangians somehow, and the Varangians to the Greeks, and at least by the 10th century the Varangian guard was in Constantinople. Yes, they probably needed to walk part of the way, so they probably just did that.

    Your complaints about the film read entirely as “but what about the Slavs”. It is your right to see the issue through this lens but it seems a little bit idiosyncratic, and you will maybe see that this isn’t going to be the most burning issue about the film for other viewers. So yes, they made a film that does not glorify Slavs. Well, and there are Russian films that do glorify Slavs, which is as it should be, at least in my book.
    For example, I watched “Legend of Kolovrat” (2017) recently, and I liked it. Probably not intended as a historical film, but as a film version of the 19th century Russian national romantic fairy tale style, and I did enjoy it for that. Did it give a historically accurate depiction of the Mongol horde? Probably not, and it wouldn’t have made for a better film had it tried.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  32. @James392

    The Northman is set in 914AD.

    If the historical consensus is that the “relatively short period” (approximately 250 years) of the Viking era ended around the time of the Norman Conquest of Britain in 1066, it would be fair to say that selecting the year 1000 would provide a reasonable representation to consider concurrent cultural developments, not just in Scandinavia but everywhere else in Europe and beyond, for comparative purposes, especially when assessing which regions and their corresponding cultures were at that time relatively more “advanced” or “backward” than others.

    In this regard, I find the following high definition map (including topographical shading and excellent river detail) to be quite useful, even worth downloading, for those with an interest in historical developments, especially because it does not appear in a published atlas, hence may perhaps still be a work in progress, subject to critique:

    Historical Map – Europe ca. 1000 AD
    (6637 x 4983 pixels) – Click for full enlargement

    For historical reference, it was around this time (998) that the name Osterrîche was first recorded, designating what eventually became Austria, from the Eastern March (Ostmark) of Bavaria. Also, in 998 the Venetian Doge, Pietro II Orseolo, led an expedition along the Dalmatian coast and was welcomed by the population of Split, and became the Duke of Dalmatia. By then kingdoms in the northern regions of Spain had already reconquered territory previously under the domain of the Islamic Umayyad Caliphate. What is shown in Green on the map of Spain represents the Caliphate of Córdoba (unnamed as such on the map).

    It should be understood that the absence of a city or town herein does not mean it did not yet exist. There were too many of them already at that time. Also, in areas with a more dense civilization, such as in northern Italy, only a limited number of cities can be denoted, which means that some that were left out would still have been relatively more populated and important than others in more sparsely populated regions. Furthermore, important locations from a prior era, more than a millennium before, such as Tyre and Carthage, were no longer relevant, or had been destroyed.

    I thought that the old cities of Cádiz (originally a Carthaginian colony), Perugia (originally Etruscan), and Split, cited above, would have merited being on this map. It is interesting to note that the entire eastern Baltic region, including Lithuania, as well as modern day Netherlands, at that time still had no noteworthy developed civilization, as manifested by larger settlements (towns). The eastern Baltic regions developed roughly 500 years later and eventually became part of the Swedish Empire, which also included the entire area in and around modern St. Petersburg.

    On the theme of the Vikings, it seems clear that its culture at that time was most developed in the Kingdom of Denmark (the world’s oldest kingdom – now being further ethnically diluted at the top by bland Australian admixture), Ribe (founded around 719) being the oldest Scandinavian town. Norway figured somewhat less prominently than Denmark, and Sweden even less so. Finland was developed much later by Swedes, initially through the Åland Islands, which even today have a majority (90%) of Swedish speakers.

    • Replies: @CCG
  33. The idiotic myths have turned the white race into the greatest danger facing humanity, of course the elite the elite only thinks about money and does not believe in that nonsense dedicated to the idiot on the street for his comfort.

  34. @Odyssey

    I can see you were educated outside of america and probably the west. You and many here are forgetting something about history. ITS ALWAYS PLUG AND PLAY. We never ever will have the full picture of history. You are claiming one historical russian source and just like every country russia rewrites history as well to fit their creation myths. First thing that everyone seems to forgotten is that Viking was a verb and a verb to describe Nordic, danish when they were raiding. I don’t know why you are writing anything about Vikings taking over any Eastern Place. The armies of the East have always been much larger than anything Europe could produce. The largest “Viking” army was a few thousand during the great Danish Invasion of England. I don’t get he Autism of when or how the Varangians showed up in the Black Sea/Kiev area to eventually be enlisted in the service of the Byzantine. I think why professors like Kevin Mcdonald and others are goobering over this movie is because it shows A PROTO INDO EUROPEAN take. That is what the Nordics were. The last TRIBAL PIE people of Europe, not really true the Irish and Welsh were tribal until early 1900’s, that can give us an insight into the PIE invasion of Europe. Ancient history is what really moves the thinkers. Who brought the invention of the Skyfather ie GOD probably the PIE Yamnaya invasions of the middle east which also brought a few other revolutionary inventions the CHARIOT being one. We could argue all day about the nuance’s of history but I’d say we all need to remember Napoleon’s great quote “History is but a set of Lies agreed to”.
    This is the Russian history, it has been studied well. We know everything. We know the sagas and the chronicles. We have read it all.
    Claiming you know everything also is lame.

    • Replies: @Odyssey
    , @Wokechoke
  35. @Bankotsu

    “They are pagan barbarians”
    So? Better to be a jewish christian slave?

  36. bwuce wee says:

    OK, i am sure it’s a good movie, glad you liked it yada-yada, BUT, you are attempting to analyze it from the perspective of a 21st century intellectual- really bad idea. referencing WASP- completely irrelevant and off topic- there were no WASPs in the 9th century scandanavia. the ‘P’ in WASP is for protestant. these people were heathens. when they were converted in the next few centuries- they were catholic. protestant is a whole nuther era. shape-shifitng is horror movie stuff, so once you enter that realm you can forget about it being any type of period piece(you might as well throw in a dragon if you are going to go shapeshifter). here are the facts about scandanavian law of the period: a man kills his enemy before sundown and ‘publically admits it’, this can be settled by paying a WERGILD (40 pieces of silver unless he was a noble) to the dead guy’s family. if the family refused the money- they were SOL because the law says this is a valid payment and vengeance risks outlawry. if the killer refuses to pay, he can be OUTLAWed- meaning anyone can kill him anywhere, anytime- he has made himself outside the law. (the community meets once a year at the THING, governed by 12 DOOMSMEN. the lawspeaker recites the laws which are memorized and passed on by rote). any complaints about killings or other debts, were handled at the THING. however, if a killing is done after dark, it is called MURDER. if you had a grudge, there was alternately allowed trial by combat(duel called HOLMGANG), this was done ritually in a certain place(HOLM) with certain rules, and the person challenged could appoint someone to fight for him. viking means ‘raiding someone (by boat) outside the community’, you are not a ‘viking’, per se, you go a-viking. vik means channel of water. so really, watching a movie and thinking you are now somehow an expert on ancient culture- that because hollywood says this is ‘so’. well it must be true? there are plenty of icelandic saga(yes saga IS already plural)available in english, and they will be a more reliable source of the culture than reading about ancient indo-europeans, with whom the scandanavians had as many differences as they had similarities. and yes, it was common practice to exterminate your enemies including babies, and slavery was common. anyone outside the community was fair game for murder, robbery, slavery, which is why they went a-viking, because they didn’t have to answer to their 12 doomsmen for anything outside the community. if you were poor, you wanted to start your own farm, you went and raided some other community- got some loot, got some slaves to work your farm or sell to get land or a wife. when you marry, you must pay a bride price- the better the match, the more you had to pay for the wife. the wife brings a dowry, which she takes back if you are divorced. you do not get the bride price back if your wife leaves you. all these raids were economic realities for poor people living in a frozen world.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Thanks: Dumbo
  37. bwuce wee says:

    your gay sex fantasies nonwithstanding, the FACT of the matter is that there was a term in the language of these people, old west norse(similar to modern icelandic), ERGI! this term denotes ULTRA-SHAME and was a mortal insult. can you perhaps in your gay fantasies figure out what that term means? it means if a man takes the woman’s role in sex with another man- he is lower than a dog in society and SHUNNED. so gayness was never condoned, encouraged, or accepted, only vilified as UNMANLY AND UNNATURAL. yet another case of 21st century intellectual projecting their values on an ancient culture, thereby proving their unbounded ignorance. why is is so hard to do a little bit of research before you talk shite and make a fool of yourself in public? sheesh! and another thing- you get into an open boat with an all male crew and row your ass off for weeks to get somewhere, and you imagine this is the gay love-boat?!?!?! really? see a shrink!

    • Replies: @jay
  38. Odyssey says:
    @We are all Dumb

    In brief… I am not sure if you are asking something, commenting on my comment or just contemplating something for yourself? THE BLOOD DON’T LIE (I guess you are talking about genetics?) Don’t worry about Russians, their name appeared in the 8th cAC, Slavic name in the 7th cAC. But what about before that? It would be the best to go back to basics and answer couple questions. And please, the term ‘Indo-European’ is meaningless and without substance. So, who are the indigenous people of Europe? I bet, rarely who can answer this. Which genetics (‘blood’) is indigenous in Europe? What is the oldest and the highest European civilisation? What is the oldest European language? What is the oldest world literacy? Where and when was the first industrial revolution in the world? Where Sanskrit and Rg Veda came from to India? Where Nordics originated before coming to Scandinavia? Were Vikings – Slavics? What is the origin of the term ‘tribe, tribal’? Who were druids? Which genetics was present in G.Britain until Yamnaya arrival in 2500BC? The percentage of this genetics dropped from 100% to 5% today (some US specimen, descendants of this genetics are president Munro, Davy Crockett, Chuck Norris, Elvis Presley, Ted Dunston, Bill Gates, etc). Etc, etc, more than enough as a starting point.

  39. Odyssey says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Will do, thanks, as soon as I finish couple things. The enormous industry was built on the wrong assumption that Goths were Germanics. For now, maybe one word could be enough. How Romans called Goths? Dacians! The above, We are all Dumb’s map, can be useful (THE BLOOD DON’T LIE).

    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  40. One should not expect anything coming from Hollywood that makes white people look good unless it can be manipulated into propaganda that drives a wedge between various European peoples.

  41. TKK says:

    Initiated by his father into a royal cult, he learns always to live “with honor,” which means always putting vengeance first and protecting one’s bloodline.

    Indulging in this type of fantasy in this moment of rotting moral decline, untouchable politicians, inflation and savagery is pure stupid luxury. Whites can’t even protest an election without being labeled terrorists, imprisoned and impoverished.. Vengeance first? White cops can’t even protect their own lives.

    Yes, I would prefer to roam Rohan with Gandolf and Frodo on a magical steed, protecting my village and sowing wild oats. The longings of a child. Certainly not the musing of a serious man in the fetid year 2022.

    From what I am reading, in about 10 weeks, there is going to be a “global food shortage.” For some reason, (they?) are telling us. Perhaps it is time to stop worrying about the Marvel Universe, movies and fables and focus on what is actually happening in the world- the final kill shot of the white working class.

    • Agree: Alden, JackOH
    • Replies: @JackOH
  42. @Odyssey

    I do find some inconsistency in the common narrative about the Goths. Dacians were also called Getae by the Romans, and a few ancient authors make no distinction between Goths and Getae. That includes the Goth Jordanes, who calls his people Getae. Theodor Mommsen has rejected the identification: “The Getae were Thracians, the Goths Germans, and apart from the coincidental similarity in their names they had nothing whatever in common.” Yet, as Gunnar Heinsohn pointed out (see here, Goths in the 3rd/4th c. “made great efforts to dress, from head to toe, like their mysteriously missing predecessors.”
    Then there is the linguistic puzzle: no one knows what language the Dacians spoke, and there is a theory that Dacian was the origin of Latin (which is why Romanians speak the language closest to Latin, which is otherwise inexplicable; the theory that a couple of Roman legions, whose soldiers were not even Italian, could impose Latin as a spoken language there is ludicrous). BUT the Goths spoke a Germanic language, didn’t they? Ulfilas’s Bible is proof of it. Or is it? But then why didn’t they leave any German words in Spain or Italy?

    • Replies: @Odyssey
    , @Anon001
    , @Odyssey
  43. Wokechoke says:
    @We are all Dumb

    The scale of the front in Ukraine must terrify NATO members. I’m surprised the Russians have the proverbial gas in the tank to operate at this scale.

  44. –“Those who truly believe the West is in danger of extinction,
    [Michael Chertoff — The Fox is Guarding the Henhouse ]

    who don’t see this as an intellectual game, must regain that spirit of fighting a holy war or spreading a sacred idea. Resacralizing the world is necessary to develop the necessary spirit of resistance.”–

    (I’ve read this comment (below) from Henry Makow earlier. Could the ‘spreading a sacred idea, resacralizing the world’ mean that what he says, .. be the new spirit of resistance which can save the humankind? …: “God is the Moral Intelligence behind creation, synonymous with spiritual ideals like love, truth, goodness, justice and beauty. The point of religion is to discern and obey His Plan. Therefore, to say there is no God, or he is unknowable is half-way to Satanism. To usurp God’s place, as Masonic Jewry is doing, is arrant Satanism”.)

  45. Mefobills says:

    Comment from Hood: Finally, this film reminds us we have a past that is uniquely ours.

    The merchant, after he enthroned himself ( beginning in 1492-1694) would say otherwise. Keeping the goyim sheeple blinded, deracinated, and running around in circles, makes them easy to milk. Humans are commodities, to be indebted and exploited.

    The first step is to reject out-of-africa theory:

    and there is pre-history to contend with:

  46. anon[109] • Disclaimer says:

    white americans (and canucks, aussies, as well as Limey faggots) might as well just convert to judaism already (if the heebs allow it). stop the charade….

    • Disagree: Towey
  47. Anon[130] • Disclaimer says:

    With The Northman, Mr. Eggers takes us back to a sacralized world, where the gods are ever-present, fate is set, and glory awaits the strong. It is subversive just to suggest there’s an alternative to modernity, even if that alternative is frightening. That’s why some critics don’t like this movie.

    With the Northman, we are taken once again to a sacralized world of Ju rubbish. Hollywood movies are produced to make money not to send meaningful spiritual messages to the rabble and other vulgar goyim.

    Analysing the tripe that comes from the west coast is like sifting through a lump of shit looking for a nugget. Instead what is found is an undigested kernel of corn or a peanut and the powers that be glorify these and demand viewers worship these “nuggets” of whatever.

    The goal is to make money and nothing else. Repeat this several times until it sinks in !!!

    I will keep my hard earned \$20 in my pocket and read a good book. My deplorable mind is too shallow for the dog shit and piss masquerading as caviar and fine wine that comes out of Holy Wood.

  48. Anon001 says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Here’s one piece of the puzzle – re-posting/quoting my own comment from another article about Silver Codex being a forgery:

    Silver Codex is a forgery, just one of many German lies. How do we know? Well, technology of writing in silver and gold did not exist until 17th century, while Silver Codex “is” 6th century. The funny thing is that Silver Codex was “discovered” in the 17th century – i.e. it was faked/forged then and then “discovered”. German lies and forgeries everywhere.

    P.S. There’s more proof than just this, but this will get you started. Thank you for your interest.

    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  49. Tom Verso says:

    Thank you for your distinction between piques and peaks, and the link.

    My verbal vocabulary far outstrips my written. Interestingly, I gave pause when I wrote ‘peaks’. Something did not seem quite right about it.

    Hence forth I will use piques. It more accurately captures the mental state without the equivocal meaning that comes with peaks.

  50. Mefobills says:

    There is something else going on that modern humans are studiously avoiding. Our ancestors would have accepted it without question.

    Modern humans are rational, scientific, and materialistic. But, here is science telling them something they cannot reason away, because it overturns liberal narratives. Better to ignore it, than try to comprehend… it is too challenging.

    The fields organizing the activity of the nervous system are likewise inherited through morphic resonance, conveying a collective, instinctive memory. Each individual both draws upon and contributes to the collective memory of the species. This means that new patterns of behaviour can spread more rapidly than would otherwise be possible. For example, if rats of a particular breed learn a new trick in Harvard, then rats of that breed should be able to learn the same trick faster all over the world, say in Edinburgh and Melbourne. There is already evidence from laboratory experiments (discussed in A New Science of Life) that this actually happens.

    This actually happens.

    In other words, a breed has a collective and instinctive memory. You are more than some sort of mechanistic creature. If memory exists collectively, and outside of the body, and correlates to breed, then every human who shares similar DNA is connected.

    Tower of Babel civilizations (different breeds cohabitating in the same geographic zone) are specifically warned against, as these types of civilizations are unnatural, and against the logos.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  51. Anon001 says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    To give you a wider context / motive for what German “academia” did through history, not only related to Goths, but many other things they wanted faked/changed to suite their political goals and interest, please see my comment from another Northman article:

  52. Tom Verso says:
    @Richard B

    You write:

    “Haha. As if social science isn’t ideologically driven…

    Just because universities have bastardized the social sciences does not mean that there is no such thing as a sound epistemologically based discipline wherein researchers rigorously seek objective facts and valid logical inferences.

    Kevin MacDonald is to my mind such a researcher and he was viciously treated by his university and academia in general.

    This is not to say that MacDonald is free of ideological biases. Or that he speaks indubitable truths.

    Humans are naturally evaluative. But, he struggles to transcend ideology and evaluations, and provides voluminous documentable verifiable facts and inferences; that any researcher can challenge.

    Which distinguishes his writing from those on this site. The writers of this site indulge their ideology and promote their ideological agenda in the guise of objective discourse.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  53. Jew director portrays Whites as brutal savages. No sense of civilization-building. None of our best qualities on display. Main characters all die. Unbelievable how many Whites have fallen for this demoralization propaganda.

  54. Veracity says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    Of course there was a passage! They used a series of riverine stretches connected by portages. Tony Robinson’s “Worst Jobs” has a great segment on the portage about the roller greaser- rotting fish worked remarkably well. “The Thirteenth Warrior” shows a bit of the journey.

    • Disagree: Here Be Dragon
  55. do chere says:

    Quite an amazing work. The late Dr Kamuzu Banda, one time president of Malawi once inferred that whites too had a savage past. Back then one couldn’t grasp how even though it is fact that we all came from some savage distant origins. Take for an example the history of the Zulus and their king Shaka even though it was grossly distorted by the colonialists. Bravo!

  56. The VVitch deals with spiritual warfare in the physical world. And illustrates the devastating consequences of a weak father on a spiritually vulnerable family. It’s as simple as that.

  57. Azaki says:

    This movie is about history the way Exodus was about history: bullshit by folks with an agenda.
    Want to know your roots – go to the library, fool!

    • Agree: Alden
  58. Mr. Verso- NO. The writers here are almost infinitely varied from many diverse backgrounds. And they do not have the insecurity of the PC police and Woke academy holding the sword of Damit Please! over their heads.

    You are obviously an academic and view people with EXPERIENCE in a condescending way. How trite and out of date. Your Neighborhood Garden Club is inferior to a farmer that develops a multi-talented skill set.

    I have read and posted on TOO for years. Dr. MacDonald is the same as almost all academics. They know their subject deeply (vertical), like a deep well. But that well is horizontally small and has walls.
    So, outside of their disciplines, they tend to be shuttered and limited in their knowledge of the world outside.

    Specialists = vertical structure. Generialists, cross trained, cross discipline, challenged by the force of Reality with broad inter-related knowledge = horizontal. It is very difficult to be both. I am an exception, due to hereditary and extreme effort on both spectrums.

  59. @Here Be Dragon

    Quite wrong in your final paragraph. The Swedish Varangians were masters at portaging, utilizing wheeled vehicles on which they loaded their large boats. This enabled them to “voyage” from one river system to the next, ultimately arriving on the Dniester where they accessed the Black Sea and thence unto Constantinople.

    Ultimately, with the use of Greek Fire (an earlier form of napalm), the Byzantines were able to fire a good many of the Varangian vessels. Some of those voyagers were captured and ultimately their captors realized that the military prowess, the sense of honor and loyalty were qualities needed by the leaders of the state. Vaguely akin to the Roman Praetorian Guard, these Varangians formed the cadre for many more Norse recruited directly by the state to become members of the Varangian Guard.

    Byzantine records would attest to all of this and in another dimension an Arab from Baghdad spent some time with the Varangians in the area of which is now in the Dniester delta. His accounts are familiar to most studied academic researchers.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
    , @Here Be Dragon
  60. anonymous[160] • Disclaimer says:

    beginning of Christianity, and thus not “purely pagan”

    That is delusional, because Christianity is indeed purely pagan. If you worship men-like figures, you are pagan. It is one of those simple facts of life.

    Why do Christians have selective blinkers on? You are not fooling anybody, but your own pagan godless souls.

  61. @Anon

    Hollywood movies are produced to make money not to send meaningful spiritual messages to the rabble and other vulgar goyim.

    Actually, make money AND subliminally convey subversive messages. I will refer back to my comment from twenty days ago in a prior thread about this movie, which was reviewed by Kevin MacDonald. I wrote, in part (on May 6, 2022 at 8:13 am GMT):

    Since it’s just another Hollywood movie, one may assume that the thought police must have been involved in its production. The primary production company, Regency Enterprises, based in West Hollywood (a gay hot-spot), was founded by Arnon Milchan, an Israeli spy and arms dealer from Rehovot, who is said to own 80% (20% by Disney). Perfect World Pictures, a Chinese entertainment company, was also involved. The distribution is by Universal, Hollywood’s oldest studio, founded in 1912.

    Do you think these people would sink between \$70 – \$90 million (the reported budget) to produce a film that would not be “politically correct”?

    Also, I commented on a key message that cinema viewers might absorb.

  62. Alden says:
    @Red Pill Angel

    LOL thanks. I haven’t seen it and after reading these reviews have no plans to see it. I like historical movies but prefer more plot and less savagery.

    As I understand it, the people of Constantinople didn’t like the Varangians very much. And the Emperor’s government kept them under constraints. Such as no looting raping and pillaging of the civilians we hired you to protect.

    To my great surprise, my DNA came back 40 percent Scandinavian. Then I remembered, oh right, the Viking invasions of of Britain.

    As for Asiatic looking Slavs, I’ve known a lot of Poles and Serbians. There’s a lot of Serbs in S California. Poles are all tallish Serbs very tall, they all have very White skin light hair and eyes. Never met a Pole or Serb with hair darker than medium brown. eye color is sometimes a light hazel but mostly blue or blue gray. Many do have high cheekbones. But so do a lot of Scandinavians.

    Here’s historical shows I like. Tudors Borgias Medici Ertugul and Magnificent Century. An occasional battle and murder but mostly history. Some of the old 1950s movies like Ivanhoe are good too.

    Like movies about Ancient Rome, it’s difficult to make a movie about Vikings without the horrible slave raiding and selling of other Whites as slaves. The female DNA of Icelanders is Irish, not Scandinavian. Think about that. It means the Vikings slave raided and kidnapped their women from Ireland.

    • Replies: @TKK
  63. KenH says:

    I’m sure The Northman is a very good movie especially since it doesn’t try to rewrite history and inject non-whites in Scandinavia. But the movie might also take some artistic license and depict Vikings as a bunch of wildmen who do nothing except cloak themselves in bear skins and rape and pillage and brutally murder men, women and children 24/7/365. That depiction would be very ahistorical and counterfactual.

    The Vikings were master ship builders, skilled navigators, expert metallurgists and known for advanced farming techniques. While they were fierce warriors they were also far more civilized than they are given credit for. So they were not pasty negroes who did nothing but commit acts of gratuitious violence.

    This Time Magazine story about the Vikings from 2000 did an excellent job of setting the record straight about who they really were:,16641,20000508,00.html

    The Christian religion pacified the Vikings and now they, like Americans, barely resist their dispossession by brown skinned savages.

  64. Alden says:
    @emerging majority

    I read the accounts of the Arab Ibn Fadian . Lovely customs , like killing all the slaves if the Viking Warlords during the funeral. And the merchandise the Arab wanted most was European slaves for the Arab slave markets

  65. Richard B says:
    @Tom Verso

    Thanks for your response Tom.

    For the most part I agree with what you wrote in your articulate defense of KM.

    That’s why, though I have my own problems with the site, I’ve been a regular reader over at TOO since the beginning. In fact, when it comes to well-written, well-reasoned, and well-researched articles and essays, Andrew Joyce has no equal (though my personal favorite is Tobias Langdon).

    Getting back to our exchange, one part of your comment (which I’ll put in italics) helped prove the point I was making.

    Just because universities have bastardized the social sciences does not mean that there is no such thing as a sound epistemologically based discipline wherein researchers rigorously seek objective facts and valid logical inferences.

    Actually, not only does the above prove my point, it also violates its own logic.

    Meaning, it’s exactly because you’re right that universities have bastardized their social sciences, and not just the social sciences, but the university itself, that it makes serious and valuable research, the kind that challenges the assumptions of the culture’s belief-system, so hard to achieve, as you made clear in your defense of KM.

    The reason for this difficulty is obvious.

    The power centers of the faculties are the departments, and they are nothing if not ideologically-driven, hence the intellectual stagnation and corresponding absence of any cultural vitality in the universities today, students and faculty.

    I’ve long since felt that since it takes a far greater capital investment to revitalize a deteriorating institution than to start a new one, it’d be much better for all involved to simply let the university go its declining way and instead start new academic institutions that are designed to fulfill the mission of any teaching-learning situation – to impart knowledge and remove ignorance.

    But, as everyone knows, the whole system would have to fall apart for that to happen. And, in fact, that does seem to be what’s happening anyway as we speak.

  66. Alden says:
    @emerging majority

    Thanks for the information about the portaging. Plus, 900 AD was the middle of a global warming period. Which made Greenland, now mostly a glacier; habitable for people sheep and a European style farming settlement. More water everywhere. So there could have been more navigable creeks in the delta systems flowing into the Black Sea. You’re right. The Vikings could get anywhere there were loot and women.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  67. Boer says:

    Typical Hollywood [Esua] interpretation of white culture. All lies and sensation stimulation. These schemers tells us, there is water on the moon, while in the Sahara desert they cannot sink a hole to find water.

  68. We are so brainwashed and indoctrinated watching movie’s with senseless violence, bad cop/good cop, Magik Negro saves the universe, Gay/lesbian sex scene’s, that we have lost a part of us that harbors our soul.

    Showing humanity as a savage warrior, burn loot Murdering and raping makes us no different than the savages we detest.

    There is a spiritual part of us that is being erased by TPTB, resist at all cost, it’s what makes us different than other races.

    We are the light in the universe.

  69. Mefobills says:

    The Vikings could get anywhere there were loot and women.

    And so?

    Civilization began when man noticed that barley would ferment.

    He settled down to farm, grow barley, make beer, and screw.

    It was much more fun to get drunk, and screw, than hunter gathering.

    Are we not being looted now, with sordid gain taking, usury and other sophisticated techniques?

    Are we not being killed now? Did we not just go through a mass psychosis event, where people injected themselves with a concoction that is causing harm and death?

  70. Hardcore nazis claim Mr. Unz would “tie up national energies
    that would otherwise be needed elsewhere”. As a German, I
    find him sympathetic. I also don’t believe that the German
    people as such advocated the “extermination of the Jews”.

    My music recommendation for today: A guy named Alexan-
    der, who hides behind a ridiculous negro avatar carrying an
    artificially enlarged Roland TB-303 as a boombox on his back.

  71. In pleasant contrast to the recent crop of clichéd Viking movies and television series, Mr. Eggers strove for historic accuracy, consulting scholars such as Neil Price to portray the Norse as authentically possible, down to their villages, costumes, and views of life.

    I say:

    Travis Fimmel did the best he could with his Vikings TV show Viking chief character even though the writer of the show made Fimmel’s Viking chief a Ritalin kid.

    Eggers should concern himself with the script for The Lighthouse II and more ‘HARK!’ fun for Dafoe rather than belly-aching about Germans and their political parties.

    Vikings became Normans became English Aristocrats became Washington became White Core Americans.

    Vikings TV show got a Kraut from Australia and some Irish extras and Scandinavian actors and English actors and a Ukrainian actress and a sassy Anglo-Celt American actress and other Whites and put on a good show.

    The Limey guy who wrote the Vikings show went off the rails with the Viking feminist horseshit, but it was good fun for a while.

    Overlap the boards on the boat and head West.





  72. Adûnâi says: • Website

    I watched The Northman a few weeks ago (on 2022-05-14). While it doesn’t have outright shameful scenes (such as the Russian kniaz Vladimir lying in the mud vomiting amidst fighting, as depicted in the patriotic 2016 capitalist Russian film Viking), it is still a piece of enemy propaganda. For some reason, the Movement’s primary film critic, César Tort, chose to focus on the inconsequential barbarity of the berserkers as a “black legend”, so it comes to me to criticise it.

    What I personally mind about The Northman (2022) is not the fantastical style of the story (apparently, parts of it have been carefully taken from history, just as the amazingly accurate period set designs). It is not the wanton cruelty. Not the depicted slavery/thralldom. Not the absence of Musulman vikings or mass-produced Éowyns. No, as a person of Communist Ukrainian heritage, what struck me as anti-Aryan propaganda was its individualist spirit.

    What do I mean by that? It is the old Western case – the culture of “Me! Me! Me!” Every man for himself (cf. modern school- and mall-shooters). This revenge story concerns only the main hero whose daddy was killed. Not his village, not his family. It is his personal feelings that were hurt, and thus moved him to take on a path of vengeance (cf. Túrin Turambar in Dor-lómin).

    Still, the film continues with decent characterisation. Apparently, our wolf-boy has made a name for himself in a roving party of the Ruotsis. He has managed to impress people enough that he’s been accepted into quite a splendid berserker ring where they do their howling and straw-house burning (without people inside, Chechar is seeing things). But then he has a vision telling him his nemesis is in Iceland, and he… chooses outright to abandon his glorious Männerbund, brands himself as a slave, and joins a random ship sailing west? This right here is a clear case of a toxic anti-communist, anti-racist message – something that every American neo-Nazi will miss, of course, because he’s no socialist himself.

    I will conclude with a somewhat tongue-in-cheek Marxist finale. Our wolf-man has a reverse-Amroth moment, plunging into the waters away from his maiden. Quite romantic (and somewhat racist – the single mother is apparently still a mother to a neo-Nazi). But what boggled my mind is this little thing – the hero pays the boat captain in silver for the voyage. Pays! I know, the director is not Jewish, but does he not understand that money transactions require a basis in violent force? In our time, it is the state keeping the order; a millennium ago, the traders had to travel in fearsome armed bands so that their throats weren’t slit in their sleep. It is such varyag merchants that ibn Fadlan famously used to describe. The most lone man could ever hope was in offering his arms for roving – and, after the transaction complete, why a woman wouldn’t have been thrown off the ship is beyond me. (As Andrey Lankov posits, Juche Koreans have a remarkable trust culture for their kind, but all too often swindle foreigners.)

    • Agree: Jeffrey A Freeman
  73. @Here Be Dragon

    The problem begins with the word “Viking”. It derives from the Old Norse word vik which is a small bay or inlet. Vikingur roughly translates as someone from a small bay or inlet, but was was the word for pirate. The East Norse (Swedes) were the traders. They settled in many places they traded, which would include Ukraine. The Norwegians were the rebellious problem child who spent a lot of time squabbling with each other. While they did raid occasionally, it wasn`t until Harald Fairhair started his conquest to rule all of Norway, that the Norwegians really became active, primarily emigrating to Iceland, the Orkneys, Faroes and Ireland. There were battles to be sure, but primarily for settlement, just as in the Americas centuries later. It was the Danes and Angles that were the active ones. The raids were set-ups or test runs for conquest. To call an invading army `Vikings` is ridiculous.
    The original story of Nordic-Slavic Rus, was that a Norse (Swede) prince was invited to rule, and arrived with an entourage, not an army. There was no conquest or founding. The validity of the story has always been questioned.
    As for the articles contention of the burning of innocent women and children locked in buildings, yes, it may have happened, but as in the case of the referenced Njal`s Saga, also known as the Saga of Burnt Njall, where they locked themselves in as protection from an avenging neighbour, the burning was condemned as being cowardly. `
    The corruption of history is ever present. It seems it just gets worse.

    • Agree: Here Be Dragon
    • Disagree: Greg in da Hood
    A lady named Isa Haller plays a leading role
    in this 1983 knockabout production. You have
    to choose the streaming server “Mixdrop” at
    the top of the video, but the movie is in German.
    “In the mid-80s, she was hired for the series
    Scarecrow and Mrs. King and worked with US
    star Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner, among others.”

    Bruce “Boxleitner” has a Southern German last name.

    One episode of the series is set in Austria, one
    in Germany. Unfortunately, you have to disable
    your adblocker in Dailymotion to watch the content:

    “The Legend of Das Geisterschloss” (Austria)

    “Our Man in Tegernsee” (Germany)

    The detailed descriptions of the two episodes can be found here:

  75. The movie depicts revenge am I right?

    Revenge is the nature of Satan, of evil.

    It’s not of God. It would be subversive were the film to be about a white man forgiving another white man and creating bonds of love based on that. But no, it’s another weak man masquerading as a strong man movie.

    Whites killing whites for entertainment.

    Amirite? Or am I right or am I right?

  76. @Odyssey

    Regarding Sanskrit, we should begin with a timeline.

    The Vedas had been written about 15th century BCE, so speaking of similarities between Sanskrit and other languages we need to understand that we are going back in time quite far, and talking about a period when there were no Russians and no Serbs, no Lithuanians and no such languages had been formed back then – that is the time when the branches of Proto-Indo-European language were forming. All the similarities between languages are related to that period, and as Sanskrit was one of the first and the earliest among the oldest and preserved in writing, it has become a source of speculations about what could have been before – what that proto-language might have been like. So when we speak of the Balto-Slavic branch or the Proto-Indo-European language we are talking about something theoretical.

    Yet when we compare various first-generation languages, all of which are supposed to have originated from that proto-language we can see that there is not so much in common between Old Norse, for example and Sanskrit, as between Sanskrit and Old Slavic. This along with other things like genetics allow us to establish a connection and speculate about the origin and relationship between various ethnic groups. Most languages spoken now are three-four generations further from the source. Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Slovene are the closest to the source in the Slavic branch, all three are related through Old Slavic and are second generation languages. Lithuanian, Latvian and Prussian are related through a theoretical Proto-Balto-Slavic language and are as well second generation languages.

    For this reason all six of the aforementioned have a lot in common with Sanskrit. However to establish the degree of relatedness it requires a thorough comparison and not of the lexicon alone but grammar as well. We cannot do this so we should trust those who can, and that means the Hindu linguist that was referenced in the prior comment is who we should trust, and he said that among all European languages Russian shares the most with Sanskrit, both in the lexicon and grammar. However that points to the fact that Russian has changed a little less than others, and is closer than others to the Old Slavic and therefore to Sanskrit. The connection is the Old Slavic language and it is not the Old Church Slavonic. Those who know Russian can read a book in Old Slavic without a problem.

    For this reason Old East Slavic is also called Old Russian.

    So answering the question, there is no reason to consider Old Church Slavonic a predecessor of Serbian – it is related to Bulgarian and Macedonian, whereas Serbian belongs to another group together with Slovene. Serbian is older than Old Church Slavonic.

    As for the Romanians having the same genetics as Serbs, there is a lot that one has in common with the other but both nations appear to be of a mixed origin – the same as most other nations. Here are the three largest haplogroups among the Serbs. 42% belong to I2a, 18% to E1b1b and 15% to R1a. And the largest haplogroups of the Romanians are I2a – 28%, R1a – 18%, R1b – 15%, E1b1b – 14%, and J2 – 14%. The Serbs also have some R1b and J2 but within 5-6% that points out that there is a relatedness but it is not the same genetics. And bear in mind that 60% of the Russians and Poles belong to the R1a group.

    The genetic composition of the Balkan peoples indicates that there were migrations and the entire region was kind of a melting pot of various ethnicities.

    • Disagree: Greg in da Hood
    • Replies: @Odyssey
  77. Uniform means one form for all, de-individualization, you are nothing, your people are everything. The peoples are tired of being ruled by such tyrants. Aggression does not pay off because it involves encroachment on foreign territory and is a violation of integrity and sovereignty. Aggression creates counter-aggression, pressure creates counter-pressure, because there is no vacuum in nature.

    That Hitler was a prophet of peace is such a colossal lie, already refuted by his aggressive appearance and hysterical posturing. All the saber rattling, the marching music, the flaunting militarism, the rearmament, everything was designed for war, attack, intimidation. The blood-red flag of the Nazis meant bloodshed. In my eyes, the Nazis cultivated a mania in 12 years that destroyed hundreds of years of Germany and Europe.

    The tanks and meter-thick concrete bunkers were an expression of a “character armor”. I myself as a German am anything but “proud” about Germany’s unfortunate role in world history, however, I would not be proud of anything as a Brit or an American either. The American culture is also not a life-affirming one, but a death-wishing, violence-glorifying one, you can see it every day in their destructive media products, and their insane gun nuts. We don’t need another hero, mass graves are filled with heroes.

  78. Treg says:

    My son, a high school freshman of 15 years and i who have thoroughly enjoyed these great dramas mostly found on Netflix…
    Braveheart, Last Kingdom, The Tudors, Versailles, Reign, Spartacus Blood & Sand, Vikings, The Borgias…etc.

    Then one day my son played me a clip from youtube “Joe Rogan reacts to crazy viking war chant” and after watching that he said “Hey dad, there’s a new viking movie out at the theaters called The Northland and I said,, Lets do it”.

    So later that week we went with the women in our family to the mall and he & I went to watch The Norseman.

    We hated it. And it didn’t take long to hate it. Several times during the movie we looked at eachother and said, “Should we leave? Want to go?”…. But we hung in there till the end because we simply because it was slightly better than mind-numbing, mall-crawling shopping with the women.

    So….our takeaway was this. The writer wants to tell us that Vikings where like any Stone Age Indian tribe. Nothing special here, move along.

    So later that month I treated my son to an old favorite of mine with Richard Harris called, A MAN CALLED HORSE. He loved it.

  79. “The art of living” ultimately consists solely in not permanently fretting and worrying about what is missing (deficient), but to feast on what has been preserved and what has remained. Turning our eyes away from the minus and directing them to the plus. In this way we draw it into existence and it gains strength. One cannot defeat evil, but only overcome it by replacing it with good. He who fights fire with fire will perish in it. We cannot determine the wind, but we can direct the sails.

  80. That Viking bullshit is part of the globalist plan to reduce Whites to warring tribes having no difference from African or Arabian ones. It is the representation of what the Whites should have remained to please their (((betters))) : good cunning streetwise but not too intelligent rampagers to select security guards from the best of which. It is also part of a global wish for the Western World to fall back into a dark age placing it much below other empires of the world. It is actually pure bullshit : the Vikings were not marauders, they were far less prone to internecine wars and devoted far less ressources and time to battling and preparations for war than for instance the ancient Greeks.

  81. Shocking documents of American trash culture
    that should be shown to every Thirdworlder
    before they intend to seek asylum in America.


    “The Whittakers”

    I only know Roger

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  82. Nancy says:

    I’ll read all this … eventually… but this initially caught my attention “First is dedication to one’s moral worldview. ” It seems the Khazarians exemplify this trait and perhaps explains their success in their relentless war on Christian European culture … ? ‘Knowing’ that non-Jews are subhumans enables their ‘conventional’ immorality.

  83. @emerging majority

    Dear Norwegian friend, haven’t we discussed this before?

    You must be referring to Ahmad ibn Fadlan and in his account there is not a slightest hint at the Varangians. Unless of course we consider the Rus’ to be Varangians which we can’t do, because as we have said here a lot of times, the name Rus’ is of Slavic origin and there is a Russian name for Varangians as well, which sounds almost the same – Варяги (Variagi).

    So when we read the account of Ahmad ibn Fadlan, titled “On the Rus’ merchants at Itil, 922” we are not reading about the Varangians.

    Furthermore our Norwegian friends need to be a little better familiar with the terrain. The account of Ahmad ibn Fadlan is about meeting the Rus’ on the bank of Volga and not Dniester. And as we said earlier it is not possible to transport a large ship either on wheeled vehicles or otherwise because of a large number of long rapids on the Dniepr river.

    Such an expedition would have been exhausting, taking months to complete and considering the rocks, swamps, hills and forestation in the area – impossible to manage.

    Modern historians agree that such travels were possible on the condition of changing ships and walking a part of the road on foot. You would have to leave the ship at some place, then walk to another, get on another ship and this would have to be repeated ten times.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  84. Yesterday there was a postcard on our doorstep (apartment building) that had already been rolled up by the rain. No one paid any attention to it. On it was a boy at confirmation, behind him a Christian cross. I wanted to bring the card to the true recipients, and realized that the way was exactly my direction (Goethestraße). I rang the doorbell and the recipient thanked me. I said, “I have a son that age.” If God exists, he “led me on the right way” by his symbolism alone, and wanted to know if I recognized this signal.

  85. @egwin

    Your complaints about the film read entirely as “but what about the Slavs”. It is your right to see the issue through this lens but it seems a little bit idiosyncratic.

    We consider the film inaccurate in general, and the depiction of the Rus’ as a Mongoloid people is one of the most glaring inaccuracies in it. Historical films have to be accurate.

    So yes, they made a film that does not glorify Slavs. Well, and there are Russian films that do glorify Slavs, which is as it should be, at least in my book.

    And in our book it should be educating, not only entertaining, especially when it is related to our common history. Misinformation is unacceptable in our book.

    • Disagree: Greg in da Hood
  86. Recently I saw an interview of a so-called Pagan with the
    “Messianic Jew” Dr. Michael Brown. I immediately liked
    the man, why should I hate him? Because he is “Jewish”?

    If he spreads ideas that bring people together instead of
    dividing & separating them, then he is definitely my star!

  87. Miro23 says:

    For example, if rats of a particular breed learn a new trick in Harvard, then rats of that breed should be able to learn the same trick faster all over the world, say in Edinburgh and Melbourne.

    This is very curious. Sheldrake used the example of “sheep rolling”. If I remember correctly, the story goes that gates on British sheep farms were a hassle – always having to be opened and shut to allow through vehicles – so metal grills were installed that could be driven over but which stopped the sheep (couldn’t walk across them without getting their legs caught).

    Then, at a particular moment, sheep across the UK started rolling over the grills and escaping from the fields.

    The simultaneity was the mystery. It wasn’t a learnt behaviour.

    Also in the UK 1960’s, metal foil top glass milk bottles were delivered to houses every morning by “milkmen” and left on the doorstep. Then one day (and apparently simultaneously) across the the UK, Blue tits started pecking open the Goldtop metal foil to drink the milk cream.

    Something to do with the way human fashions change so radically? Suddenly related people get a message that something becomes OK that wasn’t OK yesterday? One day you’re a Viking and the next you’re a EuroWimp.

  88. When the very fanatic appearing Gregory Hood (“fanaticism”
    was one of the favorite terms of the Nazis) calls for “revenge”,
    invokes “Odin” and awakens Faustian spirit, I can only warn
    him as a German from our deepest soul: Don’t play with fire,
    dumb Murican Boy, it can – and will – lead to nothing good!

  89. Even if “the Jews” represent evil
    – we do not have to be like them!

    It’s pure madness that “the white man
    would have no other choice and would
    have to follow the fateful providence”!

    The unimaginable irreplaceable advantage
    of a positive faith is that you don’t have a
    paranoid warmonger in your head, who per-
    manently divides the world into good and
    evil, faith lets come true what you expect.

  90. The zealots instigate other people for personal reasons to
    atone for their frustrations as world events. Never listen
    to the zealots, but to the mild gentle souls. It is also com-
    pletely unimportant with which gods symbols or “ideas”
    they costume themselves, they want to transform their
    failures into a “triumph” at your expense. They are not
    concerned about your future, but the first to avoid the
    enemy, in the end they “have known about anything”.

    • Replies: @Greg in da Hood
  91. @Greg in da Hood

    “have not known about anything”.

    Mr. Hood had already struck me as a loudmouth from his
    biting voice, rigid appearance, and mouthy demeanor at
    the Amren Conference. The man may not be stupid other-
    wise, just channeling his interest in the wrong direction.

  92. TKK says:

    I think you would like PD James, if you want to read a long fiction novel on a cozy rainy night.

    She has passed, but she cleverly addressed the mental illness of modern liberalism in her fiction! No preaching- just clever character development and good action.

    She was a long time British civil servant and then her husband went insane in their young marriage. She started writing in 1962 as a way to support her children on her civil servant salary and then because she loved it.

    Sometimes you just want to escape in fiction, but now, it is so tragic- all the novels coming out are WOKE. The gatekeepers are all morons.

    Here is a list of her work. Her central character is a Police Detective who is independently wealthy, still works and writes poetry.

    Adam Dalgliesh mysteries

    Cover Her Face (1962)
    A Mind to Murder (1963)
    Unnatural Causes (1967)
    Shroud for a Nightingale (1971)
    The Black Tower (1975)
    Death of an Expert Witness (1977)
    A Taste for Death (1986)
    Devices and Desires (1989)
    Original Sin (1994)
    A Certain Justice (1997)
    Death in Holy Orders (2001)
    The Murder Room (2003)
    The Lighthouse (2005)
    The Private Patient (2008)
    Cordelia Gray mysteries

    An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (1972)
    The Skull Beneath the Skin (1982)

    Innocent Blood (1980)
    The Children of Men (1992)
    Death Comes to Pemberley (2011)

    And her autobiography: Time to be in Earnest.

    • Replies: @Alden
  93. To those who now ask whether I have a healthy recipe at
    hand, I answer: Not by howling for war, but by switching
    on our intellect. If we sincerely, credibly, unceasingly and
    self-confidently demand our interests, the Jews will give in.

    Admittedly, not an easy task, but who said our existence would
    be easy? If we are not able to offer an alternative besides murder
    and death, then we are not worthy of being part of this world
    and will ultimately perish just like all totalitarian morons.

    If young white men want to feel “strong” at all costs,
    then let them set up a business and ensure prosperity!

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  94. @Here Be Dragon

    Yo. Why do you talk to your environment
    in Afro? What I “need” you know as little
    as the hair on my ass, ya paper “dragon”.
    You “need” a boundary setting above all.
    It’s just another projection of own inability.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  95. @Here Be Dragon

    The “Chilling Dragon”‘s “contribution to
    world wisdom”. Totally crazy, but every-
    one has to reckon with “that” nowadays!

  96. @Here Be Dragon

    When you finally start to register your own
    needs, you are already a quantum leap ahead
    of where you are now, you “chill out dragon”.

  97. ‘Our roots’, Evil and all, are in Africa, a few million years ago, like ALL human beings.

  98. Alden says:

    Thanks. I’ve read many of PD James’ books. She’s a favorite of mine.

  99. Figi says:
    @Tom Verso

    “Podcast” is singular. “Podcasts” is plural. You speak American English, no? Give it a try.

  100. I must admit, so-called “men” are already extremely unplea-
    sant in many cases. But losers who act like moms, who know
    what everyone else needs, are not only an imposition for all of
    us, but an abomination for all of humanity. In German, “dra-
    gon” is a word for appropriating and patronizing housewives.

  101. @Greg in da Hood

    to “mulga mumblebrain” of course

  102. @Greg in da Hood

    Yo. Why do you talk to your environment in Afro?

    Because we thought you were a Nazi-ass Negro.

    • Disagree: Greg in da Hood
  103. @Here Be Dragon

    Well that one girl for some reason happened to be blond so they decided to take her with them – she had the hair of a Valkyrie, despite being a Slavic savage – so they took her to their advanced Nordic farm so she could work in the kitchen and cook advanced Nordic food, like boiled pork.

    I wonder what would they have done to a dark-haired male like J.Taylor ? Many relatively short and non-blond so-called White Supremacists worship Nordic men who do not look like them.

    How such a piece of drivel can inspire a professor to write a review, let alone have a multiple orgasm while watching it is incomprehensible.

    You should not forget that the NAZIs had a component of a cult of homosexuality in their organization. They worshipped the Nordic body. The obsession of MacDonald ( Scottish) and his ilks with the people of the North who speak primitive sounding languages is not healthy.

  104. @Here Be Dragon

    Who is “WE” again (besides you)? Who exactly (by
    name!) gave you the right to “speak” for him? Only
    absolute LOSERS try to magnify their “importance”
    by such formulations! Are you really so simplemin-
    ded and do you think someone takes you seriously?

  105. I object to any of these disgusting comments that
    Mr. Ron Unz took issue with in his interview with
    RediceTV. I admire him, he is more than you all
    together! It’s not about Jew or UnJew at all, it’s
    about true or false. The only thing to accuse Mr.
    Unz of is that his patience with absolute morons
    is beyond anything acceptable. He possesses a
    greatness that none of us possesses, for which
    he deserves the highest respect! He has MINE!

  106. @Here Be Dragon

    “When I say ‘we’ I mean my dear mom and me!”
    Has no one taught you to be mindful of your lan-
    guage use until today? I see, son of a single mom.

  107. @Charles Martel France

    You should not forget that the NAZIs had a component of a cult of homosexuality in their organization.

    Yeah and Hitler one ball and a micropenis, too, right?

    They worshipped the Nordic body.

    No, they venerated the body the way the Greeks and Romans did. Maybe if modern Westerners did the same we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic.

  108. Odyssey says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    I will write a comprehensive comment which hopefully can assist you in your research, but just some pieces which I can elaborate later (these couple days I am positive and in isolation). Yes, Goths and Getae are the same people. Dacians (it can be seen on the map) are I2 genetics, it means they cannot be Germanics. Their language was politically hidden for several reasons. I mentioned couple things in my comments in the Larry’s Gypsy thread (396, 403, 426). Some information about falsified Goths’ language and Ulfilas’s Bible are presented by Anon01 in #49 here. Romanian nation and their language are recently artificially constructed (Esperanto on Serbian basis) by Jesuits for political reasons and given them a fake Latin identity (‘East Latins’ project).

    Still, Romanian language has 9000 Serbian words, all Romanian toponyms were Serbian but in the process of ‘romanisation’ were replaced, they officially belonged to the Serbian Orthodox Church until 1924, etc. Romania was designated to be the same as Ukraine now (160K Romanians died under Stalingrad). That is the political background.

    So, Dacian language also originated in Vinca and Dacians can be considered as one of many Serbian speaking tribes, i.e. Dacians are indigenous to Europe and have one genetic, Germanics came from Asia and have different genetic. It is also interesting a story about Goths in Scandinavia.

    The full title of the Swedish monarch from 1523 to 1973 was:

    In Latin: Dei Gratia Suecorum, Gothorum et Vandalorum Rex. Translated as “By the Grace of God, King of the Swedes, the Goths, and the Wends”[49] or “By the Grace of God, King of Sweden, of the Goths and Vandals”.[50].

    The story about Beowulf is set in pagan Scandinavia in the 6th century. Beowulf was a hero of the Geats……… Gothenburg……… Göteborg……… Gotland……..

    Rarely anyone knows that BERG (Gutenberg) and HOLM (Stockholm) in many names and toponyms are Serbian words.

    “But then why didn’t they leave any German words in Spain or Italy?” >>> Excellent!

  109. Anon001 says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Ancient authors were right in saying that Goths = Getae. Also, they were not Germans. It is known which language they spoke, but the Germans tried to hide it with forgeries, including Silver Codex, and present themselves as Goths. That is why you cannot find any German words in Spain or Italy, as you mentioned – it’s because they were not Germans and did not speak German. Do you happen to know how old is German language?

    P.S. Theodor Mommsen is a German scholar, and since so many German “scholars” were involved in fabrications, forgeries, and outright lies about history to support their strategic supremacist, racist, and land-grabbing goals, he cannot be trusted.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  110. Fr. John says:

    ” Christian, pagan, or nothing, all Europeans should agree that the faith that conquered Europe was not the same faith taught by the Nazarene.”

    The BS is strong with this one.

    The Covenant has been in force for 2000 years, we cannot, dare not WILL NOT go back to this idealized pseudo-pagan crap.

    Either bend the knee, or perish….. now, or eternally.

    I’m done with false labels and christophobic excuses for intellectual forays denying the Faith of Europe.

    Christ or Chaos. Hood, submit.

  111. If someone asks me about Jews, I say: predominantly abso-
    lute cancer of character, the rest an all-surpassing diamond.

    About the malefactors every atten-
    tive researcher gets the certainty.

    • Replies: @Greg in da Hood
  112. Odyssey says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    PS: (1) “Then there is the linguistic puzzle: no one knows what language the Dacians spoke, and there is (2) a theory that Dacian was the origin of Latin (which is why Romanians speak the language closest to Latin, which is otherwise inexplicable; (3) the theory that a couple of Roman legions, whose soldiers were not even Italian, could impose Latin as a spoken language there is ludicrous).”

    O: >>> Excellent observations:

    (1) About Dacian language in my previous comment 112

    (2) This one is very interesting. Some say that Romanian language originated from Latin, it is a Romance language, etc. Because, this one is hard to believe, we have others with an opposite conclusion – Latin originated from Dacian (that would mean that it later further diffused into other Romance languages). This is not so absurd as it looks on the first glimpse. Why? Because we said in (1) that Dacian is one dialect of the old Serbian language. This Vinca/Serbian language is the oldest in Europe, much older than Latin, which was formed in its environment and adopted many Serbian words (I have a book, 200 years old, with some of these words). This can be also seen in Virgil’s Aeneid.

    However, you may know for a Spanish linguist woman who proved (to me) that Romance languages did NOT originate from Latin. Things are becoming more interesting and very challenging.

    (3) Roman army, who spoke vulgar Latin, held 17% of today’s Romania for 160 years – not enough time to expand the Latin to 100%. (we can also read Ovid’ Ex Ponto letters from his exile in Constanza where he writes about the language of local Getae which is different from Latin).

    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  113. @Greg in da Hood

    Seriously, is the percentage
    breakdown different for us?

    The difference lies in the worldwide damage
    that financially well-off Jews are able to do.

    • Replies: @Greg in da Hood
  114. @Greg in da Hood

    “You forgot all the social voles that are constantly
    working on the corrosion of our society! They are
    Jews who do not have billions, but yet have extre-
    me influence over us!” There’s definitely a valid re-
    ason to disapprove of them. I’m not disputing that.

  115. @Greg in da Hood

    What’s the connection, a pathetic tranny that any Democrat would approve of marrying their son, some poor white people with bad teeth from West Virginia and a great ballad singer from Africa with the same last name?

    • Replies: @Greg in da Hood
  116. JackOH says:

    TKK, hat’s off, sir. Your comment is on my informal Comment of the Month list.

    . . . [W]hat is actually happening in the world- the final kill shot of the white working class.

    That’s pretty much what I’m seeing, or close enough at least. I think you’re right, too, that just noticing the horseshit, drawing conclusions, and making a public statement will make you a Badwhite.

    Example: Back in 1970, about 90+% of an area med school’s graduates were White males. In 2021 that figure was 22%. Published statistics from the school’s institutional research department.

    Job displacement/replacement, anti-White racism (both bureaucratized and retail), etc.

  117. Anon[338] • Disclaimer says:

    @Fr. John

    How many variations of Christianity are there? We have a Federal Reserve which very few if any Christians seriously challenge and none with the numbers to make the change which tells me that in every Christian nation usury is just fine. If you are living in 2022 and can not accept that science is all there is than there is something deeply broken. The usury issue has been replaced by the word economics.
    “Christ or Chaos. Hood, submit. ”
    Hardly a love thy neighbor sentiment. What if your neighbor is a Buddhist? A far superior religion in my opinion. How about Shinto? Going to pass on the love they neighbor then? Muslims have done a much better job recognizing the dangers of usury than Christians. Going to love your neighbor if your neighbor is a Muslim?
    Speaking of which. Just how warlike are Christian nations? How many people have died from Christian wars? It was Christians that wanted freedom of religion. We can always take that away and put religion where it belongs in the mythology department, then everyone will have no excuse but to do science. It is well documented that Christianity came right from the Greek myths. Christ bears a great number of features as Dionysus because that is what he is. You can actually trace the Greek phrases that lead to the departure from Dionysus to Christ. The features of Zeus are incorporated in the early Saints.
    What the world needs is people that can think for themselves. Jews sit around getting themselves into a frenzy over anything that comes close to Amelek. Science forces people to work together. So many science projects have many names on their work because they need each other. Since you can not seem to grasp the love the neighbor concept after 2000 years why not try science that creates a need for people to work together? You lower the standard from loving your neighbor to can you work together professionally, but maybe that is what we really need.

  118. How to deal with them without becoming liable to prosecution
    for “anti-Semitism”? To remove them from their overly influen-
    tial positions, especially if they run in the background, but how?
    To “remove” them from their noxious places of activity is tanta-
    mount to the “cleaning work” of the Nazis. We’re handicapped.
    So the main task of white mankind is ultimately to deprive the
    Jews of their illegitimate halo, after which they will be only just
    “a few of many” – their maximum nightmare. This drastic cure
    will also heal them and bring them down from their high horse.

  119. @Greg in da Hood

    “Mr. Aryan, dream on! We Jews are created only to des-
    troy you. If you want to change this you have to destroy us!”

    Mr. Jew, mankind will not fall for this cheap trick again!
    It will relegate you to the place, which you deserve in truth,
    namely in the very back and very very quietly in the corner!

    The point is not to make peoples into peoples,
    but to show Jews that they are not a people
    and therefore had no say in the first place.

  120. @Joe Paluka

    The point is, it is about you. Because you
    don’t find that in Africa or anywhere else.

    You can’t always blame the “evil Jews”
    for this inconceivable bullshit, at some
    point you have to grab your own nose!

  121. Odyssey says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    No wonder that you did not answer any of my questions. You got confused in space, time and taxonomy. I can suggest you go back to square 1. Start from the end of the Ice Age, e.g. 10000BC. What was the situation at that time, where people lived? Follow their (and their languages) movements. When you reach the Sanskrit, take a break. I will be close if you need any help. Privetstviye.

  122. @Here Be Dragon

    You have not correctly read my account. You say “Dnieper”. I typed Dniester. Two totally different rivers, though with names which sound similar to the Western ear. I know, sometimes my writing style can be difficult for those whose comprehension has had different levels of experience and study than my own.

    The Varangians were Scandinavian Vikings by origin…sandy red hair and beards were quite normative among them…thus, the Rus. Nine days ago my sister and her husband were able to view the parading of the Rus (recent Gymnasium graduates) in Oslo, as I did in ’79. The voyages of the original Rus were not inclusive of women…a men’s thing. When they arrived in natural trade-centers like Novgorod and Kiev, they found women aplenty. Some of them chose to “go native” in that sense.

    Their descendants, as those in Normandy, almost uniformly became more and more attuned to that of the majority of locals. The same was also true in the Danelaw in England, in much of Scotland and in a number of locations in Ireland.

    Sometimes surnames survived in the new culture, such as McManus (Magnuson) Macauley (Olson) MacIvor (Iverson)…and some were referent to their land of origin such as McLaughlin (son of a man from the land of lakes…Norway.) This pattern among the Celts rarely if ever, translated amongst their Slavicized descendants. Vladimir the Great, had a purely Slavic name, yet his paternal heritage was Scandinavian.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  123. @Odyssey

    Development of language is so damned interesting. I loved this post.

    • Agree: Odyssey
  124. @Charles Martel France

    Primative languages, eh? The root language for English, particularly in grammar and orthography just happens to be Old Norse (Gammle Norsk). During WWII the slogan for the Norwegian government in exile was “Vi Vil Vin”. Kan Du det ikke ferstor? (can you not understand that). Another one: “De var en storte, sorte gris”. (You are a fat black pig). The English word “grease” is a direct derivative.

    Agreed that there is an earthy simplicity to the Nordic tongue. There is also directness and honesty. To one imbued with Latinate expression and exposition and their academicist and lawyerly derivatives; there is little room in the Nordic pattern to allow for obfuscation and pettifoggery.

    Old Norse is elemental. Contemporary English is developmental…at least during the Shakespearean era. Currently, with the deliberate dumbing down of the public, English is fast becoming devolutionary.

  125. @Here Be Dragon

    I was taught that English words with -ic suffixes came from greek.

  126. @Karl1906

    I took Rome with a grain of salt. Jews like to take European history culture and pervert it beyond reason.. like how George RR Martin did with English history.

  127. @Greg in da Hood

    Delegimitization of Talmudists, not necessarily Jews per se, commences with the realization (Real-Eye-Zat-Ion) or seeing reality clearly; that the JudieChristie MagickMindfuck is exactly that.

    By adopting and adapting to, the mythologies of the ancient Hebrews and their tribal WarGod (see the First Commandment) from the Old Testicles with its denigration of womankind and glorification of patriarchy; the folk of the West became deracinated—literally cut off from our deepest roots of what the Roman Catholics denounced as “Paganism”.

    Let’s have a look at that word “Pagan”. In its original Latin, the word simply meant “countryfolk”, people who live close to the natural world and thereby closer to cosmological reality than to a totally man- created environment. Shamans and wise women elders understood the mutual relationship of all being; that we are not separate from Creator and all of creation.

    The “simple” pagan folk of Europe were not sophisticated in the ways of “the world”. They were not schooled in dishonest relationships with others. They were much akin to those peoples in Turtle Island here, who were native to the place for countless generations and in general, tended to live in harmony with all life around them. There was respect, honor and a feeling of mutuality.

    Compare such a culture in highest contrast with deliberately dumbed-down Boobus Americanus, all enmeshed in a day to day reality best known as the rat-race.

    So who will win the human race? Will we succeed or shall we fail? Perhaps we will do what the Mayans accomplished. They abandoned their wondrous cities and headed for the simple life back in the hills, living in small villages. Consider the old African adage: “It takes a village to raise a child”.

    • Replies: @GregindaHood
  128. Odyssey says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Laurent, I hope, you will find useful information bellow. I do expect that you will take into consideration in your future writings, one of the greatest world history hoaxes, so-called ‘migration of Slavs (i.e. Serbs) to Balkan in the 7th cAC’, which is the corner-stone of Euro/world history and for which not ONE evidence exists. It directly changes the histories of the Roman Empire, East Roman Empire, Aryans and so-called ‘ancient’ Greece. Txs!

    SO, Goths are at the centre of major history fabrications. Geneticists still hide their information, there is an enormous industry built on false foundations and a very strong political push to preserve the present status quo. The story about Goths is used as the justification for the expansion on the east (‘drang nach osten’). Sometimes, it sounds humorous as in the case of elusive so-called ‘east Germanic tribes’. One Wiki’s reference of the famous linguist who found that Beowulf means ‘bee-hunter’ (and deducting from this something as a ‘bear’). Amazing! It actually means ‘White Wolf’ (i.e. Beovuk) what is an old/modern Serbian surname.

    So, the fact is that Goths (Gothi, Geti=Serbs) lived on Swedish-Danish-Finish-German islands (Gotland, Oland, Rugen – this will be a separate story) and that Serbs in a retaliation destroyed the Danish main city, Hedeby, in 1066, what even Wiki noticed. The official (Jordan’s) story says that Goths originated in the island Gotland, sailed over the ocean(?) to Europe where conducted so many miracles (some other time about this). This story, Jordan allegedly took from the Roman Senator Kasiodor, but, (surprise!) his writing was neither preserved nor anyone has ever seen.

    Matti Klinge, a Finish archaeologist and a top expert for Baltic region found that stone engravements in Gotland depict warriors from Homerian (here we go!) epics with spikes on their helmets which were adopted by Baltic Serbs (e.g. Prussian helmets from the WW1).

    What about Gothic language? Wiki says that this language is extinct although they had a kingdom in Spain btw the 4-7th c.AC. Isn’t this strange? Btw, there are also some other allegedly ‘extinct’ languages spoken previously by dozens of Roman Emperors!? From other side, Wiki says that the Bible was translated to the Gothic language in 520 AC, as ordered by the Gothic king. It is called Silver Codex considering that the most of letters were written in silver and some in gold.

    Isaac Vossius, who was a palace librarian of the Swedish Queen Christina, in the library in Uppsala, ‘found’(!) this Silver Codex in the 17th c.AC. It was later discovered that the technique of silver writing was invented in the 1650 AC and that was impossible that the translation originated in the 6thc.AC, so, that probably Voissus, himself, ordered this book. Based on this falsification, a mountain of textbooks on the Gothic language (very similar to the 17th c.AC Germanic language close to Danish and Swedish) was written.

    So, we have now a falsified Gothic language, which is in the same time allegedly extinct (!?) and none cares anymore about this contradiction.

    Just to finish with the etymology of their name. In brief, this name is taken from Greeks who, previously took it from ‘barbarians’ (Plato-Cratylus!) making it – GEA (>> ‘geopolitics’) and the word came back to their originators, i.e. to Geti or Goths.

    The MEANING of Goths is – ploughmen, peasants, villagers, those who work on the land.
    This is understandable because they lived in a fertile Danube Valley. Geti (i.e. Gothi) was a Greek name for Serbian tribes. After Goths, pushed by Huns, moved on the west, this name for Serbs was substituted by new one – Slavs.

  129. Seraphim says:

    The Getae were a people well known by the Greek historians at least since Herodotus and always described as a branch of the ‘Thracians’.
    The Goths made their entrance on the historical stage in the 3d Century AD. They had no relation with the Getae other than occupying lands inhabited previously by the Getae (and their branch the ‘Dacians’) in the context of their wars against the Romans. They in fact acted mostly as ‘foederati’ of the Romans who sent them to ‘frontier lands’ that are the present ‘Ukraine’. It is known that they have been pushed from there into the Roman Empire (actually they asked for asylum) by the Huns. Their identification with the Getae by the Goth Jordanes in the 6th century, was nothing but the usurpation of a glorious past (Greek historians spoke in admiring terms of the Getae, Dacians, their epic struggles with the Romans) to enhance their position vis-à-vis the Romans. Actually justifying their domination over Romans as a revenge of the Getae.
    German scholars have been happy to believe a fabrication that spoke so flatteringly of their supposed ancestors. Jordanes error metastasized in all the racialist (Aryan/Norse/Viking) theories.

    • Replies: @Anon001
  130. @emerging majority

    Your account was “an Arab from Baghdad spent some time with the Varangians in the area of which is now in the Dniester delta.”

    I know, sometimes my writing style can be difficult for those whose comprehension has had different levels of experience and study than my own.

    There is nothing difficult in comprehending plain English. My response was “the account of Ahmad ibn Fadlan is about meeting the Rus’ on the bank of Volga and not Dniester.”

    The Varangians were Scandinavian Vikings by origin – sandy red hair and beards were quite normative among them – thus, the Rus.

    “Thus the Rus” does not work here, because Rus’ is a Slavic word of Slavic origin, and it was the self name of the Slavic people, who lived in what was called the land of Rus’.

    From Old East Slavic русъ (rusŭ), from Proto-Slavic *rusъ, from earlier *rudsъ, from Proto-Indo-European *hrowd-s. Adjective – русый (rúsyj): fair-haired, blond, light brown (of hair).

    The Varangians were known to them. There was a Varangian settlement near Novgorod. But the Rus’ were calling them Варяги (Variagi). And the Varangians were calling that land Garðaríki.

    You see the Rus’ had built seven cities of stone before these Varangians figured out how to build something bigger than a barn.

    The meaning of the word Garðaríki is usually interpreted as garðr + ríki: “the kingdom of cities”, or “the realm of towns”.


    So please stop telling us these fabulous stories, because we know it’s bullshit.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  131. Alden says:
    @emerging majority

    Norse to English is what Tolkien claimed and he studied Norse and old English for years. Of course there’s thousands of French and French derived words. The Dutch version of German is similar to modern English.

    I had to read Boewulf and the Song of the Nieblings in college. Too much weaponry and gruesome killings for me. Brunhilda and her weapons so heavy 10 men couldn’t lift them.

  132. Seraphim says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    ”During the Ice Age there were no Russians – only the ancient Ukrainians”.
    This is a joke, right?
    This region was always known as Scythia, inhabited by the ‘Scythians’.

  133. CCG says:

    Kingdom of Denmark (the world’s oldest kingdom – now being further ethnically diluted at the top by bland Australian admixture)

    Both of Mary Donaldson’s parents are Scottish (East Lothian), they emigrated to Australia a few months after their marriage.

  134. Che Guava says:

    That piques my versus.

    Despite what some Internet moron says, and I mean your source, not you, ‘peaks my interest’ is simply wrong in the same way as ‘must of’.

    • Replies: @Franz
  135. @Odyssey

    The term ‘Slavonic’ does not exist.

    Never heard of the Slavonic Dances by Antonín Dvořák? The term in modern usage refers to the Slavic language.

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  136. @Odyssey

    Thanks. On Latin and Romance language, there is also a very helpful book in French:
    Yves Cortez, Le Français ne vient pas du latin

  137. @Here Be Dragon

    Fabulous, eh? You refused to address my account of the Varangians voyaging down the Dniester and conflated that with the Dnieper…and even provided graphics of the latter. Own up to that little “glitch’ and perhaps we could explore this a bit deeper. In the meantime: Sayonara.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  138. Odyssey says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Thank you. I think the name of Spanish linguist is Carme Jiménez Huertas. There are few YT interviews in Spanish, I remember one interview with English subtitle. It was pretty convincing. I will try to refresh my memory after 4-5 years, some things I have forgotten in the meantime.

  139. Odyssey says:
    @Silence Dogood

    It is misunderstanding which I explained in #22. I was thinking about its usage in a political context, i.e. ‘Old Church Slavonic’ language instead of ‘Serbian’ language in western literature.
    Like very much Dvorak and Smetana. One Serbian waltz for you:

  140. Odyssey says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    PS: Spanish did not evolve from Latin (Carme Jiménez Huertas):

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  141. Richard B says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    How such a piece of drivel can inspire a professor to write a review, let alone have a multiple orgasm while watching it is incomprehensible.

    Worse. How such a piece of drivel can inspire a Troll to write a review of a review, let alone have a multiple orgasm while writing it is incomprehensible.

    Or, rather, it would be incomprehensible if we weren’t talking about a Troll. But we are talking about a Troll. And Trolls get off on their own trolling. Hence the multiple orgasms and corresponding addiction to trolling.

    Though the obvious trolling explosion that has taken place here at the comment section of TUR is annoying, I see it as a very good sign. The hostile elite is in full Panic mode. So much so, in fact, that they’ve had to unleash their Trolls. This would explain the appearance of Here Be Dragon. Because that’s all this guy does. Literally.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  142. Odyssey says:

    I’ve just seen, Carme is providing examples from your YCortez book (34 min). Cheers.

  143. @emerging majority

    Yes because the sole source of information about that route is the Rus’ Chronicle. Your ideas regarding Dniester are of no interest.

    Starting from Greece, this route proceeds along the Dnieper, above which a portage leads to the Lovat’. By following the Lovat’, the great lake Il’men’ is reached. The river Volkhov flows out of this lake and enters the great lake Nevo. The mouth of this lake opens into the Varangian Sea. Over this sea goes the route to Rome, and on from Rome overseas to Tsar’grad. The Pontus, into which flows the river Dnieper, may be reached from that point.

    The Dnieper itself rises in the upland forest, and flows southward. The Dvina has its source in this same forest, but flows northward and empties into the Varangian Sea. The Volga rises in this same forest but flows to the east, and discharges through seventy mouths into the Caspian Sea.

    It is possible by this route to the eastward to reach the Bulgars and the Caspians, and thus attain the region of Shem. Along the Dvina runs the route to the Varangians, whence one may reach Rome, and go from there to the race of Ham. But the Dnieper flows through various mouths into the Pontus. This sea, beside which taught St. Andrew, Peter’s brother, is called the Russian Sea.

    – The Russian Primary Chronicle. Laurentian Text.

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  144. @Richard B

    I found you comment incomprehensible. Why beat around the bush? You like the film, because it gave you a boner and a projection fantasy of a superman, Conan, Tarzan, Genghis Khan. There was a character named Walter Mitty of literary note. Get my drift?

    I commented on this piece of trash on The Occidental Observer, where my comments get frequently deleted by the queasy moderator.

    My wife and I watch a lot of Chinese and Indian films of this gender. They are far superior in every aspect.

    • Troll: Richard B
  145. Anon001 says:

    As far as we know, so called Jordanes error was not his error but rather a forgery injected into his work, and that is why it seems inconsistent with the rest and out of place. That is also why German historical school was so happy to “discover” yet another “proof” of their “greatness”. One wonders who may have concocted and injected that lie/forgery into Jordanes work? Perhaps yet another busy bee German “scholar”?

  146. @emerging majority

    I prefer Dutch to the rest of the Germanic languages. The Germans made a very big mistake when they kept the four cases and gave Germanic looks to many of their words in a clumsy fashion when Latin borrowings could easily have done the job like in the Dutch language. Danish,Swedish and Norwegian do not even sound European. Something went terribly wrong. The result we are left with is modern nations using languages which belong to ancient obscure forest-dwelling hunter-gatherers.

    • Thanks: RVBlake
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  147. anon[774] • Disclaimer says:

    “You’ve probably seen headlines like…”
    No Greg I haven’t because I barely know those leftoid publications exist much less check their headlines.

    Great article and happy to see the great Greg Hood cover this wonderful film.

  148. Rurik says:

    The Varangians were Scandinavian Vikings by origin

    not that anyone cares, lol

    but because I picked the ‘name’ Rurik, I figured I’d mention why.

    It was many years ago when Nuland and McCain were trying to foment war in Ukraine during the Maidan putsch, obviously to take back Russia from Putin, who had wrested it from ((them)), and then saving Syria, and so forth.

    And I considered a war in Ukraine a very bad idea. Especially since I saw who was obviously behind it. So I picked ‘Rurik’, because I understood him to be an historical figure poised between the ancient peoples of Ukraine and Russia. A man in the middle, so to speak. A dispassionate and neutral voice to point out the folly of war, and who was behind it, blah, blah, blah.. (looks like I didn’t have too much luck with that).

    Also my grandfather immigrated to America from Norway, so there’s that too.

    As I understood it, Viking means a person who lived at a vik, near water. If it has come to mean a warrior or raider, then it’s easy enough to see how word’s meaning’s morph. Also, the only scribes at the time were monks who surrounded themselves with the people’s gold and riches, and the Vikings considered it a virtue to separate the monks from all that materialistic sacrilege. They were doing the monks a favor, but the greedy monks didn’t see it that way, and so they smeared the noble Vikings in their screeds.

    I’ll catch the movie for free, as I’m very skeptical about anything out of Hollywood. The ‘burning people alive’ doesn’t sound like Norseman. But then the forced conversions to Christianity were also often brutal and tortuous, so who knows.

    Skål !

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  149. Odyssey says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    “This sea, beside which taught St. Andrew, Peter’s brother, is called the Russian Sea.”

    Which language was spoken there at that time? It was 800 years before Russian name and language appeared as separate and 700 years before Slavic name appeared. And 2000 years after Aryans and Sanskrit. What was the connection between Sanskrit and Russian? Which way St. Andrew chose to travel to get there?

    At that time Greece, as a state, did not exist. The first their state Greeks got in 1828. Where the future Greeks originated and when they came to today’s Greece? Obviously, they were continental people because they did not have own word for ‘sea’ and called Black Sea – ‘pontus’, what means – ‘road’. The word for ‘sea’ they took from the indigenous people – ‘thalassa’ (e.g. thalassocratia’).

    • Replies: @Anon001
    , @Here Be Dragon
  150. @Charles Martel France

    Sorry, but the Norse are not Germanics. The Germanics are partially Nordics. The Dutch are Latinated Germanics. The Frisians are a compromise amongst the Germanics, the Dutch and the Nordics…and their tongue is closest to the English amongst the grouping.

    Didn’t have time to check out the Danish video, but my dad always said that spoken Dansk is like Norwegian with a mouth full of mashed potatoes.

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  151. @Rurik

    Ja. Det var riktig. The histories of that era were written by Christians and Englishmen. They took delight in denigrating those who had continued to defeat them. Ultimately, though, clever Romanizers, posing as medical missionaries, got through to the queens, who then brought up their firstborn sons to be Christians. So ended the Viking era.

    BTW, from which part of Norway did your grandfather immigrate?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  152. Anon001 says:

    Odyssey, do you happen to know any references for J.Deretic claim that Diodor (2nd century) called Adriatic Sea a Serbian Sea? I.e. maps, books, ancient documents? He says that in the video below [1] starting at 24 seconds with no additional details provided. Just remove spaces from the link or search for the exact title on YT.

    [1] Jovan Deretic- Jadransko more se zvalo Srpsko!!!
    Link: https :// www. youtube. com/ watch?v=XfLa0kWHwQY&t=24s

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  153. Rurik says:
    @emerging majority

    Bergen area

    I haven’t been there yet, but one day I will.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  154. @Odyssey

    Dear Serbian brother, please be a bit more specific with your questions, because it’s hard to figure out what you mean.

    Which language was spoken there at that time? Which way St. Andrew chose to travel to get there?

    You must be asking about the time when St. Andrew was allegedly preaching the gospel in Crimea.

    At that time there was a Jewish diaspora in Greece. A long time before that the Greek had established colonies in Crimea. So it should not have been hard to get there from Greece.

    As for the language that was spoken there at that time it’s hard to understand what is implied in your question, dear Serbian brother. The Greeks were speaking Greek.

    What’s the problem here?

    At that time Greece, as a state, did not exist. The first state Greeks got in 1828. Where did the future Greeks originate, and when did they come to today’s Greece from?

    Greece was a part of the Roman Empire, and so was Judea and Galilee. As for the origins of the Greeks, it’s unrelated to the topic. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    It was 800 years before the Russian name and language, and 2000 years after the Aryans and Sanskrit. What was the connection between Sanskrit and Russian?

    Sanskrit and Russian: Ancient kinship

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  155. Franz says:
    @Che Guava

    Despite what some Internet moron says, and I mean your source, not you, ‘peaks my interest’ is simply wrong in the same way as ‘must of’.

    It’s never really put that way.

    More like “my interest peaked right after the first five minutes of…” some crap movie.

    By saying it CAN be they just mean that one in a million time it don’t sound stupid.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  156. @emerging majority

    In my opinion, this whole novel delusion of identification of young Anglo-Americans with the alleged virility of mythological Vikings (“Berseker”, “Furor Teutonicus”) springs from a deep inferiority complex. I always like to compare communal fanaticism with an individual drug intoxication. High-percentage alcohol, for example, is flammable and indicates a lot of energy. One is inflamed, indulges in delusions of grandeur, has fictitious and “virtual” enemies to “defeat.”

    But intoxication is always followed by disillusionment. In intoxication, the perception of reality is distorted, one views the world through rose-colored glasses. It has been found out that in one go so many “comfort hormones” are burned, which were intended for the whole month to reward the brain. The previously filled bucket is empty afterwards and the depression sometimes lasts for days. Everything costs a price, even euphoria does not come for free.

    When a whole nation is constantly reeling in the throes of victory, it is not a natural state. Before the pleasure the dear God (or the nature) has put the work or the achievement (thus the overcoming of obstacles and hindrances). Particularly belligerent contemporaries claim: “One can lean only on something that offers resistance”. This is true to a certain extent. A railing that recedes lets us fall into the depths. But anyone who has not understood the principle of service provision has not understood the German essence.

    Therefore, for me, the zeal to which the National Socialists succumbed is un-German, rather of Roman origin. German decency forbids any boasting, and knows that nothing lasting is created by people who have nothing to lose. On the contrary, before anything useful even comes into being, it takes a lot of effort, not to be risked lightly to delusional arrogance or momentary “mood”. The wind can change at any time, and those who challenge fate will be taught better and shrunk back to their smallness or “true size”.

    • Replies: @GregindaHood
  157. @GregindaHood

    For me, too, the line to “criticism” is not always quickly apparent. A man who has a fat wife may challenge particularly character-weak minds to make these external attributes of the woman an object of his gloating. But he exposes at best his personal immaturity with it.

    It is different, however, with people who are spiteful and cowardly and to whom all our gloating should apply. To push them off their self-erected pedestal should not only be our joy, but also our task, because even God takes pleasure in it. We must learn to distinguish in this.

  158. The “Canadian” Spano-Czech is fighting again with his cog-
    nitive “capitalism-socialism” dichotomy. I already told him
    months ago that “David de Jong” is a Jew, lives in Israel and
    gets the biggest publicity of the Jew press for years to defa-
    me the German economy. Besides, Hitler put “work-shy”
    scum into concentration camps for re-education purposes.

    There are no German “capitalists”. Whoever behave
    as such is an un-German Anglo-Americanized brag-
    gart. We Germans call capitalism “honestly earned”
    and enjoy it as far away and in silence as possible.

  159. Mr. Taylor, whom all white “race realists” praise for his above-average brain, speaks of “Scandinavian socialism”. The man apparently cannot separate economics from sociology. An extremely typical Anglo-American mental handicap.

  160. AKINDLE says:

    How ironic that Gregory Hood or Jared Taylor even post on the free speech Unz Review. They have so over moderated, censored, and banned the best commenters on their website they receive very little traffic nowadays.

  161. Odyssey says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    As I said, you are such disappointment who continue playing dumb to hide not only your lack of knowledge (this would not be a problem) than using ‘dirty’, ‘non-Slavic’ tactics (ukies, psychiatrist) to avoid real discussion. You are playing dumb that you do not understand that I was thinking about the language of locals who, in 800 years, would become Russians. You do not know anything about Sanskrit. You don’t know anything about Russian origins. That Russians name was derived from the colour of their hair is a joke. At least, you should know the official version that your ancestors came across Carpathian Mountains what is actually correct. Btw, on the map in my previous comment from the Roman period you can see that the name of Carpathian Mountains was – Serbian Mountains.

    You should know that Greece was not a part of Roman Empire, it was a part of the province Illyric which was a part of RE. Btw, Greeks were not part of Roman army fighting units and did not give any Roman emperor, while Serbs were the elite of Roman army and gave two dozens of Roman (‘military’) Emperors. Why? Watch the NBA basketball.

    I mentioned St Andrew’s trip just to see if you coincidentally knew. Of course, you don’t know but its significance was that on this trip, he passed through my birthplace.

    Don’t forget that you did not provide ONE single evidence of so-called Slavic (Serbian) migration to Balkan although you stated that it was ‘well documented’.

    Any time you come here, you will have free food, accommodation and unlimited drinking spree. No need to spend any golden ruble. Do svidaniya!

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  162. @Rurik

    Was there for a couple days in ’79. Rained most all the time. Beautiful setting, though. With the mountains immediately behind it and the North Sea in front, those rains have no place else to go. Rumor is that long-time Bergen families are beginning to develop webbed-feet.

  163. @emerging majority

    My favourite Norwegian novelist :

    Knut Faldbakken (born 31 August 1941, in Hamar) is a Norwegian novelist.

    He studied psychology at Oslo University, and then worked as a journalist. Faldbakken visited a number of countries, working variously as a bookkeeper, sailor, and factory worker, and began writing books in 1967 while living in Paris.

    He was editor of the literary magazine Vinduet (The Window) between 1975 and 1979.

    His sons Stefan Faldbakken and Matias Faldbakken have achieved recognition as a film director and a novelist respectively. His grandson Gardar Faldbakken has accomplished nothing. His books have been published in 21 countries, translated to 18 languages and have sold two million copies worldwide.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  164. Odyssey says:

    Diodor wrote about Illyrian land and sea, and about Greeks’ unsuccessful attempts to colonise Adriatic islands Hvar and Vis when they were defeated by locals. He wrote about Adriatic coast people, I think it is the 9th book in his Universal History of 40 books.

    But from the other side of Italy (see map on the link bellow), there is Tyrrhenian Sea, which also points on Serbs (btw. Serbian tribes between Atlantic and Far East are known under 750 different names but the common for them are – the language, genetics and mythology). These Serbs came to Italy from Lydia after the Trojan battle. They found place in the Virgil’s Aeneid, which is very indicative for the events at that time. They envisage the future genocide on Etruscans. I may provide relevant excepts from Aeneid.

    There are some other starting point for serious researchers to continue study in this field:
    – Tyrsenian was probably a Paleo-European language family predating the arrival of Indo-European languages in Europe…
    – Carlo De Simone and Simona Marchesini have proposed a much earlier date, placing the Tyrsenian language split before the Bronze Age….
    – The indigenous inhabitants of Lemnos, also called in ancient times Sinteis, were the Sintians, a Thracian population…
    – Recent archeogenetic analysis of Etruscan individuals who lived between 800 BC and 1 BC have concluded that the Etruscan language, and therefore the other languages of the Tyrrhenian family, may be a surviving language of the languages that were widespread in Europe from at least the Neolithic period before the arrival of the Indo-European languages…
    – Strabo’s (Geography V, 2) citation from Anticlides attributes a share in the foundation of Etruria to the Pelasgians of Lemnos and Imbros.[28][29] The Pelasgians are also referred to by Herodotus as settlers in Lemnos,…
    – Apollonius of Rhodes mentioned an ancient settlement of Tyrrhenians on Lemnos in his Argonautica (IV.1760), written in the third century BC…

  165. Odyssey says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Laurent, appreciate your writings. If you are still here, for the next edition of Mithraism, pls consider that Phrygians (‘Brigians’ = highlanders) were Serbs (not Greeks) and check what the meaning of Serapis is. Alternatively, don’t bother and pls ignore all previous. Txs, keep doing good work – Odyssey, the Illyrian.

  166. Odyssey says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    LG, the following link presents the following pictures:

    Mithra, Triumphal Arch of Septimius Severus in Rome (Roman soldier leads captured Parsis with Phrygian cap on head), Goddess of hunting Artemis with Phrygian cap (4th century BC), Paris Trojan with Phrygian cap, Thracian god SABAZIOS with Phrygian cap, Thracian poet Orpheus with Phrygian cap, Andromeda and Perseus with the Phrygian cap, The Dacians wear it on Trajan’s pillar, In Eugene Delacroix’s painting “Freedom on the Barricades”, the main female figure (Mariana) has a Phrygian hat on her head, which has also become a symbol of France., On the document of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen from 1789, In the early depictions of sages (magicians) on a mosaic from Ravenna where they bring gifts to the newborn Jesus, AMAZONS with Phrygian caps on a sarcophagus from Tuscany, A Serb from Dalmatia with a Phrygian hat, Phrygian hat in the Balkans, in folk costume from Konavle near Dubrovnik, Women’s mountain costume from the Srebrenica area in Bosnia, Dušan Dimitrijević, Duke of Dule (1882-1964) with a Phrygian cap, was a Chetnik duke in Old Serbia during the struggle for Macedonia at the beginning of the 20th century., Ilija Trifunović-Birčanin (1887-1943), Chetnik duke…

    On a miniature bronze composition with the figure of Diana from Sisak (2nd or 3rd century), then the goddess KIBELA is often represented with a Phrygian cap…, on the coats of arms of Argentina, Colombia, Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Senate of Iowa, on flags of West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, on the back of the flag of Paraguay… and on many coats of arms and flags.

    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  167. @Odyssey

    You literally repeat the same pseudo-historic shit that the Ukrainians are now getting high on, and the same as the you are unable to realize that it’s ordinary bullshit.

    Apparently you haven’t read Hitler – he invented this shit. You and the Ukrainians are getting personalized version of it, adopted to your background. This is Mein Kampf for you.

    Hitler also started with how great the Germans really were. Not a regular people, like all their neighbors – a more ancient people, the Aryans. Who wrote the Vedas.

    You are playing dumb that you do not understand that I was thinking about the language of locals who, in 800 years, would become Russians.

    You posted that question under my quotation of the Rus’ chronicle related to Crimea. “This sea, beside which taught St. Andrew, is called the Russian Sea.”

    You asked then, “Which language was spoken there at that time?” and the answer is Greek because the Greeks lived there at that time. The Rus’ came there later, much later.

    The problem is that no matter what is said you will not listen unless it fits to that story you have now planted in your head. You have been turned into a Nazi fanatic.

    The same as the Ukrainians you are tripping on these hallucinations of greatness, with any possibility of reconsidering these views blocked. You are now a robot.

    Don’t forget that you did not provide ONE single evidence of so-called Slavic (Serbian) migration to Balkan although you stated that it was ‘well documented’.

    Of course a reference was provided and you said that the article was wrong and written a long time ago, so it didn’t matter. You will say something like that all the time.

    And yet it’s you who are making ridiculous claims without even trying to present any kind of reference at all. You don’t need them – you are a believer. A belief doesn’t require a proof.

    Belief is irrational.

    And even though we weren’t talking about that and this question is irrelevant, here is another article you may find useful if you stop being stubborn and try to hear when you listen.

    Myths and truths about genetic makeup of Serbs

  168. @Charles Martel France

    Merci. Takk skal de har. Haven’t accessed many novels lately. Will keep eyes open on Feldbakken.

  169. @Mefobills

    Video beginning @12:02:

    …it exposes a history that is different from the current banker-financed, media-enforced, globalist, cultural Marxist, narrative that we have all been brought up with, a political agenda designed to erode a sense of nation, race, gender, community or family and therefore resistance.

    As accurate as possible and implicitly thorough as can be said short of explicitly naming the Jew and specifying (((his))) target: Christendom, the flock and teachings of Divine Jesus.

  170. @Odyssey

    Thanks Odyssey for your stimulating input. If I follow your line of thought, much of what I perceive as a gigantic distorsion in European history in the first millennium (as written in the West, to make it look Rome-centered) could be largely the theft of the Serbian role as the starting point of Western foundation. That’s intriguing. I can be easily persuaded that the Rus are not Scandinavians after all, and neither were Goths. But where do I begin to find evidence that Phrygians are Serbs? Follow the Phrygian hat, perhaps? And what are you trying to tell me about Serapis?
    All this connects with this Romanian theory about the Dacians (=Getae = Serbs?), which you probably know:

    Thanks for you encouragement.

    • Replies: @Odyssey
    , @Odyssey
    , @Anon001
  171. Odyssey says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    (1/2) You are so right. There are so many things, you simply do not know where to start. Roman history was heavily falsified, but this started much earlier. Just to mention here that Serbian tribes which founded the city of Rome, gave it the Serbian name – Ruma, from which English word ‘room’ was derived. There is a town Ruma, 40 km from Belgrade, next to the old Roman capital Sirmium where dozens of Roman Emperors ruled and where coins were minted in 12 factories since Alexander’s time, etc.

    There are some indicative questions, for e.g:
    – When and where from (future) Greeks came to today’s Greece? (So, as Germans)?
    – Was Etruscan literacy deciphered or not? Who did it?
    – When Latin language originated?
    – Who was Alexander the Great?

    NOTE: I mentioned Phrygians after rereading your article about Mithraism illustrated by the pictures of Phrygians and their caps (btw. Doge of Venice cap, Corno Ducale, is reminiscent of Phrygian cap which is also a part of Venice coat and arms).

    I use the term ‘Serbs’ in terms of tribes of the same origin, who spoke the same language, which originated in Vinca. They called themselves ‘srb’ (‘the member of the same race’) and their language was named ‘srb-ski’ (Serbian) because it had a continuity for several thousands of years up to the modern Serbian and other recent Slavic languages (including Sanskrit). Instead of (ancient) ‘Serbs’ (which often causes rejection and animosities by those who identify this with modern Serbs) can be used for e.g. the term ‘proto-Slavic’.

    Another huge topic would be – Goths i.e. Getae in India!!!!
    I wrote somewhere that Mithraism originated in Europe/Asia Minor, transferred to Asia and returned slightly changed back to Europe. We will leave Serapis for a moment after finding out who was Alexander (one too early attempt to create a universal, Christianity like religion, etc.)
    So, Phrygians… Ethnology of Etruscans had great similarities with Phrygians who were originally a Thracian tribe which came from Balkan to Asia Minor: Brigi-Bregi-Brezani-Brdjani (highlanders). Greeks pronounced they name as ‘Phrygi(ans)’.

    It was noticed the similarity btw Etruscan and ‘Luwian’ alphabet and texts. S. Bilbija, who deciphered Etruscan texts, also deciphered the text on the so-called Xanthos Obelisk. There were attempts to shift the date of its carving in the stone from the 8th c.BC to the 4.c.BC, and to assign these texts to Greeks because they got their literacy in the 6th c.BC and came to Lydia in the 4th c.BC (i.e. after Alexander). However, it was obvious that Greeks did not have some of these letters in their alphabet.

    So, in the town of Sirbin, as Strabo calls it and as it was actually called, which Greeks renamed to Xanthos, in the province of Lydia, Asia Minor, a Serbian code from the eighth century BC was found carved on a large stone. The Code is engraved in Serbian, so it can be read without much effort.

  172. Odyssey says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    (2/2 In Lydia, Alexander the Great found a special situation. There were no Persian crews in the numerous cities of Lydia. Although Lydia has been included in the Persian Empire since the time of Cyrus the Great, it retained its special status and its old laws.

    They organised an alliance of 23 cities, among which the city of Sirbin (today’s Xanthos) was the capital and largest of the cities. The people of Lydia were first known as Solimi, and then as Termili after a part of the Cretans, which Sarpedon brought from Crete and settled in Lydia. Sarpedon also founded the city of Miletus as a settlement of the Cretan city of Miletus.

    The old Code of Lydia, which was carved in a stone obelisk in the town of Sirbin, dates from the VIII century BC, was found and was in Serbian language and script. Lycian texts were collected at the end of the 19th century by the Austrian professor Ernst Kalinka. The interpretation of the text in Greek and other languages did not give results, and it was read in its entirety by S.Bilbija, with the interpretation of the ancient Serbian language and the alphabet from Lydia and Lycia. Bilbija first interpreted and published his decipherment of the text on the north side of the monument, according to a transcript by Ernst Kalinka (p. 44 of Kalinka’s book), with 34 statements that Bilbija interpreted it using similarities with the Serbian language.

    This working material was published in the collection “Catena Mundi”, where the statements are presented in the form of provisions of the code, grouped according to the topics covered, with the side mark of the monument and row number for each of the provisions.

    The complete text of this monument, which contains 232 provisions, was shaped, adapted and supplemented by the comments of prof. Djordjevic. The provisions are classified into 16 groups, according to their content, and each of them bears the mark of the side of the world and the order on the obelisk. These groups (chapters of the Code) are:

    (1) On state management – the task of the state; (2) Humanitarian duties of the state; (3) Freedom of occupation and work; (4) Customs and laws; (5) Selection and characteristics of the leader; (6) Duties of fighters; (7) About the enemy and his actions; (8) Wise sayings and advice; (9) Ancestors’ advice to farmers; (10) Tips for gold ore diggers; (11) Medical advice; (12) Criminal offenses, proceedings and penalties; (13) Education of children; (14) On food and its preparation; (15) About food and how to eat; (16) All engraved should be read, remembered, performed.
    Each Chapter includes several specific provisions….

    Search Google (‘xanthos obelisk pictures’)…

    They Greeks received alphabet not earlier than the 6 cBC. It means that the (future) Greek alphabet could not influence the Luwian alphabets. Also, some still assert that Greek alphabet influenced Etruscan alphabet although the later one is much older.

    In addition, Plato (what does it mean this nickname and what is his real name?) in his book Cratylus (free on the web) discusses some Phrygian words where it can be seen that they are actually Serbian words.

  173. jay says:
    @bwuce wee

    “ERGI! this term denotes ULTRA-SHAME and was a mortal insult. can you perhaps in your gay fantasies figure out what that term means? it means if a man takes the woman’s role in sex with another man- he is lower than a dog in society and SHUNNED”

    Exactly. The woman’s role. What about the so called Man who found another man attractive enough to poopdick with?

    The dominant role in sodomy is still sodomy.

  174. Anon001 says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    In your research of ancient languages and nations, you may stumble upon a lie that Albanians are Illyrians. Below are two videos [1][2] exposing details on the creation of artificial Albanian nation in 1912 by Vatican and Austro-Hungarian Empire out of several primitive Shqiptar tribes that did not even speak common language. This nation-engineering project included common language/grammar, history, epics, myths, indigenous claims, etc. Shqiptars came to the Balkans in 1043 AD with George Maniakes.

    Teodora Toleva, Bulgarian researcher that discovered this nation-building project documents in Vienna archives and wrote a PhD thesis on it, died under suspicious circumstances at the age of 43. Her book is available in German [3].

    [1] The Austro-Hungarian Invention Of The Albanian Nation – YouTube:

    [2] Who Was Skanderbeg? Factual Data Exposes The Hidden Truth – YouTube:

    [3] Der Einfluss Österreich-Ungarns auf die Bildung der albanischen Nation 1896-1908
    Teodora Toleva | ISBN-10: 3708607562 | ISBN-13‏: 978-3708607566

  175. N of 1 says:

    “Evils and all”. What a cuck

  176. Che Guava says:

    I was going to offer much the same example. It ain’t anything like ‘peaks my interest’.

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