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The New York Post Gets the AmRen Treatment
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Yesterday, Twitter gave the New York Post the AmRen treatment. The right-leaning tabloid published a damning report about how Hunter Biden profited from his father’s influence, but Twitter users got this message if they clicked on the link.

Potentially spammy or unsafe. Sure. This is the same message you get if you click on an American Renaissance link. It says our site might give your computer a virus. Of course, to Twitter, our ideas are dangerous and potentially viral. That’s why the onetime “free speech wing of the free speech party” banned us.

A Facebook representative also said the company was checking the Biden story and “reducing its distribution.”

Yesterday, the “Woke Left” made a mistake. If censorship stopped with the Dissident Right, many conservatives would be happy. They do their own purges in the hope of staying respectable. They benefit from censorship of people with competing ideas, but they’re not in charge. Lefties are.

The “woke” Left always needs new racists or fascists to attack. It doesn’t seem to be able to control its libido for censorship. By trying to spike a story that could badly embarrass the Democrat candidate, it has directly inserted itself into the presidential election, confirming conservatives’ worst fears.

Sohrab Ahmari is op-ed editor for the New York Post.

Twitter made things worse when it tried to explain its decision.

This is hypocritical. Someone illegally leaked President Trump’s tax returns, but Twitter let the story trend for days. Melania Trump’s “friend” secretly recorded their conversations and leaked them to the media. Antifa accounts on Twitter have distributed private material intending to get people fired. Twitter didn’t care.

Social network companies are not backing down. Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are all suppressing “QAnon” pages. This morning, Twitter even locked President Trump’s campaign account. Fox News’s Tom Starnes says that Facebook is “actively shutting down traffic to conservative pages.”

Big Tech cracked down on American Renaissance long ago. The conservative movement said nothing. Ted Cruz now says Big Tech just “crossed a line,” but it has been censoring conservatives and nationalists for years. What’s the line? Anything that crosses Ted Cruz’s toes? National Review protested on behalf of the New York Post, but didn’t stand up for us. Just a few weeks ago, National Review was piling on to “conspiracy theorists” Laura Loomer, Major Taylor Greene, and the QAnon movement, without a word about censorship.

Today, egalitarians claim everything is racist, including the national anthem, the national parks, the Declaration of Independence, and math. Why would they stop muzzling people just because conservatives want them to?

Senator Josh Hawley asked Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Why should they show up? When Republicans had power in 2017–2018, they did nothing to control Big Tech. Instead, they passed a tax cut that meant millions for Mr. Zuckerberg and Mr. Dorsey. Barring an unprecedented polling error, in less than a month, Republicans will lose the White House and possibly the Senate. The President and Republicans have complained about censorship, and let it continue. It’s probably too late now.

Social media companies are no longer “private companies.” By controlling information, they control elections. Before America goes on another crusade to spread democracy in Belarus or Hong Kong, let’s liberate ourselves first. We don’t need to topple “authoritarians” overseas. We need to bring down the semi-monopolies that rule what used to be our country.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Censorship, Facebook, Joe Biden, Twitter 
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  1. Rational says:


    Good points, Gregory. You are so right. The stupid RINO’s could have banned immigration and banned tech censorship when they had the power, but failed. Now it is upto the states to ban tech censorship, which they can, as each state has long arm jurisdiction over every big tech company as they do business in each state.

    Prior to the internet, we suffered because the libbarbarians controlled the MSM. Internet was supposed to be the great leveler, through which we could get our message out.

    But we have been muzzled again, as the lib-animals took over big tech. Now they have 2 avenues, paper/TV/radio and internet and we have basically none.

    It is shocking that the lying MSM is promoting a most corrupt candidate, Biden, with a long history of corruption, who now has classic textbook case of advanced Alzheimer’s disease, a fact they are covering up.

    See video of classic symptoms of Biden’s Alzheimer’s :

    Biden’s press interviews rigged; he knows questions before hand and reads answers off a teleprompter:

    And the big joke is, he can’t even read the teleprompter right, as the above video shows!

  2. And Amren gives the ‘New York Post’ treatment to anyone who dares to comment on Jewish Supremacist power and argues for siding with Palestinians against Zionist Jewish Supremacists.

    Anyway, isn’t it funny how phony the progs are? They had a chance to go with a different kind of candidate in 2020, especially with Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. But not even grassroots Democrats were interested in peace-candidate Gabbard. And it turned out Sanders didn’t have much support after all. So, who did they pick? Career insider Joe Biden.
    At least there were sufficient elements within the GOP to choose a maverick candidate in Trump in 2016(though he turned out to be a stupid ass). Democrats make such noise about being so ‘progressive’ and for change, but the best they can come up with are establishment shills like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Obama got away with ‘hope and change’ thing, but anyone seeing through the hype could tell he was just another shill of the ruling class.

    What does it say that both Wall Street and Antifa types are on the same page? How could super-rich capitalists and street radicals have anything in common? It goes to show that both the rich and the radical are controlled by Jews. Both Wall Street and Street Politics exist to serve Jewish Power. Wall Street means financial monopoly for Jews to rake in ever bigger bucks. And the politics of Street Theater is mostly Identity Politics designed to vilify and intimidate any sense of white identity and interests. If there was a true Left in the US, most of street politics would be aimed at the super-rich. There was a hint of that in Occupy Wall Street movement that directed its ire at the 1%, but what with all the globo-homo lunacy, anti-white invective, diversity-mania, and BLM nuttery, the so-called ‘left’ has mainly been obsessed with smoking out and punching ‘nazis’, or uppity whites.
    Rich Jews would fear the real left because Jews are the richest people in the US. The most privileged and most powerful. True Leftism would direct its energies against the richest and the most powerful. It would wage war on corruption at the top, and we know Jews are very corrupt. True leftism would be threatening to Jewish Power. In the past, many Jews were far from affluent. There were working class Jews and struggling Jews. And uppermost power was held by Christian Wasps. So, back then, there was genuine Jewish Leftism allied with the working class and the like. But why would today’s rich ruling elite Jews want to wrestle with true leftism when they are so powerful, privileged, well-connected, corrupt, and ‘made’? They benefited so much from globalism and ‘free trade’ that undermined the bargaining chip of the American Worker. Labor without nationalism is finished as the business class can access cheap labor abroad and import limitless supplies of new ones.

    If there was a True Left, Jewish Power and capitalist oligarchs would be genuinely worried. But they happily ally with the existing ‘left’ because it’s mostly bogus. It’s not about the people or the workers. It’s not about the people vs the elites. It’s about BLM symbolism and Antifa nuttery, and both black rage and Antifa dementia are directed mainly at ‘white supremacists’ who don’t even exist as a power. But then, in a culture defined by hysteria and sensationalism, anyone will do as a ‘nazi’. So, Trump is ‘literally Hitler'(when he’s not Putin’s Puppet), and anyone with a MAGA hat must be a ‘white supremacist’. With a ridiculous ‘left’ chasing after fantasy KKK, why would Wall Street Jews fear the ‘left’? If anything, it only does the bidding of Jews. Wall Street makes Jews richer, and ‘leftist’ street theater directs radical rage at white goyim.
    Jewish Supremacist Power needs white identity/interests to be browbeaten if whites are to snuff their own agency/agenda and cuck to their Jewish masters. Even though Jews are at the very top and work in supremacist mode(not least in foreign policy that has destroyed so many lives in the Middle East and elsewhere), the so-called ‘left’ doesn’t call out on Jewish Power but unwittingly does its bidding. Idiot ‘left’ hasn’t a clue that Jews demean any whiff of white identity as ‘white supremacist’ in order to make guilt-ridden whites cater to Jewish Supremacism. Idiot ‘left’ is so dumb that it only associates ‘supremacism’ with whites even though the most supremacist group in the West is the Jews by far. Notice Chris Wallace never asked Trump to condemn the Jewish Supremacist policies of his administration. Wallace is fine with US favoring Zionists over Palestinians and any other bunch of Arabs or Muslims. Wallace’s message is ‘no white identity and pride so that whites will serve Jews, the only people deserving of pride and power.’ The fact that Jews always cry about ‘white supremacism’ while whites never mention ‘Jewish Supremacism'(and instead pledge to kiss Jewish ass even more) is the main reason for the demise of the white race in the West. It’s utterly perverse. Jews, who not only indulge in shameless supremacism but compel whites to lend them support, have the gall to accuse whites of ‘supremacism’. It’d be like Nazi Germans condemning Poles of ‘Polish Supremacism’ for not fully cooperating with Nazi domination of Poland. The fact of Nazi Supremacism made people overlook that Jews too were in supremacist mode. Nazis vs Jews was a case of supremacism vs supremacism, not supremacism vs humanism. (The problem with Alt Right idiots like Richard Spencer is they opposed Jewish Supremacism with their own supremacism than with humanism. Same mistake as with Hitler.)


    As for Trump Dementia among ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’, it could be of two varieties. One is the shame of having been out-lefted by a ‘Nazi’. According to the agreed-upon script, the Democrats are supposed to make noises about ‘social justice’ while Republicans are supposed to make noises about ‘muh liberty’. Republicans are supposed to be about Big Money and the Military. Even though Democrats are just as much into money and war(if not more so), they are the ones who are supposed to make bleating noises about the ‘little guy’. But then, Trump comes along and condemns the War State and blames Wall Street for selling out the US worker. It may have been just a ploy on Trump’s part, but it embarrassed the ‘left’ who went along with Obama’s cozy relations with Wall Street and his policy of more wars and destruction. Therefore, one reason for all this dementia about Trump is the repressed shame that the ‘left’ feels about its own betrayals. Imagine being out-lefted by someone like Trump and his MAGA ‘rednecks’. How embarrassing that Trump and his ‘white supremacists’ are on the side of peace and the American Worker. But at least that kind of dementia owes to some degree of self-awareness even if repressed. It’s about the difficulty of facing up to the shame of one’s own betrayals.

    But the other kind of dementia is just plain dumb. These are ‘leftists’ who genuinely believe in all the propaganda pushed by Jewish media moguls. They truly swallowed the Russia Collusion BS. They truly believe Trump is ‘literally Hitler’. They really believe that MAGA people are KKK and Nazis. When Jews scream ‘Nazi’, they know they’re lying but do it to control the minds of stupid whites, and most whites are stupid(as are most people everywhere).
    Jews made sure there’s a difference between white identity and white consciousness. With Jews, identity and consciousness are one. Jews are proudly conscious of Jewish identity. “I’m Jewish, and that makes me feel wonderful and proud.” In contrast, Jewish Power insists that white identity is evil, and ONLY white consciousness is permitted. As white consciousness is separate from white identity, it cannot be about white pride or white interests. It must be about white conscious awareness of all the guilt, shame, atonement, redemption, and obligations that whites must weigh every day of their lives in order to be Good People. This is why the Sailer Strategy cannot be very effective. If most whites were like Jews & blacks and had the unity of identity and consciousness, it could work. But too many whites have white consciousness severed from and at odds with white identity. So, their sense of whiteness isn’t about “what is good for whites?” but “what can I do to be a good person?” And as Zionists control media and academia, the Jewish Hand molds white clay minds to be ‘woke’ and cuck to Jews, blacks, and homos. (Of course, even white ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’ do act in self-interest. They want more money and good things in life. But the success must be only as individuals, never as whites. White consciousness may operate in the mode of “what is good for me?” and “what is good for the holy three of Jews, blacks, and homos?” but never of “What is good for whites?” This is why so many rich and successful whites are anti-white. They succeeded as individuals, but they feel offended by the notion that their success or power has anything to do with white identity or interests. Therefore, Sailer Strategy would be most offensive to their white consciousness.)

    Even though Antifa and BLM mobs have done their share of damage to blue cities and posh businesses, the ruling elites don’t fear them in the long run. Unlike the Labor Movement that had real legs and shaped American Politics/Economics for generations, BLM and Antifa actions are come-and-go. Blacks riot now and then, but there is no concerted effort to riot all the time. And Antifa will have their fun and then go home to take a shower and watch TV. It’s like a hippie happening. Too immature, disorganized, confused, and ridiculous to coalesce into a real movement and power bloc. As such, they mainly have symbolic value. Big Corporations and Deep State wave the BLM banner and support Antifa to direct the politics of rage away from Big Money toward ‘racists’ and ‘rednecks’. If anything, super corporations can claim to be on the side of angels because they fund BLM and bless Antifa. And Jews love it because BLM and Antifa blame ‘white supremacism’ for everything. They serve to browbeat whites into moral shame and compliance, and white cuckery is most useful to Jewish Supremacism.
    It’s also an extortion racket. Jews are hinting to white people, “Unless you give us what we want and do as we command, we will keep unleashing violence in the streets and carrying out inquisitions in the work place.” If whites had sense and courage, they would call out on the Jews, but they don’t. Indeed, even Trump and his MAGA minions are always sucking up to Jews EVEN THOUGH Jews are the main force behind anti-white hysteria. So, if you can’t push back against Jews, you must bow down and give them what they want to have any return to modicum of normality. And that means make Biden president.

  3. Exile says: • Website

    Good piece Greg – one caveat though. Ask “free speech activist” Loomer about her position on BDS.

    She’s not part of Team White and she’s a free speech carpetbagger.

    AmRen is not going to deflect one bit of criticism from anti-White Jewish outlets by promoting her.

    • Agree: AnonStarter
  4. @Rational

    Biden’s a suit wearing a corpse. Still, if you wanted change for the system, and Trump’s attempts at something fairly sensical – if often ham-fisted – weren’t enough, the ‘bad-cop’ of the duelling strategy couldn’t have been picked better.

    I don’t lol at Biden, feel sorry for him even, but I sure lol at my leftie friends justifying themselves out of knots expounding how he is ‘not demented’. If only the lols weren’t so expensive!

  5. Biff says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    Biden’s a suit wearing a corpse.

    I hate grammar nazis, and I think this can still work.

  6. @Priss Factor

    BLM/Antifa are highly organized and well funded jewish militias.

    In fact, Hitler and the Germans fought the very same Antifa we are fighting today.

    Organizing to fight back isn’t “supremacism.”

    The jews are running a color revolution.
    The fake polls are designed to prepare the populace for a Biden win, so if Trump wins they will say it’s bogus and the jew army of meth-head misfits will take to the streets. The media will claim that Trump lost and when he refuses to concede the jew army will burn, loot, and murder.

    The army of jew lawyers plan to tie the election up for weeks in court.

    On some level the American people probably understand this because evil is in the air and you can smell it. I don’t think that many people can be intimidated into voting for Biden, but I could be wrong.

    I wish the jews would move to israel and leave us the fuck alone.

    • Agree: HT, mark green
    • Thanks: true.enough
    • Troll: Corvinus
  7. anonymous[177] • Disclaimer says:

    Je suis Anglin.

  8. Alfred says:

    Social media companies are no longer “private companies.” By controlling information, they control elections. Before America goes on another crusade to spread democracy in Belarus or Hong Kong, let’s liberate ourselves first. We don’t need to topple “authoritarians” overseas. We need to bring down the semi-monopolies that rule what used to be our country.

    Sadly, this is very true. People don’t talk to their neighbours. But they will get all their information from the MSM. I guess they will pay the price.

  9. nsa says:

    President is an easy job, so how is a little incipient alzheimers a problem? Ronnie Reagan spent his last two years in office pissing in a diaper and drooling, while Nancy, her astrologer, and big Al Haig ran the country. No one noticed as the country ran even better than before. Woodie Wilson was comatose after an influenza induced stroke, so his wife Edith acted as President and no one noticed. Frankie Roosevelt was on death’s door so Eleanor made the decisions. No one noticed or cared. Likewise, being a dummy has never been a bar to occupying the White House….it might even be an advantage. Think brain damaged alcoholic moron “won’t be fooled again” Bush II….or the present ditz who spends his time putting on makeup and tweeting like a teenage girl.
    So senility is not a bar to public office. Eventually, Biden will start to drool and watch cartoons or TV sports all day from bed, so there are two possibilities. His wife (maiden name Jill Tracy Jacobs….that’s scottish, isn’t it?) makes the decisions. Or the Hindu Dindu, Kamala, married to a jew shyster, takes over. Either way, the tribe is in a great position to further their ambitions. Everyone else, of course, loses.

  10. @Rational

    And as to your point about Libertarians — they just can’t get it, that private actors may infringe people’s “liberties” as governments can. Different methods, similar outcomes.
    The US is slowly reaching the point where “government” & Oligarchs are becoming indistinguishable….I mean, for example who writes many of the Laws ? The industry the Law concerns ?

  11. @Ilya G Poimandres

    “but I sure lol at my leftie friends justifying themselves out of knots expounding how he is ‘not demented’. ”
    Hard to imagine someone on the “Left” defending Biden in any way or form. Not to be rude but maybe your “friends” are a bit “demented” ?

    • Replies: @Ilya G Poimandres
  12. @Priss Factor

    You spent all those Words whining about the Jewish Left in spite of the fact that biggest enabler of The Jew in both its Solar and Lunar phases currently occupies the White House. To the diaspora, Trump giveth a bullseye for half the goys to fight the other half, and to the Zionists giveth them peace deals, arms deals, and the literal & figurative keys to the Oval Office.

    Trump has been an unmitigated disaster.

    • Agree: Hillbob, gay troll
    • Replies: @justanothernick
  13. Surreal.



  14. Gab supports Free Speech.

    Go there to follow me @ CuckKilling Pirate.

  15. Art says:

    This has ZERO to do with Trump.

    Joe Biden is a dirty rotten crook!

    The Chinese communists have a dump truck load of blackmail material on Joe Biden — he should not – he must not be our President.

    Part of the money Hunter received from the Chinese was given to “Pop” (i.e., JOE Biden). Money for Pop has been going on for a long time.

    The American people must see this before the election!

    p.s. These China revelations has ZERO to do with Russia.

    • Replies: @Art
  16. Biff says:

    All you have to do is privatize the public arenas/squares/spaces/mediums/water and air, and bada-bing; the bill of rights is worthless.

    Then turn your private areas/homes/cars/body and health(the mind too) into a public domain and bada-bing; they’ve got you by the balls!

    Now that it is done and done why is censorship so surprising?

  17. You people make me laugh. You pitch hissy fits on pages like these, and you waste tens of thousands of dollars on lawsuits that go nowhere and then come a’begging for more to throw away. I guess Madame Pelosi was right to refer to your types as AstroTurf.

    Channel your inner Grass Roots selves and start writing letters of complaint to the FCC to exercise it’s authority over how §230 is applied or not. BTW, it’s not like you weren’t told this months ago…

    … it might be germane that §230 is adjudicated by the FCC under its regulatory powers over common carriers. Maybe the next step is to file a complaint with the FCC. Your clever legal eagles should be able to connect the dots from §230 to §204.

    Notice that Twitter only reversed course over the N.Y. Post story after the FCC’s Ajit Pai said they were looking into it.

    Hell, even the cucks have taken notice of this…

    FCC Will Move to ‘Clarify’ Section 230 Protections for Social Media Companies

    Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai said Thursday he will move to “clarify the meaning” of Section 230, the law which protects social media companies from being legally liable for the content their users post….

    “The Commission’s General Counsel has informed me that the FCC has the legal authority to interpret Section 230. Consistent with this advice, I intend to move forward with a rulemaking to clarify its meaning,” he added.


    Make sure you get your comments in for the NPRM comment period.

    • Replies: @KenH
  18. gotmituns says:

    The point here is Amren has been bought out by jews and the nypost is run by jews. They can say anything they want as long as it doesn’t reflect badly on israel. At this point, they’re both controlled, lock, stock and barrel by the jewish worldwide cabal

  19. Rich says:

    The editors at the NY Post probably fully supported censoring Amren or VDare or this site, because they foolishly thought the crazed Khmer Rouge would leave them alone. Free speech is one of our most important rights, and needs. Ideas need to be exchanged and argued about in order to find the Truth. All censorship is contemptible, and you’d think publishers and writers would at least agree on that. Maybe this action by a wannabe Pol Pot will wake up a few more.

  20. While I detest globalist Jewish activism (not Jews as such), I simply cannot comprehend all this whining about Palestinian Arabs.

    They are a part of pan- Islamic occupying horde; they are immensely more pernicious to the West than anything Jewish; and- right, whatever it may be, is not on their side. Actually, some abstract right is neither on Jewish Israeli side. These are two peoples, Jews and Arabs, fighting for the same piece of land. Arabs are absolutely intransigent, they hate the Western culture in all aspects, they behave according the pre-medieval mores (honor killings, forced conversion of Christians, terror in intimidating & killing journalists, terrorist killing of white civilians,..) & no European or white would have want to have anything to do with such a pest.

    Get real, you anti-Judaist idiots. Israel’s situation is their own problem; but Arabs & Africans are the very threat to the West, along with populous Asians of various kinds, and only morons think otherwise.

    • Troll: Skeptikal
  21. Trinity says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    And it is the Jews that are leading the way at importing Arab and African WMD into OUR nations, with a little help from our white traitor trash politicians, and their Jewish, and “colored” cohorts in Washington, D.C. IF not for the Jew, we wouldn’t have the African or Arab in our nation. Take your Jew loving ass to Israel you love them so much. Oh, that’s right, you better make sure you have Jew in your philo-Semite bloodline are you might have trouble moving to that litter box of a country.

    Oh, forgot, after the Jew helps import these hostile invaders he indoctrinates them with anti-White bashing through the Jew media on television and Jew controlled social media sites that censor any speech condemning Jewish racism, Jewish power and influence, Jewish control of the media, questioning the official narrative of the so-called holocaust or 9-11, etc. In other words they censor any truth exposing Jewish crimes and lies.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  22. May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose, Twitter

  23. Trinity says:

    Are there not other sites besides FaceBerg, Jewgle, (S)hitter, and JewTube? Why do people even use this bullshit in the first place. Best thing Trump ever did, and maybe the only meaningful that Trump accomplished is EXPOSE THE FAKE MEDIA. I guess the President is leaving it up to us to do the research and find out just who runs the fake media. Anyone in America who doesn’t know who runs the MSM and MUCH OF SOCIAL MEDIA is either so strung out on drugs, been on a decades long bender, or so “woke” that they have fell into a coma. Hell, some prepubescent kid over squatting in the dirt in China dropping wolf bait knows that Jews control the American media, both the antique television and print media and now much of social media, and they know that America bends over gladly to take one for the Jew and Israel and asks for another. Yep, that little 12 year old Chinese kid can figure it out, but when the late Jim Traficant goes on Fox News and tells Pawn Vanity about the Jew and Israel worship in Washington, our knowledgeable, news savvy, longtime anchor of one of cable news most popular shows, shits his pants and has a nervous breakdown, and of course drops accusations of Traficant being an “anti-Semite,” a conspiracy theorist, blah, blah, blah. RIP Mr. Traficant, you tried at least, that is more than I can say of anyone else in Washington, D.C.

  24. Trump has been an unmitigated disaster.

    Many people have come to realize this, but he is preferable, IMO, to the Harris/Clinton/Empty Suit ticket that represents the wrong direction for the country.

    The big issue to me is abortion, so there’s no contest between the two mainstream factions.

    Second Amendment?

  25. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Anonymous"] says:

    Americans are doomed if they don’t start seeing with “new eyes”.. Nothing sinks in., not a criminal money laundering Clinton Foundation, not the massive attacks against “white people” by the radical censoring of free speech, not the burning down of whole city blocks and the businesses of private citizens, many trying their hardest to eke out a living honestly, not the control China has over vast cultural and political areas of the U.S. and no doubt many of our “representatives” and on and on.

    Many many people have warned for years and years that the toxic ideas of cultural Marxism in seeping into American life and our Institutions would lead to the end of the U.S. as the most successful nation the world has ever known but it all fell on the politically deaf and dumb character of millions of Americans who yet go out and vote and argue about many things, except those things that are the most important and the neglect of which are destroying them.

    The interesting thing is, those who defend todays violent and radicalized democratic party are clueless and as for the politicians in the republican party, half of them are clueless or simply bought off. It couldn’t be clearer to anyone that still has a mind that can admit to itself, that what it see’s on a daily basis is in fact true. President Trump for all of his quirks and weird mannerisms, is not the problem, not even close. We have had quirky presidents before.. His aims for the nation are decent and good, despite his mannerisms. What good is supporting phony representatives who sell out to China but present a pleasant image to the public? People who want good for this country, need to go way beyond shallow and unimportant “appearances”. We need substance in our leadership. The president has it.

    • Disagree: GazaPlanet
  26. @Biff

    Of course it’s not ‘of Biden is’, but ‘Biden is’.. Never been down this alley – as an easy going grammar nazi, thank you for the synapse tickle!

  27. Trinity says:

    I told you people that the (((CoronaRona))) was a BIG HOAX. My gawd, our ancestors are going to think that we were such IDIOTS to walk around with masks on our face and fall for this shit.

  28. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Anonymous"] says:

    True. so true. But Trump has not been a disaster by any stretch of the imagination, except in the hateful and vile imaginings of the criminal democratic party leadership and its fake establishment media news complex. His handling of the economy before the virus was superb. He is not in any way responsible for the corona virus. Democrats try to convince the naive that he is the cause of it. No world leader was the cause of it. China delaying news of the spread of the virus and its very existence. Trump closed the borders and restricted travel while democrats were still busy trying to impeach him and claimed he was a “xenophobe”. They are insane.

    • Disagree: GazaPlanet
  29. Trinity says:

    Trump is definitely better than the alternative. Any white person that votes for President Harris and the resigning President Biden, ( who will promptly re\$ign if he is elected) has to be an idiot.

  30. HT says:

    Ironic that AmRen is complaining when they themselves regularly censor posts on their site.

  31. @animalogic

    I don’t throw out ad-hominem usually, but yes, yes sadly some of them are lost down a rabbit hole and a half – TDS is one hell of a poison!

    Personally it is somewhat good fun for me – showing them videos of Biden’s corruption and watching their synapses re-arrange themselves to justify graft. Or showing the kiddy-sniff videos, and watching them justify his ‘folksy demeanour’ (some of my female friends are lesbians who had.. ‘tough childhoods’ – watching them knot themselves is less fun). Or the crime bill for my non-white friends.. there’s just so much, but TDS is such a strong poison, and I don’t really get to make it to the bottom of the list before being silenced.

  32. @Trinity

    STFU moron. Those importing Africans, Arabs, various terrorist coloreds into UK, US, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Spain,… are not Jews.

    Do Jews “control” immigration in Germany? No.

    Do Jews “control” immigration in Italy? No.

    These are gluttonous & idiotic homegrown elites of these countries that lead suicidal immigration policy, along with idiotic local NGOs & stupider than ever local peoples. In case of France, it was Eric Zemmour, a Maghrebi Jew by ancestry, who raised voice against uncontrolled Muslim/black immigration swamping of France, while idiotic Alain Soral & similar imbeciles went on with their misojudaist tirades.

    Eric Zemmour’s Blockbuster Speech

    Forty Years that Unmade France

    For the plight & increase in crime only imbeciles blame a few Jewish psychos like Barbara Roche, Lerner Spectre, Tim Wise- or even George Soros.

    You can safely put blame on shoulders of economical-political-media elites of Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain, US…. which are by far white European, corrupt, anti-national, greedy & globally stupid.

    As well as on peoples of Britain, Germany, Italy…. who are, taken as a whole, incredibly stupid, degenerate, fat, lazy & without a sense of true national identity.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
  33. Jack Dorsey, the little media bitch, would rather have your attention directed to a pedophile site than to the truth… how else would that whoreson keep his company in the Zionists dominated Silly-Con Valley?

  34. Ranchpig says:

    Why isn’t anyone asking why this whole NY Post story stink to high heaven? I mean come on. It’s ridiculous on it’s face, and then the Streisand effect from twitter?
    This narrative is so fake it’s absurd. Not completely sure what the end game is. I suspect that trump is overwhelmingly supported but that vote counts don’t really matter (not sure they ever have tbh) and is this going to be a Biden victory only to be cancelled after revelations confirm corruption? Who takes over? Harris or does Trump or someone else null the election. Does the US go to temporary dictator? Or a triumvirate? Happened in Rome.
    Either way, this is a setup of pretty massive proportions. Both sides and the media are all pushing for a direction in lockstep. Winners: Elite Losers: Common People

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Getaclue
  35. Hrw-500 says:

    Wrong move then Twitter and Facebook did by censoring that article from the NY Post along with Biden emails. It had the unintended consequence to create a Streisand effect. Youtubers Styxhexenhammer666 and Timcast vlogged on the subject.

    Meanwhile, in Quebec, Canada, Alexis Cossette-Trudel alias Radio-Québec who could be the Canadian counterpart of Alex Jones got censored as well.ébec-qanon-1.5763413

    They censor everything who’s related to Covid but lots of videos related to 9-11 and JFK are still online…

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  36. Notsofast says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    how can you feel sorry for this neo-con turd and self professed zionist. he is just as guilty as bush,
    cheney, rumsfeld,rice and the rest of the war criminals that have murdered millions and displaced
    tens of millions around world. he is a portrait of the deeply imbedded corruption that is the inoperable cancer killing our political system. i hope he and his family get a taste of the suffering they have inflicted on the world.

    • Agree: Thomasina
    • Replies: @Ilya G Poimandres
  37. Deep State way: Speak softly but use a big *ick.

    Trump way: Talk loud with a small *ick.

    DC and elite circles are dominated by 95% Democrats and globalists. So, Trump can’t be anything but talk. His nationalism is small *ick kind.

  38. @Bardon Kaldian

    Mass immigration/refugee resettlement is definitely JEWS.

    Organized jewry has pushed for open borders in western countries for the last 100 years.

    Countless well funded jewish organizations push diversity and multiculturalism on unwilling people all over the globe.

    The jew media and jew academics preach the gospel of multiculturalism founded by Horace Kallen and the early marxist scum.

    Yes, there are shabbos goy sellouts like Paul Ryan/Angela Merkel, etc., but the shabbos goy scumbags are PAID by wily sneaky underhanded nation-wrecking JEWS.

    Chapter Seven in “The Culture of Critique” is bulletproof documentation of the jewish open borders agenda. In fact, it was the study of jewish involvement in pushing mass immigration that awakened Kevin Macdonald to the duplicity of organized jewry.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  39. Until the right to speak freely is universally recognized as vital to life–like air or water–there will be trouble.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  40. KenH says:
    @The Alarmist

    Channel your inner Grass Roots selves and start writing letters of complaint to the FCC

    Great idea, but that will probably be about as effective as writing letters to your Congressman and Senators especially if Jackanapes Dorsey or other tech industry heavies are offering Ajit Pai a seven figure salary after he leaves D.C.

  41. Getaclue says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Your statement is laughable, a flat out lie — it is Jewish Activists in all these countries, including even Ireland now, that are causing the mass importation — Soros is a Jew and contrary to the bs trying to say otherwise he is all for Israel and all part of the plan — this is a fact. Why lie about it? The Rabbis are very out front as to the truth of what the Jews are doing in importing Muslims into Europe and the USA. Deny this Schlomo?:

    Video Link

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  42. Getaclue says:
    @Robert Dolan

    This sums it up right here — out of their own mouths– the truth:

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Trinity
  43. Rich says:

    Why does it stink? Why aren’t the Bidens denying any of it? Obviously his kid was being paid as a bribe to the father, why else would the kid be on the board of Burisma? There must be a mountain of evidence out there that foreign agents will be using against Biden if he ever gets sworn in. My own guess is that Kamala, who got her break on her back and her knees, is the more easily controlled of the two, so Joe probably won’t make it to January 20th if he does somehow get the electoral votes. We’ll see.

  44. Getaclue says:

    Hunter Bidens own LAWYER sent an email trying to get Biden’s Laptop back, he knew it belonged to Hunter Biden and wanted it back– how now do you find this “story” “ridiculous”? — LOL — there is absolutely no doubt the idiot left the Computer there and never picked it up and thus forfeited it — yes, he is that cracked/methed out, look at the photos and video of him on it, he’s barely conscious he’s so drugged out — Vote for Biden and this is what we get — actually we get Kamala — no thanks.

  45. I don’t understand why the author is so surprised.

    YouTube is heavily censored. Your comments can get deleted within 30 secs.

    Facebook outright bans you for having different opinions than the ones it supports.

    Reddit outright deletes your comments with automods.

    Google buries you by taking you out of the search results.

    Why so surprise by what tweeter is doing?

    There is no freedom of anything.

    • Disagree: Corvinus
  46. Agent76 says:

    Jan 31, 2020 Opting Out of Technocracy with Derrick Broze

    We all know the existential threat that technocracy poses to the human species. So what’s the solution to this problem?

    Sep 11, 2020 Stefan Molyneux Responds To Censorship Of “Unacceptable Speech”

    From Modern Wisdom Podcast #195 | Stefan Molyneux | Why YouTube Deleted My Channel.

  47. Corvinus says:

    “The right-leaning tabloid published a damning report about how Hunter Biden profited from his father’s influence…”

    It’s a report that already has been debunked.

    Remember, social media companies are not covered by the First Amendment. They may do what they want with the content on their site. Don’t like it? Take Alt Right leader Vox Day’s advice–build your own platforms.

  48. Trinity says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    And people of Israel, i.e. Jews ….. who are taken as a whole, incredibly degenerate, fat, DEFINITELY lazy and a great deal are probably mentally ill and clinically insane, SHLOMO.

    Not put that in your bagel and shove it, beyootch. Jews have been doing their best to FLOOD America and White Nations with Black and Brown malcontents for decades. Israel MUST learn to embrace diversity.

    • Troll: Corvinus
  49. @Notsofast

    He’s ill. I’d wish understanding for him, not death. That he is used by his ‘friends’ after working for them for half a century is, expected, but sad.

  50. Trinity says:

    Right out of their own mouths indeed. I am sure our Jew apologist will have something to say.

  51. @Corvinus

    Build your own platforms? Then the jews yank your payment processors and bank access.

    The “Russians” have nothing to do with Hunter Biden’s computer. How could anyone believe something so stupid?

    What the hell are you talking about?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @GazaPlanet
  52. Corvinus says:
    @Robert Dolan

    “Build your own platforms? Then the jews yank your payment processors and bank access.”

    No. Platforms, payment processors, bank access–the Alt Right is building it all from scratch. Where have you been?

    “The “Russians” have nothing to do with Hunter Biden’s computer. How could anyone believe something so stupid?”

    Please read more critically.

    Now, asking for a friend–are the Jews in your closet, under your bed, or both?

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
  53. Bro43rd says:

    Using bluecheckers as refutation of the story is irony defined, lol. As bugs would say “what a maroon”.

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  54. @Bardon Kaldian

    Jewish activist groups command European governments to shut down anti-immigration political organizing. Throw them in prison on trumped up charges.

    Let me tell you something, Trump would be the first to throw his own voters in prison should the Jews give the word. That is apparent, and that is why he is struggling.

  55. @Robert Dolan

    Jews believe they are entitled to state protected monopolies that surveil and regulate the communications of gentiles. These monopolies are 100% state sponsored and protected. Should real competition arise, it will be criminalized.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Troll: Corvinus
  56. Corvinus says:

    “Using bluecheckers as refutation of the story is irony defined”

    No, it’s called using sources. Now, if you have a particular qualm with what they are reporting, then offer up a cogent rebuttal. You can do that, right, rather than normalizing degenerative behavior such as promoting the Fake News mantra?

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
    , @Bro43rd
  57. annoymous says:

    Warning Unless you have installed and working equipment and software, capable both to detect mind control propaganda and content and unless your software and hardware is capable to warn you when your private data is being extracted into a data repository, or capable to warn you that a third party is spying on your activities, and even deciding what you may and may not see, you should avoid MSM websites. We suggest check all mainstream websites for mind control, data collection, and redirection at Moonon

    Unless you are a trained and certified expert at detecting the dangers to your democracy and freedom of your persons, and unless you have installed and working equipment and software, which prevents browsers, without your permission, to display content from websites, known to carry MSM content, you should proceed, only if you are properly equipped and trained, if you do decide to proceed, you should proceed with extreme caution as your freedom is at stake. .

  58. Agent76 says:

    This is not a right wing source.

    Apr 11, 2020 Joe Biden’s TOUGHEST Foe

    Joe Biden is having trouble forming understandable sentences.

  59. Thomasina says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    A medical doctor/author who writes about the mind/body connection said, “Research shows that what causes stress in people is:

    – uncertainty
    – lack of information
    – loss of control


    – lack of opportunity to express yourself.”

    The current environment is overflowing with all of the above. People are under enormous stress, to the point of being choked.

    The elite started tightening up the moment people began to realize that the tide was coming in around them and they started speaking up. They’re stalling for time, controlling the narrative and stifling voices until they can get all of their ducks in a row.

    The elite WILL eventually let up, but by then it will be too late. Only when the country is ruined and there’s nothing left to do about it will the elite relent.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  60. (Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)

    As I’ve already pointed out on this website once, AmRen allows Disqus to moderate their comment section. Disqus is owned by the Zeta Group which is itself run by JEWS. Yet, Ron continues to allow this kike-controlled website’s articles to be republished on his site. Is Unz now in the pocket of Big Jew?

  61. geokat62 says:
    @Priss Factor

    True Leftism would direct its energies against the richest and the most powerful…

    But they happily ally with the existing ‘left’ because it’s mostly bogus.

    What you call “true/existing left” is really better known as the Old/New Left.

    Whereas the Old Left was predicated on waging the battle on the economic front, the New Left shifted the battlefront to the cultural sphere. And this nifty piece of legerdemain just happened to coincide with WASPs being displaced by Jews as our ruling elite.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  62. @Supply and Demand

    The Zionist faction, not the Left faction. Netanyahu is not the Jewish Left, they hate him.

  63. @Bardon Kaldian

    For your information, a Johns Hopkins study revealed that the genome of the Palestinian people is some 80% derived from the ancient HEBREWS. Get that?

    When the Roman emperor Titus defeated the Jewish rebels, essentially the whole lot of the Jewish elite was deported from Palestine. However, the country-folk, the craftsmen and the small-scale merchants were left alone and became the present Palestinian people.

    The majority of Talmudists in
    the U\$, were descended from the tribal nation of Khazarians, who were converted en masse to Talmudism in the 800’s A.D.–in other words 800 years after the man from Nazareth drove the money-changers out of the Temple–calling them the “Synagogue of Satan”. This mass conversion of the Khazarian tribal nation also occurred almost 200 years after Mohammed created Islam.

    The demographics of contemporary Judaism of the Talmudic persuasion tell us that by DNA studies, only two to five per cent of them are descended from those ancient Hebrews. Sorry to rain on your parade, but you already were all wet.

  64. GoodTwin says:
    @Priss Factor

    Weren’t there actual Jew Nazis too?

  65. @Thomasina

    Elite control is closely akin to the policy here of allowing only 3 comments per 8 hours. I wonder if Ron Unz even knows of this policy. I had intended to simply post that I agreed with the statement by Thomasina. The whole thing is all about CONTROLLING THE MESSAGE. The financiers behind the NWO are all about keeping from informing each other.

  66. @geokat62

    What you call “true/existing left” is really better known as the Old/New Left.
    Whereas the Old Left was predicated on waging the battle on the economic front, the New Left shifted the battlefront to the cultural sphere. And this nifty piece of legerdemain just happened to coincide with WASPs being displaced by Jews as our ruling elite.

    No, I must disagree.

    The ‘New Left’ refers to the Sixties when the themes were still connected to and were extensions of the Old Left or Classic Left.

    The 60s New Left was focus more on identity, but this was part of the broad sweep of anti-imperialist nationalism that defined the post-WWII world. Cuban Revolution, Vietnam War, Algerian War, and many others. So, naturally, certain groups such as blacks in the West defined their movement along identity as well as ideological lines.

    The New Left also emphasized the role of youth in the movement.
    Also, it made room for stuff like ‘gay liberation’, and even that could be interpreted as being in line with classic leftism. Humane treatment of minorities. Also, there was a classical liberal element in the right of individuals to choose their own lifestyles.

    What we have now is not the New Left. It’s the bogus ‘left’. It isn’t ‘cultural marxism’ but ‘cultural capitalism’. Capitalism breeds indulgence and decadence. It fosters vanity and greed. There is nothing ideological about the current ‘left’. Is it about equality? If so, why is it okay with US favoring Zionists over Palestinians? Why does it care mostly about Jews, homos, and blacks? Sure, they yammer about holocaust, ‘homophobia’, and ‘muh slavery’, but it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with those three groups having dominance in certain areas of capitalism. Jews run finance, gambling, Hollywood, Big Tech, and media. They got big money. That’s what tall this Jew-worship is about. And blacks won big in pop music, sex culture, and sports mania. That’s why they are idolized as super people. BLM isn’t about ‘black lives matter’ but ‘black lives matter more because blacks got badass cool points’. So, it’s wrong even for cops to kill BAD blacks. Blacks should be above the law. And why do white ‘leftists’ and even conzos worship blacks? They see blacks as top athletes and studs. It’s about whites cucking to blacks as the superior race cuz they dominate football and got bigger dongs and bouncier buns. And homos are big winners in fashion, entertainment, and elite circles. It’s the New Supremacism and has NOTHING to do with leftism that is essentially about universal justice and equality. What goes by ‘leftism’ is all about special idolatry of Jews, homos, and blacks.

    If this ‘new left’ is about equality, where is the outrage over all the Arabs/Muslims killed by Zionist-run US?

    Also, notice the difference between the Old/New Left’s tolerance of minorities and the current ‘Left’ that demands we submit and worship at the feet of Jews, blacks, and homos. In the ‘gay liberation’ 60s, the idea was homos should be allowed to be free and left alone. That could be construed as part of leftist ideology, i.e. humane treatment of minorities.

    But mindless worship of sodomy and tranny-penis-cutting? And placing homo symbols in houses of worship? THIS craziness has nothing to do with leftism of any kind. It is homo-supremacism as proxy of Jewish supremacism.
    It’s just Jewish Power in supremacist mode but window-dressing it as ‘leftism’ and ‘progress’.
    And so many people fall for it.

    By calling it the ‘left’, people are falling into a trap. It gives false impression that Jews, blacks, and homos are invested in equlity and justice when all they’re interested in is making other groups suck up to them. It’s far better to call it Tri-Supremacism. Of Jews, blacks, and homos. No one else matters. Just ask the Palestinians. BDS has been suppressed and people have been blacklisted. Well, where is the outrage among the ‘left’? It’s utterly phony.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @James O'Meara
  67. @Robert Dolan

    There will be no justice and no peace on Earth until we finally “abolish Jewishness”. I wonder if that will be ever possible though anymore, we (as the white race) missed our last opportunity propably eight decades ago.
    I don’t advocate murder though. Erasing their toxic culture and forcing all of them to miscegenate would be enough. But that is what they are doing to us currently…

  68. Art says:

    Joe Biden is a crook. He has taken money for foreign access to himself. His family members have taken money from Chinese individuals – promising them access to the Vice President of the United States. They gave half the Chinese money to “Pop” and kept the rest.

    With this immoral bribe situation – China can blackmail America.

    Currently, there are only emails to substantiate this. Nevertheless – what is there is damming.

    Surprise surprise – the FBI has had these emails sense last December and done nothing about them.

    Surprise surprise – congress is all death and dumb about these bribes.

    Surprise surprise – the MSM refuses to talk about them.

    Is this how all of Washington functions. Is there an honest person in DC?

    Rudy Giuliani Made A Number Of Claims During His Daily Caller Interview. Here’s Where They Stand

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Art
  69. geokat62 says:
    @Priss Factor

    What we have now is not the New Left. It’s the bogus ‘left’. It isn’t ‘cultural marxism’ but ‘cultural capitalism’.

    I think you’ve just identified the three phases in Jewish Supremacy Inc.’s game-plan:

    1. Old Left (Classical Marxism)
    2. New Left (Cultural Marxism)
    3. New New Left? (Cultural Capitalism)

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  70. @Majority of One

    1. there is no genome of ancient Hebrews. Such does not exist.

    2. Khazar hypothesis has been long since debunked.

    3. Identity is not ancestry, and Jewish identity as rooted in history, language, culture, religion, calendar,…. is much more important & historically justified than that of Arabic invaders who conquered what is now Israel more than 1500 years after Jews had built Jerusalem. Identity is national destiny, and Jews from Europe are historical descendants of those people who dwelled in Jerusalem 500-1000 years BC, while Palestinian Arabs are mostly newcomers, identifying themselves with a prophet/conqueror from the Arabian peninsula, and not with historical Hebrew nation.

    Ashkenazi Jews Are Indigenous To Israel, Not Europe

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  71. @Art

    Keep in mind the fact that the intelligence agencies knew about Hunter Biden as well as Obamagate all through the Russian collusion/Mueller investigation and impeachment. They allowed Trump and our citizens to go through a bullshit hoax…..all for nothing. And when that hoax petered out they trotted out the covid hoax and the George Floyd hoax that we still suffer under.

    Our government is basically just a crew of slimy bag men for the small hats.

    • Replies: @Art
  72. Today, egalitarians claim everything is racist, including the national anthem, the national parks…

    Nation is cognate with natal, and race‘s root means “root”. Were racist a genuine word to begin with, they’d have a valid point.

  73. The forces of censorship change hats all the time. Used to be the Church or the King, then commies and tinpot dictators. Now it’s imams, tech twerps and assorted globalist swine’s turn at bat.

    Wherever free speech is allowed, the timbre becomes more and more right wing, including facts and logic disputing race, “climate change,” keynesian fartnomics and whatever shitlib cause du jour appears.

  74. Jews, it is true, can become tearily emotional when they speak of racial diversity, as though, gifted with special spiritual insight, they see in expanding non-White populations a moral progression away from primitive race loyalty and toward a new age of enlightened racelessness. “If you believe,” the neoconservative Ben Wattenberg has written, “… that the American drama is being played out toward a purpose, then the non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental quality.” Yet we know for certain that such eloquent professions of anti-racialism are a sham, representing only a Jewish tactic, not a genuine belief. That is the most important lesson which broad Jewish support for Zionism teaches. If Wattenberg had also extolled the “almost transcendental quality” of some future dejudaization of Israel, we would be forced to concede his sincerity. Since he is in fact a Zionist, we can justly dismiss him as a fraud and accurately label him a political enemy, as we can all Jews who exhibit the same self-interested double standard. It is clear that no Jew can be at once a principled anti-racialist and a principled supporter of Israel, and since most Jews are both anti-racialists and Zionists, we can safely conclude that most Jews are unprincipled hypocrites, claiming a purported moral quality — anti-racialism — that they manifestly do not possess.

    • Agree: MrVoid
  75. @Majority of One

    …only two to five per cent of them are descended from those ancient Hebrews.

    Elementary arithmetic would convince any rational person that everyone on the planet is descended from the ancient Hebrews, and from every other Old World tribe of the day.

    Start with two, then multiply by eight for each century in-between. You’re soon into the quintillions.

    • Replies: @Crawfurdmuir
  76. Art says:

    Joe Biden is a crook. He has taken bribe money for foreign access to himself.

    Rudy Giuliani releases damming Biden emails.

    What the hell — the FBI investigates Rudy – not the Bidens!

    Report: FBI Probing Whether Foreign Operatives Aided Release Of Hunter Biden Emails

  77. @geokat62

    I think you’ve just identified the three phases in Jewish Supremacy Inc.’s game-plan:
    1. Old Left (Classical Marxism)
    2. New Left (Cultural Marxism)
    3. New New Left? (Cultural Capitalism)

    While, as Kevin MacDonald suggests, there was always Jewish consciousness even among leftist-universalist Jews, it’s a stretch to say that Marxism and Frankfurt School were part of some Jewish master plan.

    Marx devoted his entire life to communism and ended up in poverty. He was a true believer. And despite their Jewish biases, most Jewish Bolsheviks were also true believers.

    Frankfurt guys were maybe more devious, but their adherence to Marxism-Freudianism was genuine enough. They really did put forth ideological arguments based on systems of thought.
    And they were astute critics of the degrading and dehumanizing effects of consumer capitalism.

    So, both Marxism and Frankfurt School were part of the real left.

    But the current nonsense pushed by ‘liberal’ and ‘leftist’ Jews is utter garbage. There is no rhyme or reason to anything. It’s just Big Tech and Big Advertising promoting globo-homo and globo-negro as avatars of vanity and badass cool that globo-capitalism markets around the world. We know it’s garbage because homos cater to the rich, and BLM is based not even on a half-truth but an utter lie.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Robert Dolan
  78. @Priss Factor

    It’s all about the Jooooooz.

    Every corrupt and hypocritical Politician or Power Broker?

    A Jew, or owned by a Jew.

    Every filthy, evil, and anti-human event?

    Jews are in it, behind it, or planning it.

    Wake up people.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  79. @Truth Hurts the Liars

    It’s all about the Jooooooz.
    Every corrupt and hypocritical Politician or Power Broker?

    I appreciate the sarcasm, but yes, it’s about the Jews.

    Only two groups ruled America: Wasps and Jews. No other people did. The power went from long Anglo-American rule to Jewish-globalist rule.

    Who else rules America? Hindus? Mexicans? Eskimos? Chinese? Poles? Irish?
    The Irish used to run many big cities but they lost out to Jews and Homos. Luck of the Irish is now Cuck of the Irish. Irish are so cucked that they are allowing Africans and others to take over their island nation. Irish are totally mind-controlled by PC pushed by Jews.

    Jews got the combination of money power, moral power, and military power(as those who control the deep state also control the military).

    Jews are smart and made lots of money. Jews used the Holocaust to turn themselves in new christs, i.e. Jews died for the sins of the West and therefore the white race must worship Jews as new jesuses. That is the main religion in US and EU. And Jews control shill politicians and deep state, and that means Jews can use the US military for wars for Israel.

    Many whites are rich, but they got no moral power. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are super-rich, but as whites, they got zero moral power. Whiteness = ‘racism’ in the ‘woke’ order. So, rich whites can never use their money for white interests. That’d be ‘racist’. In contrast, as Jewishness = holy, Jews can use their money for Jewish power. Furthermore, Jews can demand that goyim serve holy Jewish interests.

    That’s a lot of power.

  80. Notsofast says:

    So you believe the intel that chris murphy has seen? From the same people that brought us russiagate and this “debunks” the story. I think you drank way too much of their koolaid and need to lay down and take a long, long nap.

  81. Art says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Keep in mind the fact that the intelligence agencies knew about Hunter Biden as well as Obamagate all through the Russian collusion/Mueller investigation and impeachment.

    Exactly – these new emails the FBI has had sense December 2019. They have done nothing.

    Hmm — How many years have they known about the Bidens?

    Hmm — One could guess that the FBI has something on most all of congress.

    Hmm — Trump may be the most honest politician in DC.

  82. @Reg Cæsar

    Elementary arithmetic would convince any rational person that everyone on the planet is descended from the ancient Hebrews, and from every other Old World tribe of the day.

    Start with two, then multiply by eight for each century in-between. You’re soon into the quintillions.

    This would be true only if we assume all marriages or other reproductive unions were exogamous. In fact, the world population at the time of the ancient Hebrews (or any other potential progenitors) was much smaller than the number implied by such an assumption. Moreover, while there were certainly episodes of mass migration in the distant past (e.g., those of the Visigoths, Ostrogoths, and Vandals), most people stayed close to where they were born, and married within their respective social strata. This resulted in considerable localized inbreeding. As a consequence, different racial and ethnic types developed, the physical characteristics of which reflected a sort of family resemblance.

    The past generation within which many people cease to have completely exogamous ancestry is in many cases surprisingly recent. I have found marriages of cousins in my own genealogy as late as the eighteenth century. There simply were not enough people in Britain’s North American colonies to have made such unions unlikely.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  83. Biff says:

    Interesting and relevant:

    Censorship power, like the tech giants who now wield it, is an instrument of status quo preservation.

  84. @Bardon Kaldian

    Barred One: Your first point-Genome. DNA studies have revealed that the average of NEANDERTHAL DNA in averaged Europeans is something like two percent. And you tell me that graveyards in Palestine do not contain bodies of ancient Hebrew DNA?

    Point number two: That Khazarian hypothesis has long since been debunked? By whom was this Archie Bunker shtick presented? There is a website called “”. I dare you to research that site as I did. Some Yids are proud of their Khazarian ancestry. Why not you?

    Number Three: Now, I’m wondering if you are not one of those Southern-fried pecans who follow the totally heretical tenets of the “Reverend” James Hagee of Fort Worthless, Texas, avidly awaiting the Rupture, rather than some dissembling Yidsky who is not proud of his own ethnic heritage.

    The ancient Hebes were invaders of Canaan/Palestine in their day, wiping out whole cities by massacring everyone (except virginal females who were kept for sex-slaves) according to the dictums of their self-created tribal WarGod , Yahweh. May his accursed name expire in a vat of boiling excrement, according to the old Talmudic malediction.

    As for referencing the Times of Israel…is that publication not an effusion of the egregious Ruppert Murdoch. The hysterical Hebrew nation is nothing more than a bunch of neurotic dick-cutters.

  85. geokat62 says:
    @Priss Factor

    … it’s a stretch to say that Marxism and Frankfurt School were part of some Jewish master plan.

    Have you read Douglas Reed’s Controversy of Zion? That’s his thesis.

    So, both Marxism and Frankfurt School were part of the real left.

    I thought the American Jewish Committee sponsored their Studies in Prejudice series to combat anti-Semitism? And leading members of the Frankfurt School contributed to this series, especially Theodor Adorno, who authored The Authoritarian Personality. Here’s how one observer characterized the book’s goal:

    [it] was to eliminate antisemitism by “subjecting the American people to what amounted to collective psychotherapy — by treating them as inmates of an insane asylum.”

    Have you come across this review by a Forward contributor on Jack Jacobs’ book The Frankfurt School, Jewish Lives, and Antisemitism? Jacobs is a professor of political science at John Jay College and the CUNY Graduate Center. His book “offers a compellingly detailed analysis on [key] members” of the Frankfurt School, “revealing the essence of thinker’s’ hearts and lives, [especially] how Judaism impacted their lives and work.

    Here are a few excerpts from the Forward review:

    Once in America, Horkheimer and Adorno sought funding for studies on anti-Semitism there. They may have felt that Europe was already a familiar lost cause, but in the U.S.A., they were freshly surprised to learn that anti-Semitism was also rife, from university quotas barring Jewish students and faculty to popular radio broadcasts by the Roman Catholic priest Charles Edward Coughlin, who preached hatred of the Jews to 1930s America.

    To this effect, Adorno wrote home to his parents in 1940: “Fascism in Germany, which is inseparable from anti-Semitism, is no psychological anomaly of the German national character. It is a universal tendency …The conditions for it – and I mean all of them, not only the economic but also the mass psychological ones – are at least as present [in America] as in Germany…and the barbaric semi-civilization of this country will spawn forms no less terrible than those in Germany.”

    While they remain appropriate targets for vehement political criticism today, the thinkers of the Frankfurt school must henceforth be seen, thanks to Jacobs’ lucid presentation, in the light of their Jewish ancestry and awareness of the international blight of anti-Semitism.

    Still think the Frankfurt School was part of the real left?

  86. @Priss Factor

    I side with KMAC.

    Every move the small hats make is connected to their cohesive group strategy, which amounts to ruling over all of humanity to circumvent “anti-semitism.”

    marx died broke because he was a lazy POS and he let his wife and kids starve.

    Every breath they take they ask themselves, “Is it good for the jews?”

    And you can bet that whatever is good for the jews is NOT good for the rest of us.

    The “real left” is jews.

    jews ARE the left. Liberalism is a cover for the naked self interest of the jews.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  87. HT says:
    @Priss Factor

    Way too much truth there for AmRen. They’d delete that post in seconds because they love Leftists including Leftist Jews.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  88. bjondo says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    You are a deceiving Yid same as Loomer.

  89. vot tak says:

    Oracle CEO Donated Quarter of a Million Dollars to Sen Graham’s Super PAC 3 Days Before TikTok Deal

    “CEO of the tech giant Oracle, Larry Ellison, donated a hefty sum of \$250,000 to the “Security is Strength” Super PAC, which only supports Senator Lindsey Graham’s re-election bid, three days before TikTok announced that it would strike a deal with Oracle to avoid being banned in the US.

    Graham, who is currently trailing slightly in the polls behind his Democratic opponent, Jaime Harrison, previously claimed that he would be the one responsible for saving TikTok from being pushed out of the US should a deal be reached. He namely shared that he tried to personally convince Trump to let TikTok “thrive” under the control of an American company.”

  90. @Corvinus

    That guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. When I built my ever-expanding social media site (coding provided gratis by White programmers squeezed out by curries), I not only used Bank of the Alt-Right for payment processing, they even loaned me my start up money, thanks to the right-wing billionaires who provided them with financial backing.

    Anyone who doesn’t run a vast, immensely profitable alt-right social media empire is just fucking lazy — Ayn Rand’s head in a bottle

  91. @Corvinus

    “It’s called using sources”

    My anonymous sources say you’re a pedophile.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  92. @Priss Factor

    “In the ‘gay liberation’ 60s, the idea was homos should be allowed to be free and left alone. That could be construed as part of leftist ideology, i.e. humane treatment of minorities.

    “But mindless worship of sodomy and tranny-penis-cutting? And placing homo symbols in houses of worship? THIS craziness has nothing to do with leftism of any kind. It is homo-supremacism as proxy of Jewish supremacism. It’s just Jewish Power in supremacist mode but window-dressing it as ‘leftism’ and ‘progress’.”

    You magnificent bastard! You’ve read my book!

  93. Skeptikal says:

    Do you mean a corpse wearing a suit?

  94. @Ilya G Poimandres

    Can’t believe no Boomer has used this meme yet:

    Papoon for President — Not Insane!

  95. Corvinus says:
    @Peter D. Bredon

    LOL, when you resort to an ad hominem attack, you know you already lost the argument.

    On a more important and relevant matter, your boss at Counter Currents is desperately trying to curry favor within the White Nationalist movement, demanding **inclusion** for a rainbow coalition (snicker snack). I thought that he would show a disdain for Alinsky tactics.

    Grey Johnson–“My view is that White Nationalism should be ‘straight but not narrow,’ meaning that we should uphold and defend heterosexuality as the norm but also recognize that not everyone fits that norm,” Johnson wrote. “As long as homosexuals uphold healthy norms and have something positive to contribute, they can and do make our movement stronger.”

    LOL, is not the gay lifestyle according to White Nationalist Christians an affront to the Word and Laws of God? Is not homosexuality incompatible with pro-Western and pro-Christian values, which are at the core of the White nationalist movement? Is not the gay lifestyle an affront to normal human behaviors as espoused by those two philosophies? So, what exactly are the metrics involved for “healthy norms”?

    Rest assured, Greg can be cured.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  96. Bro43rd says:

    Using fake news “sources” is more irony defined. Somehow lost on you though, lol.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  97. @Corvinus

    One does tend to wonder from which of the corvid species Corvinus happens to be descended. Could it be the raucus bluejays, the quothing ravens or would be be the cawing and cackling crows? In any event, birds of a feather flock together and his creepuscular comments would fit right in with a caucus of crows.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  98. KenH says:

    It’s hard to feel sorry for beltway cucks when they get censored by the tech monopolies. They clapped like circus seals when anti-Jewish white nationalists were getting booted from platforms. So did some Jew neutral pro-white sites who congratulated themselves on being “respectable” and not like those icky and extreme anti-semites. But then they, too, started getting censored and deplatformed and the whining started.

    I’m sure there’s a number of ways to solve the problem but legislation is needed to ban political viewpoint discrimination on major tech platforms. Of course this is unlikely because the censoring and deplatforming is being done by radical leftists and against those deemed enemies of the radical (Jew led) left who control said platforms so Democrats could care less but if the left was getting censored and deplatformed then the Democrats would be screaming bloody murder and have a bill ready in 24hrs and the virtue signaling Republicans would eagerly sign on.

  99. @Crawfurdmuir

    The ratios will differ, but everyone in the West, and the Middle East, will be descended from both Charlemagne and Mohammed today. Except perhaps the Sentinelese.

  100. @Robert Dolan

    I side with KMAC.
    Every move the small hats make is connected to their cohesive group strategy, which amounts to ruling over all of humanity to circumvent “anti-semitism.”

    I agree to the point that there is always a SUBCONSCIOUS tribal element in Jewish actions. But this doesn’t mean that many Jewish communists were not sincere communists. They were sincere in their communism and sought to create a new world. But in the corners of their mind, they had feelings about how it would impact Jewishness.

    But this is true of other peoples as well. Consider the notion of ‘implicit whiteness’. While most white progs are sincere in their ‘white guilt’ ideology, they nevertheless subconsciously and even consciously seek out white communities.

    And even though Russians and Chinese were both committed to world communism, they were motivated by national considerations as well.

    My understanding of Kevin MacDonald is that he believes Jews act in Jewishy ways subconsciously if not always consciously. So, it’s not like there always was a Master Jewish Plan but even Jews who subscribe to universal ideologies can’t help feeling Jewishy on some level.

    Another factor is the Jewish realization of actual differences among the groups. So, even if a bunch of Jews were sincerely and idealistically committed to some universal ideology, they would soon realize that they are smarter than their goy counterparts. In time, they would lose enthusiasm in the movement because they’d end up feeling superior to dimwit goyim at the end of the day.

    I think this happened with Jews and labor movement. Many Jews in the early 20th century really did believe in the Workers of the World and that anyone was just as capable in brain and ability as long as he was given a fair chance. But Jews soon realized that most working class folks are rather dim and of no special interest to smarter Jews.

  101. Corvinus says:

    “Using fake news “sources” is more irony defined. Somehow lost on you though, lol.”

    No, doesn’t work that way. You have to offer counter evidence rather than entirely dismiss the sources. Otherwise, you are devolving into anti-intellectualism. I understand what was presented to you makes you feel uncomfortable because it challenges your worldview.

  102. Corvinus says:
    @Majority of One

    You know you already lost the argument when you resort to ad hominem.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  103. No way Trump loses the election, unless the Democrats carry through with their coup attempt. Trump is ahead with voters by a wide margin. That does not mean he is going to win in a landslide like he should. They are going to contest the results as long as possible. It may be 2021 before they choose a winner. Pelosi is next in line, if it is not resolved by January. Having Pelosi in there, regardless if only for a few days, would be the Satanic cult’s dream scenario.

  104. @Corvinus

    “Word of God” is the quintessence of ad hominem. Creator speaks to our hearts and needs no tablets of stone, nor “holy” books commissioned by the emperor of Rome.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  105. Corvinus says:
    @Majority of One

    ““Word of God” is the quintessence of ad hominem”.

    That is patently false.

    “Creator speaks to our hearts and needs no tablets of stone, nor “holy” books commissioned by the emperor of Rome”.

    The Holy Books were in large part written by Jesus’ disciples.

  106. Factorize says:

    Multiple consecutive generations of my family have developed dominant Alzheimer’s dementia. It is truly beyond my imagination how this self-apparent issue of dementing illness in the presidential election has not been specifically addressed. Both candidates should be required, immediately, to present brain imaging scans to attest to their mental competency. As a casual observer, my best estimation is that the Democratic presidential candidate would not be able to fulfill his term in office if elected due to AD progression. Treatments are emerging, though it is still unclear to me whether even they would be sufficient.

    One suspects that the vice-president likely would be beta amyloid positive, have shrinkage of his hippocampi, and exhibit clear neurodegeneration on neuroimaging scans. I personally feel great compassion for those suffering from this illness, yet I also am highly aware of how destructive giving power to those who are not mentally competent can be.

    AD is a progressive neurodegenerative illness: Patients at this time do not get better, they continue to deteriorate into profound disability. People who simply look at current performance and falsely believe that there is not a problem do not realize that there are short-term strategies to boost cognitive ability, though these strategies will not successfully maintain mental ability over even the medium term. The candidates should be required to disclose whether they are currently being prescribed cognitive enhancement therapies. This election cycle has introduced the potential that a candidate who has not been fully vetted by the typical political selection process could be elected; as someone with personal family experience coping with Alzheimer’s I find such a possibility disturbing.

  107. madmarc says:

    “Barring an unprecedented polling error, in less than a month, Republicans will lose the White House and possibly the Senate. ”

    Unprecedented? In what universe? I.E. last election.

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