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The ‘N-Word’ Pass for Violence
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Last year, Robert Hampton cited several cases of black criminals, even a murderer, who were let go or got light sentences because of “racism.” A murderer’s conviction was overturned because a juror might have said the “N word.” The juror denied it, but that didn’t matter.

People in police departments, security companies, and the military have told me that blacks often justify attacks on whites by claiming the victim used the forbidden word. This, apparently, justifies violence, but the trick works only for blacks. If you insult whites or Hispanics, they’re not allowed to attack or kill you.

In the most recent case, a black man, Corey Pujols, punched a 77-year-old man in a donut shop after he allegedly called him a n***er. The elderly man complained about poor service and Mr. Pujols claims he heard the slur. He says he told the man to repeat the word, the man obliged, and Mr. Pujols punched him. The man died two days later in the hospital. We don’t even know if the dead man really used the dreaded word. Thus far, I’ve seen no evidence other than the suspect’s claims.

The police report does not mention the name or race of the victim. He may have been a Hispanic, an Asian, or even another black man. That didn’t stop this woman from tweeting:

The police arrested Mr. Pujols and the court charged him with aggravated manslaughter. That’s probably right. I doubt Mr. Pujols intended to kill the man, but he dealt a death blow to an old man who didn’t (and probably couldn’t) threaten him. The victim’s age means the charge is more serious. The attack was caught on camera, so this should be an open-and-shut case.

However, in post-America, “the rule of law” gets tricky. The relative unity and strength of racial groups can determine “justice.” Derek Chauvin’s trial was a powerful example of this.

Thus, Mr. Pujols enjoys some privileges whites don’t. There were fundraisers for him on GoFundMe, a company that banned fundraisers for people trying to raise money after January 6th for travel to a Trump rally. Some fundraisers for Mr. Pujols appear to have been taken down, but two remain.

One that has come down asked people to “HELP COREY PUJOLS AND STAND AGAINST RACISM.” It declared:

Corey like most of us, was fed up with blatant, public racism in this country and when the man decided to keep calling him names, punched the man, who fell and hit his head and later died as a result. In no way did he mean to kill this man, he was just tired of being degraded publicly by someone who saw no wrong in doing so. Corey is facing a Aggravated Manslaughter charge as a result. He needs help, to be shown that there are people out there that are also fed up with the way this country is.

Another fundraiser used the hashtag #BlackPride. The website “AllHipHop” told its readers:

[T]his is still an extremely racist country with racist people and a racist legal and court system. AND this is Florida. The odds are stacked against Corey even though his fellow employees say he was a good person.

On Twitter, many defended Mr. Pujols. Just three examples:

The most prominent was journalist and commentator “Touré,” who tweeted about the case many times.

There have been many attacks on old Asians in recent weeks, and the attackers are mostly blacks. They don’t seem to have any hesitation in attacking the weak and helpless.

However, let’s take the worst-case scenario. Let’s say the man walked into Dunkin’ and wanted to insult a black man. Does that justify violence? If blacks believe it does, does this work for other races? If so, we should have the right to slug almost every journalist in the country because of the things they say about white people. Can blacks attack other non-whites who use the word?

The “N word,” which I won’t use here because of what it does to search results, has become something like the name of God. You can’t say it without being consumed. Blacks say it to each other all the time and that’s as unremarkable as high crime rates. Evidently, the word is so powerful that its use by the melanin-deprived is an act of violence. Thus, sucker punching an old man is self-defense.

In fact, this supposed act “against racism” was just another example of blacks’ emotional, violent behavior. The attacker seems to have goaded the victim into saying the “N word,” rather than trying to defuse the situation. Corey Pujols was an employee; de-escalation is part of his job.

Certainly, whites are not excused if we respond violently to attacks on our race or traditions, no matter how outrageous. Indeed, that would be a “hate crime.”

There’s something else to consider. While the “N word” has unique power, other words are becoming offensive. We can’t say “colored people” and you better not say “Negro.” The Biden Administration banned “illegal alien;” they’re now all “non-citizens.” Using the wrong pronouns can get you kicked off Twitter. Saying “All Lives Matter” is also offensive. Will other groups get to attack us over words? Would black jurors refuse to convict a black who killed someone who said “white lives matter”?

We are supposed to sit and take it. Those with power on their side can burn our flag, topple our monuments, and mock our race, history, and heritage every day. We do almost nothing. Yet even passivity is too much for the Biden Administration, which recently declared “white supremacists” the biggest violent threat to the nation.

We are not the people who unleashed a nationwide crime wave. Blacks and their antifa comrades have started an insurrection far more threatening than the riot in the Capitol on January 6. The blood of innocent blacks is on the hands of those who say Black Lives Matter. Even if we must live under this system, insults alone don’t justify violence. Punching an old man is cowardice, no matter what he said. This shouldn’t even be debated, let alone praised by a person with a prominent platform and a verified Twitter account.

This won’t stop with slurs. Many will take offense at hard truths that must be spoken — the truths we speak — and the other side may use this as a rationale for violence. We must have the courage to say things that are forbidden, and the strength to endure the attacks that will come.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Currahee says:

    Only inferiors are affected by pejoratives. I can’t think of a single anti-european slur which causes any hurt to myself; and I have heard them all to no effect.

  2. Sean says:

    The police arrested Mr. Pujols and the court charged him with aggravated manslaughter. That’s probably right. I doubt Mr. Pujols intended to kill the man, but he dealt a death blow to an old man who didn’t (and probably couldn’t) threaten him. The victim’s age means the charge is more serious.

    That is absolutely wrong in my opinion. Although in Florida you can’t be charged with felony “unitentional” murder if the felony was assault (Minnesota is near unique in that respect). MURDER IS ABSOLUTELY APROPRIATE to prosecute with on the facts of this case; if you do something that you know can cause serious injury and the victim happens to die of it you are open to a murder charge. Sunday punching anyone, even a middle aged man, is not at all unlikely to result in serious head injury, even if it is done in a bouncey castle. The head hitting the ground is an inevitable consequence of a punch, and everyone knows oldsters get hurt in a fall even while conscious and able to protect themselves.

    The dead man was hit very fast and hard and went down unconscious with his head hitting the ground. I have read of many middle aged white men killed in this way at public places because they objected to antisocial behavior by young blacks, and they never get charged with murder, but you can’t tell me that punching someone without padded gloves and floor when the assailant is a young strong man and the person they attack is an elderly man can be treated as if it is an illegal move on a MMA match as far as criminal intent sufficient for a murder charge goes. The objective of punching someone in the head is to get a knock out, which is brain damage. He knew full well the old man was at his age very likely to suffer serious injury. Murder with a weapon is a more serious form of murder, but that does not mean using no weapon gives one the right not to be charged with murder.

    At 77, the deceased could not have been mistaken for someone who could possibly be expected to be okay after being coldcocked by a twentysomething male. The guy is a deliberate killer with intent enough. The odds are anyone who used that insult to the face of the accused after being challenged to repeat it was suffering from some kind of dementia, which everyone knows is common in old people. No one could possibly think he was scared of the old man, so this is a case, not of demanding respect, but of someone who likes to injure and is not much bothered if he kills. He is dangerous and will do it again if given leniency this time, I am sure.

    Many will take offense at hard truths that must be spoken — the truths we speak — and the other side may use this as a rationale for violence. We must have the courage to say things that are forbidden, and the strength to endure the attacks that will come.

    It is always better, in my opinion, to point out that being the subject of an accusation entails a right to bring up matters that exculpate one from the accusation, even if the accuser objects. And so always preface the unpleasantness with a disclaimer that it was not something you broached. General hard truths need to be brought up as defense to presumption of overarching white guilt in the matter of racism being putatively responsible for black norms being different. If it is an individual’s behaviour being objected to, bringing their race into it, for good or ill, is always a mistake

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  3. Blacks just use this as an excuse for their violence. Nothing more. A slur of any other group causes no such reaction. Blacks are simply uncontrollable.

  4. @Sean

    Very nice post, Sean.


  5. @Currahee

    The earliest recorded use of the n-word defense (for rape-torture-murder)
    dates from 1916; it was not spectacularly effective i.e. it sped up justice somewhat.

    There is no profit under the sun.

  6. meamjojo says:

    There was a recent no holds barred article about use of the n-word in the NYT that some may find of interest.

    How the N-Word Became Unsayable
    April 30, 2021
    By John McWhorter

    Dr. McWhorter is a linguist who has written extensively about both race and language. He is the author, most recently, of “Nine Nasty Words: English in the Gutter,” from which this guest essay is adapted.

    This article contains obscenities and racial slurs, fully spelled out. Ezekiel Kweku, the Opinion politics editor, and Kathleen Kingsbury, the Opinion editor, wrote about how and why we came to the decision to publish these words in Friday’s edition of the Opinion Today newsletter.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @Getaclue
  7. @Currahee

    It’s not possible to come up with an Anglo or European racial slur. Everyone knows the R1b haplogroup are apex predators. CRT isn’t motivated by equity or justice; it’s motivated by envy and resentment.

    • Thanks: Sarah
  8. This is your jEW world

  9. People who excuse this deliberate murder should be banned from social media. They won’t be.

  10. Trinity says:

    Hmmm, but it is fine to call poor White folk, “white trash,” “rednecks,” “hillbillies,” etc.? But then again, Whites are not so childish that they FEIGN a homicidal rage when being called a name. The word “nigger” doesn’t offend Blacks that much, it just gives them an excuse to call out Whites like Paula Deen, or attack a White. The Paula Deen incident occurred after the cooking show star allegedly spewed the “blasphemous” N-word after she was robbed by a Black person at a bank. IF I am not mistaken the robbery occurred in her hometown of Albany, Ga. hehe. Anyone familiar with Albany, Ga., like myself can sympathize with Ms. Deen. It might have happened somewhere else in Georgia, but the song remains the same.

    I have sat in a break room at work and heard two Black females call each other the most vile names imaginable for 15 solid minutes, words like c*nt, b*tch, talking about how their p*ssy “stank,” how ugly the other one was, and their tone was loud and full of hate. Not to mention that the break room was loaded with people. We all know that people can take an insult better when it is not in front of lots of people. How in the world someone can take that kind of verbal harassment for 15 minutes and then lose it over being called one name is astonishing, huh? NOT.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
    • LOL: Sarah
    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  11. AceDeuce says:

    McWhorter, like most of his ilk, is married to a White woman. That, too, used to be forbidden by both law and custom.

    What if some White man who was still offended by that take the “doctor’s” ass out? Would McWhorter be OK with that? Are Whites the only ones who must abide by negro commands?

  12. AceDeuce says:

    Here’s a “blast” from the past that didn’t get much coverage:

    April, 26, 2005

    PHILADELPHIA – A black man shot a white former co-worker to death on Easter, claiming he did it because he overheard the victim telling a racist joke seven years ago, authorities said Monday.

    Stanford A. Douglas Jr., (search) 29, was arrested Sunday after a two-hour standoff with police. He was charged with murder and jailed without bail.

    Douglas allegedly shot William Berkeyheiser, 62, three times in the chest and shoulder on March 27 after he opened the front door of his home…..

    • Thanks: Sarah
  13. Franz says:

    Kitty Genovese was raped and murdered in New York in 1964. She was an early victim of Polar Bear Hunting and her murderer REALLY DID try to get off by saying she “used a racial slur.”

    What’s permissible language when you are being raped and murdered?

    Kitty was murdered just before passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and in the opinion of many of us, she’s the earliest poster girl of why the Act was wrongheaded at least, if not criminal negligence on the part of the political class.

    By 1964 the country should have been splitting the races up, not making it easier to mix.

    Kitty’s killer served 52 years from 1964 on till his death in 2016. He got three square meals a day, earned a Bachelor’s degree in something or other, and had 18 parole hearings, all on the taxpayers dime.

    She got an early grave. Something’s been wrong in the country for a long time.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  14. Blacks are the only race who would have the immaturity to argue homicide or violence is acceptable over name calling. Pathetic.

  15. Trinity says:

    WHY didn’t anyone help the woman is a better question. You have to wonder what kind of man would not intervene and help a woman being chased down by a rapist and killer. PATHETIC.

  16. Franz says:

    The “official” story (and origin of the Bystander Effect) was a lie. The usual suspects:

    True fact: When the holes in the official story cropped up a decade later, The New York Times tried to deflect criticism by reporting that Kitty was a lesbian. That seems to be false too. She was a young lady trying life out in what was left of the beatnik thing in the village, but there’s no indication she intended to do that for the rest of her life. I thought the Times was scum for trying that.

  17. Everyone everywhere should start saying the so-called N-word every five minutes day and night for a year.This absurd situation needs to be put down like a rabid dog. Saturation use is the best and quickest solution. If blacks can use it so can everyone else. Say it. Do so today.

  18. conatus says:

    Years ago in NE DC a White guy got his head blown off with a sawed off. He was standing pushed up against a chain link fence and three black guys were car jacking them. I assume he escalated things coming from a party at 1 am and called the guy the N-word and so the guy blew the back of the White guy’s head off. His brain spilled out and he lay on the sidewalk breathing his last in a halo of blood and brains. He was still breathing which shocked me.

    As the rest of the party pulled his brother, who had been standing next him by the chain link fence,  back into the party house, he shouted,”You fuckin’ niggers, you killed my brother” This is why I assume his use of the N-word led to his brother’s death. I have always thought using the N-word was the new standard of the sacred which excused murder.

    Jewish groups have established since postwar that Jews are not to be talked about at all. They are sacred, and are invisible, not to be discussed. Similarly Blacks now want to be elevated in status to the sacred, no discussions allowed.

    Jewish invisibilites, N-words and Ha-Shem are sacred, unmentionable and Holy.

  19. In this year’s Super Bowl a player tried to excuse a penalty he committed against Tom Brady by making this very accusation. No one believed it, probably because they were both surrounded by numerous other (black) players who would have overheard it, and Brady had a microphone in his helmet which would have recorded it, and the NFL is run by bleep-worshipping shitlibs who would have happily leaked it. But if Brady wasn’t star quarterback and the setting wasn’t so public, every black nigro on the planet would have believed the accusation uncritically, and would have called it a justified excuse for any act of violence up to and including murder.

    Blacks are violent, they lie without remorse or compulsion, and they hate Whites. Add it up and you will get this scenario over and over again.

  20. @Trinity

    Are you at work now?

    • LOL: Sean
    • Replies: @Trinity
  21. Trinity says:
    @Johnny Rico

    Nah, cuz, that was long ago, but I still remember that filthy language, probably not as filthy as your house or sheets though, Shlomo. I hear tell you people are not the cleanest folks around.

  22. Well, we’ve come a ways since the routine Lenny Bruce did, about wanting to hear JFK use the Dread Forbidden Word when introducing the black members of his cabinet – so that no little black kid, he said, would ever again come home crying because someone called her that.

    It used to be held that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That brings up a childhood memory of mine, saying this to an insulting bully who replied, then I’ll get some sticks and stones, and break your bones!

    Ya live long enough, ya get to see all kinds of crazy sh*t. I wish I could come back in a hundred years to read the dissertations about the reign of bullies that temporarily held sway in the first part of the 21st century.

    • Replies: @anonymouseperson
  23. KenH says:

    First of all we don’t have ironclad proof that the 77yr old man used the N word, but the standard is that if blacks claim their victim or someone said it then they are guilty until proven innocent. I wouldn’t take Pujols word for it since blacks often lie and make up all sorts of excuses to attack their victims. The 77yr old man probably just complained about the service without making any racial remarks but Pujols took it personally and as a personal racial insult.

    Remember that in 2020, in Michigan, a black 18yr old physically assaulted a smaller 50yr old while male without provocation and falsely claimed his victim said the N word when that was proven to be a lie.

    Corey like most of us, was fed up with blatant, public racism in this country and when the man decided to keep calling him names, punched the man,

    Yeah, right. The fact is that blacks are more likely to display blatant, public anti-white/hispanic/Asian racism than the reverse. If blacks are constantly being insulted and degraded by white society then why do they do everything possible to get close to white people by moving into white towns, cities and neighborhoods whenever they can?

  24. ccoffer says:

    The very idea that ni66ers are upset by the word ni66er is pure, crystalline bullshit. Every other word out of a ni66er’s mouth is the word ni66er. This is a way for wildly inferior people to exert control over people they know are naturally superior to them. It’s intellectual impotence writ large. Can you imagine a ni66er berating a fellow ni66er for using the word ni66er? This is a stupid ruse and white colored people are buying into it for no good reason.

    Enough is enough. It starts with getting rid of the idea that this word is some holy talisman.

  25. @Trinity

    This official story is a lie and a fraud.

  26. @Observator

    I was called a million names when I was a kid. I never went home crying because of it.

    • Replies: @Truth
  27. Truth says:

    You were called a million names by your older brother last Christmas, and got your head forced into the family-house toilet and you went back to your childhood bedroom and cried.

  28. Trinity says:

    Is “porch monkey” off limits? Only nonwhites/Jews get triggered by names, that shows you what kind of mindset you are dealing with. Any adult who is triggered by being called a name is mental. How many Whites give a damn about being called, “honkee,” “redneck,” “hillbilly,” “cracka,” or “pinkie?” haha. I find it amusing that these people go into a FAKE homicidal rage when being called a name. Is a White allowed to say more hip terms of the word, “nigger” like “nicca,” or “nigga?” How about using the old Southern accent on the word which was “nigra?”

    Oh wait, someone just called me a honkee redneck hillbilly cracka, let me fake like I give a damn.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @Trinity
  29. AceDeuce says:

    I hear what you’re saying, and you’re not wrong as far as your main philosophical point, but the truth is you (and Whites in general) should not ignore or laugh off those names and insults that you’re called. Play the doormat (and that what it is and is perceived as) and you will have people lined up to wipe their feet on you. Low IQ negarows see you just take insults and they lose all respect for you. They need to be held in check. Whites are the only group that think they are fair game for insult and ridicule.

  30. Alden says:

    She was killed about 2/30 2/45 am. No one was around. Neighbors were asleep. Her screams woke a few people up and they called the police. But by the time neighbors woke up saw what was going on she was dead. Knife attacks can kill very fast when arteries in throat and chest are hit.

    You must be a liberal. Don’t blame the black sub human who killed her. Blame neighbors for not being out in front of her building in the middle of the night. Blame the neighbors for being asleep. Blame the victims for having a night shift job. Blame everybody but the subhuman black murderer.

    • Replies: @Truth
  31. Trinity says:

    Sorry but being called a name has never really triggered me and like many from the South, I am proud of my “redneck” ancestry not at all ashamed of it. Only a few times in my life has a Black person taken it to a physical level and lets just say I was not the victim in all 3 cases.

    I have personally been called a “redneck” by ONLY White Yankees, the only one of those names that I listed that I have been called by a Black is “cracka,” which is what a Black girl called me. Yep, I think White Yankees use the terms “rednecks” and “hillbillies” to describe White Southerners which I find amusing because some of the biggest “rednecks” that I have personally met, if you go by the stereotype or official definition of what a “redneck” is, have come from places like Indiana, Ohio, Upstate New York, and my home state of Maryland outside of Baltimore/Washington area and Delaware. Met quite a few in Nebraska as well when I lived there.

    It is like calling a trim person a fat ass, the person would not be affected at all because there is no truth to the insult. The saying “the truth hurts” is so true. Being called a “cracka” by some fat Black girl annoys me about as much as a gnat flying on my nose.

    • Replies: @Truth
  32. @Currahee

    Exactly. I can no more be insulted by a negro than I can be insulted by a stray dog. Neither creature has the stature required to insult me – the sounds that may issue from them are without meaning.

  33. Truth says:


    She just called you the “L” word, Trinn.

    You gon’ take that?

  34. Truth says:

    Only a few times in my life has a Black person taken it to a physical level and lets just say I was not the victim in all 3 cases.

    Well, let’s be honest, U-T, she was 12 years old and you were 24…

  35. KenH says:

    The police arrested Mr. Pujols and the court charged him with aggravated manslaughter. That’s probably right. I doubt Mr. Pujols intended to kill the man,

    Well reverse the races and white Pujols would be charged with first degree felony murder and the feds would step in with hate crimes charges. As it is Pujols could wing up getting a sweetheart plea deal where he only spends 2-3 years in prison if that.

    So much for a “systemically racist” justice system.

  36. Getaclue says:

    I would surmise there is about zero chance he said that word — this is right up there with the “I can’t breathe” bs every Black Felon being arrested now uses….

  37. Getaclue says:

    All of this tracks back to the Communist Fankfurt School Jewish Supremacists and their plot against the USA, first they infect Academia completely and now it is into the mainstream, cancer….– very successful….Here they are telling you all about their plans:

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