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The Great Replacement: Baltimore
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This is the seventh in a series about the continuing disappearance of whites from American cities (see our earlier entries for Birmingham, Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Richmond, and Milwaukee). Many people still pretend that The Great Replacement is a myth or a conspiracy theory, but the graphs that accompany each article in this series prove them wrong. Every city has a different story but all have seen a dramatic replacement of whites by minorities.

“A Baltimorean is not merely John Doe, an individual of Homo sapiens, exactly like every other John Doe,” wrote H.L. Mencken. “He is John Doe of a certain place — of Baltimore, of a definite house in Baltimore. It is not by accident that all the peoples of Europe, very early in their history, distinguished their best men by adding ‘of this or that place’ to their names.”

Baltimore isn’t just another American city. It’s linked to our national anthem. It’s Edgar Allan Poe’s city. The first blood shed in the American Civil War was of pro-Confederate demonstrators whose “patriotic gore. . . flecked the streets of Baltimore.” Of course, the “Sage of Baltimore,” the greatest newspaperman this country ever produced, called it home.

Baltimore retains a special place — but of a different kind — in American culture. Baltimore wasn’t just the setting of the television series The Wire; the city was the main character . When Americans think of crime, corruption, and incompetence, they think of Baltimore. Once a unique and idiosyncratic place combining Southern tradition and Northern industry, the Charm City’s value now lies in its cautionary example.

Baltimore was not paradise before it became majority-black. In Mencken: The American Iconoclast, Marion Elizabeth Rodgers writes that Baltimore was the “largest unsewered city of the country” until the early 20th century and had “one of the largest urban black communities of the United States.” The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 also devastated the city. However, Miss Rodgers admired Baltimore’s fierce civic pride, prosperous merchants, and many parks. We could also add Baltimore’s patriotism. In 1914, Baltimore schoolchildren collected pennies to pay for a statue honoring the “Star-Spangled Banner,” written by Francis Scott Key. From 1910 to 1940, Baltimore was more than 80 percent white.

Some whites wanted it to stay that way. Even after The Great Fire, immigrants from overseas and whites and blacks from the South came looking for work. They created slums. A 1907 report called The Housing Conditions in Baltimore said black neighborhoods were especially bad. “This is not a study of social conditions,” it read, “but it is impossible to observe these gregarious, light-hearted, shiftless, irresponsible alley dwellers without wondering to what extent their failings are a result of their surroundings, and to what extent the inhabitants, in turn, react for evil upon their environment.”

Where blacks moved in, whites fled. In 1910, Councilman Samuel L. West, prompted by whites worried about a successful black lawyer moving into their neighborhood, introduced an ordinance that stated “no negro can move into a block in which more than half of the residents are white.” On a party-line vote (Democrats in favor, Republicans against), the ordinance passed, and Mayor J. Barry Mahool signed the “West Amendment.” It went through several revisions, but it was a model segregation law for other Southern cities.

However, organizers chipped away at it. The Baltimore Afro-American, the longest running black family-owned newspaper in the country, inveighed against it. In the 1920s, the Communist Party held interracial dances in the city. The NAACP was also active. In 1942, Private Thomas Broadus, a black soldier, argued with a white police officer. When Pvt. Broadus reportedly resisted arrest, the policeman shot and killed him. The result was the 1942 “March on Annapolis” by black civil rights groups, in which they called for more jobs and more black police and magistrates. Addressing Governor Herbert O’ Conor, one speaker said that appointing a “colored active magistrate” would mean the governor could write his name “among the immortals like Roosevelt, LaGuardia, Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson.” The march resulted in a 1943 state “Commission on Problems Affecting the Negro Population” that called for more jobs and other benefits for blacks.

In 1917, the NAACP, using a white plaintiff from Louisville, Kentucky, won the Supreme Court case Buchanan v. Warley, which ruled government-instituted racial segregation unconstitutional. However, restrictive covenants and what the Maryland Law Review called a “conspiracy which restrained residential sales or rentals to Negroes in white neighborhoods” prevented real integration. But in the end, the weight of numbers prevailed. Between 1930 and 1960, Baltimore’s black population grew from 142,000 to 326,000. During that time, the Supreme Court also outlawed restrictive covenants and segregation in public schools. In 1950, the white population was down to just 76 percent, and city schools “voluntarily” desegregated in 1954. White enrollment started falling in 1956, and the school system was majority black by 1960.

Around this time, blacks began a political takeover. In 1966, Victorine Quille Adams became the first black elected to the Baltimore City Council. Radical groups including Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee set up offices in 1968. That same year, blacks rioted after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Six people died, 700 were injured, and more than a thousand businesses were damaged or destroyed. The riots fueled white flight. Meanwhile, the black population almost doubled from 1950 to 1970. “Baltimore never really recovered from the riots,” said City Journal in 2005.

White flight hurt the city, but it increased black political power. In 1960, Baltimore was still 65 percent white. By 1970 it was about half white, and in 1980 it was just 43 percent white. Clarence Burns became Baltimore’s first black mayor in 1987, though he lost re-election to a fellow black, Kurt Schmoke. Mayor Schmoke got national headlines when he hired the Nation of Islam’s security agency to patrol public housing.

In 1991, the Baltimore City Council approved a plan to create five majority-black districts with just one white-majority district. Councilwoman Sheila Dixon took off her shoe and waved it at white colleagues, telling them that though they used to run things, “now the shoe is on the other foot.” Baltimore was less than 40 percent white.

A white Democrat, Martin O’Malley, succeeded Mayor Schmoke, but Miss Dixon succeeded him in 2007. She was the first of three successive black female mayors. Two — Miss Dixon and Catherine Pugh — resigned because of financial crimes. (A white reporter lost her job in 2019 when she noticed a pattern.) Another, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, presided over the 2015 Freddie Gray Riots, reportedly ordering police to stand down, and infamously saying, “We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that.”

Baltimore was already struggling before the riots. The Wire depicted it as an irreformable wreck. In one scene, Detective Bunk Moreland drunkenly commiserates with his friend/partner Jimmy McNulty. “This city’s going to hell man,” he says grimly. “We’re going to push past 300 murders before New Year’s.”

That seemed nightmarish during the show’s run (2002–2008) but now sounds like a pleasant fantasy. The city has been losing people for decades, but homicides have been rising. In 2014, Baltimore police counted 211 homicides. In 2015, the year of the riots, there were 344. In 2016, they dropped to 318, but in 2017, were back up to 342. There were 309 homicides in 2018 and 348 homicides last year. That’s not the record, which was 353 homicides in 1993 — when the city had about 100,000 more people. This year, Baltimore is on pace to have more than 300 homicides for the sixth straight year. It may even break last year’s city record for the highest homicide rate per inhabitant.

The city’s overwhelmingly black leadership is fighting back — by removing statues. In 2017, after the Unite the Right march, then-Mayor Pugh ordered statues of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Confederate women, and Supreme Court Justice Roger Taney removed. That same month, men in hoodies smashed a monument to Christopher Columbus. On July 4 of this year, a mob dumped another monument to Columbus into the harbor, but the city fished it out.

Current Mayor Jack Young is grappling with soaring crime and the coronavirus. He says he’s “disappointed” with killers. In March, he begged citizens to stop shooting each other because city hospitals need beds for virus patients. The shooting only got worse. No wonder; the 2017 HBO documentary Baltimore Rising shows Baltimoreans cheering criminals and cursing cops.

Baltimore is almost a caricature of what a cynic would invent to lampoon a black-run city. “Ceasefireskeep failing. A candlelight vigil or a funeral is interrupted by gunshots. The (white) deputy police commissioner and his wife are mugged at gunpoint. Schools graduate “students” who miss more than 100 days of class, and in 13 schools, zero students are proficient in math — but the NAACP is worried that black girls are disciplined too often in class. The city even has a plague of rats; the political class and the media yelled when President Trump dared mention it.

Baltimore is an embarrassment beyond even Mencken’s cynical imagination. It’s straight out of a Poe horror story. And it’s the future that awaits unless we win — or at least carve out a space of our own.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Baltimore, Blacks 
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  1. Rich says:

    Back in the 70s and 80s the consensus among most Whites was that the cities were lost. Men like Rudy Giuliani emerged and using strong law and order techniques, delayed the inevitable. The hipster brain, however, is incapable of comprehending the need for law and order and will now vote for any leftist candidate who promises to raise their taxes and not arrest blacks. Sensible Whites have to leave and try to build up the strong law abiding suburbs that still have the chance to survive.

    • Replies: @Lennycat
  2. T.T says:

    It’s the same everywhere on the planet and will be very common in 4 billion black planet. Their ego and ethnocentrism will always find a way to blame someone else. If all whites were to disappear tomorrow due to a worldwide specific bioweapon whites would still be blamed for their misfortune for centuries. Is it purely due to white’s overbearing guilt complex that is has become so and not the other way around? Rhodesia showed you only need a 5% ruling high functioning Christian-values white population to create a meritocratic country everyone would benefit from.

    • Replies: @anon
  3. Instead of a wall on the southern border, it may well be time to start walling off the cities.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  4. Meh, who cares about blue cities/suburbs? Even if the undertow fans out, it doesn’t go far. The further out from a blue-city center they travel, their numbers per sq. mile drop no matter what. Eventually they get to communities that will defend themselves. The trick is to be far, far away from blue cities and black crime. Portland, Seattle, NYC, Balto, all of em can go screw for all any of us up here care (I’m North of Boston, a city (in case no one noticed) that didn’t lose their restaurants to the negroes in Rochester and Dorchester (where the bulk of ours are warehoused) because Boston police draw lines you don’t cross. Tonight my gal and I could take the T-train clear to North Station at TD Garden, have dinner in a nice Italian restaurant, get on the train and come on back up no problem. Boston cops aren’t tolerating burning outside of black neighborhoods and so far the Boston ‘leadership’ (it IS democrat after all) is allowing the cops to protect valuable properties, retail and restaurants because they know where their bread is buttered. We have a city prosecutor (black female she-boon) who doesn’t prosecute theft <\$1000, but in practice the cops find other charges to boot and Boston police are much more likely to give a motivational tune-up to a misbehaving miscreant.

    Up here, way North of the city? We have more handguns per square mile than I ever did back in Virginia which I left behind to the gangbangers of MS13 12 years back.. Away from the colleges, New Englanders are far and away more protective of their towns than nearly anywhere else. It's the only way to go, you have to move and move far enough away not just in distance, but mentality of the population. It does no good to move from a blue city to a blue suburb twenty miles out. You have to move to a region that's interested in protecting itself. Between local police, a fair numbers of armend Catholic Hispanics and a VERY heavily armed White population, blacks would be VERY uncomfortable here. Very. Just the way I like it.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  5. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    In the huge city I live in wherein black people are certainly the focus of civic life we now have an Equity and Inclusion Rapid Response Team paid for by the city government. The last news story I saw about it they were handing out bus passes for free to the black community… and then we had riots and looting downtown like two days later. Just thought that was an interesting tidbit to share.

    So I have talked to quite a few young black people lately to try to understand what they really think. For one thing, they all seem to already know that most of the BLM stuff is just designed to get reparations. They know that if they play along with the whole “police brutality” thing they are probably going to get a huge payday. So no one wants to break ranks and succeed in a normal way for fear of undermining the whole group effort. In short, they are intentionally underperforming socially and financially in order to force politicians hand and get more free stuff. The more problems they have the more they can complain about “systemic racism” even though they are the one’s causing the problem in the first place. Literally every single young person I have talked to knows they can basically get any job they want or go to school for free because of affirmative action. They don’t want jobs or school. They want a lot of money, i.e. reparations. Someone has convinced them that this strategy is working.

    Another thing that has really leapt out at me talking to younger black people lately is that they don’t really think of themselves as being “Americans”. They think they are a Black Nation that is taking over the country and they will be in control of it as a new place that belongs to them. That’s why they do things like insist that they have a history different than white people or they have a national anthem different than white people. They are not trying to conform to white America’s expectations at all. I just don’t think it has dawned on most people in America what is happening. The kids do not care at all about black crime because they see it as being a kind of wild west adventure. They are using political activism to get money. Young black men know that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain from fighting white people officers. They expect that they will all get pardoned or released from jail as revolutionaries eventually anyway.

    In the end, if you believe the Communist analysis of things, every social problem experienced by black people, even crime, is a result of oppression. Once you eliminate oppression the problems disappear. They think that this is what happened to white people. In short, if they were as rich as they perceive white people to be, they would not be “criminals” or have social problems either. They have been taught that the social problems they experience are caused by the oppression of white people.

    • Thanks: Saggy
    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @ThreeCranes
  6. @The Alarmist

    Instead of a wall on the southern border, it may well be time to start walling off the cities.

    Cee-Gar to the man in the 1st row. You are exactly right.

  7. I grew up in Detroit (B. 1961), a member of the auto-working class. The city was decomposing right before my eyes. It was fun, in a (now that I can recognize it) ghoulish sort of way. Boys love fires, crime, loud music, irritating things. Detroit was all f that. Now it is just a wreck, populated only by people who can’t leave, or have nothing to contribute anywhere else. The place is loaded up with people who have no ability or intention of working conventionally or being responsible for paying their own way. Children who live with their father and mother are under 20%. The schools are so bad (not surprising given the low grade ore) that the “graduates” may, on average, be the worst educated people per dollar expended in the history of mankind. Not exaggerating.

    Travel around the US. Visit all the big cities. Every last one of them is on the save vector into the sort of semi-feral depravity and squalor that defines the formerly great Motor City. Baltimore has cought up with Detroit, but won’t pass it for a while. Flint makes Baltimore look like Paris, and don’t get started with Memphis or Gary. LA is just as bad, it just has not been totally abandoned by whites and jews, and there are multiple ethnic underclasses and criminal crews.

    The USA used to be a great country, just like Detroit used to be a great city. Not any more, not for a good long while at least. How much ruin is there in a nation? Quite a lot more, I am afraid to say.

  8. Baltimore was apparently very German, at one point. Older blacks in Baltimore can remember when all whites were referred to generically as “Germans”.

    And if there is one thing Germans can do, it is brew beer. Baltimore had a ton of German breweries. It was an investment for many German immigrants, who lost it all when prohibition hit (makes me wonder if you-know-who was behind the prohibition effort).

    To see one really sad example of a beautiful old brewery fallen into ruin, go to Google maps street view at 1 Willard St, Baltimore, Maryland. Hop around the block and imagine what a spectacular place it was when it opened for business just before prohibition. Notice the intricate brickwork–all the curves and arches perfectly executed using rectilineal bricks. Inside, there were ornate winding iron stairways and the huge steel brewing vats still there after all these years. Now, vagrants shelter in it and build cooking fires, junkies shoot up, and the on the streets surrounding are hot heroin-dealing operations.

    Some shattered dreams and broken hearts in that place.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  9. Zach says:

    The decline of Baltimore is wrapped up with the fortunes of the D’Alesandro family. That family produced two Baltimore mayors and Nancy Pelosi, who cares little about the city she grew up in. Her father dedicated statues in the city and his daughter watches with indifference as they are pulled down.

  10. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    ” If all whites were to disappear tomorrow due to a worldwide specific bioweapon whites would still be blamed for their misfortune for centuries.”

    The negro wouldn’t be around for centuries, the orientals would eliminate them with no self-hating whites to protect them.

    • Replies: @Wyatt
    , @Jake
  11. Wyatt says:

    God bless the chinky bugs and their ruthless pursuit of food. Even the Japanese are brutal.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  12. Trinity says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    Eating pork and sauerkraut was a New Years tradition at least back when I lived in nearby Essex, Maryland, my aunt was born in Catonsville and lived their most of her life, she still lives in the Baltimore area( not the city, thank God)to this day. Down in JawJuh, the New Year’s day feast is collard greens and black-eyed peas which supposed to bring good luck for the coming year. Visiting Maryland and Baltimore in 1963, The FRAUD known as Michael King, better known as Martin Luther King to most, once labeled Maryland the most segregated state in the North, and Baltimore the largest segregated city in the country. Calling Maryland a “state in the North” is debatable even though Baltimore is like a small version of Philadelphia in my opinion, but officially Maryland is listed as a “southern state.” A reporter for the Baltimore Sun, compared liking Baltimore, “to falling in love with a woman who has a broken nose.”

    Don’t forget the Sultan Of Swat, The Bambino aka Babe Ruth was also born and raised in Baltimore. Former Baltimore Oriole, Wally Bunker, who played for the Orioles in their championship year of 1966 called Baltimore, ” A little cow town.” I don’t know if Baltimore was a cow town but it has always been overshadowed by DC, and much larger Philadelphia and NYC. It was a GREAT CITY at one time long ago, now it is a total mess and I think we all know the reason why and it isn’t demsheviks for the most part, although they are to blame somewhat. BLACKS are the reason Baltimore is a mess, THEY destroyed Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis, the list goes on and on.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  13. AceDeuce says:

    There are a fair share of old school Marylanders and white DC area residents who religiously eat sauerkraut with their Thanksgiving turkey, as well.

    Most people don’t realize it, but the state of Maryland has the fourth highest percentage of negroes in the country. It’s by far, the highest “Northern” state percentage-wise for groids–assuming if you consider Maryland “Northern”in the first place.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  14. Trinity says:

    I hear ya. I feel I have a PhD in TNB having lived in Maryland, South Carolina and Georgia twice now. Also lived in Florida which also has a relatively large Black population and more wiggers than I have ever seen in my life. Oh, btw, you are right about sauerkraut and Thanksgiving in Maryland, we always had it on Turkey Day. Baltimore was the go to place for a lot of Southerners back in the day for jobs. My father and his brother, both from Georgia, went to Baltimore and went to work for General Motors long ago. Baltimore feels more like the Northeast than the South, it surely isn’t like the Deep South at all but when I lived there, there definitely were a lot of transplants from the South. Baltimore was a thriving town in the 1950s and even part of the 1960s while Southern cities like Atlanta and Charlotte were still backwater towns compared to the Northeastern cities.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  15. Jake says:

    Asians would not exterminate the Negroes. Asians would prefer to have them as slaves/serfs.

  16. Thomasina says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    Like children having tantrums in order to get what they want. Very self-centered, impulsive and quick to react, screaming and crying (like children when they don’t get their way).

    So far the country has been pandering to them (welfare, subsidized housing, EBT cards, free cell phones, affirmative action, giving them a pass when they should get a fail, rewriting history for them, you name it). They haven’t a clue or a care who pays for it all. “Just give it to me, and give it to me now!”

    Like dependent children.

    Dependent children don’t grow up to do so well in life. They stay dependents.

    As far as them not feeling they are Americans, but a Black Nation, yes, I can see that. They have their own culture and they want to keep it that way. I say give it to them. Take all benefits away and let them stand firmly in their Black Nation. Sink or swim.

    White culture is too difficult for Blacks, too different. They don’t want it. No different than White European culture not wanting to embrace the treadmill of the Jewish scheming, thieving, sell-your-own-mother-out culture.

    Three cultures, all battling.

    • Agree: American Citizen 2.0
  17. Svevlad says:

    Just pull a Siege of Leningrad.

    On all of them.

    Wall of the cities completely, and wait a few years for the problem to take care of itself.

  18. Baltimore’s high crime rate isn’t a racial issue, just look at its history.

    “Violence is an old story in ‘Mob Town’”

    • Troll: YetAnotherAnon
  19. @Jim Christian

    I live in rural New England.

    It is easy to tell where you stand these days–the nearest Biden lawn sign is fifteen miles away, the nearest high crime city is more than thirty miles away.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  20. @American Citizen 2.0

    Good comment.

    “They have been taught that the social problems they experience are caused by the oppression of white people.”

    And Jewish radicals taught them that, a simple, bumper-sticker-slogan-Big Lie version of Marxism.

    As I said in an earlier comment to Obwangadingdong,

    “Denmark is what you get when whites are allowed to exercise their “privilege” without interference from blacks and jews. Israel and Africa are what you get when jews and blacks are allowed to exercise their privilege without interference from whites.”

    But we can’t now, and never will have Denmark as long as there are a substantial number of Jews in America. The Jewish thing is to be discontented and to criticize and attack. To give this criticism teeth, they need and use a menacing ally. In the current historical incarnation of this template they employ blacks as their thugs in the street, though Jews will use whatever malcontent minority that is available. Jews will push and push until they themselves are in power, with, today, blacks as their mercenary army. And then you no longer have Denmark. You have a Jewish totalitarian Oligarchy.

    So, I don’t blame Jews. They are merely doing what they, as Jews, do. And, doing as Jews do, they make it impossible for Danes to do as Danes do.

    I don’t dislike all people who have at one time or another in their lives been Jewish. By the same token, I don’t expect Jews to hate on me for having, as a boy, attended a Christian church. In just the same way that many Jews are not practicing Jews, I am not a practicing Christian. We no longer identify as members of a religion. Religion does not define us. So, if a Jew is not a Jew, then I get along with them as well as I do with anyone. If a Jew is a Jew, then he/she in asserting their cultural identity is antagonistic to the Danishness that defines Denmark and I will not get along with them.

    So, when I hear a Jew say things like, “Whatever happens in life, I’ll always be a Jew.” or “No matter whether I leave the synagogue, never practice Jewish customs and such, in the end, I am a Jew.”, I am forced to recognize that this person stands in the way of our nation’s ever having, becoming or being “Denmark”. They have said as much themselves. I don’t even need to argue my point.

    • Replies: @Oliver Elkington
  21. @ThreeCranes

    I would say that the reason why you would never have Denmark like living standards in America is because there are too many WASP’s who are out of touch with the working classes gated away in upstate NY or Delaware and supporting the Democrats of course but never having to deal with the run down inner cities, these people are so out of touch with common society it’s unreal, they love to champion multiculturalism but the only part of multiculturalism they ever experience is a street food stall in central park or a Vietnamese restaurant and a cheap cab ride.

  22. @Justvisiting

    I live in rural New England.

    Ain’t it grand? I’m not rural, a few miles from Salem, NH. But the effect is the same. Far, far from Dorchester and Roxbury.

  23. Anonymous[428] • Disclaimer says:

    I grew up in Baltimore. Lived and worked there for close to 40 years. Same with my friends and family.

    We got the fuck out of there in the mid eighties.

    Although, whenever I need a little cheering up, I check the murder stats. Nothing warms my heart like reading about dead niggers…lol

    It’s almost as good as reading about dead Jews.

  24. Lennycat says:

    You’d better get savvy to the dem’s plans for the suburbs (started by O’B.. to be developed by Biden etc.) Seriously!

  25. Rich says:

    The Trump administration recently ended the dems AFFH program which sought to urbanize suburbs. A Biden administration would definitely bring it back. It would wipe out a lot of hard earned equity suburban folks have in their homes and would force many White liberals to live around the people they love from afar. Familiarity breeds contempt when people live around blacks, so if Biden wins, Whites may finally learn some harsh truths. Hopefully Trump pulls off a win and we don’t have to deal with it.

  26. anaccount says:

    I bet at least some invaders (illegals/immigrants) in this country are perplexed by what is happening. Being dumb enough to let them in is one thing but handing the keys to Bantu bushmen is quite another.

    I wonder if Chinese and Indian invaders will sniff out what Arabs have known for quite some time.

    The kebabs were right about one thing.

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