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The Collapse of America’s Civic Religion
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The federal government is about to spend about \$3.5 trillion dollars on the Democrats’ budget proposal. Former president Donald Trump said the bill “destroys our Borders and the rule of law by granting dangerous amnesty that will flood America’s beautiful cities.” The Democrats admit the bill will give “lawful permanent status for qualified immigrants” — and they will make sure that a great many will be “qualified.”

Even National Review says this “radical” bill is “meant to transform the United States into a place more closely resembling a European social-welfare state.” Though some Republicans (including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell) supported the “infrastructure bill” of about \$1.2 trillion, not one supports this far bigger budget proposal that was forced through the senate on party lines immediately afterward.

Republican Senator Mike Braun tweeted:

This quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. The responses showed that the Founders have no moral authority in the eyes of many residents. (I deliberately avoid using the word “Americans.”)

These tweets unintentionally confirm what race realists and white advocates argue. The United States of America was established as a white nation. The Founding Fathers took white identity for granted. The 1790 Naturalization Act limited citizenship to free white persons of good character. Chief Justice Roger Taney ruled in 1857 that blacks “were not intended to be included” in the new political community and “formed no part of the people who framed and adopted this declaration.” The chief justice’s legal reasoning may or may not have been correct in Dred Scott v. Sanford, but he was clearly right historically. Did the Founders intend, as Taney pointed out in a reductio ad absurdum, for the “entire human family” to be included in the United States? Did they think all people (including slaves) were somehow equal?

The Founders were clearly much closer to “white nationalists” than to today’s liberals. They were much closer to our point of view than to National Review or Fox News. If America is supposed to fight “racism,” it’s hard to explain why the Founders should be honored at all. They believed in a classical republicanism, not universal suffrage, which they thought would be mob rule.

The only justification for honoring the Founders by today’s standards is that they really wanted egalitarianism in their hearts, but couldn’t quite live up to their own ideals. They wrote nice words about equality and the words “all men are created equal” define our country. Thus, our history is an eternal struggle to live up to their vision as we pursue “a more perfect union.”

Obviously, that isn’t what the Founders wanted. Progressives understand this. They are impatient with having to pay ritual tribute to dead white men they despise. That’s why they make once-unthinkable proposals such as blowing the presidents off of Mount Rushmore. Unless whites regain a sense of pride and identity, that will surely happen.

There are also ignoramuses at work. Senator Mike Braun — who thought he would score points by appealing to the Founders — represents Indiana. Sports broadcaster turned political commentator Keith Olbermann tweeted:

Have they never heard of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787? The Founders wanted the United States to dominate the Continent, to create what Thomas Jefferson called an “empire of liberty.” British attempts to restrict western settlement were an important cause of the Revolution. The Indiana Territory was established in 1800; many of the Founders were still politically active.

There is a bigger problem. So long as American conservatives are trapped in the conceptional framework of the Civil Rights movement and racial egalitarianism, there is no way they can defend the Founders. It does no good to claim they were egalitarian by the standards of their time or that what they set in motion led to equality. The historic American nation’s triumphs were a white nation’s triumphs. Non-whites have little reason to celebrate them.

The real question has always been: Who is American? If it’s anyone who happens to be here, America is just a landmass, with no value except its economic resources.

If the United States means anything worth fighting for , its history begins with the European discovery of the New World. Its identity took shape with the English settlement of North America. It culminated with self-government and independence. However, even our independence does not separate us from our mother civilization and larger racial family. America is an outgrowth of white, Western Civilization in North America. When it stops being that, it is no longer something we can value.

Unless conservatives are willing to say this openly, they will not be able to defend the memory of the Founders or the traditional symbols they claim to value. They will also not be able to preserve the Constitution or the “limited government” that the Founders supposedly gave us.

This doesn’t mean America shouldn’t be treasured. It’s because we love it that we mourn what has been taken from us. If the Founders deserve criticism, it’s because they gave in to the egalitarian temptation. We’d be better off if they had explicitly spelled out what they took for granted.

Still, Twitter controversies like this one are productive. They show that America’s “civic religion” is crumbling. It’s hard enough to unite one people of common blood behind a “proposition nation.” It’s impossible to lump together races and ethnic groups behind a vague egalitarian idea. It’s especially absurd when the same government that supposedly represents all “Americans” has a racial caste system that rewards non-whites and discourages assimilation.

The Twitter controversy shows that we should have listened to the Founders. Their wisdom isn’t outdated; it’s more important than ever. We should think more carefully about who should participate in the political community. The Founders should never have given lip service to the idea of equality. Universal suffrage and mass immigration are a disaster. America panders to non-whites but can’t even get basic patriotism in return. It’s whites who keep this shabby system stumbling along. It’s high time to think of alternatives. Aren’t we supposed to be a “revolutionary” people?

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Sorry racists — we will stand for equality no matter what 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

    • LOL: fnn
  2. Wyatt says:

    This is why I say the Constitution is irredeemably flawed. Not only should the Bill of Rights have been impossible to amend, (why the fuck would you give leeway to the government in limiting their ability to screw with you?) but it should have outlined exactly what they intended America to be. The more America has become “democratized”, the more authoritarian, the more overbearing and the less dependable the government has become.

    Maybe someone else down the line will get it right, but this shitshow is done.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
    , @onebornfree
  3. Great article as usual. It strongly resonated with the Afrikaner “coat” just as much as US Founders resonated with the Zulu King. And while I witness crowdism unfurl in real time, small incidences such as Americans allowing George Soros to destroy the United States, to take parts of the “last honeypot” as he called it, still gobsmacks me everytime. Or that most whites are fleeing to DC – which is incredible. It reminds me of Afrikaners fleeing to Cape Town after mandela came to power, which is in fact the city they originally fled from.

  4. They were Deist,escaping religious persecution.What’s changed?Prai\$e

    • Agree: goldgettin
    • Replies: @aj54
  5. “Even National Review says this “radical” bill is “meant to transform the United States into a place more closely resembling a European social-welfare state.”

    Even? Sounds like the usual “conservative” nonsense they’ve been pushing since Buckley was in short pants. That’s right, free eyeglasses and dental exams are “the road to serfdom”. Great way to get the working class on board.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  6. El Dato says:

    Well, what does it even MEAN if you suddenly find 3 trillion dollar behind the sofa?

    Do you really “pay” anyone with this fresh money?

    It’s not “European social-welfare state” (what nonsense – did schools and Medicare suddenly get privatized? Whan did that happen?).

    It’s turning up the heat and diverting sparse real resources into centrally planned “big projects” that will mill for a while, then implode.

    Those who get the money first and have good govnmt connections can allocate valuable resources for themselves. Those on the lower rungs get nothing.

  7. This article is a great example of the limited utility of using “race” to explain matters.
    The US is controlled & directed by a tiny sliver of people — Elites (& their useful dogs in Gov, media & “professionals”) — who roughly speaking care nothing about anything except their own individual & class interests.
    Race, they have found, has considerable utility. It divides people, it allows for immigration which is a great wage suppresser, & leveraged, it enables an acceptable degree of social chaos.
    Patriotism? The constitution? The Founders? These are mere cards in play — discardable if needs be.

    • Thanks: Greta Handel
  8. onebornfree says: • Website

    “…we should have listened to the Founders. Their wisdom isn’t outdated; it’s more important than ever”

    True , but conflating all of the founders with the US Constitution is flat out _WRONG_ .

    The founders endorsed/ helped create the Articles of Confederation:

    ……._not_ the constitution, which was a coup d’etat by royalists and centrists who wanted ( and obviously got) a far bigger and more powerful central government , contrary to both the ideals of the revolution and of the Articles of Confederation.

    See the great Murray Rothbards: “Conceived in Liberty, Volume 5: The New Republic: 1784–1791”
    “Part IV.
    The Nationalists Triumph: The Constitution”:

    Regards, onebornfree

  9. As a student of history I find it an astounding triumph of artifice that so many think so well of America’s Founders, actually believing that they were possibly the only moneyed men in the human experience who valued other people’s “liberty” more than the conservation and expansion of their own wealth. It staggers the imagination that some are certain that aristocrats such as George Washington, James Madison, and John Adams would have thought themselves the political (let alone social and moral) equals of wainwrights, cobblers, and others who toiled with their hands. Colonial America was as rigidly class-structured as the mother country. Only on the frontier, where settlers attempted to reproduce the egalitarian societies of the Native Americans they encountered (even as they were busy exterminating them) were equality and democracy actually attempted in a way we might recognize today.

    In today’s topsy-turvy world of politicized and falsified history, the woman who wrote the 1619 Project tells us the Founders were obsessed with enslaving African people, and they left the British Empire because of this trait which, she tells us, was unique to their ethnicity rather than their love of profit. This is quite a new, and equally absurd, spin on those times, and it shows the power these men still hold in the American imagination. We behave as if their ideals, and the government they created, endured beyond the passing of their generation. The institutions did, but each generation of wealth and power has reshaped them to better fit its needs. And now where are at a point where that empty shell of a system is too decayed to stand much longer as it is. It enables nothing but corruption, at every level both public and private. Our rulers’ relentless drive for global hegemony has destroyed the republic and replaced it with the most aggressive empire in history, and that long process, perfected in the German Wars, is long completed.

    History being the thing that it is, I wonder if Ashley Babbit will be remembered as Crispus Attucks is now, a brawler whose blood was the first spilled so that “the tree of liberty” might have a new flowering. As Jefferson observed, in one of his testier moods, the “natural manure” of that tree “is the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

  10. interesting this was posted August 13, 2021.

    “its history begins with the European discovery of the New World”

    on August 13, 1521, after a 93 day siege, Cortes conquered that Aztecs, 500 years ago, to the day.

    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
  11. @El Dato

    Except that the people who constituted Tito’s state of Yugoslavia were nearly entirely white, and, with the exception of Bosnia, nearly entirely Christian. It was the evil doers of the decadent Western Empire who drove them apart. Milosevic was a Christian nationalist, so had to be crushed for the sake of the New World Order. Yugoslavia, which was not a vassal state of the USSR, may well still exist today if the Empire had minded its own business. Now it’s territory is made up of seven mostly impoverished micro states. Just what the Empire wanted.

    • Agree: The Anti-Gnostic
    • Disagree: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  12. KenH says:

    Even National Review says this “radical” bill is “meant to transform the United States into a place more closely resembling a European social-welfare state.

    LOL. The bill has only passed the outline phase in the Senate but I expect it to pass in some form once the gory details are added by both chambers in September. It won’t be long after the bill becomes law that Nat Review will find some silver linings and pen “a conservative case for” all the left wing garbage that’s in the bill.

    The founders were students of world history and the terrible, Jewish inspired system of multiracial mobocracy that whites are currently suffering under in America had no precedent in history, so the founders weren’t able to add any failsafes (like excluding Jews) into the Constitution to prevent it. Another unprecedented event is that whites have been totally gaslit against their own self interests and into believing that acting in their own group interests is really bad/immoral and tantamount to Nazism but good/moral for everyone else.

    To my knowledge there is no historical precedent for around 40% of a white population in a given nation becoming complete racial masochists and wishing minority status and death on itself thanks to the massive Jewish propaganda apparatus.

    Gregory Hood forget to include this tweet by a chosenite:

    • Agree: Bert
    • Replies: @Ragno
    , @aj54
  13. Goes to show idols matter… even when a tiny minority.

    But then, idols are minority by nature.

  14. Mr. Anon says:

    This is why I say the Constitution is irredeemably flawed. Not only should the Bill of Rights have been impossible to amend, (why the fuck would you give leeway to the government in limiting their ability to screw with you?)

    That’s a good point. Why would you call such rights “inalienable” and then leave an opening for people to alienate you from them.

    By the same token, the law should never allow for the suspension of the law in times of emergency. If you grant the government special powers during an emergency, then people who want power will see to it that there is always an emergency.

  15. Ragno says:

    When we discuss matters of state, I always await Keith Olbermann’s take on the issue.

  16. Mr. Anon says:
    @Daniel Fremen

    interesting this was posted August 13, 2021.

    “its history begins with the European discovery of the New World”

    on August 13, 1521, after a 93 day siege, Cortes conquered that Aztecs, 500 years ago, to the day.

    An important historical date and event.

    Last year marked the 400th aniversary of the landing of the Mayflower. Notice how there was almost no public acknowledgement of it.

    • Agree: aj54
  17. Ragno says:

    ‘Member when she was routinely introduced as the Washington Post’s “house conservative”?

    (browsing through recent issue of NATIONAL REVIEW) Wait a minute. Apparently, she still is…..

  18. aj54 says:

    the individual Founders were themselves often Deist, but that was not a universal belief among the founding generations and their forebears, who were here for 180 years before 1789.

  19. aj54 says:

    the scariest statement in that article was this “…the under-18 population is now majority people of color, at 52.7 percent….”

    But whites are still 57.8%, so will probably be a plurality for many decades to come. While we are still a majority we need to put better civic protections in place. For instance the perennial attempts of the Dems to control vote outcomes by controlling the process. We need to recall and replace all the Soros DAs whose only reason for being is to destroy the enforcement of the laws.

    of course, you will never read the stats (unless you go looking for it), of the number of white Americans of child-bearing age who were a blood sacrifice to the Chinese and cartels and the pharmaceutical families with meth, heroin and fentanyl overdoses. Lose one black criminal
    to a fentanyl overdose, and he will be canonized.

  20. Exile says:

    Talking about the Founders intent in general is increasingly irrelevant to “America” the official modern nation.

    For starters, their America wasn’t even coast-to-coast, had a population ten times smaller, and was almost entirely White, Anglo or other European in that order.

    There are good faith as well as bad faith arguments as to why talking about antebellum America is anachronistic and irrelevant.

    If you want to discuss how a small group of White people today could make a lot of that original American vision work in similar circumstances (if they could find a big chunk of relatively virgin wilderness outside the storm-centers of geopolitics), I’m willing to kick that around. My answer is no but it’s not “hell, no.” There’s room for debate.

    But the post-Second Founding 50-state JewSA has already been transformed into something so far from the original pre-Civil War republic that talking about the founders is like talking about Lord of the Rings at this point.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  21. Just shilliberals or shillibs of Jewish Triberals.

  22. Malla says:

    You are gonna allow loads of semi-civilized Third World mentality, White and West hating shits in your country without any proper screening, you are gonna allow a uncivilized/ semi-civilized hate filled, lying cheating people like Jews take control of your media and consider ghetto “culture” cool , and now you guys are confused why Murica is turning Third World all of a sudden?? What??

    There was this black Muslim guy, who was a immigrant (from Africa in his childhood) too to Germany but he strangely did not have extreme anti-Whitey hatred and seemed like a wise guy. He had made some video about large scale immigration to Europe. Now he had traveled many countries both first world and third world and he said in the video, some of the mentality he saw in people in the third world, he did not want that to come to Europe. So even a Black Muslim who was a immigrant in his childhood gets it but millions of brainwashed Eloi White people do not get it.

    The founders were people of high civilization and IQ. It was a different society with great promise, All destroyed. A large chunk of today’s American voters are semi barbarians and some of them outright savages. Always remember the savages are thankless and are never satisfied, give them an inch, they ask for a mile. Whoever wrote the noble savage bullshit was high on drugs.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  23. @Malla

    I would tend to agree with most of your assertions. Peace.

    • Thanks: Malla
  24. @James J O'Meara

    You have forgotten that ‘conservatives’ hate other people very intensely. That a poor person suffers from lack of dental care or reading glasses etc, does not disturb them in the least. It pleases them, greatly.

    • Troll: TTSSYF
  25. @follyofwar

    Don’t get me wrong: I hate NATO as much as the next man, and I am fully aware of their role in breaking up modern Yugoslavia. But ethnic trouble in the Balkans is an old story that long predates NATO.

    In my view, the real lesson of Yugoslavia is that sometimes even a shared race by itself is not enough where there are different sectarian and linguistic groups that share mutual grievances for historic reasons. The only thing that could have kept Yugoslavia together and at peace for ever would have been Tito … too bad he was mortal.

    (Geopolitics also played a role. The fact that there was once a powerful Soviet Union that would not have tolerated any NATO expansion into Eastern Europe–not even into an officially neutral state like Yugoslavia–also made possible a brief historical period of peace and unity in the Balkans.)

  26. Emslander says:

    Talking about the Founders intent in general is increasingly irrelevant to “America” the official modern nation.

    From the beginning of time, it’s been about a good order. Our founders thought they’d designed one, but it was very quickly corrupted.

    Then, American voters figured out how to stick a thumb in the eye of the corrupters in 2016, but their “hero” couldn’t figure out how to use his mandate.

    It takes more than Ashly Babbit climbing through a broken window. It takes more than appointing thuggish-looking generals to be glorified home room teachers. We had a million suggestions for him at the time, but he only made things worse.

    America is all over now. There will be no helicopters on the roof.

  27. Bert says:

    Its identity took shape with the English settlement of North America.

    To write about history, it would be good to know more than the simplistic version. Settlement of pre-Revolutionary North America was by English, Ulstermen, Scots, French Hugenots, Acadians, Moravian Germans, Swiss Germans, and more than a few Hessian deserters who knew a good thing when they saw it. The common identity was not wishing to be ruled, as opposed to governed.

  28. onebornfree says: • Website

    “This is why I say the Constitution is irredeemably flawed. Not only should the Bill of Rights have been impossible to amend, (why the fuck would you give leeway to the government in limiting their ability to screw with you?)”

    You misunderstand the purpose of the constitution. It’s not flawed at all. It’s purpose was/is to consolidate, expand and further centralize federal power over the individual states, as the anti- federalists fully realized at the time.

    That is why Madison etc. “threw them a bone”, otherwise known as “the bill of rights”, which deceived the anti-federalists (well, some of them, anyway), into thinking that all was well.

    But the Bill of Rights took nearly 2 years to be ratified by the state’s. Meanwhile, before it had even left Congress, the Federal Judiciary Act (1789) became law immediately , paragraph 25 of which gave the Supreme Court the power to interpret all parts of the constitution, including the new, as yet still unratified, Bill of Rights amendments.

    It’s called an “end run”. See:

    “The Bill of Rights Scam – [aka The 1789 Judiciary Act Scam]” :

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Thanks: Wyatt
  29. It is obvious that merely restricting or even terminating all immigration from this point forward will not be enough to save America, if it can be saved.

    The moderators at AmRen, where this article was first published, have collectively decided that they will permit no posts that advocate forced deportations.

    Hence the following comment was deleted:

    It should be apparent by now even to the contributors to AmRen that a necessary part of getting us out of this predicament will be to repatriate many or most of the invaders.

  30. Malcolm X says:

    The real issue that so-called conservatives and wacky liberals continually fail to address is that the remedy (or lack thereof) given to the newly freed enslaved African was woefully insufficient and set-up the US to ultimately have a day of reckoning which has resulted in this reductio ad absurdum “liberal democracy”. Case in point, if the US government had have just paid national reparations to the newly freed Africans and initiated a nation building project in accordance with what Elijah Mohammad would later propose, the US would still be a white country. The presence of Blacks as a permanent underclass left the US society open to subversion and infiltration by the usual suspects. Consequently, we have engaged in this century and a half long sackcloth and ashes routine about the horrors of slavery and “living up to the ideals of the founders”, civils rights, human rights et al., which has resulted in this morass we have today where every Tom, Dick and Harry from around the world is claiming to be a US “citizen” because the founders were racist and so the US and its heritage citizenry are not allowed to deny them citizenship, even though citizenship is virtually unattainable in most other countries around the world for immigrants. If reparations and national support for a period of 20 years were given to Black Descendants of American slavery, this would be equal to what the US wasted in Afghanistan. It seems that if this disastrous adventure could be undertaken by the US government, why can’t you just do that for Blacks? It’s because we are forced to live as second-class citizens in order to prove the superiority of white western culture. Individual Blacks who “make it” in the system are meaningless when the collective has no independent political or economic control or power.

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