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Orania Versus “Freedomtown”
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I don’t know how many all-black communities there are in the world. Probably hundreds of thousands. In Africa, you expect to see all-black villages and towns. The cities are overwhelmingly black, with a sprinkling of whites and Asians. In the United States, many cities that were built by whites are now overwhelmingly black: Birmingham, Detroit, Jackson, Camden and many others. They are bad places to live; even those who preach aboutinclusion” think so.

I mourn the destruction of American cities through population change, but I have no desire to move to these places. Its fine for blacks to have places for themselves. The countless black de-facto ethnostates don’t trouble me either.

Sam Dickson once said that every morning, many whites go to jobs where they will spend the day thinking of ways to help non-whites. No non-whites get up in the morning and worry about how to help white people.

There’s a similar double standard in how people live. Those with power want every white nation to turn brown. We apparently have a moral duty to accept as many immigrants as want to come. The United States is on the brink of being a Third World country already. Matthew Yglesias, hardly a fringe figure, is calling for “one billion Americans.” As Ann Coulter wrote in 2007, “If this sort of drastic change were legally imposed on any group other than white Americans, it would be called genocide.” Leftists such as Mr. Yglesias are eager to extinguish the historic American nation for good.

Miss Coulter is rarely wrong, but it’s not just white Americans; it’s all whites, even in our ancient European homeland. The UN and the European Union fiercely criticize Eastern European countries for not taking in enough Muslims. The Great Replacement is not a conspiracy theory; it’s a fact, openly acknowledged by those who want it to happen.

It’s not just that there can’t be a white country. There can’t be even a white town. In Germany, nationalists created a small community in the East. Journalists reacted with fury, as if it were the Fourth Reich.

There is an Afrikaner enclave in South Africa called Orania. It’s the one place in the whole country that is exclusively white. Afrikaners suffer under government-mandated racial discrimination, high black crime rates, and frequent attacks on white farmers. The government has banned Afrikaner self-defense networks that could protect them. Afrikaners are a subject people under a hostile regime. It’s not surprising at least some of them want one place to call their own.

“Welcome to the Afrikaner home. Pay with the Ora.”
“Welcome to the Afrikaner home. Pay with the Ora.”

The ANC government is increasingly hostile to this hamlet. Prominent figures recently called for Orania to be destroyed and its leaders jailed. “If our laws on racism are not strong enough on racism to do that,” said ANC activist Carl Niehaus, “pass the necessary legislation.” Orania’s right to exist is in the South African constitution, but so was a guarantee that the government would not take white land. The world media is implacably hostile to Orania.

Why do journalists care? Why are a small group of people who want to be left alone a threat? The last story gives it away. It’s safe, growing, and prosperous. It works. Its success reveals the failure of the “Rainbow Nation,” a wreck surviving on what whites created. Author Tembeka Ngcukaitobi calls Orania a representation of “downright hostility to the idea of a single, united, non-racial country.” Maybe so; black politicians sing songs about killing Boers.

We must defend Orania. However, we must also raise our own flags. What is our fate if trends continue? Some white advocates, including myself, have compared our situation to that of the American Indians facing European settlers. If we continue to encourage Third World colonization, we will become a minority. The abstraction known as “the economy” might be better according to some measurements, but we won’t be better off. We will have lost control of our destiny. We will have been replaced.

The official flag of Orania.
The official flag of Orania.

Unlike the American Indians, we won’t get reservations. Indian reservations are often depressing, but they have advantages. They have a certain amount of sovereignty. People enjoy special benefits from belonging to a tribe or Indian “nation.” That is why so many people want to join, and why tribes guard their identity. The Cherokee, for example, expelled blacks. They don’t want to dilute the benefits they receive from being part of a privileged class. Of course, blacks act the same way when deluded white women pretend to be black.

Whites will never enjoy such privileges if we are a minority. When people attack “white spaces,” they are admitting that we create prosperous, peaceful, attractive communities. Whites don’t need fantasies like “Wakanda.” We actually build them.

Can blacks do the same? We may find out. Nineteen black families have bought 97 acres of land. This, they say, will be “Freedomtown,” where they can live away from white privilege and police oppression. (“Pro-black” whites, whatever that means, will supposedly be allowed to live there.) Journalists could barely conceal their jubilation. Their articles had a far different tone than the ones about Orania.

I wish “Freedomtown” well. If blacks want to create their own communities, that’s fine with me. I wish more would do it, but I suspect “Freedomtown” won’t be truly independent. It is already getting donations from a website we privileged whites can’t use. It will enjoy privileges from the “racist” American government. The town may soon be the subject of a television show, which will no doubt spur more donations.

One of America’s greatest mistakes was stopping Marcus Garvey from taking blacks back to Africa to build an empire of their own. If blacks want their own community, good. If “pro-black whites” want to live amongst blacks, good for them, too. Let’s hope Freedomtown has better luck than the Seattle anarchists who tried to start an “autonomous zone” that quickly sank into warlordism and chaos.

Black separatist Marcus Garvey
Black separatist Marcus Garvey

However, I demand the same right for whites. Whites should have the right to build our own communities. We must restore so-called “restrictive covenantsand freedom of association. Just like blacks, we need places of our own, ultimately a country of our own.

Would we be allowed to start something like “Freedomtown?” It wouldn’t be easy. If the Democrats win the next election, they will surely restore the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule that would make white neighborhoods accept non-white welfare recipients. Maybe a white community could escape destruction by refusing to accept federal money. However, the Supreme Court said serving food that traveled on roads was “interstate commerce,” which justified forcing integration on even a tiny restaurant. Uncle Sam would probably try something.

That said, it’s still a way forward. Many of us are tied to a certain place because of mortgages, family, and jobs. We must still congregate in a smaller version of “The Great Trek.” The experience itself could forge a new people.

Many of us have already become de facto refugees in our own country, fleeing non-white cities for the suburbs. We may already have to be surrounded by like-minded neighbors just to be safe. White flight will speed up regardless of what white advocates say or do. The pandemic may have an unexpected benefit because now more people work from home, giving us more freedom to choose where we live. Since this white migration is happening anyway, we should give it a direction and a goal, and pursue as much local autonomy as possible.

Where to go? We shouldn’t discuss that on the Internet. You should work that out among yourselves, in your own networks and groups, offline. There could be many American Oranias.

Maybe the government would try to stop it. Maybe the media would launch a furious campaign against it. Let’s have that fight. It’s coming anyway. Whites need to raise banners of hope and stop mourning our decline and waiting for someone to save us. Regardless of who is president, our plan should be the same. Let’s build something of our own. We won’t get the institutional support our “fellow citizens” get, but we built this country, we carry the torch of Western Civilization, and we must build anew.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Africa, Blacks, Immigration, South Africa 
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  1. SteveK9 says:

    I would much prefer a ‘color-blind’ (King) society based on the principles of the enlightenment and the US Constitution, but unfortunately we seem to be moving in exactly the opposite direction. The critical mistake was Johnson’s ‘equal outcomes, not equal opportunity’ speech, and the Great Society programs. We had a chance then, but it was thrown away. Blacks even did better under Jim Crow, then under the great society. For example, most were from intact 2-parent homes. Welfare destroyed that.

  2. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe the government would try to stop it. Maybe the media would launch a furious campaign against it. Let’s have that fight. It’s coming anyway.

    Wise words.

    • Agree: Exile
  3. Exile says: • Website

    Greg, you’ve aggregated a lot of the same information and articulated the same philosophy that our website advocates – readers, check the link on this comment – we just started our public-side forum.

    I cited the Freedomtown article when it was released, last week IIRC.

    This is a strong talking point we need to advance. Why can Whites not have a community, just one per region, even? Why can’t we legally come together like other races can, even though our own White-approved civil rights legislation is prima facie colorblind?

    There are a lot of grey areas left to exploit and a lot of reasons why possibly facing civil liability is preferable to facing certain criminal conviction ala the tragedy of Jake Gardner, the ongoing imprisonment and persecution of Kyle Rittenhouse and the McMichaels in Georgia, just to name a few – as well as those charged related to the Breonna Taylor sideshow and the Atlanta Wendy’s mess.

    You’re not alone. White solidarity and community are the only solution to the racial revenge scenario our people are facing throughout America and worldwide. Check us out and start thinking about how we can come together and how much better our lives can be by simply picking each other for neighbors and being White to each other again.

    And dare the powers that be to openly declare to us and Whites at large why this cannot be permitted and why this is evil while they lionize “Freedomtown.”

    • Replies: @Dick French
  4. Rich says:

    South Africa’s Whites will only survive when they fight and carve out a homeland. It would be extremely difficult, but it could be done. Unless they fight for their freedom, they will eventually be destroyed. History is pretty clear on that.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  5. Svevlad says:

    I say pedal to the metal. Full on mass terrorism. Simply destroy everything. With nothing to parasitize from, they die. Simple as.

    • Agree: neutral
    • Replies: @Exile
  6. Screwtape says: • Website

    The abstraction known as “the economy” might be better according to some measurements, but we won’t be better off.

    This. Our people need to come to terms with the fact that the “economy” is not theirs or working for them or their families any more than the borders, cultural and social institutions, and countless State bureaucracies of the USA.

    I am yet 50 years old but this has been true for our people for at least as long as I have been alive.

    What more proof do we need that the mythology of “free markets” and “capitalism” falls short of preserving a way of life in which our future generations will thrive? The ideals may be sound, but are inherently limited by the people who participate and enforce them with the shared values and principles of a common people. We no longer possess those attributes. Thus the current metrics of our systems need to be discarded in favor of those things we wish to preserve.

    Similarly, a man desiring of a homeland for his family that will preserve a future for his children needs to be honest about his relationship with “the market”. Current priorities, i.e. “getting mine while the getting is good” or “good schools” white flight was an ignorant luxury of our parents generation.

    We are out of time to assuage the discomforts of living in an occupied land with material things and distractions. It is time to live the truth about what really matters even if it means decoupling from those things to which we have grown accustomed, or rather fat and complacent, and get busy building.

    The debt-jubilee of consumerism that pads the comforts of modern life have come at a creeping – but steep price. If we don’t extricate from the very systems that desire to destroy us we are no different than the rest of the opportunists, global merchants, financiers, and rent seekers who come to our shores to pick at the carcass of the USA.

    The home-equity and 401k casino cash will not paper over white skin; the white tax will come due. Some day, sooner than most want to accept, that price will be higher than their slice of the market can afford. Then what?

    • Agree: Exile
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  7. Exile says: • Website

    Don’t feed the meme that White separation and community involve “mass terrorism.”

    All we need to do is walk away. Unforgiving nature will provide all the terror for the R-selected replacement population that remains behind.

    The scam of our current society was to keep us in the yoke repairing what The Replacements can’t fix and creating what The Replacements can’t create.

    Without the collusion of a cucked cohort of collaborating Whites, The Replacements are at best just Manuel Labor and John Henry at the hammer. Or Sanjit copy-pasting code first written by Whites.

    If we’re willing to mow our own grass and pick our own produce that we grow ourselves, we’ll still have plenty of spare time and spare hands to create greatness and enjoy Living White, as our grandfathers and hundreds of generations before did.

    • Agree: Sollipsist
  8. neutral says:

    The international jew will not allow white settlements anywhere. As long as jews rule (which they absolutely do) it does not matter where you are in the world you live, you will be terrorized for being white.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Chris Moore
  9. Here’s what we have in our favor: Similarities. The reason that CHAZ/CHOP disintegrated into chaos almost immediately is that it was composed of a “Diverse” Symbiotic Coalition of Special Interest Groups that really only have one goal in common: The Destruction of The Status Quo. Beyond that immediate and central purpose, they fragment into hundreds of different ideals and motives. The well meaning, rose colored glasses, ideologues are the weakest link in the chain, and will be quickly swept aside along with the degenerate, perverse and vile LGBQT’s. Next to those bottom dwellers will be the Anarchist/Antifa Soy Boy Brigade. The notion that a bunch of White Boys with biceps that aren’t even as big around as my dick are going into The Hood and taking over The Negroids Peaceful Protest without their full and complete cooperation is beyond ludicrous. Negroes have demonstrated their ability to riot, loot, burn, assault and murder for decades without any instigation or guidance from White Kids. Once their usefulness has run its course, they will be stepped on and over by the beneficiaries of their efforts. This is when it gets interesting, because the Negroes and the Hispanics will have to sort things out between them. Throw all of the other hodge-podge elements into the mix, and all of the entitlements, considerations, and incentives that are routinely demanded by them, and you have a recipe for tribalism and turf wars to rival the Dark Continent. South Africa, though it may have Negro vs. Negro issues, isn’t faced with the multitude of ethnic clamors and claims that the United States is. Right now, the A.N.P. and its opposing factions can placate themselves with the continued confiscation of the Boer property. The U.S. is unmanageable and proof that one size definitely does not fit all.

    So, what does that mean for Us? A more common group identity (European-American), being more inclined to productivity and problem solving, a better understanding of personal responsibility and obligation, a proven track record of building and maintaining advanced civilizations in the most remote and hostile climates, all serve to aid us in surviving the mayhem that the Diversity will ultimately unleash upon itself. Watching from a secured land base and quickly moving to take advantage of any openings that emerge from the Culture Clashes to reclaim the contested regions and, soon, the Country.

    • Agree: Exile
    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  10. Some of us already live there. Our county is 95% white and under one percent black– and we have a state university. Our village is 99% white and I have no idea who the rest are. Nobody is rich.

  11. This article omits Jewish activism. Jews use blacks and browns against Europeans.

    They are the same people who wrecked South Africa. Without the Second Anglo-Boer War you would still have independent Afrikaner republics. The war was instigated by mostly Jews because of gold and diamonds.

    The War in South Africa: Its Causes and Effects by the English author John Atkinson Hobson explains it all. In chapter 3 of the book he covered the role of the Jewish-owned press in fomenting anti-Boer feeling much like the propaganda we saw before the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

    This war is often described as press-made, but few of those who use this expression understand the all-important part which the great factory of public opinion has been made to play.

    After Afrikaners lost the war, their republics (Orange Free State and the Transvaal) were amalgamated into the Union of South Africa. This allowed Jews like Ernest Oppenheimer to dominate the mining sector. His descendants are among the richest families in South Africa today.

    Sadly even most Afrikaans-speaking whites are so ignorant of these cardinal facts.

    Besides all this what is man in the White House doing about this? One in three Afrikaners are of German descent like his father. English-speaking whites are mostly British like his kin in Scotland.

    • Replies: @Mary Marianne
  12. Exile says: • Website

    The international Jew is not all-powerful. The main reason Jews have gained so much power is the unwillingness of Whites to stand together against this power-grab.

    We have a name for this kind of defeatism: “They Won’t Let Us.” If you’re the kind of person who finds cold comfort in telling White people they have no hope b/c “Jews too strong,” we don’t need you.

    • Replies: @neutral
  13. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The international jew Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme will not allow white settlements anywhere. As long as jews the Federal Reserve ((Ponzi Schemers)) rule (which they absolutely do) it does not matter where you are in the world you live, you will be terrorized for being white a non adherent of Mammonism.

    The reason the Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme thrives in the Anglosphere and everywhere its tentacles reach is because a large percentage of “elite” Anglosphere whites are so greedy and materialistic. They got their disease by rubbing shoulder with anti-Moses, Moneychanger ((jews)) for so long. These ((jews)) took the measure of elite Anglosphere whites a long time ago and decided to use them as the base of their Moneychanger Ponzi Scheme. Now the ((jews)) have decided they don’t need the whites anymore, hence the open hostility to whites by the ((jews)) and their new Golem of color.

    Lesson: don’t allow your nation’s elite to make themselves Golem to Moneychanger ((jews)), and run out anyone who doesn’t have the character to resist the easy money of ((jewish)) Ponzi Schemers. Run them out the way Moses did it.

  14. neutral says:

    It is not defeatism, it is simply stating as things are right now, too many people are still in denial that the jews have anything to do with the current situation. And it is not wise to underestimate ones enemies, their power is absolute, every aspect of life is now decided by the jew. To see this as any less, the name is delusional.

    • Replies: @Exile
  15. Exile says: • Website

    Their power is not absolute or this website would not exist.

    I have no illusions about the challenge but there are still 190 million Whites in the United States alone.

    Your kind of black-pilling just makes White solidarity harder to achieve and that’s the only thing we need to push back.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  16. @Rich

    You are very true. Apartheid was seen to be failing in the early 1970s at the latest. They were letting far too many blacks into the Cape where historically ( before 1914 ) they had never been. The solution was rigid partition. A White state should have been formed in the Cape, and all whites should have been evacuated from the rest of South Africa. This could have been done quickly and effectively if there was the will.
    Instead, the failing policy of apartheid was continued and eventually the de Klerk Government through in the towel, which has resulted in the present disastrous situation. Obviously, pressure was brought to bear from the West, but the fact is that White South Africans were betrayed by their leaders. Many White South Africans have since left for good. The rest are divided and constantly menaced by blacks. The outlook is dire.
    In Europe and N America, white people are being constantly betrayed by their leaders, with few exceptions. Large numbers of non-white immigrants have been let in and more are coming. The solutions are deportation and partition. This will not be accomplished by the present leadership, who will be replaced, by force in some cases. The situation is much better than in S Africa, but it should never have come to this sorry pass.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @Hrw-500
  17. Thomasina says:

    “Where to go?”

    You shouldn’t be going anywhere. You shouldn’t be running from what you built.

    You SHOULD be working on ending immigration. It’s nothing but a Ponzi scheme to keep the usury scheme going.

    You SHOULD be working on ending the welfare system and all the other programs that provide a cradle to grave existence. Let them grow up and stand on their own two feet. Blacks wouldn’t be popping out babies like they are if THEY had to be responsible for them, pay for their upbringing.

    Work on ending the practices that are “doing you in”.

    Don’t run, for crying out loud!

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Stan
  18. Exile says: • Website

    Who are we supposed to be working with? How do we push back?

    Any answers to the previous questions can be done in a safer more rural super-majority White community.

    We have phones, internet & plumbing in the sticks, and we drive vehicles, contra urbanite assumptions.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  19. @Amerimutt Golems

    Where did you get the statistic that 1/3 of Afrikaners were German? I thought the majority of white Afrikaners (i.e. Boers) were Dutch descendants?

    After all, Boer is the Dutch word for “farmer”, which is what most of the pioneer settlers in South Africa were. Also, the Afrikaans language is a very close sister-language of Dutch; knowing Dutch myself, I personally estimate it to be about 80-90% mutually intelligible (NB: the written forms might be more mutually intelligible than the spoken languages). And, finally, the name for the white Afrikaner village “Orania” is obviously related to the cultural importance the Dutch put in ‘Oranje’, which is the name of the Dutch royal house and the reason why Dutch folks like to dress up in the orange color during soccer matches.

  20. Anonymous[100] • Disclaimer says:

    There isn’t even any unity among whites in South Africa. Orania only accepts Afrikaner whites, English whites, or any other whites for that matter, are not welcome.

    What chance has the white race got of defending itself in South Africa with petty nonsense like that? The time for specific Afrikaner or English nationalism has long since passed, the blacks don’t care what sort of whites they rob and murder.

    • Replies: @3g4me
    , @neutral
    , @dindunuffins
  21. Stan says:

    What planet are you on? Welfare programs can never be ended as long as women have voting rights.. The only way to end welfare would require revoking voting rights from women. Which politician today has the courage to end women’s suffrage?

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  22. Thomasina says:

    No, that just puts everybody on a reservation, just like the American Indian. That just plays into the hands of the elite, makes it easier for them. Your vacancy makes room for the newcomers they plan on bringing in.

    They want you to do this. They want you gone. I see more and more people advocating this. You have a majority. Time to stand up and end immigration for at least ten years. I seriously am becoming suspect of whoever advocates running away.

    Form a new party. Call it whatever you want, the “We Don’t Want to go the way of the American Indian Party” or “Save the Dodo Party”, or the “Preservation Party”.

    Stress preservation of your culture, your traditions, your way of life. If you are accused of bias, discrimination, racism, simply answer back that racism, bias and discrimination are pervasive in every culture and every human being. It is a universal condition.

    Cite the Putnam Study and its emphasis on trust within a society. Speak about how more and more diversity only creates stress on a society and destroys community.

    This is why the elites have gotten out ahead of everybody. They already know how you’re going to react when hordes of people from the Third World start arriving. That’s why they’re calling everybody “White Supremacists”. They want you to roll over, feel guilt and shame.

    If you roll over, you’re done. If you run, you’re done.

    • Replies: @Exile
  23. Hrw-500 says:

    Slightly off-topic but it reminds me of a blog post then Mike Smith from Mike Smith’s political commentary (his blog is back online since last December) posted back in 2012 about blacks and coloureds where in South Africa, the term design people of mixed race.

    Edit: Just in case, if that blog post dissapear, here the archived links.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  24. Thomasina says:

    Well, what planet are you living on? This is war and war gets ugly.

    There are many, many, many women, hard-working women who get up every day and make their own way in the world, who would vote for a party that restricted welfare to mothers who deliberately pump out more and more babies just so they can stay on welfare. Believe me, it could be sold – easily. These hard-working mothers resent having to pay for people like this.

  25. @Hrw-500

    My relative, her husband and family left in 1993. They could see what was coming. They live in Portugal now. They are not well off and lost a lot of money, but they are secure and have peace of mind. They have never been back.

  26. @Mary Marianne

    From memory, surveys of C17th and C18th settlers to the Cape were undertaken ( Actually to 1805 when the British took over ). These determined that 53% of settlers were Dutch, 28% were North German and 17% French Huguenots. The rest were mainly Scandinavian or British,

    Whilst a small number of low class Afrikaners have Coloured ancestry ( like the American South ), the vast majority do not. However, many are distinctly darker in hair colour and skin than northern Europeans. This is not surprising, given that French Huguenots were almost entirely from the South and South West of France. Unsurprisingly, too, the settlers were producing wine right from the start – a very unDutch thing to do.
    These facts are very well known. If you require more, I can dig up references

    • LOL: Pheasant
  27. Exile says: • Website

    Once again, we can do all of that from a better physical and social location.

    We’re not running, we’re rallying, regrouping and forming defensible lines in a better position to raise the next generation of White activists while we lay the foundations for them that our parents didn’t give us.

  28. 3g4me says:

    The usual civnat equivocation. A color-blind society is NOT what King wanted. He advocated racial preferences, affirmative action, reparations, and all the current evil. The critical mistake was not Johnson, although he piled it higher and deeper. The critical mistake was pretending we’re all alike under the skin and that group/ethnic/racial differences did not exist, and those we couldn’t fully pretend away could be legislated away. Blacks did NOT do better under Jim Crow in the sense you indicate. There was intense cultural and legal pressure to conform to White norms. However, their natural predilections asserted themselves anyhow, and there was still an enormous difference in crime, marriage, illegitimacy, etc. between Whites and blacks. Read “Those Who Can See” for an exhaustive documentary history.

    tl;dr: Stop mouthing cuckservative platitudes and refusing to take your own side.

    • Agree: AceDeuce, Exile, Pheasant
  29. 3g4me says:

    @20 Anonymous: The Afrikaner Whites are culturally distinct from the English Whites, and the latter are generally more prone to support and defend the black-run state. The English Whites have somewhere else to go if they so choose; no one will accept the Afrikaners. It isn’t petty to try to preserve one’s culture. All Whites are not alike. Only in America, with its decades of European-mixing, makes such a thing even comprehensible, and it’s still far from ideal. The American South has a history and identity radically different from the northern states, which are still colonizing them (i.el. Florida, North Carolina, etc.). We can all be allies but we do not need mere racial neighbors by force.

  30. AceDeuce says:

    They hate to see happy White people above all. Happy Gentile White people, that is.

    Question: Why come, as they might say, instead of a ballyhooed new nigrow city, don’t the groids just make a concerted effort to fix one of the many cities and neighborhoods that they parasitically took from the whites who built them, and clean it up? Much easier than starting from scratch.

  31. @Exile

    And dare the powers that be to openly declare to us and Whites at large why this cannot be permitted and why this is evil while they lionize “Freedomtown.”

    This happens hourly, doesn’t it? Affirmative action programs tout “diversity,” which simply means anyone not White male, or, increasingly, the non-gender specific “White.” Black cops shoot and harass Whites at will and it doesn’t make the news let alone result in a riot. Reparations draw near and there is no doubt who will pay and who will benefit.

    And on and on.

    This isn’t meant as a blackpill but simply to point out that the powers that be don’t think twice about discriminating against Whites even now without our own separate communities. It is a great idea, and should happen, but no one should be deluded and think hypocrisy will be any impediment to The Cathedral.

    • Replies: @Exile
  32. KenH says:

    CNN has had segments about Freedomtown and the anchors are beaming from ear to ear acting like this is the best idea they’ve ever heard of. If whites tried doing the same thing then the same anchors would have long, serious faces, mock the efforts of whites and call for a DOJ investigation.

    It is already getting donations from a website we privileged whites can’t use.

    If whites tried to raise money for their own exclusive white space using Paypal the fundraiser would be shut down within hours or as fast as the twitter outrage mob and CNN could alert Paypal wokesters.

    If blacks want their own community, good. If “pro-black whites” want to live amongst blacks, good for them, too.

    Everyone has freedom of association except for whites. This is due to Jewish power and influence which favors certain races at the expense of others (mainly whites). Gregory Hood and his boss Jared Taylor still think they can win by not mentioning the Jewish angle in this state of affairs. Unless you attack the radical, anti-white left at the source you’re just spinning your wheels.

    Also, we’ll see how many pro-black whites decide to move in and if they do how long they’ll stay.

  33. Exile says: • Website
    @Dick French

    Pointing out their hypocrisy isn’t meant to somehow shame them into submission but rather to turn more Whites against them. Ultimately we win by pulling enough functional cogs out of their system and adding them to ours. A White Strike approach. Let them try to run the fake gay Empire with orcs at the wheel.

  34. neutral says:

    I think it gives them an excuse to say that Orania is a cultural and not racial thing. The blacks are obviously never going to buy this.

  35. @Cowtown Rebel

    Zinger comment, but fails to address degeneracy (other than the soy boys, LGBTQs and purple hairs) within our own ranks.

  36. @SteveK9

    Welfare destroyed that.

    Anti-socialist much? Hate the idea of useless people getting “free stuff”? You must be very privileged indeed, highly educated perhaps?
    Has mommy also told you that welfare is not necessary to people well employed in a prosperous industrialised nation, before “labour outsourcing” destroyed life for the working classes and Privitisation stole the public property they built with their sweat and blood and taxes?
    Go back to momma’s basement, (censored)

  37. @Exile

    Jews are hardly monolithic. TUR contributers Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, South African émigré Ilana Mercer, and our own Ron Unz, (among others), amply demonstrate that. Then there is talk radio’s Michael Savage (Weiner) who has been preaching “borders, language, culture” for many years.

    White Gentiles are stupid if they lump all Jews together as being an alien, predatory ethnic group. Jared Taylor is right about that. When push comes to shove, and it will, Gentiles need all the support they can get.

    • Replies: @Exile
  38. @Anonymous

    YUP agree 1000x this…Whites never stand together …we only kill each other to defend everyone else….never our own…How F up is that.

  39. Exile says: • Website

    I recognize and appreciate NAJALT support, FWIW, but none of the people you mention have any influence among their Tribe. They’re a despised fringe.

    Jews who speak out against the very traits I accurately describe are pariahs in their community because of the traits I describe – proving my point.

    Unz readers should be familiar with HBD and the idea that outliers do not disprove valid heuristics about the majority – see Sailer, Derb, Thompson, etc…

    “Based Jews” are a tiny minority of a tiny minority. Their support is appreciated but it in no way puts the lie to the abundantly-evidenced anti-White, anti-social effect of the 99% of their Tribe they do not represent.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
    • Replies: @anonymous
  40. @Mary Marianne

    I’m sure they hate to hear it, but the Dutch are a flavour (a very pleasant one) of German – it’s no accident that “Dutch” and “Deutsch” are so close, or that the national anthem says

    Wilhelmus van Nassouwe
    Ben ick van Duytschen bloet

    William of Nassau
    Am I, of German blood

    But then the French are so called after the Franks, for whom places like Frankfurt are named. Hell, even a good chunk of the Brits came from Saxony.

    Btw they found the remains of one of Varus’ lost legions the other day, he’d been sacrificed.

  41. Corvinus says:

    JFC, capitalism and the free market itself is not destroying white people. Rather, it is those who find loopholes in these systems which widen the gap between the wealthy and the middle class/poor. And, no, there is no “white tax” coming down the pike. Your characterization is typical fear mongering.

    • Replies: @Exile
  42. Exile says: • Website

    Not true capitalism, eh?

    If our sacred marketplace has been sullied by rent-seekers, how can you say that there is no “white tax” coming?

    What fail-safes or corrective mechanisms does capitalism come with that somehow prevent the kind of capture you offer as an excuse for its empirically-observable excesses?

    Without an external debt clearing mechanism that interferes with the elevation and concentration of the creditor class and the proliferation of debtors capitalism leads to monopoly, a 1% vs. 99% wealth distribution and functional if not formalized oligarchy.

    The evidence has been all around us for decades despite all the kool-aid libertarians have been handing out since the salad days of Milton Friedman and Reaganomics.

  43. Anonymous[463] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t believe in a color blind society. First of all, different groups have different ideas that will always clash with one another. But one of the main reasons I do not believe in a color blind society is because it is destructive to the various races, especially my white race. Whites could conceivably be blended out of existence in part or in whole and this is one of the worst possible outcomes when it comes to the multiracial countries.

    • Agree: Exile
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  44. anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:


    What I have noticed is that those like follyofwar, Gregory Hood and most of the Jared
    Taylor/AMREN crowd pass thru NAJALT & White Separatist phases eventually make it through to the other side. As more and more current reality is relentlessly punching them in the face, do they have another option?

    The other side being the realization that the survival of the white race requires the head on dealing with the JQ.

    Orianna is at best a temporary last redoubt for whites on the African continent for no other reason then the (((Globalists))) want them dead and will have it no other way. Likewise there is no longer anywhere for whites whether in North America or Europe to run to where those who want them dead will not gather the forces necessary to come after and destroy them.

    A prime example of someone now coming ashore is the Z-Man. Z-Man began his blog counter signalling the “anti-semite” Kevin Macdonald followers while at the same time at least rejecting the Alt-Light/CivNat option. It was the same basic hopelessly pessimistic position of his biggest fan John Derbyshire.

    But recently the Z-Man criticized own Steve Sailer’s review of One Billion Americans for attempting to rationalize that the author and his ilk could have any other reason to have these opinions other than that they wish for our destruction.

    So when you finally understand that your opponents want you dead and will never stop, you have no other option but to stand your ground and fight.

    As far as Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Ilana Mercer, Ron Unz, Michael Savage and the rest of NAJALT crowd, all of whom I have followed in the past, I just pray that they too can come to the same place as Brother Nathaniel Kapner or even the troubled late Larry Auster.

    Christians use to pray for the sincere salvation of the Jews through Jesus, that time has come again.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
    • Replies: @Exile
  45. Whites all over the world are mentally-infected with the idea that equality will produce racial harmony, and politics is the method to achieve it. Perhaps subconsciously they hope to be esteemed by non-whites when equality is reached. Non-whites understand that politics is about power. How Orania has lasted in it’s current form this long is a mystery to me. Perhaps in a time before the internet, it would have been overrun already. The white-supremist bogeyman will spread to all the western nations. Global denunciation of white-supremacy will be the clarion call. Then Orania is in deeper trouble. Look out; the next big social campaign in the USA will be to encourage miscegenation to breed-out white supremacy. The Jews want to pimp your daughters.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
  46. @Anonymous

    To illustrate your point: People of European ancestry were 1/4 of the World’s population as recently as the 1960’s. White people’s global presence has decreased to a point where We now comprise approximately 1/10th of the number of people on the planet, and that number is rapidly dwindling further.

    Several factors play into this: Childless couples and those that limit their offspring to one or two. The economy and Women in the workforce dissuade many from getting married and having children. Miscegenation and Homosexuality further deplete the numbers of healthy White progeny. Thomas Jefferson observed that emancipation without recolonization would lead to an amalgamation of the races with the worst possible outcomes resulting from it.

    Did you see the Japo-Haitian Tennis Star, Naomi Osaka whining about two Japanese comedians joking that she was too sunburned and needed some bleach? I remember the back story in the film “Midway,” where the young Naval aviator was in love with a Japanese girl. When it was clear that the relationship was troubling to his Father, Dad had to defend his concern by stammering out, “I don’t give a damn about the color of your girl, but six months after Pearl Harbor, you’ve got one Hell of a sense of timing!” Contrast that to the stated objections of the Japanese girl’s parents who were described as honorable and traditional people who had forbidden their daughter to marry outside of their race.” Hollywood and the academia have been complicit in this glorification and heralding of exotic cultures, while simultaneously, and, until recently, subtly, undermining and denigrating White civilization and ancestry, for decades.

  47. Exile says: • Website

    I agree that we’re coming to a time where there will be only two sides to choose from. That’s why I prefer the vanguard to the center.

    I’d rather be closer to a destination and further from the enemy than be tied down trying to plot a triangulating course back to a position that’s already overrun. It’s a matter of recognizing how serious things have become how fast.

    Z-man and others you mention still wrestle with their paleocon sensibilities and the generational sense that somehow the institutions will come through for us. Z’s very much like Derb, of whom he’s an open admirer. His counter-signaling of “extremists” continues, but I hope he comes to realize how untenable the paleocon position has become.

    We’re not getting “America” back. That ship sailed before Pat Buchanan’s runs in the 1990’s, likely in the 1970’s if we’re to be brutally honest with ourselves. We have to lay the keel for something new and better without needlessly scrapping the sound timber from the old ship.

    Whites can’t be entirely cancelled in S. Africa or America because we’re needed to keep the trains running.

    White Strike/Atlas Shoah’d works as a strategy because we can live without non-Whites but they can’t live White without us. We just need the resolve and the long view of history required to make that stick.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  48. Corvinus says:

    “We’re not getting “America” back. That ship sailed before Pat Buchanan’s runs in the 1990’s, likely in the 1970’s if we’re to be brutally honest with ourselves.”

    Actually, if you are completely forthright, America became something completely foreign as a result of the invasion of unkempt peoples from Eastern and Southern Europe in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. According to the true Heritage Americans (aka WASPs), the alien customs of Poles, the Slavs, and the Italians changed for the worse the demographics of the nation they built. Remember, there had been an ethnic pecking order, and these imports were on the bottom rung of the ladder.

    Unless, of course, you believe in “magic dirt”…

  49. Wim Kotze says:
    @Mary Marianne

    The 1/3 statistic is common knowledge. The VOIC employed a large number of Germans during the 17th century. Afrikaners is a mixture of Dutch, German, French & a small Asiatic component of exiles from Batavia. You can verify here: ” First Fifty Years – a project collating Cape of Good Hope records” Orania is located on the border of the former Boer Republic of Oranje Vrystaat, so named in homage to Huis van Oranje, of which, Willem of Oranje, was instrumental in freeing the Netherlands from the Spanish Habsburgs, just as the Vrystaters freed themselves of the British colonial regime in the Cape

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