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Thousands of abortion rights protesters rallied at Foley Square in New York City on May 3, 2022, later marching to Washington Square Park, denouncing the leaked draft opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito suggesting that Roe vs. Wade will be struck down in the coming months. (Credit Image: © Karla Ann Cote / NurPhoto via ZUMA Press)
Thousands of abortion rights protesters rallied at Foley Square in New York City on May 3, 2022, later marching to Washington Square Park, denouncing the leaked draft opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito suggesting that Roe vs. Wade will be struck down in the coming months. (Credit Image: © Karla Ann Cote / NurPhoto via ZUMA Press)

Politico recently reported that the Supreme Court will probably overturn Roe v. Wade. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted that the leak was a “call to arms,” and for progressives, it meant protests, threats, and property destruction.

White advocates are divided on abortion. There are pro-lifers who may oppose it because some people think it is eugenic. A white advocate might defend abortion for the same reason. However, that doesn’t mean extreme leftists would think he was an ally. There will be no separate peace.

Antifa activists are not divided. “We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom,” reads one of the “Points of Unity” for the antifa “Torch Network.” A masked and menacing antifa “black bloc” joined a pro-choice rally in Seattle.

In Wisconsin, someone threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of a pro-life group, Wisconsin Family Action. An activist also spray-painted the antifa slogan “All Cops Are Bastards” and “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.” A group called “Jane’s Revenge,” named for the pre-Roe group of abortionists called “Jane’s Collective,” claimed responsibility via a said the attack was a “warning” that there could be more extreme methods, and that “anti-choice establishments, fake clinics [meaning crisis pregnancy centers], and violent anti-choice groups” must be dismantled within 30 days. It says it is “not a declaration of war” because “war has been upon us for decades.”

Mr. Evans says he would be “very surprised if this was not a legitimate attack.” Police are still investigating. The group sounds so extreme it may be a hoax, but at least one verified Twitter user praised the attack before losing or deleting her account. Her publication’s Samuel Alito (the author of the Court’s draft opinion), Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and Chief Justice John Roberts. Television host Joy Behrar said the protests would teach Justice Samuel Alito about “freedom of choice.” Mother Jones dismissed the “tone police” who suggest such tactics are immoral or ineffective. Many verified Twitter users promoted or defended protests, even though demonstrations at the homes of Supreme Court justices is a federal crime.

More from Robert Evans:

Activist Bree Newsome, best known for taking down a Confederate flag in South Carolina, noted that the Senate just voted to provide Supreme Court justices with more police protection. She said this proves harassment works.

One cartoonist, who seems to have something against white people, also endorsed it.

One user called for assassination.

He still has his account. The tweet is still up.

This tweet from a verified user calling for a bonfire of a justice’s property is still up.

It’s fair to say the Biden Administration is implicitly backing these protests by not enforcing this federal law:

Whoever, with the intent of interfering with, obstructing, or impeding the administration of justice, or with the intent of influencing any judge, juror, witness, or court officer, in the discharge of his duty, pickets or parades in or near a building housing a court of the United States, or in or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness, or court officer, or with such intent uses any sound-truck or similar device or resorts to any other demonstration in or near any such building or residence, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

House GOP says protesting outside justices’ homes is illegal,” said The Hill in a headline. Republicans are “saying” that? The law says it.

If public pressure can change a judge or juror’s ruling, the courts are dead. John Adams, defending British troops after the “Boston Massacre,” said the legal system must be “deaf, deaf as an adder to the clamors of the populace.” It’s also important to protect jurors’ anonymity, something NBC seemingly tried to breach during Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial.

Senator Tom Cotton asked the Justice Department why it won’t enforce federal law. It’s a good question, given the DOJ’s worries about “domestic extremism.” A protest outside a private home is always an implied threat of “we know where you live.” During a pending court case, it means “side with us or else.” Chief Justice John Roberts is reportedly trying to broker a compromise to save Roe. Would the Court’s legitimacy survive an altered judgment after these protests? It would be an invitation to ever more aggressive tactics.

A Republican in charge doesn’t mean the laws are enforced. Organizers openly promoted the protest near Justice Alito’s house, which is in Virginia. This breaks Virginia state law, which prohibits demonstrations in front of anyone’s home for any reason, because a citizen has a right to “tranquility in his home.”

Police made no arrests, even with a Republican governor, Glenn Younkin.

If it still sounds unlikely that those in power support these protests, listen to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. On May 10, when asked about DOJ’s inactivity, she said:

So I know that there’s an outrage right now, I guess, about protests that have been peaceful to date — and we certainly continue to encourage that — outside of judges’ homes. And that’s the President’s position. But the silence is pretty deafening about all of the other intimidation that we’ve seen to a number of people.

A reporter pointed out that this is a pending court case and referred to the federal law. The press secretary:

Well, but I think that intimidation and protests — and intimidation outside of the homes of school board members, the Michigan Secretary of State — you know, intimidation and threats against people seeking legal reproductive healthcare — and against our Capitol and American democracy also warrant some outrage. And we haven’t really seen that.

Still, not an answer.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that he had no problem with the protests outside homes if they are “peaceful.” Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and Senator Elizabeth Warren expressed similar sentiments, with the latter saying that the law says “protesters should be able to get right in people’s faces.” The nicest thing to say about these public servants is that they are unfamiliar with federal law.

The double standard is obvious, both on Twitter and in the streets. It’s especially rich when those defending these tactics are the same people who want more restrictions on free speech or encourage violence against white advocates. Jared Taylor and American Renaissance can’t have Twitter accounts, verified or unverified, — they were allegedly “associated with a violent extremist group” — while others can call for assassination and arson.

The federal government won’t enforce its own laws, even to defend its own highest officials. A Republican-controlled state government won’t either. Pointing out double standards is tiresome but necessary. Americans must learn that the Constitution and the law won’t restrain leftists, either in government or on the streets. The sooner naïve whites recognize this, the better.

Most white advocates have known it for a long time. Recognizing subjugation is the first step to overcoming it.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Shouldn’t Muslims like Tlaib be against abortion? Doesn’t sound like it’s something Allah would favor. The very fact that so many Jews are pro-“choice” should be a good reason for her to oppose it.

  2. Notsofast says:

    if you were outside of their houses to protest the citizens united ruling, you would be hauled off in about 5 minutes. as far as abortion goes do you really want these people reproducing? think about what your asking for. we have a welfare system who’s benefits increase by the number of children produced. be careful what you ask for.

  3. I’m by no means saying that I want a Supreme Court justice, their family, or their homes to suffer some egregious misfortune. But if something like that happened, it might be a splash of cold water on the face of a lot of decent people… who might ultimately conclude that they prefer some expectation of peace and privacy to the prospect of living under the threat of the “justice” of a hysterical mob.

    What finally stopped the witch trials?

  4. All Leftist “thought” boils down to Who/Whom. Once you realize that, you will never have to read/listen to them again; rather than trying to foresee what convoluted “reasoning” could lead them to think X is OK in one case but not in another. It’s just Who/Whom, every single time.

    • Agree: Gordo
    • Replies: @Notsofast
  5. @Fidelios Automata

    You think she really believes in Allah? She doesn’t cover. At least Omar does that. Or is it just her heritage, a family thing. She’s a bolshevik first and last. Islam is probably more an identity than a belief.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @TTSSYF
  6. This is the Spanish Civil War. Which side are you on? The lower 48 will balkanize.

    • Agree: mocissepvis
  7. Anonymous[407] • Disclaimer says:

    Antifa activists are not divided. “We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom,” reads one of the “Points of Unity” for the antifa “Torch Network.” A masked and menacing antifa “black bloc” joined a pro-choice rally in Seattle.


    I was under the impression that the Unwritten Arrangement in 2020 was that if Americans voted “the right way” (i.e. for Biden and co.) the mobs would stay off the streets.

    Now, two years after Americans did indeed vote “the right way,” the mobs are on the streets again. Quid nunc America?

    • Replies: @Amon
  8. RobinG says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Another ignorant assumption. And JBH as well.

  9. nsa says:

    You want to pay \$1500 for an abortion…..or child support for 21 years….longer if the it is disabled or college bound? Ten minutes of animal ecstacy is not worth 1/4 of your pay check for twenty plus years.

  10. Anonymous[970] • Disclaimer says:

    Mass sterilizations would reduce the need for abortion but that’s not a realistic solution. Maybe the abortion fans should stop cnting it up without appropriate contraception.

    “Someone else has to be killed for my mistake” seems to be the mantra of the abortificianados. That’s Negro thinking.

    I expect we can look forward to more mostly peaceful protests.

    • Replies: @Corrupt
    , @mocissepvis
  11. Take down SCOTUS, you have taken down the US Constitution.
    SCOTUS is the last backstop for upholding the US Constitution, the final word.
    When SCOTUS refused to hear the Texas case that 17 other states signed onto re: election fraud the Republic ended.
    I took down my American flag that day 12-12-2020 .

    • Agree: mocissepvis
    • Thanks: beavertales
  12. Anarcho-Tyranny.

    • Agree: mocissepvis
  13. @Notsofast

    They don’t think about that, or much of anything else, except how they can control women and slander them.

    Roughly, I’ll say there are three groups who are obsessed with controlling reasonable access to abortion. (The Wash DC Dem politicians are off-their-rockers with pushing unlimited access. So, I’m not talking about that or them.)

    1 – The Holy Rollers, who are somehow convinced they’ll have better chances of getting into heaven if they pursue restrictions even though they, like everyone, don’t give a damn about the fetuses of strangers. It’s all about themselves (and lust for control of others).

    2 – Specific deranged and/or brain-hijacked women, most of whom are the Christian type. They’ve been listening for too long to a provincial guy on pulpit tell them how the world works, they bought his shtick and they want to go to heaven. But, for some, I don’t think religion is the big underlying motivation or it’s accompanied by some amount of self-loathing and/or envy. It’s deep but, they don’t get that and so they want to see other women punished or limited to distract from their own troubled psyche.

    3 – Specific deranged and uber-selfish males. I doubt religion really is the big driver with most of this group. It’s more about control and punishment. They believe they are superior to females, that pregnancy prevention is all on her (even though HE has the easiest means to prevent it) and what an idiot she is for getting unintentionally pregnant, they have eternal resentment about women being the gatekeepers of sex and they want to see women suffer by being forced to maintain an unintended pregnancy. He gets satisfaction from feeling like he was part of the gatekeeping team related to that limitation.

    There you go. All three groups are deeply irrational and motivated primarily for themselves not for the fetuses of strangers.

  14. @Fidelios Automata

    The Arabs have two interesting words : jihad and ijhaD. The second one with a ” heavy D ” means miscarriage, abortion,induced abortion. May be Tlaib should consider taking an anti-abortion position. For Jihad, against ijhad !!!!

  15. GMC says:

    How many more decades are the citizens and Gov. of the US going to whip this dead horse argument about abortions?. Probably, as long as it takes to get your freedom back from – not needing to take the Jab. All these nonsense population control issues should be thrown out of the Courts, and let the citizens decide for themselves. Otherwise , it’s called a Totalitarian Government and that “don’t make it” in a supposedly free society.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  16. Gordo says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Shouldn’t Muslims like Tlaib be against abortion? Doesn’t sound like it’s something Allah would favor.

    Different schools of thought among Islamic scholar and different laws in Islamic countries.

  17. Anon[743] • Disclaimer says:

    Time to study the rise of the Jacobians during the French Revolution my friends.

  18. @Notsofast

    There’s still going to be abortion either way. Making an exception for the “mental health of the mother” means any skank can get an abortion any time she feels like it, and in liberal states it will be completely legal anyway, no excuse needed. But overturning their precious “Roe” is like spraying Raid on the overgrown cockroaches: it makes them go into a frenzy of hysterics. And the more discord, the better because it means the US collapses sooner. This place can’t be fixed. It has to go.

  19. Amon says:

    The deep state needs a distraction from their failed Ukrainian project and the out of control inflation.

    And these protests” are the distraction.

    • Agree: Fred777
    • Replies: @Fred777
  20. Incredible the passion surrounding the unborn at home, whatever one’s stand. Compare that with the murder of millions of fully formed and differentiated human beings abroad in totally unprovoked wars of aggression.

    • Agree: mocissepvis, Alrenous
    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
  21. gotmituns says:

    I couldn’t care less if the “protesters” burned their lousy houses down. After the lousy thing the two female jew judges (kagan and ginsberg) did with the homosexual marriage case, when they refused to recuse themselves the court lost its integrity (all the other judges on the court are just as guilty as the two jews because they didn’t call them out on it) and became just another corrupt federal agency

    • Agree: GMC
    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  22. If Trigglypuffs shaved armpits, lost weight & stopped degenerate behaviour, then they might get the attention of a nice White Man.

    This would depopulate SJW freak show.

    • Agree: Pablo
  23. Z-man says:
    @Juda Ben Hur

    Ya know Charlton Heston was Scottish. ROFL 🤣

  24. Today’s leftists seem to posses the same intolerant tendencies as yesterday’s commie radicals. This is not good for cultural civility, the rule of law, of national cohesion. Today’s leftists are–like the commies before them–dead certain in their beliefs. So watch out! Disagree with them and it’s war.

    I happen to be (mildly) pro-choice on the abortion question, but I support the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Why? There was never any Constitutional foundation for the Roe decision. It was just cooked up. Is this any way to run a ‘Supreme Court’? I don’t think so.

    Besides, even after Roe is overturned, most states will continue to keep abortion safe and legal. So why go to war over this?

    Let the people of each state (through their elected representatives) decide this question of how much leeway (if any) is given on the matter of pregnancy termination. Let the people decide.

    After all, we allow drug laws and certain matters involving sexuality to be adjudicated by each individual state (not the SCOTUS). So why not abortion?

    Worst case scenario: some women will have to travel out of their state to get an abortion. BFD. There’s plenty of money available to help these females get rid of their unwanted fetuses.

    On a more urgent matter: let’s stop NATO’s war on Russia before a nuclear war breaks out.

    • Thanks: Kali
  25. Anonymous[243] • Disclaimer says:

    What finally stopped the witch trials?

    Better climate in Europe that reduced the number of local famines. ( )

    See also: Dutton, Witches, Feminism, and the Fall of the West
    Witches, Feminism, and the Fall of the West
    , 2021;

    In much the same way, one might say that the failure of European civilization to realize just how dangerous mechanized warfare was during the World War eras, and the subsequent delegitimization of all existing social forms (mostly Imperial forms) had a result similar to the bad crops during the witchcraft wars. Any straw was grasped at, and society (worldwide) was re-organized into the form that we currently see is failing.
    Just think how implausible is the idea that government can run an economy. The productivity increases from the Enlightenment revolution, starting in Holland in the 1600s, spreading to England, and spreading to Western Europe in the 1790s, and Eastern Europe in the 1800s, was a demonstration that government cannot run an economy. And that demonstration is still being run in the West today.
    Same with the idea that women should abandon their parallel social ladders and try to displace men from the men’s social ladders. You get things like 120 pound women carrying an 80 pound infantry load, or the female drunken hippopotami with badly hurt children who used to be young women before they tried the men’s social ladders and became mid-level administrators. Women’s social ladders were made by women for women; the idea that socialist men could or would alter women’s social status for the better was implausible from the start. Here’s a bit of Old Bolshevik propaganda, rephrased: “Anna, who had given birth the day before, insisted in participating in the infantry assault against the counter-revolutionary forces.” This was apparently believed!!!

    We seem to be getting over the idea that the implausible will work. The problem with that is a regression to “brute force and massive ignorance” on all sides, world wide : 3rd World Immigrants, European descended, Jewish establishment. Such regressions can cause mass casualties, such as the famine that we now see descending in 2022/10.

    • Agree: Alrenous
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  26. Fred777 says:

    The left was dejected over the Biden train wreck, not any more.

  27. Anonymous[243] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Real World

    There you go. All three groups are deeply irrational and motivated primarily for themselves not for the fetuses of strangers.

    This sort of propaganda is not dealing with a naïve public that trusts an establishment that recently won a world war back in the 1960s. You’re trying to sell tuberculosis to the American public for a second time. Very few are buying.

    Your remarks were covered by Pratchet’s account of a teaching point at the Academy of Assassins, Ankh-Morpork. Paraphrase:
    “Others kill for country, for love, for religion, for madness. All of these motives are questionable in the highest degree. You will have no such base motives. You will kill only for money. And you will always give a receipt.”
    Pratchett, Pyramids, see:

  28. I suppose someone could start capping protesters and use the defence that these are Roe-protected late term abortions.

    • Replies: @Reverend Goody
  29. BuelahMan says:
    @The Real World

    It couldn’t possibly be that they consider it murder. You know, illegal and immoral.

    Thanks for explaining, from a murderer’s perspective, what those who are not murderers think.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  30. @Fidelios Automata

    Both Muslims and Jews (aren’t they the best of allies, save the Palestine?) belong in their own countries not in the USA.

  31. “Conservatives” strike again. Why they hell should we be sad if blacks get abortions?? Just another distraction by (((TPTB))) to muddy the waters. Want to solve the White abortion problem?? Take away affirmative action and employment for women, and reform the divorce laws. “Conservatives” are fighting the wrong battle.

  32. Notsofast says:
    @James J O'Meara

    it’s kind of funny how they have dusted off the old “a woman’s body is hers alone and no one can tell her what to do with it” without realizing that during the covid panic they were saying the exact opposite. i’m honestly starting to think that this is purposeful, in order to create cognitive dissonance, now that we have entered into full blown orwellian police state.

    • Replies: @Smarby
  33. TTSSYF says:

    I don’t think it would change many minds. The shooting of the Republicans on the baseball field by the Bernie bro didn’t do anything.

  34. Cris M. says:

    On the focus of double standard, not enforcing supposed law to protect ‘judges’ is to miss a point that no such supposed ‘law’ should have been allowed, ever. It doesn’t matter if twenty or thirty percent of supposed judges or lawyers may be ‘ok’ when sixty or seventy percent are criminals. Millions of people have been injured or destroyed by ‘courts’, search corrupt lawyers judges, also ‘probate’, ripping off dead people’s families, also divorcecorp, causing chaos with children. People dimly continue to assume bad judges is only about ‘payoffs’ –when its a destruction scheme to weaken us. The scheme to oppress while pretending to be ‘authority’, and stop us from killing murderers and child predators ourselves -as false judges ‘free’ most of them. Then in other ‘civil law’ scheme to thieve both ‘sides’ in a case, and target the ‘good’ person, the one more likely to be against conspiracies, or the better parent. It’s not coincidence lawyers ‘lose’ or drag out cases, they do it on purpose.

    They scribbled ‘immunity’ for themselves, so they can assault as they want to, as ‘other’ judges cover for their co-cons, by not overturning if appealed. If you get a bad judge you can’t get rid of them, you’re stuck. If judges had to think about being thrown in jail, things would be different. It isn’t pointed out much but predators and lawyers are able to attempt to use fraudulent papers or claims in bogus court, no criminal charge if they’re lying or bogus, nothing, and most lawyers won’t bring action against other lawyers for making false claims.

    -Who judges supposed ‘supreem court’ judges. No one. That should be a red flag that we’re fed a con. Supposed judges or lawyers are not ‘more’ entitled to ‘security’ than the rest of us, judges should be more accountable, not less. Over a third of ‘govrmnt’ are lawyers. It may seem one sided the protesters aren’t removed, but there should be none of it. Supposed ‘courts’ have always been a con.

    People claiming to be ‘courts’ or ‘government’ over others is not equality. – Cris M.

    ‘government’ is not equality. – Cris M.

    Natural law might is right is the only actual law. Suggest jot down, won’t see often or maybe ever again, paper pen better than copy paste. The reason I put name with is because don’t want those to be twisted by cons to mean something other than in context. If others want to share off web verbally or in paper letters, no need to attribute with name. The point of comment is to share, so if resonates others also share in real life, not on web. Btw use only single quote marks as I did. They’re belittling, is why I use them. “double” quote marks mess with our brain.

    The distractions are many, what are other cons doing while some are doing this distraction. That said, it’s merit the article points out two face situation, just saying the double talk is everywhere.


  35. TTSSYF says:
    @Juda Ben Hur

    What’s always puzzled me is the Islamic women who wear the hajib but with a lot of makeup…which includes Omar with those bright red lips. Isn’t that defeating the purpose of the hajib, which is to hide or diminish female beauty so as not to tempt otherwise good Muslim men?

    Actually, though, the fact that Islamic women wear makeup with the hajib isn’t so surprising. It’s in the nature of women to highlight their beauty. I suppose what I find surprising is the lack of criticism of it by Islamic true believers, especially the men. I would think they would be contemptuous of it.

  36. bwuce wee says:

    i am not ‘against’ abortion. doesn’t mean i am personally ‘for’ abortion. it should be an option in case of rape, incest, life-threatening situations, etc.,- i can’t predict all possible situations. but there are realities:
    1. sex is for reproduction, if you are having sex, and you do not realize the outcome could be preganacy, you are an utter and complete moron.’i didn’t think, i/she would get pregnant’?!?!?! the thought clearly MUST have entered your mind! don’t pretend otherwise! take responsibility for your actions. even a rapist know that the outcome could be pregnancy.
    2. use a condom. it’s not like condoms are too expensive!!! ‘i couldn’t afford a condom… NOT LIKELY! every guy who expects to get laid should carry a condom, if not, then he must realize there could be a child!
    3. birth control pills have been around for a really long time, surely every female realizes this. if a woman is sexually active and does not select a birth control method, then she is trying to get pregnant! i can accept no denials there, because the subconscious can also gave desires and motivations. and they pope won’t let me? sorry, i have known plenty of catholic women who disagree, and then many who clock there periods religiously.
    4. failing to select a birth control method because you know you can always get an abortion- really bad rationmalization. that leaves us with a situation of a female who leaves the option open to get pregnant, but then leaves the option open to abort if :

    a. baby daddy won’t marry her- this is using preganancy as coercion to marry- a hideous situation. and guys can play this game also by slipping the condom off and getting the woman pregnant because he wants a wife.
    b. she decides she doesn’t like the guy after all when he reacts to the unexpected pregnancy so she aborts- another hideous situation. people who think like this certainly should not breed until they realize their mental shortcomings.
    oh and anyone who wants to comment that a man can get pregnant too- puh-lease! no way i will pander to your genderbender silliness!

    • Agree: Sarah
  37. anonymous[110] • Disclaimer says:

    i say until scotus overturns castle rock VS gonzales, the desicion that says the pigs dont have to protect you, SCOTUS lives are forfeit. and any judge that enforces is for that matter. If my life doesnt matter, neither does yours. and hope judges go to hell because of the immunity they gabe themselves.

    . Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748 (2005) Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748 (2005),

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  38. The anti-abortion leak seems to be a well orchestrated ploy to help Democrats on the coming elections

    • Replies: @Nick Granite
  39. Rich says:
    @The Real World

    Funny that an admitted patricide would think it knows everything about those who oppose abortion. Could it possibly be that there are people who have followed the massive increase in scientific knowledge since 1973 and have learned through the advancements in genetics and other technologies that from the moment of conception a fetus is a fully genetic human being? Why are you opposed to the science? Or just admit that you’re all-in on killing innocent humans and be done with it. I don’t know what crimes your father committed that led you to end his life, as you admitted on another thread, but what crime has the baby in the womb committed that you want him murdered?

    • Agree: jsm, Sam Hildebrand
    • Replies: @jsm
    , @The Real World
  40. WJ says:

    One side continues to inflict violence with impunity while the other side is stayin home and grillin. Of course Jan 6 was a good reason for staying home considering the authorities will have zero tolerance for YT getting uppity. I wish Brett Kavanaugh would publicly proclaim that he will blow the gd head off of any one that enters his property but instead they cower and evacuate and get more po po protection.

  41. The political ruling class is thoroughly delighted in watching the wedge issue do its thing while they fleece both the country and the world. Can’t help but notice the remarkably advantageous timing of this leaked only decision.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  42. A nice piece of fantasy news. But in reality, Europe is over like Tibet.

  43. gotmituns says:

    I wish Brett Kavanaugh would publicly proclaim that he will blow the gd head off of any one that enters his property

    It’s most likely he’ll blow the first guy that enters his property. I’m sure he’s just another pissant faggot on the court.

    • Agree: Rurik
  44. usNthem says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    That raghead is no different from catholic demoncraps who twist themselves into pretzels in a failed attempt to square their support of abortion with their religion’s obvious stance against it.

  45. Kimberley Johnson, above, is against “fascist white supremacists”…


    …has a blueyellow Ukranazi coup regime flag on her profile.


  46. One rule for Jews…

  47. jsm says:

    A conceptus is a human being.

    Maybe not a fully-formed human being, yet, but certainly not “just a clump of cells,” like, say,
    a brain tumor.

    Certainly there are self-defense arguments to be made for abortion, such as hyperemesis gravidarum where the pregnancy hormones are causing that woman to be nauseous and unable to eat all day long for weeks on end, literally starvation. But we’re not really talking about that. I suspect even the most ardent pro-life Catholics can understand and approve the motive for THAT killing, just as they approve of just wars, or cops shooting a man holding others hostage.

    But let’s be honest. You ARE killing a human being.

    Don’t want to kill someone? Prevent conception. There are a myriad ways: barrier methods; Fertility Awareness Method; the Pill; IUDs, sterilization surgery or abstinence. This is middle school level science, why are we even still HAVING this debate?

    Could it be — and this will mark me as a nutjob conspiracy theorist, but the nuttery that we’re still having the abortion debate makes me consider it — could it be there’s MONEY involved? We know Planned Parenthood sells aborted baby parts. Maybe, most of these hysterical abortion-at-any-time-for-any-reason activists are being PAID by the baby killers, to keep the money flowing???

    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  48. @nsa

    It’s really a shame that no one has invented contraceptives, yet. Just think how that would remove the “need” for 99 percent of all abortions.

    • LOL: Thomasina
  49. @BuelahMan

    Buelah = a combo of Group 1 and 3.

    Enough said…

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  50. @Rich

    Rich = fully a member of Group #3, plus irrational, semi-incoherent and may have had a mean or neglectful Mother.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @W
  51. @usNthem

    “Bunch together a group of people deliberately chosen for strong religious feelings, and you have a practical guarantee of dark morbidities expressed in crime, perversion, and insanity.”

    – H. P. LOVECRAFT.

  52. No wonder blacks outsource caring-about-blacks to whites.

    Houston Black Gang Members Rob And Threaten The Lives Of Two Black Teens Selling Water

    Video Link

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  53. Jim H says:

    ‘Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Beating Palestinian Pallbearers Until They Lose Control of Slain Journalist’s Casket’ —

    Our tax dollars at work, for the glory of zionism.

    Makes ya proud, don’t it?

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  54. Smarby says:

    i’m honestly starting to think that this is purposeful, in order to create cognitive dissonance

    It must be. Look how quickly and suddenly the agenda has changed over the past 2-3 years. The Trump Impeachments, to COVID, to BLM (where it was ok to have mass gatherings because “racism is a public health crisis too!”), to Ukraine (some people calling for violent direct action still have flags in their profiles), and now this.

    What surprises me is that more people aren’t desensitized and getting wise to it at this point. I started getting suspicious in the middle of 2020.

  55. Who needs a Supreme Court or DOJ when we got Mob Rule by anal GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM PIGs who will pay thugs to burn loot murder and rape 24/7/365 for free fentanyl and weed.
    How can anyone not see the connection between the fentanyl crawl drug epidemic coming from open border Mexico, forced frankenshots, food shortages, negro hoodrats smash-loot-grab, ZioNazi Wars, mass censorship, Zero Interest in ZioSavings, GlobalHomo brainwashing your kids without your permission and out of control police state that now designates whites as the greatest threat facing USA?

    This is a complete breakdown of society. The excrement in what was once fair and balanced government, those despicable pos that now represent us, are more concerned about representing the most despicable tribes and perverts to ever exist.

    I’ve had enough grievance talks, they have done nothing to remedy the destruction big government imposes on its people.

  56. Possum says:

    Yes. Please, come to me and attack me for my views. Stop by the house! I’ll cross-hair the nastiest ones first; looking and acting. It’s soooo close to sparking off.

  57. @Priss Factor

    Come’on Priss, show Troof and Nat X sum respec, dey is victims too. Poor Troof and NatX can’t even sell water in the hood without gangsta hoodrats looting they schitt.

    Imma set up a GoFundMe and call it;

    Straight Outta Compton
    Support Yo Local Hood

  58. Suggestion – oscillating sprinklers for homeowners. One that covers 7000 sq. ft. Place it near the sidewalk. Done.

  59. Dr. Rock says:

    I wish we could hurry up and get to the civil war part of this docu-drama. I think a few years of some unfettered warfare in the streets, would clean things up nicely. I think if we real time “aborted” 30-40 million, we’d find a very peaceful and likeable population leftover, and it wouldn’t include all the commies, America haters, satanic death cult freaks, and “all the others” that we could live without.

  60. @Notsofast

    After they spent decades reducing life to its lowest common denominator, where a man can be a girl, chicks can have imaginary dicks, and hoodrats, illegals and refugees can rape white bitches with impunity, and now you can be your choice of 2SLGBTQQIAPWXYZ+ – Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual people, and Pedophiles, with a plus-sign added for good measure to cover any potentially overlooked groups.

    For the record, CQ is pro Abortion. The more GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM PIGs we abort in the womb, the better for humanity and civilization as a whole.
    In fact, I’m ordering a replica of the Georgia Guide Stones for my front yard.
    So there, deal with it homies.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  61. Well, I’m not comfortable with fascist white supremacists, who were credibly accused of sexual assault, taking my rights away.

    Fighting for Democracy can be uncomfortable.

    This Tweet ticks all of the boxes:

    Aging, wine swilling female…

    Ukraine flag…

    “…white supremacists…”

    “credibly (LOL1) accused of sexual assault…”

    And finally: “Fighting for Democracy.”

    The only thing missing is a reference to “disinformation” or “Russian disinformation.”

    From the TV screens or public radio straight to their lips (or fingertips).

    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
  62. Corrupt says:

    “Mass sterilizations would reduce the need for abortion but that’s not a realistic solution. Maybe the abortion fans should stop cnting it up without appropriate contraception.”

    I’m all for stopping the current EBT, and giving contraceptive laced food to all those on the dole. As long as you’re feeding off the public teat, you shouldn’t be having any children.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  63. @jsm

    Tell that to the tranny who thinks it’s pregnant or can get pregnant. You’re not dealing with logical thinking people here. These are the most radical GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM PIGs to ever exist.

  64. @Al Liguori

    We should all use Mel’s excuse when we’re caught calling out the hebes.

    “Sorry, I had alcohol poisoning running through my brain and can’t remember what I said.”

    Ya know, with all the Holocaust bs dumped on us, it’s a miracle others haven’t been shamed.

  65. Bravo Mr Hood, bravo. I confess I just cursorily scanned your article. I’m writing because I was captivated by the Photo that accompanies your article. The woman playing Center Forward wearing a vagina is someone I would love to know. Why don’t you interview her Mr Hood??

  66. @RedpilledAF

    I would swear it looked like you wrote Anal-Tranny.

    • LOL: RedpilledAF
  67. @Sollipsist

    How many “egregious misfortunes” does it have to take? Haven’t there been enough already? Never imagined growing up that so many would cower in the face of such people. These people, ie ANTIFA, BLM and the rest of them need to be smashed once and for all along with any people who attempt to use force to defend them. If enough of the right kinds of men finally have had enough, these people are going to find themselves in a world of trouble and , again, I include any stooges who try to use force to defend them. Also, I don’t consider people who put up with nearly any level of depredation for the sake of “peace” to be ‘decent’. They are nearly as dangerous to ones health as these leftists are.

  68. Barring artificial insemination, the lovelies in the headline photo would to seem to have little prospect of getting their own skin in the game.
    Surely any sighted man would prefer making love to a belt sander over consorting with one of these barkers.

  69. @Patrick in SC

    The only thing missing is a reference to “disinformation” or “Russian disinformation.”

    You forgot one but she obviously wasn’t clever enough to weave the holocaust narrative into the mix.

  70. Stop calling these people protestors. There is more than enough evidence by now that the ringleaders are paid to be there and that they use Facebook as well as local College campuses to spur useful idiots to show up to give them numbers. It’s astro-turf is what it is.

    Any time that you spot a bookbag on someone’s back in the crowd – that person is paid to be there and buses around with his belongings + riot equipment inside of it. The identical sunglasses are another item that paid protestors are given, to help make it less noticeable that there is a core group busing around to cause trouble [paid for by Soros and others].

    The paid Democrat goons get away with this because the same people who pay them also run the media and own the local DAs. The law doesn’t work equally since it has been bought off.

    • Agree: The Real World
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  71. @Eduardo E. Saxe Fernández

    Yeah but that mass of family-oriented, anti-abortion, demographics-is-destiny Hispanics they let in by the million over the last several decades are set to gum up the works. How come I could see the flaw in their plan with them long term years ago but they could not? The left’s infatuation with all things unnatural isn’t simpatico with millions of Hispanic’s beliefs.

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  72. anarchyst says:
    @Thomas. R.

    Agree 100%. ((They)) are not “protesters” but are criminals who should be prosecuted.
    There is a firm “Crowds On Demand” that “rents” rioters for any purpose. They were instrumental in providing rioters for the 2020 Summer of Love riots. You can bet that they are also involved in the many “protests” around the country.
    Yes, “Crowds On Demand” is a real company…

  73. @Jim H

    Some muslim Arabs argued that ” May Allah bless her soul ” in the case of the great Shireen Abu Aqla was inappropriate because she was a Christian. That incensed a certain Chicago-based Egyptian political activist.

  74. I’m by nature not interested in telling others what to do, I only have opinions. On abortion, I tended to be pro choice. The noxious behavior of the left and the glorification by the media of abortion is what changed my mind, let’s call it murder then. If abortion stays, stigmatize it as far as possible, keep it shameful. Treat activists like freaks and pariahs.

  75. Rich says:
    @The Real World

    You’re like that guy on that TV show that can diagnose people without ever having met them. You must be a superior being or something, guess that’s how you could justify killing your father. You’re like a god compared to the rest of us. Or maybe you just got internet privileges at Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital for the Criminally Insane?

  76. Pointing out double standards is tiresome but necessary. Americans must learn that the Constitution and the law won’t restrain leftists, either in government or on the streets. The sooner naïve whites recognize this, the better.

    Most white advocates have known it for a long time. Recognizing subjugation is the first step to overcoming it.

    And Mr. Hood undoubtedly knows as well as anyone that “patriots” are mostly loudmouthed complainers who have convinced themselves that their whining and complaining amongst themselves about the tyranny of Left is what will make it go away. As much as these people chest-thump and belch hot air about the bravery of the founding generation, they have NONE of their forebears’ bravery and resolve. Indeed, if the founding generation were to arise from the grave and look upon what has claimed its mantle, it would collectively gnash its teeth in rage-filled regret at ever having created a new country at all. Its sacrifices were in vain.

  77. Whatever else that Bree Newsom is great. “I don’t like that muthafuckin’ flag. I’ma take it down!” And she did. We should all be so motivated.

  78. Fr. John says:

    “abortion rights protesters”

    Call them what they are WHORING SLUTS and BABY BLOOD DRINKERS.


    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  79. There is a “violence gap.” The antifa,blm and pussy hat detritus all know that they are above the law.
    They fear no one because they know no one will lift A finger against them.
    We all know the authorities will move heaven and earth to find and destroy anyone who defies them and their pets.
    But what they need is,as George Harrison once opined,A damn good whacking. They need to have the living shit beat out of them.
    But it hasn’t happened, maybe never will.

  80. @Anonymous

    “Someone else has to be killed for my mistake” seems to be the mantra of the abortificianados. That’s Negro thinking.

    That’s female thinking. The next woman who takes full and clear 100 percent responsibility for her own decisions and actions without blaming someone else (usually ALWAYS a man) will be the first, ever.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  81. anonymous[197] • Disclaimer says:

    Conservatives/Patriots could surreptitiously tail these domestic terrorists back to their lairs and torch their cars and homes later on.

    It could have happened when Antifa and BLM burned down the cities.

    Words mean with little when the official policy of the Executive, and Legislative Branch is Anarcho-Tyranny

  82. MA says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    You are absolutely right:

    “And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you. Indeed, their killing is ever a great sin.”
    Quran 17:31

    Unfortunately first the media paints Islam ( submission to One God ,the Creator, The Sustainer) in bad light, then democratic party recruits opportunists like Tlaib and Omer, who neither understand, nor practice Islam. Same is with majorities in “muslim lands” who have relapsed into age of ignorance ( Jahiliya) where infanticide esp for girls was common

  83. @RedpilledAF

    Even Anarchists have their handlers.

  84. @gotmituns

    The U.S. Supreme Shysters are nine unelected, unaccountable, ethics-free megalomaniacs. 330 million Americans have to live under these black-robed dictators. . . .

  85. more like rules only apply to us, they have no rules 😛

  86. Derer says:

    This is insanity, the appointed proxies will not resolve the issue and house protests are criminal for threatening decision makers. This issue must be solved by a referendum majority and disregard the protest from every Jewish organization (numbers are astounding for a 2% minority) – this is predominantly Christian country.

  87. @anonymous

    I have to admit that I’m curious to know how black rayon burns.

  88. The absurdity of twatter commentators, and their little virtue signalling Ukrainian flag icons, advocating that protestors harass folks at their very homes.

  89. @Sollipsist

    They ran out of witches. Peak Witch.

  90. @mocissepvis

    Misogynists are sad little men.

  91. @CelestiaQuesta

    What happened to the Befuddled, you antibefuddlite!

    • LOL: CelestiaQuesta
  92. @Notsofast

    They are residents of liberal states, so they will be able to abort until their uteruses fall out. This outcome is a basic fact of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Come on now, everyone knows this.

  93. @Nick Granite

    Those family-values Hispanics will still be voting 70/30 for the left, with totals adding several million more Hispanic votes for left candidates with every presidential election. That’s the granite-hard fact. Our displacement and dispossession proceeds, albeit at a slower pace due to the overreach of leftist monkey brains’ thinking that Hispanics want their neighborhoods torched and trannies made of their grammar school boys.

    • Replies: @Rich
  94. BuelahMan says:
    @The Real World

    More unintelligible rambling?

  95. There is only one rule – divide and conquer – and distraction is its prophet.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  96. Richard B says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Shouldn’t Muslims like Tlaib be against abortion?

    Not if the majority of abortions are white, which they are.

    Jewish Supremacy Inc.* (JSI) controls the USA and has for ages.
    But, like their God, who they have long since replaced, they want their power obeyed while they remain invisible. That’s why you can’t identify them without having that power come down on you like a ton of bricks.

    Orwell once wrote about the power of facing unpleasant facts, the fact is you can’t possibly solve a problem that you can’t identify, or even locate. Now that they have achieved Full Spectrum Dominance, they can literally do anything they want. And alert and well-informed TUR readers with a well-developed contemporary and historical perspective know exactly what that means – wholesale slaughter.

    As Ron Unz said himself in what I would argue is his best work

    In recent years, somewhat similar Jewish-organized efforts at international sanctions aimed at bringing recalcitrant nations to their knees have become a regular part of global politics. But these days the Jewish dominance of the U.S. political system has become so overwhelming that instead of private boycotts, such actions are directly enforced by the American government. To some extent, this had already been the case with Iraq during the 1990s, but became far more common after the turn of the new century.

    Do you think JSI is going to go to all the trouble to impose its will on US Foreign Policy and not on its Domestic and Economic Policy as well? Of course not. After all, controlling Foreign, Domestic and Economic Policy is what Full Spectrum Dominance is all about.

    I think perhaps the most plausible explanation for the widespread promotion of a multitude of largely fictional German war-crimes at Nuremberg was to camouflage and obscure the very real ones actually committed by the Allies.

    That is what this latest stunt is all about.

    Pay No Attention to Our Collapsing Empire and Don’t Dare Say One Word About Why It Is Collapsing and ABOVE ALL Who Owns and Controls Said Empire!

    They have been at this for a long time. But it looks like History has got a joker up its sleeve and they might be coming to the end of their history in the sense that after the USA there’s no place left for them to go. It very well may be.

    In any event, if White Advocates, as AR likes to call them, can identify other whites who are participating in all of this (past and present) then they can name the group those whites have been answering to all of these years.

    One motive for doing this would be found in yet another quote from Mr. Unz in the same essay.

    …in per capita terms Jews were the greatest mass-murderers of the twentieth century, holding that unfortunate distinction by an enormous margin and with no other nationality coming even remotely close.

    The template of JSIinfiltration, subversion, betrayal, destruction and death – can be traced from past to present. Again, they’ve been at this for a long time.

    They did it in ancient Babylon, they did it in Persia, they did it in Egypt, they did it in Greece, they did it in Rome, they did it in Christian Europe, they did it in Secular Europe, they did it in the Revolutions of 17th century England, 18th century France, 20th century Russia and they’re doing it in 21st century USA.

    Unless they start some 12 Step program for mass-murderers these addicts are not going to stop (presumably until there’s no one left and they turn on themselves).

    *Anyone who uses this descriptor is well aware of the fact that it includes willing members of the host population of whatever country or culture they have targeted for destruction.

  97. W says:
    @The Real World

    Rich = fully a member of Group #3, plus irrational, semi-incoherent and may have had a mean or neglectful Mother.

    Pot meet kettle.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  98. Phibbs says:

    The Department of “Justice” is Jew-infested. When the Patriot Revolution comes, the entire DOJ building should be razed to the ground.

  99. Alrenous says: • Website

    Protagoras re-infected Europe when his writing and those he influenced were re-obtained from the library at Toledo in 1085.

    You only need rhetoric and sophism when the obvious truths aren’t working for you. They’re inherently in rebellion against Reality.

    As the Sophism Regime continues to eat itself, as evil is wont to do, they feel the need to dab on Reality ever harder. They compete to make more and more obvious lies into socially mandatory catechism. First it’s diversity is strength, and later it’s men are literally women and women are literally men.

  100. Alrenous says: • Website

    Covidnus is talking about them, so they’re probably FBI false flags. Same way every KKK cell is 70% feds and 30% entrapped head cases.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  101. Alrenous says: • Website
    @The Real World

    Americans have a compulse control problem. That’s what “a free country” means.

    Whether someone else commits infanticide is none of your business; that’s between them and God. If you think it’s bad, then don’t commit it on your own relatives. I, likewise, don’t care: that’s between you and God.

    Quibble: calling out specifically slandering “women” as if misogyny has anything to do with it. If anything, America “respects” women far too much and slandering a woman specifically is how you show you’re chad, because you can get away with it. Doing so, however, means the wannabe chad has to uphold the female-superiority ideology. “Women are better than men, except for me of course.”

    • Agree: Gore 2004
  102. @W

    Lol, you are uninformed and have not read some of Rich’s comments on other threads that form the foundation for my assessment.

    It is also duly-noted that you were unable to offer any cogent or realistic reply to my original comment on this thread. In fact, no one has been able to.

  103. Corvinus says:

    Your entire life is a false flag.

  104. @Sollipsist

    Ironic considering that a huge percentage of the inhuman beings at these “protests” seriously call THEMSELVES witches, when it’s not more convenient for them to try to pass it off as a joke.

    That being said, any witch trial stop upon the absence of witches definitionally, whether or not any witches are present physically at the either beginning or end.

    While what constitutes a witch is up for argument, witches are to be burned.

  105. @nsa

    10 seconds of “animal ecstasy” is also not worth 1,500\$ to most people, which just so happens to include virtually everyone paying it anyway. If you’re still not getting it, the problem here is in the causative action, and, more specifically, the perverse abandonment of self control that allows it to happen in the first place.

    For a crude but literal version: “Don’t f***ing do it if you don’t f***ing mean it.”

    It really is that simple.

  106. @The Real World

    If women are as you put it “the gatekeepers of sex” then logically they not only have the easiest means of preventing pregnancy (not having sex), but are primarily responsible for employing it.

    Take your meds, you evil lunatic.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  107. Rich says:
    @Eric Novak

    Steve Sailer, who is one of the most politically astute commentators around, (Trump won in 2016 running on the ‘Sailer Strategy’ that Steve had been writing about for years) has written that the repubs should push the narrative that the dem party is the official black party in the US. Not only is this true, but it would probably push many Hispanics out of the dem camp. Hispanics in NY don’t seem to be enamored of black folks, so it could help, can’t hurt.

  108. Chopin says:
    @The Real World

    You seem to be accepting of reasons for abortion to be restricted to some extent, so does it really seem that unreasonable that other people might have good reasons for restricting it at earlier stages of development?

    Your analysis is incredibly shallow and uncharitable, to be quite frank.

  109. …accepting of reasons for abortion to be restricted to some extent,

    Yes, of course. As I asserted in the second paragraph, I have no interest in what national Democrat politicians have been putting forth. It is so off-the-wall, I’m surprised that more on the Right aren’t yelling about it. It is bizarre that utter extremes don’t seem to shock anyone anymore.

    that other people might have good reasons for restricting it at earlier stages of development?

    I think that’s an important conversation. However, I respectfully suggest, do not kid yourself about what a huge number of extremists on the Right want. They want to utterly outlaw all access to abortion. They have no problem making women, once pregnant, medical wards of the state for nine months. While holding the males who impregnated them to no account or restriction whatsoever. Does that seem right to you?

    Also, some states, TX and KY are two that I know of, have trigger laws in place. If RvW is overturned, those states already have laws passed to restrict access in extreme fashion. Those laws are published online; you will be surprised what you read in them.

    Your last sentence is a claim with zero substantiation or reasoning provided. Therefore, as is, it has no value. Also, I think I have followed this topic and what average people have to say about it much more closely than you have. I stand by what I wrote and you’ll notice that no one has been able to rebutt it. Just the typical uninformed, emotional lashings.

  110. @azureamaranthine

    Thank you for the comment as it provides a relevant example of just how shallow the thinking is for so many regarding sex, responsibility, pregnancy prevention, etc.

    LOL, no, logically HE has the easiest means to prevent unwanted pregnancy. People can successfully enjoy all kinds of intimate physical activity and HE just needs to not do one thing and all will be fine. It should be obvious what I mean but, I dunno, some people aren’t very experienced so I’ll make it clear — if he doesn’t place his liquid in her particular place then pregnancy is avoided. Presto, how difficult is that?

    So, in actual fact, HE has the easiest means to prevent it. Why don’t you ask the HE’s of the world why they are so callous and irresponsible? There are times when there isn’t anything readily available for her to use. What is his excuse?

    You seem to be in group #3, which is why you got so triggered by a statement of the utterly obvious. I didn’t create the universe or humankind, so it’s simply childish to lash-out at me for the way things are.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  111. Alrenous says: • Website

    There is no Gnon but Gnon.

  112. Alrenous says: • Website
    @The Real World

    Thus we learn the two sides deserve each other.

    Women have no agency; they cannot refuse sex. They cannot refuse condomless sex. They are mindless objects which lie there and accept any cock offered to them, like an electrical socket.

    This is how Americans “respect” women.

    And this is why abortion has to be legal, see? It’s perfectly logical.

    Then there’s the “rightist extremists” line…
    Oh yeah. When I think of America I think of a hotbed of rightwing extremism. Sure.

    Are there one or two people who wish to enslave these allegedly hapless impregnated women? Well, of course. Nowhere near enough to be relevant, but you can certainly make a big deal out of them…rhetorically speaking.

    Basically a class #3 talking about other class #3s.

    When [it takes two to tango] is some kind of weird heresy, you know you’re dealing with religious nutjobs and their anti-scientific dogmas.

  113. barr says:

    Money was wired from Qatar to the ‘judge’ who ordered beheading of the American origin journalist. Qatar now has been sued.

    Can Palestinain sue America for wiring money to Israeli government that killed the Palestimain journalist ?

  114. bro3886 says:

    I copied this reply decades ago:

    “what they want is a quite deliberate double standard where blacks are allowed the racial consciousness whites are denied”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Stop complaining about a double standard, and see the truth.
    For the left, there is no “double standard”; there is a single standard, universally applied, and it is this:

    Fuck you, whitey. No matter what the facts are, no matter what the circumstances are, just fuck you, whitey. Die, white man.

    That is the core of their belief. They are not your loyal opposition, with whom you can argue in good faith. They are your deadly ENEMIES, who want you exterminated from the face of the earth. And they don’t care about any abstract principles; their only true principle is to exterminate YOU. They are more than happy to pretend that there are outside standards or principles of fair play, because so long as you believe that, they have the advantage.

    Remember: whenever a leftist/liberal/anti-racist opens his mouth, all he is really saying is: Die, white man. Fuck off and DIE. – oscar the grinch

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