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Mr. Biden: Appoint a Race-Reality Czar
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The New York Times is hostile to free speech. Last year, it published a column with the title “Free Speech is Killing Us.” Nor is the Times friendly to whites. Onetime editorial board member Sarah Jeong complained — among many other things — about “dumbass f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.” You get used to “The Grey Lady’s” quirks, but even I was shocked when she toyed with the idea of an official government “Reality Czar” to tell us what’s true and what’s not.

Apparently, too many Americans believe the wrong things. The Times worries that about 40 percent of Americans reportedly believe the “baseless theory that Covid-19 was manufactured in a Chinese lab.” Baseless? The Associated Press reports that China is restricting information, and last month, the Chinese stopped World Health Organization officials from entering the country. New York magazine discussed the possibility of a “lab leak” a few weeks ago.

Several “experts” explained to the Times how to protect us from “misinformation:” change social media algorithms so “civil rights lawyers” can tune them, use “de-escalation” (really re-education programs) against members of “extremist groups,” and apply a “comprehensive threat assessment” against “white supremacist groups and far right militias.”

These “experts” — mostly academics — don’t necessarily want a law that would let the government designate domestic terrorist groups because it might “end up harming religious and ethnic minorities.”

Even the author calls the idea of a Reality Czar “a little dystopian.” The czar would work with tech companies to manage content. It would be government censorship with a middleman. If the greatest philosophers still struggle with what is true and what’s not, I certainly don’t trust journalists and federal agents.

Perhaps the Times is right, and people can’t be trusted to make up their own minds. If that’s so, we should abolish voting. It’s dangerous if citizens can’t even be trusted to read the newspaper. If we need a “reality czar,” it would be simpler to scrap the democratic pretense and have a real Czar.

(Credit Image: © Yegor Aleyev/TASS via ZUMA Press)
(Credit Image: © Yegor Aleyev/TASS via ZUMA Press)

A few years ago, the late Christopher Hitchens bravely defended free speech in Canada, where it no longer exists. The law, he said, required that someone decide what people could and could not see. “To hell with that law,” he said. He asked if anyone in the audience thought he needed to be sheltered from books. No one did. Many people want to deplatform opponents, but no one wants to imprison his own mind. Could Hitchens give that speech today?

We need free speech not just because we value an abstract right. We need it because we are right and they are wrong on the most important issue in the world. The Regime is repressing white advocates. The justification is that this prevents violence. However, white nationalist terrorism is barely worth mentioning. The ADL’s report on “extremist terrorism” was mostly fabrication and dishonesty, linking “white racism” to cases that had nothing to do with it.

Some accuse Donald Trump and white advocates of using media to encourage “long wolves” to commit attacks. This assumes these terrorists can understand coded attack orders, but let’s accept the argument. Mass media and Big Tech companies have far larger platforms than we do, and all but unanimously support Black Lives Matter. What have we seen?

  • Riots and destruction.
  • A 30 percent increase in the murder rate.
  • Justifications of violence from movement leaders.
  • Horrifying crimes against white children including Cannon Hinnant and Tori Rose Smith.
  • Assaults on the police and, in at least one case, on white people in general because a black suspect was radicalized by watching police shootings online.

American Renaissance has a small platform, and the most powerful people in the world — the ones who control American technology companies — are trying to make it even smaller. Black Lives Matter gets media support and massive funding from corporate America. Who is inciting violence? Who has the power to do it?

It’s far more likely that the media incite black-on-white crime than that white advocates incite white-on-black crime. What we see is precisely what you would expect when blacks are taught to hate whites. Any given black person is 48 times more likely to attack a white person than the other way around. The New York Times will never tell you that, though in 2019 it wrote more than 70 stories about Emmett Till.

Video Link

Blacks have much higher crime rates than whites and the government gives them privileges in jobs, education, and, increasingly, in criminal justice. However, the powerful tell us we are in a white supremacist society plagued by systemic racism.

There are realities we confront every day: racial gaps in wealth , IQ, and health. There will never be racial equality because the races are not interchangeable. Race differences are real, they have consequences, and they explain disparities better than conspiracy theories about “white privilege” or BLM’s borderline religious claims.

Any policy built on the assumption of racial equality will fail. The American government is now pursuing not just equality of opportunity but “equity,” or equal results. We can’t even talk about why that project will fail. Government will use more repression, more taxation, more censorship, and more force trying to achieve an impossible (and I’d argue immoral) goal could destroy the country.

When “equity” fails to materialize it will only be proof that whites are incorrigibly racist and deserve hatred. I’d argue that the blood of every white person killed by blacks is on the hands of the journalists, academics, and politicians, who enjoy huge platforms and trumpet nonsense about race.

I seem to recall Peter Brimelow saying the United States may not only fall like the Soviet Union but fall for the same reason. The Soviets denied the truth. They claimed they were reaching production quotas when production was falling. The United States assumes racial equality and is indignant at inequality. Instead of rethinking the assumption, our rulers assert it even more forcefully, thus ruining schools, cities, and public institutions.

If we need a “reality czar,” we need one for race. I propose that President Biden nominate Jared Taylor as Race-Reality Czar. It will be the czar’s job to correct claims made without evidence, challenge spiteful rhetoric against whites, and dismantle legal oppression against whites and Asians.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable,” said President John F. Kennedy. Whites face state discrimination, disproportionate violence, and what amounts to a media campaign of vilification and incitement. Mr. Biden need only remember what he said in 1977 about forced integration: “Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point.”

President Biden: Perhaps you even remember the 90 percent white America of your youth. Please act quickly and appoint Mr. Taylor as Race-Reality Czar and give him the funding he needs. I’m sure Mr. Taylor will deliver better results than Head Start has. Otherwise, I fear continued tension, violence, decline, and even national disintegration.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. GeeBee says:

    I read articles such as these with a strange sense of calm. America is solely responsible for the Clown-world in which we live, and it appears that natural justice is alive and well, in that America is on the verge of reaping its just rewards. There can be no return to harmony, much less sanity, while the toxic, failed and hideous ‘proposition nation’ continues in any form that enables it to continue in its malefic malefaction across the globe. America delenda est.

    • Agree: Svevlad
  2. Well, Biden Admin is run by Jewish race-realists. Jews are smart, they are pushy, they are powerful, and they will use any means necessary to keep their power as god-men of the West.

    If you judge Biden Admin by what it does than what it says, it’s totally Jewish Supremacist, and all this stuff about ‘white supremacism’ really means ‘too many whites on the plantation are getting uppity’.

    Jan 6 DEEP STATE DEMOLITION was when Field Honkeys entered the Master’s House meant only for House Honkeys. Uppity Deplorables.

    • Agree: awry, KenH
    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  3. This is the reason I am finding China all the more alluring. As long as the CCP doesn’t fuck things up from within they are what Nietschze envisioned as the ubermensch- men capable of creating laws, societies, and civilizations. I am an Indian(from India)- a 3rd world hellhole filled with the most retarded morons. But then when I look at America there doesn’t seem to be much difference. Democracy breeds idiocy.

    Things have come to this. And now thanks to fast internet we are all privy to this horrific train crash we collectively refer to as culture. Use your head- democracy was never ever meant to work. It will not work in America or England or India or Nigeria. Read Darwin, read Nietzsche. Life is a struggle and every animal from plankton to the blue whale is fighting. Two brothers of the same mother will not get along how on earth can two people of different skin color or religion? Democracy never worked. Things trudged along before mass media slapped the truth in your faces.

    I will write yet again what I have been writing in most of my posts here- Get a white ethnostate. Remove Christianity and all religion(at least remove it from state and politics), utilize free markets but keep capitalism outside politics. I will guarantee you in a few years you will bloom. There are many frustrated white Americans, Germans, Swedes….they will all flock. Implement rules-strict laws and get rid of moral delusions. Then take me in as the sole brown man(Hehe). Do not give a fuck about what others say and do. China is doing nothing wrong, being pressurised by the west and other nations. They have realized the reality of the situation. America is doomed as is most of the west.

  4. Biden is anti-white. Why in the world would he appoint a race reality czar?

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @SMK
    , @Fallingwater
  5. I don’t disagree with your various examples — however, introducing them into the argument is absolutely fraught.
    “I seem to recall Peter Brimelow saying the United States may not only fall like the Soviet Union but fall for the same reason. The Soviets denied the truth”.
    Your quote above is key. Deny truth, deny that a person should be free to assert a truth, even an opinion, & then have it debated on its merits IS to head towards a fall.
    Reality is a process. It’s ongoing — it’s called learning.
    Some aspects of reality are more or less arguable. Some reality amounts to fact. Some reality is an intuition, a feeling. (Einstein described his most creative work as almost muscular in description …. Which is understandable, as the mind IS a kind of muscle. Is why we speak of weak/strong minded persons). Some reality is a mass delusion.
    “Reality czar” ? Are these people fucking insane?
    Let people talk. If you take offence at matters not intended to cause offence, then you should argue your case…. or shut-up & fuck off.
    Lose free speech….? Better to be dead, than so dishonoured?
    What hope is there for systematic lying?
    Worse — WAY worse: how long before you start lying to yourself?
    And then (Mr Eliot is correct in his opinion) it’s welcome to “death’s dream kingdom” “the hope only of empty men”.

    • Agree: MarkU
  6. Dumbo says:

    At this point, the whole edifice will have to come tumbling down.

    The whole Western ideology from post-1945 is basically based on an idea of “equality” that at the end of the day is crazier than whatever was proposed by the Soviets. The marxists idea was to eliminate class differences, but the current idea is to eliminate ALL human differences (except perhaps class…) – race, sex, sexual interests, natural and artificial, man and machine, etc. Put it all into a blender and turn to the max, creating transgender multicoloured genetically modified cyborgs, I guess.

    Or perhaps, we should say this is America’s ideology, as the “victors” both in WWII and in the Cold War, but it’s the same, right now it applies to all the West. Becoming increasingly “transhumanist”.

    Perhaps it’s also a Kabbalist idea, or Satanist, who knows, but we should not forget that it is basically Jews and a few anglo protestants from Big Old Rich Families who basically dominate America and the world.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF, NightTrain
    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @Elaine
  7. Realist says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Biden is anti-white. Why in the world would he appoint a race reality czar?

    That is exactly the point…his race reality czar would have nothing to do with reality.

  8. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Well, Biden Admin is run by Jewish race-realists. Jews are smart, they are pushy, they are powerful, and they will use any means necessary to keep their power as god-men of the West.

    What you are talking about here is the Judeofascists. They are all those things, but they are also a network of connected banksters with their paws on the Federal Reserve posing as “god-men” (and godly women). And they have formed a self-dealing Big Government/Big Propaganda (media, academia and tech) and Big Zion network that includes a ton goyim collaborators and useful idiots.

    The Propaganda Class-proposed “reality Czar,” to be put into place supposedly to protect religious and ethnic minorities, is no such thing and will do no such thing. It will protect Judeofascists and Zionists and their material dependents, and impose totalitarian Big Brother controls on everyone else who is not part of of the criminal network, but use minorities as window dressing and propaganda cover to conceal the fact that it is serving the Judeofascists and Zionist network (which includes the corrupt establishment/Neoconned GOP).

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  9. Realist says:

    Apparently, too many Americans believe the wrong things. The Times worries that about 40 percent of Americans reportedly believe the “baseless theory that Covid-19 was manufactured in a Chinese lab.” Baseless? The Associated Press reports that China is restricting information, and last month, the Chinese stopped World Health Organization officials from entering the country. New York magazine discussed the possibility of a “lab leak” a few weeks ago.

    So Mr. Hood you are now a big supporter of The Associated Press and New York magazine as bastions of honesty???

    Just more China basing.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  10. SMK says: • Website
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Obviously, the author doesn’t believe that Biden will appoint Jared Taylor as “race reality” and his suggestion that he do so is not serious but intended to expose the racial views and dogmas of the left and Biden as lies and delusions and “conspiracy theories.”

    Is Biden lying to pander to the left and to blacks and “browns” or does he truly believe the nonsense he rants and spews about “systemic racism” and “white supremacy” -which he vows to “rip out by the roots,” a utopian goal that could only be achieved by enacting a dystopian and totalitarian regimen of mass censorship, “hate speech” laws, “critical race theory indoctrination,” the “deprogramming” and re-education of tens of millions of white “racists” and “supremacists,” myriads of them in jails and prisons?

    (Has Biden even know who Jared Taylor is and what he believes? If he does, he despises him as a “racist,” “white supremacist,” and “domestic terrorist” who should be arrested and indicted for “hate speech,” prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to prison for at least 5-10 years.)

    Who knows? The man is a senile and demented buffoon, a serial plagiarist, liar, groper, and grifter, a corrupt and greedy shyster and criminal who, unlike Trump, should be impeached, convicted by the Senate, and removed from office. That he was elected President, assuming the prize wasn’t stolen by massive voter fraud, is both a farce and a tragedy and, moreover, a testament to the power and influence of a left-wing and anti-white media that is the propaganda arm of the Democratic party, akin to the role of Pravda in the Soviet Union.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  11. MarkU says:

    Yes, I noticed that too. In general people only use their critical faculties when they are told something disagreeable.

    So Mr. Hood you are now a big supporter of The Associated Press and New York magazine as bastions of honesty???

    Amazing isn’t it? On one level he knows they are shameless liars and hypocrites but if they say something he is happy to believe, he will uncritically swallow it without a second thought. One really must at least try to use the same critical standards on everything one is told.

  12. @SMK

    Exactly. Trump was a businessman for the greater part of his life. Business has its rules, some of them might have been violated by Trump, I don’t know. His associates must deal with that. Biden, has been a lifetime government worker, sworn to be upright honest and work for the citizens of the U.S. Instead, he has broken their trust and his being president is an abomination by any other name and therefore should be rightly dealt with by the citizens of the U.S or they are not doing their duty as citizens.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  13. MarkU says:

    I don’t disagree entirely but I think you are missing the real point, if you believe the corporate oligarchs really want to eliminate or even reduce inequality then I have a bridge to sell you. Identity politics is being promoted to get us all fighting between ourselves, simple divide and conquer tactics. In the US there were already sizeable fractious minorities to stir up, in Europe there simply weren’t the numbers, so some had to be imported.

    The western economies have mostly been gutted, industries outsourced to countries with lower labour costs, the economic system gamed to paper over the cracks and transfer yet more money to the massively wealthy. The US has been particularly hard hit, your country has also been used as their foreign policy tool (much like the British empire before) all financed by a veritable lake of red ink, debts which can never reasonably be expected to be paid off. A collapse is inevitable (it has already begun) it will probably happen as most such collapses occur, slowly at first and then all at once. When the shit finally hits the fan they want us all at each others throats so they escape the consequences.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  14. The Democratic Party is waging a very public…and very open RACE WAR against the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority.

    20 years after 9/11 and THE FUNGUS Joe Biden is importing 125 thousand LEGAL IMMIGRANT Yemens so these LEGAL IMMIGRANT Muslims can vote Our People into a violently persecuted White Christian Racial Minority within the borders of America…It is outrageous.

    As far as THE FUNGUS Joe Biden goes, he is a sleazy,creepy,disgusting, grifting psychopath who feels up underage girls in full public view…That’s why they call Joe Biden creepy Uncle Joe:fiddle about…fiddle about…fiddle about….fiddle about…just like uncle Ernie:FIDDLE ABOUT.

    And THE FUNGUS will start a nuclear with Christian Russia…..

    • Replies: @V. Hickel
  15. Realist says:

    Amazing isn’t it? On one level he knows they are shameless liars and hypocrites but if they say something he is happy to believe, he will uncritically swallow it without a second thought. One really must at least try to use the same critical standards on everything one is told.

    You are absolutely correct…but Hood is, by far, not the only one culpable. Many of those on the right are guilty of this lack of critical standards.

    • Agree: John Fisher
  16. Get a load of this crap.

    It says homo power ‘liberated’ all of us. From what? Sanity and soundness? Yeah, we are ‘liberated’ from the choice of saying homo fecal penetration is ewwwwww cuz anyone who says so is fired or blacklisted. And we are ‘liberated’ from saying a man in a dress is not a woman. We sure have a lot of unfreedoms ever since homos and trannies got ‘liberated’. Funny that more the freaks get freedom and liberty, we get less cuz our lives are now all about flattering homo and tranny vanity.

  17. anon[210] • Disclaimer says:

    America delenda est.

    Nay. Israel delenda est.

    As long as Israhell exists, the West has no place to go but down. For the West to survive, Israel must be destroyed.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  18. anon[210] • Disclaimer says:
    @RJ Macready

    Get a white ethnostate. Remove Christianity and all religion

    Does the ethno state include Jews?

    As long as it includes Jews, it’ll fail just the same. Secular Jews are as evil and belligerent as religious Jews in their allegiance to Israel, and much more degenerate.

  19. R.C. says:

    All true but wishful thinking in general I fear. Can anyone lay out how America is going to get saved from this PC quicksand we’ve lodged in? I can’t see it.

  20. anon[116] • Disclaimer says:

    I know Gregory Hood wrote this in jest but be careful what you wish for. Biden might just take up his advice but instead of Jared Taylor, his Race Reality Tzar will be a black, Jew or Indian who believes in the supremacy of their own ethnic group or realizes their inferiority to the white race and set out to destroy it completely.

    Kevin Roose who wrote said article in the NYTimes is a true POS. Here’s part of his bio on Wiki:

    Roose wrote The Unlikely Disciple while undercover at Liberty University, aiming to explore the culture of life at a fundamental Evangelical university.[8] Roose, raised in a secular and liberal environment, wanted to better understand conservative Christian culture.[9]

    Oh and he went to Brown.

    It’s time to abolish the Ivy League. The Traitorous Eight is the root of all of America’s evils.

  21. Jews ban them, they pan China.

  22. The United States assumes racial equality and is indignant at inequality.

    No, US is not about equality. Notice NO ONE is outraged about Too Many Blacks in sports or Too Many Jews in finance and media.

    And no one cares about the poverty of American Indians or that Mexicans are mediocre.

    The main outrage is actually premised on Black Supremacy. It goes like this: Blacks are so cool and badass in pop music and sports, and that means they must be GREAT at everything. The problem is blacks aren’t so great at school work.

    Suppose blacks made up 70% of all students at NY elite schools. Would anyone complain?

    If Americanism is really about obsession with equality, how come NO ONE talks about how Jews are vastly more represented than Arab-Americans?

    Sure, so-called ‘liberals’ talk about ‘equity’, but it’s all smoke and mirrors to hide the fact the system is really about Jewish supremacism and Jews promoting blackness as special uber alles.

  23. If we need a “reality czar,” it would be simpler to scrap the democratic pretense and have a real Czar.

    Yes. And that’s why, from the very beginning, the United States was bound to fail, as it is now failing. It’s common sense that whatever belongs to everyone belongs to no one. A country with a republican/democratic form of government belongs to everyone and therefore to no one. By contrast, a monarchy does have an owner, the monarch. It’s because America never had an owner but only partisans fighting for political spoils like hyenas fight for the guts of a putrefying warthog that our (((old enemies))) and the low-IQ descendants of slaves have been able to gain control to the extent they have.

    I have no delusions that the US monarchy will become a monarchy or that monarchical government could save the country at this stage. But it’s about time somebody tell the truth around here. The “Founding Fathers” were not geniuses. Many more learned and more sensible contemporaries warned them that republics had always failed in the past. They paid no heed. What’s more, they were arrogant and foolish enough to give citizenship to our (((old enemies))), which no European country did at the time except the enfeebled Kingdom of Poland. The ill-conceived system of government they devised has caused the nation to come to grief. It was inevitable that it would.

  24. John Hagan says: • Website

    I knew who my enemy was when I saw the new American dream. I drove past third world decrepit cities, masses of ragged people with no homes. dispossed dying off in the broken streets.

    What does this say about the ‘greatest, fantastic, most incredible’ country ‘ever’ as Mr. Trump would have everyone believe? Perhaps that in itself is the humor as it is intrinsically without subtlety or intelligence. Something a clown might say when referring to his circus.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @aleksander
  25. awry says:

    It is the relentless, implacable, vivacious but sickly Jewish activism and radicalism which cannot settle with anything. It consumed America together with the do-gooders allied to them.
    Unfortunately they aren’t going anywhere, they won’t stop the tormenting, nothing is going to satisfy them. They will be terrified until there is any voice of dissent. Their end game is total full spectrum dominance over this planet, apparently. A jackboot with a star of David on it stamping on a white goy face – forever.

    • Agree: MrVoid
  26. onebornfree says: • Website

    You said: “Any policy built on the assumption of racial equality will fail. The American government is now pursuing not just equality of opportunity but “equity,” or equal results.”

    Correct, as far as it goes. But you think too narrowly [for whatever reason].

    Fact: ALL government policies ALWAYS fail to achieved the announced objectives!

    They ALWAYS achieve the exact opposite of those announced objectives.

    In this particular case, all “racial equality” laws only achieve the exact opposite, more inequality, more division etc. etc.

    Reality Fact: government solutions never work:

    “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure” Robert LeFevere.

    Pdf book: “Why Government Doesn’t Work”:

    You said: “Government will use more repression, more taxation, more censorship, and more force trying to achieve an impossible (and I’d argue immoral) goal could destroy the country.”

    You left out “less freedom for individuals”, although that is implied and should be obvious to any person with even half a brain cell.

    So _of course_ ,”more repression, more taxation, more censorship, and more force ” are _always_ the end result of any government mandated”solution” to _any_problem, it’s simply “par for the course”!

    “The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic” H.L.Mencken

    Regards, onebornfree

  27. Anonymous[420] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not actually the puppets in the New York Times that want a race Tsar appointed. It’s the Jewish 1% true Marxists who intend ruling their new empire of the United Communist States of America through protégés that were known as nomenklatura in their old Soviet Union empire.

    The nomenklatura were a category of people in the Soviet Union who were appointed to key regional positions by the Jewish elite to run all spheres of these region’s activities such as, local government, industry, agriculture, education, speech, thoughts, etc.

    The 1% work from Marx’s “holy writings”. The essence of Communism is sameness:
    1) Equality: all citizens equal in penury, and all working as slaves.
    2) Equity: all citizens with ability and work ethic to do the hardest complicated work and hand whatever profit they make above their basic subsistence needs over to those with no work ethic or ability.

    Marx in his essay, On the Jewish Question, instructed how sameness was to be created by quoting from Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract. Here’s how Rousseau said the ideal society was to be created:

    “Whoever dares undertake to establish a people’s institutions must feel himself capable of changing, as it were, human nature, of transforming each individual, who by himself is a complete and solitary whole, into a part of a larger whole, from which . . . the individual receives his life and his being. . . . He has to take from man his own powers, and give him in exchange alien powers which he cannot employ without the help of other men.”

    The 1% are taking from Americans their “own powers”. They are exterminating their egoisms. The way Western White people view themselves today, based on their Christian culture and history, the 1% call “false consciousness”.

    A truly compliant Communist people can not be created without destroying this “false consciousness”. So, Marx instructed that state violence to be used to smash this “false consciousness”. (He even advocated for the guillotine to be used to end the institution of private property.)

    The recent act by law enforcement of discontinuing a database that kept track of black and brown gang membership: Allowing the black and brown gangs run free, without any obstruction from law enforcement, is, in all but name, the use of state violence against a section of American society. This act will minify White people’s egos and will also subordinate them into the collective.

    Without police between White citizens and the gangs, the Whites will have no option but to defend themselves. The first result of this is that Whites will have taken a step downwards into the gutter with the minorities. Which equals sameness. The second result will be the 1% having the likes of the New York Times cover the “savage acts of Whites against minorities”. Again, this will equal sameness, as Whites will be filling crime reports where once blacks and browns filled them.

    Marx not only advocated for state violence against the citizens in order to change their very natures, he also instructed that the state engage in what he called “permanent revolution”. Which amounts to a never ending cycle of government violence against the people.

    The essence of Marxism is to destroy all economic, social, and intellectual freedom. A government that expropriates private people’s property and redistributes it to others; a government that controls the economy, controls what people eat and where the live; a government that walks on the rights of its citizens on a daily basis; a government that attempts to reconstitute human nature will have to use force as a daily routine.

    Lastly, another advantage of the 1% letting the black and brown gangs run free (as proved by the discontinuation of the North Virginia gang database) is that it may well be a form of blooding them. Let them have a few battles with Whites and get their asses badly kicked, which no doubt they will. This will increase their hatred against Whites, which will be advantageous to the 1% when they eventually come out into the open and recruit the blacks and browns as the UCSA’s internal security force.

  28. “If we need a “reality czar,” we need one for race. I propose that President Biden nominate Jared Taylor as Race-Reality Czar.”

    Jared Taylor won’t even call out the name of the enemy of White Christian Americans, viz. Jews, and yet you want nominate him. Are you nuts?

    • Thanks: Katrinka
  29. G J T says:

    Another AmRen article that doesn’t mention the 800 pound hook-nosed goblin in the room. What a surprise. You can’t fight the enemy if you won’t identify him, so AmRen is just pissing into the wind.

    I suppose after many years in the dissident right milieu I shouldn’t be, but I am stunned every day that so many continue to pretend they’re advocating for white interests while ignoring the Jewish problem. You’re doing no such thing; you’re ceding more and more ground to the enemy every day, playing by the rules they’ve laid out for you, and every single time you’ll be BTFO’d into Jewish oblivion. This is a sad and cruel joke.

    Have you idiots not learned yet that incrementalism is a failed and futile strategy? Nope, I guess not. Keep feeding the goblin and see where it gets us. White erasure, that’s where.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
    • Replies: @V. Hickel
  30. BuelahMan says:

    Right. Jared “they look huh-white to me” Taylor, who sees zero difference between jews and whites, even when the jew is radically claiming the difference.

    Yeah. He can be trusted.

  31. gotmituns says:
    @John Hagan

    Benjamin Franklin warned about the shitbird jews but as we see, no one listened.

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
  32. moi says:

    This is one immoral, violent, greedy nation.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  33. Marckus says:

    The new reality Czar is going to be Al Sharpton with Jesse Jackson as Deputy Czar with an oversight panel comprised 100% of Jews.

    This new entity will be staffed exclusively by black people.

    I personally dont see any harm in this. In song and dance since Hip Hop became the rage blacks have been “keeping it real” for us white folks.

    Its time we whites accept the damage we have done to the black psyche as a result of our white privilege. We, or rather you, should pay reparations to the darkies although the Jewish oversight committee will object to this as it cuts into their skim.

    I wont be able to stump up as I will be taking up residence in North Korea and there is no Western Union in that country. Kim and communism seem like a wonderful opportunity to start afresh far from the madness engulfing the US and as an added bonus, there are no niggers there.

  34. @MarkU

    Amazing isn’t it? On one level he knows they are shameless liars and hypocrites but if they say something he is happy to believe, he will uncritically swallow it without a second thought. One really must at least try to use the same critical standards on everything one is told.

    Yes! This has amazed me for many years.

    A similar example of this lack of self-awareness is one who whines about “unfair” or “biased” coverage from ________ (fill in any MSM any most alt-media outlets, whether online, print, or TV).

    Wake up! These propaganda outlets are simply doing their job, which is NOT to perform the functions of a media.

    Stop complaining. Ignore them.

  35. @onebornfree

    I think you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. While it is true that big governments are often highly tyrannical and evil, it is also true that nature abhors a vacuum. Their MUST be a certain level of force and government, or else power hungry people either internal or external will create their own collectives/governments in the vacuum. The idea of government = bad and anarchy = good is a oversimplified and false binary viewpoint, which has virtually never worked in the real world. Hence the genius of the founding fathers in promoting LIMITED GOVERNMENT. While things where certainly not perfect in historic america, as far as real life examples, they did a pretty good job of allowing freedom, prosperity, and justice for the common man.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  36. Psssst, Mr. Hood – if you’re addressing Mr. Biden, you’re addressing a cardboard cutout!

    • LOL: Trinity
  37. We are going to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the triggering event. The truth has been leaking out to the public about that event despite the suppression of that truth by those in power. There was substantial debate about that event on its 15th anniversary. Those in power cannot afford to let this issue get too much attention as so much of our deterioration pivots on that event. This is why they are establishing a Ministry of Truth which will oppress us even more than the Patriot Act. Biden’s Communists are in full control now.

    “…in some ways Julia was far more acute than Winston, and far less susceptible to Party propaganda. Once when he happened in some connection to mention the war against Eurasia, she startled him by saying casually that in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, ‘just to keep people frightened.’ This was an idea that had literally never occurred to him.” 1984, George Orwell.

    • Replies: @awry
  38. @moi

    You haven’t seen violence yet.
    Be patient.
    You’ll be wishing for the good ol days.

  39. I think that are certainly differences in the average ability and pre-dispositions of each race. An even larger factor is the culture one grows up in, and one’s individual choices. There were major differences between different races historically. Now look how far whites have fallen! especially the women. They are hardly human. Good luck finding a white woman these days who is not a perverse libtard, obese, spoiled rotten, etc. ( I know that their are some decent ones, but they are a small percentage). I am an American of German heritage. I am married to and have three beautiful children with a Guatemalan woman of indigenous heritage. all three kids are brown eyed; two of them have reddish/dirty blonde hair. We certainly have had our struggles, but a woman with family values who sees the value and importance of having children who has not been spoiled since birth is critical. One is much better off marrying someone from another race who shares your values and has not been destroyed by feminism and post-modern views. Of course, that should not be taken as implying that any woman from a poor, traditional background will be wife material, you need to evaluate each situation individually.

    • Troll: V. Hickel
  40. Trinity says:

    First we must experiment to see if these (((Leftist))) ideas are not valid before we totally dismiss them.

    Well, Jesse Jackson did admit that once he was being followed by a couple or “tree yufes” down a street, only to turn around and be relieved that those youngsters were White and not Black. Sometimes even ole Jesse has to tell da troof, yo.

    We could give Joy Behar, Ivanka Trump, Dr. Jill, and Hillary Clinton two choices to live for an entire year. They have to live, eat and work there. No visits for photo ops like Bill Clinton’s office in Harlem.

    Choice number one: Southern small town filled with White bumpkins, rednecks, Confederate battle flags, git-r-dones, deplorables etc.

    Choice number two: All Black neighborhood that can range from the hood up to lower middle class.

    Now these gals would have the choice of being called a name for choosing the most viable option or they could live in fear for a year. Lets see if they really believe what they preach. Make sure that the Blacks and Whites make roughly the same amount of money as well, we don’t want to use that “poverty breeds crime” horseshit.

    For all those Jewish academics, and talk show hosts, well we can just place them in a Detroit or Baltimore ghetto, maybe Dearborn, Michigan could be an option as well, since their minds are already convinced that we all bleed red and race is a social construct.

  41. Hillaire says:
    @RJ Macready

    Yes of course the insect like chinese are obviously Nietsche’s conceptual Übermensch, and yes of course Indian democracy is just the same as american democracy…. they are after all so alike India and America, yes yes…

    yes, yes, and I’m sure an australoid indian will do really well in china… yes, yes, yes…

    Indians should stay in shithole india and sort the shithole India out …instead they try to escape the shithole they have created to infect new lands . You are after all a scientifically advanced superpower just like the asylum north of mexico.

    The chinese, being, as you accord Übermensch and according to the survivalist metric you postulate so floridly in your comment, will undoubtedly have exterminated all caucasian/australoid hybrids from the sub continent by the end of the century thereby redacting the visa/guestworker/stay forever problem in the New Indian homeland (population 17 billion, mainly indian) north of mexico.

    • Troll: RJ Macready
    • Replies: @Anon
  42. @GeeBee

    Although you seem to be correct that America really needs to be destroyed because it’s no different than the enemy overtaking the most powerful weapon system. Sure, they may never be able to really keep it maintained, let alone develop it, but for however long it can operate, it will be able to exact immense damage to you. It seems we are well beyond that point. Unfortunately we are also contending with some magnetic forces that would rather and cannot get themselves to break from the way this were and how they imagine them, to their own detriment. They are the ones who would rather continue pillaging the cabins of the sinking ship than try to save themselves and others, they are a mix of the very selfish of pillagers that have always pillaged from the host populations they parasitize, and the naive and nostalgic who do not realize or cannot get themselves to mentally move away from a comfort with a certain belief that is usually a delusion of how things are.

    I must express through that I am also a bit nervous that America delenda est us precisely what the enemy may want to achieve, it is after all what all this psychological warfare over the last 100+ years has been about, destroying America. What we are likely witnessing is the parasite getting ready to jump hosts again after draining and pilfering Europe, then the USA, notes they will jump to China. As part of that is the need to destroy and shatter the USA and the whole western world that this parasite sees as is eternal and original enemy who they are required to destroy.

    Because the process is already so far advanced, I don’t even really see any possibility for an alternative outcome than that the USA either breaks up or implodes, or possibly simply crumbles apart into various states of degeneration. I do not see any part in which the USA remains even some heavily altered version of itself. It seems utterly impossible. A thing is not that thing when they only characteristics it shares with its former, is the thin veneer of initial appearance. The USA as a function of its founding principles encoded in the Constitution essentially does not exist and has long not existed, the parasite ha simply taken on the appearance of the host by wearing its skin.

  43. GeeBee says:

    Weeeeeell…. up to a point, Lord Copper. Yes it must of course. But Western nations have been plagued by the parasites rom the Levant for literally three millennia, whereas Israel has only existed for seventy-odd years. Un recent centuries they identified and then encamped in Britain, as the world’s best possible host for the parasite. Then they decamped across the Atlantic to take the rich pickings newly available there.

    It’s by no means as simple as abolishing Israel. But just right now, America will do, and if Israel goes down with it, so much the better (as the self-chosenites will find themselves without a wealthy host to pick over the carcase).

  44. WHAT says:

    Oh but you love your spiteful rhetoric against asians if those asians happen to be semites. Same deal with russians. So fuck you anglo scum.

  45. America is a failed experiment slowly collapsing under its own weight. In the end we will be something like Brazil or Mexico or South Africa. I can’t see any avenue available to us to stop it because we are ruled by an oligarchy that loathes the people who have lived here thus far and wants to change us into something else.

    So, this whole race-realism thing is a completely nonsensical non-starter even if it was true. White people aren’t going to band together and fight for a collective destiny. This article is truly ridiculous and I can’t imagine why unz keeps publishing this stuff. It’s over guys. You lost. You are living in a defeated country and you are only making things worse for yourself by continuing to indulge these fantasies of victory.

    What if we all agreed to just stop reading these kinds of things and let the chips fall where they may? I am getting pretty tired of hearing the same old Grand Wizard Newsletter talking points over and over and over. Nothing changes. Just the same losers posting the same garbage day after day.

  46. Hillaire says:

    This plague pit of ideas makes lysenkoism look like a serious proposition… in fact, more like a blueprint.

    truth is always the first casualty in war.

  47. Trinity says:

    Wonder if muh Israel has any kind of these programs imposed on it by “anti-Semitic” goyim? How many White Protestants, Chinese Buddhists, Greek Orthodox, Syrian Muslims wield political power and influence in muh Israel? Are all muh Israel’s leaders Jewish? Are there any openly gay and married political leaders in muh Israel? Dat racist, yo. Maybe some Jew can write about Jewish racism and Jewish Privilege in (((The New York Times.))) At this time Israel needs to embrace “multiculturalism” and accept living in a multiracial nation. Muh Israel needs to be more open minded, more progressive and throw away their racial hatred and embrace new people with new ideas because “diversity is our greatest strength.” I mean why don’t the people promoting these ideas have to live by example. We wouldn’t these people to miss out on all the wonders of diversity.

  48. Came full circle. Give Jews freedom and they take yours away.

  49. geokat62 says:
    @Magic Dirt

    This article is truly ridiculous and I can’t imagine why unz keeps publishing this stuff. It’s over guys. You lost. You are living in a defeated country and you are only making things worse for yourself by continuing to indulge these fantasies of victory.

    Jonathan Greenblatt, is that you?

    • Replies: @Marckus
  50. Trinity says:

    I don’t think the (((globalists))) really need muh Israel anymore. Seems to me that (((they))) now have total country of the West and are working on the East in China. I wonder about those who say that China won’t fall victim like the West? Well, who introduced (((communism))) to China in the first place? Unless this thing does a 180 and history is full of twists and turns, look for the Chinese to start learning how “diversity is our greatest strength” and about the holy holyco\$t and the evils of racism. Much of America looks like a third world “shithole” and the country is a mess, will take a miracle to save this once great nation.

  51. KenH says:

    The ADL’s report on “extremist terrorism” was mostly fabrication and dishonesty,

    The ADL is a Jewish supremacist organization that specializes in promoting lies, spin, half truths and misinformation about its non-Jewish, mostly white and right of center political enemies. It should concern everyone that they are basically embedded with the FBI and it seems that these days the ADL is pulling the strings over at the J. Edgar Hoover building.

    It should be a punishable and deportable offense to allow Jews or non-whites to disparage and cast aspersions on the descendants of the founding white racial stocks.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
  52. Marckus says:

    Please send Magic Poop his shekels so we can be rid of him. Until his beady rodent like eyes feasts on those coins in his grasping greedy hands he will continue writing all this nonsense on UR.

    Pay the troll so we can be rid of him.

  53. The zionists control China and the ZUS and Russia and Britain and the EU and every government that has a central bank, so the game plan is to remake America into what China is, China is the template, and they are steadily remaking America in the Chinese model, this is their great reset, ie communism on steroids.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity, it is what they do, it is in their DNA.

  54. Mr. Anon says:

    Hood is pointing out the hypocrisy of the prestige media. There are plenty of independent on-line sources that have reported on the possible origins of SARS-COV-2. And that it was released from the WIV, perhaps in genetically modified form, is entirely possible. Incidentally, it may have been Tony Fauci’s NIAID that paid for said genetic modifications.

  55. Trinity says:

    Jared Taylor would be a great Biden pick. They both deny Jewish power and Jewish influence in America and the West. So there is common ground there to work with. You have to reach out across the aisle according to “Honest Joe.” And lest we forget didn’t “Honest Joe” back in the day call urban yufes, “super predators?” All great minds think alike even though Ole Joe doesn’t have half a mind to work with no mo’.

  56. scamDemic says:

    3 YouTube channels removed for disagreeing with the false narrative.

    The concise explanation of what is about to happen next…

    Their agenda… “Order Ab Chao”. Edward Bernays, author of “Propaganda”, believed that propaganda was essential for creating order out of chaos. Why? It works. “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.” However, what he fails to mention is that our Founding Fathers never sought to create a democracy in the U.S. That word doesn’t appear in even one of our founding documents. To the Founders, democracy meant “mob rule.” Which increasingly is what we have… the Republic is falling, just as did Rome.

    I urge all to watch this important video. Enjoy

  57. Don’t forget about little Noah, the 6 year old white boy who was thrown over a balcony, 3 stories up in the Mall of America. Miraculously he survived. I can’t imagine being his parent and having that happen in front of me. Who would think someone would grab your little boy that fast and toss him over like garbage? It would be like a slow motion nightmare.

  58. @GeeBee

    No we’re not responsible. We’ve been occupied since the creation of the Federal Reserve. So we’re guilty of stupidity and naivety. Big deal. Most people are average to dumb IQ. Now our occupiers are entering us into a real life hunger games. Enjoy your calm, I prefer my rage.

    Hey Orange Joe (guess the WH paid for Trump’s tanning bed), call me. I’ll be a wonderful race reality czar.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  59. V. Hickel says:

    it worked pretyy good from 33-39…

  60. V. Hickel says:
    @G J T

    and what do you think will happen to Amren, immediately, if JT pops the JQ?

    • Replies: @G J T
  61. Real revolutionary thought is understanding that government mandated and enforced racial equality is destroying Western Civilization.

  62. Let’s get over with it quickly… as the German saying is, “Rather end in horror than horror without end.”
    Have CZAR BARACK HUSSEIN THE FIRST of the Obamid dynasty crowned and the White House refurbished as The Black Palace. Maybe the golden throne on which Bokassa used to sit can be leased from Central Africa.
    Install a caste system, where the top caste (the new brahmins living on liberal, no pun intended, state stipendia) are castrated tranny Priests of Social Justice, the second (to whom all business ownership is entrusted) Blacks with a capital B, and the third all others except for whites and Asians, who are pariahs and as such excluded from all consititutional rights.
    Make the Congos, Gabun, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and Nigeria the 52nd to 56th State (with DC and Puerto Rico becoming 51 and 52), and Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Colombia 57 to 60, with the ultimate goal of getting all of Latin America and Africa into the Union.
    Close all schools and universities, shut down all power plants, ban the combustion engine, legalize all drugs.
    FINIS. The Chinese will stay clear of the mess.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  63. I do agree that US will follow the example of Soviet Union. But I disagree that it is because the both government lie. Governments lying has some little influence. The main reason is the Economy.
    Half of US economy is outsourced, and second half has lost its edge. Living standard in US is declining.
    There is a breaking point somewhere.

  64. Trinity says:

    Well it isn’t as if America didn’t have people warning them this would happen decades ago. Who looks like the wacky “conspiracy nuts” now? Somehow it is hard to resist the I told you so.

  65. MrVoid says:
    @Magic Dirt

    The cynicism is understandable, but even the people who go along with the program are going to be persecuted as even the most milquetoast normie conservatives are finally starting understand (Lou Dobbs just got cancelled for example). I’m inclined to invert your logic and ask you, if we do as you suggest, why would the outcome be any better? At least we can die honorably.

  66. yeah, and while you’re at it, wish for a pot of gold…smdh…

  67. Apparently, too many Americans believe the wrong things. The Times worries that about 40 percent of Americans reportedly believe the “baseless theory that Covid-19 was manufactured in a Chinese lab.” Baseless?

    I had a feeling that the Chinese were going to do something as Trump got more and more aggressive towards them. That something is COVID-19, I presume.

    If the Europeans in the name of democracy together with the United States continue putting pressure on Russia , one day, the end result could be WWIII.

    So, the West should be careful not to create an accidental global conflagration driven by arrogance and miscalculation.

  68. onebornfree says: • Website

    “My arrival (very recently) at philosophical anarchism has disturbed some of my conservative and Christian friends. In fact, it surprises me, going as it does against my own inclinations…….”

    “…Somewhere, at the rainbow’s end, America would return to her founding principles. The Federal Government would be shrunk, laws would be few, taxes minimal. That was what I thought. Hoped, anyway.”

    “I avidly read conservative and free-market literature during those years with the sense that I was, as a sort of late convert, catching up with the conservative movement. I took it for granted that other conservatives had already read the same books and had taken them to heart. Surely we all wanted the same things! At bottom, the knowledge that there were rational limits to politics. Good old Aristotle. At the time, it seemed a short hop from Aristotle to Barry Goldwater…..”

    Excerpted from: “The Reluctant Anarchist” by Joseph Sobran

    Regards, onebornfree

  69. Katrinka says:

    Trinity…you should write articles and get them published. Try National Vanguard.

  70. Johan says:
    @RJ Macready

    “Life is a struggle and every animal from plankton to the blue whale is fighting.”
    “Two brothers of the same mother will not get along”
    ” I am an Indian(from India)”

    Western neo-Darwinism combined with Buddhist dogma of suffering? mixed with some Biblical narrative, Cain and Able, complimented with a Nietzschean sauce? Plus a late attempt of separating church and state. Do you make dinner also of such a curious mix of expired ingredients from the refrigerator?

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  71. @Trinity

    Israel is very small and diverse. Diversity is its greatest strength and the source of its creativity. In the Knesset there are Jews and non-Jews. Among the ministers one that I have heard of is gay.

    • Troll: Kolya Krassotkin
  72. @Johan

    “Do you make dinner also of such a curious mix of expired ingredients from the refrigerator?”

    Well yes ofcourse I do this. You do realize that you can have expired food right? Just last week I made a sumptuous dish with hummus, chicken wings, hot sauce and chapati. Smoked a biiig Joint and devoured it with pleasure. Its these things that make life good- little day to day joys. You should try doing it sometimes.

  73. @Onan the Barbarian

    as a Brahmin I find this very very appealing. This is why capitalism is the greatest philosophy there is. Survival of the fittest- wealth creation. Everything else-patriotism(mental disorder), religion(useless archaic bullshit), morality(anti science and rationality) should be exterminated. The poor and the non Brahmins need to be exterminated. This world can function with 100,000 people. Besides with the advent of mass AI and robotics the poor(bible belt middle America) are expendable as it is.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  74. @Magic Dirt

    SPOT ON. Except one thing: This is the future that awaits not just America but the entire world.

    This is why I got a vasectomy. I’ll live out a hedonist existence for the next 5 or 6 decades and depart, hopefully before shit hits the fan. No lineage, no responsibility or concerns. Plain and simple hedone. Have you ever done cocaine at 6 in the morning? Heavenly.

  75. Wally says:

    As a Euro-white male with some black friends, I will say that blacks that I know certainly don’t buy demented Biden’s leftist fed crap, or the whole ‘Black Lives Matter’ nonsense.

    They laugh at it as something that only liberal whites and TV blacks lap up.

    And true enough, I’ve only seen ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs in white neighborhoods, not black ‘hoods’.

    And even more so, these same blacks are more likely to reject the absurd “holocaust” propaganda that is used to keep whites in line.

    • Replies: @Geowhizz
  76. Richard B says:
    @RJ Macready

    Read Darwin, read Nietzsche.

    Yes, and read them carefully. Or, as Nietzsche himself said, Learn to read me well.

    If one does they won’t find anything in what he wrote that could ever confuse China with his concept of the Superman. Moreover, his use of the concept was spiritual, not political.

    Asia in general, and China in particular, has a genius for community, and Europe (which includes its geographical extensions in the USA, etc) has a genius for individuality and explanatory behavior. Culturally they yield entirely different results. Though Nietzsche, and not just Nietzsche, did mention the possibility in the future of some sort of positive cross-fertilization.

    And he does mention China, for example in Daybreak at the end of the aphorism titled The Impossible Class and in Book Two of The Gay Science, and no doubt in other parts of his overall work, but certainly not in a way that would be considered politically correct.

    That’s not to say his comments that mention China aren’t interesting and worth considering (just about everything he wrote is). But how hard is it to upset the Left, or The CCP?

    Also, your comments on Democracy are too vague to even be inaccurate. Like most people who mention the word, you treat it as if it’s an actual thing one can point to and not an idea, which it is. In short, you commit the fallacy of misplaced correctness. The point is, as an idea Democracy isn’t just one thing.

    And The CCP, like The Hostile Elite in the West will fail. Why?

    Because their attempt to impose a social order that is free of control, but sustained by force, will only increase the uncontrolled exercise of naked power.

    And it’s that force, constantly applied that destablizes the very social institutions their power controls. And when force fails there’s no alternative and the whole thing becomes too dysfunctional and maladaptive to manage at all.

    The response of course is simply more force, thereby locking the entire thing in a vicious cycle that only its collapse can put an end to.

    • Disagree: RJ Macready
    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  77. Geowhizz says:

    Isn’t Black Lives Matter a white cult?

  78. GeeBee says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    I confess that my calm is far easier to maintain than yours, as I am on the other side of the Atlantic ocean from you. I do sympathise with what you say. America has been suckered, hijacked, exploited and now bled dry by (((the usual suspects))). That does not in any way diminish the pain, suffering and sheer carnage (to say nothing of the spiritual and cultural impoverishment) that America has caused around the world these hundred years. It has to go.

  79. awry says:
    @Charles Carroll

    Oh, the usual “there were no planes” idiotic bullshit? All kinds of those “truthers” are promoted for diversion and distraction, to make anyone who questions the narrative look a nutjob.

  80. G J T says:
    @V. Hickel

    Absolutely nothing. Jared Taylor has already been deplatfomed to the same extent as all the well-known “wignats.” Running cover for kikes has gotten him where, exactly? If TRS and Daily Stormer are still online, AmRen would be as well.

    Jared Taylor is just a coward. You cannot convey any kind of honest and coherent white advocacy while totally ignoring Jews; that is the surest way to tell who you can trust and who you cannot. Who has what it takes to lead a successful movement and who does not.

    I don’t need to make the argument against optics anymore. The argument for optics has already been proven manifestly ineffective and a dead end road over the past five years. With an exclamation point for the last few months. Optics are dead, and so is any movement or commentator who still pretends otherwise.

  81. Richard B says:
    @RJ Macready

    It’s one thing to click DISAGREE.

    It’s another thing to explain exactly what you disagree with and why.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  82. @Richard B

    I will explain in about 9 hours. I agree with what you write to an extent. But currently at work here in Mumbai(night shift) and can’t type

    • Replies: @Richard B
  83. @GeeBee

    What do you mean by “America”? Tens of millions of US “citizens” live on food stamps, which they recycle through parasitic corporations like Wal-mart. The most sophisticated brain-washing program in the world was turned against the US population over one hundred years ago, and has never let up. Do you feel that the average US citizen, completely controlled through propaganda and subject to the whims of the elite rentier class, deserves to be ground under in the same way as people in SE Asia, or Latin America, or Africa?
    Wouldn’t harmony and sanity have had to exist in order to return to such prevailing conditions?

  84. partacus says:
    @Magic Dirt

    Gregory Hood sounds more and more like the useful idiots from Vdare. You have to wonder does he believe his crap about whites always ending richer because smarter or he is just another FBI staffer working to frame gullibles. It is obvious he lives somewhere without any contact to the real world where PoC are the stick used to beat up honky and whites are just a subjugated class destined to humiliation and slow degradation.
    the IQ chart is wrong as the PoC area does not integrate to the same constant as the white IQ area, which just shows the chart was made by a moron. On top of that is it a red herring. PoC laugh at us for not sticking together and defending each other. Ability at math means nothing and the only relevant IQ is the one showing tribe fidelity. Whites will appear as the most stupid race on such a chart and we deservedly will fade away to make way for the superior races who know their tribe.

  85. @Richard B

    I haven’t read a lot of Nietzsche. As a matter of fact, I have just finished reading my first book by him. But I have read a lot of analysis and meaning of what he wrote, especially the concept of the ubermensch. I must also say that I respect anyone who has read his work and other works and you seem well-read. So I am not debating with you as I am not on the same wavelength of knowledge.

    Now, what I meant to say was that the Ubermensch is one who is beyond morality. Not only do I not understand the concept of morality, I feel it is the reason the west or India is in the soup it is in. The middle class everywhere is moral. We are told to be good, righteous masses. But the same virtues do not apply to everyone. The rich and powerful are usually amoral, if not outright immoral. This has been seen in every civilization in all of history. To get to the top one has to be a backstabbing, self-centered madman. “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown”

    But morality is righteous and good. For a society to prosper let alone run properly morality is a must. So what can be done? The only solution is to make strict laws and regulations. And I believe this is what the CCP is doing. They enforce strict laws(admittedly they do go too far many times), they understand the state of the world(interlinked, globalized), and want strict control on how their nation interacts with the world. How is that bad? Look at their economy- look at their roadways, railways, space technology- technological advancement is the true worth of any culture/nation and you cannot deny the Chinese are doing great in recent years.

    I spent a few months in Beijing and went out of my way befriending the local masses. Then I would talk about what they thought about their Government. Outsiders think they are repressed- I mentioned this always. Most of them said they weren’t repressed. They were doing great economically and Xinping has improved the state of the vast nation everywhere.

    One subject that obsesses me is Nazi Germany but unlike most people, it is not the holocaust or even the military war that fascinates me- it is the understanding of the Nazi order. This is where your point comes in- indeed, eventually, every organization will disintegrate. The Nazis were systematic, rational, and pragmatic(at least till around 1939) and yet internal bickering and politics destroyed them. I think their internal disintegration is as much to blame as the might of the Allies in ensuring the defeat of the Axis. Keeping this in mind I said looking at history if eventually the best run systems collapse(due to human nature) the CCP might go that way. Except I feel they won’t. I read a book on Xiping’s administration and what got my attention was how many western books and ideologies they had read and analyzed. I think they have become self-aware enough to have studied everything in the past and come to the conclusion that they must hold their party’s belief system above all else, even national interest. But- who knows what will happen? Anything can happen.

    I never equated Nietzsche’s opinion directly to China. I didn’t even know he wrote about China until you wrote it. What I stated was the great philosopher(and Darwin’s) belief is what is the ultimate truth. Life is cruel and in order to survive and flourish one must bring order out of chaos. If it means tramping national interest and moral convictions then so be it, and I think the CCP is doing just that. The concept of the Ubermensch could be perceived any which way one chooses to-didn’t the Nazis use it politically? In the end, it is just that- a concept.

    Asia is collectivist. Of course, it is. I have lived here all my life and I know. But how is collectivism good? What good has come out of it? Collectivism leads to a loss of identity and self-belief. It leads to clannish behavior and everything bad about such archaic system. Perhaps the positive cross-fertilization you mentioned is what the CCP is doing- outline great ideas and visions(individualism) and then let the collectivist masses bring them to life.

    The hostile elite in the west is self-serving. This has been established long ago. It could be so in China as well but they are showing good results as far as the might and output of their nation is concerned. If the force is used for good maybe the masses will adapt and live with it. Nobody really knows what goes on internally- we can only guess.

    My comments on democracy are based on my observation. Here(India) everyone is in a clan. And the politicians exploit this. It seems this is the case everywhere- politicians use democracy as a tool for their own ends. Every 4 years the same thing plays out and then the other party is usually elected…rinse and repeat the bickering, frustrations and confusion. I think a benevolent dictator or a benevolent single party is the best option. HL Mencken wrote extensively on this topic.

    Apologies for my English-it is not my first language and trying to put my thoughts across in words is very hard. But I am trying.


  86. @RJ Macready

    “as a Brahmin I find this very very appealing. This is why capitalism is the greatest philosophy there is. Survival of the fittest- wealth creation. Everything else-patriotism(mental disorder), religion(useless archaic bullshit), morality(anti science and rationality) should be exterminated. The poor and the non Brahmins need to be exterminated. This world can function with 100,000 people. Besides with the advent of mass AI and robotics the poor(bible belt middle America) are expendable as it is.”

    90% of this was written in jest. I am no psychopath. Just frustrated with the state of this world. And this is why I obsess over money. To get away from the world on some small island.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  87. @RJ Macready

    You called me an ugly American.
    I’ve lived on an island. Twice.
    Very few of the locals will fully accept you, dude.
    Good Luck getting pussy.
    As a Brahmin you’re opposed to that, i guess.
    Enjoy your rice and beans.
    What’s a fool good for?

  88. @John Hagan

    Heads up. The last train is about to leave the U.S.

    This guy from Bitchute GETS it.

    Video Link

  89. Richard B says:
    @RJ Macready

    I will explain in about 9 hours. I agree with what you write to an extent. But currently at work here in Mumbai(night shift) and can’t type

    Thanks for your response. I look forward to your reply.

  90. Elaine says:

    Surprised? Why in the world are you surprised that the Satanic led NYT, the most vile of MSM lying, barbaric, traitorous, anti-human purveyor’s of evil, better than any Nazi or Stalinist propaganda machine, makes insane statements about everything?

  91. Elaine says:

    Agree with you except that there is one human difference that the insane do not want exterminated and actually believe they can accomplish (which proves how insane they really are) and that is, of course, race. Because there has to be something the world planners for a “new human” use to pit people against people. That is how the Revolution survives and gains adherents. If there was no victim class, they couldn’t convince most people that it was necessary to destroy humanity to create a better one.

  92. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the famous White IQ.

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