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Local Secession Is the Moderate Solution
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The question of secession from the United States divides white advocates. Many don’t want to abandon what they still regard as their country. Others think it’s not practical. Secession also assumes our problems have already been solved. It would require white identity, and if we had it, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

This doesn’t mean separation can’t happen on a smaller scale. Counties in western and southern Virginia could join West Virginia. Frederick County could easily change sides. If Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin loses the Virginia governor’s race to Democrat Terry McAuliffe, Virginians outside the DC suburbs may finally understand they have no place in the Old Dominion. Mass immigration has transformed Virginia beyond recognition. Nostalgia and wishful thinking won’t change that.

In Atlanta, the wealthy Buckhead area wants independence from the city. A CNN article from last month says that residents are “ostensibly” (CNN’s scare quotes) motivated by crime, and a Georgetown professor warns that the “successful” would be seceding from the “struggling.” Atlanta losing Buckhead, CNN warns, would cost the city tax revenue, and might cause “racial divisions between the majority White community and the rest of Atlanta, a city known as the ‘Black Mecca’ of the South.”

The Mecca of the South? CNN is right. Muslims around the world face Mecca when they pray; it is central to their way of life. Similarly, Atlanta and blacks more broadly are central to America’s official worldview. Our history, heroes, culture, and symbols are constantly tested by what they mean to blacks. If blacks disapprove, anything can be scrapped, canceled, or torn down. This is a religious view, one that facts and evidence do not often defeat.

Unfortunately for Georgia, a new religious festival is about to be inaugurated with the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial. Why do we even bother with a trial when we know that a not-guilty verdict would mean chaos and property destruction? America’s commitment to racial egalitarianism is far deeper than its commitment to justice and even to its nominal Christianity. This seems to be true even within churches, Catholic or Protestant.

What people say and even what they believe are often different from what they do. “Revealed preferences” often show that egalitarians, even if they really believe what they say, don’t act on it. Redemption takes many forms. Robin DiAngelo, assuming she’s not a cynic, no doubt feels entitled to her vast wealth because she’s “doing the work” of dismantling racism within all white people, including herself.

Some people can have both self-interest and self-respect. Those leading Buckhead secession are not white advocates, but they are fed up with the crime and poor governance that often come with being ruled by blacks. They may not put it that way, of course. They may not even think way and would deny it even if they did. They may even doubt their own cause when others accuse them of thinking about race. None of that changes anything.

Bloomberg Businessweek:

A split could be devastating for Atlanta financially. Buckhead isn’t small — it stretches over 24 square miles — and the proposed new city would take with it nearly 90,000 residents, about one-fifth of Atlanta’s current population. Atlanta would lose an estimated 38% of its tax revenue if Buckhead leaves, according to the Buckhead Community Improvement District. The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and two local civic and business groups, the Buckhead Coalition and the Buckhead Business Association, have said they oppose de-annexation.

Buckhead’s secession would strike at the power of Atlanta’s Black political class. Black residents have been involved in a 50-year project to accrue power in the city, beginning with the election of the first Black mayor, Maynard Jackson, in 1973. Today, a mostly Black cast of elected officials is in charge of the largest city in the South, which has one of the highest concentrations of Fortune 500 company headquarters in the nation.

Michel Owens, a political scientist at Emory University, says “much of what’s going on is about the inability” of whites in Buckhead “to have greater influence over the policy choices of the city of Atlanta.” Maybe it started that way, but secessionists don’t want to control Atlanta; they just don’t want Atlanta to control them.

Dr. Owens’s work and Twitter feed suggest he may have different views about law enforcement from Buckhead residents. I suspect his views on economics are also different.

Why must residents of Buckhead of any race subsidize Atlanta? Why is it wrong for a largely white community to control its own government? Black Atlanta, purged of whites who want law-and-order, would be free to experiment with whatever progressive polices it wanted, including abolishing the police.

The Buckhead secession debate demolishes American racial orthodoxy. Who needs whom? If “whiteness” were toxic, blacks would be glad to be rid of it. Instead, mining us and our resources has become a civil right. They need us; we don’t need them.

If secession is a kind of “divorce,” then Buckhead wants to leave an abusive relationship. It’s wrong to say whites must subject themselves to violent crime because the black political class has an imagined right to their money.

Still, Buckhead and Atlanta are not just stand-ins for “white” and “black.” There are blacks who presumably support secession and many whites oppose it. There are blacks who don’t like the way Atlanta is governed, and whites who are happy in the Black Mecca. Even so, CNN is right to think race matters. What they may not have considered is that secession is the moderate compromise that could defuse tension.

Local secession would force cities to govern competently. Blacks really are the people hurt most by an incompetent, soft-on-crime progressive political class. Blacks vote for it, but that might change if there were no whites to subsidize their folly. When the “Fruit of Islam” police Black Muslims there is no foolish talk of police being the problem.

Local secession would breed local elites who could lead larger secession. State boundaries might change, but the Union would endure. Whites could build communities with real-self government under the federalist system the Framers set up. They would not be ethnostates, but would be a peaceful, practical way for Americans of all races to co-exist on a national level, even if it meant some local separation.

If we were ruled by practical men, they would recognize this. We are not. I expect the Buckhead movement will fail because of moral blackmail. Whites can’t say no when others demand subsidies. If local secession movements fail, we must have openly Identitarian movements. We need an ideologically confident vanguard that directly challenges racial egalitarianism.

If the current system says that a majority-black city must be supported by whites for moral reasons, reject the moral code. Otherwise, even the smallest practical improvement is impossible. Under today’s system, every issue is a racial issue. If our rulers don’t change this, whites can and will organize on racial lines, just like every other group. It is the moral choice. I hope the Buckhead secession effort succeeds because the vanguard approach is a harder road. It may be the last one left to us.

Critical Race Theory is the ideological justification for stripping whites of wealth and power. It infects every issue from crime to education. We refuse to be sacrificed. If Buckhead secession fails, it will be more proof that we are ruled by fanatics who think they have a right to what is ours. We must reject their irrational faith and scorn their moral blackmail. We do not pray to Black Mecca.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Blacks, Political Correctness, Secession 
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  1. A123 says: • Website

    An interesting idea. To be a practical option it needs enhancement to deal with two key & related problems:

    -1- National Power
    -2- Internal Migration

    #1 — So much authority has become national, the U.S. Senate is bulwark of self defense. Moving borders in a manner that increases the number of Blue states is untenable. Permanently & irreversibly conceding ‘Purple’ Virginia is problematic.

    #2 — SJW’s are migrating from Blue state sh!tholes to places like Texas. And, they bring their politics with them. Red areas that contract & reshape to remain Red will attract Blue families. Such contamination forsages further contractions.

    Specific realignment such as Greater Idaho and a West Coast port are potentially quite valuable. However most of the proposals for contraction & realignment are inherently tactical & defensive.

    The overall U.S. situation requires a MAGA push that is strategic & expansionary. Any solution needs to recapture education and reintroduce Patriotism into the curriculum.

    #LetsGoBrandon 😇


    • Replies: @kszat
    , @SafeNow
  2. kszat says:

    Would not a secessionist movement that results in a completely new state be preferable to one that results in a State of Idaho with expanded boundaries? An expanded Idaho would still have two senators, whereas a new state would increase the number of senators, who most likely would vote conservative, by two. Being an East Coaster not very familiar with the Pacific Northwest, I may be unaware of reasons having to do with an inadequate population to support a new state or a lack of business/economic infrastructure to sustain one, but I think a discussion of the option of a new state might be in order.

    • Replies: @A123
  3. BCB232 says:

    “Episcopal Church Welcomes You” – found on nearly every Whiskey-palian church sign nationwide. Do they welcome white racists?

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  4. A123 says: • Website

    An expanded Idaho would still have two senators, whereas a new state would increase the number of senators, who most likely would vote conservative, by two.

    Your idea is highly logical, but politically improbable. Such an action would take 60 Senators to clear Filibuster + 183 in the U.S. House + Presidency. If MAGA could obtain that much representation, we probably would not need this discussion.

    States agreeing to a land deal would (theoretically) bypass the need for Federal government action. Given how badly Oregon & California need money, buying the land for Greater Idaho is expensive but much easier than new state creation.

    #LetsGoBrandon 😇

  5. Exile says:

    “De facto” secession is what you see in past decaying empires from Rome to Britain to the USSR.

    The central authority loses legitimacy/”soft power” then hard power, concentrating resources in what it sees as critical regions (e.g. Rome’s loss of relevance vs. Constantinople) and losing control over its physical and/or political periphery where anarchy reigns then alternative orders asset themselves.

    America’s central power will cling to cities and the coast and lose effective influence and control over “flyover” America and the rural areas.

    White Nationalists need to organize and build communities which can serve as the nucleus for alternative order in those areas which are being “de-prioritized” out of preference then necessity by the failing Rainbow Empire.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  6. @BCB232

    Do they welcome white racists?

    Of course. A philosophy not confined to this particular brand of Jew worship. Racists of all kinds are welcome, regardless of color. After all, when you are selling eternal salvation, a customer is a customer.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  7. @HallParvey

    selling eternal salvation, a customer is a customer.

    That’s a good one!

  8. SafeNow says:

    A third practical problem, which relates to your #1 (national power and authority), is social security and medicare. A seceded area would be told that Federal payments shall immediately cease.

    Regarding migration to Redtopia, as William Buckley asked rhetorically: “Will you shoot them? Will you starve them?” I myself wonder if national guard/military, and State Police defending, say, the Florida border, would fire upon one another. I certainly hope and pray they would not.

    As you say, it’s education. I remember decades ago a professor gloated: we will win because we have your children.

    • Replies: @A123
  9. A123 says: • Website

    social security and medicare. A seceded area would be told that Federal payments shall immediately cease.

    It depends on what is meant by “succession”.

    The scenario I envision is “all parties are willing parties”. Greater Idaho buys land from Oregon, conditional upon approval from transfer region residents. The region changing states would always be in a state for the purposes of Federal programs.

    Your observation is a potential problem where there is an “unwilling” party. At that point control of expenditures by the Executive branch would be key. Killing elderly by eliminating eliminating medical care is highly inflammatory. I suspect regardless of side, any administration would find some way to keep the cash going. Cuomo was dumped by the DNC for “killing grandma”. #MeToo was just the excuse.



    Regarding migration to Redtopia, as William Buckley asked rhetorically: “Will you shoot them? Will you starve them?” I myself wonder if national guard/military, and State Police defending, say, the Florida border, would fire upon one another.

    Again, that is the most drastic & inflammatory option.

    “Living Constitution” dogma, such as effectively ignoring the 10th Amendment, is much less confrontational. The same thing could be done to the 14th Amendment:

    Section 1 — All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside


    *Living Constitution*, Section 1 — All *former slaves* born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they *resided in 1868-1869*

    Red and Blue states would create new laws & regulations for State Citizenship that would discourage relocation. Or, create a non-voting pool that pays taxes, but cannot damage the society. This above language is merely a starting point. Some things would be non-negotiable, such as active duty military and direct family.

    Would these PEACEFUL options work? It is hard to say. As long as both Blue and Red states receive the same powers it might work.

    I would like to say that both sides would be rational and stay away from extreme positions that could start a Civil War. However, the most powerful force in the human equation is “Stupidity”.

    #LetsGoBrandon 😇



    • Thanks: SafeNow
  10. martin_2 says:

    “Even if they really believe what they say, don’t act on it.”

    Belief is not just a mental state, divorced from behaviour. (Indeed one could argue that it is not a mental state at all.) The concept of belief involves consequences for action. To say that “X believes that P” is to say that if X were in these circumstances, then he would act in this way. So one cannot “really believe” that P unless one acts as if P is true.

  11. We just need Florida and Texas to say ‘Fk off’ to the federal mafia and we’d be all right.

  12. Two things come to mind:

    1. Ashkenzai Jews are often shameless in their actions.

    2. Jews and their goyim weaponize shame against White Christians in the West.

    If your adversary has adopted shamelessness as a tactic, shouldn’t you? Stop feeling ashamed for the past, for poor people that cause their own poverty, for predators and criminals, for Muslim women in the Stans, for Henry Rogers’s cat, and for any other thing that doxxers or CNN or your blue state niece tries to pin on you. Stop groveling, and get on your feet. Quit feeling shame that you are not educated and cultured enough. Who cares? It’s liberating. You know what “educated” and “cultured” and “evolved” white people do? They vote for Keisha Big Bottom and Lori Leadfoot.

  13. jeppo says:

    No Western nation has broken apart since WW2. If and when it first happens it will be in a place that has a long established separatist movement, like Scotland, Catalonia or Quebec, not anywhere in the US.

    But once any one of them goes the dam will break, and separatist movements will sprout everywhere. Hawaii and Alaska would be the first to leave the US if geography and history mean anything. Texas and Florida, big, powerful entities well-situated geographically, would likely be next.

    First though, somebody else has to get the ball rolling. An independent Scotland could lead in short order to an independent Wales and a united Ireland, a complete reordering of the British Isles, before nation building-mania crosses the Atlantic.

    If Catalonia leaves Spain, the Basque Country will probably follow soon after, with Galicia waiting in the wings. Spain could further fall apart if Catalan-speaking Valencia and the Balearic Islands decide to join in a greater Catalonia, or if Navarre joins an expanded Basque Country.

    And if Quebec leaves Canada, that would definitely have the most resonance in the US. An independent Quebec would force a geographic reckoning on an isolated Atlantic Canada. In the end Newfoundland would probably leave on its own, while the Maritimes would form their own 3-province federation.

    Nunavut, an Inuit ethnostate and Canada’s last piece of Atlantic real estate now looking for a new protector, would then declare independence under likely US tutelage. The rest of the country, from Ottawa to Victoria, would probably manage to hold together as a much-weakened rump Canada.

    Only then would the fun really begin in the US, and the possibilities and outcomes are endless.

    • Agree: BluEidDvl
    • Replies: @BluEidDvl
  14. But once any one of them goes the dam will break, and separatist movements will sprout everywhere.

    Agreed–and the globalists and world’s leading sociopaths agree as well.

    That is why they will fight _any_ secession movement anywhere, no matter how tiny the province or state.

    A successful Quebec or Catalonia or Scotland secession would have been a great gift to the people of the entire planet, no matter how kooky the rump states might be.

  15. BluEidDvl says:

    Yeah, the ‘20s have just got going & I’ve a feeling the rest of the decade will be VERY interesting!. The first on the international scene I can see going it’s own way would be Catalonia & Scotland. What will happen with Ulster could be interesting?, some type of “Celtic union” with R.o. Ireland, Scotland, Ulster & possibly Wales?. With Belgium, will Wallonia join France & Flanders join up with the Netherlands to form a new Dutch republic?. Could Austria reunite with their German brothers?.

    With all of these separations and/or unions, I can see them happening relatively peaceably. The one place I cannot see that happening without bloodshed is America. We are a polyglot mix of peoples with no identity or sense of self. Half the population literally hates the other half & now some 40+% of the population is of disparate & deeply antagonist racial groups who hate the current majority population. And of that barely in the majority White population?, there is no loyalty, no unity, no sense of oneness as a people. If there is a dollar collapse & the SHTF, if there’s one country on Earth that would sink into an orgiastic spasm of mass slaughter it’d be America. A population armed to the teeth. A population where a substantial portion of it’s population believes in and welcomes an apocalyptic version of Christianity, that all of this will end in some fiery cataclysm.

    I hope I’m wrong about America if that day ever comes, but if there is one country that’d be Yugoslavia times 100, it’d be America. The profound delusion in our peoples minds & the deep sickness in our peoples hearts assures it..

  16. anonymous[390] • Disclaimer says:

    A moderate solution is for whites to stop joining as military officers (but can still enlist to keep the military from becoming completely untethered). No more wars for special interests and the Israel lobby.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  17. Succession will never be allowed.

    The game is now quite apparent, to make the old way so toxic that people around the globe will go to Global Government as a preferable option.

    That is what has happened with the Scamdemic, the option of not taking the jab is ostracism, so you now have W.H.O dictating health.

    Follow the money fingerprint at the W.H.O to find the invisible hand behind this agenda.

    How has our representatives allowed this all to happened, this gender rubbish, Global Warming etc,etc?

    By money control, trained minions in key positions, reprogramming of the young.

    Nothing has been left to chance.

    State governments will now be tasked with carrying out the demands of Global Government, those who don’t abide will be ostracized.

    How do you stop it.

    By identifying the players and making it toxic for them to continue.

  18. If we were ruled by practical men really sums up nicely all our sins and we aren’t even ruled by moral men and never have been. Even at the local level.
    You can message roatanbill for classification about government and democracy and some 28 year old that cares not one whit for their own future and much less so for you and yours and they get to vote for your governments rulers and most of the voters in our democracy that truly do care are very very very badly misinformed on most everything that matters in gov’t that’s ruled by practical men wherever they may be found.
    I suspect Isteveorino is most likely onto something with wealth(meaning yours) will be redistributed thru the “equity” in your home. He’s a pretty clever fellow who seems to have a long history of following this sorta thing. He may be right so do they really need the tax base?
    One thing that is most relevant is the important reminder that states aren’t free to secede. I think we all are Aware of that or should be. Counties aren’t gonna be allowed to start printing their own monies or controlling it’s borders. Foolish to imagine such a possibility.
    Perhaps pro gerrymandering could create the Artificial boundaries that would nullify any successful attempt to flee for your own destiny.
    Nope. Not gonna work.
    And the good folk of buckhead don’t care about your communities being overrun even when you manage to win the vote. Voting doesn’t matter or they wouldn’t let you do it. Buckheadians do not care about practical men representing your values or and they long ago seceded from White people’s entirely. Normies anyway.
    I hope I’m wrong.
    Yeh Methinks they are coming for your “equity” and you can pull as many levers as makes you feels.

    Oh yeh one other thing that’s problematic; the nose has the nose buried pretty deep and might take exception to White folk deciding shit without their fucking approval and Jesus was a fucking jew ya know.

  19. Female rector at Grace Episcopal in Syracuse, NY…
    explains a lot about the three criminal scum BLAX being portrayed as “The Face of God”…
    a ridiculous blasphemy.

  20. @Exile

    Yes, regional secession, irrespective of existing State borders is the way.
    Likely making use of county political structures coalesced into self sustaining States and Confederations; polities that could remain largely functional despite a Federal collapse or drastic diminishment. New debt free currency a reasonable aspect, similar to the Reichsmark.

    My ancient ancestors on my father’s side literally headed for the hills…of the mountainous Abruzzi region of Italy when it became apparent that Rome was failing and untenable.
    Defensible mountain valleys, wisdom shared by the Swiss; with the unique advantage of ocean access down the hills on the safe side to the East…while the Roman oligarchs and their hired swords played Pat-A-Cake with the invading barbarians…same game to be played here very shortly, substitute “guns” for “swords”.

    Biden’s handlers may well be Accelerationists, not even knowing that as they pursue Tikkun Olam different goals and outcomes.

  21. GeneralRipper [AKA "Zwischenzug"] says:

    These people in charge now make Abe Lincoln look like Mother Teresa. And they’ve got 10,000x the firepower in addition to their many other tech toys.

    If you think they’re going to let us go peacefully, I’d have to say you’re seriously deluded.

    Three choices.

    #1 Accept and acquiesce.

    #2 Leave.

    #3 Get ready to fight for what you love and believe in.

  22. @anonymous

    Fortunately none of my young relatives even considered joining the military.

    But–if they had considered joining–I would have been in their face explaining why that is an insane choice.

    The generals and admirals these days are dangerous sociopaths and kooks–I would tell any young person to stay far far away from their commands.

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