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Kyle Rittenhouse Is Acquitted
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The jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, despite some rumors of holdouts, acquitted the defendant of all charges. He’s a free man.

The reaction from verified users on Twitter, including some public officials, is chilling.

Keith Olbermann was blunt.

The headline below may look extreme but it is a real article.

This was retweeted by MSNBC, which has been particularly vehement in criticizing the verdict.

A push to scrap self-defense laws can probably be expected.

Congressman Jerry Nadler doesn’t seem to care about illegals crossing our national borders, but he believes the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse crossed state lines justifies a Department of Justice investigation. Will the federal government try to bring new charges against Mr. Rittenhouse?

And does he think that looters and arsonists are exercising their First-Amendment rights?

A verified Twitter user doesn’t appear to understand the English language.

At least one protester had a hard time with the verdict:

The NASCAR driver whose garage cord spawned an FBI investigation also has a strong take.

Colin Kaepernick:

Actress Rosanna Arquette:

She may want to consult a lawyer before making such statements.

I’m not sure about the following legal opinion.

A former member of the Colorado House of Representatives:

How deep does the Nazi conspiracy go?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is also unhappy.

It was justice and we know it.

This person has it figured out:

A verified user with almost a million followers says this:

A former NFL Quarterback:

A Hollywood screenwriter:

Tariq Nasheed:

If only it were that simple.

Pictures often speak louder than words. The United States of America is not a nation, but a territory occupied by at least two distinct nations.

We need to follow Thomas Jefferson’s advice and live apart.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antifa, Judicial System, Kyle Rittenhouse, Riots 
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  1. Kyle is a free man.

    A great day.

    Kudos to a brave and honest jury.

    The kooks hysterics only make it all the sweeter.

    This is already two countries. Only a matter of how and when the division is formalized.

  2. Biff says:

    The real criminals were the rioters, looters, and arsonists, but not one was charged for their first amendment protected free speeching who were also armed, and carrying weapons across states lines.

    • Replies: @lydia
  3. lydia says:

    Needs to be some articles on the criminals BLM, Antifa and who sponsors them — also Catherine Austin Fitts has a video and some articles showing on maps the areas destroyed by the paid rioters and corporations snapping up the property of destroyed businesses.

    I am glad Kyle is released and some of the ranters like Keith Olbermann were at first admired under Bush Jr. then as his opinions got more and more mainstream democratic people started writing about the strangeness and were banned by Democratic Underground which is now unbearable to look at and other forums for –libtards who are not the same as liberals

  4. …in this complete farce called the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

    If only it were that simple.

    Taqiyya Tariq is right. It is that simple. The trial was a complete farce. Because the indictments themselves were. However, in traditional stage farces, the good guys win. This is the case today.

    The common law used in this trial boils down to one word:

    Hint: Not the one screamed by Rosenbaum. No, the word is farce.

  5. Franz says:

    The buzzards wouldn’t accept the results of the 2016 election and they aren’t going to accept the acquittal verdict either.

    Kyle Rittenhouse might well have to look into the possibility of relocating to sane country. While no one ever shot at Trump, I think this young fellow is in serious danger from all the White Hate the media, universities and agencies have let loose on the USA.

  6. Exile says:

    Kenosha showed it’s worthy of membership in the White nation that will grow in the space cleared by the fall of Imperial Zio-America.

    We can’t live with these people. It’s time to start building a society for our people and our values.

  7. Anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    Kyle Rittenhouse is a real life Snake Plissken (his name in fact has the same initials as Kurt Russell). When I watch the video of him clutching his AR-15 and running from that mob of freaks and weirdos, I can’t help being reminded of Carpenter’s cult classic. The parallels are striking.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  8. @Franz

    I agree. I worry for safety of this teenager.
    Hopefully, he will take civil action, win, & obtain some real money. Money will allow him to better secure his (& his family’s) safety & future.

    • Agree: Franz
  9. • Thanks: mark green
  10. KenH says:

    And does he think that looters and arsonists are exercising their First-Amendment rights?

    Yes. Remember that left wing violence is speech while right wing speech and lawful protection of private property is “violence”.

    Jerrold Nadler is a Jew. If the Republicans have any balls they will censure him if they gain the majority in 2022 and try to eject him from Congress entirely.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  11. @Franz

    Rep. Nadler is the lowest of the low. The scum of the earth. Senile Biden’s In-Justice Dept. better think twice about bringing Kyle up on civil rights charges, which is Double Jeopardy, and most people know it. Go ahead and try it. It will only increase the shellacking the dumbocrats are about to get in the midterms, assuming they are run fairly.

  12. KenH says:

    As others may have already said on other threads Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal may have a slight downside by fooling normies into thinking that America is not lost and that the system still works but this case they don’t realize that it’s just fool’s gold.

    Left wing, leftist Jews and negro influencers with large social media followings have used this case to heap satanic hatred onto an innocent white kid like Kyle, all badwhites and the American system. This country must figure out a way to peacefully separate because this case proves that this nation is comprised of two warring camps with irreconcilable differences.

    Preaching race blindness will fall on deaf ears so Tucker and other right of center commentators need to stop their periodic virtue signaling.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  13. @Franz

    The only thing which should give him any cause to stay in the USA is lawsuits against media companies. If he is going to remain here then he needs to get busy right away on filing lawsuits in the fashion of Nick Sandmann. Failing to act promptly on this will just mean that he gets buried under a new deluge of false reporting. The Washington Post needs to find itself promptly faced with a billion dollar lawsuit before they get the chance to start a new editorial line about this verdict.

    • Agree: Franz
  14. BorisMay says:

    It was a verdict decided by a jury. In much of the west jury trials are no longer permitted. In this jury trial it was the people who decided whether Rittenhouse was guilty of what he was charged with.

    It was not the judge who decided the verdict, it was not the defence lawyer that decided the verdict and it was not some mythical Klu Klux Klan white supremacist organisation that decided the verdict.

    This verdict was people power…the man and woman on the street made this decision.

    Consequently any criticism must be levelled at the ordinary folk who live in America. What is most striking is that all those that dislike the verdict, and many of those that like verdict, fail to understand that this verdict was the result of a decision by the people and NOT the powers that be.

    The real divide in America is between the terminally insane that have no understanding of reality and the sane, that are able to perceive where the law actually lies…with the people.

    Rittenhouse was set free by the people. Those that don’t like the verdict actually have an uphill challenge because that jury represents maybe 350,000,000 Americans whereas the detractors represent perhaps 5,000,000 Marxists and Antifa goons.

    As long as law abiding Americans stick together their Marxist and Antifa enemies have no chance. But if you let Marxist Biden and his banking friends (who are financing the destruction of the USA) divide you, then you are lost.

    It is no longer left and right in politics or black and white socially: it is now nationalists against globalists: or more accurately perhaps law abiding people versus criminals: conventionalists opposing Marxists. Choose your definition and choose your side.

    When you look at it like this the Build Back Better globalist new world order faction can only win if they can keep you divided.

  15. C’mon Mr. Hood. You do good work.

    This article is Outrage Porn.

    Of course, all the Usual Suspects are making their typical idiotic and fact-free statements. We all knew this was coming.

    Wasted opportunity.

  16. Trinity says:

    Oh shit. GREAT OBSERVATION. lololol. I think I will watch that movie again sometime this weekend.

    Kyle Rittenhouse = Snake Plissken. haha. Someone needs to do a meme of Kyle with a black eye patch.

  17. BorisMay says:

    To all Canadian bedwetters and associated wet pants wearers from north of the border.

    Nanook the Inuit was right when he said ‘You know, there are these types here. They used to ride around in red blouses wearing pointy boy scout hats and a lanyard shooting peaceful unarmed indigenous folk just for wearing feathers in their hair and living in chums (teepees for US folk) and colluding with nature.

    ‘They weren’t so bad only only wet their beds when sleeping with us indigenous folk. Nowadays, however, they no longer wear pointy hats and wet their beds every night of the week. Well, Canadians are bedwetters after all. Stands to reason. People that don’t live in igloos or wear pointy hats must be bedwetters mustn’t they!

    ‘But you know, what is worse, are those folk who play hockey. I mean, real people play lacrosse and eat buffalo ribs. No pointy hats, no lacrosse and always having to wear diapers just incase they wet themselves…’

    And now we have Gislaine Maxwell hiding behind Kyle ‘I’m not a bedwetter’ Rittenhouse. He’s been all over the media while it is impossible to even find a photo of Gislaine Maxwell…you have to make do with an artist’s drawing if you are lucky.

    So what does that tell you? Other than Kyle haters are covering up their arch priestess Gislaine Maxwell and hiding her from the general public’s attention.

    Makes you think, unless you are a Canadian bedwetter of course.

    Just think what pointy hats can do for you…

    • Replies: @Trinity
  18. BorisMay says:

    Yeah I know, I’m crazy.

  19. This trial was all about eliminating the right of self-defense – for white people.

  20. bjondo says:


    How many paid to be extreme?
    How many manipulated?
    How many insane and manipulated?

    Distraction from Ghislane/Yid/Israel blackmail case?

    Clueless about Arbery(?).

    5 dancing shlomos

  21. Trinity says:

    Naw, I just brought up Jizzie and Jeffrey on the JFK thread. How can you forget Jizzie and Jeff and their little friends.

  22. Smith says:

    And the internet rejoices!

  23. Prosecutors all over the country are releasing blacks they KNOW killed two or more other blacks because:mutual combat and self-defense.

    But this nonsense here, White Rittenhouse-on-white/jewish criminals, blacks are offended? I don’t buy it. Why? Because there are no riots. The loser black race driver, he complains? Don’t maker me laugh. Nigger, PLEASE.

  24. Nadler thinks that more posing will erased from the minds of voters the time that he shit himself on camera. It ain’t working, Jerry. Give it up already.

  25. Have you cancelled your cable TV subscription yet?

    Because if you haven’t, you are giving money to the authors of those tweets you quoted.

    Every single month.

    You are giving them money. You are giving them power.

    Before you can even begin to talk about physically separating, how about taking the first small step by separating the contents of your wallet from your enemies in the mainstream media, Hollywood and pro sports.

    • Agree: schnellandine
  26. Richard B says:

    Preaching race blindness will fall on deaf ears so Tucker and other right of center commentators need to stop their periodic virtue signaling.


    I like Tucker and am glad he’s around. But whereas even five years ago his talk about a colorblind society was silly and sentimental, now it just sounds borderline crazy. It’s certainly impossible to take seriously. But Bill Maher is doing the same thing, talking the same way about a colorblind society.

    In fairness to them (though it’s hard for me to be fair to the aptly initialed BM) they’re basically middle of the road social managers who are there to make sure things don’t get too out of control, that there’s at least some assemblance of normality.

    But it’s the kind of talk that simply does not work anymore and never will again. But I guess old habits really do die hard.

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