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Is California Post-Democratic?
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Governor Gavin Newsom is campaigning hard against a recall in California. Many once saw him as a possible presidential contender. However, Governor Newsom violated his own COVID-19 lockdown rules, presided over a huge increase in crime and homelessness, and arguably did little to prevent the worst wildfires in the state’s history.

These are just some of the problems California faces. The state has a high rate of income inequality. Major infrastructure projects to fight future droughts were never completed. Some residents simply accept crime as a part of daily life. Others flee. California’s overall population decreased last year for the first time ever. Whites are especially eager to leave the once-Golden State.

However, that’s also why California probably won’t change. The leading Republican candidate to replace the governor is Larry Elder. Though he is black, most blacks and Hispanics won’t vote for a Republican. A Los Angeles Times article said Mr. Elder’s views were “shaped” by Jared Taylor, because Mr. Elder occasionally says factual things about crime.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder speaks during a news conference. (Credit Image: © Ringo Chiu/ZUMA Press Wire)
Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder speaks during a news conference. (Credit Image: © Ringo Chiu/ZUMA Press Wire)

Governor Newsom and his media allies have skillfully transformed the recall into a referendum on Larry Elder and former president Donald Trump. Black leaders are working against Mr. Elder. Salon warns that if Larry Elder is elected, Stephen Miller could become a US Senator. “Model minority candidates [like Mr. Elder] can help affirm far-right perspectives on racism while offering a defense against the charge that the Republican Party is too white,” said another Los Angeles Times article.

Barring an unprecedented political realignment, most non-whites will support Gavin Newsom. He does not have enthusiastic support from Hispanics. However, most don’t support the recall. Democrats can probably count on non-whites to maintain the status quo. Less than half of Californians think the state is moving in the right direction. It probably doesn’t matter. Once a state is majority-minority, a kind of political stagnation sets in that prevents real change.

The Great Replacement has already occurred in California. Politically reliable minorities have replaced white voters. In 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger beat Gray Davis in a successful recall election. Mr. Schwarzenegger campaigned against illegal immigration but didn’t do much about it once he was in power. Today, Arnold Schwarzenegger is an anti-Trump activist who left office with little support.

Governor Davis was more important. He killed Proposition 187 (that would have denied public services to illegal immigrants) by refusing to defend it in court. A federal judge overturned the law, and mass non-white immigration into California continued. Thus, California became a majority-minority state, and, as a result, a one-party Democrat state. Democrats should consider Gray Davis the most successful governor in the state’s history.

The Associated Press wrote about why a replay of 2003 is unlikely:

[T]oday’s California electorate looks far different than it did 18 years ago: It’s less Republican, more Latino and Asian, and younger – all trends that favor Gov. Gavin Newsom, so long as he can get his voters to turn out. . . .

Latino voters now make up more than a quarter of registered voters compared to 17.5% in 2003, according to data provided by Romero. Asian voters also increased their share, now at 10.4%. . . . All of those trends benefit Democrats, who have only strengthened their hold on the state over the past two decades.

Joy Reid knows what happened:

Many warned Republicans about what was happening. They ignored the warnings and purged those who gave them. Now the state that gave America Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan is much like South Africa: a de-facto one-party state with an restive underclass and an unchallengeable ruling class presiding over a shrinking, beleaguered middle class.

The Democrat/media campaign against Larry Elder and Republicans is like the way some Republicans campaigned against Democrats in the late 19th century. They used to call Democrats the party of “Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion,” suggesting that the Democrats were anti-Temperance, pro-Catholic (and thus anti-American), and supported the defeated Confederacy. Today, the Democrats and their journalist supporters use “white supremacy” or “white nationalist” to smear their opponents, even if they are black. It’s the new way of “waving the bloody shirt.”

This is remarkable considering that Larry Elder does not mention affirmative action or immigration among his campaign promises. He has campaign ads in Spanish. He complains there is a “racist smear campaign” against him. This is hardly basic conservatism, let alone “white nationalism.”

It doesn’t matter. Far too many non-whites and white liberals will tolerate decline and disorder if it means that “racists” are kept out of power. Objectively, it’s hard to argue that Zimbabwe, South Africa, or Argentina are better off since non-whites gained more political power. It’s also almost impossible to imagine these non-whites voting for a change. These areas are “post-democratic,” doomed to continued decline until the point of utter collapse or takeover by a colonial power, probably China.

Gavin Newsom is likely to survive the recall. California will get worse. The political class will flout its own rules with impunity.

What can be done? In conservative areas, activists should push state and local voting rules to make sure that those who fled the once-Golden State don’t vote for the same policies that caused them to flee. Secession within the Union is another way to escape Sacramento. Ultimately, for whites who don’t want to live in a crumbling, Third World dystopia, the solution is a homeland and a larger Western civilization-state. The current system has no way to correct itself.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I’m rooting for Larry Elder to LOSE.
    If he wins, this might make ‘normies’ think Conservatism, Inc. has the answers.
    Trust me, it’s better that way.

    • Disagree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Getaclue
  2. California is lost, between self-hating white liberals and Republican hating minorities, California is going to move further and further away from the American mainstream. It will eventually go it’s own and break away from the US and will either join Mexico or just become another failed Latin American dictatorship. The Golden State is now the Copper State and Generalissimo Newsom will get in again, unfortunately. The mainly white, northern 1/3 of California has nothing in common with the rest of the state and probably will break off from California as things get worse and worse.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Hangnail Hans
  3. meamjojo says:

    Elder was an idiot to allow himself to get manipulated into stating that he would appoint a Republican to fill Feinstein’s seat, were she to die or retire before her term was up. That was like throwing raw meat in front of a pit bull! You can talk crap like this on your radio show because your listens are in the same echo chamber. It just gets a “what else would you expect” and mental shrug.

    Elder’s stupid reply allowed the press and the Democrats to expand the recall from California issues to affecting the whole Democratic power and control structure nationwide by potentially tipping the Senate to Republican control. This also helped reinforce Newson’s original theme of the recall was a Democrat vs. Republican election, instead of a Newsom competency election.

    If the recall fails, it needs to be chalked up to a failure of the CA Republican party to settle on ONE candidate early on, get their name in front of the voters nd build on all the ammunition Newsom gifted them to work with. They did next to nothing, allowing a clown car of candidates to meander across the state with no real focus thus giving Elder the opportunity to jump into the open void, where Elder promptly put his foot into his mouth. Sad!

  4. “White Supremacy” is at this stage simply a label which the minions of the ruling class slap on anything they don’t like, or are afraid of. Someone else in this forum has noted that it’s become “the n-word for whites” and that about sums it up.

    One signficant difference being that instead of being forbidden to use it, you’re required to.

    • Agree: The OverSeer
  5. @meamjojo

    excellent points

    what is Trump’s position? did he make any ads for anyone?

  6. @meamjojo

    He also managed to go on record as insisting that reparations should be paid to the descendants of slave owners, for having been unfairly divested of property (slaves). Newsom must be elated at his continuing luck. Not that he needs it–he already has the media.

  7. @Joe Paluka

    Giving up the once-magnificent state of California to the unwashed hordes has to rank as one of the greatest unforced errors in human history. Then again, it actually was forced, from behind the scenes by the tiny tribe which still owns the places and figures it will continue to.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  8. People should stay home on election day and continue packing their belongings for their move out of the state.

    The only vote that matters is done with your feet. Stop playing the gov’ts game because it just makes you look stupid.

    • Agree: FreedomAndTruth
    • Replies: @G. Poulin
  9. G. Poulin says:

    In a totalitarian society, voting is a way to make the serfs feel like they have some say in how the manor is run, when in fact they don’t.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  10. @G. Poulin

    When I’ve engaged voting enthusiasts in debate, I’ve often asked how Executive Orders don’t make voting null and void since it’s a dictatorial move by the executive that circumvents the legislature that the dolts voted for. There’s never a reasoned reply. I’ve asked for an explanation on how the IRS, for example, can write up regulations independent of any laws and the regulations are treated as law although no legislature voted on the regulations.

    Election after election, the voters never learn that nothing substantial changes regardless of which actor gets the nod in any given position. The government always gets elected. Choosing between Coke or Pepsi changes nothing and yet the bulk of the population thinks voting matters when all long term evidence conclusively shows it doesn’t.

    Democracy is just mob rule, dressed up in a coat and tie. It’s too bad people conflate democracy, which is mob rule, with liberty and freedom. Democracy in most of the world is everybody voting for the person that promises him or her the most stolen goods from other people. Democracy is a political system, and all political systems rest on institutionalized coercion. I don’t care whether it’s a king, a president, a congress, or a mob of chimpanzees that tell me I have to pay 50% of my income over to them so they can fund wars, welfare programs, the police state, oligarchic corporations, or whatever. That’s what democracy is today. Regrettably, the average person has been programmed to think democracy is a high moral good, much as his ancestors were programmed to believe that monarchy was the way Yahweh, or whoever, wanted the world organized. The only kind of democracy that I support is the democracy of the free market. You vote with your dollars. Anything that you want or need can be gained by production and trade. The democracy we currently know is a fraud and a delusion.
    Doug Casey

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @FreedomAndTruth
  11. gay troll says:

    It looks like Newsom will prevail. But on the other hand, this all has a very 2016 feel to it. The news is heavily promoting the fact that today is the recall election, while also noting that many people have no fokken clue that it’s Election Day. They say that so far, 52% of returned ballots have come from Democrats and 48% from others. There is a distinct nervousness in the air. Biden spoke against the recall in Long Beach yesterday, and even Barack Obama deigned to resume his career as a spokesmodel by appearing in pro Gavin TV spots.

    Then again, this election may be more like 2020, thanks to the modern miracle of mail in voting. I regret to say that I voted and now I feel dirty.

  12. Getaclue says:

    Just about anyone is better than Newsom– he’s a world class creep and will use Covidianism bs to close the State and screw all but the Communist Teacher’s Unions–he looks and acts like a cartoon character villain–bizarre the USA has fallen so very low

    • Replies: @Realist
  13. Let’s not forget how all this “white supremacy” nonsense started. It all started when Trump won the Presidential election. Started by BOTH Republicans and Democrats. Never will forget Republicans stating that they will place their votes for Hillary. Then afterwards they started to blame Trump’s victory on “white supremacy”, since they could not find any other reasoning for his win. And that tactic has taken a life of its own, being used to label anyone, even blacks, who do not go along with Democrat party ideas. And the Republican Party of California are in on the racket alongside the Democrats. It’s the same here in my State of New York. When Schumer was running for re-election, the Republicans ran cardboard cutouts who wouldn’t even be voted in as dog catchers. The Republicans love Schumer. He keeps them in business. And he won re-election thanks to the Republican Party of New York. Here’s a nice quote from Sam Giancana, former Chicago mob boss. When asked about his thoughts on the government he stated, “ The government and us are cut from the same cloth.”

  14. Realist says:

    Just about anyone is better than Newsom– he’s a world class creep and will use Covidianism bs to close the State and screw all but the Communist Teacher’s Unions–he looks and acts like a cartoon character villain–bizarre the USA has fallen so very low

    To get a feel of the incestuous nature of politics…know that Donald Trump Jr. is dating Kimberly Guilfoyle…Gavin Newsom’s ex-wife. She was also an advisor to Donald Trump.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  15. Then again, this election may be more like 2020, thanks to the modern miracle of mail in voting.

    Already multiple reports of Republicans showing up at their polling place only to be told they’d already voted, but could fill out a provisional ballot. Which I suspect just means their vote against Newsom will be canceled by the fake vote already in the system, and all those who don’t bother to vote will push him over the top as you suspect. Also lots of bad reports over the last few weeks of mail in ballot shenanigans, including ones where the envelop has a hole allowing anyone to see how the person voted.

  16. Realist says:

    Elder was an idiot to allow himself to get manipulated into stating that he would appoint a Republican to fill Feinstein’s seat, were she to die or retire before her term was up.

    Elder has also been huckstering the snake fish oil Relief Factor on Fox News.

    He strikes me as an opportunist.

  17. Getaclue says:

    My opinion is that Trump was and is Controlled Opposition — who appoints his “enemies” to high positions? Everyone knew the FBI would use Agent Provocateurs on Jan. 6th – Trump didn’t? This was used to vilify normal citizens forward as “terrorists” — quite a “mistake” there? How do you do that after Charlottesville? His final Pardons are vile. Wilbur Ross is the tip off — he has been a Rothschild Agent his whole life and has a 25 year relationship with Trump. Trump in effect, if not by how he talked, put the NWO Agenda forward on steroids. He handed the USA over to Neo-Bosheviks. This:

    Hillary Clinton could never have put Traditional US Citizens so far down as Trump did by “blunders” and “mistakes”. His “Operation Warp Speed” was bs — the “vaccines” were all patented and ready to go — no “Warp Speed” needed — he is the one behind the injections even if he pretends he is not for “mandatory” — everyone knew where this was heading, he didn’t?– He knew the Election would be stolen yet did nothing causing a precedent- did he want another 4 years? — Could be he didn’t want to be President these 4 years where the Economy implodes etc. — Biden is the designated fall guy for that given his Dementia etc. — they keep commenting how good and stress free Trump looks — certainly like a guy who was part of the team?

    In the Mafia they always use your best “friend” to set you up for the kill — seems Trump was used in this manner? When you control both “sides” you don’t lose — the NWO controlling “Elite” seem to have played this hand….

    • Thanks: Realist
    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  18. @Getaclue

    A lot of what happened with Trump can be more simply explained by his being a terminally narcissistic sociopath, not really caring much about other people, especially outside his family. Something that was very apparent in his daily COVID press conferences/cage matches. And “philosemite” would seriously understate his attitudes towards Jews. But this:

    His “Operation Warp Speed” was bs — the “vaccines” were all patented and ready to go — no “Warp Speed” needed

    Ignores what had to be done.

    Great, you’ve got some vaccine candidates designed, famously by January 13th, 2020 for Moderna. Now, without the might of a Big Pharma partner except for Janssen, test them without writing grant applications and waiting for approvals, eventually with no fewer than 30,000 subjects for their Phase III trials.

    And before those are finished and you even know if a candidate is going to be safe and effective (Sanofi V1.0 failed and Novavax is very late and very possibly failing), start making doses in mass quantities, Manhattan Project style. Maybe hold up on a lot of fill and finish, but capacity there all the way down to the special glass used for vials from Corning was bought and/or increased. Pfizer infamous failed to play ball with OWS until they started missing their production promises in December.

    If you want more details, see this purged HHS page on it. Without Trump continuously pushing a lot of people who saw COVID as maybe “the silver bullet that takes out this administration” we wouldn’t have seen hundreds of millions of doses for a long time, would conservatively have lost another half million people minimum I’d guess, etc.

    On the other hand I don’t see this contradicting your thesis, COVID is a threat to everyone, which no amount of wealth can prevent absent your completely “bugging in.”

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  19. The lefts propaganda/fake news machine and BLMAntifa/FBI/CIA hit squads have a few strategic advantages going for it that the right dances around with.
    First, it’s unapologetically the biggest diarrhea mouth on most every platform (streaming, ad print, commercials) second only to ghettoized hoodrats.
    Second, they have pay to play, hit men, straw men, down to a tee, in others words RICO Act thugs ready to sic on anyone not in line with their agenda.
    Third, who else has mafia crime families in charge of the worlds highest institutions and government? They wouldn’t think twice about ordering your business burnt to the ground or you, your family or close acquaintances attacked by violent thugs in the dead of night.
    Until there’s pushback with real muscle, and dirtier tactics, the left will continue winning.

  20. @RoatanBill

    I don’t care whether it’s a king, a president, a congress, or a mob of chimpanzees that tell me I have to pay 50% of my income over to them so they can fund wars, welfare programs, the police state, oligarchic corporations, or whatever.

    To learn the very limited scope of the U.S. federal income tax, and start paying only what you owe (which is zero for most of us), check out these links:

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  21. @FreedomAndTruth

    I had a good friend, Richard ‘Dick’ Simkanin, a multi millionaire, challenge the IRS to show him the law that makes him liable for federal taxes and makes him liable to withhold pay from his employees. He paid for full page ads in the nationally available USA Today that stated categorically he wasn’t going to pay income taxes till someone showed him the law that obliges him to do so. Spoiler – there is no such law, only IRS regulations.

    Long story short, he ended up in jail and eventually died there for lack of medical care. He lost his airplanes, home, business (Arrow Custom Plastics), wife and life by pissing into the wind when it came to the thugs that run the US.

    Most of the Internet links about him are bogus. I was there and saw what happened to him. Alex Jones had the best, but still flawed, story about his plight.

    I tried to convince him to move his production to Mexico, but he was adamant that he was right and the gov’t would yield in court when his case came up. I told him he was nuts and that he would never get a fair hearing. What happened to him provided me with the impetus to become an expat.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
    , @FreedomAndTruth
  22. Getaclue says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    You are clueless, or in on it- – Big Pharma type? $$$ in your pocket or associated with the scam in some way or just a useful idiot….–

    The CVirus bs was “gamed” endlessly by Rothschild agents Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation, everything including the mRNA “vaccine” was in place waiting — absolutely no “Warp Speed” was needed, total bs (and lots of theater as to Trump also as ever, watch him in his Wrestling video online still where he shaves the guys head, he’s an Actor and a Con Artist, he was no different than that while in “office”) — they released the phony “Vx” (not a Vx at all until the definition was changed) during the period when CVirus traditionally goes away — warmer sunny months — and then claimed the Vx did it, caused any improvements seen in “cases” –total bs.

    We are now seeing in Israel and other places — where a completely lying entity like the CDC/Fauci isn’t in control of data — that the Vxs are worthless — need “Boosters” forever etc. Let’s see what happens this Cold Season — some very credible Experts are saying ADE is coming — if so there will be massive deaths in the next year as to Vxd — also MicroClotting is an issue — I personally know an Internal Medicine MD who is brilliant and got the injections early on who now is VERY worried as to this issue with the injections and is up on the data — D-Dimer Tests 68% Pos in Vxd and massive clotting problems of Vxd showing up in Hospitals and being called “not Vx related” — these MicroClots will show up as Right Side Heart Attacks within the next 3 years.

    Trump was used to ride the growing revolt brewing by Traditional Americans as to what the country has become in a direction that would work best for “Elite” interests — (the truth is in where things stand after his time in Office for Traditional Americans, better/good? LOL – – he set them up to be labeled “terrorists” and injected with a toxic “experimental” mRNA Gene Therapy or be terminated from employment — just more “blunders” because you know he’s such a “great guy” and all for them — he would never be in with the Rothschild Banksters would he? LOL)– he then steered that “movement/revolt” in directions that were toxic to that movement (not toxic to Israel however, hmmm how about that….) — in your world this just “happened” — not buying it at all given his history as a Rothschild “project” and his buddy of 25 years Wilbur Ross, Rothschild Agent Extraordinaire, ever overseeing his well being for his Bankster Masters… —

    Yes — CVirus is “real” — NWO Agent Fauci funded it in WuHan and it did exactly what he and his buddies wanted — set up the Rubes for the waiting “vaccine” injection already patented and waiting for their willing arms– they get a big laugh there that the Clowns actually did it to themselves, Satanists, they like to have a few yuks too…. — your claims that it saved “half a million” is laughable — the CDC defines anyone injected who gets sick or dies within 2 weeks of the “vaccine” as “unvaccinated”, they did this knowing most all who immediately get sick/die do so within that period (the amount of lying and fraud as to it is so unbelievable at this point yet we still have people like you trying to pretend the injection is some kind of wonder drug…one that now requires endless “Boosters” to match the endless lies about its “effectiveness” — effective in killing/injuring people and setting them up for ADE/RtSideHrtAttks maybe but other than that….)– LOL — this is the level these criminals are on as to this poison, Nurses are now coming forward in droves as to all the lies being told to hide the Vxd sick and dead (they don’t want the Vx as they’ve seen the results)–massive lies by complicit Hospitals and MDs under the CDC and paid off by Big Pharma and Govt — bonuses for all things helping the Agenda….– and you are out there still pimping for it — Go get your Booster Jr. see you next year…or maybe not….

  23. Getaclue says:

    The Judges will kill you in these cases, they will basically destroy your case and railroad you — Wesley Snipes actually WON his Tax case — NO FELONIES Not Guilty on all of them — the Jury gave the prosecution 2 Misdemeanors thinking he would get some kind of minor fine (they actually said this after…they couldn’t believe what the Judge did) — the Judge gave him 2 years CONSECUTIVE on the Misdemeanors — which NEVER happens as to first time offender and Misdemeanor convictions — so even when you win you lose — the Judges are paid by what? TAXES….

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  24. @Getaclue

    During my friend’s trial, he was essentially gagged by the judge for trying to bring up the FACT that there is no law that requires a citizen to pay the income tax. The jury got to hear the gov’ts propaganda but not any rebuttal.

    Dick paid a lot of lawyers to advise him on how to go about his protest and were involved in the advertising buys and how the ads should read. They were prevented by the judge from presenting any evidence that the judge didn’t like. The judge essentially denied Dick his day in court by simply not allowing the jury to hear what he had to say.

    The entire judicial system in the US is a disgusting joke. The judges are all political appointees and, as you say, get paid by the gov’t, so they have a conflict of interest in absolutely every case against any gov’t position.

    Those deluded US citizens that think they live in a civilized society that wants to treat everyone fairly are the real problem. They keep voting for the continuation of a system so rotten to the core that guarantees what we see today; illegal mandates, illegal gun laws, illegal discrimination against white people by law, unhindered immigration (invasion), etc, and they still don’t catch on. It is the brain dead voting public that is responsible for the plandemic reaction and everything that is a follow on.

  25. @RoatanBill

    I had a good friend, Richard ‘Dick’ Simkanin, a multi millionaire, challenge the IRS to show him the law that makes him liable for federal taxes and makes him liable to withhold pay from his employees.

    No agency (including the IRS) is under any legal obligation to show anyone any law. They don’t even have a legal obligation to tell the truth about the law on their websites! It is the responsibility of the citizen to find, learn, and understand the law, and it is also the responsibility of the citizen to hold “the government” (which is nothing more than a collection of government agents) to the rule of law.

    Don’t believe that? See

    Almost no government agent knows, or even desires to know, the boundary of his authority, so it is on us to know it, and to teach them.

    He paid for full page ads in the nationally available USA Today that stated categorically he wasn’t going to pay income taxes till someone showed him the law that obliges him to do so.

    His position is based on at least one of the hundreds of misunderstandings about the federal income tax.
    See here for more:

    Spoiler – there is no such law, only IRS regulations.

    That is simply not true. There IS a law by which anyone CAN BE made subject to the federal income tax within any given tax year. That law is Constitutional, legal, and even desirable.

    However, that same law is (and has been since the mid 1940’s) systematically misapplied to payments that aren’t originally subject to it, all because of widespread ignorance of the small scope of the tax.

    In other words, although the money you make is not likely to be subject to the federal income tax, the actions you take (in ignorance in nearly every case) after you make that money actually result in that money being legally subject to that very tax!

    I tried to convince him to move his production to Mexico, … What happened to him provided me with the impetus to become an expat.

    This idea of moving away is a result of one of the most common misunderstandings of the federal income tax: that it has anything to do with citizenship or residency or where the payer/company is located or where the work is performed.

    For the truth, start by digging into those 3 links that I provided. If one is in a state of already knowing, he is not open to new facts and evidence, and is thus prevented from finding the truth.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  26. @FreedomAndTruth

    I learned a lot while sitting in on meetings with lawyers, accountants and researchers while Dick was trying to wake up the whole country to IRS abuses by paying for full page color ads.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the actual law no longer matters for anything since the US became a police state. I know about what the tax law limits the income tax liability to but that no longer matters because if push comes to shove, the jury will convict every ham sandwich tax protester regardless of what the law says.

    I know of a woman Fed Ex pilot that did get a fair hearing and was found not guilty of tax evasion by a jury that her team managed to educated during the trial. The judge could have shut that down at his whim. That’s the problem, it is the whim of the presiding judge to declare what is and what is not admissible. There is no justice in the US system that one can count on, so studying what the law says is a waste of time. YMMV. I’m out.

  27. @RoatanBill

    Let’s not exaggerate. The IRS is a complete joke.

    The idiots (“agents”) that work there for the government do whatever they feel like doing, whenever they feel like it and however they feel like it. There is absolutely no accountability to the taxpayer.

    Correspondence from the IRS to the taxpayer is done almost exclusively by form letters, signed by an almost always different anonymous “agent” and those “agents” have no more idea what they are doing than a drunk on the street; much correspondence could be interpreted as applying to an entirely different case. It’s mostly nonsense.

    If you bother to go to the trouble of meticulously organizing your documents and researching the one million word US Tax Code (Title 26) to the best of your ability (even with a CPA) to try to convince IRS that you are correct and they are wrong, you are wasting your time. This will be met with yet another nonsensical form letter. And perhaps a pre judgment levy on your bank account.

    You might or might not win your case once it gets to the Tax Court or the Local US District Court; it will be hard for you to tell during the proceedings who knows less about the subject, the government, or your hired help. But mud wrestling with the idiots at IRS in the meantime is futile and best avoided. And after you have paid CPA’s and attorneys to represent you in the Tax Court (because if you don’t, you don’t have a chance) you will probably wish you had just paid the tax and moved on.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  28. @RoatanBill

    That woman and her attorney, Larry Becraft, were guests of Sean Hannity on the Hannity & Colmes show after the verdict.

    Hannity, IIRC, excoriated both the woman and attorney Becraft as being “cheats” and “tax cheats” and the like.

    Mr. Becraft also represented a heroic husband & wife who also happen to be very dear friends of mine. They had no chance. The trial was conducted in the U.S. district court in Boston.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  29. @Liberty Mike

    The justice system in the US resembles a Las Vegas Casino. The vast majority lose to the house but a few squeak by to prove the system works.

  30. I think this is the last straw. Anybody with the ability to vacate the state should. If there is no control whatever, as will occur after this failure, whether augmented by fraud or not, I think things will degenerate into a sort of Gaza type concentration camp. Any time a regime can force you to be dosed with poison medication, you have no more rights that they recognize. The reaction should be to leave such a location if possible, and for the areas with majorities hostile to this regime to move towards some kind of secession, internal at first or external if possible.

  31. …the solution is a homeland and a larger Western civilization-state.

    Because that worked for Cæsar, Napoleon, and Hitler. Leave me out…

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