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GOP Doesn’t Offer White Voters Much of Anything
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Historically, the opposition party wins the midterm elections. President Joe Biden has low approval ratings and would probably lose to Donald Trump if a rematch were held today. Americans are suffering from inflation, crime, and empty shelves at food stores. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has sunk President Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislation. The Commander-in-Chief’s attempt to federalize elections also appears dead. The Cook Political Report projects that Republicans will retake the House.

Should we care?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) would presumably become the next Speaker. Rep. McCarthy is no profile in courage. He was part of the collective eruption of guilt over the Tulsa riot of 100 years ago, said the GOP is not the party of “nativist dog whistles,” and has a weak record on immigration, probably because of agricultural interests in his district. He talked at length about the GOP’s new “Commitment to America” to Breitbart; there’s not much in it for us. It doesn’t mention race, except for congressional races. If you’re a white American fed up with your government making you a second-class citizen, you’ve come to the wrong place.

November 18, 2021, Washington, DC: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) speaking at his weekly press conference. (Credit Image: © Michael Brochstein / ZUMA Press Wire)
November 18, 2021, Washington, DC: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) speaking at his weekly press conference. (Credit Image: © Michael Brochstein / ZUMA Press Wire)

To be overly fair, Rep. McCarthy says some good things. He says he wants to “clean up” voter rolls. He asks whether Americans want “this one-party rule that’s brought us inflation, open borders, unsafe communities, and a supply chain where products are scarce” or “something that’s going to make our economy stronger, our streets safer, our border secure, and [ensure that] the next century [is] the American century.” Rep. McCarthy also promises a “parents’ bill of rights” and lauds the election in Virginia, in which parents’ anger over Critical Race Theory in schools drove a Republican upset victory. Attacks on critical race theory, immigration, and crime are all good.

One might even call them “nativist dog whistles.”

These issues are what Americans want to talk about. The Virginia election proved that. A new poll found that Americans say immigration is more important than climate change, education, and foreign policy (even after the Afghanistan defeat.). It trails only the economy (the GOP has the advantage by default) and the pandemic (President Biden has not only failed to stop the disease but seems to have given up.)

But the plan doesn’t give us much. In its “one page” summary, “The Commitment to America” pledges that once in power the GOP will be “upholding free speech” and will “secure our border, and enforce our immigration laws.” Will huge numbers of illegals be deported? There’s no mention of affirmative action.

The GOP’s “Commitment to America” website has lots of tweets and complaints but few ideas. It shows the scope of President Biden’s failure on border security and crime but doesn’t say what Republicans would do. The “American Security” Task Force claims Republicans “do have a strategy to end Biden’s Border Crisis,” but doesn’t say what it is. Kevin McCarthy’s website offers a few more specifics and links to specific bills. He pledges to increase police funding for by \$1.75 billion.

“Free speech is being challenged by big tech companies that give preference to one point of view but suppress another,” says the website. Earlier this month Rep. McCarthy said that big tech platforms “should not be allowed to use the shield of Section 230” because they are acting as publishers when they censor lawful points of view. The Republican “Task Force” on Big Tech Censorship and Data says, “It is time to scrap Section 230 and start over.”

Ending Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is not a solution. Scrapping it would mean that sites such as Facebook and Twitter would be treated as publishers rather than platforms and thus be open to litigation if a user posts defamation, advertises illegal activity, releases damaging private information., etc. This would be an excuse to censor even more.

Also, huge corporations can police content far more easily than smaller companies. Andrew Torba of Gab, perhaps the most censored and canceled corporation in history, argues that Section 230 should be kept “exactly the way it is” because it “helps the little guy.” Given our own experience suing a tech company, lawyers and courts are not a solution. Abolishing Section 230 may be the worst of both worlds. It would create the illusion of action against Big Tech while crushing small tech.

Credit Image: © Thiago Prudencio/DAX via ZUMA Press Wire
Credit Image: © Thiago Prudencio/DAX via ZUMA Press Wire

Will Chamberlain of Human Events had the right approach when he argued that “Platform Access Is A Civil Right.” He says, correctly, that the federal government helped create many of these major social media companies and that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 means that the “private property” argument does not justify discrimination: “We, as a society, do not have to allow private companies to violate Americans’ civil rights.”

Kevin McCarthy’s plan is to make tech companies “implement and maintain a reasonable user-friendly appeals process,” which will somehow “empower conservatives and others whose speech rights have been infringed to challenge Big Tech’s attacks.” This would leave things in the hands of Big Tech and/or the legal system. He also has alluded vaguely to antitrust action, but the Biden Administration is doing this anyway.

What can we expect from a Republican majority? Judging from the House GOP’s blog posts, the Republicans are mad at President Biden for not being sufficiently anti-Russian or spending enough money on Capitol Police. Still, an investigation into the events of January 6 might be fruitful. Even as this is written, the mysteriousRay Epps” is trending on Twitter while “fact checkers” assure us he wasn’t working for the government. Senator Ted Cruz even brought up this “conspiracy theory” in a recent hearing, though he has called January 6, 2021 a “terrorist attack.” The GOP can’t seem to decide if the riot was a terrorist attack, a “fedsurrection,” or no big deal.

What would a Republican majority do? Limit FBI power as the Church Committee limited CIA power? Will all immigration laws be enforced? Will Big Tech censorship end? Since the Republican Revolution of 1994, the GOP has been trying to repeat the magic of the “Contract With America.” However, the Contract With America’s brilliance was its simplicity and clarity. Republicans promised to pass specific laws. Instead, “The Commitment With America” gives us cute sloganeering: “We fight to Restore, Rebuild, Renew,” while the Democrats will “Defund, Destroy, Dismantle.”

Republicans may take Congress simply because Americans are disgusted with the Biden Administration, but the GOP won’t repair the damage. That’s the story of American politics since Nixon. Even when Republicans win, the country keeps moving left, especially on racial, cultural, and sexual issues. This is no surprise; the conservative movement is arguably dedicated to avoiding using government power.

Republicans offer rhetorical opposition. Democrats use power. They are preparing to use the national security state against whites. You may yet face prison or persecution because of your views. Whatever you think of them, what the federal government and private companies have done to Nick Fuentes or Laura Loomer is deeply disturbing.

Laura Loomer and right wing groups assembled on Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. on July 6, 2019 to ”Demand Free Speech.” Loomer has been banned by Facebook and Twitter for inciting hate and violence. (Credit Image: © Jeff Malet / Newscom via ZUMA Press)
Laura Loomer and right wing groups assembled on Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. on July 6, 2019 to ”Demand Free Speech.” Loomer has been banned by Facebook and Twitter for inciting hate and violence. (Credit Image: © Jeff Malet / Newscom via ZUMA Press)

Republicans have accepted leftist cultural victories rather than reverse them. We must tell them what we expect, or they don’t get our vote. Third parties such as the American Freedom Party or the National Justice Party may be “fringe,” but whites cannot survive another 50 years of winning at the ballot box but losing everywhere else.

Here are five things most Republicans want.

  1. Abolish all affirmative action and racial preferences in law.
  2. Require platform access as a civil right for all lawful speech. (If this can’t be done because private property is sacred, repeal the Civil Rights Act, allow restrictive covenants, and restore freedom of association.)
  3. Enforce all immigration laws and pass President Donald J. Trump’s 2016 immigration program, including mandatory E-Verify, ending birthright citizenship, and building a wall.
  4. End Critical Race Theory in public school and give money to families that don’t want to send their children to failing, unpatriotic public schools. Make a free market in education. The GOP plan only hints at school choice.
  5. End the DOJ’s war on “domestic terrorism” and fight real crime, especially violence.

White advocates on the vanguard must direct our fire against so-called conservatives who have failed us for so long, not just “liberals” and their media.

I want laws enforced equally, my race treated fairly, my country’s history and culture respected. Otherwise, we owe the party and government that is supposed to represent us no allegiance.

President Biden’s blundering may be the last opportunity to keep America together. If the Republican Party fails, have options: redraw boundaries within the Union, start new political movements, and, if necessary, go back to the way the United States was founded by starting a country of our own.

It’s dangerous when people who say they are your friends represent you but act like your enemies. Politics is the art of the possible, but if the GOP can’t even be counted to stand for white equality, voting Republican and hoping things will get better is pointless. Secession, proposing a monarchy, or declaring Nick Fuentes the pope are all more realistic.

There is a time limit before whites are reduced to a powerless minority. What is at stake is the survival of our nation, people, and civilization. If Kevin McCarthy doesn’t get that, he won’t help us. If no Republicans get that, then there is no reason to support the Party of Lincoln at all.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Andrew Torba of Gab, […], argues that Section 230 should be kept “exactly the way it is” because it “helps the little guy.”

    I think the solution is rather simple: If your company monopolises, say, 25% or more of the online communication (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) then you cannot censor the viewpoints of any American.

  2. Rich says:

    The majority of Whites are “non-racist”. They live in White suburbs and don’t have the day to day dealings with blacks that the more race aware of us have usually had. If they’re passed over for a job or a school admittance, well, in their minds, there are plenty of jobs and plenty of good schools. Although we have to constantly point out the anti-White actions taken by America’s owners, we aren’t going to win with a straight out race appeal nowadays. George Wallace couldn’t pull it off in 68 when Americans were a lot smarter, so it won’t happen now. The repubs offer us more time, and less overt anti-White actions. We have to support “non-racist” repubs who want to cut taxes, regulations and crack down on crime. These basic repub actions help us and hurt those who want to hurt us. Cut welfare, cut the federal bureaucracy, end anti-White rules and teachings. Easy things to accomplish. Letting dems win means more overt anti-White discrimination, higher taxes, more regulations and a less White country.

  3. The GOP offers the Native Born White Working Class being voted into a violently persecuted white racial minority by street shitting Hindus from India within the borders of America…….and the fat filthy fucking cockroach Donald Trump is enthusiastic about this….

  4. The GOP offers tax cuts for the rich, immigrants to exploit for business, wars for Neo-Cons, and trite phrases and songs for the people……..remember Lee Greenwood and “W”.

    • Replies: @Dystopian
  5. It’s because Jews control the GOP like they do the Democratic Party.

    But American Renaissance doesn’t say anything about this.

    Why? Jewish donors just like the GOP?

  6. Anonymous[187] • Disclaimer says:

    These issues are what Americans want to talk about. The Virginia election proved that. A new poll found that Americans say immigration is more important than climate change, education, and foreign policy (even after the Afghanistan defeat.).

    The Virginia election and Youngkin victory was primarily about Critical Race Theory and the Globohomo education tyranny. And Youngkin— the private equity guy with The Carlyle Group— didn’t wait long to thank his GOP base…

    Glenn Youngkin Taps Ed Secretary Deeply Linked To The Critical Race Theory Education Swamp

    Aimee Rogstad Guidera, Youngkin’s education secretary pick, is deeply tied to the education swamp on almost every issue.

    JANUARY 06, 2022

    Virginia Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin was elected to stop critical race theory in public schools, and he has promised to do so in office. Yet the woman he’s appointed for state education secretary, Aimee Rogstad Guidera, has numerous professional and financial ties to organizations that underwrite the spread of critical race theory…

    • Thanks: Pop Warner
  7. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has sunk President Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislation.

    There are 51 senators who oppose it! Most senators support most of the BBB plan, just not the exact one assembled by Democrat power brokers. Republican Mitt Romney and several other Republican senators support most of it and expressed interest in a compromise. They just need to accommodate Manchin or a Republican senator and tweak it for passage.

    Most Republicans also support cutting military spending overseas and federal controls on health care costs, but that don’t fit the corporate agenda.

  8. Kevin McCarthy is Paul Ryan 2.0, just another stupid shabbos goy sellout piece of shit.

    As Priss said, organized jewry controls the GOP. That’s why the GOP has done NOTHING to stop the destruction of whites for the last 70 years…..and even as whites are on the ropes…..the GOP will STILL refuse to do anything for whites because of jewish influence.

    The stupid GOP sends me emails every day begging for money. It’s absurd. Give them money for what? So they can roll over and play dead like they always do?

  9. The Dawg says:

    You get no more than you ask for.

    2017 was a golden opportunity and probably the last chance to fix immigration.

    Yet, the Trumptards were satisfied with Trump merely running his mouth on twitter. They worshipped him.

    Conservatives settle for breadcrumbs, so the meat get reserved for the big donors.

    If you asked your employer for minimum wage, why would he pay more?

    • Agree: Ian Smith
    • Replies: @TheMoon
  10. smetana says:
    @Priss Factor

    It’s because Jews control the GOP like they do the Democratic Party.

    Whoa, whoa, that is a complete generalization.

    To be specific, Israeli Jews own and control the GOP like American Jews do the Democratic Party.

  11. Ghali says:

    It is hypothetical. However, Whites should start doing Polygamy (preferably young and highly productive) to increase their number in case.

    • Replies: @Invictus
  12. Biff says:

    The GOP is not an opposition party to the democrats. I sang it from the hilltops in 2004 “A vote for George W Bush is a vote for Hillary Clinton!”

  13. Tucker says:

    I have long believed that one of the main reasons these jewish neocons harbor such an intense hatred of Putin and were so terrified by Trump’s desire to establish cordial relations with Putin’s Russia is due to their fear of two historic White nations, both of whom are nuclear powers, becoming friends and allies. Especially when both Putin and Trump had expressed pro-Nationalist sentiments and Nationalism is seen as a threat to the jewish obsession to erase the borders of every historic White European nation and flood every White nation with millions of non-whites from every dung heap of a third world nation on the planet, which is a critical component in the jewish efforts to destroy White Western Civilization.

    It’s all about the White race replacement / White Genocide Agenda. Putin and Trump are both seen as being potential obstacles to achieving those goals, and from the jewish perspective – the best way to combat that is to find ways to keep the two nations apart by creating conflicts that make them seem to be adversaries.

    It’s more of same old ‘divide and conquer’ strategy that the Tribe has used throughout history to neutralize any opposition to their power and influence.

    BTW: With the Biden Administration being somewhere around 70% staffed up with jews, does anyone think it is a coincidence that, since Pedo Joe was illegally installed into the White House – we are seeing the most aggressive acceleration in our nation’s history with regards to importing millions of illegal, non-white, third world aliens? They have declared open war on what remains of White America – and now, the jewish Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced that he plans to create an American NKVD agency who’s mission will be to target racially conscious White Americans who understand that they’ve been targeted for race replacement and racial genocide and who dare to call it for what it is and who intend to resist being replaced and genocided.

  14. Neither half of the uniparty acknowledges Whites as a group with its own racial interests. It was unnecessary before the ((( underminers’ ))) Great Replacement.

    Whatever Red State or States secedes first should toss out affirmative action and forced association the first day whilst building border walls to jeep out migrating locusts from blue shitholes.

  15. @Priss Factor

    Jared Taylor of Amren did us a great service by demonstrating the limitations of befriending and posing no threat to Jewish power. Some individual Jews support Amren but the Usual Suspects rejected Taylor’s olive branch.

    An ADL that supports Whites having rights is no ADL at all.

    • Replies: @aldasfail770
  16. Paladin says:

    A truer headline has never been written. Time and again the GOP has shown it is all bark and no bite. The Dems create some unnecessary program that costs \$100, and the GOP keeps the program but at a cost of only \$50; then they declare a victory.

  17. It was Benzion Netanyahu’s brainchild to force Republicans to put a plank in their platform endorsing zionism.

    Papa Netanyahu, then the successor to zionist terrorist ideologue Vladimir Jabotinsky, said Democrats should not be permitted to feel comfortable with the “Jewish” vote; both parties should be kept aware of their duties to the Jews.

    In 1944, Netanyahu sought to have the Republican Party endorse Jewish rescue and statehood.

    In the months leading up to that year’s Republican national convention, the Revisionists undertook what they called “a systematic campaign of enlightenment” about Palestine among GOP leaders such as Hoover, Sen. Robert Taft, who chaired the convention’s resolutions committee, and Rep. Clare Booth Luce, wife of the publisher of Time and Life magazines.

    The GOP adopted an unprecedented plank demanding “refuge for millions of distressed Jewish men, women, and children driven from their homes by tyranny” and the establishment of a “free and democratic” Jewish state. The Republicans’ move compelled the Democrats to compete for Jewish support and treat the Jewish vote as if it were up for grabs. The Democratic National Convention, which was held the following month in Chicago, for the first time endorsed “unrestricted Jewish immigration and colonization” of Palestine and the establishment of “a free and democratic Jewish commonwealth.”

    These events helped ensure that support for Zionism and later Israel would become a permanent part of American political culture. Every subsequent Republican and Democratic convention has adopted a similar plank. To do less became politically inconceivable.

    Past time the American people make it “inconceivable” that any representative of the American people, Dem or GOP, make support for zionism acceptable.

    Write to each and every elected representative; demand that zionist/Jewish use of the legal system to terrorize American citizens as they exercise their constitutional rights be chargeable as a criminal conspiracy and an act of domestic terrorism.

  18. bert33 says:

    Don’t promise me stuff, instead, make it o that members of the political set who start taking bribe money and otherwise abuse office get tossed out of office. Do the nation’s business, govern competently, uphold the law and hold each other to an observable conduct standard. #28 on the index…and falling

    • LOL: RoatanBill
  19. There are no democratic solutions, which is not the same as there being no political solutions

  20. Until the two party stranglehold on electoral politics is broken voting is a waste of time. Neither party cares about anything but getting and holding on to power and enriching themselves at the trough of corruption.”They lie.. they lie and we have to be merciful for those who lie. Those nabobs. I hate them. How I hate them”

  21. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    “There is a time limit before whites are reduced to a powerless minority.”

    As political philosopher Pee-wee Herman once quipped, “That’s so funny I forgot to laugh.”

    Power isn’t taken, it’s given, and whites ceded theirs eons ago. Republican Florida sits back and allows Jewish lobbies to push through laws determining what you are allowed to say, what propaganda your children will be taught, and the cricket chorus sings while the government cuts their supply of monoclonal antibodies in half; Republican Texas demands you sign a loyalty oath to the illegitimate ‘state of Israel’ before you are allowed to take a job in the civil sector. Both Dems and Repubs appear helpless and unwilling to stop big pharma or big tech or in fact anyone who wields a big wallet.

    So what can we look forward to if Repubs sweep the coming elections? Same thing as in 2016 when they had Congress, the Senate and the White House and did absolutely nothing.

    What don’t Americans get? There is no political solution, and there hasn’t been for decades.

    • Agree: Tony massey, lavoisier
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  22. Sarah says:

    You won’t get away with voting; the US is run by a single party divided into two teams pretending to be opposites.

    Elections, which so many people are passionate about, are a sham.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, Thim
  23. Sarah says:

    In every US election campaign the same comedy is played:
    – “Ohhh, Democrats are pure evil, vote Republican. ”
    – “Ohhh, Republicans are pure evil, vote Democrat. ”
    – “Ohhh, don’t vote third party, you risk losing the Democrats (or the Republicans) and that would be disastrous; vote usefully. ”

    In every election many disgruntled former Democratic (or Republican) voters vote Republican (or Democrat) hoping that it will change.

    But nothing changes, it’s even worse every time because these two fake opponents are pursuing the same agenda.

    In every election, US voters fall into the trap.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Anonymous
  24. gotmituns says:

    Forget about this “Republican/Democratic eyewash. Don’t ever “vote in one of these BS “elections ever again. Just work on your marksmenship.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  25. Biff says:

    In every election, US voters fall into the trap.

    ‘Voters’ have no right to complain.

    • Thanks: Sarah
  26. Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and too many other Republicans, are just members of a uniparty that is useless to any interests conservative voters have and more specifically white voters. Like the title implies, what has the GOP ever done for the people who support them? Nothing, not even defend whites against the vile attacks of the so called president.

  27. Anon[895] • Disclaimer says:

    Nov 2020 and then Jan 6th 2021 should put rest to the myth that voting matters. Time for passive non-violent resistance. Starve the beast

    • Agree: Bro43rd, Dystopian
  28. To say that President Biden, has a low approval rating is to have a super talent for understatement. The media lies regularly on just how low his rating really is, just as they lied about how high President Trumps rating really was, much higher than they regularly claimed!.. Considering the damage this fool has done since he has been in office, the media has spent enormous amounts of energy in covering for him. It’s so embarrassing to watch and listen to these silly media clones try and make something out of nothing where this abominable regime goes.

  29. Publius 2 says:

    Voting accomplishes nothing.

    The people did not vote for what’s been done to us since 1913. Not even close.

    • Replies: @Rich
  30. GH gives us a concise analysis of why the media hype of the Republicans electoral sweep this November is the usual distraction from the assault of both parties on white Americans.

    In 2017 the Republicans had the Presidency, both Houses of Congress, SCOTUS majority, tons of Republican governors — and four years later where did we end up?
    Sainthood of George Floyd, CRT everywhere, big tech censorship, stolen election and planned-enforced economic devastation of working class Americans.

    NONE of these were opposed by the Republicans as collective leadership.
    Where do we go? Punish the Republicans by refusing to vote for them — even vote Democrat. Short term, it will be very bad. But here is where Lenin offers some wisdom — “The worse the better.” That would create real opportunties for a third party. What other options are there?

  31. Realist says:

    Republicans/Democrats…Conservative/Liberal…Right/Left are just two sides of the Deep State coin.

    Elections will change nothing.

    • Agree: Dystopian
    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  32. Anonymous[380] • Disclaimer says:

    In every US election campaign the same comedy is played:
    – “Ohhh, Democrats are pure evil, vote Republican. ”
    – “Ohhh, Republicans are pure evil, vote Democrat. ”
    – “Ohhh, don’t vote third party, you risk losing the Democrats (or the Republicans) and that would be disastrous; vote usefully. ”

    The late great Bill Hick’s puppet show, “Politics in America”:

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @Sarah
  33. Anonymous[196] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Yesterday, Tucker Carlson exposed McCarthy’s RINOism, using a double image of McCarthy with Frank Luntz behind him and looking over McCarthy’s shoulder. From what I’ve read, Luntz is a homosexual spokesman for the Sackler family and yet he’s the chief author of Republican talking points, not to mention McCarthy’s roommate in DC.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  34. Anonymous[196] • Disclaimer says:

    Speaking of Israeli Jews owning the Republicans, back during the Obama years, when I used to watch Fox News, I witnessed Sean Hannity say he’d rather have Netanyahu simultaneously serve as president of the US. Ann Coulter was his guest and agreeing, although from what little I read by her, I get the impression she’s lately realizing what betrayal by the Jews is all about.

  35. Rich says:
    @Publius 2

    Before Biden, the feds weren’t pushing higher taxes, voting laws that discriminate against Whites, higher regulation of business, forced integration and anti-White school teachings. The system is imperfect and frustrating, but the democrats are actually running on a platform that is anti-White. They are openly saying they’re going to take your money, your career, your schools and your guns away from you. If that isn’t enough to open your eyes, I don’t know what is. George Wallace couldn’t win in 68 and he probably couldn’t get elected dog catcher in most of Dixie now. We have to go with the better devil, and right now, for better or worse, that’s the repubs.

    • LOL: Truth
    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Tucker
  36. The GOP does not prioritize restoring the lost rights of white Americans for the same reason the WWII allies did not bomb the German “death camps.” There’s no reason to take action in the real world against your own imaginary propaganda constructs.

    The state doesn’t “hate” whites (or blacks) so much as it hates people, period.

  37. Sarah says:

    😂Different by tie color, that’s all.

  38. PolarBear says:

    Jared Taylor would get the same traction if he donned SS bolts. Jews have zero tolerance for anything even vaguely pro-White. Normies = pathetic. Neo-cons are empty shells of White men, a wolf in sheeps clothing. Neo-libs straight-up belong in straight jackets. Todays libs lack logic: “Drag queen are the most beautiful women. We need more Black rocket scientists, test results be damned. Women make the best firemen, soldiers, ect. because of their superior physical strength.”

  39. Z-man says:

    They are mostly whores of the internationalist and Zionist branches of judaica.

  40. geokat62 says:

    We have to go with the better devil, and right now, for better or worse, that’s the repubs.

    The problem with the Lesser of Two Evils (LOTE) argument:

    Could you imagine relying on this decision rule to choose a prospective mate: “Brenda likes sleeping with other men, but she won’t sleep with as many as Susan would. So it makes sense to marry Brenda.”

    Or for choosing what to have for dinner at a restaurant: “They are serving shit on a bun and shit without the bun. I think I’ll go with shit without the bun to avoid the carbs.”

    No one would advise their own children to rely on the LOTE decision rule when making these important choices, why should we recommend it in making political choices?

    If we continue accepting this shit, our Jewish Supremacist rulers will continue serving it. More of us need to reject this logic and tell them “we ain’t eating your shit any longer.”

    Bottom line: we must put ourselves back in the position of choosing between the greater of two goods or we will always be choosing between the lesser of two evils.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @geokat62
  41. Trinity says:

    Best description of the uni party was Trump setting up his largest group of supporters aka law abiding, working class Whites aka the people who keep this dying nation afloat. After Trump, his creepy son, Rudy G, and Mo Brooks did their part with the help of federal agents inciting the crowd, setting them up for the fall, Lindsey Graham, yet another stalwart Republican was seen telling Capitol PO to shoot the people in the building. Yes, people, the uni party is no friend of the White working class, it never has been, at least not in my lifetime.

  42. @smetana

    I love the distinction. The Israeli Jews are far more worrisome than the run of the mill American Jew who supports the Dem party. One needs to clarify this statement eve further. It’s not just a matter of where said Jew is born, but how much elbow grease he or she puts into the upkeep of the Zionist entity. Many American Jews are amorphously supportive of the state of Israel – kind of like someone who is a cultural Catholic and goes to church once or twice a year. These Jews are far more wedded to leftist ideology than they are to Zionism per se. Look at the BDS movement -it’s full of leftist Jews. Although leftist organizations and movement are populated by many Jews, especially those doing the running and organizing, there is no difference between the multy-culty Jew and the multy-culty goy (of any hue) You can smell these people a universe away. On the other hand, those pro-Zionist neo-cons are much more devious, and the white goy is much more susceptible to the messages put out by these people. Even groups that advocate for white well being (as opposed to white supremacy) have been infiltrated by Israelis/hard core Zionists. Wasn’t there an Israeli guy making the rounds at various “white oriented” gatherings about two or so years ago.

  43. Wnon says:

    Gregory Hood revealing what a useful idiot he is with this article.

    Banning affirmative action woul benefit primarily Asian immigrants. White people (male) and blcks/hispanx aren’t competing for the same jobs.

    Restoring social media access won’t do shit to benefit whites. Hapless cucks complaining on the internet has done nothing to benefit white people for the last 30 years.

    Hood comes at us with some spctacular claims but offers these puerile “solutions”. He should do the honorable thing and step down.

  44. Nat X says:

    yt’s are the OVERWHELMINGLY majority leaders in business, government, billionaires, millionaires but yet you incels constantly whine about how yall are being discriminated against and how the yt man can’t catch a break. A constant circle jerk pity party. Get out yalls moms basement yt; there’s more to life than constant bitching online.

    • Replies: @Gerrymander'd
  45. geokat62 says:

    How many times must Charlie Brown (dumb goyim) get fooled by (((Lucy)))?

  46. Katrinka says:

    The Democrats are in charge of U.S. domestic policy and the Republicans run foreign policy. Both parties are largely funded by jewish zealots.

  47. The GOP won’t explicitly promise elements of an America First agenda to Americans, because they consider these things mere bargaining chips.

    Americans may consider a secure southern border an imperative, but the GOP old boys consider it something to be traded away to the Dems for support on things they do for their donors.

    You have to hold their feet to a fire at all times if you want the establishment GOP to act in our interest.

    When Dems have no political chips to trade, they make up nuisance lawfare.

  48. I went to vote for Republican judges for the PA Supreme and Superior Courts last fall. The PA GOP did nothing in the form of support for these candidates. That is business as usual here, except that the GOP judge candidates all won despite the party’s best efforts of sabotage via indifference. Lack of support is now my litmus test for whether I vote for a GOP candidate. This fall I think I’ll vote for the state level candidates out of spite (plus I am tired of the kosher rule in PA), and write in my dog for the US House and Senate seats. Neither McCarthy or McConnell deserve any sort of leadership power and the graft that goes with it.

  49. usNthem says:

    Meh – wash, rinse, repeat. McCarthy is nothing but another asswipe ventriloquist dummy. Talk is cheap, which is all we ever get from the republitard side while real damage is foisted upon us by the demoncrap wing.

    ‘It’s About Who Gets To Count The Vote, And Whether Your Vote Counts At All’

    WHO still votes, who still gives his vote (voice) away in believing a politician will represent him is a fool. The only thing that can represent nowaday one man – one voice – is a gun. Keep your vote (voice), keep your gun tight.

  51. If no Republicans get that, then there is no reason to support the Party of Lincoln at all.

    There’s no “if” there at all. There is absolute certainty. Based on a long and dishonorable history.

    And as for the “Party of Lincoln,” Lincoln was the worst president the US ever endured, leading his nearest rival (Wilson) by a long way. Anything proudly calling itself “the party of Lincoln” can kiss my White ass.

  52. Two party US system.

    One party hates White. (Democrats)

    Other party loves Jew. (Republicans)

    Black and Brown can hate White but not Jew.

    America hate game.

  53. Bro43rd says:

    Governments worldwide have been captured by the elites (dominated by the tribe). Government is now just a control mechanism. Even in democratic countries the people have virtually no say as to what the politicos do. What little say we do have is only at the local levels. Thus it is only worth the effort to vote at the local level if one votes at all.

    But for real change a revival of national consciousness would need to occur. This will never happen if we continue to allow the subjegation of our youth via public schooling. The revival starts in education. Homeschooling is, imo, the best option but much could be done by focusing on who we allow to run public ed. This is where we should be focusing our voting efforts.

  54. Ahh, the white guys site. Slap happy white guys living their own patty-cake reality. By Any Mean Necessary, I say, shuttling the Great White Cancer!

  55. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Most Repubs stand for: a)crony capitalism; b)war incitement against the usual suspects, Russia, China, Iran, etc. These are both the very opposite of what’s in the interests of the majority of Americans. They engage in polemics instead against such things as tranny tyranny and other cultural issues which fire people up but are cheap and only go so far. Crazy Repubs are gung-ho about clashing with the Russians over Ukraine, not a good idea. The border issue is about the only one they are worthwhile about. We already have laws but they’re not being enforced but totally ignored. Just enforce what we already have. Same for the police issue. There’s plenty of money for them and police but their hands are tied by politicians. More money for more gizmos or hiring more police can’t make a difference in these circumstances. It might even be bad since in the Dem controlled areas new police hires are screened for loyalty to Big Brother are chosen from anti-white male parts of the population. Not much to pick from.

  56. The Brennan Center for Justice recently reported that more than 400 voter suppression laws were introduced in 49 states last year. Nineteen of those states passed more than 30 such laws, signaling the biggest attack on voting rights since just after the Civil War. And add to that another sobering reality — two presidential elections have now taken place without the full protections of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

    This attack on democracy, if unmet, could alter the nature of American elections for at least a generation to come. And yet, so far, it’s been met with an anemic response from a painfully divided Congress and the Biden administration. Despite much talk about the need to reform democracy, Congress left for the holidays without restoring the Voting Rights Act or passing the For the People Act, which would protect the 55 million voters who live in states with new anti-voter laws that limit access to the ballot. If those bills don’t pass in January (or only a new proposal by Republican senators and Joe Manchin to narrowly reform the Electoral Count Act of 1887 is passed), it may prove to be too late to save our democracy !

    • Replies: @geokat62
  57. HT says:

    American Renaissance has been a wonderful place to discuss race reality in terms of blacks and other non-whites and why they do not fit well into a civilized society. However, they will not allow you to do the same regarding the Jews who control the race industry and who do the anti white social engineering in the media, Hollywood, and academia. They understand race but deny which group exploits it the most and does the most damage to whites.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  58. @Rich

    Cut welfare, cut the federal bureaucracy, end anti-White rules and teachings. Easy things to accomplish.

    To end anti-White rules is not easy. The last surprisingly easy win for Repubs that I recall is a wave of Right-to-Work legislation. Right-to-work is left to the states in the NLRA. Are you suggesting repealing or amending the federal Civil Rights Act? Not so easy.

    • Replies: @Rich
  59. Dystopian says:
    @Reverend Goody

    And Democrats offer?

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Bill
  60. @Nat X

    I went to my favorite tavern yesterday. The white guys keep retiring, selling their houses, and moving to low-tax states. I learned about the lives of two black women yesterday – stay strong ladies! I just don’t know if rolling with the changes is my thing. Their lives do be a bit cray cray.

  61. Exile says:

    One of Pat’s better pieces in awhile – setting aside partisanship (which he still feels for some inexplicable reason) and offering some legitimate (if still understated) criticism of “his” party.

  62. At the upper levels, the demon-rats are full blown communists and at the upper levels the republi-cons are socialists aka communists lite, there is no difference between the two and both are in league with the zionist created illusion and myth of covid-19 and the MRNA injection agenda which is the biggest genocide agenda in the history of the world and Trump and Biden and the demon-rats and the republi-cons are all in on this genocide agenda.

    Covid-19 is the biggest scam and psyop and genocide agenda in the history of the world.

  63. Exile says:

    Republicans will never offer Whites anything better if “but the Democrats are worse” continues to operate as an excuse.

    Arsenic is not a “lesser evil” compared with cyanide. Dead is dead – the slightly longer timeline does not make the GOP a viable, legitimate option.

    We need third and fourth parties, at a minimum, to offer genuine alternatives to the kosher Right and kosher Left. Neither kosher party has shown any willingness to reform and they’re too subverted for any genuinely base-reflecting movement to “take them over.”

  64. geokat62 says:

    This attack on democracy… it may prove to be too late to save our democracy!

    Capitol Hill is derisively referred to as Knesset West and you’re worried about “new anti-voter laws that limit access to the ballot”? LOL

    Even Zognald Trumpstein has acknowledged who owns Congress:

    Until recently Israel ‘literally owned Congress’ — and that was a good thing

  65. jsinton says:

    I don’t see myself voting ever again after the 2020 election. Why bother?

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  66. DaGOP is a headless horse – – ridden by the same oligarchs who direct the Demonic Party. It’s beyond repair because we do not understand who our enemy is – it isn’t Biden – he’s a hand puppet.
    We need to go after the puppeteers, but that will be a slow process of educating an ignorant and stupid populace still too comfortable in their normalcy bias and truth denial.
    If you link to my reference, look up the Eight Grades of Ignorance and Stupidity – there’s your problem.

  67. Correction – should have referenced The Eight Degrees Of Ignorance And Stupidity | ZeroHedge –

  68. Fuzzbaby says:

    “The GOP Doesn’t offer White Voters Much of Anything”.

    They never did.

    GOP has always looked out for only the interests of the rich and only the rich.

  69. The problem with America is all of you. If a brave white man stands up for White America, he is smeared by the jew smear machine. Even though jews are the ultimate insular bigots, the aforementioned white man is smeared as a Nazi, bigot, misogynist, and hate merchant for speaking the truth about the jew hand behind 9/11, the scamdemic, anti-white pogroms at home, and anti-American misadventures abroad. His businesses are threatened by Shlomo. His reputation is dragged through the mud. But whites will not stand behind him. The womyn will lobby for more abortion and support AF policies that deny their sons opportunities in the workplace. White politicians, whores that they are, will bend over for aipac and denounce a truth-speaker as a mongrel and monster. Go ahead and pray to a make-believe god in the sky while the jews fashion your demise. You fools will pray yourselves into extinction. Whites have no tribal instinct, and white women are the worst of all: they love virtue-signaling at the expense of their men, because they figure this is the way they can gain power and look good at little cost to themselves. If whites were united as the jews are, a lot of the bad things currently happening to America would not happen. You people are just so fat and gutless. And Trump won’t help you; hell, he’s even worse than Biden because he superficially seems like an ally while being nothing more than an obese shabbos goy.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  70. @PabloSharkman

    Another low-IQ “colored” bigot, maybe. Or perhaps one of shlomo’s house-pets. Or maybe a jew masquerading as human. That shlomo sure does get around.

  71. Wow, Jews sure can act like a bunch of rednecks when a fellow Jew supports the human rights of Palestinians.

    Pro-Palestinian Jew triggers Jewish Supremacists

    Video Link

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • LOL: Rurik
    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Trinity
  72. @Vergissmeinnicht

    That’s a case of ‘should’ but the power doesn’t operate on that principle. It operates on what it CAN do, and Jews got the power and they CAN shut us down.

    And Jews get no push back from media, also controlled by Jews. Jews get to push back from law firms, also controlled by Jews. Jews get no pushback from academia, also controlled by Jews. Jews get no pushback from politicians, all a bunch of whores of Jews.

    Also, Jews control the gods, which is HUGE.

    • Replies: @fallen house
  73. @geokat62

    I don’t think they’re fooled so much as they are cowards. It reminds me of a fat white woman (aren’t they all?) I worked with about 20 years ago. She was a mean-spirited bitch, and frequently cruel. But she was potentially violent, married to a prominent local businessman with ties to community leaders, and she had contacts with local law enforcement. People figured it wasn’t worth the bother to stand up to her, so her bully bitch act went unchallenged. I think this is what we have with ((Lucy)) in America. Most American whites are all hot air. This is why the Asians will never side with them: leaving aside their own racism, the Asians see a pathetic people with no stones and no backbone. Why support such people? Whites don’t even support their own, so why would anyone else support them? I recall many years ago, when I was young and dumb (or dumber), standing up for a Christian fraternity on my university campus. Instead of backing me up, the chapter president threw me under the bus and sided with the administration (jews, of course). I never forgot that, or how isolated I felt. White Christians won’t even support their own allies, but will bend the knee for an incestuous and perverse tribe that hates them. They will still be praying when they are being systematically rounded up and murdered. White men are in this alone, fellas, so you better get used to it. And your wife will sell you out in a heartbeat for a better social credit score.

    • Troll: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Anon
  74. Rich says:

    In the real world, sometimes we have to go with the lesser evil. Is letting the greater evil succeed somehow noble? What if the choice is, “Brenda likes sleeping with other men, but she won’t sleep with as many as Susan would, so how about if I marry Maria who is a good Christian girl, won’t sleep around, but doesn’t clean the house that well”? The dems, as we speak, are trying to force CRT on your kids, forced integration, more affirmative action, wide open borders, higher taxes, more regulations as well as take away your guns. The repubs are against CRT, against forced integration, against affirmative action, against wide open borders, against higher taxes, against higher regulations and are in favor of gun ownership. What more do you expect? George Wallace couldn’t get elected in 68, Hitler never got a majority. In our flawed system we have to go with the best choice we have. How does not voting help? At least if you vote for the most conservative of the bunch you keep things going for your kids and grandkids. When did all you guys become nihilists?

  75. Not a single mention of the obscene \$750 billion “defense” budget or the unaccountable trillions being shoveled towards the “intelligence” agencies that took out Trump.

    Right and left has nothing to do with it. Big money and the arms dealers run this show, and ain’t no stinkin’ leftists or white advocates gonna get squat diddly unless and until this baby hits the wall, including the Bush era Republicans now masquerading as Democrats with a rainbow flag in their hand, nevermind their clueless, captured evil twins across the aisle.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  76. Did anyone else notice Ron Paul’s election results? Did anyone notice what happened to Pat Buchanan when he ran for president? If you did, you would understand why the Republican party is always Democrat lite.
    And if I remember correctly George W. Bush ran on a non-intervention platform and no nation building, but who could possibly not get sucked in to the Democrats plans after 9/11.

  77. Rich says:

    The main problem with the Civil Rights Act (which, of course, should be repealed) is the way it’s interpreted by judges and regulatory agencies. Get rid of “disparate outcome” and the problem fixes itself. Cutting government funding is hard but someone just has to do it. Reagan didn’t, the Bushes didn’t, and Trump didn’t. We need a guy in there that would starve the beast and stop giving these guys the time and money to chase after “nooses” in Nascar and backwards swastikas in Queens. A smaller federal government would have to concentrate its efforts on real crimes and real problems. It wouldn’t be easy, but it is possible.

    • Replies: @frontier
  78. Rurik says:
    @Thor Walhovd

    Not a single mention of the obscene \$750 billion “defense” budget or the unaccountable trillions being shoveled towards the “intelligence” agencies that took out Trump.

    they’re going to need that money to keep Americans safe

  79. @Rich

    I think you got this 95% right. I don’t think Republicans are against AA, they want to promote their better rainbow coalition. Here’s a question for the “elections don’t matter” crowd – don’t you feel good every time Joe Manchin shuts something down? I do. The guys at The Right Stuff (Striker and company) think Manchin is a stooge for business, and they lament the loss of child subsidies. But that bill would have made every federal bureaucracy flush with woke dollars. No thanks.

  80. @trump is not your president

    Trump is worse than Biden towards whites ?????!!!!! You haven’t been listening to Biden. He doesn’t have to say the things he does towards whites. But he does it anyway..

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  81. ricpic says:

    The GOP plan, such as it is, doesn’t offer specifics because Republicans are still, to this day, TERRIFIED of being called A BAD WORD. Any specific would be labelled racist-bigoted-racist and the Republicans CAN’T HAVE THAT!!!

    Since it is highly unlikely a revolt against the Republican Establishment by Republican actual, you know, conservatives will succeed the only hope, I guess, lies in an altogether new party.

    The I guess is that IMO there is no hope.

  82. Trinity says:
    @trump is not your president

    Why the White female hate? Only thing that I disagree with. You must be a clever jew who spouts 90 per cent truth but sprinkles in 10 per cent Jew programming with the usual divide and conquer strategy. Are you related to Anglin or Rosie?

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @TheMoon
  83. Anonymous[504] • Disclaimer says:

    Just to point out a small factual error:

    Afghanistan was a victory.

  84. Dr. Doom says:

    While all of you waste your time on Uniparty games, ZOG is prepping for WAR.
    Even now, they have their mercenaries running wargames about Civil War II.

    Elections are meaningless. Money and blackmail are the corrupt system.
    ZOG keeps doubling down. Their system is falling down.

    The media is now a censored echochamber of BS happy talk.
    Its all FAKE and bluster. Blubbering of cowards and nuts.

    War is here. Its about time to get those guns ready.
    ZOG is a loser. Its lost hundreds of times and learned NOTHING.


    SATAN made the fake Jews. He gave them what they have abused.
    SATAN doesn’t need these perpetual losers anymore.

    The White Man has LEARNED that charity is for family.
    The White Man has LEARNED to LOVE his RACE.
    No more ethnic infighting or fratricidal wars.

    Everything is going WELL. All according to a Brilliant Plan.
    The system says SATAN is Evil, like them. Do you believe these piss poor liars?

    What if SATAN isn’t the enemy of God?
    What if there was no War in Heaven?
    What if it was all a ruse, and a con job?

    A giant sting operation to get idiots to damn themselves.
    SATAN is a Great Liar, unlike the fake Jews.

    You know, tell an amazing story and its liable to be believed.
    Without any evidence. Just the wilder the better.

    ZOG is prepping for battle, you White Men better be as well.
    Remember, you have a racial and existential reason to fight.
    The enemy is a polyglot rag tag group of misfits and cowards.

    ZOG will implode if you put enough pressure on it.
    It was made to FAIL. The fake Jew Zio-pigs have no loyal followers.
    They will all turn on each other when push comes to shove.

    You may not want WAR, but too bad.
    The system is rigged and falling down.
    The Zio-pigs have to get rid of you now.

    )))They((( are losing any control and influence they had.
    SATAN has abandoned them to their grisly fate.
    )))They((( are no longer “useful idiots”, but a liability.

    Who will fight to preserve the freakshow of transvestite paedophilia?
    Not many, and those that will are cowards and freaks.
    This could be a short and one-sided war.

    )))They((( have to fight. )))They((( no longer can lie their way out.
    You as White Men have to fight. For your very survival.

    The New World Order is about The Space Age and Technological Progress.
    The ZOG fantasy of miscegenation, perversion and greed is made to FAIL.

    Babylon will FALL. Its in The Book. We always go by The Book.
    The nWo is NOT Babylon. The nWo is NOT ZOG. The nWo is The Space Age.

    No longer give charity to lower races, it only brings a curse to you and yours.
    No longer give any fucks to ZOG and their Uniparty. They are DOOMED.
    Fight for yourselves and keep what your ancestors have Earned for YOU.

    All White Men in One Super State. No more “minorities” or “racism”.
    No more Zio-pigs or their perversions and greed.
    This is the Darkness before the Dawn.

    Do not shirk your responsibilities to you and yours.
    )))They((( will push until )))they((( are STOPPED.
    War is here. ZOG is training their losers even now.

    The Dark Times are almost over. ZOG just needs to be destroyed.
    )))They((( will make peaceful resolution IMPOSSIBLE.
    )))They((( were made to FAIL. )))Their((( history is filled with FAIL.

    Destroy ZOG and the Zio-pigs to save yourselves.
    Destroy and be FREE of “minorities”, “racism”, “sexism”, Any other phony -ism.
    Destroy ZOG and Live Free.

  85. Rurik says:

    good antenna Trinity

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  86. @Realist

    Elections will keep people busy and hoping and doing nothing. Else, they may actually get up and try to do something about issues they feel upset about. They should not do anything, however noble, without active guidance from the government.

    • LOL: Realist
  87. Z-man says:
    @Priss Factor

    Rabid dogs.
    Satan’s children.

  88. geokat62 says:

    When did all you guys become nihilists?

    Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s when we realised who the largest donors are to both wings of the uniparty?

    Or maybe it was when we realised the last election was stolen… er, I mean “fortified”?

    Or maybe it was when we realised that true ethno-nationalist parties will be criminalised by the (((system))) if they become popular (see European parties like Golden Dawn)?

    But, hey, you could still turn a blind to all this and hope someone like Ron DeSantis will come to our rescue in 2024.

    Hope springs eternal, I guess?

    • Agree: TheMoon
    • Replies: @Gerrymander'd
  89. TheMoon says:
    @The Dawg

    Yet, the Trumptards were satisfied with Trump merely running his mouth on twitter. They worshipped him.

    Not me or the ones I know. The first real chink in the armor for several of us was the big illegal alien round up that turned into a wet fart.

    The final piece was dissolved by “LAW AND ORDER” tweets all of summer 2020 while legal experts were writing articles about all the things Trump could actually do about the riots, especially since it was clear the local authorities had abdicated responsibility, but he never did a thing.

    By the time he pardoned a rapper with videos beating up Trump supporters instead of Assange, I just shrugged.

  90. TheMoon says:

    Why the White female hate? Only thing that I disagree with. You must be a clever jew who spouts 90 per cent truth but sprinkles in 10 per cent Jew programming with the usual divide and conquer strategy. Are you related to Anglin or Rosie?

    Hate against white women is a massive psyop via the way we’re depicted in the media. Go read the posts on MGTOW forums to see the results of that. Guys barely out of their teens who have spitting, psychotic hate for white women beyond what any possible experience could have created during their short time in this world. Then they plot to deliberately f### with women as “payback”, thus creating a viscous circle while the Jew laughs and white birth rates plummet.

    I can even see it in entertainment from before I was born (1990). So much of it preached marriage is horrible, being a parent is horrible, wives are all harpies, husbands are all dolts, children are all monsters, and on and on.

  91. @geokat62

    Until President Abrams expands the Supreme Court there’s hope!

    • LOL: geokat62
  92. TheMoon says:

    At least if you vote for the most conservative of the bunch you keep things going for your kids and grandkids. When did all you guys become nihilists?

    Conservatives didn’t conserve anything. They’re the Washington Generals to the Globe(alist) Trotters Democrats. They had control of Congress for two years, and all they did was fight the President who was duly elected by the people.

    From Nov 2020 through Jan 2021, they collaborated with the biggest act of treason in US history. They’re dogshit. Spineless, effete elitists who live in constant embarrassment that their Party represents les miserables. The big players, Cheney, Romney, McConnel, etc- are all traitors who go out of their way to dump on us mere commoners.

    Your grandkids are going to be a persecuted minority in their own homeland as it descends into a dark age.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @mulga mumblebrain
    , @anon
  93. Trinity says:

    Any post that blames our troubles on Boomers and/or White women is always (((suspect.)))

  94. anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    The GOP doesnt seem to have the will/desire/plan to win…they look like the deadwalking party..maybe they know the DEM BLUE tyranny will never let them win..thats why New Voting Laws are being passed/approved in BLUE DEM cities states like let illegal aliens, vote….NO ids, no registration needed, GOP community canvassers will be prosecuted.persecuted as White Supremacists racists by the AG/Garland/DOD…

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @fallen house
  95. Hate to say I told ya, but I told ya.
    SCOTUS rejects Biden mandate on private business!

    littlewing says:
    December 8, 2021 at 11:27 pm GMT • 30.0 days ago • 100 Words ↑
    This is the turning point for what is to come. Jupiter has been in Aquarius conjunct Saturn, with Saturn square Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) collective Aquarius. The vaxx was rolled out right after the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius Dec 2020. Techo tyranny.
    Lock downs when Saturn (control) went into collective Aquarius March 2020.
    Look for legal decisions to end these mandates, already happening.
    Dec 28th Jupiter enters home sign of Pisces. I expect religious exemptions for all, SCOTUS will have to rule this way.
    Pisces is sacrifice. This German family is global news already, this was the turning point I saw that from the moment I read it.
    They aren’t getting away with this, the tide has turned.
    Hold the Line.!

  96. Rich says:

    So the better option is to let the dems take over, push crt, forced integration, higher taxes, more regulation, reparations, and the rest of their leftist nonsense? The repubs are far from perfect, but they give us a chance. With the dems it won’t be our grandkids who are a hated minority, it will be us. Buy time, support the better devil for now and work towards preserving our people and providing a homeland for our children.

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  97. @TheMoon

    There is only ONE Party in US politics-the Party owned by the rich, 50% or so of which generous donors are Jewish. THAT is US ‘democracy’. The best form of Government that money can buy. The Reptilians and Demagogues co-operate, whenever a populist uprising like the phony Trump administration (a publicity stunt gone wrong by winning)threatens elite control, in destroying it.

    • Replies: @Gerrymander'd
  98. anon[222] • Disclaimer says:

    back in the 1980s, it would be unbelievable for Reagan conservatives to agree to black supremacist monkey cult BS. because of Noseberg’s influence, we now have Republicans worshipping niggers just like the liberals. of course, cuckservatives were never perfect, but it seems every passing decade they sink lower and lower. can u imagine a Reagan-era Republican bowing down to the Black Panthers and saying niggers deserves reparations?

  99. @TheMoon

    Fomenting misogyny through Me Too, ‘trans-gender’, Incels and other richly endowed movements is just Divide and Rule. The Empire uses such tactics in countries marked for Colour Revolutions and subsequent enslavement, through NGOs that preach ‘Western Moral Values’ like having men slip on a dress and declare themselves ‘women’, and dominate female sport. The pathopsychology of hatred of ALL others, and the division of humanity into ever smaller factions, constantly at each others’ throats is the greatest ever threat to human existence.

  100. @HT

    They plainly understand power and the mechanics of retribution.

  101. @mulga mumblebrain

    People’s expectations are too high. The system is designed for gradual change.

    Obama – Obamacare, whitey should subsidize the less fortunates’ premiums
    Trump – tax cuts, strong economy (3 years), whitey’s taxes should support Historically Black Unis
    Biden – infrastructure spending smoke and mirrors, whitey can’t be the winning bidder

    next GOP President – minor culture war victory for GOP?
    next Dem President – major culture war victory for anti-white coalition?

  102. USA1943 says:

    Democrats hurt Whites, but do NOT help Blacks, When Obama was President AND when Clinton was President both had 8 Years and ALL the big cities with A Black population were Blighted and Crime Ridden with People being killed left and Right, Women sleeping in bath tubs with her babies hoping it would protect them if bullets came in too her home, Many had Bars over Windows hoping it would stop the burglars and/or home Invaders or junkies looking for money to support their habit, Cashiers behind Bullet Proof Glass, Pizza companies refusing to deliver in almost always Black Areas and Surprise Under Biden Crime has risen and overwhelmingly the Victims are Black, Were Black Neighborhoods this bad under teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Woodrow Wilson Eisenhower? NOPE, it rose Dramatically under LBJ (Along with Riots) and Just got worse.
    So what are Democrats doing for Black areas like Chicago where a Black person is Shot every 2 hours? And more stabbed? Defunding the Police and releasing 1000’s of Criminals.

    Lets say you lived in a safe White Neighborhood (As almost all are) and someone said I want to help White People so I will release 1000’s of White Criminals and put them in your neighborhood, YOU WOULD consider him the enemy right? I Would.
    So The Black area is already horrific and someone adds 1000’s of Black Criminals to the Black area he would be making it worse Right? Obviously, so no they are not helping Black People, They are helping The Black Criminal Element that terrorizes Black People.

    If a Politician wanted to REALLY help Black People he would get rid of the Criminal Element, so the Black Area is as Safe as The White Areas.

  103. They get elected and then turns right around to shit on the voters who voted them in.

    How do you like them apples?

    That is the GOP and DNC, both full shit.

  104. Defund the police and ask the management to buy candy.

    Blacks, the most sacred race. Thanks, Jews.

  105. Trinity says:
    @Priss Factor

    That video needs to go viral.

  106. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    You are defending Laura Loomer?

    Have you lost all sense of decency Sir?

    She’s a fake Rightist, a Zio provocateur. Her job is to get Christians to vote for more Jews, pretending to be Rightists.

    She’s a Skunk. That’s a Jew that pretends to be allied with Christians and Christianity.

    She needs to be shunned.

  107. anarchyst says:

    It seems that too many Republicans are “milquetoasts”, afraid of showing “the courage of their convictions” (if any) and are just plain lazy.
    You see, whether their party is in power or is the minority, “the pay and perks” of the office are the same. Why get into real “rough and tumble politics” when you can “kick back” and still enjoy the perks of office?
    Even when the Republicans held both legislative bodies, they “laid back” and let the democRATS run all over them.
    I hope that the days of the milquetoast Republicans are over…

  108. GeneralRipper [AKA "Aytch"] says:

    Prior to this past election, I probably would have agreed with you. But it’s very clear that what took place on Nov 7 2020 changed things entirely for the foreseeable future.

    That’s not even taking into account what went on during the four years Trump was in office.

    The Globalist Elite went all out to get complete control of the “US Government”, and they succeeded for the most part.

    Combined with the Covid scamdemic, they are doing great damage to the lives of ordinary Americans, as well as the rest of the West and the Civilized world in general.

    These people seem determined to bring things to a head. Voting, unfortunately, will not change a goddamn thing.

    • Replies: @Rich
  109. Anon[233] • Disclaimer says:
    @trump is not your president

    Asians appear to be “siding” with whites in that their women are actually more likely to marry a white man than an Asian man.

    How does that fit in to your worldview?

  110. Jim H says:

    ‘ If no Republicans get that, then there is no reason to support the Party of Lincoln at all.’ — Gregory Hood

    The Party of Lincoln — you mean the party of the war criminal who slaughtered more than half a million Americans to ‘preserve the union’? THAT Lincoln?

    Lincoln represents the original sin of the Republican Party. Despite the R-party’s complete U-turn under Nixon’s ‘southern strategy,’ successfully replacing the D-party for whites in the ‘solid South,’ claiming the legacy of this gaunt, bearded, syphilitic freak is a total turn-off to those who disown ideologically motivated total war and mass murder of civilians.

    Ain’t no Republiclown … but FJB, all the same.

  111. @Priss Factor

    The part about jews controlling God is true; in the eyes of evangelicals, the ((Zio-fascists)) ARE God. Christians seem to feel it is unholy and illegitimate to compete against the creatures that offered up Christ to the Crucifixion. They desperately want to bend the knee to the money lenders and thieves in the Temple. In 2022, evangelicals pray as they are led to the gallows, and worship jews instead of Christ. It’s surreal. A jew is the creature that rapes your 11 year old child, and then blames you for leaving her alone in a room with him/it.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Thanks: Trinity
  112. @anonymous

    It’s hard work taking a principled stand against evil and, honestly, those who do take a stand can’t depend upon the support of spineless whites. GOP pols are cynical, just like democrat pols, but the Schumers and Pelosis of the world know that they have an avid and powerful lobby behind them, which is why they are so aggressive. Those who might otherwise hold up the conservative banner can’t count on any support, and know that the institutions of the country are held by zio-fascists and cultural marxists who will literally destroy them to maintain their privilege. I know it sounds like I am making excuses for GOP cucks, but the reality is that the GOP doesn’t want to take a stand against what is happening to the country because it knows the real power doesn’t rest behind it. If Schumer’s tribe lost power tomorrow, Schumer would revert back to obsequious, gutless jew ass-kisser in a heartbeat. But, the power is on his side in this battle, and he is going to leverage it to get what he wants.

  113. @Rich

    America won’t exist in 10 years maybe less.

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
    , @Truth
  114. @Robert Dolan

    So they can continue to help the democrats abuse white voters.

  115. @TheMoon

    White women are not to blame. White men need to stop acting like effeminate pussies and become real men again. Women claim they want sensitive men in touch with their feelings.

    That is a subconscious shit test and White men are failing it badly.

    • Agree: John Johnson
    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  116. The GOP is a gaggle of pussies. Theyre gutless and turncoat at a moments notice. I hate them as much as I hate the Democrats. See! I’m an equal opportunity hater.

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  117. @jsinton

    I was finished after 2016. Almost didn’t vote even then as I didn’t decide to vote til 4 days before election day as the thought of Hilary in there got me to get out and vote. Neither party has the interests of the average citizen in mind, as both of them are on the take.

  118. @The Oracle

    I have to agree. It seems the US government will need a major distraction if the economy tanks and the Russia/Ukraine issue offers the perfect one. Thing is to Russia the issue is existential. An article I read last week quoted some Russian official that said there will be a decapitation strike on those responsible for the current mess.

  119. Truth says:
    @The Oracle

    7/4/26 Will be the official death announcement.

    Four-and-a-half years, Gentlemen. Sleep tight.

  120. another party will surely do the trick!
    there is absolutely NO way that the new politicians from the new party would ever sell us out for money and prestige like the gop politicians did!
    Tee hee!

  121. Democratic Party offers little for its base too. It’s supposed to be ‘leftist’, but it’s all about elites pushing ‘woke’ garbage to confuse the tardy masses.

    Of course, the masses are suckers, and extreme partisanship makes the corruption even worse among the elites.

    Conzos hate the Democrats so much that they are willing to hold their noses and support corrupt GOP scum like Graham.

    Libby-dibs hate Republicans so much that they are willing to hold their noses and support corrupt Democrat scum like Pelosi.

    US would be better off is more people were like Tulsi Gabbard. Not that she’s perfect but she can see the right and wrong of both sides.

    But as long as the country is so divided along partisan lines, the elites have it so good. Democrat politicians can be corrupt as well but seek re-election on ‘If not me, you’ll end up with a Republican nazi!!’. And Republican politician can be total slimeballs but get re-elected on ‘If not me, you’ll end up with a Democrat commie!!’

    In truth, both parties are cuck shills of Jewish supremacist globalists.

    A nation of whummies, blummies, and brummies.

  122. @InnerCynic

    The GOP is a gaggle of pussies.

    US politics is about Jewish dicks and goy pussies. Guess who f***s whom?

    Washington D.C. is like Jeffrey Epstein’s island. Goy politicians are like those lolitas.

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  123. @Rich

    There is no option available. Your kids are screwed and will live in the USSA. The GOP is just part of the kabuki theater that has been presented to us for a very long time. Both parties are in the hands of international finance and whatever the GOP passes always falls apart as the government always changes hands. Only future this nation state has is a totalitarian one. The only way things will get done anymore. The gridlock and corruption is too great now.

    • Replies: @Gerrymander'd
  124. Rich says:

    That’s what Schumer and Pelosi and Klain and the rest of the dems want you to think. Mitt Romney would be better than Biden. But just gaining control of the House and Senate slows or even stops the leftists. And if the right guy gets in in 24, we can keep this corporation solvent for another 100 years.

  125. @Mis(ter)Anthrope

    Yeah, I checked out MGTOW a bit. It is just beta males complaining that women are ruined. After awhile you can tell that it is like a blowback psy ops of sorts and it leads to division among the sexes.

  126. The only solution is for White men to be in charge again. And it bears repeating the Jews are NOT White. Jews are the self-declared enemies of Whites and need to be deported with the rest of the parasitic third-world scum that have destroyed this formerly great nation.

  127. @Rich


    The stupid GOP had control of all three branches in 2016 and DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    And if they “get back in” after the midterms……..they will DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    The reason they will do nothing for whites is because they are PAID to do nothing by their jewish masters.

    Now…they might do things for organized jewry. They might push more anti-semitism laws…..they might threaten Russia and Iran…..they might increase funding to Israel and send Israel more weaponry….but the cocksuckers in the GOP will NEVER DO ANTYHING FOR THEIR WHITE BASE.

    Because they are scared shitless of the Jmedia and the jewish run intelligence agencies and the jewish donor class, etc.

    So there is no way to vote our way out of this clusterfuck. Limp dick Trump was our last shot at a political solution and he cucked.

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  128. @Rich

    Romney is a RINO, the worst if the worst, as they are donkeys in elephant suits. They are not what they seem. RINOs are democrat operatives and traitors to liberty. The lesser of two evils shtick that people have gone along with for decades is a farce and has cost this nation greatly. Why can’t people drop this notion that our political system works at all anymore. Is it even real? Corporate titans and the banking sector runs the show with the buying of politicians and the corruption of the system. Voting doesn’t get us anywhere.

    • Replies: @Rich
  129. frontier says:

    Cutting government funding is hard but someone just has to do it. Reagan didn’t, the Bushes didn’t, and Trump didn’t. We need a guy in there that would starve the beast

    That guy won’t come from the RINO GOP, they play the good cop in the commie police team. Their weasel language is a dead giveaway, I don’t know why people still fall for it.

  130. World gone wrong.

  131. So much for Anglo culture of individualism.

    Anglos were always like this. Obedient dogs into follow-the-leader.

    I guess one cop is a real maverick individual because he got tattoos.

    Yeah right. All said and done, he does as ordered. Just an attack dog of the power. i

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  132. @Vergissmeinnicht

    I can do better. If you have a website that offers opinions, then you MUST have comments that cannot be censored for any reason EXCEPT Malicious spamming and pornography. Things were much better when comments were not moderated at all. Sure we had a lot more wasteful ads for boner pills but at least we could post our real opinions.

  133. @Sick of Orcs

    Then Jared Taylor was an idiot for kissing up to the jewish enemy. History has proven this correct.

    I also noticed Taylor a few months ago said his comments section would be heavily moderated then recently just like that no more commenting at all. Yet amren whines about social media while eliminating their own comments section. How does that not scream hypocrisy. Matter of fact it sounds like something a jew would do. eg. Israel needs better border security protection and amerika needs to pay for it, then “Amerika has no right to call anyone illegal and oy vey why don’t amerikans love diversity.

  134. Tucker says:

    “George Wallace couldn’t win in 68 and he probably couldn’t get elected dog catcher in most of Dixie now.”

    I would grudgingly have to say that I might agree with the second part of your above statement, but you need to improve your education regarding George Wallace’s political history.

    In his 1972 Presidential campaign, leading up to his rather mysteriously being shot by Arthur Bremer, Wallace was drawing very respectable support during the primaries from White voters above the Mason-Dixon Line, so your allegation that Wallace was not a formidable political force is patently false. The day after the assassination attempt, Wallace won the Michigan and Maryland primaries, but the shooting effectively ended his campaign, and he pulled out in July. So, even White Yankees at the time had a strong enough sense of racial self survival to support a candidate who openly appealed to their racial, cultural, and ethnic specific interests.

    Democrat Party Primary statistics from 1972:

    Primaries popular vote results:[18]

    Hubert Humphrey – 4,121,372 (25.77%)
    George McGovern – 4,053,451 (25.34%)
    George Wallace – 3,755,424 (23.48%)
    Edmund Muskie – 1,840,217 (11.51%)
    Eugene McCarthy – 553,990 (3.46%)
    Henry M. Jackson – 505,198 (3.16%)
    Shirley Chisholm – 430,703 (2.69%)
    Terry Sanford – 331,415 (2.07%)
    John Lindsay – 196,406 (1.23%)
    Samuel Yorty – 79,446 (0.50%)
    Wilbur Mills – 37,401 (0.23%)
    Walter E. Fauntroy – 21,217 (0.13%)
    Unpledged – 19,533 (0.12%)
    Ted Kennedy – 16,693 (0.10%)
    Vance Hartke – 11,798 (0.07%)
    Patsy Mink – 8,286 (0.05%)
    None – 6,269 (0.04%)

    I have long thought that the attempted assassination of George C. Wallace was almost certainly a conspiracy, most likely orchestrated by the same diabolically evil, rogue elements who today comprise the kosherized ‘Deep State’ and who very likely also played a similar role in the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and the loathsome sexual degenerate and card carrying anti-White Marxist-Communist, MLK, Jr.

    These Deep State rats feared George C. Wallace, just as they feared Patrick J. Buchanan and eventually Donald Trump – because these candidates either explicitly or implicitly appealed to the interests of the White majority population of the United States.

    • Replies: @Rich
  135. @Robert Bruce

    Your kids are screwed and will live in the USSA.

    How to survive in the USSA? For young people just starting a “career”, is it still possible to work for Christians? Could you work for Hobby Lobby, Chic-fil-a, the mypillow guy, la costra nostra or some other ownership group that we see targeted for lack of wokeness?

  136. Invictus says: • Website

    Since the sexes are born in approximately equal numbers, that would mean that either a majority of White men would not reproduce or the additional women would be taken from other race, thus producing mixed-race offspring.

  137. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Another Team Red sheep bleating himself into voting for

    of the same.
    Can you not see that this part of the pillow fight is staged for whites?????!!!!!

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  138. Then Jared Taylor was an idiot for kissing up to the jewish enemy. History has proven this correct.

    Taylor, at the very least, took a stand.

    Buchanan, Coulter and Carlson all have much to lose by naming them, but Taylor is hardly a household name.

    Considering he was/is crucified he should’ve gone all the way, but I still like the guy. Unlike the gop, Amren is not completely useless. The “How I became a race realist” first person accounts are a smart way to redpill others.

  139. Rich says:
    @Robert Bruce

    That’s my point. Romney is probably the most compromised repub in DC, and even he’s better than Biden and the dems. Romney, despite his other faults, isn’t anti-White like just about every single dem except Joe Manchin appear to be. Romney would probably act exactly like Trump as president, cutting some taxes, cutting some regulations, encouraging business and not overtly attacking White people.

  140. Bill says:

    Nonsense. You are treating the positions of the two parties as fixed. The GOP will better serve white interests when whites demand that they do so. Demanding that they do so looks like not voting or voting for fringe parties. The GOP has to lose badly in order to have the incentive to change. If they lose and don’t change, then one of the fringe parties will replace them.

    The single most important thing whites can do is to stop voting for the GOP. Nothing is possible until they do that.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Cheers Babes
  141. Bill says:

    The exact same thing Republicans offer.

  142. Rich says:

    You are correct, I didn’t write about 72 because Mr Wallace was removed from that campaign early. I don’t think he would have gotten the nomination anyway. If you look at the final numbers, Wallace was the only segregationist in the primaries and he only managed to get about 25% of the vote. Two other Southerners in the race, Sanford and Mills, were actually desegregationists. Mr Wallace probably would have saved the country if he’d been elected, and he probably would’ve been president if there’d been a Confederate States of America, but I don’t think he had a chance at the dem nomination or beating Nixon if he had won. The Left would’ve run a liberal on some other line and Nixon’s supporters would’ve still voted for him.

  143. KenH says:

    Never forgot that most GOP politicians at the federal level loathe their own (white) voters and loathe us almost as much as the Jew controlled Democrat party does. Keep that in mind the next time you pull the lever for team red.

    As for voting and donations I’ll be sitting out until the GOP gets serious about enacting an immigration moratorium, abolishing all affirmative action programs and purging far left wing ideologues en masse from the DOJ, FBI, CIA and NSA.

    Tax cuts for Wall St. and race neutrality or Democrat lite/anti-white lite is no longer acceptable.

  144. Rich says:

    Funny, Chuck Schumer, Barry Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, AOC and Kamala Harris all agree with you that Whites should stop voting for the repubs. Are you comfortable hanging out with that club? The right wing of the GOP is as good as it’s going to get. Even a moderate repub is better than 90% of the dems nowadays. 99% of all dems support open borders, forced integration, reparations, higher taxes and more anti-White laws. 99% of repubs are opposed to those things. And unlike the “Patriot Party”, they have a chance of winning.

    • Replies: @Bill
  145. @Greta Handel

    Who are you bleating for –team blue sheep? No, I can’t see it, since it involves way more than Biden.

  146. @Priss Factor

    I had an opportunity back in 1980 to emigrate to Australia or New Zealand. I really wanted to but family matters put an end to that. If I knew then that this sort of tyrannical BS would be going on I’d never even consider it. How depressing. I can only imagine that the Aussies who are nearing the pearly gates, with what memories they have left, are in shock over how this madness has gripped their nation. And, of course, the eagerness at which cops, men and women, abuse anyone over these totalitarian measures tells me that some sick psychosis grips them.

  147. @Robert Dolan

    GOP had control of everything long before that and STILL did nothing. Even the old abortion issue, which these snake tongued devils seduced evangelicals into believing they’d do something about, wasn’t even touched. They didn’t have a problem creating fresh wars or doling out more lucre for the MIC but seemingly they ran out of gas the moment that issue was brought forward. Theyre lying pieces of shit and need to be constantly called out for what they are. Thats why secession is the only way out and to hell with asking permission to do so.

  148. Bill says:

    Shrug. You are just spouting nonsense. The “right wing” of the GOP is no better than the “left wing” of the Democrats. They all want exactly the same thing, at least as far as whites go.

    The hatred of the two parties for each other is the narcissism of small differences. They disagree about how the benefits of globohomo should be distributed among the oligarchs. That’s all.

    • Disagree: Rich
  149. @Bill

    At this stage of the game citizen’s need to be voting with their 2A rights as required by the constitution!

  150. I can tell most here actually haven’t been around Republicans, especially the Jew blamers.

    I guarantee that if you took Jews out of US politics and gave a Republicans a majority the first thing they would do is pass across the board tax cuts for the wealthy. These fools would give left-wing billionaires a tax break before helping poor Whites. They can’t even think outside the box like Trump did with his clever SALT trick.

    Republicans are f-king idiots. They in fact embrace a culture of idiocy where the Holy Free Market will somehow provide even when it doesn’t. If you question this culture they will excommunicate you as if you have angered the money gods and they might not shower us with blessings if we dare speaketh against them.

    They don’t want to believe in race because that might mean that shafting the White working class has consequences. Such a world is too complicated and the Christian right is offended by the evolutionary implications.

    It’s much better for “the feelies” to just pretend that Whites can be replaced with any race and Africa will be turning into a first world capitalist utopia ANY DAY NOW. Just a few more dashes of capitalism and Christianity should do it.

    I have been around Republican leaders and I wanted to puke. Take the third smartest car salesmen you can find in your small town that has little interest in history or truth and that is your Republican leader.

    The fact that they win elections speaks to the incredible incompetency of Democrats.

  151. @Priss Factor

    It’s because Jews control the GOP like they do the Democratic Party.

    But American Renaissance doesn’t say anything about this.

    Why? Jewish donors just like the GOP?

    If you actually look at donations the GOP is much more dependent on smaller donations from across the country while the Democrats switched to taking large donations from Wall St. and Hollywood (yes a lot of Jewish donors).

    The real problem for the GOP is not Jewish donors but Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman. It’s the belief system that is the problem.

    The Republicans really, really, really want to believe that everything can be boiled down to less government. Race becomes a sticky issue because the implications mean that you can’t have group equality by just cutting down the federal government. That also means that the left will never be satisfied with the results and will always push for more redistribution and subjugation of Whites and especially White men. Instead of facing this reality the Republicans double down on their basic belief of minimal government can fix everything. They can’t even explain their beliefs or how they can defeat the left. They should just call themselves Randologists and be done with it.

    In their minds this is all fine but when pressed over certain policies they simply don’t have answers. It’s a terrible ideology. They are forced to run on single issues like abortion or gun control and when in power they can’t actually do anything major less they lose those issues to run on. I think the ideology itself causes mindmelt as they don’t even seem able to reform the government. They really just get into power and do nothing.

    If the Republicans want to win they should instill Bannon as chancellor and do everything that he says, even if it means *gasp* going center on some issues. But as someone once said the Republicans are comfortable losers. They really don’t care about winning or even the country. Most view themselves as part of a global elite that can just helicopter away if things get really bad.

  152. geokat62 says:

    Mark Collett gets “the lesser of two evils” argument.

    Telegram comment:

    Democracy in a nutshell:
    Johnson or Starmer?
    Tory or Labour?
    Immigration or MORE Immigration?
    Lockdowns or MORE Lockdowns?
    Losing your rights or Losing your rights more quickly?
    The choice is always between bad and worse. Genuine solutions are never offered and the public always has to choose between the lesser of two evils.
    A two party system only ever gives the illusion of freedom and choice whilst funnelling people down a predetermined one way street.

  153. Jack P says:

    Your list is a good start. I’ll add a few things – (1) We need an amendment to the civil rights act specifying that “sex” pertains only to a person’s biological sex at birth. Traitor Gorsuch extended it to all sorts of sexual deviants. (2) We need a full investigation into the riots of summer 2020, and full accountability for every person or organization responsible, to include in some cases complete removal from our land. (3) We need protections for private political speech. Conservatives are getting fired daily for saying what they think, and that needs to be illegal.

    McCarthy and McConnell are not made for this moment. As Tucker said, McCarthy’s promises are great – if it was 2006. If the GOP will not fight for our rights to take back our country, then they’re worthless. And in that case forget about voting and stock up on your weapon of choice.

  154. @Anonymous

    Don’t forget what they always tell you:

    “This is the most important election ever.”


  155. @Priss Factor

    You’re right. But the goy pussies in this case LOVE to get fucked. That’s sick but that’s how it is. We have dysfunctional whores who love to get screwed so long as they’re compensated.

  156. Zorost says:

    “We must tell them what we expect, or they don’t get our vote.”

    When did you start thinking we could vote our way out of this? Wise up or you are no better than the cuckservatives you are shilling for.

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