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First Principles and What We Can Do Now
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In March, I wrote about what I think should be done. My ideas included building power locally, moving to the country, and promoting secession within states. Some of these things are happening. There are movements to build a “greater Idaho,” to expel Chicago from Illinois, and to have parts of Virginia join West Virginia. However, in my earlier essay, I made a mistake.

A good friend recently told me that there is no political solution. He’s wrong, and I was too, when I wrote in March that we should create “non-political” institutions. There’s no such thing as a non-political institution. I should have said “non-partisan” or “non-electoral.” There may not be an electoral solution for whites on a national level. However, there’s always a political solution. There will always be politics, because politics is about power. Every human interaction involves power, and power is always unequal.

The leftists have a slogan: “the personal is political.” They are right when they say that ancient ideas like the family, sex roles, private property, or even pet ownership are rooted in certain ideas, systems, and assumptions. Tradition, culture, economic systems, and history shape us.

We aren’t free-floating individuals. It’s a myth that we can all each “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.” We have autonomy, but it is limited by others’ power over us. Progressives, to their credit, understand this. They may have the right method, they have reached the wrong conclusions. There are three reasons why.

First, small-c conservatives are right about the inherent value of tradition. It is accumulated wisdom — our ancestors’ solutions to problems that will come back if we tear down what they built. There’s nothing inherently good in challenging tradition. When leftists take apart things such as “family,” “patriotism” or “sexual morality,” they forget that these things developed for a reason. The purpose of “irrational” traditions becomes clear during times of chaos. Even traditions that are irrational are important because they provide solidarity and meaning. We have compelling arguments about why we should love our children, our country, and our people, but if we even have to debate these things, we’re already in an age of dissolution.

Second, leftists neglect the most important unchosen force that shapes us. It’s not society, religion, or economics. It’s nature. Nature isn’t egalitarian. Nature just is. A socialist may scoff at a libertarian who thinks that anyone in America could become a millionaire. However, the socialist who assumes racial discrimination explains racial inequality is the bigger fool.

Individually and collectively, race also shapes who we are. Our abilities, culture, worldview, strengths, and flaws are part of us and mostly unchosen. This is offensive to some and disturbing to many because it implies limits. We don’t fully command ourselves, let alone the world.

We Western men, with our “Faustian soul,” don’t like limits. We Americans, born of a Revolution that promised, in Thomas Paine’s words, to “begin the world over again,” hate limits. Whites have a tragic fate. It’s our nature to deny nature. This includes the characteristically white ambition to end racism by ending our race. No other group acts this way or is duped so easily. We’re always driving either towards imperium or self-annihilation.

Prometheus bringing fire from the Gods.
Prometheus bringing fire from the Gods.

Finally, leftists forget they aren’t the critics of the power structure. They control it. Sam Francis said egalitarianism is a political weapon. Few, he said, really believe in it and no one is seriously motivated by it, but most people are comfortable living with contradictions.

White egalitarians probably believe that they are better than other whites and are sincerely self-loathing. Analyzing that psychology would take books. However, what’s clear is that many white egalitarians feel justified using threats, economic pressure, or violence against “racists.” The definition of “racism” keeps expanding. We can’t out-argue zealots. We just need to be free of them.

However, before “we” can do anything, we have to define who “we” are. Again, Sam Francis was right when he said if “enemies come to kill us,” it won’t be because “we are ‘Americans’ or ‘Christians’ or ‘conservatives’ or ‘liberals,’ but because we are white.” (I would add that it’s not because of Donald Trump either.) “Whiteness” itself is the problem. While our opponents may claim that “ending whiteness” isn’t the same thing as “ending whites,” substitute any other group and it certainly sounds that way.

Furthermore, whatever white advocates, conservatives, nationalists, or Trump supporters may think, we aren’t in power. We are not even allowed to define ourselves. Those with power do. The system in power, and those who control it, are objectively opposed to whites. The legal system works against us. Economic elites fund Black Lives Matter, not American Renaissance. Blacks are far more likely to attack whites than vice versa, but our rulers and opponents say blacks are the victims. They claim to see white racism everywhere. They may even believe it, but that doesn’t make it true.

We can exploit the egalitarians’ flaws against them. They deny tradition, nature, and the reality of the system. We must preach all three.

American tradition

First, America, despite the flaws inherent in its founding, has a useful legal, cultural, and mythic tradition. Our legal code is rooted in the Anglo-Saxon tradition of a free people governing itself. Jefferson promoted the vision of hardy Saxons throwing off a foreign monarchy. Our Constitution is designed to control central authority by checking power with power. The Framers understood this. Many thought the Articles of Confederation had given too much power to the states. They thought America needed a strong central government, but didn’t want an all-powerful federal state. Hence, the Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The Constitution arguably failed because the Framers did not anticipate the rise of political parties, judicial review, and universal suffrage. However, the Constitution has quasi-sacred status for Americans. Our Second Amendment right to bear arms is especially important. Symbols matter, and we still have rights under this system.

President Donald Trump failed in many ways, but he forced our opponents to reveal themselves. He also didn’t surrender when any other Republican would have. Corrupt American institutions, especially legacy media outlets, burned through their credibility trying to stop him. Donald Trump didn’t “radicalize” Republicans, he radicalized Democrats. Many of them want to pack the Supreme Court, eliminate the Electoral College, impose sweeping gun control, and create new states that will guarantee Democratic hegemony.

Donald Trump supporters, many of whom think the election was stolen, would call these actions illegitimate. However, the greater truth is that urban elites govern rural whites, and think they are morally suspect bumpkins. There are movements trying to do something about that.

  • Greater Idaho – Most voters in Union and Jefferson counties in Oregon voted to ask their local authorities to discuss leaving the state to join Idaho, and create a “Greater Idaho.”
  • West Virginia’s governor, Democrat-turned-Republican Jim Justice, said that his state would “stand with open arms” to welcome Virginia counties that wanted to leave the Old Dominion. The West Virginia House adopted a resolution renewing a 158-year-old invitation for Frederick County, Virginia to join the state. Virginia, once conservative, is now essentially governed by Northern Virginia, which is an excrescence of Washington D.C.
  • In a non-binding referendum, 72 percent of voters in Bond County, Illinois favored coordinating with other counties in the hope of separating from Cook County, which contains most of Chicago, for the purpose of creating a new state, New Illinois. Hancock County voted the same way.

This wouldn’t be secession; the House and Senate can vote to establish a new state. If a slim Democratic government ratified statehood for Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and other territories, at least some Republicans would spearhead a movement to create new states and right the balance.

It is not our job to save the GOP from its own stupidity. The point is not to save Republicans, but to have smaller, whiter, conservative areas where white advocates could get a fair hearing and public support. We can also push to rebuild monuments to national heroes. Many Republicans are afraid to talk about race, but if the triumphant Democrats start demanding reparations, gun control, and crackdowns on free speech, the GOP base will react in ways the Establishment can’t control. If the GOP refuses to defend white interests, regional parties, third parties, or even independent candidates could force them to or face certain defeat.

Nature and race realism

All this is necessary but not sufficient for us to make progress. The difficult part will be openly defending race realism. I expect the Biden/Harris Administration will do everything it can to thwart us and that censorship will intensify. White Americans will not someday “wake up” and fight off egalitarian radicalism. There will be no movement unless we organize it.

However, the Democratic leadership may find it hard to keep its own base under control. Revolutions happen when elites can’t meet rising expectations. Leftists and blacks want a lot right now. I anticipate radical demands coming from the Left, with hapless Joe Biden cast as another Lyndon Johnson, wondering why his voters suddenly hate him.

Already, the black mayor of Hyattsville, Maryland has resigned to start a black nationalist political party, Our Black Party, which will get blacks elected to local offices. Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs supports Our Black Party.

Many Democrats, including Majority Whip James Clyburn, thought the progressive drive to defund the police cost his party seats in the House. This election was not a “blue wave,” despite white suburbanites, black radicals, and millennial socialists uniting to defeat Donald Trump. What happens when Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi tell the most dedicated and popular progressives or pro-black activists to sit down and obey — yet again? White liberals may be leading BLM movements at universities and in some cities, but self-respecting blacks won’t take this condescension forever.

Other groups in the Left’s Coalition of the Oppressed are vulnerable. Asians are divided about affirmative action; California voters defeated an attempt to resurrect it. Abolishing racial preferences is an issue waiting for some ambitious populist to champion. In this racial free-for-all, white advocates should also demand policies for our benefit. (I suggested some in my “Rhodium Plan.”)

The most interesting question is what Hispanics will do. Chris Roberts explained in October that Hispanics are not monolithic. Offering amnesty won’t win Hispanic support for Republicans. Pedro Gonzalez argued persuasively at American Greatness that Republicans might be better off with a “Caudillismo” message, emphasizing law and order and economic populism. Of course, this is the message that would also win back the white working class votes that Donald Trump lost in 2020 while he talked about the Platinum Plan.

September 14, 2020, President Donald Trump holds a roundtable discussion with Latinos For Trump at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix. (Credit Image: © Christopher Brown / ZUMA Wire)
September 14, 2020, President Donald Trump holds a roundtable discussion with Latinos For Trump at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix. (Credit Image: © Christopher Brown / ZUMA Wire)

I don’t think “Hispanic” is even a useful category. The Census Bureau says Hispanics can be of any race. There is no reason whites with even the slightest bit of Hispanic ancestry (or some high school Spanish) shouldn’t check the “Hispanic” box when they apply for jobs or government loans. There’s even debate about whether Portuguese or Brazilians are “Hispanic” when federal money is at stake.

The cynicism of the system

“Liberal elite” is a conservative cliché. It means nothing. It’s an applause line at CPAC. It’s also dangerous because it suggests liberals are superior.

Our message is different. I often use the term “System,” but we should call the government that will take power in January the “Regime.” It’s the united power of Democrat leaders, Big Tech, Wall Street, and media. It’s a power that rules over us, not “our” government. Our relationship to it should be the same we would have towards an occupation we would oppose through peaceful means.

The Regime and its mouthpieces in entertainment and journalism are selfish and cynical. We should never acknowledge their moral standing. We should also express our outrage about our status. It isn’t weak to recognize that you’re a victim; it’s weak to accept it. People fake their identity for economic gain, politicians openly violate the laws they voted for, and the double-standards on race are becoming even more incoherent. The Regime relies on economic blackmail, media slander, and arbitrary law enforcement. It has lost its legitimacy not just in the eyes of white advocates, but in much of the country.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it requires sacrifice. I’m not asking people to economically martyr themselves by speaking truth to power. Instead, make a plan about where you will go, whom you can work with, and what you can realistically accomplish. We need only a small number of people who can speak out without being socially and financially ruined. The movement is far more serious and capable than it was in 2015 when the “Alt Right” was at its peak. The movement in-fighting will fade, because it is easier to unite in opposition and there will be no more tactical debates about whether to defend Donald Trump.

Across the continent, I see new economic and social systems and support networks. I see European-Americans finding ways to survive this Regime and thrive amidst the ruins. I have more hope now than I’ve had since 2017. While everyone will have his own plan, there is a clear way forward. We can build on our American traditions, help drive apart the Left’s coalition, and radically critique the existing power structure. I’d argue we’re in a better position than we were in 2016. Everyone knows the stakes and no one is under any illusions. I’m excited.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. JasonT says:

    Very nicely said. White people need to go back to their roots and re-build their own societies on a local level. In doing that, we need to focus on the four necessities:


    It will take sacrifice, but that is what all battles against tyranny require.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jake
  2. onebornfree says: • Website

    “However, there’s always a political solution. There will always be politics, because politics is about power. “.

    No. There are no political solutions , if by “political” you mean governmental “solutions”. Never have been, never will be.

    The ongoing [and seemingly never ending]delusion of many is that government “solutions” can/will work, despite the “in yer face, every day” evidence that they never have in the past.

    Therefor, a partial [if not perfect] solution to our problems is to :[1] first recognize what government actually is:

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” Albert J. Nock

    [Stupid question: do we really want a gang of criminals running our lives for us? Really? ]

    [2] Realize that regardless of their inherent, unchangeable criminality, government “solutions” to any Problem will never “work”[except to cause new, even bigger problems], and that in most cases, if a real problem actually even exists, that that problem was nearly always initially caused by government interference in the first place.

    “Government doesn’t work” Harry Browne:

    “Everything government touches turns to crap” Ringo Starr

    “The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic” H.L.Mencken

    “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure” Robert LeFevere

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Defcon
    • Thanks: Ace
  3. GeeBee says:

    You’re an anarchist without a plan. I would not choose to live in any society with you anywhere near the controls – if that’s not actually a contradiction in terms…

    • Replies: @Grand Inquisitor
    , @Mikael_
  4. MarkU says:

    Why make ‘egalitarian’ into a dirty word? In my dictionary it suggests equal rights and opportunities (ie meritocracy) How is that bad? According to that definition nature is egalitarian. If you want to describe completely unmeritocratic, artificially enforced equal outcomes then please find another word. Our language is a tool we use for thinking, debasing it by twisting the meanings of words is doing us no favours.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Daniel Rich
    , @Ace
  5. My ideas included building power locally, moving to the country, and promoting secession within states.

    We have compelling arguments about why we should love our children, our country, and our people, but if we even have to debate these things, we’re already in an age of dissolution.

    • Agree: Daniel Rich
  6. So many good tidbits in this article:

    The definition of “racism” keeps expanding. We can’t out-argue zealots.

    Whites have a tragic fate. It’s our nature to deny nature.


    “Liberal elite” is a conservative cliché. […] I often use the term “System,” but we should call the government that will take power in January the “Regime.

    The term ‘Liberal élite’ sounds as if they are part of our midst, that they’re our élite, they are with us in this same boat… whilst the term ‘The Régime’ has an us-and-them touch.

    I don’t think “Hispanic” is even a useful category. […] There is no reason whites with even the slightest bit of Hispanic ancestry […] shouldn’t check the “Hispanic” box when they apply for jobs or government loans. There’s even debate about whether Portuguese or Brazilians are “Hispanic” when federal money is at stake.

    People from Spain (read: Europe!) are counted as ‘Hispanic’; even more odd: in Florida (at least), people from Portugal (!) are counted as ‘Hispanic’!
    BTW: Gisele Bündchen (Brazilian) is probably 100% German, she just happened to be born in Brazil – I guess John McCain is Hispanic too because he was born in Panama!
    I recall Jim Goad (a couple of articles ago) posted his 23AndMe and he is about 3% from Spain! Literally tons of White Americans who think of themselves Germans or Anglo-Saxons (in ancestry) have some ancestry from Spain – as Mr Hood says, they should “check the “Hispanic” box when they apply for jobs or government loans”!

  7. Anon[939] • Disclaimer says:

    Indeed. One way to express power is to get to decide what words mean, and making them mean something they actually don’t mean, as is done with “egalitarian”.
    The opposition should never consent to words not meaning what they mean.

    “Regime” is a slightly too learned word to catch mass attention, I also guess.

  8. @Vergissmeinnicht

    No. German-Americans in fact do not typically have Spanish / Portuguese genetic heritage.

    Anecdotal evidence: My genetic tests confirm zero Spanish/Iberian for me, and a test for my father (more Germanic than I) yielded zero as well. Father’s brother’s kids likewise did genetic tests and all shared reports with each other — zero Iberian.

    Germans and German-Americans are much more likely to have a little bit of Slavic genetic contribution than Iberian Peninsula. The Slavic contribution is often far higher among Austrians, who likewise rarely have any measurable Iberian genetic background so far as we can tell.

    • Agree: JohnPlywood, Skeptikal
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  9. The idea of the State of Jefferson in Southwestern Oregon/North California is much more appealing than a Greater Idaho. The I-5 corridor through Oregon is a liberal stronghold from Portland down to Ashland and would be included in Greater Idaho, also Bend Oregon is filled with 80,000 crunchy folks who would dominate the political discourse of Greater Idaho along with Eugene, Springfield and Medford/Ashland. The rural areas would still be dominated by liberals from distant cities. Would marijuana still be legal in Greater Idaho? I don’t want my children or myself to be jailed for a few joints.
    I live in Curry County Oregon by the way.

    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  10. Hete’s an area to bundle for us: start with Cameron, Elk, Clearfield, Clarion, Indiana, Cambria, Bedford, and Fayette County, Pa; Add Garrett County, Md. ; plus Preston, Tucker Grant, Randolph, Marion, Taylor, Barbour, Upshur, Lewis, and Randolph Counties im W.Va.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  11. Solid analysis and surprisingly optimistic. I share your outlook. The failed coup and the election fraud against Trump have awakened Whites and radicalized them in positive ways. I think we will prevail despite what at first glance seems to be a dreary situation.

    Our message is different. I often use the term “System,” but we should call the government that will take power in January the “Regime.”

    “Regime” will work but it really is a feminized, vicious junta. Forcing the regime to reveal itself has really strengthened our position. The system delegitimized itself. We have crossed the Rubicon.

  12. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    In vain, one performs a ctrl-f search for ‘jew’ or ‘jud’ in this article. IOW, this explication of low White power lacks explanatory power. Exactly huwhat happens huwhen a bright young star of the Dissident Right settles at Amren.

  13. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Is the word “Regime,” (an authoritarian government) a strong enough word to describe the incoming illegitimate Biden Admin? Since it is clear to most of us on the Right that the election was stolen, a more precise word would be “Junta,” – “a military OR political group that rules a country after taking power by force.”

    A junta need not involve taking control of the government by the barrel of a gun. It could also be by political means, blatantly fixing the vote and getting away with it, because those elected officials and judges who have the ability to stop it, are too intimidated to do anything about it.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow, Thomasina
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  14. We Americans, born of a Revolution that promised, in Thomas Paine’s words, to “begin the world over again,” hate limits.

    Judging by the plethora of mask-fascists that is no longer the case.

    I’m struck by how much more public resistance there is in Europe than in the US.

  15. Tactically, it’s a mistake to focus on whites. You immediately get called a Nazi and so you find yourself on the defensive. But if you focus on poor whites, you can put the elites on the defensive. “I’m for poor whites and against you loathsome Marie Antoinettes.” Say that and their first reaction will be defensive. “What do you mean when you say that we are Marie Antoinettes?” And then you explain that they refuse to acknowledge the lack of wealth privilege of poor whites, just like Marie Antoinette, and instead want to talk only about their racial privilege. They will then have to justify their position, and some will, after thinking about it, even side with us, to an extent. They will say, “I guess we have gone too far in wanting poor whites to check their white privilege instead of talking about their lack of wealth privilege.”

    Moreover, rich whites who support the Democrats are hopeless. They have nothing to lose by supporting the Dems, but a lot to lose if they support someone like Trump. So, forget about them and concentrate on poor whites.

    Poor whites are mostly already against what is happening in the country politically. They prefer Trump to most Dems. Just keep on emphasizing how awful the Marie Antoinettes are and how they hate poor whites.

  16. @Bill Jones

    The radical words of Thomas Paine, to “begin the world over again,” sound chilling to me. In his time period it conjures up the bloody French Revolution. In the 19th and 20th centuries it conjures up the growing evil of Communism. Today it conjures up the destructive actions of Antifa and BLM (both radical communist organizations).

    I never thought that our American Revolution was about starting the world anew. It was a rebellion led by property owners who refused to pay the taxes levied by the British occupiers. That rather small tax was a very minor annoyance compared to the massive tax tyranny we have today.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @Observator
    , @James O'Meara
  17. Once again Greg ignores the big nosed elephant in the room.

    It’s NOT “whites” ambition to end racism by ending our race……that would be the plan of ORGANIZED JEWRY.

    There are no political solutions and the stolen election makes this perfectly clear. If the Jews get away with the steal (and it looks like they will) then there is no reason to ever vote again as there is no reason to believe that any future election will be legitimate.

    Don’t count on the GOP assholes to do ANYTHING but roll over and take the communist dildo right up their butts and then beg for more.

    Bill Barr and the GOP could have saved this country…..I hope ALL of them get terminal cancer and then go to hell where they belong.

    • Replies: @Catdog
    , @tomo
  18. All the border counties in Eastern California would like to join Nevada if asked. This also makes more sense geographically due to the Sierras.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  19. @p4nc4k3s Pl34s3

    “The idea of the State of Jefferson in Southwestern Oregon/North California”

    I like that as well. Moreover, “Jefferson” would add direct access the the Pacific Ocean.

    Northern California roots going back ~110 years.

  20. Anonymous[214] • Disclaimer says:

    To understand how sick Democrats and America are, visit Drag Queen Story Hour for children which is sweeping American schools and libraries:

    These male drag queens strip in front of kids:

    How is this tolerated?

    • Replies: @Koolaid Joe
  21. @John Pepple

    “But if you focus on poor whites, you can put the elites on the defensive.”

    “Poor” connotes weakness, helplessness, pitiful and other quasi-pejorative notions.

    “Dispossessed” or “Disenfranchised” might be better choices.

    • Replies: @Fred777
  22. Willy says:

    Should have written “Jew” at the end just to troll clowns like “anon[299]” and the usual idiots who post (((fifty))) (((worthless))) (((comments))) (((on))) (((every))) (((article))).
    Rejecting these professional victims is paramount; they are less than worthless to anyone looking to build something and attract capable, quality people.

    • Agree: tomo
    • Troll: Robert Dolan
  23. @anon

    ‘In vain, one performs a ctrl-f search for ‘jew’ or ‘jud’ in this article. IOW, this explication of low White power lacks explanatory power. Exactly huwhat happens huwhen a bright young star of the Dissident Right settles at Amren.’

    Agree — but the anti-semitism taboo is a big hurdle to overcome. It’s a necessary one — but a big one.

    For some time now, I’ve been frankly racist with respect to blacks. Carefully stated, this usually elicits agreement, or at least grudging consideration. I’m also entirely comfortable with it, myself. It’s about as justified as objecting to house fires.

    But expressions of anti-semitism really set off people’s alarm bells. I’m not comfortable with it — I’ve merely come unwillingly to see the logical validity of it. So I think this one has to be approached with care. One does need to win the war.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @TKK
    , @tomo
  24. Miro23 says:

    A very good article. I agree that Anglo European people and their culture need security.

    It’s something that they don’t have at the moment. They are targeted by radical Jewish activists (and their collaborators) in the media, academia, government and business. It’s not Latinos, Blacks or Asians coordinating the attack. It’s a Jewish radical coup.

    Security has to be living in a safe place, in a trustworthy community with shared values. Basically it was a guilt free Anglo European America before it was “deconstructed” – and it’s a structure that does have room for minorities with shared values.

    So it does look like physical separation, with the movement of people between regions. Counties and states taking back power from Washington and organizing their own education, healthcare, policing, justice etc. and retaining their own tax revenue to pay for it.

    If Washington decides (probably) to invade these so called “separatist racist states” then the states in question need to upgrade their state militias and defend themselves against ZioGlob terror.

  25. Laughing. I have little doubt one could easily resurrect the the US of thirty years ago. It is as if you are utterly ignorant of history. The choice to have blacks and ten proceed under a banner of “natural rights deprive them of theirs.

    What about the hypocrisy don’t you get of the current state of affairs.

    But of course one can always ply the hispanics, they do anything, go any direction, wear any hat as long as they yours. Take a look at Southwestern Community College in Nation City Ca. The whites and hispanics are doing a number on black admin, instructors and students and doing out in the open — I am sure their chancellor, president, instructors and staff will hand out lectures on how to handle those pesky black citizens.

    There’s a case to be made if one wants white communities. Just know that it cannot be funded by the federal government.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  26. Thomasina says:

    This coup has been in the works for some time.

    Covid was manufactured (nothing more than a bad flu).

    George Floyd was staged in order to give cover for the entrance of Antifa and BLM.

    Antifa and BLM riots were orchestrated to make it look like there were huge numbers on the Left and in order to keep the Black vote.

    The media lied about Biden’s poll numbers (again to make it look like he had more support than he did).

    Mail-in ballots were justified because of Covid.

    They then rigged the vote in Biden’s favor.

    The media crowns King Biden.

    The media then asks: “Is Trump planning a coup?”

    Everything they accuse the other side of doing is what they are doing themselves.

    Everybody should wear black and then go black (no TV, no social media, no buying anything that’s not absolutely necessary). Starve them.

  27. sally says:

    The Constitution arguably failed because the wealthy and politically powerful and professionals collectively called the Constitutional Framers did not anticipate the rise of political parties, judicial review, and universal suffrage. However, the Constitution has quasi-sacred status for Americans. <=No, probably not, but if they had, they would have made privilege by provision for such in the Constitution as they wrote it.

    You forget there are two USAs. One began in 1776 under the Articles of Confederation 1776_1778_Articles of Confederation_USA_1 but USA_1 was terminated by a legal subterfuge called ratification in Article VII of the Constitution ratified in 1788, 1778_forward_Constitution of the USA_USA_2. USA_2 had nothing to do with defeating the British, surveyed the lands East of the Mississippi and was about to take from the land grant owners their very large estates and divide it up among the Americans that sent the British running in the war for American Independence. USA_2 is not a democracy like USA_1 was.

    It is not true the constitution failed. The 1788 Constitution (and its USA_2) has served the Framers quite well and still does! These aristocrats, land grant holders and corrupt professionals of old and their relatives of new use have used the constitution of the USA to extract from America everything the wealthy few want and they have used the 1788 constitution to force Americans to do their every juncture, mnre over they conduct the affairs of government in near total secret. 3 votes per eligible citizen, all limited to affairs one's one own state and voting district is not a people's voice in the national government.

    .6 of 1% of people counted as living in America own as much wealth as 99.4% of the rest of America..
    There is no other way to account for that wealth indifference than to blame the control system that makes and maintains that wealth in_balance. In a democratic America that would not happen.

  28. @GeeBee

    Exactly. I was a fire-breathing anarcho-capitalist for more than a decade until reality got the best of me. It does have some merit, but the ancaps are similar to leftists in that it’s all “Down with ______!” There is no positive message. Libertarians have been left behind because all they see is freedom or the lack thereof. This is why they really have no answers for most of our current predicament. When I got into a disagreement with a prominent B-level libertarian about my preference to live in contemporary Switzerland rather than Stalinist Russia, I knew it was time to go. His argument was that both were states and therefore evil, so he had no preference.

    • Agree: GeeBee
    • Replies: @Ugetit
    , @Ilya G Poimandres
  29. Anonymous[173] • Disclaimer says:

    YES building local power is perhaps the last hope for conservative NATIONALISTS (whites and NON whites) an American First local nation building…BUT …IT seems that eventhough TRUMP WON …the american MAGA Trumpers are quickly diluting themselves into infantile delussional nostalgic utopias. Lets suppose for a moment that BIDEN had lost…how would the left had reacted…well they would had set the country on fire of course with a big help from MSM deepstate, dem, corporate donors…We would had seen countless riots, fires, CHAZes, endless police brutality cases with BLMANTIFA corresponding wars on normalcy, cops, WHITES …the LEFT woudl had paralyzed the country inmediately…with more lockdowns, campaigns of terror etc. Eventhough TRUMP WON …the left WON by fraud, default and because they had more guts to fight without any moral, legal, ethical limits. And what do MAGA supporters do??? COW in fear, give into their naive notiosn of Good vrs Evil, fairy tales, and they seek refuge in their bibles, eventhough GOD commanded his people to fight the oppresors like the Pharoes of Egypt…Sodoma…The radical dem left WON long before the elections…and challenged MAGA to a street fight…and MAGA SURRENDERED the field without a fight…NO massive strikes, vigils, hunger strikes, LABOR strikes, unplugging their MSM feed, deleting their FBooks accounts, boycotting Blackfriday sales, …WHITE deplorables missed their HISTORICAL CHANCE once in a lifetime opportunity to BUILD A MOVEMENT…WE the people…deplorables will go quietly into the teh dark winter of slow painful extinction.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Miville
    , @Joseph Doaks
  30. Mikael_ says:

    Yawn, another one of those bullshiffers who accuse others of proposing anarchy, along the line:
    “Without a [benevolent] government leading the sheeple, there would be total chaos everywhere!”

    Can’t you come up with any less straw-manning argument?

  31. Work to make it socially legitimate to discuss White interests. And this may be best done anonymously right now.

    Until we can speak freely, none of this other stuff really matters. White people wouldn’t know what to rally around if they suddenly got the chance right now. Don’t join a group (which is probably a fed operation).

    One way to change things would be to make it illegal to fire someone for their political speech. The only people fired are pro-Whites.

  32. Mikael_ says:
    @John Pepple

    While on the surface your argument is sound,
    I’m not convinced that copying our enemies by going full Alinskiyite is a long-term winning strategy.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  33. @onebornfree

    The article was about how we need to preserve the institutions and practices our forefathers have built over millennia, and your only response is “I hate government”?
    While it is true our political system is run and overrun by professional mafias, getting rid of government will only remove the last line of defence between you and those mafias.
    “Small government” and “no government” are the slogans of Bolsheviks egging you on to destroy the last vestiges of self-determination the population still as left. The Bolshevik’s Great Work is to get you to hate your own government, for you to destroy that government, and in the ensuing chaos, they hope you will gladly accept Zion’s One King, “from the blood of King David” to rule “all the nations with an iron rod”.

    …then you quote a Tavistock puppet like Ringo Starr on the undesirability of any government? I know you have more brains than this…

    • Thanks: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Stonehands
  34. @Vergissmeinnicht

    It’s the other way around. Spaniards are in fact 25-40% Germanic depending on the region. A lot of the common Mexican surnames (i.e. Rodriguez) are of German origin.

  35. There is 10 years to implement ‘Change’ ?

    “ . . . our best estimate is that the net energy
    33:33 per barrel available for the global
    33:36 economy was about eight percent
    33:38 and that in over the next few years it
    33:42 will go down to zero percent
    33:44 uh best estimate at the moment is that
    33:46 actually the
    33:47 per average barrel of sweet crude
    33:51 uh we had the zero percent around 2022
    33:56 but there are ways and means of
    33:58 extending that so to be on the safe side
    34:00 here on our diagram
    34:02 we say that zero percent is definitely
    34:05 around 2030 . . .
    34:43 need net energy from oil and [if] it goes
    34:46 down to zero
    34:48 uh well we have collapsed not just
    34:50 collapse of the oil industry
    34:52 we have collapsed globally of the global
    34:54 industrial civilization this is what we
    34:56 are looking at at the moment . . . “

    • Agree: Alfred
  36. gotmituns says:
    @Colin Wright

    At some point we are going to have to solve the jewish question though.

    • Agree: Art
  37. Ugetit says:
    @Grand Inquisitor

    Libertarians have been left behind because all they see is freedom or the lack thereof…His argument was that both were states and therefore evil, so he had no preference.

    My impression is that they get to flatter themselves on the cheap as noble and principled for taking a rigid stand against oppression, and they can be as insufferable as the arm chair “do gooder” (at public expense) crowd.

    For example, Libertarians typically recoil in horror at the mention of the word, “Nazi,” sputtering and flatulating that “they was totalitarians,” conveniently forgetting that the Allies were much worse than the Germans on that count. They deliberately turn a blind eye toward the concept that given the times and situations, a bit of “Nazi” “totalitarianism” may have been in order. Not one has ever answered my question about what they would have advised under similar conditions. Their approach to a solution is as simple minded as that of the knee jerk “librul” one.

    The many I’ve encountered are as clueless as your friend who had no preference.

    • Replies: @Anon
  38. Jake says:

    Indeed, there is no such thing as non-political response to stupid and/or evil politics. There is no such as a viable response that can be a solution, as opposed to a temporary band-aid, that is not religious.

    Kulturkampf – culture war – is, and cannot be other than, religious at its base and in all its roots. You cannot resist it effectively save with right religion that directs culture. Any efforts to fight against Leftism and/or Anglo-Zionist Imperialism other than those that aim to rebuild Christendom are a waste of time and energy doomed to fail and be absorbed.

  39. The US that passed Hart-Cellar was 90% white. It didn’t take a conspiracy to screw over white people. They did it to themselves. The average US white is obese, materialistic, apathetic, lazy, and stupid. I wouldn’t lift a finger to save them.

  40. “Many of them want to pack the Supreme Court, eliminate the Electoral College, impose sweeping gun control, and create new states that will guarantee Democratic hegemony.”

    Democratic hegemony… don’t you mean Jewish hegemony? For example, between Adam Schiff and Pramila Jayapal, who has the power? It certainly ain’t with the black witch of Seattle!

  41. America was designed for white male landowners, the founding fathers were quite explicit about this.

    Anything else is historical and ideological revisionism.

    Generations of (((brainwashing))) has literally rewritten our identity.

  42. @follyofwar

    Paine reminisced that he did his best political writing while liberally supplied with peach brandy, so I see his vision of American uniqueness as a classic example of the grandiose delusions so dear to the alcoholic personality, and to the virtually unbroken chain of power-and-money addicts who have been running this country ever since.

    Paine united the practical political philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment with the mystical evangelical Protestantism that saw Americans as the new chosen people. Paine derived, as one historian put it, “a politics of liberty from religious principle in order to make a religion of politics.” In the process his rhetoric transformed the rebellion (which was as much a civil war among colonial rivals as a challenge to British authority) into a holy war, and all who remained loyal to the old King and Church into allies of evil.

    Britain had nearly bankrupted the Exchequer defending the colonies in the French and Indian War of 1757-63. They had enjoyed exemption from most taxes other Britons paid since they were nationalized by the crown in 1690. In the late 1760s, Parliament decided it was time for the now-prosperous colonies to pay their fair share of the defense budget. In reaction, James Otis coined the catchy slogan “taxation without representation is tyranny” but the obvious corrective to this meaningless catchphrase is that precious few Englishmen in the home country were represented in Parliament, which was then by far the most progressive political body on the planet.

    • Thanks: follyofwar
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  43. Trinity says:

    Whites are the ONLY RACE buying into this Jew manufactured horseshit. And all of it is meant to destroy the White race and Western Civilization. To realize this for what it is and cut the mealy mouth bullshit is the first step Whites need to take. Stop identifying the JQ with words like “the Deep State,” “globalists” and the latest one to be used to explain our presence in the Middle East, “the industrial military complex.” And for God sake, PLEASE stop calling the media, “the fake media” or even worse, “the liberal media” instead of what it really is which is the Jewish anti-White media. Comprende? How are you going to defeat an enemy who won’t or can’t identify.

    Second, it is about time Whites STOP RUNNING AWAY AND FACE UP TO THEIR ENEMIES AND PROBLEMS. Giving away parts of this country to people who did absolutely next to nothing to building this nation? ARE YOU CRAZY OR JUST PLAIN CHICKENSHIT? At least the American Indians fought for their land. What if I don’t want to live in the rainy, dreary, gloomy, depressing Northwest? Place is green and beautiful and probably makes some good photos for a vacation but living in that place? You got to be kidding. I like sunshine and like Tina Turner sang, “I Can’t Stand The Rain.”

    Finally, Whites stop stabbing your White brothers and sisters in the back as a way of virtue signaling to Jews and other nonwhites who basically don’t give two shits about YOU. Jews and nonwhites, at least a large segment of their kind, hate you for just the color of your skin, and the only thing they basically care about this country and you are what you can do for them. Ask yourself this question, when was the last time a nonwhite nation or people helped out Whites after a disaster like a hurricane, or when was the last time you saw Blacks or Browns building homes for poor Whites in Appalachia. Are there any television channels over in Israel asking Israelis to send donations to poor Whites in Appalachia or homeless Whites in San Francisco? YET, let some White rockers hear about an earthquake in Haiti or let them hear about starvation in Africa, and lets all sing “We Are The World,” and send billions to feed Africans while our own people sleep in the cold and go hungry. The Bible mentions something about how if a man neglects his own family to take care of strangers that he is worse than an infidel. So what does that make you, traitorous White man and woman? When you mock those Whites brave enough to take a stand for your rights to gain favor with hate-filled nonwhites, you are only making a fool of yourself. I have seen nonwhites go off and laugh at how foolish white traitor trash are for kissing nonwhite ass. You wouldn’t believe how they mock you for being cowardly enough to mock your own kind. Start being a man or a woman who stands for something instead of a clown.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks, 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  44. @Grand Inquisitor

    I think there is a spectrum though. The leftist extremes are between communists who see the bureaucracy of the state as beneficial, in itself (theory aside – we have historical evidence for this!), and anarchists, who see it as detrimental.

    I’m with the anarchic side on this, because state bureaucracy is derived demand, and derived demand is unnecessary if it can be reduced.

    I think a good anarcho-socialist position right now would be flat taxes on income/profit/capital-gains/inheritance, redistributed in targeted UBIs for the most basic of human needs, with a small regulatory state

    Humans will mostly still crave wants (apart from maybe the spiritual who could live off rice and cucumber whilst studying the Suttas, or the Gospels, or the Talmud), and the capitalist side of the economy could (given that needs cost 30-40% of GDP with our current tech) run with only regulation against force and deceit.

    Of course the one good thing about anarchists is that they generally swing for semi-direct democracy, like their libertarian cousins – apart from the absolute extremities of course, like your B-level human.

    We’d have a lot fewer problems if we could reverse representative laws directly, or if constituents could call for by-elections any time it pleased them.

    Government is the physical manifestation of a social contract. It always struck me as strange that pure chaosists (extreme anarchists and libertarians) accept cooperation between humans, in a social form, but reject government, as something always outside of society.

    My opinion is that government is the manifestation of society so long as the needs and wants of the citizenry match the needs and wants of the bureaucracy. This balance is only an issue of having both sides ‘talk’ to each other, within the law. This doesn’t happen in representative democracies – representatives directly choose laws, but citizens can’t, so there is no balance.

    I’d live in Switzerland, it is the shining example of decent, though not perfect, governance for this planet. Mongolia wanted to go semi-directly democratic too 10 years ago due to interestingly, Switzerland is Mongolia’s second largest trading partner (granted China takes up 90%+).

    (although amongst my Russian relatives, there is a tale of Stalin pushing for direct democracy in the USSR, which is anecdotal for me, and needs more research!)

  45. @John Pepple

    If low income whites were to “check their privilege”, they would have to conclude that they have none. Privilege in the current regime is accorded by wealth, or in the absence of wealth, a codified privilege for assigned racial minority status which hands off the privilege of being first in hiring/free education or in receiving government benefits.

    Only homosexual whites have any assigned privilege.

  46. TKK says:
    @Colin Wright

    I’ve merely come unwillingly to see the logical validity of it.

    I did not see it until I kept reading over and over here: It’s always the Jews.

    Then, I started peeling back and looking at who was behind BLM, SPLC and all the other snarling gender identity groups that have doomed America and the West.

    It wasn’t the Scotch- Irish from Appalachia.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  47. @Kursk Salient

    That sounds as though you buy the fiction that whatever is done by Congress expresses “the will of the people”. 90% white America had no say whatsoever over what was done by the so-called leaders in Congress. The barely 60% white America has no say either.

    Even if one were to believe that elections are decided by that same will of the people, evidence shows that elections are so absurdly corrupt that the percentage of eligible voters who register and vote has been decreasing for decades.

    You should admit that you have no idea what might constitute “the average US white”.

  48. Mefobills says:

    The Constitution arguably failed because the Framers did not anticipate the rise of political parties, judicial review, and universal suffrage

    and also this:

    To borrow money on the credit of the United States;

    Thomas Jefferson wanted one do-over at the end of his life. Erase the above article.

    Why? The hubris is that a country doesn’t have its own credit, and that it must borrow from others.

    The credit of a country is its people, the lands, and their ability to extract from the land to fashion goods and services.

    Not codifying the money power properly, means the constitution is unbalanced. Oligarchical creditors now dominate the polity.

    Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talks of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.

    William Lyon Mackenzie King

  49. Going small is the best alternative, and gain control of things like counties. Hopefully that will lead to state. Also don’t take federal monies. No cash – no say at least for awhile. Also doing business in a cooperative setup based whatever criteria you want membership. Unfortunately not white. Maybe a religion based off the Phoenician Princess Europa and her Zeus bull ride. Use bartering to avoid taxes and paper/gigabit trails. For everyone’s sake get off the Reagan growth kick. All that does is lead to importing corporations and immigrants, which so far has been suicide.

    I will point out that there is some advantage in having young white men getting jobs in the infrastructure like water and electrical power plants. The lefties’ elite might own them, they don’t know how to run them. Think of the fun you can have with unexpected power outage (blame a Russian hacker) in someplace where the elite dwell. Sorry Mr Money Banks, you water will be undrinkable for about two days due to an urinal pipe break that flooded our control room. Can you imagine the heck you can raise with sewage treatment facilities going down due to some “clog” in an old lead pipe? Hello EPA. Just please don’t let any white kid join the US military.

  50. @Kursk Salient


    The Immigration Act of 1965 was written by JEWS.

    Celler and Javitz wrote the bill and Jewish lobbies pushed it for YEARS.

    There was NO OTHER GROUP pushing for open borders…..only organized Jewry.

    Kevin Macdonald gives a detailed analysis in Chapter Seven “JEWISH INVOLVEMENT IN SHAPING US IMMIGRATION POLICY.” of “The Culture of Critique.”

    In fact Macdonald was neutral on the topic of Jewish influence until he discovered the Jew’s demand for open borders in the west but closed borders in Israel. Macdonald gives evidence directly from the Congressional Record and it cannot be disputed or refuted.

    The dispossession and RUINATION of Christendom is a JEWISH PLAN.

    • Thanks: Trinity, cronkitsche
    • Replies: @Eric Novak
    , @Kursk Salient
  51. Fred777 says:

    I’d go with “working class” as it connotes people who do something productive for a living.

    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  52. This writer makes some good points, but its essentially the same old internet scribble posted all over the right wing web.

    The people you are up against are like the terminator, they will keep coming for you until you are either beaten, broken or dead. They wont even allow you an advocacy group let alone cede you a state it’s pipedreams.

    You have an occupied government that allows the creation of outfits like the ‘black party’ whose only function is to hunt down and prevent any white male advocacy and political foci under the catch all term white supremacy , you must kneel to criminals, give them your jobs, give them your tax shekels, your women as they displace you and your sons.

    Your enemy has to fear you. Luckily they do otherwise this wouldn’t be happening……..

  53. Miville says:

    Because the religion underlying the MAGA movement, especially when it calls itself Christian, is the cult of Mammon, Noachide style. The only thing having given any kind of unity to the Late Great White Nation of America was and remains the priority given to money over ever other consideration, over beauty, over truth, over social justice. The means you suggest : massive strikes, labor strikes, deserting FB… are typical of the left, of the people of France for instance, it goes right against white anglo-saxon identity which is always one the side of police, repression for the forces of money against the peoples of the world, against un-American people such as Indians, Negroes, Spaniards, French Canadians, Gaelic Irish.. at home. Moreover these left-wing revolutionary means have always been, since the beginning of times, since ancient Egypt, strictly dependent upon strictly Jewish kabbalistic activation rituals, hence the total absence of any French-style revolution in Oriental civilisations. Because the Late Great American White Identity was already a melting pot based on the destruction of all European cultures of origin, done mostly on the purpose of preventing any European-inspired social justice movement. Because even if the Democratic Party had veered (or rather gone back) to the financial right after the New Deal parenthesis was closed by Carter, it doesn’t follow that the GOP has ceased to be the party of the filthy egoist. Because the GOP never was a Deplorables’ party and will never be. Because among both parties the GOP is the most unabashedly satanic (just have a look at the logo) and Satan hates Deplorables more than anything else, because even the CP of Late USSR would have stood up for you better.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  54. Agent76 says:

    “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.” Friedrich Nietzsche

    Jun 5, 2020 The Great Reset Launch | Highlights

    “The Great Reset” will be the theme of a unique twin summit to be convened by the World Economic Forum in January 2021. In-person and virtual dialogues will address the need for a more fair, sustainable and resilient future, and a new social contract centred on human dignity, social justice and where societal progress does not fall behind economic development.

    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  55. Phibbs says:

    Bad things happen when Jews take over your country as they clearly have in the United States. The Jews brought down Christian, imperial Russia in 1917 with their Bolshevist Revolution. Realistically, liberal power is driven by Jewish power.

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  56. Mefobills says:

    Miville says something important that white people don’t want to face:

    Because the religion underlying the MAGA movement, especially when it calls itself Christian, is the cult of Mammon, Noachide style. The only thing having given any kind of unity to the Late Great White Nation of America was and remains the priority given to money over ever other consideration, over beauty, over truth, over social justice.

    I have suggested a way-out, which is actually codified in the bible. This would be pushing a rock down hill, not up-hill. It merely requires re-programming Christians about what Jesus actually said. Now that Hudson has done us a signal service, we can begin the important re-writing that must take place in Christian doctrine.

    The silence is deafening as people don’t want to confront the truth. But, Miville is brave and sees it.

    Gregory Hood (the author) also says something that is difficult to face:

    Whites have a tragic fate. It’s our nature to deny nature. This includes the characteristically white ambition to end racism by ending our race. No other group acts this way or is duped so easily. We’re always driving either towards imperium or self-annihilation.

    White’s suffer from pathological altruism, which in turn is a function of evolution, especially during the fourth ice ages.

    It will take religion, or external narrative programming to overcome this pathology. What is in-born, or instinctive, has to be overcome with new implanted memory.

    White people who suffer guilt due to pathological altruism are basically sick, and need intervention.

    Jews are especially dangerous as they prey on white pathologies, and their narratives are to worship usury and mammon. Miville gets it right. If Maga is all about chasing the dollar, and screwing over your fellow man with rents and unearned income, then the movement is destined for failure.

    The constitution already failed. Until you identify the source of a problem, you cannot fix it.

    • Agree: Lurker
  57. @Anonymous

    ‘Tolerance and and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society’.

    The quotes provenance has been disputed but it rings true none the less.

  58. Defcon says:

    I hate to sound like a Lincoln loyalists, but secession or balkanization is not an option. Are we to give up our ports on the west coast? Our military bases? Here is an interesting fact, our advanced fighter jets are all manufactured in Palmdale California, can we afford to lose that? Also to add, any communist session would be a rallying point for foreign invasion. I had the opportunity to converse with a few Serbians and Croatians about the fall of Yugoslavia and the Civil War. One of the Serbs brought up a valid point, across what lines could the US balkanize? Yugoslavia was separate countries, ethnically and religiously divided years prior to communion. Across what lines does the United States have? None other than state lines, which have multiple factions within each. If Texas were to succeed what are they to do about Huston and Austin? I could provide examples in every state.

  59. Mefobills says:
    @paranoid goy

    I know you have more brains than this

    Lolbertarianism is yet another Jewish construct that preys on white pathology.

    At some point it becomes emotional for these people, and you cannot reach them using logic.

    They are truuuuue believers. The liberal left are truuuue believers too, despite the hypocrisy inherent in their belief system.

    It takes some sort of emotional shock (or great love) to overcome bad programming.

    Concentration camps, if they teach the truth, are a great benefit to a sick society. They are an emotional shock… a kick in the ass that is needed. As an aside, Germany was full of Bolsheviks when Hitler implemented the camps.

    For the old, their neurons are myelin sheathed to the point that any sort of counter-narrative dredges up an emotional reaction… which is why logic won’t work. It is too hard to undo a lifetime of falsehood.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  60. @Phibbs

    Was Russia really ‘brought down’ in the sense that it was an idyllic place to live beforehand? My maternal great-grandfather spent a year on the Western front and a year on the Polar Bear Expedition working with the Whites. He said that he’d preferred the muck of St. Quentin to the Amur front. His personal assessment was that the Whites could’ve won if they “aimed at the soviets in front and not the officers behind them”.

    In retrospect he might have meant the expeditionaries, but I’m 28 years too late to ask him.

  61. @Anonymous

    “WE the people…deplorables will go quietly into the the dark winter of slow painful extinction.”

    It’s pretty hard to organize when you suspect that every third member of your group is a “woke” leftist just waiting to rat you out to an FBI that’s also infiltrated by “woke” leftists. When the Republican state legislatures and governors of the swing states surrender in the face of blatant election fraud rather than support the just cause of the Republican president. When speaking out publicly under your own name will get your home vandalized and death threats by leftists who face no legal consequences. When there is no white solidarity because your enemy is also overwhelmingly white.

  62. Anonymous[429] • Disclaimer says:

    This was a bar fight that went on to the streets. The radical LEFT with the aid of the deepstate, MSM and corporate deep pockets carried out a massive relentless campaign of terror under the guiding force of their JEWISH overlords. American deplorables Nationalists MAGA forces were told in clear ways that they would be punished for daring elect a populist president, and full measures would be taken to beat, to dislodge, to kill such movement. A campaign of urban warfare without any limits of morality, legality, any ethical behavior to destroy the Goyim (white/nonwhites) as the Talmud commands it. Trump WON the elctions 2020 by a landslide, but he lost the pre/post war strategy, and MAGA deplorables were pushed, kicked, punched, into the sidewalks. TheWHITE SUPREMACIST narrative efectively ends any hope for MAGAs come back (somehow jews perceived as whites, are not whiet supremacists), deplorables had been abandoned by any and all conservative, nationalist leadership forces like the GOP, which comes as just another appendix of jewish/zio power. In the midst of this crushing defeat the MAGA deplorables seek refuge in their bibles their deslussional utopias such as secession, separation, and other americana rockwelian nostalgic fantasies. In a new America where elections are fraud, the political ideological/philosophical foundations of AMERICA is all racists, patriarchical, homophobic, xenophobic cultural drek, what is left for the MAGA Nationalists to do.??? This is a HISTORICAL inflection point, a silent WAR that began back in the 1930s the same forces that were funding and supporting Bolshevism, socialism, communism were already bringing those ideologos to carry out a CONQUEST from within AMERICAN CULTURAL ALL PERMESIVE ASSAULT..(the Frankfut School) that uproot, disrupt, the foundational origins of the Western Constitutional Nation(s), the protocols of Zion from issues of SEXUALITY, family, recreational habits, to the halls of Congress, Academia, schools, religion, gender, class, feminism, literature and of course the ECONOMY establishment, such as banking and MONEY, the basis of all economic transactions, in other words inmersed themselves (taper parasites) into the huge whale of American LIFE (goyim). The use of the Media and its tech revolution was their paramount achievemnt to dominate the hearts and minds of the goyim, but we were too preocupied with the Cold war with Russia to see them hiding in the shadows. What is the hope for MAGA nationalists…CAN THEY BUILD A NATIONAL MULTICULTURAL CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT…??? assophisticatedas the ADL/AIPAC OCTOPUS…???can they ever win elections in spite of the high tech FRAUD…is it too late to build a conuter force to rescue America and its primal CULTURAL foundations?? FAMILY COUNTRY HONOR …the values that forge a nation upon this contienent Conceived in LIBERTY and dedicated to the proposition that ALL MEN (women) are created equal…?? or the CHOSEN tribe unequal and supreme will rule over the goyim world??? like beasts without their rights civil religious, POLITICAL to consent/dissent, ??? Is jewish hubristic power irreversible even if IT leads to the END of AMERICA internally and externally…

  63. @Trinity

    “send billions to feed Africans while our own people sleep in the cold and go hungry.”

    We can look forward to more of that under the Biden regime.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Colin Wright
  64. Trinity says:
    @Joseph Doaks

    I prefer to call it the Soros-Obama-Harris regime. Old Joe doesn’t even know what he had for breakfast this morning and won’t be running anything. Hell, even Obammy and Caramel Harris squat and say how far when their Jew masters say jump but they are more than racist enough to go with anything that is anti-White. Funny thing about Obammy, his Black father abandoned him, his White grandparents raised him, you would have thought he would have hatred and contempt for his father and not Whites. I guess skin color trumps everything else with Blacks, and it works that way with Browns, Yellows, and Reds, only Whites are traitorous or cowardly enough to go against their own people even when they know by doing so they are screwing their own. Think back to the OJ verdict and watch how Blacks cheered when they let a double murderer literally get away with murder because of a racist Black jury. I can’t think of many Whites that would be so racist as to willingly let a White person get away with murdering two Blacks and then put on a downright disgusting display of celebrating outside the courtroom after the verdict. These are the type of people you are dealing with, Whitey. Do you think they are reasonable, rational, fair minded, and righteous? Do you think they will sit down, smoke a peace pipe and discuss anti-White racism and White civil rights with you? LMAO.

  65. @Mikael_

    I’m not convinced that copying our enemies by going full Alinskiyite is a long-term winning strategy.

    Alinsky tactics were not designed to be a long-term strategy.

    They are short-term tactics to destabilize the enemy.

    Once the enemy is destabilized, then you can force them to give you some autonomy as discussed in the original article.

    Otherwise, they will just ignore you and put the boot in your face.

    • Replies: @Mikael_
  66. That map of Greater Idaho leaves out Eastern Washington and Northern Nevada. However, it would best if Northern CA and the western parts of Wahington and Oregon formed their own states. The Northern Michigan Peninsula makes no sense being part of the rest. Texas could also split into two or three, as well as Florida. The northern two-thirds of New York State has little in common with the NYC area.

    As for the Constitution, I see several things wrong.

    First, what about a sunset provision for all laws?
    Second, how about an expansion of juries (23) with no question asked. Twenty to convict, fifteen to retry.
    Yes, expand the Supreme Court but only through an amendment.
    Create a system of proportional representation. Let say, the top six candidates in votes ina Congressional District get to serve. The top one goes to the upper house, the next two go to the middle house, and the last three to the lower house. All seats are for six years, with a third up for relection each year.
    The electors are by district not state.

    However, I think all of this is moot at this point. I’m mentally prepared for a civil war coming up.

  67. @Robert Dolan

    Jewish Congress members did not pass Hart-Celler. White Congress members did.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  68. Trinity says:
    @Eric Novak

    WINO (White In Name Only) congress member did. There I fixed that for ya. Lets just say that every single anti-White movement that has come down the pike for the last 70 years or so has had a kosher element LEADING THE WAY.

  69. Tom Verso says:

    This article made me feel “fussy all over”.

    All that was missing is a recording of Kate Smith singing her iconic version of
    “God Bless America”.

    It is not my style and I generally reject sarcasm, but this article, IT SEEM TO ME, is devoid of the reality of the pervasive power of the oligarchy that controls the government, economy, media, judiciary, police, FBI, national guard, pop-culture, etc. etc.

    The notion that the power of such an all encompassing oligarchy can be mitigated let alone displace is IN MY OPINION akin to secondary school idealism.

    The trillion dollar Blackrock investment corporation is now embedded in the Treasury Department and can override the Federal Reserve.

    Blackrock is also embedded in the Whitehouse.

    Blackrock is Jewish owned and therefore integrated with other Jewish billionaires like Bloomberg et al. Such a concentration of wealth in a very small homogeneous like thinking percentage of the population is virtually insurmountable by populous actions and/or voting.

    Indeed, as we have seen in this recent Presidential election, even the voting is controlled and legally negateable.

    Historically, oligarchies consists of concentration of wealth in a homogeneous economic group. In Agricultural societies, the oligarchy consists of landowners; industrial societies the oligarchy consists of manufacturers and in financial societies the oligarchy consists of Bankers.

    The evolution of society is a transition from one dominate form of economy (agriculture, manufacturing, financial) to another dominate form. Ergo: from one oligarchy to another.

    Unless and until the American economy transitions from financial dominated; the current oligarchy will prevail.

    In short, as Plato suggested: All societies are oligarchies.

    • Replies: @Marshall Lentini
  70. Emslander says:

    It’s much too late. The 2020 presidential election has been stolen with 15 or 20 million unaccountable, but countable, ballots being sent out across the nut centers of the cities and maybe even pre-printed with only Biden filled in and returned and counted.

    The normal organs of information are stifling all mention of this. To most people, then, nothing happened, despite their strong feeling that they were robbed.

    If this situation is allowed to abide, it’s the Soviet Union, Baby.

  71. Catdog says:


    Anonymous comments on Unz are garbage.


    The defeats of 1924 and 1952 did not prevent the ultimate victory of the Jewish interest in combating the cultural, political, and demographic dominance of the European-derived peoples of the United States. What is truly remarkable is the tenacity with which Jewish ethnic interests were pursued for a period of close to 100 years. Also remarkable was the ability to frame the argument of immigration-restrictionists in terms of racial superiority in the period from 1924-1965 rather than in such positive terms as the ethnic interests of the peoples of northern and western Europe in maintaining a status quo as of 1924.


    During the period between 1924 and 1965 Jewish interests were largely thwarted, but this did not prevent the ultimate triumph of the Jewish perspective on immigration. In a very real sense the result of the immigration changes fostered by Jewish intellectual and political activity have constituted a long term victory over the political, demographic, and cultural representation of ‘the common people of the South and West’ (Higham 1984, 49) whose congressional delegates were in the forefront of the restrictionist forces. Former Secretary of the Navy James Webb (1995) notes that it is the descendants of those WASPS who settled the West and South who ‘by and large did the most to lay out the infrastructure of this country, quite often suffering educational and professional regression as they tamed the wilderness, built the towns, roads and schools, and initiated a democratic way of life that later white cultures were able to take advantage of without paying the price of pioneering. Today they have the least, socioeconomically, to show for these contributions. And if one would care to check a map, they are from the areas now evincing the greatest resistance to government practices.’ Webb’s ideas are not new but reflect the sentiments a great many congressmen voiced during the immigration debates of the 1920’s.

    It is instructive to consider the possible long term effects of this sea change in American immigration policy combined with the current emphasis on multi-culturalism. The shift to multiculturalism has coincided with an enormous growth of immigration from non-European-derived peoples beginning with the Immigration Act of 1965 which favored immigrants from non-European countries. Many of these immigrants come from non-Western countries where cultural, gender, and genetic segregation are the norm. Within the context of multicultural America, they are encouraged to retain their own languages and religions and encouraged to marry within the group.

    The movement toward ethnic separatism is highly problematic. Historically, ethnic separatism has been an extremely divisive force within societies. At the present time there are ethnically based conflicts on every continent, and formerly multi-ethnic societies are breaking away and establishing ethno-states based on ethnic homogeneity (Tullberg & Tullberg, 1997). These results confirm the expectation that indeed ethnicity is important in human affairs. People appear to be extremely aware of group membership, and ethnicity remains a common source of group identity. Individuals are also keenly aware of the relative standing of their own group in terms of resource control and social status. And they are willing to take extraordinary steps in order to achieve and retain economic and political power in defense of these group imperatives.

    It is instructive to think of the circumstances which could minimize group conflict given the assumption of ethnic separatism. Theorists of cultural pluralism, such as Horace Kallen, envision the possibility that different ethnic groups would retain their distinctive identity in the context of complete political equality and economic opportunity. The difficulty with this scenario is that no provision is made for the results of competition for resources within the society.

    In the best of circumstances one might suppose that the separated ethnic groups would engage in absolute reciprocity with each other, so that there would be no differences in terms of any measure of success in the society, including social class membership, economic role (e.g., producer versus consumer; creditor versus debtor; manager versus worker), or fertility between the separated ethnic groups. All groups would have approximately equal numbers and equal political power, or if there were different numbers there would be provisions ensuring that minorities could retain equitable representation in terms of the markers of success. Such conditions would minimize hostility between the groups because it would be difficult to attribute one’s status to the actions of the other group.
    However, given the existence of ethnic separatism, it would still be in the interests of each group to advance its own interests at the expense of the other groups. All things being equal, a given ethnic group would be better off if it ensured that the other group had fewer resources, a lower social status, lower fertility, and proportionately less political power than itself. (Indeed, lowering the political and demographic power of the European-derived peoples of the United States has clearly been the aim of the Jewish political and intellectual activities discussed here.) The hypothesized steady state of equality therefore implies a set of balance of power relationships’each side constantly checking to make sure that the other is not cheating; each side constantly looking for ways to obtain dominance and exploitation by any possible means; each side willing to compromise only because of the threat of retaliation by the other side; each side willing to cooperate in a manner which involves a cost only if forced to do so by, e.g., the presence of external threat. Clearly any type of cooperation which would involve true altruism toward the other group would not be expected.

    Thus the ideal situation of absolute equality would certainly require a great deal of monitoring and undoubtedly be characterized by a great deal of mutual suspicion. However, in the real world even this rather grim ideal is highly unlikely. In the real world, ethnic groups differ in their talents and abilities; they differ in their numbers, fertility, and the extent to which they encourage parenting practices conducive to resource acquisition; and they differ in the resources held at any point in time and in their political power. Equality or proportionate equity would be extremely difficult to attain, or to maintain after it has been achieved, without extraordinary levels of monitoring and without extremely intense social controls which would enforce ethnic quotas on the accumulation of wealth, admission to universities, obtaining high status jobs, etc.

    Because of differing talents and abilities and differing parenting styles between ethnic groups, there would be a need to have different criteria for qualifying and retaining jobs depending on ethnic group membership.23 In the real world, therefore, there would have to be extraordinary efforts made to attain this steady state of ethnic balance of power and resources. It is of great interest that the ideology of Jewish-gentile co-existence has sometimes included the idea that the different ethnic groups develop a similar occupational profile and (implicitly) control resources in proportion to their numbers. The dream of the German assimilationists during the nineteenth-century was that the occupational profile of the Jews after emancipation would be highly similar to that of the gentiles’a ‘utopian expectation … shared by many, Jews and non-Jews alike’ (Katz, 1986, p. 67). Efforts were made to decrease the percentage of Jews involved in trade and increase the percentages involved in agriculture and artisanry. In the event, however, the result of emancipation was that Jews were vastly overrepresented among the economic and cultural elite of the society, and this overrepresentation was a critical feature of German anti-Semitism from 1870-1933.

    Similarly, during the 1920s plans were proposed in which each ethnic group received a percentage of placements at Harvard and other universities reflecting the percentage of racial and national groups in the United States. These plans certainly reflect the importance of ethnicity in human affairs, but surely a society based on this type of ethnic special interest is not one which a social engineer in the manner of Lycurgus, Moses, Plato, or the American Founding Fathers would design as a blueprint for an entire society. The levels of social tension are bound to be chronically high. Moreover, there is a considerable chance that ethnic warfare would occur even if precise parity had been achieved via intensive social controls: as indicated above, it would always be in the interests of any ethnic group to obtain hegemony over the others.

    If one adopts a cultural pluralism model in which there is free competition for resources and reproductive success, differences between ethnic groups are inevitable, and history suggests that such differences would result in animosity from the groups that are losing out. The Tutsi/Hutu struggle in Rwanda and its neighbors is only the latest of many tragic examples. Assuming that there are ethnic differences in talents and abilities, the supposition that ethnic separatism could be a stable situation without ethnic animosity requires either a balance of power situation maintained with powerful social controls, as described above, or it requires that at least some ethnic groups be unconcerned that they are losing in the competition.

    I regard this last possibility as remote at best. The proposition that an ethnic group should or would be unconcerned with its own eclipse and domination is certainly not expected by any theoretical or ideological perspective of which I am aware. The present immigration policy essentially places America ‘in play’ as an arena of ethnic competition in a sense which does not apply in the non-Western nations of the world where the implicit assumption is that territory is held by its historically-dominant people. Under present policies, each racial/ethnic group in the world is encouraged to press its interest in expanding its demographic and political presence in America and can be expected to do so if given the opportunity.

    Contrary to policies they advocate for the United States, American Jews have had no interest at all in proposing that immigration to Israel should be similarly multi-ethnic or that Israel should have an immigration policy that would threaten the hegemony of Jews in Israel. Indeed, the very deep ethnic conflict within Israel is an excellent example of the failure of multi-culturalism. Similarly, while Jews have been on the forefront of movements to separate church and state in the United States and often protested lack of religious freedom in the Soviet Union, the control of religious affairs by the Orthodox in Israel has received only belated and half-hearted opposition by American Jewish organizations (Cohen, 1972, 317) and has not prevented the all-out support of Israel by American Jews, despite the fact that Israel’s policy regarding immigration is quite the opposite of that of Western democracies.

    At present the interests of non-European-derived peoples to expand demographically and politically in the United States are widely perceived as a moral imperative, while the attempts of the European-derived peoples to retain demographic, political, and cultural control are represented as ‘racist’ and patently immoral. From the perspective of these European-derived peoples, the prescribed morality entails altruism and self-sacrifice, and it is unlikely to be viable in the long run. And, as we have seen, the viability of such a morality of self-sacrifice is especially problematic in the context of a multicultural society in which everyone is highly conscious of group membership and there is between-group competition for resources.

    Although the success of the anti-restrictionist effort is an indication that people can be induced to be altruistic toward other groups, I rather doubt such altruism will continue to occur if there are obvious signs that the status and political power of the European-derived group is decreasing while the power of other groups increases as a result of immigration and other social policies. The prediction, both on common sense grounds and on the basis of psychological research on social identity process (e.g., Hogg & Abrams, 1987), is that as other groups become increasingly powerful and salient in a multicultural society, the European-derived peoples of the United States will become increasingly unified and that contemporary divisive influences among the European-derived peoples of the United States (e.g., issues related to gender and sexual orientation; social class differences; religious differences) will be increasingly perceived as unimportant. Eventually these groups will develop greater cohesion and a sense of common interest in their interactions with the other ethnic groups with profound consequences on the future history of America and the West.

  73. Catdog says:
    @Robert Dolan

    It’s NOT “whites” ambition to end racism by ending our race……that would be the plan of ORGANIZED JEWRY.

    You don’t know enough whites.

    The people I know who are most enthusiastic about, as the OP says, “ending racism by ending the white race” are pro-life libertarian Christians. I have more difficulty with that certain type of Christian than with anyone else. It is very difficult to build a case for white interests that they will find convincing. Appeals to tradition mean nothing because they are libertarians. Appeals to love your race mean nothing because they don’t believe in race- in their minds we are all cousins separated by only a few thousand years since the flood. This group adopts non-white children and marries interracially more than any leftists. If anyone knows a strategy to reach them, please tell me.

  74. @Kursk Salient

    ‘…I wouldn’t lift a finger to save them.’

    That would make you part of the problem, wouldn’t it?

  75. @Joseph Doaks

    ‘“send billions to feed Africans while our own people sleep in the cold and go hungry.”

    We can look forward to more of that under the Biden regime.’

    ? Biden’s own people won’t go cold and hungry.

  76. That eagle I saw soaring overhead this morning, used a left and right wing to glide through the sky…

    I think there’s a lesson in that…

  77. @Catdog

    You don’t know anything about politics.

    Whites had NOTHING to do with the open borders legislation……this was strictly the doing of organized Jewry and Jewish donors to both “sides.”

    • Replies: @Catdog
    , @James O'Meara
  78. @MarkU

    Our language is a tool we use for thinking, debasing it by twisting the meanings of words is doing us no favours.”

    That is why we don’t kill, but cull.

    That is why we don’t demonize, but demonetize.

    Propaganda is using the power of words against the minds of the meek…

    I think…

  79. @Observator

    After the war the fuckers in charge fucked over and sidelined all the radicals, like Tom Paine and Paul Revere and Sam Adams, in favor of the usual suspect commercial and land-owning interests. So don’t blame Tom Paine.

  80. @RadicalCenter

    The Pennsylvania Dutch (Germans) interbred with Protestant Spaniards.

    The Low Countries were full of Spaniards at one time.

    “the Pennsylvania Dutch boys and girls with their glorious dark eyes, wax-like complexions, wavy dark hair and features of Araby, show the undying presence of forgotten Romany (Gypsy) forbears”

    Shoemaker describes their intermarriage as “giving an added dark strain to the already swarthy Pennsylvania German type, fused as it has been from South German, Huguenot, Esopus Spaniard, Hebrew, Swiss, Waldensian, Greek and Indian, the type of the true Pennsylvanian, Tauranian”

  81. One of my favorite things is to discover another white person who shares these beliefs. There must be quite a lot, because in my very “diverse” community, it is not uncommon at all for me to discover other whites who are quite aware of the rising tide against us. They’re perhaps too intimidated to discuss it out loud, or they’re not quite sure how to verbalize what they’re sensing, but once the conversation get’s going, they are on the same page. That’s when I share the sites I visit online, or books I’ve read. These fellow whites are working class, but of all ages and both sexes. There is such an opportunity here to build new communities in a shared struggle.

    Folks, we may have the opportunity to be influencers in emerging white identitarian communities. There are millions of whites who know something is deeply wrong, and yet they are completely immersed in conventional American culture and know nothing of the Unz Review and many, many other alternative sources of news, thoughts and ideas. They are looking for some clarity that we may offer to them. Christians often hand out tracts to non-believers so that they may be saved. It worked on me. Perhaps we need some kinds of simple tracts to illustrate the current predicament we are in. I know the National Alliance had a comic way back in the day.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  82. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    I did not see it until I kept reading over and over here: It’s always the Jews.

    It is not the Jews. It is the people who vote with them and support them.

    The West survived Jews for about a millennium with no fatal harm resulting. At the end of that millennium, Jewish settlements were restricted to ghettos, run under Jewish law by rabbis. Napoleon forced ghetto inhabitants into Western society upon which the harm started and Western society proceeded to its current state.
    I don’t think the descendants of the ghetto inhabitants have ever quite forgiven Napoleon’s actions, nor do I think they ever will forgive. The liberation from the ghetto was the first major failure of the Enlightenment to assimilate a non-European group to European society [1].
    (I cite Wikipedia as a generally accepted, even if not necessarily accurate, account. Ghettos existed, Napoleon ended them at about the same time his armies introduced the Metric system to Europe by buying only in metric units. An attempt was made after Napoleon lost to reverse his actions, but the reversal was no more successful than the re-installation of the Bourbon dynasty.)

    Any political movement that succeeds has, at some point, become unanimous in goal by expelling members who did not agree with the goal. Stop blaming Jews alone and start blaming their non-Jewish supporters. These supporters are vulnerable, Jews are not. If you want to win, you must stop being tolerant. This is brutal advice that I hesitate to give, but I’m tired of seeing you all lose while attempting the impossible.

    1] The failure of Spain to covert Marranos ( to Christianity is another such failure, as is the failure of Rome to convert Judeans to Roman society. Judaism was arguably an attempt at societal survival in a highly dangerous part of the world. Babylon’s conquest of Irael should have been the end of the Jews (and did, for a time, leave Israel to the Samaritans), but Judaism re-invented itself while in Babylon (!!) to be highly resistant to assimilation. Judaism (the religion) has been highly resistant to assimilation since. “The Wandering Jew”, an exile into history with little connection to those around him (, is an apt symbol for Judaism as a system.
    Arguably, the Kitos War ( cost Rome its life in that it ended Roman expansion into Parthia (~ what is now Iran), leaving the Roman Empire to wage an intermittent draining two front defensive war for the rest of its existence.

  83. @Robert Dolan

    Yes, (((they))) wrote it, but it was passed by white politicians voted into office by white voters, without any big outcry on their part.

    Most whites are stupid cucks. They either vote for libtards, or for GOP con men who jerk them around at every opportunity, like Ronald Reagan who gave tax breaks to the (((rich))) and signed amnesty into law.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Thanks: Agent76
    • Replies: @Trinity
  84. @Bill Jones

    Agreed. People, get your families and any friends who can think rationally and calmly, and go for a walk together. No masks, no antisocial distancing, just normal healthy human interaction, conversation, and exercise.

    Do this every single day, especially after any supposed curfew that your town or state imposes.

    Let the sheeple see that not all of us are hysterics and not all of us are willing to give up liberty, privacy, and dignity because elites who profit from the hysteria tell us to.

    Needless to say, have a defense lawyer’s card and cell phone number with you. Creepy times, but we can resist peacefully. Strength in numbers.

  85. @Carlton Meyer

    You’re probably right as to the central and northern california counties bordering Nevada. Hope so!

    But the most populous and physically largest CA county that borders Nevada is San Bernardino County, and a majority of people there won’t vote to leave California. Love to see it, and will actively support it if it starts developing, but doubt it very much.

    For what it’s worth, the supposedly freedom- or tradition-loving folks of inland southern california voted majority for the democrats. In SB County, Harris/Biden got 54%, about 456,000 votes, compared to Trump’s 43.6% with 356,000 votes. Third World immivasion is transforming SB County like everywhere else because we fail to stop it, and the culture and politics are changing accordingly.

    On a related note, those Cali counties might be better off forming their own State, not merging with Nevada. Err on the side of smaller, less populous States that are more well tailored and responsive to the needs, priorities, values, economy, and lifestyles of the local people.

    Also, why get into a State that would still be dominated by Las Vegas / Clark County (and by fast-growing Reno / Washoe County).

    Finally, more numerous and more compact States promote tax competition because it becomes quicker, cheaper & easier to visit another State that offers lower rates of sales tax or excise taxes (alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, gasoline, etc.). Better to have an East California in addition to Nevada, not as part of Nevada.

  86. Again….The Immigration Act of 1965 was NOT voted on.

    It was forced on our people and it was done in a very sneaky and underhanded way. The Jews even LIED and claimed that the legislation “would not change the demographics of America.”

    They fucking LIED! Their main GOAL was to change the demographics of America, to import their own leftist voting block, to disenfranchise white Christian people.

    Ann Coulter says it best, “We never voted to become mexico.”

    We didn’t vote for abortion either.

    Most of the destruction and degeneracy was engineered by organized Jewry and instituted by Jewish activist judges and paid for with Jewish bribery.

    Yes, there are shabbos goy sellouts that take Jewish money and do the bidding of the Jews;
    Paul Ryan, John McCain, Dan Crenshaw, etc.

    When the white elite was in control, prior to 1913, even though they were wealthy at least they had concern for our people and love for our nation.

    The Jewish elite is openly HOSTILE to white Christian America, and hostile to the entire western world.

    The goofballs in here trying to argue otherwise have no clue about how this shit works.

    I despise the GOP and they deserve our scorn, but we would not be having any of these problems if not for the Jewish money power.

    • Replies: @James O'Meara
  87. Anon[345] • Disclaimer says:

    “They deliberately turn a blind eye toward the concept that given the times and situations, a bit of “Nazi” “totalitarianism” may have been in order.”

    That’s so true isn’t it so fucking true sometimes Libertarianism is called for, sometimes Communism when the rich treat us like farm animals, sometimes Nazism when minorities yap so much that they need the ‘special treatment’ all politics should be ‘Bespoke to cater to a community or a plethora of community needs’

  88. Trinity says:
    @Kursk Salient

    The only thing I disagree with you on is calling (((leftist) “liberals,” the Jews brainwashed America and Americans into believing that anti-White Jewish fascism is “liberal.” Hell, the Jew media, both on the idiot box and places like Jewgle and FaceBerg along with those white traitor trash cuckolds that make up (((Antifa))) and Black thugs in (((BLM))) are the antithesis of liberal.

    We definitely need to stop skating around the J-word and QUIT calling these leftist anti-White racist maniacal sociopaths, “liberal.” These people are the least tolerant people of all and are racist to the core when it comes to Whites.

  89. @Bill Jones

    “Judging by the plethora of mask-fascists”

    I prefer to call them “mask fetishists” as, like “cuck”, it seems to trigger them due to their hidden perversions. Same with “Gov. ‘Nipples’ Cuomo,” much more effective (and less pointlessly anti-Italian) than “Fredo”.

  90. @NoobSpyBot

    “Perhaps we need some kinds of simple tracts to illustrate the current predicament we are in.”

    Like those “It’s O.K. to be white” postings? Those just brought out all the forces arrayed against us in their communities, but not a word of support from other whites — and it was just a simple, harmless statement. A pamphlet strong enough to challenge “woke” beliefs would be prosecuted as a hate crime!

    • Replies: @NoobSpyBot
  91. @follyofwar

    ZMan said today:

    “This is exactly what happened with the American Revolution. A new elite replaced the old elite and created a system that worked for them to replace the old system…. the Founders did not view themselves as radicals or revolutionaries. The Declaration itself is a bourgeoise document filled with objectivist rhetoric explaining their actions. Even at the point of the break, they sounded like men willing to meet the crown halfway. ”

  92. @Robert Dolan

    “You don’t know anything about politics. Whites had NOTHING to do with the open borders legislation……this was strictly the doing of organized Jewry and Jewish donors to both “sides.”

    Speaking for myself, not Catdog, I have to say I know enough about politics to know that a handful of Jews and donors can’t “do” squat without hundreds of Congresscritters to actually pass the legislation, almost all of whom in 1965 were White Christians and mostly male. Unless you assume White people have no agency and are just putty in the hands of Jewish donors.

  93. @Robert Dolan

    “The Jews even LIED and claimed that the legislation “would not change the demographics of America.” They fucking LIED!”

    I didn’t know Ted Kennedy (whom you are quoting) was Jewish. Was he a converso, perhaps one of the “Black Irish” descended from survivors of the Spanish Armada shipwrecked off the Irish coast?

    Do you think Teddy was just a ventriloquist’s dummy? An organ grinder’s monkey? The Irish have been trying to “change the demographics” of America since the days of Boss Tweed and Michael Curley.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  94. @Joseph Doaks

    So what’s your idea?

    Who was the last American to be imprisoned for saying “it’s ok to be white”? Or leaving a tract for someone to discover? Last I checked, humans communicate ideas. This is how we persuade. Those “It’s OK to be white” postings are controversial precisely because they resonate with white people.

  95. Move the western border of Greater Idaho farther west.
    Take the eastern half of Washington state and Oregon state also.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  96. Federal Government won’t cede an inch to white men trying to rescue some part of America from its clutches. Because that isn’t what empires do, as everyone knows; they drag on like zombies until everything has become something else.

    There will be no balkanization, no refuges or autonomous zones, and no mercy. Even if infrastructure alone didn’t guarantee that, the hatred and zealotry of the ruling class would.

    Pointless to keep talking about breakaways and circling the wagons, as if we’re Mormons on the fucking Oregon Trail – especially on the eve of what is likely to be the most painful phase of centralization in American history.

    Americans have a lot of guns, but they have no loyalty to each other and will always bow to authority. “White”, for all the digital ink spilled over the years, still isn’t an actual ethnos – and when your back’s really to the wall, you’ll see that.

    Like it or not, this is completely new political territory we’re being pushed into. It’s going to be extremely uncomfortable for the majority. Backyard chickens and Gofundmes aren’t gonna be enough. Nothing can stop this or turn it around.

    Best not have the blinders on.

  97. From Rachel Maddow’s ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ Siberian Candidate to Tucker Carlson’s ‘China, China, China’ Manchurian Candidate.

    Out of the frying pan into the fire. This is what happens when one doesn’t name the Jew.

    Video Link

    • LOL: Ron Unz, Yevardian
  98. @Tom Verso

    The notion that the power of such an all encompassing oligarchy can be mitigated let alone displace is IN MY OPINION akin to secondary school idealism.

    You don’t know the white nationalist motto? It isn’t the Fourteen Words, but rather:

    Tous les jours à tous points de vue je vais de mieux en mieux!

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
    , @RadicalCenter
  99. @Catdog

    If anyone knows a strategy to reach them, please tell me.

    I have a strong libertarian streak, but at the end of the day it was statistics that persuaded me.

    The crime and demographic statistics are now easily available online in every major city–they are stunning and undeniable.

    Trillions of dollars have been flushed down the “we can civilize them” rathole–and the failure has been total and undeniable.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  100. @Marshall Lentini

    Yeah, let’s gather all the white true believers into a well publicized redoubt. That way the (((government))) will know who and where they are, who to infiltrate, harass, bomb, starve. The genius who thought of this must be the guy running our war winning strategy in Afghanistan. Perfect example of the blatant stupidity, lack of street smarts and common sense that’s going to get them slaughtered.

  101. @James O'Meara

    Typical Jew/shabbos goy take… was Ted Kennedy!

    It was NOT Ted Kennedy, you diversionary piece of shit.

    Ted Kennedy was a brand new and very DRUNK Senator who was used by the crafty Jews.

    Ted Kennedy did not WRITE the legislation….he was surely given bribes to sell us out, but he didn’t WRITE the bill.

    Shame on you for pushing the typical Jew lies and trying to divert.

    How much does the nose pay you to come in here and spew bullshit to try to throw people off the trail?


    • Thanks: Trinity
  102. The Open Immigration Law Of 1965 – A bit of back-story

    It was the American Jewish Committee (AJC) which first vigorously advocated for open immigration in America beginning in 1914 until the great watershed in 1965.

    Jewish politicians Behind The Open Immigration Law of 1965:

    Senator Jacob Javits (NY)
    Congressman Emanuel Celler (NY)
    Leo Pfeffer (Former President of American Jewish Congress (AJC)
    Norman Podhoretz (Writer and Member of The Council on Foreign Relations – former leftist, now a Jewish neo-con)
    * Senator Jacob Javits played a prominent role in the Senate hearings on the 1965 bill. Javits authored an article entitled ‘Let’s open the gates’ that proposed immigration levels of 500,000 per year for 20 years with no restrictions on national origin.

    * Congressman Emanuel Celler, who fought for unrestricted immigration for over 40 years in the House of Representatives, introduced similar legislation resulting in the “Cellar-Hart Immigration Bill,” the precursor to the fatal bill of 1965.

    * Leo Pfeffer, a so-called, “Jewish Intellect,” (translate, “Christ-Hater”), wrote many treatises and books that propagandized for open immigration.

    * Norman Podhoretz, a former leftist, now a Jewish “neo-con,” (he’s still a leftist), also wrote many articles promoting open immigration.

    * Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Congress, The Jewish Federation, the ACLU, and the B’nai B’rith, (there is no end to their organizations), filed briefs in support of open immigration before the Senate Subcommittee in the early sixties leading up to the passing of the 1965 law.

    The main author of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was Jewish assistant attorney general Norbert A. Schlei | II (1929-2003). (Schlei also wrote the Voting Rights Act of 1965).

    Jewish Arnold Aronson (1911-1998) was founder and leader of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR). The LCCR, a powerful coalition of political and religious groups, organized major, countrywide lobbying efforts to aid passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  103. @Marshall Lentini

    There will be no balkanization, no refuges or autonomous zones, and no mercy. Even if infrastructure alone didn’t guarantee that, the hatred and zealotry of the ruling class would.

    That is why Alinsky tactics are the way to go–no plan, no organization, no predictability–just weird stuff happening for no apparent reason.

    Their occupation of the “high ground” (the large institutions) is both their strength and their weakness.

    I agree they will not negotiate or concede anything until they run out of other options.

  104. KenH says:

    If a slim Democratic government ratified statehood for Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and other territories, at least some Republicans would spearhead a movement to create new states and right the balance.

    D.C. and Puerto Rico can only become states if 2/3 majorities in each chamber approve and Democrats don’t have anywhere close to that level of support across party lines.

    The stolen presidential election is already radicalizing people in my social circle and that’s very a good sign.

    We can start thinking small and working locally all we want but until whites begin to acknowledge the Jewish question there will be a ceiling to what we as whites can accomplish. For it’s Jews who serve as the generals in the war against whites and they won’t stop mounting offensives against white racial interests until we recognize their power and influence as the primary source for our current travails and develop a coherent strategy to combat and defeat them.

    That some pro-white groups still strongly resist embracing opposition to Jews is evidence of the spectacular success of the their post WWII propaganda and guilt tripping program against white gentiles in the Western world.

  105. Joe webb says:

    Big News! The Personal is NOT

    A catechism for conservatives should begin with this refusal.

    From a biological perspective, the baby enters a social world of the non-political. Family and society generally is not political. To conflate or confuse these Realms, leads to breakdown, totalitarianism, etc.

    Court packing is an example of the Social invading the Political.

    Giving blacks the vote was political but it carried an unaknowledged burden of social equality.

    Thus our political realm was invaded by The Social. Here we are.

    The Social Revolution replaces a slow-moving dynamic of political activity with a rapid assertion of invented ‘rights.’

    Rights are politically established but very slowly….as social sensibilities follow biology.

    Revolution is rapid and hence doomed to failure.

    Joe WEbb\

  106. Video Link

    “Dr. Duke and British author and broadcaster Andy Hitchcock tell Tucker Carlson to stop being such a f*g. He owes his career to shilling for Jews while in the employ of neocons like William Kristol. While he has spoken against the whole Russia hoax, but falsely saying that the insane war-mongering against Russia should actually be aimed at China doesn’t help anything. Our Republic is on the verge of being destroyed once and for all by these Jews, and Tucker is pushing for war with China.”

  107. Ace says:

    The problem with focusing on egalitarianism is it makes one a slave to something that’s unreachable. Equal opportunity is just a facet of being “born equal.” Big deal. I expect it. I demand it. But I have never been the least motivated politically to say, We must have equal rights. Those who’ve pushed that night and day have not been the least bit interested in equal rights but leftist extortion and oppression.

    All I’ve ever focused on is trying to identify a service that I can provide, get really good at it, and earn a living. Equal opportunity laws are useless and resorting to them is a clue that you’re completely out of options.

  108. Tom Verso says:
    @Marshall Lentini

    I’m not perfectly clear about the connection between my comment and the 14 words and
    Tous les jours à tous points de vue je vais de mieux en mieux!

    But, I totally agree that for Euro-Americans:

    Every day from all points of view I am getting better and better!

    The Semites have been trying to bring Europeans down since 800 BC when the Phoenicians tried to take Sicily from the Greeks.

    And 600 years later the Semite Hannibal tried to capture Italy.

    They are still at it through Jewish infiltration and Moslem immigration.

    Like they say in 9th inning Baseball:
    It ain’t over until it’s over. And, it ain’t over yet!

  109. Incitatus says:

    “West Virginia’s governor, Democrat-turned-Republican Jim Justice, said that his state would “stand with open arms” to welcome Virginia counties that wanted to leave the Old Dominion.”

    Sweet kismet! A love match between two welfare queens!

    West Virginia gets $12.7 billion MORE from the Federal Government than it pays in taxes – $2.08 back for every dollar paid ($12,761 welfare per capita).

    Add Virginia (match made in heaven), the primo welfare state ($96.9 billion MORE from the Federal Government than it pays in taxes – $2.12 back for every dollar paid ($11,378 welfare per capita).

    Why not a triple union with Kentucky, second only to Virginia in Federal largess ($45.2 billion MORE from the Federal Government than it pays in taxes – $2.41 back for every dollar paid ($10,110 welfare per capita). Doubtless the “Kentucky values” chinless Mitch proudly espoused in his campaign debate.

    Eight states pay more than they receive back from the Feds – 6 Blue (NY, NJ, MA, CT, CO, MN) donate $52.9 billion; 2 red (UT, NE) give $826 million.

    Word to wise ‘pioneers’ – before divorcing benefactors: consider your income carefully.

    Source: Rockefeller Instititue of Government:

    • Replies: @Trinity
  110. Skeptikal says:

    Immediately after the election and the “declaration” of Biden as winner I started to get that this whole operation has more than a whiff of “junta.”

    Colonel and his pals step out onto the balcony of a government building and declare that they are forming the new government. The thuggery exercised on the opposition is outside the reach of the Klieg lights . . .

    With every new announcement from the “Office of the President-Elect” I get more of that “junta” feeling . . .

  111. tomo says:
    @Robert Dolan

    It’s probably best just to say PSYCHOPATHS instead of jews.
    that is what these predatory jews always are
    And this accounts for the non-jew psychopaths that we also have plenty of helping them.
    This classification will probably piss off jews since it makes the religion/tribe they like so much to use as a label of a fake victim irrelevant.
    They know their psychopath support group club / psychopath as a ‘culture’ has been identified/noticed but not mentioned – which prevents them (and I think they will hate that) from labeling us as ‘antisemites’
    All they can call us is ANTI – PSYCHOPATHS – which is a very honorable thing/a compliment.
    Besides – this is true – I don’t care about religion – it’s just very important for humanity to learn to spot these predators and to prevent psychopaths from getting into positions of power – which is like putting a fox in charge of a hen house
    Psychopaths cannot love or care for others – and that’s not even their fault. It is a serious sickness – be it individual psychopathy or psychopathy as a ‘culture’
    we have to protect ourselves – they tend to self – destruct eventually and if we let them rule over us – they will drag us with them

    • Thanks: Trinity
  112. tomo says:
    @Colin Wright

    deep inside you are probably just anti-psychopath (not just jewish ones)
    So that’s a safe and rational way to discriminate
    make their religion irrelevant – because it is
    We need to protect ourselves from predatory, devious, liars and actors who act behind our backs, to turn us against everyone (all the while pretending they are our best friends, no less, and just like us – and even victims somehow…) …
    they have no conscience or remorse – and are natural traitors.
    And most importantly they CANNOT be any other way – it’s not even their fault.
    Their religion does seem to me as an atheist best described as a parasitic (similar to gypsies or any other ‘culture’ which depends on exploiting a host – gypsies also like to pretend they are victims as they steal from you – I remember them growing up in Eastern Europe.
    Their ethnicity and religion is irrelevant – we don’t want people who abuse us, lie to us , act, with fake charm, while working behind our backs to destroy us….
    Jews or non-jews
    So if you say and are against psychopaths (natural, remorseless predators and crooks) – you will cover the demographic you are worried about – as simple as that
    Plus you will really piss them off – because they depend on that label so much – it’s one of their main psychopathic tools of exploitation/fake victim hood.
    And this new deserved label will help many others connect the dots – it’s not their religion that is the problem – it’s their lack of conscience, their behind the back lies, fake charm …etc – their psychopathy.
    And people will start noticing other psychopaths more too – and that is what we need to fix this society and to prevent ourselves from being used and or destroyed by a bunch of sick people (individual psychopaths or psychopathy as a ‘culture)

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  113. Trinity says:

    And how much does your beloved Israel receive in welfare each year from the American taxpayer? Well, we all know that it is MINIMUM OF 3.8 BILLION DOLLARS. Remind me again on why in the hell Americans give Israel this kind of money each year? It isn’t as if America benefits by having a “friend” like Israel as an ally. With a “friend” like Israel, who needs enemies.

    Last time I heard a bunch of Kentuckians, West Virginians and Virginians weren’t bombing the USS Liberty, spying on our government, or bombing U.S. and British installations over in Egypt and trying to instigate a war between that nation and the West. AND, why no mention of California, which is home to 1/3 of all our nation’s welfare recipients despite only being 12% of our nation’s population. Could it be that you are just an anti-White troll who doesn’t want to call a majority nonwhite state and Israel the biggest blood suckers out there when it comes to receiving welfare from the U.S. government.

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  114. Virginia, once conservative, is now essentially governed by Northern Virginia, which is an excrescence of Washington D.C.

    More like excrement.

  115. Incitatus says:

    “And how much does your beloved Israel receive in welfare each year from the American taxpayer?”

    Why label me pro-Israel? Knee-jerk reaction? Tell us about it.

    Israel shouldn’t receive aid IMHO. I live in a donor state. True, against my wishes, we contribute to Israel ($3.8 billion mostly via free US weapons). Even more ($45.2 billion) to chinless Mitch’s “Kentucky values” pioneers.

    Comforting thought, Trinity.

    If you don’t live in a donor state (NY, NJ, MA, CT, CO, MN, UT, NE), you’re on welfare just like Israel! You don’t contribute anything! Enjoy!

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  116. @paranoid goy

    I spent some time on your website, good stuff. Especially the part about webcamming all government officials 24/7/365, putting an end to secret deals and corporate tyranny. Works well with the low level beat-cops, why not expand your idea to all our “servants?”

  117. @Marshall Lentini

    It won’t even be the Siege of Petersburg. More like the Branch Davidian Inferno.

  118. @John Pepple

    Things have gone so far off the rails in this “subject province” of the global oligarchs that wealthy Harvard feminists can now park their Ferraris n put down their Frappucinos to punch “white privileged” “Nazi” plumbers in the face without risk of arrest, n the bought n paid for media will praise their bravery n moral rectitude.

  119. @Justvisiting

    The numbers don’t seem to have much influence in the face of 24/7/365 mass media conditioning. The Dems that I know openly acknowledge n celebrate the election fraud. They want the “racist” Constitution gone next. The Repubs that I know say no fraud has been proved n refuse to do anything that might endanger their stock portfolio. Both dismiss statistics as irrelevant, saying “statistics can be used to prove anything”.

    The average citizen can’t calculate change for a cup of coffee. They can’t think n can barely read. If we don’t reclaim the media n public schools from the simple but very effective constant propaganda of the (((oligarchs))), then we may as well forget voting. It is completely pointless when the population is illiterate n programmed to reject the very idea of voting as racist. That’s where we are.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  120. @Sin City Milla

    I guess you just have to convince the intelligent folks first. (Good news–there are a lot less of _them_. :-))

    The old saying applies here–there are three kinds of people:

    –Those who make things happen.
    –Those who watch things happen.
    –Those who have no idea _what_ is happening.

  121. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Attacking Jews and Judaism per se is not a good use of effort. In the 1950s US, Judaism in the United States was in serious danger of being assimilated into the general society. The Jewish religious society countered in two ways: (a) defined Judaism as a series of surprise and unexpected slaughters, “for no reason whatsoever” from surrounding Christian societies (just like the 1950s US), and (b) changing US society so as to make it less attractive.
    Attacking Jews is what their religious structure wants to happen. For a parallel, think of Moses, and how many of the Israelites his military police killed after the Golden Calf affair. Historical or not, it’s a template in use today.

    25 Moses saw that the people were running wild and that Aaron had let them get out of control and so become a laughingstock to their enemies. 26 So he stood at the entrance to the camp and said, “Whoever is for the Lord, come to me.” And all the Levites rallied to him.

    27 Then he said to them, “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘Each man strap a sword to his side. Go back and forth through the camp from one end to the other, each killing his brother and friend and neighbor.’” 28 The Levites did as Moses commanded, and that day about three thousand of the people died. 29 Then Moses said, “You have been set apart to the Lord today, for you were against your own sons and brothers, and he has blessed you this day.”

    Attacking Jews only makes Jewish religious authority greater. The authority does not much care about Jewish casualties. Moses caused about 3 thousand Jewish casualties, and all it gets line 28 and some praise from the authors.

    Do not attack the Jews. Attack their supporters. Demand fair elections. Demand an end to demomnization. End media monopolies. Attack Jewish ideas, no Jews.

    Every successful political group first destroys internal enemies. You want to do that if you want to win.

    • Thanks: tomo
    • Replies: @tomo
  122. tomo says:

    Thank you
    I agree
    I am happy just to expose psychopaths and as you say the ones who help them.

    The more people learn that you don’t have to be a serial killer (as Pedowood teaches us) to be a very predatory, harmful psychopath, the sooner we can heal the society and the perpetual damage psychopaths cause.
    Especially if left unchallenged and unidentified.

    Being able to identify the hidden, predatory, mentally sick is the first step

  123. GeeBee says:

    Concentration camps, if they teach the truth, are a great benefit to a sick society. They are an emotional shock… a kick in the ass that is needed. As an aside, Germany was full of Bolsheviks when Hitler implemented the camps.

    Although I’ve known the truth – indeed, the wisdom – of the words I quote above for some years now, I still found it something of a shock to read those three sentences of yours. This is because they so starkly encapsulate the entire truth regarding National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler, and at the same time hint at how and why the greatest deception ever wrought upon us came about.

    By the early 1920s (((Bolshevism))) had almost succeeded in implementing the Jewish gambit of turning out all those troublesome European monarchies, which for so long had stood in the way of their bid for global domination via their various scams, but especially that of International Finance, and the weather seemed set fair for their Trojan Horse to conquer most of northern Europe. Then would you believe it, a man who was a king in all but name suddenly appeared and stopped them in their tracks. They realised, with a horrified stark clarity, that all was lost unless this man and his system could be done away with.

    What this man did, of course, was exactly as you describe: he had to incarcerate the fellow travellers who had emerged from the Trojan horse, and, yes, ‘re-educate them’. So incensed were (((they))) on seeing this that, once they had duped Britain and the USA into providing the muscle to do their bidding, they of course had to implement a relentless programme of ‘de-Nazification’ which continues unabated to this day.

    ‘The camps’ have been invested with endless horrors. No doubt the chief among them was the Jews’ horrified realisation that they represented no less than the end of their gambit. This is why they have today taken om a totemic symbolism: the camps, in their curious way, embodied freedom for the European-derived peoples, because they contained – and ‘re-educated’ – our mortal foes.

    • Agree: Mefobills
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  124. @Jake

    Mefobills‘ comment below

    amplifies your vitally necessary point the thrust of which is:

    Any efforts to fight against Leftism and/or Anglo-Zionist Imperialism other than those that aim to rebuild Christendom are a waste of time and energy doomed to fail and be absorbed.

    Unless/until we recognize the Divine Wisdom of Luke 4 and John 8:44 by following the lessons of Almighty God Jesus, our doom at the hands of the children of the devil is sealed.

  125. @Mefobills

    Jake, whose comment above

    is reinforced by your comment here, has consistently edified us to the need to turn/return to the Christianity of Pre Vatican II Catholicism, that being the teachings of Divine Savior Jesus as passed down until the Judaizing heresies of the Reformation, Protestantism, and crypto or blatant infiltration of the Vatican occurred.

    You have written often with clarity and persuasiveness about the Jews in flight from Spain coming to dominate the markets in Amsterdam and using their profits to print Bibles at not profit but loss, said Bibles used to dupe those of Christendom into the Judaized heresy that is Protestantism.

    Like all truth, what you and Jake write fits together.

  126. @Incitatus

    Unusually clownish and puerile even for one of your ilk.
    There is no mention, of course of the trillions of dollars dispensed by the Fed.

    That would be “Federal” not State.

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  127. Mikael_ says:

    Aren’t you just dancing around an elephant?

    The glaring contradiction is that using a short-term tactic without announcing it as such, will hamper you massively when trying to sell your long-term strategy as a viable moral foundation later.

    It’s the usual ‘fighting for peace’ or ‘f**king for virginity’ fallacy.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  128. @Fred777

    I’d go with “working class”

    I agree; it also echos, for those old enough, the John Lennon song.

  129. @Mikael_

    The glaring contradiction is that using a short-term tactic without announcing it as such,

    Agreed–we should be “announcing it as such”.

    We are going to frack up the enemy at times and places and techniques of our choosing–the rules are there are no rules….this is a temporary tactic to get them to the negotiating table….there, I “announced” it.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  130. @Justvisiting

    I want to give a specific example of how “no rules” works. This is classic Sun Tzu stuff I am about to describe.

    What is cool about those types of strategies is that after the fact almost everyone will say “you didn’t do that, there were forces beyond your control that made it happen”.

    That is _exactly_ how you know you picked the perfect strategy, because you managed to get the wind at your back instead of in your face.

    My local newspaper is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the country, having published in Hartford, CT since 1764.

    The leftist zombies starting taking it over in the 1960s, and it became more and more biased over the years.

    I made a vow–I want this lefty rag “gone” from my state.

    Every “expert” would say this was an impossible task.

    Those are my _favorite_ tasks!

    When Al Gore invented the Internet, I was one of the early adopters and recognized the potential to achieve my goal.

    To make it happen, though, I had to convince friends, neighbors, local businesses, local non-profits, everybody I came in contact with….not to change their belief system (way too hard, that is “up-wind”) but to move away from the newspaper to the “new medium” of the Internet.

    It turned out that the revenue of the paper came from two main sources, advertising and subscriptions.

    I focused on both.

    Every chance I had I pointed out to local businesses that the local advertising rags were on-line and were easy to use without bothering with a messy newspaper.

    I taught newbies how to use computers and how to get a wide variety of information from many sources (_Never_ the Hartford Courant. 🙂 )

    So–let us make the long story short:

    They still “exist”, but they are gone from the state and are a laughingstock at this point.

    Hope to see those lefty “journalists” on the street-corners soon begging for food….

    (I know, I have delusions of grandeur–you _need_ those or you won’t do anything.)

  131. @Larry Holmgren

    Keep the new States small. East Washington can be its own State. Same with East Oregon. Same with the northern california counties bordering Nevada and Oregon.

  132. @Marshall Lentini

    Then I can answer in some other language that most people here do not understand (German). Kinda silly.

    Translation in English, please?

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  133. @RadicalCenter

    Slightly off-topic. When I get THOSE phone-calls by scammers, sales-schemers, artificial-intelligence bots, et al, my response: “Guten Tag. Kannen Sie bitte mir auf Deutsch sprechen? Das Englisch kan Ich nicht gut verstehen.” Has worked every time. Yet to discover a German speaker in the lot—particularly from those scammers in the Subcontinent—mostly Bangalore.

  134. Mefobills says:

    Hitler wanted to re-educate them in the kindest way possible.

    The camps were a middle place between civilian life and jail.

    Jail was too harsh.

    Only after the war started, did the camps become “labor” for producing war material.

    If you follow the money, then you have to ask yourself, “why did the camps have money if the intent was to “kill the jews?”

    Far from being the “death camps” as you have heard so often, places like Auschwitz, Dachau and Buchenwald were not in the business of extermination. They were work camps, critical to the German war effort. But did you know that the Jewish workers were compensated for their labor with scrip printed specifically for their use in stores, canteens and even brothels? The prisoner monetary system was conceived in ghettos such as Lodz, carried to camps such as Auschwitz and Dachau and still existed in the displaced persons camps that were established by the Allies after World War II. Here is the story of the money the court historians do not want you to even suspect existed.

    and origin :

    Rassinier claimed that the concentration camps were a “gesture of compassion” since inmates had been placed where they could “not hurt the new regime and where they could be protected from the public anger.”

    • Thanks: GeeBee
  135. @Agent76

    100% refined & purified BS from all of these pathetic whores in the “Great Reset Launch Highlights” video. Whom do they think they’re fooling with their foolishness. Their Great Reset will be the greatest theft/transfer of assets & wealth in all of history from the middle-working classes to a tiny few of the idle elite of the elite. And when we own nothing and are “happy”about it, exactly who in their fairyland of destitution will be shouldering the burden of “ownership” of that which is no longer owned? Certainly someone will be taking up the mantle – as Dr. Zhivago discovered.

  136. we are in a worse position if Trump leaves office. even if the movement has grown, it has done so under his watch. without the power of the office, even if misused by Trump and stalled by the deep state, Biden/Harris will destroy whatever growth the young budding movement has achieved.

    but, if increased urgency can spur more action, then things could indeed be better in the end.

    but only if. Christians won through catacombs, but only as we gained power from the catacombs. whites, who have been bred and raised Christian for ages (yes, it is universal, but also allowing of ethnocentrism), should have some of that Spirit. gentle as doves, but smart as snakes. looking decent, not afraid to tell the truth, but also with enough optics where we are seen as the just ascendant ones. everyone will have a role, some as martyrs, some as Constantines; some as vanguard, some as footsoldiers, some as fellow travellers and allies (i.e. based colored ones that may help in establishing mixed friendly border areas to white areas); some as artistic and spiritual leaders, some as family and community.

    all are needed, in times of action.

  137. Incitatus says:
    @Bill Jones

    “Bill Jones”?

    Any relation to Bob Jones Sr, “evangelist, pioneer religious broadcaster, and the founder and first president of Bob Jones University”? Such a distinguished surname, after all. Codified (with ‘Smith’) in many/most hourly motels?

    “Unusually clownish and puerile even for one of your ilk. There is no mention, of course of the trillions of dollars dispensed by the Fed. That would be “Federal” not State.”

    Well thanks for that. Won’t ask about “my ilk” (whatever that means) or what in the thread demanded such response.

    Here’s the thing. Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt ($900 billion to $2.7 trillion) in his 8-year term. The record. Little wonder we all felt so good – our children (their children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren, greatgreatgrandchildren) would pay! Morning in America!

    Reagan passed on after being put out to pasture on a ranch supplied by his supporters.

    GW Bush doubled the national debt ($5 trillion to $10 trillion) in his 8-year term. Two tax (extraordinary) breaks while fighting wars-of-choice (deferred cost) wars. How brave (especially for five-time draft-deferment Cheney and investor pals). Obama the same ($10 trillion to $20 trillion).

    Now the debt is $27 .5 trillion. Proud “king of debt” Trump managed to add an exceptional; $7,500,000,000 to debt in four years. What’s up with that, Billy?

    Give us a hint.

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