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Failure in the Midterms
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Dr. Oz.  Credit Image: © Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press
Dr. Oz. Credit Image: © Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press

On paper, the Republican Party should have run away with the midterm elections. It did not. It failed for structural, ideological, and demographic reasons. It probably can’t fix any of this. This is an opportunity for white advocates.

At this writing, it is virtually certain the Democrats will control the Senate no matter what happens in the runoff in Georgia. The GOP will take over the House of Representatives, though it will have a very small majority. The Democrats will not be able to pass any major legislation without Republican turncoats.

Republicans were expecting far more. Historically, the party in opposition gains seats during the midterm elections in the president’s first term. Republicans could also look forward to victory based on Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s success last year, which turned a blue state red.

There were high hopes the GOP could expand the map this year, especially because of President Biden’s low approval ratings. A CBS news exit poll found almost two-thirds of voters don’t want to see President Biden run again. Inflation was the top issue among those polled, and only just over one-third of voters said President Biden’s policies were “helping” the country. If you had seen those exit polls and nothing else, you would have expected a horrible night for the Democrats.

In the weeks up to the election, there were signs of trouble for the “Red Wave.” First, Democrats completely closed the enthusiasm gap with Republicans. Second, important figures including Republican senate candidate Blake Masters in Arizona and Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania closed polling gaps far too late in the election — with the Democrats enjoying an advantage among everyone who had voted before the Republicans rallied. Democrats also outspent them. Third, the repeal of Roe v. Wade rallied unmarried women, who now are the core of the Democratic coalition along with blacks. Finally, gasoline prices fell in the run-up to the election, something the Biden Administration might have helped along by tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Still, Republican prospects were good, and before outlining the Republican Party’s failures, it’s worth highlighting its success. The GOP won the House and 6 percent more of the popular vote. (Since 1992, Republicans have won the popular vote in a presidential race only once: George W. Bush in 2004.) Voters dashed progressives’ hopes of upsetting GOP stars, such as Ohio Senator-elect J. D. Vance, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Governor Dan Abbott and Rep. Paul Gosar of Texas, Governor Brian Kemp and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, and Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. Governor DeSantis and Senator Marco Rubio both look like strong candidates for 2024, Florida is a red state, and the GOP won outright majorities in overwhelmingly Hispanic districts. Once again, we need to think more carefully about what the “Hispanic” racial designator means in politics. Governor DeSantis looks like President Trump’s presumptive rival for 2024 and has been an effective governor.

Gov. Ron DeSantis waves to a crowd of supporters during his election night party at the Tampa Convention Center. (Credit Image: © Luis Santana/Tampa Bay Times via ZUMA Press Wire)
Gov. Ron DeSantis waves to a crowd of supporters during his election night party at the Tampa Convention Center. (Credit Image: © Luis Santana/Tampa Bay Times via ZUMA Press Wire)

In contrast, President Trump’s “MAGA movement” is dying. Trump-endorsed nominees Blake Masters, Mehmet Oz, Doug Mastriano, and Joe Kent lost. Rep. Lauren Boebert has a slim lead in her race, but it’s still too close to call. President Trump himself will be a candidate for 2024, but his power within the GOP may be broken. His weak showing may also make the Biden Justice Department less hesitant to indict him. While many strong candidates were re-elected (and electing Senator J. D. Vance is a populist victory), nationalists aren’t dominating the GOP. The Democrats’ trick of funding so-called “election deniers” in the primaries may make it hard to take Democratic claims of “defending democracy” seriously. However, as a political trick, it worked; those candidates lost.

Senator-elect J. D. Vance celebrates his win over Tim Ryan. (Credit Image: © Jintak Han/ZUMA Press Wire)
Senator-elect J. D. Vance celebrates his win over Tim Ryan. (Credit Image: © Jintak Han/ZUMA Press Wire)

The structural reason the Democrats did so well is because they’ve built a superior get-out-the-vote operation, using early voting, mail-in voting, and ballot harvesting. Ballot harvesting means a person can collect absentee ballots from voters and turn them in. It raises questions about fraud, since it breaks the chain of custody between voters and election officials. In some states, it’s a crime.

However, even if all ballot “harvesters” are honest, it ensures high turnout in dense areas that tend to support Democrats. Driven, passionate, progressive activists harvest ballots from their low-agency urban base. Republicans could do the same, but it would require more money and determination.

“Election Day” itself is a misnomer because early voting has changed the way campaigns should be waged. If you aren’t winning a few weeks ahead of “Election Day,” you may have already lost. Winning the vote cast on Election Day may not be enough to overcome earlier votes.

Early voters in every age group tended to support Democrats. There are many Republicans calling for changes in the voting rules to prevent fraud, but the party lacks the power to do much. The national party could propose making Election Day a holiday while cracking down on other practices, thus capitalizing on the GOP’s Election Day advantage. If not, the GOP needs to build a comparable machine to harvest votes early in a campaign. Speaking from my experience with conservatives, it probably won’t do anything.

A party built around “limited government” has a hard time playing for keeps. Nor do Republicans generally promise their voters support from the Treasury. Conservative activists live off the movement, working for NGOs, activist organizations, or as consultants. The Democrats’ NGOs either work with or get money from the state. Republicans don’t run the “permanent campaign” Democrats do. Republicans do not have the same number of full-time activists. They probably never will until they abandon the idea of limited government and instead openly aim for taking over the state and using its power.

Major parts of the Republican coalition are also unpopular. Democrats have done well since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. They mentioned abortion more than any other issue in television ads. A constitutional ban on abortion in Kentucky failed. In Montana, a bill that required medical care for newborns that survived abortion also failed.

Pro-life activists say their cause is egalitarianism taken to its logical conclusion. A fetus has a “right” to life even if it is the product of rape, is defective, or is unwanted. That may be logical, but most Americans don’t vote that way. Even in deep red states, voters don’t want total abortion bans. They think partial-birth abortions are wrong, but not first-trimester.

At least some voters turned out to defend abortion specifically. A plurality of 31 percent of voters said inflation was the most important issue, but abortion wasn’t far behind at 27 percent. In Pennsylvania, those polled said abortion was the top issue, and voters who said abortion was most important broke four to one for Democrat John Fetterman. In Michigan, a plurality of 45 percent said abortion was most important. Voters from that plurality backed Democrat Gretchen Wilson 77 to 22 percent.

Young (and therefore more racially diverse) voters backed Democrats. Even a majority of 18–29-year-old men backed Democrats. This included a majority of white 18–29-year-olds; every other generation of whites voted Republican. While married women backed Republicans, unmarried women voted overwhelmingly for Democrats. Deliberately or not, Democrats gain from broken families and measures that weaken families.

Republicans are also stuck with deeply unpopular positions, notably meddling with Social Security and Medicare. Blake Masters floated the idea of privatizing Social Security, which let incumbent Senator Mark Kelly run ads on the issue. The program is unsustainable without an overhaul, but because changing it is political suicide, nothing will happen until it’s too late. Republican Governor Chris Sununu criticized Senators Lindsey Graham and Rick Scott for trying to discuss changes to abortion and Social Security at the national level, and he was strategically right to do so.

President Trump harping on the 2020 elections didn’t sit well with voters. Almost as many voters said they were turning out to stop Donald Trump as said they were voting to stop Joe Biden. In a break from the last four midterms, independent voters tended to support Democrats rather than the party out of power. Polls indicate that some of those who oppose Joe Biden still voted Democrat, and that President Trump’s negative approval rating hurt his candidates.

There are a few paths forward for Republicans. The outright Republican victory in Miami and continued Republican growth among Hispanics, Asians, and even blacks shows that a strong anti-crime campaign won’t necessarily cost minority support. Some Republicans left white working-class voters on the table, ceding them to candidates such as John Fetterman who didn’t take them for granted and who won defections even in deep-read parts of the state. Those voters could be won back. Moderation on social spending and abortion, heavy emphasis on “law and order,” and advocating quick and clean elections in the future rather than moaning about 2020 could give 2024 candidates a winning platform.

Of course, that depends on where Republicans put their money. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, for example, wouldn’t free up millions of dollars to help Blake Masters in his close race. Instead, the money went to Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who fended off a Trump-backed GOP challenger. This means one could argue that some party leaders might rank control over a rump GOP preferable to a majority GOP they can’t control. Current Republican leaders may want what they are getting: a GOP that is looking past Donald Trump, winning more minority voters, and getting used to losing politely.

Blake Masters. Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.
Blake Masters. Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Senator Josh Hawley’s claim that the “old party is dead” and it’s time to “build something new” may be right, but it’s unclear what will replace the GOP. In theory, a party that’s tough on crime and immigration, more moderate on abortion, unwilling to slash social programs, and eager to appeal to white working-class voters could win. In reality, the GOP’s pro-life voters are among the most important members of its base. The conservative movement is built around the ideas of limiting the federal government, so almost no candidate can win the nomination without mentioning entitlement reform. Finally, Republicans don’t have a candidate who can reach working-class white voters as well as Donald Trump did.

The GOP may be trapped. Changing demographics mean it has a hard time building winning coalitions in states such as Arizona and Nevada. The party needs President Trump’s voters, but President Trump himself is a drag on the ballot. Banning abortion entirely is a political loser, but the issue is of great moral importance to the GOP base. You won’t convince pro-lifers to drop it.

White advocates should realize these aren’t our problems. We have limited money, staff, and resources. White advocates shouldn’t be dragged down by the Republican Party’s efforts to save itself. We’ve successfully changed the discussion online to the point that people run political ads about “anti-white” discrimination. The Supreme Court may soon ban affirmative action. White advocacy will be more important than ever if it does. We have battles of our own to fight.

The populist moment for the GOP has passed. President Trump squandered his chance in 2016 and the GOP has lost in 2018, 2020, and now 2022. This year, the GOP couldn’t win a backlash election even in very favorable conditions. “Christian Nationalism” lost in Pennsylvania. While Senator Hawley is right that the party needs to change, especially on economics, there are few figures who can force it to. Senators Hawley, Vance, and Tom Cotton all lack the charisma to stage a hostile takeover the way Donald Trump did in 2016.

The GOP will either make necessary changes or it won’t, but “America First” candidates are on a bumpy road within the GOP. A Donald Trump endorsement is necessary for victory within the party but seems to do more harm than good in a general election, and it’s not even true that Donald Trump always supports the best candidate, as Rep. Mo Brooks can attest.

As usual, white advocates should look coolly at political reality. Whites are politically homeless and are a stateless people. Neither party represents us or wants to. While infiltration or entryism is possible, it needs to be done openly — as pro-white candidates willing to fight the GOP — or not at all. The halfway strategy of “America First” candidates didn’t work this time.

Rather than trying to save the Republican Party from itself, white advocates should already be looking to the future. The election results are a liberation. We are not bound to the GOP as the “lesser of two evils” because it is no longer a realistic opposition party. Instead, we should be building local power and networks that can support our activists within a hostile system.

The Democrats’ defeat of the GOP on Election Day doesn’t have to be our defeat. Instead, it should mark the moment when we stop trying to save the GOP. We should devote all our attention, resources, and efforts towards building a home for our own people, who are unrepresented — even despised — by the current regime. That may sound unrealistic. Compared to the chances of the GOP retaking the government, it is more realistic than hoping, once again, that a Republican will save us.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Wokechoke says:

    I don’t think anyone on the Right has let it sink in that women are pretty murderous. Lifting Roe v Wade like that and suddenly banning abortion all over was naïve at best or simple self destructive hubris at worst.

  2. Another 2,000+ words from American Renaissance, with not a single one about (1) the Exceptional! costs inflicted by Uncle Sam on people here and abroad or (2) the subjugation of Main Street to Wall Street.

    Keep voting, sheep.

    • Thanks: JR Foley
  3. zard says:

    The insane white-wing slaves still can’t figure out that these elections are rigged as they continue voting every 2/4 years expecting the outcome to be different or better–as the Israel Overlords simply install their Commie dykes & simian senators as their new ‘representatives’ They’ve been fixed for decades but now ZOG is making it more obvious knowing that the slaves can’t do anything about it..

    • Agree: CSFurious, Voltara
  4. zard says:

    Welcome to your Jewocracy masquerading as a ‘democracy’ where both parties Zionist (Republican) & Communist (Democrat) are managed/funded by Jewish billionaires. Whether the elections are rigged or not is somewhat immaterial since whoever wins (Zionist/Communist) is in the service of Jewish interests..

    • Agree: A. Clifton
    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  5. electing Senator J. D. Vance is a populist victory

    In what way is electing a Thielite venture capitalist who wants to cut social programs a “populist victory?”

  6. anonymous[391] • Disclaimer says:

    Dump single issue abortion abolitionist voters in the Republican party. They will destroy the American Right in the long run.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  7. anon[732] • Disclaimer says:

    Republicans didn’t fail. This election was stolen from them as in 2020. All the hotly contested areas are taking days to count their votes and somehow all the mail-in votes magically all went Democrat. How many of these are ballots harvested from dead people and those who’ve moved, or flat out fake voters? Kari Lake should sue, same with the Nevada senate race. Same thing also just happened in LA mayoral race, the Republican businessman Carusso spent $100M of his own money on the campaign and still lost to a Democrat; when only the in-person votes were counted, he was up by 4 pts, but once the mail-ins are counted, he is now down by 6 pts. Total BS.

    Democrats are the shameless end justifies means party, and the Republicans are the stupid party.

    WA has been a one-party state overrun by (D) ever since we went 100% mail-in voting about two decades ago. It is straight up foul play.

    America is the only country where a doctor could lose an election to a mentally handicapped person. We are the laughing stock of the world.

  8. Karl1906 says:

    Word fluff and fake news. Wasted time.

    • Agree: Voltara
  9. @Wokechoke

    SCOTUS “lifted” Roe V Wade, not women. And abortion was not banned – you are deeply uninformed.

    Secondly, do yourself a favor and don’t immediately buy the MSM NARRATIVES about why this happened or that didn’t. Why one party lagged and the other prevailed, blah, blah…

    Most of the narratives are made-up. They do this every election and often conjure the ‘reasons’ ahead of time. Frequently, even planting them in the media in the months prior to a major election. I’ve watched it, time and again.

    Bottomline: All the fabricated reasons in the world are just thin air. It is the election FRAUD and THEFT that is the issue and has been for a while. Anyone still in denial about that should have their voting privileges revoked and their sanity examined.

  10. phil says:

    The article mentions ballot harvesting and election fraud, but then goes on to ridicule the Republican Party and uses the election results as evidence for the many of the party shortcomings.

    I don’t have much faith in the Republican Party at this point, but, of course, if there was a lot of election fraud, the party actually may have done considerably better than what has been reported. As noted, the party will have to become much more pro-active about rooting out fraud. If white advocates are to gain traction, they too will have to combat election fraud or harvest ballots themselves.

    • Replies: @Fred777
  11. Heymrguda says:

    I thought the situation was hopeless for the Right following the 2020 elections but allowed myself to be seduced into believing the midterms held out hope for recovery. We now of course know the disastrous outcome and that my original “game over” assessment was right.

    There’s been a lot of discussion the past week over what went wrong, but no one is talking about 2024 and with good reason — the results will be as bad, or probably worse, than the one just ended, tacked on to defeats in 2018, 2020 and now this year. The Republican Party is facing a gradual withering away of its status as a national party and will probably never again elect a presidential candidate. Candidates and strategies might have been better but the GOP should have been able to run virtually anybody and win, conditions being what they are. In PA we elected what is basically a brain-impaired hobo to the senate — a result that has raised quite a few eyebrows throughout the nation. Some have tried to put a positive spin on the fiasco that just occurred but it simply can’t be done.

    The only suggestion I can make is for conservatives to relocate to red states, where possible, and to try to gain enough of a majority to allow some freedom from federal mandates.

    • Agree: Fred777
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @ricpic
  12. On paper, the Republican Party should have run away with the midterm elections. It did not. It failed for structural, ideological, and demographic reasons. It probably can’t fix any of this. This is an opportunity for white advocates.

    The very first thought which popped into my head after reading this bit was an equally fantastic remark by former Congressman Tom DeLay:
    “Nothing is more important in the face of a war than cutting taxes.” For his type that is the “treatment” no matter what the “disease”. War/peace, surplus/defecits, recession or boom times – Cut Taxes!
    That’s what monomaniacal types do. Mr. Hood would have claimed the same “opportunity” if the Republicans had indeed gotten their landslide. If a nuke goes off somewhere in Ukraine or the Mideast, yet another “opportunity” for “White People Firsters”. Whatever is happening – famine in Africa, the Colorado River dries up – it’s a chance to put those dirty, stupid, and dangerous n*ggers in their place.

    I’ll grant that this author was somewhat realistic about the election. EVERYBODY I speak with – no matter what their politics – understands Biden is a feeble old fool. If the Republican Big Brass hadn’t coddled the fat orange oaf in every way, and if the Supreme Court could acted like grown-up jurists instead of Empowered Fanatical Catholics, the recent election would have been a massive stampede with the worthless Dems underfoot.

    We should devote all our attention, resources, and efforts towards building a home for our own people, who are unrepresented — even despised — by the current regime. That may sound unrealistic.

    It sure does! I’m not sure whether this author is advocating a useless ‘third party’ or gearing up for armed violence, but IMO neither is a very good idea.

  13. 22pp22 says:

    This time the fraud was obvious.

    • Agree: Voltara
  14. @Wokechoke

    Substitute the word “ferocious” for “murderous” and I’ll agree with you. When I consider the women in both my close and extended family, I’ve got to wonder how the notion of them being the “weaker sex” ever got started.

    Maybe that’s a throwback to the day when all fighting was done by swords and axes and other weapons requiring muscle. In just about every other way besides physical strength I’ll give women the edge as being the strongest. Despite enduring the hazards of enduring the childbearing years they even tend to live longer.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Karl1906
  15. Datruther says:
    @Greta Handel

    I appreciate this comment.

    Going grocery shopping feels like a German movie from the 1920s. Stickers raising prices weekly. The currency is trashed to pay for a global Empire of force and destruction.

    Wall Street Journal types love the outcome of the election, I mean selection process. Demonizing is the new American religious and political obsession.

    The culture is so trashed. It’s breathtaking how debased and surly average Americans are. Can’t make eye contact or even say hello.

    I’m 46 and I witnessed the pure toxic dump of wars and military bases everywhere to drive foreign nations into debt. Meanwhile South American violent gangs claim asylum and pump-out anchor babies faster than I can pay federal, state, and local taxes.

    I hope the United States of America fails.
    I do my legal best to help undermine this country every single day from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Sometimes, I remember that illegal laws aren’t legal. Then I just sabotage.

    • Agree: CSFurious
  16. SafeNow says:

    The midterms do not mark the point of no return because the point of no return had already occurred. In either case, realistic, workable action is now limited to the personal. There are obviously two choices in this regard. The first is to surrender; go in the direction the wind is blowing, keeping your head down. Maybe your family situation requires this. I understand. Good luck. The second is to move to a still-sane, still-decent, still-fun place, with a reasonably compatible culture and society, and hope the above stay that way for a long time.

  17. Trump’s winning record for his endorsements was as good as the 1985 Bears. And who’s Gretchen Wilson?

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  18. HbutnotG says:

    Rino Republicans and women Republicans don’t count.


  19. More earnest discussion, signifying nothing. The infeasible in pursuit of the incorrigible. The land of the free and the home of the brave. Certum est, quia impossibile.

  20. Why doesn’t Mr.Hood reaffirm the superiority of the huwhite race as he did in the last article? The anglo-Saxon supermen can’t even win over the heart of their people with a kosher opposition party?

  21. anonymous[197] • Disclaimer says:

    This article comes straight out of the DEM Soros HQ…NO mention of Electoral FRAUD/s…MAIL IN Ballots marked 100% for RED districts..please nigger please. This the sequel to Dems 2020 playbook. Every DEM candidate coming from behind won with slim majority from MAIL IN BALLOTS.. Take the case of FL vrs AZ/PA/GA…all dem Candidates were saved by magical mail in ballots. The USA electoral system is a is becoming like the Olympics no matter how good is the athlete the issue is how good are the drugs they are taking. Likewise its is no longer about how good/smart is the candidate is about how good is the cheating. Sadly the American elections are becoming expensive playpen for the rich and powerful. a circus for the working poor. What kind of country/state elects a mentally impaired Fetterman over a Heart Surgeon?? . Today more than ever TRUMP MUST RUN..they (RINO DEMS) are coming to give MAGA the coup di Grace..decapitate WHITES MAGA and any/all similar movements present/future..DEMs/Globalists FEAR MAGA because 90% of its candidates WON…or any of its OUTSPRINGS. The DEMs were caught exchanging Obama phones, giftcards, foodstamps for BALLOTS in Nursing homes, Homeless shelters, REhab Centers, welfare/unemployments centers…Take AZ Kari Lake winning by 60% ahead and Hobbs her DEM rival ordered the count to stop..then in less than an hour Hobss comes up to 51% to Lakes 48% please nigger please.. and the final data analysis has Kari Lake ahead by almost 70% in the popular vote..(Jim Hoft reporting)…YOUR article is 100% total BULLSHIT..Someday which may never come someone will have the courage to write the REAL biography of George Soros and his sponsors$$..IT will tell how a dark/lugubrious/ lord of death single handedly destroy the American Republic…and caused death/starvation/disease/pestilences/mass migrations/pandemics/economic chaos/WARS..and no one ever mentioned his name/arrested him. NO one dared. WHY NOT?????

    • Thanks: Ace
  22. @Wokechoke

    I am not voting to kill innocent babies. I would vote to kill pieces of shit like yourself.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. Mark G. says:

    Some white advocates don’t appear to oppose a large welfare state. They are fine with taking hardworking productive people, confiscating the fruits of their labor, and transferring it to the nonproductive. They just want to make sure it is given to nonproductive whites and not nonproductive minorities. It’s a battle of competing parasites.

    Socialism doesn’t work limited to whites. The Soviet Union was white and collapsed. Hitler’s Germany was white and was running large yearly government deficits paying for its welfare-warfare state that could not have been sustained in the long run. Socialist Sweden had confiscatory taxes on the rich and had to move away from them because productive Swedes were leaving the country, cutting back working, or engaging in income tax invasion.

    When you redistribute wealth from the productive to the nonproductive, it creates disincentives to work hard. It also creates a moral hazard issue because people who make bad choices get bailed out by the government. This encourages more people to make bad choices. Moving away from a belief in limited government may help Republicans gain votes in the short term but will be a disaster for the country in the future. Unless you are elderly, you are going to someday be living in that future. So, you need to support policies which will make that future better.

    • Agree: Rich
  24. Avery says:

    {and suddenly banning abortion all over….}


    You ether don’t understand what the SCOTUS decision about abortion was, or are deliberately spreading Democrat lies.

    SCOTUS banned nothing.
    All it said was that there is no such thing as “Right to Abortion” in the US (Federal) Constitution..
    Roe vs Wade was a manufactured “right” by activist judges.
    SCOTUS decision said that the abortion question belongs at the State level, not at the Federal.
    States can ban or not ban as their people ultimately decide.

    • Agree: Director95, mark green
    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  25. I am sure there were similar detailed analysis of Blue Team vs Green Team in the Byzantine empire, even when it was clear nothing is going to change the status quo. If anyone believes that there was likelihood of election frauds in 2020, but not anymore, then they can believe anything. Trump’s MAGA movement is something the Uniparty is desperate to kill off. No wonder the media is loudly proclaiming that MAGA is dead, even when very many candidates endorsed by Trump won. Whichever party wins, American people are the losers.

    • Agree: Wade
  26. Talking about voting now is the equivalent of playing music on the Titanic; it’s a waste of time. The economy is going to collapse as events around the world bury the Dollar.

    For a time, the Dollar will rally as the cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry, but more currency printing lays ahead to further fuel monetary inflation which will translate into price inflation quickly. That’s when the real voting begins. People that work for a living are going to get screwed since most don’t know how to protect themselves. Once this bedrock support for the US economy realizes that their retirement, investments, home equity, etc are all being reduced and there’s no way back, that’s when things get serious, not the stage play of elections.

    Watch the bankers increase foreclosing on homes as interest rates rise and people start losing their jobs to support the payments. Even with jobs, as all costs rise, making the mortgage payment becomes harder every month. Car repossessions will remove people’s mobility to get to the job. Everything is pointing to squeezing the working guy since there’s no point squeezing the huge portion of the society on some form of gov’t welfare. Those 80,000 new IRS agents are being hired for a reason.

    When both the republicans and democrats enact more and more legislation designed to screw the working man is when the voting sheep will realize that they voted themselves into poverty and a multi year depression.

    • Agree: Fred777
  27. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Massive, allowed, organized vote fraud in blue states with a winking DOJ and FBI.

    Only vote you have left if you are from a blue state is to not join any branch of the military to let the establishment know you are disappointed in your lack of franchise.

  28. anastasia says:

    On the abortion issue, candidates should have advised thepeople that it is a bogus fictional issue, and that the Democrats lied to them – that abortion has not been banned at all. He should have advised that it is up to them, as citizens of the state, not whether abortion should be legal, but only about how much abortion they want because none of the states are banning it.

    Instead, they allowed the Democrats to lie to the people about abortion, and make a contest out of it.

    • Replies: @Director95
  29. I think some people were hoping to see a Red wave as a sign of white people waking up to the reality. Most people here on Unz don’t give two shits about the Republican party. We must build our movement from the bottom up grass roots style. A hostile takeover like Trump pulled only at the highest level will not and can never yield the results we need to succeed. I agree with the author. It’s time to forget the Republican party for now and work on our movement. Who knows after some time we may take over that party from the bottom up. For now guys stay the course. We’ll win in the end because we’re right. “Whoever is right, is strong.” (Danila Bagrov from Brother 2). I highly recommend the Russian films in the Brother series starring Sergey Bodrov Jr.

  30. Anon[181] • Disclaimer says:

    But why did the GOP win in Florida? Is it because many Hispanics there (Cubans and Venezuelans) are actually white? Or is it because Hispanics in areas where there are many blacks are actually anti-black? This is important, because the Right needs to explain why minority outreach can’t work in the long run.

  31. My nephew lost his job at Twitter—-hopped up to Canada is now working in funds–hedge funds and enoying the change of pace. Called the other evening and said Canada is the place to be—calls it leadership under a good leader–Trudeau.

    • LOL: Realist, Liberty Mike
    • Replies: @Decoy
  32. Fred777 says:

    “the party will have to become much more pro-active about rooting out fraud.”

    “Rooting out fraud” is election denialism and will soon enough be punishable by prison sentence.

  33. Fred777 says:

    I only question if the sheep will ever realize they voted themselves into poverty.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  34. anonymous[172] • Disclaimer says:

    If nothing can be done to win national elections, then the strategy has to change. Time for secession. Secession is preferable to a slow cultural genocide for whites under the Jewish led order planted in the Biden administration.

  35. A123 says: • Website

    Governor DeSantis looks like President Trump’s presumptive rival for 2024 and has been an effective governor.

    In contrast, President Trump’s “MAGA movement” is dying. Trump-endorsed nominees Blake Masters, Mehmet Oz, Doug Mastriano, and Joe Kent lost.

    Lets compare the two men in terms of national endorsements:

    • Trump • 232 wins to 22 losses (1)
    • DeSantis • 0 wins to 1 loss — Joe O’Dea lost badly

    Over 90% wins is actually excellent in terms of endorsement success. It is better than DeSantis record of 100% national failure.

    In Pennsylvania the establishment choice was the ghastly and unelectable Dave McCormick. Mehmet Oz was always a long shot, but he was the vastly better than the only other option. Kathy Barnette was around 2% at the time of the Oz endorsement. If Barnette had spiked earlier, perhaps she could have grabbed the ring.

    The “MAGA movement” is alive and growing.

    McConnell deliberately undercut potential wins with Laxalt and Masters. He would rather be minority leader than have a MAGA Senate that would challenge the establishment Deep State. He is going to be undercut within the MAGA GOP over the next 12-18 months so he cannot damage 2024 Senate prospects.

    The Georgia race is still very important. A 50-50 split provides all sorts of opportunities. Especially if Not-The-VP Harris becomes White House occupant. Congress will not approve a replacement.

    As an aside, I suspect that DeSantis and Trump are cooperating to present the current faux conflict. The Fake Stream Media are going to push someone.

    • DeSantis gets to rake in massive cash for future campaigns
    • Other potential competitors are frozen out, thus helping Trump.

    DeSantis wants to be heir apparent to MAGA 2028. Why go head-to-head with a term limited Trump? Waiting for an open seat is much more desirable. And, the current economic problems will likely still linger in 2024. Letting President Trump’s 2nd Term step in and make unpopular choices is just good politics.

    DeSantis will either not run at all, or drop out after Trump takes both Iowa and New Hampshire.

    PEACE 😇


    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
    , @Rich
  36. @Mark G.

    Please kill yourself, boomer scum.

  37. RouterAl says:

    Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee a Scottish writer is reported to have said
    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship. ” A perfect example in his home land is the Scottish parliament voting to give girls free sanitary products.
    Hence in the USA you get a bias to the Democrats as they give the least valuable to society bounty taken from the most productive in society. You can also con the young and dumb by promising to write off student debt ( then cancel that promise after the election) , depress fuel prices for a few weeks before you refill the strategic petroleum reserve and put them back up again. I think the author is right in saying the abortion SCOTUS decision was important for female voters , but the one unintended consequence might be for the blue states which keep abortion they will have fewer blacks born while the red states which get rid of abortion will have more blacks as they are the biggest consumers of that evil service.

    • Agree: Mark G.
  38. Anon[203] • Disclaimer says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Despite enduring the hazards of enduring the childbearing years they even tend to live longer

    Your cuck logic is all fucked up. The only reason women live longer than men is precisely becsuse they don’t have kids anymore. Back in the days when they actuslly had to give birth, especially before c-section was a safe and widely available procedure, they had a lower life expectancy than men.

    Although this applies mostly to white women as Asian, Native American and even black women seemed to do pregnancy better than white women back in the day. Something about white women is uniquely physiologically un-natal (I suspect it’s the lower suppleness — white women tend to break where other women can bend).

  39. Karl1906 says:
    @Zachary Smith

    “They’re smarter, they’re faster and, most important, they don’t play fair!” – Jack Nicholson on women

  40. Anonymous[994] • Disclaimer says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    With all those poor black kids that are gonna be born after the cuck states criminalize abortion, you may very well have a small statistical chance of success at killing Wokechoke remotely by voting Republican.

    Only problem is that your chances of getting killed also go up even higher since you fit all of the key characteristics of a victim of black crime:

    1.) Low IQ
    2.) Mudshark
    3.) Lives in a deep fried Southern state
    4.) Prone to spontaneous outbursts of erratic behavior
    5.) Extremely annoying

  41. Anonymous[386] • Disclaimer says:

    “In contrast, President Trump’s “MAGA movement” is dying.”

    The Donald may be an asshole but without his blessing a full one third of the voting population would not vote for other candidates. Tell slimey Mitch to kowtow to the boss and unite the party to take back the country. Governor DeSantis can wait until 2028 to ride on the coattails of the successful resurgence of America under Trump. Don’t let the success in Florida cloud your judgment.

  42. @Avery

    Abortion had nothing to do with the massive amount of VOTER FRAUD.

    What ever the jew media says…..the opposite is true.

  43. Republicans Win the House of Representatives.

  44. @Fred777

    Most will never realize the true cause but they will certainly realize the effects. When their life savings evaporate into the thin air they were generated from is when they will react even without knowing exactly how they were played. All their hard work in a completely fraudulent currency system amounts to nothing.

    The people of Weimar Germany and many other places know how this will play out. The US is, however, different in one major aspect; the country is full of guns. Some of those guns are probably going to be used by nutcases to shoot up some public place because the idiot doesn’t know who his real target should be. This will further increase the police state tactics to try to grab the guns and that will set off a wave of violence in an escalating cycle. People should expect curfews, lockdown, martial law, etc in response.

    This article has the right predictions, IMO :

    This article is how it will come about:

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Poupon Marx
  45. Walter says:

    Do not imagine that the D/R twins represent anything but one force vector. Favoring one over the other is silly. The twins have zero obedience to the Law…

    Function of “election” is to create the belief, whether valid or not, that “consent” has been given to those “elected”. Only a fool would believe that the US system is not rigged. Only a fool would grant “consent”…that is perhaps why those who do not believe in a fairy-story are accused by Power of being “terrorists”. ” Violence has nothing with which to cover itself except the lie, and the lie has nothing to stand on other than violence.”>

    For fun, watch the old WC Fields “Army Game” and “Sally of the Sawdust”…basic con-games and swindles…and exposes class conflict as well as corruption and vulnerabilities of the wealthy class…who are just as easy to fool as the poor, maybe easier.

  46. Anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    The Republicans just need to be patient. I am quite sure that in 2024, America will be in a long recession that will not go away; Black thuggery will will have increased (when you don’t get punished – boy does your arrogance grow); and our NATO allies will have been stripping away. Then you will see your Red Wave.
    America is just full of comfortable people who are about to develop deep pains in their buttocks. When you can’t get a job and bread costs $5/ a loaf, you are not voting for the guy who put you there.

  47. Realist says:

    Failure in the Midterms

    Who would have seen that coming.

  48. Walter says:

    Any genuine honest election would a public meeting at the courthouse or the fairgrounds where the voting was by a show of hands…anybody can count the votes. Actually that method could be adapted even to large cities by dividing the voters into groups of 100 – it could work. That was the method used in early California. Nothing would limit who could be voted for…none of this tweedledum v tweedledee heads I win, tails you lose…

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  49. Anon[476] • Disclaimer says:

    81 million votes

    If you didn’t learn from that open fraud, maybe you never will.

    • Agree: Realist
  50. These rich plutocrats in the GOP who propose eliminating social security and medicare must really live in a bubble. How do they propose the average 75 year old would pay for housing and health insurance? (Which now costs even more than housing which generally takes up over 50% of the average income.) I hear these out of touch self made millionaires like Shaun Thompson on AM560 demand the end of social security and to “get back that money I paid into it.” So in other words give the average 50 year old back that $70K they paid into the social security fund over a lifetime so what? They can buy an SUV and have a little left over for a new dining room set? Even saving it, go ahead, retire at 65 or 67 or what and without social security that’s say what, two years living expense? Three if frugal? Then you’d have tens of millions of old people joining those shantytown homeless encampments in Oakland, begging for a bowl of gruel. Social Security is not supposed to be your own private retirement savings account, it’s supposed to be a national pension paid with everyone’s tax dollars. If you get run over by a bus at 45 your beneficiaries don’t inherit that $50K you paid in taxes into the fund. Social Security is a thank you from the taxes paid by billionaires to the peasants for not showing up outside their mansions with pitchforks like in Frankenstein.

    The southern baptist anti abortion hobby horse though was the real killer for the GOP. Who were all these “undecideds” or “independents”? In this environment over the past decade who on earth hasn’t formed an opinion? Why women of course, the majority of the little ladies have rocks in their heads, and guess what, virtually all the unmarried women did manage to make up their minds once the Dobbs decision came out, and it wasn’t for party still way too visibly obsessed with this 80s relic of anti-abortionism. The policy is a big loser on the national stage, Michael Savage wants to know who pushed this forwards onto the supreme court calendar? He believes it was sabotage on purpose, although the demographics may well be already decided for the dems. All these unmarried women around trudging up and down the apartment complex steps with their fatherless children, working part time, low wage, service economy jobs with no benefits. A real bleak future, why would any such person ever vote for the party of Reaganomics and Paul Ryan? Alinsky and the Frankfurt School were very clever to go after the family, all these bastard making machines are now permanently wedded to the state and the democratic party.

    • Agree: Gore 2004
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  51. Realist says:

    The Democrats will not be able to pass any major legislation without Republican turncoats.

    No worries, as always there will be plenty of them.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  52. Tucker says:

    Does anyone besides me notice that when these greasy, slimy, America hating globalist RINO cockroaches open their mouths and start bleating that the ‘MAGA’ agenda is, in their minds, somehow ‘harmful’ to America – that they never single out and explain any specific aspects of the MAGA agenda that they think are harmful?

    Putting the interests of America and American citizens first, over the interests of these America hating globalists? Is that harmful? To whom?

    Securing our Southern border and deporting every last illegal, criminal alien is harmful to whom? Shutting down the massive and insanely destructive flood of unskilled, poorly educated, racially and culturally hostile and incompatible aliens from every failed third world dumpster nation is harmful to whom? Protecting the sovereignty of America and taking whatever measures are necessary to prevent the collapse and destruction of Western Civilization is harmful to whom? Promoting a pro-American Nationalist agenda that refuses to cow-tow to the International globalist crazies who are obsessed with destroying the sovereignty of every historic White Western nation and imposing their psychopathic dream of a One World Totalitarian government, ruled over by unelected, power mad elite psychopaths who have zero loyalty to the nations or people who they seek to rule over and who will be unaccountable to those people who they view as serfs and useless eaters – how is this harmful and to whom?

    Bringing a screeching and long overdue end to these endless, illegal, unprovoked and unjustified neocon wars of pathologically insane and immoral aggression all over the world that are causing the needless deaths and maiming of thousands of our military personnel and killing millions of people in these nations that the neocons decide to attack and which are bleeding the American tax payers out of billions of their tax dollars that should be devoted to fixing the decaying infrastructure here at home – is harmful to whom?

    Ending the clearly destructive globalist agenda of out-sourcing American jobs to the third world and off-shoring the businesses that once provided those good paying jobs for Americans to the cheap labor third world – is harmful to whom?

    Fiercely defending, upholding and obeying the U.S. Constitution and protecting the Bill of Rights – especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments – from the relentless attempts by the Communist left and the globalist New World Order psychopaths to deprive American citizens of these and every other freedom that is enshrined within the Constitution – who considers this to be harmful to America?

    Restoring America’s energy independence, which helps create good paying jobs for Americans and makes the price of gasoline less expensive, which translates into helping to reduce the price of food and all other products in the stores, and which translates into lowering the costs of heating and cooling our homes – how is this harmful to America?

    How about this – instead of importing millions of low skilled, low IQ, poorly educated, incompatible, hostile, unassimilable and culturally indigestible aliens from the third world, why not create incentives and implement policies that encourage native born White Americans to have more children? Policies that reduce the stifling tax burden on the productive middle class that deprive them of the financial resources that they need in order to be able to afford to have more children? Polices that are designed to strengthen the traditional two-parent, male-female marriage and family structure, rather than policies that are designed to weaken and destroy it? Who thinks these policies would be harmful to America?

    The answer to every one of my questions is the same. These politicians and media creeps who are trying to destroy the MAGA movement and who are claiming that the MAGA agenda is harmful to America – are globalists who hate and despise America as it was originally founded. They want to destroy MAGA because it stands in the way of their maniacal and psychopathic objective of destroying America and ushering in their tyrannical, totalitarian, One World Government.

    This was the purpose of that clearly Satanic speech that Biden gave in Philadelphia, where he stood on a stage behind a blood-red, blatantly Luciferian backdrop and then launched into his psychopathic,rage filled, temper tantrum of hate and venom directed at the MAGA movement.

    That was Satan screaming at those who dare to oppose his agenda to swallow up and destroy Christian America. How DARE you oppose me, Satan’s spokesman (Pedo Joe) screamed, as he pounded his fist on the podium.

    By the way. I was disgusted with Hood’s desire to deep six the MAGA movement and its agenda.

    • Replies: @Pure Coincidence
  53. @The Real World

    I live around enough Democrats to know they didn’t understand the Supreme Court decision. I tried to explain it to them, and PA’s abortion law wasn’t going anywhere. Didn’t matter. Anything pertaining to any possible restriction of access to abortion in 40 weeks of pregnancy was and is a literal emotional bitch whistle. For them it is a word salad something akin to a patriarchal plot of genocidal misogyny. Now Pennsylvanians are stuck for the immediate future with a brain damaged Uncle Fester and a kosher, Christian hating vengeance demon. The dingbat abortion loving female democrats and GOPe betas did this to us.

    Guess what? The kosher vengeance demon Shapiro wants to be president, and the dems are paving his way with harvested ballots. But hey go ahead and stick with legalities in a world now dominated by female emotion. On the plus side the life loving evangelicals want to be ruled by Jews.

  54. Realist says:

    I thought the situation was hopeless for the Right following the 2020 elections but allowed myself to be seduced into believing the midterms held out hope for recovery. We now of course know the disastrous outcome and that my original “game over” assessment was right.

    Correction the situation is hopeless for the vast majority of this country…but why didn’t you know this years ago?

    The only suggestion I can make is for conservatives to relocate to red states, where possible, and to try to gain enough of a majority to allow some freedom from federal mandates.

    Yes, retreat and beg for mercy. LOL

    • Replies: @Heymrguda
  55. EdwardM says:

    Governor Dan Abbott and Rep. Paul Gosar of Texas

    That’s Governor Greg Abbott of Texas and Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona.

  56. The Democrats’ trick of funding so-called “election deniers” in the primaries may make it hard to take Democratic claims of “defending democracy” seriously.

    That was the biggest political story of the year (still is) … And the alternative media completely missed it… It’s a story that completely delegitimizes the Democratic Party… After years of Trump hysteria… Russia gate… MAGA… Qanon… Trump a mortal threat to Democracy! Turns out that it’s not the Russians funding Trump extremist… it’s the Democrats!

  57. Wokechoke says:
    @The Real World

    You are completely missing the point. I know abortion is no constitutional right. But the average female voter is a murderous bitch.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @24th Alabama
  58. Realist says:

    ZeroHedge has always had a hard-on for China. Tyler Durden goes out of his way to denigrate China.

    • Agree: Greta Handel
  59. Wokechoke says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    It’s important to realise how bloodthirsty women get. This midterm is strong evidence for it.

  60. @Tucker

    Great comment, Tucker

    • Replies: @Tucker
  61. Wokechoke says:

    Way miss the point. autism is strong in utopia I see.

  62. @Wokechoke

    Don’t be stupid. At this point there is only one issue: VOTER FRAUD. Unless we get back to paper ballots being cast and counted on the same day, we have nothing. All the other periphery issues are meaningless blather. And let this sink in…of the forty odd races last week that were close, Democrats won 70% of those races after several days or a week of counting ballots. In one case, ballots stopped being counted after the Democrat won by a single vote.

    Allow me to go back to my original assertion. Don’t be stupid.

  63. At this point, the best resolution is utter collapse of DaEmpire of Evil…..which is in process as we speak – – as someone said about 2000 years ago ‘you can tell when it will rain but you can’t see the signs all around you of the times’.
    Living on borrowed $$$$$ will end at some point…..

  64. Anonymous[429] • Disclaimer says:

    How many fucking elections does CIA have to steal before you drop this pointless mental masturbation?

    Dems won because CIA is running them into the ground to fuck you over. When the Dems are fully disgraced, CIA will switch and run the GOP into the ground to fuck you over. So just fuckin wait your turn.

    • Agree: Voltara
  65. The Republicans abandoned limited government decades ago. They usually accomplish nothing when they have a majority. I don’t see any reason to vote for them in national elections. They always work with the democrats whether they have a majority or not. We should just admit who really runs the country and it isn’t the Dems or Repubs.

  66. Good luck creating some version of a “White Party”. Blacks and Hispanics identify by race. Whites don’t. The ugly reality is this country is making the final and fatal left turn. Young voters have decided Democrats are their party. So be it. As this moves forward, you don’t need a crystal ball to know what’s coming. They will grant amnesty to the illegals, guaranteeing 12 million Democrat votes which will cement their majority status permanently. An expansion of taxpayer funded social welfare benefits is a lock. They will try gun bans, although enforcement will be almost impossible. Personally, I’m glad I am closer to the end of this life than being a 20 something. Their lives will be more difficult than mine ever was.

  67. If we are talking about white advocacy the last thing we want to do is ban abortion. You need to look at the demographics of who is having them. As for single women. ……
    The government has become the new husband.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @Alden
  68. @Wokechoke

    Do us all a favor and take a permanent vacation from Unz, in any direction, although that would be to Twitter at some group such as Kids R Us.

  69. @Zachary Smith

    I’m not catholic, but the crack about the religion of the “justices” doesn’t help the case you’re trying to make for abortion “rights” and shows a preference for emotion and ideology over the text of the Constitution.

    The ruling was correct and the result should have been the same no matter what the religion or philosophy of the “justices” is.

    Anyone who can read the US Constitution knows that it does not specifically address abortion one way or the other. It does NOT expressly empower the federal government to legislate or regulate or do anything with regard to abortion.

    Accordingly, anyone who can read the US Constitution’s Tenth Amendment knows that abortion policy — like almost everything else under the sun — is “reserved to the States, or to the People.”

    In other words, a dispassionate reading of the Constitution readily compels the conclusion that abortion (like drug policy, seat belt laws, speed limits, insurance requirements, homosexual “marriage, etc.) is left for state-level legislation and regulation.

    If you want people in your State to be allowed to kill human beings in the womb, get that done in your State and stop trying to force that view on the whole country. If pro-lifers want the opposite, which is closer to my position, they should get it done in their State or move.

    Neither side should keep trying to use the federal government to resolve the debate.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
    , @Ace
  70. @Eric Novak

    Gretchen Wilson is a country singer, while Gretchen Whitmer is the dictator who was (likely fraudulently) selected to be governor of the once-great State of Michigan.

  71. @Realist

    Can you debunk what the articles say? Yes or no.

    Clearly, the controllers of the entire world want feudalism 2.0 to become the new normal. What better way to instantiate that wet dream than by social control of the mindless drones that vote and especially the CBDC to control everyone’s access to their stored wealth at every level.

    Common sense should indicate that what the article mentions is what some scumbag politician / control freak would salivate to have available to them. Technology has managed to actually produce the systems to enforce the long sought after panopticon and even improved on that idea because now you no longer need dedicated facilities. It’s all around the population if that’s what they want to spend newly printed funny money on. Fiat makes everything possible, at least for now.

    • Replies: @Realist
  72. @The Real World

    What do you propose to do about the fraud, Mr. Johnny Comelately? I have been involved in election integrity since 2004 including filing a lawsuit in my state to stop computerized voting, because that is where most of the fraud is. The court held I had no standing to sue and never reached the merits of the case. And that has continually happened in almost all election integrity cases. The courts almost never decide cases on the merits.

    There is retail fraud and wholesale fraud. When elections are by computers, wholesale fraud is extremely easy to commit. But as we have found out, retail fraud is easy to commit by computerized voting as well.

    The only solution to this is paper ballots, hand counted, voting on a designated holiday, and something like a jury system to hand count the votes, and separate federal and state ballots. There may be a way to have mail in ballots be transparent, but that would be very difficult and I really have not studied it.

    I gave up a long time ago believing we would ever get to this type of transparency. If you are thinking you will get change, good luck.

    I haven’t trusted the validity of elections since 2004. The problem is that the victor always thinks the elections are legitimate.

    And then there is the legal system that almost never decides cases on the merits and very antiquated election laws.

    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  73. @RoatanBill

    Perhaps people who come to repossess vehicles will be met with deadly force.

    Perhaps police thugs who come to evict people will eventually face the same response.

    I hope not, but I can see that happening on a widespread basis as people become poorer, more frightened, and more desperate.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  74. @A123

    Nothing in your comment rises above guess work, speculation, and illuminated flatulation. Absolutely worthless and useless.

  75. Alden says:
    @The Real World

    Wokechoke is one of the Men of UNZ who blames White women for all the problems of the White race. Some bizarre psychiatric problem.

    Similar to blacks and Jews who blame all the problems of blacks on the White goyim.

    • Replies: @The Real World
    , @Wokechoke
  76. Tucker says:
    @Pure Coincidence


    I should confess that of the many criticisms I have for Trump, who I voted for twice and plan to do so in 2024 – perhaps the thing about the guy that irritates me most of all, is his complete lack of ability to deliver a speech that uses proper and easy to follow and understandable language. The guy does a little better if he is reading his speech from a teleprompter, where the speech was written and checked for grammar and proper sentence structure by someone in his speech writing staff who has a far better mastery of the English language than he does.

    But, put that guy in front of a microphone where he is allowed to flap his gums and holy cow. What a difference. He has a habit of starting to talk about a specific issue, then in the middle of a sentence, he will veer off to something entirely unrelated and blabber on about that for a few minutes, then suddenly switch off to another topic, and ramble on about that for a period of time, and then, maybe, just maybe, he might circle back to his original topic and finish what he intended to say about that.

    I find the guy to be too exhausting to listen to, and it is actually painful for me to sit through one of his ad-lib type of performances. This is his personality, though and while I dislike it – I am convinced that his heart is in the right place. He loves America and wants to put the interests of the citizens of this nation at the top of his list of responsibilities – and nobody can say that about ANY of the freaking democrat communists on the left, or about any of these anti-Trump, anti-MAGA RINO globalists.

    • Agree: Carolyn Yeager
    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  77. @Walter

    Elections should be held via the major retailers.

    These retailers should offer the Biden product for $1 or the Trump product for $1. The “voting” public could purchase the Biden or the Trump using their credit card and their monthly statement would show which product they purchased. This would offer incredible convenience, be a closed loop system with accountability back to the purchaser. The credit card companies can detect the various forms of illegal voting just like they detect improper use of credit cards now. They would offer an order of magnitude increase in security, at least, above what the existing voting system offers, which is none.

    The entire voting system exists to provide all the access points for corruption. That’s why a common sense alternative will get no traction.

  78. Alden says:

    Go to a rejected men’s support group to talk about your personal and sexual problems with women. Or take Prozac and calm down about whatever a woman or women did to you.

  79. Z-man says:

    To your point of ‘their’ installing ”Commie dykes and simian senators”, I was very disappointed when Tyrus, Greg Gutfeld’s sidekick on his show, came out last night in support of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son in law.

  80. @RoatanBill

    While I disagree somewhat philosophically with you on doctrine and ideology of Libertarianism ( I believe those like Doug Casey, et al. are much better-as are you-in critique, rather than the construction of new structures), you recognize correctly that nothing within the framework of the the Western political system will lead to a “way out”, i.e., a salvation. Like a bag of inadequate tools, it just will not be done. If this were a civil engineering project, all the machines involves are low horsepower and ineffective or not effective enough to move anything.

    Sometimes it takes a complete “Restart”, not “Reset”. A new restart would involve the death sentence of every single member of the World Economic Forum. And life long commitment to work farms across the Globe, where like 17th Century peasants, everything is done by hand, work is sun up to sun down, all garments, shoes, etc. are made and there are no machines. Net cost: zero

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  81. @Sebastian Hawks

    The Social Security system and the other various forms of “entitlements” are going away, and soon, as the dollar fails. All these systems were nothing but a Ponzi scheme at their inception and are nearing their end like it or not. You have no say in the matter. No congressperson, no judge, no president has any say in the matter. The terminal solution was determined over 100 years ago when the fiat system was first initiated and Nixon started the countdown clock on when the failure would occur 8/15/1971 when he closed the gold window.

    The US National debt is over $31 Trillion which amounts to almost $250,000 per taxpayer. This debt can never be paid off honestly, so therefore it won’t be. It will either be inflated away and the gov’t will hand out pieces of official paper with lots of zeros after the 1 digit, or it will simply declare that all the fools that bought the US debt via bonds and treasuries get nothing in return. There can be no other alternative because no other exists.

    If you or someone you know is relying on gov’t payments to survive, you are in serious trouble. I would suggest a move to a low cost jurisdiction while you still have the option and avoid the rush. In the near future, the US will restrict travel to keep their tax cattle local and will institute exchange controls to prevent wealth from going where it get treated better. Other jurisdictions will by then have their own problems and won’t be open to migration unless you can pay for a “Golden Passport” in the mid 6 figures range per person.

  82. @Zachary Smith

    Zachary: You nailed it with “..If the Supreme Court could (have) acted like grown-up jurists instead of Empowered Fanatical Catholics…”

    My suspicion here may run a bit deeper.

    With the accession of the current pope (along with the strange “retirement” of the previous one) the ever clever and conniving Jesuits took over the Church of Rome, rock, stock and poppycock. Mind you, there is also the so-called “Black Pope”, the head of the Jesuit Order.

    Why is this critically important? The whole affair of five of the nine Black-Robes timing was such that any moderately observant analyst could have determined that this “ruling” would immediately have the effect of energizing, activating and infuriating those “single, White women”, thus skewing the election based on this now enraged Democrat base…college edjumacated women who as what would it be, third generation feminists.

    ….. And it was all by plan.

    As much, perhaps, as the Talmudists, the Jesuits absolutely detest the original American Constitutionally limited American government and are bound, set and determined to once again bind America to rule by the elites, with We The People being returned to their ancient status of mindless serfs and slaves.

    This latest coup against “government of the people, by the people and for the people” was closely calculated by those who now control “Holy Mother Church”.

    Along with a totally controlled media and the billionaires giving the Democrats a three to one!!! advantage in campaign contributions; this move by the Jesuits was virtually guaranteed to see to it that a demonstrably senile Irish Catholic, corporatist shill, currently occupying the Oval Orfice, the Khazarian Talmudists in full control of foreign policy and a medically compromised newly elected Senator from Pennsylvania, would become the new norm.

    Those Black Robes keep on making RULINGS. Those “rulings” are totally contra-Constitutional and absolutely deleterious to the Bill of Rights. Setting up this particular coup was the notorious and egregious “Citizens United” RULING which gave corporate interests (including international ones) not only the rights of citizens but a special “dispensation” allowing them to spend immense streams of money to influence elections.

    Corporatist empowerment, anyone?

    Much chicanery and elaborate shenanigans have destroyed our ruptured republic in the name of a totally fake “democracy”, enabled through such ruses as ballot harvesting, machine voting and vote counting (all too easy to manipulate at will) and even smothering the voters in selected districts which were known heavy supporters of Republican insurgents.

    The 2022 political coup was carefully calculated to keep the post working-class Democrat coalition of co-opted minorities to near total domination of the American political process…all these deluded folks being mere tools for some very calculating agents and minions of behind the scenes shotcallers who have achieved a nearly unbelievable chokehold on governance in the U$$A.

    As Bob Dylan insightfully sang: “Money doesn’t talk, it swears.”

    Even the Trumpster was and remains controlled opposition, however much he sometimes gets caught up in speaking from his heart rather than his malleable mind. Does the name “Jared Kushner” come to mind? How about the fortunately late, Sheldon Adelson? How about a short clip from the Zapruder movie?

    Once upon a time there was an “evil entity” known as the USSR. Nowadays the Evil Empire is the U$$A, a once proud land, where conniving churchmen and big, dirty Bank$ters rule. And by one of those strange turns and twists of fate, under V.V. Putin, Russia has been transformed into the primary power standing in the way of the Bank$ter agenda, with the puppet regime in the Di$trict of Corruption as it’s snarling attack-dog.

    Hollywood producers could hardly have come up with such a twisted pretzel of a script, where in the words of the Four Angels of the Annunciation of the Aquarian Age, the Beatles, lyricized “nothing is real, Strawberry Fields forever”.

  83. BillyA says:

    MAGA Republicans have two enemies: Democrats and establishment Republicans. The Arizona outcome shows how fighting that combination ends.

  84. Alden says:
    @George Flintstone

    Pro abortion is pro White

    Anti abortion is anti White

    I’ve noticed that the states that are outlawing abortion are the very same Deep South states that have the highest black populations. Just what America needs is more black criminal retards. Average black IQ is 85. 40 percent of blacks have IQs below 80. And Deep South states blacks have lower IQs than northern and western blacks. If you want your state Capitol to become like Jackson Mississippi keep on trying to ban abortion.

    Look for a major rise in black and Hispanic crime in about 20 years. As more genetically retarded criminals are born in abortion banning states..

    Why should hardworking wage earning Whites have to support blacks and Hispanics on welfare as kids and in affirmative action jobs or prison as adults?

    • Thanks: Sarah
  85. Legba says:

    Stop pretending that elections matter, it’s starting to become embarrassing

    • Agree: Adam O'Donnell
  86. Rooster16 says:

    This is anecdotal, but in my area about 2 weeks before the election, billboard signs started popping up around the freeway saying “This will be the highest voting turnout ever” and that’s all it said, along with the left wing group who funded it.

    I thought this was extremely strange, it’s almost like it was meant to gaslight the local populace into believing the statement ahead of time, so when they printed a record amount of ballots to win, no one would think anything of it.

    The city was also talking about building a 12 million dollar “secure ballot counting facility” to ensure all worker’s safety and create a central receiving hub… yeah that sounds legit. This is all in a very left area too. The Democrats have moved on from caring about votes, to them it’s simply about harvesting ballots and creating/maintaining a system to do that.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  87. This article is crap.

    The Democrats stole the 2022 midterms, just like Democrats stole the 2020 presidency.

    The Republicans have been standing around with their fingers up their ass for the past two years and again let this stolen election happen.

    Senat Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s obvious hatred of Trump is clearly on display.

    I suppose the Uni-party wants to continue the graft and corruption and does not want to rock the boat.

    Americans have been saying the US has been going in the wrong direction for a long time, yet big money donor traitors do not want Americans to have a voice.

    One of George Washington’s farts is worth more than all the Democrat politicians and RINO Republicans, combined.

  88. @anastasia

    I agree – a huge messaging mistake by the GOP.

    On the other hand, big mouth war monger, Lindsey Graham, proposed a national abortion ban, and killed all the sanity in the room. Lindsey shot every repub candidate in the foot, and whipped up the crazy bitches.

    the GOP has become the stupid party leading the charge for WW3 over Ukraine, a country that over half the people in America could not find on a world map.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  89. Wade says:
    @The Real World

    Right you are. Fraud is the issue. According to several polls and investigative journalists, in Arizona around 80% of independent voters asked for republican ballots at the polls. As ballot drops were occurring (after election day, of course) the “votes remaining” would go down after each new ballot drop was counted. However, after one ballet drop was counted it was noted that the “votes remaining” went up not down. It’s astonishing.

    Kari Lake easily won 70% of the vote there. If you don’t realize this you’re not paying attention.

    According to a poll watcher in Scottsdale, “Tabulator voter suppression issues started shortly after a county technician arrived to check our equipment. Everything was working fine until then“. His full, recorded statement can be seen here:

    After the 2020 election the proprietor of this website, Ron Unz, wrote an article giving a full throated endorsement to the idea that fraud was the decisive factor Trump’s loss of the 2020 election. No one was punished. There wasn’t a single court case that allowed the evidence to be put forth. Why would we assume this is not going to be the case from now on for every populist candidate?

    DeSantis is *not* a populist candidate. The popular perception that he is one is a Jewish trick. Days into Biden’s administration rumors were being spread amongst the dissident right media that DeSantis had told Biden directly on the phone that he can “go fuck himself.” I bought into it myself briefly. Since then DeSantis’s reputation as a “MAGA” candidate has only grown more and more. But now, Andrew Anglin draws our attention to the fact that many Republican governors have done just as much as DeSantis to resist Biden’s policies –even more so– and that the promotion of DeSantis to the populist MAGA wing of the party isn’t justified.

    Now, none other than John Podhoretz (not the sharpest knife in the drawer) has given up the game: The NeoConservatives have declared DeSantis is their man while denigrating Trump’s MAGA candidates for losing, blaming the lack of a red wave on Trump. Jeb Bush seconded Podhoretz with a resounding endorsement of DeSantis as the future of the GOP. If this doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, I don’t know what would.

    After the 2020 fiasco, an investment guru and numbers guy by the name Bobby Piton went to Arizona to do his own analysis of the votes. He compared that election to previous elections and to him Arizona’s voter registration numbers were highly suspect in comparison to previous years. However, he was astonished to find that the same thing had happened in the 2000 election. However, all the cheating had been to the benefit of W. Bush at the expense of Al Gore. It would seem that all the media’s drama about “hanging chad’s” in Florida had been a ruse to distract from a much larger voter fraud operation that had taken place.

    The cheating isn’t by Democrats against Republicans. It’s a crime perpetrated primarily against populists by the Deep State. This subtlety in the pattern of fraud has created room for doubt and enabled deceptive talking points: “Well, DeSantis won.” and.. “Look, Republicans picked up some seats! They just didn’t run good campaigns”. What better campaign could you possibly ask for than the one Kari Lake ran against Hobbs who didn’t even debate her? With 70 – 80% of voters polled stated they were voting Lake but Hobbs still comes out on top with all the mail-drops impossibly favoring her at 90%+ margins, fraud is obviously the explanation.

    • Thanks: Carolyn Yeager
    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Wade
  90. @RadicalCenter

    I fully expect some of what you describe will happen but this changes nothing. The entire US economy is now one giant financial Ponzi scheme. When the decision was made to convert to the fiction of a “service economy”, the die was cast.

    There is no engine of growth left in the US because manufacturing is the only real creator of wealth by taking raw materials and converting them into the products that define civilization. Sectors in support of manufacturing, the STEM disciplines, did their part to actually build stuff. Moving pieces of paper around with everyone clipping a portion as their profit eventually consumes that piece of paper and is where the US stands now. That’s what the humanities and social science types gravitated toward because “maff” was and still is hard.

    The US now turns out mostly snowflakes with basket weaving degrees that can’t add up a column of numbers without a calculator. The boomers that could actually build stuff are hated by the easily triggered and are dying off daily so there’s no pool of talent for a revitalized economy. How anyone thinks this is somehow all going to turnout OK is a mystery to me.

    What little manufacturing is left in the US has turned second rate. Boeing produces crap products. Microsoft has produced a shit operating system and applications software for decades. Even the defense industries figured out that all they have to do is produce something that looks like what is expected and they get paid. That is doesn’t work is a desired feature, not a bug, because it just produces the next contract for the replacement system.

    The ethos in the US has been to grab as much as possible with no regard for what comes after. Most of the grabbing has been accomplished and what remains is now in dire need of maintenance and renewal with a population without the skills to even think about how to approach that task. The US is grifter central and the population supported the slow descent via social control that everyone get a participation trophy for abject stupidity.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
    , @H. L. M
  91. Phibbs says:

    DeSantis and Rubio would be better off in the Israeli Knesset. Both are Israel-firsters and both would start a war with Iran just to make the Jews happy. Both are hostile to Russia because it is battling a Jew dictatorship in Kiev, Ukraine. In reality, the only good vote is the one to leave this country forever.

    • Agree: Gore 2004
  92. onebornfree says: • Website

    “New Revolution”:

    “This governments grown too big for its boots
    We’ve got to cut it back down, back down to the roots
    Its taken most all of our freedoms away
    There ain’t much freedom left in the US today”

    Chorus: “We’ve got to start us a new revolution
    And get back to the old constitution
    We’ve got to stand up and fight for the whole Bill of Rights
    Its time to start over again”

    From my song: “New Revolution”:

    Regards, onebornfreeatyahoo

  93. @RadicalCenter

    R.C.: The “Ruling” was bad simply as a matter of TIMING. The Jezzies, now in total control of the Vatican and all , insisted that “their” minions on the court do this operation BEFORE the (s)election in order to get all those feminist abortionoids (as opposed to the religious abortionoids) all riled up and hot to trot.

    Like the Talmudists, the Jesuits despise the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights. Their desire is to return to a “Rules-based New World Order”. Gee, where have we heard that one before?

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  94. @Poupon Marx

    I’m not a libertarian. I suspect that Doug Casey would disavow that moniker also. Libertarianism has no balls. It is largely a branch of the fraud known as economics that wants to put their flavor of economics in control with a side order of less social manipulation. Weak as water – no balls.

    Although their Austrian school of thought is head and shoulders above the pinheads currently running the world’s economies into the ground, I don’t want them in control either. I want no one in control, and by the same token everyone in control of their own lives and decisions to produce an environment where success and failure teach valuable lessons. I’m totally in favor of a direct democracy where the head of state is the individual that will live or die by his own decisions, not those of a cabal of incompetents known as gov’t which is now the case. A massive increase in the number of governments to 8 billion would do the trick.

    The solutions to the world’s problems are completely obvious but entail mass casualties among the useless eaters in the political class and their enablers in the military and police. The entirety of the humanities and social sciences need to be eliminated because they produce the useless eaters in massive quantities today. All the prisons should be shut down and the violent currently in them executed regardless of any previous bullshit sentence. Those in prison for nonviolent crimes should be worked to pay restitution to their victims which can’t happen while they lift weights in some prison.

    That’s just a start of solutions. Elect me god and I’ll kill off the shit in the society. I promise.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  95. @davidgmillsatty

    David: Getting close to it, about the courts. My own experience with them as well as considerable research, including the amazing Constitutional lawyer, John Whitehead’s observations; indicate that the U$$A court system is virtually in a state of total corruption.

    Constitutionally, via separation of powers, courts have absolutely no right to legislate, aka to “rule”. This usurped power is widespread in both federal and state courts. There is no genuine court of appeal, where the current fiasco uses their tactic of “standing” to shut down appeals which do not appeal to the agenda of the American Bar Association, which is a mere subsidiary of the Bar at Temple Court in City of London. This makes the American court system a puppet regime of the nice folks who control the City.

    If the Republicans had any stones among their new bare majority in the House, they would restore the House Committee on Unamerican Activities. However, that will never happen as the dominant plurality in Congress is made up of, you guessed it, lawyers, virtually every one of those particular attorneys being members in good standing of the ABA.

  96. @Director95

    D95; Why are Lindsey Graham and John McConnell such bad Senators? It’s all about blackmail. Both of those guys are under control by the apparatus which became aired a bit with the shenanigans of Jeffrey Epstein. It’s due to their well-“documented” sexual peckerdildos. The states they represent, Kentucky and South Carolina are chockablock with Southern BADTISTS and Holy Rollers.

    If some of the blackmail info got out to selected preachers in those two “faiths” as well as among all other Evangelicals, those two $enators would have the proverbial chance of re-election as a snowball in hell. There is a problem in much of the South. Northwestern European descended folk have too thin a skull to deal with all those high levels of heat and humiliated relatives. Their brains tend to get a bit steamed up…easy prey for Bible-thumping grifter preachers.

    So being blackmailed down to his toenails, Graham is very obedient when it comes to the orders emanating from his controllers.

    • Replies: @Alden
  97. “The theory of Democracy is that you give the people what they want, and you give it to them good and hard.” So said H. L. Mencken, and he was right.

    The GOP should fold up shop, let the Dems have it all since they do represent the majority of the people with their pro-abortion, pro-LGBTxyz, pro-socialism agenda. Let’s see where they take us.

    When one party rules long enough that party will get the credit or the blame for what transpires. Nancy Pelosi just called for unity (in evil) for the country to move ahead. Maybe we should just throw in the towel and give the people what they want. And then when the collapse comes maybe the smart, moral people can rebuild the country.

    • Replies: @ricpic
    , @Poupon Marx
  98. @RoatanBill

    Well, you have my vote. Small political units such as the Swiss Cantons, have been very successful over the centuries at stability and order. The cantons are small and direct democracy is usually practiced. The National Government is given only those powers that are absolutely necessary. (Remember that principle that got flush here in The United Stupid Socialist States of Amurka?)

    Every community should run its affairs like it sees fit, without outside interference. All these small laboratories are the incubators and producers of good and useful ideas and ideals. If you don’t like one, then leave.

    This link will give you an idea “where I’m going from”:

  99. MarLuc7 says:

    I saw 4 Huge Mistakes in the run-up to this election:

    1. The Roe -VS- Wade was a conversation never really fleshed out. The crusty old GOP had no plan to counter the FEAR Ads sure to come. No one openly debated it. This was a HUGE mistake.

    The MSM made it like, it was a regression to “The Handmaidens Tale” and the GOP did nothing to clarify it or explain it clearly. Now women are forced to birth children fathered by their abusive rapists. Oh, the Evil Patriarchy.

    You don’t think for a minute this angry little cum bucket did not make her way to a voting station?? Hundreds of thousands of them did. The expertly timed Roe-V-Wade reversal was a Psy-Ops triggering deep manufactured trauma among the idiot masses of ugly women. AND THEY VOTE.

    In reality, American women have at least 10 different forms of birth control now. You can buy “The Morning After Pill” off Amazon and have it delivered to your house within 24 Hours –without a doctor’s prescription.

    There are female condoms, sponges, IUDs, male condoms, Birth control pills, cycle method, Implants, Patches, spermicide or vaginal gels, skin patches, and injections.

    If it all fails and your state has banned all abortions and you find yourself pregnant, then you jump on a $99.00 dollar flight to Las Vegas and get it done.

    There was so much conversation that should have been had. But no…the GOP just lets the DNC run fear ads with ZERO rebuttal from them. This was a HUGE mistake.

    A short ad detailing the ruling would have been helpful. A short ad detailing the Constitutional failure of Roe V Wade would have helped.

    2. Another HUGE mistake was not countering Joe Bidens EO regarding Student Loan Debt Relief. The GOP should have gotten out in front of this gigantic LIE as well. Yet they did nothing. I would have been easily exposed as a political stunt by a well-qualified Constitutional Lawyer.

    There should have been ads countering this LIE. They could have run all of Joe Bidens LIES in a loop including the Studen Loan Forgiveness.

    3. The third biggest mistake was not prosecuting Dominion Voting Systems. The 2020 election was stolen. Dominion refused to turn over its operating software for inspection and the GOP did nothing. Now the midterms appear to be tampered with. Especially in Arizona. If the GOP does not have the courage to go after criminals then they deserve their fate.

    4. The GOP is too old to fight Communism. They are a bunch of old, broken-down, COWARDS. They still call their enemy, “My esteemed colleagues on the Left”, when in fact the DNC = Communism. The GOP does not even realize the fight it is in. And so it does not fight like the very existence of America depends on it. The GOP wants collaboration when they should be planning the death of the DNC.

    The Dark side of our entire Election Process is that we might all just be FOOLS. It might just be a Good Cop, Bad Cop Show for the masses. A Dog and Pony Show for the idiot Sheep.

    There is proof of massive corruption on both sides of the Isle. Interestingly, no one in DC ever gets prosecuted. You have massive money laundering, Insider Trading, Illegal Lobbying, Illegal Donations, Conflict of Interests, Nepotism, Blackmail, Pedophilia, Infidelity, Theft….etc. It is a SWAMP. And without Term Limits, these fucker continue on for decades —destroying our country. Their deeds and backroom deals are shielded by our corrupted MSM; softball questions from only pre-approved, hand-selected “journalists”. Every word, every question asked, every puff piece article published, every interview —blessed and sanitized by the ruling Administration. Actions of the same fuckers that promised transparency. These people are evil; every year they ask themselves, how can I increase my income while on a fixed Government Salary?

    Has anyone noticed?? Every election cycle it is the same. The GOP idiots enter the Fox News –Soap Box Derby Race. Perched on their Soap Boxes, they make grandiose speeches, feigning outrage and promising investigations and convictions. later that evening you will find them at a swanky DC restaurant, sharing a fine steak dinner with their “DNC mortal enemies”. Lighting each other’s cigars and fondling interns. It is sickening.

    WE ARE THE IDIOTS. They rob us blind. They enslave our children to 30 Trillion Dollars of Debt, and meekly smile and promise us real change every four years.

    Like a sheep herder moving his herd to a new pasture –the politicians point to a lush green pasture just over the hill and promise us it will all be ours, but only if we vote.

    • Replies: @Alden
  100. ricpic says:

    The test will come when a clearly conservative majority red state attempts to secede. Peaceful secession would be a huge step in the direction of making such a state “safe” for whites. If peaceful secession is not allowed by the federal government, the likely scenario, that will be the moment of truth. Will that majority white state fight for its survival as a white haven? Who knows.

    • Replies: @Alden
  101. ricpic says:
    @Minnesota Mary

    Your comment may sound fatalistic but it makes sense to me. The collapse is unstoppable so let it happen and then see if white conservatives can pick up the pieces…assuming there will be pieces left.

  102. @RoatanBill

    Ultimately, the USSA. will be subsume and taken over by Russia and China. Same with Canada. It certainly will not necessitate force of arms. Rather, large contingents and groups will simply welcome the governance and competence of these cultures.

    One characteristic all people have is wanting to go with the winner.

  103. Does anyone honestly believe the DOJ (Department Of Jews) will go after election frauds across ZOG?

    I mean, seriously???

    This country has gone full on GlobalHomo/Magik Negro/WOKE Wiggers/Holocaust Survivor Hysteria, the only way to remedy this dystopian nightmare is to overthrow both parties, abolish every alphabet agency, remove every military base around the world, and peg the dollar to physical precious metals.

    To many government tit suckers and useless government plantation eaters.

    Winter is coming?

  104. @Minnesota Mary

    No thanks, Mary. The “Minnesota Nice” approach does not work with me. Forty years of misery just to give time for the lame, moronic, brainwashed, weak-minded, and mentally ill to catch up and catch on is not my magazine.

  105. H. L. M says:

    Well said Roatan Bill.

    I just came back from the US where things seem to be holding together even though prices have doubled in the last two years.

    I stayed in a hotel in Houston where I saw many younger people who were obviously traveling on (medical) business. I didn’t even try talking to them. They all had tattoos.

  106. @Wade

    It kinda seems as if Kari Lake’s “loss” was deliberately drawn out to crush the spirits of MAGA. Kari was the most charismatic Republican candidate to come along in many a year, at least since Trump in 2015. Saying she lost on election day would not have been nearly as dispiriting to her millions of supporters nationwide as the daily drip, drip, drip of a few thousand votes “dropped” each day, claiming to show that Kari was too far behind to make up the deficit. It appeared to be a well-planned devastating punch in the gut to MAGA.

    And look who presided over the scam; her bland democrat opponent who, as Arizona’s Sec. of State, faced an obvious conflict of interest but still refused to recuse herself. She didn’t even have the guts to debate Kari. If this (s)election isn’t enough to convince blue-pilled republicans of massive voter fraud, I don’t know how much more it will take.

    I do have one question, Wade. You say that most independent voters asked for Republican ballots at the polls. But wouldn’t that only apply in the primary election? In general elections every voter living in the same jurisdiction, regardless of party, gets the same ballot, don’t they?

    • Replies: @Wade
  107. Pablo says:

    The Republicans did poorly in the latest Mid-Term elections because the Voters reject what the Republican Party REALLY stands for. The Republican Party has always been the Party of the Corporate State and the uber Wealthy. Wealthy Individuals like Bill Gates and Mega corporations like in the Defense Industry. More Voters are realizing that the Republican Party has naked aggression towards the American Middle Class, not just opposition to the Middle Class. Ronald Reagan started this Republican War on the Middle Class. More and more Average American Voters have come to realize this fact about the Republican Party. And this is an accurate assessment of the GOP. This is exactly why the problems the Republican Party is having are unfixable.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  108. Realist says:

    Can you debunk what the articles say? Yes or no.

    Can you authenticate what the articles say? Yes or no

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  109. Cking says:

    The Congress should be at least 60% Republican by now. Inflation alone, took at least $5,000. out of the average household in a year, I’m sure. It was cowardice that the Republican Party didn’t do better. Our very right to existence is questioned. Woke threatens the White middle and under class. All the Repub candidates had to do was send a loud and clear broadcast that irrational, absurd, Communism, what we call Woke today, will no longer govern the American people. No matter, the American people did not vote for a Woke government, no matter what the analysts are telling us. And that was not enough, the Democrats are still cheating, will not, or can not, turn their cheating system off. The MSM smacks us with a cover story on abortion and women’s, ‘you better not have a baby’ rights.

    Every election, it’s a PsyOp. We the People have been played, we have a MSM driven, unworkable two party, actually one party, political system designed to be dysfunctional in a crisis as we have now. The average American or their representative does not know how our US Fiat Money system works or the Fed would be in reorganization now. The Greatest Depression is here and after looting $Trillions of dollars and issuing $Trillions more in debt, the ‘conservative’ representatives don’t want to spend money for Main St. We’re in for a hell of a ride. If it’s any consolation, the American Revolution is not over yet.

  110. @Alden

    There are some real sad sacks on here. Continually whining about the same things. They reveal more about their sorry lives that they realize.

    For some, it may not even be psychiatric, it might be physiological, as in: unfortunate shortcomings – if you get my drift.

    • Thanks: Alden
  111. Alden says:

    Secession was tried 1861 to 1865.

    And that secession was led by upper class elites who spent about 15 years planning.

    All successful revolutions and massive changes are led by elites. Sometimes upper elites going against upper upper elites. Sometimes elite faction A going against elite faction B

    But never by the stalwart yoemen and peasants fronting for the elites.

  112. Wade says:

    I don’t know how things work in Arizona, and the facts I stated were from memory so I might’ve misremembered what I had read. Here’s the article:

    “As of April 2022, the makeup of active registered voters in Maricopa County is 34% Republican, 30% Democrat, and 34% Independents. Out of the 31,318 registered “Independents” that showed up, 73.95% asked for a Republican ballot. Only 23.4% asked for a Democrat ballot. That’s considered a BLOWOUT! In the right side graph below, the pink at the top are those “Independent” voters who asked poll workers for a Republican ballot. The dark red are registered Republicans,” Hoft reported.”

    To me when it says “that showed up”, it seems to be referring to election day. But yeah I guess it could mean the primaries.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  113. Alden says:
    @emerging majority

    I think Mitch McConnell and wife Elaine are agents for her powerful Chinese family and the PRC. Whatever Mitch’s sex life.

  114. Ace says:

    Not a whisper of election fraud from this author. Just the usual blab about this or that demographic and who had the better ground game.

    Trump didn’t lose his appeal and populism and nationalism are not passe but it’s hard for them to prevail over mail in vote chicanery, opaque voting machines, and mysteriously appearing “lost” ballots and Penske trucks.

    Does Mr. Hood realize that Rubio is not a natural born citizen or do such trivial details not matter?

    And a tiny number of Republicans discussing Social Security and Medicare hardly amount to “Republicans” being hell bent to meddle with those programs.

  115. @Realist

    The Chinese surveillance, over the top city wide lockdowns, social credit score, CBDC are all well known things that exist and many Chinese are actually proud of. Foreign nations are reporting on the Chinese agents harassing Chinese citizens and acting like Chinese police although not registered as such with the foreign gov’t. There city wide smartphone app that came out under covid that tells people they may not travel, etc is also widely reported on.

    To deny all of this or to claim it’s all propaganda isn’t credible. It’s the high tech electronics that makes much of this possible and the Chinese are among the best in electronics in the world.

    • Replies: @Realist
  116. The rancid and treasonous Republican Party must be electorally terminated with extreme prejudice.

    The happy warriors in the new political party called WHITE CORE AMERICA will send the Republican Party to the boneyard of all political parties that are actively hostile to their voter base.

    EXPLICIT WHITE IDENTITY POLITICS is the answer to the lack of representation that the European Christian ancestral core of the USA currently endures.

    The European Christian ancestral core of the USA only endures this anti-White regime in Swamp City DC because good sized portions of the Whites are bought off by the asset bubbles in stocks and bonds and real estate created by the monetary extremism of the Federal Reserve Bank.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class must be restrained from further attacks upon the historic American nation by an external force. The JEW/WASP Ruling Class is feeling its oats at the moment and they feel unbounded by externalities. When the asset bubbles implode the JEW/WASP Ruling Class will be financially liquidated and then they will be legally and forcibly exiled to a fetid and humid and hot portion of sub-Saharan Africa.

    Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates — and their loaded-up-with-divorce-loot ex-wives — and Mark Zuckerberg and Paul Singer and the Koch crowd and Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg and all the rest of the treasonous globalizer plutocrats must be financially liquidated and they must be legally put in walled and fenced compounds in sub-Saharan Africa.

    White Core Americans need explicit representation as Whites and Christians, and the rancid and putrid Republican Party donors and Republican Party Ruling Class will not go for that.

  117. Ace says:

    As Steve Deace has correctly observed, “Expediency is always the wrong the choice.” Roe was premised on a dishonest interpretation of the Constitution and now is the right time to dismiss it on principled grounds. If conservatives won’t stand their ground on bedrock matters of constitutional law on side issues, how will they ever mount an effective counterrevolution on the issue of massive federal government growth and overreach? On the issue of FedGov long since having broken loose from the confining but salutary bonds of the enumerated powers of Art. I?

    The issue decided by force of arms in 1865 required an imposed “solution” which is lately transporting us to the precipice. We have an unconstitutional tyrannical monster of a federal government that rules over us and that is what we all need to focus on. Unfortunately, the ignorance and duplicity of the country and its legal class have guaranteed that only collapse and upheaval offer any realistic chance of reformation. A glop of pissed of female narcissists can effect a victory for “progressivism” but they, and we, will pay a price for this abomination of a federal government in the near future.

  118. The ONLY solution is a true right-wing military dictatorship or similar rebellion with disaffected and rightly disgusted White police and soldiers as allies. The resulting government would then need to begin mass deportations of ALL nonWhites, including Jews and domestic Blacks. Non of these people are compatible with civilization. If nothing else, dump them on Mexico. Let our true worst foreign enemy see what that’s like.

    • Replies: @Alden
  119. Greggy your calling is rabble rousing. It is not Politics. You know nothing about that. Look up a guy named Mark Levin who sometimes appears on Fox News. His recent analysis of the mid terms and the coming 2024 election was a sophisticated professional analysis. He broke down the facts as to how the Republicans had to defend many challenged seats and how the Democrats did not, but in 2024 it will be just the opposite. His message is that the Republicans did much better than the Democratic spin Doctors have acknowledged….and the ignorant American people realize…where are you on that Greggy. Do you understand anything real or are you just a store front preacher.

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  120. Any analysis of the 2018, 2020, and 2022 national elections that doesn’t focus squarely on election fraud–which has been multiplying like rabbits since 2016–simply isn’t worth the electrons on the screen it’s illuminating.

    Examination of the highly-contested races in all three of the above election years indicates that the Democrats won over 80% of those races when the report of the vote count was delayed until the next morning. That is a statistical impossibility.

  121. Rich says:

    You are correct. I have a lot of millennials and gen z kids in my extended family and all they cared about was abortion. And hatred of Trump. And they all voted. We have to face the fact that a very large number of American women want the right to kill their babies. It’s wrong, but it’s a fact. And the cuck male relatives (all college kids) all go along with the feminist rage. It took me a long time to find out how evil women can be, but a substantial number, probably a majority in the US, care mostly about murdering their own children. Not to say there aren’t good women out there, too, my wife and my daughter and several of the women from our church strongly oppose murdering defenseless children. But they’re a minority. The American motto on its coins should be changed to “In Moloch We Trust.” A nation of baby killers.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @The Dog Man
  122. Greggy one other thing you forgot. Jewish campaign money, and I am talking massive amounts went with the mentally challenged Forest Gump Fetterman. He could be controlled, but not the brilliant Muslim Turk. The Pen race was a straight up racial play…but not a single mainstream commentator acknowledged that….you see Greggy….I am smarter than you.

  123. Alden says:

    Back when Roe was overturned by Dobbs decision an astute UNZ commenter suggested it was a careful psy op to rein in the women tending to vote republican because of affirmative action, crime covid lockdown and other democrat policies.

    And you’re correct. Roe didn’t outlaw abortion at all. Just returned the issue to the states. Which didn’t close down every abortion clinic in the state. It was months before some states changed their laws.

    The old arguments against having too many kids are ridiculous considering how little workers take home and how much welfare moms get. It’s not just the deductions taken out of the pay check. It’s also the cost of commuting both in cash and time. AAA claims 80 percent of total auto costs are commuting to work.

    No criticism of having bastards any more. Why is getting a baby by artificial insemanation moral and hooking up with a random guy to get a baby immoral?

    The hysterical pro abortion feminazis are pro abortion because that’s how they make a living. Working for all those pro abortion non profits. Conservatives who claim blacks and Hispanics are against abortion are total idiots who don’t look at the statistics.

    Blacks and Hispanics have the highest rates of abortion illegitimate kids welfare and crime. And idiots yammer about how being anti abortion will convince blacks and Hispanics to vote Republican.

    Republicans have never ever never ever done anything for Whites. Eisenhower desegregated the schools. Nixon, not Johnson was the affirmative action president. Also obeyed his Rockefeller owners and sent manufacturing to China.

    The great conservative hero Reagan amnestied illegal immigrants. And accelerated the movement of manufacturing, service calls etc to abroad. Reagan also helped change the Silicon Valley tech workers from White American men to Indian and Asian immigrants. NASA and DARPA has a big slow down early in the Reagan presidency. Major layoffs in Silicon Valley. And when the companies started hiring again they hired non White foreigners.

    Bush didn’t do anything detrimental to Whites as far as I know. But by then the damage was done. Abortion is just an issue for southern Bible thumpers who adopt Haitian babies.

  124. GOP Launches Investigation Into Biden Crime Family, Pelosi QUITTING!?

    • Thanks: Agent76
  125. @Realist

    Zero Hedge is a crypto advocacy site pushing every Crypto/Wall Street con imaginable under cloak of ‘We’re Looking Out For You’, blink blink.
    I would rather read tea leaves than most of the rubbish published there. The only difference between Crypto and Wall Street is the method by which the con is perpetuated.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  126. Alden says:
    @Fisk Ellington Rutledge IV

    Have you looked at who is in the military and police nowadays? Secretary of Defense looks like Idi Amin. Look at who works in the pentagon blacks blacks blacks Check out the recruiting websites. Only women and minorities preferably minority women need apply.,

    Seems like every big city and many small towns have a black police chief. If there’s any army or navy bases near you take a look at them.

    As I keep writing, its 2022, not 1962 or 1922.

    • Agree: Rich
  127. Rich says:

    It was the important races that Trump endorsed candidates lost. Arizona, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Oz was a disastrous candidate who wouldn’t have won the primary if he hadn’t been endorsed by Trump. His opponent, Dave McCormack,was a native Pennsylvanian, a poor kid who picked himself up by his bootstraps and became wealthy and was moderate-right. Oz was a dual Turkish citizen who served in the Turkish army, barely spent any time in Pa except when he was in college and had no real issues that resonated with the people of the state except his endorsement by Trump. Blue collar workers in Pennsylvania were never going to vote for a Muslim Turk from out of state. Disastrous endorsement. And this crazy Walker endorsement in Georgia means six more years of Warnock. Kemp won by eight percentage points; Walker is tied right now in a runoff. There are many White Georgians who will not vote for a black candidate, repub or dem. Stupid move to run this footballer.

    Anyone can endorse someone in a safe repub district and win. Where are Trump’s close wins? Vance was clearly the superior candidate by far, in a repub state. At this point, Trump is more of a drag than a help. He can help a candidate in the primary, but not in the general.

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  128. Zane says:

    Sorry. All the high-falutin analysis in the world doesn’t change the facts: the Democrats out-cheat the Republigoons.

  129. Anon[235] • Disclaimer says:

    “And the cuck male relatives (all college kids) all go along with the feminist rage.”

    Not surprising, lots of them like having sex and don’t want to pay the baby mamma 18 years worth of child support payments.

    “The American motto on its coins should be changed to “In Moloch We Trust.” A nation of baby killers.”

    This is like saying we’re a nation of “Tutsi killers” because we didn’t militarily intervene during the Rwandan genocide. If a woman (who would likely be a terrible mother) wants to abort her kid, it’s not my business or my responsibility to stop her.

    • Agree: Gore 2004
  130. Anon[235] • Disclaimer says:

    Just as many men as women support legal abortion.

    Most Americans don’t think embryos are the same as twelve year olds. I know it’s hard to accept that fact, but please, try.

    This is a losing issue for Republicans.

  131. @anonymous

    As an outsider with no vested interest, I have a slightly different view. Yes, dump the single issue abortion abolitionist voters, but not because they will destroy the Republican Party, rather that the abortion issue provides a cover story for the “under performance” narrative of electoral fraud.

  132. @Pablo

    The RINO Repooplikkers still have plenty of power within that RNC dominated entity. At the same time though, their up-front spokeswoman, Liz Cheney, caught it in her panties by the good voters of Wyoming, in a primary where she was massively outpolled by an anti-establishment newcomer.

    So the Republicans are in a divided state of existence. That old country-club bunch, with all their “investor class” strategists, simply keep on keeping on feeding the monster. The MAGA types, a conglomeration of small business and working-class folks, bought Trump’s rhetoric because it actually addressed some of their deep concerns…and in a forcefully and demanding fashion.

    Will the Grand Old Party come apart at the seams? Neither side is about to turn in the towel. Actual popular support for the RNC master-baiters is shallow and evanescent at best. Nobody likes them outside of the say, 15% of Americans who though Republicans traditionally, are comfortably numb in fact…much like the majority of primarily suburban women and various haphazard designated minorities.

    Thus, Pablo, there are many factors to consider. Will the 2024 (s)election have the smallest turnout in decades, or will the mass media provide sufficient hype and circumstances to herd them to the polls once again?

  133. John Red says:

    The Democrats had near Presidential election year level turnout in most swing states, the less secure their mail in ballot laws are the higher the supposed turnout was. Considering that they are the party in power during the mid terms – historically that leads to the LOWEST turnout among the parties, crime is up, food prices are up, gas is up, border is open, polls done for a month before the election showed that abortion was not the most important issue to voters – the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that they cheated with massive levels of ballot harvesting.

    This was a selection and not a election for as many candidates as they could get away with. Florida had cleaned up the fraud machine for the most part and Republicans enjoyed a 19 point victory there in comparison.

    Another commenter mention Washington State, yea, who knows how many elections have been stolen there in the last 20 years with ballot harvesting and the same goes for Oregon and Colorado.

    • Agree: MarLuc7
  134. anon[215] • Disclaimer says:

    The jig is up. If the gop couldn’t win this one – they couldn’t – they’re a lost cause. It’s no longer the economy stupid, it’s ‘culture’. No matter how bleak the economic scene is, the cultural cretins are always going to vote straight (un)Democratic. Woke wackiness is here to stay, through thick and thin. Both sides are dug-in so demographic trends will decide it. It’s not looking good and there’s nothing on offer in the electoral arena; it can only get worse there. The last hope is out-and-out civil war. As arch enemy Stalin used to say, ‘ better to perish on your feet, than succumb on your knees.’

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  135. @emerging majority

    You’re right, the timing was awfully convenient for Dems to increase turnout among a key part of their base. And it makes it seem that the “justices” nominated by the republican side of the establishment were trying to help dems by doing this exactly now after years.

  136. Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Thomas Massie, on (((Ukraine Funding))).

    • Thanks: Agent76
  137. Agent76 says:

    Nov 16, 2022 ‘We Picked Up Four Seats In New York’: Stefanik Celebrates Flipping Four NY Seats In Midterms

    At a House Republican press conference on Tuesday, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) introduced the new House GOP leadership team and flipping 4 seats in New York.

    October 17th 2022 Oregon may elect its first Republican governor in 40 years thanks to Nike’s co-founder

    For the first time since 1982, a Republican candidate may win Oregon’s governor’s race, and it may be thanks to Knight’s and Johnson’s involvement.

    June 15, 2022 Mayra Flores Flips South Texas Seat in District That Hasn’t Elected a Republican in 150+ Years

    Flores defeated Democratic challenger Dan Sanchez Tuesday in a special election to finish Rep. Filemon Vela’s current term in Texas’s 34th Congressional District, flipping an 84 percent Hispanic seat that Biden won by 13 points in 2020 [and Hillary Clinton won by 33 points in 2016].

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
  138. @CelestiaQuesta

    Go eat your gefilthy fish and stuff matzo balls up your back passage.

  139. @Tucker

    My favorite part of his speeches (except for a few exceptional ones from the 2016 campaign) is when he comes out from behind the curtain and walks slowly up to the microphone, and again when he walks away from the mic. He always looks so good, and exudes friendliness, sincerity, and optimism. During his speech, irritation and impatience set in. Sometimes I yell at him in frustration, even anger. But when he finally closes, I like him again. I think another two years of that now-fixed closing — “We will make America blah blah…” going on far too long will drive people away because it becomes boring. His team needs to convince him that people have lives apart from “Trump-watching” and trim down his ad-libbing/ story-telling and always wanting to be the center of attention.

    Cut the time of his speeches in half! Make a few necessary changes.

  140. Realist says:

    The Chinese surveillance, over the top city wide lockdowns, social credit score, CBDC are all well known things that exist and many Chinese are actually proud of. Foreign nations are reporting on the Chinese agents harassing Chinese citizens and acting like Chinese police although not registered as such with the foreign gov’t. There city wide smartphone app that came out under covid that tells people they may not travel, etc is also widely reported on.

    Just listing derogatory things you have read or heard is not authentication.

    The comment you replied to with snark was: ZeroHedge has always had a hard-on for China. Tyler Durden goes out of his way to denigrate China. In no way did I imply that China was perfect they have many problems, but everything you listed is to some degree true of the US. I doubt any major country is as corrupt as the US. My opinion is Tyler Durden is unjustly negative about China. They in no way have hegemonic ambitions like the US. If you have a different opinion fine.

    To deny all of this or to claim it’s all propaganda isn’t credible.

    I merely do not see proof

    Your belief in my credibility is of no concern to me…especially in light of some of the goofy shit you have posted.

  141. @Rooster16

    It seems to me that American politics has devolved to being about nothing but elections, and winning elections. Not about governing. Now that the so-anticipated 2022 election has come and gone, the main topic will turn to the 2024 election. What happened to what used to be the long in-between time of living with the policies that were voted in? We’re immediately introduced to the next group of candidates.

  142. Rich says:

    Is birth control really that difficult to acquire, and use?

    We had nothing to do with the Tutsis, but if the Tutsi massacre had taken place in the US, and was legal according to the Supreme Court and many state laws, yes, the nation would be responsible. Many American women joyously commit abortion and rank it as their most important issue. It isn’t like they don’t care about the murder of some Africans in a foreign land, they kill their own children. And not reluctantly. They pay for the privilege. That’s as close to Moloch or Baal worship as you can get.

    • Replies: @The Dog Man
  143. @Wade

    Thanks Wade. I read the link, and it totally confused me. When he refers back to April 2022, that indicates to me that most Independents asked for an R ballot in the “primary”, which is significant, as it indicates that they planned to vote for Kari in the general.

    My home state avoids this confusion as it has a “closed” primary, meaning registered R’s are given an R ballot, and D’s are given D ballots. Independents can’t come in and ask for either ballot, as they can in “open” primary states, which must be Arizona’s status. They can only vote in the general election.

  144. Agent76 says:
    @loner feral cat

    You are welcome Loner feral cat! “Hell, I never vote for anybody, I always vote against.”W. C. Fields

  145. @zard

    One thing that I believe happened was that McConnell deliberately sabotaged the pro-Trump candidates. He gave up Republican seats to hinder Trump.
    He’s a traitor and a turd.

  146. BaronAsh says:

    The elections are all fraudulent.
    Post-fraudulent election analysis whilst denying any election fraud is just yet more controlled opposition.

    America is now a post-constitutional State.

    Nothing can be fixed via elections.

    Time to take out the Federal Govt. Probably the best way is via secessions.

  147. @zard

    Communist (Democrat)

    Are you sure about that ?

  148. Anonymous[446] • Disclaimer says:

    I can’t believe how many people missed the point of this comment.

    The autism just gets stronger and stronger on these forums. I’ve frequented them off and on for years and have come to the conclusion they’re nothing but a goddamned cancer in which smug self-anointed intellectuals come to huff one another’s farts and grumble that they’re not part of the problem. They are, and a big one.

    Western women are scum. They care most about anal marriage, baby murder and taking the men nearest them by the scruff of the neck and rubbing their noses in shit. Everything else is a luxury they’ll happily do without. Feminism is death. Women turned the government into a sMother within 40 years of earning the vote. It’s been a goddamned disaster for civil society handing the wheel of the ship of state over to midwits who feel first and think second.

    Legions of women and their beta-male enablers will reply to this, unwittingly proving the point or to make a self-absorbed emotional retort to proclaim that, AYKSHULLY, they’re not like that.

    Exceptions don’t disprove rules.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  149. @Rich

    In a just world all the virtue-signaling pro-lifers like you, your wife, and your daughter would get an unwanted ghetto baby deposited on their doorsteps.

    • Replies: @Rich
  150. @Rich

    There are many White Georgians who will not vote for a black candidate, repub or dem.

    Why ? Anything having to do with history ?

    • LOL: Rich
  151. @Old and Grumpy

    Even if people understand what the ruling says, it has to be expected that the response to this will be for them to go out and vote on this issue. The exact principal of this ruling dismissing Roe vs. Wade was that people should on the matter in state elections and leave the federal government out of the loop. That kind of ruling guarantees that people will feel obligated to go to the polls and vote in these state elections based on the abortion issue. Having the Supreme Court issue this ruling just a few months before state elections were held across the USA was a guarantee that many people would be voting on this issue. I realize that that is not a legal argument one way or another. But it was obvious when the Supreme Court made its ruling that we were going to see a lot more motivated voters going to bat over this issue.

    I can still agree with the idea that probably about 7 states had some funny business which deserves to be better looked at. Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have all managed to stir some suspicions in me. There probably also was some cheating in California, although the Democrats already were guaranteed a general win in that state. But it will be good if some more detailed investigations of these states can be produced by someone qualified. Even so, the abortion issue definitely gave a lot of renewed strength to the Democrats. If Republicans want to change then each state candidate must now state clearly that they support abortion.

    One of the great things about Roe vs. Wade was that it made it easy for Republican shysters to play up to pro-life windbags while excusing with reference to a Supreme Court decision from 4 decades ago. Now it’s really going to be necessary for Republicans who run in state elections to offer assurances that they don’t plan to do anything which the pro-life lobby wants. That leaves much less room for political BS.

  152. Anonymous[361] • Disclaimer says:

    Talking about voting now is the equivalent of playing music on the Titanic; it’s a waste of time. The economy is going to collapse as events around the world bury the Dollar.

    The events are not self generated, appearing from nothing, as the general news media implies. The events are the result of American policy, the policy of the American Establishment, policy both domestic and international.

    The present, 2022, is not be the first time that American domestic politics determined the future of the West.

    Historically, the present is like the T. Roosevelt vs. Hannah vs. the Wilson Presidential campaign in the early 1900s. The Republican Party split, the Democrats took over, and the Democrats intervened in WW I, thus starting the current cycle of Empire/decay.
    Republican answer to WW I was to remain aggressively neutral and arm heavily. If pursued, this policy would have shortened WW I considerably. The European conflict would have been ended with a modest German victory, something like that of 1875, had not the English considered American intervention as their potential salvation/hole card/get out of jail free card. Western society might just have avoided suicide.

    So now we have a lost 2022, no action for 2024 because the RINO wing of the Republicans is a part of the American Establishment, and the American Establishment (AKA “swamp”) has apparently decided to shut down US industry by shutting down fuel production.

    On the bright side, present conditions will not lead to domination of the US remnant by other countries. On the not so bright side, present conditions will lead to a general failure of all countries, as no country is autarkic and all depend on a global trade that will vanish. Regional rivalries and the demands of domestic politics will end global trade.

    There is a good chance that we, the worlds’ population “we”, have no choice other than to simply watch national establishments fail and watch ourselves starving, evicted, unable to buy fuel, etc.. Not my choice, but I wasn’t asked.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  153. Wokechoke says:

    It was an observable phenomenon. Various women, who you couldn’t get engaged in any political issue of any type suddenly turned activist Democrats. They’d have giggled at Senile old Biden in 2020 but once Roe v Wade was overturned they started to organise seriously.

    On the abortion issue the GOP tend to mess up a sure thing. 2022 was a sure thing that this issue blew apart.

    • Replies: @Alden
  154. @Anon

    Not surprising, lots of them like having sex and don’t want to pay the baby mamma 18 years worth of child support payments.

    America is a pornography and sex addicted country. Too much sex means a lot of abortion and physically and mentally damaged women acting in a crazy fashion.

    The return to Christianity is the only solution for the West.

  155. Wokechoke says:

    Agreed on that. The ballot will just be sabotaged by dunderheaded obsessions and empty wins too.

  156. Wokechoke says:

    The odd thing about this issue is that conservative white women in Red States are quite well behaved. The bans on abortion in several of these states don’t really ban anything white women were doing in the first place. Abortion: It’s mostly blacks, or white women carrying a half Black succubus in her womb anyway. Why squander a sure fire election win on a largely irrelevant Supreme Court ruling?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @NC
  157. Jim H says:

    ‘Voters dashed progressives’ hopes of upsetting GOP stars, such as … Rep. Paul Gosar of Texas’ — Gregory Hood

    Not only is Rep. Paul Gosar from Arizona, but also he ran unopposed in his new district.

    Thus progressives had no hope of upsetting him. They couldn’t even field a candidate.

  158. aandrews says:
    @Greta Handel

    “For as long as it takes.”

  159. Jim H says:

    ‘Instead, [McConnell’s] money went to Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who fended off a Trump-backed GOP challenger.’ — Gregory Hood

    No. Wrong. Because of ranked-choice voting, Murkowski’s contest with Tshibaka will not be decided until next week, when ‘tabulation rounds’ are conducted in Juneau.

    I stopped reading Hood’s article at this point, as it is riddled with elementary mistakes.

    Don’t bother to write essays, if you can’t be arsed to do basic research and fact checking. You are wasting TUR readers’ time.

  160. @Political Science 101

    His message is that the Republicans did much better than the Democratic spin Doctors have acknowledged…

    That is correct.

  161. @Anonymous

    From the US / Europe perspective, I agree with you. From the Asian perspective, they are going to go flat out with all their infrastructure projects and just by themselves they represent a third of the world’s population. If they just trade among themselves, they will be just fine.

    At some point one of the mental midgets in the US or Europe will realize that they desperately need nuclear energy to replace all other forms as quickly as possible. I don’t see the hundreds of millions of people in Europe and the US just sitting down waiting to starve or freeze to death. Something has to give to provide some future that may be less ostentatious and resource consumptive than what those populations have grown accustomed to, but some reasonable future surely must lie ahead once the US, in particular, figures out it is no longer top dog and has to start living within its means.

    The control freaks in Brussels and DC are not going to walk away willingly. They may need a push to let go and that could lead to violence in the US especially. Common sense can only take me to the economic collapse phase because 3rd grade arithmetic can run the numbers to show the current trend is not sustainable. I can’t envision anything past the initial stage of the hyperinflation / deflationary depression and have no idea how long it might take to climb back up to a reasonable standard of living. I just want to get the failure started to get it over with as soon as possible before more people wind up homeless and destitute as the financial mafia keeps sucking the population dry.

    • Replies: @H. L. M
  162. As always millions of illegal aliens voted and nearly half the ballots were mail-ins.!!! Dems cheated massively again because they knew the press would cover for them.

    We can easily make the illegals self-deport and then all voting must be same day and in person and with paper ballots.

  163. The lying swamp media said conservatives on the SC banned abortion but they did no such thing. They simply returned the power to regulate abortion to ELECTED state congressmen instead of unelected federal judges. The way it always had been prior to 1973.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  164. Alden says:

    Your observations were not personal observations. You didn’t speak with one woman about abortion. You’re just repeating what some women hating pervs like you wrote on the internet.

    All those years as a probation officer. I know lies and evasions when I see them. Get away from your computer and go out and get some fresh air.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Wokechoke
  165. @Avery

    SCOTUS banned nothing [in overturning Roe V. Wade.]

    All it said was that there is no such thing as “Right to Abortion” in the US (Federal) Constitution.

    You are 100% correct. Abortion ‘rights’ (and abortion restrictions) are now up to the citizens and voters of each American state. This is democracy in action. End of story.

  166. @Rich

    “Is birth control really that difficult to acquire, and use? ”

    There are a lot of people in America who are too stupid to use birth control. You want them to be forced to have more kids as you think that will improve the country.

    I disagree.

    • Replies: @Rich
  167. @Wokechoke

    Gay English misogyny detected.

  168. Richard B says:
    @Greta Handel

    Another 2,000+ words from American Renaissance, with not a single one about (1) the Exceptional! costs inflicted by Uncle Sam on people here and abroad or (2) the subjugation of Main Street to Wall Street.

    Exactly! Worse, no mention of something else that’s pertinent to these considerations, which I’ll get to by way of this quote from GH’s article.

    Driven, passionate, progressive activists harvest ballots from their low-agency urban base. Republicans could do the same, but it would require more money and determination.

    What good is the passion, money, and determination to acquire political power if one doesn’t know how to manage the social institutions that are the whole reason for acquiring power in the first place? Put bluntly, What good is having power if you don’t know how to manage it?

    And how can you properly manage something if you don’t even know how it works?

    Simply put, a social institutions doesn’t simply use explanation, a social institution is an explanation. An explanation is the lifeblood, as it were, of any institution. If it doesn’t flow you get a hardening of the arteries, which leads to senility, and ultimately a heart attack that leads to death. Nor is this analogy inapt, since the front man for our most important governing institution is literally senile.

    In any event, the blood, or explanatory behavior, of the institution, or body politic, has to flow top-down, botom-up, side to side, or forget about it. The heart stops and the brain doesn’t work.

    We live in a world more complex and unpredictable than ever before. The top-down only authoritarianism is a hopelessly maladaptive model.

    Another way of putting it would be to say: the hostile elite’s attempt to impose a social order that’s free of control and sustained by force, only increases the uncontrolled exercise of naked power. And it’s exactly that force – constantly applied – that undermines the fuctioning of the social institutions that power controls. And now we’re back to the question, What good is having power if you don’t know how to manage it?

    In short, Full Spectrum Dominance = Cultural Impoverishment = Societal Collapse.

    Perhaps the best thing to do at this point would be to keep one’s head above water, get out of the way, and lay low until the whole thing blows.

  169. I have generally taken a “worse is better” revolutionary view towards US politics. I voted for Obama twice because George W Bush and his brand of Republicanism were more dangerous to whites than Obama was; in fact, I knew the election of our first black president would be a bitch slap for tens of millions of white American men. It would radicalize many of them.

    This election I voted for all Republicans for state and local races where they would make a positive difference — especially for state judges, but I voted Libertarian for US Senator in my state, and I wrote in Vladimir Putin for my US House vote. At the national level Republicans are indistinguishable from Democrats on US foreign policy and financial issues, the two big items that really matter.

  170. Anonymous[409] • Disclaimer says:

    Because the Republicans are controlled opposition and this ruling provided a shield behind which to hide electoral fraud.

  171. Anonymous[134] • Disclaimer says:

    This comment drips with fallacious reasoning.

    Ad hominem, appeal to authority, all the greatest hits are here!

    • Replies: @Truth
  172. Maybe mr oz can go to Turkey since he has another passport other than the FATCA, citizen-based triple taxation joke passport.

  173. @anon

    Yes, the US empire and its’ imbecilic populace were a massive mistake. War mongers, buffoons and economic hu$tlers with no ontologic intelligence.

  174. @Hang All Text Drivers

    > They simply returned the power to regulate abortion to ELECTED state congressmen instead of unelected federal judges.

    That’s true enough, but they also generated motivation for many single women to vote Democrat. It sounds absurd the way that some people are dismissing the idea that single women voting Democrat played some role in the averting of a Republican sweep. Clearly, if the Supreme Court says that elected state officials are going to decide the abortion issue, then anyone who supports keeping abortion legal should run out there and make sure to vote for candidates who will keep it legal. This ruling was a great gift for Democrats no matter what one thinks of the Constitutional issues.

    Republicans have spent the last half-century posing as “pro-life” while always knowing that the Roe vs. Wade ruling meant that they didn’t have to do anything. So, they cultivated a mélange of dim-witted pro-life voters who could help to campaign for war in Iraq. But now those pro-lifers are really going to be an albatross around the Republican neck.

  175. Rich says:
    @The Dog Man

    At least let’s be honest about what’s going on. American women, in pretty high numbers, are killing their own children, paying for the privilege and some are even happy to speak about it publicly. Even those who know how to use a diaphragm or have been on the pill since they were 13, still rate abortion as their top issue. The majority agrees with you that women should be allowed to murder their own flesh and blood. That’s as close to Moloch, or Baal, worship as you can get. That’s America now.

    I’m in favor of executing criminals, not babies.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  176. Rich says:
    @The Dog Man

    Just try it, tough guy. I’ll virtue signal you right to the curb, you wanker.

  177. USGrant says:

    “Unmarried women voting for abortion” is the post election rationalization by the American deep state and their scribes in the media as the cover story for massive election fraud in the same states and locations as in 2020. Truth is Oz , Laxalt , Lake all leading in the polls by wide margins Americans in pre election polling voters NEVER mentioned abortion. More lies from deep state guy Hood.

  178. H. L. M says:

    I’ve been waiting 20 years for the “collapse” and I’ve got lots of silver coins to prove it.

    However, history– so far– has shown the errors in my thinking. If I had just focussed my attention on the kosher casino instead of fretting and collecting coins I would be in a much better position to weather the coming storm.

    Therefore, I have officially stopped holding my breath waiting for the “collapse” because it isn’t clear to me that it’s going to happen. I now believe we will simply endure a long depression during which even more wealth will change hands– upwards to the oligarks, while the population becomes uniformly brown. This is the plan and it’s working flawlessly.

    I think the existing jewish dictatorship will not only survive but become more firmly entrenched —with their control system, and the ridiculously corrupt equity markets, intact.

    This is because the same white people who built western civilization are, for some reason, afraid to stand up to their jewish oppressors and are simply standing around watching the destruction of their society at the hands of the parasites. This has been going on a long time.

    Black people will name the jew, but whites won’t! This is the reality.

    • Agree: Carolyn Yeager
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  179. KenH says:

    There’s no doubt that there was likely widespread fraud in places with mass mail in balloting provisions and early mail in voting. But the sad fact is that white Americans are no longer a liberty loving people. Jews have been gaslighting the nation for so long about a host of issues that it has created deep polarization between Democrat leaning whites and Republican leaning whites.

    There are a great many whites on the (Jewish led) political left who think that abortion is a fundamental right, that the second amendment doesn’t protect “assault weapons” like the AR-15, that building a wall and deporting illegal aliens is white supremacy and that the first amendment doesn’t protect hate speech. This sad state of affairs will prevent any kind of rapprochement with the left which means cold civil war that could escalate.

    For those who voted Democrat it seemed abortion, “threats to democracy” by MAGA Republicans and Trump derangement syndrome superseded rampant inflation and violent crime, a wide open southern border, potential nuclear war with Russia and the incompetence and unprecedented anti-whiteness of the Biden administration. This is not a good sign and evidence that Obama’s legacy of fundamentally transforming the nation is bearing fruit six years after leaving office.

    As usual the stupid party will draw all of the wrong conclusions from their severe underperformance and conclude that they need to move to the left on all issues, recruit more black and brown candidates and perhaps become a little anti-white. Of course, most of their affirmative action congressional candidates got rejected by the voters in the midterms but the GOP always triples down on stupidity.

    • Thanks: Carolyn Yeager
  180. Heymrguda says:

    Well if you have any better suggestions I’m all ears. As Gregory Hood explained in his excellent election analysis, things are just going to get worse.

    Over on the Occidental Dissent site it was noted that Colorado has become the latest state to join California and the northeastern states to become one party democrat strongholds.

    • Replies: @Realist
  181. Truth says:


    Ad hominem is Aldey’s best friend… And she’s good at it!

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  182. @H. L. M

    The world’s fiat currencies are in the process of collapse now as inflation rages everywhere. None of the gov’ts have the mechanism to shut that off, only try to slow it down with interest rate manipulation. The interest payment on debt alone will bankrupt gov’ts that try to service it as rates go higher. Without higher interest rates the inflation goes higher. Either way, gov’ts have no mechanism to turn this trend off.

    The US’s CBDC experiment has started to try to install that system before the SHTF with the dollar failing. The US will hold out longer than some other nation, but since all are interconnected, when one goes, they all go. Listen to what they have planned for a multi-tier version of currency. If implemented, the people will realize that they have effectively become slaves to the political class and oligarchs in feudalism 2.0 . If they are fine with that, then the controllers win. If not, then that will cause a revolution.

    • Replies: @H. L. M
  183. Realist says:

    Well if you have any better suggestions I’m all ears.

    Let it suffice to say the solution will not involve the electoral system.

    As Gregory Hood explained in his excellent election analysis, things are just going to get worse.

    But he had no solution.

    Over on the Occidental Dissent site it was noted that Colorado has become the latest state to join California and the northeastern states to become one party democrat strongholds.

    That is true and Arizona is in hot pursuit. But it makes no difference republicans and democrats are just two sides of the Deep State coin.

  184. @Mark G.

    The same redistribution of wealth from productive to non productive happens in capitalism too, only it is called crony capitalism. I hold that the natural end state of any economy, not actively tended by its ruling class, or done with prejudice and nepotism, is crony capitalism. Capitalism needs active intervention by the society to keep the markets clear of trusts and MNCs from gobbling up the weak players.

    • Replies: @Mark G.
  185. H. L. M says:

    What are the elites going to trade?

    Are they going to go along with negative interest rates and total control?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  186. @H. L. M

    If by trade you are referring to what Russia, China, et al are proposing, they want to use another iteration of funny money for trade settlement; a new phony trading currency. It is reported to be made up of the bullshit national currencies, commodities and gold. The commodities are nothing but barter and can’t possibly represent a form of money since they get consumed. The national currencies are just fiat paper worth nothing intrinsically. That leaves gold doing all the heavy lifting eventually.

    That scheme will fail as each nation lies about their economies. It will take time to unravel, but given that even the initial design is just mostly lies it can’t last.

    The US is going to turn inward once it’s empire evaporates. The focus won’t be on trade, but how to screw with the population to support the oligarchy. The western economies will really become the new feudalism.

    • Replies: @H. L. M
    , @H. L. M
  187. H. L. M says:

    Will Bricks nations adopt XRP to work like SWIFT? Here’s a quote:

    “XRP (Ripple) will operate on the basis of ODL (On Demand Liquidity). ODL means the price will be determined by the liquidity needed to fund all transfers. So, when they flip the switch, you could wake up and XRP could just gap up to a thousand dollars a token. Ripple has established relationships with over 200 major banks in the world. From what I am seeing they will start turning on the system in March next year, I actually think that they are turning some functions on right now. “

    What do you think about that?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  188. Wokechoke: “I don’t think anyone on the Right has let it sink in that women are pretty murderous. Lifting Roe v Wade like that and suddenly banning abortion all over was naïve at best or simple self destructive hubris at worst. ”

    Murderous? A comment like that betrays an abnormal mind, one unable to appreciate the subtleties of the law.

    If a woman decides to dismember her fetus, or have its brains sucked out with a shop vac even at the very moment it’s being born, it isn’t murder. It’s her sacred right to choose, which all normal people agree must be protected.

    Otoh, if you, as a man, were to take an aluminum baseball bat (protip: Don’t use wood. They break!) and give one of these gravid cows a good whack on the belly, causing her fetus to die, then the law, in its majesty, would find you guilty of murder in all 50 states.

    If you can’t understand the difference, then you aren’t normal. You’re probably just insane.

  189. @H. L. M

    The “east” already has a SWIFT alternative working and the major eastern players are distancing themselves from the west, so SWIFT becomes less of an issue as time progresses. Should they try using some go between to infiltrate the SWIFT market via some back door, the US will just slam it shut.

    All the tokens currently floating around are a target for every central bank that sees them as competition. As such, they will be made defacto non functional or outright illegal somehow. The video I linked to asserted that China has banned Bitcoin. I don’t know if that’s true but that’s what I see as the likely response by every gov’t sooner or later.

  190. Mark G. says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    I hold that the natural end state of any economy, not actively tended by its ruling class, or done with prejudice and nepotism, is crony capitalism. Capitalism needs active intervention by the society to keep the markets clear of trusts and MNCs from gobbling up the weak players.

    If you give the government the power to intervene in the economy, what is to keep the politicians running the government from pursuing policies that benefit themselves, their families, their friends and their political supporters? You seem to think businessmen are evil and think only of themselves, but politicians are all altruistic angels. Crony capitalism has increased, not decreased, in this country as government has become bigger. The solution to crony capitalism is free market capitalism, not to give politicians more power.

  191. Wokechoke says:

    When I heard certain hitherto disinterested people I know start taking an interest in political campaigns over this issue I wrote off this election cycle for the GOP.

    • Agree: Rich, Gore 2004, Hulkamania
  192. Wokechoke says:

    I’m not opposed to abortion per se as long as it its mostly, 99% blacks or white women with a half black foetus. Then I just have to say, have at it ladies.

    • Replies: @AmerimuttRetard
  193. @Wokechoke

    This attitude is why only “huwhites” will perform abortion. God hates evil. And nothing is more evil than a huwhite amerimutt kike golem.

  194. NC says:

    Abortion: It’s mostly blacks, or white women carrying a half Black succubus in her womb anyway.

    I particularly hate this argument that abortion is ok because it kills more blacks. Even if you want to shake hands with Satan and sacrifice white babies based on some calculus that the tradeoff is worth it because it’s killing more minority babies, that’s not how it’s worked out in the last 50 years. Racial percentages are unchanged for blacks since abortion, while the overall white percentage of the population has declined. The sum effect of Roe v Wade was to kill tens of millions of white babies. There was nothing gained and no positive tradeoff.

    Why squander a sure fire election win on a largely irrelevant Supreme Court ruling?

    A once in a generation chance to take ground on one of their core issues. For decades people have been saying the republicans were cynically exploiting their pro-life wing, and they actually proved those people wrong. It’s a hill that was worth dying on. Democrats have endured electoral slaughter at various times on other issues like race, gay sex, gender stuff, etc. to move the laws and culture. This election wasn’t even that colossal of a defeat. They only moderately gained ground instead of wiping the floor with the democrats.

    Look, I agree with your key point about white women being murderous monsters in aggregate, but are you sure you’re not just a pro abortion guy concern trolling? Your other arguments are the same stuff I’ve been hearing from abortionists for decades.

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