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Excellence Over Equality
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Whites are weird. Most non-whites think it self-evident to defend their races. Many whites assume our high-trust, individualist societies can spread to the entire world. The nations that built the modern world — especially the English-speaking ones — are becoming minorities in their historic homelands because they’ve put their abstract ideals over their concrete identity. The most damaging of these ideals is equality.

Some whites know something is wrong. They recognize the double standards. They think it’s ok to be white. They wonder why everyone else can defend their interests, but whites can’t. However, this group is a minority. Of that minority, even fewer will act to defend white interests. Why? Whites are idealistic, and what Oswald Spengler called our “Faustian” civilization strives to conquer space. This includes the realm of ideas. Most whites want universal missions, not crude appeals to self-interest.

The most powerful moral force today is egalitarianism. During the Enlightenment, revolutionaries could argue that hereditary rulers were holding back progress and curbing human potential. Nationalism was originally a progressive, revolutionary movement emphasizing class unity against transnational aristocrats who had no real connection to the people they ruled. Unfortunately, egalitarianism today is a mortal threat not just to white racial survival, but to human greatness itself.

For Americans, egalitarianism is inherent in our founding. Though Thomas Jefferson said the “earth belongs to the living” and that previous generations shouldn’t bind the present, his declaration that “all men are created equal” has become something sacred and unquestionable. For many, it’s what defines America. This is dangerous because “all men are created” is not “self-evident” but stupid and wrong.

Jefferson was not stupid. He didn’t literally believe “all men are created equal,” but his original intent is irrelevant. People generally follow ideals and rhetoric to their logical conclusions. Enoch Powell said the supreme duty of statesmanship is to avoid preventable evils. If that’s so, the Founders, despite their greatness, are partially to blame for unleashing a virus that could eventually destroy the country they created. They failed to make their implicit white nationalism sufficiently explicit. They didn’t hedge their egalitarian rhetoric. Now we are paying the price. To many, including the current president, America is defined by the egalitarian ideal. (It wasn’t an accident that Robert Elder titled his biography of John Calhoun American Heretic).

The problem is that if America is “founded” and “based” on this idea, America is based on a lie. We can say “lie” — not mistake — because the author of it, Thomas Jefferson, owned slaves, was a white nationalist, and believed in a natural aristocracy.

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson

Egalitarianism is so self-evidently false that it seems as though elites use it cynically. Sam Francis argued in “Equality as a Political Weapon” that elites didn’t really believe in it but used it to pursue their own interests. James Burnham’s concept of the managerial elite, and Sam Francis’s expansion of his work, is key to understanding this. In short, the managers have material and social interests in creating new problems and new justifications to govern others. None of these problems will be solved, because if they were solved, the rationale for their positions would go away. Diversity is a big business.

Despite their vested interests, left-wing activists are generally sincere. That isn’t a compliment. “Miles’ Law” states that “where you stand depends on where you sit.” A person’s moral beliefs and economic and social interests generally converge. If you change the latter, you will probably change the former. If you’re a center-left college grad who gets a job at the NAACP, you’ll probably be far more sensitive about “racism” a year later, and seriously believe what you are doing. If you get fired and somehow end up working for a Republican campaign, you may find yourself a sincere conservative soon afterward.

People respond to incentives. If both government and corporations fund “anti-racist” programs, we will get more anti-racist activists. Those activists will have an incentive to exaggerate the supposed problem and call for more resources. They will also be highly driven.

Nature and experience are no obstacles to fanaticism. People often believe contradictory things without troubling their consciences. Orwell was right about “doublethink” — something inherent to the human condition, not just tyrannical regimes.

White advocates must understand this when we try to persuade others. Pointing out hypocrisy and double standards may win over some people. Noticing these things is what gave many white advocates, including me, their start. However, lists of double standards won’t convert committed egalitarianisms. They can easily argue that discriminating against whites isn’t a double standard at all because whites have privilege. They’re wrong, but it’s an internally consistent argument.

It’s not possible for someone to truly be egalitarian in practice because life depends on making value judgments. We used to refer to this, favorably, as “discrimination.” However, if egalitarianism is our defining value, our rulers can decide that what may be a rational choice is in fact a moral crime. What Christopher Hitchens used to say about Christianity — that it claims we are “created sick, and then ordered to be well” — applies far more accurately to egalitarianism. In a cosmic joke, it’s those with power who order us to value equality, even though they appeal to no divine authority to impose their moral order. Many go along from fear of retribution — itself proof of the Iron Law of Oligarchy and the inevitability of rulers and ruled. Egalitarianism is not just arbitrary, it’s self-negating.

While journalists are currently worrying aboutChristian nationalism,” egalitarianism is America’s real state religion. This may seem overstated, but not when one considers the full consequences of “disparate impact.” In the Supreme Court case Griggs v. Duke Power Company, the Court held that even neutral policies can be considered discriminatory if they have a disparate impact on protected minorities. In other words, even sincerely trying to be non-discriminatory is not proof that you didn’t break the law.

This implicitly eliminates almost all useful standards for screening potential employees or students. For example, by 1972, employers couldn’t rule out employees who had arrest records because blacks were more likely than whites to have them. It was therefore discriminatory. IQ tests are also banned. The power of this legal doctrine is practically unlimited.

Ibram Kendi, a recipient of vast corporate largesse, has proposed an “anti-racist amendment to the U.S. Constitution that enshrines two guiding anti-racist principals [sic]: Racial inequity is evidence of racist policy and the different racial groups are equal.” Many thought this was extreme, but it may be because the idea of a Constitutional amendment is novel. The federal government has been following Dr. Kendi’s two “principals” for 50 years, with civil rights law having replaced Americans’ constitutional regime. Today, the definition of “racism” is expanding, but the goals of achieving equality and denying racial differences haven’t changed in decades.

Ibram X. Kendi. Photo credit: Montclair Film/Flickr CC BY 2.0
Ibram X. Kendi. Photo credit: Montclair Film/Flickr CC BY 2.0

Unless they challenge Dr. Kendi’s two principles directly, Americans are doomed to defeat. They are chasing tangents that don’t matter, or making confused arguments that are easily dismantled. It’s uncomfortable but necessary to attack the supposed virtue of equality.

The main reason is because the assumption that “all men are created equal” provides a justification for unlimited government power and political repression. It is social AIDS, destroying the basic standards of behavior that serve as the country’s social immune system. We must attack egalitarianism directly and eventually step over it.

Half measures won’t suffice. For example, Democrats may say that “equity” — equal outcomes — is what’s needed, while Republicans stick with equality, especially “equality of opportunity.” However, if “equality of opportunity” is the goal, leftists are right to propose measures to close the racial wealth gap, reparations for alleged past wrongs, and “cancellation” for celebrations, symbols, and institutions that don’t represent non-whites. Blacks don’t have “equal opportunity” unless the government confiscates white resources and uses them to build up blacks. Republicans are not living up to their own rhetoric.

Conservatives should attack “equity” and even “equality of opportunity,” not rhetorically accept them. Equality of opportunity is neither possible nor desirable. First, people are not equal in intelligence, health, personality traits, or any other human characteristic. Second, our identities and especially our upbrings are largely unchosen, and to make them “equal” would require an all-powerful government to remove children from families and subject them to uniform upbringing. This would be tyrannical and also deeply alienating, as it would destroy the family. Finally, because some people are more successful than others, “equality of opportunity” would require the state to strip successful parents of their wealth and prevent them from giving their children an “unfair” advantage. In many ways, that would defeat the purpose of striving for greatness and building a positive legacy.

None of these truths present real obstacles to the progressive program. Regarding inborn human characteristics, schools are trying to weed out excellence by eliminating Advanced Placement, standardized tests, and admissions tests. Elite schools like San Francisco’s Lowell High School, Collegiate, or New York’s Poly Prop Country Day School are all trying to reconcile the demands of egalitarianism with the schools’ very role. These schools will probably fail. The background to all this is a press campaign about the ways standardized tests are racist and classist.

Nonetheless, the “race gap” in performance persists. The country can’t admit that races are different, so the College Board will no longer release AP test results. States have been hiding abysmal black academic performance for decades. The claim that races must perform equally requires actively concealing the truth, with school administrators acting like priests destroying ancient writings that might challenge their religious teachings.

We must also ignore racial differences in behavior. Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley wants the federal government to make it harder to punish non-white students when they misbehave. Blacks misbehave more often than whites, but because we are required to assume racial equality and that any “disparate impact” results from discrimination, the solution is to stop punishing blacks. The Obama Administration mandated this with Department of Education guidance to public schools. The result, not surprisingly, was more violence in schools. It hurt students of all races, but the egalitarian creed was upheld, which is more important.

Liberal women can cosplay The Handmaid’s Tale, but the real theocracy is already in power in this country. Public schools’ increasing acceptance of Critical Race Theory and transgenderism is part of the faith. Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levin argues the federal government should “empower” “trans youth” and make sure they have access to “gender-affirming care.” If so-called experts agree that this is what “trans youth” need, the government’s decree could override parents. The government is already in the business of mind-reading when it comes to “red flag laws,” which can temporarily strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights though they haven’t been convicted of a crime. Americans should be wary because this precedent may pave the way for the government to strip families of their children for not believing in racial or sexual orthodoxy.

One could argue that egalitarian proposals to lower academic standards, restrain cops, or give set-asides hurt the very people these policies are supposed to help. However, judging by voting patterns, many non-whites don’t feel that way. They basically support the racial status quo. Besides, white advocates must never depend on non-whites giving us sanction for our beliefs. The same holds true of white conservatives. It’s a losing position politically, because your fate is in someone else’s hands.

Even effective conservative activists make weak arguments. For example, Christopher Rufo is an effective activist against Critical Race Theory, but he doesn’t fully understand (or admit) the stakes. In his article “What Critical Race Theory Is Really About,” he makes a distinction between “equity” and the “American principle of equality.” The latter is desirable, he suggests, thus conceding the critical point.

Mr. Rufo says this:

An equity-based form of government would mean the end not only of private property but also of individual rights, equality under the law, federalism and freedom of speech. These would be replaced by race-based redistribution of wealth, group-based rights, active discrimination and omnipotent bureaucratic authority.

Historically, the accusation of “anti-Americanism” has been overused. But in this case, it’s not a matter of interpretation: Critical race theory prescribes a revolutionary program that would overturn the principles of the Declaration and destroy the remaining structure of the Constitution.

Appealing to “federalism” and government structures is weak. The side that appeals to means and not ends is the side that loses. Besides, progressives could argue that the true principle of the Declaration, which even Jefferson didn’t truly understand, is to defend equality. The Constitution was written by rich white men anyway, so they can dismiss it if it no longer serves their rhetorical purposes.

Mr. Rufo is also wrong if he thinks Americans will oppose “race-based” policies. Most non-whites think defending their racial interests is perfectly legitimate. Non-whites could argue, accurately, that America once thought of itself as a white nation and didn’t treat non-whites equally. Therefore, non-whites are entitled to organize on racial grounds for redress of past wrongs until we reach “equity.” Americans once thought themselves entitled to basic legal rights like freedom of speech, but if equality is more compelling morally, these rights will be trampled. One can have standards or diversity, but not both. This is reasonable, because no two peoples will be able to agree on the way people should behave.

We may soon see the complete abandonment of standards if affirmative action is banned. If the Supreme Court was willing to overturn Roe v. Wade, it may be willing to end affirmative action in an upcoming decision. The Supreme Court may also have to amend what it has previously said about ethnic diversity being a “compelling interest” that justifies discrimination against whites and Asians. We are getting close to Sandra Day O’Connor’s 2028 deadline when she expected that “the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary to further the interest that we approve today.”

It would be a great thing if the Court ended affirmative action. However, colleges may react by consciously seeking out intellectually inferior candidates to boost diversity. In an article considering the problem of maintaining diversity after affirmative action, the Washington Post quoted one expert who “concluded that emphasizing applicants’ socioeconomic status and guaranteeing admission to the top graduates of each high school” were effective at UC Berkeley. Of course, selecting top graduates from “each high school” in order to protect diversity presupposes different high schools are dominated by different racial groups. That’s probably an accurate assumption considering white flight after desegregation.

The problem is that, even if affirmative action is ended, the fundamental belief in “equality” will remain. If the Supreme Court does not eliminate “disparate impact” as a legal doctrine, civil rights groups will still be able to file lawsuits and use state power to eliminate standards.

Logically, there is no end to this process. No matter what policies are passed, there will always be inequality, and thus the definition of “racism,” “sexism,” and other “isms” will expand. Utopian goals such as “racial parity” are still decades away even if we direct the entire system towards achieving them. Far more importantly, those who derive their social status, power, and careers from fighting these imaginary problems have a practical interest in constantly expanding what is problematic. Racial equality must be at the center of any story, even things that seemingly have nothing to do with race. Auron MacIntyre calls this the “German cat” phenomenon, comparing to the way even magazines about cats started focusing on theories about Aryans and Jews under the Third Reich.

Similarly, nature magazines are worrying about racist names for plants and animals, NPR ran a story about “decoloniz[ing]” bird watching, and several media outlets are worried the English female soccer team doesn’t have enough non-whites on it. If whites remain trapped in the moral framework where “equality” is the highest value, we can’t effectively push back against stories like this.

If equality is our highest value, everything in society must be subordinated to it. If “systemic racism” is embedded in all our institutions and in the minds of all white people, it follows that good people must constantly search for it and purge it. Failure to do so is a sin. Paying off civil rights groups is a modern form of indulgences.

Consider these recent stories:

  • The creator of the 90s sitcom Friends apologized for its lack of diversity and gave four million dollars to create a professorship at the Brandeis African and African American studies department.
  • A white bestselling author said whites face discrimination. After criticism, he apologized with stilted, ritualistic language, like he was reciting a creed of faith or a self-denunciation from China’s Cultural Revolution.
  • A bar apologized to black students at Brown University after staff kicked out three black students who were reportedly misbehaving. One student, who is reportedly heading to a well-paid consulting job, said the bouncer’s reaction “was a manifestation of respectability politics and shows how black people often have to withhold from expression in order to comfort and conform.”

These aren’t things that can simply be laughed at or called “woke.” They show that egalitarianism is being taken to its logical conclusions. If one truly believes that equality is America’s founding idea and goal, and that all our institutions are racist, every social interaction and public communication must cater to those who claim they are victims. If even basic standards of behavior smack of “respectability politics,” then those standards must go, not the ideal of equality. Thus, even common-sense standards and rules become racist because blacks simply can’t live up to them.

These things include:

There are endless other examples.

At the margins, they make life annoying. Unfortunately, they are becoming central to American life. Diversity is now a leading goal in fire departments, the military, medicine, infrastructure, airlines, and other important sectors. If diversity destroys standards, then our society is not just declining, but collapsing. The process has no self-limiting principle. It will continue to the point of disintegration.

Egalitarianism creates an infinitely broad justification for state and political action, and the material interests of the managerial class will ensure this is a never-ending crusade. Paul Gottfried was right to call this society a Secular Theocracy. Critical Race Theory, white privilege, systemic racism, disparate impact, and other concepts are part of an internally coherent worldview that motivates activists. Thus, America now has a class of well-paid professional social saboteurs, constantly looking for a payoff.

Tactically, in politics, it is best to use arguments that people are familiar with. Moderate statements and radical action tend to work better than radical statements and moderate action. However, after centuries of regression, Americans can no longer avoid this issue. If equality was what America was founded on, then America was a mistake. If we don’t want to say that, then we must show America was founded on something greater than equality. Egalitarianism must be critiqued in moral, idealistic, and absolute terms, not just dismissed as utopian or impractical. The ideal itself is the problem and we need a better one.

Whites should also understand the physical danger we are in, not just the moral flaws of egalitarianism. Calls to “attack,” “abolish,” or “realize the death” of whiteness are implicit threats. Like the fish in water, we have grown so used to ritualistic denunciations of whiteness that we don’t recognize their extremism. Substitute “blackness” or “Jewishness” in the bloodthirsty calls against “whiteness” and the truth is clear.

It’s not enough to point out that race is real or that inequality is inevitable. It’s not enough to say that liberty is preferable to equality and “democracy,” and that racial double-standards are evil.

It is necessary to say equity and equality are bad in and of themselves.

We achieve “equity” only when we die. Life is about the pursuit of human flourishing and our ideal is excellence. This leads to hierarchies, which, if they continue to promote worthy accomplishments, are good in and of themselves. Differentiation is life; equality is death. Forcing non-whites into an institution by lowering standards isn’t some wacky mistake by the “woke.” It’s a profoundly evil act that harms not just our race but our species by committing an institution to degeneration rather its mission. I call that evil.

Prometheus Bound and the Oceanids by Eduard Müller (1879). Credit: Album / Tolo Balaguer
Prometheus Bound and the Oceanids by Eduard Müller (1879). Credit: Album / Tolo Balaguer

Whites are a moralistic people. It may be a flaw, but it’s part of who we are. We must thus choose the difficult path. We will continue to point out double standards, hypocrisy, and the vested interests of our rulers. Others in politics may use rhetoric that isn’t quite so hard-edged. However, long-term, without a direct attack on equality and a new “founding ideal” that defines America, these efforts will ultimately fail.

It will be a hard job. However, white advocates should thank our opponents. By equating “whiteness” with standards and accomplishments, white advocates are now not just fighting for our people but for our species. Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair. Our race’s destiny, and America’s, is not to submit to the dismal tide of regression. Our job is to set humanity on the upward path to human greatness.

We can no longer afford to pay even lip service to egalitarianism. It is a lie. It endures because of the ruthlessness of our opponents, the fear of those they’ve intimidated, and the vested interests of a parasitic ruling class. Paradoxically, our foes’ greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. Their whole system is built upon egalitarianism. If we delegitimize that, the whole thing crumbles. It’s already crumbling in another way because diversity is making it impossible for institutions and individuals to uphold standards that a white nation a generation ago could safely take for granted.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Daniel Bell says China has a ‘just hierarchy,’ based first on moral character, then on intellectual merit and, finally, on real-world competence.

    They’ve chosen their officials that way since the time of Christ and the Chinese swear by it.

  2. Great article.The word that supersedes these attempts of domination is
    freedom.However,it is not free and is “always just one generation from
    extinction.”Of the people,by the people,for the people must not perish.
    “Enduring the fatigue of supporting it” is something most don’t seem
    able or willing to do anymore.It’s a numbers game,and at this rate,it
    appears to me to be heading directly towards another crucial
    whatchamecallit.Then the schawizzle will meet the durfizzle and
    we’ll live happily ever after in the eternal bseolizzle era.Thanks

    • Replies: @JohnS
  3. Once again ignores the group pushing this genocidal agenda.

  4. Alrenous says: • Website

    Whites aren’t anti-white, it’s a Sophist scam. They’re classist.

    The point of civil rights was to lay waste to Bantu-American communities, and it worked perfectly. You catch more flies with honey. If you really want to ruin somebody, do it by giving them candy until they’re sick, instead of trying to feed them sewage.

    Likewise affirmative action and divorce law have been ruinous for middle and lower class women.

    There’s very much an “okay” brand of whites,* you just don’t hear about it since that would ruin the illusion. What colour is Elon Musk? Jack Dorsey? Bezos? Gates? Even Fauci, Biden? The tippy top is seemingly immune to all these funny rules. By design. The point is for the gated communities to dunk on all the non-gated communities, and frankly they don’t see non-Europeans as any threat. They’re toys, not people. Non-Europeans seem to be fine with it, since they’re playing along.

    *(White isn’t a race.)

    Jefferson didn’t believe men are all physically equal, but he was perfectly aware it would be misunderstood to mean that. If men aren’t physically equal, voting makes no sense. Voting and property rights are diametrically opposed. Voting is theft or vandalism.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @Rich
  5. sonofman says:

    Because of the arbitrary rule of hereditary monarchs and conflicts of religion in Europe, Thomas Jefferson’s understanding of egalitarianism was the political idea that all humans are equal in fundamental worth or moral status. America is based upon the inner being, spirit and character, and not physical attributes.

    It is easier for people who are denkfaul to stereotype a multitude of different African or European cultures into one classification, but the idea of race is as real as Covid-19, or the most secure election in 2020, or that nitrogen is bad for the environment, or….etc. And the idea that the individual accomplishments of outstanding people is due to a distinct pedigree, and then claim credit based upon common ancestry, is relatively unambiguous.

    America is not based upon a lie. Even though some of the founders participated in the industrialization of human bondage, or were Europeans becoming American nationalists, or believed in natural aristocracy over dynasties, this does not in any way diminish their accomplishments.

    In no other European led country have people of African heritage such a significant influence concerning the social and political composition.

    Thank God, the majority of European Americans are not weird, but there is a large portion that are just plain dumb. Especially now, when it is quite obvious that the People have lost control of their government, yet there is more concern for fictions that divide.

  6. Realist says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    A merit-based society is the smart way to go.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  7. Cookie says:

    Call it egalitarianism, liberalism –
    – or whatever, what it really is…is a group of people who have got to the top whatever way they can and now want everyone to play by rules…their rules.

    Its like the kids game “I’m king of the Castle, your the dirty rascal!” Once your on top you want to call the game off.

    • Replies: @Anon
  8. Dr. Kendi looks like the guy that mugged my uncle on the New York subway last year.

    • Replies: @Truth
  9. @Pseudocelt

    …the Luxembourgers (?)

    • Replies: @Z-man
  10. Possibly the clearest early statement about “equality” is the following, from a 1790 letter by George Washington addressed “to Roman Catholics in America”, who were concerned about their status in the new WASP nation, “As mankind become more liberal they will be more apt to allow, that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the Community are equally entitled to the protection of civil Government [emphasis added]. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations in examples of justice and liberality.”

    Wokeism is a curious anachronism. It duplicates the self-righteous judgmentalism of Christianity for a post-Christian intelligentsia to use against latter-day heretics. In this way it reminds me of the problem that Israelis find themselves in, being European colonialist settlers in a post-colonial world. Like its mirror-image phenomenon, the curious “great replacement” fixation, Wokeism follows a historic element of the American character, the tendency to view life through the exciting yet comforting fantasy-lens of an epochal battle between good and evil – with yourself, of course, always among the representatives of the divinely approved good. The United States was born of a remarkably unlikely fusion of the priggish dissent of English Evangelicals and the revolutionary idealism of Quakers, tempered by the rejection of revealed religion that was the cornerstone of the eighteenth century Enlightenment, and a population made up largely of convicts and ne’er-do-wells. The need to judge and condemn “the other” has appeared here in many interesting guises over the course of a quarter millennium. Soon enough, wokeism will join its many predecessors in the museum of “popular delusions and the madness of crowds” as Mackay put it in his 1841 study of human social foibles. This quote from that work may serve to be the epitaph of our era, “We go out of our course to make ourselves uncomfortable; the cup of life is not bitter enough to our palate, and we distill superfluous poison to put into it, or conjure up hideous things to frighten ourselves at, which would never exist if we did not make them.”

    • Agree: Ben the Layabout
  11. RogerL says:

    This essay is a good example of the kind of essay that is undermining the future of the white people in the US.

    The author fails to define what he means by the abstract words he is using, such as equality, and then goes on to throw out the baby with the bath water. Basically he is promoting some ambiguous abstractions, and setting white people up for failure.

    Comment #5 made a very good point about the meaning of “egalitarianism”. Its meaning has become corrupted since 1800, just like the liberal focus in 1900, of not exploiting workers, has also become corrupted.

    The original usage of those words is still valid, and throwing out those words and values is a big mistake. What must be done is to fight for the original meanings and values, and condemn those who work to corrupt them. Based on the many related papers on TUR, it does seem that the Jewish culture is at the root of many of these cultural corruptions.

    Any society, where its acceptable to exploit a group of people, or its okay for a group to wither away in poverty hell, will have built-in conflict and won’t ever become a solid, cohesive, strong whole.

    So there must be a balance between “all humans are equal in fundamental worth or moral status” and rewarding excellence.

    Here is a start on doing that:
    – The laws are applied equally to everybody.
    – Everybody is paid enough that their family can afford to eat healthy food and sleep in a dry, warm home.
    – Everybody has the opportunity to take advantage of high quality, free education, and whether they succeed or not in that education depends on their aptitudes and how hard they work.

    After that start in life, people should be rewarded based on how much work they do, and paraphrasing comment #1, their moral character, intellectual merit, and real-world competence.

    A downside of the above value system is that the quality of the gene pool deteriorates because the stupid, lazy, and incompetent people keep reproducing.

    Before 1800 the people with low quality genetics tended to fail to reproduce. The plan for old age survival was to have lots of kids, and hope for the best.

    Government funded retirement is having a negative effect on the gene pool. By making the children responsible for caring for their elders, an incentive is created to produce kids with genes having an aptitude for excellence in character, mental aptitude, and work habits.

    Women who let jailbirds be the biological father of their children will be in big trouble.

    Women who separate the roles of biological father and nurturing father in their life, will do much better in life because they will raise up kids very likely to be successful, and they will have a high quality partner to help her in raising the kids.

    This isn’t a complete solution because too many women, who aren’t a service to the gene pool, believe in having fun today, and letting tomorrow that care of itself. However at the least its a solid start on turning around our society.

    Another part of the solution is not including free medical care in this approach to egalitarianism. If they can’t earn enough to pay for long-term medical care, then they must do without it.

    Having people crippled by injuries, who can still reproduce, won’t do anybody any good. So medical care for repairing injuries should be free. If somebody can’t afford medical care for chronic health problems, then they will have do do without it.

    Helping children, with severe health problems, survive to adulthood, so they can reproduce, is helping to destroy our society. We must stop doing this. Beside the damaging effects on the gene pool, it burdens the economy with billions of dollars of unproductive medical expenses.

    Its just like when applying for a good paying job – there are tests to see if you qualify for the job. A key test, to see if a person qualifies for adulthood, is finding out if they have enough basic health to be a productive adult.

    Widespread chronic health problems will be the death of western civilization.
    – If I kid has talented parents, who can afford to pay for specialized medical care, then fine.
    – If I kid has robust health and makes it to adulthood, without specialized medical care, then fine.

    Several of my uncles died before the age of 5. That’s sad, but its the way life works. A sickly kid is a burden on their family and society. Ask any farmer, who is breeding livestock, what they do with subpar results from breeding.

    Western civilization in general, and white people in particular, are screwed unless we start taking concrete and pragmatic steps to address the root issues besetting us.

    Ambiguous ideology is part of the problem, not the solution.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @Anon
    , @Legba
  12. When the authors of the Constitution used the word “equality”, they had White English/American males in mind, not White females, not American Indians, not Asians, and certainly not Negroes, which at the time were still being debated as to whether they were full members of the human race.

  13. Interesting article. Things to digest, things to dispute, could go on forever.

    In light of it, seems to me only a white guy could have written this song…..

    but I bet even d. boon was so white he woulda ended up denying the premise….

    Imagine: a punk rock song so arcane that it quotes “Finnegans Wake,” the most arcane book ever written.

  14. Alrenous says: • Website

    If anti-white* ethno-masochism is real, then you would be able to dunk Georgetown, DC for being way too white.

    *(White isn’t a race.)

    Go ahead and try it. I’ll wait. Maybe get your family out of the country first, though…

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  15. The most damaging of these ideals is equality.

    Tell that to the Palestinians.

    Right, ADL and BDS operate under rules of equality.

  16. @RogerL

    “– Everybody is paid enough that their family can afford to eat healthy food and sleep in a dry, warm home.
    – Everybody has the opportunity to take advantage of high quality, free education, and whether they succeed or not in that education depends on their aptitudes and how hard they work.”

    There is a hidden assumption in all of this, so lets get it out of its hidey hole and take a look at it.

    The assumption is that you start with a society that is wealthy enough to have any money to redistribute.

    Try to implement this in Mali and watch what happens.

    Why not add an additional item to your dreamy list:

    –These benefits will only be available to settlers on Mars.

    • Replies: @RogerL
  17. RogerL says:

    I’m unlikely to discuss anything in response to snarky comments.

    However, for the record, there is a typo in what I wrote.

    What I wrote:
    – Everybody is paid enough that their family can afford to eat healthy food and sleep in a dry, warm home.

    What I meant:
    All full time workers are paid enough that their family can afford to eat healthy food and sleep in a dry, warm home.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  18. @RogerL

    From “Everybody is paid enough” to “All full time workers” is kinda a big change (I know, “snarky” to point that out… 🙂 ).

    But–you really need a big dose of James Burnham to tidy up your thinking (yep, more snark 🙂 ).

    The issue is that those with power will decide who pays who what.

    That is how human societies work–whether we like it or not.

    You will need to become dictator of your own planet to implement your ideas–and that brings us back to Mars….


    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  19. Cookie says:

    To understand the West now all you have to understand is the rise of feminism and womens power.

    This has paralleled the West becoming hysterical and unreasonable.

  20. Alrenous says: • Website

    Oh hey, Tucker went and tried it.

    Undoubtedly the party of fail will fail to pick up what he’s putting down, but points for trying.

  21. @Pseudocelt

    Repeated references to the “hypocrisy and vested interests” of our “parasitic ruling class” are too subtle for you, huh.

  22. Your final two paragraphs about saving humanity made the rest of this post worth reading. Thanks. Don’t worry, Kendi and the other woke psychopaths will get what they deserve–on Earth and in the afterlife, in the outer darkness, where, so sayeth Jesus Christ, there will be weeping an gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 8:12)–and those racist “Black Hebrew Israelites” will likely join him….

  23. Truth says:
    @Joe Paluka

    I’m hoping your uncle is at least 75.

    • Replies: @anon
  24. “Teacher Bullies Student For Not Seeing Race”

  25. Okay, so they talk the talk, now let’s see them walk the walk. Karine Jean-Pierre, Kamala Harris, Lori Lightfoot, Whoopi Goldberg, Lloyd Austin, Barack and Michelle Obama, it’s trainwreck after trainwreck. Yes, there are brilliant people like Neil Degrasse Tyson and Thomas Sowell, but they are rare. So let’s see those mattering black lives come up with new battery technology, new analog computers, new additions to string theory and better economic models.

    Kendi and their ilk may enjoy their brief ride on the wave of vogue, but they forcecully try to put in place a part of humanity that can’t deliver all that’s necessary for the tasks that this part is claimed to be fit for. The results will be clear for all to see and undeniable. Stepped-on ladybugs swept under the carpet don’t make bulges, but crashed jumbo jets do.

  26. Jon Chance says: • Website

    The Declaration of Independence is not perfectly worded.

    One misused phrase, “that all men are created equal”, has caused profound misunderstandings and abuses proceeding to the disastrous French Revolution and everything that followed, including the rise of Socialism and the demise of genuine Libertarianism.

    In addition, the lousy “Federalist” Constitution (1787) and the bogus “Bill of Rights” have also been sources of terrible confusion and enslavement.

    Examine the Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776) by George Mason:

    “1. That all men are by nature equally free and independent….”

    We need a better Constitution based on the 1776 Declaration of Rights.

    Here are some proposals:

    Any suggestions?

  27. Charles says:

    The horse ran from the barn generations ago. To claim the US can be reverted to the culture and societal norms of its Anglo past is nonsense. Dr. Revilo Oliver was realistic about the country thirty-five years ago when there was still a vestige of the original nation which could have worked its will, even at that late date. That did not happen. The US now is an ochlocracy, and nothing except the unmentionable (“we do not advocate ‘X”‘) could change its course.

  28. First of all this woke phenomenon is happening throughout 40% of America at most. The area manipulated and repressed by the means of Evangelism is wider and much deeper seated. Most wokesters don’t take their matter too seriously, except in the universities and in the media that hire people with degrees. The use of that woke phenomenon to destroy careers and cancel TV shows has but one true name : hypocrisy, and it has always been as American as Kellogg’s Apple pop tarts. The same who are now cancelled in the name of lack of diversity would have been accused of communism under Truman, of German descent under FDR or of Catholic ideas under Coolidge.

  29. What a long winded article that completely misstates our reality.

    Whites are greedy. Greedy for cheap labor. Not just AgriBusisness and Slaughterhouses. Yes the white elite like cheap illegal labor. But so do the white middle class, because they’re too lazy to mow their own yard and they love restaurants where the food is cheaper because the cooks and dishwashers are illegal immigrants. They also love illegal crews of roofers, tree trimmers, etc.

    Whites are greedy for tax dollars via the Imperial Pentagon System controlled by the military industrial complex. That money is spread to white sub contractors all over the USA. That’s why whites never oppose, en masse, the ever expanding military budget.

    Imperialism and Militarism and cheap illegal labor has destroyed the promise of USA democracy, and the root of this destruction is white greed, chasing the \$\$\$, accepting the ethos of ‘more money makes me a better more respected person in my community’.

    White Greed. Why don’t any of these pro white activists talk about the root of the evil? Because they are ALSO greedy, they accept the Greed Ethos themselves.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  30. Many whites assume our high-trust, individualist societies can spread to the entire world.

    Goyim, I..

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  31. “Whites are weird. Most non-whites think it self-evident to defend their races. Many whites assume our high-trust, individualist societies can spread to the entire world. The nations that built the modern world — especially the English-speaking ones — are becoming minorities in their historic homelands because they’ve put their abstract ideals over their concrete identity. The most damaging of these ideals is equality.”

    That trait is obviously not intrinsic to Whites since merely one lifetime ago, Whites did not act like that, and in some countries, such as Russia and Hungary, they still don’t. Whites in Western countries, particularly the US, engage in negro-worship because they have been indoctrinated by Jew-controlled schools and media, not because doing so is in their DNA.

    Gregory Hood diagnoses the problem correctly, but utterly fails when describing its cause, which is the pernicious influence of our worst enemies. It must be Jared Taylor’s influence.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @YesYesCircle
  32. Franz says:

    Orwell was right about “doublethink” — something inherent to the human condition, not just tyrannical regimes.

    Than psychology is bunk from the ground up.

    What they call “cognitive dissonance” is just yet another human coping mechanism we use every day as the situation calls for it.

    Then also psychotic reactions are just primitive reversions that can help you fight off a more powerful opponent. There is no mental illness. Just people getting their wires crossed.

    This would mean re-thinking the “meritocracy” when we realize our soft sciences are not even real, but we’ve built entire professions on them.

  33. @Godfree Roberts

    So what happened to defeat the hoped for result of such a meritocratic scheme so often in the last 2000 years. In particular, how did it come about that, when it was easy for the meritocrats to see what huge advances had been made by Europeans (though cutting off Kings’ heads may have lokmed large for some) that they didn’t arrange to learn from the foreigners instead of maintaining the practice of castrating boys so they could be relied on as servants of the Emperor and foot binding to mention only the truly bizarre?

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  34. @Justvisiting

    those with power will decide who pays who what.

    You call it an issue but it only makes sense if you are asserting it as a fact, so I assume you are. And you oversimplify at best. In Australia, e.g. there were decades during which workers were paid according to an award that was made by tribunals that heard the claims of union leaders (and counsel) on the one side and employers, which could include governments which could also intervene. The awards were legally binding and the system, which was propped up by protectionist policies favouring industries in which Australia has no comparative advantage, wa only eroded in the 1989s and after when economic rationalism (now excoriating as neoliberalism) won the economic argument in both major parties. Even so there were agreements made by unions on one sideabd employers on the other which dididn’t conform to your dictum. We don’t have open borders to cheap labour, unlike the US where there may be some truth in what you say

  35. Anon[785] • Disclaimer says:

    What does

    “I’m king of the Castle, your the dirty rascal!” Once your on top you want to call the game off

    got to do with liberalism?

  36. Anon[785] • Disclaimer says:

    Here is a start on doing that:
    – The laws are applied equally to everybody.

    Who are everybody, is it ever everybody on the planet, is it everybody who manages to get into a country etc?

    • Replies: @RogerL
  37. We were told that quotas/affirmative action would only be a temporary measure until blacks caught up after the end of segregation, as if it was Jim Crow that made black people unable to do work effectively. Seems we were lied to.

  38. @Wizard of Oz

    They did, but conservatives blocked reforms.

    That’s now happening in reverse: honest people point out that China is ahead of us, by almost any metric. Diplomatically, military, scientifically, economically, technologically. We know, but we won’t admit it and won’t change.

    That’s why there are more hungry children, drug addicts, suicides and executions, more homeless, poor, illiterate, and imprisoned citizens in America than in China. Not just per capita. In absolute numbers.

  39. Unless they challenge Dr. Kendi’s two principles directly, Americans are doomed to defeat.

    You don’t want to advertise the opponent’s views nor make them legitimate by arguing against them. That dipshit should be ignored.

    The working US population, mostly white and oppressed by law, only have one real weapon, their labor. The working people need to shut the whole country down by staying home for a month and then resuming work. The strike and its longevity should be announced to begin and end on days certain.

    The economic damage as well as physical damage that ensues will send a clear message as to who is vital and who isn’t. The strike needs to enumerate certain demands like all laws that discriminate in any regard are null and void. That alone would terminate all the discrimination against white people and enrage the other.

    The strike won’t work, of course, since the first strike will be viewed as a one off and damage covered up. Strikes 2 and 3 and … are the ones that will get some attention to where the US economy fails and Fed Gov falls. That’s the only way to attempt a peaceful transition out of the current lunacy.

    • Thanks: TKK
    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  40. Anonymous[263] • Disclaimer says:

    Another pompous article which utterly fails to name and shame the truest adversary of the White Christians … is it any wonder then the rampant is under attack and falling apart?

    • Replies: @Johan
  41. Rich says:

    Are you saying “White” isn’t a race because you believe there are no races? If so, you don’t understand what race means. Or do you not understand that “White” means “Caucasian” or “European”? I get confused by you guys who are unable to grasp the meaning of race and White, it’s a pretty easy concept. Do you believe the black race doesn’t exist either, or is it just an anti-White stance?

    You aren’t wrong that the policies in place also destroy blacks. By separating the more capable blacks from the less ambitious, the lower class of black sinks even lower. That sub 86 IQ population becomes worse each time one of the 86+ blacks move into a Pale area. Desegregation was bad for everyone.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  42. Johan says:

    The tendentious appeal to whiteness in this article and other articles is but another form of democratic egalitarianism. All it appeals to is white masses. It is the lowest point of differentiation above multicultural equality. It is nothing more than white man’s egalitarianism, another fiction of equality, a fiction of white equality. Why should I care about replacing the one unnatural fiction with another.
    It says: the tyrant, egalitarian hyperdemocratic white man is an endangered species, save the tyrant from multculti egalitarian tyranny.

  43. Johan says:

    The clan owned Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and etc., are the platforms of hyperdemocracy (see Ortega). But before the hyperdemocratic masses were cleverly captured in these platforms, hyperdemocratic man himself had already eroded European culture and the best of US culture, invaded and dissolved all areas of culture, installed his elites (idols of the hyperdemocratic masses) and an anti-culture of hyperdemocratic man.
    By creating platforms for the hyperdemocratic masses, the clan became managers of a mass of hyperdemocratic man, which, when mixed on the basis of the multiculti ideology, became multiculti hyperdemocratic masses.
    Thus first hyperdemocratic (eqalitarian) man invaded the whole of society, eroding and abolishing culture, installing anti-culture, and consequently the clan took control over hyperdemocratic man, invading society even more by creating multiculti hyperdemocratic masses.

  44. @Realist

    The ancient Athenians considered democracy the system they were in supposedly, not as an ideal but as the corrupted form (installed to make do for sheer emergency reasons : since the city thrived on piracy essentially, together with unearned gain through minting of an inexhaustible lode of silver they had just discovered, they could not afford system resulting in honest people taking charge, nor with the real leaders being known lest they be assassinated : government had to be kept secret and declaring every voter equal made the investigation of who was actually governing just too costly for foreign spies and coup attempters : there was no whiff of idealism behind Solon and Cleisthene’s argumentation to choose that system) of another system, meritocracy (they called it timocracy : timos = honour, merit).

    • Thanks: Realist
  45. Johan says:

    An appeal to White Christians is another form of democratic egalitarianism, an appeal to an undifferentiated mass of Christians. It is also typical that democracy always tries to assert power by appeal to the greatest possible quantity of masses (majority), by which it establishes its dictatorship. No quality, all quantity. The fight against multiculti ideology is a fight between quantities. Undifferentiated Christian masses versus undifferentiated multiculti masses. The democratic US nowadays knows no other way to fight than by appeal to and formation of the greatest quantities. US people have thus all become mass man of some sort, no wonder it’s decline.
    The problem is that no mass of undifferentiated man ever changed society, if not guided by a small elite of high quality men of eminence. But since hyperdemocratic man himself killed the culture of eminent men, it is now raging blindly when confronted with the imposed power of multiculti quantities. Democratic hubris of mass man, causing its own demise. It now depends on the appearance of some single magical leader, to solve its problems, a game of chance.

  46. TKK says:

    I would like to share something with strangers on a website, because no one in my life understands my rage. Heart palpitations, blinding, mystifying rage.

    Yesterday, I went for a drive in the mountains of NC and VA. I am talking deep mountains- south of Wytheville VA. No Dollar Generals for miles. Winding, motion sickness inducing drives.

    I saw 13 deer.

    Suddenly I saw a little store with gas pumps. I decided to get gas, use the restroom and maybe get a snack.

    Guess who was running it? Owned it? A truculent rude Indian.

    Complained about having to turn on the pumps and told me I could not use the restroom because he was closing. At 7pm. He took my money but then said I could not use his facilities. I did anyway.

    The ride was ruined.

    I have searing, unbearable questions.


    2) Who helped him and his ilk fill out the permits- for the gas pumps alone? His English was primitive.

    3) How in the heck fire do these foreigners end up in the prime real estate of America? Who tells them there is a market for sale on a back road in pristine green country?

    My buddy who was with me was not tracking my rage. But he has never left the US. I basically shouted:
    Do you know and understand that we could never own a gift shop, let alone a gas station, in most countries of the world???

    And: Imagine being a guest in a country and being a jerk?

    My buddy’s dad was an HVAC guy and many generations of white working class who have paid a king’s ransom in taxes. Who helps them buy a gas station?

    I drove the rest of the trip in a sad daze. Remember when Ann Coulter wrote Adios America?

    It’s over.

    • Replies: @JackOH
    , @JackOH
  47. @spacewanderer

    The anglo-saxon polity was always known as one of the lowest-trust in the world right from the time it started exploring the world and touring Europe. Not even among family members you could count on your own or on your kith and kin. Hence the great insistence of its philosophers on individual rights as the sole possible safeguard for ordinary people. Anglo-Saxon America was a perfect example of low trust society compared to Scandinavian countries or Holland, or Rhineland.

  48. @RoatanBill

    Your argument, however accurate at times, is 100% marxist by its very ideological formulation. The problem is that marxist arguments, all of them, have been registered Jewish trademarks since their very inception in Western civilization. If you start reasoning in terms of classes as defined by economic roles as producers or consumers, rather than by personality types (which is the traditional Indo-Aryan view), you place yourself in a world-view where the holders of private or public capital reign supreme and where Jews will be always the best-talented for that particular purpose, you place yourself in an abstract court where experts at Talmud are the arbiters. General strikes hit main street, never Wall Street, as the latter doesn’t really need main street America : NYC might have as well been as detached from its continent as Hong Kong when China was really red. General strikes hit the productive middle-sized enterprises first and foremost, they never really hit the big multinational corporations nor the banks, as their operations does not depend on a capitalistic logic but on their relationship with the mostly foreign-owned military industrial complex. Actually the very aim of most general strikes that happened in European history was to break local enterprise for the benefit of international finance. I personally witnessed that of May 1968 in France and that it was : all previous uprisings having happened in France had actually been based on the same principle.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  49. It’s not just “ok” to be white.

    It’s better.

    It’s superior.

    • Agree: CSFurious
    • Replies: @Truth
  50. CSFurious says:

    America is doomed because there is no “Melting Pot”. It is a “Salad Bowl”. There is no unifying culture and multi-culturalism has created the current mess. “The only way to fix it is to flush it all away”.

  51. @Francis Miville

    Marxist, democratic, fascist, communist, etc, are just ideological mental constructs designed to confuse people. There is the mafia of government and the people they oppress; that is all. Under every gov’t system, regardless of title and nuance, there is force, fraud and theft as the primary means of control. Therefore, I’m not into the mental masturbation of labeling things any finer than gov’t and people; I’m an anarchist, after all.

    All gov’t is designed to enslave the people they have captured. If the people want to be free, they must throw off gov’t as it is gov’t that inevitably turns on them to subordinate them to the position of little more than farm animals to be used and killed off as necessary for the survival of the gov’t institutions and the political class that makes it function and their hangers on. The corporations get their power via the gov’t goons in the final analysis and would instantly become better institutions if their power source were removed.

    The people of the US need to get rid of the Fed Gov and all its institutions. That would still leave the junior mafia state gov’ts to continue on oppressing only their resident. The result would be 50 political entities now unmoored and scrambling on how to continue. Various experiments would result and people would vote with their feet to find a territory more to their liking. This would be a power shift from gov’t to the people. It is the monopoly power of the Fed Gov that enforces the lunacy the US is experiencing.

    To avoid as much death and destruction as possible, the people need to assert their power by peacefully withholding their labor until such time as certain demands are met. Those demands should include a long list of objectives that are designed to reduce gov’t power and expense and shift the savings back to the people that created them in the first place.

    • Agree: SafeNow
  52. anon[395] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m sure he was at least 65 or older, proving yet again what cowards your homies are. Over-sexed, under-intelligent cowards preying on old whites, younger defenseless whites, white women, and small Asians.

    Odd that given your afro-centric views, you choose to live in relatively negro-free ABQ.

    • Replies: @Truth
  53. geokat62 says:

    The author does something which is quite odious… he equates liberalism with egalitarianism.

    This conveniently lets off the hook the culprits responsible for developing and releasing the poisonous ideology of egalitarianism, Frankfurt School Jewish Supremacists.

    So, rather than blaming a Max Horkheimer or Theodor Adorno for the mess we find ourselves in today, he ends up blaming George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

    Now, you know why I called it odious.

  54. JohnS says:

    Are you at all aware of the convention of leaving a space after commas and full stops?

  55. This entire argument and phenomena of racism, WHITE supremacy, open borders , diversity, egalitarianism yada, yada yada has been concocted and flooded into the white races world by sinister, jealous, HATERS of all races, but especially they HATE the WHITE race. They perpetrated the same tactic in AUSTRAILIA using the indigenous race against the WHITE culture there. They have been and are using the same phony accusations against the WHITE EUROPEAN cultures to flood those countries with other races, thus destroying those WHITE cultures. WITH their killing of the 1924 IMMIGRATION ACT by their stooge PRESIDENT LYNDON JOHSON in the 1960s, these ZIONIST haters of anyone who is not a descendent of their own tribe have been seeding and promoting dissention across AMERICA as well.
    For a full picture of their plans and goals, which they have been actively working at for the last 150 years…. See this speech By ABE FOXMAN, NYC, 1998:

  56. Truth says:

    Hey, you know what they say, Old Sport, if you can’t beat ’em…

    • Replies: @Thomm
  57. Treg says:

    Have you heard this phrase before?
    “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz,oh what a relief…”

    If you heard it before, you most likely finnished the common phrase off yourself by saying “it is” to yourself. You know the phrase. Its so common to you you can not help but finish the phrase… “plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is.”

    I submit to you that Jefferson always tried shortening common phrases, and i can site two that really really hurt us all today because the very common phrase used back then is not used today . The two hundred plus year old phrase is gone completely from use today.

    In Jeffersons day, every Christian church and person would both hear and say the phrase “All Men are created Equal in the eyes of God”. Jefferson shortened it to “All Men are created equal” and you where supposed to know the “in the eyes of God”.

    In the same way, since the days of John Locke, Universal Individual Rights are always 3: the right to Life, Liberty & Property …… ( not the “pursuit of happiness” which is just Liberty repeated. All we have today is Life liberty and property in the 5th Bill of Rights. )

    Finally the 3 social principles derived from our 3 individual rights are hanging by a thread: the principle of Self Defense, the principle of Non-Aggression, and the principle of Taking Responsibility for Your Actions.

    TODAY, there is nothing stopping us from correcting course with just these two changes and rebuilding our national “SYSTEM OF LIBERTY”—- see my book on Amazon, “The System Of Liberty” by George Smith.

  58. @Godfree Roberts

    Are people still locked in their apartments, wailing from their balconies, and starving in Shanghai?

    Are their children still being forcibly removed and placed in quarantine camps?

    Are their pets still being shot in the streets?

    All because of a flu…lol

    Just wondering.

  59. USA1943 says:

    The Founding Fathers DID make their White Nationalism explicit with the 1790 Naturalization Act limiting Immigration solely to White people of European Descent, but Teddy Kennedy created the Hart-Cellar/1965 Immigration Act because The American People were demanding to have more Diversity.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  60. To understand the US empire, one can simply watch their TV shows/movies, their “news” and what they focus and fixate on.

    A stupid, ontologically and spiritually empty, self-satisfied, and smug populace who’s principal goals are: \$ and status.

    There’s no “revolutions” “standing ups,” or “resisting” blather as stated by Hedges, Chomsky, and other folks who naively believe USians are being ‘lead’ top down Rather, any real change in america, is akin to turning around an aircraft carrier in a bathtub because the wool is their eyes.

    USians want what the US is offering and they lap it up like thirsty dogs. To really ‘change’ the US empire, one would need to alter the structure and levers of power. And they ain’t gonna happen.

    Onward and downward.

  61. geokat62 says:

    … but Teddy Kennedy created the Hart-Cellar/1965 Immigration Act because The American People were demanding to have more Diversity.

    You’re right, (((The American People))) demanded more Diversity. It’s a proven fact the ADL coined the Big Lie – Diversity Is A Strength – in the early 90s.

    • Replies: @USA1943
    , @HallParvey
  62. conatus says:

    Brad Pitt on Thomas Jefferson in Killing them Softly (2012)

    “Thomas Jefferson, an American Saint, because he wrote the words “All men are created Equal”
    words he clearly didn’t believe becasue he allowed his own children to live in slavery”
    around 3:40

  63. It’s not the whites that are weird it’s the WASPs that are weird. Back in the day, most everyone assimilated in the US to become “WASP-like”. That’s what assimilation was. The non-WASP whites had no elite power. The WASPs gave up their power to the neo-cons (Jewish) and the neo-con selected “flavor of the month” be it Blacks, Indians, Hispanics etc. Bottom line …. you have to blame WASP elites, they give up the ghost.

  64. @WingsofADove

    and the root of this destruction is white greed

    True. Be realistic, though, whites don’t have a monopoly on greed. It seems to be a normal human characteristic. Indeed, it seems to pervade the entire animal kingdom. Cats, dogs, chickens, horses.

    Also, it might just be the root of all CONstruction. People don’t tend to do things without some kind of personal reward in the offing. Whether or not that reward takes the form of cash, or a ride, or a kiss is irrelevant.

    Maybe just feeling good about yourself might be enough. You know. Doing the “right” thing.

  65. USA1943 says:

    Diversity is NOT a strength if all the groups are Fighting though, and the less productive and successful have resentment and hat towards the Most successful group, which is starting happening.
    The ADL did not count on that, They thought that bringing Millions of unskilled and uneducated people with nothing in common would happily accept being on the bottom of societies Totem Pole in a highly competitive society, I would NOT be Surprised if in the near future the bottom dwellers feeling unable to compete try to get rid of Meritocracy, and if they get rid of Meritocracy, With People Inferior in their skills and Education, The VERY PREDICTABLE result is things will fall apart.
    Diversity can be great if everyone is happy and on the same page, One great benefit is wider variety of Restaurants/food, but they should throw out the low achieving resentful People, One example of Diversity being great is Operation Paperclip when Werner Von Braun, Arthur Rudolph and many Rocket City helped USA be the first Country to put a Man (Neil Armstrong) on the Moon, But Braun, Rudolph etc. Were more educated and skilled than most current Immigrants, and they had a High Predictability of success which they achieved.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Justvisiting
  66. @geokat62

    You’re right, (((The American People))) demanded more Diversity. It’s a proven fact the ADL coined the Big Lie – Diversity Is A Strength – in the early 90s.

    When the owners of the Mighty Wurlitzer speak, people listen. Those who don’t, vanish into unpersonhood.

    Look up Jimmy the Greek.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  67. ricpic says:

    It may be sheer laziness on my part but I have become fatalistic. Our society clearly wants to suicide itself. Not an original thought but the inescapable truth. Nothing can or will stop the collapse, the crash, the implosion, the shattering. And it is our most awful luck to have been born when we were born. Dread is fully justified.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  68. geokat62 says:

    Look up Jimmy the Greek.

    I’m very familiar with his story. They crucified him for openly saying what they were furtively saying behind closed doors in America and openly saying in the Apartheid state.

  69. Jews decree, whites(and rest of goyim) agree.

    Do goyim even have a mind of their own? They are so EASY to mold and manipulate.

    HEY, HOW ABOUT A CHILDREN’S BOOK ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF PALESTINIAN CHILDREN who struggle just to survive and have no time for pronounsense? But who cares about that kind of ‘inclusivity’, which means favoring for consecration(than mere inclusion) whatever Jews promote.

  70. SafeNow says:

    It took about 5,000 years to get to this photo, and then it lasted only 10 years. We lost it. What you mean “we,” SafeNow, oh ancient boomer. Okay, “I” – – I, and my demographic cohorts lost it. I can fully understand it when a young commenter sometimes says, Just die already, boomer, look at what you’ve done.

  71. geokat62 says:

    The ADL did not count on that, They thought that bringing Millions of unskilled and uneducated people with nothing in common would happily accept being on the bottom of societies…

    Let’s be honest, as professor MacDonald demonstrated, the ADL and other Jewish Supremacist mafia organizations lobbied hard for the passage of Hart-Cellar for one reason and one reason alone:

    A congruent opinion is expressed by prominent Jewish social scientist and political activist Earl Raab’ who remarks very positively on the success of revised American immigration policy in altering the ethnic composition of the United States since 1965. Raab notes that the Jewish community has taken a leadership role in changing the Northwestern European bias of American immigration policy (1993a, p. 17), and he has also maintained that one factor inhibiting anti-Semitism in the contemporary United States is that “(a)n increasing ethnic heterogeneity, as a result of immigration, has made it even more difficult for a political party or mass movement of bigotry to develop” (1995, p. 91). Or more colorfully:

    “The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country. We [i.e., Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible—and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever (Raab, 1993b, p. 23).”

  72. “Democrats For The First Time Lose On Education”

  73. Joe862 says:

    White is a nonsense category. It’s been thrust upon us by the ignorant and we should ignore it. The question is why have so many accepted it. It’s a trick.

  74. Anonymous[718] • Disclaimer says:

    Jefferson was right. All men are created equal. Or as Christians put it: all are made in God’s image. It’s a statement about human rights and dignity and how you treat others. Of course there are differences between people. We should celebrate racial and ethnic differences. There’s need for nuance just like with freedom.

    Most White Americans, and especially those on the right, view everything as makers vs. takers, and judge people’s worth and dignity based on socioeconomic status. Everything is economic. And everyone is lazy and entitled. They don’t love their neighbor or feel any solidarity. Maybe if they valued human life and dignity they wouldn’t support White genocide. Unlike many on the right I value fairness and justice, which is why I oppose minoritizing Whites in their own homelands, though maybe it’s deserved.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @ricpic
    , @Johan
  75. bert33 says:

    Huh. My BLACK squad leader in the US Army was incredibly smart, quick-witted, spoke fluent German and was working on another language, had one college degree when I knew him and I think he was headed back to school when he got out. I think he probably smoked those placement tests like a cheap cigar.

    Never judge a book by its cover and never assume that a sense of superiority based on your ethnicity is going to carry the mail when it comes time to demonstrate your honest abilities because you might just get yourself humbled. And, rightly so.

    The world has 7.9 soon 8 billion people in it(UN), so you better not be slackin’ and sitting on your happy self-important heinie because the competition is coming…the 21st century just don’t care. Neither does direct sunlight. both are a reality today.

  76. ricpic says:

    You KNOW what’s inside most White Americans’ heads?

    You know shite!

  77. JackOH says:

    I used to believe America had some sort of social-cultural base in Anglo-European culture. Lots of Anglo with an admixture of Northern European, Dutch, German, and so on.

    I think I was mistaken. The Hispanic and Eastern Asian newcomers to my busted-up area don’t give a fuck about the 250-year Anglo-European history here in my area. They’re new, they’re making “fresh” money, some or many have government “boosts”.

    It—the USA—is a racket.

    • Replies: @Johan
  78. Legba says:

    Also ponies. Everyone gets a pony.

  79. RogerL says:

    Thanks for asking. Now that you asked, I can see that was a pretty ambiguous statement. It took me a bit of time to understand what the problem might be. The idea of the US applying US laws everywhere in the world, regardless of a person’s citizenship and location, is so insane I guess I’m having a hard time accepting that some people really believe in doing that.

    So when I said everybody, I meant everybody in the jurisdiction that the laws apply to.

    So if somebody is living in Davenport, Iowa, then all US federal laws, Iowa State laws, Scott County laws, and Davenport City laws would be equally applied to them and everybody else in Davenport.

    It would be good for human society if the laws for each jurisdiction were equally applied to everybody within that jurisdiction.

    Does that make sense to you?

    Just in case you missed it, did you read my response to the other comment? That was another ambiguous blooper – I must have been in a waving-my-arms-around mood when I wrote the original comment.

  80. Alrenous says: • Website

    I get confused by you guys who are unable to grasp the meaning of race and White, it’s a pretty easy concept.

    Lies can be adjusted to be simpler and to go down smooth, yes. The tooth fairy is also an easy concept; leave teeth, get cash. Truth is more difficult.

    Nobody cares about the white “race.” The white alleged-race doesn’t care about alleged-whites either, for the same reason you can’t ask the tooth fairy to help you with your taxes. It can be simple because it is a lie.

    The white alleged-race is a made-up category produced for the political and cognitive convenience of American bureaucrats. “You’re team ‘white.’ You’re team ‘black.’ Fight!” Americans of all shades: “Yessir, fighting right away sir!”

    As a bonus, it obscures who your real allies are. Do cooperate with cooperators, regardless of shape, colour, texture, religion. Don’t let your enemies goad you into trying to cooperate with indifferent strangers.

    A “white” nation would be bad. There are very important differences within regions of European countries, never mind between the countries. A culture that works for Italians doesn’t work for Greeks or Frenchmen. There is no “white” culture in a meaningful sense of the term. There are two things: a loose collection of inconsistent commonalities, and a shared enemy in American and Americoid bureaucrats.

    Anyone pushing bureaucrat ideas is an ally of the bureaucrats. “Yessir, fighting right away sir!”

    • Agree: Truth
    • Replies: @geokat62
  81. geokat62 says:

    A “white” nation would be bad.

    The members of the first congress of the United States had a different view…

    The Naturalization Act of 1790 was a law of the United States Congress that set the first uniform rules for the granting of United States citizenship by naturalization. The law limited naturalization to “free White person… of good character”,on%20the%20Plantation%20Act%201740%20with%20respect%20to

    • Agree: Rich
    • Thanks: Alrenous
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  82. Alrenous says: • Website

    Here we can see a slave in good standing rendering unto Caesar, as opposed to thinking for themselves.

    In Reality the first congress of the United States was a bunch of traitors and liars. (Politicians, in short. Personnel is policy.) That they supported the idea of “white” is hard evidence that it’s literally Satanism, produced for the convenience of tyrants.

    In 1790 neither Scots nor Irish nor Italians were white. Their actual attitudes refute modern version, they do not support them. Worse yet for those trying to tongue-bath American bureaucrats, the history since then is a long-form demonstration that, indeed, taking “white” as a race is highly destructive for the alleged nation that adopts the idea.

    • Replies: @Rich
  83. Rich says:

    You aren’t very well-read are you? All Europeans – Irishmen, Scotsmen, Frenchmen, Spaniards and Italians (the handful that were in the colonies), were all considered White and as White men were free, allowed to own property and vote. Even Jews were White under the law. Each ethnicity may have believed they were better than the other, but all of them were always considered White by definition.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  84. Johan says:

    Why should Hispanic and Eastern Asian newcomers care about 250-year Anglo-European history, you can’t expect that of the masses, only a rare individual would study that history, these masses are mostly trying to make a living (as do the white masses of the US, if they even know where Europe is). It is not their fault, but the people who let them in, they don’t care, while they are in positions which makes it their duty to care.
    I.o.w. you are pissing down, while you are pissed on.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  85. Johan says:

    For those who are not Christians, created in God’s image does not apply. Do you suppose the necessity of fairness and justice can only be derived from Christian thought?
    Without law society becomes a chaos, no God required to arrive at that conclusion. Next, freedom (limited by the rights of the other) and fairness leads to the best type of cooperative society,which again brings prosperity and progress for all. Or in other words, the situation which guarantees the maximum development of all leads to the most prosperous society.
    In order to arrive at a maximum development, the restrictions which are placed on people in a society where there is no equality needed to be done away with. This means: equality before the law, and equality in the sense of abolishing class based privileges. That is all what it meant. Then everyone unequal, within his own limitations which put and inherent limit to the individual potential, can potentially aspire to a maximum of (unequal) development. Basic classical liberalism, and basic common sense. Unequal development and inherent unequality of potential is good, or perhaps even wise, not everyone can be on top, and without the basis, the top cannot exist.

  86. JackOH says:

    Johan, you sound like a recruiter for international talent who regards people as fungible labor units. Your philosophy of low expectations is pretty astonishing, too. If I found myself in Asuncion, Moscow, Mumbai, or Mars, I’d expect to learn enough about my new country to conduct myself in a spirit of good neighborliness. Why not expect the same of newcomers to America?

  87. JackOH says:

    I dislike quips, but here goes:

    The phrase “we (elites) wanted workers, but what we got were people instead” has been around. George Borjas used part of that as a book title. Others have used it. I think the basic idea is big corporations want cheap labor—then they act startled when there are externalities (costs) attached to importing an alien people.

    Let me propose a slogan: “What I wanted was a nation. What I got was a gig labor racket.

  88. @Ray Caruso

    AmRen is funded by shekels, so they aren’t going to call them out. AmRen is a White boomer echo chamber getting nowhere. Jared is weak.

  89. Alrenous says: • Website

    I don’t believe Rich is genuinely unaware of Jefferson’s actual attitudes (et al), nor do I believe his/her/its reading comprehension is so bad as to overlook plain English words. I also don’t buy that Rich genuinely thinks I’m poorly-read. (Thanks.) Note that by omission Rich plain concedes that allowing the Irish and Italian into America was catastrophic.

    Luckily for Rich there is nothing un-Christian about bearing false witness against the self. Unfortuantely for Rich, Yeshua was neither saviour nor redeemer; Reality punishes deceptive intent.

    It is impossible to wake someone who is pretending to be asleep. Trying to convince someone who already knows but is pretending otherwise is a waste of time. Beyond noting that social posturing is empty and meaningless, I have nothing further to add to the scholarly topic at hand.

    • LOL: Rich
    • Replies: @Truth
  90. Truth says:

    Old Sport; “Rich”, (AKA; Yeaux Rih-CHEEE!) is allegedly an Eye-talian from Bensendhoist, Brooklyn.

    • Thanks: Alrenous
  91. @USA1943

    One example of Diversity being great is Operation Paperclip when Werner Von Braun, Arthur Rudolph and many Rocket City helped USA be the first Country to put a Man (Neil Armstrong) on the Moon

    lol–read the memo:

  92. @ricpic

    And it is our most awful luck to have been born when we were born.

    I am as much doom and gloom as anyone here, but the reality is we are enjoying the benefits of high technology and (for many of us) substantial leisure time when most of our ancestors had lives that were “nasty, brutish and short”.

    It is our children and especially our grandchildren and great-children that will have drawn the short straw. They may get to re-live the Dark Ages.

  93. Pablo says:

    The current Status of Whites–in the Countries they mainly created–is the result of a deliberate Plan. It was initially formulated and promoted by people of a different ethnic group–you know the Ones–who had a malicious intent. The Objective was and is the Destruction of the White Race and its Values and Institutions. The Frankfurt School. Critical Race Theory. It has always been a Race/Culture War. It was only disguised as Egalitarianism. Equal Rights. Tolerance. But the Plan all along had hate-filled, malicious intent.

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