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Elon Musk, SNL, and the Purpose of Life
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Credit Image: © Hannibal Hanschke/DDP via ZUMA Press
Credit Image: © Hannibal Hanschke/DDP via ZUMA Press

Why do they hate Elon Musk? The head of Tesla and SpaceX should be a progressive hero.

Leftists lecture us about “climate change” and why we need a Green New Deal. One group, Extinction Rebellion, warns of “mass extinction” unless there is revolution. The Guardian says some parents regret having children because of “climate change.”

Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company Tesla should thrill progressives who worry about the planet. President Obama toured SpaceX HQ with Mr. Musk, and he’s hardly a conservative. Mr. Musk endorsed Democrat Andrew Yang in the 2020 presidential campaign and supports a Universal Basic Income. Republicans don’t hate him, either. Democrats and Republicans support him at about equal rates, which is rare in a partisan age.

Elon Musk appeared in the movies Iron Man 2 and Machete Kills as a smart, socially conscious CEO who was saving the world. He represented the ascendant “creative class” — the pragmatic, progressive, environmentally friendly elite who think globally and aren’t held back by old-fashioned nationalism. Elon Musk is even an immigrant. He’s the most successful African-American in the world. It’s especially impressive because he doesn’t get affirmative action (he’s from South Africa).

However, many were outraged learn that he is going to host Saturday Night Live.

“Elon Musk doesn’t deserve to host SNL,” says CNN’s Dean Obeidallah. SNL’s “starsapparently agree. Here are some of the objections:

Perhaps they were among the people who shorted the stock and lost \$38 billion in 2020. Why is this worth writing about?

First, it reflects what progressives think about the 2016 election and what they think must be done to make sure nothing like it happens again. They think without strict media gatekeeping, dangerous forces could emerge. Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live during the 2016 campaign. He also appeared on The Tonight Show. Many people blamed his victory on programs that “normalized” a man who should have been banned from the airwaves. When People put then-President Elect Trump on the cover, Vulture said:

It was merely an escalation of an impulse that had been decried months earlier, when NBC’s The Tonight Show welcomed Trump . . . . Nearly a year ago, that same network’s Saturday Night Live booked Trump as a host, essentially letting him affix his name to the show as if it were another hotel or bankrupt casino.

Who determines what is “normal?” If I told you five years ago that the President of the United States would use support for “transgender children” as an applause line in an address to Congress, you would have laughed. So what’s “normal?” It’s what’s allowed on TV. If you prevent discussion of certain things, you prevent certain thoughts. That is why progressives drove Trump supporters and even Donald Trump himself from social media.

Why do leftists say it is “reckless” or “dangerous” let Elon Musk host a comedy show? I suspect they think that if Donald Trump had not appeared on SNL or on television, he would not have become president. This fear drives the tireless compulsion to deplatform, definance, or outright ban speech. Instead of finding the correct policies by debating them, they protect the “correct” policies by preventing debate.

Even if he is not conservative, Elon Musk expresses an independent opinion occasionally on things such as COVID-19. This makes him — to use the word so many on Twitter use — “dangerous.” It’s the same justification for the daily campaigns to kick Tucker Carlson off the air. The repression leftists require shows how weak their positions are. If there were free speech, we would win.

What makes Elon Musk “dangerous?” Historically, progressivism is about “problem-solving.” A managerial elite uses state power to end poverty, war, and racial disparities. During the George W. Bush years, many leftists called themselves the “reality-based community.” “New Atheists” such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens became heroes for the Party of Science. Engineers like Elon Musk would stop climate change with new technology.

Progressives thought the same thing about race. Bad policies and prejudice caused inequality. Education would “solve” racism. Freedom of speech would break old habits.

However, over the last few years, American progressivism became more like a religion, unleashing what we call “Woke Culture.” Yesterday’s heroes are today’s villains. In 2018, Vox said Sam Harris was part of the “Intellectual Dark Web,” a movement close to the Alt Right. Christopher Hitchens did his career a huge favor by dying, because he would certainly be “canceled” today.

The meaning of “science” seems to have changed. Rather than a process discovering truth through experiment, it seems to be unproven (and unproveable) assertions that must be taken on faith. Thus, Richard Dawkins, once Oxford’s “Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science,” now finds himself stripped of the title “humanist of the year,” which he got from the American Humanist Association 25 years ago. The AHA said he was “using the guise of scientific discourse to demean marginalized groups” when he wrote such things as “Is trans woman a woman?” Dr. Dawkins apologized and distanced himself from “Republican bigots” but it did him no good. He’s a brave crusader against God, but he can’t stand up to a Twitter mob.

Race realists know all about the accusation of “using the guise of scientific discourse to demean marginalized groups.” Years after we learned that the egalitarian “scientist” Stephen Jay Gould used fake data to “disprove” racial science in The Mismeasure of Man, we still hear countless references to “racist pseudoscience.” Meanwhile, we are supposed to believe in the unfalsifiable doctrine of “white privilege.” Rather than trying to solve racial disparities in intelligence and academic achievement, some schools are abolishing advanced classes. “The Party of Science” now requires stupidity and ignorance.

As for “racism,” it can’t be cured, since all whites are racist no matter what we do. Even if whites were gone, the battle would rage on between mixed-race people and non-whites. Thus, “anti-racism” is now not like a religion; it is a religion. It has a cult of saints, a devil figure, and claims of miracles and supernatural occurrences. George Floyd rivals Jesus even within the Roman Catholic Church.

Elon Musk is a man who wants to solve problems. His girlfriend, the musician known as Grimes, defends his occasional offensiveness, noting that his life is about “making travel/house power etc. sustainable and green.” However, the new progressives are not the flawed but optimistic technocrats of the Kennedy administration, or even the Obama administration. They are believers championing a faith. The problems they oppose not only can’t be solved but aren’t supposed to be solved. Ending racism would end an entire industry just as ending the doctrine of sin would end the clergy.

Dublin, Ireland: Tesla car connected to an electric vehicle charging point. (Credit Image: © Artur Widak/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press)
Dublin, Ireland: Tesla car connected to an electric vehicle charging point. (Credit Image: © Artur Widak/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press)

This leads to the most important reason why this petty SNL controversy matters. It highlights the most important issue in history. Are we meant to solve problems or to complain? Do we strive upward or accept decline? Elon Musk stands for the former; progressives stand for the latter.

Consider this from Bernie Sanders.

This isn’t new. Ralph Abernathy called the space program an “inhuman effort” because there were poor blacks to feed. He hectored the NASA administrator about this the very day of the Apollo 11 launch.

Elon Musk says he is “accumulating resources to help make life multiplanetary & extend the light of consciousness to the stars.”

Bernie Sanders wants higher taxes to end hunger, homelessness, and bad health care, and says inequality threatens “our democracy.” We must choose: greatness or equality.

SpaceX launch site in Boca Chica, Texas, February 1, 2021. (Credit Image: © Gene Blevins/ZUMA Wire)
SpaceX launch site in Boca Chica, Texas, February 1, 2021. (Credit Image: © Gene Blevins/ZUMA Wire)

Senator Sanders thinks it’s wrong to explore space if there are poor people in America. Christ said the poor will always be with us, but “our democracy” will apparently show He was wrong. Thus far, all we have for trying is failure. Countless billions later, America is still full of poor blacks even as we import another permanent underclass from Latin America. Schools in black cities like Baltimore produce students that can’t do simple arithmetic. And where are these hungry blacks? More than a third of them are obese.

Do high taxes benefit the poor? Head Start has no effect on racial gaps. The recent COVID-19 stimulus check sent a paltry \$1,400 check to compensate for months of shutdowns and rising crime. If the government had divided the \$1.9 trillion among 330 million Americans, we would have all got more than \$5,700. Of course, this would keep Democrats from splashing money to their friends.

However, let’s assume Senator Sanders is right. Let’s assume that money taken from the rich would be efficiently given to the poor. Let’s assume education programs would help them. Let’s even assume that government medicine would be better than the system we have now. Would we then back Senator Sanders?

No. The purpose of life is to build something greater than ourselves. A Christian might lead a life of service, but for the glory of God. A patriot dies for his country and people. Parents sacrifice for children. Artists feed the soul. Even athletes encourage us to be stronger and better. The true Right is the pursuit of greatness.

In this sense, Marxists were more authentically “right-wing” than many Republicans. Marxists thought outdated theories were holding back human potential, and Marx wrote that money “distorted” real value. “I am ugly, but I can buy for myself the most beautiful of women,” he said in 1844. Capitalism alienated workers. In The German Ideology, he wrote that under communism, a man could “hunt in the morning, rear cattle in the afternoon, criticize after dinner.” Communism would free people and make them better.

The first country to launch a satellite or put a man in space was the USSR. Khrushchev believed that the USSR would outperform the USA economically. He got it wrong because Communism didn’t work, but the goal was noble. It was to build something better, not just make everyone equal.

Soviet space program, propaganda poster 1960 (Credit Image: © PHOTO12 via ZUMA Press)
Soviet space program, propaganda poster 1960 (Credit Image: © PHOTO12 via ZUMA Press)

The “New Left” of the late 1960s, heavily influenced by the Frankfurt School, was different. Instead of collective achievements, it promotes victimhood. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say “victim culture” is central to our society. Competing claims of victimhood dominate the media. Non-whites and people who aren’t heterosexual men often claim to be victims, even when they are some of the most powerful people on the planet.

White America could do great things if it were not saddled with this moral and demographic albatross. “Our” leaders, including Senator Sanders, (representing the second-whitest state in the Union) want to import more dependents. At best, they are misguided. More likely, they are counting on new migrants to vote for them. Either way, importing a permanent underclass means the senator’s supposed goal of fighting inequality is unattainable. Judging from where he lives, I suspect he knows it.

By 2100, half the world’s population will be black due to high birth rates and misguided foreign aid that disgusts even many Africans. Policy-makers almost never talk about this except for Bill Gates, who thinks that turning Africans into Asians is only a matter of finding the right “formula.”

There’s nothing moral or noble about piling up dependents while the Western Civilization that sustain them declines. As resources shrink and the black population grows, the result will be war, famine, and mass death. It will be even worse if the environmentalists are right about “climate change.” Reducing African population growth might deprive progressives of the pleasure of ending Western Civilization, but it would mean a better future for actual Africans.

Of course, by actual Africans, I exclude Elon Musk, but I wonder if living in South Africa shaped his thinking. Mr. Musk himself says, “America is the land of opportunity,” something many people born here no longer say. However, America truly is the New World for someone who has seen the horrors of the Rainbow Nation.

Neill Blomkamp is another South African expatriate. His terrifying 2013 vision of the future, Elysium, was partially inspired by his view of the present. Barring technological miracles, he predicts “a Malthusian catastrophe,” but he lacks the moral imagination or courage to give us an alternative. We are doomed.

Elon Musk does offer an alternative. He explained that “Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species” is necessary because at some point, there will be an “extinction event.” This could be self-inflicted, like a nuclear war. The path we’re on may not lead to literal extinction, but unless there is radical change, it will lead to the end of any higher form of civilization.

Sadly, no one talks about these major issues, but you can glimpse them through these tiny battles in the culture wars. The fact that an eccentric billionaire with multiplanetary aspirations is “dangerous” to our petty tyrants makes him interesting. I’m sure he’s no white advocate, but at least he understands that there has to be some form of escape from a system that chokes off accomplishment.

I’m guessing Elon Musk is a sci-fi fan. In the science-fiction Dune series, a wise God-Emperor sets in motion a plan not to control mankind, but deliberately to scatter it. The point is to make sure no one can ever impose one order on all humanity. Freedom and chaos — through dispersion — is the safer choice.

If we’re under a system so conformist that an unconventional businessman’s appearance on a comedy show is a moral crisis, that alone justifies nuking the whole thing — though I prefer political action. Unlike our Twitter scolds, I don’t think things are worth thinking, reading, writing, or doing unless they are dangerous. Besides, if something this small scares them this much, perhaps our victory on Earth and in this country is closer than we think.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Kinda hard to believe that the Glory of God or the Greatness of Mankind is served by defecating in our water supply until we’re all sickened from birth, and then looking for a new water supply to do it all again.

    I get what you’re saying about Musk critics wanting to complain instead of solve problems, but colonizing space sounds less like a solution to problems and more like an effort to escape or compound them.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Disagree: RichardTaylor
  2. A competent project to colonize Mars would select for healthy, conservative, sexually normal, fertile, intelligent, emotionally stable and especially white colonists, because you would want to eliminate in advance racial strife as a potential cause of the colony’s failure. Even our adversaries admit that “white” really means “competent,” as in the black expression, “acting white.”

    When you consider the Woke alternative, the comedy script practically writes itself: “I don’t get it. For the last twenty years we’ve sent blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, gays, transgenders, feminists, soyboys, feminists and even furries to Mars to represent the Earth’s diversity, but the colony keeps failing. What are we doing wrong?”

  3. America has no poor minorities.

    • Agree: TKK
  4. Avianthro says:

    So much here to analyze and critique, but I’ll focus on two points:

    1) If the purpose of life to build something greater/better than ourselves, don’t we first need to describe and have a consensus, if it’s going to be government-supported, clearly what is “greater/better”? Musk and his fellow space-crazed billionaires like Bezos, Paul Allen (now deceased), and Richard Branson think it makes mankind greater/better if we can settle on Mars. Others, including myself, would say that what would make us greater/better is building an earth-resource-sustainable, steady-state, and socially harmonious civilization with a decent minimum material standard of living for all right here on Earth. Just increasing our space technological abilities…going to Mars and orbiting more and more worthless (to me anyway) satellites at lower costs, is not making us better.

    2) Musk’s technological efforts other than out in space are not impressive to me either: He has a company working on brain implants that would link AI into our brains…sound like a great idea? His Tesla EVs are “green” in the sense that they run on electricity, but they are extremely wasteful of that electricity (which now comes mostly from coal and other fossil fuels…no real CO2 enissions reductions here) and far more costly per lifetime-mile to own, maintain, and operate than other vehicles that would be just as green. They are all about green growth…making our economy more and more resource consumptive but doing it with green techs. By the way, when charged from our current grid, the Tesla EV is actually more CO2 emissive than a Toyota Prius and a large number of other high-efficiency hybrid and even straight combustion cars. His lithium battery tech is also not impressive as it requires rare earth minerals whose mining is environmentally ruinous and is driving US regime-changing imperial neo-colonial behavior, and by the way, the Tesla battery tech actually comes from Panasonic. Other battery techs are going to replace lithium and Musk is trying to push lithium as hard as possible now because he knows that when those techs come he might not be able to control-own-dominate the market for them, even though we don’t really need the battery-guzzling vehicles he makes in order to be more green and efficient. He just seeks maximum profits for himself in the short run by playing the green tech game.

    Let Musk go up and colonize Mars and do SNL from there, but just make sure he’s totally on his own…no help from the government, from my tax payments. It’s for sure he’ll not be seeing me buying any of his products either.

  5. Before Musk thinks about going to Mars, shouldn’t he try to safely and successfully bring his astronauts to and from the Moon a few times? After all, NASA astronauts never really went there fifty years ago, did they?

    • Agree: Alfred, TKK
    • Replies: @anon
    , @DNS
    , @Publius 2
  6. anon[387] • Disclaimer says:

    SpaceX plans to send a big, fine rocket around the Moon in a flight something like Apollo 8. A Japanese billionaire is working on assembling a group of people to go with him; artists, composers, scientists and so forth. That’s about a 6 day trip.

    NASA has a stated goal of returning to the Moon before the end of the decade, the Boeing capsule is due to be test lifted in the next 12 months.

    China is lifting its own space station in pieces, I believe they have an intention to establish some kind of research position on Luna.

    People who want to tell Musk what to do should consider starting their own rocket company and just doing it themselves.


    • Thanks: goldgettin
    • Replies: @thotmonger
    , @follyofwar
  7. Anybody remember when SNL was funny? The woke are humorless. And stupid. And ugly. And aggressive.

  8. @anon

    A picture is worth 1000 words.
    I.e., nothing.

  9. ‘Historically, progressivism is about “problem-solving.”’

    No, progressivism is about problem-creating. They create problems through bad policy, and they invent bogeyman problems to scare people into giving them power.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  10. Republicans don’t hate him, either. Democrats and Republicans support him at about equal rates, which is rare in a partisan age.

    This is all just a function of how much money is involved and perhaps how popular the billionaire with the money is.

    Nothing more. Really, there is nothing here. This could all be gone in months. Musk is the story du juer.

  11. Trinity says:

    I thought SNL went off the air in 1990. Who watches that garbage? Oh, yeah, he is PERFECT for SNL.

  12. Trinity says:

    Hmm, I wouldn’t know seeing as how I haven’t watched that pathetic garbage since 1980.

  13. Trinity says:

    Interesting list, but it seems to leave out someone. Hispanics? Hmm, a lot are GREAT people, some not too great, but you probably wouldn’t know? Ever try writing a script in Hollywood? You would be great? LMAO.

  14. How Jewish Supremacism warps reality.

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
  15. Elongated Muskrat is the antichrist…… just FYI.

  16. Biff says:

    Any territory colonized outside earth’s parameters(by humans) will be militarized, and nothing will change(for better or worse).

    • Replies: @Marckus
  17. @WorkingClass

    …AND…they will lose.And life will go on,and the
    blah,bla,bla indefinitely.It’s a shame we lost the
    “intelligent humor”,but,it’s still out there.
    The MATRIX has you.Follow the white rabbit…

  18. They hate Elon Musk because he represents white male exceptionalism, pure unadulterated machismo genius. In their Global Homo world, white heterosexual males are forbidden to advance human civilization transporting pure humans to far and distant worlds. They want transgender mutants to oversee artificial reproductions, spreading Homo mutants throughout the cosmos.
    Their universe is one where Global Homo rules, and mankind is a distant relic of a extinct natural birthing civilization.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  19. @WorkingClass

    SNL is as humorous as the laugh track they play after each line of Coke they snort.

  20. The US government could be giving \$10,500,000 EVERY DAY to the poor little black children. But no, the US gives that money to Jews instead. Sigh, if Americans knew!

  21. Alfred says:

    Elon Musk is a man who wants to solve problems.

    Surely you are not being serious?

    Why make electric cars when much electricity comes from burning natural gas at a distant power plant?

    “Charging” a car with natural gas takes only a few minutes. It is non-polluting. No rare metals required. Existing cars can be readily modified at a small cost. The car would have a longer range. The same gas would result in more distance if it is not first converted to electricity and transmitted. Car can be readily recycled …

    In the chart below, the blue is natural gas used for generating electricity. This gas could be used to power cars, buses, trucks and so on.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Sam J.
  22. SafeNow says:

    The Elon Musk cave-rescue submarine. Works in a pool — what could go wrong?
    The problem is the American predilection to embrace the con man, the snake-oil salesman. There exists in the U.S. sensibility a facade of rationality, but just below the surface, and always emerging, is what has been called “the indigenous American berserk.” Fauci, Musk, Cuomo, it never changes; it is irresolvable; so what difference does a TV appearance make. Just hope that this predilection leads only to Musk projects, and even to preposterous non-nuclear wars, but nothing worse.

    • Thanks: stevennonemaker88
  23. GMC says:

    ” Are we meant to solve problems, or are we here to Complain ? Do we want to go upwards or do we just want to accept Decline” ? That seems to be exactly where we are today, or decades ago , to be honest. Luckily for the new Russian Federation, they had Putin and his administration to solve problems after the fall of the CCCP, and Xi is trying his hardest to find solutions also. They both have been under attack buy the same ” World Organizations”from the West. This NWO seems to solve it’s problems by attacking others , instead of just solving their own problems in the Americas and Europe. The Decline looks eminent because of the this. And as the article points out – No one is going to be allowed to be a problem solver, for the Domestic USA..

  24. DNS says:

    Musk seems like a largely over-hyped figure who has become famous through the mainstream media shilling for him very hard, like his cameo appearances in the Hollywood films that Gregory Hood linked in this article.

    China has a near monopoly on the minerals and elements used in the manufacture of electric vehicle batteries, they have well established companies like BYD making fully electric buses for mega-cities like Shenzhen. Once they break into the Western market, Tesla will be kaput.

    • Agree: Escher, jamie b.
  25. Dumbo says:

    Meh. I don’t like Musk anyway. I don’t find him inspiring. EverythIng about him, even his supposed non-progressive discourse, scream “FAKE” to me. He got or gets a lot of his money from the government, and is part of the green scam, so he’s probably a government/deep state agent anyway, like Zuckerberg.

    I doubt that we’ll go to or colonize Mars any time in the near future, unless it is in the form of a media hoax. Maybe there is a point of eventually colonizing other planets, but right now we seem to have trouble even managing things and surviving on our own planet.

    I’m sad he blemished the name of the great Nikola Tesla, associating it with his cars.

    He also has a strange face.

  26. @anon

    It makes more sense to colonize the bottom of the ocean than attempting to colonize Mars. The ocean bottom is a lot closer and the conditions are actually more hospitable.

    Imagine that? When I tell this to the starry eyed kids who wax romantic about life on other planets, I see their eyes pop open. Their breath becomes short, and pores open with cold sweat. I ask “Why did your nipples just become erect? Are you afraid of something?” Ha.

    Personally, as much as I object to biotech that tampers with genes, I would rather the human species be genetically modified to become aquatic than we persist with this folly of space colonization. It is pure madness, second only to AI, which is the ultimate anti-life idolatry.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  27. My critique of Musk: he is a FreeMason. FreeMasonry is Satanism.
    Do not be fooled by Freemasons and their lies.
    Musk supports Ordo ab Chao (Destroying societies, killing Millions or Billions, then BuildingBackBetter). It works out ok for him as he is near the top of the pyramid but many of us will be dead from starvation, guillotine*, bullet to the head, poisoning or gassing.

    *Chanel just recently came out with a new ‘Smart’ Guillotine. I wonder why? What makes it smart?

  28. Publius 2 says:

    Stop letting the left steal the language.

    Woke means “aware of the JQ.” The “far right” is woke.

    Who else remembers that?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  29. Ross23 says:

    There is another explanation on what’s going on that I considered when Ellon came out on the show and said he had Aspergers (form of autism)

    In the last 30 years numbers of autism cases has exploded 10,000% and unlike other disorders it’s a spectrum that fades in presentation rather than cuts off i.e you have it or don’t, like MS for example.

    A high proportion of trans people are autistic and I don’t believe the explosion in their numbers along with autism is a coincidence.

    Many of these young particularly white Woke SJW Display the rigid thinking style associated with mild autistic symptoms.

    It’s highly likely a huge whole generation of kids have grown up invisibility neurologically damaged right under our nose.

  30. Z-man says:

    I saw one clip of Musk on SNL, I haven’t watched SNL in thirty years, because an Italian anti defamation group protested and I picked it up on the phone.
    Typical Jew deflection ‘humor’ attacking Italians, thru Super Mario characters, as mobsters where the real mobsters are the globo-homo anti Christ Satanic bankster elite that actually run things.
    Needless to say the skit wasn’t funny and the ‘video tape’ won’t be sent to outer space in one of Musk’s space ships.

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
  31. @Avianthro

    Any freak that proposes a mass, forced implant of tracking capable chips inside people’s brain is either a kike or just as bad.

    This kook elon is a fraud.

    We won’t see any real, significance progess in technology that matters until we get a system and a government that actually cares, made by people who actually give a shit and not a bunch of literal homosexuals and demonic yids.

    Imagine a tranny in a space frontier mission. You can’t. Me neither.

    • Thanks: stevennonemaker88
    • LOL: Marckus
    • Replies: @Marckus
  32. How about sending all the small hat people to colonize the surface of the sun?

    • Replies: @Marckus
    , @Peripatetic Itch
  33. funny says:

    The reason space is important to the NWO is that it continually reinforces the myth that God does not exist. The same with the Big Bang, Gravity and Evolution.

  34. Senator Sanders thinks it’s wrong to explore space if there are poor people in America.

    And there will still be poor people in America the day a giant asteroid hits or the Yellowstone caldera blows: They will be hurt the worst.

    The progs can take some heart that Musk is constitutionally barred from becoming President, though he could still become Pope.

  35. Z-man says:

    Speaking of SNL they have this guy who is an ‘alumnus’ of that show, I just googled him, Seth Meyers, who now is on David Letterman’s old late night time slot. If I’ve watched one minute of his shtick that’s a lot. The un-funniest man in the history of comedy, lol.
    He must have a Rabbi in the business. LOL

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  36. @thotmonger

    It is pure madness, second only to AI, which is the ultimate anti-life idolatry.

    If humans were intelligent they would be living in peace and prosperity. AI is enhanced ignorance and will be used primarily as a weapon.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
  37. Anon[314] • Disclaimer says:

    Those tweeting progressives don’t like Musk because they aren’t actually very concerned about environmental problems per se. They’re concerned with their preferred solutions to those problems.

    Musk, nerd that he is, takes a simple, rational approach. If fossil fuels and SUVs cause climate change, then we need solar panels and electric SUVs so that we can carry on without climate change. But progressives find that unsatisfying; they want bike lanes and demonization of exurban conservatives. Tech that enables a sustainable exurban lifestyle is counterproductive.

    This works the other way too. Try getting progressives worked up about the fact that there’s estrogen in our water supply, coming in part from birth control. They’ll think it’s funny when they think about it at all.

  38. @Alfred

    Here’s what’s wrong with your list of gas advantages.

    A car retrofit for pressurized natural gas isn’t cheap.
    That gas has less energy density than the liquid gasoline or diesel it replaced so mileage goes down, not up for the same tank size.
    A pressurization tank weighs quite a bit more than the non pressurized fuel tank it replaces.
    An internal combustion engine is significantly less efficient than an electric motor or an electrical power plant.
    Although I don’t agree that CO2 is a pollutant, the propaganda has it that it is and burning nat gas produces CO2.

    Give up on ICE vehicles. The direction is clearly headed towards electric and possibly some hydrogen for larger vehicles. Laws are already being passed to eliminate ICE vehicles in the next 10 to 15 years and those deadlines will probably get replaced with shorter ones in the intervening years. Manufacturers are voluntarily terminating ICE vehicle development.

    Put some solar on your roof and charge the car from the sun’s energy.

    • LOL: Alfred
  39. Marckus says:
    @Herbert Norkus

    Yeah ! We could also send all the Jiggers too. With their Melanin it would be a cinch.Both groups like warm sunny environments so what could be better. We could send them by Chinese rockets fuelled by gunpowder (another Chinese invention in case you did not know) although it looks like the Chinese send rockets into space and dont know where they will end up and when they return to earth they are liable to fall anywhere.

    A shot to the sun could end up lost forever in deep space which would be a tragedy.

    These people need to use computers rather than abacus to plot their trajectory.

    The only problem with all this Norbert, is that we would be deprived of Kosher and Soul food. Would I miss this ? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO !

  40. Marckus says:

    Question for you Heeb.

    If Gates sprays dust all over the earth to prevent climate change how is Musk going to see where he is going ?

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  41. Thanks, Greg Hood, for a snappy, tightly written and convincing essay that touches on all the contradictions driving our increasingly dysfunction society and the incompetent charletans who lead it. Nothing at all against Musk, whose somewhat maverick attitude I also find refreshing. But I doubt that crackpot schemes of battery-driven vehicles that failed convincingly a century ago, or sci-fi pipe dreams of colonizing distant planets or messing with the bottom of the seas are going to save mankind. If Musk really wanted to be that saviour, he could simply tell us in plain language how we can also make a billion dollars apiece. That might write fins to the absurd progressive jive along with its obnoxious victim cult. And it would definitely put a dent in the arrogant oligarchy that seeks to enslave us.

  42. Marckus says:

    The first people to colonize the Moon will be the Chinese. They invented the compass, gunpowder and rockets so they will know how to get there.

    Captain Biff will crew the space ship using his trusty abacus to determine his position in the Universe. They will carry chopsticks and rice bowls to trade with any aliens they may encounter.

    Going where no man has gone before, opening new horizons and braving a new world. Leading the way for the future of mankind !

  43. @Ross23

    Maybe they should develop an anti-autism vaccine that counters the effects of all the other vaccines that cause it.

    It might only be a strong correlation that cases of autism and other problems, like nut allergies, have skyrocketed as the CDC vaxx recommendation schedule for children has grown over the years. It also doesn’t help that kids aren’t encouraged to get out into the world of dirt and germs like the free-range kids of my childhood.

    They tell us we have to fear ‘conspiracy theorists,’ but the real threat to humanity are the experts who are ‘coincidence theorists.’

    • Replies: @Ross23
  44. @RoatanBill

    I don’t know why you bother shilling for electric vehicles: in the world our Green Hero Masters are designing for us, you and many others will be bound to the land you will work to feed them, and your lifeless body will become the biomass they use to heat their homes.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  45. hillaire says:

    Haha imbeciles from darpa social engineering projects, pretending they are marvel characters now playing to the rogues gallery of mental deficients in mind numbing “television’ nonsense…

    while all the chimps clap and squeal..

    elon musksrat is a pop culture fake only notable for his technological failures (and that includes his hair ‘plugs’)…

    they have been trying to ‘sell’ this mendicant as cool for years, and to be honest compared to the wooden lifeless carrion that constitutes the billionaires club (just think wax-work zuckerborg) I suppose he is the best of a really bad bunch of autistic frontmen for the men behind the ‘curtain’..

    but you keep on dreaming about martian colonies y’all.. better take lots of toilet roll..

    • Agree: HeebHunter, Alfred
    • LOL: Adam Smith
  46. All that wealth and he chose ugly, untalented Grimes as his mate? Why do rich guys always do that?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @TKK
  47. @anon

    Anon, you said that “Space X plans to send a big, fine rocket AROUND the Moon.” That is not the same a LANDING on the Moon and returning safely to Earth, which Neil Armstrong and crew allegedly did in 1969, is it?

    You then said that “NASA has a stated goal of RETURNING to the Moon before the end of the decade.” JFK promised to put a man on the moon before the end of the ’60’s. If NASA made it to the moon then, why will it take them until the end of this decade to figure out how to do it again?

    • Replies: @anon
  48. @CelestiaQuesta

    They hate Elon Musk because he represents white male exceptionalism

    So huwhite nationalism is for survaillance based brain chip implants and post contract price hiking now?

    • Disagree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Sean
  49. Trinity says:
    @Publius 2

    hahaha. I keep telling others the same. The word “WOKE” has been hijacked from those fully aware of the JQ, and used to describe Jew led sheeple who tear down cities for Saint George, and work for Jew billionaires and/or millionaires like Bernie Sanders and George Schwartz aka Soros. “Woke” now describes the most compliant and dumbest useful idiots on the planet. And lest we forget we have non-liberals calling themselves liberals, fascists claiming to fighting against fascism, and anti-White racist fighting against racism.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
    , @jamie b.
  50. @Marckus

    He doesn’t need to “fly” anywhere. Tesla ( may God punish this autistic fuck for abusing Nikolas Tesla’s name) is a sham company that has been living on government welfare since conception.

    Muttmerica’s technologies are all bullshit, otherwise China and Russia would have been haplessly pulverized by now.

    • Replies: @Marckus
    , @TheTrumanShow
  51. @Marckus

    That’s some sad, jealous hick talk. If this is what huwhite nationalism is, I think it is time for everyone to sell everything, pack up out of the (((West))) and just move to the favorite tropical paradise.

    • Replies: @stevennonemaker88
  52. Whatever else you think of Musk, he built a car that can stomp the living dogshit out of my CBR954 off the line. And that ain’t nuthin.

  53. Marckus says:

    Have you noticed that Musk, the Zuke, Bezos and Gates and Fauci have sort of a similar look. They resemble trolls and goblins. I got a feeling that in school they were all the nerdy type, getting beat up and having their sandwiches and lunch money confiscated, and staying home at night beating off because the girls scorned them.

    The twit who runs twitter (shit I dont even remember his name) is also a pea from the same funny looking pod.

    Now that these characters are at the top of the stack its “The Revenge of the Nerds”. They are a real strange bunch to look at !

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @BlackFlag
  54. Emslander says:

    When the full process of producing electricity and transferring its energy into kinetic energy is counted in, it’s one of the least efficient forms of energy. Internal combustion engines will never go away and when the current energy fads become obsolete, they will probably be the only engines powering our vehicles. They are actually getting more and more efficient through engineering done by companies that have profit as their motive.

    Our dystopian future, which will arrive immediately after we can no longer count on financing an idiotic futuristic fantasy world with foreign held debt, will quickly kill all these Muskist diversions.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  55. @The Alarmist

    Nowhere in your reply do you refute my points. Instead of throwing ‘shill’ around, why not try a positive approach to the matter and chime in with what you know as opposed to some dire prediction that has the wealthy consuming us. I know where the US’s problems are and it’s not in the choice of power for vehicles.

    I’m an electrical engineer that started in the power industry at Con Edison in New York. I know something about power generation and electricity in general. I’m in favor of a switch over to electric passenger and light truck vehicles because they make sense. Hydrogen MAY make sense for heavy hauling applications, ships and trains if the power to get the hydrogen can come from something other than cracking fossil fuels.

    The lower to non existent repair bills, the simplicity of their motor versus a reciprocating engine, the fact that motors naturally produce circular motion versus using a crank shaft, the lower center of gravity due to battery placement, the lower weight of the motor(s) versus an engine, no local pollution from the vehicle itself and many other advantages accrue to electric vehicles.

    If you haven’t noticed, the electrical grid in the US and many other places is in bad shape. People who can see what the future portends are arming themselves with their own electrical power generation capabilities like rooftop solar. A gas fired power plant is almost twice as efficient in using fuel as an ICE vehicle. Couple that with an electric motor being around twice as efficient at using power as its equivalent ICE and the efficiency alone warrants the switch. Reducing pollution is better done at large stationary power plants than the exhaust systems of millions of moving vehicles.

    The lithium battery is a temporary solution. Other batteries are nearing ready to come on line to further reduce cost and extend useful life time and range, including solid state batteries. Grid scale batteries such as those from Ambri will also replace lithium for numerous reasons including cost.

    You’re trying to preserve the old that is failing. Start thinking about not relying on the grid to survive because that is the real danger you face.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @The Alarmist
  56. Trinity says:

    IF the leftards hate billionaires and wealthy people so much why do they love Orca Winfrey, George Schwartz/Soros and good ole Bernie “I Never Worked A Day In My Life” Sanders so much?

    Sanders was so lazy that he got kicked out of a hippie commune when he was younger for not working. lolololol. You really can’t make this shit up, man.

    • Replies: @Simon Tugmutton
  57. Che Guava says:

    I always keep the massive subsidies that Musk receives from your federal govt. and the Calif. govt. in mind.

    He doesn’t have to place any of his own money from his enormous Paypal windfall on the line, whether for Tesla, SpaceX, or the seemingly abandoned mini-mass transit project initiated by his Boring Company.

    He is better and more funny than most in similar positions, but it is not possible to respect him when he never invests his own money in any of his projects.

    Mods, please deleting my previous post, where I was forgetting to include two words.

    Thx. in advance.

  58. @Emslander

    You are absolutely dead wrong on efficiency. Therefore the rest of your post is nonsense.

    Just use a common sense approach to efficiency. Q: What does it cost per mile per technology? A: It’s far cheaper in an electric vehicle.

    • Disagree: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Emslander
  59. Trinity says:

    haha, I noticed this shit a long time ago, I even started calling this ATTEMPTED COUP ( so tired of the defeatist talk around here) “The Revenge Of The Nerds” awhile back.

    This is what you get when you are ruled by effeminate men, women with loads of baggage ( don’t bash me ladies, I went to bat for you on Anglin’s Yellow Fever thread, I’m talking about Harpies not all ladies), geeks, freaks, etc. I have always said and believed that you give a weak person authority and they can be the most vicious and cruel people out there. Look at Stalin, he was an ugly, small crippled man.

    They are indeed a strange bunch to look at and the funny thing is they think they are the elite. haha. Reminds me of an old “Twilight Zone” where everyone was ugly and they thought Donna Mills ( Ellie May) was the ugly one, or how about “The Munsters” where the whole family thought “Marilyn” was the ugly duckling of the bunch.

    This is indeed, (((The Revenge Of The Nerds.))) lololol.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  60. “Thus far, all we have for trying is failure. Countless billions later, America is still full of poor blacks even as we import another permanent underclass from Latin America. Schools in black cities like Baltimore produce students that can’t do simple arithmetic. And where are these hungry blacks? More than a third of them are obese.”

    This says it all. And starting in 1965 the combined federal, state and local outlay funding antipoverty programs is well over six trillion bucks. That’s TRILLION–with a “T.” And what have we to show for it? A drug-addled nobody who has been elevated to sainthood and brood sows spawning illegitimate kiddies at a rate of over 70%.

    “Failure” is an inadequate word but–it’ll have to do. After all, there is a certain sense of finality in the word.

  61. anon[345] • Disclaimer says:

    I really resent people trying to make me give a shit about this Elon Musk. Germans want me to give a shit about Heidi Klum’s parasite boyfriend Tom Kaulitz. Izzies want me to give a shit about homely American JAP genocidaire Gal Gadot. There’s no end to it.

    The only people who need to give a shit about this Elon Musk sperg are the suckers who run his exploding fireball death cars into trucks and trees.

  62. This article really scared me and I’m now going to look for a “safe space”.(sarcasm) Anyone who votes for today’s leftist causes, is someone who is stunting their own growth as a person. The democrat party has all the money and resources, including control of the establishment media, because the toxic elite who are behind 80 percent of the b.s. bringing this nation down, have chosen the left to help them. They need those who they know are already brainwashed with idiocy and violence. Conservatives won’t do.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  63. Realist says:

    Just use a common sense approach to efficiency. Q: What does it cost per mile per technology? A: It’s far cheaper in an electric vehicle.

    It’s much, much cheaper to walk.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  64. The reason Lorne Michaels is allowing Elon Musk to host an SNL segment is because both come from the same tribe, just as, most likely, Obama’s mother comes from… no surprise there!

  65. @Realist

    It’s not about the cost actually, it’s about the efficiency using cost as a measure.

    • Replies: @Realist
  66. Realist says:

    If you haven’t noticed, the electrical grid in the US and many other places is in bad shape. People who can see what the future portends are arming themselves with their own electrical power generation capabilities like rooftop solar.

    Not everybody lives on Roatan. In many parts of the world, there are days without sunlight.

    A gas fired power plant is almost twice as efficient in using fuel as an ICE vehicle. Couple that with an electric motor being around twice as efficient at using power as its equivalent ICE and the efficiency alone warrants the switch.

    While it is true that electric motors are more efficient than ICEs…you conveniently leave out the fact the energy density of the battery/electric motor system is considerably lower than the ICE system. If and when the battery technology advances to the point where energy density and recharge times are equivalent or better than ICE systems…I will be a champion.

    You’re trying to preserve the old that is failing. Start thinking about not relying on the grid to survive because that is the real danger you face.

    Living off the grid is not viable for the vast majority of the civilized world.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  67. @RoatanBill

    And I’m an aerospace engineer by training who realises the energy wastage and the climate damage and human rights abuses across the whole EV chain are far worse than the same across the current hydrocarbon-based equivalent. But I agree there should be a better way. I just don’t see universal mobility for the mass of humanity being a thing much longer.

    I was hoping you might grasp the sarcasm of my reply. How’s your grasp of satire, in German just to make it challenging?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  68. Agent76 says:

    Dec 11, 2020 What Elon Musk’s 42,000 Satellites Could Do To Earth

    Over the next few decades, Elon Musk is hoping to send 42,000 Starlink satellites to space.

    Apr 23, 2021 One Rule for the Rich

    Harry Wilkinson and TalkRadio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer discuss the latest grand climate change plans and how world leaders like to boast about climate targets without living by the same restrictions that they would impose on other people.

    May 13, 2015 Flashback 2009: Kerry ridicules Inhofe on science, then predicts ice free Arctic summer in 5 years

    ‘The Senator from Oklahoma, Senator Inhofe, has made some comments on the floor of the Senate that are either wrong on the facts or I think wrong in terms of the judgment politically… I wish he were really up to state of the art with respect to the science on global climate change.’

  69. Trinity says:

    Oops, that was Donna Douglas and not Donna Mills, sorry Ellie May.

    Off topic, but something I have noticed lately. Saw that rare story about a week ago talking about (((Ghislane Maxwell.))) ONCE AGAIN, we were shown drawings of Ghislane that look like they were scrawled by a first grade art student, the name of the artist was Rosenberg. lolololol. So much for Jewish talent.

    But it doesn’t stop there, saw a story on the Black Jogger Who Went Down To JawJuh and these drawings were even worse. Those drawings look as though they were drawn by a chimpanzee who got hold of a box of crayons. Are these people actually paid to scribble shit like that?

  70. @HeebHunter

    Agree. Musk is an intel asset, a total fraud. All one need do is watch one of his “spaceship” launches or landings. QED.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
  71. Realist says:

    It was a snarky/tongue-in-cheek comment. See my other comment to you.

    Number 70.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  72. @The Alarmist

    I reread your original reply and still can’t find the sarcasm in it.

    As far as human rights abuse is concerned, I don’t like the fact that poor people in foreign lands are treated badly by corporations working to produce products for richer people. However, if those corporations weren’t there at all, they’d be in even worse shape with no jobs and no income at all.

    If by climate damage you mean CO2, then I see no damage. What I do see is a 14% increase in vegetation around the world that may attribute to CO2 increase. All other actual pollution, such as plastics, industrial waste, etc, should be seriously curtailed and the polluters made to clean up their filth. That would increase costs to consumers, but that’s as it should be to right a long time wrong.

    Universal mobility will not only continue but expand. That expansion will be via much smaller vehicles that consume a tiny fraction of the energy of today’s fleet and won’t need all the fluids and repairs of ICE vehicles because they’ll be electric.

    Although I speak German, I’m not looking at a 1 hour video I didn’t hunt for myself.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @The Alarmist
  73. TKK says:

    You know America is doomed when this critter below- Leslie Jones- is not only given prime billing on a TV, but is heaped with lucrative contract deals. When they have her in a “skit” as a normal desirable female, I wonder if any of these Company Men ever think: Give me a break. This is a beast.

    I burst out laughing the first time I saw her, and then realized the joke was on us. She’s laughing at us- the white working class- as she cashes her million dollar checks.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  74. @Realist

    I strongly suggest people move towards the equator. The earth is way overdue for its next cyclical ice age because this inter-glacial is rapidly coming to an end. You don’t have to be a geologist or climate fraud, just look at the graphs of climate over the last million years. The estimate is that a switch to a colder future can happen in as little as 10 years, so it’s potentially right around the corner.

    There’s much better sunshine availability the closer to the equator you are. BTW – solar works even on cloudy days, just not at maximum power output. Clean the snow off the panels and they like the cooler weather.

    I debunked the ICE is more efficient than EV canard in another post. You’re incredibly incredibly incredibly wrong.

    I wasn’t suggesting living off grid, although being prepared to be self sufficient is a desirable goal. What I am saying is for people to help solve the worlds energy problem by providing their property as a suitable location for power generation. In certain jurisdictions, people can make a small fortune by pumping power into the grid. Now, the US is too stupid and corrupt to allow that at scale for the average person, but that’s the law, once again, getting in the way of problem solving and protecting the corporate campaign contributors.

    • Replies: @Realist
  75. Realist says:

    If by climate damage you mean CO2, then I see no damage. What I do see is a 14% increase in vegetation around the world that may attribute to CO2 increase.


  76. @Trinity

    I believe most of us “Wake” folks understood “Woke” as meaning the opposite. It gets by the censors and makes them feel special.
    Jamal Jambalaya: Dey dun woke dondri
    Karl Viking: let’s wake up Bijorn

  77. @RoatanBill

    Das ist wirklich schade … ist ja echt lustig.

  78. @Realist

    He has no sense of humour … less than your average German, from what I can tell 😉

    • Replies: @Realist
  79. Ross23 says:
    @The Alarmist

    I would add there still is no scientific consensus on what autism is.

    It’s one of the few if only disorders where the mechanics and driver is officially unknown.

    So called experts lazily blame genetics but pretend they can’t tell the difference under a microscope between an autistic brain and normal one.

    This despite knowing the drivers of virtually all other neurological disorders like motor neuron disease or MS.

    I say they are covering it up.

    • Agree: Alfred
  80. HT says:

    Is Joe Piscopo still on? I think he was the last time I watched it.

  81. @Marckus

    No one will colonize anything beyond the Van Allen Belt until they’re able to solve the obstacles presented by the Van Allen Belt AND until they’re able to carry enough fuel/energy to decelerate enough enough upon re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere to prevent burning up in the process.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  82. Sean says:

    Elon Musk says he is “accumulating resources to help make life multiplanetary & extend the light of consciousness to the stars.”

    Seems to be working.

    • LOL: Agent76
    • Replies: @ricpic
  83. @Marckus

    The first people to colonize the Moon will be the Chinese. They invented the compass, gunpowder and rockets so they will know how to get there.

    The Germans would be there now if we hadn’t bombed them into oblivion on behest of the Heebs for creating a sovereign central bank. The more I learn I think the “3rd Reich” should be classified as more of slave rebellion than anything else.

  84. “There’s nothing moral or noble about piling up dependents while the Western Civilization that sustain them declines. As resources shrink and the black population grows, the result will be war, famine, and mass death. It will be even worse if the environmentalists are right about “climate change.””

    And that’s the precise reason why Musk. Bezos, Gates et al are interested in the interplanetary travel …to get the fuck away from the black, brown, red and yellow niggas using the Earthly resources.

  85. @Mick Jagger gathers no mosque

    Schitt, I can only imagine wut da space program be like if it be run by negros.
    \$20 trillion dollaz later:
    Dr. Dindu : It be fitty yers an we finally got a rocket dat can take a chimp to da moon. Dis be not possibul wif out da hunerds of blacks dat work all Dey lives to make done.
    Praise black Jesus hallelujah amen.

  86. anon[200] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    All that wealth and he chose ugly, untalented Grimes as his mate?

    Dude, she’s the third one. Also he married his second wife again after their divorce.

    Maybe Grimes quirks fit better with his? She’s Canadian, so was his first wife.

    I see that Grimes sposedly had a panic attack after appearing on SNL – her role was Princess Peach and all she really had to do was stand there with her gloves on. Snowflake Millennial…smh.

    Why do rich guys always do that?

    Well, at least Musk has the excuse of being an aspy. “I can do Normal pretty good in Emulation Mode”, lol.

    Bezos is obviously a Beta, ditto Gates. Check out Bezo’s new used wife, she’s no prettier than the first one and she’s too old to push babies out.

    It’s obviously possible to be a billionaire yet still be a Beta personality. So, hope for the rest of us!

  87. @Ross23

    A high proportion of trans people are autistic.

    Quite amazing the things you pick up on UR. I was quite skeptical of this until I did an internet search and found three different sources all saying the same thing, all quite independent of each other.

    It led me to the suggestion that a treatment for autism might cure the associated gender dysphoria. I was, however, quickly disabused of this thought when I found this statement in Slate: “People with autism have as much right to self-determination as anyone else.”

    We can perhaps expect it will soon become illegal for any parent, or any psychiatrist, to attempt a cure of their child’s autism.

    Thanks. Excellent comment. Welcome to UR.

  88. anon[200] • Disclaimer says:

    Anon, you said that “Space X plans to send a big, fine rocket AROUND the Moon.” That is not the same a LANDING on the Moon and returning safely to Earth, which Neil Armstrong and crew allegedly did in 1969, is it?

    Nope. But a round trip like that is a good step towards a landing. That’s what Apollo 8 did – around the Moon and back. Then Apollo 9 performed docking with the Lunar Excursion Module while in orbit around the Earth, driving the LEM around a bit. Apollo 10 took the equipment out to Lunar orbit, performed the docking and exercised the LEM down to some altitude. Stepwise refinement is a good way to proceed.

    You then said that “NASA has a stated goal of RETURNING to the Moon before the end of the decade.”

    Yeah, I believe that is correct. The target is a polar region where water ice is believed to exist in the regolith.

    JFK promised to put a man on the moon before the end of the ’60’s. If NASA made it to the moon then, why will it take them until the end of this decade to figure out how to do it again?

    Because the NASA of the 1960’s is long gone, and the replacement has a lot of parasitic load. It’s not the technology. The SpaceX Crew Dragon is a far better vehicle than any of the Apollo command modules, we don’t know much about the Boeing vehicle but it surely is also a great improvement.

    It’s political.

  89. @Herbert Norkus

    Be careful of what you wish for. They might find a way to blackmail us into slavery by finding a way to block all sunlight from the Earth until we cave to their wishes.

    Or focus a magnifying lens on the Earth to fry us in our own excrement.


    • Replies: @thotmonger
  90. bayviking says:

    Some conscious citizens hate Musk because of the way he glaringly awarded himself staggering bonuses, while for whatever reason, not sharing any of that wealth, even though it was created by his own employees through their labors. In other words, just like Bezos, he treats his employees like shit.

    “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration”, Abraham Lincoln.

    One thing that was humanizing about his SNL appearance was how it showed a more vulnerable side of Musk, by mentioning and evidencing his Asperger’s syndrome in a most public manner. Possibly a PR campaign to soften his image?

  91. PJ London says:
    @Mick Jagger gathers no mosque

    There is a rumour that there is a Negro colony on Mars. Being S African Musk has sent them to do the heavy work and get it ready for him.

  92. PJ London says:

    The reason the left hate SNL, Trump and Musk is because they have a sense of humour. The left being so ridiculous that it is impossible not to laugh at them, are very sensitive to people laughing.
    It is like the politicians and sex, there is nothing funny in the fact that Webster Dictionary puts the following definition at the top.
    Definition of congress
    1a: the act or action of coming together and meeting
    b: COITUS
    As in “You put a bunch of politicians together and you are F**ked”.

  93. @RoatanBill

    Good afternoon Bill,
    I hope this message finds you well.

    Manufacturers are not voluntarily terminating ICE development. They are being forced into it by “government” regulation. Also, Ford and GM want in on the sweet carbon credit trading market that is the only source of Tesla’s revenue aside from “government” subsidy. Why buy credits from Tesla when you can generate some of your own by producing electric cars?

    Tesla – and GM – Finally Admit It


    I agree with you about solar panels being the best way to charge an electric car. However, electric cars are not for everyone. Some people require a vehicle that can go farther on a charge, and that can be recharged more quickly. To charge a Tesla from empty to full would take a large array of panels (likely more than 100 in most places) and it would take much longer than the 5 minutes it takes to fill the tank of a gasoline or diesel powered automobile. (You can only charge your lithium ion batteries so fast or you run the risk of reaching thermal runaway.) If you only travel a few miles each day, and have plenty of sunshine and time for your car to sit on the charger, and never travel more than 150 miles each way, then maybe an electric car is the way to go. (If you don’t mind a car that spies on you like a giant expensive cell phone that unfortunately has a nasty habit of self immolation.) Most people charge their electric cars from the grid, often fueled by coal, natural gas and nuke power. (Technology once touted as too clean and cheap to meter.) Electric cars fueled this way are not “zero emission”.

    Electric cars do have potential, especially for people whose lifestyle could accommodate them. For rural people, or people who would like to be able to take a road trip, they are simply not practical. Electric cars are currently designed to limit the freedom to travel to a certain class of people; The already fairly wealthy who do not mind being spied on because if you have nothing to hide what are you worried about crowd. Current technology allows the “government” or Tesla (or who ever) to track people’s movements like never before. They can even disable your car (or have it self drive you to the nearest police station) if you are wanted for some made up “crime”.

    I believe that the best way to move forward, while advancing liberty for the people, would be to design better ICE engines and/or better ICE electric hybrids while removing the spytech from the cars. Diesel engines are more robust than gasoline engines, and can achieve better miles per gallon. (I have an old 1984 Mercedes 300sd with more than 300,000 miles that still gets 30 miles to the gallon propelling that 3800lb car down the road.) Many of the largest machines on earth are diesel electric hybrids because they are the most efficient technology at present. Gasoline electric hybrids are good too. The first generation Honda Insight is small, peppy and gets 70 miles per gallon on the highway. Many car manufactures have improved upon this technology in the last 20 years. Check out this new Mercedes E450 with a turbocharged 3.0 liter in-line six, paired with a 48 volt electrical system and high-speed starter/generator that allows the gas engine to be continuously cycled off and on, in order to save gas – and reduce the amount of gasses produced. It’s in the same price range as a Tesla, but it lacks the disadvantages of an all electric car. (Though, I’m sure it too spies on you.)

    As for me, I prefer nice, low mileage old(er) cars. I drive a 1990 BMW E34 and my wife drives a 2000 Mercedes W210. Both cars get about 30 miles to the gallon on the highway. They both have low miles, are in great shape, and I do all the repairs myself. They also cost a whole lot less to buy than even the cheapest new car. (I paid \$3500 for the BMW 10 years ago with 77,000 miles on it. The Mercedes is “new” to us as we’ve only had it 6 months. It cost \$6500 after I changed all the fluids and did all the minor repairs it needed. It has about 100,000 miles on the odometer.) They are easy and inexpensive to maintain, though the W210 is a little finicky about the fluids it prefers. They don’t spy on us, they’re not connected to the cell phone network, they cannot be disabled from afar, “insurance” is cheap (especially when compared to a newer car) and best of all they’re paid for. I really wouldn’t want a newer car.

    I hope they’re old enough to be “grandfathered in” when they pass the motor law.

    I hope you have a great day Bill…

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @RoatanBill
  94. @HeebHunter

    Marcky malarkey posts retarded comments on almost every unz article. He is an envious, childish fool.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Troll: Trinity
  95. Realist says:

    I debunked the ICE is more efficient than EV canard in another post. You’re incredibly incredibly incredibly wrong.

    Oh no, you didn’t your direct comment was:

    A gas fired power plant is almost twice as efficient in using fuel as an ICE vehicle. Couple that with an electric motor being around twice as efficient at using power as its equivalent ICE and the efficiency alone warrants the switch.

    Now you have changed your comment to EV instead of your original comment electric motor

    An EV system includes a battery which currently has a much lower energy density than an ICE…which gives rise to the piss poor milage of an EV. You are the one that is incredibly incredibly incredibly wrong.

    Efficiency of travel includes being able to arrive at a destination in a timely manner.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @RoatanBill
  96. @Dumbo

    Mr. Hood (and many of the authors here) mix some grains of truth in but twist it and distort it until they end up with falsehoods and foolishness. Musk is a billionaire oligarch and pretty similar to other billionares; criminals and frauds.

    We must choose: greatness or equality.

    These kind of binary, asinine statements are typical here. How do we define greatness? what about equality?

    Humans are unequal in almost every way. Artificial, woke-style equality is idiotic, impossible, and suicidal. At the same time, the historic Christian/western concept of the golden rule, and just and righteous treatment of our neighbors is good, and should not be confused with this false, new age equality.

    The idea that someone deserves to make billions of dollars while people who actually work can hardly feed their families in many places is also perverted and wrong. Artificial equality is bad, but so is artificial extreme inequality. A good system would involve people being fairly rewarded for what they put in. When you have a CEO making a thousand times what the workers make, you have a criminal racket, not a just economic system. It’s sad how people have to jump to either extreme.

    I can imagine a skilled craftsman making several times what an unskilled laborer makes. But not a hundred or a thousand times. Wages and economic status need to reflect the level of actual production and work being done. Neither capitalism or communism really provide this, and both can be hijacked and run for the benefit of insiders. During America’s most prosperous post war years, we had a mixed market economy. Keep in mind that who is running the system is often more important than the system itself.

    As far as greatness, materialism has an altogether false definition of greatness. Dying with a million dollars but no offspring is less great than dying poor but leaving behind several offspring. Having a reasonable amount of money and material things is important, but it is only a small part of greatness. Too many modern people focus on superficial things and forget that there is so much more to life. A Society with a handful of billionaires that produces lots of tech gimmicks and is “advanced” while the population is perverted, debauched, atheistic, and murders their own children is not successful. In fact it is the epitome of failure. No society is perfect, but one where people strive for justice and live by the golden rule is far more successful than the post-modern, post christian west.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Thanks: TheMoon
  97. ricpic says:

    “Historically, progressivism is about ‘problem solving.’ ”

    My God, not only is that wrong, it’s 180 degrees wrong. Progressivism, ever since Woodrow Wilson, has been about “the right kind of people, our kind of people” being in charge. Problem solving (except rhetorically) hardly enters the picture.

  98. Emslander says:

    In order to use an electric vehicle you have several steps:

    1. Thermal energy (sun, wood, coal, natural gas), 2. powers a generator, which uses kinetic or mechanical energy to spin a rotor in a magnetic field, 3. turning it into an electrical current (electrical energy), 3. which then charges a battery, which stores a charge that must be 4. transferred to an electrical current that 5. reverses the generating process to return the energy to mechanical energy to turn the wheels.

    That’s a minimum of five steps from heat to wheel. Any first year physics student can explain to you that each step down from heat has an efficiency rating, which is the percentage of energy remaining after the transfer. Thermal to mechanical has a relatively high efficiency. Mechanical to electrical is very low. The efficiency rating of the two steps for most power plants is from 20% to 40%. (60 to 80 percent of the heat energy is lost in producing electricity.) Electrical to static electricity is also a step down as is battery to mechanical. I don’t know the percentages. Somebody out there will. However, the efficiency rating of an electrical vehicle (measured from the burning fuel at the power plant) is probably below 5%. 95% of the original energy is lost with an electrical vehicle.

    An internal combustion engine has one step, thermal to mechanical. The energy efficiency of that step, according to a very prejudiced Wikipedia entry is 35%.

    Eliminating all subsidies, preferences, magic elixirs and wishful thinking, the cost of running a gasoline engine is the most efficient use of the energy that the sun produces and stores in a fuel. It will always be thus.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Garliv
  99. ricpic says:

    What’s your point? Are you saying enjoyment of a stogie is incompatible with high ideals?

    • Replies: @Sean
  100. Better conman than Trump. Mars……….really. Nobody has ever been to the Moon. The Soviets estimated that it required 3 meters of solid lead to protect astronauts from radiation in space.

  101. @Adam Smith

    Maybe the manufacturer’s motives are voluntary with a gun to their heads as you intimate. The carbon credits scam surely does play into their calculations. The end result is that ICE are being terminated in the not too distant 10 to 15 years and probably sooner.

    I read that 20% of EV owners ditched them and went back to ICE vehicles. That’s to be expected if people didn’t think through the current EV limitation, especially recharging and mileage. Anyone that purchases an EV that doesn’t have their own dedicated charging port is just not thinking clearly. Anyone that wants to routinely travel distances beyond what their vehicle is rated for and then curses the charging wait time just isn’t too bright.

    Nominally, 10 higher end panels put out around 4000 watts under very good conditions. In many places one can get 8 hours of good charging. 8h*4000W=32kWh. Now that’s nominal, but even a high end Tesla can charge with about 30 – 40 panels from near empty. It doesn’t take anywhere near 100 panels for an average less aggressive vehicle is my point. Of course, charging at end of day (no sun) does mean that there’s a source of that power in the home and that would probably be another rather expensive battery bank in an off grid situation. In a grid attached situation, the house could be pumping power into the grid during the times the grid needs the power and then take it back at night when demand decreases severely. Grid tied eliminates the batteries for the home and offers the grid as the battery for EV charging purposes.

    There’s a standards committee working on how to have EV’s provide emergency power to homes and even grids. There’s an area in Europe, I think in the Netherlands, that is the demo site.

    Most people use their cars to commute to work. Rarely is that more than 50 or so miles one way. A benefit with an EV is that when stuck in traffic, the motors don’t turn so there’s no ‘fuel’ being used to idle.

    I read somewhere that ICE vehicles are just a tad more likely to catch fire than an EV. I think the fire issue is a wash. The spying is definitely a problem but that’s now the norm because gov’t demands it. If you carry a cell phone in your vehicle, they can track your movements even if it’s turned off (It’s never really off).

    I only have a Mitsubishi van right now, bought 1 year old. It’s a 4 cylinder diesel / 5 speed stick that sips fuel and can carry well over a ton or cargo. In Texas, the wife and I drove nothing but manual transmission BMW’s for 30 years. They were all bought new. That was stupid. I’ll never buy a new car again. I used to write my own court documents to fight the multiple speeding tickets I accumulated every year. Only lost once.

    Toyota is rumored to have a solid state battery that will charge in 5 minutes ready for 2024 that will do 1000 miles per charge in a typical vehicle. Other solid state batteries are being worked on by various companies world wide. It’s just a matter of time before the whole battery charging and distance objection fades into the distance. Today these are issues. In the not that distant future they won’t be.

    I’d never purchase a hybrid; too complicated. ICE technology is about at its efficiency limits thermodynamically. The engineers have managed to get just about everything there is to get from it already. See my post 69. Chinese electric vehicles are being produced for the Chinese market but with an eye for world wide distribution. GM has partnered with SAIC and they’ve got a tiny electric that’s giving Tesla heartburn.

    Diesels will remain for ships, trains, large industrial machines (mining, construction, etc) for quite some time. At some point, however, fuel availability at some reasonable price will make them no longer economically viable. Hydrogen is already powering one cruise ship.

    Where I am, there’s no 5G. There’s really no 4G. I get a blistering 5mbps for \$50/mo via fiber optic. As a former white hat hacker, I’ve got multiple firewalls between us and the Internet. We only use Linux boxes. Spying at that bandwidth doesn’t really work all that well so any vehicle tech is crippled. I prefer it that way along with no traffic lights or stop signs and I haven’t had vehicle insurance in 16 years.

    • Thanks: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  102. anon[161] • Disclaimer says:

    @Roaton Bill also.

    The efficiency of an electric motor vs. an ICE is moot. The CAFE standards are what they are, and they can only get tighter.

    Go test drive a new car. Notice that the auto transmission has 6 or 8 or even 10 speeds, and the controller will drop into the highest gear whenever possible. Maybe driving along in 2nd on a 35 MPH street, only to shift into 7th gear, for example. Some controllers stop the engine whenever you stop the car; at every stop sign the engine quits, but when you remove your foot from the brake pedal it restarts. All this stuff is intended to meet the mileage requirements, and it is a big factor in why so many car lots are empty right now – the IC’s in short supply are a huge factor.

    GM has an ambitious goal of a nearly all electric fleet by 2025. Electric sedans, electric pickup truck, electric Hummer. Maybe they will get there, maybe not, but it is one way to meet the CAFE standards. BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen are not too far behind.

    The upstream logistics are not even mentioned in the MSM, probably too hard for journalists to think about or understand if they try. Don’t expect intelligent discussion outside of niche pubs like EPRI journal.

    Compressed natural gas is only going to be used in fleet vehicles; buses, government vans, etc. because the logistics are nontrivial compared to either petrochemical or batteries. There are maps of electric car charging points , and the buildout along Interstates is a lot more extensive than you might expect. CNG logistics are far, far behind and probably will never catch up. Don’t even argue about methanol – not happening.

    Electrical vehicles are a done deal. Even semi trucks are going to go battery / electric in the next 5 to 8 years.

  103. To meet the incomprehensible stare

    Of violent accusation, they needed

    The confidence of undefeated

    Men, and this they found in finding

    They were living testaments, binding

    Once and future greatness of the nation

    Whose blood drove them, as by divine action,

    To become who they were, and are:

    Sons of the sun, fathers of another star.

  104. @Realist

    My post 69 to you contains a video that easily debunks the efficiency issue. Plain common sense should do that just by looking at how much it costs to drive a given stretch with the two technologies. Because the EV can do it for far less should indicate that it uses energy more efficiently since no one gets a break on energy costs.

    Watch the video.

    • Replies: @Realist
  105. @Emslander

    Read my post 69 and watch the video.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  106. TKK says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    My sister showed me where “Grimes” (how weird is that, to choose that name) had her whole back scarred in white ink as “tattoos.”

    Her skin was actually attractive- very fair and unblemished and she marred her entire back beyond belief. She said she now had “beautiful alien” marks.

    So, what kind of man would want his GF to permanently deface her body? What does it even mean?

    I genuinely do not understand.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  107. HVM says:

    Let Musk do as he wants as long as he stops feeding off the taxpayer subsidies. Talk about a corporatist. He’d be out of business if he did not get so many subsides from the government.

    That applies to all of the swine feeding off the state from big pharma to the energy sector. It’s just a giant troth that sucks the life of the taxpayer while they are told how good it is for them.

  108. Trinity says:

    (((heebhunter))) Damn it, Jim, I thought that dude was over the top. LMAO.

    Ole TeeTee nailed another one, YAWL. Lil’ Stevie Bonetaker88 and (((heebhunter))) need to share a room.

    Man, you cannot make a better comedy than this nut show if you were trying.

    Later, gator.

    This is one for good ole TeeTee.

    Cue: It Keeps You Running by The Doobie Brothers.

  109. Emslander says:

    The video starts at the energy already stored in a battery. It doesn’t look at the steps that go from thermal energy to stored electrical energy.

    I’d suggest you read my post once more. The Internal Combustion Engine has one step, from fuel to mechanical. The video treats the battery as fuel, except that the battery is only the stored end product of four very inefficient steps in the transfer of energy from fuel to mechanical to electrical to stored energy. All those costs have to be included in the final cost of using an electrical vehicle, if you are being honest about efficiency.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  110. @Sollipsist

    there’s also this,

    We coup whoever we want! Deal with it.

    signed Elon Musk (responding to the US sponsored coup in Bolivia for control of lithium mining).

  111. Trinity says:

    “It Keeps You Running” by one of my all time favorites, The Doobie Brothers is 4:20 in length. Coincidence? Or is that Cohencidence? hehe.

    Should I change my name to Troll-Hunter?

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  112. jamie b. says:

    Should England have colonized America?

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  113. TheMoon says:

    more like an effort to escape

    And if you can, what’s wrong with that?

    Humanity is, in general, a cesspit of low wattage, low frequency farm animals that values nothing beyond their own base needs. Space seems the only way out. You could go Bioshock and build the city of Rapture under the sea, but I’d rather deal with the 1 atm pressure difference of space than the pressures of the deep ocean, and anyone with a sailboat can drop depth charges on you.

    We need space colonies with strict physical and psychological testing before you’re allowed to immigrate. No dumbass collectivists. No psychopaths. Far enough from Earth that the lower achieving filth left behind can’t hurt you, but a bunch of remote kinetic energy weapon platforms in orbit should anyone groundside get uppity.

    I just wish Musk and others would get off the romanticism of Mars an focus on something closer (but not too close) to Earth for now. The Martian atmosphere is thin enough that you might as well colonize the Moon, or the Lagrange points. Easier support from your Earth based operations centers until until the colonies can achieve independence, oops, I mean self sufficiency.

    Get enough colonies that you can be assured of the survival of space based humanity, a few colonies dedicated to preserving the biosphere of the Earth, then you then bombard the homeworld into guacamole, eradicating the idiot branches of the tree, and let the dust subside for later resettlement.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  114. jamie b. says:

    Anybody remember when SNL was funny?

    All these years later and I still miss seeing Phil Hartman on SNL.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  115. TheMoon says:

    I think Mars is too big of a first step. It’s atmosphere is trivial, maybe it has better resources than the Moon, I don’t know. A starter colony in Earth orbit could lead to colonies on the Moon and Lagrange points would be good to start. With all the tech developed for that, the next step to Mars, asteroid belt, or elsewhere is far easier.

    “To Mars!” feels like the Apollo missions, based on national prestige instead of practical purpose, and it sputtered out. My father says it only lasted as long as it did because no one wanted to canceled the dead, beloved President’s program. A future in space needs to be secured by pragmatic steps, securing each now location along the away before the next step.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
  116. jamie b. says:

    Phil Mason does a good job debunking Musk’s claims and goals…

  117. @TKK

    There are 250 lb. women out there who genuinely believe that dying their hair blue will somehow make them more attractive.

    • LOL: Trinity
  118. Trinity says:
    @jamie b.

    I can’t take credit. The first time I ever read that nickname was by a poster on this site. I THINK it MIGHT have been the poster named, “Alden.”

    • Replies: @jamie b.
  119. Anon7 says:

    SNL is like space junk; the original cast boosted the show into orbit, but now it just goes round and round. It would take significant effort to de-orbit (i.e. cancel) the show now.

    So, I watched most of it, hadn’t seen it in years. They still need Trump and white supremacists to make their point.

    The only sense of amusement came from the fact that this batch of cast members, now in their early thirties, need to emulate twenty-somethings to be relevant. Aging Miley Cyrus needed to do a double act with a 17 year-old; her costumes made me think she’s put on some weight.

    The only point of interest for me was a sketch about a murder show set in Pennsylvania. I think the point they were making is that white people are ALL inbred, and that multiculturalism supposedly makes sense because then we know we’re not having sex with our cousins.

    This point surfaced in three different sketches in the show.

  120. A deal of racist drivel, but what stands out is the lunatic idea that the Democrazy/Deep State/?Progressive? totalitarians are ‘Leftists’. Only in the US of A, and its increasingly demented satrapies.

  121. @advancedatheist

    If he launched it today, the Mars mission would be populated by very career-oriented people, who’d have like a 1.2 fertility rate, with their kids regressing to somewhere around 1.5. In ecological terms, it’d be a population sink.

    The whole vision is pretty dumb. Musk could use his money in far better ways, developing things like prediction markets. Imagine if, starting in late January of 2020, there had been a prediction market for corona deaths, with transaction costs subsidized.

    Still, Musk is infinitely preferable to these blue checkmarks attacking him, or the conspiratards claiming America didn’t actually land on the moon. Envy, the hatred of the superior, is the unifying factor for both groups.

  122. @funny

    “NWO” cares a bit about God because some of these fundamentalist groups have high fertility rates and that freaks them out. Apart from that, NWO doesn’t care what kind of delusion low-class people console themselves with whether it’s God or astrology or the History Channel or whatever.

  123. @Trinity

    [You have already been warned that vacuous comments containing lots of profanity and ethnic/racial slurs may get trashed, and too many of those will get your other comments trashed as well.]

    You talk like a low IQ boomer coon. You are like at least two generations behind.

    Let’s face it, nobody but stupid retards, like you, would bother to fight for (((the West))). We are just taking a piss here. Most of us have accepted either a quiet, simple retreat or working under heterosexual, sane Chinese dominated markets.

    And you know what? That is fine. Better than kike, faggot and nigger worship.

  124. @Emslander

    A gas fired power plant is relatively very efficient at generating electricity. That power goes into the battery with about a 10% conversion loss.

    That’s where we start, at the vehicle. The power that goes into the vehicle costs \$X in an open market environment. The fuel that goes into an ICE costs \$Y in an open market environment. For every mile traveled in roughly comparable vehicles, the cost to fuel up an EV is much less than the cost to fuel the ICE. That alone should tell you that the EV is far more efficient in using the energy than the ICE.

    The video goes into the efficiency losses each vehicle type suffers. The ICE vehicle has huge losses at the engine. The EV has minor losses at the motor and that is the primary difference between the technologies.

    If I wanted to, I could ask you to factor in all the oil changes, the energy to produce the transmission that the EV doesn’t have, the energy for the repair shops needed to keep the ICE vehicles running, the energy for the spare parts factories, etc, etc, etc where there is no or little comparable energy required by EV’s because they’re a much more elegant and simpler design with a much reduced parts count and very infrequent repairs.

    I could also ask you to factor in the death and destruction the US military (the largest polluter in the world and largest energy user in the world) has caused over decades to bring you the oil that fuels ICE vehicles and their annual budgets to protect the petro dollar. Electric vehicles allow for people to supply their own energy which is impossible with an ICE counterpart.

    • LOL: Emslander
  125. jamie b. says:

    The word ‘WOKE’ has been hijacked…

    Why try to claim Ebonic ‘woke’ when you can have the grammatically correct ‘awoken’?

  126. Trinity says:

    Normal people instinctively know what is normal human behavior. And normal people can tell a freak from a mile away most of the time.

    Peep this, yawl. Everyone knew growing up that a “Peepin Tom” was a freak, you didn’t have to convince them of that. Lots of wolves out there in sheep’s clothing. Use your God given instincts. IF something seems creepy or repulsive, well, chances are it is. Little bit of Yogism.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  127. Trinity says:
    @jamie b.

    Sorry, partner, I must have replied to the wrong poster. Someone was commenting that they loved the nickname, “Orca” for Doprah Pigfrey and I told them were I first saw that one.

    • Replies: @jamie b.
  128. Agent76 says:

    Feb 22, 2020 The deadly cost of cobalt for smartphones

    One US-based human rights non-profit is helping 14 DRC families sue Apple, Google, Dell, Tesla and Microsoft over the loss of life or limb in mines where children dig for the cobalt needed for tech gadgets.

    Sep 14, 2018 Dangerous Cobalt Mines in Congo Pose Challenges for Big Tech

    The mineral is often dug by hand under hazardous conditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo​.

  129. TheMoon says:

    The problem is the Earth is unmanageable without cullings, and getting to the point where starting over in a place where you have to build and maintain your own environment is starting to look like something people want to take a crack at.

    Also, if they succeed, and the Earthers get jealous and moody, the guy at the top of the gravity well dictates terms.

  130. Trinity says:

    Gas shortage right before vacation time. Go figure.

    • Replies: @anon
  131. anon[289] • Disclaimer says:

    No gasoline shortage out here in flyover. Prices are up, but that’s to be expected with LIFO inventory.

    The pipeline company supposedly paid \$5 million in ransom. Who says crime doesn’t pay? Now we can expect more such actions in the future. Swell.

  132. Realist says:

    Plain common sense should do that just by looking at how much it costs to drive a given stretch with the two technologies. should do that just by looking at how much it costs to drive a given stretch with the two technologies.

    For someone who claims to be a scientist, you sure promote plain common sense…I realize you are doing it to denigrate your opponent’s argument. The problem is everybody has their own opinion of what constitutes plain common sense.

    The fact is the battery is the weak link in EV efficiency. You seem to be incapable of understanding the concept of energy density (a better term is specific energy). There is considerably more energy in a kg of gasoline (plus tank) than in a kg of batteries. That is why the range of EVs is severely hindered…not to mention refueling time.

    You and I agree on quite a number of issues…EVs and anarchy are not two of them.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  133. Realist says:
    @The Alarmist

    He has no sense of humour …

    That does appear to be the case.

  134. @Realist

    I’m an engineer / professional software developer, not a scientist. I tried using common sense to try to cut through the fog. Forgive me, my mistake.

    Using the video’s numbers, 1 gallon of gas has 33.7kWh worth of energy. The more efficient ICE vehicles can get about 50 km worth of range on that gallon.

    The Tesla Model S has a 100kWh battery pack. Therefore it has roughly the equivalent of 3 gallons worth of energy in its massive, heavy battery assembly. With this tiny amount of energy, it has a 600 km range or 200 km per gallon equivalent.

    So, comparing 50 km per gallon in an ICE vehicle to 200 km per gallon equivalent in an EV, I conclude the EV uses its energy far more efficiently.

    How do you not see this? Why was this not obvious from the video? Do you dispute the numbers?

    • Replies: @Realist
  135. @funny

    Even without a theory of evolution, we can still see that we “get here” through random chance. Every genetics textbook has a chapter on the application of the theory of probability to the inheritance of genes.

    And when you consider the messy way human conceptions often happen in the real world, like the young women who go to parties around ovulation time, drink too much and go to bed with men they just met, then you really have to question the role of “intelligent design” in the process.

  136. Realist says:

    I tried using common sense to try to cut through the fog. Forgive me, my mistake.

    I already addressed your common-sense argument.

    With this tiny amount of energy, it has a 600 km range or 200 km per gallon equivalent.

    Yes, I doubt the numbers. In real-life situations, the Tesla does not perform as advertised. In the winter the Tesla performs very poorly in the cold north. In the summer the Tesla performs poorly in the hot south.

    For the obvious reason, you continue to ignore the fact that the range and refill times of EVs are horrible. If the ICE you describe has a 15-gallon tank it can travel 750 km before refilling. It will be 150km further down the road than the Tesla before it needs refilling.

    Are you challenging an ICE for a distance traveled per time period, with a Tesla?

    Travel efficiency is distance traveled/time. Keep in mind the battery charge time: 12h at 220V

    But the whole point of this pissing match is moot. Considering the situation in this country the subject of EVs has no importance.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  137. @Realist

    Even if the Tesla only has a 300 km range per battery, it still has twice the efficiency as the ICE.

    I clearly stated that range and charging times are currently an issue somewhere in this articles comments. I also stated that these are being worked on and in the next few years will no longer be of concern. I never ignored these obvious facts.

    Tesla’s battery is actively climate controlled and doesn’t suffer as much with degradation in temperature extremes. That was a problem with the original batteries in Nissan’s machines.

    You are now redefining efficiency as range per tank full. How clever.

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Realist
  138. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    The Haber process is the cause of Africas baby boom. Foreign aid has little to do with it.(Indeed, the standard objection is that most gets stolen by the warlords)

    • Replies: @thotmonger
  139. Men are never going to set foot on Mars, let alone colonize it.

    We’d have a colony on the Moon now if it were possible. It’s not.

    The whole Mars Colonization conversation is a wet dream by Geeks, who in an earlier age would have been given a thick ear and told to go away.

    People are idiots.

    • Agree: Garliv
    • Thanks: Trinity
  140. Mike Tre says:

    Musk a pure grifter. Not as incompetent as Elizabeth Holmes but just as dishonest.

  141. @jamie b.

    Initial results said yes, but the most recent trends aren’t encouraging.

  142. jamie b. says:

    Huh, and it looks like one my comments was redirected towards you. Odd.

  143. Publius 2 says:

    The 1992 SNL presidential debates with Ross Perot were hilarious. All downhill since 1992. We’ve seen 28 years of bullshit.

  144. Why the disdain for Musk? They’ve always hated White achievement.

    Dig the rhythm of “White on the Moon” done in response to the moon landing.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  145. Garliv says:

    Eliminating all subsidies, preferences, magic elixirs and wishful thinking, the cost of running a gasoline engine is the most efficient use of the energy that the sun produces and stores in a fuel. It will always be thus.

    Well said. Amen.

  146. Alfred says:

    Laws are already being passed to eliminate ICE vehicles in the next 10 to 15 years.

    Thank you for confirming that electric vehicles – except for milk floats in high-density cities – are 100% dependent on regulatory arbitrage.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  147. @Peripatetic Itch

    As if shredding the fragile fabric of our atmosphere was not folly enough, the skies are being peppered with weapons, technologies with intended or convertible malevolence. A laser here, a bucket of anthrax there… Whether Musk knows it or not, ha, his craft are certainly part of a future where terrible war will be waged from space.

  148. @Anonymous

    When did Carl Bosch get dropped from receiving credit for pioneering the advent of synthetic fertilizers? Never mind. I still buy their tools and appliances. Excellent quality.

  149. Sean says:

    Musk has admitted needing medication to sleep. He may, or may not, be a long time user of LSD, but the fact he has said he believes we are living in a simulation is not very reassuring about his sense of reality.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
  150. Emslander says:

    And you’re abominating the term “efficiency” by assuming that the battery is a fuel. The battery is the equivalent of a gas tank. It stores the energy.

    The ICE uses ONE transfer of energy, which is about 50% efficient. Counting in oil changes, car washes and tire changes, it is probably35%.

    After FIVE transfers of energy, some of them very inefficient, the EV is losing over 95% of the fuel used. Your Natural gas power plant example of 10% is something you blew out of your ___. No generator of any kind has an efficiency greater than 40%.

    Go back and engineer your software Mr. Phony!

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  151. @Alfred

    In your dreams.

    I confirmed no such thing. Gov’t getting into the picture is just what they do. Electric vehicles are required as cheap oil resources become less available. Although oil is abiotic, the large pools of it from ancient times are being used up faster than their natural replacement. The future has to run on something other that petroleum products for the vast majority of energy needs.

    Nuclear is the only option to replace oil and it will be conveyed via electricity and even some hydrogen. Mother nature is having her say and is removing the oil teat to wean the world off of using it. It’s as simple as that.

  152. Realist says:

    Tesla’s battery is actively climate controlled and doesn’t suffer as much with degradation in temperature extremes.

    I was not only referring to the battery degradation due to temperature. I meant that in cold climates to have a cabin heater in an EV takes a big toll on the battery…in an ICE…it is free (part of the wasted energy you so love to point out).

    I clearly stated that range and charging times are currently an issue somewhere in this articles comments. I also stated that these are being worked on and in the next few years will no longer be of concern. I never ignored these obvious facts.

    I clearly stated that when the very serious downsides to an EV are corrected I would be a proponent.

    Those downsides are :


    I like the concept of EVs…I don’t like the reality of EVs

  153. @Emslander

    You apparently have a reading comprehension problem. I never said a power plant was 10% inefficient. I said the conversion to the battery results in about a 10% loss.

    By starting off with the fuel used in an ICE vehicle and the equivalent fuel used in an EV vehicle, the comparison starts off on an equal footing from the energy perspective. That’s why everything is turned into kWh.

    I know math is hard, but do try to go through the numbers in post 142, which I’m sure you’ve already read but find its facts distasteful to your firmly planted fantasy position.

    I don’t have to resort to an ad hominem because I have the facts and truth on my side.

    • LOL: Emslander
    • Replies: @Emslander
  154. Emslander says:

    You seem like a reasonable person most of the time. I’m sure you understand the accuracy of my point and I know that admitting it on a public forum is distasteful.

    Math is hard, I agree.

    I’ll tell you this story. I started out as an engineering student at a very good engineering university and had got through the easier math levels. At that time, integral calculus was the last level before the Nirvana of the obscure theoretical stuff. It was a five unit course, which was a third of my units for that semester.

    (This was a long time ago. I don’t know what they do now. I suspect it’s much different.)

    The course had one exam, the final. As you may know, integral calculus requires a familiarity with function types, because you have to recognize the type before you can do the calculation. I spent forty-eight hours doing calculations so that I’d know the types as well as I knew the types of lovely coeds that wandered the campus in those pre-feminist days.

    I went into the exam with full confidence. It consisted of five questions. We had three hours to finish. The first three took me about ten minutes and then I saw that the last two were complex functions. I dove in and put all my work on the paper. I couldn’t break them down into familiar types and I worked the full three hours. It was clear that I would only have successfully answered only three-fifths of the exam correctly. It turned out that it was enough that I passed the exam, but I wasn’t going to go on to Nirvana with a C in that course.

    I took the exam paper back to my roommate and asked him if he saw where I’d messed up. I said I couldn’t integrate those two equations. He looked at the paper and said, “The instructions say to differentiate.” After overcoming my desire to jump from the dorm room to certain death, I followed the written instructions and completed the two problems in five minutes!

    Then I switched to pre-law.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  155. @Emslander

    I just don’t know what part of simple arithmetic you don’t get.

    You may have the last word, so you can make up some more stuff. I’m done replying to you.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  156. Emslander says:

    I accept your silence as an admission against interest. (That’s lawyer talk.)

  157. @RichardTaylor

    If I were running the government back then I’d have this n****r hung by the noose and put on public viewing. I’d rather spend money sending probes to Mars and Venus than help black kids and assist their ilk. This is not just a terrible song lyrically, it reeks of compounded stupidity. To even condone an achievement such as the apollo mission and that too because you are too lazy and stupid to help yourself shows they are an inferior race biologically and in mindset. They are a burden on the system and society here. End of discussion

  158. BlackFlag says:

    Maybe this partially explains the phenomenon we see in the West: the commoners have lost access to their elites; the elites no longer sympathize with their people.

    The jock/nerd dynamic that begins in secondary school and stays with people throughout their lives seems like quite a new development in the West and has continually become more pronounced with liberalization of females. Rarely do intellectual giants from previous generations talk about their difficult teenage years causes by excessive intellectualism.

    Ironically, while the status of nerds during their teenage years has been declining, they have become more powerful in adulthood. The distribution of power continues to shift further to the nerd spectrum. Compare CEOs from previous generations to our current ones.

    I rarely witness such a sharp jock/nerd divide in other cultures.

  159. I commend Musk for taking up the task of saving the Homo Sapien species. If there is a asteroid barreling our way, hundreds of years out, we might want to have a plan already in place so that when that day arrives, we are saved. Progress takes forever and a day, and with all the red tape of bipartisanship and religion, it’s a few extra days, but in the end I think Humans can be even more civil than monkeys.

  160. Sean says:

    As for “racism,” it can’t be cured, since all whites are racist no matter what we do. Even if whites were gone, the battle would rage on between mixed-race people and non-whites. Thus, “anti-racism” is now not like a religion; it is a religion. It has a cult of saints, a devil figure, and claims of miracles and supernatural occurrences. George Floyd rivals Jesus even within the Roman Catholic Church.

    Comparing antiracism to religion is intended to show that neither works in the way they are supposed to because they are not true. However this familiar trope of white ‘nationalism’ has got aproblem because religion does clearly work to increase individual reproductive fitness even in Catholics church where the disseminators of the evolutionarily useful illusions are themselves celebrate. Religion works to pull people together, which is why it was reintroduced in the USSR during ww2.

    He got it wrong because Communism didn’t work …

    It did at what they concentrated on. War at its best has an element of religiosity that was lacking in the USSR. Putin has remedied that with a return to the old methods of pulling all together. See how the late Donbass cutthroat Motorola is now part of the mystical body of Christ in the modern world.The above iconography bears a remarkable resemblance to a New Yorker cover of Floyd over a montage of black victims of racism. In the West the elite are using the tried and trusted methods, while race realism has cold hard science. Oh dear!

    Elon Musk is a man who wants to solve problems. His girlfriend, the musician known as Grimes, defends his occasional offensiveness, noting that his life is about “making travel/house power etc. sustainable and green.”

    A lot of the hate on the internet may be from holders of Bitcoins (uses as much electricity as Poland and rising ) who he has just burnt on environmental grounds by crashing the crypto’currency’ price by refusing to take it in payment after being previously seen as a supporter. He’d already used SNL to tank Dogecoin.

    Musk has said he is has always been haunted by a feeling of loneliness. It may, or may not be coincidental that LSD , which one or two people (including Azealia Banks who knows Grimes and has stayed in Musk’s house) say he uses, hits the serotonin 2a and 1a receptors which mediate a feeling of mystical oneness and contentment respectively. By the way, blacks have different serotonin receptors, which is probably why they are less anxious. Musk also allegedly takes MDMA which hits 2a and dopamine too. Musk’s assertion that he works 120 hour weeks and requires something similar of his employees may not be due to his insomnia problem (something that Edison suffered greatly with admittedly) and just be compulsively anxious industriousness. I can’t help feeling that if you work people that hard they make mistakes. Werner Von Braun’s got their chance because the designated A team were overworked and their rocket blew up on the launchpad. The actual manufacturing process robotics of Musk’s gigafactory is the work of a German company, but all the same.

  161. Sam J. says:

    “…Why make electric cars when much electricity comes from burning natural gas at a distant power plant? …”

    There’s several complaints here that complain the electric cars run off of coal, less efficient, could use natural gas instead, blah, blah, blah, you are missing the point entirely. With an electric car you can use LOCAL, like on your house, solar and wind and charge your car. You’re not locked in to the Oligarchical society control grid. Eventually I hope the car will be able to be power the house in case of electrical outages.

    There’s a new solar cell supposedly being made this year that has 40% efficiency. it will go a long ways towards making solar cheaper. This has just begun. There’s a vast amount of research on this and solar will get cheaper and cheaper all the time.

    I’m not for Big Wind or Big Solar but I’m rabidly for local self owned solar and wind power. it takes away the monopolist energy advantage. After all I can’t drill an oil well but I can make a wind mill or some sort of concentrated solar power system.

    • LOL: Emslander
    • Replies: @anon
  162. @RoatanBill

    Hello Bill,

    Thanks for the thoughtful response.

    Toyota is rumored to have a solid state battery that will charge in 5 minutes ready for 2024 that will do 1000 miles per charge in a typical vehicle.

    When (if?) this happens it will be a total game changer for all things electric, not just vehicles. I’d imagine every house and every appliance to have this sort of battery backup built in. Imagine not worrying about the food in the fridge when the power goes out, and having the ability to quickly recharge it with a simple generator that you could run for a short time. Perhaps we could do away with the grid entirely. Every home could be energy independent. Sounds wonderful.

    When I estimated “likely more than 100 solar panels in most places” I was using 250 watt panels in overcast places that are less than ideal for solar, and I kinda of assumed off grid. You are correct. If you’re just looking to charge the car for daily travel 30 or 40 400 watt panels would be sufficient for most people in many places. Grid tied systems would eliminate the “can’t charge the car in the dark without a big old battery bank” problem.

    I think it is foolish of Tesla and other electric car manufactures to omit the transmission like they have. I think a transmission would be beneficial for range as well as motor longevity. Electric motors have plenty of torque, so they would have plenty of power in the cruising gears. Why run wide open sucking up electricity instead of cruising at a lower rpm? I don’t get it.

    I really do wish they would build new cars without the spytech and the unnecessary overcomplicated electronic gadgetry. I think many people would prefer a more simple, unconnected automobile. Not everyone wants to be all connected all the time. Just a solid, reliable, get in turn the key and go mobile.

    I do have an old cell phone and I’m sure it can spy on me, though I can easily take the battery out. I occasionally turn on the data (3g) (sometimes it only comes in 1g) to send or receive a photo. Hell, I rarely use the cell phone, but it is convenient at times. I’m on the \$80 a year plan and I always have more than half of my left minutes to roll over. (I have a \$400+ dollar credit so I guess I should use it more.) I think the newer phones with multiple cameras and faster connections are much better spying tools than my old, usually not connected, often turned off, cell phone. Not that I’m hard to find as I’m a hermit, or that interesting to spy on. They’d get bored pretty quick if they cared to listen in on my cell phone. Not sure they’d hear anything most of the time. Sometimes I leave the phone in the car for days.

    I’m a linux guy too. I haven’t used anything else in years. I’m also a manual transmission guy. It’s just more fun that way. I live in a rural area, so I don’t see much traffic, unless I take a road trip or have to go closer to Atlanta for some reason. The county where I live has about 10 traffic lights, mostly near the highway and the “city”. I get a blistering 6mbps for \$70/mo from the only provider in town via DSL, but it does come with unlimited nationwide landline telephone. As you say, not much spying going on at that speed.

    I really do hope that Toyota solid state battery that you mentioned becomes a reality.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  163. anon[352] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam J.

    I’m not for Big Wind or Big Solar but I’m rabidly for local self owned solar and wind power.

    How many kilowatts per hour are you generating from your windmill and solar panels?

  164. @Adam Smith

    Since batteries are DC storage, you need an inverter to convert its power to AC. Due to where I live and the numerous outages we get every year, I invested in a backup system over a decade ago.

    An Inverter / Charger (I/C) keeps the batteries topped off using power from the grid; no need for a smelly and loud generator. When it realizes there’s an outage, it switches over to battery power in less than 1/60th of a second. Computers and other sensitive gear really prefer a full sine wave inverter. The much cheaper square wave units can run machines but even a fan sounds strange when getting non sine wave power and motors will run hot.

    Normally your house electrical system is also split to a sub panel that gets its power from the I/C and the output from the I/C runs a subset of your house that wants no down time. To run a whole house on batteries and an inverter is where a Tesla Powerwall or similar equipment comes into the picture.

    Electric motors have an almost flat torque curve. They consume the power they need for the load, so there’s no real need for a transmission. The added weight, cost, space, complexity, jerking on a gear change all say to not use one.

    I purposely don’t have a WiFi gadget. All my computers are hard wired. My smartphone therefore has no access to an Internet signal. I use it as a phone and charge it about every 10 – 12 days when I hear it beep at me. I can’t stand web browsing, getting email, etc on that postage stamp sized screen. I can palm a basketball and trying to use the on screen keyboard with my large hands is frustrating. If there’s a photo or something I want off the phone I USB connect it to my computer and download it. My personal machine has a 33″ primary monitor and a 42″ monitor that I use when I’m designing something in CAD (BricsCAD Platinum). Sometimes the wife and I watch a video on the large monitor.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  165. Emslander says:

    I go to the gas station once every two weeks and fill my truck’s 36 gallon tank with gasoline.

    Can’t wait for your direct from natural gas to battery transfer of power.


  166. The question should be: who is Elon Musk? How did he catapult to Automobile magnate, SpaceX entrepreneur, tunnel boring and all the other things? Every enterprise he chairs hangs from the public tax teat.
    Someone should look into bow he was selected.

  167. Johan says:

    Victim and cancel culture is not a product of the Frankfurt school and or of contemporary ‘woke’ people. This is democratic propaganda of conservatives.
    Victim and cancel culture is and has been central to democracy itself from the beginning throughout the whole spectrum. A part of the previously rebellious democratic people are merely trying to put the blame along political lines, as their memory is short and they are spoonfed with propaganda. US society has been a rebellious ‘cancel’ society right from the beginning.

  168. @Adam Smith

    FYI about Toyota’s solid state battery –

    • Thanks: Adam Smith
  169. Personally, I think that Elon Musk is a world-class IDIOT. He obviously has not seen a government subsidy that he does not like. I would no more trust him with my “future” than I would trust my Himalayan cat with it.

    If Musk were such a “people person,” his injury rates at his automobile assembly plants would not be the highest in the industry. Also, there would be no need for the United Auto Workers union to attempt to organize his workers.

    To slightly paraphrase an old quotation, “Behind (almost) every fortune lies a crime.”

    Thank you.

  170. @TheMoon

    Fantastic comment mate. I want to write something on this.

    I love astronomy. I love space. I love science fiction. Believe me when I say this…..nobody on earth would be happier than me on the day we land on Mars. But…….to me it seems like a pipe dream. Logistically impossible. Think about it…the take off, the path plan which will take them 2 MONTHS MINIMUM to even get close to Mars, and then the landing……what are the chances something doesnt fuck up??? Why is nobody pondering on these questions? What is the space crew supposed to do in the interplanetary flight for 2 months? What are the chances that the hull isn’t breached by some space rock or other activity in those months? How haphazard will be the landing on a volatile foreign land when we fail more often than not even on our bases and launch pads with familiar routines?

    Let alone building a martian base, let alone propagating life there, let alone building a self sufficient colony…….how will we even land properly even if we somehow managed to get into the Martian orbit at exactly the designated place?

    As I said I love space and I’d love for my opinion to be proven wrong. But mars seems impossible. A base on the Moon is far far more realistic albeit still something out of fantasy. But Mars? No way.

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