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Blotting Out White 'Representation'
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If “Wakanda” didn’t exist, we might have to invent it. Who would be so foolish as to take a fictional black ethnostate as a model for our own cities, when those with large black populations are plagued with crime and filth? And yet:

That’s the wrong way to look at it. It’s progressives who have to invent a fictional universe to explain their real-world failures.

Let’s consider CNN’s idea to use Wakanda for civic planning. Author Chris Cillizza argues that Wakanda is carless, with efficient mass transportation. This, he says, should lead us to consider walking, biking, and mass transit.

That vision of our cities does not comport with what our cities currently look like. Not close. And that’s in large part due to the fact that most of our modern cities were built around cars, not people. (You’ll notice there aren’t cars in Wakanda.)

And that is a development that occurred after World War II. Our dense urban centers began to empty out as people chased the dream of a yard and a white picket fence in the newly created suburbs. People need a way to get from their city jobs to their new houses in the suburbs. And the growth of factories to meet war demand meant that cars could be mass-produced both quickly and cheaply.

Why did “dense urban centers” empty out after World War II? Why did people suddenly want to live in the suburbs?

In 1948, the Supreme Court ruled against “restrictive covenants” in Shelley v. Kraemer. This prevented white neighborhoods from staying white. In 1954, the Supreme Court ruled against segregated schools in Brown v. Board of Education. Courts ordered “forced busing,” often against the opposition of parents and children. The options were expensive private schools, homeschooling, or moving away. Entire neighborhoods were gutted.

Christopher Caldwell argues in The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 established a “rival Constitution, with which the original one was frequently incompatible — and the incompatibility would worsen as the civil rights regime was built out.” Freedom of association and the freedom to use your own property the way you want were abolished. Any private transaction, if handled incorrectly, could open you up to a civil rights charge. Just ask the Christian baker Jack Phillips, who is again being sued for refusing to bake a cake celebrating “transgenderism.”

Integration does not single-handedly explain the growth of suburbs. However, the reason mass transportation, infrastructure, and public safety are worse in many cities than they were a century ago is because, demographically, they are more like Wakanda.

Mr. Cillizza praises the bike lanes in Europe, but several American cities have bike-sharing plans. In San Francisco, people keep stealing the bikes and the activist solution is not to call the police. In Baltimore, the city abandoned sharing after so many bikes were stolen or wrecked. Sharing works only in high-trust societies, and diversity destroys trust, even within races, not just between them. Thus, even small-scale ideas such as using bikes in cities make more sense in fantastic realms than in American cities.

The same is true of mass transit. This tweet was popular:

What could be the difference between Seoul and American cities? Savage, “random” attacks against riders on the New York City subways are barely newsworthy anymore. The District of Columbia’s mass transit system is one of the better ones in the United States, and that’s not saying much. The staff is disproportionately black and so is the crime. Even paying a fare is too much to ask for many.

If one judges a country by the state of its mass transit, ours is an embarrassment. In 2019, Wired praised the former Soviet Union’s “gorgeous” subways compared to the “dank, pee-doused tunnels you find beneath New York or San Francisco.” What makes ours that way?

As reality becomes worse, fantasy becomes more fantastic. In fictional works that draw on European mythology, entertainment companies increasingly shove in incongruous, impossible non-whites in the name of “representation.” At the same time, there’s no white equivalent to Wakanda either in sci-fi or fantasy. Whites who want to see a positive “representation” of themselves look to the past, and even that is a battleground.

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy was a brilliant success, but some accused it of being racist, notably the Southern Poverty Law Center. Amazon’s new The Rings of Power, set in J.R.R. Tolkein’s Middle-Earth, made a point of having a racially diverse cast. That makes no sense in Tolkein’s painstakingly detailed world. Instead, it seemed like a deliberate marketing scam, a way to pick a fight with Tolkein fans, start an artificial controversy, and call critics “trolls.” The cast, the cast of the original films, and various journalists faulted the fans for not liking Rings of Power enough.


Amazon and the actors seem to think they are daring. Instead, they’ve created a series with a limited audience and bad reviews. (Amazon had to ban fan reviews because they were so hostile.) The showrunners are so dedicated to political orthodoxy they forgot to write a good story.

Black actor Sir Lenny Henry says, “I’m a black hobbit, it’s brilliant.” Does switching the race of a character make it brilliant? No. It only makes mediocrity easier to defend. In another interview, he said that in the 21st century, people want to “see themselves” and so there must be more racial diversity. He dismissed the original story because “that was then, this is now, and we’re telling the story now.”

Journalists themselves can’t seem to decide whether Tolkien would be on their side, insulting the “trolls,” or whether he was a racist. Influential fantasy author Michael Moorcock argued that Tolkien was a “crypto-fascist,” but the President of the United States says MAGA Republicans are “semi-fascist.” Like Churchill, Tolkien may be just another racist. Either way, his intentions don’t matter.

Sophia Nomvete (a black female dwarf) says her character “is the face of a necessary redress of balance” in the industry. “For new generations this is their version of Tolkien, this is what my daughter will see of Tolkien’s work,” she said, going on to brag that she’s “the poster child” who will “fly the flag.” Like The Great Replacement, you don’t need to argue whether something is happening or not when the perpetrators tell you it is.

Something is lost when corporate slop replaces a story deeply rooted in Northern European mythology. Future audiences will see the forgettable Amazon product as Tolkien. Whites won’t feel any special connection to it. It certainly won’t inspire people like the authentic Tolkien inspired, for example, Italy’s new prime minister Geogia Meloni. Dedicated fans who want to share their love with the world end up being scorned by the new owners who proclaim that it’s their story now.


Even George R.R. Martin’s works that were designed to undermine classical ideals about fantasy and myth were too white for modern television. House of the Dragon, a prequel to Game of Thrones, cast a black actor to play a lord from a ruling class. In Marvel’s Thor series, Idris Elba dismissed critics who said it was unrealistic for a black man to play Heimdall.

It’s true that in fantasy, anything is possible. However, it’s offensive to break the rules of even an imagined world. It’s not daring storytelling to have a white guy suddenly take over Wakanda or to have a wizard show up with an M-16 in Harry Potter. When non-whites are put into white settings that undermine them, it’s hard not just to see it as a quota, an ethnic giveaway, a cost of doing business — and a deliberate insult to white people.

Rule-breaking never goes both ways. Non-whites jealously defend against outsiders. Only whites can be guilty of “cultural appropriation,” and some even want to make it illegal. Many non-whites want to dictate what whites can and cannot say or where they can and cannot be. They also demand access to everything white. The double standards are so blatant, it’s almost impossible not to laugh at the claim there is “just one race, the human race.”

Vikings: Valhalla showcases a black jarl of Kattegat during the late Viking Age. Actress Caroline Henderson said being black helped her “relate” and that “there might have been a black Jarl Haakon or a Russian Jarl Haakon or somebody from Asia or Native American, most likely.” Of course, there is outrage when Cleopatra, the product of an inbred Macedonian ruling dynasty, is cast as a white woman, which the historical Cleopatra almost certainly was.

European history now belongs to the world, a product for the global marketplace. The effect is to write whites out of their own history, and thus any claim on what we own today. Other peoples’ histories belong to them exclusively.

The farther we get from World War II, the more shows and games feature the Nazis winning World War II or having found haven in America. Oddly enough, the “dystopian” future is more efficient and technologically advanced than the present.

Video games such as Wolfenstein II show a bizarre but advanced German-dominated America. In BioShock: Infinite, the player takes down an idealized “Columbia” that flies through the air with architecture reminiscent of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, the “Columbian Exposition.” It looks beautiful, but it’s racist so it needs to go down.

In Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle, the America subjugated by the Third Reich seems clean, efficient, and advanced. One of the story’s main characters, Obergruppenführer John Smith, may be one of the few white fathers in a modern television program who loves his family and acts like a responsible patriarch. Of course, linking such behavior to Nazism may be deliberate. It may be the logical conclusion of the Frankfurt School Critical Theorists’ attempt to recast normal fatherhood as “the authoritarian personality” and tie it to fascism. Figures including J. Edgar Hoover and George Lincoln Rockwell collaborating with the regime instruct the viewer that the true threat of Nazism is always within.

Not one, but two Iron Sky movies feature Nazis with space technology invading the world from space bases or inside the earth. The television show Hunters, starring Al Pacino, shows a heroic team of vigilantes killing Nazis who escaped to America.

Amazon’s popular series The Boys makes a symbolic link between the Third Reich and America. The antihero “Homelander,” a parody of what leftists think is American conservatism, is the direct product of Nazi eugenics experiments, smuggled to the United States by a Werner von Braun-type figure.

In all these cases, there’s a bizarre juxtaposition between utopia and dystopia. The evil authoritarian regimes are more advanced than our own world, with space travel, breathtaking cities, and “superhuman” technology. It’s implied that in real life we mustn’t do these things because equality comes first. It’s a variant of the argument that the moon landing was a moral failure, because we still have poor black people. Just last year, Gil Scott-Heron’s poem complaining that “Whitey [is] on the Moon,” while “I can’t pay no doctor bill” was popular on social media.

The one exception from the theme of high-tech dystopia may be the theocratic Republic of Gilead from The Handmaid’s Tale. This Christian government may be something author Margaret Atwood and excitable feminists think plausible (or secretly long for). However, it is utterly unrealistic in the America that seems determined to push transgenderism on children in America and the world.

Only Nazis, it seems, can give us a well-ordered high-tech future. Without them, we get Blade Runner and Mad Max.

It’s important not to read motive into our opponents’ actions. However, blunt declarations of scorn and hatred for whites are acceptable. If racism is the worst sin in post-Christian America, and you can’t be racist against whites by definition, all is permitted.

It’s not surprising that young whites feel ashamed just for existing. They rarely see themselves “represented” positively. Their rulers have stripped their high culture, tradition, and identity from them, either ignoring it, canceling it, or turning it into the property of others. It’s not surprising some mentally broken whites want to be black, trans, or anything but white. However “flight from white” is dangerous. Just ask Rachel Dolezal.

Some might say that Tucker Carlson’s recent monologue on the “genocidal talk” directed against whites is exaggerated, but men of the cloth and commerce both feel comfortable urging The Great Replacement. Powerful voices in media suggest that opposing replacement, even in mild ways, is a danger to democracy, and a threat to the state. Horrific murders against our children go largely unnoticed by our rulers, while criminals and thugs become the system’s new martyrs.

The treatment of whites in culture also shows that “whiteness” itself has become the villain. We live in a “meta” culture, so consumed by media that it’s hard not to speak as if we were characters in a drama. Real life increasingly lends itself to scenes that we recognize from shows and video games, which have become powerful tools that program their audiences and teach them moral values. We all know the way this movie is going to end for whites. We are getting previews in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Tucker Carlson may be a bit early, but not by much.

What’s the solution? The internet has been a mixed blessing. It has allowed the system to consolidate control and intensify its propaganda. However, it has also let activists communicate with each other and build online communities that can lead to real-world results.

The Alt-Right’s unity of purpose has been shattered, but the number of activists has increased. Our arguments are more mainstream than they were during the Trump Administration.

Though divided, everyone including America First activists, grassroots conservatives, “Dissident Right” commentators, the National Justice Party, the American Freedom Party, independent content creators, and countless others who may have little in common can at least recognize two truths. First, the system is anti-white. Second, it can no longer govern effectively. Our rulers’ revenge fantasies against whites, dreams of non-white utopias, or demands for crackdowns against enemies of “Our Democracy” reflect the nihilism of the Left — 50 years after the Civil Rights movement. Equality is a myth, equity is fantasy, and resentment seems to be all that remains.

Our solution should be bold. Dreams are important, and while fantasy can be used to sell a lie, a true mythos can inspire people to pursue a greater truth and heroic action. Georges Sorel spoke of “redemptive myths” that lead people to sacrifice and work in pursuit of an ideal that seems great yet achievable. For Sorel, it was socialism achieved with the “general strike.” For whites, it should be the Myth of the Western Civilization-State, which will ensure the physical survival of whites, the cultural legacy of our past, and the development of our race. We can unite behind that goal and deal with what divides us later. Whites throughout the West have been contemptibly betrayed. The desperation of our rulers’ propaganda may reflect an inner fear that they know it themselves. Ordinary whites want a more optimistic message and a more constructive dream.

Our future doesn’t lie in the ruined disasters of America’s once-great cities. It lies in what we will build in their place. Whites, especially young whites, need to “see themselves represented” heroically and victoriously, not as villains, weaklings, or victims. The myths of our past are being turned into cheap products. However, I think that’s because the next great mythic cycle of our people is about to begin. I would rather choose life in this time than in the complacent days when progress seemed certain. Today, everything is possible. Remember, if defeat were inevitable, they wouldn’t need propaganda.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Emma S. says:

    It is not shocking everyone else claims White, European cultures, historical figures, myths and even nations as their own now. Even when White people are accommodating to a self-flagellating degree, others find faults and complain.

  2. Franz says:

    Remember, if defeat were inevitable, they wouldn’t need propaganda.

    Point taken. Even so nobody ever thought it would devolve to nothing BUT propaganda, all the time.

    I cannot believe what I see on visits to my neighbor’s horror tube and every night bless my decision not to own one. I take no comfort knowing that many other whites will never reach the Throw Out The Tube moment, but folks… you’ll love every minute after you do.

  3. They want us dead…

    They want to physically liquidate us…

    They=The Capitalist Pig Class….

    They mass murder of the Native Born White American Working Class…is the Logic of Capitalism…

    The Logic of Capitalism is the concentration of wealth by extreme violence…

    Wakanda is the logical consequence of Capitalism…tv commercial after tv commercial…

    Capitalism is Global Homosexual Pederasts NAMBLAism…




    • Agree: Curmudgeon
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Just Some JB
  4. ‘What’s the solution? ‘

    • Replies: @SafeNow
    , @Durruti
    , @Bookish1
  5. Rich says:

    Divide and conquer. The owners of America and the rest of the Anglo-Zionist empire know that by putting the least intelligent at the forefront of society, they limit the ability of a mass revolution, or overthrow of their society. Every time an incompetent affirmative action hire is promoted over a more competent White, it limits the pool of possible replacements, or leaders, at the top. Third world engineers and doctors are imported and given a decent living in comparison to their homelands because it’s believed they’ll be hostile to the majority population. I’m surprised these aristocrats prefer to rule over a mongrel third world population, but maybe because of their inbreeding and softness they’ve decided that’s the best they can do? It all ends with a generalissimo in charge and an inefficient police state. At least in my dystopian fantasy novel.

    • Agree: TKK
  6. @Rich

    It’s not divide and conquer……The assumption you make in your comment is that Native Born White Working Class White Americans should be natural allies of HINDUS in America and therefor not mind voting them enthusiastically into an ever dwindling white racial minority within the borders 0f America….for to do complain about the Hindus doing this is to be guilty of divide and conquer……..You wrote a very stupid comment……a moth-eaten-cliche…

    • Disagree: TKK
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Timmy75






    • LOL: 36 ulster
  8. Trinity says:

    The (((useless Republican))) party was bragging the other day about how many Blacks,”Latinos,” Asians, etc. that they have running for office in the upcoming elections. I am sure those non Whites will look out for Whites. Can’t do much worse than the WINO Republicans we have had. Elite, drunken, perverted white traitor trash sold out this country to the Heeb long ago.

  9. That video on the Seoul subway was an eye-opener. I live in Dallas, a city definitely designed for automobiles. Nevertheless, the city is home to the largest light-rail system in the world. Given the sprawl of the city it won’t get you everywhere, but it does get you a lot of places. It works very well for me, as I happen to live near one station and work near another. Driving to work makes no sense, but it’s not all good.

    When the system opened in 1996 it was well-policed. Fare checks were common. As police came and went on the trains, two fare checks during one trip were not uncommon. Once I was checked three times during one half-hour trip. Today fare checks are rare. A couple of days ago I was checked for the first time in, I think, six weeks. As you can imagine, the opportunities for fare-jumping and other forms of mischief are rife. This is particularly evident with one particular demographic — need I identify it? Today it is rare to make a round-trip without some sort of ghetto behavior disrupting it. The operator is in a sealed-off compartment at the front of the train and if there is some mischief occurring in the rear car he won’t see it or hear it. In this respect, the train is worse than a bus, as a bus driver will notice any sort of misbehavior.

    The most common offense is aural. If you don’t like rap “music” you might have to listen to it anyway, or move to another car. I doubt that there’s any sort of listening device today that is not compatible with earphones or ear buds. Nevertheless, the ghettoite plays his “music” on a loudspeaker. There’s no need for it, but his true motivation is not entertainment but disruption.

    Then there’s the matter of eating, which is not allowed on trains. A violation of this rule doesn’t particularly bother me, but it leads to the trashing out of the railcar, as the ghettoite leaves his postprandial refuse behind. Every station has trash cans and it would be a simple matter to carry out one’s trash. Again, I think the true motivation is disruption. For civilized people, it’s a downer to step onto a railcar that has been trashed out, and the ghettoite knows this.

    Then there’s the matter of arguments. I haven’t witnessed any fistfights (yet) but loud verbal altercations are an occasional occurrence, more often on the station platforms than on the trains. Needless to say, these arguments are filled with four-letter words and the decibel level is deafening. It is not uncommon to see a ghettoite or two in handcuffs and in the custody of transit police on station platforms.

    One of the quieter violations is what I call the Sub-Saharan sprawl. When the trains are not crowded, it is perfectly permissible to spread out over two seats. I do it myself. The ghettoite, however, often goes further. He sits sideways in the window seat and extends his legs across the aisle seat so his feet block the aisle. Oh, he will grudgingly retract his feet to allow others to pass by, but then he will extend them again. One thinks of Kipling…you know, “half devil, half child.”

    All crimes, even the mildest of misdemeanors, are crimes of opportunity. The word is out that fare checkers are few and far between and your chances of getting a free ride are good. Obviously, this also creates a window of opportunity for homeless people to homestead on trains.

    There’s no telling how many “teens” have motivated the public to avoid public transportation. All it takes is one bad experience and the suburban matron, even if she has a “Beto for Texas” sign in her front yard, will eschew the trains. If gas rises to $10.00 per gallon, she will never ride the train again.

    Now some white liberals may acknowledge the aforementioned problems but aver that NANALT (not all negroes are like that). True enough, but enough of them are to constitute a major problem. Whenever I witness problem behavior on a train, there is a 99% chance that a ghettoite is the perp. Given the fact that Dallas has such a huge Hispanic population, you might wonder about them, but I must say they behave themselves on the trains.

    The biggest problem with public transportation is the public…at least a certain demographic of the public if you know who I mean, and I think you do. So far no one has been shoved in front of a train in Dallas, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen any day now. In the meantime, I make it a point not to stand anywhere close to the tracks when a train is pulling into the station.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • Thanks: Voltara, Bardon Kaldian
  10. Rich says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    You misinterpreted what I wrote. That’s okay. I know you’re always looking for a fight. I actually expect Hindus, Chinese and the rest to just look out for their own interests. It’s only a large minority of Caucasians who spend their time looking out for others.

    • Agree: Gordo
  11. Rich says:

    We can do much worse than the “colorblind” republican moderates. The democrats are passing more affirmative action laws every day. They are discriminating against Whites in a myriad of ways and flooding the country with more illegals than ever. Democrats are openly hostile to Whites. If nothing else, a majority republican government won’t openly discriminate against us and if the right group gains leadership of the party, we have a small chance of saving the country for another generation. If the democrats keep winning, e end up a mkre dysfunctional version of Brazil.

    • LOL: Legba
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  12. @Trinity

    Donald Trump’s allegiance is only to Israel….this in itself makes Trump deserving of jail time….

    • Agree: Colonel Dolma
    • LOL: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Colonel Dolma
  13. The Democratic Party

    The Till Family Party

    Emit and his Father

    They both got what they deserved…..

  14. @Rich

    Both “sides” do the will of organized jewry in different ways.

    Neither side will stand up for whites or fight against jewish supremacy.

    And far worse than the evil Democrats, the GOP candidates make dog whistles to the base and then they NEVER deliver.

    Dems are evil….but Republicans are backstabbing traitors.

    I wish I could flip a switch and send them all to hell for what they have done to our people.

    I disagree that there is any possibility of a true right wing group gaining control of the GOP because they are vetted by organized jewry at the donor level.

    The other issue with the GOP is that leftists run as GOP candidates and push things even further to the loony left.

    The left never has any real opposition whatsoever, and this is directly the fault of the filth in the GOP.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @DanFromCT
  15. Democratic Party Foreign Policy

    The Emitt Till Foreign Policy

    Not Anglo Saxon Foreign Policy

    And this ain’t no god dam…jive….

  16. SafeNow says:
    @Colin Wright

    ‘What’s the solution? ‘

    Exactly – – No one will say. “Our solution should be bold” says the essayist. That is not exactly what Frederic March, faced with a coup in Seven Days in May, calls a “plan of procedure.” Most everyone here is capable of specifying various plans of procedure. But no one will, because the possible consequences have been demonstrated.

    By the way, don’t look at me. I was a student at an elite New England university, exactly when this all began. Late 60s. Spineless students like me, and especially spineless administrators and faculty, could have stopped it all right then and there. But we were afraid; we kept our heads down. Spineless then, spineless now. I apologize, young readers; we oldsters could have stopped at all.

  17. Rich says:
    @Robert Dolan

    For all their faults, the repubs aren’t openly hostile to Whites, don’t tear down statues of our founders, aren’t going to pass reparations, will support law and order and encourage business. And there are many within the party who are pro-White, pro-meritocracy. George Wallace, unfortunately, couldn’t win in 1968 when the US was 90% White, we can’t expect anyone close to him today. And to be honest, I think the republican Jews are better than the democrat version.

  18. “You’ll notice there aren’t cars in Wakanda.”

    Of course not.

    Negros can’t drive worth a flip.

    As Exhibit A I give you Tiger Woods…

    This is in addition to wrecking his Escalade and getting a DUI.

    A guy I worked with in 1983 nailed it, “Never let a nigger drive a truck.”

  19. The WHITE percentage of the generational cohorts is the thing.

    WHITES are being replaced at a rapid clip in European Christian nations.

    The ruling classes of European Christian nations are dramatically changing the racial demographics of their nations so that Whites are being replaced.

    So-called “diversity” simply means less White people.

    The White genocide and White race replacement going on in the USA and Germany and many other European Christian nations is simply the evil immigration policy plots of the treasonous ruling classes in those nations.

    • Agree: Pastit
    • Replies: @Terry.
  20. Sam Francis and others have suggested that the push for race replacement or WHITE GENOCIDE is because the ruling class wants to create conditions of political mayhem and civilizational mayhem that can only be governed by a centralized managerial ruling class that will concentrate all governmental power.

    Sam Francis suggested that the managerial state is using mass immigration to create the conditions where political power is completely centralized and dissent is not tolerated.

    Sam Francis’s ANARCHO-TYRANNY concept is important to know about.

    Sam Francis was getting at the Hobbesian Leviathan scenario where a multicultural jurisdiction requires brute concentrated force to keep it together because the inherent ethnic antagonisms are so severe.

    Sam Francis from 2004:

    To have freedom on a stable political basis, you have to have a homogeneous culture and society, composed of people who share the same values and beliefs. If they don’t share them, you can hold them together only by force.

    The only thing keeping the treasonous and evil JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire in power is the asset bubbles created by the monetary policy extremism of the Federal Reserve Bank.

    Very soon, a new ruling class that explicitly advances the interests of the European Christian ancestral core of the USA will be in power.


    • Agree: Alexander Harding
  21. Free Speech For White Core Americans Now!

  22. Lurker says:

    Influential fantasy author Michael Moorcock

    That’s (((Michael Moorcock))) FYI.

    • Thanks: HammerJack
  23. DanFromCT says:

    Sorry, but it’s Jewish donors’ money buying Republican inaction that rubber stamps every move leftward as the new status quo. You mention their support for this or that, yet the Republicans have conserved exactly nothing over the past seventy-five years, and therefore never will. The Republicans are a function of Jewish money who in turn function to neutralize opposition to the Left, not provide it. When we Republicans don’t go to our local precinct and state-level meetings, the Jews and other Democrats do with the result that Democrats are running on both party’s ballots in many races.

    For example, McConnell voted to confirm Garland, saying that he was well within the American legal mainstream, when in fact Garland is a genocidal Jew whose chief agenda is demonizing and harassing whites. Twenty-eight Republican senators voted to confirm Blinken, whom it’d be difficult to find a worse traitor now that we know he’s been secretly negotiating away American sovereignty.

    It was Richard Perle, in answer to an Asian reporter’s question about Jewish power, who angrily retorted to the effect, “We Jews control the re-election of all but maybe five members of Congress.” He knows what he’s talking about, and he obviously included all but maybe five of the Republicans in Congress. When Jews say, “We Jews shit on you Christians,” it’s fairly obvious they can because, with less than a handful of exceptions, they own the Republicans, too. How can anyone watch the puling cowardice of the Republicans before the cameras and not know this has to be the case?

    • Agree: OldWhiteMan
    • Replies: @Rich
  24. An article so fully correct that even the commas and periods speak truth.

    Today, everything is possible. Remember, if defeat were inevitable, they wouldn’t need propaganda.

    Surely no one measure can preserve our glorious heritage, but at present, at least, there is one which seems essential, and that is homeschooling.

    Snatch your children from the clutches of racist-Marxist criminals, who infest and run the public schools and who’d destroy you and yours. Check out SCHOOL OF THE WEST, an online service that makes quality homeschooling easy:

  25. Rich says:

    I don’t agree with your premise that Republicans haven’t conserved anything. Under Trump, under Bush, there was no chance of reparations being paid, no open hostility to Whites, lower taxes more law and order. And a majority who favored a meritocracy over a racial spoils system that is against Palefaces. No, they weren’t pro-segregation, most weren’t against the civil rights act and most favor legal immigration, but they are worlds better than the anti-White democrats. And republican Jews, for the most part, share the values of the average Christian republican. As far as McConnell, he did keep Garland off the Supreme Court, for which he deserves applause. Garland presented himself as somewhat of a moderate in his confirmation hearing and will probably face impeachment if the republican win both houses in Nov.

    • Agree: Philmuhcrevis
    • LOL: Truth
    • Replies: @AlexanderEngUK
  26. @Judson Hammond

    So far no one has been shoved in front of a train in Dallas

    I guess you don’t remember this one.
    Black teen pushed in front of train by a 12 and a 14 year-old at MLK, Jr. Station in Dallas during attempted theft of an iPod.

    • Replies: @Judson Hammond
  27. @Antediluvian Doomer

    Guess I missed that one. I don’t watch TV news and rarely listen to radio news, so that’s my excuse. If I did hear anything about it, it was 11 years ago, so the incident might have faded from memory.

    As the name implies, the MLK, Jr. station is not in one of the more desirable parts of the city.

  28. Other peoples’ histories belong to them exclusively

    “(…) On the following page it is made clear that Egyptology, Assyriology and Iranistics – which have given back (‘zurückgegeben’) their own past to the Orientals – are exclusively due to European (and American) scientists”

    • Replies: @Thrallman
  29. @Judson Hammond

    a window of opportunity for homeless people to homestead on trains

    In Luxembourg, public transportation has been made free of charge (except for 1st class) a few years ago. Guess who’s invading the trains? (Luckily however, there are no “Ghettoists” so to speak)

  30. @Rich

    ‘…And to be honest, I think the republican Jews are better than the democrat version…’

    Jennifer Rubin, Max Boot, Bill Kristol…

    They’re our friends. You can trust ’em.

    • Replies: @Rich
  31. Rich says:
    @Colin Wright

    I’m pretty sure Rubin is a democrat now, but that crew of neocons would probably be considered liberal republicans. Jews followed their upper middle class Wasp neighbors in the Northeast in their political philosophy, except they changed the Wasp love for England (remember we fought 2 unnecessary wars against Germany partly because of the Wasps) towards Israel sometime in the 1960s. But even with their loyalty to Israel, a decent sized group of Jews are conservative and share the values of conservative Whites. Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, Michael Savage are a few names of Jews who fit neatly into the domestically oriented conservative movement that opposes affirmative action and favor law and order, low taxes and low regulation among other issues important to the average Christian American. I agree that there may be a majority of Jews who are leftists, obviously they control the democrat party and are using blacks as a springboard to power, but should we condemn all the Irish because of Ted Kennedy, Ed Markey, Dick Durbin and Tim Kaine? I’m not trying to White Knight for the Jews, they can defend themselves, I’m just saying republican Jews are better than democrat Jews. Republican Presbyterians are better than democrat Presbyterians, too. In fact, for all their faults, republicans, I’ve found, are better people than democrats in general.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  32. NotaLib says:

    What are white people superior at? Not being wild filthy animals like you fat ass…

  33. Truth says:
    @Emma S.

    … She needs to come to an Amren conference. She will leave with 50 marriage proposals and a whole new outlook on White Nationalism.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldlan
  34. Truth says:

    That’s why the game continues, because the “less intellectually fortunate” of us, will always pick one side.

  35. Timmy75 says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    “You wrote a very stupid…” Gee, you certainly have a way with words.

  36. @Rich

    ‘…In fact, for all their faults, republicans, I’ve found, are better people than democrats in general.’

    I agree with your statement as far it goes…but.

    There’s the matter of the abomination that calls itself Israel — and that is dependent on us, and consequently, is our fault. Jews will always tend to support that more than the rest of us. One always has to watch for ‘Neocons’ and their desire to reduce conservatism to a cut in the capital gains tax plus wars on behalf of Israel. Jewish Leftists would always rather focus on other issues — and ineffectually implore Israel to make nice. They won’t just yank the plug — as so many of the rest of us would.

    More broadly, Jews — Left or Right — are no morally worse or better than the rest of us, on average. However, they do have a remarkably uniform compulsion to dispute, to argue, to undermine the dominant paradigm — and inevitably, it would appear, to undermine the social order they find themselves in, whatever it might be. Even ‘good’ Jews can be seen as still hacking away at the dominant paradigm. It’s just that now that paradigm is the one other Jews have imposed, so they appear to be on our side. Two Jews, three opinions…isn’t it cute?

    The trait wouldn’t actually be a problem — if Jews weren’t so goddamned dominant. Mormons, Armenians, Greeks, whoever — they all have their peculiar traits — and their own agenda too. It’s just that they — like the rest of us, but unlike Jews — aren’t in a position to impose it on everyone else. See the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Well, he’s a hyper-nationalist — the property is literally draped in Greek flags. Well, that’s fine, and we can play it for laughs. He isn’t running the country, and the campaign to recover Constantinople isn’t going to kick off any time soon. Mormons would probably see a national ban on alcohol as fine ‘n dandy. Happily, it isn’t up to them.

    The problem with Jewish power isn’t so much that it’s Jewish as that it’s power. Therefore, it has to be limited. Practically speaking, I can’t see any alternative to bans on Jews entering certain fields, numerus clausus laws, etc. I wish I could see something more pleasant, but I don’t.

  37. Truth says:
    • LOL: Rich
    • Replies: @anon
  38. Cook says:

    The U.S had their ethnic shoved in as leader in the form of an uncle Tom in Obama, now its the turn of once Great Britain to be humiliated by been represented by Gungadin.

    This is all deliberate…and what do the whites do?

    Sit and suck their thumbs and ask for mommy!

    Their ancestors would definitely not of stood for such crap.

  39. Truth says:

    Their ancestors would definitely not of stood for such crap.

    You didn’t by chance mean, our ancestors, did you?

  40. Anyone spotted an advanced and efficiently run mass transit high speed rail system in Africa, superior to the ones running in Caucasian or Asian territory, lately? I haven’t, so please let me know. The “Mombasa train” is a sort of centipede, not a shinkansen.

  41. @Truth

    For a ching chong she is not bad looking.

  42. This begs the question. There are so many white people, and half of them are ‘conservative’. So, why do they need Jewish control and permission for white representation?

    When Japanese make an all-Japanese samurai movie, do they need permission from Jews?
    When Iranians make an all-Iranian drama, do they need permission from Jews?
    When Chinese make an all-Chinese comedy, do they need permission from Jews?
    When Russians make a movie about heroic Russians in WWII, do they need permission from Jews?

    Yet, whites sit on their ass and bitch about how JEWISH-controlled media and entertainment don’t represent whites. How about do it yourselves? But wait… conzos aren’t creative and outsource arts and culture to others.

    Even the alternative entertainment is provided by… Ben Shapiro’s company that also pushes jungle fever but with ‘muh conservative’ twist.

  43. Fantastic article which combines two of my fav subjects- Uban planning and the movies. I have mentioned in past that middle America needs a film industry of its own. One of my close filmmaker friends(He was from S. Korea, we both studied in Canada) has returned to S. Korea and says he has no desire to return to America. This is astounding because both him and me were obsessed with Hollywood and the desire to establish ourselves in the industry and the city of LA. We loved America as seen in our favorite movies.

    I still harbour desire to settle somewhere in middle America, establish a film company on some land(even researched places), create a community of like minded people, make good films (westerns and science fiction), make money and stay away from the coasts. Ethical capitalism is the best system. It’s the only way mega corporations will loose. Ground root level business is excellent to form a community around. And God knows that is what’s needed in this day and age.

    But then looking at things I fear even travelling as a tourist to any western nations let alone living and working there. I’d probably be better off relocating to East Asia- clearly the future is theirs….China and to a lesser extent Japan and S. Korea.

    I was reading a very heavy book(and left it midway because of its size) on the urban planner of NYC(can’t open tabs to check- at work atm). It’s considered one of the greatest biographies ever written. The urban planner(many of these men were outright geniuses) hated blacks and even constructed some flyovers so that blacks cannot travel by them. I fully believe that subway video……you don’t need to show blacks and Browns doing shit things, just show this video. It’ll clear all doubts as to how good multiculturalism is, and what it’s effects are on a well planned system.

    A hig trusting society SHOULD be racist and homogenous c.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @BlackFlag
  44. IronForge says:


    The Black Population Demographics won’t change much.

    The Hispanic Population here in the USA are the fastest growing Ethnic Group. More Hispanics are being added than Whites when Legal+Illegal Migrations and Births are Tallied – Annually.

    It’s a matter of time until Hispanic Births and the rates of increase in Births both outnumber/outrun those of Whites.

    The Milestone after that would be when Hispanics would be the “Majority Ethnicity” (over 50% of the Population) in the USA.

    I’m presuming that the WashingtonDC OpenBorders Policies won’t change much.

    MEX President Obrador has been calling for an Americas “Super State Collective” Union with OpenBorders.

    Figure Spanish Language will be compulsory in Schools+Govt Operations.

    Wakanda will remain in Comic Book Stories…

    • Replies: @Rich
  45. anon[366] • Disclaimer says:

    She dreams of being bukkaked by men with blonde hair and blue eyes.

    • Replies: @Truth
  46. @Emma S.

    Did she really experience what she pretends or is she just miffed that Swedes didn’t pay her the attention to which she was entitled by virtue of her American passport?

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  47. Thanks for this insightful article.

    A key question to ask would be: “who still watches the crap coming out of Hollywood studios and force-feed through Amazon, Netflix, etc.?” My suggestion is that it is mostly non-whites, “Third World” immigrants and dwindling numbers of vaccinated, poor whites over 40. If my guess is correct, the impact of those mediocre products will be rather slight.

    What you are describing is indeed what is happening in the US and its vassal states in Europe, and in Australia and New Zealand.

    Most of the world likes to watch other stuff that most folks in the “West” would not even be capable of suspect that it exists. For instance, first-rate Turkish TV-series (Turkey is the world’s second biggest exporter of serials), where the lead actors and actresses often have light skins and blue eyes, where there is no gender lunacy and there are never any blacks in lead roles. Or superior Russian, Chinese and Indian movies and series, without PC-nonsese, no “diversity,” no wokeism, no corrupted “values,” no lesbian couples, no transgenders, etc. Absolutely refreshing and comforting.

    In short, I do not share the pessimism that exudes from the article. Sure, the “West” will dissolve, crumble and perish, but some of its more vigorous constituent parts will survive and thrive. And let’s not forget that the values of the West whose disappearance you seem to be lamenting, today are being defended by Russia.

    • Replies: @Black Maggot
  48. World War III is coming and you’re worrying about movies.

    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  49. Anon[697] • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Are you sure they’re Capitalists, are you sure it’s Capitalism ?

  50. It’s not just that Wakanda is fictional, its people are fictional. No people like this exist. If you were to replace Wakandens with African-Americans, or real Africans, in a generation Wakanda would more resemble Jackson, Mississippi than it would Wakanda. Besides, no black power broker would allow it to exist. Look at any city in the U.S. that is governed by blacks and see what they do to it. Their power lies in poverty and strife.

  51. anon[152] • Disclaimer says:

    Great article. I would add that there are many things we can do to reverse this cancer. Rescind the 14th amendment, bring the troops home, All of them, and seal the border, hard labor for smuggling hard drugs, reinstitute the broken glass theory of policing, ban dual citizens from serving in government, hire the motorcycle gangs and the mafia to chase antifa and the other democrat brownshirts out of our cities, a 100 year moratorium on all immigration, a clean sweep of illegals from the country, all at once possible of course not, but a few hundred thousand a year and it would start to take effect, financial penalties for countries that don’t enforce their own borders, a revitalized version of the house un american activities commitee to get the communists and perverts out of the school system, encouraging industry to return to this country, a ban on perversion and debauchery in mainstream media, encouraging and strengthening actual journalists in the media, and, most of all, an end to this obscene behavior we have displayed towards certain countries that should be our natural allies. There are many other things we can do but you get the picture. There is apathy and complacency amongst the public, perhaps some hardship will wake them up to the nightmare we are facing if we don’t act. Carrot and stick maybe? Get rid of the income tax, get the government out of the real estate business and let people live with whom they chose to live with. Etc, etc.

  52. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Summed it up perfectly! Best post I’ve seen here in a long time.

  53. Nat X says:

    The Great Replacement is proceeding as planned!

    • Replies: @Anon
  54. The U.S. is too stupid or cowardly to save itself.

    Even “firebrand” politicians melt before the accusations of the warcrime “racism”.

    It’s well established that it’s better to live in squalor and have 3rd world conditions in our once great cities, then it is to be “racist”.

    I can’t find a remedy for stopping the vehicle of western civilization from going over the cliff inside the U.S.

    Blacks and minorities can only exist in the existence of government subsidy. what happens when the U.S. is no longer able to print money out of thin air?

    The best plan I can come up with is moving to Central Europe, and riding the tiger- preparing for the inevitable collapse. It may be better to rise from the ashes.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  55. Rich says:

    The US will be a Hispanic country pretty soon. King of Spain beats King of England, I guess. I know a lot of White men with Hispanic wives as the White gals run off chasing careers. White men seem to be marrying Asian and Hispanic women at a very high rate right now. And having kids. The future of the US might be Texas instead of Brazil, though, as many of these Hispanics aren’t exactly liberal. We’ll see.

  56. Avery says:

    {The US will be a Hispanic country pretty soon. King of Spain beats King of England}

    The King or Queen of England will be Hindu/Indian or Pakistani pretty soon.
    The mayor of London is a Pakistani Muslim now.
    The current PM of UK is a Hindu.

  57. Phibbs says:

    Why no mention of the fact that it is Jews who are shaping the (negative) narrative with their ownership of the media, Hollywood, Big Tech and the politicians? All the rot in America comes straight from the Jews. So is the looming war between the Israeli-Occupied Government in Washington D.C. and Caucasian Christian Russia.

  58. @obwandiyag

    That is human nature always looking for differences and hating other people for whatever reason.

    Federica Ligarò

    I believe you 100%. I don’t live in Sweden but in Germany. I am Italian and I have also lived 10 years in the UK prior to moving to Germany. And it was here that I have found out, I am not White. It sounds absurd but your experience perfectly mirrors mine. I feel you.

    German Neo-Nazis were caught killing some dark-haired Europeans because they didn’t look Aryan ( Indian) enough !!!! Shall we talk about how the United States ( the most successful ISIS project in the world history! Invade,kill, occupy and settle!!!) used to treat the Irish,Italian and Greek immigrants ?

    What about the Americans worrying about the Jewish people having big noses and large brains and blacks possessing big dixcks ? Very funny and sad at the same time. Don’t you think so ?

  59. Agent76 says:

    Jan 25, 2021 Rock Legend Frank Zappa Battles Censorship, Communism, and Conformity in a New Documentary

    Alex Winter’s new film celebrates the Rock Hall of Famer’s individualism, anti-authoritarianism, and entrepreneurship.

  60. Hardrock says: • Website

    Yeah, casting can be dicey. I saw “A Christmas Carol” years ago at a respected regional theater and Bob Cratchit was a black dude. Sorry, didn’t work for me. Nor do I want to see a white guy playing Jackie Robinson, Nelson Mandella, Frederick Douglas, or George Washington Carver.

    The first thing that has to happen to fix race relations is to speak the truth and recognize failures and successes, if there are any.

  61. How whites treat their own culture.

  62. Truth says:


    And apparently of getting rid of them someday.

  63. I suppose “Wakanda” is a pleasant enough fiction but on the non-fiction side check out Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, etc.

  64. anarchyst says:
    @Alexander Harding

    There is another way…
    It takes a certain amount of “guts”, but is eminently doable and would serve to eliminate the “sting” that the term “racism” has, especially for us gentile Whites.
    I wear my “racism” as a badge of honor and DON’T CARE who knows or is aware of it.
    I treat all who I come in contact with respectfully as it is the human thing to do.
    That being said, I reserve the right to associate (or not associate) with those of my choosing. I choose to discriminate against others of my choice because it is my right to do so. It’s called “freedom of association”.
    I don’t like black culture and do all in my power to avoid it, even by calling out and notifying those businesses that subscribe to it that I will refuse to do business with them and will encourage my friends and associates to do likewise.
    Ever call a black person “racist”?
    I have, and with positive results.
    I utilize the services of a major medical center for my health conditions as they provide the best medical care for my situation.
    As I live a considerable distance from the medical center, I am careful to allow for traffic conditions and generally arrive at the center with time to spare. I consider punctuality to be important and am never late for appointments.
    Arriving early for my appointment, the black security guard gave me the “third-degree” asking me multiple times about where my appointment location was.
    I was told that I could not enter the facility at that time and would have to wait in a waiting area full of junk which appeared to be a storage room or outside in sub-freezing weather.
    The security guard was a black female.
    While I was waiting, I observed this same security guard allow a number of blacks to enter the facility without questioning them at all about their destination.
    This infuriated me, so I went up to the security guard and accused her of racism. It was obvious that she had never been called “racist” before” and demanded that I wait outside. She called her supervisor, who was a black retired police officer. To his credit, he was cordial and professional and after hearing my explanation did allow me to go to my appointment location.
    Someone must have gotten the message. Currently, when I arrive for my scheduled appointments, I am always allowed to proceed to my appointment location without delay.
    Am I racist? Hell, yes and PROUD of it.
    Any person who is not proud of his race and heritage is mentally ill.

    • Replies: @Truth
  65. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nat X

    The Great Replacement is proceeding as planned!

    Thats right. We Chinese are taking over Africa. Whites have turned over the Niggers as our slaves. We even own your politicians who are happy to sell you out for a few Yuan just like in the old days.

    Next stop is the USA. We will be working to get rid of all you jungle bunnies, beaners and half breeds.

    Mongrels like you will have a choice. A Chinese plantation in Africa or Siberia. With our Treaty with Putin strong backs are needed in the Russian bush. No more relaxing in your jail cell watching TV and punking for the likes of you.

    Believe me, we will not be as gentle as the White Man. Afro Americans will serve the Chinaman. You will do any damn thing we tell you. That is your purpose in life !

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Nat X
  66. I don’t disagree about the blacks. What I do find silly is internet boys thinking their skin color has some magical proponents on maintaining or rebuilding their ancestors’ creations. Outside of Amish young men, all builders are Gen X or older. Who effectively runs the sewage treatment centers and water companies? Mainly younger boomers. Farming? Average age of a farmer is pushing 60. I’m guessing the older white guys are still making electricity. They certainly are the ones maintaining the lines. I also hate to break it to you there are a lot of blacks now in trucking. Bottom line can you guys even run the civilization your ancestors build? I’m increasingly of the opinion you can’t, and that is something you should be seriously thinking about as the formerly white world decays around us.

  67. @War for Blair Mountain

    War for Blair Mountain writes:


    I see…

    What other form of society did you have in mind? Your entire comment is laughable.

  68. Truth says:


    Tell ’em Chong, Your fiendish nefarious plot has almost come to full fruition!

    You almost kept the second half or your, and Xi Xing Ping’s insidious scheme secret, and it would have worked too…

    If it wasn’t for this meddling kid…

  69. Truth says:

    Arriving early for my appointment, the black security... guard gave me the “third-degree” asking me multiple times about where my appointment location was.
    I was told that I could not enter the facility at that time

    Hence, the young woman’s JOB TITLE.

    This infuriated me, so I went up to the security guard and accused her of racism. It was obvious that she had never been called “racist” before” and demanded that I wait outside. She called her supervisor, who was a black retired police officer. To his credit, he was cordial and professional and after hearing my explanation did allow me to go to my appointment location.
    Someone must have gotten the message. Currently, when I arrive for my scheduled appointments, I am always allowed to proceed to my appointment location without delay.

    Capital job, Al(abaster) Sharpton.

    Maybe next time you can go with a bullhorn and 10 of your equally angry friends, call the press… and you can all, repeatedly express, in unison, a couple of short, pre-written ditties that rhyme…

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  70. p38ace says:

    At this year’s World Con (Science Fiction convention) that many female fans believe that the Hand Maiden;s tale is a blue print for the perfect society, not a warning.

  71. KenH says:

    I am sure those non Whites will look out for Whites.

    I know you are being sarcastic but the other night Tucker had a fat black woman on running as a Republican for a congressional district that includes Gary, Indiana. She said she is more attuned to what blacks and minorities want and will do more for them than the Democrats. Of course, the “white nationalist” Tucker just nodded his head the whole time. Not one question about how she will represent the small white minority in Gary.

    People are getting overly excited about increasing numbers of non-white minorities running as Republicans or voting Republican. The Republican party itself is now a racial and gender spoils system and minorities only see it as a means to advance their own racial interests. They aren’t embracing the Republican party because they love the Constitution, low taxes and oppose racial hatred of whites.

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @Trinity
  72. ricpic says:

    “Whites who want to see a positive ‘representation’ of themselves look to the past…..”

    This is heartbreakingly true.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  73. Trinity says:

    AGREED 110%.

    Fairy Lindsey Graham is backing Herschel.

    A faggot cawksucker for Jews and a Black ex sports ball player. Yummy. Smdh.

  74. “Freedom of association and the freedom to use your own property the way you want were abolished.” Mr. Hood, following Mr. Caldwell, is right. And “freedom of association” ought to be the slogan on which “race realists” and many conservatives make common cause. Cede hotel and restaurant accommodations but insist on the right to associate or not associate, in short to discriminate. Make this a motto for your T-shirts and yard signs and bumper stickers: “DISCRIMINATION IS A HUMAN RIGHT”.

  75. Nat X says:

    Aint no one scared of no 2 inch dick slants. My old man was k.i.a. at LZ Albany by you slope motherfuckers; I can’t wait for RaHoWa against you chinks. Btw Suzy Wong this is how its gonna turn out for the yellow peril:

    • Replies: @Anon
  76. Durruti says:
    @Colin Wright

    ‘What’s the solution? ‘

    “What’s the solution?” (excellent question), REVOLUTION!

    This is: The definitive answer: The only answer: The Only Road:

    Restore the Republic, the remnants of which, along with our Last Constitutional President, John F. Kennedy, was destroyed (in a hail of bullets), on November 22, 1963.

    The Bullets must be returned. They must be returned to those assassins of Humanity, who we are not allowed to criticize.

    The Chronology of Liberation:

    Committees of Correspondence – to Sons (and daughters) of Liberty – to Minutemen. This is the proper trajectory for a Rebirth of our Honor, our Sovereignty, our Nation, our Heritage, our Republic.

    A Republic (imperfect chaotic political formation, with many Checks-&-Balances), within which we may refashion a Democratic governing procedure, including an Honest (mostly), ELECTORAL POLITICAL CULTURE.

    Anyone with a Superior, or supportive answer to this excellent, ONLY QUESTION THAT MATTERS, kindly submit your responses, below. No more griping, no more whining, tears & bombastic racialist analysis is welcome here.



    Once you have decided on a proper Road to tread toward the rescue of our Country, of our Citizens, it is incumbent upon you to begin to CONSTRUCT that ROAD to REBIRTH.

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti

  77. @Avery

    At this rate, the British monarchy will not be missed at all.

  78. Trinity says:

    George Wallace 1972? Was shot.
    David Duke 1992? Wasn’t even allowed on some ballots.

    Always wondered who was really behind the Wallace shooting? The Republicans? Wallace was going to take lots of Nixon votes for sure.

    Whites should have NEVER given an inch to the Jew and negro.
    Give a parasite an inch and they will take a mile.

    The WINO ( white in name only) elites that have sold out this nation since at least the days of Woodrow Wilson are parasites as well. “Birds of a feather flock together.” Especially vultures.

  79. Pablo says:

    Diversity, Multiculturalism, Inclusion. All buzzwords for Racism against White peoples. The Promoters of this type of Racism and Hate know better than to give an honest, accurate name to their Agenda. Why is it that only in White Western Countries is there a need for “Diversity” and the other codewords for Racism? Destruction is the aim of these Hatemongers promoting their Diversity Agenda.

    • Agree: Lucius Vanini
  80. anarchyst says:

    What’s your point??

    • Replies: @Truth
  81. Che Guava says:

    I wanted to see the film ‘Mothering Sunday’, based on a novel set in early 20th century England. The novel sounds a little interesting.

    However, a cursory check reveals that the main male role in the film is played by a Nigerian.

    Instantly, I don’t want to see it.

    A station where I change trains every day has a big poster for some big-time production of something called ‘King Arthur’. I am not interested in seeing it only because I am sure it would be painfully boring and overpriced.

    Nothing wrong, though, with a troupe staging some version of Arthur in Japanese.

    ‘Mothering Sunday’ is a different matter.

  82. @Emma S.

    Quote from the insufferable Asian-American Kat Zhou living in Sweden, “Sweden needed me more than I needed it” (She’s a BLM-supporting ‘Senior Product Designer’). Sure.

    Her mouthy arrogance is stunning. She shares videos of her confrontations with Swedes, but she’s edited out all the context which would allow anyone to judge the full exchange, or the merits of her arguments. Cunt!

    This coming from a person whose culture and homeland, China, is unapologetically discriminating and doesn’t allow immigration. It’s pretty obvious she’s an obnoxious, leftist turd in the punchbowl everywhere she goes.

  83. Blotting out “White Representation” is an attempt by evil, anti-White Billionaire Globalizers to attack and destroy all the core White populations of the European Christian nations.

    Globalizers and Billionaire Plutocrats and the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire are attempting to use media power, monetary policy and mass immigration to crush all White Christian nations.

    The Billionaire anti-White Globalizers will be stopped.

    It is evil and treasonous White billionaires who are pushing ANTI-WHITE TOTALITARIANISM — AWT — in all European Christian nations. These evil and demonic and treasonous White billionaires are pushing AWT in order to destroy cultural cohesion and to produce the political atmosphere most conducive to ANARCHO-TYRANNY.

    Mark Zuckerberg and Ray Dalio and Jamie Dimon and Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates and Paul Singer and Mike Bloomberg and all the other White billionaire globalizers are evil rats who push nation-wrecking mass legal immigration and illegal immigration and multicultural mayhem.

    Get the young White Christian men to win the hearts of young White Christian women by repudiating government debt and private debt. Young White women want young White men to fight for them and their interests.

    Obviously, the treasonous rat globalizer filth in the GOP ruling class inspires nothing but scorn and contempt from young White men — and this middle-aged man and plenty of old dogs too!

    Total debt repudiation and asset bubble implosion should be the goal of all young White men and all White men of any age.

    The WASP/JEW Ruling Class of the American Empire is evil and treasonous and immoral and they must be politically pushed off a cliff to make way for the young White Core American Patriots.


  84. DanFromCT says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Good points about the Republicans. No serious opposition to the Dems would ever in a hundred years elect McConnell or McCarthy their leaders in Congress, or have that other little fatso faggot Graham their senior spokesman.

    I recall separate videos of McConnell and Graham during the Trump impeachment waddling down some Senate corridor to escape reporters. No man walks like they do with a wiggle to his ass. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson’s quip after seeing supposed war hero Hamilton ride by on horseback, “No man could possibly lose so much of his manhood,” in this case aptly descriptive of the Republicans in Congress.

  85. DanFromCT says:

    The financial director of a city hospital in Connecticut told me that about 40% of their bill was due to the cost of freeloading blacks. That hospital went bankrupt serving blacks and Hispanics.

    • Agree: Wokechoke
  86. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nat X

    Aint no one scared of no 2 inch dick slants. My old man was k.i.a. at LZ Albany by you slope motherfuckers;

    LOL, that;s what your absentee Daddy said before we sent him to the big Ghetto in the sky. He walked right into our ambush and we chopped him up real good and left him for the birds. The White Man used him up as cannon fodder and we are next in line to use you Monkeys. You and Truth are on the radar but we want you alive to be our slaves. We are already servicing your Hoes in Africa and when we take over, you two can watch while we ride your relatives. They want us Chinese as you Simians are useless.

    You are going to beg the White Man to save you but it will be no use. You will belong to us, bet on it !

    • Replies: @Truth
  87. Ummmpph! says:

    DON’T HAVE TO LIKE YOU! You CAN’T change how I feel! And I will never like you or your evil unicorn buttt-bucking lifestyle and fake-donkey chosen people BLABBER >>> REMEMBER: We’re different! I’m NOT LIKE YOU!!!!! And the government CAN’T FORCE me to like you!!!!

  88. anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:
    @Emma S.

    Distaste or admiration? Sometimes during day of the Dead Celebrations in LA/CA …I find it puzzling to hear that (young) people from diverse background think that the Day of the Dead was INVENTED by Mexicans. It is difficult to let them understand that Day of the Dead is celebrated/conmemorated by many diverse cultures all over the world including the ancient Mayas, Olmecs, Incas. Navajos etc. which were not Mexicans. The Dya of the Dead is the combination of ancient cultures and Catholicism. BUT I am fiiled with admiration the way Corporate Mass Adverstisers/Matketers had INVENTED a whole new cultural “concepts” of multicolor skulls, corpses, dead bread, dead altars, dead beer, etc. Hollywood invented the Mafia, the West of cowboys vrs indians, the Vietnam War, and now Wakanda. A fictional place that never was, but in 50yrs+ will be considered a REALITY..maybe even written into schools textbooks. This is perhaps what Garcia Marquez meant as Magical realism (0ximoron) or invented reality. It seems that WHITES will be disposes of even their own ETHNIC Consciousness which means that WHITES will be Unaware of their own existence past/present/FUTURE..the word WHITE/S will be outlawed? IT will mean NOTHING, just a coloring book shade. IT will mean absolutely nothing relating to RACE, DNA, Ethnicity, skin color, social collective, …WHITE/s will be erased from the Human Historical record…which means CULTURAL Genocide?. The (jewish) socio/technocrats linear utopian thinking believes that without a White/s (race) there will be NO racism (oppression/exploitation/etc) anymore. They conveniently forget that most chronic violent warring bloody countries/societies there are/were NO whites. WHO/WHY wants/promotes/ seeks CULTURAL genocide of whites?? physically/psycho/social collective groups/countries/nations..they seek to wipe OUT white/ness from the Human experience..who GAINS the most??? who will seat at the top of the FUTURE Human Hierarchical pyramid ? The Planet of the JEWS. Whites will be a NONspecies.

  89. @Avery

    “The King or Queen of England will be Hindu/Indian or Pakistani pretty soon.
    The mayor of London is a Pakistani Muslim now.
    The current PM of UK is a Hindu”

    It will take a little while longer for the king or queen to be non European. I would guess about 30 years or so. Itz very strange why this is happening as I keep hearing that England is 90% White people.

    • Replies: @Anon
  90. “One hundred years after the French Revolution, the editors of Civiltà Cattolica, the official voice of the Vatican on political affairs, came to a startling conclusion: any country which turns away from laws based on the teaching of the Catholic Church and God’s eternal law will end up being ruled by Jews. ”

    Excerpt From: E. Michael Jones. “La Civiltà Cattolica: The Jewish Question In Europe.” iBooks.

  91. Anon[256] • Disclaimer says:
    @RJ Macready

    I wish some reporter would just once ask the administration(s) how are city planners supposed to plan cities for illegal open borders and sanctuary cities.

  92. Anon[256] • Disclaimer says:

    “I keep hearing that England is 90% White people.”

    Yeah, we kept hearing we had 11 million illegals for like 3 decades in the States.


    Among the whites, there is clear insecurity when it comes to finding a group identity. This is obviously the result of systematic indoctrination. Or is the matter in reality quite different, is lack of pride in the collective individual maturity?

    One wonders, however, where this new (or old?) “pride” of the Negroes in their own kind comes from? Apparently it is a kind of collective “victim pride”. The supposedly oppressed is in a position to generate some kind of “moral surplus.”

    My definition of pride is generally merit-based. Pride in one’s origins can perhaps be a nobleman, but this pride is really conceit.

    Am I “proud” to be a German? Hitler would have drilled into me to affirm this. One belongs to a “historically great people” (“You are nothing, your people are everything”).

    But without one’s own contribution, this is logical nonsense. I could just as well be “proud” of not having a bald head or flat feet because of my genes. Or proud not to have died of leukemia as a child. Or not to have been born as an ant.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  94. Truth says:

    Nothing Old Sport.

    I think there is no American institution more beautiful that Racially Oriented Civil Rights Agitation.

    But next time, please think about your other downtrodden 200 million white brethren instead of just yourself.

  95. @Emma S.

    Kat Zhou got to enjoy “White privilege” in the US and coming to Sweden is a different ballgame. Sweden and other mono-ethnic countries just lump all non-Whites into one category. People like Kat are actually a net positive for these countries. Well, it is their lost.

  96. Wokechoke says:
    @Strange World

    here’s the answer, you have ancestors who did good and you’ll have children who would like you contribute something more and they can be left in turn to improve things.

    that’s curatorial pride in heritage and a legacy.

  97. @Wokechoke

    I always find it a bit ridiculous when people identify themselves with something they themselves have not achieved. That’s why I’ve never been a fan of group sports. I think pride is a deceptive fake feeling. It makes you feel big, even (or even though) you’re small. Why should I be proud when the world prefers German products? I was never an engineer or a carmaker. My ancestors were not famous inventors either. It is simply part of our culture and peculiarity. A stroke of luck, if you will.

    I think this kind of pride tickles our ego but distracts from our personality development. Just think of the insane Jewish pride in being one of “God’s chosen people”. Of course, I’m glad I wasn’t born a Negro, homo or whatever. But homos and negroes are probably proud not to be like me. This shows that pride is a local island feeling that affects you, but basically leaves the rest of the world cold. Everyone else cannot understand at all why we are what we are and why we love what we love.

  98. Bookish1 says:
    @Colin Wright

    The solution is to find a white ruled country in recent past and copy its successes. Of course that was National Socialist Germany, the most successful and progressive civilization in the history of the world. It is the only way that we will save ourselves. National Socialism is the future.

    • Agree: Trinity
  99. @Wokechoke

    Naturally, we are all happy when others are interested in us
    and our culture! But “proud” is somehow the wrong word.

    For example, I admire Japanese culture and tradition. But I have never seen a Japanese who puffs himself up boastfully about it, as we Europeans are wont to do, because that would violate his basic Buddhist principles. This modest attitude is much more sympathetic to me than our “national pride” (traditionally based on militarism and technocracy). They resist seduction because their culture despises arrogance.

    Every culture had its high and decline phases. When the Romans invented roads and sewers, the Germanic tribes still lived like savages in the swamp in mud huts. In principle, they were raised to civilization and culture only through Christianization. Then came with the Enlightenment the liberation from religious dogma. Then began the decline, the decadence, the descent into pure materialism and consumerism.

  100. @Wokechoke

    I admit that there is something that has been lost to us Germans, or that has been robbed from us. When Hungarians dance in their traditional costumes, we stand by in disbelief. It is simply beautiful when as a boy you wore the clothes to an initiation that your father already wore, and when your son wears those clothes again. A line of tradition has been cut off. Rituals constitute culture.

  101. Welcome America to your anti-Christ shittyworld culture!

    Ann Coulter already did the play by play of America’s decline into racial insanity.

    Now you have the Joe Biden slobs pissing on America with fake racism (You remember Joe… the Henry Ford of fake racism…, “You can have any color you want as long as it is black.”) and throwing fuel on the fire of endless threats against non racist Americans.

    But now I think back into the 1960s as the U.S. federal government put SS Col. Wehner von Braun in charge of placing 12 white men on the Moon. It was righteous and normal and nobody had a racial complaint about the entire matter.

    So… thanks Joe for helping me to consider becoming a white supremacist.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  102. @War for Blair Mountain

    steal Syrian soil and oil for Israel, illegal recognition of capital in Jerusalem; pardon uber spy Pollard, pardoned many other tribesmen; empowered jew mafia worm Kushner to force Qatar to buy 666, warp speed to shift billions to jew owned big pharma, replaced all iron dome missles; assassinated peace envoy solemaini; did I forget anything?

  103. Hunter308 says:

    A superb article with an optimistic tone that I relish.

  104. Rooster16 says:

    Part of the problem with what “the powers that be” have planned, is some of them actually start to believe the B.S. they’re peddling; it’s the drug dealers #1 rule- push the drug… don’t do the drug! The narratives they craft are well done, they pull on the heart strings of the emotionally vulnerable while appealing to the intellectual dreamers. However, the plans are never intended to actually be transferred from paper to reality, as when they are, they utterly fail because they’re complete fantasy. Instead, they’re to be used as a means to grift from gullible people and complicit entities, until the next “crisis” is ready to be rolled out. At that point the old narrative is taken back to the workshop and analyzed, dissected, and re-engineered to be even more effective the next time it’s rolled out.

    • Agree: Rich
  105. I love whining articles like this. Let us assume what you said is right; let’s for example pretend “high trust” Europe isn’t full of non white immigration or that mostly white Russia wasn’t a crime ridden hellhole in the 90s and early 2000s. Well, then, what are you going to do about it? Write articles whining about it in echo chambers like unz where 95% of the people reading it share your views already? That’s all, right?

    And if you’re going to whine about Tolkien, well, Tolkien patterned orcs on Asian people (not Blacks as is sometimes thought); he patterned them after his stereotypical idea of what Huns and Mongols (and maybe Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese) were supposedly like. But none of the former films with white characters had Mongol looking orcs, did they? And you had no problems with it then, I assume?

    As for the alleged efficiency of nazism: if the nazis had been efficient, instead of horrendously incompetent at internal administration and at streamlining their war production efforts, they would have won the war.

  106. TKK says:

    Back around 2010, I went to San Fransisco, the last stop driving up the Pacific Coast Highway.

    It was very chilly, even in May, and my GF at the time wanted to ride a trolley car to get back to the hotel and see more “sights”. This was before the feces sidewalk attacks, but there were a lot of homeless.

    I went up to the trolley car and saw the “driver”- a black man. I asked him what time we were leaving.

    He began yelling and cursing at me, calling me a dumb mother fucker, etc. There was a small sign, about the size of a business card, on the windshield saying “Not Running Right Now.”

    This guy is in the tourist industry and I later researched he made about $52 an hour.

    I was so shocked that I started yelling back. He then took off running to an office. I followed him and he was hiding….hiding….behind his Chinese supervisor. Instead of apologizing, he began shouting at me too: You leave us alone! You get another trolley!!! You go away!!! In broken English.

    I told the orc and Wang Fong that I would wait outside for them. We waited in the mist and wind for about 20 minutes. They locked the door. When we started to finally leave, the orc unlocked the door and shouted: You got the wrong one!!! You was gonna get an a$$ whooping!!!

    This GF and I are still friends, and we get hysterical laughing about it: Hey remember when we got coffee and cheese danish freezing to death while you waited to whoop that guy? But honestly, I was unsettled the rest of the day. His violence was entitled. He showed no human reaction to me other than smug rage.

    Where blacks are, violence and misery follows. This is a fact that is as real as gravity. Most White Americans are zombies, with other non whites as their apologists and defenders. I truly pity white children in America- the horrors that await them. I hope I am dead before The Big Reversal Comes. It will start with real property appropriation in the name of “Equity.”

    • Replies: @Rich
  107. Thrallman says:
    @René Fries

    Amazing, isn’t it. Of course, a large part is due to the influence of Mohammed, and the urge to destroy anything in conflict with his religion. Leftism is also a genocidal religion.

  108. With blacks you just can’t win.

    • Replies: @Truth
  109. @RoboMoralFascist 1st

    To be fair this isn’t sleepy Joe’s fault at all. He’s a fucking clown- a doormat controlled by a remote control. America was doomed from 1965 when the immigration act was passed.

    • Replies: @RoboMoralFascist 1st
  110. Truth says:

    You and Truth are on the radar but we want you alive to be our slaves.

    I like to look on the bright side, Old Sport; If I get assigned to your household, at least you will have someone there who is able to lift over forty pounds…

  111. They want to be captains on ships built by whites, because they can’t build their own. With that accomplished, next they claim to have been the shipbuilders and push whites out. When the white ships are worn down, we’ll soon see if black wharfs have become more capable in the meantime. I’ve seen more shambles than quality thusfar. Secretly, many Captains Black hope that the white ships with replaced name plates will last for a few decades more. Remember white farmers expelled from farms in Africa, to be taken over by blacks, and how well that went. Since whites can’t win anyway, racist or not, i predict that future white ships will be “for whites only” again. The intimated groveling cuck whites are a minority among whites. The real bulk of money is made by whites and Asians, not by blacks. They need it, and they need all the infrastructure and institutions we have built. They should show us that they can build their own and outperform us at it. Get cracking, black 007’s!

  112. Rich says:

    In NY the orc would’ve called the cops and you might have gotten ten years for a “hate crime.” But I always used to love the look on their faces when they messed with a Paleface who didn’t back down. Of course, back in my day, the cops would pat you on the back, no more.

    You’re right, there will be hard times ahead for Whitey, but we’ve always thrived on hard times, our children or grandchildren will, too. Russians had Mongols which made them strong, American settlers had savage redskins to deal with. We had a nice run, built a nice little country for a few years, when we go back to reality, I think Whitey will win. There will be a lot of horrors, you’re right, but that’s the way the world was up until very recently.

  113. @H. Ph. Vogel

    Actually, many around me seem to be watching what flows from the Amazon/Netflix diarrhea spigots, from my coworkers and students, to friends and family. Nothing they watch is meant to be lasting, only to add its incremental poison before its popularity wanes and it is replaced by the next vehicle of degenerate progressive values. I don’t know about Russian or Turkish movies or series, but the Chinese and Indian offerings (leavings?) are completely banal and valueless, even as background noise. However, yes, they seem not to contain as much of the PC vileness.

  114. Technology that inspires

    The Jews claim that two million of them were transported to their
    god Yahweh by diesel exhaust from a captured Russian tank engine.
    Although heavy current would have been much cleaner and effective.

    • Replies: @Center of Gravity
  115. @Center of Gravity

    Jews are like a leak in a pipe. It only takes one tiny hole to turn an entire house over to mold and rot. The lie is built into their system of rule. It began with a small lie, which became a world lie that deceives, corrupts, and destroys all of humanity. The fabricated myth of the “Holocaust” is the sharpest sword in their arsenal. Anyone who questions this myth and makes legitimate inquiries about their own history ends up muzzled in prison, even as a pensioner. And so this lie is fermenting throughout our system, has poisoned everyone and condemned them to silence, acquiescence, and bowing.

    • Replies: @Center of Gravity
  116. @Center of Gravity

    It’s the same with blood poisoning. Even a small unnoticed piece of glass that we step on barefoot can have devastating consequences. Therefore, it is always important to quickly squeeze the blood out of the wound.

  117. @RJ Macready

    Okay on the lightning rod imbecile puppet that Joe aspired to be. He is hardly alone in the Kabuki theater play of Insane America. But all recently built on fake racism ideology… you know… the thing. <:-)

  118. Terry. says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Don’t hear about Broward country very often. For work related reasons, I am a resident there for about two months out of the year and have been doing this since the late 90s.

    I personally don’t believe the population percent stats. The reality is much worse than what the public is being told. Broward is officially 33% non-hispanic White, yet, there are black and hispanics EVERYWHERE, and now, Muslims are becoming numerous. I may see one or two White people a day and that’s it. Muslims are more common believe it or not. The stats claim that roughly 1/3rd is non-hispanic White and it’s BS. Even the Whitest parts of the county are this way – they don’t match Broward’s stats.

    10% is more like it.

  119. messenger says:

    Whites need to turn toward God in an honest fashion. The Churches/Denominations are all Churches of Satan and ruled by Satan’s ministers. Seek God out in the quietness and solitude. We stand at the threshing room floor. Our enemies have encircled us, and taken us captive.

    As Christ was falsely arrested, we have been falsely arrested. As Christ was without mercy, mocked and beaten, Whites are being mercilessly mocked and beaten. As Christ was denied representation when the Temple Priests tried him, we are denied Representation. As Christ was scourged, Whites are being scourged. As Christ was crucified, we are being crucified.

    Alone, and apart from God, there is no hope, but with the Heavenly Father, and with the redeemer Jesus Christ, all things are possible. Turn to the Lord God, and you will be astonished. He greatly desires for you to turn away from Satan and the Children of Satan. He desires to break the head of the serpent, and to deliver us from this darkness, if we just believe.

    For the non Whites, the Seed of Satan, there is no hope for them, they are destined for eternal hellfire, do not follow them on account of despair.

    Did not Christ say “those that despitefully use you will heap hot coals on themselves in the judgement”?

    • Replies: @Truth
  120. Truth says:

    …Especially not if it involves inflated leather of some sort…

  121. Truth says:

    For the non Whites, the Seed of Satan, there is no hope for them, they are destined for eternal hellfire, do not follow them on account of despair.

    Emmanuel Bowen would strongly disagree.

  122. BlackFlag says:
    @RJ Macready

    How is your film career coming along? Possible to make any money? How to distribute and monetize a film not made in a big studio?

  123. @Rich

    Yes, though the Republicans are anti-White, I think they’re objectively better in their policies in general and in their policies with regard to Whites compared to the Democrats, whose policies are often straightforwardly destructive and rabidly anti-White.

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