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An Attack on Whites in Waukesha
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A black suspect drove through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing at least five people and injuring dozens more. Among the injured were at least 18 children, 10 of whom are in intensive care.

It didn’t make the New York Times until page A22.

Suspect Darrell Brooks was reportedly the driver. Police arrested him without injuring him. Police charged him with five counts of intentional homicide. In its report, the Times said the act “sent a shock wave through a state already unsettled by the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in nearby Kenosha two days earlier.”

The Washington Post says that Mr. Brooks was “at the scene of a reported knife fight, then sped away in the red SUV when police arrived at the scene.” There’s no independent confirmation of this. Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson (who is also black) has denied this was a terrorist attack. However, he also denied that there was any pursuit. The chief was very clear that the attack was intentional. People with military backgrounds compared the scene to a war zone.

Federal officials, including the FBI, are reportedly involved in the investigation. Thus far, police have released no motive. Of course, since Mr. Brooks is alive, we may find out more in a trial.

It is tempting to say that this is a premediated terrorist attack. Journalists and government officials may be attempting to cover it up. Mr. Brooks certainly does not like white people. However, he also may be just a career criminal who simply didn’t care about those he harmed. It’s hard to decide which is worse.

One video shows that the suspect drove over barricades and didn’t stop even after a police officer opened fire.

Other footage shows a red SUV speeding down a street, not deliberately hitting people:

However, as the street fills with marchers, the suspect appears to drive into them. He certainly doesn’t stop when he begins running people over. At best, the driver doesn’t care. If he was simply trying to escape, it’s very hard to believe he wouldn’t have noticed the obvious problem a parade would create and avoid that route.

Mr. Brooks has a lengthy criminal record, including two open felony charges. In since deleted videos on his YouTube channel, “Mathboi,” he raps in front of what looks like the red SUV in the attack. He also points guns at the camera and brags about his criminal and sexual exploits. Another YouTube account has reposted the entire video.

Eric Striker of National Justice has saved Mr. Brooks’s lyrics from what he reports was one of the suspect’s other songs. (YouTube appears to have removed the original link.) “Minnesota” says schools should teach black power and that “we [blacks] built the country.” It also alludes to Eric Garner and George Floyd, and includes an explicit call to violence, urging listeners to “burn it down” with “no more marchin’.”

Mr. Brooks also seemed upset about Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal.

One Twitter account has compiled various posts that allegedly chronicle Mr. Brooks’s criminal career and social media history. This includes celebrations of “knokin white ppl TF out” and tributes to Black Lives Matter.

He also had strange views about who was truly Jewish.

Mr. Brooks is also reportedly a sex offender, though this listing comes from Nevada. A video that appears to be from Mr. Brooks explains his side of the story.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that police have charged Mr. Brooks “three times in less than two years with recklessly endangering the safety of others.” A case from earlier this month allegedly involved Mr. Brooks trying to deliberately run over a woman, the mother of one of his children.

However, after paying a \$1,000 bond, he was free by November 19, even though “bail jumping” is a charge he’s faced in the past.

Why was Mr. Brooks freed so easily? Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chrisholm wants an investigation about the “inappropriately low” cash bond for Mr. Brooks. He may want to begin with himself.

DA Chrisholm has said in the past that he does not want individuals “held unnecessarily on cash bail.” He congratulated progressive prosecutor Chesa Boudin of San Francisco upon the latter’s election victory in November 2019. DA Christholm’s top tweet has nothing to do with the attack. It dates from January and calls for the removal of then-President Donald Trump.

DA Chrisholm also co-authored a paper on “Reimagining the Role of the Prosecutor in the Community.” The paper was intended to “unearth the roots of racial inequality in the United States, discuss how those roots produced racial disparities in the criminal justice system, and provide guidance on how the prosecutor’s office can transform those disparities into positive change in policy and practice.” After analyzing slavery, Black Codes, the War on Drugs, and other alleged explanations for racial inequality, it urged prosecutors to use data analysis to “begin developing and implementing changes to address racially disparate outcomes.” The paper tells prosecutors to consider simply not charging “offenses that create racial disparities, a level of power which speaks to the discretion built into the office.”

The New Yorker profiled John Chrisholm in 2015 for his efforts to reduce black incarceration in an article entitled, “The Milwaukee Experiment.” Today, we know the way that experiment turned out.

You might think that a tragedy of this kind could provide a moment of unity. After all, though the suspect is black, so is the police chief. While the town is mostly white, it’s not clear that all the victims are white. However, if you expected unity, you were wrong.

Activist Mark Feinberg:

Someone who claims to be a “CBS 6 Alum”:

A person who wonders why it couldn’t have been a MAGA rally:

There were some others:

However, the most important example was Mary Lemanski, until recently the social media director for the Democratic Party in DuPage County. She likened the event to “Karma” and said “you reap what you sow.” She sowed job loss.

The country is so divided that even an attack on children and grandmas from a career criminal is “controversial.” Whatever happens to Mr. Brooks, the fact that this happened at all shows that we don’t need more leniency and “criminal justice reform.” This country has an under-incarceration problem when it comes to black thugs.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Obviously it was a racial attack by a black Black Lives Matter Supporter egged on by Haitian Negro Joy Reid…and other over at CNN and MSNBC…

    Fox News will never mention this….Tucker Carlson will never mention this…

    The Democratic Party wants to FUCKING MURDER NATIVE WHITE WORKING CLASS WHITES…..So fuck you Fox News….fuck you Tucker Carlson…

    Ok now…go back to watching NFL Negro Ball at Arrowhead Stadium…while White Grannies and White Children are slaughtered by Black Lives Supporters in Wisconsin….

    The homosexual Pederast Antifa and the genocidal Black Lives Matter were aided in abetted in Charlottesville today by appointees of pederast and all around Rapist Bill Clinton…

    • Replies: @Richard B
  2. Fight back.

    Stop giving your money to those who support the ideology of Darrell Brooks.

    Stop giving your money to Hollywood and the mainstream media.

    Cancel your cable TV subscription, cancel your Netflix subscription, stop going to the movies, cancel your mainstream newspaper and magazine subscriptions, cancel your Amazon Prime subscription etc.

  3. The lesson of Sines vs Kessler:

    White Racial Minority status within the borders of America means chattel slavery for the Native White Working Class………you don’t think so? Who is going to save the White Racial Minority from this?……………Russia? The Russians already think you are faggots for allowing nonwhites vote you into a White Racial minority………….China?………….China laughs at you? China has colonized every engineering department in America……..Israel?….The IDF will enslave you……….Judge Moon…..Judge Moon will save you…he’s a Southern “‘man”….

  4. The Democratic Party was massively empowered by the passage of the 1965 Nonwhite LEGAL Immigrant Increase Act……..

    In a 90 perecent White Racial Majority America…..Blacks would too afraid to engage in White Genocide Politics in 2021………..Asians…Muslims…Hispanics are part of this coalition….

    If Asians…Muslims….Hispanics…vote for Donald Trump….They still get to enthusiastically vote the Native White Working Class into a White Racial minority within the borders of America…and Donald Trump would be very happy about this…

  5. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The anti-Christ, left-neolib-neocon establishment incited this animal attack, and now their Satanic minions are covering it up or pooh-poohing it. Just like they incited the attack on “Islamofascism” using the 9/11 inside job as a pretext.

    This is what they do; this is ALL they do, this is all the CAN do — divide and rule.

    America has gone to hell in a handbasket since the Synagogue of Satan ascended to “leadership.”

    These aren’t leaders; they’re demons.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  6. Just read Sines v Kessler. Jews are working hard to destroy the rights of white Americans to defend themselves. Would be quite unfortunate if whites started shootings. No, it would be wonderful for the country. Times of Israel quite delighted with the industrious jew attorneys slaving away to destroy as many white lives as possible.

  7. Being an official of the Democrats in Du Page County (by the way is Kenosha still in Minnesota or did it move back where it belongs to Wisconsin?) is roughly akin to being a GOP official in San Francisco.

  8. @John Gruskos

    Absolutely. All of or some of these actions would bring these murderous far leftist abetting companies to their knees. Americans don’t realize the power they have. Alas, they will never do what is necessary and extremely good for them. It’s sad.

  9. Notsofast says:

    the new york times…..all the news that fits the narrative.

  10. The verdict in Sinnes versus Kessler goes to show how much power the PEDERASTS Rapists Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have in American Society.

    Last night Lesbian War Criminal and very good friend of Jeffrey Epstein…Hillary Clinton…was interviewed by she-male- mutant freak Rachel Maddow about Sinnes versus Kessler.

    Just keep this in mind this about old farting hairy Lesbian Pederast War Criminal Hillary Clinton who boasted about her friendship with fat ugly Jewish Lesbian Roberta Kaplan on the Rachel Maddow Show…….both Hillary Clinton and Roberta Kaplan were aided and abetted in the Sinnes vs Kesseler lawsuits by the creepy Evangelical Christian Judge Norman Moon.

    The American Deep South is a Satanic Christian Heresey these days…

  11. By their worship of Jew Israel….Deep South White Evangelical Christians aid and abet the Pederast Rapists Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton…

    By their worship of Jew only Israel….Deep South White Evangelical Christians aid and abet the fat ugly Jewish Lesbian Roberta Kaplan..

    Deep South White Evangelical Christians are a disgusting and revolting Satanic Christian Heresy…

    This is the lesson of Charlottesville and Sines vs Kessler….

  12. If you vote for Trump on Nov 3 2023………You are voting for Trump’s Immigration Policy……Foreign Policy……Economic Policy…….YOU ARE VOTING FOR WHITE GENOCIDE….

    • Replies: @gutta percha
  13. Larger political strategy:Do not vote…If you vote for Trump…Desantis…Youngkin…..You are consenting to be governed by the Democratic Party…….

    Don’t vote and the Democratic Party does not have the political legitimacy to govern Native White Working Class Americans…

    Post-1965 Immigration Policy is a direct consequence of the post-1945 Cold War Anti-Commie Crusade…..Rethink the Cold War….Franco and Pinochet were not the friends of the Native White Working Class…

    You may this is counter-intuitive…but that’s only because you have a pinhead understanding of how the Passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act came into existence….And it came into existence hand and hand with Johnson’s war on Ho Chi Minh…inseparable….

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  14. It’s easy to understand why Kyle Rittenhouse is being black listed by the establishment media and radical anti-white groups, to wit, his kind, is the agent that represents the counter force to these extremely violent groups supported by the democrats. Their now wondering if more Kyle Rittenhouses’s might be around ,some where, waiting to put an end to their extreme violence that has gone unchecked for years. That is the only reason all of the supporters of the radical groups, including the democrat party politicians are going nuts. Rittenhouse types might be around that put notice to them, that their violence might not go un-checked, as before. My opinion.

  15. @John Gruskos

    If only half of the white people who are supposedly on our side would do this. At least cancel NetFlix you limp-wrists! I try to spend as little as possible with chain retail/restaurants or national brands as possible, because its a foregone conclusion all large corporations hate us and want us dead.

    Here’s a list of anti-white corporations. Pay special attention to those tagged WORST because those definitely need boycotting.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Thanks: HammerJack, RadicalCenter
  16. @Robert Dolan

    The Jewish court has spoken. Whites have no 1st amendment rights to speech or assembly.

  17. @War for Blair Mountain

    “If you vote for Trump on Nov 3 2023………”

    … you can be sure your vote does not count. Wait until 2024, and your vote might get counted.

  18. @War for Blair Mountain

    Don’t vote and the Democratic Party does not have the political legitimacy

    More accurately, the primacy of the democratic party comes more quickly and more thoroughly than ever.

    Also more accurately: you’re a clown.

  19. Richard B says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The Democratic Party wants to FUCKING MURDER NATIVE WHITE WORKING CLASS WHITES…..So fuck you Fox News….fuck you Tucker Carlson…

    The pain and humilation of feeling powerless is so unbearable for some people they’re reduced to projection in an desperate attempt to feel better about themselves.

    How’s that working out for you?

    If you’re enemy is watching, and of course they are, comments like yours only make them laugh. Why embarrass yourself like that? Don’t you have any self-respect?

  20. Richard B says:

    An Attack on Whites in Waukesha

    And on Thanksgiving too. Same thing. And by the same people.

    In Wankesha the attack is indirect, through a proxy. But with Thanksgiving its direct, since they own the New York Times.

    Every once in a while PCR names the culprit. Glad to see him do that in this short article. I know better than to hope that one day Gregory Hood will.

  21. Emslander says:

    I don’t believe that the perpetrator of this terrorist massacre will ever go to trial. A guilty plea with the eventual possibility for parole will keep him out of the news as soon as MSM decides to keep it out.

  22. @HammerJack

    Vote for Trump…..Trump imports the nonwhite highly racialized nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc…….starts a war with Iran…..Starts a war with Russia…..

    Vote for Trump….Democratic gets relected….

    Or Nonwhites vote Republican….and nonwhites get to enthusiastically vote Whitey into a racial minority within the borders of America….

  23. @Richard B

    Did I wrote anything that was false?..Of course not…

    The Democratic Party wants it to be declared illegal to state that the Great Replacement is real….. Eva use it’s White Genocide…

    Ultimately Native Born White American Working Class will have to engage in a full-blown White Race Revolt…..What are the consequences of not doing it? Answer:‘enjoy being the Hindus bitch…

    • Replies: @Richard B
  24. KenH says:

    This country has an under-incarceration problem when it comes to black thugs.

    I’d say we have an under execution problem with black thugs. They should be given the death penalty instead of being sentenced to 10 yrs but let out in 4 yrs to commit more serious crimes.

    Darrell Brooks’s repulsive light brown visage is that of a darkening America and of the racial wasteland that America has become thanks to the Jewish elite and the cowardice and treason of the WASP elite.

  25. @gutta percha

    Counted or not, makes no difference.

    Politics: pendulum of the Establishment clockwork.

  26. @gutta percha

    You have a total misunderstanding of what happened on Nov 3 2020…

    The Native White Working Class was demographically nullified by the post-1965 nonwhite Democratic Party Vote-a highly racialized nullification of the Native White Working Class Vote…

    Even if the Democratic Party did cheat in the vote counting….it would be 100 percent beside the point….completely irrelevant….

  27. Why is this PoS still alive?

  28. In 2021-2022 the existence of the Democratic Party is a violent racial assault on the Native White Working Class……….THEY WANT US FUCKING DEAD!!!!

  29. Change “under-incarceration problem” to “under-execution problem” and you’ve got it. Without regard to race. Aggressive savages of all races need to suffer severe consequences if people of any background are to be and feel safe.

    The guy plowing into the crowd should be convicted and executed.

    The looters in Chicago, LA, etc., need to be shot on sight. They’re not stealing food or water to survive; they’re stealing luxuries and things for profit and a life without working. Shoot them when they’re down on the ground after being hit the first time. Then shoot them up like swiss cheese as they’re fleeing on foot or by vehicle. Leave their bodies out in the street and hang a sign saying Looter. Enough is enough.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  30. Richard B says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Did I wrote anything that was false?..Of course not…

    No, you didn’t. And I agree with you. But, though you clearly grasp the situation, you totally miss the point. And the point, concerning them, is to not show them anything. Ever. Even in comments. Which, as I’m sure you know, they read and troll.

    And the point, concerning me, is that my concern is you, us, whites in general and the white working-poor in particular. I don’t care about the hostile elite. I care about us. And because of that I have no intention of giving them anything to gloat about. But that’s what we do when we let a very justifiable frustration and anger get the best of us, agan, even in our comments. We get less from it by purging than they do by gloating.

    Regrading the you and me of it all. You wrote a comment worth responding to. So we disagree. Big deal. It’s a myth that whites need to be in agreement before they can offer each other the support they need and deserve. In short, no matter what our disagreements, when push comes to shove I’m on your side, not theirs.

  31. @Richard B

    Like the Democrats, Trump hates the Native White Working Class. And we now know, that Trump wanted to slaughter more young pregnant Russian Orthodox Christian Women in Donbass…his Generals restrained Trump from doing this…

    Trump almost started a war with Iran…Quick thinking by US Military Intelligence got the Airbase in Iraq evacuated very quickly….The Iranian incomming missiles were meant to kill 100-300 US Serviceman..

    Moreover, Trump wants to reinvade Afghanistan…I have Family Members in the US Army…Combat Troops..

    Trump’s economics advisors Goldman Tysachs disease..

    Beginning of the COVID Crisis:Trump 0n Fox News:”America needs to import China’s Youth Population because I have created so many jobs and now there is a labor shortage”……..

    Donald Trump is a filthy fucking cockroach…

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
  32. @War for Blair Mountain

    Trump is 100% Jew owned and operated (AND RIGHTLY SO!!!) and a vaxbot to boot.

    His “Art of the Deal” consists of bartering away the expectations, the interests, the rights and freedom of his supporters in exchange for a few shekels and fleeting promises from BIG KIKE.

  33. @GazaPlanet

    Trump was very open about why the US Military is occupying the Middle East:ISRAEL…

    The US Military is going to experience devastating Military defeat on the battlefield-very soon……If Iran sees a US Military buildup on its borders….the Iranian missiles will target the US Military bases…..

    The US Military will nuke Iran….but all hell will break out in the world….Israel will be destroyed….

  34. If you vote Republican….you are giving your consent to be race-replaced…

    • Troll: Polistra
  35. SMK says: • Website

    “This country has an under-incarceration problem when it comes to black thugs.” What an understatement. Yet another violent recidivist black criminal, a a white-hating BLM supporter and aspiring rap/hip-hot “artist,” who should have been buried in prison over a decade ago, assaults the mother of one of his children and runs over her with his SUV only to be released from jail, almost immediately, free to commit an act of terrorism by driving the SUV into a large crowd of whites, killing 6, so far, and injuring over 40 people, mostly old ladies and young children, apparently. How many of the victims who survived and will survive are paralyzed, have had of will have arms and legs amputated, are grotesquely disfigured?

    Since the 1960’s and now even more so since the “murder” of saint George and the enactment of “criminal justice reform,” low IQ negro savages, brutes, freaks, and crazies are coddled, routinely and repeatedly, until they commit an atrocity so horrific and gruesome, a first-degree murder or mass-murder or, at least, a distinctly sadistic, brutal, vicious, depraved rape or gang-rape, that black and white leftist DAs and judges have no choice but to finally bury them to prison for life with no chance for parole or at least 20-30 years.

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