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Credit Image: © Michael Nigro/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire
Credit Image: © Michael Nigro/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire

German governments have used two strategies to crush dissent in the last century. The Third Reich used Gleichschaltung, or “coordination,” with the state pushing public and private organizations into line with National Socialism. Communist East Germany used Zersetzung, “decomposition,” with its Stasi secret police wrecking the personal lives, careers, and reputations of dissidents. White advocates face both tactics today.

However, there’s a third example from Germany. It’s arguably worse than the other two because its goal isn’t just to force obedience. It’s to instill shame.

It’s Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung, “working off the past.” It means re-interpreting your history as something shameful. It’s what Germany’s rulers have forced on their people, and it’s what the Washington Post wants to do to us.

Working for American Renaissance is sometimes hard because we must report bad news, and the news from Germany is almost always bad. Germany is not free. The state arrests citizens for saying the wrong things. The ironically named “Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution” spies on the nationalist Alternative for Germany party. A politician from the governing “conservative” party openly told her constituents that they shouldn’t worry about being a minority in their own country. Few Germans think they can speak openly.

On the Day of German Unity, around 160 people demonstrated in Hamburg under the motto “Germany must die” (Deutschland muss sterben) (Credit Image: © Imago via ZUMA Press)
On the Day of German Unity, around 160 people demonstrated in Hamburg under the motto “Germany must die” (Deutschland muss sterben) (Credit Image: © Imago via ZUMA Press)

Still, as we have reported, what is arguably uniquely German is the deep-seated self-loathing.

  • “Many Germans themselves treat any assertion of national German pride as a manifestation of neo-Nazi tendencies, as something hideously offensive and shameful.” — Frank Ellis, “The German Death Wish,” February 2011
  • “Not only do Germans still have an ingrained horror of nationalism to a degree unusual even among Western nations, there are laws criminalizing Volksverhetzung or ‘incitement to hatred’ that can be broadly interpreted.” — John Jackson, “Confessions of a German Police Chief,” March 25, 2016
  • “May Angela Merkel’s ‘New Germany’ serve as a warning to whites everywhere.” — Thorsten Pattberg, “The Transformation of Germany,” February 5, 2021

Michele Norris at the Washington Post thinks this is a model for us. She argues America should pursue Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung, which she calls a “decades-long exercise, beginning in the 1960s, to examine, analyze, and ultimately learn to live with an evil chapter through monuments, teachings, art, architecture and public policy.”

Germany, she says approvingly, “looks at its Nazi past by consistently, almost obsessively, memorializing the victims of that murderous era, so much that it is now a central feature of the nation’s cultural landscape.” Students learn about the “horrible and shameful [Nazi] chapter in the nation’s past,” any “symbol of the Nazi era” is illegal, Holocaust denial is illegal, and police officers spend years of training that includes Holocaust history. Perhaps this focus is why German police seem unable to stop crime disproportionately committed by Muslims.

Saxony, Chemnitz: An employee of the municipal building yard lays Stolpersteine on the pavement. The handmade stones by the artist G. Deming are intended to preserve the memory of each individual persecuted person. (Credit Image: © Bodo Schackow / dpa via ZUMA Press)
Saxony, Chemnitz: An employee of the municipal building yard lays Stolpersteine on the pavement. The handmade stones by the artist G. Deming are intended to preserve the memory of each individual persecuted person. (Credit Image: © Bodo Schackow / dpa via ZUMA Press)

Michele Norris describes the countless memorials that immerse Germans in shame. To her credit, she honestly describes exactly what such an effort would look like in America:

Imagine traveling through an American state and coming upon small, embedded memorials that listed key facts about the lives of the enslaved. Their names. Their fates. Their birth dates. The number of times they were sold. The ways they were separated from their families. The conditions of their toil. Imagine how that might shape the way we comprehend the peculiar institution of slavery, its legacy and its normalized trauma.

Imagine if there were similar embedded memorials for Indigenous peoples, who were forced from their land, relegated to reservations far from their normal ranges and regions. Imagine stopping to fill up the tank at a roadside gas station and noticing the reflection off a gleaming brass marker that bears the names of the tribal elders who once lived where you are standing.

We should pay attention to what she’s saying. It’s not enough that statues to our heroes are torn down and that even the dead are dug up. Instead, presumably every part of America will have little monuments meant to disgrace white Americans.

June 1, 2021, Memphis, Tennessee,: Workmen remove a pedestal that once held a statue of Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest. (Credit Image: © Karen Focht/ZUMA Wire)
June 1, 2021, Memphis, Tennessee,: Workmen remove a pedestal that once held a statue of Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest. (Credit Image: © Karen Focht/ZUMA Wire)


History doesn’t change to fit our wishes. We wish whites hadn’t imported blacks as slaves and had not changed immigration policy in 1965. However, in a multiracial society, history often isn’t about facts. It’s a weapon. A story about the past justifies current policy. When history doesn’t provide a suitably horrific example, invent one.

The 1921 “Tulsa Race Massacre” is for now the most important story in the country. It is so important that President Joe Biden issued a Proclamation about it on Memorial Day itself, a sign of what post-white America will be “memorializing” in the future. Yesterday, he visited Tulsa to talk about the “massacre.”

Credit Image: © Liu Jie/Xinhua via ZUMA Press
Credit Image: © Liu Jie/Xinhua via ZUMA Press

The text of his speech was demagoguery, but combined with his halting, rambling delivery, it was pitiable. There was also an implied threat. The president of the United States described the conditions that prompted a “massacre.” Unwittingly, he described what is now being prepared for whites.

President Biden charged that “literal hell was unleashed” in 1921. He made sure to talk about people being ripped apart or executed while praying. “Only in remembrance do wounds heal,” he said. Is that so? Perhaps he will bear this in mind if he ever thinks about what happened to Cannon Hinnant, Brittney Watts, Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom, the victims of the Zebra Killings, and the thousands of whites whom blacks have killed. I don’t like discussing these crimes because it appeals to low instincts for revenge, but if President Biden says it will promote healing, it must be OK.

What was the “Tulsa Race Massacre,” which is suddenly everywhere in academia, media, and pop culture? What really happened? Tulsa in 1921, President Biden explained, had a thriving black community. “One night changed everything,” he said:

It was an innocent interaction that turned into a terrible, terrible headline allegation of a Black male teenager attacking a white female teenager. A white mob of 1,000 gathered around the courthouse where the Black teenager was being held, ready to do a [mumbled] lynch that young man that night.

Was it an “innocent interaction?” On the morning of May 30, “Diamond Dick” Rowland went into an elevator operated by a slightly younger white girl, Sarah Page. At the time, The Tulsa Tribune said he assaulted her, and this story supposedly sparked talk of a lynching. What do later writers say about what happened?

NBC recently published a “fact check” that quoted historian Scott Ellsworth claiming that Rowland simply “tripped” and fell against her. Vox suggests several theories, from attempted rape to a lovers’ quarrel. A clerk said he saw Rowland run out of the elevator and that Page was “distraught.”

The Washington Post claims the two were going to defy a ban on interracial marriage, though this wouldn’t explain why Rowland ran. The same story notes that Page excused Rowland after the riot and that both survived. Rowland reportedly moved to Oregon.

There is another mystery. The Tribune supposedly ran an editorial on May 31 with the title “To Lynch Negro Tonight.” However, no copies exist. They have either disappeared or been destroyed, even in microfilm. A military officer at the time said the entire scandal was the result of “an impudent Negro, a hysterical girl, and a yellow journal.”

The 2001 official report from “The Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921” said “we may never really know” what happened in the elevator. However, President Biden knows it was “innocent.”

The commission identifies historian Scott Ellsworth as “first in importance” among those it consulted, so it’s worth examining his account. Mr. Ellsworth writes that what happened in the elevator on May 30 is “anyone’s guess.” Police arrived, but apparently did not take Page’s accusation very seriously.

Two officers, one white and one black, arrested Rowland the next day, May 31 — the same day the news story about Page and Rowland appeared. The separate editorial supposedly calling for a lynching would also have appeared on May 31, but without a copy, we don’t know if it was a call to lynch Rowland, an editorial about a possible lynching, or something different.

The night of May 31, Sheriff Willard McCullough sent armed men to protect Rowland. When a small group of angry whites came to the jail and demanded that Rowland be handed over, the Sheriff sent them away. He gave orders to “to shoot any intruders [into the jail] on sight.” Thus, some whites may have wanted to lynch Rowland, but the sheriff thought he had the situation under control.

Meanwhile, black Tulsans were also discussing the possibility of a lynching (something that had happened to whites in Tulsa before, but never to a black). A black deputy sheriff tried to convince blacks that an armed confrontation with whites was a bad idea, but 25 blacks with guns nonetheless showed up and offered to protect the jail. The sheriff turned them away. However, this visit had an “electrifying effect” on the white mob. Some whites apparently went to a National Guard armory for guns, but an officer kept it locked. A menacing crowd of whites grew outside the jail, but the sheriff thought he could protect the prisoner.

After that, small bands of blacks decided to drive through the streets with guns “to send a clear message to white Tulsans that these men were determined to prevent, by force of arms if necessary, the lynching of Dick Rowland.” Mr. Ellsworth notes that whites might have thought this was a “Negro uprising.” Then, sometime after 10 p.m., another group of armed blacks — 75 this time — left their cars and marched to the courthouse, again to offer to “defend” it. The police told them to go away.


An embassy is a nation’s face to the world. An American embassy is American territory, the flag expresses sovereignty, and attacking an embassy is an act of war.

So what are we to make of American embassies that fly Black Lives Matter flags? The BLM flag now represents the United States. It’s bizarre enough for an embassy to endorse any political movement, let alone one that claims that police departments cannot be reformed because they came out of “slave patrols” and “white supremacy.” Does the Biden Administration believe this? If not, why is it putting the BLM flag almost on the level of Old Glory? If anything, BLM is above it. Burning an American flag is hardly worth nothing but burning a BLM flag could be a hate crime.

Athens, Greece. (Credit Image: © Aristidis VafeiadakisZUMA Wire)
Athens, Greece. (Credit Image: © Aristidis VafeiadakisZUMA Wire)

Normally, an embassy presents a nation’s history, victories, and accomplishments. The American State Department tells the world we are a racist country and Secretary of State Antony Blinken says we do this so we can “live up to the values that we stand for worldwide.”

What are these values? To take some recent examples from the State Department, they include promoting more Third World immigration, celebrating “Asian American & Pacific Islander Month,” and advocating “diversity and inclusion.” Non-whites are complaining to CNN that the State Department itself is racist, so the Secretary has a long way to go. CNN frets over the “microaggressions, quiet bigotries and structural hurdles that diplomats say ripple under the State Department’s cosmopolitan veneer.”

In the meantime, the language of the college campus has come to the State Department.

The State Department thinks it can eliminate the “root causes” of mass immigration by ending “cycles of desperation.”

“Cycles of desperation” don’t happen because we don’t give Central Americans enough money. Third World people create Third World societies. We can’t end “desperation,” but we are certainly importing it. We’re in a battle we can’t win unless we discuss racial reality.

To paraphrase the federal government’s line, America is a racist country. Admitting this helps us fight racism abroad. The best way to do that is by encouraging more immigration and diversity at home and sending more American money abroad. Hanging the BLM flag at embassies shows what America represents today. For whites, the flag means guilt and self-hatred. For blacks, it’s a desire for revenge and profit. For other non-whites, it’s a sign that if they organize on racial grounds, the government will surrender to them.

The power of the state has been hijacked and tuned against the people who built and sustain the state. The American flag at embassies seems almost like an afterthought. Few can agree on what that Old Glory means today, but it’s very easy to define what BLM is and what it wants. BLM tells us.

This raises a deeper question. This Memorial Day, what are our rulers memorializing? Can they memorialize anything? Our opponents, who control media, universities, and corporations have redefined American history into a litany of shame. Christopher Columbus is a genocidal villain. Instead of Columbus Day, we celebrate “Indigenous People’s Day,” which means that “America” would be better if Europeans had never come. We can’t celebrate the conquest of the West because it’s “stolen land.”

October 12, 2020, Des Moines, Iowa: A man at the Indigenous Day rally at the Iowa State Capitol. About 150 people attended the Indigenous Peoples Day 2020 observance at the Iowa State Capitol. They protested the theft and colonization of indigenous lands and the presence of a bust honoring Christopher Columbus on the capitol grounds. (Credit Image: © Jack Kurtz / ZUMA Wire)
October 12, 2020, Des Moines, Iowa: A man at the Indigenous Day rally at the Iowa State Capitol. About 150 people attended the Indigenous Peoples Day 2020 observance at the Iowa State Capitol. They protested the theft and colonization of indigenous lands and the presence of a bust honoring Christopher Columbus on the capitol grounds. (Credit Image: © Jack Kurtz / ZUMA Wire)

We can’t celebrate the Revolution because the Founders owned slaves. Statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others must come down. We can’t celebrate the national anthem; instead, blacks must hear their own. We can’t celebrate the Mexican-American War. The federal government has even funded murals celebrating the Hispanic racial myth of “Aztlan” and the implied claims on American territory. The Union victory over the Confederacy is still remembered fondly by our rulers, but I expect academics will get around to what General Sherman did to the American Indians, once the last Confederate monuments are dealt with.

Even the late 19th and 20th centuries are a problem. The Spanish-American War ended with American domination over non-white peoples. The World Wars were fought by a segregated army. During the Cold War, the United States often opposed non-white “national liberation” movements in Latin America, the Middle East, and, of course, in Vietnam. American patriotism has faded and it’s not surprising. If you’re white, you realize the System is against you. If you’re not white, the government tells you the System is racist.

The federal government is endorsing a radical, anti-white political movement and elevating it to something close to a state ideology. The supposedly “authoritarian” Donald Trump would never have dreamt of something so bold, and those who think America will return to the good old days of Ronald Reagan are dreaming.

Telling white Americans their history is shameful and that their time is past might not be the best government strategy. Our rulers still seem eager to tangle with China, Russia, Iran, and others. If the shooting begins, without whites, America will lose. But why should whites fight for a government that despises them?


Lars Brownworth, Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization, Random House, 2009, 315 pp., $69.99 (Hardcover), $24.46 (Audiobook), $11.99 (Kindle)

Jean Raspail wrote the most prophetic book of this century, The Camp of the Saints. It ends with the last remnant of the West about to be overrun. The book’s final words are: “The fall of Constantinople is a personal misfortune that happened to all of us only last week.” Tomorrow, May 29, that colossal misfortune will have taken place exactly 568 years ago, in 1453.

“The West” began with the Greek resistance to Persia and the creation of an intellectual, cultural, and racial tradition. Westerners have always fought each other, but “the West” was once united by the ideal (if not the reality) of Empire and the sense of being part of one civilization.

England, France, Germany, and other proud nations are tribes of a greater people. I would argue that their civilization has been shattered for a millennia now. To some extent, our entire racial history is an attempt to return to Rome and the unity it represented. The last manifestation of that unity was the Eastern Roman Empire. In 1399, when one of the final emperors, Manuel II, was touring Europe begging for help, Europeans remembered that the emperor “sat on the throne of the Caesars, and, no matter how debased that throne had become, its dignity was still unparalleled.” [p. 279]

What we now consider the “East,” including Egypt, Anatolia, and the Levant, was once part of our civilization too. For a millennia after Roman power collapsed in Europe, the Roman ideal continued in Constantinople. We often forget that they were us.

Lars Brownworth, a former academic who has become a full-time historian, writes that on the night of May 28, 1453 — the eve of defeat — Emperor Constantine XI Dragases told his men that they were “worthy heirs of the great heroes of Ancient Greece and Rome.” Also, for the first and last time in Byzantine history, Latin and Greek priests stood together and prayed for the city. Mr. Brownworth, quoting Gibbon, calls it the “funeral oration” for the Roman Empire. Italians and Greeks, Catholics and Orthodox, fought shoulder to shoulder on that last terrible day.

19th-century depiction of Emperor Constantine XI Dragases with classical Greco-Roman armor
19th-century depiction of Emperor Constantine XI Dragases with classical Greco-Roman armor

In Essential Writings on Race, Sam Francis says that, “The concept of the ‘Last Stand,’ in which an outnumbered army . . . face battle against overwhelming odds, usually without any realistic expectation of victory, recurs throughout Indo-European history and legend — at the battles of Marathon and Thermopylae.” It’s hard to think of a more inspiring example than Emperor Constantine charging into the enemy ranks, knowing that after a 53-day siege, all was lost. His body was never found. Like King Arthur, it is said he will come again.

Who needs fantasy when we have history like this? In Psalm 137, the Jewish author curses himself if he should “forget thee, O Jerusalem.” Should we not feel the same way about Constantinople?

History not only inspires us; it cautions us. Few of us reflect on Constantinople. Both white advocates and our opponents too often assume that whites always win. We are always conquerors, never conquered. This justifies stark racial double standards. Christian Lander, author of Stuff White People Like, unwittingly put it best. “It is always OK to make fun of white people because no unhappy ending is possible.”

Lost to the West reminds us this isn’t so. The fall of Constantinople was horrifying. “Women and children were raped, men were impaled, houses were sacked, and churches were looted and burned,” writes Mr. Brownworth. For Eastern Europe, the end of the Roman Empire meant centuries of political slavery under Ottoman oppression. For more than a million whites, losing the Mediterranean meant literal slavery.

Fall of Constantinople by Theophilos Hatzimihail. Constantine is visible on a white horse
Fall of Constantinople by Theophilos Hatzimihail. Constantine is visible on a white horse

There’s something worse than slavery. It’s losing an identity. Occupation means living under alien law, morality, and cultural codes. Even before Constantinople fell, the Ottomans had already occupied Eastern Europe. One of the main reasons Constantinople fell was that the elite forces of the Turkish army were “Christians who had been taken from their families while children and forcibly converted to Islam” and who had become “fanatically loyal” to their new masters. [p. 297] A people can rise from defeat, but not from deconstruction.

Constantinople tells us defeat is possible. It has happened before and the consequences were sickening. We still live with them. The Hagia Sophia, the greatest church of antiquity, is a now mosque. A Turkish ruler with neo-Ottoman pretensions uses Muslim migrants slowly to conquer Europe. The political police in Germany said in 2017 that the largest “right-wing extremist” group in the country was the ultranationalist, arguably terrorist Turkish Grey Wolves. Like the empire in its final years, we are increasingly surrounded in what was once unquestionably “our” land.

July 16, 2016 – At least 500 people gathered in front of the Turkish consulate in Munich after attempted military coup in Turkey. Grey Wolves signs were thrown. (Credit Image: © Michael Trammer / ZUMA Wire)
July 16, 2016 – At least 500 people gathered in front of the Turkish consulate in Munich after attempted military coup in Turkey. Grey Wolves signs were thrown. (Credit Image: © Michael Trammer / ZUMA Wire)

What caused the collapse? The answer is both too broad and too simple: We did. Of course, there was the rise of Islam, disputes between Catholics and Orthodox, and the wisdom or folly of various political and military decisions. Ultimately however, the Ottomans didn’t conquer Constantinople. Europeans destroyed it first.

When Roman authority collapsed in the West, it survived in the East. Technically, the Roman Empire hadn’t ended. In the sixth century, under Justinian and his great general Belisarius, the empire built the Hagia Sophia and reconquered much of the West. However, plague and petty personal disputes limited their accomplishments.

• Category: History • Tags: Byzantine, Constantinople, Islam, Ottoman Empire, Turkey 

Gregory Hood and Chris Roberts discuss Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s book Democracy: The God that Failed. The hosts cover the limits of libertarianism, the problem with prioritizing economic theory over everything else, and question Prof. Hoppe’s claim that monarchy is better than democracy.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Democracy, Libertarianism 

Greater Idaho

What is to be done?” ask white advocates. There are countless strategies, but a crucial one is to build power on the local level. One way to do this is to secede from states and either join or create other states. The Left is already trying to do this. It wants the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and perhaps even Guam to be states. Unless the GOP wants to give up the Senate forever, it better act.

One of the most promising movements, “Greater Idaho,” just won a huge victory. Five counties voted to leave Oregon and join Idaho. More counties in eastern Oregon may join. Idaho Governor Brad Little admits creating a new state may be difficult but says, “They’re looking at Idaho fondly because of our regulatory atmosphere, our values. That doesn’t surprise me one bit.”

March 7, 2020, Roseburg, Oregon: Mike McCarter, the founder of the Move Oregon’s Border and the Greater Idaho Movement, speaks during a rally with about 600 people in a building at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Roseburg. The conservative movement is attempting to expand the borders of Idaho to include the rural eastern and southern areas of Oregon. The map shows the prospective new border. (Credit Image: © Robin Loznak / ZUMA Wire)
March 7, 2020, Roseburg, Oregon: Mike McCarter, the founder of the Move Oregon’s Border and the Greater Idaho Movement, speaks during a rally with about 600 people in a building at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Roseburg. The conservative movement is attempting to expand the borders of Idaho to include the rural eastern and southern areas of Oregon. The map shows the prospective new border. (Credit Image: © Robin Loznak / ZUMA Wire)

This should be just the beginning. Frederick County in western Virginia could join West Virginia. West Virginia State Senator Charles Trump supports the idea. It could also be a compromise to the DC statehood question. Northern Virginia is a cancerous outgrowth of federal employees. Booting it out of real Virginia and tying it to a DC state would mean greater self-government for both regions.

Racial awareness isn’t driving these efforts, except perhaps implicitly. However, we have a stake in these battles. The federal government is trying to impose a radical agenda, including Critical Race Theory in public schools, non-enforcement of immigration laws, and miserable housing policies.

We must physically concentrate and build at least some power within existing institutions to fight this. With white advocates in the vanguard protecting real communities (not the fake “communities” we always hear about), we can spread our message of love for our people, culture, and traditions.

Existing institutions can be the basis for reform and revolution. From the Parliament that challenged the king in the English Civil War, the Continental Congress that made the American Revolution, and the state legislatures that voted for secession, we see a clear pattern in the way we Anglos operate. We are legalistic, even when it comes to revolution. We don’t have the French tradition of mass protests to topple governments. Our revolutions are according to Robert’s Rules of Order. Even the January 6 protesters who marched into the Capitol did so because they thought they were saving democracy.

All white advocates, especially those who are not doxxed, need to be involved at the local level. This is something we can do right now and would have a major impact. There are no excuses for inaction.

  • The Globalist American Empire Tries to Break Spain

My colleague and co-host Chris Roberts reports that Spain is being invaded. Thousands of “migrants” from Morocco have stormed Ceuta, a small Spanish possession in North Africa. Spanish troops repelled the invaders. This is why you have an army.

Videos showing soldiers fending off the invaders are all over social media. The Left thinks this was heavy handed.

However, this isn’t a “spontaneous” movement. Morocco is behind it, but is still posing as the victim. Morocco reportedly withdrew its ambassador for consultations.

In 1975, Morocco waged the “Green March” to win control of Western Sahara, sending thousands of unarmed people to claim the territory. The result was the same as an armed occupation. In many ways, it’s worse. Armies leave, but migrants don’t. It was real-life Camp of the Saints. This means hurting an opponent by using people as a weapon. Turkey has been doing it for years.

Spain is a member of NATO. It is also a European Union border state. EU commissioner for the European Way of Life, Margaritis Schinas, says the EU won’t be intimidated by migrants. “Ceuta is Europe, this border is a European border and what is happening there is not Madrid’s problem, it is the problem of all,” he said.

Margaritis Schinas (Credit Image: © IsopixIsopix via ZUMA Press)
Margaritis Schinas (Credit Image: © IsopixIsopix via ZUMA Press)

However, the United States seems to be siding with Morocco. We can’t blame this on Joe Biden. It was President Donald Trump who sided with Morocco in a dispute over who owns the Western Sahara. This was so Morocco would normalize relations with Israel.


Gregory Hood and Chris Roberts discuss the late Wilmot Robertson’s magazine Instauration and his most important books: The Dispossessed Majority and The Ethnostate.


Last year, Robert Hampton cited several cases of black criminals, even a murderer, who were let go or got light sentences because of “racism.” A murderer’s conviction was overturned because a juror might have said the “N word.” The juror denied it, but that didn’t matter.

People in police departments, security companies, and the military have told me that blacks often justify attacks on whites by claiming the victim used the forbidden word. This, apparently, justifies violence, but the trick works only for blacks. If you insult whites or Hispanics, they’re not allowed to attack or kill you.

In the most recent case, a black man, Corey Pujols, punched a 77-year-old man in a donut shop after he allegedly called him a n***er. The elderly man complained about poor service and Mr. Pujols claims he heard the slur. He says he told the man to repeat the word, the man obliged, and Mr. Pujols punched him. The man died two days later in the hospital. We don’t even know if the dead man really used the dreaded word. Thus far, I’ve seen no evidence other than the suspect’s claims.

The police report does not mention the name or race of the victim. He may have been a Hispanic, an Asian, or even another black man. That didn’t stop this woman from tweeting:

The police arrested Mr. Pujols and the court charged him with aggravated manslaughter. That’s probably right. I doubt Mr. Pujols intended to kill the man, but he dealt a death blow to an old man who didn’t (and probably couldn’t) threaten him. The victim’s age means the charge is more serious. The attack was caught on camera, so this should be an open-and-shut case.

However, in post-America, “the rule of law” gets tricky. The relative unity and strength of racial groups can determine “justice.” Derek Chauvin’s trial was a powerful example of this.

Thus, Mr. Pujols enjoys some privileges whites don’t. There were fundraisers for him on GoFundMe, a company that banned fundraisers for people trying to raise money after January 6th for travel to a Trump rally. Some fundraisers for Mr. Pujols appear to have been taken down, but two remain.

One that has come down asked people to “HELP COREY PUJOLS AND STAND AGAINST RACISM.” It declared:

Corey like most of us, was fed up with blatant, public racism in this country and when the man decided to keep calling him names, punched the man, who fell and hit his head and later died as a result. In no way did he mean to kill this man, he was just tired of being degraded publicly by someone who saw no wrong in doing so. Corey is facing a Aggravated Manslaughter charge as a result. He needs help, to be shown that there are people out there that are also fed up with the way this country is.

Another fundraiser used the hashtag #BlackPride. The website “AllHipHop” told its readers:

[T]his is still an extremely racist country with racist people and a racist legal and court system. AND this is Florida. The odds are stacked against Corey even though his fellow employees say he was a good person.

On Twitter, many defended Mr. Pujols. Just three examples:

The most prominent was journalist and commentator “Touré,” who tweeted about the case many times.

There have been many attacks on old Asians in recent weeks, and the attackers are mostly blacks. They don’t seem to have any hesitation in attacking the weak and helpless.

However, let’s take the worst-case scenario. Let’s say the man walked into Dunkin’ and wanted to insult a black man. Does that justify violence? If blacks believe it does, does this work for other races? If so, we should have the right to slug almost every journalist in the country because of the things they say about white people. Can blacks attack other non-whites who use the word?

The “N word,” which I won’t use here because of what it does to search results, has become something like the name of God. You can’t say it without being consumed. Blacks say it to each other all the time and that’s as unremarkable as high crime rates. Evidently, the word is so powerful that its use by the melanin-deprived is an act of violence. Thus, sucker punching an old man is self-defense.

In fact, this supposed act “against racism” was just another example of blacks’ emotional, violent behavior. The attacker seems to have goaded the victim into saying the “N word,” rather than trying to defuse the situation. Corey Pujols was an employee; de-escalation is part of his job.

Certainly, whites are not excused if we respond violently to attacks on our race or traditions, no matter how outrageous. Indeed, that would be a “hate crime.”


Gregory Hood and Chris Roberts discuss Francis Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man and its many critics.

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Credit Image: © Hannibal Hanschke/DDP via ZUMA Press

Why do they hate Elon Musk? The head of Tesla and SpaceX should be a progressive hero.

Leftists lecture us about “climate change” and why we need a Green New Deal. One group, Extinction Rebellion, warns of “mass extinction” unless there is revolution. The Guardian says some parents regret having children because of “climate change.”

Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company Tesla should thrill progressives who worry about the planet. President Obama toured SpaceX HQ with Mr. Musk, and he’s hardly a conservative. Mr. Musk endorsed Democrat Andrew Yang in the 2020 presidential campaign and supports a Universal Basic Income. Republicans don’t hate him, either. Democrats and Republicans support him at about equal rates, which is rare in a partisan age.

Elon Musk appeared in the movies Iron Man 2 and Machete Kills as a smart, socially conscious CEO who was saving the world. He represented the ascendant “creative class” — the pragmatic, progressive, environmentally friendly elite who think globally and aren’t held back by old-fashioned nationalism. Elon Musk is even an immigrant. He’s the most successful African-American in the world. It’s especially impressive because he doesn’t get affirmative action (he’s from South Africa).

However, many were outraged learn that he is going to host Saturday Night Live.

“Elon Musk doesn’t deserve to host SNL,” says CNN’s Dean Obeidallah. SNL’s “starsapparently agree. Here are some of the objections:

Perhaps they were among the people who shorted the stock and lost $38 billion in 2020. Why is this worth writing about?

First, it reflects what progressives think about the 2016 election and what they think must be done to make sure nothing like it happens again. They think without strict media gatekeeping, dangerous forces could emerge. Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live during the 2016 campaign. He also appeared on The Tonight Show. Many people blamed his victory on programs that “normalized” a man who should have been banned from the airwaves. When People put then-President Elect Trump on the cover, Vulture said:

It was merely an escalation of an impulse that had been decried months earlier, when NBC’s The Tonight Show welcomed Trump . . . . Nearly a year ago, that same network’s Saturday Night Live booked Trump as a host, essentially letting him affix his name to the show as if it were another hotel or bankrupt casino.

Who determines what is “normal?” If I told you five years ago that the President of the United States would use support for “transgender children” as an applause line in an address to Congress, you would have laughed. So what’s “normal?” It’s what’s allowed on TV. If you prevent discussion of certain things, you prevent certain thoughts. That is why progressives drove Trump supporters and even Donald Trump himself from social media.

Why do leftists say it is “reckless” or “dangerous” let Elon Musk host a comedy show? I suspect they think that if Donald Trump had not appeared on SNL or on television, he would not have become president. This fear drives the tireless compulsion to deplatform, definance, or outright ban speech. Instead of finding the correct policies by debating them, they protect the “correct” policies by preventing debate.

Even if he is not conservative, Elon Musk expresses an independent opinion occasionally on things such as COVID-19. This makes him — to use the word so many on Twitter use — “dangerous.” It’s the same justification for the daily campaigns to kick Tucker Carlson off the air. The repression leftists require shows how weak their positions are. If there were free speech, we would win.

What makes Elon Musk “dangerous?” Historically, progressivism is about “problem-solving.” A managerial elite uses state power to end poverty, war, and racial disparities. During the George W. Bush years, many leftists called themselves the “reality-based community.” “New Atheists” such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens became heroes for the Party of Science. Engineers like Elon Musk would stop climate change with new technology.

Progressives thought the same thing about race. Bad policies and prejudice caused inequality. Education would “solve” racism. Freedom of speech would break old habits.

However, over the last few years, American progressivism became more like a religion, unleashing what we call “Woke Culture.” Yesterday’s heroes are today’s villains. In 2018, Vox said Sam Harris was part of the “Intellectual Dark Web,” a movement close to the Alt Right. Christopher Hitchens did his career a huge favor by dying, because he would certainly be “canceled” today.