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The Zemmour Phenomenon
Can ‘France’s Tucker Carlson’ Retake France for Patriots?
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Éric Zemmour. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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France is abuzz with the news that Éric Zemmour – a right-wing pundit – may in run the country’s presidential elections set for April 2022. Polls already have Zemmour enjoying double-digit support and potentially even beating Marine Le Pen and the mainstream conservative candidates, thus making him run off against sitting President Emmanuel Macron in the second round.

Zemmour would, according to these same polls, win around 45% of the vote in this scenario. That’s short of a victory but, this early in the game, it’s exactly the kind of level of support Brexit and Donald Trump received before their triumphs in 2016.

But who is Éric Zemmour? The pundit has been virtually a household name in France for many years. He is akin to Tucker Carlson in America: just about the only voice in the TV news media who effectively, though usually not explicitly, defends the interests of the nation’s core ethnic demographic.

I have previously written on Zemmour’s career in the media. Suffice to say that he has been able to carve out a lucrative niche for himself as the highest-profile nationalist/conservative voice in the French media landscape. This makes him a polarizing but popular figure as there is great untapped demand among audiences for patriotic rhetoric. This demand is largely ignored by journalists who are, like in the rest of the West, structurally biased in favor of left-liberal causes.

Occasionally, mainstream journalists forget to keep their biases subtle and covert. One journalist at the France Info public TV station said Zemmour “is not allowed to come here.” The channel then publicly contradicted the journalist and clarified that Zemmour would be invited only when he had officially become a candidate.

Zemmour’s career: right-wing media gadfly

Zemmour has successfully built up his profile on the right-wing edge of the media system. He long worked for the conservative newspaper Le Figaro and broke through on TV talk shows in which he was noted for his criticism of feminism and professional “anti-racist” activism. He has been periodically fired by certain media for going ‘too far.’ He has also often been dragged into court by said “anti-racist” lobby groups – while he has generally been vindicated, he twice was found guilty of “inciting racial hatred.” In the end, Zemmour has been able to flourish despite these setbacks, keeping gainful employment in a critical section of the French media and continuing to reach his audience.

Zemmour is technically still not a candidate for the election. However, things came to a head earlier this year as he set up a political party, recruited staff, and raised funds. Last month, France’s TV regulator, the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA), required that Zemmour’s TV appearances be limited to what is proportionately allowed for presidential candidates. This was a big deal as Zemmour had previously been allowed to dominate a popular talk show on maverick TV station CNews, which had enjoyed as many as 800,000 viewers at a time.

Zemmour’s ideas: The defense of French interests, including the native French

Regarding Zemmour’s political ideas, the best place to start for English-speakers is probably the recent interview he gave to a Hungarian think-tank, on the occasion of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Fourth Demographic Summit. (This event, focused on opposing immigration and supporting European families and fertility, was itself very noteworthy and included the participation of the prime ministers of Czechia, Serbia, and Slovenia.)

In the interview, Zemmour explicitly mentions France’s white identity with a suitable quote from General Charles de Gaulle, who said that the French were “a European people of white race, Greek and Latin culture, and Christian religion.” Both add that while some non-Whites and Muslims may become French citizens, the nation would lose her identity if these groups ceased to be “a small minority.” In the French media, few have been as explicit as Zemmour in denouncing the ills of Afro-Islamic immigration and the results in terms of criminality, welfare abuse, and day-to-day Islamization.

(Those who want a more detailed exposé of Zemmour’s views read my review of his longest work: Le Suicide français, a meticulous examination of the steady decay of the French nation over the past fifty years. The book sold an estimated 300,000 copies.)

In Zemmour’s politics, France is the be-all-end-all. He is enamored with the nation who gave citizenship to the Jews during the French Revolution, enabling his own people to flourish, and with the glory that France was able to achieve under great leaders such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Charles de Gaulle.

Zemmour’s dissident critics: A tool of the globalist oligarchy?

Zemmour has plenty of critics, including among patriotic dissidents. One such critic is the anti-Zionist civic nationalist Alain Soral, who asks: Why is Zemmour “allowed” to speak in the media in the way he does? Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has long made similar comments, enjoyed no such privilege but was viciously demonized. Is Zemmour not allowed to rise because, wittingly or not, he serves the interests of the global oligarchy which wishes to see France weakened, paralyzed, and bled by fatal internal conflict, namely the ethno-religious civil war which Zemmour is effectively promoting?

I personally do not find the Soralian critique convincing. He fails to recognize the fact that there are differing factions within the French and global oligarchies. Indeed, Donald Trump was able to win the U.S. presidency precisely by exploiting these divisions. He governed with the support of ultra-Zionists who won a great deal for Israel. America won a bit too, though admittedly much less, with drastic reductions in border crossings and refugee settlements.

In France, Zemmour has been able to survive thanks to the support of the Dassault family, an originally Jewish family (I don’t know how much they have intermarried with gentiles) who own the Figaro newspaper and a segment of the French arms industry, and Vincent Bolloré, a gentile billionaire industrialist who owns CNews. I cannot say if these men have supported Zemmour out of right-wing convictions or for subscriptions/ratings.

It is true that Zemmour’s rhetoric is ambiguous. At times, he speaks of “assimilating” foreigners into France, such as by a recent proposal to require newborns to be given traditional French names. At others, he speaks of France’s white identity and of potential civil war between the natives and the Muslims.

Assimilation is a non-starter in a country where around one fifth of newborns are Muslim and one third are non-European. I do not however think “racial civil war” will be occurring in France at least within the next 10-15 years. And even if it did, the fact is that at this stage the Europeans would easily win.

Zemmour’s Jewish identity: rationally pro-French?

There is no downplaying Zemmour’s Jewish identity, right down to his Gargamelian phenotype. Indeed he regularly goes to a conservative synagogue – which probably gives him some subcultural and social autonomy to take taboo permissions within the Parisian politico-media set. He is not among the neoconservatives who have pushed for France to undertake endless wars against the Islamic world on behalf of Israel. Indeed, Zemmour rarely mentions Israel and, in writing though not to my knowledge on television, he has criticized France’s Jewish lobbying organization, the CRIF for being “a State within the State.”

Zemmour arguably has good reason to be a pro-French Jew. His ancestors were Sephardic Jews in Algeria who had been blessed with French citizenship with the Crémieux Decree of 1870 (itself passed by a French Jew during the chaos of the Franco-Prussian War). This unlocked great opportunities for Algerian Jewry, who had previously been subalterns to the local Muslims.

Zemmour’s parents left Algeria for France during the Arabs’ war for independence in the 1950s, no doubt sensing that their time was up. In 1962, Algeria’s 1 million European settlers and most Jews fled the country, knowing that the Arabs would prepare a grisly fate for them if they did not (“the suitcase or the coffin” was the slogan of the day).

Zemmour was born and raised in Seine-Saint-Denis in suburban Paris, the resting place of French kings and now France’s most Afro-Islamic département (county). The French and Jewish residents have had to face the rising tide of Afro-Islamic ways of life and violent criminality. The bullying of Jewish children by Blacks and Muslims is said to be habitual.

Thus, Zemmour’s French nationalism would be motivated by a rational ethnic calculation: contra the anti-French propaganda of Bernard-Henri Lévy and company, modern France has objectively treated its Jews well on the whole. “As happy as God in France” is a traditional Jewish saying. The French are obviously more tolerant of the Jews than are Blacks and especially Muslims. What will happen to the Jews once France has an Afro-Islamic majority? Over the past decade, terrorist attacks by Muslims have become a banal occurrence in France, killing hundreds upon hundreds with knives, bombs, and charging vehicles.

Zemmour Can Win

I cannot say if Zemmour’s campaign is serious or merely an umpteenth conservative/populist grift operation. Indeed, Zemmour has timed his crypto-campaign with the release of his latest book, La France n’a pas dit son dernier mot (France Has Not Spoken Her Last), a diary of his conversations with French media and political figures since 2006.

What I can say is that a Zemmour victory is by no means impossible. Plenty of celebrity outsiders have been able to convert their media clout into political power: I think of Beppe Grillo in Italy, Donald Trump in America, or Vladimir Zelensky in Ukraine.

In a feeble op-ed, the establishment Le Monde newspaper has argued Zemmour cannot reproduce Trump’s success, on the grounds that he cannot take over the conservative party (Les Républicains) with its nationwide political presence. This strikes me as unconvincing cope when we know that President Emmanuel Macron himself won without the support of any established political party. Instead he founded his own party and pilfered politicians from the center-right, center, and center-left. Zemmour could do just the same with politicians of the conservative or nationalist right.

Admittedly, there is a chance that so many right-wing candidates (Zemmour, Marine Le Pen, and a conservative) are fielded that none of them breaks through to the second round. So far, polls show a right-candidate breaking through. This would become a very serious risk if the far-left, Socialists, and Greens agree to a common candidate – but this seems quite unlikely given the monumental egos involved.

Politico Europe, with more realism than Le Monde, writes by contrast that Zemmour “is winning the match against his rivals and against the media.” The paper notes that he is “getting far more prime-time TV slots and front-page stories than many of his rivals.” A Socialist political analyst told Politico: “He checkmated the media. Just like Trump. Zemmour is very well-known in a splintered media landscape and is ahead of the pack because those who make the most outrageous statements have the advantage today.”

Can Zemmour Govern?

I am more skeptical about Zemmour’s ability to govern. After all, being an effective “media-troll” does not require the same skill set as does governing a country, as Trump learned to his chagrin. Still, there are reasons to be more optimistic. Political and media power is far more concentrated in European countries than they are in the United States.

Viktor Orbán in Hungary has been able to push a patriotic agenda in Hungary with little effective pushback. In Italy, Matteo Salvini was able to rise to astonishing levels of popularity when he, as Interior Minister, blocked the arrivals of illegal immigrants in the south of the country. Salvini’s successes were only scuppered by the “populist” Five-Star Movement’s collusion with the Italian Establishment. (While the complexities of Italian politics are far beyond the scope of this article, I would say: keep an eye on Italy, the country is perfectly likely to flip sooner or later, with the next elections planned for 2023.)

At this stage, Zemmour’s crypto-campaign has served to have taboo patriotic and pro-French messages penetrate the country’s political discourse in a way unprecedented since the days of Jean-Marie Le Pen. The dynamics of Zemmour’s career and campaign are distinctly Trumpian. Marine Le Pen has solidified her position in the French political landscape by carefully reeling in “excesses” and effectively being house-trained by the legacy media. Zemmour by contrast has developed his position and prospered by always pushing the envelope in a way which the rest of the media could not deal with – except by giving him more prominence by denouncing him and trying to shut him down.

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  1. Trump was/is a front for the spirit of the tribe. That spirit does not care about left or right but only that it is always in control of both sides. A person does not have to swallow whole Christianity to see that at the very least what the NT teaches about the spiritual ruler of this world seems grounded in reality and that he will place his people in positions of power. In times past this power was limited and kept on a tight chain by the Catholic Church but with the present Pope, and the disgraceful example set by it’s representatives, there is nothing holding it back.

    The excesses of Imperial Catholicism opened the door to the Reformation-French Revolution-Freemasonry all of which were rapidly put to the service of the tribe and it’s devil. Now even Unz gives a platform to a devil with a burning hatred of Jesus who called out the tribe for what they were and who they worshipped.

    Have you never wondered why Ron Unz has been allowed to publish this site?

  2. Zemmour did recently an interesting interview for Valeurs Actuelles (the only really right wing newsmagazine with significant circulation). The questions were not hostile which allowed him to go into topics he usually would not. He insisted on his project to gather around his program working class French as well as a large part of the “Bourgeoisie” including a majority of small business owners but also a significant share of larger firm CEOs (contrary to Marine Le Pen who will never get support from CEOs and might have lost support from smaller business owners due to her leftwing economic shift compared to Jean-Marie).
    Zemmour clearly operates at a much higher intellectual level with a deeper sense of history than his opponents (including the larping, superficial and inconsistent Macron) which is attractive in France (we like our politicians educated and writing books). While literary, he is also extremely good in TV debates (his primary job for the last 15 years).
    Zemmour is ostensibly a citizenist focusing on assimilation and certainly not a racialist and white supremacist (which would be difficult for a North African Jew). This is the only approach to have a chance of gaining acceptance in France and I don’t see it as a shortcoming. He is very good and much stronger than Le Pen on stopping/reversing immigration flows which is the number #1 priority at the moment. He has also a workable approach towards the EU: staying in but reasserting France legal sovereignty (over Brussels and over French and international judges) through referendums.

    • Agree: Pixo
    • Disagree: Bugey libre
    • LOL: frontier
  3. Zemmour indeed often adopt Trump-like tactics to create media buzz. Recently he called gender conversion therapy ‘criminal’ and compared its medical practitioners to Josef Mengele. There was obviously some attention and criticism but not that much. I suppose the French MSM understand that sex change surgery for kids is not a good terrain for the establishment, even when Zemmour seemingly goes over the line.

  4. Anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Apart from looking like Gollum, what does M. Zemmour actually do?

  5. songbird says:

    Was recently reading some Chesterton, where he argued that names, both first and surnames, had lost all significance in England.

    That in the past, an illiterate peasant would have understood the meaning of his Christian name – the story of the saint, and would have gained strength from it. That surnames had a communal meaning, about family or the place you were from or what you did – and that modern business had atomized this, made it about individuals.

    I believe that one of the foundational supports of blank-slatism in the US is that blacks so often have European names, both first and last. (And this could be extended to Jews, many of whom have ethnically indistinguishable surnames)

    In fact, I have advocated mandating different names for maximum ethnic informational value. Toying with the idea that blacks would be permitted to use the first names of their black ancestors, but that British people could at least flee to older or rarer medieval names.

  6. Pixo says:

    Great article.

    Recent polls and momentum I agree make Zemmour look like a winner. I agree with your precedents of Brexit, Trump, Beppo, and Ukraine’s improbable election of a Jewish TV comedian as president. Worth adding that nationalist Jair Bolsonaro is an Italian unmixed white protestant in a majority Portuguese-mixed race Catholic nation.

    I do like Marine Le Pen better for many small reasons, but she has had many chances and come short. In big elections for national leader, females always underperform. France is more important than fairness to her personally.

    Regarding party support, I notice France has a lot of independent conservatives win office with no party or a minor party. And the main center right party keeps changing its name, a sign of a weak brand. Very unlike the USA which has zero independent conservatives in the house, senate, or gov offices, though there are two small state independent leftist senators (Bernie Sanders and Angus King).

    • Replies: @guibus
  7. anonymous[166] • Disclaimer says:

    Another critical view of Zemmour, seeing him as establishment controlled opposition:

    Operation Zemmour-Macron and the Great Replacement of France’s far-right

    Candidate Zemmour, supported by the Macronists, the Sarkozyists and Rothschild bankers

    Zemmour, like Macron, endorses the euro, the EU, NATO, the financialisation of the economy (about which Zemmour doesn’t say a word, as he is supported by the bankers), dictatorial tyranny, the vaccine pass and all that follows from these

    In French

  8. @anonymous

    Entirely true.
    But Durocher needs to generate income so we get this lamentably weak – and dishonest – blog. It’s as if he doesn’t do any research at all for these articles. Only if it benefits his bank balance !

    • Replies: @HyperDupont
  9. Interesting article. Thanks.

    • Replies: @guibus
  10. Ghali says:

    It is a nice try Mr Guillaume Durocher. However, you failed miserably to mention that Zemmour is an anti-Muslim Fascist Jew and an ardent supporter of Israeli-Jews war against Muslim and Islam. Zemmour is a convicted criminal.
    Just Like Washington is run by Jews and the Anglo-Zionist media led by the NYT, France is run by Jews and French-Zionist media led by Le Figaro. It is most likely that Zemmour will win and destroy France as we know it. After all, Sarcozy and Macron won handsomely. Thanks to wealthy Jews and the French-Zionist media. But remember, Les élections sont une façade pour garder des gens comme vous qui chient dans leur pantalon.

    The problem you and you stinky ilk are facing is NOT Muslims and Islam, it is Israel and Jews who keep you on a leach. Despite your false intellectual ability, you often failed to think according to moral principles. Bonne Chance, Monsieur Durocher.

  11. I personally do not find the Soralian critique convincing. He fails to recognize the fact that there are differing factions within the French and global oligarchies. Indeed, Donald Trump was able to win the U.S. presidency precisely by exploiting these divisions.

    Then you have this:

    “Icahn, Ross saved Trump brand from Taj Mahal casino mess”

    “We could have foreclosed [on the Trump Taj Mahal], and he would have been gone,” Ross, the chief restructuring adviser for Rothschild & Co., which was representing the bondholders at the time, told The Post, speaking of the eventual 45th president of the US.

    They’re so “factionalised” the current “woke” French president and the previous “redpilled” US one are both connected to branches of the same of global finance conglomerate.

    • Replies: @Not Raul
  12. Anon[939] • Disclaimer says:

    Durocher just outed himself as very weak on the JQ. Zemmour will grant you racism on blacks or arabs, but he won’t say a word about the centrifugal force driving it all across the West: organised Jewry and their various offshoots. CRIF is merely one arm of this hydra and his mild comments mean nothing, because he won’t do anything substantial to CRIF as we all know.

    Jews have a central role in the displacement of Europeans across the world and the ‘Great Replacement’. That Zemmour is treated well compared to Le Pen (the father, since his daughter has sold out all principles) is not a Cohencidence either.

    By putting Jews as faces of the “far-right”, that helps redirect the ire to the consequences of mass immigration – rather than one of the root causes of it. The other root cause being deracinated goyim capitalists in need of cheap labour.

    Jews are pragmatic people. Let’s give that to them. They are willing to make all kinds of strange alliances if it benefits them in the long term, as we’ve seen in Syria where Israel supported the most brutal islamists, as long as those ISIS terrorists didn’t target Israel. In Zemmour they won’t need a proxy: they can reliably count on one of their own to redirect ire against browns and blacks who hold very little insitutional power in France and elsewhere, while shielding the powerful Jewish lobby that is so influential on multiculturalism and immigration questions.

    The short answer is that Jews are not a white people. While Zemmour may genuinely understand that browns and blacks are a problem, he understands that genuine white nationalists are an even bigger problem to Jews. Blacks and browns can be managed easier. He’s out in front not fighting for white people, he’s saving the ass of his own people. If French “radicals” like Durocher are too stupid to see through this, then we can conclude that France is indeed lost.

  13. Not Raul says:
    @Jack McArthur

    Now even Unz gives a platform to a devil with a burning hatred of Jesus who called out the tribe for what they were and who they worshipped.

    Who is this “devil” of which you speak?

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  14. Not Raul says:

    Does anyone know what Ross and Icahn got from Trump in return? Trump has been the beneficiary of a lot of generosity in recent years.

    It looks like Trump did a 180 to help Qatar in exchange for Qatar funding a bailout of Kushner owned 666 Fifth Avenue.

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
    , @geokat62
  15. This article sucked.

    Guillaume Durocher needs to get Éric Zemmour’s dick out of his mouth.

    By the way, Ukraine just banned anti-Semitism.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  16. @anonymous

    Never thrust this chosen, but his chanses are good because of a powerful sionist press and financial banksters.
    Remember that all presidents between Mitterand and Macron were chosen ones. France is being driven against a wall.

  17. Pixo says:

    “ Candidate Zemmour, supported by the Macronists”

    Not if the runoff is Zem v Macron.

    “ endorses the euro”

    He’s right. France in the 19th century had a proto-Euro Latin Monetary Union with Italy, Belgium, Spain, Austria-Hungary, and Switzerland, so it isn’t some new leftist idea.

    Leaving the Euro would also have huge transition costs.


    Who cares? You have to pick your battles. He focuses on the Great Replacement as issue 1 and cultural marxism as issue 2. If you have someone who agree with you on this but you a peeved they don’t agree about Nato and the Euro, you aren’t cut out for politics. Your autism will be embraced in other circles fortunately.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
  18. It’s always the same game, promise to repatriate all the foreigners, promise to make France great again and restore conservative values. He’ll draw half the votes away from Le Pen and Macron will win again. He’s a phony, if he were for real, he would join forces with Le Pen and not run against her.

  19. In his book Le suicide français, Zemmour recommends that France take example on Israel (regarding the way to protect our borders from Arabs). Saint Louis, after all, was a Jewish king, since his coronation was imitated from King David’s. France was great when she took inspiration from Israel, says Zemmour, and can be great again by getting again closer to Israel.
    Now, isn’t that good for the Jews? This, according to Soral, is the main explanation why Zemmour has been able to rise to the status of presidential candidate. It is, so to speak, a coup on French nationalism.
    The very notion of France committing suicide is laughable. Zemmour is like Hercule Poirot finding a corpse with a knife planted in his back, and concluding: this is obviously a suicide.

    • Agree: ariadna, Bugey libre, Iris
    • Thanks: St-Germain
    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Iris
    , @Weaver
  20. Anonymous[379] • Disclaimer says:

    Surely, *more* than one third of newborns in France are of Afro/Asian ethnicity.

    That famous sickle cell report series finished – for obvious reasons – a few years ago. As I recall, the last statistic given was pushing 40% of newborns. Considering a reliable increase of at least 1.5% per annum in the black/brown newborn incidence, that figure is, surely, pushing 50% by now, if not the actual majority.

    • Replies: @Jatt Aryaa
  21. anonymous[198] • Disclaimer says:

    What is his attitude towards China? No other commentator on Fox News displays more intense anti-China sentiment than Tucker Carlson.

  22. Merci M Durocher.
    It may be that there will be something interesting again in Italy following the fail of 5 Stars/Salvini, as you hint.
    This seems impossible in France regrettably. Marine Le Pen has been and is a failure and a disgrace to her father Jean-Marie and can you be seriously proposing this Zammour?
    A deeply depressing article.

  23. Éric Zemmour was born in Montreuil, then in Seine, nowadays in Seine-Saint-Denis, on 31 August 1958, to a Berber Jewish family from Algeria

    I think I’ll buy that giant wooden horse from you too, if you don’t mind.

    • LOL: Marcion
  24. @Anonymous

    Apart from looking like Gollum [sic], what does M. Zemmour actually do?”

    According to unverified rumors, he’s boning your mom…

    How’s that for idiotic insults…?

  25. I doubt many French have read Le Camp des Saints (where the
    pundit-of-color is one of the good guys) but they sure seem ready for the third
    swarthy Jew in a row (who even looks like the bomb builder from Les centurions)

    Marine has terminally disowned the Pétainists (baaad idea), but nostalgia for
    Jewish rule of Algeria is not going to lure them from behind the oven;
    Catholic conservatism is struggling as comme d´habitude in France,
    and there is no one in sight who could harness the gilets jaunes
    least of all from the Left.

    (For an in-depth look at the French party ecosystem Steinbeck´s
    “The Short Reign of Pippin IV” is unsurpassed 😛 ).

  26. Mr Durocher, I’m now seriously wondering what your real name is.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  27. Dumbo says:

    I looked at that picture and thought, hmm, he doesn’t look French. Then, of course, I see, he’s Jewish.

    Look, he might be a good man for all I know, a real patriot, a real lover of France, but if he’s Jewish, then it’s not possible that too many changes will come this way. Jews are not exactly fully French, as they are not fully Italian, German, etc. Or, they may even be – but, they are, almost always, Jews first.

    I’m not saying that there cannot be any good Jewish people, there are quite a few, but it’s just that… look, the system is rigged. And a Jew won’t go against his fellow Jews. Very, very unlikely. Unless he was a sincere Christian convert, which he isn’t.

    Also remember, a lot of times people are painted (or pretend to be) “nationalist” when they really aren’t. Sarkozy was considered “right wing” once too. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it turns out that even this Zemmour guy is in the Rothschild’s payroll.

  28. @Anonymous

    He serves the interests of the Jews and if in anyway his actions should benefit (very doubtful) White French, i.e. native Christians, it would be incidental at best or accidental, which would be more like it.

    • Replies: @Briggs
  29. The three French women whose opinions on Zemmour I have heard are all very negative. He is seen as hostile to women. There is some basis for this, in that he wrote a book lamenting the feminization of society, but it is perhaps more a leftish response to his firm, manly argumentation. These women are all, I might add, worried about the Islamization of France but like so many people are unlikely to ever vote for a forceful figure. On the other hand, Marine Le Pen has softened so many of her stances that she has really squandered the respect she might have inherited from her father. I won’t claim to know who’s faking whom, but if I were to vote just based on their stances over time I’d go for Zemmour.

    • Replies: @fnn
  30. jeppo says:

    There’s another article here at the UR about Zemmour by Daniel Barge.

    In it he makes the claim that Jean-Marie Le Pen supports Zemmour:

    “Marine Le Pen’s own father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, now in his 90s, is said to be backing him.”

    There’s no citation for this claim, but if true this would be devastating to Marine’s campaign. Even though she kicked her own father out of the party that he founded, and has moved the party in a neo-liberal direction economically and in a more accomodationist direction wrt immigration, Islam, NATO, the EU, the euro, etc., and has even changed the party’s name, the only reason she remains leader is because of her surname, which I’m sure helps keep the FN old guard onside.

    But if Jean-Marie is really backing Zemmour then it’s all over for Marine. Why would French nationalists support her watered-down platform when Zemmour is offering a much more robust version of it, complete with the support of her own father, the grand old man of French nationalism?

    The battle between the two seems to be very close right now, and could very well be decided by JMLP’s endorsement. Does anyone have any information on JMLP’s intentions?

  31. Anon[794] • Disclaimer says:

    Hope the French don’t support this Kabal Klown. He maybe considered controlled opposition.

    • Replies: @guibus
  32. Le Pen has blown it, she spayed herself, played by the enemies rules, so they wouldn’t call her hurty names.

    She has shown she has principles and if the MSM doesn’t like those she has others they may like. No one should be voting for someone that ditches their principles like she does.

    Every country in the West needs mass repatriations of all those families that arrived in the last 60 years. Think how much nicer the rest of the world will be with all those people back where they belong spreading globalist values and how much nicer the countries of the West will be when that happens after we ditch globalist values.

    • Agree: HyperDupont
  33. @Anon

    “ By putting Jews as faces of the “far-right”, that helps redirect the ire to the consequences of mass immigration – rather than one of the root causes of it.“

    Spot on . All the books written by French journalists that complained about the Moslem and African invasion of France have remarkably failed or not dared to mention the root cause.

    “… then we can conclude that France is indeed lost.”

    Ever since Charles De Gaulle was forced to resign under a Zionist orchestrated coup, France has slid continuously into mediocrity. Now seeing the French spirit tamed by medical passports with a succession of presidents who fluctuated between the globalist technocrat and the Zionist stooge, France is indeed a shadow of her previous self.

    Zemmour might at best be the first French Jewish President or at worst he will split the right vote and deliver the presidency to Macron or one of his globalist ilk.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  34. Anonymous[296] • Disclaimer says:

    A North African Jew as the last “Great White Hope”. Sums up what a joke “the West” now is, the white race must truly be in the end times now Jews are trolling whites with this kind of chutzpah. They know the end is near.

    • Agree: 3g4me
  35. guibus says:

    Jair is a jewish firstname. it says it all.

  36. guibus says:
    @Change that Matters

    no, this article is pure BS. I talk as a french man. Eric Moshe (his name in the synagogue) Zemmour is a pure product of the Rothschild’s Jew World Order Chess game. He represents exactly what Lenin (a jew as his brother alexander ilitch Ulianov was convicted as a jewish murderer of the czar, and executed for that) told about revolution : “the best way to control the opposition is to own it”. Zemmour is just here for that : own the opposition, that means own all the forces that could oppose in France the master plan for total annihilation and enslavement of the multi-millenial christian population that made this continent so great for so many centuries.
    Only the most brain-washed and gullible people on earth can believe his lies, which sadly represent now a vast majority of the population. I can confirm it in my own family of well educated (teachers and educators) but completely hypnotized by tv and the mass “merdias” (kind of similar to presstitutes) in general.

    • Thanks: Montmorency
  37. guibus says:

    the fact that the French support him or not doesn’t count, as we already know that votes do not count and they possess all the means to put in place the traitor they wanted. We already know since Macron should have never been allowed to even enter the second round of the “erections pestilentielles” as said Coluche, because he got less than 2% of the votes and all results were made to put him against Marine Lepen, who is a pupet for the banking cartel.

  38. He sounds more like the French Ben Shapiro than the French Tucker Carlson. His function is to let the goyim safely blow off steam, while keeping the heat off the chosen.

    The answer to all the problems caused by Jews is absolutely not to elect a Jew as president.

    No more Jews in politics or media, not even one.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  39. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Eric Striker:

    Front National was a multi-generational bulwark that could be relied upon to represent the interests of French Gentiles.

    Marine Le Pen inherited this tradition and ruined it. She stripped down then dismantled FN in hopes that France’s version of the ADL, CRIF, would stop attacking and marginalizing her.

    The Jews in France made her think she was making inroads, then they sprung their trap (Zemmour).

    After 50 years, Jews have finally succeeded in destroying Front National, the Le Pen political dynasty and the nation’s permanent-seeming identitarian right.
    Macron, one of the least popular presidents in French history, will now sail to victory.

    In this recent Telegram comment, Eric Striker does a good job exposing how the political process is being subverted in Europe (and the Anglo-sphere):

    The new Dutch Party FvD that got into a parliament has a fairly good platform, even if I disagree with them on a number of economic issues.

    But there’s one problem.

    FvD’s leader, Thierry Baudet, has for years been groomed by the Israeli neo-con Yoram Hazony, whose network of Jewish donors finance phony populists across Europe.

    Why does a Dutch patriotic party need a weirdly specific foreign policy stance in support of Israel other than they’re sold out and won’t keep their promises other than support Israel if they get into power?

    Just like with previous iterations like Geert Wilders’ PVV, which they’re now phasing out, Jews create these parties as placeholders to collect populist angst.

    The uprisings in Italy shortly before Salvini was put into power was led by Fascists and Nationalists who came within inches of forcing the government to put them in power. They should’ve kept the pressure on.

    Now Italy is full of these astroturfed, US Jew funded parties like “Brothers of Italy” or the rebranded kleptocrats of Forza Italia.

    All we can do when Western governments ruthlessly suppress real nationalists (see: Golden Dawn) is make sure through agitation that the mass rejection of liberalism, multi-culturalism and globalism never ends until we get what we want.

    We should not be placated until Jewish control over America and Europe ends.

    Hazony and co are trying to put our people back to sleep with this new brand of politics that is purely aesthetic, but delivers exactly 0 wins on policy and program.

  40. Anonymous[296] • Disclaimer says:

    The promotion of Bolsonaro is just another part of the delusion. The cabal want whites to see Brazil as a great place because it’s a racially mongrelised dystopia, precisely what they want white countries to be.

    Brazilian nationalism is deracinated civic nationalism in its truest form. The whole point is chipping away at any resistance to multi-racialism, because “Oh look Brazil voted for “Tropical Trump”, they’re so based”. If a country like Brazil is seen to support a “based” nationalist like Bolsonaro, then psychologically deracination and mongrelisation will be seen as a less of a threat by nationalist whites.

  41. Maddaugh says:

    This fellow looks like a kosher sandwich street vendor. If he gets elected amnesia will set in and he will forget everything except how to make kosher food.

    Pols are Pols. They make promises they do not keep which is a good way of saying they lie. When will the dull, dumb, ignorant and naive accept this fact ? Answer: Never.

    Frenchies, grease up and bend over. Zemmour promises he won’t give you the kosher injection.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  42. The kind of cuckery according to which only a Jew or a Muslim or a black can make a half-hearted defense of White Christians is the very root of the problem. We don’t need aliens to defend us or validate us. What’s more, for every one of them who says a kind word about us, there are 100 who rage us against us and blame us for all their inadequacies. Kick them all out of our countries and give the ones among us who object the traditional treatment for traitors.

  43. A123 says: • Website

    Le Pen disconnected from Christian Populist voters as part of the FN to RN party weakening effort. Zemmour’s effort is thus well timed. Polls show that he is more or less tied with Me Pen, and he still has untapped upside potential.(1)

    In the latest polls, the conservative essayist, journalist, and columnist Éric Zemmour, who is fiercely opposed to the French policy of mass immigration, caused confusion last week after a poll published on Sept. 27 put him at 13 percent of voting intentions. And then a new poll published on Oct. 1 showed he could even get 15 percent of the popular vote if the next year’s presidential election was to take place now. Support for Zemmour in opinion polls has risen threefold since July and twofold in the last month.

    Marine Le Pen suffers the most from Zemmour’s inclusion in the polls: she is left with 16 percent of voting intentions, while she would get 25 percent in the first round of the presidential election without Éric Zemmour in the race, on par with the incumbent president, Emmanuel Macron.

    The real issue today in the French presidential election of 2022, presented on the right as a last chance election before the chaos that will lead to the end of France, is who will face the incumbent president. If Éric Zemmour becomes a candidate, the chances are high that Marine Le Pen will be overrun from her right side, after having pushed her party towards the center in an unsuccessful attempt to “de-demonize” it in the mainstream media.

    He has a better chance of reaching a runoff than Le Pen, and a better chance of winning it.

    GD is correct that governing is a different skill set. However, the bar Zemmour needs to get over is “governing better than Macron”. That is not a difficult objective to exceeed.

    PEACE 😇


  44. Zemmour is nothing but a Rottenchild stooge. He has said one thing and then another during the last decade. He has zero ampathy for the usual French people. A couple of years ago he rent the “Orangerie” in Versaille for his birthday. He would say anything in order to serve his masters in the City of London. He is dangerous. This article is an utter stupidity.

  45. Maddaugh says:
    @Lawrence of Arabia

    Mr Durocher, I’m now seriously wondering what your real name is.

    His real name is Durochberg.

  46. @Joe Levantine


    Léon Blum was Jewish, otherwise noting to say about your comment.

  47. Sounds like France might get their Trump. A selected stooge giving French dissenters hope while actuality setting them in up for the kill. Bold move for the false savior to be Jewish. Then again maybe not, and its done merely for the giggles. Trump at least was entertaining. Is Zemmour?

  48. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Another huckstering Jew pretending to be savior to the Europeans.

    God Almighty, when will people learn.

    • Agree: Rurik, Kratoklastes
  49. SvenB says: • Website

    So far, Zemmour has achieved this: killing the chances of Marine le Pen and paving the way for the reelection of Macron, by splitting the right-wing vote:

    One is excused to think that this was the purpose all along.

    And since le Pen has foolishly announced that she wants to break with Germany, that has cost her extra votes. Rather than 55-45, it is now 56-44.

    It is a pretty safe bet that Macron will win, as France is not interested in a disastrous Frexit.

    Populism is not the solution. The real solution is WW3 and China throwing the Anglos out of East-Asia. That will likely trigger CW2 in the US and the final discrediting of the diversity and Open Society idea. By founding AUKUS, Anglos and Chinese are now locking horns and have set themselves on the inevitable path of major conflict, with Europe (EU + Russia) the laughing third. The post-WW2 global order is about to be erased. Good riddance to that. The 20th century was USA + USSR, the secret allies in the run-up to WW2. The 21st century will be a multi-polar world, but dominated by Greater Europe and China.

    “What Comes After the Three Anglo Empires?”

    • Replies: @anonymous
  50. The only French candidate which is serving the interest of France is François Asselineau and the Union Populaire Républicaine which is for leaving the EU dictatorship, criminal NATO and the fake Euro money.

    Otherwise there is also the very interesting and respectable Philippe Argillier and Le Rassemblement des Droits de l’Homme:

    Worth listening to guys!

    Of course, both of them are heavily censored, smeared or ignored in the MSM, the globalist Anglo-Zionist propaganda.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  51. @Johnny Smoggins

    “…His function is to let the goyim safely blow off steam, while keeping the heat off the chosen…”

    Yes, and to direct any form of “conservatism” into support of Israel, the typical neo-con trick. Salvation is not from the Jews.

  52. AndrewR says:

    Many wignat tears have been shed about civic nationalism, and many wignat throats have been made sore from impotent screeching, but the fact remains that a serious civic nationalism is in practice almost the same as ethnic nationalism. If you say “we don’t care where your ancestors came from but we will kick you out if you respect our culture and don’t whine about how awful it is here” then in practice you will objectively whiten the country. Whereas strong ethnats only legitimize anti-white narratives. In the US and presumably in most of Europe, the vast majority of anti-white ideologues are white gentiles. Yes, I would rather live next to a based black than a white shitlib. And I’d rather live next to a white shitlib than a wignat.

    • Agree: HyperDupont
  53. fnn says:
    @Tono Bungay

    He’s only 5’4” and, for what it’s worth, the manosphere always said that women hate short men. That would explain why Anglin lives in SE Asia.

  54. @HyperDupont

    Democracy is what has gotten us into this and it will never get us out. Trying to save White nations through democracy is like chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There will be no hope for White redemption until a significant number of White men shed the democracy mindset and reject electioneering not only in practice but in principle. The idea that political legitimacy comes from the ignorant, venal masses putting an “X” next to someone’s name on a ballot or touching that name on a computer screen is a ridiculous one, even if most of today’s White men spend their whole lives without ever questioning it.

    Needless to say, the above goes not only for France but for every White Christian country. If Zemmour is elected president of France, at the end of his term the country will be worse than it is now in every measurable way.

  55. Zemmour and his followers support the mandatory vaccine pass.
    This shows enough.

  56. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Could be a gimmick to block Le Pen. After all, he’s just a pundit which is easier to navigate than in politics where Le Pen has been harassed and hounded. Perhaps he’s controllable through blackmail. Why would he want to thwart her now when he could throw his support behind her and at least secure something tangible for the time being? He could play a role in the administration and be influential.

  57. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    This is terrible same as the ill fated 1992 Illinois US Senate campaign that propelled an unknown half Black African, half White Illinois State Senator with a Muslim name Barack Obama to national prominence.

    What happened in the Illinois US Senate race was that the mainstream White GOP frontrunner was forced to step out of the race because of a sex scandal. So, Illinois Right to Lifers, and various Libertarian, Christian religious right decided to run Black Conservative talk show host Alan Keyes under the idea that the mainstream media would give great coverage to any intelligent Black candidate running as a Conservative Republican.

    But racial realities kicked in – Blacks in Illinois and elsewhere will never vote for Republicans and Keyes was dismissed as an uncle Tom – the Chicago J media and J political advisors David Axelrod and 1960s Leftover Communists such as Bill Ayers teamed with the Jessie Jackson PUSH and unbeknownst to anyone then – this Barack Obama had Black Theology Cult network combined with just same old, same old White Liberals that are always looking for some Kennedy or well dressed Black Liberal to:

    Bring us all together.

    So Barack Obama was elected in a very one sided election – he was a US Senator then propelled by these same forces (Add Zionists, Hollywood Js such as his chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel) And then Barack Obama became a 2 time USA President of the United States the Obama Foundation and these same forces just stole a big church of my back yard (Andrew) Jackson Park to creating the Obama Presidential Center – a god awful religious temple, BLM training center. Park purists are pissed.

    Anyway – it’s seems to be the same with this false Algerian Jewish savior of traditional France.

    Nationalists in France and elsewhere who think the Powers that Be in the media will give Eric Zemmour a big break because he’s Jewish with family from North Africa – it’s the same dream that made White Conservatives in Illinois and California think they could elect their major Negroes Alan Keyes and what was that latest GOP Black savior in California :

    Oh Larry Elder

    I seem to recall there was also some more Conservative Black Episcopal bishop that Whites in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe ran for President in the first Black majority rule election against Robert Mugabe.

    This Eric Zemmour is just splitting the French National Presidential vote with Marie Le Pen. That’s probably the J Zionist, Neo Conservative plan same as running that Egg Mcmuffin Presidential Candidate in Utah to try to flip enough LDS Mormons in Utah to tip Utah for Hillary against Trump.

    If this Algerian Jewish guy is serious about helping save traditional France from the North African, Black African, Islamic migrant Great replacement he should just join the French National Front and run for one of thousands of offices he could actually have a chance to win like:

    Mayor of Leon France, Mayor of Marseille France, some interior minister position responsible for putting down “Youth” riots in the Arab/Black suburbs/ghettos outside of Paris.

    The last J “savior” of traditional France was Nicholas Sarkozy who was just that a supposedly tough, interior minister who posed as a law and order president to steal the thunder of Marie Le Pen’s father Jean Marie Le Pen.

    After getting elected President, Sarkozy proceeded to propose the complete union of all peoples on both the North and South shores of the Mediterranean Sea so the entire populations of Algeria, Morocco, Libya could simply move to Italy and France!

    That’s the Camp of the Saints end of White European civilization there folks.

    If Js like this Eric Zemmour are sincere in helping us, working to resist, reverse the Great Replacement of our people and our civilization they should form their own J organizations and not try to take over ours like the cursed J Neo Conservatives did at National Review and throughout Conservative Inc.

    Let this Eric Zemmour be more like Converso Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada and do battle with the Js who are not our our side like like George Soros, his son, all of Hollywood, pretty much all of the Biden Administration and the French versions of the ADL, SPLC.

    J Ryan
    The Political Cesspool radio show

  58. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    As Chairman Mao once said:

    “A Revolution is not a dinner party”.

    There is no way the powers that be will allow a nice, intelligent, fair minded man to be some how magically elected President of France or President of the United States and be allowed to change the system, reverse the Great Replacement or in cases like

    Ron Paul – somehow restore a Constitutional Republic, end the Great Society welfare programs, end the New Deal, bring back hard money currency (that’s ending debt slavery to the J financial banking cartel).

    Large parts of France and even larger parts of the United States have fallen down in to anti White, anti European mob rule.

    Do you really think some polite, sensible intellectual (Jewish Algerian) is going to somehow magically be allowed to be elected President of France and reverse all this sh**

    My sources say the real French J*#*#* community will crucify him as a traitor NAZI, he’ll get worse press than Le Pen.

    Plus why does he want to split the French nationalist vote with Miss Le Pen? Why not run as a traditionalist French mayor of some rough French city with say 15% immigrant/Black Muslim population – a French place that is threatened but the demographics aren’t lost.

    This feels so much like the early 1980s during the optimism of the Reagan Victories. American J*ws were supposedly becoming more more Conservative because Liberals had turned against Israel and were promoting Black criminal mob rule, welfare dependency.

    The 1980s was when we foolishly allowed the American J*wish Neo Conservative to come in, take over National Review and all of Conservative Inc and these some how born again, J Neo Conservatives forced this New Conservatism to be:

    A) Open Borders immigration to the USA, the White West
    B) Endless Neo Conservative/Zionist Wars for Israel or just against Serbian, Russian, Arab Nationalists
    C) In Hoc to the entire world, the J Federal Reserve banking cartel to pay for A and B

    Oh, and we can’t even say “Merry Christmas” or notice the War on Christmas, notice the Like of Harvey Weinstein Hollywood forcing anti White snuff films like “D’Jango Unchained” to be mass opened on Christmas Day.

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Bugey libre
  59. geokat62 says:

    Yes, I would rather live next to a based black than a white shitlib. And I’d rather live next to a white shitlib than a wignat.

    So, you’re saying you’d rather live in Brazil than in 1950s America?

    • LOL: Weaver
    • Replies: @AndrewR
  60. Exile says:

    Frenchmen need a White Frankish leader, not a Jew – even if he is legitimate rather than a Jewish attempt to co-opt French nationalist sentiment.

    Even if he truly wishes France well, it’s only in the context of being “good for the Jews.” That’s not acceptable.

    Every bit of time, effort and money spent on Zenmour denies those resources to guys like Jean-Marie Le Pen.

    And electing a Jew to undo Jewish subversion of France sounds “counter-intuitive” to say the least.

  61. Rurik says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    France was great when she took inspiration from Israel, says Zemmour, and can be great again by getting again closer to Israel.

    Good God

    This, according to Soral, is the main explanation why Zemmour has been able to rise to the status of presidential candidate. It is, so to speak, a coup on French nationalism.

    and you don’t agree?!

    they destroy your country, and then say they’ll slow down the destruction so long as you praise them and thank them for it, and exalt them to your highest office.

    Every day a Frenchman wakes up or goes to sleep, they should get down on their knees and beg forgiveness to Germany for not supporting the National Socialists with their every last breath and drop of blood.

    When a Frenchman (or Brit or N. American, etc..) sees a German, they should bow down in ashamed grief, for what their nations collectively did in the last century, on behalf of their genocidal enemies.

    • Agree: Johnny Smoggins
    • Disagree: Bugey libre
    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  62. Weaver says:

    Since he’s Algerian, it’s possible he’s unlike the Ashkenazi and so could act to reduce Muslim immigration. Who knows? The original Le Pen backs him over his own daughter, if reports are true.

    The thinking seems to be “this is France’s last chance,” and Le Pen can’t win. I obviously don’t know what France should do.

  63. Rurik says:

    The bullying of Jewish children by Blacks and Muslims is said to be habitual.

    how can I go though my day after reading that?

    It’s like a small fragment of some white phosphorous being dropped on Gaza gets blown into a Jewish neighborhood, and lands near an Orthodox child’s hat. And causes some discoloration to the hat.

    What did that child do to deserve that?!


    Just because he’s a Jew, now his hat needs to go to the cleaners!

    Is there no end to thier suffering?!

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
  64. Weaver says:

    You assume Russia and Germany had to fight. Is this settled science? Also, he could have not declared war on the US. Japan attacked the US, not vice versa. No obligation.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  65. Weaver says:

    Both Reagan and Trump got through. They just didn’t know what they wanted after winning. In Trump’s case, 4 years passed without his noticing. He promised not to screw things up and so really didn’t do anything at all.

  66. This was very informative. Thanks. The world and France have changed a lot since 1964 when I first traveled the country and since de Gaulle era when French population was still in equilibrium. There was no highway around France in 1964. It’s clear the new lines of communication that have been built since then work in two directions: the highways, the international airports, the electronic money exchanges and the Internet make the movements of population toward France very quick and relatively easy. I think there is no way back. France had many colonies like the UK did and the movements of populations from those areas toward France and the UK are to be expected. Add the social measures France provides to the equation. I don’t support the modern liberal globalist agenda but one needs to live with the facts. It will be interesting to watch which politicians join him if he creates a new party.

  67. @anonymous

    Marine Le Pen is making a living out of being a traitor, a deputy of the EU dictatorship. Her role is and has always been to destroy all real opposition and afford the like of Sarkozy and Macron the presidence.

    During the last election, there has been a ‘debate’ with the psychopath macron where she has been so bad it is just unthinkable it was not a roleshe was playing.

    As to the two other noble Men I have mentioned earlyer, Asselineau and Argillier, they both denounce the corona thing as a scam and the policies of mass house arrests and now the so called pass sanitaire ( a trojan horse for digital identity and the dictatorship of Fink’s Blackrock, Mainstreet and co) as against human freedom.

    They both refuse to be injected.

    During the whole delirium Marine has remained silent.

  68. @Rurik

    As a French with long roots in this country, I tell you that it is inacceptable to be invaded by any foreign power. The Nazis have pillaged my country, French in average have lost 8 kg during this invasion. The US invasion was also inacceptable.

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Rurik
    , @E_Perez
  69. What is the European version of the Council on Foreign Relations?

    If Zemmour surrounds himself with globalist trash like Trump did. He’ll prove to be nothing more than controlled opposition.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Colin Wright
  70. ‘Can ‘France’s Tucker Carlson’ Retake France for Patriots?’

    How can having your country ‘retaken’ for you by a Jew from Algeria be anything more than jumping from the frying pan to the fire?

    Surely the French can find a Frenchman to save France?

    • Agree: Zumbuddi, RichardDuck
  71. AndrewR says:

    Either would be better than 2020s America

  72. geokat62 says:

    Simply put, if candidates aren’t running on a platform that addresses the Jewish Supremacist-engineered migrant invasion of our homelands, they’re not part of the solution… they’re part of the problem.

    Telegram comment posted by Europa Terra Nostra:

    💥 Inger Støjberg, Denmark’s former immigration minister and ex-deputy chairman of the Liberal party, has joined forces with the populist Danish People’s Party (DF) to enact a plan that could see as many as 50,000 immigrants deported from the country by 2030.

    If adopted, the legislation put forward by the populists and Stølberg – who currently sits in the Danish parliament as an independent – could result in the deportation of up to 70 percent of the migrants who in the past several decades have come to the country as asylum seekers or via family reunification processes.


    👉🏻 Follow @ETNostra and please share our channel.

  73. geokat62 says:

    Vive la France?

    • LOL: Rurik
  74. egwin says:

    You aren’t wrong, but what is your suggestion? France doesn’t have a lot of time left. Let Le Pen run and lose again, and let the country stew for yet another half-decade? Much like with “Zion Don”, this looks at least like an opportunity to shift the Overton window back a to a place where normies can be allowed to express patriotism.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  75. Many Black Africans of many tribes, many Arabs, many Berbers have died fighting for France in the two world wars (may their memory be blessed with those of native French). The problem is mass immigration promoting by the globalists. France should have had partenership relations with our ex colonies and then we would all have greatly benefited out of this logical cooperation. France should also never have invaded foreign territories and so this very cooperation would have solved the problem created by psychopatic bankers in the first place.

    I should add that many French Jews (non bankers) died fighting for France and should never ever have left their country to go invade the land of the Palestinians, be them Muslim Sunna, Shi’a, Druze, Christians and local Jews.

    The AngloZionists are evil as were French bankers and industrialists

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @Weaver
  76. geokat62 says:
    @Billy Kidd

    What is the European version of the Council on Foreign Relations?

    European Council on Foreign Relations

    • Replies: @Billy Kidd
  77. @guibus

    “…Jair is a jewish firstname. it says it all…”

    “…Bolsonaro was born on 21 March 1955 in Glicério, São Paulo,[25] in southeast Brazil, to Percy Geraldo Bolsonaro and Olinda Bonturi.[26][27] His family is mostly of Italian descent, with some German ancestry.

    His first name is a tribute to Jair da Rosa Pinto, football player for Palmeiras at the time of Bolsonaro’s birth and who celebrated his 34th birthday on the same day…”

    • Replies: @guibus
  78. Weaver says:
    @Bugey libre

    To be fair, France declared war on Germany and punished Germany in Versailles.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  79. Weaver says:
    @Bugey libre

    Many fight for many causes. French school children fight daily against child rape gangs. France should just be for the French. Keep things simple. France can show gratitude to Africa by sending money to Africa, not by converting to Islam and subjugating under foreigners.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  80. Rurik says:

    You assume Russia and Germany had to fight. Is this settled science?

    Yes, any doubt about Stalin’s intentions became moot once the Red Army showed no intentions of ever leaving even once inch of territory they were occupying.

    We now all know that Hitler was right about Stalin’s imperial agenda. And because of it, Hitler had no choice but to fight.

    Also, he could have not declared war on the US. Japan attacked the US, not vice versa. No obligation.

    Declaring war was madness, but by then Hitler had gone mad. But he was driven to it by the Western world’s abased and slavish fealty to Zion. Including America’s.

    I recently watched an Internet movie about Meyer Lansky, and how he worked for the US government to torture Germans to death (very graphic and proud of it) who might know something about German activity in the US.

    That’s why he always got a pass from law enforcement, because he was a Zionist Jew committed to the same agenda as the federal government, working closely with them to destroy Germany and then to build Israel (on the ashes of Europe).

    This shit goes back to WWI, and even before.

    • LOL: frontier
    • Replies: @Weaver
  81. Zumbuddi says:

    Kept looking at that face, and recalling Victor Hugo’s description of young French gamin, and thinking, Do all Frenchmen look ratlike?

    Read further.

    He’s not a Frenchman he’s a Jew.

    Cry The Beloved Country.

  82. @Bugey libre

    Leon Blum was only Prime Minister. A Jewish President of France would be a landmark on the French political landscape.

    • Replies: @Iris
  83. @Bugey libre

    It is illustrative of today’s situation that two good men like PA and FA are in the dark while a greaseball shortarsed Algerian Jew appears from nowhere to tell the French how he is going to save them. And is taken seriously by many.

    Mlle le Pen, who actually threw her own father Jean-Marie out of the FN that he had founded, and went on to wreck that Party (assisted by her Jewish boyfriend perhaps) is still taken seriously In France. How is it possible?

    The big winner is the Sanhedrin and their boy Micron.
    Losers are the French people.

    Inevitably one is reminded of Mao Zedong’s dictum on the origin of political power and to wonder how long before we the people begin to take it seriously and not the above clowns.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  84. @Billy Kidd

    ‘If Zemmour surrounds himself with globalist trash like Trump did.’

    Wouldn’t ‘globalist trash’ be a pretty good description of Zemmour himself? He’s hardly French.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride, 3g4me
  85. Didn’t think he looked like a typical Frenchman, and then upon reading that he is all or part-jewish, I have very little faith he will be an asset to French patriots going forward. I’d love to be wrong about that, but doubt I will be.

  86. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    The Pending Assassination of Tucker Carlson.

    May 2022… a groundswell of support for Tucker Carlson for President becomes a media issue.


    June 2022… Tucker Carlson announces his intention to remain at Fox News, and not run.

    July 2022… The ADL denounces TC as an anti-Semite on par with Father Charles Coughlin.

    August 2022… Fox News fires Tucker Carlson.

    September 2022… Tucker Carlson announces a new Party, the Real American Party (RAP).

    October 2022… Jews by the thousands infiltrate the new party, to wreck it in the cradle.

    November 2022… in a landslide, the Republicans take back both Congress & Senate.

    December 2022… Tucker Carlson announces that he is running for POTUS in 2024 (RAP).

    January 2023… Congress stalls the Biden admin from any more damaging legislation.

    February 2023… The Biden admin uses all executive levers to attack White Christian Americans.

    March 2023… the Jews go into hyperdrive to demonize all White Christians they consider threat.

    April 2023… Donald Trump doubles down on 2024 promises to White Christian America.

    May 2023… Jewish assassins murder Donald Trump… framing the Iranian Republican Guard.

    June 2023… RAP announces that it will become a wing of the Republican Party.

    July 2023… TC makes a speech where he calls into question the true killers of Trump.

    August 2023… White Americans attend TC rallies by the millions.

    September 2023… The Stock Market crashes 45% in one day, of course, Jews know in advance.

    October 2023… White Americans are subject to Biden Executive Order #666… \$6T in Reparations.

    November 2023… TC announces his program for Take Back America.

    December 2023… Israel attacks Iran, Biden announces US Military supports Israel, attacks Iran.

    January 2024… Iran formally invites Russia and China to help defend against Israel & US attacks.

    February 2024… TC in speech denounces Israel’s attack and American Neo-Cons.

    March 2024… 9/11 Truth becomes major issue… Jews react hysterically.

    April 2024… TC has 85% support among registered Republicans, no RINOs though.

    May 2024… in series of speeches, TC calls for new 9/11 investigation.

    June 2024… Israel Knesset votes to censure TC for anti-Semitism… warns US citizens.

    July 2024… TC is selected as Republican nominee, retired US Military Leader as VP.

    August 2024… Democrat nominee (((Jew))) refuses to debate TC.

    September 2024… Polls show 52% of likely voters for TC.

    October 2024… Rising awareness of Jewish malevolence and crimes results in protests.

    November 2024… TC wins election, 274 Electoral Votes… Dems and Jews scream foul.

    December 2024… TC announces cabinet and plans, Jews go ballistic.

    January 2025… Tucker Carlson assassinated two days before swearing in.

  87. @Verymuchalive

    Entirely true.
    But Durocher needs to generate income so we get this lamentably weak – and dishonest – blog. It’s as if he doesn’t do any research at all for these articles. Only if it benefits his bank balance !

    Right, Durocher must be on the payroll of the Rothschilds and of the vast Jewish conspiracy. I suspect he is actually writing his blogposts from Epstein pleasure Island.

    • LOL: Anatoly Karlin
    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  88. Rurik says:
    @Bugey libre

    As a French with long roots in this country, I tell you that it is inacceptable to be invaded by any foreign power.

    look at France today compared to France under Vichy

    Paris was full of French people. Today it’s not, because France “won” the war. ‘

    Just like England “won” the war. Or everywhere else in the Western world where vibrancy is allowed to rape their children wholesale.

    I think of that ten year old Austrian boy who was brutally raped by vibrancy, and the charges were thrown out, because the boy was a white Austrian (Hitler) and the rapist was a person of color. Victim.

    This insanity is all a direct consequence of the Western world having “won” WWII

    If America were to demand that Hungary open their borders to unlimited vibrancy, because to not do so is racist (like Hitler!), then if the Hungarian people, (along with untold millions of other sane and healthy Westerners) decided to invade the ZUSA and rout out the fiends holed up in DC, then not only would I welcome them, I’d fight along side them.

    Quisling was one of the greatest Norwegians ever. Prescient and patriotic.

    Ditto the Cassocks and Ukrainians and Russians that fought for the German army, as the fiend was busy genociding their countrymen faster than you can say Kulaks, or Katyn.

    Just drive around the streets of Paris, to see the results of your great victory against the ‘Nazis’.

    Now you can be so proud!

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  89. I have more or less the same concerns and thoughts as the article. I think it is good that Le Pen and Front National gets outflanked to the right, they need to be punished for folding too much to the establishement. At the same time, surely, the FN movement is a requirement to change anything real? But change in what way, Gaullist heavy handed stateism in a country that is only 60% French, who wants that, that is worse than nothing.

    Big organizations are corrupted by the globalists faster than they can be created. Maybe speaking hard truths is the best that can be hoped for? At the same time, if the everything bubble pops, huge changes would happen. And having the FN machine in power would spell enormous opportunity. A single pundit who speaks truth, probably easily outmanouvered.

    Conflicted. Personally, I pick truth over effectiveness in governance. Let it all burn but speak truth while it is happening and maybe something good can happen. But I am by far not convinced in the case of France.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  90. Weaver says:

    Thank you. Usually, neither side, be it the German or Russian, at this website will lower themselves to answering me. I actually hate reading about WWII; so, I know little about it. I just want to know what’s useful to win with.

    I readily believe Stalin had imperial ambitions. I appreciate that you admit Hitler erred declaring war on the US.

    What now? As Nick Griffin says, “No more brothers’ wars.” Is Russia the last protector of Europeans? If so, Russians surely do not like Hitler. Russia, Hungary, and a few others are nationalist, because Stalin gave them homelands, for which to fight. So, ironically, the ex-communists are the last bastions of nationalism. Hungary is later, but I assume Stalin made them nationalist also.

    Had Trotsky defeated Stalin, maybe Germany would have won. Pat Buchanan knows, has written on this: People need something to fight for, or they will not fight.

    Orwell’s comments on Germany are so odd. He was of the view the Germans did not need to fight:

    I guess political theory, like ethics, goes in circles. I can’t speak ill of Orwell on the whole of his life’s work, but Versailles was correctly labeled as “Carthaginian.” The Germans were wronged.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  91. Z-man says:

    It took too long for the writer to say he was a Jew. There are dark Frenchmen but not with those ears. (Grin)
    France is cooked if he’s their Tucker.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  92. guibus says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Do you really believe in wikipedia’s BS article ?

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  93. Excellent article as always from Guillaume Durocher.

  94. Zemmour is a typical play by the French Establishment.

    Give the ‘bad guy’ (or in Marine Le Pen’s case, the ‘bad woman’) media support, visibility, go buzz buzz buzz.

    Then he wins a big percentage the first round of Presidential elections, when there are a 20 or so candidates.

    Then it’s the ‘bad guy’ against the ‘moderate’ in this case the fascist Macron.

    Voila, Macron president for six more years.

    The author doesn’t mention the REAL rightwing threat, the man who is participating vocally in the weekly anti-covid passport demos which have combined with a resurgent Yellow Vests movement to challenge the fascist Macron regime, Florian Philippot, Marine Le Pen’s former campaign manager and the REAL threat to the French Establishment with his new party ‘Les Patriotes’.

    Zemmour is clearly the establishment’s weapon to reduce and dilute support for Philippot.

    This writer, by not mentioning Philippot and the weekly demos, is basically diverting your attention to the real political movement happening in France. Zemmour is 100% astroturf corporate rat.

    • Thanks: RichardDuck
  95. A123 says: • Website

    If America were to demand that Hungary open their borders to unlimited vibrancy, because to not do so is racist (like Hitler!), then if the Hungarian people, (along with untold millions of other sane and healthy Westerners) decided to invade the ZUSA and rout out the fiends holed up in DC, then not only would I welcome them, I’d fight along side them.

    Of course real America wants closed borders just like Hungary. You would be better to phrase your hypothetical to:

    decided to invade the German Islamic Caliphate and rout out the fiends holed up in Berlin and Frankfurt, then not only would I welcome Orban’s Hungary and MAGA America, I’d fight along side them.

    The Dark Heart of SJW Islamic Globalism is Germany: (1)

    So-called “diversity” parking spaces for gay, lesbian, transgender, and *migrant* drivers were recently inaugurated in an underground car park in the German town of Hanau, prompting criticism from many internet users.

    During last week’s inauguration of the “diversity” spaces, situated closest to the multi-level structure’s exit and alongside a wall painted with the rainbow colors of the “Pride” flag, Thomas Morlock — a city councilor and chairmen of the supervisory board of Hanauer Parkhaus GmbH (HPG) — said that they will serve as a “conspicuously colorful symbol” for “diversity and tolerance,” FOCUS Online reports.



    Railing against the U.S. and Jews is a swing & a miss. If you want to fix the problem start in Europe. Is Mutti Merkel’s replacement going to close the door on illegal Muslim rape-ugees? Signs point to a Traffic Light coalition among open borders parties, and the FDP may be the worst of the three: (2)

    The liberal, pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) is claiming that half a million immigrants need to come to Germany each year for the country’s pension system to remain viable in the future.

    “If we manage to make Germany an open, modern immigration country and at the same time stabilize pensions, we as a society will gain more than we can imagine today,” Dürr claimed, while also criticizing the CDU/CSU and the SPD for having placed financing of pension system on the back burner.

    “Even today, the state has to subsidize pension insurance with large sums, said Dürr. “We cannot afford that in the long run. If we want to stabilize our public finances and reduce the level of debt, our country needs at least 500,000 immigrants a year.”

    Ignoring the cost and danger of Muslims that can never be assimilated is very German. And, Mutti Merkel’s violent Caliphate will continue after her departure as a threat to every other European nation.

    Is Zemmour a perfect candidate? No.
    Is he much better than any of the alternatives who have an *actual* chance of winning? Yes.

    Is there a guarantee will be able to deliver closed borders? No.
    Is he the best chance at closed borders? Yes.

    Common sense shows that there is only one sane (though imperfect) option, which is voting for Zemmour.

    PEACE 😇

    Do not let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good — Voltaire (~1770)



    • Agree: HyperDupont
    • LOL: GazaPlanet
    • Troll: Rurik
    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Saladin
  96. Weaver says:

    Russia gave a homeland to Jews. Maybe it’ll offer the French some frozen wasteland to reside in. With hydroponics, all one needs are water, sewage system, power (wind or nuke), hydroponics, Internet, and a rail connection.

    That might just be Europe’s future, unless the French aim to live under the ocean.

  97. Bruno says:

    So here, loads claim that a Jew is always plotting to get red pilled gentile trapped while leaving their own trace, or even IP, on Ron Unz platform.

    Maybe that’s why far right ppl have iota chances of grasping the power …

  98. @Rurik

    At the begining of the war it is obvious that France was an empire with millions of people subjected to France as a metropole who were Africans, Arabs, Berbers, Asians. Even though they were nor ‘French’, they were to be used as soldiers for France so technicaly, they were… French.

    Furthermore, they were very good soldiers.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  99. Anonymous[827] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘ … Cassocks … fought for the German army ….’

    I didn’t know that Anglican vicars wearing the full ecclesiastical garb had their own priestly platoon, with rifles, grenades etc in the Wehrmacht.

    • LOL: Rurik
  100. PCB says:

    I wonder if Durocher has since learned of the arms-length Rothschild funding – generous funding – of Zemmour –

    • Thanks: RichardDuck
  101. geokat62 says:

    Common sense shows that there is only one sane (though imperfect) option, which is voting for Zemmour.

    Hasbara translation: Common sense shows that there is only one sane (though imperfect) option, which is becoming a Noahide slave.

    • LOL: A123
  102. @guibus

    Intelligent people know when to be suspicious and when not, not all the time.

  103. Tony Hall says:
    @Jack McArthur

    Have you never wondered why Ron Unz has been allowed to publish this site?

    That is a very good and important question, one that calls for a better answer than the one currently on offer.

    • Agree: geokat62
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  104. geokat62 says:

    Zemmour has plenty of critics, including among patriotic dissidents. One such critic is the anti-Zionist civic nationalist Alain Soral…

    Civic nationalist? Are there no authentic ethno-nationalists left in France?

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  105. frontier says:

    It is true that Zemmour’s rhetoric is ambiguous…. At times, he speaks of “assimilating” foreigners into France…

    Ambifuity in politics is a sure sign of lying, full stop. “Assimilating”… LOL.

    He has also a workable approach towards the EU: staying in but reasserting France legal sovereignty

    That’s not only ambiguous but it’s an oxymoron too, “workable” and “EU” cannot exist together. The French cannot reassert anything – Frankfurt prints the money – it’s all that matters, really.

    If the French elect this liar they deserve what they get. What is he, the 3-rd, 4-th in a row? I lost count already. Do people in the West ever learn? No proof of that at the moment, no matter how feeble.

    • Replies: @A123
    , @HyperDupont
  106. geokat62 says:

    The Zemmour Phenomenon

    … or a more appropriate title for this piece, The Zionist Phenomenon

  107. Iris says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    The very notion of France committing suicide is laughable.

    Thank you, dear Laurent, for you incomparable ability to always put things under the right perspective.

    France is more than a nation, it is an ancient civilisation with roots that go thousands years back; France will never disappear. On the contrary, she has repeatedly shown its ability and formidable cultural power to absorb, transform and assimilate those immigrating in its midst.

    Zemmour is a liar: Israel needs France, France does not need Israel (him). Which is why the historic Zionist Book of Lies needs to picture reality the wrong way round. and mendaciously present the usurper as a knight in shining armour.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Anonymous
    , @Franck D.
  108. Weaver says:

    No, France is a nation. If it “absorbs” new people, France dies and becomes a new nation, likely one joining the EU.

    A people without an identity are but slaves.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  109. A123 says: • Website

    You sound like Mish (1)

    Half-Baked Union

    Hungary and Poland are at odds with the EU over court rulings. Other countries are tangled up with EU disputes regarding immigration and borders.

    The European Monetary Union (EMU) or Eurozone is in a similar situation.

    It takes unanimous agreement to change anything or even do many things unless there were specifically established by treaty.

    Germany demanded these unanimous consent rules out of fear of debt commingling. Now these rules hamper efforts by the EU to bring Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and other countries into line over anything not clearly spelled out.

    The EU has a half-baked union and it will stay that way unless every country agrees to changes.

    Good luck with that.

    You cannot have a Currency Union without a Fiscal Union.

    The entire € / EuroZone scam has been about extracting wealth from other countries and using it to fuel the German SJW Caliphate. Judeo-Christian countries have finally woken up the Open Muslim Borders scam. Hopefully, it is not too late.

    PEACE 😇


    • Agree: frontier
    • Replies: @frontier
  110. Iris says:
    @Joe Levantine

    ??? Former President Nicholas Sarkozy is Jewish. His mother’s father, Benedict Mallah, real name Aaron Beniko Mallah belonged to a Jewish dynasty which, after being expelled out of Catholic Spain, settled for centuries in Thessaloniki, Greece. Sarkozy’s great uncle was a Rabbi.

    Furthermore, after Sarkozy’s Hungarian father walked out on his mother when he was aged only three, he and two brothers were raised by their Jewish grand-father.

    Not that I mind who he is. What I do mind is what he pretends to be, a French politician, while most of his life effort was dedicated to serving Israel.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  111. ‘The short answer is that Jews are not a white people’

    good grief

    european jews, nearly to a a one are white and why they have effectively navigated effectively in western society

    this non white dance is false on its face, if one is talking about european jews and that is who is the fulcrum point of discussion 99 percent of the time.

    • Replies: @neutral
    , @Weaver
  112. Weaver says:

    If you believe he can win and Le Pen cannot, then support him. Is Le Pen still dating a Jewish man? I don’t see how she’d be expected to be different, if so. It’s a gamble with any of these politicians. Even Le Pen could win and then, surprise, be no different from Macron.

    Trump was important partly as a disruptive change agent. Doing something, anything, different can be good.

    Also, politically “worse is better” can sometimes apply in surprising ways. This is opposed to “a frog won’t jump from a slowly boiling pot.” Also, the elite are fat and spoiled, just like before the French Revolution. They won’t know how to handle a new situation. The elite have a game plan, often trying what worked in the US on France. Change things up, force them to make mistakes; focus on what actually matters. If you’re organized and focused, in theory you can have an impact. Also, even a small opposition can hinder a dominant power.

  113. Weaver says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Copying Israel is a good idea. I like the guy just from your post. Russians, Germans, Jews, Brits; if a person can reduce immigration, that’s good. Israel has practically no immigration.

    Stephen Miller is similar in the US. @StephenM on Twitter.

    I’m not saying he’s better than a French Nick Griffin, but in theory it’s possible for him to be good. Paul Gottfried runs Chronicles now, Jewish.

    Taking the US as an example, Stephen Miller is better than Hillary or Biden. If there’s no other choice…

    An ideal nationalist position is of course to exit foreign policy entirely. However, if Israel needs nationalism, finds it useful, it might be good for the French. You’d be fighting Syrians against Russia and against the Christian MidEast, basically.

    In my view, Israel is doomed. But if France can be saved, that’s wonderful. I’m not in France; so, I don’t know what’s best.

  114. neutral says:

    He is a jew, nothing more needs to be said about it, anyone who believes this can save France is beyond delusional.

  115. anonymous[397] • Disclaimer says:

    defends the interests of the nation’s core ethnic demographic.

    Lol! Just look at him. Just another garden variety house-judenigga rat, trying his best to out “supremacist” any of his whitevil supremacist massas (think Candace Owens, and such self-loathing scum)

    The french juden must be following this rat’s rise with much satisfaction, and thanking muslims for taking racist heat, which would otherwise be directed against them, from whitevil vermin.

    Over the past decade, terrorist attacks by Muslims have become a banal occurrence in France, killing hundreds upon hundreds with knives, bombs, and charging vehicles.

    I found that whitevils have actually created a page which tracks these attacks. And, why not?

    Hundreds upon hundreds, over the past decade, huh?

    Sadly, nobody has come up with the counts of millions of muslims slaughtered by whitevil mofers.

    But, you can be sure that the Almighty One has this list, and your accursed pagan godless evilisation will pay for it one day. God willing!

  116. neutral says:

    Even if you believe that Ashkenazi are white, the fact is that Zemmour is not even that.

  117. Weaver says:

    Identity. Jews have never identified as white; their tribal religion demands they be separate, praises them as separate and special. Their telling of history is very one sided, claiming to always suffer persecution without telling the full story. As a result, many have come to deeply hate Europeans. That was then; this is now. Can a people change? Maybe. No people are monolithic. However, Jews are both very diverse and, in recent history, surprisingly monolithic, united.

    In recent history, the primary push for France to accept immigrants has been by the US superpower and by Jews, both within Europe and within the US. Can people change? Certainly. But realize the history. Change is especially possible in this day, because we have such terrible educational standards. However, Jews have done a much better job of passing down their version of history to their children. I can readily search much of it online. The same isn’t true of the French history.

    It’s akin to Israel electing a grandson of Hitler to its Presidency. People can change, of course. Alliances can shift. But are the Jews better allies than the Muslims? Israel currently sides against the Christian MidEast, against Russia, against Armenia, against secular and diverse Syria. These are all natural allies of the West. Israel’s allies include not only the neutered Ukrainian nationalists but also the terrorist Kurds, al Qaeda, and even ISIS. Turkey is some sort of half ally, half enemy of Israel. I hate ISIS, myself. I don’t like terrorists.

    But I do want to see France survive. I personally think Jews aren’t self aware. They’re akin to arrogant Americans. But a person has to see the situation in order to make a choice. Conservative Jews in the US are outraged if their history of persecution in Europe is challenged. They expect to have everything, arrogant. However, some like David Frum, who pushed the US into the Iraq War, at least claim to want reduced immigration.

    The current reality is Europeans are a servant race of Jews. Jews are in charge, are importing Muslims who will not be controlled. Jews are ruining their property, ruining their servants. In theory, one might decide he doesn’t want to lose his servants. Alternatively, an Israeli nationalist might see French nationalism as a natural spiritual ally. Might. Possibly. Not a certainty.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  118. Incitatus says:

    “Every day a Frenchman wakes up or goes to sleep, they should get down on their knees and beg forgiveness to Germany for not supporting the National Socialists with their every last breath and drop of blood.”

    Gee whiz! Should Germans “get down on their knees and beg forgiveness” for supporting the National Socialists? After all, didn’t turn out too well, despite all those brilliant NSDAP leadership promises. Let alone Aryan German victims of the leadership (300,000 to 500,000). Should they, resurrected, bend the knee to the incompetents who murdered them and destroyed Germany?

    Next you’ll be saying Poles (those that survived extermination) should fall on their knees and beg German forgiveness.

    What’s next? Belgians, Danes, Greeks, Dutch, Norwegians, Italians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Yugoslavs, Czechs, etc.?

    Good luck!

    Frenchmen should thank Germany? For what?
    • 8 million civilians (20% population) forced to flee their homes in the 1940 Blitz?
    • 124,000 men Killed in Action; 200,000 Wounded in Action prior to Compiègne (22 Jun 1940)?
    • 1.7 million men taken Prisoner of War, most held hostage until the end of the war?
    • 650,000 French forced to work in Germany?
    • German Occupation (west and north), reminiscent of Bismarck’s occupation/French reparations 1871-73?
    • Germany’s Occupation ‘Charge’ of 146 billion francs [7.3 billion Reichsmarks] per year = 400 million francs/day (six times the actual cost, a sum sufficient to maintain a modern army of 18 million men)?
    • German seizure of 154 billion francs in expropriations [commodities, supplies, military equipment, rolling stock, etc.] in France?
    • German seizure of oil and gasoline, automobiles and trucks (French auto ownership, previously the highest in Europe, drops by 92%)?
    • German seizure 80% of French food production (farm production falls 50% due to lack of fuel, fertilizer, workers)?
    • German seizure of 50% French meat, 20% French produce, 80% Champagne?
    • German mandated daily rations of 1180-1300 calories per Frenchman (Germans get 2700-4650)?

    Who was responsible for the above-mentioned (multiple choice):
    a) Jews?
    b) Wholesome Aryan Germans celebrating liberation from Jews?

    Take your time Rurik. Use unlimited shout-outs to Unz crackpots as you please. Perhaps ex-‘UR stars’ like Italian S2C and L.K will help. All hold breath in anticipation!

    “When a Frenchman (or Brit or N. American, etc..) sees a German, they should bow down in ashamed grief, for what their nations collectively did in the last century, on behalf of their genocidal enemies.”

    Vis-à-vis America 1783 you might want to look up:
    • Louis XVI de Bourbon roi de France;
    • Charles Gravier comte de Vergennes;
    • Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais;
    • Amiral François-Joseph-Paul comte de Grasse, marquis de Grasse Tilly;
    • General Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau;
    • Marie-Joseph-Paul-Roch-Gilbert Motier marquis de La Fayette;
    • Battle of Virginia Capes 5 Sep 1781 (French fleet);
    • Yorktown (28 Sep-19 Oct 1781) (French regulars, engineers, sailors outnumbered American rebels).

    Might want to bend a knee to them. Just a thought.

    Was your want-to-be-Aryan family then in North America or did they arrive later? Can you establish beyond doubt Aryan ancestry? Did your VIP Templar Grandfather banker-moneychanger serve his country in the World Wars? God forbid he was just another little threatened WASP shit competing with Jew shits to lend money.

    Give us a hint.

    Stay well, Rurik.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
    • LOL: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @neutral
  119. Weaver says:

    Israel is ethnically cleansing, erasing the history of, Arabs and indeed white and world history from the region. This is what France would have to support. The Israelis act like the Arabs aren’t human.

    Eventually, support for Israel will be a loser. Nationalists, ideally, should be against all interventions. We’re the good guys.

    This will ultimately win:

    Edit: I can’t add a more tag.

  120. E_Perez says:
    @Bugey libre

    As a French with long roots in this country, I tell you that it is inacceptable to be invaded by any foreign power.

    Are you kidding?
    You declare war on Germany and when the Germans come to fight you, you tell them

    that it is inacceptable to be invaded

    They should have stayed at home. You should have stated that in your delaration of war!

    Note that Germany waited several months, so you had time to correct your stupidity.

    The Nazis have pillaged my country, French in average have lost 8 kg during this invasion.

    Really? I heard that the ugly nazis only pillaged 7kg out of every French.

    I have too much respect for your country and have too many intelligent French friends to consider such a comment representative for someone with long roots in France.

    • Thanks: Rurik
    • LOL: nokangaroos
  121. frontier says:

    The problem with the EU is the U. It absolutely cannot be a Union, there are neither historical, nor economic, nor political nor any other conditions for that. The EU is an idiotic contraption much worse than the former USSR. A Customs Union is a terrific idea for Europe and it worked quite well, then the present Pervert Reich was shoved down the throats of poor Europeans and now they have to deal with this monstrosity.

    Too many shills like Mish (?) are trying to promote further integration, their arguments sound something like: “less integration worked fabulously, more integration doesn’t work, thus we must have even MORE integration to fix things”. Sounds familiar? Double shots, then booster shoots, rinse repeat until the patient loses all of his money along with any ability to take funds out of Social Security… It’s a page from the same playbook.

    • Agree: A123
  122. Bartolo says:

    Beautifully explained for Americans

  123. @Weaver

    Zionazi sadism is inherit in a cult that has spent 3500 years brainwashing its adherents into boundless hatred of the goyim. And we are expected, at threat of social death, to grovel before them and worship them.

  124. @Weaver

    I must add that Zionazi obliteration of all non-Judaic archeological remains is definitely State policy and religious/ideological observance. ALL these ancient cultures, from whom the Jews arose, are ENEMIES of Yahweh, and must not only be slaughtered, tortured, dispossessed and vilified in this life, but the evidence of their ancient heritage must be destroyed. That also explains why the crypto-Judaic cult, Wahhabism, destroys ancient evidence even in Saudi Arabia itself and even of Mohammed himself, but also why the MOSSAD/Saud/US creation ISIS, destroys archeological remains wherever it goes. People severely under-estimate the Evil of Israel and its deranged political and religious elites at all our peril, INCLUDING that of non-insane, non-Evil Jews.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  125. Anon[957] • Disclaimer says:

    Zenmour must be controlled opposition, like Macron was. Whether he’s there to take power or to upset the elections, I don’t know.

    He’s amiable and a good debater in the French TV tradition. I’ve seen him go against Lang, with Onfray and with de Villiers. But I cannot imagine a less charismatic campaigner than this pipsqueak of a man, with a slightly shrill tone of voice, the scrawny neck, the carefully drawn-out arguments and the ever-reasonable tone against all opponents. An anti-alpha male, if you will, he’s much better suited to being the Stephen Miller of somebody else’s presidency than the piece de resistance of a revitalized France.

    • Replies: @Mitleser
  126. Jiminy says:

    Whoever comes out swinging, telling the people what they want to hear will be successful. That’s how it works. But is this newcomer just another Zelensky, the jewish funny guy? A plant. Unfortunately once elected they all bow to the same master.
    How ironic that the French citizens who once fled the violence in Algeria, now come face to face with it in the leafy suburbs of Paris, a couple of generations later.
    Zemmour certainly looks the opposite to the pretty boy Macron. Who on a side note apparently spends scores of thousands of tax payers dollars on makeup to look that pretty.

  127. Rurik says:

    the lady doth protest



    • Replies: @Incitatus
  128. ‘Identity. Jews have never identified as white; their tribal religion demands they be separate, praises them as separate and special.’

    the history lesson not withstand, the reason jews, known of as European by region are nearly to a one white. which explains why they have navigated so effectively in western traditions of Europeans extract.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  129. Weaver says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Ironic that the “Marxist” Soviet regimes respected history better than the US aided religious nuts. In the US, it was argued, correctly, by conservatives that it’s better that Muslims be religious than atheist, but these fanatics are too much. I feel sorry also that rap is so popular among Muslims. So, if they’re not fanatics, they’re hedonists. There’s no sensible faith allowed that honors history, protects the truth.

    It’s like how some Christians claim dinosaur bones were buried by the devil. Why must dinosaurs be a threat to one’s faith? Faith is supposed to be based in truth. New evidence should mean correcting a past error. Dinosaurs don’t make anything false.

    If we come to believe obviously false things, we’ll end up with no faith and no roots, no heritage.

    Turkey didn’t tear down Constantinople. It remade it. That’s also how Christians act, or have at times, and it’s much better policy. All 3 religions tend to disrespect other heritages, but it’s a tremendous loss when they do.

  130. @HyperDupont

    As ever, you misrepresent. Durocher could have written an honest article about Zemmour as controlled opposition to attract votes away from genuine French patriots. We could have a well-researched piece explaining who actually is behind this guy, his connections and his funding. I’m sure this would have been highly informative for non-Francophones. However, many admittedly might find it dull and comment traffic might be mediocre.

    Instead, Durocher writes a piece puffing this media creature, no doubt hoping to excite controversy and increase comment traffic. I assume the size of comment traffic is related to how much Durocher gets from Mr Unz. So Durocher gets more money, and an opportunity to genuinely inform is missed.

    • Replies: @falah
  131. Weaver says:

    I don’t dispute they’re Caucasian. That article about “multicultural” Jews is really something. Jews have not thought like that in the past. Definitely a Reformed rabbi.

    Identity is more important than genetics in the sense that he can be white but see himself as something else. What we’re dealing with very much are social constructs, in a sense. Anyway, anyone can be a good person. I posted my contributions. I argued for and against him.

    Zero immigration is most important. Zero involvement in foreign affairs is the next most important position, partly because the foreign is a distraction, partly because war spending will become unpopular. If you crack those, other issues can open domestically. The French also need to decide whether they want to remain French or become part of a larger European state, a new nation. I often hear Europeans say things about changing but remaining the same people. It doesn’t work that way. A larger Europe can be free of the US. A smaller France can better protect its people and identity. It’s a choice.

  132. @Weaver

    That is very true but during the last war against Germany in XIXth century, France also had to pay huge reperations to that country and lost Alsace-Lorraine. Furthermore at the begining of the war, Germany had only repaid 12% of what was imposed.

    Anyway, it seems we are talking about madmen at the top, bullying their respective populations endlessly…

  133. @Weaver

    French schools have children brainwasched by social media, smartphone and as to the sexual things, girls are now masturbating in front of these evil techs because it is cool. My daughters don’t have ‘evilphones’. Our children have been psychologicaly destroyed by the lockdowns!

    France could stop bleeding Africa and it is one of the main thing Argillier talks about. Asselineau is also concerned by that problem and I have made a conference online with UPR about that thorn in our foot.

    As to Islam… Well what are you talking about? The Wahhabism or IbnTemmyah’s demence promoted by the AngloZionists or the Malekite, Sufi influenced rite of most of the French of African (Berbers, SubAfricans) descent which made them respectable people, with the basic same morale code as Christians with whom it is far better interacting with than with atheistic, nihilistic, individualists or worst, degenerate LGBTQ etc…

    Transhumanism would have never been generated out of a true Muslim mind…


    • Replies: @Weaver
  134. anonymous[397] • Disclaimer says:

    Zemmour is an anti-Muslim Fascist Jew and an ardent supporter of Israeli-Jews war against Muslim and Islam

    Good post overall, but still you make this point as if it should sound like a deal-breaker for all the anti-Muslim vermin who lurk here. If this rat was not a juden, the racist scum here would be enthusiastically rooting for him.

    The problem you and you stinky ilk are facing is NOT Muslims and Islam, it is Israel and Jews who keep you on a leach.

    Exactly! If the whitevils and their juden step-brothers weren’t trying to subjugate muslims, actively destabilising their lands, and trying to steal their God given natural resources, then most would simply be content staying in their homelands.

    These scum bastards want to have their cake (own wealth), and eat it too (others’ wealth).

  135. @Iris

    Thank you Iris

    I just would add that that mafiosi is most likely descendant of Shabatean Jews of Salonika and that is not a detail at all. Not that I think all Salonikan Shabbateans were evil as individual, far from it.

    Elite Shabatean/Frankists have played and are still playing a very nefarious role in history and especialy in France during the revolution with for instance Jacob Frank’s relative, the so called Junius Frey.

    Of course Léon Blum was “just” prime minister, I was wrong.

    • Thanks: Iris
  136. @AndrewR

    If you say “we don’t care where your ancestors came from but we will kick you out if you respect our culture and don’t whine about how awful it is here” then in practice you will objectively whiten the country. Whereas strong ethnats only legitimize anti-white narratives.

    A country that doesn’t care where its immigrants come from is hardly likely to enforce any policy of “we will kick you out if you [don’t] respect our culture and don’t whine.” There are quite a few would-be immigrants whose race, religion, and background lower the odds to near-zero they will fit into our culture. A few might, but a workable policy can’t be based on occasional exceptions to the rule. It has to be shaped by what experience has shown to be most likely.

    ” … Strong ethnats only legitimatize anti-white narratives”? Then what are whites supposed to do, kneel before anti-white narratives? That is legitimizing them. Various options for fragging anti-white narratives are available, but “strong ethnats” have a huge role to play in their operation.

  137. laros says:
    @Bugey libre

    Sarközy is also a jew from his mother’s side. Mallah family from Thessaloniki.

    • Disagree: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  138. Briggs says:
    @A Half Naked Fakir

    “White French ie native christians”

    …I hate you christkikes so fucking much.

  139. anonymous[397] • Disclaimer says:


    Ah, a new euphemism!

    See, I understand you are an incorrigible racist at heart (which makes you scum, btw). But, your posts have generally been level headed, except for the bigotry. It is your bigotry which causes you trot out these tired old, but ultimately obfuscatory, racist tropes… if not, Rooothherhaam, it is, “vibrancy.”

    You are rightly outraged about such rapes by the “vibrancy,” but what exactly is your view about the whitevil godmen who rape your “10”-year olds? Does the fact that they are your own kind of whitevils, make it less outrageous? Oh, these are our own people, we should cut them some slack!

    What about the sheer scale of this evil, as compared to that of the “vibrancy”? Does that not bother you? Or, any mention of that will queer your racist narrative?

    These are your mofing godmen!! These vile degenerates guide you on your spiritual path, even if it an accursed pagan godless path to Hell. They are a reflection of the deep rot your in godless evilisation. This rot cannot be conveniently blamed on the “vibrancy.”

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @nokangaroos
    , @Rurik
  140. @HyperDupont

    Well, he gets that one correct, in my opinion at least.

  141. @Ghali

    Zemmour is not the only one. Numerous openly racist Islamophobic Jewish ‘intellectuals’ dominate public discourse in France, and are UNTOUCHABLE. Any criticism of any of their often vile utterances, brings instant denunciation as ‘antisemitism’, and threats of or actual pursuit of legal repercussions.

  142. @David Watson

    Judeophobia, the irrational hatred of all Jews simply because they are Jews, ought to be firmly opposed, as should all such hatreds. Of course outright banning only works in the bigots’ favour. ‘Antisemitism’ on the other hand, being a propaganda and intimidatory fabrication in most cases, ought to be firmly resisted.

  143. Anonymous[141] • Disclaimer says:

    So, what you are saying is that a France mostly populated not by the ethnic French, but by Arabs and blacks will still be ‘French’?

    • Replies: @Franck D.
  144. Just one look at his picture on top and how not to ask ” Would you buy an used car from this man ? “”

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  145. @Weaver

    In fact Iris has perfectly express what is the best of our identity:

    “France is more than a nation, it is an ancient civilisation with roots that go thousands years back; France will never disappear. On the contrary, she has repeatedly shown its ability and formidable cultural power to absorb, transform and assimilate those immigrating in its midst.”

    I was very proud to campaign for UPR five years ago with French of Arabic and Berber descent who really love France, are the best neighbours one can have, more so than consumerists individualists “white”zombis who don’t give a damned about our history.

    There is a French Soul and it is the reason why we should consider the value of every French on the manifestation of his soul thru his behaviour and not the complexion of his skin or the colour of his hair.

    Do I need to remind you that Italians, Spaniards were insulted, dispised some decades ago by people who could not get deeper than the surface and had no Faith in the transcendance in Mankind?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  146. @geokat62


    France was an empire and we still have département and territories outside of Europe, like Île de la Réunion, La Martinique, La Guadeloupe, St Martin, la Guyane Française etc…Most of the inhabitants (not all) are of African ancestry, Madagascar, India, China. These people have been French since decades with an equal status with caucasian French and that is a good thing. My neighbour in a small village is from Réunion and has a dark complexion. Nobody here would consider her as an outsider. Same for French with Maghreb ancestry were born in France decades ago. Most of them are not thugs and their behaviour is perfect as citizen of our country. Yes civic nationalism is a fact many of us are proud of and is a guaranty of our peace and cultural wealth.

    I agree with Lucien Cerise that the greater replacement is mainly we Human Beings being replaced by an AI robot digital world. And this is a much greater danger facing all of us.

    Many of the first wave immigrants who are culturaly French (I even know of a wine made by a Mohammed in Beaujolais) are worryed about the Soros sponsored migrants but my country is heavily involved in the turmoil in Africa and responsible of the poverty in these countries. That is a sad fact that many of my fellow citizen are upset with. Philippe Argilier consider it a problem that should be adress as fast as possible both for the benefit of the Africans as to us French citizen because moraly and financialy unbearable.

    As I have been in Skandinavia many times while dating a Swedish woman for 5 years. I have respect for you “blondin” Skandinavian and mass migration is not a good thing. Still I had noticed that some migrants really loves and respected Swedish culture and society and had a better behaviour than some Swedes for the common good of the country.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  147. Tom67 says:

    By the way: the saying ““As happy as God in France” has the German equivalent: “Leben wie Gott in Frankreich”
    Live like god in France. It is an often used and popular saying and I been wondering about where it comes from. From a German perspective it might be the fact that French culinary and lifestyle standards are much more refined. Whatever the origin of the saying it has been in use since the 17. century. Interestingly enough it appeared in Yiddish only after the Dreyfus affair and was most likely directly taken from German as German and Yiddish are very closely related and Yiddish speakers in Eastern Europe were avid readers of German publications.
    Here a link:

  148. @Bugey libre

    True, about Blum. But he was prime minister, never president.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
  149. “Identity is more important than genetics in the sense that he can be white but see himself as something else. What we’re dealing with very much are social constructs, in a sense. ”

    I will only respond with my broken record position

    one of the great flaws in western thought was to link skin color to culture.

    Whites have no unique culture, that anyone of any skin color could not adopt and emulate. Making that association has proved destructive not to mention a logical fallacy, that creates more hurdles, now endemic in the US.

    To conduct oneself according to a cultural norm has practically nothing to do with skin color.


    As for identity, unfortunately our birth as colonies and as a nation has as in its blood skin color. It’s a sad but deeply rooted reality. And it did not start in 2000, one should try when the first ships arrived meeting native populations and carrying black passengers as slaves.


    at any rate, when speaking of nearly all the jews in the west, the power dynamic and polity, one is speaking of those jews from Europe and they are by and large white or caucasion. One has more room contending that the same jews are actually the jews as describe and defined by the old book . . .
    because there, it is written, the practices and beliefs jews are to have and I add the following . . .from the same

    “a jews is the jew of the heart” and that heart is described in the old book, that’s where the real identity discussion/debate rests.

    • Troll: GazaPlanet
  150. anonymous[239] • Disclaimer says:

    I think Europe will be on the sidelines of a big conflict between China and the US but Russia will help China as much as possible short of going to war itself. Russia will be very isolated if China loses so has a good reason to go far to help. Russian assistance in energy will break the blockade by the US Navy. Another major point is Iran. War with Iran either comes first or at the same time as the war with China.

  151. @laros

    Sorry, I press the wrong button! Of course you are right!

  152. Mitleser says:

    Zenmour must be controlled opposition, like Macron was.

    You can’t be controlled opposition if you have never been an oppositionist.
    Ever since Macron joined politics, he has been a part of the ruling political class, not the opposition.

  153. geokat62 says:

    See, I understand you are an incorrigible racist at heart (which makes you scum, btw).

    Do you condemn Zionism as vigorously as you do whitevils?

  154. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    Yes civic nationalism is a fact many of us are proud of and is a guaranty of our peace and cultural wealth.

    The concept of civic nationalism was invented by Jewish Supremacist Organisations designed to act as a Trojan Horse in Western homelands. They didn’t gift it to us to guarantee our peace and cultural wealth. They gifted to us to ensure our demise.

    For that reason, I unreservedly reject it.

    Now before people attack me by claiming I’m a 100% pure blood advocate, I’m no such thing. I simply wish for our Western homelands to return to the demographics of the past, in which our populations were supermajority (90%+) European or European-descent.

    It is these ethno-states that make for viable homelands as they are the only ones resistant to the JSO Trojan horse and the threat of being flooded by mass immigration.

    It is for this reason that all Westerners must reject the Trojan Horse of civic nationalism.

    • Agree: Exile, Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  155. Once you understand that “evil jewry” is more something one go to, than something one comes from, it’s clearer. That said there might “tendancies” sometimes that are of course stronger than with other people (“atavisme”).

  156. @geokat62

    Most French of Arabic/berber origin dislike the Israëli policy, same for most sub-Africans (unless they have been hypnotized by Zionists evangelist).

    That is not to say either that they have fallen to the “antisemitic” trap, especialy if they are educated.

    If you have a sense of humour, may you check our greatest comic since Coluche:

    France är inte Danmark

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  157. neutral says:

    Instead the French should be thanking their ZOG masters for turning their land non white, what a wonderful thing that is.

  158. Weaver says:

    I didn’t say a person is French by his identity. I said a person can be trusted to act in French interests by his identity and character.

    The man is not French, but he might or might not be the best person to vote for. Nationalism is based on genetics. It is an extended family. The French are distinct.

    If you put me in charge of most any nation state, I’d likely act to defend it though not of that state. Alternatively, if you put Bill Gates in charge of the UK or Germany, whichever his descent, he’d betray their trust. Character matters.

    One reason we see Jews in such a negative light is they are currently in charge. If you had prominent Englishmen given the same widespread power, you would see similar abuse, though I’d like to believe less of it. Great men are seldomly good men. It’s best that the French be ruled over by French, generally speaking, since it improves the odds the person will care.

  159. @anonymous

    You clearly have not seen our mofing godmen lately 😀

  160. Weaver says:

    Regarding Jews, they are quite confused themselves about identity. It would seem that at one point in the Bible, they were extremely focused on genetics, and in Europe at times they remained separate. Today, they have “evolved,” with some clearly still caring a great deal about genetics. They have rarely seen themselves as European; usually they define themselves against Europeans. This only seems to change in those who are educated by experience rather than books.

    If a person sacrifices for something, meaning if he rejects money or pleasure for something, it creates the sense that there is some special value, religious in nature, to what he is sacrificing for. A case could be made that it is silly to not exploit the French, to not sellout to the highest bidder, and so forth. In a small polity, a leader might come to care for those he lives among. They’re his friends or at least are known to him, if not his kin. In a large polity, there is little more than kinship to unite a people. If you lose kinship, then you just have force. Religion can unite a people, but the man isnt Christian.

    In a diverse “civilisation” as you call it, the only possible result is an authoritarian police state that serves a corrupt elite. There is no possible alternative outcome. The French today, and indeed most Europeans in the world, are the equivalent of blacks in the US in the 18th century. Servitude and a loss of identity is our future, just as was theirs. It is a sad fate. But enough with the delusions, better to admit the truth of servitude.

  161. Rurik says:

    See, I understand you are an incorrigible racist at heart (which makes you scum, btw).

    I love my people.

    For a piece of shit like yourself, who’d like to see my people subjugated, humiliated and destroyed, I enjoy your display of red-hot butt hurt over my so-called ‘racism’- which you’re obviously too cowardly even to define. (being the piece of shit that you obviously are, of course ; )

    It is your bigotry which causes you trot out these tired old, but ultimately obfuscatory, racist tropes… if not, Rooothherhaam, it is, “vibrancy.”

    Funny. That’s exactly what they told the Rotherham fathers who complained about their school children daughters being systematically gang raped by middle-aged, sub-human orcs.

    ‘Stop being racist!’ They scolded the desperate fathers. Those men of color have a right to rape your white children, because your children are white, and therefor racist, like you!

    You should apply for a job in a working class British neighborhood as a local kommisar and Climate Justice social worker.

    You’d fit right in!

    but what exactly is your view about the whitevil godmen who rape your “10”-year olds? Does the fact that they are your own kind of whitevils, make it less outrageous? Oh, these are our own people, we should cut them some slack!

    no, because unlike niggers and Jewish supremacists, (as opposed to people who happen to be Jewish or black) we white folks don’t coddle the degenerate monsters from our gene pool.

    Or at least we didn’t, until Jews took over our institutions.

    For myself, I’m on the record as stating that the very worst scum (to use that word properly ; ) to bubble out of the slime of human depravity, are those pedophile priests. And those who facilitate them with their guilty silence.

    I once saw a video of an Iranian man being impaled for molesting a boy. I figure that’s about right. I wouldn’t burn them alive, or anything like that. I’m not a barbarian for God’s sake. But to have a pointed post slowly rammed up their arse, until it pokes out of their shoulder, (like the video), seems about right to me. So long as they lingered there for a few days, twitching and such, as a reminder and warning to the next monster who would don the accouterments of Godliness, and then use that position of divine authority to rape trusting children.

    Justice has nothing to do with race. Unlike Jewish supremacists or niggers or Cardinals who would look the other way at monsters of their own race or religion, because they themselves are monsters.

    I understand that this obvious rationality is too sublime for a cretin like yourself, so I’m just telling the obvious truth to anyone else who might be reading this.

  162. Rurik says:
    @Bugey libre

    Africans, Arabs, Berbers, Asians. Even though they were nor ‘French’, they were to be used as soldiers for France so technicaly, they were… French.

    Yea, like the soccer team.

    I just read that the shitball who murdered some people in Norway, was a “Danish” man.

    Perhaps, (since they won’t show his picture), but I’d bet, (specifically because they won’t show his picture), that he’s as much a Danish man as I am an Eskimo (because I was once in Alaska).

    Pretending that an Algerian man is French because he once fought for the French army or was born on French soil, is as stupid and delusional as pretending that a Doberman is a Labrador, because he was raised by a Doberman. Or, for that matter, pretending that a Frenchman is Algerian because he was born in Algeria.

    It’s just mind-numblingly stupid, and pathetically so, because it negates reality in favor of political correctness; the moral and psychological disease of our times.

  163. @Bugey libre

    It is difficult to read your promotion of Arabs, Berbers, multiple Africans and Polynesians etc etc as being as French as you without concluding that France is simply a polyglot entity in NWO model.

    Excusez-moi, s’il vous plait. I do not want to give offence, having been many times in France and having respect for her.

    But are you Franks anymore or something else ?

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
    , @Franck D.
  164. @avrier blanc

    With regard to Eric Zemmour’s phenotype, with some people it is difficult to decide whether they look better in caricature or in real life.

    Compare this:

    with this:

    Still, I would rather buy a used car from this man, rather than the salvation of my country.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  165. Rurik says:

    What now? As Nick Griffin says, “No more brothers’ wars.”

    that would be a great start!

    Is Russia the last protector of Europeans?

    Possibly, (and ironically) yes.

    If so, Russians surely do not like Hitler.

    There is a very thin line between envy and hatred. Russians like to pretend that the Red Army Rapists saved Europe from fascism. It soothes their very well-honed vanity to pretend so, even as their own citizens were ground up in the gulags. Small price to pay to be able to say ‘we’re better than the Germans!’.

    Russia, Hungary, and a few others are nationalist, because Stalin gave them homelands, for which to fight. So, ironically, the ex-communists are the last bastions of nationalism. Hungary is later, but I assume Stalin made them nationalist also.

    Stalin didn’t give anyone a homeland. Quite the contrary, he mass-murdered millions of the best of Russia and Ukraine and Poland and the Baltic states, while denying any Soviet citizen a homeland, because they were all slaves to the Great Worker’s Paradise, with massive population transfers and horrors writ large.

    The people of Hungary have been there for centuries, they didn’t need Stalin to give them their homeland. It was and always has been, theirs.

    Nationalism is simply the sane acceptance that a people deserve their own nation and self-determination.

    For (((those))) whom would not respect a people’s right to their own nation and self-determination, they malign and demonize nationalism because they want to see nations (and respective peoples) destroyed.

    The twisted irony of our times, is that the people most opposed to any kind of European nationalism, (Putin’s Russia, Orban’s Hungary, et al), are the very people who demand for themselves an uber kind of hyper-nationalism and racial purity on steroids.

    If only hypocrisy was a painful and deadly affliction, the ills of the world would solve themselves.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  166. @Anonymous

    No, they test all babies in certain areas।।

    Zemmour will just energize the left & give them direction like Trump did।।

  167. What should our next president represent? And how can he enforce it?
    Donald Trump gave the blue print, America First unfortunately he allowed the media to define that noble idea to mean White Supremacy. Our next hero should follow Trump’s cue, and run on the same platform. Once elected he should hastily and very carefully craft the military to his liking. NEXT, declare martial law, suspend the DoJ and the courts, seize the media platforms, lay out a sensible plausible plan with a realistic timeline and stick to it. Effectively denude the media corporations through arrest and prosecution. Do the same with the House. Put evey house member on a polygraph to prove their honesty, and then vet the governors too, of course there’s much more to it, but the alternative is to allow the Libertarian left to reach their goal, which is Civil War.

  168. Weaver says:

    Read Solzhenitsyn. Stalin wanted homelands; Trotsky wanted a global worker rebellion. Stalin also restored the church somewhat, to help encourage people to fight.

    Jews wanted a homeland, at one time wanted Crimea. The Soviets said Jews couldn’t be trusted, declined granting Crimea to them.

    After the Cold War, partly because no one wanted to immigrate there, Eastern Europe has nationalism while Western has mass immigration.

    Putin doesn’t want a united European state that might be hostile to him. Such a state could take any form. It could be like the US or it could be like a big Germany, or like Russia.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  169. @geokat62

    Thanks, reminds me of this gargoyle:

    • LOL: Bugey libre
  170. @Arthur MacBride

    I personnaly have pure noble Frankish blood from a nobility family dating from imemorial time according to the records. My first daughter I have adopted is pure African (beautiful and so nice). Last time we were watching a documentary about a foreign country she exclaimed: “They do differently like WE at home (chez nous les Français)”, she’s French, love French food and custom, is proud of her daddy’s roots (she even took our family book to show her friend we were from the nobility) and that is perfect.

    We were imperialists (that is not the fact of Jews), ruled over huge territories with many people who were taught they were French. That is history and it is the follow up. As I said earlyer, I just consider the moral worth of people and that is the way it is. Russia is a good model with different people having the same nationality respectufuly of their religions and traditions. Shoïgu, the last minister of the army was an Asian bouddhist, some are shamanist or Muslims.

    France was imperialist before the revolution and the native Americans were granted the same rights by our King as the French subjects. This is very different from the Anglo saxons and I am proud of that heritage which is truly French.

    I don’t care whether you like it or not. When we arrived in France 7 years ago because of war for western interests (I spent many years in different African countries where I respected the local traditions and have always been highly regarded) my Peulh (such beautiful women) wife said that there were to many blacks in France. When she arrived in the village, she was welcome because as a traditionnal African, she considered old people, took care of them, things that americanised individualistic zombi consumers don’t bother to consider. She is now in the city council highly respected for her input, behaviour, even serving seasoned porc (as raised Muslim of course she doesn’t eat any) during the local celebrations.

    Americanisation has been the worst thing for our French culture and tradition. This is what is killing our soul. But I definitely think mass immigration à la Soros is a catastrophy. There are now to many foreigners in France who are supposed to become slave of the technocratic US corporate influence.

    • LOL: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
    , @geokat62
  171. Anonymous[399] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bugey libre

    Are you really an ethnic Frenchman?

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  172. Saladin says:

    The Dark Heart of SJW Islamic Globalism is Germany

    So-called “diversity” parking spaces for gay, lesbian

    A123… you rabid pagan godless Islamophobic snake. Don’t you know that “Islamic” and “gay, lesbian” are entirely antithetical to each other? 😀

    You call yourself a Chrizzie. But, your incessant and nonsensical ranting about Islam and muslims, including a subtle manner of portraying judenscum in a good light and as the allies of whitevil chrizzies, betrays a desperate attempt at making sure that Chrizzies and Muslims are always at each other’s throats, to the benefit of the accursed tribe. Who are these accursed vermin who have always schemed to keep it that way… of course, the Judenscum, right? Which makes you a pathetic 2 cents hasbara lowlife.

    Mind you, I am one who does believe in the Clash of Civilisations. The true monotheism of Islam will always clash with the pagan godlessness of everything else. Meaning, you judenscum (or chrizzie-zionist-scum) don’t need to work hard for the current, “at each other’s throats,” world order.

    Easiest 2 cents for you losers.

    • Replies: @A123
  173. Bernie says:

    “He is very good and much stronger than Le Pen on stopping/reversing immigration flows which is the number #1 priority at the moment.”

    If true, I hope he wins. Many say Le Pen is more or less like Trump. She gets painted as an extremist but is really quite mild on racial issues.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  174. @Bugey libre

    Thank you Bugey.
    I wish you Bonne Chance. You will need it, I believe.
    Those who from the outside destroy France have in the interior their colleagues. These think that they uphold their country and fellow citizens from Guyana by criticism of American “culture” or Anglo-Saxon or German etcetera.
    After all, those people are so uncivilised, n’est-ce pas?

    Maybe M. Zammour is the right choice for you.
    He is French after all, isn’t he?
    Au ‘voir.

    • LOL: Rurik
    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  175. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    But I definitely think mass immigration à la Soros is a catastrophy.

    So, I guess the fundamental question is: do you think that France should have a supermajority of indigenous people (90%+) or not?

    If you do, this makes you an ethno-nationalist.

    If you don’t, it makes you a civic nationalist, an artificial concept invented by Jewish Supremacists Organisations.

    Here is the JSOs game-plan, especially György Schwartz’s Open Society Foundations:

    Stage 1: convince ethno-nationalists that anyone can become, say, a French citizen. As long as they assimilate to the dominant French culture.

    Stage 2: after a decade or two, pivot away from assimilationism and towards multiculturalism, in which all migrants are encouraged to retain their identities. The Old French are cast in the role of oppressor and the New French in the role of oppressed. Unity!

    End result? Present-day Paris.

    Isn’t civic nationalism wonderful?

    Don’t you just love receiving gifts, especially a beautiful Trojan Horse?

    Merci, monsieur Schwartz!

  176. geokat62 says:

    If true, I hope he wins.

    Vaterland just posted this insightful remark on another thread:

    All the New Right parties in Europe, which I know from first hand experience, are in reality nothing but a front for Likud.

  177. A123 says: • Website

    Don’t you know that “Islamic” and “gay, lesbian” are entirely antithetical to each other?

    According to Ilhan Omar, a Muslim, they are 100% compatible.
    According to Rashid Tlaib, a Muslim, they are 100% compatible.
    According to Keith Ellison, a Muslim, they are 100% compatible.

    Let us not forget the gayest Muslim tradition of the all… The Boy Dancers of Afghanistan [and Pakistan]. (1)

    Bacha bazi, also known as bacchá (from the Persian bacheh بچه‌, literally “playing with boys” in Persian, Pashto and Hindustani), is a form of sexual slavery and child prostitution in which prepubescent and adolescent boys are sold to wealthy or powerful men for entertainment and sexual activities. This business thrives in Afghanistan, where many men keep dancing boys as status symbols.

    I know the TRUTH that you fear the most. Muslim and Gay are synonymous.

    PEACE 😇



  178. Rurik says:

    Stalin wanted homelands;

    homelands for whom?

    this is ((wiki)) so it’s sure to sugar coat the ((Soviets))

    Population transfer in the Soviet Union (Russian: Депортации народов в СССР) was the forced transfer by the Soviet government of various groups from 1930 up to 1952 ordered by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and executed by the NKVD official Lavrentiy Beria. It may be classified into the following broad categories: deportations of “anti-Soviet” categories of population (often classified as “enemies of workers”), deportations of entire nationalities, labor force transfer, and organized migrations in opposite directions to fill ethnically cleansed territories.

    Looking at the entire period of Stalin’s rule, one can list: Poles (1939–1941 and 1944–1945), Kola Norwegians (1940–1942), Romanians (1941 and 1944–1953), Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians (1941 and 1945–1949), Volga Germans (1941–1945), Ingrian Finns (1929–1931 and 1935–1939), Finnish people in Karelia (1940–1941, 1944), Crimean Tatars, Crimean Greeks (1944) and Caucasus Greeks (1949–50), Kalmyks, Balkars, Italians of Crimea, Karachays, Meskhetian Turks, Karapapaks, Far East Koreans (1937), Chechens and Ingushs (1944). Shortly before, during and immediately after World War II, Stalin conducted a series of deportations on a huge scale which profoundly affected the ethnic map of the Soviet Union.[25] It is estimated that between 1941 and 1949 nearly 3.3 million were deported to Siberia and the Central Asian republics.[26] By some estimates, up to 43% of the resettled population died of diseases and malnutrition.[27]

    what about the Estonians, (just for one example) homeland?

    one of the reason’s it’s been so easy for ZOG to incorporate so many Baltic and Eastern European states into ((NATO)) is because of Russia’s stupid and obnoxious insistence that what the Soviets did to these millions upon millions of people, was no big deal. And that they should be grateful, because the Germans were racist and didn’t respect people’s self-determination.

    As I said before, I wish hypocrisy was agonizing and deadly.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  179. @frontier

    That’s not only ambiguous but it’s an oxymoron too, “workable” and “EU” cannot exist together. The French cannot reassert anything – Frankfurt prints the money – it’s all that matters, really.

    The French elites have not tried to take back sovereignty from Brussels for more than 40 years. On the contrary, they have actively tried to transfer sovereignty to international bodies and use this as an excuse not to rule France (to every policy problem, the answer is: We need to find a policy solution at the European or International level, which obviously won’t happen).
    A determined French government wanting to take back control would in my opinion be able to do it. (a point I remember being made 10 years ago by Marie-France Garaud, éminence grise of Président Pompidou in the 1970’s). The European project doesn’t exist without France. Frexit means the end of the EU. France cannot be kicked out of the EU common market, it is too central and it has been the main supporter of increased EU integration (an elite consensus policy made possible by the ambivalence of the general public). Expelling France from the Eurozone means dismantling the euro (in which plausible scenario does France exit the euro but Italy, Greece, Sapin, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus can stay on?).
    To be honest, I don’t see a clear and clean solution to the structural imbalances created by the Eurozone.
    But as far as taking back legal sovereignty over issues such as immigration and crimes, this would I think be possible for a determined President with a popular mandate.

    • Replies: @A123
  180. @Anonymous

    Hard to be more French than I am… Sorry. De Baupte de la Monguerrière for the ancestors in Normandie, the Beauptois was our land, marshes, not very sexy but my ancestors were good fighters. As I have said on other threads, Systema is now my path, before, Yi chuan has been my dedication for years. My great grand mother was a Monsaint from Mont St Michel. From my father, peasants from the Mont du Lyonnais, God bless the soul of my ancestors…

    I am a human being, I won’t be injected nor become a transhuman. You don’t like it? No problem. You insult me? On the web, it is easy.

    God bless you all

    • Replies: @Iris
  181. @Arthur MacBride

    As I have said, Zemmour is a total fraud but at least he is much more clever and educated than some people commenting here.

    The right formulation to say goodby is “au revoir”, which imply that maybe you would whish to see me again. Otherwise, it would be “adieu”, which is, “À Dieu”, implying that we would only meet in the afterlife.

  182. @geokat62

    Though he brags about his “pure noble Frankish blood”, he is married to an African woman and has adopted an African girl. With “nationalists” like these, France needs no enemies.

    Ethnic identity is race + culture, not only culture. If the French people would have been replaced with black Africans, all having adopted French culture, then that would still mean the end of the French people, no matter how much those black “French” would “love France”.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Bugey libre
  183. @geokat62

    I grew up in a country infused with the heritage of our past colonies, very rich environment. I will die soon, the fact that my physical envelop was white won’t be that important. I will leave that world glad that I met so many diffrent human beings, among them Nordic people with so many qualities. The most important is that I leave that world in peace. Paris is now very depressing with so many people suffering and away from there roots because of the very people you and I dispise.

    Let me repeat once again that the worst thing for us has been to be americanised. Money above all, individualism, consumerism, stupidity, materialism…

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @geokat62
  184. Iris says:

    If you don’t, it makes you a civic nationalist, an artificial concept invented by Jewish Supremacists Organisations

    This is just not true, Geo.

    Until the 1960’s and the late President Kennedy, the USA had discriminatory immigration policies with limited immigration quotas for “Southern”, non-Anglo-Saxon, Europeans: the Greeks, the Spanish, the Eastern Europeans, the Italians even, all had very limited quotas compared to Germany and the British Isles’, which larger numbers were never fulfilled.

    The underlying thinking behind this segregation was undoubtedly racism: America was permeated the English elite’s ethos always was convinced of its alleged “superiority” over other European “races” , something JFK understood very well with his Irish heart.

    Beware putting yourself in the place of the Anglo scum, happy to lick its Talmudic bankers’ boots, and eager to forget her own indignity by deluding herself with “racial inferiorities” in others.

    Mass immigration is bad for everybody, and should be opposed on the ground that it is a tool for a wage race to the bottom, and for a social engineering agenda destined to fracture national communities and manipulate them.
    But there is no need to invent alleged racial inferiorities or allege the impossibility of assimilation: human beings born and brought up within a given nation are most likely to consider it their home and love it above any other, no matter their ethnic origin.

    Human beings are spiritual beings who live by their beliefs.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Thanks: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Franck D.
  185. A123 says: • Website

    Expelling France from the Eurozone means dismantling the euro (in which plausible scenario does France exit the euro but Italy, Greece, Sapin, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus can stay on?).

    The EuroZone rules require dismantling the EZ. France leaving simply accelerates the inevitable end. Functionally, the € is the DM. Every nation, other than Germany, suffers from being pegged to it.

    The French elites have not tried to take back sovereignty from Brussels for more than 40 years. On the contrary, they have actively tried to transfer sovereignty to international bodies and use this as an excuse not to rule France

    France needs a leader like Orban or Trump. Even more important, they need a real party to provide legislative support like the new MAGA GOP.

    Trump’s 1st term was badly hampered by Resistance from the House and senate. Zemmour, by himself, will face similar problems. The goals need to be:

        • Changing Expectations / Overton Window
        • Building organization to lock in changes

    — Accept anything that Zemmour delivers, but do not set expectations unrealistically high.
    — And, realize the next Elite SJW leader will try to take it back.

    Much like the U.S., France has taken decades to dig the current hole. It cannot be fixed by one leader in one term. Achieve a mind set that works for a long term war, knowing that individual battles will be lost along the way.

    Zemmour will not have to be a perfect leader today. He needs to pave the way for future non-Elite, Populist rule.

    PEACE 😇

  186. Iris says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    With “nationalists” like these, France needs no enemies.

    A majority of the French people are open minded like Bugey Libre.

    In my family, we have White male relatives who have married, each respectively, Algerian, Black Caribbean, Chinese, Polish and Spanish ladies. All very successful marriages BTW.

    They are all handsome White men, with endearing and confident personalities; they don’t need to prove anything to anybody by being racist.

    You can’t understand because you don’t understand what civilisation is.

  187. Weaver says:

    The Bolsheviks started off as anti-Russian and anti-Christian, wanting a global worker rebellion. Stalin changed that. I didn’t say it was positive. They viewed Jews as a “paper nation” without a homeland.

    I don’t know how many people Stalin and the Bolsheviks killed, 20 million, 100m? You can debate that with the Russian posters here. I just found some of the details interesting. Stalin seems to have been paranoid.

    Someone said France is 60% French today? If so, those are elderly also. So, USA vs. USSR, who has been worse?

    You think I’m a zealot of Russia. I’m not. I’m just posting pertinent questions. I’m very small part French, but my heart is with Britain and with northwest Europe, as is my DNA (Brit). There is incomparable beauty in not only the people but their art and music. I identify with the Celts and Germans who opposed Rome, and somewhat begrudgingly with the Vikings. They have a very naturalistic, pious view of the world. If you take from the best of a people, you can find real beauty. The French need to look carefully at France before abandoning their own heritage. They seem more Imperial, both via the Franks and Napoleon.

    Anyway, if I don’t reply again, I’m just pressed for time. Everything in Europe is likely to be burned down. The loss at this point seems total. But these countries exist for their people. There needs to be some place to rebuild in. Solzhenitsyn has a quote that the diversity of nations is the glory of God. GK Chesterton wrote of a chorus of superlatives. It’s best to preserve these things. South America? There’s surely some place in the world that will tolerate whites.

  188. anonymous[182] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack McArthur

    Its not new Jewzionists played BOTH sides of the aisle…Zemmour is the Ziojew filter to divide the Nationalists French RIGHT wing conservatives,,,ultimately Zemmour is the ziojew poison pill to undermine/sabotage/divide and destroy Marie Lepenn..

  189. Iris says:
    @Bugey libre

    My great grand mother was a Monsaint from Mont St Michel

    An eternal tribute to human faith, courage and genius. I was there in the summer, and my mind is still dazzled. A brotherly salute to you, God bless you too. Que Dieu vous garde, et que la paix regne sur Terre de notre vivant.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  190. @Franklin Ryckaert

    BL is not nationalist, he is a patriot. That being said you should rather be worryed about DARPA, Transhumanism, MK ultra legacy, why some sickos want so much to inject you mnra shit soup etc…

  191. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    I will leave that world glad that I met so many diffrent human beings, among them Nordic people with so many qualities.

    If we do not end multiculturalism in the West, our children and grandchildren will not have the good fortune of meeting “Nordic people with so many qualities,” as Europeans will be blended out of existence.

    If the people who brought us this dystopian vision really believed in it, why don’t they embrace it for their own people in the Villa in the Jungle?

    I’ll tell you why, they know it is a recipe for disaster. How do they know this? Because they were the ones who included the poisonous ingredients in the recipe!

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  192. geokat62 says:

    The underlying thinking behind this segregation was undoubtedly racism:


    Are you a “familyist”? Do you believe in a strong family? Well, this makes you a “familyist.”

    See how that works?

    Our good friends (who happen to uber ethno-centrists) were the first to weaponise the term “racism.”

    Europeans, too, used to be highly ethnocentric, before the poison of Cultural Marxism was injected into their bloodstream.

    If Westerners can’t see that diversity is not a strength, but a fundamental weakness, designed to destroy our homelands, then God help not them… but their children and grandchildren, as a veritable hell will envelope them.

    But there is no need to invent alleged racial inferiorities or allege the impossibility of assimilation…

    No one is calling for 100% purity. We would simply like to re-establish the supermajorities we once enjoyed, in which a small percentage of the population could easily assimilate into the dominant culture.

    If you don’t support this vision for Europe and European-derived homelands, say “goodbye” to the closest thing to paradise and say “hello” to the closest thing to hell.

    Need proof? Just ask the whites of South Africa how well the promised Rainbow Nation has turned out for them.

    Finally, if JSOs really believed Diversity Is A Strength, why have they done everything in their power to ensure the Villa in the Jungle remains an ethno-state?

  193. Thim says:

    Exactly what the Frogs need, a Jewish President.

    • Replies: @Yevardian
  194. annamaria says:
    @Jack McArthur

    Have you ever tried to research and publish anything along these lines? – “The Myth of American Meritocracy”

    Perhaps inadvertently, you have joined the ADL (created in memory of a Jewish murderer and rapist Leo Frank) in slandering Mr. Unz.

    It seems that you, and some other commenters, are ready to form an investigative committee to probe Mr. Unz’s “purity.” Also, before making your insinuations against Mr. Unz, you should learn a thing or two about Guillaume Durocher, the author of the above paper.

    • Replies: @A123
  195. @Tony Hall

    There are numerous other sites Jews don’t like, but still they continue to exist. Why would the existence of the Unz Review be suspicious?

  196. A123 says: • Website

    Many Jews actively dislike the Anti-Semitic Defaming League [ADL] (1)

    1,500+ Rabbis Accuse ADL of Abandoning Jewish Community to Antisemitic Bigotry

    The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), which represents more than 1,500 traditional, Orthodox rabbis, strongly criticized the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for not calling for consequences against antisemitic members of Congress, and instead attacking Fox News over illegal immigration.

    In a statement about ADL President Jonathan Greenblatt, the CJV President Rabbi Pesach Lerner said, “In January, Greenblatt correctly stated that Tlaib’s depiction of Israel as ‘apartheid’ was both ‘false and hateful.’ But now she restated that same false and antisemitic claim in order to demonize Israel’s self-defense, and joined her fellow ‘Squad’ members to strip funding from a program designed to neutralize the war crimes of the Hamas terror organization.”

    The Anti-Semitic Defaming League is well on their way to becoming an Islamic organization. Please continue to denounce the Muslim ADL and its threat to the indigenous Jews of Israel. Every bit of resistance to Rashid ADL Tlaib helps.

    PEACE 😇


  197. Yevardian says:

    They already had Sarkozy, who was at least better than le 3% approval Hollande and le gerontophíle Macron.

  198. Avery says:
    @Jack McArthur

    {Now even Unz gives a platform to a devil with a burning hatred of Jesus who called out the tribe for what they were and who they worshipped.}

    Have you been reading long?

    Ron Unz gives a platform to all sorts of columnists, from a very wide spectrum of beliefs and ideologies. He even gives a wider platform to all sorts of posters, some of whom demonstrably have issues, i.e. they are insane. I am aware of no other widely popular webzine that come even close to how liberal moderation standards for posting are. Given the virulent woke atmosphere/regime we are currently living/chafing under, I think the guy has titanium cojones.

    {Have you never wondered why Ron Unz has been allowed to publish this site?}

    Who exactly would disallow it?

    Ron is technically very savvy and can and will circumvent any technical attempts (e.g. de-platforming) to silence him.
    He also has the financial means to do the same.
    And the usual false libels of ‘anti-Semitism’ by the likes of the odious, hypocritical ADL* and their ilk won’t stick to Ron, because he was raised an orthodox Jew by his mother…….
    And as poster [annamaria] linked in #196, not for lack of trying by that Fascist organization.

    * ADL’s favourite tool to silence critics.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  199. Practical says:

    I don’t get Unz readers’ fixation on Jews. This is a prime opportunity for the patriotic right to finally win and perhaps set off a wave of immigration reform in Europe and eventually the United States. No matter what you think about Jews, the fact is that it is a nonstarter to target them because they are Jewish. Being anti-Semitic in this day and age will destroy your career. I’m sure there are millions of Jews across Europe that agree with Zemmour and wish to stop African and Muslim immigration to the civilized world. So why reject Zemmour and other right-wing Jews simply because they are Jewish? This just seems like blind hate to me.

    It seems to me that the majority of far-rightists and Unz readers actually enjoy losing and having a bogeyman to blame in the Jewish people. The fact is that Jews are much more assimilated into Western culture today than they were hundreds of years ago when they were getting expelled from country after country. The reason that Jews may seem nefarious is that they are in so many positions of power, but I suspect this is only because of their high average IQ. We should accept Jews into our movement whenever they share our views, not doing so would be foolish.

    • LOL: geokat62
  200. Avery says:
    @Jack McArthur

    {Have you never wondered why Ron Unz has been allowed to publish this site?}

    Let’s develop that thought one step farther:

    ‘Have you (generic you) thought why some posters to would write comments insinuating that Ron is not what he seems to be…..meaning that he pretends to be the good guy, but is actually a disciple of the Devil…?’

    As in: since the usual tools to silence are ineffective, one way to circumvent Ron’s defenses and bring him down is to undermine his “legitimacy” to his reading audience – by using his own webzine’s comment pages to insinuate certain things…..

    Just a thought.

    A long time a ago I read a remarkable book about CIA’s James Jesus Angleton – “The Wilderness of Mirrors” – and his efforts to ferret out Soviet spies or alleged spies. So, basically Angleton, a brilliant guy, started with legitimate, rational counterintelligence operations, but the deeper he got into it, the more paranoid and disconnected from reality he became. He went deeper and deeper into the ‘wilderness of mirrors’, and towards the end started seeing imaginary things, and suspecting everything and everyone. He became quite mad. The CIA director at the time finally had no choice but to fire him.

    • Replies: @Jack McArthur
  201. ‘I didn’t say a person is French by his identity. I said a person can be trusted to act in French interests by his identity and character . . . et al’

    and what followed has nothing to do with anything i referenced. these all sound like different issues for which i have no comment, save this

    i have no issues with any country preserving it’s national or the ethnic identity or identities that make up the same.

    this is a different conversation and i am not inclined to go beyond what i have stated

  202. geokat62 says:

    So why reject Zemmour and other right-wing Jews simply because they are Jewish? This just seems like blind hate to me.

    Bienvenue à Unz, Monsieur Zemmour?

    Hopefully, this isn’t your first and last comment.

    But seriously, to answer your question, I’ll say this…

    When a goy has a legitimate chance of becoming PM of Apartheid Israel, a Jew should have an equally legitimate chance of holding our highest office.

    Sounds fair?

    • Replies: @A123
  203. ‘Regarding Jews, they are quite confused themselves about identity. It would seem that at one point in the Bible, they were extremely focused on genetics, and in Europe at times they remained separate.’

    family lineage, not the same as genetics, though it could be. point is when we discuss european jews and the jews that dominate Israeli united states and European – western polity — we are talking about whites

    the cultural or ethnic separateness does not change that.

    as for jewishness — the old book is very clear what constitutes the hebrew/jewish nation and believers and it is not a cultural system alone

    ‘ . . . a jew is one of the heart . . .’ and in so being seeks the heart of the creator

    as with christianity, christians don’t get to pock and choose what makes them christian — that definition precedes them

    if jews are running the united states, then it is the fault of the united states

  204. A123 says: • Website

    When a goy has a legitimate chance of becoming PM of Apartheid Israel,

    The problem with your deranged question is the unsupportable assumption that Jewish Palestine is Apartheid.

    Everyone serious and rational grasps an obvious fact…. The Muslim Occupation of Judea & Samaria is Apartheid (see below).

    As the problem of Apartheid is rooted upon Islamist discrimination. Let me ask an incredibly meaningful question — When will an Infidel (Jew or Christian) have a legitimate chance of becoming Supreme Leader of Apartheid Iran?

    PEACE 😇


    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Iris
  205. @Practical

    You can always recognise a Zionazi when they get around to proclaiming the ‘Jews’ high average IQ’. The narcissism is unmistakeable. Not recognising and treating Jewish control condemns the host society to stagnation and internecine conflict, then, eventually (as history teaches us)a hideous reaction against Jewish elite power and abuse. Recognising Jewish elite malevolence is not ‘antisemitism’-it is philosemitism.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  206. geokat62 says:

    The problem with your deranged question is the unsupportable assumption that Jewish Palestine is Apartheid.

    Unsupportable, huh and a 1 and a 2 and a 3?

    Not according to people (Jewish I might add) who have conducted rigorous investigations into this matter…

    Human Rights Watch, A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution

    B’Tselem, A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid

    Let me ask an incredibly meaningful question — When will an Infidel (Jew or Christian) have a legitimate chance of becoming Supreme Leader of Apartheid Iran?

    You’ll have to take that up with the mullahs and a 1 and a 2 and a 3. None of my beezniz.

    • Replies: @A123
  207. A123 says: • Website

    HRW is a known Muslim, pro-Apartheid organization. B’Tselem is a proven anti-Semitic (based in Jerusalem) front group that covers for Islamist Apartheid.

    You are trying to use two, proven dishonest, Muslim Apologist Apartheid advocates to support your lies about your Apartheid…. ROTFLMAO

    Thank you for flailing, failing, and providing 100% absolute total and unequivocal confirmation of my accurate observation. Muslim Apartheid, a Pillar of Islam, is the tyrant’s rule in the Jihadist Occupied territory of Judea & Samaria. Thank you for providing confirmation. Any lingering doubts I may have had are now gone.

    PEACE 😇

  208. Metropole says:

    There is nothing extraordinary, or even slightly odd, about Moshe Zemmour becoming the ruler of France. He will join a long list of Jews who’ve ruled over the European races for hundreds of years.

    List of Jewish heads of state and government

    The following are currently serving:

    Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg
    Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Prime Minister of Poland
    Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine
    Laurentino Cortizo, President of Panama
    Egils Levits, President of Latvia
    Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of Russia

    The above list doesn’t even include the fact that the USA is 100% Jewish controlled, and every single other European nation is in their control to various degrees. Not long ago they were totally in control of Germany and Russia, and still are to a large degree.

    Would it be fair to say that Jews are the daddies of the Europeans? I’m sorry to the bearer of bad news, but it is beyond your capacity to reverse this situation.

    On the other hand, Muslims have not capitulated and are the targets of the Jews, and their European subjects, to earn brownie points, are happy to mete out death and destruction on the designated enemy.

    Muslims have chosen death over selling their souls. Europeans, on the other hand…?

    • Agree: Iris
  209. geokat62 says:

    HRW is a known Muslim, pro-Apartheid organization. B’Tselem is a proven anti-Semitic (based in Jerusalem) front group that covers for Islamist Apartheid.

    No worries and a 1 and a 2 and a 3, Justin Falsedeau is on the case. He’ll reel in these antisemitic organisations faster than you can say “IslamoSoros”

    Canadian Jews Praise PM Trudeau’s Announcement That Special Envoy on Antisemitism Will Be Permanent Role

    • Replies: @A123
  210. @geokat62

    I to regret the moral decay of our continent but it has been brought by a massive US/UK elite cultural propaganda after WW2. It is complex so I won’t get into that beyond the surface, still it is a fact we have all witness on our disruptive TV sets, cinemas and now the addictive social media invasive tech, etc…

    Migration in France was promoted by the financial elite because it was a way to get cheap and docile labour. That is a fact easily provable.

    A country is a soil and the relationship of the humans with it and if you have been to France you have notices the importance of the landscape God (or whatever) has given us. The land is sold to global corporates to spread industrial so called agriculture while the dumbed down population (French derooted or migrants) are concentrated in urban nightmare according top Agenda 21 bullshit). People are supposed to live in front of screen, dumbed down by fake food products when not working as slaves for the elite degenerates.

    All the French who want to acquire land to work on organic farming are obstructed doing it with many obstacles. It has been the dream of millions during the last decades to do so, like me and it has been crushed, not by migrants but by international power player globalising while genociding all forms of life (vegetal, animal, human). These genuine psychopaths have no respect for anything.

    The present danger can be summed up by this article for instance:

    Any leader who will help, encourage, educate a people to resist this nightmarish prospect is welcome. As to the Danish people, they will have to confront the karma ot some of their rotten leaders who have joined the bandwagon of the predators who have destroyed, invaded Irak some 20 years ago, Maersk in particular who got the business of shipment and logistic in this devilish process.

    I agree There are many so called Jews among the degenerate elites but are Wallenberg and the Swedish banking cartel all Jews? These bastards using a weak child Greta Thunberg to manipulate the mind of the European youth while the school system collapses (migrant youth included unless Muslims).

    It is the last line of BL intervention on that Thread but I will read comments for some times.

    Gud var med dig

    • Replies: @geokat62
  211. @Iris

    Thank you very much Sister for this blessing which has led my dreams that very night.

    Que la Paix soit avec vous et avec votre Esprit. May we have the force, the courage to resist evil.

  212. Respected historian Paul Éric Blanrue has written a book about the Le Pen And the ‘community of light’, a worth reading or translating for those who really are interested in the subject of that thread in an educated, scholarly informed way:

    Extract:”Le 1er juillet Le Pen est invité à «Sept sur Sept» sur TF1, dont les présentateurs sont Jean-Louis Burgat et Érik Gilbert:

    – Vous vous sentez plus proche de qui au Moyen-Orient, la Syrie ou Israël ?

    Le Pen : Je me sens bien sûr plus proche d’Israël, puisqu’Israël est dans le camp du monde libre et que la Syrie est un allié de l’Union soviétique et un de ses instruments d’hégémonie.”

  213. A123 says: • Website


    Everyne noticed that you ducked on all three critical questions. Let me re ask them.

    -1- Did Apartheid Islam ethnically cleanse Jews from Judea & Samaria in 1948?

    -2- Does the Apartheid Muslim Authority ban Jewish citizenship in the part of Judea & Samaria under Muslim occupation?

    -3- Does the Apartheid Muslim Authority execute anyone who sells land to indigenous Jews in the part of Judea & Samaria under Muslim occupation?

    No worries. As a known liar and advocate of Muslim Apartheid we already know that any attempt at a response will be loaded with half truths & deception.

    If you do try to reply. Here are a couple tips:
    — Please make sure you answer the questions.
    — Do avoid additional proven fiction sources that lie for Islam, such as Mondoweiss and The New York Dhimmi Times.

    PEACE 😇

    While all answers are replies, not all replies are answers. — JMS (Babylon5, S3E9, 1995)

    • Replies: @geokat62
  214. geokat62 says:

    Everyne noticed that you ducked on all three critical questions. Let me re ask them.

    Three critical questions? There’s a million critical questions you won’t respond to.

    That said, here’s my response to your critical three…

    “He cries out in pain, as he strikes you!”

    • Replies: @A123
  215. A123 says: • Website


    I Accept You Surrender

    … (said to Apartheid62’s fleeing back)

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @geokat62
  216. geokat62 says:

    I Accept You Surrender

    Surrender? ROTFL!

    You actually think people should take someone like you seriously when you try to deflect blame for all the Zionist misdeeds onto Islamofascists? Weren’t you the one who coined the term IslamoSoros?

    You’re a joke!

    • Replies: @A123
    , @Arthur MacBride
  217. Weaver says:
    @Erik European

    Large, open organisations are readily corrupted. “Closed” societies, which is to say those counter to Soros’s “Open Society,” can much better resist external influence.

    However, those who resist will be sanctioned to death. France would become Iran with regard to sanctions.

  218. A123 says: • Website


    I speak the TRUTH. You are the joke, if you think Islamist Colonists & Settlers can spend 1,400+ years stealing Infidel land and get away with it.

    The fact that known Anti-Semite, George IslamoSoros, is threat to the indigenous Jews of Palestine is undeniable. (1)

    Financing tied to billionaire activist George Soros is a common yet largely under-reported theme among organizations that lead or support the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign attempting to delegitimize the Jewish state.

    In January, Israel released a list of 20 BDS-supporting organizations whose members will be banned from entering Israel due to their BDS activism, prominently featuring six American groups. At least four of the six BDS-promoting U.S. groups receive funding tied to Soros. Scores of other U.S. organizations that support the BDS movement are financed by Soros.

    Your IslamoSoros supports the genocidal BDS movement and wants to exterminate 7MM+ Palestinian Jews living in their indigenous homeland. Such belief in Apartheid and Genocide defines Islam.

    If you wasn’t to show that George IslamoSoros is anything other than a Muslim. The Burden Of Proof is on you. Every body paying attention sees his service to Muhammad for what it is. Genocidal devotion to his Muslim faith.

    PEACE 😇

    P.S. Does Zemmour have any commrbts/statements on record about the horror that is George IslamoSoros?


  219. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    Migration in France was promoted by the financial elite because it was a way to get cheap and docile labour. That is a fact easily provable.

    The same thing is said about mass migration to America, but Professor MacDonald put paid to that lie in Ch 7 of his magnum opus, The Culture of Critique. You should give it a read…

    You might say that “Ah, that is America. Europe is different. The Lobby is not as powerful as that here.”

    Take a look at the short documentary about how and why Sweden became multicultural. Unfortunately, this diabolical game plan has been repeatedly used throughout the Western world, including France…

    Look forward to your feedback on this amazing documentary.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
    , @Bugey libre
  220. @geokat62

    Just to say Geo, that replying to that ziotroll is what s/he wants.
    I put her on ignore long ago.

    • Thanks: geokat62
  221. Tony Hall says:

    “Who exactly would disallow it?”

    ADL and their buddies at FBI and in Silicon Valley for starters. You haven’t noticed that the Internet is heavily censored these days, especially when it comes to the many of the topics highlighted here? In this time of massive censorship, why are different rules being applied to UR?

    Its good there is at least one free speech platform left on the Internet. But its highly possible that the there’s more involved than some sort of inter-Jewish appreciation of RU as a mensch who deserves to be left alone to publish what he wants.

    • Replies: @Avery
  222. @geokat62


    I will give you an answer later oon but tonight.

    Take care

  223. Iris says:

    The problem with your deranged question is the unsupportable assumption that Jewish Palestine is Apartheid.

    On a side note, it is actually funny reading you calling other commenters “deranged”, in the same way clowns are funny because they operate in a parallel, make-believe universe disconnected from reality.

    More seriously, your Hasbara handbook is obsolete:

    A third of young US Jews see Israel as genocidal, poll finds

    A quarter of Jewish American voters agree that Israel is an apartheid state – a number that shoots up to 38 percent among those under age 40.

    Twenty-two percent of Jewish voters overall agree that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians, a figure that rises to an astonishing 33 percent among the younger group.

    Moreover, Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is similar to racism in the US, according to 34 percent of Jewish voters surveyed. That figure exceeds two in five among those aged under 40.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
  224. @Iris

    Hello Iris,

    Hope you are fine. Did you check the Paul Éric Blanrue extract from his book about the Le Pen and the Jews? A worth read (like Sarkozy and the Jews). History is very complicated isn’t it? My main martial art master, the great DK YOO would say that… Meditation is the answer. Still, please have a look.

    I wish educated curious people on UR will translate it. I’ve been told there are good translators and it is only facts so it wouldn’t be to far from Blanrue’s work. Lot of things to learn, really. And it doesn’t only concern France but every body on earth.

    Ron if you’re around, you’ll like it.

    I listen today to a debate between Zemmour and Asselineau. Zemmour is an intellectual fighter. He always come back to the French identity and when Asselineau tells him that he has done a job to teach French history (a great work which no politician has ever done for sure) he is like always… manipulative. Like always the MSM format favours this kind of people. I think Youssef Hindi is spot on on that mediatic creature. Scary.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  225. @geokat62


    The doc is rather long so please wait until tomorrow for a back up since I will only start now to watch it. I have been thinking about you joyfully today remembering how my Swedish step family was joking laughinly about your language mimiking it.

    I listen to a traditionalist Catholic priest who says that France died 200 hundred years ago when after the maçonic revolution (Valérie Bugault says it was the first colour revolution ) The Comte de Chambord refused to accept the three colours flag instead of the White flag. So France died long time ago… I don’t know if you can understand French, if yes, that is the link:

    I felt very ignorant today… Men de bra.

    God natt

    • Replies: @geokat62
  226. Anonymous[383] • Disclaimer says:

    In the US and presumably in most of Europe, the vast majority of anti-white ideologues are white gentiles.

    Not even remotely true.

  227. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    I wish… people on UR will translate it.

    I gave it my best shot. Hopefully, I haven’t mangled the original too much, as the exercise required several iterations of copy and post using google translate on an iPhone, lol.


    1956 was the year of the neocolonial Suez expedition, in which France participated, in the midst of the Cold War, alongside the United Kingdom and Israel.

    On July 26, in response to the American refusal to help finance the Aswan hydroelectric dam, Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser, in power in Egypt for two years, nationalized the Suez Canal, a strategic point for the passage of oil, owned by a French-English condominium. Israel wants this route at all costs to ensure its maritime transport; and what Israel wants, God wants. The alliance is forged against Nasser, who proudly declares: “We will take back all our rights, because all these funds are ours, and this canal is the property of Egypt!” The claims of this unfortunate anti-imperialist are inadmissible. British Prime Minister Anthony Eden accuses him of being a “Nile Mussolini”.

    Nasser’s assimilation of Duce and Fascist doctrine is not preposterous. We learn in the book Kurt Tauber, Beyond Eagle and Swastika – German Nationalism since 1945 (Middletown [Connecticut], Wesleyan University Press, 1967) that after the war, thousands of National Socialists, Gestapoists and SS took refuge in Egypt where they carried out political, propaganda, security and military training activities. SS Colonel Johann von Leers, Goebbels collaborator, converted to Islam under the name Omar Amin, heads the Institute for Research on Zionism in Cairo. The former head of the Düsseldorf Gestapo, Joachim Däumling, General Wilhelm Fahrmbacher and Oskar Munzel, former Panzer major general, reorganize the police forces there under the responsibility of the scarred hero Otto Skorzeny, the commando officer who made escape Mussolini in 1943 from his prison in Gran Sasso – and who has since become military adviser to General Naguib (Glenn B. Infield, Skorzeny, Hitler’s commandos, Pygmalion, 2009). Former Gestapo captain Wilhelm Böckler, now Abd el-Karîm, is in the information service. SS Wilhelm Berner trains the Palestinian fedayeen, which is not to please Israel. As for the former commander of Hitler’s bodyguard, Leopold Gleim, he bears the name of An-Nâsir and trains the executives of the Egyptian security services. It’s not nothing.

    The head of the French government, the socialist Guy Mollet, also sees in Nasser, not without some reason, the main support of the Algerian insurrection. After weeks of procrastination, he rallies around the idea of ​​a preventive war. The President of the Republic René Coty is opposed to it, but Mollet receives the support of the Minister of Defense Maurice Bourgès-Maunoury and the Keeper of the Seals, François Mitterrand, who, to be fashionable, suggests that Nasser is comparable to Hitler.

    In October, Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion traveled to France with his chief of staff Moshe Dayan and Shimon Peres in a slapstick. The delegation meets in Sèvres, near Paris, Guy Mollet and an English representative. A secret deal, long denied to exist, is signed between British Foreign Ministers Selwyn Lloyd and French Foreign Ministers Christian Pineau (former Buchenwald survivor), joined by Ben-Gurion. Known as the Protocols of Sèvres, the agreement states that “the Hebrew state will attack Egypt on October 29, 1956 in the evening and rush towards the Suez Canal. Taking advantage of this “surprise” aggression, London and Paris will issue an ultimatum to the two belligerents the next day to withdraw from the canal area. If Egypt does not comply with the injunctions, Franco-British troops will enter into action on October 31. ”

    An ultra-secret negotiation between the French and the Israelis precedes the signing of the act: the granting to Israel of French nuclear aid, which will enable the Jewish state to acquire the atomic bomb.

    On October 29, Israel invaded the Gaza Strip and the Sinai and rushed towards Port-Fouad. The Franco-British ultimatum rejected by Nasser, the two countries bombed airfields and the Port Said region from November 1 to 4. The Royal Marines land on Egyptian beaches. The strength of the allied commandos forced the Egyptian army to retreat. The Suez Canal must be seized by arms. As the advance of the allies crushes pockets of resistance, President Eisenhower makes it known that he disapproves of the intervention. In the east, there is also concern because Nasser is an ally of Moscow. The USSR demands an immediate end to the fighting. In a letter to France on November 5, Marshal Bulganin, president of the USSR Council of Ministers, raised the specter of the nuclear threat. On November 6, the British and French were forced to agree to a ceasefire. It must have been Austerlitz, it is the 7th Company by Moonlight. Tens of thousands of Jews are forced to leave Egypt and take refuge in Israel and France.

    For his part, a Poujadist deputy, Le Pen had decided to request special leave from the National Assembly to serve in Algeria. At his own risk. Physical, first of all, because it is a pipe breaker; political, since its leader Poujade is opposed to military intervention in Suez. Little does he care, Le Pen will call to vote against his mentor, as he runs for a partial legislative in Paris. At the next Party Congress in 1957, he was expelled from the party.

    In October 1956, Lieutenant Le Pen joined the 1st REP in Algeria. Arrived at the Legion camp in Zeralda, near Algiers, he immediately left for Suez to go and fight with the French troops against the cursed Nasser. But when he arrives there, disembarking from Lightning, it is too late, the war is over. The 1st REP occupies Port-Fouad without encountering resistance. According to their tried and tested tactics, the British bombed everything. In Le Pen, une histoire française, Pierre Péan and Philippe Cohen describe the state of mind of Lieutenant Le Pen and his soldiers: “Landed at the Suez Canal three days before the withdrawal of the Franco-English troops, he had at the time tried to convince the members of his regiment to desert and fight alongside the Tsahal the common enemy, supposed to shelter the free corps of the FLN. ”

    One of Le Pen’s comrades in arms, Daniel Godot, future head of the Secret Armed Organization (OAS) for the Paris region, adds: “We were really considering deserting. Our chef Louis Martin was an adventurer who was not afraid of extreme situations. We had the same enemy as the Israelis, totally intertwined with them. Military connivance, political connivance, emotional connivance. ”

    None of them followed this path, but there was no debate as to which side one belonged to: Israel was an allied country, the IDF soldier a warrior and heartfelt companion. For Roger Mauge (La Vérité sur Jean-Marie Le Pen, Famot and France-Empire editions, 1988): “They envy the Israeli officers who are fighting for a government that never backs down. “Liberation Bresson and Lionet reporters report that Le Pen” then professed an admiration for Israel that would astonish more than one today. ”

    The former legionnaire later commented on the calamitous expedition (Le Pen sans bandeau): “Unfortunately, I see the irresolution of the allies while this operation must be carried out a bit like the Israelis often do: with intelligence, the courage and strength used in a limited time and dimension. It is effective (…) In two strokes of the bottle brush you could take Egypt. It was enough to let go of the 2nd Para, to make the junction with the Israelis of the desert and the 3rd Para of Bigeard on Cairo, it was over … Done! ” It does apply, however, to ensuring that the Egyptian victims, humble fellahs, market gardeners and fishermen killed by the aircraft, have a burial in accordance with Koranic rules, wrapped in a shroud, barefoot, their heads turned towards Mecca.

    Although the mad expedition turned into a fiasco for France and Great Britain, Guy Mollet expressed his satisfaction at having fought against Adolf Hitler of the Pyramids. On January 24, 1966, he announced that “in the very specific area of ​​Israel’s survival, this has been positive” (Denis Lefebvre, Les Secrets de l’Epédation de Suez, Perrin, 2010). It was true.

    All this makes it difficult to accept the subsequent accusations, which, based on a sentence launched by Le Pen in 1958 to the National Assembly against the former President of the Council Pierre Mendès France (initiated at the Loge Paris du Grand Orient on May 19, 1928 ), made Le Pen a rabid enemy of the Jewish community from the early times.

    What did he say? “Mr. Mendès France, you are aware that you crystallize in your character a certain number of patriotic, almost physical repulsions”. That’s all ; this is little. Mendes, we must admit, did not have the plasticity of Michelangelo’s David; moreover, he was considered by the nationalists as a traitor to his homeland for having denounced the French involvement in Indochina, abandoned the populations of Tonkin and northern Annam, and hastened the dismemberment of the Empire. The rest of Le Pen’s speech that day is explicit: “In the eyes of a country to which pride is as necessary as bread and water, you are responsible for a cascade of chess and a series of decadences that in the worst moments of its history France has never known. This is what you symbolize! Whether you like it or not, you were the one who agreed to be the man for this defeat in Indochina, the man who admitted abandoning Tunisia, abandoning Morocco. ”

    The exit did not cause much scandal and did not earn MP Le Pen a conviction. He later commented on her (Le Pen without blindfold): “I had hung on very hard with Mendes. Mendes was the archetype of those radical-progressives who basically, while claiming to fight him, were serving the world strategy of communism. ” Communism, the enemy of always; not Judaism. And Israel, even less since it was an ally.

    Already, two years earlier, in a joint interview of February 9, 1956, Poujade and Le Pen had vehemently denied that their movement was anti-Semitic. For Le Pen, “anti-Semitism is a pot that the enemies of the UDCA tie to its tail in the hope of losing it” (Bresson-Lionet). The thought was not without relevance when we know the rest of his misadventures.


    If we cannot decently consider the Trinitan to be a follower of the utopian conceptions of Genevan Jean-Jacques Rousseau, we must at least recognize that he was continually keen to play the democratic game. A supporter of the law, he has never planted a bomb or resorted to illicit activism that slaughters innocence with impunity. Algeria, he went there regularly, as a military under contract. He took part in the famous Battle of Algiers in 1957 from which he emerged decorated by General Massu. After six months of armed service, he reached France and launched a tour of the beaches called the “French Algeria caravan” with the support of Minister of National Defense André Morice. He does not participate in the OAS, which he criticizes for lack of insight. He supports the insurrectionary movement – but from afar. He learned of the Algiers putsch of April 22, 1961 by listening to the radio at La Trinité. In The French First (Michel Lafon, 1984), he explains his behavior: “I keep away from the putsch, especially since the objective that the putschists seemed to have set themselves – to make Algeria French to General de Gaulle who did not want it – was incoherent and stupid. ” For him, the solution can only come from the political side.

    He was re-elected deputy for the Latin Quarter in 1958. On January 28, his speech to the National Assembly sheds light on the spirit which animates him, in addition to that it may seem paradoxical in times when he is accused of racism. :

    “What to tell the Algerians is not that they need France, but that France needs them. It is that they are not a burden or that, if they are for the moment, they will on the contrary be the dynamic part and the young blood of a French nation in which we have integrated them. I affirm that in the Muslim religion nothing opposes the moral point of view to making of the believer or the practicing Muslim a complete French citizen. On the contrary, in essence its precepts are the same as those of the Christian religion, the foundation of Western civilization.

    On the other hand, I do not believe that there is more of an Algerian race than of a French race (…). Let us offer the Muslims of Algeria entry and integration into a dynamic France. Instead of telling them like we are doing now: “You are costing us dearly, you are a burden”, let us say to them: “We need you. You are the youth of the Nation “(…) How could a country that has long lamented not having enough young people devalue the fact of having five or six million?”

    Is he imperialist? To the provocative question put to him in 1984 by Alain du Roy on Antenne 2, Le Pen replied without false shame: “Yes, why not (…) I thought that with the Jews, with the Europeans of Algeria, with the Arabs and the Kabyles of Algeria, we could create a French community, turned towards the world, turned towards Africa, turned towards a peaceful conquest of the world. ”

    Jews, Arabs, Europeans, all united to confront the upheavals of the world? It is an unusual dream of brotherhood à la Paul Fort, far removed from the racialist spirit that was later attributed to him.

    Over time and brainstorming, the OAS and supporters of French Algeria were seen in uninformed circles as nostalgic for Pétain, a bunch of crypto-fascists covering anti-Semitic resentments with their caps. The reality is as always different from the idea that one has of it when injected with propagandine.

    In his book L’OAS, histoire d’une organization armée secrète (Fayard, Paris 1986), my colleague in the monthly Historia, Rémi Kauffer, established that many OAS executives were part, during the Occupation, of the resistance forces. Leading the OAS after the failed generals’ putsch, General Raoul Salan, “the most decorated man in France” it was said, took part in the Landings in Provence in June 1944; imprisoned in Tulle prison after his conviction for insurrection in 1962, he was released in 1968, amnestied by Parliament in 1982, then reinstated in his prerogatives as general of the army and Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor. Georges Bidault, historic leader of the OAS (a position which earned him the loss of his parliamentary immunity, following which he had to temporarily leave France), entered the Combat movement in Lyon before succeeding Jean Moulin in June 1943 as president of the National Council of Resistance. Colonel Pierre Chateau-Jobert, alias Conan, officer of the FFL and Companion of the Liberation, was given by General Salan the command of the OAS of Constantinois, a status which led to his death sentence in absentia in 1965 ( amnestied in 1968). Shot at Fort d’Ivry in 1962, Roger Degueldre, creator of the Delta commandos following the Algiers putsch, was for his part engaged in the Northern FTP. Kauffer presents many other defining examples; I’m not going to overdo it here.

    The French Jewish community and Israel are also closely involved in the unconditional defense of French Algeria. In The Warriors of Israel (Facta, 1995), journalist Emmanuel Ratier devotes a long paragraph to “Jews in the OAS”. He writes: “Less assimilated, young Sephardic Jews also have less concern for respectability. They have less qualms about engaging in radical protest actions, which eventually lead to violence. Many of them, moreover, during the Algerian war, grew up in a climate of violence. Many are also those whose parents were closely involved, at the time, in “French Algeria activism” and in the actions of the OAS. The participation of Algerian Jews in OAS activities was massive in some cities, especially Oran. Régine Goutalier underlines the “massive support” of the Oran Jewish community (50,000 people out of 400,000 non-Muslims) to the action carried out within the framework of “zone III” of the Secret Army Organization. She mentions in particular the creation of some fifteen intervention groups – known as “hills” – which, in court records, are still referred to as “Israelite commandos”. These groups were notably led by Élie Azoulaï, his brother Henri Azoulaï, Albert Darmon, Ben Attar, etc. Of these “hills”, Régine Goutalier writes that they “undoubtedly bear the responsibility for the most spectacular attacks and, it must be said, the most heinous blood crimes (and that they have had) for mission, no doubt. exclusive, to eliminate opponents and to provide arms and funds to the movement. ” There follows a rather long list of assassinations carried out by these action groups. Goutalier adds that “it is not impossible that there were, at the end of 1961 and during the first half of 1962, supplies of arms made by Israel to Zone III of the OAS”. At the same time, in Algiers, Jean Ghenassia was one of Joseph Ortiz’s most active lieutenants. Referring to the anti-Arab riots in Algeria, Marcel Briant writes: “Among the perpetrators of ratonnades, Europeans of Spanish, Jewish, Maltese origin have often appeared to be the most ferocious.”

    Throughout the Algerian war, among anti-independence activists, the Jewish state was seen as an objective ally against Arab nationalism. Israel does not hesitate to intervene outright in the affairs of a foreign country. In Israel to the Rescue of French Algeria – The Hebrew State and the Algerian War (1954-1962) (Éditions Prolégomènes, 2009), Roland Lombardi defends the thesis of his close involvement in these events. It highlights the links forged between the Mossad and the OAS and exposes the fleeting project of a partition of Algeria which would have made it possible to regroup on the same part of the territory the European and Sephardic Jewish communities.

    The thesis is taken up by Redha Malek, former Algerian Prime Minister (1993-1994), director from 1957 to 1962 of the underground FLN newspaper, El Moudjahid, and spokesperson for the FLN negotiators during the Evian agreements (1962). On several occasions, Malek details Israel’s involvement in OAS activities, explaining that Israeli terrorists have smuggled into Algeria to participate in terrorist activities carried out by the secret army. In an interview with the Algeria Presse Service he revealed: “These agents had entered Algerian soil to help impose the solution desired by the OAS on the Algerian question”. Not content with seeking to derail the Evian accords, the objective of the Israeli agents was to create a state for the minority of European origin in the north of the country, in which tens of thousands of Jews were included. descended from those who became French in 1870 by the grace of the decree of Isaac Adolphe Crémieux (founder in 1863 of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, Grand-Master of the old and accepted Scottish Rite) – decree abrogated by Vichy, little information provided. It was David Ben-Gurion who had made this request to de Gaulle, during his visit to Paris in 1960. According to Malek, the General had to intervene with him so that Israel put an end to its interference in Algeria and ceased to ” exacerbate a sufficiently violent conflict.

    In 1984, Le Pen continued to propose the repeal of the Evian agreements on the grounds, he said, that Algeria “never respected them” (The French first).

    On March 18, 1962, the Evian accords were signed. Two referendums sealed the fate of Algeria, which became independent on July 3. Algeria has become Algerian. Many of Le Pen’s comrades died in action. He showed his solidarity with the vanquished by helping in the defense of General Salan and by creating the Secours de France association to provide material aid to the prisoners.

    He himself must face disgrace. Defeated in the legislative elections of 1962, during which he campaigned under the label of the Independents against de Gaulle and for European integration (yes), he had to earn his living like any Frenchman. He founded the Society for Studies and Public Relations (SERP) on February 15, 1963, located rue de Beaune in Paris. He had the plea given by Me Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour at the Petit-Clamart trial secretly recorded, using a hidden microphone. Tixier’s text is titled “Advocacy for the Defense”. Even the fatal salvo killing Lieutenant-Colonel Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry, shot at Fort Ivry on March 11, 1963, appears on the tape. The commercial success is overwhelming.

    With its collection “Men and Facts of the Twentieth Century”, the company’s specialty becomes the political archive made up of sound documents from the holdings of private individuals or collectors hitherto unexploited. For twenty years, Le Pen produced around 130 albums in this unique niche. Certain records have powerful connotations of the extreme right: “Philippe Pétain”, “Poèmes de Fresnes by Robert Brasillach” (read by actor Pierre Fresnay), “L’Action française”, “Mussolini”. But as Le Point underlined in 2002, “we must acknowledge the pluralism of its catalog to the SERP.” It is heterogeneous and gives voice to great politicians of all stripes, without exclusivity. Discs are devoted to Charles de Gaulle (all of his public interventions in twelve discs), Léon Blum, Mao-Tsé-Toung, Stalin, Malraux … There is a “Lenin and the People’s Commissars” produced with the help from the Soviet authorities, “Anarchist Songs”, including “La Complainte de la Bande à Bonnot”, or “Les Chansons du Front populaire”, recorded by the CGT choir. This unique company in the world was rewarded with the award of the Charles-Cros Academy’s Disc Grand Prix in 1969 and 1976. Radio and television usually use it as basic material in their historical broadcasts. The SERP has its stand reserved at MIDEM in Cannes.

    To load the boat, the sycophants highlighted the publication of an album of songs from the Third Reich released in 1965. The SERP was in fact condemned, three years later, for “apology for war crimes and complicity”, not because of the content of this disc, but because of the sleeve on which was written the following notation: “The rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party will be characterized by a powerful mass movement, sum all popular and democratic, which triumphed following regular electoral consultations, circumstances generally forgotten. In this phenomenon, the oratorical propaganda of Hitler’s leaders and political songs expressing collective passions will play an essential role ”. The text was not written by Le Pen but by the former resistance fighter Serge Jeanneret, future chief of staff of the secretary of state for industrial development in the Chaban-Delmas government.

    Anything. It cannot be said that this was enough to whip a skin, nor any particular incitement to racial hatred – it was at most the classic justification for Chancellor Hitler’s rise to power. What scrupulous historian today would claim the opposite of what is mentioned in this innocuous notice?

    Jean-Marie Le Pen comments on the case (French first): “These prosecutions had a hidden purpose. They were initiated when I was secretary general of the Tixier-Vignancour campaign for the presidency of the Republic, in 1965. It is obvious that it is the candidacy of Tixier-Vignancour that we were targeting through me. ”

    On the occasion of his trial he received the support of twenty-three personalities, such as Jacques Soustelle, a notorious Zionist, Georges Bidault, General Koenig, Companion of the Liberation and enthusiastic supporter of Israel (the France-Israel association also carries the name of Alliance General Koenig), General de Bénouville and Colonel Rémy, two emeritus resistance fighters, historians Arthur Conte, André Castelot and Alain Decaux, as well as the deportee to Buchenwald André Marie. Even publisher Eric Losfeld, little suspect of devotion to the Hakenkreuz, supported Le Pen.

    According to the Trinitan, these witnesses “asserted that it was my strictest right and some believe my duty to make the publications I made in the form I made them. Therefore in this area I have no regrets, I did my job. ” (“The Hour of Truth,” February 13, 1984).

    In fact, it was not a Jewish organization that attacked him, but an association of former politicized resistance fighters led by Marie-Madeleine Fourcade.

    In defense of Le Pen, the sniffing media which seek him out have not highlighted the product of “Zionist propaganda” of the SERP, as Henry Coston put it in volume 2 of his Dictionary of French politics. This album, soberly titled “History of Israel” (vocals and songs), includes three 33 T discs. On the cover flies an Israeli flag; on the back is a menorah, or candlestick with seven branches. The historical commentary is by Jean-Marie Le Pen, said by Pierre Durand and Nina Borowski. The blurb ends with these words: “In the land of men, Israel’s long march is not over.”

    The article appeared shortly before the creation of the National Front. The ad announces “the sound history of the Jewish people and the rebirth of Israel – 50 songs and 70 authentic sound records.” In an insert published in 1971 in the second edition of the Jewish Guide to France, prefaced by René Cassin, president of the Alliance Israelite Universelle and Nobel Peace Prize in 1968, we can read: “For a marriage, a bar-miztvah, a birthday, in all circumstances, an intelligent, original, educational, moving gift. ” Did you say anti-Semite?

    In this curious document we can hear the voices of Captain Dreyfus, Haim Weizmann, first president of Israel, Albert Einstein, David Ben Gurion, founder of the so-called Hebrew state, General Moshe Dayan, hero of the war. of the Six Days, and many other tenors of Zionism. The orchestra and choirs are Israeli (Israeli Armed Forces orchestra, Tel Aviv Conservatory choirs, etc.). Several singers take part in the project, including Naomi Lévy, Shuli Nathan – and Enrico Macias, who cooed “Goodbye my country”!

    Golda Meir, President of the Council of Ministers of Israel, fervently supports the release of these priceless archival pieces: understanding between the two peoples. ” Israel’s Foreign Minister Abba Eban hopes “that this will be a contribution to the strengthening between France and Israel”. Jacob Kaplan, Chief Rabbi of France, considers that “the idea of ​​the album is happy, especially since the recall of events alternates with chants of circumstances and the voices of characters who directly or indirectly played a role in the event. ‘history of Israel.’ For L’Arche, the event is “not to be missed”. Jewish Information bows to the work done: “A startling synthesis of the whole story of the Jewish people … It is touching.” Israel News also commends the SERP: “Honest work. Impartial. We could not do better and we have a duty to congratulate Mr. Le Pen and his collaborators ”. On Channel 1 TV, Rabbi Josy Eisenberg finally considers it “a great achievement.” We are far from the mercurial!

    In his first French autobiography, Le Pen takes a look back at this little-known vinyl: “Jewish folklore, one of the richest in the world, provided the beautiful sound images that illustrate the history of the people of Israel. His destiny appears there through the most fantastic tribulations. Scattered to the four corners of the world, a hundred times threatened with disappearance, not only has it preserved its originality and its permanence, but its prodigious vitality has led it, the oldest people in the world, to create the youngest state. ”
    Let’s concede that few supposedly anti-Jewish activists have undertaken such a work of Israeli propaganda, touted by the biggest names in national and international Zionism. It must be remembered that the famous album on the Third Reich had not scalded them and that they considered Le Pen’s enterprise to be unsuspected.
    General de Gaulle had the ambition, it is said, to unite the French beyond the political parties. There was a right-wing Gaullism (Alain Peyrefitte, Charles Pasqua, former sales director of the Ricard company, whose motto was said to be “Travail, Famille, Pastis”), from the center (Jacques Chaban-Delmas, Albin Chalandon) , on the left (René Capitant, Michel Debré, André Malraux), on the extreme right (Alexandre Sanguinetti, former Action Française and co-founder of the SAC, secret police of Gaullism) and even a monarchist (Henri, count of Paris). With the creation of the National Front in 1972, Le Pen’s big business was to unite the rights, all the rights, without bias, from the liberal right to the extreme right of the New Order – with all that the concept of he extreme right is vague since it includes both the royalists of Action Française and the Pétainists, the Bonapartist rights as well as the legitimist, to use the classification of the political scientist René Rémond.
    The objective of the Menhir is presented as a desire to bring together collaborators, resistance fighters and without opinion in a “nationalist compromise”; his attempt consists in reconciling the opponents of almighty Marxism by overcoming the divisions of the crumbling national movement, divided into small groups and sometimes wacky sectarian chapels. These inclinations to unite the carp and the rabbit will be at the origin of all the problems that Le Pen will have to face thereafter: the radical nationalists will find him too flabby while the mediacracy coryphées will have a good game of focus on the marginal elements of the movement to the detriment of its centrist current.
    Le Pen’s ambition, however, is not to prepare for a coup d’état, a dictatorship of the colonels or to found the foundation of the Fourth Reich, but to succeed in creating a movement capable of standing for election and preventing the left to seize power. Le Pen is not a pupil of the master of Martigues, Charles Maurras, who teaches according to the law of organizational empiricism, that “democracy is evil, democracy is death”. He affects to be a supporter of “Churchillian democracy”: “I have argued many times against certain right-wing schools of philosophy that challenge democracy as a means of government. I said, I am basically a Churchillian Democrat, that is to say I refer to the famous aphorism of Churchill saying: “Democracy is probably a very bad system, but I don’t. know no other ”.” (“The Hour of Truth”, Antenne 2, February 13, 1984).
    This original conception of politics has been his refrain since one of his first televised interviews given after the creation of the National Front, in November 1972: “We can only congratulate ourselves on those currents which were suspicious of the elections. are now entering the electoral battle. I think the experiences of the recent past have robbed many of certain illusions and therefore people who perhaps had non-electoral temptations now admit, in this kind of big front which also has a right wing, a center and a wing left, that the political battle really takes place at the electoral level and with democratic methods. ”
    How does the national right, including its radical component, stand in relation to the Jewish question and the Zionism of its time? For the review Defense of the West by Maurice Bardèche, the documentalist Henry Coston and the case of François Duprat, historian of fascism and bitter pro-Palestinian Zionism.
    Time has covered the grudges with a modest veil. The national press, Aspects de la France, Rivarol, Monde et Vie, Minute, provides unwavering support for the Jewish state. Most nationalist activists and intellectuals are targeting new targets. The aggiornamento has been accomplished, according to the formula dear to the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965); not only because, as Georges Bernanos put it, “Hitler dishonored anti-Semitism” (The Way of the Cross-Souls, Editions du Rocher, 1944), but also because what was by tradition reproached to the Jews, namely their cosmopolitan spirit suspected of dissolving patriotic sentiment, seems to have declined. The Jew, formerly synonymous with foreigner and incurable nomad (the “wandering Jew”), now has a land of his own. He now understands its meaning and value. And he doesn’t just walk through this land with binoculars sitting on a bag of currency, he works it!
    The other classic anti-Semitic criticism was linked to the professions in which Jews were seen to be over-represented: business, banking, stock-trading, lawyers, commerce, medicine … With the birth of Israel in 1948, members of the Chosen People, the urban aristocracy of ancient Europe, rolled up their sleeves to cultivate the rocky soil, swamps and desert from which they brought out gardens, vineyards and farms. Many right-wingers see this enterprise as redemption and now regard the children of Israel as very admirable. After two millennia of hatred and misunderstanding, they have become – “like us”!
    In addition, politically, Israel is on the right side of the wall, that of the “free world”, of the United States in the fight to the death against the USSR, this satanocracy where the Jewish dissidents, suspected of treachery since the Six Day War , find themselves in the Gulag or forbidden to emigrate to Israel (the refusniks).
    Finally, the independence of Algeria, ten years earlier, remains in the throes of the national right. The images of horror of the war waged by France there, those of FLN terrorism with its bloody “Kabyle smiles”, the feeling of having been betrayed by de Gaulle for the benefit of an ungrateful people, who, after having took advantage of the roads, schools and hospitals provided by a metropolis which had maintained peace and introduced the cultivation of citrus, vines and early vegetables, threw into the sea (“the suitcase or the coffin!”) a million feet – black people, most of whom had lived in North Africa for several generations – so many reasons that feed repulsion towards those who are colloquially called “the bicots”, the “crouilles”, the “bougnoules”, the “melons” or the “Watermelons”. Effect of the Evian Accords: Rightists, mostly practicing Catholics, abandoned the morality of the Sermon on the Mount to adopt the law of retaliation: “Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth”. Implied: the Arabs must pay for having bled France!
    The Six Day War waged in June 1967 against Egypt, Syria and Jordan allowed Israel to triple its area (Gaza Strip, Sinai, Golan Heights, West Bank, East Jerusalem). President de Gaulle condemned this bad move to the point of being called an anti-Semite by the liberal philosopher Raymond Aron and of causing a great hourvari in Israel after his press conference of November 27, 1967, where he defined the Jews as ” an elite people, sure of themselves and domineering ”. Nationalists see the Israeli victory as the West’s revenge on the abhorrent Arabs. The IDF has demonstrated that Jews are capable of sacrificing themselves for a noble cause, that of the homeland, and of waging war like the greatest military leaders in history. This is the end of the caricature of the vile and weak Jew, garnishing his safe with gold while he sends the goyim to be massacred in combat, as Louis-Ferdinand Céline described it in Bagatelles pour un massacre in 1937. The former French settler, green with rage at having been driven from his land, applauds with both hands the Jewish settler who is fulfilling the destiny he has passed by.
    The enemy of the 1960s and 1970s, in the minds of Le Pen and his companions, is the decolonizer, the decolonized, the communist, the sixty-eight, or even the babacool and the deserter – not the Jew or the Zionist. , become examples to follow. Having realized the utopia of a nation of peasant-soldiers in permanent mobilization, Israel is appreciated in the way that the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, wanted in The State of the Jews (1896) – namely as “a stronghold advance of the West against barbarism ”.
    The more extreme right-wing activists find other reasons to draw closer to Israel; motives that World War II had helped to blur. Zionism in its ultra-nationalist version and fascism have indeed a common kinship: the cult of blood and earth. Without developing or drawing fanciful conclusions on the alleged fact that fascism was born from the reflection carried out between Benito Mussolini and his mistress Margherita Sarfatti, a Jew from Venice, we can underline the identity of view between the radical right, formerly collaborationist, and the thought of the man who has been nicknamed, not without reason, the “Jewish fascist”, Zeev Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder in 1923 of Betar, a youth movement intended to create a new type of Jew: the heroic Jew.
    Contrary to workerist and humanist Zionism, Jabotinsky’s so-called “revisionist” Zionism, anti-socialist and anti-Communist, held in the pre-war years a discourse that can easily be considered as a Jewish version of what Nietzsche holds about Superman or that of Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf about the Aryan.
    Let’s listen to him:
    “We must establish a generation that has no interests or customs to preserve,” writes Jabotinsky. It must be a generation of iron (…) It is impossible for a man to assimilate to a people whose blood is different from his (…) We will not allow things like marriages. mixed because the preservation of our national integrity is impossible other than by maintaining the purity of the race and to do this we will have this territory of which our people will constitute the radically pure population (…) It is inconceivable from a point of view from a physical point of view that a Jew born in a family of pure Jewish blood can adapt to the spiritual vision of a German or a French (…) There can be no question of a voluntary reconciliation between us and Arabs, neither now, nor in the foreseeable future (…) Try to find a single example where the colonization of a country was done with the agreement of the indigenous population (…) We cannot offer no compensation against Palestine, neither the Palestinians, nor the Arabs (…) he must play his part – brutally and without leniency “(quoted in The Warriors of Israel).
    These enraged speeches did not prevent Jabotinsky from being initiated in Paris in the early 1930s at the Étoile du Nord lodge in the Grand Orient de France. Anything. It is estimated that before the war its movement had 100,000 members, marching in quick pace, dressed in brown shirts, in twenty-six countries. Underground paramilitary training centers are created as part of the Irgun, a Zionist terrorist organization born in 1931 whose goal is to build a Jewish state on both banks of the Jordan; in Poland, the leader of these groups is a certain Menachem Begin, future leader of the Irgun and Prime Minister of Israel from 1977 to 1983. Between 1934 and 1937 Fascist Italy hosted a naval school for Bétar in Civitavecchia, led by the black shirts who train 162 Jewish sailors. In August 1935, the Duce told David Patro, Chief Rabbi of Rome: “For Zionism to succeed, there must be a Jewish state, with a Jewish flag and a Jewish language. This is what your fascist Jabotinsky understands “. Not at all anti-Semitic in his early days, did not Mussolini receive Haim Weizmann in 1923 and 1926, then Nahum Goldman, president of the World Zionist Organization, in 1927?
    A similar interest in far-right Zionist projects is growing on the Reich side. While many Jewish organizations called for an economic and commercial boycott of Germany, an agreement was signed in August 1933, says Ha’avara (“transfer”, in Hebrew), between the German government and the Jewish Agency: l a Jewish emigrant can deposit his funds into an ad hoc account in Germany, which will be used to purchase German products resold by a Jewish company in Palestine; the money is refunded to the Jews once they get there. It is estimated that 10% of Germany’s Jewish population, or 60,000 people, emigrated thanks to this German-Zionist agreement that has been ignored by official history. In 1935, Reinhard Heydrich, head of the security service of the SS, was able to send his good wishes to those who through emigration “help to build their own Jewish state.” One of the regime’s ideologues, Alfred Rosenberg, writes that “Zionism must be vigorously supported in order for an annual contingent of German Jews to be transported to Palestine.”
    In National Socialist Germany, for example, Betar benefits most officially from its office in Berlin and its members can parade the streets in uniform. If the Nuremberg Laws (1935) severely discriminated against the Jewish population, they nevertheless authorized the German Zionists to hoist the Jewish flag. The war will thwart this rapprochement. The astonishing alliance that the Zionist group Stern of Yitzhak Shamir, future Prime Minister of Israel, proposed in 1941 to National Socialist Germany (to create a front against England) will be refused by it, because it has become the ally of the Arabs; in January 1945 Himmler wrote thus: “It must be excluded, and on this a guarantee must be given to us, that the Jews whom we let out through Switzerland can never be driven back to Palestine.” We know that the Arabs, just as much as we Germans do, refuse the Jews and we do not want to indulge in such indecency as to send new Jews to this poor people martyred by the Jews ”(Werner Maser, Nürnberg, Tribunal der Sieger, Droemer Knaur, Munich and Zurich, 1979).
    As the seventies approached, the ideas of Mussolini, Heydrich and Rosenberg returned to the table. Why not resume the dialogue with the Jews where it left off before the war? Pumped up by the crushing Israeli victory over Nasser, the old tenors of the far right remember with nostalgia this failed attempt at collusion and venture to revival.
    Appointed in March 1941 commissioner general for Jewish questions under Pétain, Xavier Vallat does not have the reputation of being tender. He passed a law authorizing the appropriation and liquidation of Jewish property by the Vichy regime. Sentenced in 1947 to ten years in prison, he only served two and found himself amnestied in 1954. Immediately after the Six Day War, on June 15, 1967, he wrote a stunning article in the royalist newspaper Aspects de France, entitled “My reasons for being a Zionist”. Vallat is based on the book by Dreyfusard Bernard Lazare, L’Antisémitisme, son histoire et ses causes, published in 1894, in which this Jew from an old Israelite family in the South evokes the problems of assimilation experienced by his ancestors for centuries in the different states where they stayed. The former commissioner general for Jewish questions believes that this can only be resolved by restoring to “members of this ethnic group their legal affiliation to their nation, the Jewish nation”. The Six Day War having been “courageously waged”, Israel must, against the advice of the UN, possess “the international guarantee of its historic borders, from Sinai to Hermon, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan”. From one extreme to the other!
    Vallat is not the only one to think in this direction. The former star of the ultimate in collaborationist journals, I am everywhere, Lucien Rebatet was one of the most vigorous anti-Semites during the 39-45 war. Sentenced to death and then pardoned in 1947, he proclaimed himself a National Socialist and unashamedly hailed the Nuremberg laws. Until July 1944 he continued to support the Reich’s enterprise: “I admire Hitler. We admire Hitler, and we have very serious reasons for that ”. In the meantime, he called to vote for Mitterrand in the presidential election of 1965. In Rivarol of June 8, 1967, the author of Les Décombres (Denoël editions, 1942) unreservedly defends the legitimacy of the Israeli war: “The cause of Israel is over there that of all Westerners. I would have been astonished if I had been prophesied in 1939 that I would one day make wishes for the victory of a Zionist army. But that’s the solution I find reasonable today. ” In 1969, having become a “fan” of Moshe Dayan, he again affirms, in the same weekly, “to savor the historical paradox which led the Jews of Israel to defend all the patriotic, moral and military values ​​that they have the most. violently fought for a century in their adopted country. ”
    The next generation, less focused on the racial question, followed in the footsteps of its predecessors. Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour, whom, as we have seen, Le Pen supported in the 1965 presidential election, declared four years later: “The creation of Israel is truly the return of a dispersed people (… ) Nothing could be more normal ”(Patrick Wajsman and René-François Teissèdre, Our politicians facing the Israeli-Arab conflict, Paris, Fayard, 1969). Passing the Nakba tragedy into profit and loss, Tixier is convinced of the pacifist character of Israel: “The Jewish state would never have manifested the slightest act, the slightest feeling of imperialism if, between 1948 and 1968, no coup no fire had been fired on its borders ”. For him, surrounded by hateful Arab states, Israel is in a situation of “self-defense”. As the Jewish state finds itself in a position to fight Soviet influence in the Middle East, Tixier’s advice does not suffer from temperance: it gives it unconditional support.
    The French nationalist movements themselves calm things down with the Jewish community. In the 1970s, the Zionist combat militias and the Right Union Group, which later became the Union Defense Group (GUD), a nationalist organization of students from the Faculty of Assas founded in 1968 by former Westerners, carefully avoid. Passing clashes aside, the time has come for an unspoken non-aggression pact. In Génération Occident (Éditions du Seuil, 2005), Frédéric Charpier notes: “In 1969, Serge Volyner took part in the creation of Bétar, a prosionist and anti-communist organization. Then he would open a law firm with his friend Patrick Devedjian before later moving to Jerusalem. At her wedding, a table is reserved for elders from the West. ”
    In 1970, following a large New Order meeting at the Mutualité de Paris, Jean-François Galvaire, spokesperson for the movement, revealed in an interview published by Minute that his small group had the opportunity to collaborate with Bétar (Jack Marchal, Frédéric Chatillon, Thomas Lagane, Les Rats maudits – Histoire des students nationalistes, 1965-1995, Paris, 1995). In the secret steering committee of the New Order, we find, in addition to François Brigneau and Gérard Longuet, Claude Goasguen, future deputy for Paris and minister, who will become years later president of the parliamentary group of France-Israel friendship.
    But it is precisely from the magic cauldron of the New Order, an activist movement launched on the ruins of the West, that the National Front will emerge. New Order, born in 1969, which has a few thousand members, envisaged in 1971 the creation of a unitary party intended to bring together the devastated nationalist family. Young Western activists let off steam in 1968 in the Latin Quarter by wielding the mine bar against the “bolchos” of Alain Krivine and the leftists of Daniel Cohn-Bendit, but the movement – to which promising young people like Gérard belonged. Longuet, Hervé Novelli or Alain Madelin – was dissolved in 1968. The party is over: Ordre nouveau has taken up the torch. It is now important to “get out of the ghetto”, as Frédéric Charpier put it, that is to say, create an electoral platform in order to integrate the institutional framework.
    New Order nurtures many undercurrents within it, each of which only brings together a handful of activists. It has been said, however, that he represented “French fascism”. This does not prevent Pierre Sidos, leader of the French Work, a movement of Bonapartist tendency founded in 1968, not to taste this strategy of union at all costs which seems to him dangerous on the political level and impure on the doctrinal level. He said around this time that New Order leaders were “sold to the Jews.”
    It was under these conditions that Le Pen arrived.
    The initiators of the National Front set out in search of a leader who, without being a marshmallow, is held respectable. Breton François Brigneau, pamphleteer and influential member of the New Order political bureau, suggests that his comrades choose as their representative his Breton compatriot Le Pen, whose podium qualities and fascinating charisma he appreciates. The two have known and liked each other for a long time. Both own a sailboat and are great navigators.
    For his part, Jean-Marie Le Pen has never participated in the New Order, of which he calls members “right-wing leftists”. But he has the perfect profile to become the boss of an unapologetic and honorable Right. In an exceptional and unlucky attempt in 1968, he has stayed away from political politics for several years. He was not soaked in folk movements that would have damaged his image. He is not a theorist but a pragmatist, a cold-blooded political animal endowed with unusual tribune qualities. We praise its dynamism. He is concerned about republican legality; he is not a faction. He experienced a desert crossing during which he spoke little about the immediate news; It’s not worse. He even went back to school. In 1971 he submitted a dissertation for his graduate degree in political science. Its title: “The Anarchist Current in France since 1945”, a document testifying to a certain closeness between its author and the refractory spirits he carries in his heart; there he pays homage to the pacifist Louis Lecoin, the man who wrested from de Gaulle in 1962 a statute for conscientious objectors, and with whom he had bonded. We are far from the picrocholins conflicts and concerns that agitate the extreme right of the post-Gaullist period.
    Between him and the New Order, we are witnessing a marriage of convenience. Le Pen wasted no time in locking everything down, and when the New Order was dissolved in June 1973, he easily got rid of these groupuscular supporters in order to have a free hand. Supporting no yoke, he did not want to be the puppet of the Celtic cross movement.
    What about Israel? Many FN co-founders are on best terms with the Jewish state. Among them, Rolande Birgy, former resistance member of the Valette d’Osia Network, nicknamed “Blue Beret”, Volunteer Combatant Cross of the Resistance. During the war, she brought Jewish children to Switzerland; in 1984, the State of Israel bestowed upon him the title of “Righteous Among the Nations”.
    In October 1972, the election of the first political bureau of the FN took place. The president is Jean-Marie Le Pen. The vice-president, François Brigneau. Alain Robert, of the New Order, is secretary general; Roger Holeindre is treasurer, Pierre Bousquet and Pierre Durand are his assistants.
    In Israel, Alain Robert follows the line of the New Order. If Bousquet was a tough guy, coming out of the SS Charlemagne, we hardly know his opinion on Israel at that time, although he was hardly deprived afterwards, for example in the Militant review of March 1978, of say all the bad things he thought about the “Zionist lobby” which “strengthened its influence and power”. But in 1972 he was the treasurer of the French Unity Party, led by Roger Holeindre, known as “Popeye”, from the Resistance, formerly of Indo and of the OAS. Having become a major reporter at Paris Match, Holeindre is not known for his take-out positions on the Middle East conflict. His current preoccupation is with South Vietnam, a conflict in which he is fiercely involved, as a shock anti-Communist, for US forces against the Viet Cong.
    Le Pen’s closest friend during this period, his liege man and leapfrog, is Pierre Durand. At this point, Durand is associated with Israel. Married in 1970 to a Jew of Polish origin named Nina Borowski, this co-director of the SERP will write again, four years before his death, in the national-Catholic newspaper Present on June 14, 1990, which he co-founded in the fourties. twenty: “He escaped me, worried about what is happening in France and what will be accomplished there in the coming weeks, that the collaborators of Present, sometimes carried away by the waves of youth and passions, had paid homage without too much restraint to an international terrorist leader condemned by civilized nations for many years. The ease of writing sometimes inspires romantic impulses. I am also convinced that it was a certain naivety that made our friends forget to condemn Arafat without reservations. Should we forget who Arafat is because he comes into business today (…). For us, the time for appeasing the Palestinian leader has not yet come. I would add that, unlike a few, we will in no way touch or receive the subsidies that Near Eastern pharmacies are reputed to distribute to those who support them in the West. Present, unreservedly, condemns terrorism, whether its perpetrators are Irish or their Libyan or Palestinian masters, and hopes that lead will come to minds in the form of reflection and not as hot metal. ”
    As for Brigneau, the man who hoisted Le Pen on the flag of the National Front, he was also in the 1970s a Zionist coruscant. Born in 1919, whose real name is Emmanuel Allot, François Brigneau has an impressive pedigree: he militated in the National Popular Rally of Marcel Déat, then joined the Militia on June 6, 1944. He was imprisoned in Fresnes with Robert Brasillach, whom he saw leaving at the execution post. Like his friend Le Pen, he was part of the Tixier Support Committee in 1965.
    Nevertheless, this man who has no ideas in his socks worked at L’Aurore for Pierre Lazareff, son of Russian immigrants of Jewish origin, who ran American radio services in Europe from London during the war. Known for being one of the last great French polemicists, Brigneau is also editor-in-chief of the weekly Minute, where he has worked since 1964. Or Minute, created in 1962, is published by a company founded by Jean-François Devay (Croix war, Medal of the Resistance) and, among others, Edmond de Rothschild, Raoul Lévy and Marcel Dassault. One of the discreet writers of the newspaper at that time is Serge de Beketch, who has recounted many times how he tried without success – the clashes having been too brief – to join the Israeli army on the occasion of the Six Day War. In the same year 1967, it should be noted in passing, Le Pen, who was making a living with the SERP, was hired for eight months by Devay as head of public relations and director of advertising.

    Clearly right-wing, Minute displays both its prosionist positions and in 1974 the “professional revolutionary” and pro-Palestinian Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, known as Carlos, claims a car bomb attack which detonates its premises, as well as those of L’Aurore and L’Arche.
    Adoncques, in Minute, Brigneau writes articles to the glory of Israel. He first visited there in June 1967 as a special envoy and came back literally blown away. On his return, Roger Holeindre asks him to come and tell the experience he has lived to the members of his Circle of Fighters, rue Quincampoix in Paris, a place where the militants loyal to Le Pen also meet after the split of the movement of Tixier-Vignancour (François Brigneau, “I was a philo-Zionist”, Quotidien de France, October 16, 2000). Those were the days when Holeindre chased out of this room that served as a canteen and sports hall horny young people who had started chanting anti-Semitic verses to play tough. “Between a para song and a Nazi song, there is a difference,” says Holeindre. They were singing with their arms raised. I fired them. They never set foot in the restaurant again “(Bresson-Lionet).
    Later attacked by the LICRA and extorted by various personalities for his denunciation of a certain lobby that does not exist, Brigneau has, for a long time, been fascinated by this new country “where milk and honey flow”, as big as three French departments. In 1988, he unfolds this period in National-weekly n ° 182: “At the time, Zionism seemed to me a possible answer to the problems posed by the Diaspora in the host countries. I believed that the existence of a Hebrew state would make reporting easier, more logical, less laden with fog and mystery. On the one hand, there would be Israeli citizens. On the other, men of Jewish origin who, having preferred France to the Promised Land, would seek assimilation. I thought I was very strong and hooked on ice. I was mostly dumb and ignorant of this dreadful and magical world I rubbed shoulders with. I was also indifferent to the plight of the Palestinians. They were driven from their land? What about the Pieds-Noirs? (…) As a good nationalist, I should have been sensitive to the tragedy of a people deprived of their native soil by high-ranking cosmopolitan decisions. I was not and regret it today. Blinded perhaps by the loss of French Algeria, my nationalism was only passionate about the Zionist era. Miracle of the ground! Miracle of the nation! Here are populations of nomads, usurers, moneylenders, hawkers, shopkeepers, furriers, attracted by trade, gold, money and endless discussions, haircuts in 374 (…) that we had known materialists, nationalists pilpouleurs, sworn enemies of the throne and the altar, contemptors of the faith, of the country, of the army, destroyers, actors and spectators fascinated by the decadence who suddenly, finding the land where their ancestors led the herds, were metamorphosed in body and soul. Their waist straightened. Their port became more secure. What they had made fun of in others, they found in them to be sacred! They obeyed voices from the depths of time. They became soldiers. They made themselves peasants and in their threatened farms they kept the cradles, because one shoots with more determination when one hears the little child chirping near you, whom one is responsible for protecting. Miracle. ”
    There were certainly not only Israelis in the early days. There remains, in fact, the fuzzy figure of François Duprat, highly publicized and more tormented, certainly, than that of the other nationalists. He appeared at the FN shortly after its creation. A strange life, Duprat: after a short stay in Trotskyism, this son of resistance members approached the OAS Métro-Jeunes and far-right organizations such as Jeune Nation of the Sidos brothers and Dominique Venner and co-founded the Federation of nationalist students. A history and geography teacher, he specializes in the making of extreme right and extreme left groups on cards. Unparalleled documentalist, hypermnesic, defining himself as a nationalist-revolutionary, he founded the Revue d’histoire du fascisme, then the Cahiers européenne, and decided, in the mid-1970s, to distribute revisionist brochures, in particular that of Richard Verrall, Said Harwood, Six Million Dead, Are They Really ?. Author of The History of the SS (The Seven Colors, 1968), he was not, however, racialist and was close to the Iraqi Ba’as party. Anti-Zionist, in 1967 he created the Rally for the Liberation of Palestine, which brought together a few dozen members. Such a commitment does not prevent him from being won over to the Atlanticist doctrine and to economic liberalism, because this paradoxical revolutionary does not support Che Guevara but the counter-revolutionary movements of the Third World, under the control of the CIA. He went to Nigeria and Congo, in the midst of decolonization, to help the anti-Communist camp in his own way, under the cover of Unesco or as an embassy advisor.
    Strangely enough, Duprat finds himself excluded from all the movements to which he belongs, such as the Federation of Nationalist Students, the West and the New Order. He joined the National Front, was also expelled in 1973, then reintroduced the following year. Funny back and forth; perhaps he practiced Seneca too much: “I am in the habit of passing into the opposing camp, not as a defector, but as a spy.” He is suspected of being a police informer; rightly so, because he is a member of General Intelligence. But contrary to what the title of an otherwise excellent book by Nicolas Lebourg and Joseph Beauregard suggests (Denoël, 2012), he was not “the man who invented the National Front”.
    Informant as much as intoxicator, seller of information and crystallizing hatred, Duprat was the victim, on March 18, 1978 near Le Havre, of an attack on his way to his college in Caudebec (Seine-Maritime). His Citroën GS explodes in the open countryside under the effect of a remote control bomb composed of one kilo of melinite. His wife Laurence, who was driving, is seriously injured. He is shredded instantly. His personal address had just been published a few months earlier in Dossier Néonazisme (Ramsay, 1977) by Dominique Yvan Calzi, alias Patrice Chairoff, with a preface by Beate Klarsfeld, the wife of the handsome Serge. Two days after the attack Duprat had an appointment with his publisher to give him the final version of a manuscript on the financing of political parties. We’ll never know who did it.
    A member of the FN’s political bureau, Duprat had the idea of ​​the slogan “A million unemployed is a million immigrants too”. This idea will become the cardinal point of the FN, even though, since his trip to the colonies, the assimilationist Le Pen hardly shares this line; at the beginning, he also believes that the theme is not promising. In 1991, when the Menhir fights against the US war in Iraq under the slogan “Nationalists of all countries, unite!”, It will echo Duprat’s analyzes; but for the time being he did not impose his anti-Zionism on the party, nor his admiration for Arab countries. Appreciating Duprat’s intelligence, Le Pen admits that he was “quite removed from his world” and that part of his life was “dark”. While he convinced him to carry out his propaganda around “savage immigration,” to use the expression of the time, he did not provide him with a slogan or a theoretical manual against Israel. Like the few anti-Zionists of the Front who stood quiet on the issue, contenting themselves with disseminating their heretical ideas through their own magazines such as Militant, Duprat, a man in the shadows, had opted for the Trotskyist strategy and asked to his small troop, the Nationalist-Revolutionary Groups (GNR), endowed with a dozen militants, to practice entryism within the FN. The death of Duprat led to the departure of the FN from the nationalist-revolutionary tendency.
    It was Jean-Pierre Stirbois, leader of the Solidarist Union, known primarily for its anti-Communist action, who took over from Duprat, along with his friends Michel Collinot and the former mercenary Jean-Claude Nourry. Appointed secretary general of the FN in June 1981, favorable to Israel, the one that some nicknamed “Stirbaum” drove out the last radicals. For Mark Fredriksen, founder of the Federation of National and European Action (FANE), “Stirbois est juif” (Liberation, September 8, 1980.) In his group’s monthly, Notre Europe, (April 1980) the extreme militant right Michel Faci declared: “Mr. Le Pen, there will be no more fascists to march with you in the Zionist demonstrations”.
    As for Pierre Bousquet, he will be pushed towards the exit; One of his comrades, Pierre Pauty, boss of the journal Militant, said he was “disgusted by the Talmudic shenanigans” of Stirbois and accused Le Pen on this occasion of being “an agent of the Zionists”.
    What was Le Pen’s mind at that time vis-à-vis Israel? He did not speak much on the subject in public, perhaps in order not to anger some of the anti-Zionists who had joined him, such as Duprat, whose substantive work he appreciated. But in 1987, in National Hebdo No. 166, François Brigneau, the man who made him king, describes him as he recalls: “Jean-Marie Le Pen had many Jewish friends and Jewish friends. He still has it, I think. One of her oldest and closest lieutenants is married to an Israelite. Their relationship was not disturbed, however. Out of deep nationalism, out of tenderness for the peasant soldier, because he is inhabited by a powerful feeling of the carnal homeland, Jean-Marie Le Pen was sensitive to the great Zionist adventure. He was pro-Israel. Would a traditional or dating anti-Semite have taken leave of the Assembly to go to Suez in 1956 to fight the Arabs and help the Israelis (who did not need it anyway)? (…) It would be fair to remember that. In all the political movements that Le Pen created and animated, the National Front of Combatants, the Tixier-Vignancour Committee, the National Front, the French Jews were admitted like the others. The Jewish question was never raised. I would add that some members did not hide their philosemitism (…) For Le Pen, the French of Jewish tradition who favor the French interest do not pose any problem. They form a full part, without ambiguity or discrimination, without restriction or special status, of the national community. ”
    Le Pen’s Jewish friends, of whom Brigneau speaks, are indeed loyal to him, and the converse is true. When in 1976 the Menhir apartment was the object of an attack, a childhood friend of whom I spoke above, the Zionist Jew Gérard Silvain, offered to host it, an offer that this one declined, however.
    “We saw each other often,” says Silvain. When my son was born, I immediately received a congratulatory telegram. Then he saw her grow up. He would say to me sometimes, “I would have liked a son like yours.” He also attended my sister-in-law’s wedding (her head was wearing a kippah, of course). And then he came to the party. He loved the music, the ambiance … He was carried on a chair, like a real Jew. When he became rich, after the Lambert heritage, he invited me on his boat, off La Trinité, with Olivier de Kersauson … I also went to the parties organized in Saint-Cloud by Pierrette. I found some co-religionists there “.
    On the question of Israel, Gérard Silvain proposed in 1977 to Le Pen to “play the missi dominici for a trip to Israel.” At the time I had some political contact … notably with the office of Meïr Kahane, the far-right rabbi, who was not yet ostracized by the entire political class of the country. Its secretary, a certain Perez, was ready to organize a series of meetings with right-wing leaders, including Likud MPs – who would have played along of course. Le Pen agreed. But not his entourage (…) Second episode (…) I suggested that he say clearly on television that he was not an anti-Semite. “Interviewed by Paul Amar, his friend Le Pen readily confesses it”, concludes Olivier Guland.
    The blindfold that Le Pen wears over his left eye (lost in 1965) as a challenge to the bourgeoisie is reminiscent of that of General Moshe Dayan. He is often perceived as such, and Le Pen is careful not to deny his inspiration: “It didn’t bother me, I was in good company,” he confided to Jean Marcilly, citing other celebrities wearing the famous eye patch he loves.
    In the early 1980s, the Jewish community in France once again lived with a phobia of anti-Semitism. On October 3, 1980, a bomb placed in the saddlebags of a motorcycle exploded in front of the synagogue on rue Copernic, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Results: four dead and 46 injured. The emotion is immense: 200,000 demonstrators march in solidarity between Nation and Republic. Prime Minister Raymond Barre’s reaction is clumsy; he said he was “full of indignation at this heinous attack which wanted to strike the Israelites who were going to the synagogue and which struck innocent French people.” Does this mean that the “Israelites” are not “innocent Frenchmen”? Six months later, the villain helped steer the Jewish vote against incumbent President Giscard d´Estaing – who inadvertently forgot to visit Israel during his seven-year term.
    The police immediately look, old reflex, on the side of the extreme right. Jean-Yves Pellay, head of the FANE law enforcement department, claims responsibility for the attack; he turns out to be nothing more than a vile Zionist provocateur infiltrated into the movement and prefers to confess everything because he is now the object of the vengeance of his brothers (Le Quotidien de Paris and Le Matin, November 28, 1980). Commissioner Jean-Pierre Pochon (The Red Stores, at the heart of the infiltration of Direct Action, Éditions des Équateurs, 2008) will later explain how the new socialist power, which took office on May 10, 1981, put pressure on the services so that the track of the extreme right is privileged to the detriment of the near-eastern hypothesis.
    Anything. From the start of the investigations, Le Pen (RLP hebdo, October 8, 1980) denounced this “anti-Semitic attack”. In his telescopic sight, he sees the “hand of the KGB”. Its campaign posters focus on the theme: “The death penalty for all terrorists”. He unambiguously supports the Jewish victims.
    In the legislative elections of June 1981, the National Front obtained only 0.18% of the votes cast, but in March 1982, during the cantonal elections, its results improved in certain constituencies (12.62% in Dreux-Ouest, Eure- et-Loir).
    On August 9, 1982, an attack (grenade and shots fired in the crowd) occurred this time in the famous restaurant run by Jo Goldenberg, rue de Rosiers in Paris, in the heart of the Jewish quarter of the Marais. The commando killed six and wounded 22. President François Mitterrand travels to the scene. On his order, Captain Barril and members of the GIGN proceed in Vincennes to the arrest of Irishmen believed to belong to the IRA and alleged perpetrators of the massacre. Explosives are found in their apartment. We finally learn that it was Barril’s men who deposited them themselves. The case turns into a national scandal. This time, we are not accusing the far right and the FN, like all opposition parties, is taking advantage of this socialo-communist cacade.
    The year 1983 was marked by the rise of the FN. In March, Le Pen, candidate for municipal elections in the twentieth arrondissement of Paris, scores 11.3% against the Valois radical Didier Bariani. He is elected borough councilor. In September, at the partial municipal in Dreux, Jean-Pierre Stirbois, secretary general of the party, obtained 16.7%, the best score ever obtained by an FN candidate. He merged in the second round with the right-wing list of Jean Hieaux (Rassemblement pour la République, RPR) and contributed to the latter’s election. Stirbois becomes assistant husband, in charge of security.
    Against the left which is tachycardic at the sight of such an alliance, Jean-Claude Gaudin of the Union for French Democracy (UDF) and François Léotard of the Republican Party are showing their fervor. Even the ticklish Raymond Aron balks and refuses, in L’Express of September 16, 1983, to “take seriously the fascist threat brandished by the left” and proclaims: “The only international of fascist style in the 1980s, it is red and not brown ”. Only Simone Veil recommended abstention.
    In the Quotidien de Paris of October 29, 1983, Jean-Marie Le Pen, with a keen sense of the subliminal, writes a column entitled “Far right and yellow star”. He firmly condemns the label of the “extreme right” attached to his movement: “The extreme right is a fuzzy, imprecise, equivocal notion, used more polemically than scientific. It is used as a weapon in a fight where words sometimes kill more surely than bullets. Sewn like a tunic of Nessus on their opponents, it is in their eyes what the yellow star was to the Nazis, a sign of infamy, a landmark for witch hunts “. The charm operation is underway.
    In December, Le Pen continued its momentum. He plays the spoilsport by achieving 12% in a by-election in Auray (Morbihan), with surprise deputy Yann Cadoret, a former paraplegic biker. He won 53% of the votes in La Trinité-sur-Mer: Le Pen becomes a prophet in his country!
    In February 1984, at the Grand Jury-RTL-Le Monde, Raymond Barre showed some nuance in his regard. Subtle, having in view the presidential election of 1988, the former Prime Minister does not wish to participate in the quarry: “He was a deputy under the Fourth Republic … What interests me are his electors, because they are exasperated ”. A cajolery here, a call of the foot there; Le Pen divides the opposition, but has the wind in its sails and remains courted.
    Three months before the Europeans, it was announced that the Menhir was invited for the first time in François-Henri de Virieu’s flagship program, “L’Heure de Vérité”. As early as 1982, Le Pen had written to François Mitterrand, when he launched his call for “national unity”. He had pointed out to him that the majority vote excluded the FN from all the assemblies; he complained of being deprived of the right to speak, unlike other political parties. These were the beginnings of a lively letter exchange between the two men. On February 13, 1984, the President wrote him a letter, sent to his correspondent’s home by special carrier, in which he told him: “It is now up to the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication to ensure the independence of the public service in France. and to ensure the accomplishment of the missions entrusted to it by the law (…) Because it is my duty, I will remind everyone and in all circumstances, as I have already done, of the need to recognize the rights of each political formation, in particular its right of expression and representation. ”
    With the green light given, Le Pen could be invited to François-Henri de Virieu, in France’s most popular political program, which the Marquis had masterfully directed for two years.
    For the far left, the invitation is felt like a snub. His meager troops show their ire in front of the Antenna 2 studios. But the rest of the country does not go into a trance. The average Frenchman is waiting to see. As for the Jewish community, it also remains in suspense. His assumption is not particularly unfavorable.
    For the show, Tribune juive devoted a special feature to the Menhir. In n ° 808 from February 10 to 16, 1984, the editorial director, Rabbi Jacquot Grunewald postulates that the rise of Le Pen is due to “the deficiencies of the old majority”, which “could not avoid poses in France an incontestably worrying problem of the Maghreb emigrants ”. He clarified his thinking until he wrote, in trebuchet-weighed terms: “Does the emergence of the Le Pen phenomenon concern the Jews in a specific way?” If it is anti-Semitism let’s say bluntly that we are not aware of any anti-Semitic comments that can be attributed to the leader of the National Front. He himself asserts that he is not anti-Semitic and since our calling is not to search the kidneys and the heart, we will not make any accusations in this regard. With regard to Israel, Mr. Le Pen speaks rather flattering language, so we cannot call him the anti-Zionist variant either. ”
    If you can read, this is a blank check given to the president of the FN by one of the most illustrious leaders of the Jews in France. A provisional blank check, perhaps, accompanied by reservations; but a blank check in spite of everything. And that matters.
    This historic issue of Tribune Juive, which features Le Pen on the cover, includes an interview by Edwin Eytan with the FN leader. Complaining about the fact that Le Pen was badly surrounded, Eytan nevertheless administered a certificate of good conduct to him: “In the thick file of press clippings and quotes with which I armed myself (…), I did not have could find the slightest remark that can be attributed to him and which would have an anti-Semitic connotation. ”
    Flattered to be accepted for the exam, Le Pen replied with similar courtesy: “As for me, I have never felt the slightest anti-Semitic feeling, if by anti-Semitism we mean wanting to persecute or harm a Jew, or even make distinctions between various categories of French. On the other hand, I cannot admit, because here I am guilty, that one is accused of being an anti-Semite if one does not like Chagall’s painting, if one disapproves of the policy of Mendes France and one is opposed to the laws of Mme Veil. on abortion. ”
    The discussion shifts to the Jewish state. The European elections will be held in June; these, Eytan complacently remarks, “thwart the travel plans of Le Pen, who intended to attend a congress of former paratroopers being held in Israel at the same time.” Le Pen drives home the point: “I was determined to attend and even participate in the inaugural jump with Israeli colleagues.” Spread the word!
    Eytan continues with the same benevolence: “He follows Israeli politics quite closely, is an admirer of the current government [the Israeli Prime Minister is then Yitzhak Shamir, of the rightist Likud] and knows the history surprisingly. from the country.” Le Pen drinks whey.
    What about the former collaborators with whom he is surrounded? “The old SS officers, to be blunt, I don’t care,” said the Menhir fearlessly. “The few survivors are of canonical age. It is not the SS that threaten Europe but the SS 20 missiles pointed at us, I believe that the debate is there (…) I do not like to trample my old adversaries when they are on the ground. ”
    The statement is not very helpful for former Waffen hires – but it is radical. For his part, obviously, Eytan was won over by the president of the FN. The charm of the Trinitan played a role. His ability to adapt to his audience is legendary. And then basically, even if he passes the shining brush to the community, what he told Tribune juive that day resembles what he has always said.
    On February 13, then, Le Pen found himself on the set of Antenne 2, facing François-Henri de Virieu, Alain Duhamel, Albert du Roy and Jean-Louis Servan- Schreiber, CEO of the Expansion group. This is the first major program he has participated in in thirty years of political life. He’ll admit he’s nervous, it’s rare.
    The first question in the SVP standard concerns the “Barbie case”, the former Lyon Gestapo chief found in Bolivia and deported to France a year earlier. Le Pen responds tit for tat: “Fascism, racism, anti-Semitism, all of this is what I am generally criticized by the Communist press and those directly linked to it. It’s part of the disinformation that communism is sort of used to. (…) The Barbie case does not interest me any more than it interests all the other French people and I would like to say on this occasion how much I am scandalized, as far as I am concerned, to see that on television in broadcasts, where I am not present elsewhere, my name or my photograph are very often associated with parades of the German army or the photo of Hitler (…) I say that this is scandalous (. ..) ”.
    Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber questions him about a sentence by Alain Renault, secretary general of the FN from 1978 to 1980, who wrote in September 1980 in the Militant newspaper about an anti-Semitic attack in Antwerp, Belgium, that it was “a grenade thrown absently by a Palestinian at a group of Jewish teenagers, offspring of diamond dealers.” Serene, determined not to offend the Jewish community, Le Pen “condemns this declaration both in substance and in form.” Moreover, he “considers the Jews as citizens like any other”; no more, but no less.
    The show looks like a four-on-one boxing match. Journalists do not give gifts to their guest; their questions are insidious with unexpected low blows. But Le Pen gets away with it and flips the debate in his favor. The show is a huge success. In his book The French First (Michel Lafon, 1984), the Menhir is satisfied with his intervention which, he writes, “was enough for me to remove the mask both monstrous and carnival that my opponents from all sides had applied me so generously, expecting to keep me in an irreversible political offside. Missed.”
    Questioned by Antenne 2, Bernard Pons (RPR) declared: “We have recognized the existence of the National Front for a long time. But this is a marginal phenomenon. ” For him, Le Pen’s voices come from the discontented. It is not (not yet) time for anathema.
    Neither on the Zionist side. Caution, wait-and-see attitude. And even, a gentle attempt at reconciliation. The France-Israel Perspectives n ° 117 of May-June 1984, published by the Alliance France-Israel whose president is Claude Giraud, former senator of Paris and vice-president of LICRA, opens its columns in Le Pen, au as well as the two other main European candidates, Simone Veil (UDF-RPR) and Lionel Jospin (PS). The gesture is at least a recognition of the new political importance that the Menhir has just acquired.
    Le Pen’s responses to Perspectives tell us about the spirit behind him: “I attach the greatest importance to bilateral agreements between the European Economic Community and Israel and support their development. I am opposed to the Arab boycott of Israel. I recall that it was organized by the Arab States under Soviet influence and that in combating it we are helping Israel and we encourage the moderate Arab States to resist the intellectual and physical terrorism animated by the Palestine Liberation Organization. and the Soviet Union (…). The Camp David accords were a good basis for negotiation. The assassination of President Sadat, that of Bashir Gemayel, the renunciation of the United States to re-establish the sovereignty of the legitimate government in Lebanon in the aftermath of Operation Peace in Galilee [an operation which had resulted in the destruction of the body of Syrian occupation and the evacuation of West Beirut by PLO forces] seriously undermined the chances of a gradual restoration of peace in the Middle East. (…) In order to inform myself, I intend, if I am elected, to go to Israel with a delegation from my Group in order to meet there the highest authorities of the State (… …). Like the sons of Israel, the Frenchman that I am thinks that there is no happiness without freedom and no freedom without courage. ”
    An official trip to Israel, why not? Rich idea! Temp

    All politicians submit to it, as in the old days young aristocrats performed the Grand Tour (Junkerfahrt); and those who neglect the excursion, like this head in the air of Giscard d’Estaing, find themselves Gros-Jean as in front. The temptation is great to imitate the first, wise and clever, and to let the others dabble in their dead end. It is an opportunity to finally get rid of, once and for all, an accusation that nails to the pillory those who are the victim of it.
    Le Pen is emboldened and glances at the address of Simone Veil, candidate of the single opposition list. On June 10, 1984, a week before the Europeans, he showed himself to be cuddly to the RTL-Le Monde Grand-Jury: “I prefer the social democracy of Mrs. Veil to the revolutionary socialism of Mr. Mitterrand”. This courtesy earned him the title of an article in Le Monde two days later.
    On June 17, the FN presented itself as the “National Opposition Front for a Europe of the Fatherlands” and achieved its highest score in a national election: 10.95% of the vote. A tsunami. More than two million voters voted for him. On Antenne 2, Albert du Roy, feverish, speaks of the “Le Pen shock”: “Should the opposition toughen up its discourse? … Should we ally or not ally? with Jean-Marie Le Pen? This is the problem which, in the months to come, for the cantonal, senatorial and legislative bodies will arise for the RPR and the UDF “.
    Le Pen’s unprecedented advance is a political earthquake that tends to place the question of the alliance at the heart of the news for months on end.
    Le Pen’s tactics have paid off. The FN obtained ten elected officials. And not just any. When one examines their biographies, some of them have a particular quality: that of not displeasing excessively to the hierarchs of the Jewish community.
    Positioned on the list just behind the Menhir, we find Michel de Camaret. This diplomat who was political advisor to NATO served, as we saw at the beginning of the book, in the parachute commandos during the Second World War. He is intimate with General de Bénouville, the liege man of Marcel Dassault (born Bloch, became Bloch-Dassault in 1946, then Dassault in 1949), for whom he directed newspapers and administered various businesses. According to journalists from Liberation Bresson and Lionet, the captain of industry would have put 500,000 francs on the table to include his foal on the FN list.
    Before being director of Le Pen’s cabinet and elected European by his side, Jean-Marie Le Chevallier, for his part, was, from 1975 to 1976, director of cabinet of Jacques Dominati, Secretary of State for Returnees; it is even the latter who introduced him to Le Pen. Ou Dominati is part of the honorary committee of the Alliance France-Israel; elected during a partial legislative assembly in January 1982, he flew the following month to Israel to go “once again to express his gratitude to those who, in the 2nd and 3rd arrondissements of Paris, have set him down. support ”(Henry Coston, Dictionary of French politics, volume 4).
    Another major elected official is Olivier d’Ormesson, cousin of the French writer and academician Jean d’Ormesson. Son and grandson of a diplomat, he is mayor, deputy and senator. In 1979, he was elected to the Europeans as CNI on Simone Veil’s UDF list. In fifth place on Le Pen’s list, d’Ormesson is a great follower of the Jewish state: after his election, he joins without losing a minute to the delegation for relations with Israel of the European Parliament.
    We also discover on the FN list, in an ineligible position, a former member of Menachem Begin’s Irgun, Robert Hemmerdinger, whom I will have to talk about later.
    On June 18, on Antenne 2, Simone Veil blames the FN for the exceptional score on the PS: “This party is swelling with people who are not extremists, but who are fed up with it.” Alain Juppé mutters: “His voters wanted to teach the PS a lesson. “A week later François Léotard spoke on France Inter in preparation for the legislative elections:” There are people at Mr. Le Pen who have never cheated on the electoral level. There are people who have convictions that are often very close to our own. So I am simply saying that on a case-by-case basis we will judge according to the extent of the risk that the Communists and Socialists pose to the democracy of the French. ”
    For some, the possibility exists of forging local alliances with the FN. Of course, not everyone agrees. Thus, like Le Nouvel Observateur which rants against “the Le Pen poison”, Jacques Chirac is hardly seduced: “We reject any negotiation with Le Pen”, he says dryly. However, the debate rages on: alliance? No alliance? At local level ? National? Everyone goes from their point of view.
    On June 23, 1984, seized with an Atlanticist frenzy, Le Pen proclaimed: “My model is Reagan” (Le Figaro-Magazine, June 23, 1984). As we know, Ronald Reagan was subjugated by a group of mainly Jewish neo-conservative intellectuals, collaborators of the review Commentary (press organ of the American Jewish Committee), who reinforced the commitment of the former actor of cinema for the “security of Israel”. During the 1980 presidential campaign Reagan left little doubt about his pro-Israel views. He denounced the PLO as a terrorist organization and described the Jewish state as a “strategic whole” and a “stabilizing force”. Once in the Oval Office, he appointed several of these Jewish-born neoconservatives (Elliot Abrams, Richard Pipes, Eugene Rostow, Michael Ledeen, Max Kampelman, Richard Perle) to important positions in his administration. During his first term, he became the first US President to authorize the signing of a “strategic cooperation agreement” between the United States and Israel, aimed at thwarting Soviet influence in the Middle East. Throughout the Reagan years the United States have accumulated their financial aid to Israel steadily, reaching an unprecedented level.
    At the end of June, in Paris, the “French Reagan” took part in a large demonstration bringing together around two million people against the Savary law and “for the free school”. There parade Simone Veil, Jacques Chirac, Michel Debré, Raymond Barre. The various processions meet at Place de la Bastille. If the presence of the Menhir is not unanimous, no clash is to be noted.
    On July 1, Le Pen is invited to “Sept sur Sept” on TF1, whose presenters are Jean-Louis Burgat and Érik Gilbert:
    – Do you feel closer to whom in the Middle East, Syria or Israel?
    Le Pen: Of course I feel closer to Israel, since Israel is in the camp of the free world and Syria is an ally of the Soviet Union and one of its instruments of hegemony.
    For four years, Le Pen has given pledges of goodwill to the Jews of France. He did not make a mistake; no ill-considered ranting or dubious and thunderous joke discredited him. The community has not split any vespers against him. Critical, it did not push it to its limits; she seems to give him a chance. The dialogue remains open. On paper.
    However, the representatives of the community will not react as Le Pen hoped …

  228. Anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    There is no such thing as a “zionazi”.

    You keep using this term over and over, mulga [because you have to operate from an approved script]. The National Socialists fought against the zionists in WWII and their regime was destroyed for it. The communists and the capitalists did not fight the zionists in WWII — they fought with and for them.

    There is no such thing as the “holocaust”. The Germans did not start WWII.

  229. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    … remembering how my Swedish step family was joking laughinly about your language mimiking it.

    It would be good if your Swedish step family could view the documentary, as well. Love to get their reaction.

    I don’t know if you can understand French, if yes, that is the link:

    Unfortunately, I lost my limited proficiency in French many years ago. I used to be very proud of being one of the top students in French from Grades 5 to 9. Since speaking French wasn’t viewed favourably by the high school students, I regrettably dropped it. Big mistake on my part. I wish I was as fluent as I was back in grade 9. C’est la vie!

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  230. A123 says: • Website
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Muslim Apartheid in France.

    The answer is easy and self evident. The correct # of Muslims infesting Infidel lands is ZERO.

    If there were no Muslim occupiers Judea & Samaria (and France), there would be no need for measures to protect indigenous Jewish (and Christian) children from non-native Muslim violence.

    Muslim Colonies are the Problem.
        *Muslim Decolonization* is the Answer.

    I welcome any honest Peace Process based on the only viable solution — Muslim Decolonization.

    PEACE 😇

    • Disagree: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  231. Iris says:

    It is a very good translation, Geo. Thanks ever so much for the factual information you strive to bring in each of your comments; the respect and dedication you so express towards other commenters in unrivalled.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
    • Thanks: geokat62
  232. Avery says:
    @Tony Hall

    {ADL and their buddies at FBI and in Silicon Valley for starters.}

    I already covered ADL. And I am aware that FBI now works for ADL: truly disgusting and scary. And Ron has got the handle on the slime in Silicon Valley: he is technically very savvy* and has the financial means to defeat any attempts from Silicon Valley.

    And I don’t know Ron personally, so anything is possible.
    But I remember him from quite a while back, when he was heavily involved in California politics: his public persona is no different from what I can see the way he runs his web site.

    As I wrote in my original post, and as Ron has reposted, ADL has already tried to silence him, but they can’t get their hooks into him at this time. I am sure they will keep trying.
    I am quite aware that ADL is working diligently to erase the First Amendment. If and when they do succeed, they will most likely be able to silence then.

    But until then, I am rooting for Ron.
    Live long and prosper

    * How many people here know that Ron wrote the software for his site – including the outstanding commenting code – almost entirely by himself. (I believe his advanced education is in theoretical physics. )

    • Agree: Bugey libre
  233. @Anonymous

    Did you bother at all to read the opening ten paragraphs of the article, which explained that quite concisely ?

  234. @Not Raul

    I believe you’ll find he’s talking about the Jew, Zemmour – who is the subject of this article.

  235. Incitatus says:

    That’s all you’ve got?

    What a sad little VIP-Templar trust-fund drop-out you are.

  236. ‘Even if you believe that Ashkenazi are white, the fact is that Zemmour is not even that.’

    well, i have taken a look at several different photos and he looks white to me. and i suspect he identifies as a white frenchman despite hos affiliation with jewishness

    and i suspect his listeners and followers also see him as a white

  237. Tucker says:

    Is is just me, or does anyone else think Zemmour is a dead ringer look-alike of that actor
    who played Fredo Corleone in the original Godfather movie?

  238. E_Perez says:

    Thanks for the article, interesting information, but somewhat outdated. The bottom line can be stated much shorter:

    a) LePen was a “friend of Israel”, when many right-wing people were, including the NS Germans, who were a bit smarter, because they knew, the Jews would not stay in their “homeland”, but use it as refuge for their global criminals.
    But the Nazis were happy, when Jews were out of Germany.

    b) LePen was completely wrong – and at odds with deGaulle – wrt. to the Algerian question:

    “What to tell the Algerians is not that they need France, but that France needs them. It is that they are not a burden or that, if they are for the moment, they will on the contrary be the dynamic part and the young blood of a French nation in which we have integrated them.

    No, France does not need Algerians, not at all. Algerians would have needed the French to develop their country, rich in gas, oil and minerals which the Arabs cannot find nor extract.

    Even DeGaulle was much more lucid.
    His ‘accords de Evian’, against which LePen fought, were motivated by maintaining France as a white Christian nation, which millions of “young blood”Arabs (Algeria was 2 French departments) would have dramatically changed.

    The result of LePen type “young Arab blood” enthusiasm can be inspected in Seine-St.Denis and everywhere in La Grande Nation.

    • Thanks: geokat62
    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  239. @geokat62

    Tack so jete Mycke!!

    You have definitely brought much substance to that thread.

    I haven’t finished watching the doc, I was to tyred and I stoped after one hour. It is really an interesting work, very informative and their is of course an equivalent in France with the like of the evil jacques Attali and Bernard Levy (whose sister Élisabeth has converted to traditionalist Catholicism and speak against the ongoing covidian totalitarian bullshit with Joan of Arc tones).

    It was also an interesting cognitive process since I can understand some of what is said while reading in English.

    Actually, I spent quite some time in Sweden in 2005 and have witness some of the thing they mention. I will watch it till the end. As I have already said, Frankrike has a different history considering the imperialist phase of our country and the relations with Maghreb and sub Saharian Africa.

    It was also very interesting to hear about Olaf Palme which I learned about recently in a Norwegian podcast which definitely changed my mind about that character who was very nefarious, definitely not what we had been told:

    If you have time to listen to it, tell me what you think about the disturbing information provided.

    I strongly advise you to translate (for you, unless you think it could be informative for the educated people on UR of course) this article by the most interesting thinker Lucien Cerise about, of course, the very subject we are dealing with that I read this morning.

    thank you for the quality of the exchange, nice agreing and disagreeing with you.

    Stay well. Respect

    • Replies: @geokat62
  240. @A123

    Pierre Hillard is a respected scholar whose work is always sourced with first hand material, hard to debunk, never debunked up till now. Give it a try if you will:

    As geokat has demonstrated, there are very good online translators. We will see if you are a genuine truth seeker, capable of changing your point of view or just a troll.

    • Replies: @A123
  241. @geokat62

    I actualy have lost contact with them since we separated Linnéa and I but it could be a good thing to try to contact her since I know she now lives in Stokholm. Her father was a very educated man, running his business while being a very talented poet and musician. He loved Citroen cars but had finaly went back to his roots and being Saab (Lol).

    Don’t let the shitstem depress you, keep learning and thinking.


  242. @E_Perez

    Meanwhile in the rural territory millions are impoverished, as much as in the territories you are refering to. No worry, the social medias are acting to educate the people and the MSM propaganda is acting to empower them to be real citizens.

    Fortunately, soon , everybody will be QR coded and given one world government income in digital currency… The genius of white elite who don’t give a fuck about the multicolor plebe…

    Will benevolent blackrock and Co succeed in enslaving everyone? They have already dispossed most of the people and the state is endebted for almost one hundred year.

    Immigration is a distraction

    • Replies: @geokat62
  243. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    Immigration is a distraction

    Try telling that to the Jewish state!

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
    , @Bugey libre
  244. @geokat62

    Can you tell us something about Free Maçons in Skandinavia since I already know about the role of the “elected” royals there and their tremendous fortune and the Wallenberg and ilk? It is a subject I have never inquire…

    In France, it is the backbone of the state apparatus, police, justice, etc…

    • Replies: @geokat62
  245. @geokat62

    Blackrock is Fink, Moderna is Bancel, Pfizer is Bourla, Epstein is all over the coronacircus, Israël, Rottenchild are all other the spying, control of High tech transfer of US military to the Chinese, etc…etc… But… The Israeli population has became the first laboratory in the world (dixit the non vaxx Bourla) and there are no exemption for the usual Jew in Europe nor special non mnra injection for them… The QR code started in Israel.

    The so called elites would be safe (Attali said that in the furure it would be a “privilege” not to be tracked at all time) and the plebe fighting one one against another and the survivors would be nano chiped slaves.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  246. A123 says: • Website
    @Bugey libre

    One does not have to struggle with exceedingly low quality online translators. Here is a pre-translated piece — Pierre Hillard on Globalism 2014 (english subtitles)

    He has legitimate completes about theoretically “American Elites” who actually despise Christian America. Where he falls short of the mark is believing that those Elites in some way represent the people of the U.S. and the UK. My message to Pierre would be, “We also want to get rid of these swamp critters”.

    As a counter point — The people of Christian (Orthodox) Russia and Christian (Protestant) America are natural allies. In fact the people of all Infidel (Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.) countries share the same existential threat. One of the key points of MAGA is escaping European Elites pushing SJW Islamic Globalism on Israel, Russia, the U.S., etc.

    Why do you think that SJW European Globalism pushed the “Russia, Russia, Russia” fiction so hard? It was to head off inevitable, close Trump-Putin relations.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @A123
  247. A123 says: • Website

    legitimate completes

    Should of course read

    legitimate complaints

    Stupid autocorrect….

    PEACE 😇

  248. @geokat62

    There are children around so it is hard to write with a quiet mind (lol).

    In most countries, but here we’re talking France:

    The healthcare system has been destroyed and we have the promise of inhuman tech health, but for whom?
    The education system has been destroyed
    The land has been sold
    the industrial apparatus has been delocalised
    Yes there is a big problem with mass migration, we agree with that but I don’t see where Islam and migrants who have been here for decades hardworking to build the country are responsible for the above enormous problems.

    There are doctors of second generation immigration, lawyers, doctorates, shop owners, many have bought houses and had joined the privileged upper middle class and they are not exceptions. Most of them are fed up with the violence. I repeat, many of them are more human, have more traditionnal values, are more trustworthy than most of the zombified, individualistic, consumerist, Caucasian French.

    Yet Zemmour ONLY talks about immigration while never ever going to the sources. Why does Zemmour only talk about Muslim invasion (his coreligionist have encouraged and he faint to critizise)?… most probably because he is playing his role in the destruction of our country. Israël externalise it’s problems…

    I also don’t understand why so many migrants should come to such a decaying countrywhere millions are suffering.

    We have been told it was because we didn’t procreate enough and thus the system wouldn’t perpetuate… Have a thought on that explaination?


    (there is something rotten in the kingdom of Denmark LOL)

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @A123
  249. @HyperDupont

    Zemmour indeed often adopt Trump-like tactics to create media buzz. Recently he called “gender conversion therapy” ‘criminal’ and compared its medical practitioners to Josef Mengele.

    Fact check: FALSE

    Many, if not most, semitic narratives contain strong elements of projection and/ or inversion — and Zemmour’s canard is no exception. Let’s take a look at a notorious center for the promotion of perversion in Weimar Germany, for example:

    It was headed by Magnus Hirschfeld

    Magnus Hirschfeld coined the term transsexualism,… Various endocrinologic and surgical services were offered, including the first modern “gender affirmation” [genital mutilation] surgeries in the 1930s

    What else do we know about this Hirschfeld person? According to Zemmour, he must have been an indigenous German and an ardent national socialist, right? Hardly:
    Hirschfeld was born in Kolberg in Pomerania (since 1945 Kołobrzeg, Poland),[4] in an Ashkenazi Jewish family

    So what happened to ol’ Magnus after the NSDAP came to power? Zemmour would have you believe that they loved him, and heavily promoted his experimental genital mutilation surgery and pervert propaganda business. Well… not quite:
    The Institute for Sexual Research in Berlin would be a century old if it hadn’t fallen victim to Nazi ideology

    Here’s a guy named Asher Kohn [variant of “Cohen”] whining about it in an article titled How the German goyim derailed “medical advances” around [so-called] “sexual reassignment surgery

    The best-known photo of muh “ebil not-see book-burning” portrays the destruction of Hirschfeld’s pro-perversion propaganda.

    The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust claims that this event was a literal tranny tome shoah.

    But somehow, Hirschfeld’s entire career was the fault of… Dr. Mengele or Hitler or something. Some German goy, and any rate. Uh huh.

  250. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    If you have time to listen to it, tell me what you think about the disturbing information provided.

    Bonjour, Bl. Thank you for recommending this extremely interesting interview.

    I was completely unaware of the guest, Ole Dammegård. He is the man who spent decades investigating the death of Olaf Palme.

    It’s seems there was an elaborate operation Dammegård dubs Operation Yggdrasil*: The Palme Cobweb.

    [*Yggdrasil, in Norse cosmology, is an immense and central sacred tree. Around it exists all else, including the Nine Worlds.

    The interview is quite lengthy, so I transcribed the most interesting segment of it, starting @ 50:00:


    Official story: shot by a local drug attic, who mistook the PM for some else

    Dammegård’s story: Olaf Palme was a Trojan horse. Came from right wing, military intelligence background. Overnight, after travelling to US, he became a socialist. Took on role person of the people, at same time he was a Bildeberger. This was all part of a PSYOP. There was speculation Mossad was behind him.

    In open arena they are arguing with each other, but behind the scenes, they’re friends. It’s a rigged game.

    This is what used to infiltrate poorer countries. He was a player. He was bisexual. He was so drunk two male prostitutes left a motel room with his pants. He had a child with Emma Rothschilds. His youngest son lives in Emma Rothschilds’ apartment.

    In 1982, he was diagnosed with the HIV virus, even before Rock Hudson was in 1985. In fall of 1985, his AIDS status was super secret. If the story leaked, it would have major ramifications.

    A series of super secret meetings were subsequently held, in which the main character was a special adviser, who proposed the following two options:

    1. come clean; or
    2. stage an assassination, in which your double is killed, and make a martyr of him

    He obviously choose option 2.

    While he was preparing the last few months of his life preparing his status as legend, a decision was taken by people associated with NATO in Wilcher England to take him out.

    At this point, the plot gets very complicated, with two hit teams involved, a fake assassination team and a NATO team.

    The day of assassination, the key man’s appendix burst. His job was to get there on time to exchange the ammunition.

    The last four calls Olaf Palme made that day was all to Bildebergers, including Emma Rothschilds.

    The assassin’s code name was Abdul Kassem.

    Turns out the double for Palme was killed and Palme boarded a private jet for the south of France.

    To get all the details, people should look for his 2-volume book, Coup d’état in slow motion

    I strongly advise you to translate.. this article.


    “The migration issue is only part of the fight against the transhumanist Great Reset”: interview with Lucien Cerise Why did you decide to take an interest in white supremacism, after your work on social engineering in particular, and on the Great Reset?

    Lucien Cerise: These three subjects are linked. First of all, I have been interested in transhumanism for twenty years. What is it about? Transhumanism is the scientist, i.e. pseudo-scientific, branch of the New Age movement. Adepts of transhumanism believe in overcoming the human species by another form of life which would have come from it but which would be increased, modified, transformed by techno-science, in particular the disciplines grouped under the acronym NBIC – nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, computer science and cognitive science. This technophile, utopian and proactive project is not viable, as we can see with the fall in the birth rate wherever it applies, and it must be distinguished from the normal development of science and technology. Transhumanism imprints on its followers the same mental structure as all eschatological cults aimed at the future and the surpassing of nature by culture and matter by spirit. You must see or rewatch the documentary film Das Netz (“The Canvas”), translated into French by Cybernetic Journey, by Lutz Dammbeck, on the origins of the Californian pop cybernetic counterculture of the 1960s, which itself gave birth to Silicon Valley transhumanism.[1]

    Since last year, this program has completely abandoned its apparently libertarian origins and is imposed in a totalitarian manner on the basis of a stratagem, the “health crisis” of covid-19, a crisis mainly caused by the media, and which should fundamentally change the organization of human societies by placing them under the full control of information technology and genetic engineering. The name given in power circles to qualify this morbid techno-scientific clean slate program on human nature is the Great Reset. This Great Reset wants to reset humanity’s counters to zero by replacing the fundamental law of human existence, natural selection, with another, purely cultural law that would definitely go beyond nature and its determinisms.

    As a political and ideological program, transhumanism expresses a transgressive psychological bias of which the Greek myth of Prometheus is the archetypal figure. In the face of transhumanist prometheanism, one might expect the political movement of white supremacism to defend a conservative, traditionalist, naturalist and entrenched point of view. This dimension exists, but in a minority way, and in fact stems from white nationalism. I began to study the subject of “white supremacism” and distinguish it from “white nationalism” in the wake of the 2014 Color Revolution in Ukraine, which saw “neo-Nazi”-type fighting groups take part in it, a coup d’etat with a certain Western benevolence.

    Over time, I discovered that white supremacism was in fact essentially a techno-scientific supremacism soluble in globalism and converging in broad outline with the Great Reset. In the book, I review the intellectuals, organizations and political regimes that have asserted the superiority of whites over other races. They are all marked by a true racial mystique, drifting more or less explicitly into what one might call racial progressivism, which not only protects the white race, but also seeks to optimize it by techno-science, going as far as going beyond the human condition in transhumanism.

    In some cases, as with Guillaume Faye, it is a matter of preserving a heritage despite everything, hence his very stimulating concept of archeo-futurism – although the tendency to futurism wins in the end over the relationship to the past. This slightly kitsch sci-fi fantasy runs from Flash Gordon to Black Panther’s Wakanda, and is disseminated in the French-speaking world with various stakeholders such as Laurent Alexandre, Daniel Conversano, Romain d’Aspremont, the Cobalt Circle, Rage Culture, including a fad is the assertion of the superiority of the IQ of whites, even as whites are demographically disappearing – for it does seem that IQ and vitality are inversely proportional – and forgetting that the real driver of behavior rather lies in the emotions and the irrational. We often see people with high IQs consciously supporting certain ideas, but combating those same ideas unconsciously with all their might for psychological and rather unreasonable reasons. Hitler’s Third Reich embodied these contradictions to the point of caricature and was the quintessential archeo-futurist political regime, with its program of scientific improvement of the race mixed with occultism, typical of the Völkisch spirit of its time, and sharing with transhumanism the same ambition to overcome nature and humans.

    As I report in the book, we find this esoteric, almost Luciferian backdrop to varying degrees among American Southerners and Ukrainian nationalists, as well as in the apartheid regime in South Africa, which has emerged. also officially claimed social engineering to organize relations between the white minority and the blacks, largely in the majority. In any case, demography and reproduction are not left to their free play but taken care of, supervised and planned by a eugenic state closely associated with the big capital, which is carried out today under the auspices of the Economic Forum. Davos World.

    What is white supremacism as portrayed by mainstream media? And in reality ?

    The mainstream media make strategic use of the notion of white supremacism which causes the most extreme confusion between reality and the virtual. My book aims precisely to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, and to defend a rational and reasonable white nationalism against a white supremacism animated from its origins by hubris, excess, the madness of grandeur, and harmful above all. for whites. Media storytelling works to create confusion in the minds of attacking one on the pretext of targeting the other. When it is actually about white nationalism, that is to say a current of ideas that simply seeks to protect whites, then the media is talking about white supremacism, which will be described as a moral political movement. detestable, but above all very powerful and very dangerous, to frighten the population.

    The expression “white supremacism” is used in a still pejorative way, as a synonym of “Nazism” or “neo-Nazism”, to demonize by amalgamation the Whites endowed with even a moderate ethnic conscience, that is to say who believe that white people have the right to live. But this is already too much for anti-white racism, which advances globally with political correctness, immigration, open society and woke ideology.

    On the other hand, the media are silent on the Ukrainian white supremacists, who are useful for the maintenance of Russophobia for the benefit of NATO, and which must therefore be ignored to protect the confidentiality of their military operations at the borders of Russia. When the media have been forced in recent years to speak a little, in spite of everything, of “Ukrainian nationalists”, they justified their Hitlerian references by the urgency of defending themselves against the war that Moscow would be waging on them, which would excuse a certain ideological radicalism. aimed at maintaining the morale of the troops against the “Russian threat” and “Russian imperialism”. More broadly, as we can see from an examination of the four regimes that have claimed to be, white supremacism is a kind of political and geopolitical “mad dog”, animated by a fantasy of omnipotence and the transgression of limits. assigned to the human species – which explains its affinities with occultism and transhumanism – but unable to stabilize in the long term in an institutional form protective of white peoples. In other words, in mainstream media, white supremacism is the subject of a benevolent omerta when under the militarized control of globalism and Atlanticism, but it is portrayed as a universal threat when it actually targets the white nationalism.

    Your book mentions in particular the failures (in terms of constriction, major influences and victories) of currents that you relate to white supremacism. What explains why whites are almost the only ones on this planet to be demonized when they evoke a racial conscience, even though they are only an increasingly minority minority (demographics oblige) by the world ?

    Indeed, whites do not have the right to have a racial conscience. When we apply the Karpman triangle to the race question, we see that the whites occupy the place of the executioner of the other races, which, in turn, occupy the place of the victim and the savior simultaneously. Whites must therefore atone for their sins either by completely disappearing, as demanded by the cancel culture, the culture of the cancellation of whites, or by agreeing to creolize, therefore to crossbreed, as Jean-Luc Mélenchon wants it, or at the same time. minimum by being discreet, as Audrey Pulvar asks, and above all by unconditionally admiring the civilizational productions of other peoples.

    For decades, whites have been the target of a veritable guilty brainwashing aimed at psychologically disarming them and weakening their instinct for self-preservation. Millions of native Europeans are thus invaded by the peoples of other continents and morally paralyzed at the simple idea of ​​defending themselves against this “genocide by substitution”, to use the expression of Aimé Césaire. The guideline of this mass mental hacking consists of the promotion of a universalist thought, drifting into an egalitarianism which is in fact the mask of an unequal system, as Alain Soral shows in his latest book. This subterfuge must, as a first step, prohibit any self-defense reaction of whites in the face of foreign colonization of their countries. The second step is to make white people internalize that they are even inferior to other races on the planet, so as to fabricate their consent to their own physical and cultural disappearance. We see this ethno-masochism at work in phenomena of acculturation and allophilia of conversion, for example to Islam, Buddhism, animism, even neo-paganism, archaeo-futurist and post-version. -modern of historical European paganism, very popular with certain Slavic nationalists under the name of rodnoveria, and which is only a form of somewhat artificial psychological compensation in the face of the real attacks of globalism and immigration.

    On this point finally, can we not say that Hitler, or that the influential leaders of National Socialism, were the worst enemies of white supremacism in view of the consequences that their 15 years of action had on an entire civilization? (Nuremberg, reductio ad hitlerum, permanent repentance, ethno-masochism, criminalization of freedom of expression…)?

    My research starts from astonishment. There are four political regimes, including the Hitler regime, which have asserted white superiority, and therefore their own superiority. How is it that these regimes have directly or indirectly caused so many deaths among whites, and that at the very least they have not been able to ensure lasting physical and cultural security for whites? With friends like that, white people don’t need enemies anymore. Hitler’s racial elitism, a hybrid of positivism and irrationalism, was white nationalism’s worst enemy. Hitler could dominate Europe, and perhaps the world, through simple economic and cultural warfare, and by running Germany “like a good father.” But he wanted more, notably a military war to invade Russia, as he wrote in Mein Kampf from 1925. The racial expansionism and the scientific prometheanism of the National Socialist doctrine explain its unstable and megalomaniacal character, whose ultimate consequences are the ones you mention.

    The worst enemies of whites are whites who believe in progress, which often leads to reducing politics and geopolitics to questions of genetics.

    This scientist turn of mind can be found in various political leaders labeled “nationalist”. Recently, Jean-Marie Le Pen recommended being “vaccinated” against covid-19, that is to say inoculating an experimental genetic product still in the testing phase, betraying blind confidence in science and political discourse. alarmist media. [2] Worse still, in July 2019, the same Jean-Marie Le Pen made the following statements to support the PMA of white homosexual women: “I am for children. I prefer the traditional method. But after all … I would rather have a child without a father than no child at all. (…) We must defend ourselves against the migratory invasion, which is above all due to a considerable difference in demographic dynamics between the boreal continent and the rest of the world. “[3] On the legitimate pretext of supporting the birth rate of whites, Jean-Marie Le Pen switches to LGBT transhumanism and makes the mistake of believing that a child raised by two women and without a father would have sufficient viability to defend the” boreal continent ”simply because of its ethnic character. The genetic inheritance is not sufficient in itself to defend a race, it also requires a psychological capacity of epigenetic origin, summarized by the Oedipus complex, that is to say the internalization of a hetero family pattern. -standard. This confusion between being and doing is typical of white supremacism and its all-genetic reductionism.

    Does the feeling of superiority of one race over another (racism) really exist or is this a tool used by the mainstream again to demonize? Finally, is it not the role of conscious and politicized Whites to guide towards the great separation, without hatred, without supremacism precisely, without violence either, alongside other civilizations which also aspire to live among themselves, without outside influences?

    The feeling of racial superiority undoubtedly exists, but it is the most shared thing in the world. All peoples spontaneously believe that they are superior to others. All races, cultures, identities are affected by a complex of superiority and quite natural ethnocentrism. I have focused in this book on “white supremacism”, but one also hears of “black supremacism” and “Jewish supremacism”. There is also an “Islamic supremacism”, which is none other than the project of Islamization of the whole world supported by proselytizing Muslims.

    As I show supporting sources, white supremacism and the Jew have a historical tendency to merge into techno-scientific supremacism, which is neither white nor Jewish but transhumanist. When Jacques Attali talks about transhumanism, we can see that he is desperately trying to centralize for the benefit of his community a decentralized phenomenon that is harmful to all communities, including his own.

    The question is: how to preserve the biodiversity of all human communities? How to preserve the minimum distance allowing to fight against the standardization, homogenization, universal standardization of identities? How to live separately on the same planet? The principle of geopolitical limits, that is, borders, is the answer. The border in geopolitics has a name: nationalism. Universalism is poisonous because it leads to cloning. My neighbor is different from me, and that’s fine.

    In our globalized age, however, we can rationally coordinate the maintenance of differences, distances and sovereignties. We must defend an ethno-differentialist internationalism, so that all indigenous peoples fight together but each at home against leveling globalism.

    In this perspective, blogger Antonin Campana proposes to place himself under the protection of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. It is an excellent idea ! [4]

    What initiatives do you find interesting in this regard? Have you read the work of American authors like Greg Johnson on white nationalism, or Jared Taylor and if so, do you think any leads are affordable?

    I know these two authors, of whom I have read and seen various interventions, written or on video. I find them very good, but you have to remember that whites are not native to the United States. Whites are indigenous only to Europe. The longitudinal, west to east extension of our native land stretches from Ireland to the Urals. From the Renaissance, great movements of colonization took place, accompanied by great displacements of population which extended our territory from Siberia to the Americas. We can live in peace within the same countries with the indigenous peoples of pre-Columbian America, Asian Siberia and elsewhere.

    Let us not be extremists: before slipping into migratory chaos, a certain dose of ethnico-cultural heterogeneity is bearable. White nationalism can therefore have its place in America, as well as in South Africa, where Nelson Mandela recognized legitimacy in the Afrikaners. That being said, I think that the natural place of whites is still in Europe. I also think that our dismal European demography could be fertilized by a return of all whites to the original continent of their ancestors.

    If I had the opportunity to speak with Greg Johnson or Jared Taylor, I would like to ask them about the conditions of possible remigration to Europe of whites born in the United States (and Canada). Especially the Conservatives, those who voted Donald Trump, with whom I have the most political affinities.

    Last question: what to do now so that the Whites, the Europeans, do not constitute in a few years a simple memory that has disappeared from this planet?

    First of all, we need a founding text, a manifesto. This will be the UN declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples. However, circumstances require us to complete the reflection begun in this text. I propose to write a second text with the title: “Declaration of the rights of indigenous peoples against sanitary tyranny and transhumanism”. Until 2020, the urgency in Europe was to fight against the Great replacement of Europeans by non-Europeans. Since the launch of the global health dictatorship, the issue has changed, the problem has grown even bigger, and we must fight against the replacement of human by machine and post-human. The migration issue is only part of the fight against the transhumanist Great Reset today. For Europeans, and for Whites in general, we must therefore support white nationalism against the other supremacisms already mentioned, black, Jewish, Islamic, but above all techno-scientific, and therefore not idealize white supremacism, which is its partner in crime.

    Beautiful ideas and founding texts are not enough, however, we also need organizations capable of regaining power. An example of this metapolitical / political articulation: the Alt-Right movement in the United States launched its “Memetic Warfare” in 2015 to influence public opinion, that is to say the electorate, and then win the presidential election. Metapolitics makes it possible to structure collective intelligence, but this must then be reflected in the institutional field, otherwise we remain in suspension, in weightlessness, and in reprieve.

    For my part, I know that everything I write and say will be burned in auto-fire, de-listed from Google, deleted from YouTube by cancel culture, for the simple fact that I am a white male, heterosexual and of Christian culture. The physical persecution and mental re-education have already started. I am therefore obliged to win politically. It is not enough to “win the battle of ideas”, it is necessary to be able to write the law and to give orders, that is to say to exert an institutional constraint on others, if one does not does not want this constraint to be exerted on us and to end in the genocide of the native Europeans, which is only the prelude to the extermination of all the native peoples of the Earth under the pretext of “health crisis”.

    We will see next year in the presidential and legislative elections whether the ethnic French and their compatriots of extra-European origin will have sufficient political maturity to unite in organizations capable of overthrowing the transhumanist tyranny that has befallen us, last year.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  251. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    Yes there is a big problem with mass migration, we agree with that but I don’t see where Islam and migrants who have been here for decades hardworking to build the country are responsible for the above enormous problems.

    Only a fool would attribute these problems to the effect (mass immigration) instead of the cause (Zion Inc.).

    I repeat, many of them are more human, have more traditionnal values, are more trustworthy than most of the zombified, individualistic, consumerist, Caucasian French.

    The “zombified, individualistic, consumerist, Caucasian French” is simply the result of decades of Zion Inc’s programming, Bl. They are victims who were too weak to resist their diabolical gaslighting.

    Yet Zemmour ONLY talks about immigration while never ever going to the sources. Why does Zemmour only talk about Muslim invasion (his coreligionist have encouraged and he faint to critizise)?… most probably because he is playing his role in the destruction of our country. Israël externalise it’s problems…

    Exactement! Zion Inc. is playing this card throughout the West. These supposedly “far right” parties and figures are merely fronts for Likud. Although they demonise Muslim immigration, they still sing the hosannas for mass immigration from ever other part of the world.

    I also don’t understand why so many migrants should come to such a decaying countrywhere millions are suffering… Have a thought on that explaination?

    It’s all part of Tikkun olam! While they claim to be “fixing the world,” they are actually conquering the world.

    Stay well, Bl.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  252. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    But… The Israeli population has became the first laboratory in the world (dixit the non vaxx Bourla) and there are no exemption for the usual Jew in Europe nor special non mnra injection for them… The QR code started in Israel.

    This is, indeed, a great mystery. Time will tell if deception too lies behind this strange circumstance.

    “Thou shalt wage war by deception” – Mossad

    • Disagree: Bugey libre
  253. @geokat62

    Just great work! You’re a tresor trove for truth seeker.

    As to Israel and regular Jews being part of the plebe, this is what Stew Peter has just published:

    Of course, for Zemmour who’s not against forced inoculation Israel is a exemple… Sick mind.

    MOSSAD, MI5, MI6, CIA etc… You and I are not part of the gang

    • Thanks: geokat62
  254. @geokat62

    Wrong push, I am sorry, of course I meant that I agree.

    • Thanks: geokat62
    • Replies: @A123
  255. @geokat62

    100% agree with you, and tikkun Olam is very important for Frankists. Have you ever enquire into antinomic Judaism? I have read a lot about it, even Sholem’s books. A very very important topic. Shabbataï Zvi, Jacob Frank… If you are not familiar, take some time.

    How about Maçons in Skandinavia? Got some link, experience?


    • Replies: @geokat62
  256. @EliteCommInc.

    “Heritage has nothing to do with culture! Various cultures just fall from the sky, landing on different individuals entirely at random, goy! HONES!T”

    lol — that’s a new low for inane/ incoherent pilpul, even for a moron like you.

  257. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    Can you tell us something about Free Maçons in Skandinavia…

    I’m certainly no expert on secret societies, let alone those in Scandinavia. That said, I can recommend an excellent book by Augustin Barruel. It’s titled Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism

    You should also read the Simonini Letter:

    In France, it is the backbone of the state apparatus, police, justice, etc…

    Have you viewed this film by any chance?

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  258. A123 says: • Website
    @Bugey libre

    There are doctors of second generation immigration

    Zemmour today is talking about border crossers today. Why cloud the issue with people who crossed the border 50+ years ago?

    Yet Zemmour ONLY talks about immigration while never ever going to the sources. Why does Zemmour only talk about Muslim invasion

    Look at non-EU/schengen border crossers today:

    What recent migrants are the problem in France:
    — 100% of no-go zones are Muslim. These are largely 1st generation immigrants.
    — 95% of the problems (criminals, sex offenders, church burners, etc.) are Muslims. You can find occasional outliers, such a Christian about to be deported. However, these are very rare.

    The reason Zemmour talks about Muslim invasion today is… Today, only Muslims are invading.

    most probably because he is playing his role in the destruction of our country. Israël externalise it’s problems…

    Except Israelis, like Netanyahu, support closed borders for every country. Not just for Israel. Can you name multiple, senior Likud, prior government officials who called for Open Muslim Borders?

    I think you will find the the major voices for Open Muslim Borders are vocal anti-Zionists. This includes Post-Judaic individuals who have renounced the faith of their forefathers.

    There is a real linguistic issue:
    — Why do Apostates self identify as Jewish, when they are not?
    — Why does anyone believe that those who hate Israel practice Judaism?
    — Why is there a category of — post-Judaic, anti-Semitic “Jews” against Judaism?

    All it creates is ambiguity & confusion. It is much clearer to recognize that members of J-Street, B’Teslem, and other Open Muslim Border organizations are Apostate non-Jews, no matter how they attempt to self identify.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  259. A123 says: • Website
    @Bugey libre

    Wrong push, I am sorry, of course I meant that I agree.

    FYI: If you still have Agree/Disagree quota you can flip the erroneous button press by correctly casting your intended vote.

    PEACE 😇

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  260. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    Shabbataï Zvi, Jacob Frank…

    This is the source of David Icke’s code word for Zion Inc. He coined the term Sabbatean Frankism. He thought he could somehow avoid getting slammed by the Hebrew Hammer… but it still didn’t work, lol!

    If you’re interested in the Kabbalah, Zohar, and Talmud, I highly recommend following Adam Green of Know More News. He often invites his friend Christopher Jon Bjerknes, who specialises on this topic.

    Here’s a sampling of what you can expect:

  261. @Not Raul

    Does anyone know what Ross and Icahn* got from Trump in return?

    From shyklockracy’s NYP link:
    In 1991, the bondholders signed one of the first prepackaged bankruptcies, in which they got a 50 percent stake in the Taj. Trump retained about a 25 percent stake.

    Billionaire investor is Trump’s commerce secretary pick
    Transition team official says ‘king of bankruptcy’ banker Wilbur Ross will represent interests of US businesses domestically and abroad

    It looks like Trump did a 180 to help Qatar in exchange for Qatar funding a bailout of Kushner owned 666 Fifth Avenue.

    Looks like the blockade was instigated by the Kushners shortly after Qatar refused to refinance 666:
    Jared Kushner’s Real-Estate Firm Sought Money Directly From Qatar Government Weeks Before Blockade

    Could be just a cohencidence, but the timing is… suspicious, to say the least — especially given the Kushners’ close relationship to MBS.

    Sounds like both State and DoD had zero advance knowledge of the blockade — and were firmly opposed to it. From your link:
    Secretary of State Tillerson and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis are both caught by surprise by the blockade, according to Tillerson’s testimony before Congress
    Jun 9, 2017: Tillerson calls for immediate ease on blockade, Trump undercuts him

    The stated reason for the blockade [alleged Qatari support for “Islamic radicalism” and “terrorism”] was, of course, simply ludicrous — especially coming from Saudi Arabia. How many billions have the Saudis spent on exporting Wahhabism again? See also muh 28 pages, 15/ 19, etc.

    But Qatar eventually coughed up the shekels:

    The Kushners Are Finally Getting That Sweet, Sweet Qatari Cash
    Qatar, under siege, opens its pocketbook to help save 666 Fifth.

    And everything worked out. Kushner, of course, remained a core part of the Trump administration until the end, despite this [and other] instances of blatant corruption.

    Then again, perhaps this sort of thing was tolerated as long as the Kushners served the interests of systemic tribalism in addition to their own perceived “need” for more cash:

    In September, Mr. Kushner and his top advisers, Jason D. Greenblatt and Avi Berkowitz, hosted a private dinner at the Pierre Hotel on the Upper East Side. Over a kosher meal, Mr. Kushner, aware of concerns within the Jewish community that Israel policy had become an overly partisan issue, fielded the advice of a range of Jewish leaders, including hedge-fund billionaire and Republican donor Paul Singer and Mr. Saban [Hillary’s #1 donor], to craft his Middle East ‘peace plan’. “He called and said ‘I’ll bring 10 Republicans and you bring 10 Democrats,’” Mr. Saban said.

    *Euphemism treadmill note: anyone else notice that Icahn and his ilk are no longer referred to as “corporate raiders,” but “activist investors”/ “shareholder activists”?

    • Agree: Not Raul
    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  262. @James Forrestal

    Looks like the blockade was instigated by the Kushners shortly after Qatar refused to refinance 666:
    Jared Kushner’s Real-Estate Firm Sought Money Directly From Qatar Government Weeks Before Blockade


    • Thanks: Not Raul
  263. geokat62 says:
    @Not Raul

    Does anyone know what Ross and Icahn got from Trump in return? Trump has been the beneficiary of a lot of generosity in recent years.

    Excerpt from, Times of Israel, 100 times President Trump supported Israel:

    Sure, he moved the embassy to Jerusalem, paved the way for the Abraham Accord and recognized Golan sovereignty, but there’s more. Much more.

    1. President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

    2. President Trump moved the American Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

    3. President Trump closed the Jerusalem consulate and made it an Embassy branch

    4. President Trump has never publicly criticized Israel

    5. President Trump pulled America out of the Iran deal

    6. President Trump raised military aid to Israel by \$400 million

    7. President Trump raised sanctions on Iran as soon as pulled out of the deal

    8. President Trump recognized the sovereignty of Israel on the Golan Heights

    9. President Trump designated IRGC (Iranian special forces) a foreign terrorist group

    10. President Trump banned BDS head Omar Barghouti from America


    President Trump banned the head of ICC and staff from coming to America
    President Trump backed Israel’s right to self-defense in Gaza
    President Trump left the United Nations Human Rights (sic) Council
    President Trump cut off all aid to the Palestinian Authority
    President Trump closed the PLO office in Washington, DC
    President Trump was the first president to visit the Western Wall as President
    President Trump sent the first official American visit to the Western Wall with an Israeli Prime Minister
    President Trump allowed consulate and Embassy staff to meet with Jews of Judea and Samaria
    President Trump allowed consulate and Embassy staff to visit Jews living in Judea and Samaria
    President Trump announced that America will not support Israeli soldiers being tried at the ICC
    President Trump called out the anti-Israel antisemitism of Ilhan Omar
    President Trump flew to Israel on his first foreign trip
    President Trump issued no waivers on increased sanctions against Iran
    President Trump offered a \$10 million reward for information on Hamas and Hezbollah financial networks
    The Trump administration wrote op-eds blaming Hamas and the Palestinians for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    President Trump stopped the lame-duck last-minute Kerry and Obama \$221 million payment to the Palestinian Authority on January 20, 2017
    President Trump signed the Taylor Force Act
    President Trump supported Israel in the May 2019 flare-up with Gaza.
    President Trump refused a visa to Israel hater Hanan Ashrawi to America
    President Trump sanctioned three leading members of Hezbollah in July 2019
    The Trump administration blocked an attempt to get the UN Security Council to issue a formal condemnation of Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes on the edge of Jerusalem in July 2019
    President Trump sanctioned Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.
    Ambassador Friedman refused to advocate for a two-state solution unfavorable to Israel
    President Trump removed “Palestine” from the list of countries on The State Department list of nations.
    President Trump stopped a French \$15 billion credit line to Iran
    President Trump stopped a UN Security Council statement on tensions between Israel and
    Hezbollah that did not single out violence by the Lebanese terror group
    President Trump cut a \$120 million from aid to Lebanon to ensure it didn’t get to Hizballah
    President Trump sanctioned 9 Iranians in November 2019
    President Trump supported Israel after rocket fire in its skirmish with Islamic Jihad.
    President Trump said nothing about Israel limiting retaliation.
    President Trump and America was the only country besides Israel to vote against all 8 UN 4th committee resolutions in November 2019
    President Trump declared that Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria (“settlements”) aren’t illegal under international law
    President Trump hasn’t supported two-state solution as the only solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    Vice President Pence visited Israel during his first year in office
    Secretary Pompeo wrote a letter to Congress clarifying that Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria have traditionally enjoyed bipartisan support
    Secretary Pompeo says that claims that Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria have impeded peace are foolish
    President Trump didn’t comment when Defense Minister Bennet green-lighted a new Jewish neighborhood in Hebron
    Secretary Pompeo announced that Iran is behind all the unrest in the Middle East
    President Trump blamed Iran for Lebanon protests
    President Trump’s US deputy national security adviser Victoria Coates reportedly meets with envoys from UAE, Oman, Morocco, Bahrain to gauge willingness Israeli-Arab non-belligerence agreements
    President Trump denounced Iran brutal crackdown on protesters
    New US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft says she’ll defend Israel. In first United Nations press conference, Kelly Craft also warns Iran that Washington has ‘other tools’ if Tehran continues its bad behavior
    President Trump regales Israeli-American group with tales of his pro-Israel moves retells extensive account of embassy move, tells Israeli American Council that he’s Israel’s best friend in the White House
    President Trump signed an executive order on anti-Semitism that protects Jewish students on college campuses. The order includes anti-Israel activity
    Robert O’Brien tells Meir Ben-Shabbat that ‘common interests between Israel and Arab states… have made new regional partnerships possible to counter Iran’
    The Trump administration denounced Iranian human rights abuses and imposed sanctions on Iranian judges
    After President Abbas hailed the ICC declaration that it will investigate Israel as an historic day for Palestinians, Secretary Pompeo said US ‘firmly opposes’ ICC announcement on alleged Israeli war crimes. He said the International Criminal Court’s move ‘unfairly targets’ Jewish state, calls for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians
    The Trump administration announced seven joint US-Israeli clean energy projects — including an energy-storing system for electric cars and a hydrogen-powered drone that takes off vertically — have received \$6.4 million in funding from the US-Israel binational research and development program for energy
    America struck Iranian-backed militia in Iraq; 19 reported killed. Israeli Air Force chief said ‘US strike on Iran-backed Iraqi militia is a ‘potential turning point’
    President Trump ordered deadly strike on Iran’s Soleimani
    President Trump said new Iran sanctions have come into effect. President Trump said, “We’ve increased them. They were very severe, but now it’s increased substantially.”
    President Trump mocked Iranian supreme leader, and wrote in support of the ‘noble people of Iran,’ after Khamenei attacks America and Europe in speech
    President Trump releases his incredibly favorable-to-Israel peace plan to end Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    Trump administration official Jared Kushner slams Palestinian leadership, urges giving up ‘fairy tales’ for peace. Kushner said Palestinians have been lied to, chiefs ‘screwed up every opportunity in the past’; rejecting Trump plan shows they aren’t ready for a state
    Secretary Pompeo said If Palestinians unhappy with the Trump peace plan, they should present counter offer. He warned that Trump proposal could be last opportunity for Palestinian state
    Jared Kushner says that if Palestinians are unable to meet the conditions of the new Middle East peace plan he crafted, Israel should not take “the risk to recognize them as a state.”
    Israeli and UAE officials met in secret in US to discuss countering Iran
    National security adviser Robert O’Brien warns Palestinians that resurgence of anti-Jewish hatred around the world means more Jews will immigrate to Israel and West Bank
    Jared Kushner says Abbas responsible for spike in violence since release of peace plan
    Jared Kushner tells UN Palestinian leadership has long history of ‘inciting intifadas when they don’t get their way’
    Due to American diplomacy, Abbas, lacking votes, pulls request for UN vote against Trump peace plan
    The US military seized Iranian-made weapons in Arabian Sea. The USS Normandy warship seized 150 ‘Dehlavieh’ anti-tank guided missiles, which are Iranian-manufactured copies of Russian Kornet ATGMs.
    Trump advisor Jason Greenblatt warns that if traditional positions on conflict are readopted, ‘Israel will likely continue to thrive and the Palestinians will continue to suffer’
    Secretary Pompeo says UN settlement blacklist shows UN’s ‘unrelenting anti-Israel bias’
    The US State Department expressed concern over a report that Iranians were threatening to raze an ancient shrine revered by local Jews as the burial place of the biblical Esther and Mordechai, in an act of revenge against Israel and Washington
    The US gave Israeli prime minister the green light for Givat Hamatos construction
    Israel advanced plans for nearly 1,800 new settlement homes America doesn’t criticize
    Ambassador Friedman said under the Trump administration, the Biblical heartland of Israel, Judea and Samaria, will never be judenrein
    An Israeli delegation traveled to the United States for talks on coordinating a joint US-Israeli campaign against the International Criminal Court
    Secretary Pompeo said the Israelis will ultimately make the decisions about annexation. That’s an Israeli decision, but we’ll work closely with them to share our views of this in a private setting
    American diplomats circulate draft of Security Council resolution that would scrap expiration of 2015 nuclear deal’s ban on weapons sales to Tehran
    State Department says Washington ready to approve ‘sovereignty and the application of Israeli law’ in some areas
    US officials emphasize West Bank annexation not contingent on Palestinian state
    Ambassador David Friedman asserted that Israelis across the political spectrum supported the Trump plan and that “just as Americans would never relinquish the area on which the Statue of Liberty stands, even though it’s a very small area, Israel would never agree to give up settlements like Beit El and Hebron
    Secretary Pompeo praises Israel on visit, “You’re a great partner, you share information, unlike some other countries that try to obfuscate and hide that information.”
    Secretary Pompeo warned the International Criminal Court against asserting jurisdiction over Israel, saying the United States will “exact consequences” for any “illegitimate” investigations
    Secretary Pompeo called the ICC a “kangaroo court” and announced that sanctions in the form of asset freezes would be enacted against chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda and another senior ICC official
    Serbia announced that it would move its embassy to Jerusalem, while Muslim majority Kosovo is to recognize Israel. The moves come as part of US-brokered discussions to normalize economic ties between Belgrade and Pristina
    In a rare move, US sanctions 2 Lebanese politicians allied with Hezbollah who are former cabinet ministers that ‘provided material support’ to terror groups. America warned of new measures targeting organization’s allies
    US envoys helped broker a framework agreement for Lebanon and Israel to start discussing their disputed maritime border
    Jared Kushner says Saudi Arabia, Bahrain to allow all Israeli flights to use airspace Saudi flights also able to use Israeli airspace; White House advisor says Arabs losing patience with Palestinian leadership, will do ‘what’s in their best interests’
    The Trump administration warned Palestinians if they continue to reject Trump peace proposal ‘the situation is just going to get worse and worse for them’; The US won’t ‘chase’ Ramallah
    President Trump brokered peace between Israel and the UAE
    President Trump brokered peace between Israel and Bahrain
    US sanctioned 2 Lebanon-based firms, Hezbollah-linked businessman, Arch Consulting and Meamar Construction targeted ‘for being owned, controlled, or directed’ by terrorist group
    Defying the UN, the Trump administration unilaterally asserts sanctions on Iran are back in effect. Secretary Pompeo vows Trump administration will ‘impose consequences’ on any state violating ‘snapback’ sanctions to ensure Tehran ‘does not reap the benefits of UN-prohibited activity’
    The Trump administration unveils additional ‘UN’ sanctions against Iran, will enforce arms embargo
    US, Israel, UAE announce establishment of \$3 billion regional investment fund
    The Trump administration brokered peace between Israel and Sudan and the two signed a normalization deal.

    • Thanks: Not Raul
  264. @A123

    [So-called] “Post-Judaic individuals”

    There is a real linguistic issue:

    Really. Perhaps there is — but not in the way that you so mendaciously maintain.

    You might wish to take up the issues of who counts as a member of the Tribe with the semitic supremacist settler-colonialist government in Palestine. Because the “Law” of “Return” seems pretty clear:

    The law since 1970 applies to the following groups:

    Those born Jews according to the orthodox interpretation; having a Jewish mother or maternal grandmother.
    Those with Jewish ancestry – having a Jewish father or grandfather.

    See also:

    A Jew is one who is a descendant of the ancient Israelite ethnic group, and therefore is a member of the Jewish people. This includes those who may not be observantly religious, or may be irreligious altogether, and claim an overtly cultural connection.[10][11]
    A Jew is one who, regardless of current religious identity, is directly descended from a Jewish ancestor

    Perhaps some might claim that Jimbo Wales, the owner of wikipedia, is a so-called “anti-semiticist” — but that seems… unlikely, to say the least:

    But let’s check a more openly semitic source for confirmation. How about “My Jewish Learning”?

    The Traditional Halachic Definition

    Historically, Judaism has held that a Jew is anyone born to a Jewish mother

    Needless to say, if religious conversion does not disqualify one from membership in the Tribe, then believing that supporting systemic tribalism in the diaspora may at times be more important than absolute semitic regional hegemony in the Middle East doesn’t either. Any conflict over the relative importance of rootless cosmopolitanism vs. ethnonationalism in promoting the collective interests of the jewish people is wholly an intra-tribal issue.

    How about hardcore Chabadniks? Surely they believe that membership in the Tribe is just a matter of belief or ideology, rather than an one of blood/ identity/ collective interests? Well, let’s see…

    What Is a Jew?

    Simple: A Jew is anyone who was born of a Jewish mother, or has undergone conversion to Judaism according to halachah (Jewish law)…. a Jewish atheist, or even a Jew who converts to another religion, is still a Jew.1

    Nope. Looks like you’re just lying again. Sad!

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @A123
  265. geokat62 says:
    @James Forrestal

    … even a Jew who converts to another religion, is still a Jew.

    But, but, but… Fran Taubman assured us dumb goyim that Karl Marx was a devout Catholic?

    Is it possible she was just gaslighting us?

    • Agree: James Forrestal
  266. Iris says:

    Can ‘France’s Tucker Carlson’ Retake France for Patriots?

    But re-take France from whom, Durocher?

    Who are the shadow-rulers, the kingmakers, the bankers, the warmongers who have almost entirely controlled France ever since the 1968 colour revolution that brought down General de Gaulle?

    Who are the super-grandees Alain Minc, Bernard Henry Levy, Jacques Attali, who have made and vetted every French president since the 1980’s?

    Who are the Raymond Aron, Glucksman , Finkielkraut, Bruckner, who have reigned, unrivalled, on the production of France’s mainstream ideology for the last half-century?

    Who are the Jean Daniel, Drucker, Iszraelewicz, Jean-Francois Kahn, Serge Moati, JP Elkabbach, Ivan Levai, Alexandre Adler, Jerome Clement /Lehmann, Anne Sinclair, Arthur Essebag, Cyrille Hanouna, and the endless list of tribal individuals with absolute dominance over French media and opinion-making?

    Who are Laurent Fabius, Bernard Kouchner, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Vincent Peillon, the all-powerful ministers who can, respectively, kill our children with AIDS virus, single-handedly drag us into destroying Yugoslavie and set up drug and organ trafficking in Kosovo, organise prostitution networks of very destitute women in total impunity, and shove up homosexual “education” on French toddlers in kindergarten whil theirs are safe in Jewish faith schools?

    Who are Dassault, Jacques Seguela, and now Patrick Drahi, Edouard de Rothschild, Serge Nedjar, Maxime Saada, Xavier Niel, Vincent Bollore-Goldschmitt, who own the most of French media?

    But who, Durocher, who is in charge with the Coronavirus “response”? Who are the Agnes Buzyn, Martin Hirsh, Salomon, Attal, who looked after Big Pharma’s interests and presided, unchallenged, over the most controversial public policy of the last years?

    MAIS QUI?,Durocher? Who are these people your hero Zemmour is supposed to re-take France from?

    Isn’t it Alain Minc and Jacques Attali who boasted of being the masters of the current President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron?

    Isn’t it Alain Minc who advised his friend David de Rothschild to hire Macron, declaring that the latter had the qualities of a “whore”?

    Isn’t it Jacques Attali who claimed to have entirely manufactured Emmanuel Macron:

    “Emmanuel Macron? I was the one who spotted him. I even invented him. Totally. From the moment I appointed him rapporteur, when there was Tout-Paris and the whole world and when I did not extinguish it, he made himself known. That is the objective reality. » [4]

    So from WHOM is Zemmour going to save us from? WHO has been controlling and abusing the French people for at least five decades, Durocher? WHO are these people? What ORIGIN are their names?

  267. geokat62 says:

    WHO are these people?

    All joking aside, superlative comment, Iris. Kudos for having the courage to name names.

    • Replies: @Iris
  268. Iris says:

    Dear Geo, the really courageous person, a true heroine in the current context, is a young lady called Cassandre Fristot.

    A teacher and former member of the Front National, she had the bravery to brandish the banner with all the names above during an August 2021 demonstration against vaccine mandates.

    She risks going to prison and will most likely lose her job. God bless her, it is her Durocher should have been writing articles about. Not the vile fraud Zemmour.

  269. A123 says: • Website
    @James Forrestal

    Nope. Looks like you’re just lying again. Sad!

    Nope! You are intentionally being disingenuous.

    That there is a theoretical offer that is not taken does not prove that there is only a single side controlled by some shadowy invisible force.

    The reality is that there are two sides:

    -1- Closed Border, Pro-Israel
    -2- Open Muslim Border, Anti-Israel, Islamic SJW Globalist

    Only *LIARS* refuse to acknowledge the existing of opposite sides. Only *LIARS* intentionally & knowingly misrepresent opposing sides as one side.

    Thank for being a pathetic liar. I now feel even more solid in my 100% justified position that Muslims, such are yourself, are incapable of truth.

    It is sad that you think you can get away with such obvious Taqiyya deception.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  270. geokat62 says:

    … the really courageous person, a true heroine in the current context, is a young lady called Cassandre Fristot.

    Thanks for bringing this courageous lady’s heroics to our attention, Iris. Since the lugenpresse does its best to suppress these stories, it’s critical this story and others like it see the light of day.

    She risks going to prison and will most likely lose her job. God bless her, it is her Durocher should have been writing articles about. Not the vile fraud Zemmour.

    I second that!

    • Agree: Bugey libre
  271. @Iris

    Gosh, she must be the reincarnation of Jeanne d’Arc.

  272. Incitatus says:

    I’d worry more about your hometown Toronto Geo:

    “The demographics of Toronto, Ontario, Canada make Toronto one of the most multicultural and multiracial cities in the world. In 2016, 51.5 percent of the residents of the city proper belonged to a visible minority group, compared with 49.1% in 2011, and 13.6% in 1981. Toronto also has established ethnic neighbourhoods such as the multiple Chinatowns, Corso Italia, Little Italy, Little India, Greektown, Koreatown, Little Jamaica, Little Portugal and Roncesvalles, which celebrate the city’s multiculturalism.”

    Amazing racially pure Geo still draws breath. Have you figured out a way to post bogus history claiming the foundation of Canada for Hellenes, or are you still working on it?

    Live in Toronto ‘Greektown’? Give us a hint!

    • Replies: @geokat62
  273. virgile says:

    Zemmour cannot be compared to Tucker Carson!
    Tucker inspires sympathy, Zwmmour inspires repulsion. He has got no chance whatsoever to win despite the support of french fascists and zionist money vv

  274. geokat62 says:

    Have you figured out a way to post bogus history claiming the foundation of Canada for Hellenes…

    Hey, Incy. Long time no speak.

    Bogus history? I looked into trying to claim a Hellenic foundation of Canada, but it looks like Zionists have a patent on bogus histories.

    I also wanted to use the slogan. “a land without a people for a people without a land,” but the Zionists had a patent on that, too.

    It seems they have the patent market on bogus histories and bogus slogans cornered.

    So, no luck.

    • LOL: Incitatus
  275. @Iris

    The history of 3500 years repeated. Take over the power structure, particularly the money power, of a country, suppress all others lest they ‘rise to oppose us’, then await the inevitable reaction. It’s compulsive sado-masochism as religion, and when France falls upon hard times, as we all shall, shortly, there will be a witch-hunt for scapegoats. The Zionazis hope to hang that role on Moslems, and perhaps French nationalists and chauvinists, albeit both paths are fraught with peril, but they simply cannot help themselves.

    • Agree: Iris
  276. @geokat62

    I rather suspect that Israelis are being injected with something other than mRNA gene therapies.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  277. @Iris

    There is hope for Jewry, that enough decent people who put their humanity before their cult’s lunatic, narcissistic, supremacism, will rescue it from the lunacy of the Zionazis, Talmudists and blood-sucking financial parasites, before it’s too late for us all.

  278. @mulga mumblebrain

    From what I have read, figures demonstrate that side effects are numerous there. I f one read Israel Shahak’s book the inner Jewish ghetto of Ashkenazi Jews was in fact the total control over the people by Rabbis while a merchant and later banker class was dealing with the goyim’s powers structure and perpetuated this rather odd totalitarian society. The covidian state is like the Ghetto/Kahal a permanent control of the population where only a fake elite are above the most draconian rules. Regular Jews are not priviledge and were the first to get the QR pass.

    Solzenitsyn refers to it in ”200 hundered years together” as the Kahal and mentions a book that had made scandal in XIXth century Russia and called “the Book of the Kahal” where the inner working of the ‘cult”s rules were exposed, thus shoking the Russian society of the time. There seems to exist no trace of that book (written by a converted Jew” and Shahak’s work is all I have ever found.

    Elite Jews don’t like the jewish plebe and would never hesitate sacrifying it for the sake of the security of the elite. Furthermore one is obliged to learn about Shabbateanism/Frankism to see that great divide exist as to know who Jews are. For instance, Loubavitsh were a reaction to the spread of Frankism.

    Rottenshild don’t especially ‘love’ Jews, they love power and share it with many Goys like the European royals because they themselves are of the brit nobility. Heard about the mystic of Anglo-zionism behind the Brit empire? The ‘Beast’ might be the City of London, Jesuits and crypto Jews.

    If you can, listen to what the Rav Dynovitz feels now confident to say:

    More on his channel:$/search?q=rav%20dynovitz

    “Hitler has been forced to enter war”, “Covid is a depopulation scheme”, “Jews were wrong to think that the Torah was for them only and were somewhat different from Jews”, “Jews are not priviledged and victim of an obscure elite he doesn’t want to name for fear of his life”, these are themes he entertains, siding up with Zelenko.

    So unless you have datas to back your suscpitions, this seems the most likely reality that Anglozionists psychopathic elite don’t give a damn about regular Jews and won’t hesistate to sacrifice them with the rest of us.

    Children have gotten up now and I have to stop. Take care

    • Replies: @A123
  279. …back in 1978, the American Nazi Party ( led by Michael Collins!), led a march through Skokie, Illinois, and home to holocaust survivors! The problem, later found, that this leader’s name was not Collins, but…..Michael COHEN..! Says it all, with their Hegelian dialectic!?

  280. @geokat62


    I have seen that movie long time ago. Though I have heard a lot about Barruel and have read excerpt I never have read it in full. Maybe should I correct it one day.

    As to Free maçons, they are not a secret society pers se. The problem is mainly that the adherents are not supposed to disclose their adhesion. Until the highests degrees the thing is rather inocuous, consisting in learing symbols and their meaning.

    Some enter it to work on themseves and acquire knowledge, that is respectable. Many enter it to make business and power relations.

    In the internet era, almost all the lowest grade knowledge is easily available. Insiders at the highest grades describe it as rather ‘luciferian’.

    The Power That Shouldn’t be use it as an underground canal of power though most of it’s adherents are not really aware of it.

    Declaring one’s adhesion should be mandatory so the network would appear to all and the conflicts of interest would be obvious and those thinking they can learn something would be free to “study”.

    Please check about them in Denmark.

  281. @Weaver

    In recent history, the primary push for France to accept immigrants has been by the US superpower and by Jews, both within Europe and within the US.

    Can you give some detail, including dates, to support your (to me) surprising assertion that the US pushed immigration on France?

    Also, come to think of it your even more surprising assertion that Jews also pushed for immigration to France. Immigration by whom? And during what period?

    • Replies: @A123
  282. geokat62 says:

    This Telegram comment posted by Forteresse Europe provides a status update on how legitimate – as opposed to fake – right wing parties have faired and are fairing in Europe:

    🇵🇹🔥 In Portugal, we remain firm and in solidarity in the struggle against the wave of repression that is being felt throughout Europe, whose objective is to promote anti-nationalism through a propagandistic and fallacious attempt to promote a worldly state without moral and social values, which aims to serve a criminal financial oligarchy, for which it is imperative to silence the voice of all nationalists.

    In Italy, we reiterate our support for Roberto Fiore and Giuliano Castellino and the other comrades of Forza Nuova, arbitrarily arrested in their struggle against the sanitary dictatorship perpetrated by the left and its trade union organisations, which have not hesitated to betray the working class of that country.

    In Greece, we do not forget the surreal trial and subsequent imprisonment of 39 Greek comrades of Golden Dawn, including its leaders Nicholaos Michaloliakos and Iannis Lagos, the latter being a member of the European Parliament, as well as Ilias Kasidiaris or Christos Pappas.

    In France, a fabricated investigation led to the dissolution of L’ouvre Française, for unproven reasons but confirmed by the Council of State and the European Court of Human Rights, which resulted in the conviction of our friend Yvan Benedetti for maintaining a dissolved league.

    In Spain, our Falange comrades were sentenced to excessive prison terms for demonstrating.

    In Slovakia, the president of a party whose representatives are elected at national level was sentenced to several years in prison because of a simple joke about the number “1488”.

    In Romania, Florin Dobrescu is being investigated for a simple tribute to Captain Codreanu and his companions, even though they were victims of a state crime duly recognised as such.

    In Bulgaria, Germany and Poland, our comrades manage to resist the dishonest state institutions that try to silence them.

    This whole wave of repression, arbitrary arrests and spurious trials is just proof of the fear of those in power who see their “power” slipping through their fingers, while the fury of the people continues to grow.

    The glimpse of a nationalist revolution is growing, through which we will destroy the powerful and their corrupt elites who seek to silence us at all costs.

    Liberdade ! Liberté ! Libertà ! Freedom! Libertad ! Ελευθερία ! Libertate ! Slobodu ! Свобода! Freiheit ! Wolność !


    But not to worry, the phoney right Likud-front parties have arrived in the nick of time to save us!

  283. @James Forrestal

    Zemmour indeed often adopt Trump-like tactics to create media buzz. Recently he called “gender conversion therapy” ‘criminal’ and compared its medical practitioners to Josef Mengele.

    Fact check: FALSE

    Fact check fact check: FALSE

    “I do not know this jargon”, [Zemmour] declared in the preamble. “I know girls and boys, men and women. I am a simple person and I do not know those hazy gender theories and dysphoria, especially with children.”

    “This flyer story is an abomination. (…) For this transsexual story, he says that teachers must submit to this new ideology. If a child shows up and says’ no I’m not a girl I’m a boy “, we must take it into account, we must no longer call her “her” we must admit her new name … And then what else? It’s criminal”.

    Eric Zemmour refers to hormone inhibitors, “puberty blockers” authorized for example in the United States. “We are going to block these children’s puberty with injections so that they can decide what their gender is afterwards. Do you realize? We are really in Doctor Mengele. These are scandalous experiences.” For children who do not feel well in the gender assigned to them at birth, the solution is simple for Éric Zemmour. “You have to tell them: ‘It will pass’”.

    The reference to Mengele was obviously to horrendous medical experimentation not nazism

  284. I’ll make several points.

    – Marine Le Pen is not a newcomer. She has had her chances (2012 & 2017) and blew them.
    She mollified her stance on some issues and generally tried hard to make her party – ostracized by many and the media – more palatable to the mainstream. The strategy made sense but ultimately failed.

    [As an aside, I like the French system. In a first-past-the post system, voters often pick an established party they don’t like all that much, instead of a small party that would really reflect their preferences, in order to avoid handing the victory to the other party you absolutely hate. This means small parties never get off the ground because voters who could be sympathetic do not want to “waste their ballot”. But if you have a second round, you can vote your actual preference first, then vote strategically in the second round if need be]

    Anyway in 2017, in a packed field of candidates, Marine got 21% in the first round. In the second round, she only managed to get the support of Debout La France, a minor gaullist party. In a televised debate, she got crushed by Macron, and in the end lost very badly 66-34 to Macron.

    – In a party that wants to win, she would have been shown the door and a better leader nominated. But since the Rassemblement National is a family club comfortable making somewhat patriotic middle-of-the-road statements, she remains in place to preside over the RN losing seats in the latest municipales.

    – in comes Zemmour. He is way more radical than Marine Le Pen. Comparisons to Tucker Carlson make sense. He got growing notoriety and popularity through appearances on TV debate shows. He made several controversial statements of the if-there-are-more-arabs-in-jail-it’s-because-they-commit-more-crime variety, collecting a couple of condemnations for inciting racial or religious hatred along the way. He wrote book after book (mélancolie française, le suicide français, destin français…) best sellers all, about his love for France, its history, its nation. He keeps repeating how integration of immigrants is a complete failure in France, how borders need to be enforced, criminal immigrants deported and blasts the general decline that followed the triumph of french soixante-huitards leftists, critical race theory, gender theory etc. What more exactly can you ask for?

    – polls are encouraging, but it’s a long way from 17% to 51%. If he ever wins, it will be by the slimmest of margins. He revels in making the most outrageous statements. But succès de scandale as a polemist and provocateur is not what will win you elections. He will have to rein in his tendencies to gratuitously provoke. And he needs to win to women’s vote.

    • Replies: @Iris
  285. A123 says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    Also, come to think of it your even more surprising assertion that Jews also pushed for immigration to France. Immigration by whom? And during what period?

    You probably want to refine the question. The false story being pushed is closed borders for Israel versus open borders for others. You need to limit the inquiry to “recent, pro-Zionist, Israeli Jews“. If you let an anti-semite define the terminology, they will try to foist a — post-Judaic, anti-Semitic “Jew” against Judaism — as an answer, thus entirely missing the point of your inquiry.

    The reality of the situation is the vast majority of Zionists believe that George IslamoSoros and his Open [Muslim] Society Foundation is bad for every country, not just Israel. By phrasing the question to require an on-the-record, current day Zionist, you will head off a significant number of frequently used anti-Semitic deceptions.

    Historical versus Modern inquiry poses a different terminology issue. “Zionism” 70-years ago is extremely different than Zionism today. If different contributors to a discussion use the same term to mean very different things, the best one can hope for is confusion & ambiguity.

    Historical usage has Hard Left socialist/communist connotations. The original Zionists dreamed of Kibbutz (a.k.a. communes).

    Current usage is Centrist. Anyone trying to intentionally mis-position current Zionists away from the Center are being deliberately disingenuous. Zionism is central to the National survival of Jewish Palestine (a.k.a. Israel). Zionism is thus an apolitical position shared by all but the most violent anti-Nationalist fanatics (e.g. Joint Muslim List).

    PEACE 😇

  286. A123 says: • Website
    @Bugey libre

    Elite Jews don’t like the jewish plebe and would never hesitate sacrifying it for the sake of the security of the elite.

    You are very close to something important. The Elites you dislike, regardless of their heritage, are no longer practicing Jews. Therefore, more accurate language would be:

    Elite post-Judaic Apostates don’t like average Jews. They would never hesitate to sacrifice Jews for the sake of the security of the SJW Globalist (primarily European) Elites.

    This ties back to my earlier post about the video Pierre Hillard on Globalism 2014 (English subtitles).

    European SJW Globalist Elites fear Christian (Orthodox) Russia. Typical non-Elite Christian (Protestant) Americans would be happy to work with Russia. The problem is solely with SJW Elites.

    PEACE 😇

  287. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Nick Griffin:

    But who would want to do such a thing?

    • Replies: @A123
  288. @A123

    Your complete, pathetic failure to even attempt a justification of your blatant lies about the halachic definition of tribal membership is again noted, as is your accompanying inability to refute the definition used by the semitic supremacist government of the setller colonialists in Palestine.

    A123: “Hurr, durr — a jew is… whoever I say is a jew at the moment! Because reasons!”


    A123 demonstrating yet again the obvious validity of the common truism that shameless mendacity is a characteristic feature of toxic semitism…

    • LOL: A123
    • Replies: @A123
  289. A123 says: • Website

    But who would want to do such a thing?


    The list of those wishing to damage Infidels (Jews & Christians) is long. However, they all have one thing in common.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @geokat62
  290. geokat62 says:

    The list of those wishing to damage Infidels..

    Isn’t goyim the Hebrew word for “infidels”?

    • Replies: @A123
    , @Bugey libre
  291. A123 says: • Website
    @James Forrestal

    James Muhammad,

    I am a Christian.

    Your pathetic incoherent dribbling… Hur Dur… I get to call Muslims Jews when ever I feel like it … is comedic.

    We get it. Under your Pillar of Taqiyya you must attempt to lie to Infidels (1)

    Quran (16:106) – Establishes that there are circumstances that can “compel” a Muslim to tell a lie.

    Quran (3:28) – This verse instructs believers not to take those outside the faith as friends, unless it is to “guard themselves” against danger, meaning that there are times when a Muslim may appear friendly to non-Muslims, even though they should not feel friendly.

    Quran (9:3) – “…Allah and His Messenger are free from liability to the idolaters…” The dissolution of oaths is with pagans who remained at Mecca following its capture. They did nothing wrong, but were evicted anyway. (The next verse refers only to those who have a personal agreement with Muhammad as individuals – see Ibn Kathir vol 4, p 49)

    Given that your religion demands lying…. Why are you so bad at it? You have attempted to push some of the most transparent, least believable tripe in human history.

    We are not Laughing with you…

    We Are All Laughing At You!

    Please keep up your incompetence. The comic relief from your flailing is appreciated.

    PEACE 😇


    • Troll: Iris
    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  292. A123 says: • Website


    “Infidel” is your Muhammad’s Apartheid word for “Christians & Jews”. Such a term does not exist in Hebrew, as the roots of the language by definition predate Christianity. The closest you can come is the highly favorable and positive English language term, Judeo-Christian.

    As an acolyte of Muslim Apartheid, your claim to misunderstand Islamic separatist terminology, like “Infidel”, seems staggeringly convenient… and wholly implausible.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @geokat62
  293. @Iris

    A la courageuse Cassandre Fristot.Merci beaucoup.
    Que votre nom soit illuminé dans les futures histoires de France.

    To the courageous Cassandre Fristot. Many Thanks.
    May your name be illuminated in future histories of France.

    Europa !

    • Thanks: Iris
  294. Iris says:
    @Jean-Baptiste Moquelin

    Beyond all these tactical and short-term points and the bogus Zemmour alternative, the most important is that the French political system is dead because it has been smothered to death by the Zionist stronghold upon it.

    Principled, strong and credible politicians such as Chevenement, Dominique de Villepin or the late Philippe Seguin (a Gaullist, patriotic, ethnic Jew) are not allowed to exist anymore, because they don’t suck up to CRIF and to organised Zionism. Only puppets such as Macron, Le Pen and Zemmour are now allowed to “compete” for election because they are vetted by their Israeli masters as interchangeable puppets.

    As a consequence, the French political system has lost all credibility in the eyes of the electorate, who shun casting their ballots by ever greater number. Organised Zionism has killed the political theatre under its control for excess of censorship. This is the most important conclusion, which shows that the political system is not reformable, but will most likely collapse because of an external shock.

  295. geokat62 says:

    Such a term does not exist in Hebrew…

    Nice try.

    The standard storyline is that goyim means “the nations.” But how could such a definition possibly be interpreted as being derogatory, as most standard dictionaries suggest?

    For example, Merriam-Webster’s definition:

    Definition of goy
    sometimes disparaging

    History and Etymology for goy
    Yiddish, from Hebrew gōy people, nation

    After doing some lengthy digging, I can across the following two different sources:

    As the Jews considered all of the non-Jewish nations in biblical times as polytheistic and idolatrous, the Hebrew word goy has for some time acquired the meaning “heathen”.

    As the non-Israelite and the nokri were “heathens,” “goi” came to denote a “heathen,”

    The closest you can come is the highly favorable and positive English language term, Judeo-Christian.

    Highly favorable and positive, huh?

    ‘Judeo-Christian?’ How a weaponized marketing slogan destroyed Western Christianity

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
    • LOL: A123
    • Replies: @A123
  296. geokat62 says:

    Your concluding paragraph is so full of incite Iris that I hope you don’t mind if I cite it in a comment I’m about to post in another thread?

    Merci beaucoup!

    • Replies: @Iris
  297. Iris says:

    Thanks ever so much for all your excellent and factual input to online discussions.

    Yes, what is happening in France is the political version of Michael Hudson’s economic Killing of the Host.

  298. A123 says: • Website


    Your rapidly losing Muslim occupation of Judea & Samaria needs to create a rift between Infidel Jews and Infidel Christians. It is never going to happen.

    Attempting weak linguistic Taqiyya deception is superficial, pedantic, and amazingly desperate. Take a moment to self examine your hysteria and histrionics. The fact that you have emotionally collapsed into such as state is revealing.

    Some part of You is screaming out. You are trying to tell Yourself that Your Ayatollah has irretrievably lost.

    Listen… If you have a soul… You can step away from Khamenei’s Satanic hate. You do not have to be Evil, you can choose not to be.

    Absolution is available for those who seek it.

    I forgive you.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @geokat62
  299. geokat62 says:

    I must commend you. You’ve achieve such heights in your psychobabble that even Freud himself would be impressed!

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @A123
    , @Bugey libre
  300. A123 says: • Website


    If you choose Satan, that is your choice.

    The only person who can save Your soul, is You.

    I feel pity for You.

    PEACE 😇

    • LOL: geokat62
  301. @Iris

    I am beyond exasperated with all the comments about Zion! Zion! Zion!

    So what if he’s jewish? What exactly is the conspiracy theory here? Is it that he has for years had as sole claim to fame that he wants to fight for France, its people and control of the banlieues and borders only to betray his electors when he becomes president and all is revealed to be a gigantic multi-year hoax and he will actually accelerate immigration from the Maghreb? Or that he is a bogus candidate only running to prevent the victory of a true French patriot candidate (who? Marine? She cannot win!)? Or that he would in fact implement everything he promised to do but would be prevented by his ‘sucking up to CRIF’ from acting on other issues (what would they be?) much more important than all of the above?

    It makes no sense to me.


    • Replies: @A123
  302. @Iris

    The Rav Dynovisz strikes again! “How an Algerian Jew could represent France?… We pray for him never being elected because if he ever gets elected as president it will be a catastrophe for the Jews… Since when an exiled Jew dare to criticized Muslims?… Muslims in France should return but he an Algerian Jew should stay… Do you a imagine a “yid” as president of France?

  303. @geokat62

    Goyim means foreigner, an ousider to the chosen. “Infidel”, kfir is a non believer in the strict unicity of God concept and insid the community also often an outsider to one of the many sects in the very rich Islamic civilisation.

    Thus, a Takfiri (promoted, like all the worst strains in Islamic world by the BritZinonist) will even consider another Sunni as kfir.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  304. @geokat62

    123 is definitely an obvious troll who brings nothing on that thread or any other.

    • Replies: @A123
  305. ‘“Heritage has nothing to do with culture! Various cultures just fall from the sky, landing on different individuals entirely at random, goy! HONES!T”

    lol — that’s a new low for inane/ incoherent pilpul, even for a moron like you.’

    hmmmmm . . ., i have no idea what you are talking about. i didn’t write what seem to be attributing to me 00 not anywhere.

    in my view to discuss one’s heritage is to discuss one’s culture.


    what i do contend is that skin color has no unique cultural attribute. whiteness does make one french, Belgian, italian, german of south african

    and that has no relation to anything you are attempting to apply to me.

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  306. A123 says: • Website
    @Bugey libre

    Elite Jews don’t like the jewish plebe and would never hesitate sacrifying it for the sake of the security of the elite.

    You are very close to something important. The Elites you dislike, regardless of their heritage, are no longer practicing Jews. Therefore, more accurate language would be:

    Elite post-Judaic Apostates don’t like average Jews. They would never hesitate to sacrifice Jews for the sake of the security of the SJW Globalist (primarily European) Elites.

    You have already taken the huge step by conceding that there are two sides. And, the ‘plebe’ side containing 99%+ of the population is not your target.

    Why is the last tiny step, accepting that the Elites have renounced Judaism, so difficult?

    If you want to roust the Elites for being SJW Elite, you will find many allies. All you achieve by misidentification is, driving off those that might support your battle against Globalism. Opposing SJW Elites is opposition to this flag:



    PEACE 😇

  307. @A123

    It should be obvious that your claim to autochthonous European heritage is, of course, entirely irrelevant when assessing the truth value of your patently-false (and megalomaniacal) assertion that “any jew who appears to disagree with A123 is somehow ‘not a real jew’ because reasons.”

    But since you’re clearly a member of the cognitively-compromised community, and — unlike you — I’m a very tolerant, understanding person, I’ll be kind enough to spell it out for you. You’re welcome.

    No normal person cares whether you’re a halachically-certified member of the Tribe, or merely an unfortunate victim of false consciousness/ internalized tribalism. The issue is your blatant lies and/ or gross ignorance with respect to the hundreds of years of rabbinically ruminative reasoning and pilpul on the “Who is a jew?” question, dating back all the way to the origins of rabbinic judaism in Sura and Pumbedita between 589 and 1038 AD. See the links to authoritative jewish sources which I posted above, which you completely — and pathetically — failed to refute yet again.

    What are you, one of those so-called “anti-semiticists?” Who are you to ignore the unanimous consensus of hundreds of years of halachic law? What evidence supports your false claim to be “the Maimonides of the 21st century,” let alone the “ghost of Menachem ‘Moshiach’ Schneerson?” Can you cite even a single well-known halachic authority who is even aware of your existence, let alone provides any support for your delusions?

    Or are you, rather than making the solipsistic claim that you alone possess the “sole authority” to redefine jewish identity, merely asserting that you have the power to expel these particular MOTs from your own community within the Tribe; to issue a writ of herem? If so:
    What is the evidence that you are actually a rabbi?
    Where in Galicia is your shtetl located?
    Are these so-called “bad jews” actually residents of it?
    And how did the Haskalah happen to bypass it so completely?
    Please advise.

    While you’re at it perhaps you might care to explain precisely how your incoherent gibbering and shrieking is intended to support your primary thesis — that the French goyim simply must vote for a member of an alien tribe as their leader, solely because he claims to hate Arabs and Berbers almost as much as he hates indigenous Europeans? To put this in perspective — would the semitic supremacist settler-colonialists in Palestine vote for an European Christian as their leader — simply because he claimed to “Hate the indigenous Palestinians?”

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @A123
  308. A123 says: • Website
    @Jean-Baptiste Moquelin

    I am beyond exasperated with all the comments about Zion! Zion! Zion!

    So what if he’s jewish?

    If you are new to Unz Report, you will find that a couple of the host’s conspiracy theories attract exceedingly large numbers of the most crackpot, irrational anti-semites.

    I cannot stand by and ignore their hate, so I shine the light of TRUTH on it. However, as you have seen here, closed minds are difficult to open.

    If you want to see maximum crazy go look in the comments of the Liberty thread. Reality is that this was a colossal screw-up. Both Israel and the IDF have openly apologized for accidentally misidentifying a nondescript vessel during combat operations.

    Extremists wield an obviously fake tape as a racist weapon again indigenous Palestinian Jews who have the temerity to live in their religious homeland. No amount of logic and fact can get them to change their mind about the fabricated radio record.

    All they Have is Hate, and Hate is All they will ever Have.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Bugey libre
  309. @EliteCommInc.

    Surely even a room temperature IQ-level hasbarat such as yourself possesses some dim, vague awareness that the “Race = Just Skin Color™, goy!” trope is yet another long-debunked semitic canard — the motte to the Boasian race-denialist bailey? That while it forms a core element of the malevolent ideology of toxic semitism, it has absolutely zero relationship to objective reality?

    Apparently not.

    Clearly your decades of stewing in a feculent mixture of ethnonarcissism and mindless hatred have rendered you simply ineducable.


    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  310. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    Goyim means foreigner, an ousider to the chosen. “Infidel”,

    See comment #299.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  311. geokat62 says:

    All they Have is Hate, and Hate is All they will ever Have.

    Since Judaism has the greatest levels of ethnocentrism in human history, Jewish Supremacists are the greatest “haters” the world have ever known.

    Don’t believe me?

    The Prophet Samuel orders King Saul in God’s name: “Now go, attack Amalek, and proscribe all that belongs to him. Spare no one, but kill alike men and women, infants and sucklings, oxen and sheep, camels and asses!” (I Samuel 15:3). In other words, we are instructed to commit genocide — to destroy the men, women and cattle of Amalek.

    A must watch video re the mitzvah to blot out even the memory of Amalek…

    Rabbi Joshua Stanton 5778 Rosh Hashanah Morning Sermon at East End Temple

  312. @A123

    The opposite of ‘hate’ is… Love.

    Peace implies “love one another”. Definitely not a concept from the kahal…

    We don’t want no peace, we want equal rights and Justice.

  313. @HyperDupont

    It would, most certainly, be a delicious irony that a displaced Algerian so hated by the French Right during the DeGaulle years, should be elected president. And if Zemmour manages that and succeeds in saving France from the Leftist fools, that would be the irony of ironies.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  314. @James Forrestal

    Just to dissect ECI’s low-energy pilpul in a little more detail, in order to interrogate the underlying structures of systemic tribalism:

    The gist of the ignorant, hate-filled hasbarat’s claim in comment #150 is, as I pointed out in #260, that culture has absolutely nothing to do with ancestry or heritage; that it simply falls on particular individuals entirely at random.

    Since his intended message is patently absurd on its face, he tries to convey it in a two-step process in order to obfuscate [or “mystify,” as the commies would say] the “reasoning” behind his comically-inaccurate claim that ancestry has absolutely nothing to do with culture. Note EIC’s nonsensical ranting about “muh skin color.” In attempting to deploy this trope as a false “synonym” for ancestry/ race/ heritage, he’s evoking the long-discredited “Ancestry = Just Skin Color™!” semitic canard. His implicit claim that “the only real difference” among indigenous Europeans, West Africans, East Asians, Levantine peoples, etc. amounts to changes in the level of melanocyte activity in the stratum basale of the epidermis is, of course, beneath contempt — trivially refutable on both genetic grounds and everyday observations of phenotypic variation. But constant media promotion of “muh skin color” as a false “synonym” for “ancestry/ heritage/ race” has led people to accept it without really thinking about it.

    So EIC’s intended message of “Ancestry/ heritage has absolutely nothing to do with culture, goy!” is conveyed by:
    1. Falsely equating ancestry/ heritage with “Just Skin Color™,” then
    2. Claiming that “Just Skin Color™” has no direct relationship to culture.
    Experts in the field of semitism studies have often noted that this particular style of false argumentation relies on a principle of pilpul that is often described as the transitive property of toxic semitism.

    Note also that ECI can’t resist blabbering about muh so-called “toxic Whiteness” as well [the “toxic” part is implicit whenever the “whiteness” trope is spewed forth in this hate-filled manner]. The recently-reified semantic construct of so-called “Whiteness” is a common dog whistle for virulent, unreasoning anti-White hatred. When it’s deployed in vitriolic rhetoric like ECI’s, it’s meant to reinforce the pseudoscientific claim that the indigenous peoples of Europe are just a “made-up” group; that their identity is merely a sort of intrinsically-toxic metaphysical miasma that somehow settled on them at random, the effects of which Evil Whitey desperately needs to “heal” from. Remember, the specific language employed in rants like ECI’s not only shapes the narrative; it constrains thought. The particulars of this language are not determined by some sort of accident, but by what is commonly termed “Cohencidence.”

    As a minor point, note also the way that EIC utilizes “we” and “our” to evoke the long-discredited “My Fellow White People” trope. He’s attempting to falsely portray himself as a “self-hating indigenous European,” rather than an individual whose virulent, unreasoning anti-White hatred clearly derives directly from his own heritage and identity, with the associated ethnonarcissism that compels his virulent, unreasoning hatred of the White “Other.”

    • Thanks: geokat62, Arthur MacBride
  315. A123 says: • Website
    @James Forrestal

    James Muhammad F.,

    I appreciate your comedy piece.

    I did not think that you could be more incoherent and deranged. Then Presto! Faster than one can say “Hurdily Durdily Wingnuttry” you cut loose with a total incomprehensible screed of impenetrable gibberish.

    Keep Up the Slapstick Routine! It is very amusing!

    PEACE 😇


    We are not Laughing with you…
    We Are ALL Laughing At You!

  316. Anonymous[291] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jean-Baptiste Moquelin

    The reference to Mengele was obviously to horrendous medical experimentation not nazism

    Josef Mengele did not engage in any “horrendous medical experimentation”. The narrative surrounding him is Hollywood fiction.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  317. @Anonymous


    E.g. this paper, which asks one to move from induced hysteria to rational examination.
    The paper is fully referenced, leading one to more evidence.

    (auf deutsch/english)

    Additionally, the believer in jewish horror stories may be interested in this review by Thomas Kues of Mengele The Complete Story by Gerald Posner, the Jewish writer famous for his defence of the Warren Report on JFK’s murder.

    Gerald Posner is a Jewish-American journalist, born in 1954 and perhaps most well-known for his book Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK (1993). In it, Posner asserts that virtually all of the findings of the Warren Committee were correct, and that Oswald killed Kennedy without the assistance of anyone.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  318. @Arthur MacBride

    One may also wish to examine the basis/origin of the “Angel of Death” story.
    The vdo is an introduction to a book on that topic.

    The most important source for what Mengele is said to have done at Auschwitz comes from the Hungarian Jew Miklós Nyiszli, a forensic physician who claims to have been Dr. Mengele’s assistant at Auschwitz.

  319. “The gist of the ignorant, hate-filled hasbarat’s claim in comment #150 is, as I pointed out in #260, that culture has absolutely nothing to do with ancestry or heritage; that it simply falls on particular individuals entirely at random.”

    You are off to a race of your own making.

    Ancestry defined:


    1 : line of descent : lineage especially : honorable, noble, or aristocratic descent. 2 : persons initiating or comprising a line of descent : ancestors.

    Allow me to help you out

    you are blurring lines. Lines in which Imake very clear distinctions when i speak of ethnicity which is not quite the same thing as

    “biological ancestry”

    which is why I use t5he term ethnicity or culture — neither of which is bound by biology.

    Sure your genealogy as it relates to biology is linked. But that that is no guarantee of some cultural inheritance which is understood as one’s beliefs community practices, national identity — none of which is determined by skin color.

    But the several hundred thousand blacks living in Nazi Germany were in fact Germans, not africans.


    When is discussing ethnicity or culture — skin color is just monicker. A child born in spain exposed to Spanish is going to speak Spanish regardless of their skin color, if they are raised catholic then they will more than likely practice catholocism as they were taught or exposed

    a child born in great Britain is going to be part of the British culture and national ethos regardless of their skin color a white kid born in urban Detroit is going to think, act and behave as those of that community or whatever social expectations they are exposed to and adopt regardless of their skin color . . .

    whites in North dakota have very little in common with the whites of Alabama when it comes to cultural practices , even if they have biological links ancestrally.


    It is not my generalities you have a problem with, it’s my audience to specifics definitions of terms. The reason the early process of immigration worked more or less , depite the damage it did to black opportunities for labor and inclusion,

    is that those immigrants generally understood they were going to have adopt a new way of thinking and being to be citizens of the US.

    That to be a citizen is not skin color dependent —

    key example, the whites of the south despite being descendants of the founders — in the span of 90 or so years wanted to jesttison their ethnic roots as citizens of the US despite any biological ancestry to northerners —

    hence the expression

    brother against brother– ethnicity is not skin color dependent.


    examine the history of adopted children — their biology does not bar them from being wholly culturally apart of the family into they are adopted.

    There’s trick in my position — no gimmick, no hoola hoops

    One of the toughest hurdles white nationalism is going to face is defining what whiteness means and it will not be ethnic and cultural practices — first and foremost — will be skin color plain and simple

  320. @Alternate History

    France should be saved from the psychopaths, narcisists, “arrivists” who are following the guidelines of technocrats to avance the transhumanist agenda destroying our very humanity and thus spirituality.

    It doesn’t matter if these traitors wear the garment of “right” instead of “left” if it is only to satisfy the Davos agenda, the City, Blackrock etc…

    Zemmour doesn’t adress the very lies of the pandemic and the destruction of our basic liberty.

    • Agree: nosquat loquat
  321. Franck D. says:

    France is a nation, the nation of the French people. If the French people disappear, or is replaced/intermingled with millions of Africans muslim immigrants, France WILL disappear, or at least be transformed into something else which will no longer be France.

    There is no possibility of absorbing and integrating these guys. And do French people even want it ?Have they even been asked about it ? I don’t think so.

    You are most likely a North African shill trying to make the statut quo last longer, preventing a legitimate uprising of the indigenous French against the colonisation and the absurdly high criminality of your people. We will drive you out of our lands, whatever it takes.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  322. Franck D. says:

    Europeans have a right for a homeland, as do every other peoples on earth. Wanting Europe for Europeans and France for French has nothing to do with believing in racial superiority.

    Regarding assimilation, the insane numbers of immigrants and their racial, cultural and religious backgrounds, which are very different from the european/french one, make it impossible.

    Assimilation is marginally possible in an homogenous and prideful country, with a clear majority imposing its standards to newcomers. Most people who speak of “assimilation” in France today refuse to define it, and don’t even recognise the existence of native French who they are supposed to assimilate to ! I will add that assimilation is a personnal and ponctual phenomenom, not a policy to manage millions of savages.

    Yes, ethnic origin DOES matter, whether you like it or not. Blood matters, ancestors matters. You are no Frenchman but an immigrant shill. Get lost. We will drive you out of our lands, whatever it takes.

  323. Franck D. says:

    He is of immigrant background himself (North African I suppose), he is shilling for his own ethnic interests.

    • Replies: @Iris
  324. geokat62 says:

    For the record, as an ethno-nationalist, I support the notion that France should be a homeland for a supermajority of the indigenous French people.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  325. Franck D. says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    He is obviously of immigrant background (like most of those who post here while claiming to be French), he is shilling for multiracial/multicultural France because it benefits him.

    What he says is just the usual schizophrenic babbling North Africans come up with when they try to justify their presence in our country and maintain the statut quo. Endless nonsense about zionists, assimilation, colonisation, racism and so on.

    You can also see by looking at his posts that he is a pathological liar, like most North Africans.

    Ignore him.

    • Troll: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  326. @Franck D.

    Thanks/merci, Franck.

    I certainly agree with your statement that France should be for hereditary Franks, maybe some intermingling with other of us Europeans as appropriate. If not, as you/I/others rightly ask, is it still France ? Can a polyglot African/Asian/Arab (of various ethnic substrata) all stirred in the American style pot still be France ?

    Of course it cannot.

    Bugey describes himself as of an old-line Frankish family. Rather than preserve that line and France, he has married an African, because he says, they are good-looking ….
    I have no more to say to him following this statement.
    So we can ask, do the French wish to preserve France ? It seems not, to me at least.

    I want to put in a good word for Iris, who is a kind, good and knowledgeable Lady who knows who the real enemy is, also has contributed very significantly and expertly on the 9/11 zionist bombing, similar ref the “french” government and other matters.

    Best wishes.

    Vive la France.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  327. Iris says:
    @Franck D.

    He is of immigrant background himself (North African I suppose), he is shilling for his own ethnic interests.

    I was going to just give you a LOL, but on second thought, I decided to address you a question instead.

    You have never posted anything on the UR, but believe to know everything about long-term commenters, and moreover, explode in undisguised rabid hatred against people you never interacted with? How is that possible?

    Are you Durocher, by any chance, fed up of regularly taking a beating after each stupid article he posts, such as the stupidest one, written in defence of the Charlie Hebdo blatant NeoCon false flag operation?

    Look, dear, pardon my being direct in case you are just on the run from your psychiatrist, which is always a possibility.

    Otherwise, you can shove your civil war agenda up your Zionist-owned proverbial.
    Your ilk is trying to transpose and ignite in France the racial civil war that is destroying America: it is Israel’s international agenda, in which you actively participate, not because you “love” France, but because you are affiliated to a pathetic bunch of political losers who stand no prospect with the tolerant majority French society, cannot resign themselves to it, and therefore accept to be the instruments of a hostile foreign power.

    Your OAS role models did the same, licking Israel’s boots and becoming its attack dogs against France’s real patriots. The likes of you will end up like OAS, dispatched in an obscure dustbin of History. You are irrelevant.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
    , @Franck D.
  328. @Iris

    Hi Iris, Salut ma soeur

    Franck D doesn’t exist… Just a facade. Is he more Pfizer or Moderna, passe sanitaire or mass house arrests, for “niker la race des blancs”?

    And now this is for those who want to hear about the Rottenchild zemmour legitimacy, by a Catholic.

    What? Black French noble in armor long time ago? Guess what, you even find some in Germany…

    Que la Paix soit avec toi et avec ton esprit

  329. Franck D. says:

    Je te vois poster sous tous les articles de Durocher, tu aimes bien renifler le cul de l’alt-right que tu prétends détester. Et deviner ton ascendance étrangère n’est pas vraiment difficile au vu de tes commentaires, comme celle de l’autre abruti de « Buguey libre ». Vous êtes transparents, vous les bicots.

    On s’occupera de toi et de ta sale race de bougnoules une fois cette république juive tombée. Ton petit manège pour endormir les gogoys avec tes histoires d’assimilation et de « civilisation » française ne marchera plus longtemps. La jeunesse blanche qui arrive sera radicale et ultra-raciste. Tu ne comprends pas ce qui est en train de se passer. Tu ne comprends pas le degré de haine que nous avons en nous, après avoir subi votre présence, votre criminalité et les humiliations du système juif depuis des décennies.

    Il n’y aura pas de « guerre civile » mais une guerre de décolonisation. Et les colons c’est vous aujourd’hui, les bicots.

    Je rêve du jour où j’aurai en face de moi les métèques verbeux dans ton genre, adeptes du pilpoul républicain et génocidaires de Français en puissance, et qu’on pourra enfin solder les comptes. J’y pense tous les jours. Je suis très impatient.

  330. @Jack McArthur

    For phuq sake why the hell are you questioning Ron Unz’s motivation? He gives a free platform to views that wouldn’t see the light of day on any similar site. Be glad for what we have and leave it at that.

    • Replies: @Jack McArthur
  331. Dmitry says:

    According to Wikipedia Zemmour: “Éric Zemmour was born in Montreuil, then in Seine, nowadays in Seine-Saint-Denis, on 31 August 1958, to a Berber Jewish family from Algeria of French citizenship.”

    So he is Arab/Berber with Jewish religion.

    Although they are a secularizing population, rightoid politics of Arab/Berber roots people is not very unexpected – the Middle East and North Africa, are not known as centres of liberalism.

    It’s funny to write an article as if it is surprising or needs an explanation that an Berber politician is supporting rightoid ideas, when it seems more like a variant from Houellebecq (who prophecied conservative Middle Eastern future for France, although in an Islamic variant).

    These peoples in Israel (under secularizing influence of a industrialized economy) are closer to industrialized or secularized Arabs, than some kind of assimilating Northern Europeans.

    Weddings of Berber Jews in Israel is such a culture –

    • Replies: @Dmitry
    , @Bugey libre
  332. Dmitry says:

    It’s funny to write an article as if it is surprising or needs an explanation that an Berber politician is supporting rightoid ideas,

    Without demeaning the possibility of individuals to surpass their cultural limits, and attain their own point of view – which would be the ideal situation for an immigrant politician. But in superficial reading of this story, it seems like little is too surprising to the immigrant politician’s national origin (a religious minority from Algeria).

    Aside from the conservative rightoid views that predominate in their home countries – more positively people from national minorities (unlike national majorities) of the Middle East might also have a cultural inclination to be sensitive to minority rights (which is at least matching to European liberalism and Enlightenment), as well having a fear of Islamist domination displacing the freedom they currently have (in such an apocalyptic Islamist scenario, they would return as in nightmare their ancestors’ status as dhimmis).

  333. @Franck D.

    Actualy my dear, you have been mentaly colonised by the US, you cannot even define your political outlook without an american denomination, “alt-right”.

    In fact you definitely have mental problems. You should take advantage of micron offering free consultations and please get your third injection.

    For non French speaking readers, franck d insults, menace in very filthy way Dame Iris, this is cyber bullying.

    Let’s try exorcism: “Conversano sort de ce corps!”

  334. @Dmitry

    The Sephardic Jews of Maghreb are indeed very different from Ashkenazis. Before the creation of Israel, where Ashkenazi treat them in (to say the least) very condescending ways because they saw them as backward, they get on very well with Muslims.

    Singers like Reinette l’Oranaise were, for instance, very dear to the heart of all Algerians:

    • Replies: @Dmitry
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  335. Wow — what nonsense.

    The conversation has truly been sent off the rails. I never said ethnicity did not matter. In fact, if you read what i wrote and not what someone else claimed I wrote. It is quite obvious that my generosity in not ending the matter outright by simply noting
    — the commenter who did so is

    1. incorrect by ignorance

    2. incorrect by deception — and muddied the waters deliberately


    3. incorrect by ignorance but intentionally made false attributions anyway for his or her own rationale.



    Of course ethnicity matters. I have never suggested or commented otherwise. I said skin color does determine ethnicity. A black person born and raised in France as a french citizen and acts, thinks accordingly is French.

    Period. Skin color itself is not a factor in ethnicity unless — there is importance made to it. But that genetic coding does not by definition determine one’s ethnic background. Someone who is biological descendant of someone born in Italy, but has never lived there, doesn’t adhere to Italian customs, beliefs, practices, is not Italian and Italians would say so.

    But the evidence that skin color is not a factor is examining the country’s policies. It’s what that person believes, thinks, practices that determines their ethnic origin — if you examine the history of immigration policy- especially among Europeans that readily understand this — Both France and Great Britain adopted policies entitling people of other colors to be as citizens. If actually permitted and exposed those younger generations adopted the customs and beliefs of both countries —-

    only when policies and actions assigning meaning to skin color were employed — did skin color matter.

    But blood — as a singular factor is absolutely inconsequential. A child born of “royal blood” on;y conducts themselves as “royalty” might expect if he or she is exposed to said customs and expectations.

    Laugh — all this chatter about national identity and history regarding ethnicity and not a one of the advocates for blood or color mattering — even acknowledge why France, Great Britain, the United States, and other had revolutions dismantling the value of blood lines and aristocratic assignment —

    good grief —-

    I have brain damage and even I understand the basic foundation of what constitutes ethnicity. I would be willing to bet – if I was a betting man — that not one single white person born and raised in the US who visited France or even English speaking England (god save the queen) would be spotted as non french or non british — even you could trace your biology to deep rooted french or english citizens.

    Uhh Scottish by blood does not make one Scottish, even if the Scotts granted your biology as a path to citizenship —


    You might have leg room if you had at least contended something along the lines of genetic memory — but so wedded are most to some incorrect view of identity and how it is formed you couldn’t even step outside your boxed trap to make that reference.


    Anyone who contends that I said ethnicity does matter — has been leading you to a trough with neither hay or water contained therein.

  336. Dmitry says:
    @Bugey libre


    It depends if you talking about religious liturgy or nationality.

    By nationality, he (Zemmour) is a Berber Jew, not a Sephardic Jews. His ancestors were Berbers in Algeria, not emigrants from Spain. So they are a traditional tribal people that perhaps comes from a simple village in the Atlas mountains.

    In terms of religious liturgy, then these Berber Jews were influenced to follow the Sephardic liturgy – so they are part of the “Sephardic liturgy” communities.

    Jewish emigrants from Spain had a transformative influence in religious liturgy of the Jewish nationalities in Middle Eastern countries. But that doesn’t mean those Middle Eastern Jews are descended from the Spanish Jewish emigrants.

    condescending ways because they saw them as backward, they get on very well with Muslims

    In Israel, North African Jews are on average usually more rightwing voting, than secular Ashkenazi demographics (who predominating the liberal politics). Liberal leftist politics in Israel, are very secular Ashkenazi political parties like Meretz.

    Mizrachi Jews in Israel have become like a relatively secularized, industrialized, mostly still proletariat. Often they are dominant in periphery areas, where they were move to populate the new (at times dangerous) borders of the state.

    They still follow some traditional religious belief and culture, which is very similar to the Muslim ones of their originating nationalities – but in terms of their lifestyle it has an appearance of a secular one. The women often look more immodest dressing than the secular Ashkenazim.

    They are interesting as an example of an Arab population, who have been relatively secularized and industrialized, thrown into mass housing, and where the tribal authority and traditional family rules were erased.

    Some of the music videos showed how their traditional culture is being displaced by the modernity of Israeli proletarian life.

    Zemmour is from such a Berber origin, so it’s not like his belief in traditionalist conservative views, anti-LGBT, etc, is discordant relative to the stereotypes of his cultural background, or his grandparents’ views.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  337. @Dmitry

    Thank you for that very interesting comment.

    I appreciate the distiction you made between the Berber Jews and the Sephardic from Spain and which I never had made before.

    Great input for those who want to learn and thank you for the music clips that speaks volume to make the point you wanted.


    • Replies: @Dmitry
  338. Anonymous[827] • Disclaimer says:
    @Franck D.

    Sorry, but from where I am standing the likelihood is of ‘them’ (afro/Asians) driving you (ethnic French de souche), out of France, (literally, ‘the home of the Franks).

    • Replies: @Franck D.
  339. @Franck D.

    (Answering your French rant) It is people like you who discredit the cause of patriots and civic nationalists who wish to preserve the old European nation states, want an immediate stop to immigration and fight for assimilation and identification with the new country and its history as a prerequisite for citizenship — all stuff that used to be perfectly normal as late as 1990.
    The murderous thugs you call “we” who would like to fight a war to throw out the Arabs are a minority among young people and will be outnumbered by Banlieu thugs willing to fight you. You think behind Zemmour are “the Jews”, moderates and leftists think Marine le Pen is a front woman for genocidal “freedom fighters” like you. So it’ll be Macron once more, who has now also taken to talk the talk, but we can be pretty sure that he won’t walk the walk, immigration-wise, beyond what France is already doing, which is being a lot less “welcoming” to asylum seekers than Germany.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Franck D.
  340. geokat62 says:
    @Occasional lurker

    It is people like you who discredit the cause of patriots and civic nationalists who wish to preserve the old European nation states…

    Civic nationalism is the reason the old European nation states are in the sad state they’re in.

    The only counter movement that will preserve the integrity of the old European nation states (and all Western states, for that matter) is ethno-nationalism, period.

  341. @geokat62

    I included moderate ethnonationalists under “patriots”. Civic nationalism Zemmour style is denounced as racist by the current elite. The ethno thugs (like Franck D in his French rant) who say things like “people like you will hang when we are in power” to random people on the internet are among the ones who prevent any politician with preservation of the European nation states on his/her agenda from coming to power in France or Germany because normal people fear Nazi thungs who like toi hang traitors at least as much as they fear Tchetchen and Maghrebi thugs (who at least tend to fight it out among themselves for now)

    Zemmour’s ponting to Israel as a role model for European nations is a strategically/rhetorically wise movement, that’s why he’s using it.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @geokat62
  342. @geokat62

    Whether you are a white of French descent or otherwise, since yesterday night, (very few deputies like always) you are bound to present a “sanitary pass” until July 31th. That means if my daughters, my mother go to the hospital, I won’t be able to visit them. That also means that if a non injected needs a medical examination, he or she won’t be able to get it. That is criminal!

    The sinister of health (apparently a caucasian) has lied twice recently on very dramtic subjects. First he has declared that the genetic injection were not in the test phase, that is obviously wrong. Second, he has declared that nobody had died from having been injected. That is an obvious lie since the ANSM (official body) says that 900 hundred people have already died. Of course that is an under evaluation, all decent scientist will agree on that fact.

    It seems that all the people who reside in our country is being poisoned. The injections having to do with some kind of genetic manipulation (making our body produce spike proteins), it seems that we are geneticaly engineered.

    You are a nice guy but you see, if we have to fight here, it is against the psychopaths ruling us and bringing us to the technocratic dystopia of Schwab, Gates, Attali… and the Epstein crew.

    I listened again to Zemmour, what he says about mass immigration is rather balanced. It has to stop.

    Occasional Lurker talks wisely.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  343. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve said before, France – and indeed *ALL* of the western European nations, which, most assuredly, are heading for European minority status by century’s end – can be written off at this stage, *BUT* saying that they serve a very very useful purpose:

    They serve as the most blatant obvious warning beacons possible to the very very few extant white nations of the world to the suicidal insanity of permitting *ANY* non European immigration whatsoever, and the sheer stupidity of *NOT* applying blatant, Frank, unashamed actual racial discrimination, based on applicants’ facial skin colour, no more, no less, at immigration checkpoints. Anything less will, most certainly, lead to your nation Beng taken over and your extinction/enslavement by profoundly alien people.

  344. Chers amis, une petite musique chorale de Thomas Tallis pour soulager l’âme.

  345. @Arthur MacBride

    Anton Bruckner; “Os Justi” also from Tenebrae in Kilburn, London.

    Trans —
    “The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom,
    And his tongue talketh of judgment.
    The law of his God is in his heart;
    None of his steps shall slide. Alleluia.” Psalm 37 v 30-31. KJV.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  346. geokat62 says:
    @Occasional lurker

    … because normal people fear Nazi thugs who like to hang traitors…

    Normies who have been gaslighted for decades will slowly come out of the politically correct spell cast on them when they get sufficiently “mugged by reality.”

    Supermajority homelands where the indigenous European or European-derived peoples represent 90%+ of the population is the only objective for which we strive.

    Contra the Big Lie propagated by the ADL, Homogeneity Is A Strength… diversity is a colossal weakness.

    Anything else will result in the dissolution of our homelands, for which our children and grandchildren will rightly heap curses upon us.

  347. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    Occasional Lurker talks wisely.

    I, respectfully, disagree.

    If our objective is to secure our homelands for our children and grandchildren, his counsel will, unfortunately, lead us astray.

    We must never shy from stating what our noble objective is… an ethno homeland in which a supermajority of our people are the core ethno-group… no matter how much normies may cringe at this in the short run.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  348. Dmitry says:
    @Bugey libre


    Re-reading, there’s a mistake in my comment as I seem to be writing like I am referring to all Mizrachim in Israel, whereas I’m referring only to the majority “traditional” sector of the population.

    So my comment is too generalized. I can’t edit the comment.

    I would add that a ​lot of the Mizrachi origin people, have also been recruited since the 1950s into the Haredi sector, and the Religious Nationalist sector.

    There’s also a situation where some of the “traditional”, quite secularized Mizrachi sector are voting for Haredi party “Shas” for “ethnic pride” reasons.

  349. @geokat62


    During the first lockdown, old ghosts of French people resurfaced. Neighboors called the police or gendarmerie to denounce those who went outside, partying with friends. After the second world war, it is said (more on books on Unz’s than in our textbooks) that intra fighting costed the life of 80000 of my fellow citizens.

    But are we still ‘citizens’ now in the Orwellian Covidian nightmare? Factually, no. And the transhumanist psychos are preying on our children and it is no fun and I know where the enemy is.

    The enemy is very unfortunately our neighboors. Most of them are caucasian type (but not only), since the value of a soul, according to our old white cultures, is not defined by the colour of the skin but by the courage, the understanding of honnor demonstrated while incarnated.

    Once upon a time, there were (almost) only whites in Europe. Then the Whites went on to conquer the world (cinnamon, coffee, cardamon etc..bon petit déjeuner, oil, rubber, gas…) and now our “rulers” are opening the gates for migrants which very countries they have destroyed with our money(daily people, BL geokat, etc…), cashing in on weapon/logistic contract (Maersk someone?)

    I had been in Lybia before the evil NATO destroyed it. It was a very rich country and the sub African migrants stoped there to work.

    One last thing: Most of the migrant’s imagination has been “raped” like my friend Aminata Draman Traoré has written, by the stupidest TV programs designed by westerners and I wish you could understand what that mean. Even if you spend hours telling a victim of that shit he is better off in Africa (from what I know) and should work there, like a covid believer who keeps wearing a mask out in the street, he will still try to reach what he saw on his tv set… Illusions.

    Ideology is a prison… have a good day

    • Replies: @geokat62
  350. @Arthur MacBride

    According to the real Catholic Apostolic (now separated from degenerated Vatican) France is under the patronage of Marie, Mariam…

  351. sarz says:

    Author Eric Zemmour, the French Jewish Trump, Storms to Top of Presidential Polls

    With his ability to control his own narrative, the one-man show is a symptom of the Americanization of French politics.

    (The Tablet)

    Jewish website Tablet is amazed at Zemmour’s ability to control his own narrative. Kind of reminds me of the Holocaust, which has the same astonishing ability.

  352. Franck D. says:

    Maybe, maybe not. Who knows ? But I won’t go down without a fight.

    Let’s take off the masks. I’m so tired of this jewish theater where we’re suppose to believe those north/black Africans are our kin, and to pretend they are not here to take our lands and subjugate us.

  353. Franck D. says:
    @Occasional lurker

    If « assimilation and identification with the new country » is not possible anymore (if it was ever possible, which I doubt), it is because of the insane numbers of people with immigrant backgrounds we have now (still growing), and because of the big racial/cultural/religious gap between them and us. Not because of Nazis saying things online.

    By the way, moderate nationalists are pushed to more extreme positions by the people I denounced in my rant, i.e immigrants with french citizenship who refuse even the slightest attempt to put in practice basic civic nationalism (like Le Pen’s or Zemmour’s). They are the ones that burrry the racial/ethnic question, the islam question and the mass migration question since decades, because they feel it will be an attack to their kin. They have an atavic fear of any move from the indigenous French for having standards for immigrants, because it could be a slippery rope leading to actual ethno-nationalism. This attitude is leading people like me to full racism.

    For the rest of your boomerish talk, I will answer you this, and this will be my last comment :

    I didn’t went through growing up in an ethnically replaced neighbourhood, suffered the absurdly high violence of immigrants and all the inherent humiliations, the nonstop attacks of the jewish press for the crime of being white in the country my ancestors built, to end up having talk about tolerance, about assimilating Africans, or about how France will forever survive as a civilization when we will have tamed and trained millions of savages to recite Victor Hugo, a baguette in one hand and a glass of red whine in the other.

    Enough of this BS.

    « Ethno thugs » are already everywhere. By millions. They are harassing us, forcing their violence on us. They make the life of the average urban/suburban Frenchman hell.
    Becoming « ethno thugs » oursleves is a matter of survival. We have to become again tribal minded and violent to survive the coming storm.
    Alas, it’s the way it is and it’s not me who set the rules, but the oligarchy who decided to make Europe and France in particular one big racial powder keg, Yougoslavia style. I have already mourn over the death of the French state, and you should do the same.
    This is the future they have in store for us, a future of racial warfare, of ethnic enclaves. And you know what ? We are ready for it. We are waiting for it. We welcome it.

  354. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    Ideology is a prison…

    Multiracial societies are ticking time bombs preprogrammed to explode on our children and grandchildren.

    If you don’t believe me, wait till CRT (better known as Anti-White Hate) arrives in Europe.

    When it does, our children and grandchildren will be begging to be living in the ideological prison of an ethno-state.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  355. @geokat62

    Monsieur Bugey is the very figure of the French destroying France, Geo.
    What he has said of his past life, his present entrenched convictions/beliefs, his love of the Algerian Jew Zemmour (almost rhymes with Amour).
    His wish to appear cosmopolitan, sophisticated and “civilised” while destroying his people, but all the time crying out Vive la belle France …

    It’s a “Study in Scarlet” as my distant relative A. C. Doyle wrote in Edinburgh.
    It’s a Road to Disaster, a Warning Light for people to avoid.
    Though he himself is agreeable enough, with toujours la politesse.

    I appreciate your efforts to induce him to consider that he might be wrong, Geo.
    But personally I believe those efforts will be wasted.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  356. @Bugey libre

    Pas de tout mon vieux; heureux que vous ayez apprécié la musique, mais je n’ai rien de plus à vous dire qui serait utile ou courtois. Encore une fois pour vous souhaiter le meilleur, aussi le souhait que vous puissiez voir à quel point vous vous trompez.
    Enfin, en l’honneur de la France, Les Arts Florissants chantent l’hymne funèbre de GF Händel pour la bien-aimée reine Caroline.

    “The Ways of Zion Do Mourn”.
    (Westminster Abbey 17 12 1737)

    “Œuvre magistrale d’un génie.”

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  357. @Arthur MacBride

    Can you tell me when I have claimed that I liked Zemmour? How come could I destroy the people while I am the people? Living in a small village in harmony with most of the inhabitants, eat mostly food produced localy, drinking wine mostly organic, from the terroir (delicious). I have a knowledge of French culture that most people don’t have anymore and certainly not you. I don’t know what you mean by cosmopolitan but as I have said already, France was an empire and you can’t do without that very fact that has shaped us.

    I sent you one of the greatest voice in the world of Christian litturgic music… Don’t you know France has been important in Lebanon?

  358. @Arthur MacBride


    Always polite, courtois even in martial arts. I guess this is civilisation…

  359. Weaver says:
    @Bugey libre

    “Transhumanism would have never been generated out of a true Muslim mind…”

    Are you sure? Also, will what triumphs be “true Islam”? Christianity wouldn’t tolerate a great deal that’s going on in Christian churches today. The current powers in Europe, whatever one calls them, believe they can create a “moderate” Islam that can be controlled. Such a “moderate” Islam might include many of the evils of Wahhabi abstraction and zealotry; so, it needn’t be “moderate” in the way one would assume. (A great book to understand America thinking on elites who control the US and Europe is the Managerial State by James Burnham.)

    I’m fully against France meddling in Africa and against the lock downs.

    Jews, liberalism, and Muslims are all three dangerous. I guess everything is dangerous… I’m not overly familiar with France. I’m American of slight French ancestry. I just assume the demographics will turn France Muslim, leading to a civil war.

    Wahhabi are likely far worse than Sufi, but I don’t know much about Sufi. I don’t believe they side with Assad in Syria, for example.

    In a civil war between woke liberalism and Islam, I couldn’t say which is the worse evil.

    Looking at Europe’s far right, and I’d be in a related category to that, I don’t think the Right knows whom to side with either. Currently, they’re siding against Muslims, but the foreign policy creates more Muslim immigration, along with obligation, guilt to take in ever more immigrants.

    You see all this. I’m likely not saying anything you don’t already know. Read the book I mentioned if you have time. Alternatively, I could just explain the simple concept in a paragraph; I guess not really a need to read the book.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  360. Hi,

    I am sure that transhumanism would never have come from any “Muslim” mind, whatever the sect of that great civilisation. Transhumanism comes from materialism, the negation of consciousness and the vision of man as a “biological robot in a meaningless universe” like the excellent Alex Tsakiris would say.

    Anyway, what is Islam? A religion? There are many sects so it is hard as an ousider to consider it as a unique religion unless you take party for one of them, let’s say Sunni Islam or Shi’a or Ibadit. For more info on that subject I strongly recommend the Youtube channel which will give you a very good insight.
    There are so many sects and many cultural, civilisational background and diversity that it is hard to apprehend with one word. Nobody should talk without at least some basic study .

    Is Islam a civilisation? Yes of course but we must also take under consideration that as we see it today, it has been meddled in by the great Britannic whore and to a much lesser degree by imperial France. At the end of the XIXth century, the royal Babylone chosed to favor the most intolerant school of thought (sic) within the Muslim world. I stop here because it would deserve dozains of pages just to sum up but we can keep on conversing.

    Is Islam a genuine spiritual path to the authentic self?
    Meaningful poetry from Ibn Arabi

    For a “Muslim” the horizon is either yourself going back to your creator, either eschatological and thus differing according to the different sects.

    “Moderate Islam” is a very recent western concept which is hard to define. The brit empire has tried to control the Islamic civilisation from China, India, East Africa, Middle east, Central Asia… Meddling everywhere with people’s life for the sake of British Israelism and Anglo saxon racial superiority…

    Many right wing thinkers in XXth century Europe were either fascinated by “Islam”, either converted to one sect or another like the very influencial René Guénon. National Socialism has also been greatly influenced at one point or another by the Islamic civilisation.

    Thank you very much for your comment that is so broad that it is hard to answer.

    Thugs with Islamic background in the French suburbs are the fruits of the UK /US/Israeli propaganda. Most of them are lost between the MI5/CIA/Whahabi propaganda and Netflix/porn… Still their behaviour is dramaticaly anti social and utterly pathological.

  361. @Weaver

    I think that what is said in this video (how great brits can be LOL)is most relevant to what is going on, renegade mind…

    We are gaslightned on every front, maybe Ibn Arabi is relevant.

    Take care

  362. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Eric Striker:

    Jew NY Times reporter Elisabeth Zerofsky has published an objective piece on Yoram Hazony’s “post-liberals” — a movement that is intending to be a non-racial, pro-Jewish, and pro-Israel replacement to the alt-right. They article is intended to mainstream them, despite being ostensibly far-right.

    Zerofsky did the same with the Jew Eric Zemmour in 2019, publishing a multi-page profile/advertisement of him to help catapult his political career.

    Zionist neocon Zemmour is totally astroturfed. He is a disruptive force in French politics. He may well destroy the Le Pen dynasty and take over the French gentile right.

    If the New York Times is saying good things or even being neutral towards your right-wing group, they know something the rest of us don’t.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  363. @Irish Savant

    There was a person who thought he was so wise and who made an offering to Satan because it was a big joke – do you remember?

    The quality of mercy is twice blessed.

  364. @Avery


    Thanks for your reply but you completely misunderstand the point I was making.

  365. Petermx says:

    “Is Zemmour not allowed to rise because, wittingly or not, he serves the interests of the global oligarchy which wishes to see France weakened, paralyzed, and bled by fatal internal conflict, namely the ethno-religious civil war which Zemmour is effectively promoting?”

    No, I don’t think so. I think its because since the end of WW II (or earlier in some places?) Jews have been placed above others and can say things others can’t get away with.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
  366. geokat62 says:

    Excerpt from Telegram comment posted by Forteresse Europe:


    🇨🇵⚜️🔥 From Puy-en-Velay, Yvan BENEDETTI announces his participation in the presidential election

    Press release from Yvan BENEDETTI :

    All these last elections, the Trotskysts manage to present two candidates while we are absent and we are condemned to be spectators at this important moment in French politics. For this next presidential election, the system would like to lock us into the false choice between a candidate of denial and one of imposture.

    Le Pen is not the solution: she is the problem, because, as a child of ’68 generation, she has denied the fundamentals of the National Front’s struggle by tying her hands with de-demonisation and committed the worst crime of parricide. With Le Pen, nothing changes, so that nothing changes!

    Zemmour is not the solution either: he is the symptom of the evil that is eating away at us and at best a placebo drug. He calls for the 5th Republic and the return of the RPR (Gaullist political party from the 70th to the 2000th). This is to cherish the causes of the evil… With Zemmour, everything must change so that nothing changes.

    I call on all the undeniable French people who refuse this fool’s game and who want to get out of this artificial and sterile face-off to join me and support me. Between the hallal left and the kosher right who present themselves as the only alternatives to the oligarchy, we advocate a 100% French made nationalism. It is necessary to create an alternative political pole and to make the national revolution triumph in the service of French interests alone. Everything must change for everything to change!

    For more than 35 years, I have been in the vanguard of the fight to restore France. I have been at the heart of all the revolts against the Deep State, whether in the Manif Pour Tous (against homosexual Wedding) movement, then the yellow vests (Gilets Jaunes) and still today against the Health Pass tyranny made possible by the manipulation of minds around a very artificial epidemic.

    Nothing and nobody can make me deviate from my path and my fight.

    This candidacy is Act 1 of the national reconquest.

    Let’s make this candidacy, which is necessary, possible.

    Let’s go for victory, masters in our own country!


    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  367. Kikl says:

    As a German, I cannot Support Zemmour. Asked about the Versailles treaty, He responded the mistake was that it Did not treat Germany harsh enough. If He had the means, Zemmour would humiliate and destroy my country. Therefore, I Support Macron, even if it means that France will cease to exist and Turn into an islamic State.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  368. Iris says:

    Zemmour and Macron are as fake and phony as each other, with a few notable differences.

    They are both propped up by Rothschild Inc., the shadow single-party system that now owns France. Zemmour has full membership of the tribe, while Macron is only a hired political whore.

    But Zemmour is too marked by his minority ethno-religious background, and by his excessive right political posturing to be the best presidential candidate for France, which electorate, unlike the USA, is positioned at the centre, not to the right.

    Zemmour’s outrageous positions, seemingly leaning towards the far right-end of the political spectrum, are just posturing. He is doing a job assigned by the tribal overlords who provided him , everyday, for years, with an entire hour of prime time TV to brainwash the French electorate and sell himself as presidential candidate. (I mean by this overlord the “gentile” Bollore-Goldschmitt mentioned in this article).

    Zemmour’s candidacy has three goals:
    – First, legitimise Macron. As I explained in another comment, the French political system under Zionist yoke has been killed off by censorship and manipulation. People are totally disenfranchised and have lost interest in the 2022 presidential election. If nothing is done, it will end up as a duel Macron-LePen, as a pathetic repeat of 2017, showing fully that the system is dead and Macron illegitimate.
    Some variations are required, enters Zemmour who will capture LePen’s constituency, lose to Macron in the second round, but bring the pretence that a free election happened. Zemmour will also make some alliances with Macron, bringing to his fold part of the Right, as part of a heteroclite coalition-building that is Macron’s trademark strategy.

    -Second, kill the National Front and the Le Pen family once and for all. No independent, right-wing, sovereigntist, populist party can be tolerated to prosper, that could threaten Zionist interests. This party must be absorbed by a fake leadership, controlled and ultimately destroyed.
    Similarly, the Le Pen family will be made to pay for the sins of the Father, Jean-Marie, for his irreverence towards the Holocaust lobby. The Zionist lobby will first erase Marine Le Pen, then her niece Marion Marechal-Le Pen, from the political scene.

    – Final, Zemmour is an insurance. The Macron political creature must be shadowed by a back-up candidate, offering the illusion of an alternative, in case the election or subsequent political events really get out of control.

    To make it simple, Macron and Zemmour are two sides of the same coin, the Rotschild always-winning coin.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  369. @Iris

    It all depends on whether the Chosen are over ruling through Sabbat Goyim like Macron and want to take power direct. Perhaps the CRIF thinks that the time is ripe, and France could also join in nuking Iran, in that New Purim the Zionazis so plainly desire.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
    , @Iris
  370. @Kikl

    That old Judaic hatred never dies. Germans are Amalek, so your turn will come.

  371. @geokat62

    Saying ‘Jew NYT reporter..’ is redundant. As far as I can see all NYT journalists are thus blessed, Joining with European Islamophobes in an alliance of convenience against the Moslem world is an old Zionazi enterprise.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
  372. @Iris

    One of the most courageous and f… funny and poetic French answers the second Rottenchild man:

    Another great civic patriot’s point of view about Z:

    To those who think French are of Franks descent, would anyone think Swedish are are descendants from Sver? In fact reality is far more complicated and anyone digging even 15 mn will notice that French are coming from far more tribes…

    • Replies: @Iris
  373. Iris says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Hi Mulga. I don’t think the Chosen’s plan is to get Zemmour elected now.
    First, he is one of them, they need him active over the long term, and don’t want him potentially discarded as easily as Macron could be, given the current out-of-control socio-economic situation. It is however possible that they want Zemmour to strengthen his controlled-opposition position to replace Macron in 2027.

    Second, they need Zemmour to take control over the Front National and the larger, more polarised Right share of the electorate it represents. The Le Pen family must be eliminated (which won’t be difficult given Marine Le Pen’s incompetence), and replaced by a “chosen” leadership.

    NATO asset and “far-right” political whore Robert Menard, former head of Journalists Sans Frontieres and Mayor of Beziers, is already alluding to this “leadership replacement” by stating that the most successful between Zemmour and Le Pen should come out as sole presidential candidate for the Front National.

    Third, the issue of the Front National, its electorate, its future, its evolution, is in my opinion even more important than the short-term 2022 election. The Front National is not just a bunch of racist thugs, mostly concentrated in the South-East and by no coincidence under control of the Jewish Likudnik community of Pied-Noir heritage,

    The Front National also inherited swathes of genuine working class electorate, in the North in particular, and in the East to a certain extent. It also represents hard-working small entrepreneurs who are strangled by the bankers’ yoke. All these people express, by their vote, a legitimate revolt against a socio-economic stalemate that will only get worse. Europe is in the same situation it was on the eve of the 1929 crisis.

    To know what ailments are most important to the French society, one need only to objectively consider what the French actually spontaneously demonstrated against over the past years, by order of importance
    1 – “The Gilets Jaunes“: against the terrible degradation of socio-economic conditions.
    2- The “Anti-Pass-Sanitaire“: against the confiscation of their freedoms under the excuse of Covid19.
    3- “La Manif Pour Tous“: against social engineering masquerading as anti-homophobia.

    The “Je Suis Charlie” demos against islamist terrorism come fourth. Unlike the others, they were organised by the PTB’s, and people at some point walked behind Netanyahu, which is like walking behind Silverstein to demonstrate against 9/11. These demos were divisive, exogenous, and non-spontaneous. Not in the same category.

    In summary, whatever one thinks of immigration, the number one political question in France is the ever-degrading socio-economic status of the people, working and middle classes included.

    That is conveniently and swiftly folded away by the Banksters under secondary matters, “Race” for the Right and “Wokeism” for the Left, mostly destined at diverting attention from the real problems and pitting people against one another.

    In this fragmented and perilous situation, Zemmour’s role in controlling the anger to the “Right”, coupled with Melanchon’s continued fooling of the “Left”, are two very important pillars for a successful, Bankers-driven Macron’s presidency to the “Centre”.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  374. Iris says:
    @Bugey libre

    Thanks you, Bugey Libre.

    Dieudonne, of French Breton mother and Cameroon-born father, is without dispute the greatest French stand-up comedian alive. His talent and his courage are unmatched, but he paid a high price for his principles.

    He was made to pay for his long-time open friendship with Jean-Marie Le Pen, and for his public rejection of the official Holocaust narrative.

    As it happens, and apart from Alain Soral, I cannot think of one, just one “ethnic French” within their generation who dared holding these two perilous and brave views. Must be the “African low IQ” (sarcasm).

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  375. @Iris

    De Rien chère concitoyenne, la chokran, ana wajib,

    Cf comment 331 and the telling iconography…


  376. A great conference from our fellow French citizen Youssef Hindi, nothing more to add. As to those who wet in their pants with skinheads, let I remind you that this movement used ska, a music from Jamaica.

  377. More on the danger from the nefarious Éric Zémmour from the Stew Peter Show with Philippe Argillier. According to him Zémmour is a clear and present danger for the French but also for the US citizen. Worth listening to…

  378. @geokat62


    Did you read Lucien Cerise’s interview? What is your point of view?

    • Replies: @geokat62
  379. geokat62 says:
    @Bugey libre

    Did you read Lucien Cerise’s interview? What is your point of view?


    My point of view is this…

    A lot of talk of white supremacism, which for all practical purposes is virtually nonexistent, but little talk of Jewish supremacism, which is as real as the nose on your face.

    Overall, it is encouraging to see that there are indigenous Europeans who recognise the mortal threats facing their people and are developing various schemes to address them.

    Bottom line: Just as Japan should be a homeland for the indigenous Japanese people, France should be a homeland for the indigenous French people.

    Some of my favourite quotes:

    1. Indeed, whites do not have the right to have a racial conscience. When we apply the Karpman triangle to the race question, we see that the whites occupy the place of the executioner of the other races, which, in turn, occupy the place of the victim and the savior simultaneously. Whites must therefore atone for their sins either by completely disappearing, as demanded by the cancel culture, the culture of the cancellation of whites, or by agreeing to creolize, therefore to crossbreed, as Jean-Luc Mélenchon wants it, or at the same time. minimum by being discreet, as Audrey Pulvar asks, and above all by unconditionally admiring the civilizational productions of other peoples. For decades, whites have been the target of a veritable guilty brainwashing aimed at psychologically disarming them and weakening their instinct for self-preservation. Millions of native Europeans are thus invaded by the peoples of other continents and morally paralyzed at the simple idea of defending themselves against this “genocide by substitution”, to use the expression of Aimé Césaire. The guideline of this mass mental hacking consists of the promotion of a universalist thought, drifting into an egalitarianism which is in fact the mask of an unequal system, as Alain Soral shows in his latest book. This subterfuge must, as a first step, prohibit any self-defense reaction of whites in the face of foreign colonization of their countries. The second step is to make white people internalize that they are even inferior to other races on the planet, so as to fabricate their consent to their own physical and cultural disappearance.

    2. The question is: how to preserve the biodiversity of all human communities? How to preserve the minimum distance allowing to fight against the standardization, homogenization, universal standardization of identities? How to live separately on the same planet? The principle of geopolitical limits, that is, borders, is the answer. The border in geopolitics has a name: nationalism. Universalism is poisonous because it leads to cloning. My neighbor is different from me, and that’s fine… In this perspective, blogger Antonin Campana proposes to place himself under the protection of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. It is an excellent idea!

    Least favourite quote:

    Hitler’s Third Reich embodied these contradictions to the point of caricature and was the quintessential archeo-futurist political regime, with its program of scientific improvement of the race mixed with occultism, typical of the Völkisch spirit of its time, and sharing with transhumanism the same ambition to overcome nature and humans…

    As I report in the book, we find this esoteric, almost Luciferian backdrop to varying degrees among American Southerners and Ukrainian nationalists, as well as in the apartheid regime in South Africa…

    No issue mentioning the former apartheid-state of South Africa, but radio silence about the currently functioning apartheid state of Israel.

    I especially enjoyed reading his warning to all indigenous peoples:

    Until 2020, the urgency in Europe was to fight against the Great replacement of Europeans by non-Europeans. Since the launch of the global health dictatorship, the issue has changed, the problem has grown even bigger, and we must fight against the replacement of human by machine and post-human. The migration issue is only part of the fight against the transhumanist Great Reset today… It is not enough to “win the battle of ideas”, it is necessary to be able to write the law and to give orders, that is to say to exert an institutional constraint on others, if one does not does not want this constraint to be exerted on us and to end in the genocide of the native Europeans, which is only the prelude to the extermination of all the native peoples of the Earth under the pretext of “health crisis”.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  380. @Iris

    Thanks Iris. Excellent, so much interesting information, particularly about the odious Menard. Feck-they’re all odious.

    • Thanks: Iris
  381. @Bugey libre

    But now they’ll be able to claim Iran as part of Eretz Yisrael.

  382. @Bugey libre

    ‘Condescending’?? How generous. In the ‘ringworm affair’ Sephardic Jewish children, from Yemen mostly I think, were treated by the AshkeNAZIS in the same manner that Mengele treated his victims.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  383. @Jean-Baptiste Moquelin

    Let’s review:

    >Zemmour claims that transsexualism and other sexual perversions were promoted in Germany in the 1920s-40s by indigenous Germans like Mengele

    >I point out the obvious — that this is not only a blatant lie, but an exact inversion of the truth; that members of Zemmour’s own tribe such as Magnus Hirschfeld and his notorious Institute for “Scientific” Perversion took the lead in both promoting this toxic ideology, and engaging in sadistic experimental “sex change” surgeries, and that indigenous Germans led by the NSDAP successfully stopped both Hirschfeld’s promotion of this ideology, and his twisted “experiments.”

    >Igorant, hate-filled emitic supremacist screeches and gibbers “No! Not true! Mengele and other autochthonous Germans ran the Institute for “Scientific” Perversion AND performed the evil human “sex change” experiments AND led the larger movement to promote transsexualism, sodomy, and other perversions in Germany! And I can prove it!”

    >Semitic supremacist (of course) provides exactly zero proof to back up his blatantly false claims.

    Yawn. Clearly nonsensical — but a useful illustration of the semitic conception of “truth.” In what passes for (((Jean-Baptiste’s))) “mind,” a claim is “true” if it is useful in promoting/ supporting the desired narrative. Its relationship to objective reality is entirely irrelevant.

  384. falah says: • Website

    Correct. Zemmour is a politician and therefore compromised opposition, however, unlike Le Pen, he is a jew.

    The program is obvious: fracture the right vote or deliver it to a jew.

    The fact that Durocher ignores this enormous fact and choses to kvetch about the antisemitism of “afro-muslim” youth is most telling.

    Durocher, like Zemmour or Trump, is obviously a national zionist of the very sort Soral has made a career honestly exposing.

    Their only concern seems to be promoting the so-called shared values of jews and westerners in the face of a “muslim horde” that would cease to exist the moment the NATO-Gulf axis stopped genociding Arab countries on behalf of the jewish colony.

    It’s 2021. Durocher is either an imbecil or a money grubbing whore to still be espousing this dubious narrative

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  385. So, Jews simply cannot get it right, ever! He’s a Jew, therefore he has an hidden agenda.

    Nazis, Amalek, are alive and well, battling the Jews and God.

    Complex and baseless theories to expell vicious hatred against Jews. Pure envy.

    Are Jews the Chosen ones? Well, if they are, go ask God why. Or convert and become Chosen ones either. As I did.

    Are Jews not the Chosen ones? Good! In that case don’t bother with them.

    You are only jealous because inside you know you are damned to go to Hell.

    You would repeat the Holocaust if you could.

    Imagine yourselves in our shoes. You’ll reap what you sow. SOON!

    Yimach Shemo Vezikro!

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  386. @falah

    In fact, the Talmudist Jews, the dominant faction in Israel, both ‘religiously’ and in secular terms via their bastard offspring, Zionazism, REVILE Christians, and much prefer Moslems, because they are not ‘idolators’. The Talmudists believe that Jesus resides in Hell, up to his neck in boiling faeces, and that his mother, Mary, was a whore. After their takeover of Eretz Yisrael they plan to destroy every Christian church as a priority.

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