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Science and Remigration
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Too often what passes for dissident politics is nostalgia and sentimentalism. Many movements are backward-looking and therefore self-refuting; we can’t return to the 1950s (or whatever is your preferred era) and, even if we could, we would end up back where we are today.

Therefore, it is refreshing when political movements offer forward-looking visions. One such vision is offered by the Foundation for the Continuity of European Nations (Fondation pour la continuité des peuples européens), a coalition of French engineers, scientists, and lawyers. This group has an attractive website whose URL means “Science and Remigration.” It has also developed projects such as STEM tutoring for young Europeans and an online archive of the European artistic heritage.

Last September, the foundation published a political program to foster European scientific progress and ensure our nations’ perpetuity. It is a positive vision for a restored France within a broader European civilization characterized by technological prowess. The images evoke the freshness and creativity of Europeans, the achievements of France’s industrial past, and contemporary European technological achievements.

The Foundation’s project has three pillars:

  1. Repatriation of non-Europeans.
  2. A natalist policy for middle- and upper-class working couples.
  3. Promotion of science, reindustrialization, and European mega-projects.

The authors emphasize that Western decline is both moral and demographic:

The West is in crisis. Bit by bit, it has been shriveling up, horrified by its past, crushed by the excessive weight of a world which it has borne on its shoulders for too long. . . .

[Europeans’] depression and replacement in their own countries is an unmatched catastrophe in world history. . . .

Europeans have fallen behind because of their general demoralization. For decades, our leaders have told us that we did not have the right to a future . . . .

Westerners are demoralized, even though Western civilization “is nothing less than that on which the modern world is built” and has contributed the vast majority of the scientific breakthroughs and inventions. The foundation wants to restore Europeans’ pride in their heritage and optimism for the future.

“Legal, just, and peaceful remigration”

The Foundation emphasizes that “[t]he good functioning of French institutions requires the restoration, insofar as possible, of the French territory’s ethnic homogeneity.” The lack of a common identity makes for contentious redistributionist politics and the breakdown of civic life. European heritage must not be watered down or shamed in a vain attempt to placate resentful, unassimilable outsiders.

The authors argue that “demographic and economic rationality implies a gentle remigration taking place over time, coupled with natalist policies making life easier for working couples, with an objective of breaking the ‘second-child ceiling.’” They avoid apocalyptic scenarios and instead offer measures that could be taken by a patriotic French government. Third-world migratory flows are to be reversed “through legal, just, and peaceful means.” In particular:

  • French citizenship would be withdrawn from criminal dual nationals (French citizens of North-African and Turkish descent typically retain their original nationality by default).
  • A monthly stipend of €450 for 10 years would be paid to non-Europeans if they returned to their homelands and gave up French citizenship.
  • A point system would cut welfare payments to households that include criminals.
  • Advertising campaigns in African and Middle-Eastern countries would dissuade would-be immigrants.
  • Subsidized tuition for foreign students (300,000 per year at a cost of €3 billion annually) would be ended.

The authors write: “[T]he major issue at stake is not immigration but remigration.” They also note that expanding the prison system – whose population has doubled since the 1980s – is not a solution; the problem must be tackled through repatriation.

“Breaking the third-child ceiling” for French couples

The Foundation proposes measures to boost French fertility, especially among the middle and upper classes: “Restoration of European fertility is an absolute priority in order to stabilize European countries and guarantee their continuity. The future belongs to those countries who will be able to reverse the fall in fertility.”

The program meets the needs of working women rather than keep them at home. It would include teleworking, childcare near workplaces, and support for mothers seeking to reenter the workforce. Following the Hungarian model, income tax would be reduced by 25 percent for families with four or more children.

The authors are willing to countenance alternative family models: They would offer assisted reproductive to single women, lesbians, and women over 35.

Fostering European science through mega-projects

The Foundation proposes ways to boost France’s scientific potential, and stop the brain drain: unabashed educational elitism, subsidies for innovative researchers, strong intellectual property protection, and financial incentives for researchers to file patents and publish research. The government’s “social equality and inclusiveness” criteria for research funding would end.

The authors put French scientific efforts in a broader European context, and emphasize that European immigrants can contribute to France’s recovery: “We are not against the idea of immigration, but we make a fundamental distinction between two very different immigration flows: African immigration and European immigration.”

They do not suggest withdrawing from the European Union and want to “weave a European destiny, cultivate [economic] liberalism, and maintain an open world with developed countries.” Automation in transportation, urban deliveries, assembly lines, warehouse management, and old-age assistance would help Europe manage demographic aging.

The authors believe European scientific mega-projects can inspire our people: “Great projects are vital to give European nations a goal, a destiny, and accomplishments that make them proud of their identity. They are what can guarantee the cohesion and inner fire necessary for our well-being.” A quadrennial Festival of European Sciences would celebrate innovators and scientists.

The authors would build on previous European projects, often undertaken outside the EU framework, such as Airbus, the Ariane rocket system, the European Space Agency, the Galileo satellite navigation system, and the Virgo experiment. New European projects and agencies, not linked to the EU, would study nuclear fusion and thorium fission, aerospace, quantum computing, AI and robotics, transport, and genetic medicine. They would ensure Europe’s energy independence and help it catch up with China and the United States.

A techno-optimistic vision for an identitarian Europe

One can certainly debate this or that point in the Science & Remigration program, but I praise its futuristic vision for France. The program’s biological realism and Promethean ambition remind us of visionaries of the past century, men such as Alexis Carrel and Charles Lindbergh.

All French politics should be grounded in ethnic and biological reality, an appreciation of French identity, and an understanding of economic and technological prowess as the basis of national power.

The Foundation has shared its political program with the French presidential candidates and will expand political activities. It is just one of the French identitarian groups that have emerged in recent years, along with Renaud Camus’ National Council for European Resistance, the Institut Iliade think-tank, and Daniel Conversano’s mutual support group Les Braves. These groups are part of an emerging identitarian subculture that is beginning to dominate French nationalism and which may, indeed, dominate French politics.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Interestingly, Renaud Camus is not a natalist. He is, in fact, an opponent of natalism!

    For me: given that fertility itself is heritable, i.e., people who want children will simply outbreed those who don’t in the long run – natalist policies are irrelevant and, quite possibly, a waste of money.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Old Brown Fool
  2. I was writing to my local representative nearly 20 years ago about the demographic time bomb on the horizon and means by which it could be reversed and how the care home crisis which would surely emerge could be solved at the same time but the clown, a Catholic, would not listen despite it being, as best I know, resonating with what his own church had taught.

    Only a divine intervention could have arrested this cultural tsunami but there is no sign of it, indeed the exact opposite is the case; but if you can treat this location as a kind of spiritual airport waiting for a flight to a better place then this also resonates with what wise people (not the same as IQ) have since ancient times have understood and evil can be turned to the good.

    It becomes a kind of purgatory in which we are purified. This is no recent spiritual aspiration as the same thing was recognized in Ancient Egypt millennia before the birth of Christ. When Jesus told the Jews who were attached to blood relationships that “before Abraham was I Am” ( and what maybe today is described as DNA and the fallacy that the “medium is the message”), he was to me telling the truth about his divinity.

    UR is entirely unrepresentative of the general population, the collective mind of which is under the control of the MSM which is satanic. You are a tiny, tiny minority in this hell on earth.

    • Thanks: Bro43rd, Realist
  3. Anonymous[297] • Disclaimer says:

    Fertility is not in the slightest heritable. It’s 100% cultural. There are plenty of countries with extremely low fertility rates today that had huge rates just a generation ago. Brazil and Iran are good examples.

    People who are opponents of natalism are part of the problem, not the solution, regardless of how smart they are or how right about other issues.

    • Replies: @Vergissmeinnicht
  4. People give up their heritage because they’re told they have to give it up or they’re “behind the times.” So when people are “nostalgic” for the 1950s (ie, they wish the people hadn’t given up what their people had before, they wish to have what their ancestors had) they are holding perfectly reasonable views. The problem are these jaded pseudo-sophisticates who say you have to give up your “out-of-date” values. They are the reason we’re in this mess. We can’t afford to have such people on the Right. Followers of that demented degenerate Nietzsche, for example. Nietzsche played his piano compositions in front of Wagner, because he was fundamentally a pretentious fool. His reputation he got from the Jews, prostituting his “system” with fulsome praise of the Jews and hatred of Christ, so he would win fame that way, from them.

  5. karel says:

    Why all this? Governments prefer increasing percentage of stupid people to be able rule the masses more comfortably. When these fools overbreed, their numbers could be swiftly reduced by starting a war. Perhaps we can already see the implimentation of this policy in Ukraine, where fools are somewhat plentiful and joyfully let themselves to be slaughtered.

  6. Anonymous[297] • Disclaimer says:

    Pseudo-scientific babble, like most studies that pass for “science” these days in the West. If fertility were heritable, low fertility genes would have been bred out ages ago, same as homosexuality.

    • Replies: @Catdog
  7. Catdog says:

    There is no gene for homosexuality.

    In the past people were only being selected to like having sex. Now they are selected to like having children.

    • Replies: @Realist
  8. Bartolo says:

    Brilliant initiative. I am happy the idea of ‘remigration’ is gaining traction. Let’s hope Z wins, by which I mean Zemmour.

  9. Realist says:

    I love the concept…but the prospects of success are nil in Europe…and zero in the U.S.

    Third-world migratory flows are to be reversed “through legal, just, and peaceful means.”

    Here is the Achilles heel of this plan. Peaceful will not be possible. One of the main reasons for the impetus for this move is that the people to be Remigrated do not fit in advanced societies and are not peaceful. They will not go peacefully…and furthermore, in this country, those in charge will not allow it. The immigration of millions of third-world people was their idea in the first place.

    This should be done, but it will never happen with an electoral situation…and will absolutely not be peaceful.

  10. Realist says:

    There is no gene for homosexuality.

    You have no way of knowing that…in fact, there may be more than one gene involved in homosexuality. To suggest that people choose to be homosexual is ludicrous.

  11. TG says:

    There are two kinds of societies.

    In first-world societies, people limit their children to less than the physical maximum. In good times, they have two or three kids. In bad times, when it’s hard to support a family at a reasonable level, they have less than two. These societies are the ones that are vibrant and productive. I mean, in the Great Depression the US fertility rate fell. It rose again in the 1950’s when things were better – but was still less than half the maximum. With this restraint, the US did not die out for lack of breeding, but became the most powerful industrial society the world had ever seen.

    Now the fertility rate is down – but only because mass immigration and outsourcing has made it so hard for young people to raise a family! Without the pressure of all those third-world refugees, the US fertility rate would be higher than it is now – just not high enough to drive wages down, which is the point.

    In third world societies, people simply have the physical maximum number of children regardless. When there is plenty of food, they have seven kids each and this exponential growth quickly consumes all resources, making the society capital-starved and weak and corrupt. Eventually the fertility rate drops to near two – but only because of a lack of food!

    Sure, in India the fertility rate is about 2 – but – chronic malnutrition to the point of stunting is as widespread as ever, and grain production remains at a low level of subsistence of 150 kg/person/year. If someone has two kids, and they are chronically malnourished and stunted, obviously these people can no longer have seven. The population will now track food production at low subsistence.

    And India is a miserable place to live, and for all its size, just how powerful is India compared to places like China? Not very.

    “Pro-natalist” policies do have an effect, but always negative. Witness: Mexico, Syria, Afghanistan, Brazil, the Ivory Coast, South Africa…

    If you want europeans to have more children, stop replacing them with third-world refugees – and if the fertility rate does not shoot up to seven, let them be. Left to themselves, first world countries have never run out of people. Let the europeans set their own fate, not some arrogant oligarchs who have decided what the ‘right’ number of children should be.

  12. Durruti says:

    I mean, in the Great Depression the US fertility rate fell. It rose again in the 1950’s when things were better – but was still less than half the maximum. With this restraint, the US did not die out for lack of breeding, but became the most powerful industrial society the world had ever seen.

    A thought provoking article by Mr. Durocher.

    America is a land of immigrants. Lately, millions of Latin Americans, mostly Mexicans, have immigrated/migrated North. They have traveled to land that was once theirs (but I digress). I grew up within sight of the Statue of Liberty “Give me your poor…” Which nation presented us with that statue?

    History has shown that it is near impossible to force recent arrivals to leave. There was the occasion with my inlaws (wife was one of 10 children – but I digress). Those Mexican women – woof!

    Immigrants often arrive in the Colonial Mother Country – after their Imperialist overlord has destroyed/gutted/looted the Nation of their birth. America has invaded Latin America more than 100 times. European Nations, The British Empire, France; invasions-I cannot count that high.

    Alain Soral has discussed the issue of recent massive immigration (including politically encouraged immigration), and offered more realistic approaches to resolve the issue of National revival after the mass immigration (the fact of migration is also in play here), and National revival after this population influx. Mr. Durocher, you will not be able to force the recent immigrants to leave – without violence, much violence, ugly violence. Think well on that!

    I recall lecturing on the influx of land hungry Tribes “yearning to breathe free” into areas controlled by the Roman Emperors. That influx served to revive Europe. The Roman Empire was constructed upon millions of butchered humans. “They conquered and created a desert.” But I digress!

    This is not a bad topic, or one that must be hushed up. Someone might be called a “racist.” Ohh!
    This is indeed, a necessary issue – to be discussed.

    My view:

    1. Once a people have arrived, they must sooner than later, become Good Loyal Citizens of their new country.

    2. Prosperity of the less developed areas of our planet might ease the problem (try ending Imperialism).

    3. In America & France, we must Restore our respective Republics. Ours was overthrown in a MOSSAD/CIA/MI6 Coup D’état on November 22, 1963, and our last Constitutional President John F. Kennedy, was Assassinated, and afterwood, his brother. The French Nation must Restore the Republic of Charles DeGaulle. With Restoration, (which is a Revolutionary act), will come an empowerment of our citizenry, which will enable us to do something about almost anything.

    4. The newcomers, respecting our laws and rights, (better than we have respected that of their countries), are here to stay. Accept it. There is no pure race, and their women are as attractive as ours.

    5. Love, Respect, Kindness, Responsibility, is the way to go. Yes, Law-&-Order for all. No physical abuse to be tolerated. Fathers have a responsibility to protect their families. In the Brooklyn of my youth, anyone who abused our daughters – would not survive.

    Freedom is not Free! It must be paid for!

    Durruti for the Anarchist Collective.

  13. Hi. Terrific article, thank you. I sent a letter in French to the group, Science and Remigration. Here’s a copy, with an English translation afterwards. / Salut. Excellent article, merci. J’ai envoyé une lettre en français au groupe Science et Rémigration. En voici une copie, avec une traduction en anglais après :

  14. anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    The problem is not the millions of invaders they push onto the west to destroy it, the problem is those who are behind this agenda.

    They have names: biden, trudeau, macron, draghi, bergoglio, and behind these puppets: soros, rothschild, rockefeller, gates, etc…

    The people behind the organized invasion of the west are the same who are behind the fae pandemic and the covid coup.

    They are alos the same behind the wars, the terrorists attacks (cia, mossad, rothschild, etc…), the famines, the genocides.

    They are the same and have been at it for so long that everybody should know their names and who to target.

    The fact that they own all the media is not an excuse.

    As the Serbs, they don’t need to find the truth on alternative media to know who are the real enemies. Same for Palestinians.

    Today, we are all Serbs and Palestinians and those who help the rothschild & co to exterminate their brothers and sisters should be the first to be executed.

  15. The migratory imperialists (or their parents) had no right entering the settled lands of Europe, even if they did so “legally”. They should have understood that their stay would only be temporary (Europeans should have known that this “temporary” would eventually turn permanent, and never have tolerated the colonization).

    The situation is now existentially horrific. Either the colonizers leave, or the ancient and unrivalled civilization and nations of Europe will die. The colonizers will not leave peacefully, though they should be given that option. Therefore, continental civil war must come (and probably will come). Tens of millions will die, especially if Muslim states intervene (as I bet they will). This was all so needless; all caused by liberalism, the ideology of white racial auto-genocide.

    The traitors who did this genocide to their own peoples must themselves all be tried and publicly executed.

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