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Prominent Afro-French Comedian Calls for “rehabilitation” of Adolf Hitler
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In an address to the nation and the wider francophone world on Thursday (April 16), the Franco-Cameroonian[1]This of course refers to political citizenship. Ethnically, Dieudonné is a Breton-Ewondo hybrid. comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala called for peace and reconciliation in these anxious times of confinement and coronavirus.

Opening his video with his customary “may peace be with you and with your spirit,” Dieudonné recalled the many world leaders who have compared the current coronavirus crisis with the darkest events of the Twentieth Century. French President Emmanuel Macron has told his countrymen that “we are at war,” while U.S. Vice Admirable Jerome Adams has warned that coronavirus is “our Pearl Harbor.”

Dieudonné warned that such talk was increasing fear among the people:

What could be more traumatizing for the descendants of the great defeat of 1940 [turns to framed photo of Marshal Philippe Pétain on his wall] than to find themselves plunged today in the horrors of barbarism and butchery. Don’t you realize? Hitler and the coronavirus: the same struggle! What an extravagant analogy.

He added that such historical comparison led to the risk of inappropriate comparisons and to relativizing the events of the Second World War.

The fêted Dieudonné fell from grace from the French politico-media system in 2003, when he performed a comedy sketch on national television comparing Israeli settlers to Nazis. This was considered “anti-Semitic” and led to his blacklisting, as well as legal harassment by the Jewish-Zionist organizations.

Dieudonné went on to explain:

The conclusions of [the] Nuremberg [Military Tribunal] were supposed to have definitively closed the door to any kind of metaphor on the events between 1939 and 1945. In France, a law has even been passed which imposes this total submission on everyone – not a total submission to the official history, but to the legal history . . . an obligatory version of history. . . .

Adolf Hitler, who is also served up to us loosey-goosey [à toutes les sauces] right up to the present day continues to embody absolute evil. Though it’s true that some consider he had real skill in the area of economic recovery, he got Germany back on its feet in a few years.

Urging “open-mindedness,” he added:

Hitler should no longer have to carry the burden of infamy on his shoulders alone. No more than Judas Iskariot, for that matter. Jesus has forgiven them. Yes, Jesus has forgiven them! And he invites us to do the same. And why not consider that Hitler was a man who thought he was doing good, but was simply mistaken? And he also paid for this with his life. He also made others pay, but has the time not come for the great reconciliation? Or will we, after this confinement, enter a new cycle of conflict? With once again: “The Nazis! Hitler! Hitler willy-nilly! Hitler-Ben Laden! Hitler-Le Pen! Hitler-Saddam! Hitler-Putin! Hitler-Mahmoud [Ahmadinejad]!” Could we not, on the contrary, rehabilitate Hitler? Yes, in order to look ourselves in the face. In order to look humanity in the face. Yes, he belongs to humanity whether you like it or not.

Dieudonné concluded: “Let us leave this [mental] confinement, light, free. How? Through forgiveness.”

The comedian went on to poke fun at Manuel Valls – a Socialist and Zionist Franco-Spanish politician who persecuted Dieudonné in 2013 as Minister of Justice, banning one of his sketches. Since losing office in France, Valls has attempted to penetrate Spanish politics and failed.

Dieudonné also made light of climate change: “Do you remember the ozone layer?” He urged his viewers to put their savings into crypto, notably Dieudonné’s own digital currency, the Sestrel, and to buy face masks from LeeImpex, a company which may or may not be owned by Dieudonné and/or his associates.


[1] This of course refers to political citizenship. Ethnically, Dieudonné is a Breton-Ewondo hybrid.

• Category: History, Ideology • Tags: France, Hitler 
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  1. Biff says:

    Could we not, on the contrary, rehabilitate Hitler? Yes, in order to look ourselves in the face. In order to look humanity in the face. Yes, he belongs to humanity whether you like it or not.

    It’s about time to realize Hitler was no worse than any of his contemporaries, and certainly not more racist than the French or the English – the colonizers that they were. In addition, the West should get over their smugness of ‘self importance’ – the epicenter of WWII was on the Eastern front – you didn’t “win” a damn thing! Maybe you lost the least, so you have the most money(with shiny things to play with), but that doesn’t make you righteous.

    • LOL: Pheasant
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Neuday
    , @Effington
  2. Dieudonne is the best that France can offer: a great sense of humour mixed with a good dose of common sense that contributes to a healthy history revisionism and that supports the truth in a world of presstitutes and petty politicians who are faux demagogues whose favourite cry of attention is the word “ Hitler”. Calling for true reconciliation under the banner of Christian forgiveness is a feat that almost no European politician can dare do.
    Dieudonne is the modern day Moliere of France; no wonder the French Establishment is keen to destroy his career.
    Bravo et merci Grand Monsieur Dieudonne.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  3. Wally says:

    Indeed, Biff.

    – There is nothing more that Zionists of the “Holocau$t Industry” hate more than a ‘person of color’ who rejects their ridiculous, hateful lies.

    The tide is turning.

    more on Dieudonne:

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  4. Jerome Adams is a vice-admiral in the Public Health Service, not the United States Navy, Despite his status as Surgeon General, he has naval rank, probably for historical reasons.

    • Replies: @Guillaume Durocher
  5. JackOH says:

    Guillaume and Dieudonne, thanks.

    “Could we not, on the contrary, rehabilitate Hitler? Yes, in order to look ourselves in the face. In order to look humanity in the face. Yes, he belongs to humanity whether you like it or not.”

    There may be, in my opinion, politically therapeutic benefits to some sort of rehabilitation of Hitler and the Nazi period. I’ve suggested in previous comments that the excessive blackening of Hitler by the victorious powers for generation after generation has, in my opinion, given those victorious powers something of a moral free ride for committing atrocities of their own.

    The thinking, as I see it, is something like: Hitler is the blackest evil. I’m not Hitler. My great-grandfather defeated Hitler. Therefore, my military proposal to invade Xistan under the flimsiest pretext is not evil. Therefore, my domestic proposal to undermine wages and social order to serve moneyed global elites is not evil.

    No, I don’t know how rehabilitation would work. Maybe one place to start would be public recognition that the now defunct Pan-Germanism of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that’s portrayed as “aggressive” is actually a defensive response to ethnic Germans’ real fears of being diminished within Austria-Hungary and Europe. You’d be looking at a really tough slog, though.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @David
  6. I don’t think there’s any need to rehabilitate Adolf Hitler. I’d settle for an end to the blood libel of the German people for events that occurred between 75 and 88 years ago.

  7. BillyA says:

    M’bala, M’bala, Mbala, bala, ala, la, ha, is a comedian right?
    Why bother with this?

    • Replies: @dvorak
    , @Wally
  8. … U.S. Vice Admirable Jerome Adams has warned that coronavirus is “our Pearl Harbor.”

    I’m sure you meant admiral, not “admirable”. But in any event, a good piece. Guillaume.

    • Replies: @joe2.5
    , @Ragno
  9. dvorak says:

    Comedians and artists can live past their deaths like few others.

    Several powerful noblemen have names that would never be uttered today, had they not used a sliver of their power to sponsor this Bach concerto or that Beethoven string quartet.

    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  10. @Diversity Heretic

    Very curious. Thanks for the correction!

  11. songbird says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    I’d settle for an end to the blood libel of the German people for events that occurred between 75 and 88 years ago.

    It’s hard for me to enjoy the old Indiana Jones films on some levels. Temple of Doom seems like camouflage for dehumanizing Germans in the other two installments.

  12. Neuday says:

    There should not have even been a Western Front. If not for that supremely idiotic treaty with Poland, Poland wouldn’t have so arrogantly abused its German communities. The destiny Hitler saw for Germans was war with Communism. Namely, Jewish Bolshevism. Had we, the Western powers, joined Germany against the Soviet Union we’d all be in a much better world. Unfortunately, the rootless cosmopolitans who wanted to destroy Germany after WWI saw the opportunity to pit Europeans against each other yet again, Jewish Bolshevism remains wholly unchecked, and here we are, living in a usury-based world.

    An awful lot could have been avoided had we allowed Germany to annex the German portions of Czechoslovakia and Poland, and not been so ruthless in post-WWI financial demands.

  13. I realise the portrait of the old Marshal is likely a comic prop, but, seriously, it is time to rehabilitate Pétain.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
    • Replies: @Tono Bungay
  14. Wally says:

    “M’bala, M’bala, Mbala, bala, ala, la, ha, is a comedian right?
    Why bother with this?”

    – Hitler was a vegetarian, so what?

    – Because Dieudonne is right about Hitler and he easily debunks the fake “holocaust”, that’s why he matters

    – Plus, it “bothers” you. Those who believe in free speech enjoy watching you squirm, aka: schadenfreude.

  15. AaronB says:

    I agree. This whole “evil vs good” thing is a metaphysicaly childish way of looking at the world, and it promotes hate in the long run.

    In Buddhist terms, there is no evil – there are only varying levels of enlightenment. Hitler could be said to be a deeply unenlightened person, a classic case of deep Buddhist ignorance and delusion about our true nature and place in the world. He is more a tragic fool.

    Interestingly, this view is also shared in Judaism – in Kabbalah, evil is something of an illusion. It stems from our delusion that the world, and our selves, are solid, real, and thus composed of entities that are ‘real’ in the sense of being separate and distinct from the Whole. Evil is called the ‘sitra achra’, which literally means the “other side” – it is the delusion that there are two sides, God on one side and evil and perhaps us, on the other.

    But in fact, there is only Oneness and Wholeness. Astonishingly, the Kabalah actually says that in Messianic times, we will realize that we have always been living in the Garden of Eden! Our delusions will merely be destroyed.

    The evil vs good thing is a heritage from Gnosticism that has always survived as a strain in mainstream Christianity, and in modern times, became the dominant strain of thinking among the formerly Christianity peoples.

    Modern Islam has also turned its back on Oneness and Wholeness and developed a serious Gnostic strain.

    But this is a religious atavism – the next stage must surely be to return to Oneness again, in which there are gradations of enlightenment but no “evil”.

    The concept of evil lacks compassion and justifies us on being bestial to our fellow men. It lacks understanding and sympathy.

    May it be replaced with the concepts of ignorance and delusion, and gradations of enlightenment.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Druid
    , @Malla
    , @apollonian
  16. @Joe Levantine

    You are a perfect example of the cucked Western male who is destroying the West.

    The fact that you are grateful for a low IQ groid like know nuthin Dieunuthin shows how cowardly you are.

    This mulatto, his white wife and quadroon offspring must be shipped to Africa.

    Guillaume Durocher is also getting worse and worse in his cuckery and degeneracy by scribbling this stupid article.

    • Troll: Iris
    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  17. songbird says:

    Mao sent food to Africa, while millions of Chinese were starving to death.

    I believe Stalin refused food aid while millions were starving in the Ukraine.

    I’m not sure Hitler would have refused food aid. Of course, it’s more complicated that that. But would the Holocaust have happened if it had the US had broken the blockade. Or imagine if the US had sent its bombers as passenger planes to carry Jews to Israel or, as would probably make more sense, facilitated land and sea transport, using a fraction of the resources that it took to develop the bombers.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  18. anon[211] • Disclaimer says:

    I believe that Hitler is merely sleeping under the mountain where Odin spirited him away in 1945, but one day he will return, brought back by the devout prayers of faithful believers in National Socialism, and then he will rule in Germany for 1000 years. If Dieudonné is still alive then, maybe he could become ambassador of the re-born État français at Hitler’s court, that would be a very moving sign of Franco-German reconciliation.

  19. In its slow advance, homo sapiens increasingly sees fit to memorialize episodes of mass murder.

    The people are called upon to remember the suffering of the victims, the cruelty of the perpetrators, and the importance of being on guard against fanaticism, megalomaniac politicians and manichean ideologies.

  20. @attilathehen

    I have always stood for racial purity as the true preservation of God’s diversity, and I have always opposed vehemently African and Islamic encroachment on Europe. I have on many occasions expressed my disappointment with White submission to their globalist leaders who are driving the White race into physical and cultural extinction asking myself if White deference to leadership is genetic or memetic. Yet ask yourself the question: who is more useful to the preservation of the White race, a fearless truth defender like Dieudonne or the myriad White Westerners who kowtow to the stories of the Holocaust or those Whites who immerse Europeans and North Americans with a feeling of guilt through exaggerated stories about slavery treating the subject as purely Black victimhood when history records that Whites suffered no less from the wickedness of slavery (Michael Hoffman, They were Whites and they were slaves).
    I have attended a stage presentation of Dieudonne where he openly defied and made a mockery of the Holocaust, Global Warming, the French political establishment and Political Correctness, in a very funny and entertaining way. The man has lost his career for speaking the truth as he sees it. Find me a White equivalent to Dieudonne and I will submit to your contention.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @attilathehen
  21. Dieudonne M’bala M’bala (love he name, I might change mine to something similar -lol) -by your comments on rehabilitating Adolf Hitler, you have just enabled organized Jewry to engage in yoga positions that were previously thought humanly impossible.

  22. @dvorak

    Right on, brother! Also, comedians have platforms, the best people like Billy A (an I also) can do, is bitch via obscure chatrooms, hoping someone hears our faint bickerings. Heard of Charlie Sheen lately? Even Golden Boys are not allowed to criticise the War on…XXX, or Billy A and his pals jumps out under the liberalist rock, ready to belittle and assasinate characters and just dismiss successful voices as “just a comedian, so what?”

  23. David says:

    I don’t know how rehabilitation would work.

    I suggest, “He was a man.” When Hitler is used as the example of perfect evil, this will suffice to remind anyone capable of accepting it, that he was a single person with a point of view.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  24. joe2.5 says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    Dieudonné just called him common-or-garden “vice-admiral”. I’m sure he would have paid for the brilliant idea of calling him “vice-admirable”.

  25. @The Alarmist

    I read a lot of Alfred Fabre-Luce at one period in my life, and his defenses of Pétain always seemed plausible to me.

  26. anarchyst says:

    There was no holocaust™ . The jewish holocaust™ was a fabrication of the highest order, much larger than the quote about “the big lie” being attributed to one J. Goebbels.
    When it comes to “all things holocaust™ “, It is necessary to point out the ideological insanity of the “claims” about “jewish blood spurting out of the ground for weeks and months”, the “color of smoke can be used to determine whether jews are being cremated”, thousands being cremated per day without maintenance of the crematoria, “gas chambers” with ordinary wooden doors, not gas tight doors, without the means to exhaust the poisonous gases, “bug spray” (Zyklon B) used as an execution agent, jewish soap, lampshades and shrunken heads”, oh my… and of course, the “6 million”.

    • Replies: @songbird
    , @Curmudgeon
  27. Stan says:

    The primacy of the Hitler and the holocaust should be questioned. Marcelo Veneziani wrote” Christ yesterday was put on the cross [and] now is put in parentheses. He is relativized with the faith, the Christian civilization. In His place is the Holocaust a religion of humanity, Auschwitz takes the place of Golgotha ​​and January 27 [International Holocaust Remembrance Day] replaces Good Friday. ”

    • Replies: @Druid
  28. @Diversity Heretic

    “The Holocaust is nothing more than anti-German hate propaganda posing as history.” – Ernst Zündel

    • Agree: anarchyst
  29. @Tono Bungay

    Are any of his works available in English? If not, could you possibly summarize his defenses?

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @apollonian
  30. songbird says:

    Yes, the soap claim was a very odd one. It was in The Caine Mutiny. At the time I read it, I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to make the Jewish character look crazy or not, but that was before I realized Wouk was a Jew.

  31. @Neuday

    had we allowed Germany to annex the German portions of Czechoslovakia and Poland,

    This is misleading. Aside from the fact that the Armistice was signed on the basis of Wilson’s 14 Points, which recognized no loss of territory for any country, the part of Czechoslovakia that Germany claimed was overwhelmingly ethnic German and had voted to rejoin Germany. Most of the disputed territories in Poland had been seized by Poland post Armistice, in violation of it. Germany had already given up claim to many territories, due to ethnic cleansing by Poland, and was prepared to let a referendum decide the “fate” of others. The sticking point was access to Danzig (now Gdansk) a 98% German city under League of Nations mandate, that had voted to return to Germany.
    Had perfidious Albion not supported the Polish government in its rejection of Germany’s peace offer, there would never have been a WWII, as we know it. There would have been a large European War against an attempted Soviet takeover of Europe.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
    , @apollonian
  32. @anarchyst

    “gas chambers” with ordinary wooden doors, not gas tight doors, without the means to exhaust the poisonous gases,

    You forgot that the “gas chambers”, where 10,000 people were gassed every day, were about the size of a large 2 car garage.

    • Replies: @Wally
  33. Wally says:

    – Don’t forget the alleged ‘gas chambers on wheels in Treblinka, which dumped their victims directly into burning pits; delayed-action poison gas that allowed the victims to leave the gas chambers and walk to the mass graves by themselves.’.
    source: Reports of the ‘Polish’ underground, Archiv der Polnischen Vereinigten Arbeiterpartei, 202/III, v. 7, pp. 120f., quoted in: P. Longerich, op. cit.(note 271), p. 438.

    – Here you go, a thorough demolition of the alleged Auschwitz gas chambers & alleged Auschwitz homicidal gassing process:

    “If something can’t happen as alleged then it didn’t.”

  34. @Neuday

    Call me cynical but I don’t think the treaty with Poland was stupid. The Usual Suspects manoeuvred Britain and France into it knowing that a German/ Polish conflict was inevitable. End result the eventual destruction of Germany. If the defence of Poland was the issue why did they take no action against the USSR when it invaded a few weeks later?

  35. Derer says:

    “Had we, the Western powers, joined Germany against the Soviet Union we’d all be in a much better world.”

    Could you elaborate. They tried that in post-1918, even in Siberia, and they badly failed. Are you still dreaming about colonizing other countries a la USA? Ordinary Russians were equally victims of Bolshevism for 70 years. Czechoslovakia was created by the WWI winners.

  36. Derer says:

    US tiny minority hiding behind the nuclear arsenal keeps the old “evilness” of Hitler on front pages for a self serving reason. The question is if they are so special/clever where was their cleverness in 1933 when, now underrated and ridicule funny mustache, corporal defeated their quest for power by democratic means. Hitler was very able leader and made Germany from a destroyed country by the WWI the world strongest power within a short period of time. Any vindictive group dwelling on past failures will not succeed for long.

  37. Iris says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    French traditional military consider that Marechal Petain, who, don’t forget was the Nr1 absolute hero of WW1, took the hit only to protect the French nation and state.

    Without delving into the political positions within France pre-WW2, which were very complex because France was very divided, it became soon obvious that the German military power was vastly superior, and that “collaborating” with the German occupier was the way to limit the damage to France. Marechal Petain acted as lightning rod, and many patriotic French recognise that.

    Even General De Gaulle showed a form of leniency , who coined his famous phrase ” Old age is a sinking” with Marechal Petain in mind. (“La vieillesse est un naufrage“).

  38. @Joe Levantine

    I have not seen your name before so I don’t know anything about you.

    Have you heard of the alternative media? The truth is coming through. The holocaust and many other things are being challenged. Nationalist movements are rising. The end of globalism is here.

    Dieunuthin had no career. He is a clown.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  39. Malla says:

    Hitler could be said to be a deeply unenlightened person, a classic case of deep Buddhist ignorance and delusion about our true nature and place in the world. He is more a tragic fool.

    One of the dumbest comment I have ever read. Maybe you need to read some Savitri Devi.

  40. Malla says:

    Monsieur Dieudonné M’bala M’bala was blatently told on live French TV by a host, that is it OK to criticize African countries in France, it is OK to criticize any nation (except one) in France, it is OK to criticize France in France (and in many circumstances very much preferred & encouraged) but it is not OK , totally unacceptable, totally non Kosher to criticize the state calling itself Israel in France . Not “You cannot criticize the Jews” but “you cannot criticize the state of Israel”.

  41. Druid says:

    -OS Kabbalah, Torah, talmud and chew followers like you.

  42. Druid says:

    The proper term is holohoax!

  43. Malla says:

    Jews could be said to be a deeply unenlightened people, a classic case of deep Buddhist ignorance and delusion about their true nature and place in the world. A bunch of fools who with their own arrogance, ego, narcissism, solipsism, haughtiness, foolish vanity and blind stupidity will destroy this world .
    Mark that last sentence. Mark it humanity. Within a century or two, at the most, it will come to pass. And maybe the cycle will restart again.

    The biggest challenge the Jewish people face is to one day be truly enlightened and free of their own delusion, when they will realize that they are just an ordinary people like any other, maybe even a little people, an insignificant people, a people who were never gifted and equipped to direct the world’s affairs and maybe it are those peoples, they hate and are jealous of, with their own superiority and inferiority complex mental issues, are the ones equipped and gifted with directing the worlds affair, after all.

    When the Jewish people will finally realize this and thus gain a higher understanding of this universe, a higher understanding of themselves, a sort of next level enlightenment for them so to speak, only then, ONLY THEN, will they truly be at peace with themselves and with the rest of the world and the world will be a much better place. But this remains the biggest challenge to the Jewish people.

    • LOL: Digital Samizdat
  44. Effington says:

    The USA and England fought WW2 to preserve the AngloZionist Banking Cartel.

    Yeah. Really nobel cause. NOT.

  45. @attilathehen

    I hope you are right about your assessment of the way things are proceeding in the world. Though the Covid19 hoax makes me doubt how much awakening the masses have mustered vis-a-vis the entrenched predatory ruling classes.

    This site can give any reader access all previous comments of anyone by pressing the name of the commenter.

  46. @Curmudgeon


    If I made add, the crooked New World Order would not have gathered so much traction, the Middle East would not be such a mess and Europe would have kept its true identity.
    May Churchill and Eden rot in hell.

  47. JackOH says:

    David, yep. I was half-thinking literature, or maybe comparative politics. There’s that Timur Veres’s satire, Look Who’s Back, e. g., which I haven’t read.

    The Communists have enjoyed 50+ billion constituent-years of rulership over peoples, and still remain notionally extant in North Korea, Cuba, and the People’s Republic of China. Herr Hitler and the Nazis had at most 1.5 billion constituent-years of rulership and were extinguished in 1945. How much longer will Western political consciousness be distorted by a man whose career ended three-quarters of a century ago?

    Thanks for your good comment.

    • Replies: @Fuerchtegott
  48. apollonian says: • Website

    Commendable Dieudonne’ Spits Into Face Of Present Establishment “Religion”

    Well, so this notorious and note-worthy French black-guy brings up a “forbidden” topic, dear unc’ Adolf, who very much told the truth about things, though remember, Hitler was mostly mere practical politician, not so much a scholarly-type philosopher–which truth is so absolutely hated by Satanists and virtue-signalers, called “moralists”–like Mike A. Hoffman II, for example, though he’s another topic all by himself.

    Bringing up unc’ Adolf can only be done nowadays without controversy by duly, officially consecrated virtue-signalers–MORALISTS, as I note–which entails the ruling religion of non-existent “good-evil” which has crushed and replaced the previous Christian religion (which holds everyone a sinner, no matter human will which is NOT perfectly “free”) and founds the present establishment Satanism which absolutely and totally rules–short of complete annihilation of all human, hence rational life which is yet the goal of Satanism (extreme-subjectivism, making oneself to be God, the creator–but also destroyer too).

    And as dear unc’ Adolf is held, by the present ruling satanist religion and regime, to be absolute epitome of non-existent “evil,” all stops must be pulled by the satanic state in any and every serious dispute or debate about the heroic Hitler who told so much of the truth, and who is yet consistently demonized by the satanic state. So this questioning of satanic establishment is significant all by itself–Dieudonné is much to be commended just for that alone–hail Dieudonne’.

    In fact, one might well say that the official religion now is hatred of Hitler–HATRED–despite all the idiot lies and “hate-crime” prop. of present Satanist establishment, ruling in all the countries of the West, to some degree or other.

    Thus EVERY official debate and discussion about dear unc’ Adolf MUST necessarily and obligatorily end upon the consensus that unc’ Adolf was “evil,” “evil,” “evil”–repeated three times and with heavy liturgical emphasis–this is the ruling, even if un-official, establishment religion of Satanism and hatred, all founded upon non-existent “good-evil” and extreme subjectivism.

    And note then, any serious dissent to this Satanism and religion of HATRED (as of unc’ Adolf, supreme martyr–after Christ himself) is prosecuted to full extent of law–as done to Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Robt. Faurisson, Jean-Marie Le Pen, and any other rationalist defenders or even advocates of significant truth no matter how slight. Satanism does not tolerate truth–the defining characteristic of Satanism, don’t forget. Subjectivism casts out facts, and “good” is the worst enemy of TRUTH.

    So it’s just this simple observation upon a mere part of the basic philosophic and cultural foundations that I wanted to bring up about why Dieudonne’ is so commendable and hence persecuted by the real rulers, the Satanists. Lord knows I and others could bring-up lots other facts and notes, but I wouldn’t want to distract fm the tremendous, amazing victory of our good and heroic Dieudonne’, who has already struck such a crushing blow for truth, history, and humanity. Hail Dieudonne’.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
    , @Wally
  49. @apollonian

    Thank you for your deep and thoughtful post.

  50. apollonian says: • Website
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    Who are u kidding?–Petain didn’t and doesn’t need any “defense”–neither did Laval. Both men were heroes and French patriots, Laval being judicially murdered, Petain being horrifically slandered and then imprisoned. U need a “leg” to standing upon. Defend that.

  51. @JackOH

    Not worth reading or watching (the movie).

    Funny and watchable in case one eats a few hands full of blue pills beforehand.

    And Katja Riemann is a drunk hypocrite …

  52. apollonian says: • Website

    Both Wars Were Started By France And UK, The Second Instigated Especially By USA, Banking Money Power Behind It All

    “Curmudgeon” says,

    “The sticking point was access to Danzig (now Gdansk) a 98% German city under League of Nations mandate, that had voted to return to Germany.”

    Actual fact is Poland (through the FM, Beck) made it clear it was to take and absorb this 95% German city, Danzig, and that even talk about Danzig re-uniting w. the Fatherland would mean WAR, period.

    And Poland acted accordingly w. numerous encroachments against city of Danzig. Further, Poland committed numerous provocations against Germany as on the borders. And all this is well-known, through work of David Hoggan (“The Forced War”) for just one source. The March 1939 agreement w. UK and France was an OFFENSIVE alliance, purpose being war w. Germany, which was later duly declared by France and UK, these instigated by Jew S A and FDR (Roosevelt).

    And it all goes back to 1914 and even before, three nations, France, UK, and Czarist Russia, conspiring against Germany to start WWI, the three confident they could hold-off Germany while UK applied the sure-fire blockade instrument which would eventually starve Germany into submission–which actually happened, though they finally needed Jew S A to fall in. See “Hidden History…,” by Docherty and Macgregor who collect the facts, also their site at . Note Russia took active part in instigating the Serbs to deliberately assassinate the Austrian Archduke; see .

    After the war, and actually quite soon after–no later than the mid-20s–it came out fm numerous sources about the conspiracy against Germany, noted by American scholars, H.E. Barnes and Sidney B. Fay, regarding this conspiracy. Thus the Treaty of Versailles quite early on was rendered a laughing-stock among Germans who were blamed for starting the war, when the plain facts were that it and the Kaiser did MOST to try to preventing the out-break of it.

  53. Seraphim says:

    Ah bon, la ‘Quenelle’ est de retour! “Manu la sens-tu / qui se glisse dans ton cul / la quenelle…”. Does BHL feels it as well?

  54. apollonian says: • Website

    Aaron Speaks Falsely: Unc’ Adolf Is NECESSARY STANDARD OF “EVIL” For Jews And Their Purposes

    “AaronB” asserts so breezily, w. absolutely no foundation or ref.s given,

    “[t]he evil vs good thing is a heritage from Gnosticism that has always survived as a strain in mainstream Christianity, and in modern times, became the dominant strain of thinking among the formerly Christianity [sic] peoples.”

    Aaron doesn’t even bother to ck his Jewwy Wikipedia which affirms that “Gnosticism” has always been considered heretical, and has NEVER been “mainstream” in Christianity, worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

    “Aaron” further doesn’t bother to note simple fact that Christianity ABSOLUTELY repudiates the Pharisees and their central and essential “Oral Law Tradition,” Christ defending the original Mosaic tenets against what he deemed hereticalist Pharisees which sect first arose in 3rd to 2nd cent. BC. See what Christ says about Jews at Gosp. JOHN 8:44, and entire chapt. 23, Gosp. MATT.

    Actual fact then is Christianity and Judaism (following the “Oral Law Trad.” and hence, definitive Talmud, fully written-out in 500 AD), “Jews” understood as distinct fm Judeans who lived in Palestine at time of Christ, these “Jews” specifically defined as followers of Pharisees, who headed the middle-class party, “Jews” making up minuscule portion of Judean population, about 5%, are ABSOLUTE Hegelian-style ANTI-THESES, why the Christian Gosp. affirms Pharisees (NOT the Romans) had Christ killed, in same way they imagine they can kill truth and objective reality–which “reality” they simply deny exists (SUBJECTIVISM).

    For Jews are EXTREME subjectivists holding to “Oral Law Trad.” and hence “midrash”–interpretation. Thus “Torah,” the first 5 books of Old Test., are to be “interpreted” (midrash) by rabbis, this midrash then obligatorily followed by Jews, according to “Oral Law Trad.”

    And Talmudic midrash is DEFINITIVE, the Torah being merely the rough, general material out of which midrash is devised and produced–BUT which midrash itself is subject to later, further interpretation–all according to “Oral Law Trad” and legal processes of rabbis.

    Thus for example, Talmud is made up of two large parts, “Mishnah and Gemara,” Mishnah being official, definitive “midrash” (interpretation) of the Torah, Gemara then being the midrash (interpretation) of the Mishnah–endless midrash (interpretation)–EXTREME SUBJECTIVISM–again, there is no practical objective reality for Jews.

    Such then is the great Hegelian-style ANTI-THETICAL nature of Christian worship of TRUTH (=Christ) above all/any other value, versus extreme SUBECTIVISM of Talmud, “midrash,” and Oral Law Trad. For Christianity holds TRUTH (= Christ) real, actual thing by itself, founded thereby and therefore upon the OBJECTIVE, hence determinist, reality (as of Aristotle, though of course neither Aristotle nor determinism are ever explicitly mentioned in Christian New Test.).

    Pharisees, Pharisaics, thus the rabbis and the Talmud DENY anything is “truth” but what they say it is, according to the midrash (and “Oral Law Trad.”). Thus we see the great Hegelian-style anti-theses, Jew subjectivist vs. Christian objective (and determinist, in accord w. absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly “free” human will) realities, similar to Plato (“transcendence”) vs. Aristotle (“Immanence”).

    So for Christians there’s no “good-evil”–all humans are sinners (self-interested) in eyes of God, and only God’s grace and mercy can achieve heavenly salvation for hopelessly sinful (because necessarily self-interested) humans.

    For definitive ref., pls see,,, and

    So for Jews, we see, “good” is relative and subjective, and means merely what rabbis say–thus our dear hero and saint, Adolf Hitler, is understood by Jews, naturally as very epitome of “evil”–“anti-Semitic”–and this is because Hitler spoke honestly and truthfully about Jews which truths Jews resent, deny, and want to keep hidden–as indeed Jews want to keep hidden, mystified, and confused what their general subjectivism, “Oral Law Trad.,” and midrash really means for gentiles, gentiles (“Amalekites”–see Book of 1Samuel) to be exploited, to put it mildly.

  55. Ragno says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    U.S. Vice Admirable Jerome Adams

    Homey the Surgeon General, dawg.

  56. While the magnanimus in his elevated vision transforms rubble into something sublime and overpowering, the resentful and envious in his peripheral vision lowers everything to its low level.

    The Bolshevik will always be linked to a “humanitarian” cause, allying himself with the victim to gather sympathizers and at the same time camouflage his coup bias. If it doesn’t annihilate, it mutilates.

    It’s the typical picaresque – you only feel someone promoting or watching someone else’s misfortune.

    To rehabilitate Adolf Hitler is to restore the truth.

    The world is spiritually, morally, economically, environmentally degenerated because Germany lost the war.


    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  57. The facts and not the propaganda denote that Hitler’s Third Reich sealed the peak of moral, intellectual, economic, environmental and social progress reached by humanity proving the quote in Matthew 7:16 – “By their fruits you will know them”


    THE “DEMONIAC FLAME / DEMONIAC GLOW” alleged by the COMMUNIST PARROT here at 04:02 symbolizes and attests for his works as a matter of fact, THE LIGHT AMONG THE DARKNESS












    Roosevelt and Churchill confessed and carried out their genocides – click on the image to see it enlarged

    Satan, quoted by Jesus in John 8:44, as the father of liars and murderers, he will always pretend himself a martyr to incriminate his victims of their own barbarism.

    To speak the truth will never be to speak ill of something or someone.

    When reporting and describing that the Thames River is filthy, rotten and fetid, one is not speaking ill of it, but describing its state and nature

    “I have glimpsed into hell. The Jews are in control.” (Sir Percival Phillips)

  58. Nature and its law are waiting for us all.

    History is guided by God’s project, a project that is always focused on freedom and life. The fate of a society always depends on the attitude it takes towards this project: either it will have freedom and life, or it will produce slavery and death.

    “… Teacher Don Salvador Borrego speaks of the star fighting the cross in World War II. American Scherman tanks had a five-pointed star, and Soviet tanks had another five-pointed star that was identical to the American one red and the other was silver, and the Germans wore the Teutonic Knight’s Cross, which represented European Christianity”

    Disinformation is a fertile ground for the spread of deception, the main instrument of the diabolical forces that try to gain enough power to enslave and subdue mankind.

  59. I’d settled for people realizing once and for all that even though Nazism was bad, Communism was worse.
    As for Israeli settlers, yeah most of them ARE Nazis, their treatment of and attitude towards the Palestinians proves that.

  60. @ulysses freire da paz jr

    Bolsheviks were essentially Jewish-led Nazis. Their treatment of Russian Orthodox Christians was tantamount to a Holocaust.

  61. Wally says:

    The easiest way to silence those who mindlessly invoke ‘Hitler’ is to ask for proof of the allegations against him.

    “And note then, any serious dissent to this Satanism and religion of HATRED (as of unc’ Adolf, supreme martyr–after Christ himself) is prosecuted to full extent of law–as done to Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Robt. Faurisson, Jean-Marie Le Pen, and any other rationalist defenders or even advocates of significant truth no matter how slight.”

    More on those persecuted, imprisoned or Thought Crimes:

    Official list of Revisionist scholars persecuted / imprisoned for questioning the “Holocaust”:

  62. @ulysses freire da paz jr

    Only communists and their inventors exterminate dissidents. Nazism fought anti-Christianity and was therefore and is exiled by the same people who crucified Jesus and invented Cheka

  63. @Fidelios Automata

    Capitalist democracy is as genocidal as its guardian angel Communism. HUNGER, Oppression, underemployment and the misery inherent in them, abortions and plunder wars are on the agenda of these two disastrous ideologies

    “We are going to suffer the same fate as Germany suffered, and for the same reason.”


    Satan, quoted by Jesus in John 8:44, as the father of liars and murderers, he will always pretend himself a martyr to incriminate his victims of their own barbarism.

    Every communist is a liar and a criminal, invents atrocities on his opponents to justify his extermination

    The world is degenerating spiritually, morally, economically and environmentally because it believed in the barbarism invented by the communist media about Germany

    to cover up the atrocities committed by themselves

    The facts, not the propaganda, show that Hitler’s Third Reich sealed the culmination of human, intellectual, moral, intellectual, economic, environmental, and social progress

    All of that is correct. Why else do you doubt the cause of the war? The light of the empire threatens Jewish domination and darkness. The enemy must be hostile to propaganda instead of proving himself to be the savior of the world.

    History is led by God’s project, a project that is always focused on freedom and life.

    The fate of a society always depends on the attitude it takes in the face of this project:

    Either it will have freedom and life or it will produce slavery and death.

  64. This is not propaganda, but a documented study by a high-ranking US military

    Nothing similar was discovered, apart from false and defamatory accusations, in Hitler’s Germany

    ”I am 74 years old at the time I wrote those words. My generation grew up practically flooded with anti-German propaganda. We were taught, literally, to hate Germans as a people. However, the Germans I have known or befriended over the years look no different from other Europeans, not even Americans, and they don’t seem more inclined to violence and militarism than any other; and if it’s something, it seems less.

    I never discovered anything that could be considered intrinsically “wrong” in the German character. They are a highly cultivated people, very civilized in every way. If studied objectively, even Germany’s leaders in the 1930s and 1940s were not much different from other European leaders. They were only interpreted as different by the relentless hate propaganda directed against them.

    Germany suffered much more than any other country as a result of World War II. Approximately 160 of its largest cities and towns were completely destroyed by the Allied bombing campaign, and perhaps no less than 20 million Germans lost their lives as a result of the war. However, no one wants to hear his reports of suffering, and no compassion was allowed to the defeated and dishonored Germans. Anti-German propaganda cultivated the general feeling that they got what they deserved.

    All responsibility for the start of the two wars and all the deaths and destruction resulting from them were attributed to the Germans (although the facts do not confirm this). Since they were the losers of the two World Wars, they were never allowed to present their case to the world court or to tell the side of the story anyway. The winners of the wars, after all, write the history books. Not even the true story of what happened during the war appeared in the Nuremberg trials. The Nuremberg Trials were nothing more than Soviet-style judgment performances that violated all standards of traditional British and American justice. His aim was not to discover guilt or innocence, but to spread a veneer of legality over a decision that had already been taken to execute Germany’s leaders. The Nuremberg circus was a sham and a parody.

    Anti-German propaganda, used to create the climate of hatred that made possible the mass destruction and death of German civilians, continued tirelessly long after the end of the war, when it would seem natural for sober historians to begin to moderate their interests. extreme views of Germany. The fantasy stories of atrocities continue today. It is only necessary to tune the History Channel to see them repeated several times.

    On the other hand, it was not long before the end of the First World War, when the stories of atrocities attributed to the Germans during the war were exposed as deliberate lies. Responsible men conducted careful investigations and found that none of them were true. All the tabloid stories were deliberately fabricated to win British public support for the war against Germany and also to attract the United States. the war.

    But a different factor was at stake after World War II to keep the fake horror stories alive, a factor that didn’t exist after World War I. After World War II, Jews exploited the anti-German sentiment of the world, which they themselves had created largely through their propaganda, to justify the creation of their much sought after State of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people.

    By manipulating the international media, Jews gained worldwide compassion for them with their sensational stories of unique Jewish suffering at the hands of cruel Germans. They claimed that Germany had followed a systematic plan to exterminate all Jews in Europe and that before the end of the war they had managed to kill 6 million of them. The alleged method was to corner Jews from all parts of Europe, drag them on trains to supposed “death camps”, where they were gathered in gas chambers and killed, and their bodies were then burned in gigantic crematoriums, with, conveniently, no forensic evidence of what happened then. In the absence of forensic evidence, eye testimony,

    Judges at the Nuremberg Trials were not immune to the floods of anti-German hate propaganda and were predisposed, even before the start of the trials, to believe any horror story, however fantastic it was on the subject. Germans. Another factor that predetermined the outcome of these “trials” was that prosecutors also served as investigators, prosecutors and final judges. The lawsuits were also completely impregnated in an atmosphere of seeking Jewish revenge. Right behind the Gentile figures, most of the lawyers, prosecutors and investigators were Jews.

    Hundreds of Jews who could barely speak English were enjoying themselves in the uniforms of US Army officers. Two of the eight judges at Nuremberg were Jews, Robert Falco, from France, and Lieutenant Colonel AF Volchkov (royal surname, Berkman) from the Soviet Union. The general accuser of the “Supreme Court” was Dr. Jakob Meistner, a Jew. His mastery and control of the processes were evident. Even the executioner of the 10 National Socialist leaders sentenced to death, Sergeant John C. Woods, was a Jew, and the hangings took place on October 16, 1946, the Jewish holiday of “Purim”. In the book of Esther, the 10 sons of Haman, an enemy of the Jews, were hanged on the day of Purim. According to Hungarian war journalist Louis Marschalko who wrote about the lawsuits, “of the 3,000 people employed by Nuremberg court officials, 2,400 were Jews”. The “Holocaust” story we know so well today was developed during the Nuremberg Trials.

    By skillfully cultivating and propagating the “Holocaust” story, Jews were able to extract hundreds of billions of dollars from Germany and the United States, most of which was used to finance the new state of Israel. The claim that the Jews in Israel “made the desert bloom” was true. They did this with German and American money. Now they are working hard to harvest billions from other European countries in what was derogatory, but correctly called “the Holocaust Industry”.

    Even now, more than half a million so-called “holocaust survivors” who live mainly in Israel and the United States receive lifetime pensions from the German government. And what is a “Holocaust survivor”? Any Jew who lived anywhere in Germany-controlled territory at any time during the war, living in a concentration camp or in the lap of luxury, is a survivor of the “Holocaust” and is therefore eligible for a pension. German. Furthermore, any Jew who was forced to leave Europe during the National Socialist era is a survivor of the “Holocaust”. Christian survivors of war, no matter how dire their experience, are not eligible for pensions. “Shoah” is the Hebrew word for “Holocaust”. He joked that “there is no business like Shoah’s business”.

    The whole “Holocaust” fraud turned into a huge extortion against European countries, especially Germany. The “Holocaust” story also has other uses. It is routinely invoked to disarm the general public from defending itself against Jewish predation. Prime Minister Netanyahu regularly invokes the “Holocaust” to justify Israeli attacks on his neighbors.

    Keeping this lucrative train moving requires continuing to legitimize Jews as the last group of victims in history, which in turn requires the ultimate victimizer of Jews, and Germany has been assigned to play this role in perpetuity. The Jewish-controlled History Channel, or “Hitler Channel,” as it is sometimes called a mockery, owes its success to the continued repetition of these anti-German propaganda programs. Any modification or revision of that carefully cultivated image of Germany as the evil monster of history, and particularly as the evil victimizer of the Jews, would threaten the entire history of the “Holocaust”. Therefore, this image is zealous and carefully protected by the press and the media controlled by the Jew, and woe to anyone who dares to question it. Whoever does this is immediately attacked and slandered like a mad “anti-Semite”.

    Jews are also reluctant to abandon or even moderate their search for revenge. Elders who have endured their lives as fugitives are still being persecuted as “war criminals” and “brought to justice” or summarily killed immediately (they call it revenge). The only crime for which these elders can be blamed is having been an officer or soldier in the German army during the war.

    But why would anyone ask, among all the carnage, death and destruction that occurred during World War II, did the so-called “Holocaust” emerge as the central story of the atrocities? Approximately 55 million people died during the war, with only a small percentage of them Jews, certainly only a fraction of the alleged 6 million. All other nationalities who have been fighting for a long time have left the war behind and tried to make peace with their former enemies, but not with the Jews! Two-thirds of the century has passed, but Jews are still harboring their resentments, still building “Holocaust” museums and memorials (at the expense of various governments, by the way), and they are still investigating new ways to obtain money from various countries. as “compensation”. But why should only Jews be compensated? Many millions of other people in Europe lost everything in the war.

    The “Holocaust” has evolved over the years to become the national myth of the Jewish people, with all the characteristics of a religion, complete with its own Satan: Hitler. The “Holocaust” myth is the binder that holds the Jewish people together as a distinct nationality and, therefore, they carefully preserve and protect them. As a consequence, the poor Germans are perpetually confined to the role of the evil monster in history, regardless of what the real facts are.

    But even if all the stories of German atrocities during World War II were true in every detail, they still would not compare in their inhumanity to the atrocities committed against the Germans. The indiscriminate bombardment of saturation in German cities, the brutal expulsion of entire German populations after the war, the postwar deprivations imposed by the Allies, the Soviet massacres and the political liquidations, simply diminish the “Holocaust”. in the destruction of human life and in the destruction of the accumulated works of human civilization. Any final accounting and balancing of the conduct of all combatants during World War II could only result in Germany’s exoneration as “just” barbaric in its methods of war or in the treatment of target populations.

    The German people were devastated by the war to a greater extent than any other participant, including the Jews, while at the same time being stigmatized as the wicked and wicked predators of the war. They were forced to pay a terrible price for atrocities during World War II that may never have occurred, or at least never occurred to the alleged degree. It becomes clear, over time, that the Germans were the real victims of the two world wars, and that they continue to be.”

    Source and continuation or by audio here:

    To speak the truth will never be to speak ill of something or someone.

    When reporting and describing that the Thames River is filthy, rotten and fetid, one is not speaking ill of it, but describing its state and nature

    Benjamin Freedman, a Jewish millionaire who exposed in 1961 the involvement of the Zionist Talmudists in the post-1945 World Wars and New World Order. The next world war will be for the establishment of the New World Order with the world capital in Jerusalem, as David Ben Gurion, a Zionist Jew and globalist on January 16, 1962, told Life Magazine and Look Magazine. of the Supreme Court of Humanity. “This statement was made in 1961 at the Willard Hotel.

    Diese Version 13. Februar 2019 – Redefreiheit, Internet und Holocaust-Revisionismus von Rae West






    The meaning of the Holocaust Dr. William L. Pierce





















    History is led by God’s project, a project that is always focused on freedom and life. The fate of a society always depends on the attitude it takes in the face of this project:

    Either it will have freedom and life or it will produce slavery and death.

  65. @Wally

    Blacks in general are not crazy about Jews. I think that’s what held Bernie Sanders back.

  66. @Fidelios Automata

    The tree that bears the most fruit is the one that is most stoned.

    Any accusation without evidence is defamation, even if it is passed on Investigate further the source of such nonsense. Fidelios Automata

  67. Am 28. April 1937 wurde Volkswagen aus Hitlers Deutschland gegründet


    An diesem Tag im Jahr 1937 wurde vom Dritten Reich die Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagen mbH gegründet, die später in Volkswagenwerk GmbH (1938) umbenannt wurde. Das Projekt war eines von Adolf Hitlers vielen sozialen Projekten im Rahmen von Kraft durch Freude (KdF). Als Volkswagen seine Arbeit aufnahm, entstand in Niedersachsen eine völlig neue Stadt namens Stadt des KdF-Wagens. Die britischen Bewohner änderten später den Namen der Stadt in Wolfsburg, aber Volkswagen existiert noch heute in dieser Stadt.

    Die Idee von Volkswagen war es, allen Deutschen günstige Autos von guter Qualität zum gleichen Preis wie ein leichtes Motorrad anzubieten, damit jede Familie frei reisen kann. Ein “Volkswaten” war ein Fahrzeug, das allen Menschen zugänglich war. Das Projekt wurde, wie viele andere im Deutschen Reich, aufgrund des erzwungenen Weltkrieges eingestellt, als alle Energien später abgelenkt wurden und der “Käfer” zu einem der kultigsten Autos aller Zeiten geworden war.

    Der nationalsozialistische Volkswagen machte eine Filmkarriere. Hier “Herbie” – der berühmteste Volkswagen Typ 1 der Welt.

    Alles begann im Sommer 1932, als Adolf Hitler in einem Restaurant in München saß und den Volkswagen Typ 1-Prototyp zeichnete, der im Volksmund “Blase” oder “Käfer” genannt wurde.

    Hitler gab Jakob Werlin, Chef von Daimler-Benz, eine Skizze mit folgenden Worten: “Nehmen Sie sie weg und sprechen Sie mit Menschen, die das besser verstehen als ich. Aber vergessen Sie es nicht. Ich möchte bald von Ihnen hören die technischen Details. ”

    Sein Preis betrug 990 Reichsmark, um den Anforderungen des Führers und des Geistes des Nationalsozialismus gerecht zu werden, und trotz der kontinuierlichen Kapitaleinlagen der Regierung wurde das Werk nicht fertiggestellt, da in einer ersten Phase geplant war, 500.000 Fahrzeuge pro Jahr herzustellen später diesen Betrag auf 1.000.000 erhöhen.

    Mitte 1939 erhielt das Werk in Wolfsburg die ersten Maschinen zur gleichen Zeit, als in Brunswik ein Werk zur Ausbildung des Personals und der Ingenieurschule eingeweiht wurde. Aber der übermäßige Ehrgeiz der Briten und ihrer Verbündeten war stärker und trieb den Beginn des zweiten großen Krieges an. So wurde der Gedanke an die Vergrößerung des Führers durch die Bevölkerung gegenüber seinem Volk durch den Krieg, den die “Verbündeten” auslösten, verkürzt und prägte damit den Beginn des Niedergangs der neuen Welt.

    Am 17. Februar 1938 wurde das endgültige Modell des Volkswagen in Anwesenheit des Führers Adolf Hitler offiziell vorgestellt und am 26. Mai der Grundstein für das Wolfsburger Werk gelegt. Dieses endgültige Modell der VW38-Serie wurde als KdF-Akronym für die NS-Organisation Kraft durch Freude bezeichnet.

    Am 6. Oktober wurde der Name des Unternehmens von der Volkswagenwerk GmbH geändert, aber die Autos wurden trotz der Begeisterung der Menschen, die sich für den KdF-Sparplan angemeldet hatten, und der ständigen offiziellen Propaganda mit Präsentationstouren im ganzen Land immer noch nicht hergestellt.


    Was ist Nationalsozialismus?

  68. MarLuc7 says:

    Hitler can never be rehabilitated. An Evil Hitler = Holocaust = Holocaust Industry = Billions up Billions to Israel. Without an evil Hitler and the “Axis of Evil”, the Holocaust myth implodes. Ask yourselves….”why have we Americans in 75 years of Hollywood, have not seen one movie depicting the German side of the story”????? Why is it always Jewish German Nazi Porn.

    If this Hoax is every exposed, the Jews will be the laughing stock of the world for 1000 years to come. Germany would explode into chaos as all the German citizens rise up and take back their country and reclaim their proud heritage. Their false shame and humiliation would turn to rage. World wide Pogroms would ensue and the wealthy Jews would flee to their beach front property in Israel. The prominent Christian Zionist Evangelicals would flee to Israel with their millions in traitorous money. All American Jews would be disgusted with Israel and Zionism. Israel would lose its loyalty and funding from America and American Jews. All of the world would take a very hard look at WWI and WWII uncovering Jewish machinations and all of their horrible social experiments; Marxism, Bolshevism, Communism and Zionism.

    AIPAC and the ADL would be torched and burnt to the ground. Every Jew in any political capacity that has dual citizenship would be ran out of the country. US Congress will demolish the Jewish Monopoly of US Media; once and for all banning any ethnic group from controlling so much media.
    US Congress will for the first time in history require the Federal Reserve to disclose its books to all of America. All moneys will have to accounted for. The revealed theft will be levied against Israel.

    All immigration to Israel will cease. All funding will Cease. Israel’s enemies will close in and without America’s military support, Israel will perish.

    All of this would happen if anyone humanized Hitler. Why do you thing the Jews have been hunting and killing off his high command for the last 70 years? To silence all the credible opposition to their ridiculous Holocaust Myth. Why do you think 20 countries now have “Hate Speech Laws” in place, preventing the public debates, media discussions, posts or books challenging their Myth. Why do you think Britain’s foremost, world renowned Historian, Mr. David Irving, was imprisoned????? As so many other Revisionist…and their Lawyers.

    The Allied war crimes would be, for the first time, really exposed and looked at. The German people would be paid billions in reparations from Israel and the US. All of humanity would be AWOKE and immune from Propaganda preying on our ignorance.

    Finally, the world would begin to heal.

  69. For the TV hostages, it may seem cliché, but the photo and the facts are irrefutable. What facts?


    Or these?

    It is not enough to claim, it is urgent to prove !!!


    In defense of the Fuhrer. Who really wanted war?

    “I solemnly promise you, American mothers, that your children will not fight on foreign beaches.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    Roosevelt conspired to start World War II in Europe

    Collusion: Franklin Roosevelt, British Intelligence and the secret campaign to push the US into war

    Hitler was forced, forced, compelled to S O C O R R E THE GERMANS OF POLISH MASSACRE ORDERED BY ENGLAND AND THE USA proofs here



    how much more evidence is needed to show that the Germans needed to be rescued?

    The myth that the Red Army would have won the victory without the help of the USA in the form of Lend-Lease -i-bez-zap

    If there were no deliveries of raw materials, fuels and industrial plants under the Lend-Lease, the Soviet Communist industry would not be able to overcome German industry in the manufacture of tanks and aircraft, nor to produce the necessary quantity of ammunition, and under such conditions they would be unable to defeat German troops, which, demonstrably did not planned or wanted war with anyone.

    At any time or place – those who who don’t read knows as much as anyone who can’t read.

    by Salvador Borrego E., is one of the most important published in America since 1953. Placing ourselves on the side of the enemies of German power, it is natural that all our ideas are tinted with the color of allied propaganda.

    The lie of German villainy
    Full audio book English / German

    The Enemy of Europe This address does not open by clicking on it – just copying and pasting it in the address bar

    55 questions about the Holocaust scam


    Germany before the “release”

    The only authentic socialism is Hitler’s National Socialism, which reached the highest spiritual, moral, social, economic and environmental standard of mankind. , created the first popular car, the first amphibious vehicle … among many other inventions WEALTH GENERATORS HONESTLY stolen and looted by the capitalist / communist gang of bankers shielded at UN & NATO. see article and comments below .

    Patton Assassinated to Suppress His Criticism of Post-War Policy

  70. Marxism is the guardian angel of capitalism – Choose National Socialism – list 1.

    The immediate result of the involvement of the Jew William Christian Bullitt Jr. in British, German and Polish diplomacy was threefold:
    1) Pressured Roosevelt to increase tensions between Britain and Germany;

    2) directly pressured Britain to make a promise to go to war with Germany. the “guarantee of war” of March 31, 1939 and

    3) this, in turn, influenced the Poles to refuse any further negotiations with Hitler for a peaceful solution for Danzig or the Corridor. Its long-term result was, in Chamberlain’s own words, the “disgrace of civilization”


    The current zeitgeist, which rules the unfree peoples, is the result and the triumph of lies. “The world wants to be lied to”. All modern technical means, such as the press, images, film and radio, are put to the service of lies

    “Jewish world domination will be broken by Adolf Hitler and the German people that he leads!

    Divine grace has allowed us to live and fight under this unique man. We want to be thankful for each day the Almighty gives us, and dedicate each hour of our life to the battle for truth. We recognize no small or great sorrows. Our attitude toward life and death is entirely clear. There is no “maybe” any longer for a German. We have overcome that pacifistic self-deception and thrown all secret desires for a comfortable life from our hearts. Nature herself has revealed truth to us and ordered a battle against the lie. With such a task we long to gain the highest thing that people can wish for, justice.
    Berlin, end of February 1944″


    “For there are many rebels, idle talkers and deceivers,
    especially those circumcised, to whom the mouth must be closed.

    They corrupt entire houses, teaching what they owe, out of shameful self-interest.

    For this reason, he strictly disapproves of them, so that they are healthy in the faith, paying no attention to Jewish fables and the decrees of people who turn away from the truth.

    For the pure, everything is pure; and for the defiled and unbelievers there is nothing pure, but both their mind and their conscience are defiled. ”

    (Apostle Paul to Titus, 1, 10, 11 and 13-15)

    “What kind of “freedom” do Jews and their followers shout when, rejecting all kinds of human differences, democracy logically leads to the rule of plutocracy? Cursing the rich, democracy at heart envies them and only dreams of taking its place. Thus, in a democracy, hatred of the rich goes hand in hand with the worship of wealth, that is, with the despotism of the Jewish stock exchange.” Alexey SHMAKOV on FREEDOM AND JEWS


    Race IS NOT COLOR, however, ancestry and standard genetic inheritance that underlie the characteristics and abilities of a people, a nation. Every tool is specific, every organ of the human body, every vehicle, every race also has its own peculiarities An airplane will never do the work of a tractor and vice versa


    What we should do now must be determined by one thing only, and that thing is our purpose, which is the Creator’s purpose, which is the Creator’s self-realization. In immediate, concrete, and specific terms, that means our guide to action must be our goal of assuring the survival of our race and promoting the progress of our race. Spiritual progress first — through the spreading of the consciousness of our truth among our people until it prevails over all opposition and all indifference. And then material progress, biological progress, for a return to the long-neglected upward breeding of our race.

    —n the case of sex, we drew some specific rules from a guiding principle. The guiding principle is that sex is the means by which the Creator seeks self realization through the evolutionary process, and that therefore the sex act is sacred. It is first and foremost an act of creation. Specifically, we have the positive obligation to select a racial and genetically sound mate and to engender healthy and racially pure children. And, we have negative obligations; first we may have no sex which defiles the race, because that is also the defilement of the Creator. Such sex is interracial sex and sex which brings unsound children into the world. Second, we may have no sex which symbolically defiles the Creator through the defiling sex as an act of creation; such sex is homosexuality and rape.

    Needless to say, our sexual standards derived from this principle are quite different from the standards of those who follow the Jewish materialist line that “if it feels good it’s okay,” and they’re also different from the Puritan standard that if it feels good it must be sinful. A great deal more can be said about sexual ethics, but I want to talk about some other things too, about the specific ways in which our general ethical principles derived from our purpose should guide our behavior.

    Remember that the reason for having rules of behavior in the first place is in order to get the job done better. Some of the rules that we must obey are concerned in a direct and physical way with our purpose — the rule against interracial sex, for example. And others are more symbolic than physical; they also serve our purpose, however, by affecting our consciousness. We briefly mentioned one such rule last time: a rule against drunkenness. Drunkenness is intolerable among our own members because it degrades us and robs us of our dignity. There is hardly anyone less dignified than someone who is intoxicated, whether by alcohol or with some other drug. Such a person is a figure of contempt and if he is one of our members, a representative of our truth, then he not only brings contempt by the public down on our truth but he robs himself of the self-respect which everyone must have in the highest degree if he is to rightfully consider himself a bearer of the ordained mission of our race and a fitting seeker of our destiny, which is Godhood.

    So, symbolic behavior is important. It may not seem to be of really cosmic significance if someone gets drunk or not, but in a sense it is: Behavior is as important as the truth it represents. Of course, an individual or a whole community may not represent anything; it may not stand for anything beyond themselves. We don’t have to look far to find a community like that with hundreds of millions of individuals. But our community does stand for something, for a single great truth — and it must reflect that fact. An idea or a truth may exist in a mind somewhere, or it may be set down in a book buried in a library, but it only acquires significance when it becomes embodied in a living community. A community embodies a truth not just by individual members having it in the back of their minds, but by the behavior of the whole community continually reflecting it — by having the truth mold and shape the community.

    If a stranger comes into a community which truly embodies a spiritual idea he doesn’t have to discover the fact of that embodiment by having a member take him aside and explain it to him. He can see it all around: the way that members of the community act, and the way they conduct their daily lives — in other words, in their attitudes and their actions as well as their beliefs. An idea which is not embodied in a community in this way, which is not reflected in the behavior and attitudes of the community but which only exists in the mind or on paper is a sterile idea; it has no vitality, no real significance. That’s why no religion worth mentioning has ever existed in an idea alone, in a theology or a cosmology alone — but always in an idea coupled to continuing action. The idea determines the form of the action and the action in turn reflects the content of the idea.

    Although it may seem a bit artificial to separate this action into two different types, it’s customary to do so: The two types are what we call ethical action, or behavior derived from an ethic; and ritual or symbolic action, which simply reflects in a more formal way than ethical action does the content of the governing idea. Both types of action are essential to the vitality of the idea. An example of ethical behavior is the conduct of one’s sex life in accord to the principles we derived earlier. An example of ritual action is the recitation of our affirmation at each of our meetings. Another example is the wearing of our Life Rune, but, as I just said, the separation of these types of behavior is artificial and it is better to view any action as having two aspects, an ethical aspect and a symbolic aspect. In some cases the ethical aspect is predominant and in other cases the symbolic aspect, but I think it’s important to view nearly every action, nearly everything we do, as having both these aspects.

    I want to elaborate on that. We have a goal-oriented ethic. Our standards of conduct are all directed towards our purpose, whether it’s a sexual standard with an immediate biological object in mind — or whether it’s the application of the golden rule to our social relations with each other, which has the simple object of minimizing social friction and increasing our efficiency and our solidarity as a goal-oriented community. But the single most important factor in maintaining and building our community is consciousness. An ever-present awareness and understanding of our identity and our mission. And the entire purpose of symbolic behavior or ritual behavior is to build and maintain this consciousness. So that symbolic behavior is as surely aimed at our goal as is ethical behavior. Not only what we do should be determined in a more or less direct way by our purpose, but also how we do it. The way in which we go about it is symbolically significant — and therefore also important.

    Though we hear a lot these days about human dignity from the television commentator or the Washington Post editorial writer, that’s just a code phrase for reminding us that since Blacks belong to the same species we do, they are the same as we are in every respect. They have “human dignity” just like we do. Now it’s too bad that the concept of human dignity has been abused and misused in this way. It’s too bad that it’s been degraded to serve as a phony excuse for most of the insanity, or at least much of the insanity, which afflicts our society today. Like so many other things it is used perversely to destroy the very thing that it’s supposed to represent. Nevertheless, human dignity is a very important thing, once we realize that it has nothing to do with racial equality or with a bigger welfare budget or with job quotas or with changing the name of the Boy Scouts because a certain minority group finds the word “boy” offensive. No, we human beings do not have dignity bestowed on us by any civil rights laws — or by having more money to spend — or by being able to elbow our way into any club or school — or by being able to marry anyone’s sister. And we are certainly not born with any type of automatic dignity. Just watching the everyday behavior of most of the people around us should convince us of that.

    We acquire human dignity and we acquire it only to the extent that we behave in a way that reflects the fact that we are of the Creator; only to the extent that the spark of divine consciousness inside us illuminates and guides our lives. Human dignity expressed in our behavior and our manner symbolizes what we are and what our purpose and our destiny are.

    Let’s illustrate that with some examples. It’s easy to think of negative examples: A drunk, even though he may be solemn or even pompous, is without human dignity — and so is a person who has no consciousness or pride of race.

    It’s no mere coincidence that during the same period in which the government, media, and the schools have done so much to eradicate consciousness of race and to destroy racial pride, we have seen politicians reach new depths in undignified behavior — and have also seen the American public vastly increase its consumption of every sort of drug and intoxicant. And we’ve seen them do other things too, such as abandoning their traditional dance styles which at least used to have a little bit of dignity about them and replacing them with African styles which have no dignity at all.

    History provides us with a number of positive examples also: Among the ancient Greeks, the Spartans were foremost among the upholders of human dignity, and by that I mean real human dignity, not what passes for it on TV today. The Spartans were also the most racially conscious of the Greeks. The English historian Edward Gibbon tells us that after King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans, who fought to the last man defending the pass of Thermopylae against the Persian army in 480 BC, all the Greeks were very impressed with their heroism — all except the other Spartans. They didn’t consider the action of Leonidas and his men exceptional at all: What they did at Thermopylae was their duty and every Spartan would have behaved in exactly the same way if he had been at Thermopylae instead. The Spartans were, first and foremost, conscious of who they were and what they represented. They were a warrior elite who had come down from the north and subjugated the racially inferior people who vastly outnumbered them.

    This Spartan consciousness is what lay behind the famous Spartan self-discipline. It determined every aspect of their behavior throughout their lives. The Athenians may have been more cultured but the Spartans had more human dignity — and as long as they maintained that dignity they prevailed over their enemies, including the Athenians. For us, just as for the Spartans, consciousness is the prerequisite for human dignity. But, in order to achieve that dignity, we need not only consciousness but also self-discipline, so that our behavior reflects at all times what we are and what we are striving to become. Consciousness leads to human dignity — and human dignity in turn serves to continually reinforce that consciousness.”


  71. What is National Socialism?

    Dean Jackson


    National Socialism (abbreviation NS) is a worldview based on the Führer principle and racial ideas, which unites ethnic nationalism with socialism; it was implemented from 1933 to 1945 as a state, sovereign one-party system in the German Reich.

    National Socialism is expressly committed to the German people and turns among other things. against Marxism and liberalism. In addition, he regards the increasing Jewish influence on the national bodies of historically grown peoples as an existential threat to all peoples, which is why the prompt solution of the Jewish question is demanded in order to preserve the German national community. National Socialism does not strive for the totality of the state, but the claim to the totality of the idea in the overall area of ??the political life of the people. A direct transfer of National Socialism to other peoples was always rejected by Adolf Hitler [1] but an adaptation was not generally ruled out. [2]

    In terms of economic policy, the National Socialist program, according to an expression created by Gottfried Feder, calls for the “breaking of interest bondage”, the profit sharing of workers in large companies, the expansion of social legislation, the fight against land speculation and the communalization of department stores. Furthermore, he does not want to eliminate the entire capitalist economic order and private property, but rather to protect the general public from the excesses of the capitalist system. [3]


    Nationalism from the perspective of the National Socialist point of view means appreciation and preservation of one’s own national body while respecting the national interests of other peoples. A chauvinism, which, as malignant nationalism, aims to degrade and damage other national bodies, is rejected. Only internationalism, which wants to abolish the peculiarities of the peoples, is combated by National Socialism. This internationalism is embodied by capitalism, Bolshevism and Judaism.

    Adolf Hitler himself described National Socialism as “the political doctrine of the national community”. He understood nationalism as the individual’s devotion to his or her national community, and socialism as the national community’s responsibility for the individual. Nationalism and socialism essentially meant the same thing for Hitler, namely self-sacrifice for his own people:

    “I understand by socialism: the highest service to my people, giving up personal gain in the interests of the community as a whole. […] The benefit of the whole is essential. In the end, the term nationalism means nothing more than devotion and love for my people. “[4]

    Class struggle stood in the way of national unification: “The name nationalism or socialism denoted attitudes towards life and did not allow new values ??to be created. The lack of a sense of community turned into glowing hatred for one another. Today the antagonism between citizens and proletarians must be overcome, because the rise of every nation can only take place under common slogans. We have to close the gap and regain our strength on a new platform. “[5]

    Most of the small Nationalist groups made themselves available to the movement after the victory of the National Socialist Revolution in 1933. A visible expression of the merging of the various groups into the great popular movement was the handing over of the flags of the various national associations and voluntary corps to the movement in November 1933. [Note. 1]


    Since the people are the highest value for National Socialism, socialism stands for a certain form of the people’s order or national community (also called Volksgenossenschaft). In the National Socialist welfare state every worker is respected equally. National Socialism opposed the ideas of charity and mercy with the duty to stand up for the community with every victim. For National Socialism, socialism does not mean the solution of the workers’ question, but the bringing together of all Germans into a real community.

    National Socialism answers the socialist question in that it falls back on the original values ??of life and places the person as a personality in relation to the community. He advocates overcoming individualistic thinking in favor of rebuilding a folk community from a community-conscious attitude. This socialism is also called German socialism. The main concerns of “German socialism” are the preservation and strengthening of the people and the formation of a national community. In the latter, the value of individual personalities is not determined according to origin, wealth and status, but solely according to their performance for the community. In order to create a real welfare state, all individuals of the national body should contribute to the common good of the people, overcoming egoism. German socialism means service to the ethnic community out of national obligation.

    True socialism is the highest nationality. – ADOLF HITLER, WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR? (1944)

    The elimination of unemployment and the law on the order of national work, the efforts of the German Labor Front and the NS-Volkswohlfahrt, the establishment of the “Kraft durch Freude” and above all the Winter Relief Organization were expressions of a socialist, i.e. community-conscious will of the state and the party Third Reich.

    The belief

    National Socialism is neither a phenomenon of the times nor a specific form of government. It is a worldview of depth and mental creativity. The core of the National Socialist worldview is the conception of the people as the higher value compared to the individual and the state; the highest value in relation to the state and the individual lies in the divine. National Socialism sees the people as a living “community of blood and soil”. Based on this conviction, the moral imperative “common good comes before self-interest” applies. His view is based on the idea of ??the national community and the blood-like bond of all Germans, rejecting all class and class differences. Decisive for the position of the individual under National Socialism is – regardless of origin, property and social position – the performance for the community. National Socialism strives to overcome the consumer-fixated man, controlled by a culture and media industry, on the one hand, and the communist mass man on the other. The goal is a community connected by common work, which realizes the equality of its members.

    National Socialism sees itself as a liberal worldview, whereby “freedom” is not to be equated with the liberalist concept of freedom, which can degenerate into selfish licentiousness. National Socialism speaks of inner freedom and means freedom of conscience, freedom of the soul and freedom of the full development of the personality for the benefit of the whole nation. According to the National Socialist view, personal freedom is limited by ties to the supra-personal, blood-based, popular and state structures: family, tribe, people, class organization and state. Freedom is therefore inseparable from the responsibility of the individual towards these structures.

    The goals of National Socialism are the life of the people in honor and freedom, the safeguarding and increasing of the existence of the German people, the expansion of their basis of life and nutrition (see also: freedom of food, self-sufficiency) and the safeguarding of the development of all peace-loving European peoples.

    In the Germanic prehistory and early history he tries to capture the German species. National Socialism also took up ideas from Herder, Fichte, Nietsche, Lagardes, Chamerblains and others. return. The concrete form and differentiation of the National Socialist view took place at the beginning of the interwar period, among other things. through the work of the Thule Society.

    The National Socialist worldview, which was realized by the state from 1933 to 1945, was by no means a completed construction, but an evolving entity. During the short period of this völkisch Weltanschauung there were continuous changes and changes. It is impossible to give a temporary outline of the nature of National Socialism, since around 1933 it entered public German life with great dynamism and fundamentally changed all relationships and relationships between people.

    The slogan You are nothing, your people is everything! at the huge marches and mass productions.

    National Socialism turns among other things. against the ideas of the French Revolution of 1789 and German Revolution of 1848 as well as against liberalism, Marxism, materialism and globalism. In addition, he rejects imperialism and demands respect for foreign nationals. He sees a danger for Europe in the people-damaging Bolshevism and the Jewish influence on world politics with the help of Freemasonry.

    At the Party Day in Regensburg on June 6, 1937, Hitler explained the tasks of National Socialism: creating a national community, securing daily food through work, securing freedom, honor and power of the German people and establishing a higher social community. [6]

    Racial thought

    National Socialism is committed to the concept of race and sees no contradictions between race and people. He intends to preserve the German national body in the long term. The race is tied to procreation, the people emerge as a community of fate and blood in the course of history to which a race is subject.

    The race change since the 19th century [10], the strong intermingling in the cities (urbanization), emigration, etc. led to the fact that the Nordic man disappeared more and more not only in Germany, but in all of Europe. National Socialism sees the Nordic blood with its emotional properties as the force that shaped and shaped Germany from the beginning.

    National Socialism in no way intends a self-realization of the German race to the detriment of other races and thus stands in opposition to Zionist Judaism. The latter practices malignant nationalism with damage or destruction of other races, comparable to chauvinism (? multicultural society, ? globalization).

    National Socialism wants to save the Nordic race from being displaced. In the Third Reich, therefore, topics were dealt with, which among other things. deal with questions of hereditary health, the critical consideration of the change in taste of people, which is sometimes perceived as a degeneracy, in the course of the liberal zeitgeist. In addition, questions about the right choice of spouse were raised. It was also discussed which immigration from foreigners is welcome and which is not. A new kind of will, which the German people should be made aware of, needs to be awakened. The aim is to strive for Nordic blood as the “rebirth” of Germany.

    In terms of race, the emancipation of the Jews, which was already well advanced at that time, was of disastrous significance for Europe as a whole. This view is based primarily on the view that the Jews are a group of people afflicted with negative soul characteristics, whose racial unity (? Jewish racial thought) emerges from all other European peoples; their blood ties make it impossible for the individual to break away from Judaism. One of the findings of National Socialism was that a social system based on solidarity cannot function with a masses who are largely incapable of and unwilling to assimilate. Anti-Semitism, which had escalated in particular as a result of the Balfour Declaration against Germany and the Jewish declarations of war on Germany, wanted to counteract the National Socialist state leadership by resolving the Jewish question in coordination with Jewish interest groups in Germany. Shortly after the National Socialist Revolution in 1933, a central Jewish self-government and interest group was set up. This coordinated in coordination with the Reich government, inter alia. the emigration of Jews from Europe z. B. in the context of the Ha’avara Agreement. The emigration of Jews was in the interests of Jewish-Zionist associations in connection with the plan to establish a Jewish state that had been formed since the beginning of the 20th century (see also: Theodor Herzl – Der Judenstaat). Two countries were shortlisted for this: Madagascar (? Madagascar Plan) and Palestine. National Socialist Germany was in talks with Jewish leaders to promote Jewish emigration from Europe in the interests of both sides.


    National Socialism speaks out against the independence of the market economy; this should serve the people and not capital. That is why there is no such thing as an economy in the National Socialist state that is left to its own devices. In the relations between economy and people, National Socialism sees the people as inviolable. The establishment of a self-sufficient economic system combined with the realization of food freedom are the primary goals of his economic policy.

    According to the National Survey in 1933, self-sufficiency was the only way to maintain Germany’s economy, as there was also a lack of creditors abroad. So the Reich government began to steer the economy with four-year plans. To the annoyance of the victorious powers of the First World War, the German Reich grew to great economic strength by 1939. Unemployment was among others until 1938. largely reduced through targeted job creation and the national income doubled. The rapid reduction in unemployment mainly contributed to the popular approval of the NSDAP’s policies. Not only government and party, but every citizen should contribute ideas and suggestions to create jobs. The Reich government wanted to give an initial impetus through large-scale public works, but the economy was also asked to take initiatives to eradicate unemployment, according to economic expert Hans Kehrl.

    Contrary to a widespread view, the expenditures for armaments in the years 1933-35 played only a minor role in economic development, in 1936/37 a moderate one and only played a major role in 1938/39. But even then, as the engine of economic growth, they lagged far behind investments in the non-armament-related area. A “normal” level of spending on armed forces and armaments was only exceeded when unemployment was almost eliminated.

    The economy between 1933 and 1939 remained a market economy. However, it was partially reshaped by state intervention. There was a gradual shift towards state influence.

    The national government will solve the great work of reorganizing the economy of our people with two great four-year plans: Rescue the German peasant in order to preserve the food and thus livelihood of the nation. Rescue of the German worker by a massive and extensive attack against unemployment – ADOLF HITLER, FEBRUARY 1, 1933 BEFORE REICHSTAG

    In the spring of 1937, d. H. four years after the start of the “labor battle” propagated by Hitler, the proportion of unemployed had fallen from 33 percent to only 6.5 percent and in the spring of 1938 (before the annexation of Austria) there were only 507,000 statistically recorded unemployed, ie 2.7 Percent. Taking into account the fluctuation, full employment was almost reached and became a reality in early 1939. In addition, the number of employable workers had increased from 18 million to 20.5 million in the five years.

    In these five years, the number of apartments built had doubled compared to 1932; investments in the transport industry had increased by 1938 to 3.8 billion RM, 4.5 times that of 1932. Of these investments, 45 percent went to road construction in 1938 (of which 178 million RM in 1934 for the Reichsautobahn). For 1938 the numbers were 915 million or 50 percent. Industrial investments achieved the greatest increase. After 2.6 billion RM in 1928, they had sunk to a low of only 439 million in 1932. An amount of 2.6 billion was exceeded again in 1937 and in 1939 an industrial investment volume was reached that corresponded to ten times that of 1932. The number of passenger cars and trucks registered in the German Reich had tripled since 1933.

    Agriculture and peasantry

    The German peasantry emerged stronger from the national survey. According to National Socialism, the establishment of a “peasant state” was the consequence of studying the laws of life and history and should have nothing to do with one-sided class politics.

    The National Socialist agricultural policy was introduced with the Reichserbhofgesetz of October 1, 1933. The farms were protected from over-indebtedness and fragmentation so that they “remain permanently in the hands of free peasants as the legacy of the clan.” In the Third Reich, the peasantry was protected from the influences of capitalist land speculation. The aim was to secure food on their own soil for clans and families and the freedom of the peoples to eat.

    Taxes and Finances

    Tax classes I to IV, which still exist today, and child benefit were introduced by the government with the financial reform of the Reich in 1934. It pursued the political intention of reducing the tax burden in favor of married couples and families with children and increasing it to the disadvantage of single people. With regard to the taxation of married couples, the earnings of the husband and wife were added together and taxed like those of an individual, so that there was no tax advantage if both parents worked. Family-unfriendly, double-income marriages should be prevented in this way. In addition, tax relief for medium-sized businesses and low-wage earners was brought about.

    The total tax revenue of the Reich, including the war surcharges, amounted to about 8 billion Reichsmarks in the first third of the 1940 financial year. [11] If one looks at the steep increase in child benefit and family allowances during the war, the result – measured against the level in 1938 – is a multiplication for the first three and a half years of the war: in 1939 benefits rose by 25 percent, in 1940 by 28 percent, in 1941 by 56 Percent and in 1942 by 96 percent.

    The middle class and low-wage earners such as blue-collar workers, peasants, ordinary employees and civil servants were spared any tax increases caused by the war: they did not have to pay any direct war taxes until May 8, 1945. The Reich Finance Administration tried again and again to tap this source of income, but Hitler, Göring and Goebbels prevented this until the last day “for political reasons”. An attempt to at least tax the high family support payments also failed because of the socio-political protectionism of the top management.

    Only beer and cigarettes became more expensive for the average taxpayer. In terms of political sentiment, they even took regional sensitivities into account: the war surcharge on the hectolitre of beer in the then southeast German consumer area – i.e. in Munich, Pilsen or Vienna – was set almost a third lower than in the rest of the Reich.

    During the Second World War, neither the family support payments to the soldiers’ families nor the wages or wages for war-related overtime and extra shifts could be seized. The same was true for child benefit. Such laws secured the social basis of the National Socialist leadership. In order to achieve a substantial wage increase in the times of the official wage, price and rent freeze, from the end of 1940 the supplements for night, Sunday and holiday work were exempted from taxes and social security contributions for the first time (and until today).

    The imperial government was far less tender with the rich and the corporations. Corporate income tax rose to 55 percent. In addition, there was the profit transfer effective from 1941 and the income tax surcharge, which increased the normal tax for higher earners by 50 percent from September 1939.

    The German homeowners had to pay a special levy of eight billion Reichsmarks at the end of 1942. That corresponds to a current value of at least 80 billion euros. The special levy collected within three months made up around 20 percent of the domestic German war income generated in the 1942/43 budget year. Initially, the finance minister had brought an amount into play that was halved, but this appeared to the party authorities as a politically undesirable “gift to the homeowner”.

    In November 1941, the government ordered a pension increase of 15 percent, with the small pensioners receiving special benefits. It was only from this time that German pensioners had health insurance, until then they had to turn to Wohlfahrt. Combined with an additional payment for three months, the reform triggered “visible satisfaction and great joy” among the elderly, according to the SD’s observations.

    In connection with material redistribution, the National Socialist leadership lowered the class boundaries within. The socially equalizing egalitarianism of national socialism kept increasing the sympathy values ??of national socialism internally.

    Since 1933, debtor protection has ranked above the interests of creditors. A Reich law passed in October 1934 replaced the “almost unlimited freedom of creditors” of the past. All coercive measures, in particular the evacuation of an apartment due to rent debts, could be judicially averted if they represented “a severity that grossly contradicts healthy public opinion”.

    Social policy

    Towards the end of the First World War, the imperial leadership, consisting of the nobility and the big bourgeoisie, was unable to recognize the plight of the industrial proletariat. Indeed, the wartime was marked by shortages in the food sector and general impoverishment of large parts of the population.

    The National Socialists tackled this emergency. In its 25-point program of 1920, the NSDAP dealt largely with economic and social policy. According to the motto “common good before self-interest”, the existing class antagonisms were to be abolished and all Germans to be brought together into a unified national community.

    The new National Socialist government initiated a reorganization of social policy in 1933, in the course of which class struggle organizations such as communist associations and trade unions were eliminated. The new social system built on the existing structures, but was geared towards the idea of ??the national community. Until today z. B. the legal regulations of May 1st as a public holiday (National Labor Day) and the right to annual leave. All working Germans, managers and followers were united in the German Labor Front. Individual social policy measures took place in the areas of job creation, labor law, social and health insurance, housing and settlement, and welfare for war victims and survivors. The Trustees of Labor (Reich Trustees of Labor) were appointed as state organs by law of May 19, 1933. In 1934 the National Socialist community “Strength through Joy” was founded. The law on the organization of national labor of January 20, 1934, which is based on the idea of ??the company community, became of fundamental importance for social policy in the Third Reich.

    Colonial, Land and Foreign Policy

    With the Versailles dictation in 1919, the German Reich lost all colonies that were henceforth under mandate administration by the victorious powers. With the national uprising, hope re-emerged among the representatives of the colonial movement and a return of the territories became palpable again. Nations like Russia and the VSA solved their habitat problems through expansion and their colonial space became national territory. France and England ruled the greatest colonial empire in world history. In the 1930s, the German government demanded equal rights to life for Germany. Under National Socialism, colonizing means protecting the racial future of Europe, securing the economic standard of living of the European peoples and respecting the cultural uniqueness of primitive peoples and promoting them educationally in accordance with their tasks.

    The German lack of space and raw materials formed the German colonial problem. Hitler was rather hostile to the creation of colonies outside Europe. This is made clear in Mein Kampf:

    “For Germany, therefore, the only way to implement a healthy land policy was to acquire new land in Europe itself. Colonies cannot serve this purpose as long as they do not appear to be most suitable for settlement with Europeans.”

    “We National Socialists are deliberately drawing a line under the foreign policy direction of our pre-war period. We start where we ended six centuries ago. We stop the eternal German migration to the south and west of Europe and turn our gaze to the country in the east. We are finally closing the colonial and trade policy of the pre-war period and moving on to the land policy of the future. ”

    The former colonial policy of the empire was seen as a danger. Therefore, a reassessment of the colonial idea became indispensable. In the land policy of the future, Hitler saw the gain in living space in Eastern Europe in the 1920s. In the third point of the NSDAP’s party program in 1920, the following was still required:

    “We demand land and soil (colonies) to feed our people and to settle our surplus population.”

    The Colonial Political Office was created in the Third Reich, but ceased its activities on January 13, 1943. It remains to be seen that the colonial preparations never went beyond the planning stage. In addition, the colonial question was far behind the primary goal of the imperial government, the repopulation of the old German cultural soil. The idea of ??colonial ownership, however, has never been abandoned in the spirit of the times.

    The foreign policy of the Third Reich was not determined by imperialist endeavors, but by the struggle for the necessary living space to secure the basic needs of life in order to maintain the national body. In the long term and over decades, the soil – not to be confused with arbitrary appropriation – should be brought into harmony with the population. According to the National Socialist worldview, this is a necessity under the law of life.

    National Socialism “fights” for “the Reich” as a national unity and as a European regulatory power. This empire gathers the peoples of Europe and a Europe as a whole is created.

    This empire opposes the irresponsible, national servitude imperialism with the symbol of the unification of the peoples, the people’s cooperative. Not oppression, disenfranchisement, exploitation, paralyzing, but community, self-administration, self-government, unity and cooperation, mutual increase in strength. – KLEO PLEYER, ZIT. IN “WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR?” (1944)

    The basis for this is the imperial idea, which unites the German people and makes them the determining center of the European peoples. Due to its location in the middle of Europe, self-assertion and state organization have always been made particularly difficult for the German people.

    Legal policy: legal idea and reform of the law

    Right is what is useful to the German people, wrong is what harms them. – HANS FRANK, GERMAN JURIST’S CONFERENCE 1933 [12]

    The starting point for legal policy under National Socialism is not the freedom of the individual, but the preservation and promotion of the community, i.e. the community of blood. He subordinates all rights of the individual to the law of the national community and strives for the freedom of the people as a whole from the knowledge that this makes the well-understood freedom of the individual possible in the first place. National Socialism takes the point of view that law is something that is moved by small daily revolutions and that is alive, so that just finding the right law can only lead to justice with a ‘heart and ardor’. [13] [14] In the National Socialist state there is a dualism of law and law, i.e. law and law are no longer seen as congruent and the law represents a manifestation of law. Pure compliance with the law is rejected as empty, formal normativity and positivism.

    Renewal of rights

    The new legal development in the German Reich led by the ideological ideas of National Socialism in accordance with point 19 of the party program was summarized under the catchphrase “legal renewal”. In point 19 it was called for the materialistic world order serving Roman law to be replaced by common German law. Since 1933, the state and the NSDAP have been working on the reorganization of the entire law in the German Reich, with the propagated goal of creating a German law based on the community of the people and its moral basic attitude appropriate to the species and establishing the unity between law, people and state. Significant laws were:

    Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Offspring (July 14, 1933)
    Farmer’s Law or Reichserbhofgesetz (September 29, 1933)
    Labor Law or Law Regulating National Labor (January 20, 1934)

    Cultural Law (September 15, 1935)
    Right to secure the German blood or the Blood Protection Act, known today primarily as the “Nuremberg Laws” (September 15

    Marriage Health Act (October 18, 1935)
    Change in commercial law; New regulation of the right of stock corporations and limited partnerships to take action (January 30, 1937)

    Legislation should bring the previous law into line with National Socialist legal thinking through amendments to the law, particularly in the areas of criminal law and civil and criminal procedure law. National Socialism gradually became the essence of jurisprudence and the basis for the interpretation of all legal sources. The NSDAP created the Reichsrechtsamt (NS-Rechtswahrerbund) and the Academy for German Law as offices for work on the renewal of the law.

    Criminal law

    The criminal law in the Third Reich, insofar as it was a matter of deliberate violations of the law, was criminal law of the will, which was directed less against the violating success than against the criminal evil will, but also did not ignore the expiatory purpose of criminal law. The goals of National Socialist criminal law were:

    Destruction of the forces that disrupt peace.

    Arts and Culture

    National Socialism sees culture as the highest creative achievement of a people and a race. Consequently, all areas of culture should be freed or protected from alien influences. The uniform culture is based on the claim to totality with the aim of a truly popular culture in the service of the people as a whole.

    Art, which in liberal times had sunk to the private interest of a few, is the generally obligatory denunciation of a people for National Socialism and has taken shape from the will and ability of a people born out of the blood. The architecture of the Third Reich shows itself overwhelmingly in the facilities of the community.


    National Socialism is rooted in a reverent knowledge of God and recognizes the divine origin and meaning of life. His worldview strives for the complete overcoming of materialism and a renewal that leads to a return to the eternal in man and the divine forces. Marriage, family and clan do not only represent a social purpose, but represent a divine mission to preserve and enhance life. He opposes the abuse of religion for political purposes and directs the churches back to their religious field of activity, which he protects. It also promotes piety of the people and of the species, i.e. neo-paganism.

    In Article 24 of the 25-point program, the NSDAP committed itself to “positive Christianity”, without thereby committing itself to a specific dogma.

    No National Socialist may be disadvantaged in any way because he or she does not profess a particular religion or denomination. Faith is everyone’s own affair for which he is only responsible to his conscience. Conscience must not be exercised. – RUDOLF HESS, DISPOSAL OF OCTOBER 13, 193

    On August 4, 1935 in Essen, Joseph Goebbels declared on questions of fundamental ecclesiastical and political issues:

    “We wish and demand that, just as we are religiously positive Christian, the churches must be politically positive National Socialist. (…) With us everyone can be saved according to his own style. “[15]


    Education under National Socialism is subject to the law that schools have to educate political people. This is in complete contrast to the liberal pedagogical view, which basically wants to keep politics away from school. The contrast is explained by the completely different conception of the term “politics”. The latter is now often associated with party squabbles and nagging criticism of the government. National Socialism regards politics as an uplifting element of education. He describes the political man as someone who, in all thought and action, serving and sacrificing, is rooted in his people and is completely and inseparably linked to the history and fate of his state. It is characteristic of the National Socialist upbringing that physical training comes first alongside the development of mental abilities.

    In the Third Reich, there were three levels of the German school system: the elementary school with four lower and four upper classes, the middle school with six classes, the high school with eight classes.

    The elementary school should provide the students with a basic knowledge and skills that make them fully operational in every occupation immediately and at any time. The somewhat more demanding middle school intended to give adolescents with a talent that goes beyond mediocrity, preferably a practical one, the possibility of an appropriate school education. It took into account the fact that there are numerous students for whom the subject matter of high school, i.a. due to certain special predispositions, represented an inexpedient burden. The high school, which in particular meant the preliminary stage and introduction to the university, was divided into two forms, the German high school and the humanistic grammar school.

    Position of women in National Socialist Germany

    National Socialism defines the role of women as the guardian of all that is living and growing, who unites spiritual breadth, practical life and a motherly soul with absolute affirmation of life in one person. He rejects the women’s movement of the 19th and 20th centuries as unvölkisch and self-addicted (? women’s question). As with every fellow national, rights and duties also arise for women from belonging to the nation as a whole.

    Since the breakdown of National Socialism, it has often been falsely claimed that women have been ousted from the world of work since the National Socialist government took over. On the other hand, it is correct that the number of employed women rose by around 2 million to 12.7 million (36% of all employed persons) between 1932 and 1939. Actually female professional work is affirmed by National Socialism for the time before marriage as economically necessary and as valuable in terms of character; for unmarried women it should always be considered as a life’s work. However, the job should not in any way overstrain the woman physically or conflict with her true nature. Women’s professions are therefore primarily professional work in housekeeping and agriculture, then in education, welfare and healing (gynecologist and pediatrician). According to the will of National Socialism, women should only be employed in trade and industry where they are more suitable than men because of their greater manual dexterity and in positions that do not give the possibility of starting a family.

    The attitude of underestimating women is a typically Christian attitude, and we, as National Socialists, have also adopted these ideas without knowing it up to the present day – some even as pagans with a steadfast rhythm. Even today I still know a great many party comrades who believe that they have to demonstrate a particular firmness in their worldview and a particular masculinity by behaving as rowdy and devastating as possible towards women. – HEINRICH HIMMLER, SPEECH TO THE GROUP LEADERS ON FEBRUARY 18, 1937 [16]

    The large job creation program together with the settlement plans provided new, solid foundations for starting and maintaining families; Marriage benefits promoted marriages; Tax reductions and other concessions reduced the concern with the growing number of children, the new domestic maids law and the female labor service aimed to redirect young women back to domestic affairs.

    Under National Socialism, women were basically granted the right to manage their own women’s affairs themselves. Their importance was inter alia. recognized by the establishment of a special women’s office at the German Labor Front. The political leadership of women already took place during the “fighting time” by the National Socialist Women’s Association.

    Attitude to fascism

    A widespread but incorrect view is that National Socialism was a “German edition” of Italian fascism. In a decree of Stalin in 1936, the term “National Socialism” was replaced by “Hitler fascism” in order to avoid the word “socialism”. The expression lasted until the dissolution of the Soviet Union; but still finds imitation today in the equation of National Socialism and Fascism. The Western European nations, on the other hand, often spoke of “Nazism”.

    National Socialism is related to Italian fascism under Benito Mussolini in the authoritarian structure of the state, on the other hand there are great ideological contradictions with regard to the rejection of liberalism and parliamentarism, with regard to racial issues and the fight against Marxism. The belief in the people (“community of blood and soil”) is opposed to the state thinking of fascism. The latter takes a decidedly imperialist view. This imperialism began in 1935 with the war against Ethiopia. The German Reich and Italy improved their relations in the Spanish Civil War in 1936, which resulted in an alliance treaty “Rome-Berlin Axis”. In 1937 Italy left the League of Nations and joined the Anti-Comintern Pact between Germany and Japan. The Italian fascism fought for a pronounced “Italientum” under the sign of the Roman Empire, but knew no detailed racial protection laws. As a result, Jews also held high positions in the fascist movement until 1938.

    Serious tensions between Hitler and Mussolini arose when Austria joined in March 1938, when Italy indirectly indicated that it was considering military interventions together with England and France. Mussolini openly supported Austria’s aspirations for separatism at the time of Austrofascism and endeavored at every opportunity to drive a political wedge between the two parts of Germany. Italy’s completely senseless war of aggression against Greece at the end of 1940 and the amateurish failure in North Africa put a heavy strain on relations and tied up important Wehrmacht resources, which would have been much more necessary on the Eastern Front to secure a final victory there before the onset of winter 1941 bring. The alliance with Mussolini was also an obstacle to finally successfully solving the South Tyrol question in terms of self-determination for the German people living there. It was only when Mussolini was ousted that South Tyrol could be integrated into the Gau Tirol.

    In a sober assessment of the events – if I once switch off the feeling – I have to admit that my unbreakable friendship with the Duce and loyalty to Italy could be counted as a mistake. Obviously, the alliance with Italy has helped our enemies more than it has done us. Italy’s entry into the war brought us little advantage compared to the myriad of difficulties that it entailed. If we do not win this war in spite of everything, Italy will bear a fair share in our defeat. – ADOLF HITLER, HITLER’S POLITICAL TESTAMENT, “COMMENTS FROM THE Fuhrer” IN THE FÜHRER’S HEADQUARTERS FROM FEBRUARY 4 TO 26 AND APRIL 2, 194

    Fascism worked towards a capitalist economic order opposed to national socialism. In addition, fascism in general was strongly tied to the Roman Catholic Church.

    The most important laws of the time of National Socialism were legitimized by referendums.

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    11 (
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    15 ( Heinrich Himmler – Rede – 18.02.1937 (PDF)

    Save it before full censorship even in cache
    ( )


  72. The myth that the Red Army would have won without Western aid in the form of Lend-Lease

    The Lend-Lease act was enacted in March 1941 and authorized the United States to provide weapons, provisions, and raw materials to strategically important countries fighting Germany and Japan — primarily, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and China. In all, the United States shipped $50 billion ($608 billion in 2020 money) worth of materiel under the program, including $11.3 billion to the Soviet Union. In addition, much of the $31 billion worth of aid sent to the United Kingdom was also passed on to the Soviet Union via convoys through the Barents Sea to Murmansk.

    Most visibly, the United States provided the Soviet Union with more than 400,000 jeeps and trucks, 14,000 aircraft, 8,000 tractors and construction vehicles, and 13,000 battle tanks.

    However, the real significance of Lend-Lease for the Soviet war effort was that it covered the “sensitive points” of Soviet production — gasoline, explosives, aluminum, nonferrous metals, radio communications, and so on, says historian Boris Sokolov.

    “In a hypothetical battle one-on-one between the U.S.S.R and Germany, without the help of Lend-Lease and without the diversion of significant forces of the Luftwaffe and the German Navy and the diversion of more than one-quarter of its land forces in the fight against Britain and the United States, Stalin could hardly have beaten Hitler,” Sokolov wrote in an essay for RFE/RL’s Russian Service. (

    Under Lend-Lease, the United States provided more than one-third of all the explosives used by the Soviet Union during the war. The United States and the British Commonwealth provided 55 percent of all the aluminum the Soviet Union used during the war and more than 80 percent of the copper.

    In addition, the Lend-Lease program propped up the Soviet railway system, which played a fundamental role in moving and supplying troops. The program sent nearly 2,000 locomotives and innumerable boxcars to the Soviet Union. In addition, almost half of all the rails used by the Soviet Union during the war came through Lend-Lease.

    The Lend-Lease program also sent tons of factory equipment and machine tools to the Soviet Union, including more than 38,000 lathes and other metal-working tools. Such machines were of higher quality than analogues produced in the Soviet Union, which made a significant contribution to boosting Soviet industrial production.

    American aid also provided 4.5 million tons of food, 1.5 million blankets, and 15 million pairs of boots.

    “In order to really assess the significance of Lend-Lease for the Soviet victory, you only have to imagine how the Soviet Union would have had to fight if there had been no Lend-Lease aid,” Sokolov wrote. “Without Lend-Lease, the Red Army would not have had about one-third of its ammunition, half of its aircraft, or half of its tanks. In addition, there would have been constant shortages of transportation and fuel.

    The railroads would have periodically come to a halt. And Soviet forces would have been much more poorly coordinated with a constant lack of radio equipment. And they would have been perpetually hungry without American canned meat and fats.”

    Source: (


    History is led by the project of God, a project that is always focused on freedom and life. (

    The fate of a society always depends on the attitude it takes towards this project: either it will have freedom and life, or it will produce slavery and death.

    “Basically, with the defeat of Germany, it was all over for Western civilization in 1945.”

    1: (

    2: (

    Truth and good values always promote and preserve life (

    Why does NASA also lie to us?

    To rehabilitate Adolf Hitler is to restore the truth.

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