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On Gypsies
The EU interviewed 8,000 Gypsies, the results will shock you!
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Gypsies in France, 1980s. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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I for one am fascinated by Gypsies. I find it remarkable that a people, hailing from the dregs of medieval Indian society, could cross the whole Middle East, arrive in eastern Europe, and maintain their identity among other peoples for 1500 years. The Gypsies did this, furthermore, without maintaining their own sovereign state or religion, the two traditional ways of preserving peoplehood. That is, by any yardstick, a remarkable achievement.

Unfortunately, the realities and remarkable nature of Gypsy society and culture are never a subject of polite conversation. I once asked an eastern European affluent white female liberal for sources on the topic and she unhelpfully pointed to a Soros-funded NGO’s numerous reports on all the discrimination Gypsies face at the hands of nefarious Europeans. That really wasn’t what I was getting at.

Any people who manages to maintain their identity in such a way throughout the centuries can hardly be a merely passive object of the all-powerful majority. Rather, the diaspora people in question must have their own powerful cultural and social mechanisms to make this happen: policing group membership, ensuring endogamous reproduction, and maintaining one’s own social life as a nation within a nation.

Anyway, the European Union’s Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) has produced a massive survey seeking to shed light on this mysterious people: as part of the “Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey” (the reflexive pairing of these two themes naturally sets the tone), 8,000 face-to-face interviews with Gypsies were held, collecting information on 34,000 people living in Gypsy households in nine European countries.

The survey covers Gypsies in Bulgaria, Czechia, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, and Slovakia, which host 80% of Europe’s Gypsies. Gypsies that have moved to a different country, very numerous since Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union and armed their Gypsies with EU passports, are not covered.

The results, indeed, are highly revealing.

Gypsies are poor:

[The survey] shows that 80% of Roma continue to live below the at-risk-of-poverty threshold of their country; that every third Roma lives in housing without tap water; one in 10 in housing without electricity; and that every fourth Roma (27%) and every third Roma child (30%) live in a household that faced hunger at least once in the previous month.

Gypsies are much, much less likely to work or study:

[The survey] finds that only one in four Roma aged 16 years or older reports ‘employed’ or ‘self-employed’ as their main activity at the time of the survey. Roma women report much lower employment rates than Roma men – 16 % compared with 34 %. Overall, the survey shows paid work rates for Roma aged 20-64 years to be 43 %, which is well below the EU average of 70 % in 2015. The situation of young people is substantially worse: on average, 63% of Roma aged 16-24 were not employed, in education or training at the time of the survey, compared with the 12 % EU average on the NEET rate for the same age group. For this age group, the results also show a considerable gender gap, with 72 % of young Roma women not employed, in education or training, compared with 55 % of young Roma men.

Arab and Turkish women in Europe are also much less likely to work than their male counterparts, but Gypsies’ idleness really is unique. Forty-four percent of Gypsies live in what the EU diplomatically calls “low work intensity households,” that is to say, households where working-age members work at less than 20% capacity.

Gypsies generally don’t go to school and, when they do, they perform poorly:

[The study’s] results show that Roma children lag behind their non-Roma peers on all education indicators. Only about half (53 %) of Roma children between the age of four and the starting age of compulsory primary education participate in early childhood education. On average, 18 % of Roma between 6 and 24 years of age attend an educational level lower than that corresponding to their age. The proportion of Roma early school-leavers is disproportionately high compared with the general population. School segregation remains a problem in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary and Slovakia despite the legal prohibition of this practice and recent case law of the European Court of Human Rights.

Two thirds of 18- to 24-year-old Gypsies do not have a high school diploma and have no intention of getting one. Concerning segregation, 13% of 6- to 15-year-old Gypsies attend schools in which all their “schoolmates” are Gypsies, while 33% attend schools where most are Gypsies. A majority, 55%, attend schools in which only “some” or “none” of their schoolmates are Gypsies.

Interestingly, a majority of Gypsies report no recent discrimination against them:

Almost one in two Roma (41 %) felt discriminated against because of their ethnic origin at least once in one of these areas of daily life in the past five years. One in four Roma (26 %) indicates that the last incident of perceived discrimination happened in the 12 months preceding the survey. The highest prevalence of discrimination in the past 12 months is found when using public or private services (19 %) and when looking for work (16 %). However, on average, only 12 % of Roma report their experiences of discrimination to an authority. Moreover, almost a third (27 %) of the Roma surveyed do not know of any law prohibiting discrimination based on ethnic origin, and most Roma (82 %) do not know any organisations offering support to victims of discrimination.

Gypsies in Bulgaria and Romania report the lowest levels of discrimination (22% and 29% in the last 5 years, respectively). At first glance this is rather curious because Bulgarians and Romanians can be quite openly hostile to Gypsies and their anti-social behavior.







“Early leavers” are defined as people who do not have a upper-secondary school diploma (i.e. high school) and are not in education or training.
“Early leavers” are defined as people who do not have a upper-secondary school diploma (i.e. high school) and are not in education or training.


The share of Gypsies in education is rising, often from a very low base:





Gypsies say Czechs are most racist:

Concluding Remarks

Gypsy behavior continues to be remarkable. While I am as hostile to mass education as anyone, and contra liberal platitudes, to not send your children to school (which, if nothing else, is a free baby-sitting service) requires considerable effort upon the Gypsies’ part. This is a conscious decision and not the product of “exclusion.” As usual and in highly condescending fashion, egaliterians deny minorities’ share of agency.

In Western Europe, the contrast between Gypsies and other minorities is particularly marked. Street corners in Paris, Brussels, Sweden, and even smaller French towns are now teeming with eastern European Gypsies, mostly from the Balkans. The White European immigrants work, Arab immigrants too will set up shops and work to some extent (even as their wives might stay at home), and Black immigrants will be happy to sell you some weed. Only the Gypsies sleep on the street and send their own children to beg for them, something which, I think, would make any other minority group die of shame.

These Gypsies beg or sometimes pushily provide services, such as washing your windshield unsolicited. The least obnoxious play music, typically a track from the Godfather. During a summer camp in France, some Gypsies ransacked our campsite while we were away. The Gypsies had rummaged through the girls’ underwear and stolen our CDs. The girls were in tears, while the boys – we were teenagers – gathered ourselves into a pack and began looking for the Gypsies. I imagine this is how lynchings get started but, in fact, we never found them.

The survey points to Gypsies being an alien R-selected group within the European continent, cut off from the rest of society. The study notes that: “compared with the general population, Roma are on average younger. This could be explained by higher birth rates and lower life expectancy of Rome in most of the countries surveyed” (p. 17). A Slovenian friend of mine, in charge of his town’s Gypsy Policy, notes that the local Gypsies, who have been there for generations, do not speak Slovenian.

How will European attitudes toward Gypsies develop in the future? There are two contradictory trends. On the one hand, the EU and White women will seek to infantilize Gypsies and blame problems on the majority. A Slovenian white affluent female liberal explained to me that Spain was pioneering an “innovative” approach, in which Gypsies were not only given special access to resources to make up for their underprivilege, but police were also “educated” on Gypsy history and culture, and should adapt their approach accordingly. “It’s a two-way street,” she explained.

At the political level, the EU demands, in order to access its funds, “introducing a specific ex ante thematic conditionality, which requires an appropriate national Roma integration strategy to be in place for using funds for Roma integration” (p. 9). Concretely, this means national governments, especially in eastern Europe, have to at least pretend to try to “integrate” Gypsies and, presumably, eliminate inequalities between them and the majority, regardless of Gypsy behavior’s share of responsibility in said inequalities. In seeking to force Gypsy children into school, the EU is, in typical Eurocentric fashion, attempting to destroy this Indian people’s unique way of life.

On the other hand, Blacks and Muslims are continuously flowing into Western Europe. These new populations do not have the apparently-generous and sentimental approach of White women, EU institutions, or Soros’ NGOs. In France, the Arabs are frankly tired of the Gypsies and regularly instigate pogroms against them, burning down their camps.

A few years ago, after alleged thefts against them, young Arabs in Lyon threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at a Gypsy encampment while the Gypsies defended themselves with metal bars. In the highly Arabized city of Marseilles, Gypsy encampments are regularly torched by exasperated locals, whose ethnic origin is discretely omitted by the media. Last year, Arab twitter was abuzz with rumors that Gypsies were kidnapping children, leading to several attacks against Gypsies and 19 arrests.

You can change even the Europeans, but some things never change.

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  1. Gunga Din says:

    Have you ever heard a good thing said about gypsies? Nothing but thieves. Eradicate them.

  2. On Europeans talking about Gypsies – ha! Same observation, and even applies to at least some Americans with European experience.

    From my Romania trip:

    I was talking with a white American in Romania, one of those BLM-supporting boomer types. I was amused to see that when the conversation drifted from American fascist police shooting innocent blacks to the Gypsy Question he abruptly transformed into a hardcore Nazi.

    • Agree: tomo
  3. Neuday says:
    @Gunga Din

    Oh, if we start going down that path of eradicating parasites, when will we know to stop? Instead, the State should churn out propaganda about removing stigma, and how NAGALT, or the legacy of gypsy mistreatment, and maybe requiring free college for gypsies, and decriminalizing petty theft. I’m sure some well-funded NGO can provide 6,000,000 reasons why we shouldn’t eradicate parasites.

    • LOL: Pop Warner
  4. Forty-four percent of Gypsies live in what the EU diplomatically calls “low work intensity households,” …

    Hey, reading palms and picking pockets is hard work!

    While I am as hostile to mass education as anyone, and contra liberal platitudes, to not send your children to school (which, if nothing else, is a free baby-sitting service) requires considerable effort upon the Gypsies’ part. This is a conscious decision and not the product of “exclusion.”

    Guillaume, I think you just answered your own question as to how the Gypsies maintain their unique and separate identity: they do not allow any outsiders to condition their kids. That’s why they refuse to send their kids to ‘gadjo’ (non-gypsy) school.

    For over 40 years, communist governments tried everything to assimilate the Gypsies and in the end, it all had absolutely no effect.

  5. @Neuday

    I’m sure some well-funded NGO can provide 6,000,000 reasons why we shouldn’t eradicate parasites.

    Yup! An NGO well funded by still (((other parasites))).

  6. More bunk statistics. I assure you that Gypsy men do something to bring in money. They may not tell interviewers what. But they do.

    Gypsies are the conscience of bourgeois Europe. The Id. The secret underbelly. Hurray for Gypsies. Go ahead. Sit in a cubicle your whole life. And think well of yourself. Patsy.

  7. songbird says:

    Gypsies should be deported and reincorporated into India. Indian castes are co-evolved to deal with the obnoxiousness of other Indian castes. Europeans are not.

  8. Gypsies make lots of money, but they don’t declare them because they are from crime, they don’t want to pay taxes or they want to keep receiving welfare.
    Gypsy neighborhoods in Romania often have giant houses with tall, thin towers on the roof. They drive only black BMW or other german cars. Many of them are not poor, but some definitely are. It’s hard to say if rural gypsies are overall poorer than rural romanians which is why those statistics are misleading.
    Gypsies made lots of money in the 90’s from turning communist factories into scrap iron. In one case that I know of directly in the early aughts the italian buyers of parts of huge steelworks in Calarasi were hiring security guards from Bucharest to fight the gypsies who were cutting their industrial equipment and were wrecking production. At the time gypsies were stealing even railroad tracks and manhole covers causing accidents.
    Prostitution, begging and pickpocketing were common, but now they do them mostly in the West, not in Romania.
    Gypsy musicians are extremely rich as romanian wedding customs involve paying them handsomely, sometimes literally showering them in money.
    The Ferentari neighborhood is a poor neighborhood with the most gypsies in Bucharest but even Ferentari is becoming gentrified since land prices exploded in the aughts. I go there often, even after dark, and it’s safer then parts of London.
    Romanians don’t like gypsies but they don’t flee from them like american flee from underclass blacks, mostly because while gypsies are an incredible nuisance they are not more violent than the romanian underclass.
    Bucharest has 2 million people and 10-20 murders/year, almost all murders are solved by the police and they are almost all between relatives or friends and alcohol or jealousy are involved. Guns are very rare and any gun crime is major national news.
    Gypsies maintain their culture by controlling their women. I once interviewed one of Romania’s leading witches who was making thousands of dollars a day, lived in a mansion but she paid no taxes. Her husband was wearing a suit and was a businessman, her son studied at an private school, but she had pulled her daughter from public school when she was 10 and now was a witch-in-training. Her mother expected to sell her as a wife to other gypsies for hundreds of thousands of euros as her descent was highly valued for witchcraft and she could bring lots of money to her husband by tricking superstitious romanian women.
    This trend of sex differentiation is common. In Bucharest you can see groups of gypsies in which the men wear regular clothes while women wear gypsy skirts.
    In Romania gypsies that give up their customs and costumes are indistinguishable from romanians and are not treated differently than other people. Gypsies are seen as an ethnic group, not a racial one because there are plenty of romanians with a pretty tan skin so you can’t tell them apart from looks alone. Gypsies can pass as romanians and many do. Every generation there are many gypsies, especially among the urban ones, who become assimilated in mainstream. They form the bulk of the rroma NGO organisations that thrive on Soros, EU and Norway grants and on public subsidies.
    The gypsies maintain their numbers on the strength of the high fertility rate among the poorest, least assimilated gypsies.

    • Agree: Adûnâi, Bardon Kaldian
    • Thanks: ivan
  9. Cyrano says:

    Apparently my first babysitter was a gypsy girl. I don’t remember her, she quit and I got the privilege to be babysat by my elderly neighbors of my own nationality – who in turn treated me as a gypsy, but that’s’ a long story. When I asked my parents why did the gypsy girl quit so early, they told me that she did so, because she got married. Apparently she was only 14 at the time.

    Then in elementary school I had one gypsy classmate, great guy, we hung together after school, academically he was disaster of course, but used to say outrageously funny things.

    Back home, majority of the gypsies converted to Islam – I guess as a sign of rebellion against us for refusing to accept them. I don’t think that they got favorable treatment from other adherents of that religion either.

    I think that the reason why the gypsies maintained their identity throughout the centuries in Europe is because they were never accepted. They “immigrated” during a different era, when discrimination was seen as something normal. Furthermore, they were always unwanted “immigrants”, is not like the Europeans went to India to recruit immigrants with a promise to treat them equally.

  10. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s easy to understand how Gypsies have kept their identity and uniqueness, they are such a repulsive people in every way, nobody except the lowest of the lowest of European society would have anything to do with them. When you’re like that you will be kept to the fringes of society and forced to keep on moving around. Had they been a smart, attractive people, there would’ve been mainstream people who would want to breed with them and they would’ve been absorbed into the greater European population.

  11. Adûnâi says:

    The Gypsies used to steal horses, now they steal names – modern Western homosexualists consider it offensive to call Gypsies Gypsies, and instead choose to call them… Roma! The Gypsies have stolen from Romanians, Romans, Italians and Greeks at the same time!

    Although to be fair, the word “Gypsy” comes from “Egypt” (Hungarian “faraoni”, too), because those darkies lied centuries ago.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @Big Bill
  12. Once Upon A Time, I had a teaching job and- a group of teenage gypsies showed up in my classroom. They were hostile and brisk and at the same time very charming. They did not want to learn anything at all. When I called them gypsies (Zigeuner) they called me a racist, since they knew, that the term Zigeuner was un-PC in Switzerland – because of Adolf Nazi. When they were alone, they always called one another Zigeuner, never Sinti or Rome or whatever the Swiss government or the EU ask – even them, to call one another.

    An outstandingly beautiful young lady (think of the young Joan Baez) once told me, that she reads hand-lines and sells (!) nice pebbles (!) to the Swiss (5 bucks each), and that she is doing well and never short with cash. Her family worked 9 months in a row and travelled three months every summer. They had – white, not black – BMW 800s of course – and got quite some EU and Swiss government subsidies.

    They never showed interest in something that could be learned at school. They giggled, charmed one-another, were kidding – always in a playful mood – for hours and hours, – only interrupted by occasional aggressions. At times these aggresions were playful, at times sadistic, – ehh – and funny – rarely rude and frightening (but that did happen too – not least to me. They knew that I’m a phtographer and thus openly declared, that they could quite easily stabb one of my eyes – in a moment, when I was least prepared, a young lad approached me with a heavy srewdriver swinging at my face and stopping just a few centimeters before serious damage would have been done – this did scare the fuck out of you teacher,didnd’t it? HaHaHa! I can see it in your face!

    They knew how to spend time like nobody else I ever met, with no purpose other then flirting, an talking make-up, hair-extensions, hairdo, who might date whom, song&dance stuff etc. pp. ad nauseam. Always playful and charming over an dover again. It was the first time I encountered the following love and hate triangle: A young guy was sleeping, as became pretty ovious – with the mother of his best friend. He was 18, she was 32. They had to flee, because the father of the friend urged his son to kill him.
    When asked, how old I was, one of the young beauties, who had been flirting with me for some time, shrieked in real terror: Not true – you’d be older than may grandpa then…She kept flirting afterwards even though. and I enjoyed that a lot.

    I loved/hated the eyperience as long as it lasted. But I tried whatever I could, to get rid of my teching obligations ASAP.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
    , @Johan
  13. Alfa158 says:

    Apparently Giuseppe Verdi had a romantically unrealistic view of the cultural enrichment provided by Gypsies making society more colorful.

    • Replies: @Malla
  14. anonymous[173] • Disclaimer says:

    So, what is supposed to be shocking? Gypsies are Jews. They are a tribe of wanderers. They survived off of scamming the Gentiles for hundreds of years. They are literally like they are represented in older movies where they are always cheating, stealing and lying to people and then they they pack up and move on to their next town of victims!

  15. @Dieter Kief

    When I called them gypsies (Zigeuner) they called me a racist, since they knew, that the term Zigeuner was un-PC in Switzerland – because of Adolf Nazi. When they were alone, they always called one another Zigeuner, never Sinti or Rome or whatever the Swiss government or the EU ask – even them, to call one another.

    I’ve often wondered where the word Zigeuner came from. I know that ‘Gypsy’ was derived from Egyptian, because they used to pretend to be Christian pilgrims from Egypt. But not even Duden knows how Zigeuner originated.

    And if the word is so offensive, how come we can still buy Zigeunerschnitzel? After all, you can’t really buy Negerküsse anymore, can you!

  16. lloyd says: • Website

    The Gypsies’ emigration to Europe from India appears to be in same time period as the Arab Moslem eruption into the Middle East. As Zorasterians migrated to India and became Parsis, there was a counter flight to the West by Indian lower castes. In Europe they became a milder version of the Thugees. The British Empire exterminated the Thugees in the most succesful genocide in history, but the Gypsies sufficiently charmed the Europeans to survive their predatory life style. I read somewhere that their relatives that remained in India, converted to Moslems. I think almost everyone would agree they would prefer to live among Pakistanis than Gypsies not withstanding pimping practices by Pakistani men with white girls.

    • Replies: @Daniel H
    , @jim jones
    , @sarz
  17. @Digital Samizdat

    Easy – Gypsy and Zigeuner and Gitanes and Ziganes are all onomatopoetically related.Gitanes in French, Gypsy in English, Zigeuner in German. The Duden is overly cautious and therefore – plain out dumb. PC to the nth degree and dumb – as so often. Sigh.

    Even the version Ziganer is known from German sorces; now look at the Slowakian zikan and the croat cigan and – here you are; no secret or grave etymological problem anywhere to be seen.

    Ah – the Zigeuner-Schnitzel
    – we even still eat Prinzess-Bohnenaround here – now, I only cntinue f you sware, that you don’t tell this anybody: There could quite easily come a heteronormal lesbian activist or some such and call for the books to be removed, that mention this opressive-mysoginist term Prinzess-Bohnen – and be those incriminated books cook boooks, that wouldn’t matter the least little bit – away with them into white oppressors hell! – That’s about the state of collective sanity, we’re at. And not that we would not have any serious problems too…

    • Replies: @3g4me
    , @Digital Samizdat
  18. Daniel H says:

    I think almost everyone would agree they would prefer to live among Pakistanis than Gypsies

    Definitely no. Gypsies have been in most European countries for hundreds of years and at worst they are a minor nuisance. The same number of Pakistanis (or other Muslims) will bring unending aggression, menace and terror.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  19. @Cyrano

    Acceptance is a two way street. If they want to be accepted then they should make themselves acceptable, or at least make an effort.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  20. I was just reading an article (it was a few years old; I was researching recurring accusations of “racism” in the sci-fi community) about a Seattle-area musician who was denounced for using the pejorative term “gypsy” while “appropriating” their musical styles. Poor Roma, so oppressed!

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  21. @Digital Samizdat

    As a kid taking German language classes in the Upper Midwest, I remember singing “Lustig ist des Zigeunerleben” — Jolly is the Gypsy’s Life.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  22. Skeptikal says:
    @SIMPLE rom

    Gypsies certainly have plenty of ways of making money.
    Traditionally they were metalsmiths. Now dealers in scrap metal.
    Traditionally they were dealers in horse flesh (that is live horses).
    I am sure there is some economic activity that corresponds with this traditional knowledge and skill set. Some aspect of transport, used cars, car-theft rings, or some such.
    Witchery is of course a branch of the entertainment industry, where Gypsies have always occupied a special niche.
    I was waiting for some informed comparative analysis of Roma and Jews, since both are age-old peoples who have maintained a “national” or “ethnic” or “racial” identity despite lacking a homeland (excluding the recent temporary Zionist homeland) and living among other majority groups.

    Not sending children to school seems like a good cultural survival strategy, and I would never ignore the role of school in indoctrinating children in various ways. But if there is no other educational system in place, it does seem to be a sad state of affairs for Roma children who are intellectually active or are eager to learn.
    I think life is pretty hard for Roma women, esp. the young women.

    I believe there is also a lot of alcoholism among Roma. When I was in Czechoslovakia in late 1991 and early 1992—in Moravia, not far from the Slovak border—there was a largish Roma community in the neighborhood and groups of children could often be seen hanging out around a big fountain in the center of the main city square, in Olomouc. Most of these children were disheveled,with matted hair, dirty, and wore dirty clothes (however, they were not as aggressive as Traveler children whom I have encountered on Market Day in Westport, Ireland, in the late 1970s) . More to the point, many of them were cross-eyed or had extremely strange teeth, etc. (of course many, many Czechs and Moravians also had terrible teeth–front teeth full of cavities, something one never saw in the USA). Anyhow, I don’t know whether these problems were a result of too much endogamy, or of generations of poor nutrition and alcoholism, which also has a snowball effect down the generations.

    Anyone interested in the Gypsy musical tradition must watch the marvelous Latcho Drom.
    You can watch the whole thing here:


    • Replies: @SIMPLE rom
  23. Biff says:

    Black immigrants will be happy to sell you some weed.

    Having ‘been there, done that’ it is not real weed, and what ever it is, it is mixed with tobacco – bluaa!

  24. Wally says:

    Why is this image part Durocher’s article?

  25. 3g4me says:
    @Dieter Kief

    The term is “zingare” in Italian, and “tsigani” in Bulgarian. And you can definitely tell who is whom; even if some Italians or Bulgarians are dark (and plenty are fair), they don’t look like sub-cons. I’ve encountered a handful of gypsies here in Texas and referred to them as “tsigani.” They didn’t like that, nor that I called the cops on them. My husband encountered one in DC last year. They’re social parasites like another special group, but operate within very different parameters. The outcome, however, is the same. They feed off of European civilization and add nothing to the world.

  26. Disgusted says:

    Gypsies or gypsy culture are descended from nomadic tribes. These tribes roam the earth, of course now restricted by national and geographic boundaries. Fundamentally, their culture is at odds with the culture of increasingly settled communities over the ages, and as grazing lands and commons continued to shrink the nomadic tribes came under pressure. There has also been tremendous racism and backlash towards nomads, which has further shaped the community’s resistance. They really have suffered, not that anyone cares.

    @songbird How can you suggest that gypsies should be deported to India? They have lived in Europe for thousands of years. By your twisted logic a whole reverse migration should take place all over the world – white americans and latin American ruling classes back to Europe, Australians to England, black Americans to Africa and so on. But of course you only mean this to apply to non-whites.

    I guess it is ok to be openly racist about gypsies (and Indians) because there’s no big daddy protecting them and no big banking money backing them.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @James Scott
    , @Ace
  27. Yeah, you Indians find gypsies coming back in Punjab (Gypsies look obviously Punjabi) as horrifying.

    Many “Goras” here are unaware (I lived in India off and on for 5 years) a common Malabari/Malayalam slur of anyone above Hindi line is calling em a “Gypsy”.

    You’re happy all your problems leave for Europe.

    Gypsies are no Indians. Gypsies are Punjabi 100%.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @RadicalCenter
    , @druid55
  28. Catdomnj says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    We should applaud someone that has kept their culture for 1500 years? How hard is it to maintain your culture when you get to stay home everyday, never having to go to work?

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  29. Malla says:
    @SIMPLE rom

    Gypsy neighborhoods in Romania often have giant houses with tall, thin towers on the roof. They drive only black BMW or other german cars. Many of them are not poor

    Those are the kingpins of gypsy crime/begging networks throughout Europe.

    Check these awesome videos out. you will be disgusted by them. Their real side. Even Communism could not cure them. Organized Romanian and Bulgarian gypsy mafia taking advantage of the tolerant and altruistic Swedes. Documentary by Miroluba Benatova, Bulgarian TV host.

    Gypsy beggar gangs in Sweden – part 1

    Gypsy beggar gangs in Sweden – part 2

    Check out one of the comments on youtube in the first video

    3 years ago
    “Glad to see gypsies are leaving Balkans, we had enough trouble with them since Turks brought them here. Gypsies are the worst kind of people. Every help they get end up sold, so they can ask for more later. They will sell their votes for 10 euro, exploit social help system, steal whenever and whatever they can, if they are not strong and numerous enough they will just beg at every corner of the city carrying drugged children or sell their bodies. Worst thing is nobody can touch them cuz they bring up the “racist” thing every time people get enough of them.The very few among them who have some sort of honesty are musicians who are pretty rare sight.”

    Did the Turks bring them to Europe to screw up Europe further? Some kind of biological warfare.

    Gypsy beggar gangs in Sweden – part 3

    Check out how the Gypsies treat a native Bulgarian old man in the last part of the 3rd video, as if they own Bulgaria, they are lords of Bulgarians. Disgusting.

  30. Malla says:

    How can you suggest that gypsies should be deported to India?

    It is being suggested for their own good. We all know that the “poor, innocent, vibrant” Gypsies have been the victums of the worst phenomenon in the universe, “YT racism”. Evul Europeans were the predators and poor Gypsies the hapless innocent prey. To save the prey, we remove them from predators, don’t we. If there are chicken (prey, gypsies) trapped in a fox enclosure (Europe), the humane thing to do for the chicken (prey, gypsies), is to remove them from the foxes (predators, evul Europeans) and send them to the chicken pen (India) where they will be happy with each other. You comprende?

    I guess it is ok to be openly racist about gypsies (and Indians) because there’s no big daddy protecting them and no big banking money backing them.

    LOL you are a little naive fool. I do not know about those gypsies but I am an Indian and we Indians are integrating nice and easy with the big banking money guys. Who are biggest clients of the big Indian IT companies? Why, big international banks. Cheating, swindling and making money by squeezing some poor hapless victim comes naturally to most of us (and most people in the brown black world). We will thrive in the ruthless world of international finance. One of the ex CEOs of Citibank was an Indian (some Pundit asshole) who looted out the bank. The CEO or the ex-CEO of Mastercard is/was Indian, I believe.

    • Replies: @ivan
  31. Malla says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I think the gypsies are most likely Rajasthanis tho a few may be from Punjab. They are called Banjaras here. They are lower caste/nomadic caste here.

    Banjara woman of India

    In Egypt, the gypsies called gawazis were the ones who started belly dancing tradition.

  32. @Malla


    Your pics look like Raj Bedouin nomads.

    Basically, you are more close. DNA exams can only prove Gypsies origins were in N. India somewhere and nobody knows precisely where. Also Gypsies have CONSIDERABLE European admix-founding pop. was from N. India however some local Caucasians married in.

    English gypsies-Romanchal-are so mixed you can hardly see any Indian. Michael Caine was half-Romanchal. Bob Hoskins was half-Romanchal. Slavs always disliked Gypsies and E European Gypsies seem 100% pure N. Indian however English Gypsies mixed as heck.

    Invasions and DNA rearranging in N. India is age-old. You’re own family came from Caspian Sea, no?

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Anonymous
  33. @Fidelios Automata

    I like this song – and sing it at times.

  34. @Adûnâi

    More exactly “rom” simply means “human” in Romanes; plenty of peoples call themselves some variation of humans/our people (Eskimo, Arapaho, …) but precious few have a single word for “not-us”, and both are parasites. Coincidence?

    Actual Romanians hate it no end that their nationality has become the EU go-to euphemism in the crime stats – of course everybody knows what the “Romanian” gangs of car thieves, burglars and human traffickers are, but still …

    – If any people deserve the csigan plague it is the Czechs, as anyone who has visited the erstwhile Sudetenland can attest; I´m as much into ruin porn as the next guy but this is depressing.
    Should some misfortune land you there do not stop for any reason – the squigee boys carry 4-in. nails and are very enterprising.
    (and those forcibly settled 250 years ago are little different).

  35. @Neuday

    Liquidate the NGOs along with the gypsies. Problem solved

  36. @Malla

    As well as being pioneers in the transexual revolution

    • LOL: Malla
  37. Svevlad says:

    What happened to the gypsies is the following:

    The “smart fraction”, formerly composed of artisans craftsmen tinkerers etc, quickly assimilated, and another part got exterminated in ww2 (easy to find thoae that live like normal people). Here and there you can still find some who have the pure phenotype, but rarely. A friend of mine looks like the most stereotypical gypsy, yet she’s extremely hard working and intelligent.

    Imagine if I took let’s say white americans, and outright deletes everyone that isn’t trailer trash. Kinda what happened. A lot were just too stupid and insufferable to be integrated, the ones who could, have been integrated a long time ago

  38. jim jones says:

    The Grooming Gang petition has reached the number required to force a debate, I wonder if the politicians will honour their promise:

  39. Malla says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    English gypsies-Romanchal-are so mixed you can hardly see any Indian.

    Of course the gypsies picked up local genes along the way, Middle Eastern and then later Europeans. maybe they stole some local kids who were later integrated into the community.

    As far as Punjab, I was seeing some rich Gypsy houses in Romanian owned by some top Gypsy kingpin. What is surprising is the houses looked quite similar to houses in Punjab built in Punjabi villages built by Punjabis living in the west. Very garish taste. It is surprising how EVEN the GENES FOR TASTE SURVIVED AFTER SO MANY CENTURIES!!!!

    You’re own family came from Caspian Sea, no?

    Yes. The male line haplogroup.

  40. @Dieter Kief

    Even the version Ziganer is known from German sorces; now look at the Slowakian zikan and the croat cigan and – here you are; no secret or grave etymological problem anywhere to be seen.

    Well, that explains Zigeuner, but not knowing Slovak or Croatian, the trail ends right there for me!

  41. @Fidelios Automata

    Obviously no one informed the Gypsy Kings!

  42. @Catdomnj

    Well, another way of looking at it is this: the key to preserving your culture is to make sure that you–that is, your people–are in control of the education of your children, not some (((hostile race))).

  43. Investigation of Gypsy pick-pocket gangs originating from Bulgaria. They are undeterred by law enforcement.

  44. Bruno L. says:

    Here in Portugal gypsies are involved in drug trafficking and guns trafficking. In addition, they are constantly in trouble. They assault people, constantly attack other people, and shoot each other. And they still receive subsidies. And when they go to the Social Security building and don’t get what they want, they insult employees and even beat them up

  45. @Skeptikal

    That seems to be outright indian music. Yugoslavs Emir Kusturica and Goran Bregovici have given gypsy music a more palatable sound.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Skeptikal
  46. @Malla

    Gypsies are the most obnoxious people on this planet and it makes me happy that they are bringing the joys of diversity to the degenerate Sweden Yes. They deserve each other.

  47. Canada had a serious problem with gypsies a few years back. They’d fly transcontinental air from Europe, ask for refugee asylum, and then live on benefits until deported.

    They’d claim they were persecuted in Europe by skinhead gangs or whatever. Canada had to tighten up visa requirements to slow down the invasion.

    In reality, the gypsies were just one of many foreign ethnicities gaming the system. Now Canada has a flood of foreign grifters who fly into NYC, take a bus to northern New York State, and then finish the last leg by taxi right to the Canadian border. After being told by Canadian federal police they’re breaking the law, they wheel their suitcases right into Canada and are processed as asylum seekers.

  48. Daniel H says:

    They look like trannies.

    • Replies: @Malla
  49. Cyrano says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    No, man, the deal-breaker was their appearance. They were different than the Europeans and had no snowball chance in hell of being accepted. Call it racism, call it common sense, whatever.

    If there were any smart the gypsies should have waited until present time and hit North America – that’s where the most sensitive human beings on the planet live and that’s where the gypsies would have been accepted in the name of multiculturalism.

    At the time when the gypsies “immigrated” to Europe, that wasn’t how the immigration was usually done. In those days, if you wanted to “immigrate” somewhere, you do it as a conqueror.

    That’s how my own little humble tribe – the Slavs – did it when we moved to the Balkans. You come in in overwhelming numbers – to the natives you offer a deal – stay and be assimilated in our culture or move to greener pastures. That’s how it was done. No bloodshed, no tears. The gypsies’ idea of moving to Europe was hair-brained, they came in small numbers, were not much of conquerors and stayed isolated for centuries.

  50. On Tziganes, Gypsies,after some first hand collisions. Could it be that their mindsets of parasites, propagation as viruses on social hand-outs, acting as chosen ones, needing a more sophisticated environment then their own to embed into, look and feel somehow as low-brow mindset groups? Ethnocentric-ally oriented. Supremely opportunistic. Own values and “education”, dual standards for them and any-body else. A deep focus on food and hygiene, dress, as markers for their group identity. Religious beliefs rather then science and technology, producing virtuosos on the violin, and oral story-tellers of repute.

    Is their any parallel, to be drawn, with the “high-brow”, successful, low fruit only, Jewry?

  51. Skeptikal says:
    @SIMPLE rom

    You didn’t watch the whole film.
    So, you missed the point of the film and its music, and its theme.
    What kind of expert are you to define what is and what is not “Gypsy” music?
    The director of the film, Tony Gatlif, is a Rom.
    Here is a description of the point of the film, for know-it-alls:

    “Director Tony Gatlif is Rom himself. … It essentially evokes the general movement of Gypsy peoples from Northern India in medieval times and follows them as they wander westward, subtly changing, always persecuted, always moving — and always making music.”

    You appear have a hackneyed idea of Gypsy (suggested by your handle, Simple”), doubtless from imbibing conventional cliche’d images of Gypsies in the popular media. Of course, Gypsies are very good at exploiting these hackneyed notions of the Gadje.

    If you are Rom, all I can say is, Watch the whole film, then come back and report.

    • Replies: @Gleimhart Mantooso
  52. Skeptikal says:
    @SIMPLE rom

    As for “That seems to be outright indian music. Yugoslavs Emir Kusturica and Goran Bregovici have given gypsy music a more palatable sound.”
    Obviously also you have no ear for Indian music and eye for the dance.
    You appear to me to be an ignoramus.

    • Replies: @SIMPLE rom
  53. Wally says:

    “The “smart fraction”, formerly composed of artisans craftsmen tinkerers etc, quickly assimilated, and another part got exterminated in ww2”

    – What proof do you have that they were “exterminated in WWII”?

  54. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    Nope they’re shit-tier Indians.

    Shit-tier Indians vs the dregs of the hovels of Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland… sounds like a wash to me.

    One group got a big leg up in the first quarter of the 20th century, thanks to the British political class (and in the third quarter, got another big boost from the US political class).

    If the Gyppos had had similar sponsorship, they would have got similar results: compared to the shekel-grubbers[1], they have the same natural cunning, group loyalty and disdain for outgroup honour systems.

    The impact of the Gyppos on European civilisation has been benign by comparison – and they are not constantly screeching about what happened to them in the early 1940s.

    [1] For those interested in etymology, this is not the source of ‘Schicklgruber’ – ‘gruber‘ indicates someone who lived in a valley, or lowlands (or a pit), and schickl seems to a cognate of the Alemannic schikelen (to trade, deal etc). ‘Trader who lives in a valley‘: quite an interesting name – far more interesting than, say, “Cabbage-hammer“, but not as cool as Ermentraut (‘all-encompassing strength’).

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  55. @Malla

    Did the Turks bring them to Europe to screw up Europe further? Some kind of biological warfare.

    If there’s one thing the Turks are good at, it’s throwing ‘refugees’ at Europe.

    • LOL: Malla
  56. @Kratoklastes

    Interestingly enough, Schicklgruber was the surname Hitler’s father had at birth:

  57. Svevlad says:

    Real proof… Not that I know of. Perhaps I saw it once somewhere, but forgot. Making a logical assumption from other historical data that I don’t have saved (like when and by whom some villages were formed, and you can guess that modern day gypsies aren’t exactly the sort of people who can form villages that are permanent and exist to this day).

    It’s kinda obvious, we know that gypsies were targeted in WW2, now the Germans wouldn’t go chasing around some wagon dwellers who constantly move around, they’d go for the settled ones living in cities, easiest to pick off

    • Replies: @Wally
  58. At the political level, the EU demands, in order to access its funds, “introducing a specific ex ante thematic conditionality, which requires an appropriate national Roma integration strategy to be in place for using funds for Roma integration” (p. 9).

    I wonder whether the EU asked the Gypsies whether they wanted to be integrated.

    Of course, Gypsies would like one or two of the side-effects of integration, such as a higher income; but integration into a world that they consider unclean (marime)? Associating freely with gorgers, treating them the same as Gypsies, and therefore not stealing from them or swindling them? The problems do not lie entirely with the majority population.

  59. Gypsies are basically blacks with brains.

    That doesn’t improve matters.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  60. No. Max IQ average 83, likely far less.

  61. Anonymous[210] • Disclaimer says:

    Believe me:

    West African blacks – of the type imported into America as slaves, and currently being imported by the millions by the EU – are *infinitely* worse in character and behavior than Gypsies.
    Apart from generally ‘stinking to High Heaven’ and being irritating beggars and thieves, Gypsies are a minor nuisance – the pile of dog shit on the sidewalk that you step into. Blacks, by comparison, are coronavirus. Virulent, deeply unpleasant, obnoxious, evil to the bone, devious, duplicitous, hateful, vengeful and murderous.

  62. @Malla


    I’m interested in ancient white invasions of Northern India. How did Scythian or Caspian sea Caucasians manage to integrate into the caste system?

    • Replies: @Malla
  63. @Skeptikal

    you have no ear for Indian music

    I don’t. I freaking hate that thing. What I know about gypsies comes from having the misfortune to live near them all my life.

  64. Anonymous[628] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Bob Hoskins was an Ashkenazi Jew from both parental lines.

    – That ‘Gipsy’ nonsense is pure show-bizz puff.

  65. Malla says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Scythians were not the only ones, there were Kushans, White Huns, Khambojas, Tusharas (Tocharians from the borders of China) and most famous of all the Aryans who came much earlier, 4500 years ago from now. The Scythians (Sacas) mostly joined the Warrior upper caste, Kshatriyas. They married local women. Joining the caste system is simple, you have to become a Hindu from a barbarian (mleccha) which can be done by accepting the primacy of Brahmins. Some purification rites (shuddhi) ceremony should do it.
    The warrior Rajputs are said to be of Scythian descent, from their male side at least.

  66. Malla says:
    @Daniel H

    Yes true, but are women.

  67. Malla says:

    YT has a long history of romanticizing the darkies. From Saladin to the noble savage to gypsies, YTs cannot give up this romanticize the darkie mental disease.

    Unfortunately darkies rarely romanticize the YTs or anybody from a different tribe for that matter. No Arab-Kurd romanticized Richard the Lionheart.

    • Replies: @Anon
  68. S says:

    I once came across an article some years ago here in the US in a local (smaller town) newspaper about a Christian lay minister who was attempting to help the Roma people (ie ‘Gypsies’). He seemed really quite sincere, however in the interview of him he commented upon how he was having some real difficulties in accomplishing his mission.

    This was the part of the article that it surprised me (amazed rather) was published.

    According to this minister (and I’m only barely paraphrasing from memory) it was a foundational myth amongst the Gypsie people that the sole reason for the existance of non-Gypsies was to be preyed upon, exploited, and robbed by Gypsies. And this reality was making it extremely difficult for him to succeed in helping them (the Gypsies) in any meaningful way.

    I’ve never read anything like that since about Gypsies one way or the other. Maybe someone here can elaborate if there was any truth in what the minister said in the article and what exactly the Gypsies do teach themselves about outsiders (ie non-Gypsies) and their relationship with them.

  69. There are gypsies in Texas.

    They have a reputation for pulling short term scams on home owners and marrying 13 year olds.

    Liberals of course tell us these are just stereotypes created by evil White men.

    Funny how some of these stereotypes managed to cross the ocean.

    White men are so crafty. There must be an underground stereotype exchange they take part in.

    I’m sure gypsies everywhere were be outstanding law abiding citizens if White men weren’t trying to hold them down.

    • Replies: @Daniel H
  70. @Anonymous

    West African blacks – of the type imported into America as slaves, and currently being imported by the millions by the EU – are *infinitely* worse in character and behavior than Gypsies.

    They can be hard to find but the early Christian missionary reports on Bantu are rather interesting.

    They really undermine liberal race fantasy since these missionaries were doing their best to convert and civilize them in a passive manner.

    One of the main complaints was that Christianity wouldn’t stick for more than a day. The Africans would be saved on Sunday and then “forget” that they weren’t supposed to do bad things the rest of the week. Then again on the following Sunday they would be a sworn Christian again.

    We see this in the US where Blacks are statistically one of the most Christian groups and yet their men fill the prisons. Liberals and outsiders assume this because of racism but in reality the judges are very light on Blacks if they keep it to themselves. If a Black gang member shoots another he won’t see 10 years. In areas like Baltimore where the system is swamped they will actually write off a shooting as simple assault if no one was killed. There is currently a case where a Black DC cop is spilling the beans on this practice but it happens everywhere.

    • Replies: @Dreyher
  71. Anonymous[170] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve heard of an old Gipsy legend about stealing the nails from Christ’s crucifixion – supposedly explaining why Christ has only one single nail through both feet in the common depictions of the Crucifixion.
    This is claimed as a ‘divine licence’ for Gipsies to steal from their hosts at will.

    The story is obviously trash since Gipsies were quite unknown in Palestine for at least another 1000 years.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @anon
  72. Malla says:

    And the strange thing is though Lord Buddha was a prince of Scythian descent, the Scythian descended Rajputs played a big part in destroying Buddhism in India with brutality with their Brahmin buddies/masters.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  73. @Anonymous

    I remember reading something similar.

    Something about them have a free pass on theft for non-gypsies.

  74. Daniel H says:
    @John Johnson

    There are gypsies in Texas.

    They have a reputation for pulling short term scams on home owners and marrying 13 year olds.

    These are Irish traveler “gypsies”, right? It is interesting that there are Irish-American travelrs. They are not recent immigrants, but came over during the great waves of Irish immigration. They didn’t fit in in Ireland and they don’t fit in here. They marry amongst themselves and keep their dysfunctional (to our eyes, not theirs) ways going. Here is a write up about an Irish traveler town down in South Carolina,

    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  75. Pontius says:

    I bet they do. Which is why their faces are always blurred out when they attend any function on My Big Fat American Gyspy Wedding.

  76. Thekid says:

    While I don’t know much about the Roma, the remark about school being a glorified babysitting service is on point.

  77. @Malla

    I’m just curious because I did not find Goras were thought highly of when I was in India.

    And yet most of the influential groups were alien races. In Kerala, for example, the so-called Syrian Christians were a bunch of Medieval Jews and they were powerful and rich (They had married local Brahmin women for some reason).

    • Replies: @xcd
  78. @Anonymous

    Gypsies are not physically big enough to overpower people in America. US blacks are generally a physically powerful group (On average) and black criminals are usually six footers who weigh at least 200 pounds and have an athletic physique.

    Gypsies are Indians. Slight of build, tubby, generally short or short-average height, not overly muscular. Their crimes are low-wit cerebral as oppose to strong-arm robbery.

    Possibly in Europe whites are now so utterly cucked that they are scared of Gypsies, but towering rednecks and oil-worker roughnecks are not really that afraid of physically slight South Asians raised on a lousy junk-food diet in Texas.

    Probably-like former white professional criminals who have now disappeared for the most part-Gypsies in America fear prison where their body will be traded for candy bars by blacks. Crime, in part, comes down to physical size. Black thugs are big. Most are over six foot, over 200 pounds.

  79. Anonymous[283] • Disclaimer says:
    @jeff stryker

    Generally, all Gipsies do is get what they want from whitey, and then retreat and leave whitey alone.
    But your blacks – hateful, deceitful and duplicitous to the end – from one side of the mouth screams hatred for whitey, and from the other side demands that whitey loves him.

    • Replies: @Malla
  80. Antiwar7 says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    Supposedly, cigani (tsee-gahn-ee), used throughout eastern Europe and I believe is the source of the German word, comes from some word meaning “untouchable”, according to this source:

    It was like that for Albanians in the former Yugoslavia: the PC term was Albanac, but the common term was Siptar (ship-tar), which was considered racist, even though the Albanian term for Albanian is Shqiptar.

    This kind of “out group cannot use in group term” is a great trick to accuse the out group (the majority) of racism.

    • Replies: @Ship Track
  81. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    India has manned up and said that they are welcome to return (which you won’t see from Africa and Arab countries, and this too after how many years)

  82. @S

    Maybe they all worshipped the God of Thieves when they were in India. No shame in that for them, just practicing their religion although they may have forgotten what it really once was.

    There were rumours about Gypsies kidnapping white children throughout history and in all locations. I wonder what that was all about. Maybe they just liked them and allowed them to grow up as Gypsies and hence some became as fair skinned as Europeans. I hope they weren’t secretly selling some of them to the Synagogues for those blood rituals. From what GD wrote they may now be stealing even Arab children.

  83. @Malla

    What about their language? Are there any similarities with any of the dialects in India/Pakistan?

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Jay Ritchie
    , @anonymous
  84. @jeff stryker


    Gypsies used to be known for being quite handy with knives, razors and razor blades. And the Gypsy King Tyson Fury, would be a handful for any black thug even with his fists. Some are fairly well integrated into the host communities and unless you saw them in a group you wouldn’t suspect them of being Gypos. They are not all petty criminals, a few are involved in quite professional high level scams and swindles, and some are bosses of powerful gangs, especially some French gypsies. The original Western gypsies are hard to tell apart from the locals, as you mentioned for the English and Irish ones, it’s the new ones who moved from Eastern Europe who stand out. Traditionally they were horse rustlers and horse traders.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  85. Pericles says:

    There was a period when beggars were ubiquitous in Sweden and the media bleeding hearts were spurting in sympathy like crazy. But after a while, it seems people grew tired of beggar grandmas everywhere, the officials started feeling stupid I guess, the gypsy beggar camps were cleared out, and now it’s actually been a while since I last saw one rattling her cup. Maybe that’s just locally, maybe they’ve moved on.

    (Gypsies are fairly disliked in Sweden as well, but as usual we tend to hold our peace.)

    • Replies: @Malla
  86. Pericles says:

    Imagine if I took let’s say white americans, and outright deletes everyone that isn’t trailer trash. Kinda what happened.

    With whites, what happens is Australia.

    • Replies: @Svevlad
    , @Wizard of Oz
  87. Pericles says:
    @Commentator Mike

    There were rumours about Gypsies kidnapping white children throughout history and in all locations. I wonder what that was all about.

    Father of economics, Adam Smith, (yes that Adam Smith) was abducted by gypsies as a child, but was recovered after a community effort.

    Described in wikipedia even:

    In Life of Adam Smith, Rae writes: “In his fourth year, while on a visit to his grandfather’s house at Strathendry on the banks of the Leven, [Smith] was stolen by a passing band of gypsies, and for a time could not be found. But presently a gentleman arrived who had met a Romani woman a few miles down the road carrying a child that was crying piteously. Scouts were immediately dispatched in the direction indicated, and they came upon the woman in Leslie wood. As soon as she saw them she threw her burden down and escaped, and the child was brought back to his mother. [Smith] would have made, I fear, a poor gypsy.”

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike, tomo
    • Replies: @Sokrates
  88. Svevlad says:

    Well, after accidentally eugenicising oneself for many years prior, that tends to occur

    I guess indians liked to keep the scum around instead of bonking them like we did

  89. @Daniel H

    The Irish Travelers are not related to the Indian-origin (i.e. Roma) Gypsies. Although records do not exist, DNA studies suggest that they split from the settled Irish 12 generations ago (or 8 to 14 generations with 95% confidence). The split may date from Cromwell’s invasion of Ireland in the mid-17th Century, or from one of Ireland’s many other upheavals in this period, such as the Plantation of Ulster, or the famine of 1740-41.

    Irish Travelers seem to have discovered the same cultural niche as the Roma – theft and scams, endogamy, and a belief that the outside world is unclean. They are often in the crime pages of British newspapers. I have to assume that most of them do legal work, for example in construction, because otherwise there would be many more crime reports.

    The men do not like being filmed. It’s either that, if identified as travelers, they would have difficulty finding work in a prejudiced society; or that they are wanted by police or by the people they have scammed. Take your pick.

    The most famous Irish Traveler these days is Tyson Fury.

  90. @S

    ‘… According to this minister (and I’m only barely paraphrasing from memory) it was a foundational myth amongst the Gypsie people that the sole reason for the existance of non-Gypsies was to be preyed upon, exploited, and robbed by Gypsies…’

    Why do I find myself thinking of the eminent Ovadia Josef?

    • Agree: tomo
    • LOL: Rosie
  91. They are the pest. And European high culture (Hugo, Merimee, Pushkin, Liszt…all the way to Garcia Lorca) is guilty of romanticizing these trashy parasites.

  92. Cato says:

    Gypsies in Bulgaria and Romania report the lowest levels of discrimination (22% and 29% in the last 5 years, respectively).

    Not that curious, really. In a location with large numbers of gypsies, they spend their time with each other, and do not find anything wrong with each other. But, where there are few, they interact often with outsiders, and find that the outsiders do not fully understand or appreciate them.

    A different point: In Turkey, gypsies are much less likely to be involved in crime and much more likely to have a socially useful function. For example, gypsies roam Istanbul, looking in the trash containers, removing and selling the recyclables (though Afghan refugees have recently begun to displace them, using violence). They sell flowers and play music in restaurants. Gypsies in Turkey speak Turkish, though maintaining a separate (and, yes, less prestigious) identity. But they are still Turkish. So something about Christian Europe has discouraged their assimilation.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @tomo
  93. Anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Indians romanticize Whites. Lots of White women in Bollywood.

    • Replies: @Malla
  94. @Commentator Mike

    Tyson Fury is an Irish Traveler, not a Gypsy.

    He’s one hundred percent Irish.

    Robert Duvall the actor is an Irish Traveler. Those people are called gypsies because they are nomadic, but they are not related to actual Gypsies.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  95. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    No idea about that because I have never spoken to them. I closest I got to them was during my college days while travelling, in a small shared six seater rickshaw full of (stuffed to the brim) banjara women and girls, a lot of those banjara girls were staring at me/ hitting on me/flirting with me & my friend, but we did not speak with any of them. They stink to high heaven and the vehicle smelled suffocatingly bad. Me and my friend were the only guys, two city guys in a vehicle full of stinking nomadic banjara females. They were talking (a lot of shouting) to each other in a strange language close to some form of Rajastani, I guess. Rajasthan=Nothern State in India bordering Pakistan, famous for palaces and deserts.
    I guess they speak the local languages where they live but it is possible they have their own language (may be a type of Rajastani/Marwari*) or speak the local language with their own variation (like Yiddish to German).
    Marwari=type of language from Rajasthan from the Marwar part of Rajasthan. Ethnic Marwaris are one of the most mercantile ethnics of India owning most of our big corporations along with Gujrathis from the Western State of Gujrat which borders Rajasthan.

    • Thanks: lloyd
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  96. Malla says:

    Most White women in Bollywood just dance as extras behind the main actress/heroine. White women on average are very beautiful and exotic, hence the popularity. Also many Indians are thrilled to see White people dancing to our Bollywood songs.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  97. Malla says:

    the gypsy beggar camps were cleared out, and now it’s actually been a while since I last saw one rattling her cup.

    Good to hear that!

  98. anon[141] • Disclaimer says:

    A commenter said that here a couple of years ago.
    10 inch nails weren’t all that easy to come by in 33 AD and the one the gipsies stole was meant to be driven through the heart.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  99. Malla says:

    from the other side demands that whitey loves him.

    And a lot of Whiteys do love them. Even women in Ukraine are twerking their behinds to their music now. In Ukraine!!!!

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  100. @Malla

    They have their own Romani language:

    There is mention of an Indian Institute of Romani Studies at Chandigarh towards the end of the article but nothing about similarities to any indigenous Indian dialects.

    • Replies: @BlackFlag
  101. @Malla

    Why doesn’t India have a huge corona epidemic yet?

    Are they under counting the cases?

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @ivan
  102. Anonymous[110] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually, the Romans were very big on 10″ iron nails.
    The remains of Inchuthill fortress, excavated in Scotland in the 1950s yielded literally *tons* of 10″ nails buried in a deep pit.
    So great was the number of nails that apart from the specimens kept for archaeological purposes, the bulk of the hoard was sold as scrap metal – a shame I think, as an enterprising entrepreneur could have solid them off, individually, as curios by placing press adverts. I, for, one, would have been happy to have purchased one.

  103. @Cato

    Gypsies in Bulgaria and Romania report the lowest levels of discrimination (22% and 29% in the last 5 years, respectively).

    Or maybe it’s because they’re used to it and just don’t care; until these western NGOs started showing up telling them that certain words and behaviour were non-PC, wanting to spoil their relations with their majority hosts.

    • Replies: @S
    , @Cyrano
  104. Malla says:

    India Could Be Next Coronavirus Hotspot, in Worst Case up to 60% Could Be Infected

    In an exclusive 50-minute interview to Karan Thapar for The Wire, Dr Laxminarayan said that he found it hard to believe the Health Ministry’s official figure which, on their website at 12 noon on Wednesday the 18th, said that India had 130 people with the Coronavirus infection in addition to the 14 who have recovered and the 3 who have died. He says if the United Kingdom can accept that they have underestimated the number infected by a factor of 12, at the very least the situation would be the same in India. That means there are over 1,500 undetected cases. In fact, given our size and population density, Dr. Laxminarayan estimates that India is bound to have 10,000 or more undetected Coronavirus cases.

    • Replies: @Just Passing Through
  105. S says:
    @Commentator Mike

    There were rumours about Gypsies kidnapping white children throughout history and in all locations. I wonder what that was all about.

    I’d heard story’s of parents warning kids who were acting up in Europe centuries ago that the ‘Gypsies would kidnap them’ if they didn’t behave. Either that, or the family would sell the kid to the Gypsies themselves if he or she didn’t change their ways.

    • Replies: @Guillaume Durocher
    , @Poco
  106. S says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Gypsies seem to be one of the few groups that people in general don’t bother with the official ‘pc’ language about, ie they simply say ‘Gypsy’ rather than the pc Roma.

    I’ve observed multiple commercial settings where ‘advisories’ about ‘Gypsies’ were given. One of those was a retail store that had an open warning on a bulletin board advising of ‘Gypsy’ gangs entering the store, and while one distracted a clerk, the others would walk out with arm loads of merchandise.

    None of that was to be ‘cruel’ or ‘mean’ of course on the merchant’s part, but rather it was simply a reflection of the reality they were dealing with.

  107. @S

    In the Balkans they still do!

  108. Cyrano says:
    @Commentator Mike

    This is a story that really cracks me up. For a few months in 1997 a gypsy hysteria broke out in Canada. They were several documentaries on TV talking about the heartbreaking plight of the gypsies in Eastern Europe. The angle of the story was – how the racist Slavs are mistreating these wonderful multicultural human beings.

    Then they brought few of them to Canada, and were expecting the “democracy” to work its magic on the poor gypsies. About a year or so later, they checked up on the newly arrived gypsies and discovered that they haven’t make one centimeter of progress and that they never intend to either.

    That’s why the west is going down. Because it’s full of morons with an agenda who are out to prove that the Slavs are evil and bad and the west is the pinnacle of humanism. Go ahead, take all the gypsies from the Slavic lands, you great humanists. But apparently the attitudes have changed since the heydays of gypsy compassion in Canada. I wonder what they have to say today about the bad racist Slavs and their treatment (sob) of the poor gypsies.

    • Replies: @tomo
  109. BlackFlag says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Yes, didn’t Guillaume forget about language when he said: “without maintaining their own sovereign state or religion, the two traditional ways of preserving peoplehood.”

    • Replies: @Guillaume Durocher
  110. @BlackFlag

    That’s a good point. How widespread is use of Romani? My impression is many Gypsy communities use a Gypsified dialect of the local dialect, like the Jews speak Yiddish or Ladino.

    • Replies: @ogunsiron
  111. @Commentator Mike

    What about their language? Are there any similarities with any of the dialects in India/Pakistan?

    If I may give a couple of anecdotes:

    – a schoolfriend of mine (in England) was an immigrant from the Punjab. His father arrived speaking no English – and later told me this story. He (the father) looked around a shop trying to figure out what to buy and how to buy food. Another man who looked English to him was watching him.

    When the father was alone in a corner the other man came and spoke to him quietly making sure that no-one could understand, and helped him with his shopping. The language spoken was at least transparent enough for them to communicate and get things done. The other man explained that he was a gypsy but didn’t want people to know.

    – A professor of philosophy I knew was quite an imposing old man. White beard, white hair, flamoyant green waistcotes etc. He was the subject of an attempted robbery in Paris. He shouted out in his best Sanskrit ‘I am a wizard’ and the boys robbing him fled.

    • Replies: @Malla
  112. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Before this recent movement of Gypsies as one went from east to west the Gypsies became lighter in appearance. That lightness came from somewhere. Also, Gypsies needed light skinned ones for various reasons such as ones who could go into different areas without being noticed. White appearing child beggars get more money. Lighter types fill various roles as go-betweens when Gypsies do deals with members of the larger society.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  113. I’ve heard that if you see a light skinned woman begging in California with a child it is usually a gypsy.

    It’s usually one child and they won’t answer questions about where they are staying or if they want assistance.

  114. Big Bill says:

    Speaking of names, our city in the midwest has laws against activities by “counterfeit egyptians” (fortune telling, magic potions, etc.) that date from over 100 years ago.

  115. Roma is the capital of Italy. I have been led to believe that these people are the Romany or Romani, not Roma.

    The book The Romany Rye by George Borrow, a mid-19th century author, may be relevant.

  116. ivan says:

    I agree we are bad. But we cannot out Jew the Jews of Wall Street. My impression of the situation is that the Indians tried to ingratiate themselves with the high class Jews but were cut loose as prey for the lapping dogs. The devil takes the hindmost. It was very amusing to read that the guys who went to the wall for their crimes during the 2008 crises were Indians . Fellows like Rajaram – strictly Sri Lankan – and Gupta the accountant. Anyone would think that it is Indians who are running Wall Street.

    • Replies: @Malla
  117. ivan says:

    I believe that living in the tropics and having the top spots in terms of the worst cities in the world to live in helps. Indian air and water pollution may have already conferred ‘herd immunity’.

  118. @Svevlad

    Imagine if I took let’s say white americans, and outright deletes everyone that isn’t trailer trash.

    Interestingly, you’d get the same results as taking white europeans and deleting everyone that isn’t trailer trash.

  119. @Skeptikal

    Okay gyp, that’ll do.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  120. @Commentator Mike

    Not rumors. My lovely, alas deceased, Polish girlfriend was nearly kidnapped by Gypsies when she was about 4 or 5 years old. About 1964, from a public park in downtown Warsawa near a river. The park was crowded with Moms and kids. When her mother realized she was gone the Moms flipped and fanned out searching. They caught up with an old Gypsy bitch leading the child to a boat piloted by a Gypsy bastard waiting on the river.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  121. @Gunga Din

    Their musical talent. For instance, Ion Voicu was of Roma extraction.

  122. @jeff stryker

    Gypsies are not physically big enough to overpower people in America. US blacks are generally a physically powerful group (On average) and black criminals are usually six footers who weigh at least 200 pounds and have an athletic physique.

    That’s only on television. Sure Blacks are larger than gypsies but they have a lot more variation than depicted on tv.

    A lot of Blacks are actually pretty skinny from eating too many carbs and in the south you will notice a lot of them are less mixed and darker/smaller than on tv.

    I would be a lot more cautious around the smaller Black thugs. They are more likely to draw a gun over a wrong look.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  123. @Wally

    What proof do you have that they were “exterminated in WWII”?

    Because it happened to precisely 6,000,000 of them.

  124. @Gunga Din

    I’m such a fledgling on this site, I have to reply, just to agree.

  125. I remember now, up until a few months ago at least, there were gypsies who regularly begged in front of my local Whole Foods. One, a guy with an accordion who couldn’t play for shit, with a boom box also, and then a varying cast of man + woman + 1 or 2 children who seemed to be drugged, begging away. I tried striking up a convo with the woman when it was just her and one of the older kids, and the kid told me the woman spoke German but not English. So yeah, these gypsy networks are worldwide.

    Send them all back to India, or Punjab, or hell, the Skeleton Coast, no one will miss them.

  126. @Malla

    India’s population is fairly young and so it will not be catastrophic, the rich people will likely get adequate healthcare and if you are poor…well if you have managed to survive in India past the age of 5 whilst being poor, I doubt this overhyped bat flu will kill you.

    It seems Pakistan are recording cases better.

  127. Ghali says:

    The article is very racist and to certain extent extreme. The author shows lack of education by targeting certain minorities (Muslims and Arabs), while pretends to be less racist towards the minirity Roma (Gypsy). He would be comfortable in Hitler’s Brown Shirts or the U.S. KKK.

  128. @Malla

    Yeah so beautiful they’re third place in their own countries behind Asian and Mestiza women.

  129. With luck they will steer clear of hospitals too when the Wuflu rips through their noxious little communities.

  130. I am close to a FRench woman who will occasionally let a critical remark about ARabs escape her. But in speaking of the Gypsies she has never said anything that is not contemptuous. And why should she? We see them begging, stealing, pickpocketing in the Metro. The most grotesque photos of deformed children are used to excite our compassion when they beg. In the Metro there’s a lame guy who wears shorts even in winter to display his horribly curved legs. Gangs of them pickpocketing in the Metro have been there ever since I arrived two decades ago. Durocher may admire them for their perdurance, but they excite in me a real contempt for the authorities who don’t lock them up or expel them. Some of them really do play music well, I admit.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  131. @songbird

    By far the most sensible strategy — therefore the least likely to be followed.

  132. Alfred says:

    In the 1980’s, in Paris, I used to go out a lot to night clubs. These were really smart and expensive places. Sometimes, there would be fights between groups of Lebanese and groups of Gypsies. But these Lebanese were really from the upper-crust of their society – as were the Gypsies. I think the fights were usually over women.

    In today’s Russia, small landowners sometimes use Gypsies to plough their field with their horses. They have an affinity with horses. They don’t have black horses because they are afraid the Russian army will take them away – as happened in WW1.

  133. @Antiwar7

    Anybody who has seen or heard about the Gypsey camps would know why they are considered untouchable. The camps are left full of garbage, some toxic, and there are piles of feces for hundreds of meters around the camp. It is worse than a homeless camp in San Francisco. Having a caravan of Gypsey’s set up camp on your property is an extreme stroke of misfortune.

    These gypsies also manage to afford expensive German vans, many Mercedes, and large, fancy German caravans, like Tabbart.

    My wife’s aunt and uncle were simultaneously pick-pocketed by Gypseys while they watched the the Gypsey children putting on a scene at a train station in Paris.

    In an era of TB, Hepatitus and Corona virus anybody who doesn’t consider them “untouchable” is borderline suicidal.

  134. Isolated says:

    I am from Finland and we have had gypsies or roma for some 500 years. They still use traditional costumes (esp. women) and stay in their own social spheres and still speak their own language though all of them do speak fluent Finnish (or even Swedish) but with certain accent. They are not disturbing people on the streets by aggressive begging unlike the newcomers from e.g. Romania or the Balkans. “Our” gypsies seem to be proud of their culture and who they are and direct begging would be discracefull I guess. However, many of seem to be traders by nature and sometimes also swindlers or occasionally also direct thieves. Some also work normally. However, self isolation is part of their culture and they really want to stay among their own tribe. My son who, due to his work, had some gypsies as his coworkers had really interesting talks with them esp. about how their culture and social norms force them from integrating into “white society”. By the way, they call as whities or “valkolainen” in Finnish, and we call them blackies or “mustalainen” – but our PC & WW (I really love the WW expression 🙂 !) society calls the roma or “romani” in Finnish. However, they often like to call themselves blackies! I guess it is their way of showing “middle finger” to those WWPC people who infantilize them and in that way treat them with disrespect. Anyhow, according to my son the social norms to keep people within their own group are really strict and e.g. vocational education is no-no and leads to total or partial exclusion from the group. The same applies to young women, they must choose at certain age if they want to use traditional woman’s costume or not. If not, they are excluded from the community. They also are careful about who to marry and from which clan or family. So basically it is not only about how us whities “oppress” them but also about their own choices in order to keep their culture. Personally I think “our” gypsies are part of our society in their peculiar way and that’s fine but it is in a way disturbing how WW &PC society intantilizes them! They are totally capable to look after themselves.

  135. @Gunga Din

    A typical white idiot! Durocher is leading you like a dog that you are. The gypsy has been stealing your chickens and you want to hang him for it, in the meantime, the Jew has been giving it to you in the ass, financially and religiously (Judeo-Christian?) and now he is the leading citizen and savior. And let’s not even talk about blacks who are giving it to the white darlings where the sun doesn’t shine. But the dirty Arab takes the cake for convincing you that it’s the Roma, who hasn’t changed Europe in fifteen centuries culturally, that deserves to be at last eradicated and not him who has brought filth of Islam to your shores. Hopefully, the Turk will flood 100 million jihadists from Bulgaria to Portugal. You don’t deserve gypsies!

    • Replies: @jbwilson24
  136. @Malla

    Caspian Sea, my arse … you’re a Tamil nigger, pure and simple!

    • Replies: @Malla
  137. As many have pointed out, Jews are just high functioning Gypsies. Otherwise the behaviour is the same; a lifetime devoted to scamming the host nation while doing everything possible to stay apart from it.

    To their credit, unlike Jews, Gypsies don’t devote an equal amount of energy to destroying the host culture too.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  138. The last word on Roma …

    There is a book by Isabella Fonsceca, Ph. D. (Columbia, NYC) a Jewess, titled “Bury me Standing” which might give half empty vessels on gypsies some notions about human nature.

  139. @John Johnson

    Obviously Eddie Murphy is not going to overpower Dolph Lundgren.

    I’ve read somewhere that white bikers are given a huge berth in prison. But they are ready to kill or be killed on an increment.

  140. @Pericles

    I think your formulation for what happened in Australia is more or less the reverse of the facts. Apart from some pretty strong selection amongst the voluntary and involuntary immigrants of the first 60 years there was the swamping of their numbers by healthy enterprising gold rush immigrants from 1850.

  141. So what you are telling me is modern education is basically a genocidal tool. Yes? No?

  142. The Dude says:

    When I lived in the Balkans the Gypsy shanty-town settlement was not too far from my neighbourhood. In fact, they had settled adjacent to my great-grandfather’s property, which necessitated him to be one of the few folks in town who owed a rifle for self-protection. They tend to stay isolated and keep to themselves in terms of mating, and have a quasi-languge which tends to be more of a bastardization of the local tongue than an original language. In terms of religion, they tend to be chameleons. Given that they are what Canada would term “visible minorities” it’s easy to spot one–even when they are sophisticated educated types, of which there are about 1 in 1000+. They tend to be musicians, pull-cart operators (“hamals”), horse traders/thieves, they do small favours for tips, like running to buy smokes for people day-drinking, etc., and they tend to fight a lot (which tends to be mostly histrionics and comical stuff, like throwing shoes at each other, etc.). If you run into a group (“suriya”) of 5 or more (which is most often how they move) by yourself, even if it is out in the open, you’ll probably get jumped by them, but it generally only lasts a few seconds. This is probably considered retaliation, since they tend to get smacked around for doing a poor job of the services they offer. The general impression is that their IQ hovers somewhere around 70. We had 3-4 Gypsy kids in my classroom at the beginning of grade 1. By the end of the year all but one were transferred to the special needs unit (where 1 out of 20+ native kids would be sent). But the 1 who passed the 1st grade, graduated 8th grade on time as a C student. He became a wedding musician by that time, and I’m not sure if he went on to finish high school. They tent not to participate much in sports, except for boxing. Weddings with blaring music that can be heard from the other end of town every Sunday. My grandfather was close friends with a “sophisticated” Gypsy–his nickname was, of course, “Whitey”, and my assessment of they guy is that his IQ was around 90 at best. But he was a decent man, with a decent family whose children remained integrated in society. The biggest difference between “sophisticated” and run of the mill Gypsies tends to be that the sophisticated are mostly trustworthy, while you can never trust a regular Gypsy. Their political leaders tend to be Al Sharpton-type grifters who always side with the ruling party. Since the 1950s the government has been trying to integrate them into society by housing them in normal neighbourhoods. When a Gypsy clan would move to your street, it wasn’t so much “there goes the neighbourhoods” as much as “here comes free entertainment”. Here’s a description given on Balkan Gypsies from the turn of the 20th century. One interesting observation by the author is that they tend to change religion as soon as they enter a state with a different dominant creed (btw, this book is a tremendous description of what’s coming to us if we continue on this trend of cultural enrichment):

    Macedonia: Its Races and Their Future
    H. Brailsford
    IV. The Races of Macedonia

    3. Gipsies

    Two other races belong to the Turkish group though they neither amalgamate with it, nor entirely share its privileges — the gipsies and the Jews. The gipsies are fairly numerous. They occupy separate quarters in the outskirts of all the larger towns. Some are sedentary and follow their traditional trade of blacksmith. Others are grooms and wandering pedlars, and most of them are supposed to add to their legitimate incomes by skilful and judicious horse-thieving. Their colonies are indescribably curious in their squalor and decay, ranging from ruined houses which shake beneath the blows of sledge-hammers, to huts some five feet high, constructed of old petroleum tins eked out with remnants of felt and sacking. They live in public, and their poverty is elementary. But they have the same slight if muscular grace and the same gaiety and ease of mind as in happier and weathier lands. Their religion is variable and opportunist. For the moment in Turkey they are nominal Moslems, but the Turks set small store by their orthodoxy, and realise that if in their wanderings they should cross the Servian or Bulgarian borders, they would straightway embrace Christianity, as the settled gipsies of these new countries now do. Still, their lax profession serves to range them on the side of the dominant race, and in a struggle they would doubtless join the Mohamedan mob of the towns. But they are an element which is politically and economically negligible, and only their picturesqueness entitles them to mention. On St. George’s Day, when they celebrate the coming of summer, and their girls and women, fearless and unveiled, don their brightest jackets and baggiest trousers of yellow, green, and pink, and foot it in procession, with songs and cymbals, to cut fresh boughs from some favoured grove, they add a rare grace and movement to a world of nightmares and panics which knows little of gaiety and much of care and fear.

    • Replies: @Old Jew
  143. Hey, best leave them alone. According to Hollywood, at least, Gypsy curses are nothing to be trifled with.

  144. sarz says:

    Thugs were people. Thugee is what they did. The word “thug” has been taken up into English but lost its precise meaning. Thugs were sometimes from Muslim families but their main practice was a corrupted ‘Hindu’ one, the ritual sacrifice of unsuspecting fellow travellers. The practitioners of thugee were wiped out under the British. The British committed many sins, but this was not among them.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  145. @Malla

    I have heard the caste system was brought in as an effort to preserve racial consciousness and genetics of the early conquerers, and since then there has been very little mixing between castes. Do you know when this system came into action, and why the upper case Brahmins come in all sorts of shades from Persian-looking to Dravidian dark-skin? Shouldn’t the castes have some pretty strong correlation with race, and thus the Brahmins should mostly be very light-skinned?

    Also, I have seen some pictures of Indians with light-eyes, how rare are such people and what is their caste/ancestry?

    • Replies: @Malla
  146. Anonymous[270] • Disclaimer says:

    In chapter 3, “Being Alive,” in The Timeless Way of Building, Christopher Alexander cites the gypsies right off the bat as an example of being alive and free and in tune with the elements. We all know the bad stories, and the little shopping center where my wife had a shop was hit by what the local police detective said was a band of gypsies whose m.o. was creating a distraction to clean out the cash register before you had a clue. She wasn’t hit, so our reaction was more amazement than anger, but I believe Alexander was on to something using gypsies as a contrast exposing modern life’s loss for what it is to be really alive.

    Surely those charts in the article represent the death of the spirit and freedom. Alexander is mainly writing about living architecture—those patterns and places where we most feel alive—in stark contrast to the lifeless glass blocks where the bureaucrats who produce those charts breath offgassing synthetics amid life-denying forms for eight hours a day, and we wonder why photos of them going to and from work look like a march of the zombies rather than the life-affirming photos of gypsie girls in rags dancing in the rain in the streets.

  147. Alfred says:
    @Tono Bungay

    Gangs of them pickpocketing in the Metro have been there ever since I arrived two decades ago.

    They were there much earlier. In the 1990’s, I lived in Paris. I had an American friend who everyone called “Big Jim”. Like many Americans, he had a large wallet with all his cards, cash and documents in his back pocket. At a metro station, a swarm of these Gypsy kids enveloped him and his wallet disappeared. He quickly grabbed one of the smaller kids and twisted his arm mercilessly until his chums returned the wallet intact.

    In an earlier life, Big Jim spent years in Latin America helping along their regime changes. Around 20 years ago, he sent me an email to ask me not to try to contact him any more as he was retiring to the forests of Georgia to die. If you go to the “Brasserie de l’Isle Saint Louis”, the older staff will tell you stories about him. 🙂

  148. @Anatoly Karlin

    Easy to understand why – the Hive in the US hasn’t decreed that Gypsies are certified victims, so it’s okay to criticize them.

  149. Go Gypsies! Long before Jefferson recycled Locke with the now empty slogan “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” these cheerful family people had the innate wisdom to grasp why they were put on Earth. The Golden Calf now worshipped all around them never had a chance against their traditional strengths: language, culture, clan, freedom. Had they bought into the mindless conformity of Western society, they would probably have wound up in the gutter like so many inner-city Blacks.

    In the U.S.A. and Canada we still have remnants of our own brand of Gypsies. Centuries of war, displacement, coercion, school indoctrination and forced conversion to alien European religious cults have pretty much failed to make second-class Whites out of egalitarian Native American tribesmen. They received marginal reservations after everything else had been stolen by armed newcomers from hierarchical Europe. Maybe that’s what finally saved these distinct peoples from extinction by assimilation in our almighty money economy.

    Even the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s failed to enlist them. despite enthusiastic proselytizing by Black, Jewish and White liberal know-it-alls. Amerindian sage Vine Deloria jr. explained to the movement leaders that it was the splendid isolation of the reservation that gave the Redskins their edge over the descendants of plantation slaves. The reservation Injuns may have been stripped of their cultural-bearing languages but they were still free to live in traditional harmony with nature and strive to preserve the wisdom of ancestors who had survived in the New World for at least 18,000 years.

    As for the curse of money worship, the bogus myth of progress and persistent attempts to buy them off with beads and trinkets, it has never been easy to find a Native American oligarch. Like the Gypsies, they may not have much book learning but they seem to have stayed be in touch with a more ancient wisdom based on eternal values that count. They want to be left alone. That’s something the rest of us may now have to learn the hard way.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  150. tomo says:

    or maybe Eastern Europeans were more likely to tolerate them and leave them alone as they are (so Gypsies never felt they had to change at all).
    I am from Serbia and I remember how they used to terrorize us when I was a kid.
    Once a month or so they would appear from nowhere and little gypsy 10 or so year olds would steal bags from women and run away, or they would enter people’s garden and quickly steal a tool or anything else and just run away.

    They would walk in little groups and just attack people and steal stuff from them, or spit on us and run away. This was in mid to late 70s

    kind of Ovadia Josef’s followers on steroids

    • Replies: @Cato
  151. @Disgusted

    Nations are not just land. Nations are what people build on the land. Sending back people who did not build the nation is fine. You are a cuck for not realizing this on your own. Only morons can’t figure out on their own nations are not just land.

    • Agree: Ace
  152. Sokrates says:

    Hey! Pericles!
    Are there any gypsies in israel? or jews keeping their “country”* as Arian as can be?

    *israel is NOT RECOGNIZED by the full assembly of the UN.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  153. @jeff stryker

    Travelers used to be called “tinkers,” but saying “tinker” now is un-PC, so now they are “travelers.”

  154. @Malla

    If gypsies are Indians they should be able to find something productive to do, like running convenience stores.

    • Replies: @Malla
  155. Pericles says:

    Good question, you made me google it. The answer is yes.

    “I didn’t even know there were Gypsies in Israel!” admitted Omri Kibiri, a Jewish lawyer who is now involved in advocating their cause.

    Within the walls of the Muslim Quarter, close to the gate, is a tiny neighborhood called Bab al-Huta. Between the storefronts on the main street, narrow entrances lead to dark stairwells. Some of the house doors are brightly colored, others are old, some have decorations painted on the lintels. Groaning clotheslines stretch between the small, densely packed stone houses, and children of varying ages run free, unsupervised.

    Bab al-Huta is a mixed neighborhood, and a stranger would struggle to guess its unique characteristic: that most of its residents are Domari (or Dom) Gypsies.

    Dorin Cioba the leader of three million Roma around the world, landed in Israel on Wednesday. Roma are widely known as Gypsies.

    On his first visit to Israel, Cioba, who is president of the International Romani Union, plans to visit the Roma community in Jerusalem as well as the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.

    From what I was taught, they do have that in common.

    I wonder if this Cioba character, like that Iraqi minister of something, collects Western welfare?

    • Replies: @xcd
  156. Alfred says:

    In the U.S.A. and Canada we still have remnants of our own brand of Gypsies. Centuries of war, displacement, coercion, school indoctrination and forced conversion to alien European religious cults have pretty much failed to make second-class Whites out of egalitarian Native American tribesmen.

    I assume you are not referring to the north American “Gypsies” who were moved up north so that Canada could stake its claim to the Arctic Shelf?

    The hard truth about remote communities. They will never be as healthy and prosperous as cities. And for Indigenous people who want to leave, there is no system to help them.

    • Replies: @anon
  157. @Gunga Din

    Sadly, I have to agree. Having spent years living in both Greece and Spain, where Gypsy communities were never anything but sources of trouble, they are the only people who can make Jews seem noble by comparison. After you’ve been robbed or burglarized by gypsies more than once (unlike the Jews, who dress up their robbery of you in pseudo-legal and pseudo-capitalistic sophistry, the gypsies make no pretenses), you begin to realize that crime against non-Roma is a central pillar of their culture, one that has nothing to do with centuries of systematic discrimination against them. They wouldn’t give up this lifestyle even if they were offered full civil rights and full economic integration into European society on a silver platter.

    What I find especially bizarre is the fact that no nation in the past –nor the EU now– has ever tried to establish a homeland, a “Romastan” for these people. Doing so and deporting the lot of them from Europe would solve everyone’s problems. I recommend the center of Antarctica for the new “Romastan.”

  158. I dont believe it! I never thought I would read something on the Unz and come away from it less informed than when I went into it.

    I come away when an impression that the Gypsies are totally corrupt and incorrigeable, purposeless, have no ambition, live short lives and are a total social nuisance, do nothing of social value. they simply exist, eat when they can, aleep where they can and die.

    for a minute there I felt I was reading something by Paul Kersey about Black people from thr couple of times I read anything the Kersey racist has written on the Unz

    what the hell is the poitn of this article then. I thought I was going to learn something positive..learn somethings anyway. Zilch, a puffter faux pas’ after a journalistic sexy come hither

    look here! if the Gypsies are a Euro problem, let Europe scrounge up a billion or so, make a deal with sparse, huge Kharzak of somebody, for some land big enough and re-settle the Gypsies there..all of them and let them do their own schools or not, health or not..or just simply live however they can, for as long as they could, and die.

    that would be their choice. but I have to say I dont knw and dont have a clue about this issue..certainly no clue that can be gleaned out this here article about the true story and state ot the Gypsies in Europe

    • Replies: @Gleimhart Mantooso
  159. Skeptikal says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Come again?
    What does “Okay gyp” mean?
    Can you poke a few gray cells to post a coherent sentence?

    • Replies: @Gleimhart Mantooso
  160. @mocissepvis

    What I find especially bizarre is the fact that no nation in the past –nor the EU now– has ever tried to establish a homeland, a “Romastan” for these people. Doing so and deporting the lot of them from Europe would solve everyone’s problems. I recommend the center of Antarctica for the new “Romastan.”

    Isn’t there a country caller Romania?

    On a serious note, even if a Romastan was created, most would continue to wander around, look what happened with Jews, they have their country and yet there are million of Jews outside of Israel! Nomadism is a central pillar of Gypsy/Jew culture, they are a people that shall dwell alone.

  161. MLK says:
    @SIMPLE rom

    Very informative. Thanks for posting. Do you have any thoughts on this comment from Digital Samizdat:

    For over 40 years, communist governments tried everything to assimilate the Gypsies and in the end, it all had absolutely no effect.

  162. glib says:
    @Gunga Din

    They have some historical ability to work iron. The father of famous soccer player Pirlo, a settled Sinti, owns two foundries. Also, of course, disproportionate representation among star soccer players. They could have won the World Cup a few times if they played as a nation. Besides Pirlo, who does not see himself as other than Italian, Ibrahimovic, Cantona, Stoichkov, Hagi, Gignac, a few spanish players, Van der Vaart, that speedy spanish wing whose name escapes me (he initiated the play that resulted in the only goal in the WC final 2010), plus many other players who were before our time.

    • Replies: @Old Jew
  163. Whocares says:
    @Gunga Din

    They’ve kept their identity for 1500 years….. 1450 more than most Americanised losers.

  164. MLK says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    Thanks for posting the link to your 2018 travelogue on Romania. Like Guillaume Durocher, I’ve long been fascinated by Gypsies. Romania too.

  165. Malla says:

    I agree we are bad.

    You are Indian? I though you were Slav because of your name.

    But we cannot out Jew the Jews of Wall Street.

    Very true

    Fellows like Rajaram – strictly Sri Lankan – and Gupta the accountant.

    They were put in their place by the top Jews.

    • Replies: @ivan
  166. Rahan says:

    Japan also has a group of untouchables, called “Burakumin”.
    Apparently having untouchables is some sort of Asian thing. The Japs are also constantly carrying out various assimilation schemes for the Burakumin.

    I am, however, pretty sure that Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, etc., would gladly import Japan’s untouchables in exchange for the Indian unntouchables they got saddled with.

    Also, using commons sense, perhaps Japan’s porn industry to a large extent rests on Burakumin women. Just a hypothesis.

    I have to say that Eastern European gypsies are bloody harmless compared to Western machete blacks, drug mafia Arabs, and Paki pedo grooming gangs. The gypsies are thieves, pickpockets, bootleggers, and whores. They’re not rapists and murders–at least not to whitey.

    Of, course, who knows. Maybe it’s because for centuries Eastern Slavs would instantly lynch them if they cross the line, and that’s why their Roma became “almost harmless parasites”. If they remain that way in the western countries they’ve infected, this means that’s just the way they are. If, however, they become violent once a generation grows up in soy impotent Western societies where no pushback happens, then this will mean that it was Slav whites keeping them in check all along.

    Right now, with the Coronavirus thing, Eastern European governments have sent cops and troops into every gypsy ghetto with the specific goal of forcing the gypsies there to follow social distancing protocols, at the end of a blackjack if need be. Literally no one there is saying this is “muh racism”, every single local realizes this is just something that needs to be done. Even the gypsies get it.

    Lastly, to remind readers, in spite of what looks like a defiant refusal to give even an inch to the majority culture around them, Eastern European gypsies in fact DO constantly generate a stream of “assimilating darkies” who get absorbed into larger society, and once their kids grow up, they count as “whites”, even though they’re raven-haired browns.

    In fact, the darker they get, the more fervently patriotic “true Hungarians Romanians Slovaks Bulgarians” they are. This is, IMO, how assimilation is supposed to work. The ones that make the effort to become part of society, then ones who display level of impulse-control, ability to plan ahead, IQ levels, and desire to contribute, are silently included into the majority. You open any Eastern European media from south of Poland and east of Austria, you’ll see brown artists, professors, cops, and politicians, who are genetically obvious gypsy stock, but have assimilated say three generations back, and have found their place in society without any affirmative action quotas.

    The ones who remain with the “hardcore trad” core–they continue playing the role of the country’s collective Id. The rest–they join the Slavic-Turkic strains of Eastern Whitey.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
    • Replies: @fnn
    , @James N. Kennett
  167. Malla says:
    @Just Passing Through

    I have heard the caste system was brought in as an effort to preserve racial consciousness and genetics of the early conquerers, and since then there has been very little mixing between castes.

    Th early conquerers did not want to mix with the darkies and even the yellows (kiratas) but eventually Apartheid South Africa became a Brazil, everyone mixed. The caste system started after much mixing had already taken place but the more Caucasoid ones rose to the top and became the priests, warriors and merchants. Brahmins can range from light skinned to dark but are on average more light skinned than the population around them. To a South Indian brahmins will be dark but go to a Brahmin marriage ceremony, you will realise theta they are lighter skinned and more Caucasoid ON AVERAGE then the population around them.

    Also, I have seen some pictures of Indians with light-eyes, how rare are such people and what is their caste/ancestry?

    Very rare. Could be anything from Brahmin to even some peoples who are outside the caste system like Jatts. The movie star in the photo is Hritick Roshan. I have no clue about his caste background but is more likely upper caste. He is a mix of Bengali and Punjabi.

    • Replies: @Anon
  168. delmas says:

    Guillaume Durocher, very likely from France, should be aware that what is pre-existing in Slovenia is similar to the situation in France, where authorities make a distinction between ‘les gens de voyage’ who have been in France for generations even centuries and the ‘Roma’. Although this latter category has also probably been present for quite some time in the Alsace region, hence the term ‘Romanichel’ used there and also in Normandy and in the north of France.
    Les gens de voyage very often attend school and have jobs and live “comfortably” relative to the Roma.
    The Roma are a much more recent arrival, first appearing in significant numbers in France during the late 1970s, arriving from Yugoslavia, which was starting to fragment even at that time. ‘Les gens de voyage’ is actually a politically-correct term from the 1940s. Many of them have roots in other European countries and up until the post-war period were referred to as ‘gitans’ (many of them in France are from the south or from Spain) or in Germany and in eastern Europe, ‘tzigane’.
    Supposedly, the famous French singer, Johnny Halliday, had roots in the ‘gens de voyage’ community. Along the French Riviera, the town of Sainte-Marie-de-la-mer hosts (or used to) an annual gypsy pilgrimage every year in May.

  169. Anonymous[308] • Disclaimer says:

    I find it remarkable that a people, hailing from the dregs of medieval Indian society, could cross the whole Middle East, arrive in eastern Europe, and maintain their identity among other peoples for 1500 years.

    It’s called “low IQ” – a completely unremarkable, hereditary condition. That’s why Europeans must expel all brown and black guests before we get submerged under their “maintained” identity.

  170. Emslander says:

    The Roma specialize in being a minimal cost to the general society they live among, primarily by engaging in semi-legal behavior and by filling established labor gaps from time to time with useful service. They’re cleverly friendly and entertaining. You can get a damaged car fixed cheaply and some junk hauled away without a bother. Modern society’s complications give the Gypsies a lot of opportunities to make a living. They will also take advantage of your failure to be vigilant while you employ them.

    Every European knows exactly what I mean.

  171. Agent76 says:

    15 May 2017 They hate the US government, and they’re multiplying: the terrifying rise of ‘sovereign citizens’

    While US counter-terrorism efforts remain locked on Islamist extremism, the growing threat from homegrown, rightwing extremists is even more pressing.

  172. nymom says:

    I don’t know why you say the gypsies were the “dregs” of Indian society when they migrated to Europe. They knew how to do metal work and made their own weapons/tools and were actually used for a while in Spain as slaves due to their knowledge of blacksmithing. The most likely possibility is they were expelled from India as a warrior caste, who lost some major conflict now forgotten in Indian history. Thus, explaining their knowledge of metal working as they were responsible to make their own weapons back in the day.

    I mean they are the dregs of our civilization now, as they have never adapted and live on the fringes of our society. I don’t think it’s correct to say their were the dregs when they were first expelled from India.

  173. Where I come from, parents would often rebuke misbehaving children (small kids 2 to 5 years old) by telling them that if they continue being disorderly, a gypsy women would snatch them away, never to be heard again.
    I vaguely remember my grandmother, God rest her soul, saying this to me every time I misbehaved. It usually worked.

    Of course, years later I realize that it was just a harmless lie.
    Gypsies were very different than us, different in a way that would be very scary to small kids of very young age. Conveniently, this was used by parents on a “massive scale”.

    It is true, Gypsies can be a filthy nuisance, but Gypsies never started a war, they did not commit any massacres or war crimes and definitely did not attempt any genocides.

    Gypsies do not really care about us.
    They have their own myths and their own destiny which they follow with childlike naivety or, better said, innocence. They, perhaps, have the most precious thing, each other. And, what do we have?

  174. A vital tennent of Gypsy lifestyle is that in order to remain a distinct people their population must remain illiterate. A literate child would have options. I knew a gypsy who was great classical violinist (who could play all other forms of music), a former concertmaster of the Baltimore Symphony, and heard him play major violin concertoes with orchestra. For that reason I assumed he had left the reservation to go mainstream with his studies. Then I disovered that he too was illiterate.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  175. lloyd says: • Website
    @Daniel H

    When one lives among Moslems, one lives among shop keepers, factory workers, cohesive families. Crime is not a regular occurrence. As Miko Peled said, “If you fall for this Islamophobia thing, you must be our of your mind. It has Zionist finger prints all over it.” I am suspicious about Peled. He could be a spy. But he got it right there. The Rotherdam scandal’s only connection to Islam was its Pakistani connection. They were low caste criminal characters from a low caste part of the world. Across the Pakistan border, in low caste Hindu India, a young woman and her male partner were a few years ago attacked in twilight hours on a bus by every male on it including the bus driver. She was raped and then murdered. The media headlined her rape and mentioned her murder as an after thought. Its blame was attributed to conservative social conventions in India. A more extreme version of Me Too. Apart from the rape issue, it was not such a big news story outside India. Now if they had been Moslems. But they weren’t. I say that because I am confident if anyone of them had been, it would be a huge Western news story.

  176. vinteuil says:

    The Gypsy’s I’ve encountered in person have been pretty unpleasant customers – parasites & predators. But popular culture is (or at least used to be) in love with them – think Bizet’s Carmen, or Verdi’s Il Trovatore.

  177. @james wilson

    So their illiteracy makes them overly reliant on an oral tradition and, I will conjecture, targets softer to the blandishments and bs of charismatic leaders than they would otherwise be, if they could think for themselves.

    Side note: They look like a bunch of Mexicans in that picture above, and I am sure all the wonderful diversity they contribute make Spain, Italy, France, Bulgaria and Romania better places.

  178. @Jeff Stryker

    The numerous Punjabis with whom i interacted in “British” Columbia, Canada, 10-15 years ago — in Vancouver but especially in Burnaby and Surrey — generally were taller, somewhat lighter-skinned, of a stronger build, and broader-shouldered than Gypsies by far.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  179. @obwandiyag

    This comment needs one of Ron’s gold stars for being one of the stupidest fucking things ever posted here. Far worse than your usual crap, quite an accomplishment.

  180. @Really No Shit

    What a strange reply. Because Jews, Blacks, Arabs and other peoples are also problems in Europe, mass expulsion of gypsies is a bad idea.

    You know, the way out of your little conundrum is to deport all of them.

    The gypsies are relatively innocuous compared to Jews, Afghans, Arabs, etc, but their numbers are growing rapidly thanks to welfare.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  181. @lloyd

    “When one lives among Moslems, one lives among shop keepers, factory workers, cohesive families. Crime is not a regular occurrence.”

    That sounds like a load of nonsense. Half of the German gastarbeiters are on welfare. 80% of Somali Muslims in the west are on welfare. Where are these eager beavers, industriously churning out contraptions in factories? Even the Arabs in Saudi Arabia prefer to import labour.

    The only thing that Muslims are routinely employed at is running rape gangs. If it wasn’t for that, they probably wouldn’t bother to work as taxi drivers or kebob shop owners.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  182. Cyrano says:

    I think that they should make a movie about it. The movie should be called: “The unbearable lightness of being”. In the movie, the gypsies succeed in bleaching their skin – a la Michael Jackson, and similarly they blame the condition on some genetic disorder. Unfortunately, the gypsies discover that due to being lighter skinned now, everybody is assuming that they are white and as a result everybody is expecting more from them. Heartbreaking disappointments all around ensue.

    • Agree: tomo
  183. Anon[249] • Disclaimer says:

    . As Miko Peled said, “If you fall for this Islamophobia thing, you must be our of your mind. It has Zionist finger prints all over it.”

    Muslims rape both the men and women soldiers when they are captured in war, used to forcefully and crudely circumsize captured European warriors, have a long history of trafficking us for slaves and our women for sex slaves (which continues to this day), and we have fought tooth and nail at the cost of our lives for over a Milennia to keep them (Arabs and Turks using Islam as a cultural vehicle) from forcefully over-running our lands.

    At minimum we lost Anatolia, Spain, Persia, North Africa, and the Near East to them.

    Today they run us over with trucks, blow us up, stab us, shoot us, and behead our soldiers in our own streets.

    Their religion is one of total domination using any means. Including lying to us about their nature and goals.

    No amount of narrative from people like you will change the fact that Muslims are our obvious and long time mortal enemies.

    To make it worse, their ideology isn’t original nor their own. Its dumbed down Talmudism for Arabs and injected with more testosterone to make it more physically militant.

    Islam and its Judaism associate are the monsters that they appear to be across the world. Your sentences can’t hide that fact from us.

  184. Poco says:

    He is talking about Bollywood and Indian attitudes. White women are seen as exotic in India. Dullard.

  185. Poco says:

    My Dad used to tease me as a kid that he was going to sell me to the gypsies when I was being irritable.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  186. Old Jew says:
    @The Dude

    In Romanian “HAMAL” means porter or stevedore ( from Turkish)
    and not “push cart operator”

    In Bulgarian хамалин

  187. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Rich Indian men marry fair women. That’s why the rich are fairer than poor.

    A successful dark will marry a light woman and produce fair children.

    South Indian Brahmins were originally from the North, but intermarried a lot with Southerners. They’re higher IQ than Northern Brahmins. Darker too.

    In India, the view is that Northern Punjabis, Haryanvis, Kashmiris, Pakis are dumb. Southies are considerably brighter.

    In Pakistan, dark East Pakistanis (Bengalis) were seen as smarter than fair West Pakistanis (Punjabis).

    I’d assume the Aryan conquerors of India might’ve been dumber than the darker Dravidians, but tougher and more warlike.

    Dravidians are smaller, weaker, and more docile. Easy to push around.

    Dravidians are good at math, software, and engineering. Punjabis are good at war, farming, and pehlwaan/wrestling. Better at other “macho” stuff, like bhangra and drinking sharab/alcohol.

    Dravidians are more cautious in speech. Punjabis are brash and forceful.

  188. lloyd says: • Website

    They were a secret society within a society. They were drawn from all Indian castes and Moslems. They had common ties of religion, language and customs. They worshipped Kali, the Goddess of Destruction. However the executions and deportations of them by the British East Indian Company was only a few thousand. A facetious claim could be made that was indeed genocide.

  189. Old Jew says:

    Romanian Wikipedia says that Gheorghe Hagi is not a Gypsy but an Aromanian (Vlah pastoralist) from the Balkans. The Romanians call them “macedonieni”.

    Many were encouraged to immigrate to Romania after 1881 (Romania became an independent Kingdom).

  190. @JohnPlywood

    These are online dating stats, where people wish to experiment and indulge in their inter-ethnic fantasies. No sane White man would choose an Asian woman over a comparable White woman. Hapa kids are truly messed up and I am betting you are on too judging by your propensity towards race-mixing propaganda. Just because your parents made the wrong choice and you came out not normal doesn’t mean everyone has to follow their lead.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  191. @Anon

    True, the skin/intelligence correlation seems to be the opposite of what one would expect. I notice the scientists in the Indian space agency are predominantly dark-skinned and with Dravidian features.

    Meanwhile, light skinned tribes like the Pashtuns and Balochis are inbred retards.

    • Replies: @Anon
  192. @Commentator Mike

    The entire plot of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is started by a gypsy kidnapping.



    Quasimodo was the deformed child of a gypsy family, so they kidnapped Esmerelda and left Quasimodo in her place. She was raised as a beautiful dancer who would earn money for the tribe, while her actual mother went mad and left Quasi to the church where he was raised by a somewhat evil priest. The story kind of all comes together at the end when you realize that all these disparate characters are related by this one evil act done by the gypsies.

  193. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Just Passing Through

    Very true. LOL.

    Though some of the upper caste Punjabis are reasonably smart, like Aroras.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  194. lloyd says: • Website

    In New Zealand, heard of it? after the 2011 Christchurch earthquake and the 2019 Mosque massacre, the Moslem victims were esteemed doctors and shop keepers with maybe some taxi drivers. Kiwis have gone overboard with their love of Moslems. The Prime Minister wears a hajib in solidarity. New Zealand because of its isolation does not import boat loads and caravans of refugees. N Z is not identified with NATO. I agree with what you said about Arabian Arabs. In Oman, I went to a blood testing Immigration Office, an official said sternly take off your shirts like we were in a detention centre. Then he saw me and courteously ushered me from the centre to the front of the queue. I apologised to the Indians who stood there passively. I have thought idly would it have been different if I was coloured. Not sure.

  195. Mefobills says:

    Your argument is that dysgenics is operative. The white race can be bred down to its lower elements.

    Dysgenics is happening now as the smarter fraction of whites are not breeding. Those peoples who have a future orientation will forego breeding if circumstances are hostile. The lower untermenschen increase in percentage to the total population because today is more important than tomorrow.

    The second argument is that for eugenics to work then parasitic in groups are to be removed or expelled.

    Are Gypsies so parasitic that their behavior crosses over to inducing native whites into dysgenics?

  196. snag says:

    “one in four Roma aged 16 years or older reports ‘employed’ or ‘self-employed’ as their main activity at the time of the survey.”

    That’s still much more than orthodox Jews in NY State ,…

  197. That picture reminds of the scene in Predator where Arnold says, “you’re one ugly motherfucker”.

  198. Popeye says:

    Well it seems the gypsies are smart in some ways.,.get govt handout but don’t work or learn the national language or send kids to school…if even if obnoxious petty criminals and social parasites

    • Replies: @snag
  199. anon[405] • Disclaimer says:

    Here in the USA, we have a large body of people that will not work and eventually end up on Social Security for alleged “depression”. This behavior is welcomed by much of the population because most of these people vote for DEMOCRATS ( Communists) and
    the Democrats will do anything to stay in power, including the destruction of society. The Democrats also provide excuses for rampant Black crime in the media in exchange for black votes for the Democrats.

  200. anon[405] • Disclaimer says:

    you are talking about the Mongols in America (aka Indians). Dont push the leftist narrative that Euros stole their country because “There was no country when Euros arrived” The Indians had no established system of government or laws let alone land allotment; Indians dont believe in land ownership and thought that they were ripping off the Euros when they sold them “their” land. Whenever a superior culture moves into a less developed culture, the culture always changes ( usually for the better ). And dont say the Indians were friendly, peaceful and loving hippies,,,,,many of them were blood thirsty killers that skinned other Indians alive while burning them at the stake.

    Watch the Movie : The Black Robe

  201. tomo says:

    your story reminds me of Albanians in Serbia (and the ‘evil’ Serbs – like the Slavs you mention) – when NATO bombed Serbia and Kosovo years ago – a lot of Albanian ‘refugees’ were accepted by the UK (many were fake – especially the ones from Albania who have never even been to Serbia – and like Serbians – I befriended a few they told me their fake refugee adventure – and how they got UK citizenship)
    It did not take long maybe a week until one of these Albanians from Serbia stabbed his English neighbor into his neck (for no reason) – that’s one incident I read in local newspapers. There were many more. soon these refugees became a very strong drug-dealing mafia.
    English people hated them – I could tell by their comments and nasty jokes they were making about Albanian refugees.
    Similar outcome to what you describe with Canadians (who are all about virtue-signalling without any actual virtue).
    Full of shit and very corrupt – as far as I can see everything in Canada is done through contacts and nepotism and people are very jealous and passive-aggressive back-stabbing little colonials

    • Agree: Cyrano
    • Replies: @Popeye
  202. @Poco

    If your dad had known where gypsies hailed from, he would have threatened to sell you to the convenience store clerk.

    (Are there affirmative action set-asides for gypsies?)

  203. Popeye says:

    I’ve not seen any comments here on respective Nazi policies to Jews vs gypsies. For Jews it was pretty plain cut. To camps, forced labor, death, ghettos. But for gypsies it was far more complex and of course German bureaucratic rules and regulations. Since Third Reich viewing was that gypsies were in large measure aryan origin. And so Nazi bureaucracy tried its best to determine if gypsies were social or asocial. Social meaning they weren’t migratory or had criminal record and could show work history and schooling and even property ownership. Asocial if migratory, a criminal record of theft or vagrancy, no work or school history etc. Nazis were far harsher to asocial gypsies than to social ones. No such distinction was done with Jews

  204. @Gunga Din

    “Nothing but thieves. Eradicate them.”

    Same could be said for another group, but they have very deep pockets and lobbyists, and have managed to finagle themselves a sovereign state.

    • Replies: @Popeye
  205. ivan says:

    My aunt gave me the name. She was the bookish one and read all the fairy tales in the books the Soviets distributed for free all those years.

  206. @Skeptikal

    That was a coherent sentence. You just didn’t like it.

    • Replies: @caijoe
  207. @ben sampson

    What is a “racist”? And what makes Paul Kersey one?

  208. @lloyd

    The Rotherdam scandal’s only connection to Islam was its Pakistani connection. They were low caste criminal characters from a low caste part of the world.

    Now if they had been Moslems. But they weren’t. I say that because I am confident if anyone of them had been, it would be a huge Western news story.

    The media spent decades covering up the “grooming” gangs. The earliest case I know of goes back to the ’70s, with most of the Rotherham case happening in the late ’90s. Yet the government and media spent years trying to cover it up, including arresting people trying to stop it, giving investigators the run-around, destroying evidence, burying stories, tarring protestors with “racism”, the works.

    Rotherham isn’t by any stretch the only place it happened in, and they weren’t all Pakis. It’s happened all across England, and at least in Holland as well. Somalis have been caught doing it, as have Iraqis; many victims have stories of random people in those neighborhoods raping them, and calling all their friends to join in. The wives and mothers of the criminals had full knowledge and did nothing to stop it, and Muslim advocacy groups applied political pressure to quash law enforcement or secure lenient sentences.

    It’s clearly a Muslim thing, encouraged by their culture. There’s no other common denominator, other than perhaps non-white, but there’s been nothing like this coming from East Asian communities.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  209. Popeye says:

    And that hypocrite Trudeau and his blackface/brownface bullshit and yet was again elected PM. And.his backstabbing of Native Canadian in his cabinet when she blew the whistle on his lies and corruption. And said she wasn’t loyal to the Lib Party. What an absolute asshole scumbag of old pussy juice

  210. Popeye says:

    Well is that Irish or Turks or Saudis or Poles or Bengalis or ….((oh yes))?didn’t think it could be Moldovans

  211. @RadicalCenter

    I lived in India-staying in New Delhi-and that was not my experience exactly.

  212. @NobodyKnowsImaDog

    Here is a question.

    We have these groups in the US, but they don’t groom anyone. Is it because white Americans are armed, more xenophobic and less progressive than Europeans?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Templar
  213. @Jeff Stryker

    And when did the British public get to know about it? After it had been going on for 20, 30 years. Also in the US there are fewer of them as a %age of the population and they tend to be more spread out. Who knows? I wouldn’t put it past those dot Indians getting up to this grooming and pimping of underage girls in the US. Have you been around any of the motels they run? Or maybe they’re Pakis? They all look the same to me.

  214. Templar says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You raise an interesting point.
    The grooming gangs flourish in Northern England but there seem to be no cases in London.
    The British black population is heavily concentrated in London and they probably occupy the pimping niche of the criminal economy.
    In the USA black pimps with a stable of white hoes have been a well attested phenomenon for a hundred years and another 40,000 white women allege that they are raped or sexually assaulted in any given year.
    It is hard to see how your argument about gun ownership levels has protected white American women.

    • Replies: @JMcG
    , @NobodyKnowsImaDog
  215. Vojkan says:
    @Gunga Din

    I hire them when I have more physical work than I can achieve on my own and they always do the job they’re paid for. I never had a problem with them. I can’t say as much about Serbs.

  216. ivan says:

    The Dravidians have some claim to be the descendents of the ancient Harappa civilization. Since the high class South Indian Brahmins are both at the top caste wise and education wise, they tend to be a cosmopolitan lot. They cannot be mistaken for the Northern Brahmins who tend to be underwhelming in terms of their educational attainments.

  217. @SIMPLE rom

    I took the trouble to look up the images of these gypsy houses you mentioned. They looked strange. Then I showed one to my wife. Now she’s an art historian, and ordinarily when I show her an image of a house, she will say, “Oh, that is in the such-and-such style.” Not this time. She shrieked, “WHAT IS THAT?” Last night she was tweeting images of these houses to her art historian colleagues, wondering if they had ever seen them before.

  218. fnn says:

    “Apparently having untouchables is some sort of Asian thing. ”

    The French once had an untouchable caste called “Cagots.” The group rapidly disappeared through assimilation after the 1789 Revolution.

    • Replies: @Popeye
  219. As an Eastern European let me tell you – gypsies were bullying me and my friends all throughout school. I was a nerd with glasses and had my glasses broken by gypsies twice, unprovoked. Some gypsies also broke into my grandparents house to steal. Anyhow, I don’t hate them as a group. I actually kinda like them. They are also an example for us (for my ethnic group) on how and why to keep our identity. When you see a nation with a strong identity, like the gypsies – a nation that endures against the strikes of globalism, you start to think and wonder “why are these people keeping their identity against all odds?” And you find certain psychological mechanisms at work there, and that helps you explore the human soul. It helps to understand the collectivist mindset of such groups, its positive sides, and why White people must copy some of that mindset. The extreme forms of individualism that is so widespread in the Western World today is ethnic devastation.

  220. awry says:

    In Hungary the majority of the prison population is made of gypsies, as in the ones in this video:

    The country is relatively safe compared to some neighborhoods in some Western cities, but most of the violent crime, robberies and break-ins are committed by gypsies. Villages with a large gypsy population can be a “no-go zone” for whites/outsiders who are faint of heart. And they are preying upon old white villagers who could not afford to sell their house and move out, often simply demanding money from them with threatening and beating them if they don’t comply. Pensioners attacked in the night by gangs of gypsy youth breaking in their rural homes, then tortured and killed for their money is a relatively frequent crime.

    “Wandering” is a thing of the past, during the Communist era they were forced to give up wandering around on carts or living in shanties outside the towns and villages. During socialism they were employed as unskilled labor in factories, but after the collapse of communism that ended. Generations of them grew up without ever holding a stable job ever since. Their number grew enormously due to their high birthrate.

    • Replies: @Popeye
  221. Disgusted says:

    Sadly, a precious ‘minor’ Muslim man was the one who did the worst damage to the girl. The others raped her, but he went the extra mile and penetrated and disembowelled her with an iron rod which ultimately led to her death rom injuries. It was so horrific, it’s beyond comprehension. Go read the details of the case. It’s sinister. He was protected on the grounds of being both a ‘minority’ and a ‘minor’ (in age), albeit in jail.

  222. JMcG says:

    There were three male teachers in my high school who had sex with some of their female students. One of whom I knew very well indeed. They universally selected girls with single mothers and no older brothers. Loathesome men, every one of them.

  223. @EasternEuropeanEthnicHumanBeing

    I get what you’re saying, but surely there are better ways for a people to maintain their culture, heritage, identity, etc. than through becoming a permanently nomadic, criminal underclass?

    • Agree: S
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  224. Pandour says: • Website

    The Gypsy community in Croatia has 435 associations,more than all other national minorities combined.Their strategy is getting public funding and most operate under the guise of humanitarian organisations.Most of this is pocketed.In addition the government deals out several million Kuna-7.5 Kuna roughly one Euro-annually for nonsense like seminars for reporters to positively portray the Roma-its politically incorrect now to call them Cigani,which has derogatory connotations-in the media.The largest concentration is in the Međugorje region where some 7,000 reside.Of these 85 per cent are on welfare which costs over 30 million Kuna annually.Thievery is the order of the day-from houses and yards to crops.Roma on a near-nightly basis raid potato fields and make off with thousands of kilos annually.Women in Roma society are basically on the same level as dogs.Women and children are sent out to beg,steal and pick-pocket while the men stay home and do nothing-a mans word is the law.In Zagreb I recall a group of girls who had been begging handing over the days take to a chap who had more gold chains around his neck than hip-hop rapper 50cent.

  225. Popeye says:

    Well now of course it’s not politically correct but….if a person wants free public housing and monthly govt payment but is capable of working…then for both men and women it’s the Big S! Sterilization

  226. Popeye says:

    In Rwanda and Burundi, it seemed that it was almost caste system of untouchable between Tutsi and social contact or interaction, no marriage between the two groups, etc.

  227. @EasternEuropeanEthnicHumanBeing

    “The extreme forms of individualism that is so widespread in the Western World today is ethnic devastation.”

    Yes, indeed. When the early twentieth century immigrants from Europe stuck together via lodges and social clubs they recognized the need for cultural (if not racial) solidarity. Integration into American individualism has led to the destruction of those social bonds and no “white American” solidarity exists to replace them.

  228. Ace says:

    You seem to be willfully blind to the notion that some groups carry with them, like splinters of the true cross, ardently embraced attitudes that will forever mark them as outsiders and foreign objects wherever they may be. It’s clear that assimilation for Gypsies isn’t in the cards so you have a people who are and will be wildly different from their Western neighbors. And parasite on them. Rather than require such people to suffer the consequences of their aberrant and hostile life style, you cling to the notion that all differences between races and cultures are trivial, insignificant, and meaningless. Right.

    I had a Gypsy try to pick my pocket in the Madrid subway. In a former home in the suburbs of D.C. a gypsy rented a house in my community. One weekend he apparently had 40 cars parked on the street and when he left the owner discovered that the man had torn the doors off the kitchen cabinets and used them as firewood. A female customs officer in Britain visited her parents for a few days and came back to find that Gypsies had taken over her house. One female, wearing one of her dresses, offered a glass of her own wine. Outside town the Gypsies had helped themselves to a farmers field and set up a caravan park. All anecdotal evidence, it’s true, but in a world peopled by mature, common sense people with the slightest understanding of life’s realities, it’s good enough to teach the lesson that these people are poison wherever they choose to show up.

    Contrary to what the “civil rights” fanatics demand, people have a right to be around their own kind. Period. Just ask the Israelis though their adherence to the underlying principle is, shall we say, spotty.

    Minorities who are inconvenienced by majority populations who “notice” stuff know what I’m saying is true. Hence the nitromethane-fueled efforts to shut down people who presume to talk about what they notice.

    • Replies: @Disgusted
    , @Johan
  229. Mefobills says:
    @Beefcake the Mighty

    You pay the parasitical in -group to leave. It would take some form of sovereign money created for that purpose. It also takes a king…democracies are too weak.

    Take the lead or the gold. Most people will take the gold.

    It is defeatist to suggest that high trust white civilizations must become like low trust third world peoples.

  230. @Mefobills

    I agree with this (and it will surely come to that), but I was responding to the Eastern European dude’s grudging admiration for the Gypsy’s maintenance of their culture.

  231. snag says:

    They’re crawling toddlers in mooching business next to an orthodox Jews.

  232. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Offer US citizenship to every Gypsy who gets rid of 20 Wakandans.

    • Replies: @Popeye
  233. Lidia says:

    I lived in Rome and elsewhere in Central Italy for about ten years. Gypsies (zingari) all over.. kind of like fleas. In our area, they were almost entirely non-violent (not muggers but pickpockets, not armed robbers but shoplifters). They seemed like a force of nature.. just a niche element in the ecosystem, like lobsters, scavenging anything that wasn’t nailed down. The children in particular were trained to steal and to break into apartments, because the authorities just let them go.

    The Italian government keeps going round and round in circles with them, sometimes adopting a carrot approach (trying to give them “real” housing and utilities), and then a stick (bulldozing their encampments). In addition to the scammy things listed above, what they were known to do is take the free gov. housing the Italians gave them and sub-let it to non-gypsies, pocketing the cash and moving back to their hovels. They have absolutely no desire to live in “normal” houses, go to “normal” schools, or work “normal” jobs. The majority of Europeans don’t seem to be able to grok this.

  234. Disgusted says:

    I’m not being wilfully blind. Nor am I advocating for the gypsy lifestyle. I’m observing certain facts. One, that the attitudes towards gypsies are racist. Even if they were 100% integrated, they would be second class citizens because not white or Christian.

    Second, they have lived in Europe, on the fringes perhaps, for hundreds of years at least. It is not ok to say they should be sent back to India based on bogus claims of genetics. By that logic, all of North and South America would be emptied of the whites, blacks and in-betweeners. Are Europe, Middle East and Africa ready to take back everyone who carries their genetics? But this brouhaha is only applicable to non-whites. You say it is because they are an unpleasant, virulent group with bad attitudes who refuse to integrate. So off with them, whether it is death, death-camps or back to their (supposed) native land. Will this logic apply to the white travelers of Ireland too?

    Really what everyone is really saying here is might is right. We grabbed the Americas and whatnot, booyah, we’re not leaving. But gypsies have to ***off because whitey homeland. It’s blatant hypocrisy, but no problem. Might is right is a clearly understood concept. Don’t obfuscate with other non-important things. Just, don’t whine when the wheel turns and it’s your turn under the bus.

    PS: I’m fundamentally ok with people wanting and having the right to be around their own kind. But you mean that only for whites don’t you? Anyway, it’s too late for that.

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  235. @Rahan

    Eastern European gypsies in fact DO constantly generate a stream of “assimilating darkies” who get absorbed into larger society, and once their kids grow up, they count as “whites”, even though they’re raven-haired browns.

    This is true. However, because Gypsies have enough children to replace not only themselves, but those who choose to leave, it leads to the “boil off” effect that has been studied in the Amish. The Gypsies who want to assimilate leave the community; those left behind are the ones who are less willing and able to assimilate. After a thousand years of “boil off”, the social values of the community are literally coded in their DNA.

  236. Malla says:
    @Really No Shit

    Caspian Sea, my arse … you’re a Tamil nigger, pure and simple!

    Sometimes wi tamil abbos like fi dream, with our bongs out, nice Didgeridoo music in da backgroun, we hav da dreamtimes of our Conan the barbarian man great great grandpa riding in on horses with cows.

  237. @Templar

    Seems like my response to this didn’t post yesterday.

    London hasn’t been exposed because the rot is greater there, the Communists and the Muslim have greater control over all levels of government and aren’t letting anyone know. The grooming scandals that have been talked about are mostly in mid size cities with only a relatively small Muslim population.

    I would agree that the US has a similar problem but it’s characteristics are a bit different. Black groups aren’t nearly as organized, and they seldom have the entire neighborhood join in on the abuse like the Muslim gangs seem to do. In both cases the media paper over the problem and often try to glorify the criminals.

  238. druid55 says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    i believe they originated in Rajastan! I read a book on their history.

  239. druid55 says:

    disgusting people. Europe is so stupid to let these people and Africans in. Even ME’s and I am Muslim.
    These gypsies were not brought by the Turks. They originated in Rajastan, India, went to Afghanistan, the travelled towhat is today Turkey, then to Greece and scattered from there.

    • Agree: Malla
  240. Johan says:
    @Dieter Kief

    Interesting observations.
    They are on the level of the savage, savage smart, savage playful, savage sensuous, savage temperament, nomadic tribes cannot reach higher. They have retained a natural playfulness of a savage kind, contrary to civilized man, who in his hyper-regulated, formal, pretentiously serious, charmless and overly moralist society has lost his playfulness.

  241. The one in four Roma ’employed’ is employed begging or picking pockets.

  242. Johan says:

    Instead of worrying about some minority doing some petty pickpocketing and petty thievery, i’d worry about our own kind, our establishments and corporations, having made picking your pockets lawful and legal, substantially part of the system, and grand scale, doing it every day, living luxuriously from the fruits of it.

  243. @Malla

    Organized Romanian and Bulgarian gypsy mafia taking advantage of the tolerant and altruistic Swedes.

    I would not call those Swedes ‘tolerant and altruistic’.
    Ignorant, gullible, conceited, beast-like in obedience, conformist, greedy, timid, ‘dumb as Swedes’ would be more suitable adjectives. Just watch how they vote!

    The nice Swedes will scream “bigot, racist, anti-gay, Nazi-Nazi, Fascist” at any other Swede who dares to question the wisdom of open borders. Not a bit of altruism toward fellow Swedes.

    Finns are the same; a bit retarded but striving to match the success of the Swedes.

    • Replies: @Malla
  244. Cato says:

    or maybe Eastern Europeans were more likely to tolerate them and leave them alone as they are (so Gypsies never felt they had to change at all).

    yeah, maybe that’s it — during Ottoman times, with the Millet system, one fell under a set of religious laws: Muslim, Armenian Orthodox, or Greek Orthodox (including Serbs, etc.). The state didn’t bother much with social control, beyond collecting taxes and acquiring resources for war. Being Muslim was always easier than being Christian, so Gypsies would mostly have fallen under Sharia law and learned how to behave properly.

  245. Wally says:

    “It’s kinda obvious, we know that gypsies were targeted in WW2:

    No they weren’t and you have no proof they were.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  246. @Wally

    “…Under Adolf Hitler, a supplementary decree to the Nuremberg Laws was issued on 26 November 1935, classifying Gypsies as “enemies of the race-based state“, thereby placing them in the same category as the Jews. Thus, in some ways the fate of the Roma in Europe paralleled that of the Jews in the Jewish Holocaust.[1]

    Historians estimate that between 220,000 and 500,000 Romani were killed by the Germans and their collaborators—25% to over 50% of the estimate of slightly fewer than 1 million Roma in Europe at the time.[1] Later research cited by Ian Hancock estimated the death toll to be at about 1.5 million out of an estimated 2 million Roma…”[3]

    Source: Wikipedia, Romani Genocide.

    So the question is not whether Gypsies were murderd by the Nazis or not but how many were murdered.

    But of course you will now say that Wikipedia is “controlled by Jews”, that Gypsies were always humanely treated by the Nazis, you will link to a CODOH article as usual, and you will demand of us that we show the bodies of all those Gypsies, by preference with their DNA, i.o.w. you will demand impossible proofs and then declare Holy Hitler and his Noble Nazis as completely innocent, so you can keep your fetish intact. Good luck with that!

  247. Malla says:

    Finns are the same; a bit retarded but striving to match the success of the Swedes.

    What a pity, I thought the Finns would be more sensible as there is much less multiracial “enrichment” there. But some of the few Finns I came across were all libtards dreaming of a great brown future.

  248. Dreyher says:
    @John Johnson

    The early African explorers wrote lasting accounts of their travels and interactions with the negroes. Check out books by Speke, Burton, Livingstone and Stanely. Nothing has changed regarding negroes.

  249. Popeye says:

    What is wakandan?.. never heard of it

  250. Popeye says:

    Well the Burmese 95% Buddhist have used the …take the lead… approach to rohingya people who are Muslims from Bangladesh. Of course the world is very upset and accuses Burmese govt police military of genocide. Burma says we are battling terrorists criminals etc

  251. Malla says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    They are low caste/ nomadic caste Indians. Most store owners are Baniya.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Anon
  252. Bukowski says:

    The claim that there was a nazi policy to exterminate all the gypsies is simply not true.
    They were not treated with kid gloves but neither was there a policy to kill them all.

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
    • Replies: @Wally
  253. @Malla

    Low caste Indians usually end up in Gulf countries. None of them have the money to immigrate to the US.

    Contrary to what Americans believe, it is an expensive process to immigrate to the US. Most low caste Indians cannot afford it.

    Baniya caste Indians, by which you mean upper caste Indians in general not just Brahmin, are the only ones with the money to move to the US.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  254. Anon[308] • Disclaimer says:

    White gypsies, like Irish travelers, are just as bad.

  255. @Jeff Stryker

    “it is an expensive process to immigrate to the US”

    Legally, that is.

  256. Pandour says: • Website

    Ya just gotta love some of those gypsy fortune teller scams.About two decades ago in the U.S. a gypsy so-called clairvoyant convinced this old lady that her money was cursed and that she had to withdraw it from the bank so she could lift the curse from it.She had to wrap the money in newspapers and meet the gypsy on the bridge in town.Meanwhile the gypsy also prepared a package of newspapers only.When on the bridge the gypsy by sleigh of hand pocketed the old ladys money and threw her package into the water,stating that the curse was lifted.After a while the old lady realized that she had been had but was too ashamed to go to the cops.

  257. bronek says:

    About 50 years ago I was paid to do a study on gypsies (“Cygan” in Slavic languages). I can’t recall much but do remember the following, info below. Some, if not all of it, was contained in a paper that was anywhere from 15 to 35 pages.

    The research pertained to a group who had been living in and around a large building. The females lived on the first floor and the men on the second floor. They obtained entitlements, much less, of course, than the entitlement masses in Western Europe, Canada or the United States. The red philosophy was to entice them to work.

    It was no secret that nearly all of them were engaged in thievery. The woman would generally talk to home owners in front of their house while the men would go into the back and pilfer. They had different moral standards and values than Europeans.

    Most of the females, under the age of 60, would engage in prostitution. It was nothing to them. In a way it was like Westerners who shake hands, give a hug, or a slap on the back. During my days of mingling amongst them somehow or other they had picked my pockets. The girls, perhaps between the ages of 13 and 18 kept begging to clean my pipes for zlotys (Polish money).

    Unlike some of the postings here, they could speak in the Polish language, although it was grammatically incorrect. It’s true that labor in the literal sense was repulsive to them. A few of them did work and I can recall that one was a journalist.

    Some were poor, in fact that applied to most. However, here we can note that the definition of poor can be described in many ways, including those relating to economics. Overall, they were a very happy lot. Their time belong to them and not to any office, factory or business. If we count how many years in a life are given to employment, it would be difficult to adjudicate whether they were not richer, in some ways (labor-time being capital), than their host nations. You know, kinda like those in the manipulating banking trade.

    As for phenotypes most resembled those from Bangladesh. This is not apply to all. Occasionally a light skinned girl would be amongst them. One resembled a blue-eyed Polonian. In some cases they did not give up these children, but rather trained them within their culture.

    As is noted in other posts, a few of them had fairly decent automobiles. Which brings me to a fascinating adventure. I drove fairly high standard vehicles and soon discovered it was best not to bring any car close to their dwellings. They would get into the auto and insist that they be serviced. I remember giving cash to one woman just to have her leave me alone. Results: She took the money and continued her behavior. In other words, her concept of an agreement was different than EuroMan’s.

    If it were up to the general public they would’ve been removed, perhaps. In those days, even despite the oratoria or Lysenko teachings, the general public was repulsed by them. Unlike Budapest, Romania or Czechoslovakia, they were very few Cygan in Poland. Thus, those who didn’t have direct dealings with them were as Liberal is those in New England.

    They were of no benefit and were a detriment to the European community. They did have an extremely high degree of teamwork. Their level of social capital amongst their own was extremely high.

    • Thanks: S
  258. National and regional differences amongst the Gypsie-communities/bands and families not taken into consideration, I would like to point out that they generally are mobile cultures. And that means that they do not send their kids to the same schools for very long. Being on the road for parts of the year, they do not educate their children in anything but the most rudimentary practical, commercial and criminal skills required for that specific mobile lifestyle. A travelling band of gypsies is absolutely not a PHD-factory on wheels! And wherever they go, they do not respect the property rights of the local populations. There is a reason that Gypsy-camps are garbage heaps and that is simply because they do not own the land, and may be forced to leave by the local police or the local populations. So why not steal what they can find wherever they can? I have seen Gypsy-camps in Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Hungary and they were all total garbage dumps. Want your property values cut in less than half? Get yourself a Gypsy-camp next door! Their only non-criminal way out of poverty is to settle permanently on their own private property for 2-4 generations, and let their kids be educated locally and regionally. Over time they will as such build their human capital locally and be accepted as decent law-abiding citizens just like everybody else. So their 2 choices are either to settle down permanently for 2-4 generations and prosper, or to keep on living a filthy, lowly life on the road. Anyway, giving money to them is just amazingly stupid, and they never, ever respected anybody who did!

  259. caijoe says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Yer an effin idiot and great attempt to totally ruin a board by having something to say about everything, get a life

  260. Wally says:

    – Bukowski, you are absolutely correct, and no one can refute you on that.

    – The ridiculous “Holocaust Industry” has as a way of ‘buying votes’ for their fake 6M Jews. Incorporated into their false narrative, besides the lie about the extermination of homosexuals, is the absurd claim that anywhere from 250,000 – 1,500,000 gypsies were murdered by the Germans. And like the impossible ‘6M Jews’, there is no proof. The laughable ‘gypsies holocaust’ lie has been utterly debunked as you noted.

    Here’s more:
    The “Gassing” of Gypsies in Auschwitz on August 2, 1944, by Carlo Mattogno :
    “Consequently, we can be certain that the story about the gassing of the gypsy-camp is not grounded in historical fact.”
    ‘the Gypsy ‘extermination’ Big Lie debunked:
    Gypsies and Homosexuals in the Camps:

  261. @Anatoly Karlin

    So, he turned “into a Nazi”? Is that the best insult you could think of?
    I really like this topic, it shows how many of us have no idea what it is like to be poor. I have been stolen from many times by the dregs of society, yet I still end up losing more to new taxes that pay subsidies to welfare programs run by people in luxury cars. I have no experience of the Roma, but when I see their lifestyle I see a free people. They steal? What would you do if every activity you try your hand at, needs some special licence or tax, that can only be paid by registering and committing to some extractionist Zionist scam, such as banking accounts and NGO registers?
    I would invite them to Africa, but they would probably get mugged…

  262. @Disgusted

    I’m not being wilfully blind. Nor am I advocating for the gypsy lifestyle. I’m observing certain facts. One, that the attitudes towards gypsies are “racist.”

    Spewing anti-White slurs does nothing to advance your “argument,” you ignorant bigot.

  263. @mocissepvis

    After you’ve been robbed or burglarized by gypsies more than once (unlike the Jews, who dress up their robbery of you in pseudo-legal and pseudo-capitalistic sophistry, the gypsies make no pretenses), you begin to realize that crime against non-Roma is a central pillar of their culture, one that has nothing to do with centuries of systematic discrimination against them.

    And — like “high-functioning gypsies” — they even have a quasi-religious founding myth that “justifies” stealing from outsiders. The fourth nail. Here’s another version.

  264. @Just Passing Through

    Absurd. The majority of relationships today are formed through online dating. Also, scientific experiments, in which male subjects are asked to rate the attractiveness of different races’ faces, always replicate these results. White male experiment subjects consistently prefer Asian and half-Asian faces over white female faces.

    And in another experiment, led by Ellen Greenberger, interracial couples involving white males and Asian females were rated more attractive than white monoracial couples. Only low-grade, loser white males still get with white women in the 21st century. Asian and Asian-looking women are what the white man naturally desires. Much to the consternation of white women such as yourself.

  265. RDB says:

    It is always amusing to hear the various definitions of “immigrants”. Europeans have spent the last 400 years occupying, invading, stealing and “colonising” native lands all across the world, but never seem to refer to themselves as “immigrants”. I never (lets say rarely) hear European immigrants (that is, every white person who lives in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, the fabled “West” etc. etc. ) considering or wanting to “assimilate” into Native Peoples’ ways of life. Quite the opposite: they annihilate and destroy cultures and then (somehow) are able to “legally” justify it all. I cannot follow that logic because there is no logic, only arrogance. I am not saying Gypsies are not problematic. But they didn’t invent human gas chambers either, and have committed no known genocides. Great Britain, Spain, France, Germany and all other European colonial “powers” cannot claim THAT. Perhaps a little self-reflection on behalf of the “West” is necessary to determine the real “thieves”, “criminals”, “murderers” of world history. Beware: the Gypsies may start looking a little better than you thought.

  266. xcd says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You’re shooting from the hip. There are a couple of acceptable articles on Syrian Christians in India at Wikipedia.

  267. xcd says:

    He might not need welfare. He could collect membership fees, like those US preachers flying around in the best private jets.

  268. ogunsiron says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    Jews and their ancestors, at one time, spoke hebrew (which was probably a canaanite dialect at that time). Late they spoke greek and/or aramaic. Then latin and/or greek and/or aramaic. Then yiddish, ladino or even the host people language. Then reconstructed hebrew and a bunch of host people languages like english and french.

    The jews show that language is one of the main attributes of peoplehood but it’s not totally a necessary attribute.

  269. @Gunga Din

    ‘Have you ever heard a good thing said about gypsies? Nothing but thieves. Eradicate them.’

    Well, how about a homeland?

    Here’s how to pick it. Announce each EU state will hold a referendum: ‘should we become the Gypsy Homeland?’

    All Gypsies are deported to the state with the highest ‘yes’ vote. Henceforth, residents of that state must offer evidence that they are not Gypsies whenever they seek to travel abroad.

    It’s about as humane as possible and virtually certain to solve the problem. Absent a 100% ‘no’ vote in even the most impeccably progressive societies, somebody’s bound to ‘win.’

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