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Leading Afro-French Journalist Demands White People "Be Quiet" at Coloreds-Only Events
Audrey Pulvar’s Racialist Move Is Backed by Left-Wing Parties and Media
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Audrey Pulvar in 2017. Credit: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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The times they are a changin’.

Just last week I wrote that “we are witnessing a racialization of French politics as increasingly colorful and woke youths reject the old generation’s quaint commitment to colorblind secularism as the bedrock of national identity.”

The latest sign of this is provided by Audrey Pulvar, a prominent TV journalist of Afro-Caribbean descent who recently switched to a career in left-wing racial politics as the deputy-mayor of Paris.

Appearing on the popular TV station BFM, the Afro-Socialist politician had this exchange:

Pulvar: That people who are discriminated against for the same reasons and in the same way feel the need to meet together to be able to talk about it, that doesn’t shock me deeply depending on how it’s done. . . . I prefer meetings “reserved for” [a group] than meetings “forbidden to” [another group].

Journalist: You’re playing on words, this amounts to the same thing . . .

Pulvar: If there is a workshop on discrimination against black or mixed-race people, or black or mixed-race women, something tells me that 90% to 99% of the participants, spontaneously, will be the people concerned. If a white man or white woman happens to come to this workshop, I would tend to say that we shouldn’t throw them out, but we can ask them to be quiet. We can ask them to be a silent spectator.

The discussion was held in the context of controversy over coloreds-only meetings being held in French universities by the country’s leading student union (UNEF).

Pulvar was roundly criticized by conservative and nationalist politicians for these comments, with Marine Le Pen calling on prosecutors to investigate the politician of color for incitement to racial discrimination. Jordan Bardella, a nationalist Member of the European Parliament, denounced the Parisian left’s “hatred of whites.”

Politicians across the left however backed Pulvar’s racialist discourse, including her own Socialist Party and the far-left Clémentine Autain and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. This marks a drastic racial radicalization of the left in France: as recently as 2017, Mélenchon opposed such coloreds-only meetings.

Mélenchon said at the time: “I am totally opposed to this kind of event. I am shocked by the very idea that people hold racialized meetings. I do not believe in the existence of races and I think human beings are all the same and that a difference of skin color or hair does not break our similarity.”

As recently as 2017, Pulvar’s current superior, Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, also opposed an “Afro-feminist festival” which would have had some blacks-only workshops. Meanwhile Le Monde has been providing fawning coverage of Pulvar.

This kind of open racial politics is a novelty in the mainstream French left. Previously, such rhetoric had been the preserve of marginal activists like Houria Bouteldja, an Algerian whose “anti-colonial” group, the perversely-named Party of the Indigenous peoples of the Republic (PIR), seeks to eliminate all barriers to immigration and deconstruct France’s identity and way of life. In Bouteldja’s estimation, immigrants should be under no obligation whatsoever to adapt to, let alone “assimilate” to, French society. Bouteldja referred to indigenous Frenchm people as “souchiens,” a diminutive of “Français de souche” (French-by-descent) which also sounds like “sub-dogs.”

Algerian “anti-colonial” activist Houria Bouteldja
Algerian “anti-colonial” activist Houria Bouteldja

Activists like Bouteldja did not face much persecution as long as they avoided aggressive anti-Zionism – she herself was happily employed at the government-run Arab World Institute. But when allowed on television, Bouteldja was treated as something like a punching bag whose “communitarianism” the mainstream participants could denounce together. Today, Bouteldja’s racialism is now officially embraced across the French far-left and center-left.

Personally, I am not against coloreds-only meetings as such. The problem is in the hypocrisy of the motive and the lack of reciprocity. There is no doubt that the left would reject ever granting indigenous Europeans the same right. What’s more, it’s perfectly understandable that blacks and Arabs would want to have meetings for themselves. That is perfectly natural for the members of any self-respecting race or ethny. But why hypocritically couch such racial meetings as a response to discrimination, that is to say white malfeasance?

No, Audrey Pulvar, own up to your racial activism and I am sure we will find a solution amenable to everyone and where indeed you’ll never have chance to be oppressed by white folk again.

This is a good a time as any to recall that Audrey Pulvar had recently wished the French Communist Party a happy 100th birthday as “a great party which has so counted in the history of emancipation.” She is now also pushing trans activism as the latest progressive crusade.

Indeed, uber-gentrified Paris is currently governed by a Socialist-Green-Communist coalition with strong Zionist, Afro-racialist, and feminist tendencies. Not only should one have privilege and power, but one must also be acknowledged as the victims, as the moral betters of one’s opponents, all the while having absolutely no consistent principles of government nor any courage to oppose, as the egalitarian left normally would, the ethno-state of Israel’s decades-long occupation of Arab lands and disenfranchisement of the Palestinians.

Une synthèse !

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  1. German_reader says:

    Indeed, uber-gentrified Paris is currently governed by a Socialist-Green-Communist coalition with strong Zionist

    Could you expand a bit on how this Zionism manifests itself?
    (a genuine question, I’m not trolling; I agree that there’s a surprising amount of pro-Zionist leftism, normie right-wingers who think the left is “antisemitic” and unfairly bashing Israel suffer from a myopic perception).

    • Replies: @Guillaume Durocher
  2. Svevlad says:

    Here’s a prediction: the government and the populace will soon be utterly decoupled.

    Paris is heavily gentrified and populated by the wealthy, yet ruled by leftists who keep organizing stupid events.

    I wonder, how many people go to those events? Perhaps 1000 at most in a day, which for a city the size of Paris is basically a statistical error.

    The government will keep making increasingly ridiculous laws that will be enforced less and less as the affirmative action and nepotism means the enforcers don’t even care.

    Eventually, you get to total anarchy while still having a government.

    Despite the West not being a single country, this trend seems to be happening to all of them. They’re all American satraps anyway.

  3. But… but… but… I thought they claimed “silence is violence!”

  4. Altai says:

    This gets into a key problem of immigration. What I call the ‘immigrant veto’. The indigenous find themselves after even low levels of immigration in a world where they are rarely alone together in social or work situations, there are always immigrants who exercise a silent veto over speaking freely. So they can never know how each other feels about immigration, thus the ones who feel unease always feel alone and defeated. It’s like breaking up hedgerows or forests, you’re breaking up the social environment for the population to exist healthily.

    Indeed, the only reason for blacks to be alone together is to say things that they would be afraid to say infront of white people, which, considering what they already feel free to say as a minority, must be quite something. But it is more than that, it is for them to bond and reinforce each others sense of being backed up. It is to conspire.

    Since 68 there has been a silent assumption, the indigenous are illegitimate in their collective interests and collective pride. There can be no collection action or gains, only collective guilt and responsibility. Conversely, the immigrant, the non-white is encouraged to be ethnocentric and pursue group ambitions at the expense of the natives. That is all, that is all that this is and it is the assumption we all live under. This was tolerable when the immigrants and their descendants were very small in number but this is no longer the case but we all act the same anyway because now they are in numbers large enough not to need to appeal to the guilt of the native but the pride of themselves.

    • Agree: songbird, Lurker
    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  5. Bill H. says: • Website

    This is entirely consistent with the younger generation’s attitude of not wanting to hear anything voiced which does not support and reinforce the beliefs which they already hold. They do not have discussions, they have vocal mutual masturbation sessions.

    • Agree: WhiteWinger, ThreeCranes
    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  6. “Leading Afro-French Journalist Demands White People “Be Quiet” at Coloreds-Only Events”

    Why would there be ANY white people at ‘Coloreds Only’ events?

  7. An African Generation Identitaire gets the nod, but not the White Generation Identitaire.

    Maitre chez nous.

  8. Anonymous[359] • Disclaimer says:

    Afro-French Journalist Demands White People “Be Quiet”


  9. songbird says:

    Ideally, these non-white events would be encouraged in order to made it easier to round-up these obnoxious aliens and deport them.

    But, in terms of mass deportations, I’ve come to believe that ghettoization is a necessary precursor. Once you end the subsidies and force them to live with each other, then that will lessen the gap in living standards between Europe and their home countries. In the end, the promise of a pittance (soon terminated), a solar-powered cinderblock hut, and less cold winters (their heat will be cut) will get them to be agreeable to deportation.

    • Troll: sher singh
  10. German_reader says:

    Do you really believe mass deportations are a realistic prospect? I just don’t see this happening. It probably wouldn’t be possible without levels of violence most people would be very uncomfortable with. And most white people seem to be ok with multiculturalism/multiracialism anyway, or at least don’t really object to it.

    • Replies: @songbird
  11. songbird says:

    Do you really believe mass deportations are a realistic prospect?

    Well, I’m being a little tongue-in-cheek, in so far as I think these people should be exposed en-mass to a hard-nosed attitude and that it would be salutary, if they were. Apologies for the long-winded response, but:

    Of course, I think the near term political prospect of mass deportations is non-existent

    Things which are logistical possibilities have become political impossibilities. The entire system is geared against deportation – you can be rear-ended by an illegal with no brakes (happened to someone I know), and the police will just let the guy back into his no-brake car because they know that the system is for open borders.

    The whole incentive structure needs to be changed. At a minimum, I am convinced that it would require some sort of bounty to deport people effectively. And, even then, if it were the only change made, people would probably be funneling them back in, to collect the bounty again, or suing the people capturing the illegals. There need to be deep changes on the leadership level, unified strategies.

    Logistics are on another plane than politics – it is what is about what is technically possible. Though you will meet a lot of ignorant people who will say, “I don’t see how we can deport so many.” Ike did Operation Wetback, in which 1,074,277 people were deported in a single year. Ultimately Wetback was fruitless because it didn’t affect the political themes of universalism, but logistically, I consider it to have been a huge success. That was 1954, and, of course, there have been many such mass movements of people, after WW2 in Europe, and in many other places, like India, after partition. Since then, technology has only improved.

    One of the most inspiring examples actually comes from an unexpected quarter – the Israeli Operation Solomon – though one must look at it in reverse. To summarize: using only 35 planes, they transported 14,325 Ethiopian Jews to Israel in 36 hours. One of the aircraft, an El Al 747, carried at least 1,088 people, including two babies who were born on the flight, and holds the world record for the most passengers on an aircraft. It might be a little unrealistic to use the same 35 planes continuously with no maintenance over a year, but you would get a pretty impressive number, if you did (>5.2 million)

    And we have access to bigger fleets and possibly bigger planes. The A380 could be configured to carry at least 868 comfortably, though it might require too much runway. But it really is inspiring just to consider the normal number of passengers moved through airports annually or by corporate fleets annually.

    Really, in the long term, I think it is the only realistic way to solve these social problems. I mean, suppose it was demographic stasis. Is it really desirable for Euros to be infinitely insulted and parasitized, on a global level to what amounts to, perhaps, in excess of 2 trillion dollars/year (or let us call it just a trillion, to be safe)? For all time? But, let’s be realistic – it is not stasis, parasitism can kill the host, and therefore it is unsustainable on even a mathematical level.

  12. Iris says:

    Ideally, these non-white events would be encouraged in order to made it easier to round-up these obnoxious aliens and deport them.

    Well, to be fair to her, Audrey Pulvar is not descended of immigrants, but of slaves. She originates in the Caribbean Martinique Island.

    Her ancestors did not “emigrate”, they were taken by force.

    • Replies: @Resartus
    , @songbird
    , @AceDeuce
  13. Sam J. says:

    “Leading Afro-French Journalist Demands White People “Be Quiet” at Coloreds-Only Events”

    She could solve all these problems by moving back to Africa.

    “Her ancestors did not “emigrate”, they were taken by force.”

    This is supposed to make us shut up but…what is the alternative to slavery during war between tribes? Death. Slavery is better than death. She is here to criticize. instead on never being at all and did eventually gain freedom.

    And let’s make sure and mention the vast majority of slave traders were Jews. Jews should pay her for past and present suffering.

  14. Sam J. says:

    I’ve thought exactly the same thing. When people have told me they are here now and we couldn’t possibly deport them all I did a quick run of the numbers and found we could deport 100 million in a year at a reasonable cost. Very reasonable. Here’s the comment with the numbers.

    Feel free to cut and paste these numbers any time someone says we aren’t physically able to deport them.

    • Agree: WhiteWinger
  15. Resartus says:

    Her ancestors did not “emigrate”, they were taken by force.

    By their fellow Africans….
    She should be thankful her ancestors weren’t
    used as bait for lion hunts…..

    • Agree: WhiteWinger
  16. songbird says:

    Am I supposed to feel sorry for her for being born on some tropical island, that sees around a million tourists a year? Seriously, I don’t get it. They had slavery in Africa as well as a high risk for schistosomiasis, other nightmarish diseases, starvation, and being killed in ethnic conflicts. And probably of their children being stolen and eaten by chimps.

    Slavery ended on Martinique in 1794, well before it ended in Africa.

    The issue on hand isn’t what the exact territory controlled by the French colonial empire was under Louis XVI – before many European countries even existed. Rather, it is that she is a social and economic parasite, incompatible with the bio-culture of Europeans, functionally negative to their well-being and in the long-term, a danger to their very survival.

    She can be sent back to Martinique. If she does not like that, there’s also Africa.

    • Thanks: WhiteWinger
  17. Resartus says:

    Slavery ended on Martinique in 1794, well before it ended in Africa.

    And in the ’80s and ’90s, the current (for then) chief of the tribe that took slaves,
    sued in the World Court because for loss of income due to slavery being outlawed….

  18. German_reader says:

    That was 1954, and, of course, there have been many such mass movements of people, after WW2 in Europe, and in many other places, like India, after partition.

    The latter happened in the context of mass violence, and Operation Wetback (impressive as it undoubtedly was from today’s perspective) only affected non-citizens, so a modern analogue wouldn’t do anything about the likes of Audrey Pulvar.
    Anyway, my reservation wasn’t so much about technological feasibility. It’s more that I increasingly get the impression that most whites don’t care at all about demographic displacement like we and other commenters here do, and in fact many whites seem to be enthusiastically (or could one say fanatically?) in favour of mass immigration and multiculturalism/multiracialism, also very strident in their condemnation of racists. There might be more whites in favour of deporting racists to prison camps in Antarctica than anything like deportation of unassimilable immigrants to their countries of origin.

    • Agree: sher singh
    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @songbird
  19. AceDeuce says:

    Kidnap victims don’t stay with the kidnappers once they are rescued. They are returned home.

    In the meantime, the suitable response to this hag’s edict is a three word English phrase that rhymes with “Tuck You, Digger!”

  20. Thomasina says:

    “…I’ve come to believe that ghettoization is a necessary precursor. Once you end the subsidies and force them to live with each other, then that will lessen the gap in living standards between Europe and their home countries. In the end, the promise of a pittance (soon terminated), a solar-powered cinderblock hut, and less cold winters (their heat will be cut) will get them to be agreeable to deportation.”

    Yes, cut off the subsidies, benefits, welfare. That’s why they came in the first place. Take that away and you don’t need deportations. They’ll just leave on their own, and they’ll be happy to do it.

    But if they need a hand getting home, planes, cruise ships and freighters could run 24/7.

  21. Thomasina says:

    “It’s more that I increasingly get the impression that most whites don’t care at all about demographic displacement like we and other commenters here do, and in fact many whites seem to be enthusiastically (or could one say fanatically?) in favour of mass immigration and multiculturalism/multiracialism, also very strident in their condemnation of racists.”

    The school system, the media and corporations (who really could care less about immigrants, but only want more consumers for their products) have done a good job at indoctrinating the young and impressionable, as well as the wealthy liberals. Kind of like telling a child that they’re “good” every time they do something you approve of. Pretty soon they start acting like a trained seal, doing what you think is “good”, not what they think is “good”.

    Reminds me somewhat of the movie Bridge on the River Kwai where Colonel Nicholson “orders the building of a proper bridge, intending it to survive the war and stand as tribute to the British Army’s ingenuity for centuries to come.” In his pursuit of building a “good” bridge, he completely loses sight of the fact that he is actually collaborating/helping the enemy, working against his own side, his own interests. At the end of the movie he realizes this and says, “What have I done?”

    Whites have been indoctrinated. They’ve tried to be good and fair, hoping their government would do the right thing and end the madness, but they are now realizing that the tide is coming in around them. Don’t listen to the media’s spin. If they could freely speak their minds, I would guess the majority of Whites are not for mass immigration or multiculturalism. Not because they dislike other races, but merely because you can’t make a country work when there is no bond or glue to hold it together.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Thanks: WhiteWinger
  22. @German_reader

    A good question. Zionism manifests in French politics in a few major ways:
    * Influence of Jewish activist organizations (CRIF, LICRA, B’nai B’rith) before which French politicians genuflect (e.g. senior politicians’ attendance of these lobbies events is a good marker of ethnic power, ~1000 politicians will go to CRIF dinners, whereas only ~200 will go to the black lobby’s [CRAN]).
    * A general shift in French foreign policy from a pro-Arab or balanced stance to a pro-Israel one since Nicolas Sarkozy. This is also the standard position among senior left-wing politicians, despite the (substantially Muslim/colorful) base being pro-Palestinian. Witnessed in the change of position of politicians like Manuel Valls as they rose up the ladder.
    * Strong lobbying in favor of holocaustian and anti-racist censorship legislation.
    * The cordon sanitaire barring the conservatives from allying with the Front/Rassemblement National – even though the Socialists happily work with the Communists – which Jacques Chirac instituted at the specific request of the B’nai B’rith.

    So, as a general rule, Zionist lobbies in France distort French politics in the direction of pro-Israel foreign policy and anti-nationalist, multiculturalist domestic policy, backed by censorious legislation; over and above native French trends in these directions (which do exist). Jewish privilege in France, it seems to me, manifests in a less transparent and more insecure way than in the United States. American Jews have a very comfortable position in elite American “civil society”: financing of political parties, top media, Ivy Leagues, elite law firms.. In France, things seem much more dependent on these ethnic lobbies’ relationship with the ruling party. Their influence seems much more insecure.

    You can find more in my early articles for The Occidental Observer.

    • Replies: @German_reader
    , @Iris
  23. Cutler says:

    I see Jordan Bardella often mentioning the great replacement on TV etc He reminds me of Lega members in Italy saying the unsayable on immigration and race in Italy and doing well despite msm crying. Iirc Attilio Fontana said the White race would be replaced by endless Africans and he won his Mayoral race and Salvini saying more or less the same on a live stream from Sicily. These people are major players so its encouraging and hopefully more Euro nationalist say the same.

  24. @Altai

    Free speech is a basic liberal principle of the type of state that is core-European.

    It is as simple as that. –

    Welll – it is not simple throughout, I have to admit. It is about as simple as saying E = m x c2.

    But nevertheless!

    • Replies: @Altai
  25. German_reader says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    Thanks, that was interesting. I’m still perplexed by left-wing pro-Zionism though (which is a real phenomenon that seems to be underappreciated, since many mainstream conservatives like to go on about alleged left-wing antisemitism). I kind of get why normie “conservatives” and the like are pro-Israel, they want to seem respectable, feel a sort of vicarious nationalism towards Israel (since their own has become illegitimate) as a way of getting at Muslims etc. But Israel as an openly nationalist state should be totally anathema to the values of the modern left. Yet there still seem to be plenty of gentile left-wingers who somehow seem to frame Zionists as a persecuted minority deserving of sympathy, and ignore all the things Israel actually does with its settlements programme (one would have to be stupid at this point to still believe Israel is seriously working towards a 2-state solution…nor do the Israelis obviously have any intention of granting citizenship rights to occupied Palestinians). Paradoxically I get the impression that Israel has actually become more popular with left-wingers compared to 20 years or so ago, despite the collapse of the Israeli left and the increasing distance in time of the Holocaust. I find that difficult to understand.

    • Agree: The Big Red Scary
  26. Altai says:
    @Dieter Kief

    Abstractions are abstractions. What are they for? ‘Freedom of speech’ can exist because the social conflicts between the members of a given society are sufficient low and people are sufficient high trust that you can have it. Once you change those dimensions, you get restrictions. You get Northern Ireland where flags are banned, where walls between communities are erected, where politics is ethnic and where ethnic power-sharing becomes the tight-rope of the state.

    If freedom of speech produces outcomes that a sufficiently influential part of society finds objectionable, it goes away; selectively and small enough that in practice it still exists (Denying the Holocaust being illegal in many European states hardly impairs the defacto freedom of speech itself even if it does set a precedent) but when it touches on things of bright hot political import, then you notice and then you say it truly doesn’t exist because it’s main purpose is not fulfilled.

    Immigration has been made taboo to talk about in many Western countries because the immigrants and their descendants find it existentially threatening or insulting to their identity.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  27. songbird says:

    We have a legalese definition of nationality, but it is hard to paper over the increasing contradictions. On some level, a lot of people are thinking, “Unless we continue to lie, there will be a great cataclysm of violence.” or “Unless I lie, I’ll get fired. Or lose my friends.” But, is the lie sustainable?

    It seems to be growing in scale, while its feedstock (Euros) are diminishing in number.


    The US military has become a real joke. I’m not convinced it retains the same fighting power, and during WW2, it lost big battles through bad leadership, before it was woke. What saved it was probably its economic heft alone, but it is not the biggest economy anymore (PPP). Of course, there are nukes. Though, personally, I think war is very unlikely (near 0% risk)

    What about welfare? Brazil and South Africa still have some form of welfare and AA – at least for now. The idea of state collapse from larger burdens of non-whites might just be a libertarian fantasy. And yet, what if we increase the timeline, to 100-500 years. Small trends have staggering consequences over a timeline like that. But maybe, we will just see small cycles of small corrections being instituted and then removed.

    What really gives me hope is how obnoxious some aliens are. I feel like their aggression is a tacit admission that they are scum and we have a spark that they are missing, that if we could organize, we could quickly take back every inch of Europe – and they know it. I think they want to crush us, and they might find that it was a mistake to try.

    It’s more that I increasingly get the impression that most whites don’t care at all about demographic displacement

    Most Euros care – I guarantee it. Of course, they might be too cowardly to do anything about it, but being spat on can give people courage. And then there is the fact that cucks have low fertility.

    • Replies: @German_reader
  28. anarchyst says:

    The old time segregationists were right, all along. Coming of age in the era of (forced) “civil-rights (for some)”, I predicted what the results would be decades and generations down the road.

    I KNEW that government-backed and forced integration would not last. I expected government-forced and backed integration to be over by now, but was off by a few decades. Finally, there are cracks forming in the integration movement–a good sign.

    Of course, most whites have been brainwashed by the “civil-rights (for some)” movement for generations and still insist that voluntary segregation should be “illegal”.

    When I see these well-meaning, but misguided whites complain about segregated college dorms, meetings and other spaces and events deemed “for people of color (only)”, I think to myself, “what the hell is wrong with you?”

    Voluntary segregation should not only be tolerated, but encouraged FOR ALL.

    If voluntary segregation was the norm, us whites could be properly warned about businesses, institutions, and even areas where we are not welcome. “People of color” would actually be doing us whites a favor by letting us know where we are not wanted. Of course, us whites could reciprocate and inform certain “people of color” where ((they)) are not welcome, as well.

    Present-day examples exist today, although unwittingly…Most whites are aware that any street, avenue, or boulevard names after “Martin Luther (Michael) King” are areas for whites to stay away from.

    That being said, whether governments or (jew civil-rights troublemakers) want it or not, racial segregation IS the wave of the future.

  29. German_reader says:

    we have a spark that they are missing, that if we could organize, we could quickly take back every inch of Europe

    I don’t know, a lot of white people seem downright degenerate to me. Or even insane. I mean just look that there are tons of people on platforms like Twitter who seriously state their pronouns because of that insane transgender fad. And not just women who are prone to conformism anyway, but young men too. Ok, one may wonder how representative that is of anything apart from narcissistic social media addicts, but Western men seem to be in real crisis and getting ever weaker (maybe biologically too, given the worrying declines in testosterone, sperm count etc.). So I’m not sure how much “spark” there is left.
    Sorry if that sounds somewhat defeatist, that’s not my intention, it’s just that I’m totally alienated from contemporary Western societies and their discourse. I literally don’t understand how people can think like that. I’m currently reading Thucydides (in an English translation), and the calculations of those ancient Greeks seem downright rational by comparison. How did we end up at such insanity?

  30. songbird says:

    Recently thought of a novel endorsement for reading: if you open a book, it is relatively much more likely that the author is a Euro – compared to picking a movie or TV show from Hollywood. Of course, that comes with many caveats. Publishing houses are super-woke now, but if one goes back a bit earlier, it is quite easy to read something by a WASP or white Catholic.

    How did we end up at such insanity?

    IMO, Europeans haven’t evolved to live in diversity, so it is causing them to go crazy. And surely not just diversity (look at South Korea) but modern living. Not all of them, by any means, but most people are passive and have been throughout history. They surrender to the narratives and the weirdos and wait on events.

    Changes in alleles take time, as do cultural adaptions, but the two things feed each other. I believe it is inevitable that Europeans will become more ethnocentric, and therefore more assertive and aggressive. Sperm isn’t a problem in and of itself – there is certainly still enough, by a wide margin. Testosterone may be a problem, but it is true that it also hits other groups.

  31. songbird says:

    The old way of clearing degeneracy was by being invaded by barbarians from the North. Nuclear peace seems to mean that we are stuck on being invaded by barbarians from the South.

  32. Iris says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    In France, things seem much more dependent on these ethnic lobbies’ relationship with the ruling party. Their influence seems much more insecure.

    Except that the entire core of French politics is decided in the background almost exclusively by Tribal actors: Alain Minc for economics, Jacques Attali for long-term planning and prospective, and Bernard Henry Levy for military interventions.

    We, also, have had 9/11 replicas many times over, every time a politician tried to deviate from the Israeli line. The 2015 series of bloody terrorist massacres occurred after the French parliament envisaged applying a timid form of boycott on products from Israeli colonies in occupied Palestine.

    Stating that the Zionist lobby in France is somewhat less powerful than the Zionist lobby in the USA is laughable. France is no less an Israeli colony now, just for slightly different reasons .

  33. @Bill H.

    They tear down statues of people whose writings they never bothered to read. We are being told to be silent and listen by people who never listened to anything our forebears had to say. If they had, they would have realized that virtually every great thinker in the Western canon has been held up as an exemplar of the highest ideals to which humans aspire. Not one of them would have been on their side, the side of silencing one’s opposition without having given it a hearing. That’s what (giving one’s opponent his voice) they’re both ignorant and afraid of.

  34. anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:

    I assume least 10% of babies in France are mixed race, mostly whites with blacks and Muslims. That grows with every generation. In 50 years, can you imagine what percentage of babies are mixed race either 1/2 or 1/4? Mass deportations will not be possible when most white families in France have a non-white member.

    • Replies: @songbird
  35. Resartus says:

    In 50 years, can you imagine what percentage of babies are mixed race either 1/2 or 1/4?

    The U.S. in the late ’90s, agencies/groups starting researching numbers, before they put forth a policy and plan for reparations….
    All of a sudden the planning and research stopped…
    Word (rumors) is, the research unearthed the truth that millions with Slave ancestors, had mixed so much, they didn’t want to release the results of how many whites were eligible….

  36. @Altai

    Thanks, Altai.

    Since we clearly share a lot of ground here, I might as well ask you a simple question:

    If you step back a bit from the advantages of free speech: could you name a major intellectual and/ or real-world influence, that has provided you with the ability to – estimate free speech?

  37. songbird says:

    That grows with every generation.

    Does it really?

    What I heard is that miscegenating couples often have very low fertility. That is, miscegenation is a population sink. But it is too un-PC for statistics that would demonstrate that to be published.

    Got to keep in mind a lot of mixed-race countries were really formed by white men banging POC hoes, often polygamously, for strategic purposes, like the Dominican Republic and Brazil.

    Boers have had a presence in South Africa for over 350 years, and many came without women, but they are still about 95.2% European on average. Most of the rest isn’t African, and only about .7% is Bantu.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  38. anonymous[213] • Disclaimer says:

    What I heard is that miscegenating couples often have very low fertility.

    I haven’t heard that before. Those who are 1/2 black tend to fully identify as black. So 10% of babies can become 20% in just one generation. A child born to a white and biracial parent is mixed race despite being 3/4 white.

    • Replies: @songbird
  39. @German_reader

    I often go back to Thucydides to clear the mind.

    Our predicament is simply the contradictions of the post-Enlightenment playing themselves out. More and more people are realising that not all people can be emancipated to the same level. There must be a qualitatively superior ethno-centric pro-family ruling male elite otherwise gradually society collapses. But I am afraid there are an insufficient number of people to effect change and until the commanding heights are infiltrated by these people then there is no hope.

    • Replies: @German_reader
    , @anon
  40. No sane white would go to an all black event. But even if they did, silence would be a given. Hell, even the baboons can’t get a word in edgewise when gathered anyway. She flatters the baboons thinking Whites would attend in any case.

  41. German_reader says:

    Actually one of the reasons I’ve started reading Thucydides was a comment of yours a few months ago listing classical works one should have read (and to my dismay I noticed I had only read Machiavelli’s works on that list). Unfortunately I have forgotten most of the Greek I learned at school and won’t get around to re-learning it again for the foreseeable future (and Thucydides’ language is supposed to be notoriously difficult anyway), so I have to resort to a translation, but it’s a fascinating text in any case. So thanks for that comment of yours!

    I agree with your analysis. imo there are real issues with the kind of people who get into positions of power in modern party-based democracies, it seems like a system designed to select for mediocre and highly flawed characters. Unfortunately I don’t seen any easy alternative.

  42. A rather funny request. It’s usually black people at most of these events that can’t be quiet. OH myyyy. Sorry for my noticing it.

  43. songbird says:

    There are definitely loyalty problems with most mix-raced people.

    I think they tend to come from self-hating whites, to start, and you’ll often hear them say, “I think everyone should mix.” Transparently, because they would gain relative status, if others lost their identity.

    In the US, mulattoes have been a serious political problem for decades. They are used to promote the agenda of affirmative action, while being halfway competent because they are mixed. Used to be one militant black congressman, about 50-60 years ago, looked like he had a spray-tan, he was so white-looking. Believe he had blue eyes.

    When you consider black dysgenics, I sometimes wonder if they will run out of the more mulatto ones, but they never seem to. Perhaps, that is a wrench in the theory that miscegenation is a population sink. Could be just the most public faces, though, with more African ones filling the rank-and-file. Or they might be light-skinned blacks marrying each other, as not doubt happens among Haitian elites.

  44. Another example of how all the bad trends that start in America find their way into France. In the past, the white French people could ignore the mounting evidence and still feel that this was their country. Now, as in the US, the various people of color are no longer content to accept that conformity to a European norm is their obligation. This is the price people who bray about democracy eventually have to pay; if you keep telling people that they are your equal, eventually they will come to believe it and will force you to realize that you never really believed it yourselves.

  45. There is always this way of attending a blacks only meeting:

    And GLR was allowed to speak to 12,000 NOI blacks.

    • Thanks: Iris
  46. songbird says:

    These things really are about territory.

    One thing that I think would have a big influence overnight would be if blacks were removed by decree from all public depiction in Europe. Right now, you can go to the places where they are the fewest, where there were none ten years ago, and find them dominating the posters and billboards, as thought there were 100x the number. That is done for a political purposes.

    Years ago, the first black that I saw in Germany was on an advertising poster, in the central train station of a major city. I believe it was with a blonde girlfriend.

    Tactically, it would also be a peaceful avenue of approach to make drones targeting them. Spraying paint on them, maybe slogans.

  47. @Commentator Mike

    Because he was honest and truthful. blacks will respect that. Not the Lib BS that is espoused by all these cuck idiot White morons. blacks ARE FOR blacks. THAT’S IT!!! Afro-Centrism is what it’s all about! But now you have too many traitorous White Women who only want to be pigs for black trash and breed their feral black sprogs. And believe me these White Women are just that. Pigs for blacks . They are not mothers . Popping out bastards does not make them automatically mothers.

  48. @Commentator Mike

    Yup.”Looking out over a sea of 12,000 black faces at the Chicago International Amphitheatre, American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell told the crowd that their last best chance for black uplift was an alliance with Nazis.

    “You know that we call you ni___rs,” he said. “But wouldn’t you rather be confronted by honest white men who tell you to your face what the others all say behind your back?”The Nation of Islam’s initial contacts with white supremacists had, naturally, been quite negative.

    In one instance, the Nation of Islam bought a plot of Alabama farmland. Soon, a Klan-led effort leased all the land around their farm as an intimidation tactic — and the black Muslims found that their dairy cows kept getting shot.

    But by 1961, Klan members began to view black nationalism as a pleasing alternative to the growing U.S. movement toward nonviolent integration.

    As a goodwill gesture, the Klan even reportedly offered more than 20,000 acres of Georgia land to the Nation of Islam, intending to kickstart an exodus of American blacks to segregated homelands.

    Speaking just before his 1968 death, Malcolm X said that he personally reviewed the Klan’s land offer, and brokered a truce between the two organizations.
    “From that day forward the Klan never interfered with the Black Muslim movement in the South,” said X.

    The Nation of Islam, in turn, was inclined to trust racists more than other white people. The group held that Caucasians were an inherently evil race created by a mad scientist 6,000 years before. White groups espousing openly evil beliefs, therefore, were at least being honest. WERE AT LEAST BEING HONEST!!! damn straight!

  49. anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    Our predicament is simply the contradictions of the post-Enlightenment playing themselves out. More and more people are realising that not all people can be emancipated to the same level.

    Specifically the blank slate fallacy has become the fundamental premise to social organization. Everyone has the same potential! Therefore if every group hasn’t achieved the same, there must be some nefarious, problematic conspiracy to be rooted out, and government will do that!

    It’s dogma that cannot be questioned, even as the results pile up around us. An extraordinary delusion.

  50. Meetings of one group or another are their business. One would not demand the ‘right’ to sleep in a nunnery, or join the sisters at meals or services, if not invited. If these also allow others to attend, but as observers only, then that is up to the outsiders to agree, or not. There ought to be communication between disparate groups and individuals, too, it goes without saying.

    • Replies: @songbird
    , @Malla
  51. songbird says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    One would not demand the ‘right’ to sleep in a nunnery, or join the sisters at meals or services, if not invited.

    LMAO. You are comparing a bunch of parasitical blacks meeting, in order to conspire, to a nunnery? More like a convocation of witches combined with a bordello!

    They can meet in the Congo. That is their meeting space – and it is large.

  52. Malla says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Very true, except that “privileged” White French people cannot do the same in the land of their ancestors.

  53. German_reader says:

    Beyond the National Action Group and Nordic Resistance Movement, Slotkin called for consideration of FTO designations for groups including Atomwaffen Division Deutschland, Blood & Honour, Combat 18, Feuerkrieg Division, Generation Identity, Northern Order, Order of Nine Angles and the Sonnenkrieg Division.

    Jewish law-maker who served in the American occupation of Iraq wants to have the identitarians declared a terrorist group…you can’t make this stuff up.

  54. If they want to segregate themselves then I propose making segregation official again.

  55. Hrw-500 says:

    Wouldn’t be ironic if that Afro-French journalist have white ancestry like that SJW named Nia Hope a while ago?

    • Replies: @writer77
  56. Demands White People “Be Quiet”

    …aka the Conversation About Race…

    — (

  57. writer77 says:

    You are not out there for feeling alienating from mainstream discourse at the moment.
    The recent generations have been fed an alarmingly dumbed down education- if you can even call it that. It glaringly shows. It is at the point of almost dangerous to the educated minority. It was not always like this…

  58. writer77 says:

    Excellent share, great synopsis by this video author, vlogger you posted. . These overpriveleged bored libtards have less than zero to weep about. It is sad and yet stunning to see someone with WAY too much time on her hands bother to even spend time and money on all this. Just shut up and go read a book or do some honest work. Perhaps try some humanitarian aid. Woman, go fly to Africa with all the money you wasted on a DNA test and feed starving babies! They do weep, and for true reason. You dearie, you could not hold a candle to actual suffering in this world. Its this greed and consumerism and egocentrism consuming her, not poverty and starvation. Woe to her. It’s more dignified to perish from true plight; then to cry over credible and honourable ethnic lineage of thyself. Crikey, you have many lifetimes of things to learn, woman. Pitiful, really.

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