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Inter-Continental Brain Diversity
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I received some interesting comments as well as some pushback for my previous article summarizing a scientific study showing correlations between brain shape/size and regional European ancestry. This is understandable given the sensitivity of the topic. Individual and ethnic amour-propre is a powerful motivator in the face of emotionally hurtful facts and hypotheses. However, as I like to say, the science is coming, ready or not, whether people like it or not, whether these fit with the current ideological fashions or not. I am confident that the progress of science and free discussion on the Internet will lead to an increase in human consciousness and apprehension of the truth.

I thought I would also report in more detail on another remarkable study, published in the July 2015 by Current Biology, examining the relationship between brain shape and continental ancestry (European, East Asian, Sub-Saharan African, and Native American, which of course correspond to the most significant traditional racial categories). The article is entitled “Modeling the 3D Geometry of the Cortifal Surface with Genetic Ancestry.” The authors write

Knowing how the human brain is shaped by migration and admixture is a critical step in studying human evolution, as well as preventing the bias of hidden population structure in brain research. Yet the neuroanatomical differences engendered by population history are still poorly understood. Most of the inference relies on craniometric measurements, because morphology of the brain is presumed to be the neurocranium’s main shaping force before bones are fused and ossified. Although studies have shown that the shape variations of cranial bones are consistent with population history, it is unknown how much human ancestry information is retained by the human cortical surface. In our group’s previous study, we found that area measures of cortical surface and total brain volumes of individuals of European descent in the United States correlate significantly with their ancestral geographic locations in Europe. Here, we demonstrate that the three-dimensional geometry of cortical surface is highly predictive of individuals’ genetic ancestry in West Africa, Europe, East Asia, and America, even though their genetic background has been shaped by multiple waves of migratory and admixture events. The geometry of the cortical surface contains richer information about ancestry than the areal variability of the cortical surface, independent of total brain volumes. Besides explaining more ancestry variance than other brain imaging measurements, the 3D geometry of the cortical surface further characterizes distinct regional patterns in the folding and gyrification of the human brain associated with each ancestral lineage.

The correlation between the differing shapes of the cerebral cortex and ancestry were so strong that the scientists were able to predict from which continent a person’s ancestors came from simply by looking at the their brain scan! This is summarized in the following simple graphic:


Ancestry was able to account for 47% to 66% of variation between brain scans, depending on the ancestral population in question. The following graphic shows how much difference there is between a typical European, Sub-Saharan, East Asian, or Amerindian brain and an “neutral” brain which is average of all four population: “ the colors represent the direction of the morphing process. Movement along the medial-lateral axis is coded in red, along the anterior-posterior axis in green, and along the dorsal-ventral axis in blue. The final color is the combination of these three, depending on which direction the vertices move.”

As we can see, race is cerebral-cortex deep!

In another graphic, the scientists show the degree of variation in shape depending on the brain region and population in question:

Incidentally, the data shows that the Sub-Saharan brain is most different in shape from those from the other three continents.

There are even videos associated with the article showing how the brain changes shape as the percentage of a particular continental ancestry increases.

The scientists add a word of caution however: “Any functional significance of the cortical surface geometry per se remains to be established.” Indeed, we cannot automatically infer that differences in brain shape between human races necessarily entails differences in temperament, personality, or cognitive ability. But it is certainly eminently compatible with that hypothesis and rather discouraging for the blank-slatists.

We are so sensitive to the word “race” that clear thinking on the matter often becomes impossible. Let us then use to the word “population.” The authors, perhaps wisely for their own careers, declined to look into correlation between brain size and ancestry, as done in the study of regional European populations.

We know that “populations” differ depending on where they originally come from, depending on their genes. We accept that physical differences between populations exist, such as skin color, hair texture, facial features, and so on.

While our egalitarian culture generally denies that there are important in-born differences between populations, we make an exception when our actual immediate interests are at stake, that is to say in the area of health. Then, doctors tell us and we all accept, that different populations have, because of different genes, different susceptibility to various diseases and may find different diets appropriate. This is highly relevant concerning diseases such as sickle-cell disease and osteoporosis, or in the prevention of congenital diseases in historically in-bred populations (most notably the Jews, who have created vast organizations to fight genetic diseases they are prone to, such as the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium). Thus, we are all blank-slatists, until we have skin in the game, then we suddenly rediscover science and common sense.

While we all recognize aesthetic differences between populations, we rarely permit ourselves to go further and observe average differences in physical ability, although this would naturally follow from average physical differences in general. Any sports-watchers will no doubt have observed the excellence of West Africans in sprinting and of East Africans in marathon running.

If our culture can admit all this to some extent, it cannot admit average differences in temperament, personality, and cognitive ability between populations. Those who venture to make the observation – such as Charles Murray, Thilo Sarrazin, or James Watson – are crucified as a result, no matter their arguments and qualifications. And yet, we now know for certain that brain shape itself differs depending on continental ancestry and so we should at least be open to the possibility that there may be functional differences.

The study was performed by a dozen scientists at the University of California at San Diego, almost half of whom appear themselves to be of East Asian descent (Chun Chieh Fan, Chi-Hua Chen, Yunpeng Wang, and Min-Tzu Lo). This in itself is indicative of the success of East Asians in Western scientific institutions. This may also be suggestive of the world’s future: while most of the contemporary world’s contribution to biological science is negligible, and while much of the West is paralyzed by a sentimental attachment to equality, the East Asians may carry on the torch of knowledge and civilization.

What will it take for us to see reality in the face? I don’t know. But I do know one thing, like it or not: Science is coming.

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  1. Anon[723] • Disclaimer says:

    Europe is a mix of basically 3 different ancestries
    Western hunter gatherer natives that had a brain volume 1600 ccc , yamnaya or aryan around 1450ccc and anatolian farmers around 1300ccc.

    To putt in context today europeans average 1370ccc , east asian 1410ccc , africans around 1280ccc

    View post on

    The middle eastern farmer were lucky enought to be in the perfect moment in the perfect place to develop agriculture and spread their genes all around europe , damagin permanently our genepool , specially in southern europe .
    The results can be feel even today the more farmer ancestry the worse work a country
    From sardinians being nearly fully farmer
    Spaniard and italians
    British and french
    If you exclude the slavs that were subjected to a different civilizational process the correlation between the welbeing of a country and more whg and yamnaya ancestry is nearly total

    View post on

  2. This may also be suggestive of the world’s future: while most of the contemporary world’s contribution to biological science is negligible, and while much of the West is paralyzed by a sentimental attachment to equality, the East Asians may carry on the torch of knowledge and civilization.

    If whites are unfortunately destroyed for whatever reasons we NE Asians will indeed bear the responsibility to continue to advance STEM and colonize other planets.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Biff
    , @MBlanc46
  3. pretty much exactly what you would expect. and also would explain the observed average behavior differences between groups.

    but is the difference mainly in the cortex? that is to say, is this the main difference between groups? or, do the evolutionarily older parts of the brain, which other animals had as well, and which are mostly stuffed into the middle and back of the human brain, vary between groups as well? that is to say, did human brains begin to decrease the size of older, less useful parts of the primitive brain in favor of more cortex?

    this generational selective process would all happen under an extremely low technology level, where life was still hard, calories were rare and hard won, and the brain was hungry for glucose, and biologically expensive. so it’s possible the genome began to relegate older parts of the brain that were very useful on the savannas of africa, to a more vestigial role while the forebrain expanded into the increasing volume of the skull as the humans faced colder and colder winters.

    is there a trade off between the parts of the brain where g emerges from, versus say the primary motor cortex, or wernicke’s and broca’s locations? this would explain loquacious, adroit africans and taciturn, clumsy japanese.

    i’ve always had a similar question with muscle fiber types. why ditch IIB muscle fibers if they’re always useful, in exchange for more IIA or more I. is it a glucose, ATP, biological economy thing from 20,000 years ago in a rare calorie environment?

  4. i would guess there’s also a brain size difference between western/northern brains in europe and eastern/southern brains. so that the figure for ‘europeans’ in that graph is more like an average between all of them and specific numbers could be 15 to 25 cubic centimeters different between nations.

    this is exactly what pencil and paper intelligence tests show anyway so the underlying mechanism is probably just that simple. there’s actually a pretty big difference between the smartest groups and the least smart groups in europe. the smartest couple groups invented almost everything on earth, the run of the mill groups have been blue collar workers, farmers, and tradesmen for millenia, not greatly different that the rest of the humans.

    there’s a similar physiological difference in muscle fiber types and bone growth, so it wouldn’t be any surprise at all to learn their brains were slightly different as well.

  5. Brain size in CCs for pygmies?

    • Replies: @Curious Person
  6. Biff says:

    and colonize other planets.

    Such as Uranus.

    • LOL: Daniel Chieh
    • Replies: @Escher
    , @MBlanc46
  7. sorry, missed that previous post from april 15 about brains across europe. i’m sure it’s all discussed there.

  8. @Larry Holmgren

    One question I have always been interested in is whether pygmies can have children with non-African humans.

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
    , @songbird
  9. @Curious Person

    Yes, especially Australoids. That will be an interesting experiment.

  10. songbird says:
    @Curious Person

    Quite likely. Many have already had Bantu introgression. I think many Boers have a tiny bit of Bushmen in them.

    It is quite possible that the whole process may be a bit more difficult, but 300,000 years or so (with some mixing, closer to modern times) isn’t really that much of a barrier to interbreeding. Neanderthals were at least a 500,000-year split.

    In terms of size differential, it is disturbing to think about, but the youngest known mother was a Peruvian girl who was only 5.

  11. Realist says:

    I think many Boers have a tiny bit of Bushmen in them.

    How could it be any other way???

    • Replies: @Sea Nettles
  12. @Anon

    These differences of brainsize between the different populations (Western Hunter Gatherers (1600cc), Yamnaya (1450cc), Anatoloian Farmers (1300cc) and East Asians (1410cc) and Africans (1280cc) reflect the selection the various environments exercized on them. The more difficult the environment, the greater the need to develop intelligence to survive, hence the greater the brain. Thus the Western Hunter Gatherers had to survive in Ice Age Northern Europe, the Yamnaya had it more easy on the plains of the Pontic Steppe, while the Anatolian Farmers could easily survive by cultivating their own food in a mild Mediterranean climate. Similar differences between East Asians, who had to survive in continental Asia and Africans, who had it very easy in a lush tropical environment. Evolutionarily ease is a curse, while difficulty is a blessing.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  13. @Anon

    Obviously IQ is relevant and brain size seems to reflect IQ. That said, while the populations of East Asia have greater IQ of median most European countries according to most studies I’ve seen – they’re extremely autocratic to this day and clearly, IQ isn’t everything. Most of the psychopaths in power have high IQs. Look at that sacred and untouchable cow, the nomadic Semitic people of some renown who claim the highest IQ in the linguistic and social science and narrative department of them all – on the whole, collectively they seem to have an inability to work with others without false intentions. They, as a group, revel in the demise of those who revere them – namely, today’s philanthropic native Europeans.

    East Asians may prevail, but it was the white ethnostate which created the modern world – not East Asia. Not Korea, not Japan, not the vastness of the 52 ethnic groups in China – including the daddy of them all, the Han. Nope! It was the white ethnostate. So clearly – while we can say IQ matters, and that we can’t have a high achieving civilization with a median IQ below a certain number, we can also say some peoples seem unsuited to meritocracy. It calls to mind the old adage, “which came first – the chicken or the egg?” Well, to know a “population” (to use the article’s attempt to hide the ugly word “race” away) is to look at what it has created. Period.

  14. @Realist

    How could it be any other way? Well…. because up until very, very recently people weren’t subject to this insane propaganda that mixing with other races was holy and sanctified one against original sin or the evils of a corrupt world. People have always preferred their own kind – seen from babies and their responses to faces, to very old people who might like to meet different peoples but usually prefer to live among their own.

    People assume the US is horrifically and hopelessly mixed. No. This is a very recent notion. While some areas of the East may be part French, English, Scottish, and a bit German and perhaps a smattering of Russian or something – for the most part, the US has remained fairly homogeneous. Don’t forget that the genetic difference between a Scotsman and a Dane is like 1. Whereas the genetic difference between that same Scotsman and an Iranian is a 9. The Scotsman and a Japanese woman = about 60. And that Scotsman and someone from Somalia is something like 195. So sure – there was some mixing between the English and the Germans and the Irish. But so what? They’re so closely related – and LOOK quite a lot alike. Which is the point. Because humans are social creatures – and while you may and your neighborhood Hispanic and Palestinian friend and Taiwanese friend may all agree that we’re all so hopelessly mixed it doesn’t matter – the numbers are against you. Namely the billions and billions of people throughout all remote parts of China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Eritrea, Ivory Coast, Sudan, India, Guatemala, and on and on — and THEY are social creatures, have in-group preferences, and are not shy about them.

    no- we are not hopelessly mixed. And the Boers probably do not all have a bit of bushmen in them. You can see it on their faces – if they look Boer, their DNA is Boer. The ones who are brown – yeah, they may have a smattering of bushman in them.

  15. utu says:

    Decent correlation

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  16. @songbird

    Evidence? I thought the Boers took a hard, Anglo-Saxon-style line against miscegenation? If so, the Boers would have had little Sub-Saharan genetic introgression. On the other hand, the Anglo Australians did interbreed a fair bit with Aborigines..

  17. There has to be some educational learning component to IQ, or at least IQ testing. Obviously you can’t even take an IQ test without some basics in maths and language.

    So say you take a boy who was raised by wolves, would he be more or less intelligent than a boy of similar age who went through the education system? Obviously as you start teaching him his IQ test results would improve, up to some ceiling value, presumably.

    So I’d say there is an underlying unquantifiable intelligence common to all, and there is the quantifiable one depending on the type of education.

    IQ must be highly culturally and educationally biased and not because of any per se inherent intelligence but because of the education.

    Imagine if you devised an intelligence test bases on unravelling knots or some other tasks not involving numeracy or language and then trained one illiterate and innumerate group in the art of knot making and knot unravelling while you taught the other group language and maths, then had both groups sit an IQ test based on knots, which group do you think would achieve higher scores and rate as more intelligent?

    N.B. This comment belongs more appropriately in the “World IQ 82” thread but as that’s gone over 1,000 I can’t be bothered with it. I would like a comment from an IQ expert on this and not just some dismissive insult form a high IQ pretender sperg who lists strings of links in comments that he has hardly read himself let alone thought about.

    • Replies: @Meimou
  18. mikemikev says:

    They don’t specify the direction of the movement i.e. bigger or smaller?

  19. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:

    the admixture and long isolation alone ought to be enough to make the blank brain theory patently absurd
    I think there may be something to this different type of brain thing we like to imagine we are more imaginative than east asians maybe because it makes us feel less dumber than them, but there does seem to be at least if not evidence at least thing purported to be evidence in need of otherwise explaining
    Blacks are another case they can seem more intelligent than they are, I dont want to say mimic but they do seem to be able to get some things while no others. for instance selling a building theres a black realtor trying to get in on the deal who I like so I humor her. the other day she did two things that struck me as an example of this phenom I have observed dealing with blacks a lot. first i was explaining that since jews had been playing extraordinary sharp games with me while trying to sell the property “my new strategy now that i had several offers was to have my lawyer ….” and she finished my sentence with “everyone gets a contract” not bad game theory for a black. but a few minutes lates discussing some other aspect of the situation she struggles to add 16 plus 16 and gives up and asks. Hard to know what normal outside ones own level Im abut 132 but i would have thought the math was much easier than the strategy anticipation and it again reminded me blacks seem to be able to get some things and not others they may be differently abled in a sense after all it wouldnt change the correlation between what we measure forr and the success they strive for but maybe maybe they would have an advantage at something thats no longer a thing like outrunning gazelles

  20. @Guillaume Durocher

    The early Afrikaaners interbred extensively with Africans.

    There are literally millions of Cape Coloured people in south Africa. It is to be expected that some of the ancestry of the Boer ethnic group comes from Black people.

    • Replies: @Guillaume Durocher
  21. Anonymous[247] • Disclaimer says:

    LOL. Mycenaean and Minoan Greeks were even more Mideast farmer than Modern Greeks (and all other Southern Europeans), and they were smarter and more civilized than everyone in Northern Europe at the time, and probably even today.

    • Replies: @Fuzzy
  22. @prime noticer

    The most primitive part of the brain, the brainstem, is actually pretty similar even interspecies as it controls the basic autonomic functions like heart beat and breathing. Mutations lead to death.

    • Replies: @prime noticer
  23. American Citizen 2.0 [AKA "American citizen"] says:
    @Sea Nettles

    IQ isn’t everything. Character, energy, persistence, vision, imagination, communication ability, physical strength and moral courage, all these among other qualities are in my opinion more important than just having a high IQ.

    High IQ without these and other qualities is like putting a Mercedes Benz V8 engine and transmission inside a Yugo. It still isn’t going anywhere!

    There must be a blend of essential qualities within human beings to blossom and achieve full potential. If full potential is even possible.

    • Replies: @Anon
  24. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Science has to make a new index that includes not only the brain volume , but the total wheight of the body , to see the neurons per kilogram ratio . You also have to take in consideration the size and wheight of the penis in men , and of the breasts in women and make ratios , Men with big penis which require a lot of blood irrigation frequently show a smaller frontal lobe what could just mean not that they are less intelligent , but that their blood is ” down there ” , and that their frontal lobes are left with little blood , and the individuals seem more idiotic than what they really are , That what happens in men falling in love , as everybody knows .

  25. @utu

    Your interpretation and inferences please.

  26. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    In many countries people believe that tall people with big heads , are slow , clumsy , not very inteligent , and unecological ( they eat and shit too much )

  27. @Guillaume Durocher

    Not least the Irish Australians. It should be noted that the Aboriginal women would have been a lot more attractive by European standards than the Khoi San peoples encountered by Dutch settlers in the Cape Colony and nearby by the first Dutch settlers fro 1654.

    • Replies: @orionyx
    , @anonymous
  28. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Evolutionarily ease is a curse, while difficulty is a blessing.

    Well, tell that to the Eskimos/Inuits, Buryats, Samoyeds, ….

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  29. Meimou says:
    @Commentator Mike

    There has to be some educational learning component to IQ, or at least IQ testing. Obviously you can’t even take an IQ test without some basics in maths and language


    Imagine if you devised an intelligence test bases on unravelling knots or some other tasks not involving numeracy or language and then trained one illiterate and innumerate group in the art of knot making and knot unravelling while you taught the other group language and maths, then had both groups sit an IQ test based on knots, which group do you think would achieve higher scores and rate as more intelligent?

    1. There are iq test with pictures.

    2. Mesmerizing numbers backwards has nothing to do with education.

    3. IQ is a proxy for intelligence, it is not intelligence.

    4. Intelligence is based on the physical characteristics of the brain.

    IQ deniers had over 150 years to make a case. They can’t.

    • Replies: @orionyx
    , @davidgmillsatty
  30. What should be considered is the largest brains have touches Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA in them.

  31. Escher says:

    That is happening already, based on the recent decision from Taiwan’s Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage.

    • LOL: jim jones
  32. @Bardon Kaldian

    For hunter gatherers the Eskimos have a high IQ : 91, Bushmen have an IQ of only 54.

  33. orionyx says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    I told a very pleasant Afrikaans girl that De Villiers’ Genealogy of the Old Cape Dutch Families showed that the Prime Minister at the time had several ancestors who were of Hottentot, Malay and East Indian origin. Aghast, she demanded to see for herself. So we visited the Johannesburg central library where I had seen the book.

    I found a nice new well-bound edition. But when I looked up the genealogy in question, it was all White all the way back to van Riebeeck. Puzzled, I asked the librarian where the old, tattered volume I had first explored was. She said “Oh, you want the unexpurgated De Villiers. I’ll get it from the stacks.”

    She did so, and there was John Vorster’s genuine, piebald ancestry, just as I had remembered it.

    The Afrikaners probably have about 5% non-white ancestry. They are for the most part hard-working, trustworthy people, somewhat less intelligent on average than a typical Briton of the middle class, and rather smarter than the average Portuguese or American.

    The mixed-race population of South Africa used to be referred to as Coloureds. They vary from about 60% white to 80% black, and are not very accomplished, performing slightly better than American blacks on the whole. Interestingly, their performance seems to be inversely correlated with the degree of Black ancestry.

    As an aside, the lady who accompanied me claimed to be of pure European ancestry, but to me looked to be about 50% Malay. I have since met Malay ladies who could be her sisters.

    All of this, with related considerations, leads me to believe that an intelligent government could have sorted out the race problems of South Africa painlessly and satisfactorily. But alas, ‘intelligent government’ is almost everywhere and always an oxymoron.

  34. songbird says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    From wikipedia:

    According to a genetic study in February 2019 almost all Afrikaners have admixture from non-Europeans. The total amount of non-European ancestry is 4.8% of which 2.1% are African ancestry and 2.7% Asian/Native American ancestry. Among the 77 Afrikaners investigated, 6.5% had above 10% non-European admixture, 27.3% between 5 and 10%, 59.7% between 1 and 5% and 6.5% below 1%. More of the non-European admixture fraction appeared to have come from people who were brought to the Cape as slaves (3.4%) during colonial times than from local Khoe-San people (1.3%).

    Some of them have a bit of Malay in them. I swear you can often see the admixture, though most are quite white. It comes across in the face. If you think of Dutch people – they often don’t look like the Dutch. Possibly something like the more exotic type of Slavs.

  35. orionyx says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Speaking like the rabbi asked to comment on the opinion that the sin of eating unleavened bread at Passover is comparable to the sin of adultery, I say give me the San woman over the Abo any time.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  36. orionyx says:

    2. Mesmerizing numbers backwards has nothing to do with education.

    I thought I have a pretty good IQ, but I have never been able to mesmerize even the smallest number.

  37. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Does so much College Education eliminates common sense and the guts of the people , does
    effeminates males , and masculinizes women ?

  38. anon[408] • Disclaimer says:

    46 chromosomes, 46 or more alleles ,bunch of CNV, tandem repeats, variations in methylation , -or some other additional variables .

    Is there a threshold or cut- off points which assign or can assign the probability of one belonging to one or another race ?

  39. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Good to see the discussion about the human brain moving to real science, actual measurements of the brain itself, in place of IQ-ist rubbish based on highly culture dependent tests.

    The findings discussed here provide evidence of potentially important intellectual diversity that should not be destroyed through mongrelization of the world’s population, as the globalists desire.

    The promotion of mass immigration to the Western nations, where fertility has been driven well below the replacement rate, amounts to genocide. Studies of the kind discussed here constitute progress toward understanding what the resultant loss of diversity may mean.

  40. Author says the East Asians may be the ones carrying on the “torch of knowledge and civilization”.

    Gee, that makes me feel so much better. Just kidding.

    If the technology is not tempered with philosophy and wisdom, you can bet that our current downward spiral (with technology leading the way) will continue.

    So, brilliant minds got together during WW2 to develop the Nuclear program under genius minds such as J Robert Oppenheimer and the rest of his high IQ teammates on the Manhattan Project.
    That is my example of why Humanity is not just about brilliant IQs and who can put the best space program together.

    China is rapidly excelling in Science and technology but they have a ready-made totalitarian system in place.

    So, we are in some kind of circular loop, where the brilliant minds are racing to develop Science/Tech that can get us off this Stinking planet that is over-run with growing hordes of low IQ (bringing all the talent and brightest down) and an environment that is being contaminated by……drums rolling…..all the high technical and scientific advancements, which also increases populations.

    Do you see the problem with you idea that “advancement” has to do almost solely with “science and technology”?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  41. Fuzzy says:

    Really! The Romans had indoor plumbing, public baths, amphitheaters, roads, etc. while the northern Europeans were crapping in the wood in straw huts!

  42. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I think I would’ve sliced my manhood off if the only choice was to mate with one of those creatures. The “white” men who mated with aboriginal females must’ve been mighty drunk on whatever substance that was available in order to carry out the act.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  43. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    I just came to this observation. The highest achievements of European culture were under totalitarian regimes (absolute monarchies) where a monarch could have you executed for looking at them the wrong way. The science and technological achievements seemed to come as European societies got more free. China seems to be getting it backward with the high technological achievements coming when it is still a totalitarian society (although during the cultural revolution when the suppression of the individual was at its greatest, there were absolutely no advancements in a cultural or technological sense).

  44. @Daniel Chieh

    “The most primitive part of the brain, the brainstem, is actually pretty similar even interspecies”

    yes, that’s why i didn’t talk about the cerebellum much.

    if you do a comparative study between species you’ll see that stuff shows up in reptiles, then mammals, then it’s inside human brains too. basically the same modules that evolved over hundreds of millions of years, mostly intact and similar, just stuffed into the back of the human brains. so the movement ove time has been the brain expanding forward, into new brain parts, that didn’t exist in previous animals.

    essentially the bushmen and aboriginies have little of this brain material where g emerges, and while they’re beyond primates, they’re behind negros, who are bigger, stronger, and smarter. they pushed those other humans out of the way and took over africa. and the bushmen and aboriginies are so far behind western europeans that they are effectively a different species. not unlike the way people who can answer every question correctly on the old SAT, which would be equivalent to a wechlser performance of 170, are pretty much a different species than your average person in europe.

    makes you wonder what’s possible next, beyond humans. maybe stuff like ESP is actually possible, with new electrical neurons grown into a new, never before existing part of the brain. or whatever it could be. something beyond simply intelligence over the 200 wechlser level. aliens from other planets who view humans as humans view birds. so unaware.

    the main limitation is on how big your head can be, if you have to reproduce the normal way. if humans were grown in a lab instead…

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  45. MBlanc46 says:

    I’m confident that the progress of science and free discussion on the Internet will lead to the end of free discussion on the Internet.

  46. MBlanc46 says:

    Advance what you can, but maybe you should keave the other planets alone.

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
  47. I see some varied proportions, like a narrower span between the edges of some brain areas. I see the different brain regions lit up in different colors in the various brain types. But there is a central, unavoidable point of commonality: all of the brains look like shelled walnuts from the top view. There is not much improvement in the aesthetics from other angles. For photographic purposes, brains have no “good side.” No amount of interbreeding is going to change it; all of the brain types are equal in unattractiveness. Good thing the homely brains are covered up, because otherwise, the various groups would not replicate themselves, an act that both political parties in the USA and all economists are obsessed with: the womb-productivity part of economic productivity.

  48. wholy1 says:

    So, what’s the bottom line with all this “super-analysis”? Is each and every very special/unique “individual” created in the image of an almighty “Author” and manifested IN to this “worldly exisitence”, but not OF it, subject to “categorization” of “cerebral capability”? I humbly submit, instead of dwelling on such “scientific investigations”, how about simply dwelling on JC’s “the Second Greatest Commandment? “Do as I [one] says or, . . . do as One DOES!

  49. Sean says:

    As with most things there is a lot going on at the same time. Its violence, like Richard Wrangham says. The Cro Magnons had big brains and barrel chests from Neanderthals, this ancestry was progressively purged by Cave Wimps.

    The occurrence of coordinated aggression against domineering males, including socially approved execution [of a death penalty], is apparently responsible for relationships among married men being egalitarian. This system of control, called a “reverse dominance hierarchy” (131) or a “counterdominance hierarchy” (134), is universal in nomadic hunter-gatherers including the gerontocratic and polygynous societies of northern Australia (131, 135).

    While comparisons between humans and apes show that self-domestication may have played little part in the evolution of the genus Homo, they are silent on the role of self-domestication in the evolution of H. sapiens from its immediate ancestor.

    Henry Harpending said violent males amnning the Bushment were lynched. Carlton Coon said much the same thing about all primative people the bad young men were subjected to nocturnal assassination by vigilantes. Counter dominance leading to selection against violence. Side effect weak features (Nordic looks) and more homosexuality and with bonobos, which learn relatively quickly. Everyone knows instinctively that some men are dangerous.

    • Replies: @Anon
  50. Alfred says:

    I live in Queensland and I would agree

  51. @MBlanc46

    but maybe you should keave the other planets alone.

    Nope. We humans must colonize as much of the universe as possible so that we will be able to reach aliens at their homes when they don’t expect us instead of getting exterminated or enslaved by them when they arrive at this planet without us being able to do anything about it.

  52. Alfred says:

    The “white” men who mated with aboriginal females must’ve been mighty drunk

    Beggars cannot always be choosers. There is an amazing amount of aboriginal “diversity” in Cairns. Just like with Blacks in the USA, everyone wants to claim that he/she has aboriginal ancestry.

    If you do a Google search for:

    “Indigenous Gordonvale Engineer”

    You will see a link to an article behind a paywall. The search engine will show a picture of this pretty lady – who must be 7/8th White and the following text “FORMER Gordonvale student Taylah Griffin has become a leader in the field of aerospace engineering and has been recognised with a national award …”

    • Replies: @TelfoedJohn
  53. @prime noticer

    Don’t you think you’re getting way out there in the twilight zone, now: “if humans were grown in labs instead…”?

    That sounds a lot like Huxley’s “brave new world”; and amazingly, there is a woman who is literally talking about how humans need to do away with womanly birthing. I have been looking for the article, which is basically a “white paper” but can’t find it now. Maybe I deleted it, but if I find it I’ll post the link…although My files and folders are pretty unorganized…

    People with high IQs are simply one of many diverse aspects of humans; does not mean they are superior in all ways. In fact, many of them appear to have mental health issues. I have a parent with extremely high IQ but he had all kinds of other issues, which negated it all. As far as ESP is concerned, many people already experience this to varying degrees. And all those Sub-humans you speak about may actually have had superior intuitive and ESP-like abilities, but it has been shattered once they were removed from the natural habitat.

    We don’t need aliens or outer space to “find ourselves”, because everything we need, we already have.

  54. “Individual and ethnic amour-propre is a powerful motivator in the face of emotionally hurtful facts and hypotheses”

    That was you and an Uraloid Anon Finn who don’t understand or lie about the ancient DNA. It’s also telling that you only respond with “interesting comment” to comments that stroke your ego. As if other facts are emotionally hurtful. That’s the problem people have with white nationalist liars like you and your cohort, not the actual science which has already destroyed many of your myths incidentally.

    Btw, so others can check the dishonesty at play here:

    “Western hunter gatherer natives that had a brain volume 1600 ccc , yamnaya or aryan around 1450ccc and anatolian farmers around 1300ccc”

    Let’s accept those numbers. This means that the difference between WHG and Yamnaya was the same as between Yamnaya and Anatolian farmers. But guess which two populations contributed the most ancestry to all modern Europeans? But I suppose the Yamnayans didn’t “damagin permanently our genepool (sic)”.

    And of course, our Uraloid supremacist has to come up with more ad-hoc reasoning to explain the Lithuanians, close to the biggest hunter-gatherer ancestry in Europe, or the Ukrainians: “If you exclude the slavs that were subjected to a different civilizational process”

    Ah but the “elven Finns” weren’t subject to different civilizational process, they are “Fennoscandians” after all. It’s as if you arrive at the exact conclusion you already had in mind via a roundabout process innit? Even though Balts and Slavs have the most hunter-gatherer on average, they were subject to a “different civilizational process”. Meanwhile Western Europeans who have more Anatolian and less steppe and WHG on average got their civilizational prowess via some other ad-hoc process we’ll come up with on the spot. Maybe it’s “outbreeding” or one of the thousand ad-hoc explanations the HBDsphere has come up with huh?

    • Agree: utu
  55. @Alfred

    Taylah Griffin is mentioned here too, among mostly pale indigenous:

    It’s interesting they mention a virtual reality game, as visual memory is one area where Aborigines can claim superiority.

    • Agree: Alfred
  56. @Meimou

    There are IQ tests with lines, dots and shadings. These are the ones most universally used to compare populations around the world.

  57. Mefobills says:
    @Sea Nettles

    Smart fraction theory explains higher median IQ among northeastern Asians, along with fewer very high IQ at smart fraction end of distribution.

    It would be interesting to brain scan smart fraction people and see what brain differences there are between groups and within groups.

    White populations produce a smart fraction for some reason, and this may go away as whites become dumber on average as white women breed with the lower races (world average IQ of 83).

    Our Chinese friends are not intimidated by false notions of the races being equal:

    BGI is doing embryo selection, and ALSO: Also, having genius people of all races (smart fraction whites primarily) to donate their DNA.

    • Agree: Guillaume Durocher
  58. Tacitus says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    Aboriginal Australians currently 3.3% of population. There are incentives to claim Aboriginal ancestry. Many such claims based on unreliable family lore. Genetic testing not required as proof. True figure more likely 1 to 2 percent. Similar to the indigenous percentage in the USA.

    • Replies: @Guillaume Durocher
  59. Patrick says:

    A post above mentions White Afrikaners(Dutch South Africans) have a couple percentage non-White genetics. This demonstrates that racial separation is necessary to preserve the relative purity of a race. If White South Africans continue to reside in South Africa they risk not being White in a couple hundred years, if a genocide does not happen first. A racial group needs a land of its own in order to preserve itself. That land can be as small as a town though, or as large as a nation state. City-states are also something worth considering too, there might be a space in the world for whites to establish a city-state somewhere.

  60. @Guillaume Durocher

    Are you sure they were Anglo Australians and not, say Irish or Scotch Australians?

    The latter were somewhat over-represented in the early years.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  61. Seraphim says:
    @Bill Jones

    I hope you are not implying that the Irish are an inferior breed, therefore prone to ‘miscegenation’.

  62. Never crossed my mind………………

  63. Anon[608] • Disclaimer says:

    The Cro Magnons had big brains and barrel chests from Neanderthals,

    Blue Ribbon for the dumbest post on Unz.

  64. Anon[101] • Disclaimer says:

    A good post. I had assumed that Hunter Gatherer evolved from Yamnaya. Regardless, your categories (evolved from or not) make sense. Particularly Yamnaya = Aryan / R1a?. I had (lazily) assumed that Yamnaya completely evolved out into other unique groups, but I can accept that it continued as the Scyths /Aryans. Though, I’m sure that the Hunter Gatherer group would have then shared much cultural crossover with them. Perhaps accounting for their later military accomplishments as the Prussians. See below.

    Hunter Gatherer’s locus seems to be in the Baltics. Likely continuous with most North Coast tribes / the “Barbarians” of the Romans / the Hanseatic League / the Saxons / the Frisans, etc.

    Meanwhile, the G2 farmer has a significant locus in Switzerland / near Bavaria.

    The links and conclusions are somewhat obvious if you know what the German history is.

  65. Anon[739] • Disclaimer says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    IQ isn’t everything. Character, energy, persistence, vision, imagination, communication ability, physical strength and moral courage, all these among other qualities are in my opinion more important than just having a high IQ.

    Poor conclusion. Any of the results that are worthwhile, stemming from any of the above traits, begin with an ever increasing (with ever better results) foundational IQ.

    To wit: character, persistence, vision, imagination, communication ability, and moral courage, in terms of their value to humans, are meaningless from a macaque primarily because its IQ will limit the expression of those traits when they exist at all.

    I didn’t include “physical strength” and “energy” because you didn’t realize those are silly points to try to make when talking about human value and IQ. The lack of editing doesn’t speak well to your overall perspective.

    In short, we don’t award value to effort: which can easily come from any hormone filled ape who wants to bang white women. We award, but don’t over value results.

    Our experience has been long enough to be able to confidently state that expected results, balanced with the negative outcomes, are best demarcated along racial lines.

    The irony is that if this was not the case and the other races produced enough consistent and valuable results on their own, then the other races would not are about our acceptance of them.

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