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INFOGRAPHICS: French Government Visualizes Great Replacement of French Children
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Percentage of infants tested for sickle-cell disease, a treatment applied overwhelmingly to non-infants.
Percentage of infants tested for sickle-cell disease, a treatment applied overwhelmingly to non-infants.

Due to the lack of official ethnic statistics in France, it’s quite difficult to precisely gauge demographic developments. Among newborns, our best proxy up to now has been the testing for sickle-cell disease, a procedure largely limited to populations susceptible to this illness, that is to say those from the Middle East, Africa, India, and parts of south-southeastern European.

I was looking forward to the publication by France Stratégie – a government think-tank attached to the prime minister’s office – of an official report on residential segregation, both in terms of class and ethnicity. The document is however downright disappointing, using questionable and opaque indices rather than straightforward data. (Straightforward data would be: what is the percentage of minorities in France? What is there percentage in each French territory? How evenly distributed are they in each French territory?)

Comparing the situations in 1990 and 2015, the report claims that class segregation is stable, ethnic segregation has decreased slightly, and low-income housing is more evenly distributed. The report suggests that “migratory origin plays a greater role than social class” in contributing to segregation.

Anyway, count this as an umpteenth contribution to the fairly odious genre of official French political science. Such and such is “un phénomène important,” this or that has “un modèle original,” hiding your utter lack of substance under a vaguely pompous and clinical pseudoscientific veneer.

Alongside the report, France Stratégie has published a data visualization tool allowing you to compare data for different French territories and even neighborhoods. While the indices are opaque, you also have real data: most valuably, the changing percentage of non-European immigrants and their children among minors (aged 0 to 18) between 1975 and 2015.

The results are enlightening, both in terms of the accelerating pace of demographic change and manifest urban segregation. Note: these statistics systematically underestimate the percentage of non-Europeans, because only first generation immigrants and their children are counted.

The once-sleepy town of Dijon, now famous for vendettas between Chechen and Arab gangs:

Lyon, France’s third city, with over 500,000 inhabitants:

Marseilles and Aix-en-Provence with over 900,000 inhabitants (a good example of the data’s weakness, as Marseilles actually appears to already be a majority Afro-Islamic city):

Orléans, which Joan of Arc liberated from the English occupier:

Even gentrified inner Paris is being substantially replaced:

The département of Seine-Saint-Denis, essentially the northeast of greater Paris and the resting place of the kings of France, is almost entirely Afro-Islamized:

Etc. The French identitarian news aggregator Fdesouche has more.

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  1. Pour M. Durocher : Une amie française m’a raconté tout à l’heure d’avoir écouté une interview avec Michel Onfray (sur ThinkerView). Ce type a beaucoup de présence médiatique, comme vous savez, et il dit que l’Europe est dans un état de décadence … et voilà tout. Mon amie est d’accord. Rien à faire. Tout est foutu. Je ne peux me tenir calme en face de cette lâcheté. J’aimerais suggérer que vous écoutiez Onfray et trouver la faille dans son élégante défense de la résignation. Je ne peux pas ; j’en suis trop révolté. Merci.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  2. I live in France and the results of le grand remplacement are evident even in the more remote sections of Nouvelle Aquitaine. There is simply no way that these people can be assimilated and France is clearly on a track to become some sort of western European Brazil or Yugoslavia.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  3. @Tono Bungay

    Je suppose qu’Onfray peut passer à la télé parce que, justement, il ne prône pas la résistance. Que dire de plus ? C’est une sorte de Jordan Peterson à la française et je ne vois pas trop l’intérêt. J’ai tout de même parcouru un de ses livres et je dois admettre que c’est effectivement un homme cultivé.

    • Agree: The Alarmist
    • Replies: @cutler
    , @Almost Missouri
  4. Agenouillez-vous, c’est plus facile de se prendre la tête.

  5. cutler says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    Guillaume in your opinion what percentage of France is European/ White ?
    I recall Jean Yves Le Gallou estimating France is 80% European would that be accurate also I read that Michelle Tribalat estimated France at 85% European.

    Also with regards to 3rd generation immigrants would most of them be Europeans ?

    Finally Twitter demographer Cicerone iirc estimated Ethnic French to make up 65% of total births nationwide with Other Europeans another 10%. Any thoughts.


    • Replies: @Some Guy
  6. @Tono Bungay

    “… et il dit que l’Europe est dans un état de décadence “

    Just look at how your European governments are imposing their COVID 19 ( or more justly stupid19) rules on European citizens and you cannot escape the idea that Europeans have lost their instinct of survival. Nature can not tolerate the void and any race that does not maintain resistance in an adversarial world is doomed to disappear. Under the impact of immigration, France along with other Europeans have abandoned their cultural heritage when neoliberals are celebrating diversity.

    The first act of resistance is to restore the demographic growth of Europeans and that can never be without restoring the nuclear family which would entail curtailing feminism. Not an easy choice.

    • Agree: idrankwhat
  7. 128 says:

    Why were there so many immigrants even before 1968, if you look at countries like the US, Canada, and Australia, the current wave of nonwhite immigration only started in the late 60s, and really did not pick up until the 1970s. Were the North Africans immigrating in very big numbers into France even during the 50s?

  8. Lot says:

    Guillaume, the sickle cell French map has been annoying me for five years now. Problems with it below:


    I agree that the rapid browning of France is a disaster, but that doesn’t mean we should start using garbage statistics. There just is not any accurate nationwide statistics in France, and we have to accept that.

    The rate of increase is also reason the figures are suspect. Look at the rise in, say, hispanic births in California. It was rapid, but not even close to as rapid as the rate of sickle cell testing.

    The test rates are also not consistent with normal, smooth, peacetime demographic trends.

    Looking again at Paca-Corse, the test rate went up 2 points a year between 05 and 10, then did not go up at all for two years, then up a point, then up 5 points. The same 2010-2012 two-year period with no change in that region, the region just to the north (Rhone) went up from 31.50 to 37.77.

    Again, where we have actual data on minority births in the USA, we see nothing like this.

    Also remember that most of France’s “African” population came 40+ years ago, and are primarily North Africans who have not in recent history been especially fertile. The gigantic changes represented in the chart do not reflect this known fact.

    This chart shows cases of sickle cell homozygotes detected along with the gross numbers of tests between 2006 and 2012:

    As you can see, from 2006 to 2012, the number of people TESTED rose very fast, but the number of actual cases was basically flat. Indeed, the number of sickle cell homozygotes DROPPED between 2007 (326) and 2012 (310).

    And the rate of detection to the rate of tests also steadily declined, confirming my initial reaction that the rapid changes shown on the map are the result of screening a wider and wider group of people. Indeed, looking for the source of the data in the map, I found numerous references to France moving from initially testing only the most suspect populations, to wider testing now, and with a goal in the near future to add sickle cell to the four other genetic diseases France already performs universal newborn testing for.

    If French births to non-whites really were as high as the map implies and others have taken as gospel on the growth of non-whites in France, then not just the testing of sickle cell, but the actual number of cases detected, would also be rapidly increasing.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Reg Cæsar
  9. Anonymous[203] • Disclaimer says:

    Basically, only those deemed ‘possibly affected’ – that is by visual observation of the doctors concerned – are tested. This disease *NEVER but NEVER* occurs in the real ethnic genetic French, so it would be a waste of time and money even to bother testing them.
    As it happens, this disease is unknown in ALL *real* Europeans. Thallesemia, a similar disease *does* occur amongst Cypriots, though.
    ‘Visual observation’, of course means darkies.
    Contrary to popular belief, most black/brown immigration into France has occurred *after* 1974, when ‘labor’ immigration to France was ‘officially abolished’. Acceleratingly vast numbers have entered since then, in particular black Africans.

    • Replies: @Zeke
  10. Some Guy says:

    If you’re talking about this data from Cicerone it only shows fertility rate by country of birth of the mother:

    In other words, it counts all births to second generation immigrant mothers as native. And of course first generation immigrant fathers who have children with any real natives or “natives” get counted as native births too. First generation immigrant mothers are responsible for 20.6% of the births in France. The births to EU-born immigrants seems strangely low though, only 2.9% percent? A mistake perhaps.

  11. Jake says:

    It is all about Christendom. Peoples of European descent must be punished with either serfdom or extermination because their ancestors created and administered Christendom.

    And this is not done by Jews alone, not by a long shot. If not for all the post-Christian whites, what those white-hating Jews try would flounder, as it almost always did in the Middle Ages. We are paying the price for the fruits inherent in the Reformation and the Enlightenment and Modernism. No culturally European nation will survive in any meaningful sense un less its people repent en masse and begin to rebuild Christendom.

    • Replies: @Guillaume Tell
  12. @Jake

    No culturally European nation will survive in any meaningful sense un less its people repent en masse and begin to rebuild Christendom.

    Yes indeed — and please let me add: an Orthodox Christendom. Not a Roman version, full of distorsions and innovations (which explains its complete doctrinal rot at the highest echelons of its hierarchy)

  13. Vojkan says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    In fact, there was much less disparity between the people of former Yugoslavia than there is in France. The level of insanity of French elites really is mind-boggling. For whatever reason I just cannot grasp, those people want the destruction of France. The easy answer would be to blame it on the Jews but the most vocal and zealous haters of anything French are native French. I, son of immigrants who was brought to France at the age of seven, Orthodox Christian, have found myself countless times defending France, her culture, her history, her Roman Catholic heritage, her contribution to Western civilisation in heated arguments with native French people of leftist persuasion. What those people have instead of a brain and a heart just beats me.
    There is no way you can make peacefully cohabit African Muslims and European Christians just as there is no way you can make peacefully cohabit wolves and sheep. French elites making their own kin play the role of sheep is just plain sick but that is how it is right now. Worse, I fear that Emmanuel Macron will get reelected president of France in 2022. It defies logic but it’ll happen. When a nation wants to commit suicide, and that’s where France is heading if Macron gets a second mandate, you can put up your best effort but there’s really nothing you can do about it except mourn.

    • Replies: @Mr. XYZ
  14. @Lot

    Guillaume, the sickle cell French map has been annoying me for five years now.

    Look at the bright side. France is that much more secure from malaria.

  15. Zeke says:

    All of my American life I’ve watched the french criticize us for our “racism.”

    I wonder if the native french are beginning to wake up to what a poisonous lie the concept of racism is.

  16. Mr. XYZ says:

    Le Pen’s father got 18% in 2002. Le Pen herself got 34% in 2017. She’s projected to get 43% or 44% in 2022. So, in 2027 or 2032, she might actually win!

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  17. Mr. XYZ says:

    Percentage of infants tested for sickle-cell disease, a treatment applied overwhelmingly to non-infants.

    You mean to *non-whites*, no?

  18. @Mr. XYZ

    The polling data I’ve seen indicate that support for Marine Le Pen tops out at about 40% All other parties will join ranks to prevent a Le Pen victory, even if it means putting Jean Luc Melenchon in the Elysée. More ominously, by 2027 the demographics of France will have changed so much that Le Pen and the RN will have difficulty even getting to that 40% maximum.

    As Vojkan notes, the situation in France is depressing. One of the most beautiful countries in the world is being handed over to Arabs and Africans;

    • Agree: Vojkan
    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  19. I’m from the USA. You Europeans make me laugh.

    Everybody agrees France is at least 80% white. My country is, at best, 60% white.

    In the year 2020, you are noticing that births in some regions of France are majority nonwhite.

    But Americans experienced this 30 years ago:

    So, we can imagine Europe as being in the same place America was, ethnically, in the year 1990.

    And back then, there were people talking about this demographic transition, on the early internet, at conferences, etc. Just like you are, now.

    The Americans failed to reverse the trend of nonwhite population growth. Here is what they did:

    – Bitched and complained anonymously on the internet (this sometimes resulted in doxxing, and tarnished the reputation of the right wing forever)

    – Started political “advocacy” groups that sent out worthless newsletters and articles in edchange for solicited donations

    – Rallied around outrageous figureheads like David Duke, Ann Coulter, Lou Dobbs, etc.

    – Lits of rude and angry rallies, which accomplished nothing but destroying the reputations of those who participated

    – Multiple failed attempts to run for office from an anti-immigrant political stance

    – Failure to accomplish anything by the small number of successfully elected politicians (see Donald Trump)


    All of these charades resulted in failure.

    And I predict, with 99% certainty, these methods will fail for you, as well.

    So, you Europeans: you must find an innovative way to change your countries, which does not involve the above methods.

    Trying to assume political power or to increase populism will never succeed long term. Americans tried that route for you, and their efforts failed against the stronger and more desired alternatives offered by the political mainstream.

    Basically, you must put down the politics. Stop discussing political or philosophical ideologies, and political candidates; don’t even think about them. They are a death trap. You will never convince the herd to abandon neoliberalism and socialism, and in the meantime, you are wasting precious time and energy.

    Relax, don’t talk politics even amongst yourselves (and ex-communicate anyone who does), and be optimistic about your ability to change the world through action. Never, ever fall in to the pessimistic death cycle of political action and philosophy. That is my advice for you, as someone who watched his country go down the same path as yours, who sees you making the same mistakes.

    No politician or political movement is going to enact the change you desire. The clock is ticking, so you better start thinking.

    • Replies: @JSebastian
  20. I had always heard that the French banished diversity to the suburbs, but these graphics seem to show that—with the partial exception of Paris—the French suffer the same city center-slum problem as the Americans.

    In the US, I attribute it to a combination of limited public transport and a rapacious landlord class. Would the same be true in France?

  21. @JohnPlywood

    My objective was an infertility virus, such as something genetically engineered to cause infertility in the infected population, thus preventing their increase.

    This is the subject of investigation and development – how to target it to attack or affect only the correct groups is the challenge.

    However, encouragement comes in the form of the Chinese Coronavirus. The CCP managed this nifty trick (no outbreak amongst Chinese, they’re clearly immune) and so clearly it can be done. We just have to find out how they did it, and develop a virus that attacks the stem cells and reproductive system.

  22. @Guillaume Durocher

    Pointing out that Onfray is only permitted on television precisely because he preaches passivity instead of resistance is a pretty good refutation.

  23. @Diversity Heretic

    Compare and contrast the situation of France with the U.S.

    Some have suggested that in some respects, France (and other Euro countries) are worse off. Just because the cops are less strict over there and incarceration rates are lower. Also, due to good public transport and high population density, it’s easy for the migrants to show up in White neighborhoods and run wild.

    Any truth?

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