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Great-Replaced: Half of Newborns in Belgium Have Foreign-Origin Mothers
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First bar: births in 2020 by origin of the mother. Second bar: women of childbearing age by origin. Orange: native Belgians; blue: Belgian citizens of foreign origin; grey: foreigners.

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The Great Replacement is a “discredited conspiracy theory,” but it also an empirical reality, wherever governments and agencies deem fit to publish the relevant figures.

France has long been loathe to publish such statistics, but neighboring Belgium — which has a similar history of recent immigration — is not so circumspect. The Belgian Federal Bureau for Planning recently published a highly interesting fact sheet on the national origin of mothers in Belgium.

The figures for 2020 show that Belgium now has a historically-low total fertility rate of 1.58 per woman. Of these, barely half of births (52.3%) are to native Belgian mothers. The rest are more-or-less evenly split between mothers who are Belgian citizens of foreign origin and foreign mothers.

Fertility rates differ drastically by origin, with native Belgian woman at a mere 1.38 and foreign women at 2.05 (48.5% higher).
Fertility rates differ drastically by origin, with native Belgian woman at a mere 1.38 and foreign women at 2.05 (48.5% higher).

Belgian citizens of foreign origin have a fertility rate of 1.58, suggesting a convergence of birth rates over time. Admittedly, interpretation is difficult as it is unclear what is included in this category. What proportion of these are Italian-origin Belgians (significant waves came from 1945 onward, now numbering around 450,000)? What proportion are Arabs or Congolese with Belgian passports? We don’t know.

Proportion by origin and age of women of child-bearing age, (orange: native Belgians, blue: Belgian citizens of foreign origin, grey: foreigners).
Proportion by origin and age of women of child-bearing age, (orange: native Belgians, blue: Belgian citizens of foreign origin, grey: foreigners).

The replacement of the Belgian population will only ratchet up over time. Significantly, among 15-year-old girls, foreign-origin Belgian citizens and foreigners outnumber native Belgians more than two-to-one!

One struggles to find any previous examples in European history of population substitution on this scale. Probably one has to go all the way back to the Indo-European conquests circa 5000–4000 years ago.

The Belgian statistics are frustratingly unclear concerning the national origin of mothers in Belgium. “Citizens of foreign-origin” and “foreigners” indiscriminately include southern Europeans, eastern Europeans, Middle-Eastern Muslims, and Africans. There has been substantial European immigration to Belgium from Italy, Romania, and elsewhere.

It seems highly probable that European-origin mothers will have lower fertility rates than Africans and Muslims, though conceivably the latter converge somewhat in fertility with the natives over time.

Figures from the Belgian Statistics Agency revealed that in 2021 the proportion of native Belgians had fallen to a mere 67.3% of the population (from 74.3% in 2011 and 81.8% in 2001). The collapse of native Belgians is real, drastic, and ongoing.

Among Belgian citizens of foreign origin and foreigners, 48.3% are from neighboring or other EU countries and 51.7% from non-EU countries (mostly from the Maghreb, Turkey, and Black Africa). The proportion from non-EU countries has increased, being 38.4% in 2001 and 47.6% in 2011.

Thus, foreign-origin people in Belgium make up one third of the population, about evenly split between Europeans and non-Europeans. I suspect non-Europeans make up about a third of births in Belgium, similar to France.

Whatever one makes of all this, the Belgian population is being irreversibly transformed beyond recognition within a single lifetime.

The consequences for the native population have often been dire. In France, recent figures show that foreigners (not including citizens of foreign origin) make up 7.6% of the population but are two to four times more likely to commit crimes such as theft, sexual assault, and murder:

This does not even factor in French and Belgian citizens of African nor Muslim origin. During a trial of the French-Jewish pundit Éric Zemmour for “hate speech,” the Socialist politician Jean-Pierre Chevènement came to Zemmour’s defense. He testified that as interior minister he received a daily list of crimes in France and most of the criminals had African or Muslim last names.[1]Éric Zemmour, La France n’a pas dit son dernier mot (Rubempré, 2021), p. 127 Note that Chevènement was Minister of the Interior from 1997–2000! The situation is no doubt even more stark today.

Beyond the decline in social capital and well-being, there are also plenty of signs the population change is leading to a collapse in any common values within the society. A recent poll by the respected agency IFOP found that 65% of young Muslim high-schoolers in France considered that “the norms and rules” of Islam “are more important than the laws of the Republic.”

The right is often faulted for being alarmist on immigration. Part of the reason for this is that the consequences of these trends take time to become apparent but also have tremendous momentum. The most extraordinary political courage will be necessary to hold back the tide, let alone roll it back. In any case, wholly preventable ethno-religious conflicts among Europeans, Blacks, and Muslims will continue to be facts of life in Western Europe for the foreseeable future. There is every likelihood these problems will worsen and, if nothing is done, will indeed become overwhelming.


[1] Éric Zemmour, La France n’a pas dit son dernier mot (Rubempré, 2021), p. 127

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. TG says:

    Interesting post.

    One notes, however, that this is nothing new. It’s really about the rich and their love of cheap labor. If the natives refuse to breed in sufficient numbers to drive wages down and profits up, the rich will simply import the surplus population of somewhere else.

    The Ivory Coast used to be a pretty prosperous place. High labor costs: the horror, the horror! So the elites started importing muslim refugees from poorer local countries, and by the time this process had not quite doubled the population, the resulting poverty tore the country apart in a bloody civil war. Last I checked the muslim immigrant faction was in charge: so the native Ivorians lost their prosperity, their security, and now their country.

    In South Africa first the white minority government, and now the back majority government, used massive immigration from the rest of Africa to force population higher – and of course, the natives who object to this cheap-labor policy are maligned as ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic.’

    The Brazilian elites used both pro-natalist policies, and massive waves of immigration, even more than in the US, to very rapidly increase the population from about 17 million in 1900 to over 220 million today. It’s not so much the total number as the rate of increase: this rapid increase has sucked up resources, limited the available investable surplus, and locked the country into poverty.

    And even as far back as Ancient Rome: the Roman people had a moderate fertility rate, the elites complained about this constantly, as it drove up their labor costs. So the elites used slavery, but eventually used so much immigration that serfdom started to replace slavery – and the resulting widespread poverty degraded and weakened the empire until it fell apart. One is reminded of Emperor Valens, killed by the same foreign immigrants he had welcomed into the empire as a source of cheap labor.

    Even modern Turkey: lately the Turks have been moderating their fertility rate, and the rich can’t stand it. There is a lot of press on Turkish leader Erdogan using refugees to pressure western Europe for aid, but the big picture is the Turkish government permanently resettling countless Syrian and Afghani etc. refugees, driving wages and living standards down, and rents and profits up. The native Turks really don’t like this at all, so they must be racist.

    I could go on, but you get the idea. It’s not much of a consolation, but “forced population growth” is an old and very sordid story.

    • Agree: Rich
  2. songbird says:

    I wonder whether there are any Rwandans in Belgium.

    I was always thinking about how absurd it is that they blame the genocide on Belgians, but, one can also think that they have to live with each other, so it is natural to blame it on outsiders.

    However, perhaps that is too charitable. Given the broader context, if there are Rwandans in Belgium, one can imagine that it isn’t about living with each other at all, but about justifying their invasion. And the ones that have stayed home have latched onto the same excuse.

    Of course, even without considering Rwandans specifically, it could be an excuse made in order to justify invasion by Africans.

  3. R.C. says:

    Simple facts, it seems, are the easiest for the masses to force themselves to ignore in the name of PC BS. Time to awaken, folks; and, time to awaken folks,
    Great articles here about it all the time. Also, Anglin has some good articles about dog breeds vs. human races (which we are supposed to believe simply stopped existing as of the 21st century. )

    • Replies: @Rosie
  4. Andy says:

    How many of Belgium’s “foreigners” are non-European? (Anecdotally, I was in Antwerp in January 2020, right before the pandemic, and saw that a majority of women in the center had islamic headgears)

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @A123
  5. neutral says:

    Brussels is like the Washington of the EU, it wants to copy every US ideology and now will have a similar city regarding the demographics. And just like Washington this low IQ third world population is the ideal demographic for those that rule to have, no doubt they will use these people as weapon against whites just like it happened in America.

  6. Rosie says:

    Kudos to AA for posting about that heroic mother, without any hateful commentary, either!

    I admit I am rather surprised by this. I would think that all dogs have the ability to distinguish pack from nonpack and refrain from harming members of the pack. It seems to almost define the species in the same way that sapience defines homo sapiens. I guess the dogness has been bred out of this breed of dog.

  7. A totally unnecessary and avoidable problem. Immigration is like the frog in the pan. Boiled slowly the frog will do nothing. Eventually it will die.

  8. Miro23 says:

    How many of Belgium’s “foreigners” are non-European? (Anecdotally, I was in Antwerp in January 2020, right before the pandemic, and saw that a majority of women in the center had Islamic headgears)

    Change starts slowly then accelerates until the old world is eventually forgotten.

    Who now thinks about the horses of London.? At one time there were 50.000 of them.

    The Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894

    By the late 1800s, large cities all around the world were “drowning in horse manure”. In order for these cities to function, they were dependent on thousands of horses for the transport of both people and goods.
    In 1900, there were over 11,000 hansom cabs on the streets of London alone. There were also several thousand horse-drawn buses, each needing 12 horses per day, making a staggering total of over 50,000 horses transporting people around the city each day.
    To add to this, there were yet more horse-drawn carts and drays delivering goods around what was then the largest city in the world.

  9. Miro23 says:

    Another aspect to this, is the assumption that Arabs will turn Belgium and France it places lake Morocco and Algeria since it’s the people that make the place.

    This may be true of recent immigrants, however the new ethnic Arab middle class that’s starting to appear in Belgium and France seem to be building something new. It’s anecdotal of course, but I’m seeing some evidence that they opt for local culture (non-woke variety) over Islamic and get rid of headscarves (regarded as backward).

    It’s almost like they left North Africa to get away from Islamic culture. Also they have a lot fewer children and basically make happy well adjusted non-woke families.

    Maybe the US is the same. A lot of Latinos come to the US for economic opportunities but also because they want to adopt non-woke US culture and their small middle class integrates well.

    All in contrast to the organized Jewry of the US and Europe that seeks to take power , divide, dominate and destroy Anglo European societies. Someone like Zemmour (who interestingly gets a media platform) may in fact not be a friend of the ethnic French – he’s just aware that the French are easier to dominate than Arabs and wants the Arabs out.

    • Replies: @Dule
  10. Anonymous[135] • Disclaimer says:

    Put a fork in it, it’s done!

    Basically, it’s all over for whites in western Europe and north America.

    This will be palpable by year 2050 and fully accomplished by year 2100. The EU, pah!, as the Australians say “It’s all piss and wind”.
    Does anyone here really seriously expect the USA to be *less* demented in 2050 than in 2021.

    And China continues to rise.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  11. Anonymous[135] • Disclaimer says:

    I seem to remember, a few years ago, that a cell of ‘Belgian’ islamists made a very serious and well planned attempt to run a Belgian nuclear power plant into full meltdown.

    The fact that you probably don’t remember this is, of course, due to the powers that be covering it up.

  12. Renoman says:

    Shit hole looming on the horizon. You foolish people have wrecked your children’s future. Diversity means war and it will be a big one.

  13. Marcali says:

    And England went for war to defend this bastard nation, remember?

  14. Rich says:

    Interesting that the Belgian people are being eliminated from earth. Smaller countries in Europe first, then, I suppose the larger. Too many wars I suppose, finally broke this once great people. As a short. forgotten, mustachioed. former Iron Cross winner is rumored to have said in the ruins of Berlin, as the Soviets closed in on him, “All the good Germans are dead.” Apply it to all of Europe, now.

    • Replies: @J
  15. Canada’s Trudeau administration is opening the immigration floodgates, as the country binges on low interest rates and access to cheap credit.

    Canada’s only growth industry is property development. It will not end well.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  16. Anonymous[420] • Disclaimer says:

    Not that England is any better, racially speaking, of course.

    • Agree: XBardon Kaldlan
  17. A123 says: • Website

    How many of Belgium’s “foreigners” are non-European? (Anecdotally, I was in Antwerp in January 2020, right before the pandemic, and saw that a majority of women in the center had islamic headgears)

    You ask a good question. Visegrád 4 fathers would lead to replacement of Belgian culture with Polish culture. Almost certainly an improvement. Belgian culture accepted the EU Parliament on their soil.

    Sadly, I suspect your later observation “Case A” is the correct one:

    -A- Sweden, Beligium, and Germany have the best benefits for those who illegally cross Open [Muslim] Borders into the World Economic Forum preserve (a.k.a. WEF-landia) the EU.
    -B- Excessive, internal EU migration is driven by corporate wage suppression, not dole based handouts.

    A & B are separate problems with different solutions.

    PEACE 😇

  18. Anonymous[420] • Disclaimer says:

    The notion of tropical people – who else is going to immigrate to Canada? – choosing to live in one of the damned coldest spots on earth still strikes me as vaguely ridiculous despite all these years of trying.

    On the other hand, if dumb gullible whitey had never sweated and slaved to put in central heating, infrastructure etc, you wouldn’t see those darkies in Canada for dust, not excepting the vitamin D capsules.

  19. Bookish1 says:

    A lot can happen in 30 years. A great depression would change peoples minds along with a big war. It ain’t over yet and the white world could see a few Hitlers rising.

    • Replies: @J
  20. Those people were corrupted long ago. Don’t mourn them. They reap the harvest of their fathers. If you have children or will have children, learn from this. This is what happens when you pass your problems to the next generation.

    Find Jesus Christ, it is the only way to Life. This veil degeneracy is a Jewish trick. Their father is a liar.

  21. J says:

    No one is killing the Belgians. They enjoy life to the maximum and will not spend time changing stinking diapers. It is not only them.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @RadicalCenter
  22. J says:

    Not Hitler nor Mussolini succeeded in increasing their populations. For all their ferocious speeches, they much weakened their people. To the point that they are now unable to resist.

    • Replies: @大祖国
  23. fnn says:

    Unwin (1934) and Zimmerman (1947) predicted the collapse of fertility in the West and its replacement by a more virile society.

    “Any human society is free to choose either to display great energy or to enjoy sexual freedom; the evidence is that it cannot do both for more than one generation”. He also said that a society has three generations (~100 years) after a sexual revolution before its collapse. Western civilization had its sexual revolution recently; we are now decaying into what Unwin calls “zoistic”–self-focused and uncivilized, at which point every civilization has been destroyed or taken over by one with more “energy”.


    A society cannot survive without the will to produce a next generation, and so the decedent society is eventually replaced by a new civilization embracing a more virile (trustee) family type, and the cycle begins again. Greece after the Peloponnesian War, Rome during the late empire, and the contemporary West have the atomic family as their dominant type. Zimmerman sees Western civilization headed for destruction if it cannot revive the domestic family. One of the heroes of his story is the Emperor Augustus, whose anti-adultery and anti-celibacy laws can be seen as a rational attempt to protect the Roman family and hold Rome’s destructively atomistic tendencies at bay. This history’s most important hero, however, is the Roman Catholic Church, which was forced to fight a war for the domestic family on two fronts, against both Roman atomism and barbarian trustee-ism. By the High Middle Ages, the Church had established her own sacramental version of the domestic family as the primary type in Christendom. This work was undone by the smart-aleck partisans of divorce and immorality of the Renaissance and Enlightenment.

  24. Dule says:

    Unfortunately, this is not true. Consider the muslims in former Yugoslavia for example. For over a century they have been living in a secular state with christian roots. Their origin is indisputably European, they never spoke Turkish, Arabic or Persian language but the language of the European nation from which they were converted to islam a mere couple of centuries ago. After the country was liberated from the Turks, the local muslims were fully recognized as citizens and not only their human and national rights were recognized but they undergone an amazing cultural revival with the standard of living increasing many times. Nevertheless, they used every opportunity to terrorize and kill their christian fellow citizens performing unimaginable atrocities. The recent slaughter of Serbs in Bosnia & Hercegovina and Kosovo & Metohija are a good example. Lamentably (or deservedly?) the same fate will reach Belgium.

  25. Rich says:

    So they are committing suicide? Gee, that’s a much better way for a people to go out. Of course, if their borders were closed, they could continue as a people with a smaller population and their uniqueness would continue.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  26. @Marcali

    And England went for war to defend this bastard nation, remember?

    Hundreds of thousands of English, Canadian and Australian men were ground into hamburger meat in the soil of Belgium in two world wars only to see the country submit to Islam without a shot fired.

    What a waste. I guess we should be thankful the Germans didn’t win or else………….well, something bad might’ve happened.

  27. Anonymous[225] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course, the powers-that-be are fully cognizant of all this, just as much as Guillaume Durocher.
    There are two explanations for their silence and inaction:

    1/. They are too cowardly to do anything or say anything, and just want an easy life.

    2/. They are fully in support of the white genocide project.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  28. @Anonymous

    Your (1) describes the cuckservative attitude, and most liberals’ too. They never wanted it, never went out of their way to make it happen, but at the same time, they were (and are) willing to let it happen. Anything else would risk disrupting economic growth, a risk they were (and are) unwilling to run.

    Your (2) describes leftists. They are the only ones who madly desired this, who fought tooth and nail to make it happen and, you figure, will fight to the death to prevent it being averted. They are the ultimate scum, the sum of all scum, scum greater than any which could be imagined.

  29. The Great Culling. Eugenicists get their wish and the Luciferians get theirs. Sometimes they are the same wish, but the Luciferians want trans-human slaves.

    Our race will be better for it, but we should protect what we have left. The winner is who passes on his genes.

    Don’t fall for Jewish tricks. The answers have already been given. Find the questions.

  30. @J

    Semi-OT: Changing our babies’ diapers was a great opportunity for me to bond with those beautiful innocent little creatures, sing to them, talk to them, and “kiss the baby knee, then kiss da udder baby knee.” How sad that so many people seem to think it’s such drudgery and imposition to take care of the new life that God has allowed them to create.

    I wish I’d had kids earlier, and even more of them. We are glad to do the hard work of raising them. Well worth the effort and frustrations. Thank you, God.

  31. 大祖国 says:

    That is complete nonsense. As you can clearly see in the tfr data of Germany here

    While 1935 did mark an early low point, it was still too early for the new policies to take effect, it sharply rose until 1940. A year in which it took a dive again. Most likely because of the beginning of the true total war with the battle of England, Barbarossa and then total annihilation soon after. So the image of the trend is obscured and it would most likely have risen to at least Franco levels of around 3 tfr given another 5 or 10 years.

    Italian fascism did indeed fail to halt the decline. But they did start out from a higher base line, too, because Italy industrialized later and the first biggest hit to the tfr was clearly full modernization of industrial society on civilization scale which took place in Germany and Britain decades earlier. Italy was still largely an agrarian society at the outbreak of WW 2. One of the reasons for its bad performance.

    The French tfr actually rose under the occupation years Not much, but a little. Although the true jump came from 1945 to 1950: a baby boom which mirrors my minimally predicted equivalent in the 3rd Reich.

    Yet both in France and Germany, both in England and the USA, all at the same time, in 1965 the second big crash of the tfr began. With the same politics in every country: the second immigration act in America, the forced (by the USA) admission of Turkish guest workers to Germany, I think the admission of the north Africans to France took place somewhat earlier, but I’m not sure, the beginnings of true “feminism”, of no fault divorce and the anti-baby pill, abortion, “sex, drugs, rock and roll”, hippies, then punk and nihilism, open borders, attacks on religion, family and culture, the rise of PC and Western, cultural Marxism, the deregulation of the economy in the USA 15 years later.

    Franco gave Spain another 15-20 years. But the truly greatest crash to the TFR in Germany took place in East Germany which dropped East German birth rates by 50% and marriage rates by 60%. Most of them in the immediate 2 years after reunification. A paper on this development can be read here

    So you can only argue about, whether the Soviet shock freezer or National Socialism was overall more effective. Given the data I know of and the social policies of both systems, including the Brezhnev years, I clearly say NS. And with a victory of National Socialism you’d look at easily well above a billion Europeans today, eventually even approaching 2 billion. And the social policies imported from and imposed by the USA are the single greatest mass murderer of unborn and destroyer of born white European lives. No contest. Not by communism, not by fascism, not by Nazism, nothing compares.

    And that is what may never be forgotten and never be forgiven.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  32. Anonymous[273] • Disclaimer says:

    Lower white indigenous white populations are not necessarily a problem:

    No. The problem is the politically inspired massive uncontrolled darky third world immigration *acting in conjunction* with indigenous European decline.

    For sure, such a policy will result in a wholesale turnover/replacement.

  33. Anonymous[244] • Disclaimer says:

    In my own mind, I harbor a suspicion that American style turbo consumer capitalism, combined with American style turbo ‘equality’ policies will, eventually, destroy *ALL* religious sentiment on this planet – up to and including that great big bogeyman of our times, Islam.

    Of course, we’re only seeing the slight, imperceptible shifting of the tectonic plates at the moment, but at the century’s close, the plates will have noticeably and dramatically shifted.

  34. Kat Grey says:

    All immigration to Europe needs to be based on racial compatibility. Otherwise it’s only a matter of about one generation ahead that we will see ourselves replaced by the offspring of Third World mothers who seem to churn babies out on a conveyor belt of a breeding factory.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  35. Anonymous[155] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kat Grey

    Dear Kat Grey,
    It has already happened.

    The point of no return was passed a long long time ago.

    Yours Sincerely,

    • Replies: @shlomo
  36. shlomo says:

    White womyn never seemed to realize that they were pawns in a broader game designed to surreptitiously destroy the white population by turning white womyn against white men. White womyn fell for the ruse, and have been working against their own ever since. I guess the most important skill one can have in life is to know ((shlomo’s)) true intentions. If you cannot read people, you will become prey. Stupid white womyn, thinking that vitiating their own men would give them a shortcut to power, when it really merely consolidated the power of ((shlomo)). When they are being chained to a bed by one of their Muslim or African “friends”, they’ll finally realize that a little tribalism and support for one’s own people is never a bad thing.

    • Agree: Kat Grey
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