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French Municipal Elections: Macron Régime Shudders as It Fails to Win in a Single City
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Results of second round of French municipal elections in selected cities. Image credit: Visactu.

Under the shadow of coronavirus, the French people people have elected their mayors and local councilors for the next six years. Well, some of them did, as a vast wave of apathy swept the nation, leading to a turnout of just 44.7% (19 points lower than in 2014). Perhaps the COVID innovation of mass house arrests has turned the whole nation into homebodies.

Green candidates, often in alliance with the Pinks (Socialists), have seized control of twenty cities, including Bordeaux, Lyon, and Strasbourg. The media is trying to spin this as some kind of national mandate. Le Monde claims President Emmanuel Macron must “green” his policies as a result, but that seems like a great overstatement.

Source: Le Monde
Source: Le Monde

The victories of the bobo-green left are certainly a significant indicator. But really it only concerns a couple million urbanites. What is more striking for me is the complete fragmentation of the political landscape. The incumbent mayors who were reelected to office typically did so by distancing themselves from their national party.

This was the case of the mayoress of Paris, the archetypal wine-bar feminist Anne Hidalgo, who handily won reelection in the face two equally female rivals (Macron’s health minister Agnès Buzyn – the subject of many anti-Semitic criticisms – and former conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy’s former justice minister, Rachida Dati). Hidalgo is notionally affiliated with the Socialist Party, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from her campaign.

Rachida Dati votes in Paris.
Rachida Dati votes in Paris.

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) made one great gain: her partner Louis Aliot has been elected mayor of the southeastern city (120,000 inhabitants) of Perpigan. This is the first time the RN will be managing such a large city. His campaign rarely used Marine’s image or the RN’s famous flame-logo, preferring to cite the backing of non-RN hard-conservative politicians like Robert Ménard (who in some respects is more radical than Marine, as he supports collecting ethnic statistics for instance).

The new mayor of Perpignan: Louis Aliot.
The new mayor of Perpignan: Louis Aliot.

Aliot proclaimed of his election: “It’s the proof that there is no longer a glass ceiling for the National Rally. This so-called ‘republican front’ has fallen tonight in Perpignan and could fall elsewhere in the future.”

The RN may have kept a half-dozen mayorships across the country, but it largely failed to make inroads otherwise. That’s out of 30,143 municipalities in France. Otherwise, the RN’s share of local councilors has collapsed from 1438 in 2014 to 840 today.

Significantly, women have made some progress in these elections. Women have gone from making up 16% of mayors in 2014 to 19.3% in 2020. The smalnness of this increase is essentially due to people reelecting their mayors in the countryside. By contrast, women now lead exactly half of France’s 10 largest cities. This is representative of real power dynamics and of the feminization of elite institutions in general. Already, any overrepresentation of men in any prestigious institutions is automatically assumed to be morally condemnable and needing of rectification. The pink fog continues to descend upon the West.

The biggest news is perhaps the collapse of Macron’s party at local level, failing to conquer or keep a single large city. Le Monde deemed this “a genuine Berezina” for the president.

All this suggests French citizens’ disconnect from politics in general. Elections are held with yawn-inducing frequency in France. Citizens are expected to be informed and care enough to regularly vote in municipal, county (départemental), regional, national (parliamentary and presidential), and European elections. What’s the point of voting for so many offices, especially when these lack visibility or discernible power?

The ruling political parties, which used to be quite well-organized and implanted across the country, are being reduced to personalistic and one-off phenomena, to brands. Macron jury-rigged a party in 2017, appointing many incompetents in the process, but has no local presence. Neither does Marine Le Pen.

National elections remain the most important, but there is a real challenge when the national elections do not actually correspond to a country’s underlying power dynamics (witness the failure of Trumpism in the United States, undermined by an erratic president, the systematic opposition of vast swathes of officialdom at all levels, and the failure to organize the Republican Party into a coherent populist machine).

Overt politics is being reduced to empty fad after empty fad. We have a plethora of talkative candidates with ever-more indistinguishable messages, with unclear responsibilities or mandates, most remarkable for their cosmetic differences.

French elites are quite aware of how alienated the French people are from “their” democracy. As a remedy, people are trying direct democracy. A “climate convention” of citizens was recently organized – theoretically chosen according to lot in true Athenian fashion. In fact, the convention was presided by politicians and think-tankers close to the Greens and the Socialist Party, and the “ordinary citizens” were vetted by the organizers, skewing the convention’s results to the left. Still, Macron is now being pressured to follow their lead.

This initiative led the conservative pundit Éric Zemmour to make the following suggestion on live television: “I propose a citizens’ convention on immigration and demography. I am even prepared to preside it! With a referendum at the end!” A fine idea. As we know, are liberal-globalists oh so love democracy, but for some reason do not like the idea of citizens coming together to decide on this most fundamental question of national destiny.

Éric Zemmour (the Gargamal lookalike) making his modest proposal.
Éric Zemmour (the Gargamal lookalike) making his modest proposal.
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  1. A123 says:

    Macron’s original election was a based on a call for unity and moderation. What Macron delivered was strife and divisiness. His defeat is unsurprising.

    The Gilets Jaunes movement is the most visible symbol of a much deeper problem. Too many workers, not enough high paying work.

    However, there are still too few French Citizens willing to oppose the EU’s “freedom of movement” concept. Eventually, they will get to “French Jobs for French People”. Until then, there is little hope of forward progress.

    PEACE 😇

  2. neutral says:

    Not much hope for France as long as the likes of Bernard Levy are allowed to roam freely. This is probably the best time to launch a military coup to eliminate this stuffy “democracy” (just another ZOG regime) and create a genuine pro white government.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
    , @Alfred
  3. songbird says:

    Imagine walking into your polling place in Europe and seeing it run by Africans!

  4. @neutral

    Oh, a military coup to throw the bastards out, of course – how fine! – But not terribly neutral, really, I mean, “neutral” – come on!

  5. What is going don´wn there in France – Macron lost it, ok. RN didn’t break through, right – it rather sank. Then there are Michel Onfray and – Eric Zemmour. Ok, we’ll see.

    The way Rachida Dati appeared at the voting booth seems to be just perfect for losers: Dress sloppy and be alone – the horror!

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  6. The pink fog continues to descend upon the West.

    How true. Then there is female hysteria, which is described by wikipedia as this (emphasis mine):

    Female hysteria was once a common medical diagnosis for women, which was described as exhibiting a wide array of symptoms, including anxiety, shortness of breath, fainting, nervousness, sexual desire, insomnia, fluid retention, heaviness in the abdomen, irritability, loss of appetite for food or sex, (paradoxically) sexually forward behaviour, and a “tendency to cause trouble for others”.

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  7. OT question:
    Are the French not creeped out by the weird Macron marriage? She was his high school teacher, married with 3 children (one a classmate of Macron) and 25 years older. Many people are creeped out by Woody Allen’s marriage, but I think Macron’s marriage is much weirder.

    Is Macron gay, so that he doesn’t care about his wife being an ancient crone as long as he’s getting it in the butt from his bodyguards?

    • Replies: @Guillaume Durocher
  8. @Calvin Hobbes

    Quite possibly, yes. He once defended himself from accusations that he had unduly promoted and protected his security guard Alexandre Benalla – who was filmed manhandling protesters – saying: “He’s not my lover!” He also has a few cokehead mannerisms, as did the head of Sciences Po Richard Descoings – another very “switched on”/globalist figure – before being found dead in a Manhattan hotel, after having been drugged up and frequented two male prostitutes.

  9. @Dieter Kief

    Rachida Dati is so pathetic as to be pitiable. IIRC she was pumped and dumped by some rich man who refused to acknowledge the child she conceived by him. She had to sue to get child support. And she’s not aging gracefully although she has, in fairness, kept the weight off. She should be home taking care of her child rather than humiliating herself in electoral politics. My only question is why the Republicans ran this loser?

  10. @Diversity Heretic

    My only question is why the Republicans ran this loser?

    Lack of style (and programmatical emptiness)?

    Btw. – this photo of Rachida Dati above is telling. – Thanks – not only for that, Guillaume Durocher.


    The self-humiliating aspect of being / acting in public is widely underestimated – another sign, how much our times lack style (this is Ernst jünger, of course – and Leclerc de Buffon, ca. 1790… tempi passati).

  11. @Diversity Heretic

    He also has a few cokehead mannerisms, as did the head of Sciences Po Richard Descoings

    I did not notice this (what is not (not!) to say, that you could not be right). The scene with the ex-prisoners on the part-French Caribbean island of Saint Martin made their way into my memory as – weird: Trying to play a somewhat brilliant and very risky game right in front of the public’s eye.
    (His behavior was very controlled, but might have been a tad too anti-racist to achieve what Macron might have attempted at this moment: To make himself partly disappear in plain sight by acting ostensibly anti-racist – a kind of magic purging act via TV…

    (Macron is quick and witty, no doubt about it, but he might have overlooked (and still overlook at times) the pitfalls of being a little bit too brilliant here and there. He does LOVE to play though…).  

    • Replies: @Leon Haller
  12. @Guillaume Durocher

    Selon Juan Branco (ex-collaborateur de Descoings, c’est lui qui avait révélé l’homosexualité de Gabriel Attal il y a deux ans) , Brigitte Macron aurait, en 2016, payé Mimi Marchand, la paparazzi en chef de Xavier Niel, pour vérifier si son mari était homosexuel. Elle n’aurait trouvé aucune preuve accablante. À mon avis, il est très probable que Macron soit un homosexuel réprimé, et que Brigitte lui serve de figure maternelle.

  13. @Guillaume Durocher

    If I remember correctly, Brigitte was Macron’s drama teacher when he was a young lad in high school and she probably still coaches him on his stage and television appearances today.

    Beyond all that, doesn’t Brigitte’s family have money and important connections — attributes that have been very useful throughout Macron’s rise from high school thespian to Rothschild banker to president of the French Republic?

    • Replies: @Alfred
  14. Matra says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    There was a rumour going round when she was a minister in Sarkozy’s government that Sarko was banging her whilst his wife Carla Bruni was doing some younger man, a singer or something.

  15. So, still fucked then.

  16. Alfred says:

    This is probably the best time to launch a military coup

    The French military is up to its neck in the various imperialist endeavors in Syria and Africa. They are just another part of the problem. Expecting anything from them is as silly as expecting the British army to mutiny.

    Training French soldiers to supervise Daesh

  17. Alfred says:
    @Buck Ransom

    doesn’t Brigitte’s family have money and important connections

    That is not unknown in French politics. Jacques Chirac had a wealthy wife. So did the “Socialist” François Mitterand – his wife owned pantyhose factories.

    Mrs Chirac’s wealthy brother is living in Paris council flat

  18. @Diversity Heretic

    Dati is great as the butt of the “[X] has let himself go” gag that Stewart Lee made up when everyone noticed he looked a bit like Ali Campbell (the first lead singer of UB40).

    As in … “The lead singer of Texas has let herself go“.

    I realise that’s a horrible thing to say about Sharleen Spiteri, who was an order of hotness more hot than Dati when they were at their respective peaks.

    Maybe “Enya has let herself go”…

  19. @Guillaume Durocher

    But wouldn’t being gay have been a political plus for Macron? He was never a man of the Right (as far as I’ve read). Why hide?

    • Replies: @Servant of Gla'aki
  20. @Dieter Kief

    Macron is a shallow twit, clever, perhaps, but of no real intellectual heft. And his liberalism makes him into a pathetic buffoon; the France that elected him, even more so. French have been losers for over a century. Soon they will all be raped or buggered by Mohammedans, and then this generation shall have allowed through liberal cowardice the destruction of a multi-millennia old nation at the heart of the West. French are losers, more so even than British, Germans and white Americans.

  21. @Leon Haller

    But wouldn’t being gay have been a political plus for Macron? He was never a man of the Right (as far as I’ve read). Why hide?

    Because he’s ashamed of being a sex pervert? That’s still a real thing, you know. Despite all the pro-“gay” media propaganda, a lot of sex perverts would still prefer not to be publicly known as what they are.

  22. @The Alarmist

    Have a look at some of the Victorian era solutions for female hysteria.

    Those folks knew how to keep a handle on things.

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