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French Identitarians to be Fined and Jailed for Opposing Illegal Immigration
Meanwhile, Open Borders Lawbreaker Walks Scott-Free
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Prison for Non-Violent Opposition to Illegal Immigration: GI activists Clément Galant, Romain Espino, and Damien Lefèvre.

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The pro-European and anti-immigration movement Generation Identity (GI) has achieved a worldwide notoriety through its often spectacular actions, whether by occupying EU and government buildings or manning their own ship to halt migrant smugglers in the Mediterranean. Such actions are not without risk however.

In spring 2018, French GI activists – frustrated by the French government’s inability or unwillingness to get the migrant crisis under control and prevent illegal immigration into their country – decided to take matters into their own hands with symbolic but effective nonviolent action.

GI blocked the Col de l’Échelle, an Alpine mountain pass near the border with Italy, through which migrant crossings were known to occur. The activists deployed banners, fences, and even helicopters to prevent the migrants from entering France.

One activist explained that the goal was “to show the public authorities that, with a bit of will and fairly modest means, it is possible to regain control of our borders and prevent the illegals from entering our country.” The action succeeded in receiving substantial media coverage and putting pressure on the French government to fulfill its responsibilities.

GI anti-illegal immigration operation at the Col de l’Échelle
GI anti-illegal immigration operation at the Col de l’Échelle

GI argues that Europe needs to embrace the “No Way” Australian model against illegal immigration: that anyone who tries to illegally go to Australia by sea will simply be sent back. As General Angus Campbell, Commander of Operation Sovereign Borders, explained: “There are no exceptions . . . If you come to Australia illegally by boat, there is no way you will make Australia home.”

Such a policy, GI argues, is the only way in which illegal migrant crossings, and the tragic deaths associated with them, can be eliminated. By contrast, the European Union adopted an insane policy whereby migrant boats “rescued” just off the shores of Libya and Tunisia would be ferried directly to European ports. That sure made the people smugglers’ job easier.

The nominal “French State” however is not kind to those Frenchmen who still have the strength and will to defend their homeland. Last week, three GI leaders – Damien Lefèvre, Clément Galant, and Romain Espino – were sentenced to six months in prison and 2000 euros in fines for this action. The three men will also be deprived of civic rights for five years. The GI organization itself will have to pay 75,000 euros.

According to the judges, GI usurped the public authorities’ responsibilities and “exercised an activity in conditions such as to create a confusion in public opinion concerning a governmental function.” Thus, the Frenchmen will be punished for symbolically and nonviolently doing what the French government was failing to do.

Galant was unfazed, declaring in a video in front of dozens of GI supporters: “This sentencing in no way affects our determination. We are ready to face all the risks, to take all the blows, to save our people and our civilization.” Numerous nationalist and even conservative politicians have condemned the court’s decision.

For Michel Rousseau, spokesman for the open-borders activist organization Tous Migrant (“[We Are] All Migrants”), the punishment was not sufficiently severe however. He stated to the press: “The prosecutor did not prosecute the suspects on other grounds too: What about endangering others? What about incitement of racial hated?” Lord knows how symbolically enforcing one’s immigration laws is “incitement of racial hatred.”

The decision is all the more shocking in that the French State has punished actual, practical – not symbolic – illegal immigration enablers with less severity. Cédric Herrou is an olive farmer who has reached superstardom among the globalist left for helping 150 immigrants illegally cross the Italian border.

The glamorous life of an open-borders lawbreaker: Cédric Herrou and a trophy migrant on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. (You may enjoy other tragicomic pictures by searching for “Cédric Herrou” on Google Images.)
The glamorous life of an open-borders lawbreaker: Cédric Herrou and a trophy migrant on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. (You may enjoy other tragicomic pictures by searching for “Cédric Herrou” on Google Images.)

Herrou was prosecuted and in August 2018 received a mere suspended sentence of four months in prison, meaning he will serve no jail time unless found guilty of further illegal activity. Despite helping more people illegally enter the country since then, he continues to walk free. Instead, Herrou has enjoyed soft-ball interviews on the country’s State-owned TV channels and was invited to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Support for illegal immigration runs deep in certain sectors of French society and the political-cultural elite. Politicians who merely enforce the law are heavily demonized as the television stations broadcast tearful images of illegals sent home. Lawbreakers like Herrou and Carola Rackete – a German sea captain who smuggled illegals into Italy – may face minor legal repercussions, but receive ample financial support and are hailed as heroes by certain sectors of society.

The GI and Herrou cases raise questions about the impartiality the judges and their faithfulness to the law. Jean-Yves Le Gallou, an identitarian think-tanker whom I have previously interviewed for Unz, observed that the court’s presiding judge, Isabelle Defarge, has publicly expressed pro-immigration positions.

For Le Gallou, the French justice’s system extensive support for censorship, soft line against illegal immigrant activists, and hard line against the Gilets-Jaunes are deeply problematic. “More and more, the French feel that ‘justice’ is no longer rendered in their name, but for the sake of ideological and political prejudices, and foreign lobbies,” he says.

Le Gallou explains that there is a structural left-wing and globalist bias in the judiciary: “a pro-immigration judicial or administrative magistrate can participate in and campaign within a pro-immigration organization and continue to act as a judge, even covering these topics. A less politically-correct magistrate must be absolutely quiet and very prudent in his sentences.”

As a result: “Today, in France, one must use the expression ‘justice system’ only with scare quotes.” Is there a solution? Le Gallou suggests an épuration – a purge – of the judiciary may be necessary. The Republic resorted to such actions in 1883 and 1945, firing hundreds of normally independent judges, in order to consolidate ‘republican values.’

Perhaps a patriotic government will have to resort to such actions in the future. In the meantime, it will only be because of the heroic efforts of such brave Frenchmen as Damien Lefèvre, Clément Galant, and Romain Espino, that the French nation and her laws will endure.

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  1. What the US needs is a complete moratorium on immigration for five years.

  2. Gunga Din says:

    If the facts of this story aren’t enough to start a civil war in France, what is? And, this is the same question we should be asking ourselves in the U.S.

    • Replies: @Archangel
  3. Mulegino1 says:

    Any more doubts as to who won- and who lost- the Second World War?

    German occupation of part of France was only a physical presence of foreign troops; EU occupation constitutes a usurpation of the French mind and spirit and directs them towards entirely destructive and genocidal ends.

  4. Archangel says:
    @Gunga Din

    Civil war is impossible in France for now. Patriots simply do not have access to weapons and ammunition. Their ranks are infiltrated by the intelligence services and their phones and computers are under constant electronic monitoring. Any serious movement on their part would be quickly subdued.

    Furthermore their identities are communicated to the HR departments of most companies to ensure that they are never promoted and among the first to be laid off when lay-offs are decided. This keeps them poor and precludes many well-off people from supporting them, except in the most anonymous ways.


    • Agree: Alden
  5. El Dato says:

    German occupation of part of France was only a physical presence of foreign troops

    Are you mentally challenged?

    Also, it was not “part of France”, it was quickly “all of France”.

    EU occupation constitutes a usurpation of the French mind and spirit and directs them towards entirely destructive and genocidal ends.

    This has nothing to do with “EU occupation”. France is one of two (2) major members of the EU. It could follow the path of Italy or more if it wanted.

    • LOL: Wally
  6. Archangel says:

    In France the laws are many and the enforcement haphazard or discretionary. The same offense or crime may receive no punishment or severe punishment at the authorities pleasure. But it goes further with arbitrary punishment being meted out for no valid reason and an invitation to a costly court challenge for redress; invitation sometimes given with a derogatory smile.

    When a group of citizens tries to enforce a law they deem important, the authorities are swift to repress and punish them. No tolerance for any challenge to their power. Not only regarding immigration. Examples from the past few years: watch to prevent illegal fishing -> fine; capture of people hunting ducks in public parks -> fine + suspended jail; filming gypsies dumping rubbish by the roadside -> fine; running after a robber and beating him -> jail; dumping water on a group of drug dealer to chase them away -> fine. It’s endless.

    French authorities are collection of little tyrants who indulge in their whims. The current fad is acquittal of anything done by immigrants. It used to be conviction of the bourgeois for the slightest infringement.

    In the 1970s marxists and trotskyists decided to join the judiciary to effect class warfare by the means of judging. Not by changing the law or changing the jurisprudence. Simply by issuing judgements. They bet that most people would not have the means to appeal. They were right. The leftist plague evolved into the progressivist plague and here we are. Alas.


    • Replies: @Richard B
  7. I have lived in France for 20 years, and I find it heartbreaking to see the people of this beautiful country continue on the path to annihilation. I live in a suburb of Paris, about 40 minutes away by commuter train, which is slowly acquiring all of the undesirable traits that spur white flight, a term that I don’t think has an equivalent in French, although the phenomenon is quite evident. A Frenchwoman I know owns two small apartments (one for work) in our town, and as the value of her property decreases before she can retire, all she thinks about is getting away from here, hopefully with some part of her investment gotten back when she sells. Yet if I essay any sort of anti-immigration argument, she will look at me as if it’s I who am the enemy. The French people I meet are somewhat unhappy occasionally, they recognize that the schools are decaying, the hospitals and many other government services are getting worse, and that life in general isn’t looking good, but they still consider the “extreme right” and all the patriotic news organs (from Rivarol through Minute and Présent and Radio Courtoisie and TV Libertés) — if they have heard of them at all — as a frightful menace never to be spoken of. Underneath their obliviousness there is a strong feeling that penitence is their due, that the sins of colonialism must be paid for and that African invaders basically have a right to come because France did Africa harm long ago. All honor to Génération Identitaire !

  8. @El Dato

    My mother-in-law lived in the German-occupied portion of France in World War II, including having to house German troops in her family’s home. She says that the Germans were less intrusive than the Arabs and Africans are now. This wasn’t universally true, such as the massacre at Oradour-sur-glane. But even the Nazis had no plan to replace the indigenous Français de souche with African and Arabs, which is the apparent objective of the French and EU elite.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Wally
  9. Mulegino1 says:
    @El Dato

    No, it is you who are mentally challenged. It was not “all” of France. Have you ever heard of Vichy? Under the Vichy government, France was allowed to maintain its own fleet (treacherously sneak attacked by the British) and its colonies, as well as to maintain its own diplomatic ties.

    Are you kidding about France following the path of Italy? The Italians still, for the most part, have an identity-however attenuated- rooted in historical Christianity. “France” as Burke put it, has been out of itself since the upheavals of 1789, dominated by the spirit of Freemasonry and scoria like CRIF. The, nationalists and Traditionalists have been a minority ever since. De Gaulle attempted to restore a balance in the French body politic but was thwarted by the Atlanticist-Zionist hegemons.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
    , @Wizard of Oz
    , @Alden
  10. @EliteCommInc.

    IF AND ONLY IF the US stops:

    1. violating the immigration laws of the countries that they militarily invade
    2. stops violating the economic interests of countries that are trying to pretend that the US does not exist
    3. stops meddling in other countries elections

    4. stops playing the role of a jewish mobster

    2. accepts that it is a war like nation and seeks collective psychiatric help

    until then people will want to immigrate to the country that bombs them because america will not just bomb itself….

    or will it?

    • Replies: @Smith
    , @Reg Cæsar
    , @Rich
  11. I better don’t read this, because my blood boils…. French ruling elites truly deserve guillotine- now.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  12. The problem is that France will re-live 1793-1794, but it won’t the French natives operating the guillotines.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  13. @EliteCommInc.

    Lol, five years is not nearly long enough.

    I’m glad the immigrants who come tend to despise negroids, though.

  14. APilgrim says:

    De Gaule brought in the Muhammadans.

    • Replies: @byrresheim
  15. Slide over and read Paul Kersey, two mass shootings by Blacks at football games, bunch of people shot. But we only heard about the one, immediately announced as a White male. The Black shooters, merely IDd as ‘teens’ locally, not a word nationally.

    With this, it’s clear the media is at war with United States citizens who happen to be White, male and heterosexual. The sheer bias in the failure to report Black-on-Black and Black-on-White crime anymore is a clear path to genocide of the Whites who fight back. The speech codes in Europe are all you need to see. The ongoing genocides by Blacks on Whites in South Africa today is the preview, Sweden, Germany and Canada the mid-stage domination. We’ll be last, but not by much.

    It’s on. These White shooters, that’s blowback and I don’t believe we’ve seen ANYTHING yet. The authorities do not even understand this. They haven’t a clue. They don’t see the connection, nor does the press. We really do have a civil war on our hands, we call the shooters sick, but most are perfectly rational and reasonable. And the authorities are fucking with the segment that has all the guns and knows how to use them. Watch for media outlets to start getting theirs here in the States.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  16. APilgrim says:

    Perhaps Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot, Vadim, Charrier, Sachs, d’Ormale will bake them a cake, with a file inside.

    The former sex-kitten has been convicted several times, on similar charges.

  17. @Bardon Kaldian

    Hey, me too! Well, I read this one, but I skip over articles sometimes, Giraldi, mostly because I know he’s right on particular subjects and reading it out just pisses me off.

    That’s why the Deep State doesn’t give a shit what we know, we’re powerless in any case, heh..

  18. Smith says:

    Hey retard, the USA has the one of the highest immigration in the world, INCLUDING from the countries they bomb.

    In fact, some of the immigrants’s reason for going to America is to PUNISH them in sort of “YOU BURN MY HOUSE, NOW YOU TAKE CARE OF ME” kind of way.

  19. Richard B says:

    So basically France is done.

    Or do you see any chance to turn things around?

    • Replies: @Frankie P
    , @Durruti
  20. No, we are not all migrants. How can a family living seven generations in the same nation be migrants? Because illegal migrant loving virtue signalers say so.
    No, having some ancestors who migrated in the Neanderthal Age does not make a contemporary person a migrant.
    Many government officials in Europe approve of the scheme to destroy Euro culture. The people must be more vocal and active. Young people will turn against illegals when some of their own friends or relatives are raped and/or murdered.

    • Replies: @Germanicus
  21. Has it really come to this: 21 comments in, and nobody notices the irony that the judge was Mme Defarge? Leading member of the tricoteuses? Waspish obsessed harridan? Basically, Dickens’ personification of La Terreur

    Anyone? Bueller?

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @anaccount
  22. @AverageJoeBodyBuilder

    IF AND ONLY IF the US stops:

    1. violating the immigration laws of the countries that they militarily invade

    Like in 1917 and 1944.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  23. geokat62 says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    … which is the apparent objective of the French and EU elite.

    Attribution to the correct source is very important. And we have Barbara Lerner Spectre to thank for disclosing the source of the “massive transformation for Europe to multiculturalism.” According to Barbara, Jewish Supremacist organizations have been working very hard to bring this to fruition.

    So, in future, I would urge you and others to be a little more explicit regarding at whose door responsibility for this disaster lies.

    With that in mind, I would have amended your concluding sentence to read:

    … which is the apparent objective of Jewish Supremacists.

    • Agree: Robjil, Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  24. Frankie P says:
    @Richard B

    Obviously SOME PEOPLE see a chance to turn things around, and they can be seen every week protesting with their yellow vests, being violently attacked by police in a manner that the HK police would not DREAM of employing, and generally being ignored by the media, whose masters don’t want any criticism for fucking the French nation and indeed all of Europe. There is a chance to turn things around; the election of Trump was intended to do so (regardless of how disappointing he has been); Brexit was intended to do so (regardless of the fact that the British government and elite have refused to carry out the democratic will of the people); the continued power of Orban is intended to do so, as is the nationalist government in Poland. The rise of the Afd is the people trying to turn things around; the anti-immigrant government of Italy is the people trying to turn things around.

    This will continue

    • Replies: @Richard B
  25. JoannF says:

    Especially in areas with large numbers of Muslim immigrants, the situation is rapidly devolving into a “kill or be killed” scenario.
    The “Elites” want stasis for society, and Islam is a static culture that successfully persecutes progress. It will do their work for them, this is the reason why the Elites are propagating Islamization. Also, Europe is no longer needed as industrial location, so it will be Morgenthau’d – these things go together well.
    IQs will beneficially sink just below 99, simplifying an over-complex society.
    What’s not to like ?

    There’s of course the possibility that Islam somewhat surrenders to GloboHomo – after a refreshing and culturally destructive phase of chaos that has already begun – so that the new ordo ab chao also gets to be a steamingly sexual LGBT one, but that will only happen under the surface in an Islamic society – it’s not that Islamic societies don’t know perversion, not quite exactly.

    The average IQ85 Muslim, salt of the New Globalist Earth (NWO-NGE), will however be a devout believer who tortures dogs in the name of the Prophet and does his sodomizing secretly, in the dark, and the loud, proud raunbow colors will soon be muted.
    Combining dumbity with the afterlife and druve-satisfaction (pursuit of happiness after all) creates a win-win scenario for humanity by eliminating evolution, and I’m using that word again so you don’t forget it : STASIS is the goal.
    Islam had 1500 years of it, proving unmatched prowess at preserving apeness.

    It is obvious why European Identitarians must be suppressed – they are THE symbol of fascist, racist resistance against all societal progress, and endanger what’s good and sane in this world, they’re putting the entire humane, philanthropic scheme at risk.
    So it is now being openly demonstrated that the kill-or-be-killed scenario has been entered into, and by mild sentencing are given a chance to atone and shut the fuck up !
    Trusting their testosterone levels are as low as those of the rest of the population.
    Isn’t the “Age Of Heroism” over, except for the Muslims ?

    • Replies: @Hossein
  26. Miro23 says:

    Is there a solution? Le Gallou suggests an épuration – a purge – of the judiciary may be necessary

    There’s the answer in one sentence. The next question is who is going to do it?

  27. Wally says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    said: “My mother-in-law lived in the German-occupied portion of France in World War II, including having to house German troops in her family’s home. She says that the Germans were less intrusive than the Arabs and Africans are now. This wasn’t universally true, such as the massacre at Oradour-sur-glane. But even the Nazis had no plan to replace the indigenous Français de souche with African and Arabs, which is the apparent objective of the French and EU elite”

    Some good points, but you are still taking the Zionist bait.

    ‘Persecution in France for “The Waffen-SS: Innocent at Oradour”
    By Vincent Reynouard:
    France: New evidence prompts investigation (Oradour-sur-Glane:

    And lots, lots more here:

  28. @greatwings

    Euro culture

    What’s that?

    There are only European cultures man, eg what’s left of french culture, spanish culture, greek, german, danish culture, all these are connected to languages.

    The EU seeks to craft “Euro culture” and rootless, cultureless “European citizens”, ie “multicult” mess run by Jews, Kalergi plan applied.

  29. gotmituns says:

    The French lost their souls during WWII when they laid over and surrendered to the Germans in 1940 and then mostly spent the rest of the war kissing the soles of the German’s boots. Now they’re going to lose their country entirely and become a mulatto nation.

    • Replies: @Wally
  30. The glorification of this lot of slave runners who are providing the wealthy elite with a servant class is such a bizarre development. It’s the slave trade all over again, and now we are supposed to support it.

  31. Realist says:

    French Identitarians to be Fined and Jailed for Opposing Illegal Immigration

    Yes, a large portion of whites in Europe are dumbasses.

  32. ghali says:

    People are entering “illegally” because it is impossible for those who flee war zones (e.g., Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, etc.) t0 obtain travel documents. In fact, it is near impossible to obtain travel documents in many countries, or they are expensive and out of reach for many people.

    For example, Palestinians are imprisoned and have no way to get out. So, those who managed to leave to find safety elsewhere should be considered refugees.

    • Replies: @bored of lies
  33. Paul says:

    The people with power do not want immigration to be an issue which can be mentioned. They want the immigrants as a servant class for the ruling class.

  34. @ghali

    95% of the inmigrant to france are comming from peacefull nation, they are ECONOMIC INMIGRANTS.
    the few coming from countries in war must stay in the first nation out of war instead of crossing thousands of km to life in a country where arent going to be able to asimilate.

  35. @APilgrim

    Actually Pompidou at the behest of Bouyges.

  36. @geokat62

    Absolutely correct. And publicly admitted. But where is the “equal and opposite reaction”? Largely in part to Christianity, it is not there due to doctrined weakness, meekness, love thy murderer, and even in those apostates, who vicariously act Christian in giving everything away and forgiving the Other, even as he plunges the sword into their vitals.

    Father’s forgive savages and hate filled Other for killing their daughters, and then bleat, “Bring more”.
    We are sick in the West. The real problem is US.. None of this could have occurred unless traitors in the castle unlocked the gates to allow in the destructors.

    Until we look squarely where the problem is, Christianity the open wound, the intravenous catheter that invites those that wish to kill us or deprive us of what is ours to poison us, we will not even slow down our disappearance.

    A real people would have made Mdm. Defarge’s life intolerable, in front of the public, constantly. A real people would have acted like the Chinese in Hong Kong, like the Brazilians did after 20 years of Communists Lula and Dilma Rousseff.

    The Indo-European needs to work on himself, his inherited weaknesses, his inadequacies, his cowardice, his indecisiveness, and his self deception, if he will have a chance at recovery and re-establishment of his blood and soil.

    Wimpy, soppy, sloppy Christianity. Third rate theology, an “outer” religion, not “inner”. For infantile people. Read this sickening story of misplaced emotion and realize the problem is US. Who we ARE allowed all this to happen. The focus and cause of the impending collapse of the West is not the OTHER

  37. @Mulegino1

    At least get your facts right and mount a rational argument if you want to criticise Churchill’s judgment that there was no sufficient guarantee that the French ships would not fall into the hands of the Germans and effectively decide the war against Britain. The attack at Mers-el-Kébir couldn’t have been less “sneaky”. The Royal Navy stood off for hours while the French were allowed to consider the options offered them, long enough indeed for one warship to escape to Toulon and longer than the original orders specified.

    Also, were the leaders of the Vichy régime who collaborated with the rounding up and deportation of Jews, after surrendering their army to the much smaller German army, to be trusted in anything important?

    • Replies: @Wally
  38. Robjil says:

    Actions like this prove beyond doubt that western nations are ruled by a Kakistocracy, rule by the worst people. Humans are led by top people in any society. The western type of Top people of our time are Jewish supremacists. Anything that is good for Jews is good for the top people. One doesn’t have to be a Jew to join the club, all one has to do is serve them. As Biden always says he is a Zionist. He got the coups in Ukraine and Brazil going for the Jewsish Supremacists. He was the Zionist Coup Meister of the Obama regime.

    Barbara Spectre traveled all the way from Madison, Wisconsin to Sweden. Why? She wants to spread Jewish Supremacism to Sweden. She states that bringing in masses of poor, tired, huddled masses from all over the world will make Sweden diverse. Why? It is good for the Jewish Supremacists like her. She says that she is part of Jewish Kakistocracy that does this. She even states that Jews will be blamed for it. Blamed for what? Does she recognize that it is not a good thing after all? If what she was doing was good, then why does she think Jews will blamed for it? They would honored for it if it was a good thing.

    Northern Europeans are the favorite target of Jewish Supremacists. It is an ethnic echo of their past in Poland and Eastern Europe. This is why Barbara traveled all the way to Sweden. Ashkenazi culture and people grew to great power for many centuries by exploiting peasants of Northern Europe, the Eastern part. Poland, in Northern Europe, was where Jews were invited in 1025. Only 25000 grew into millions by the 19th century. Why? They were merchants and money lenders who kept to themselves, had lots of kids and married only with their own kind. They were the top of the society in Eastern Europe for centuries. For many centuries, Poland was called a Jewish Paradise, for the Polish nobles it was a Purgatory and for the peasants it was hell.

    Is this what the Jewish Supremacists are trying to do? Recreate these Polish situation of the past for the entire west? A Jewish Paradise with them on top; “nobles” such as Trump, Hillary living in Purgatory who are trying to get to Jewish Paradise by having their children marry Jews; and the masses of peasants, it does not matter who they are since they are only peasants. So, this mass immigration to replace European peoples by non-Europeans makes sense to them, since it does not matter who the peasants are. They are peasants after all to the Jewish Supremacists.

    Northern Europeans fall for these nonsense since they are not communal but individualists. They think everyone can be individual in their nations, so it does not matter than this diverse game goes on. Japan, which is part of the west, is not falling for the Jewish Supremacist “Replacement of Peasants Movement.” It is a communal society that respects its past and its people.

    Southern and Eastern Europeans are giving more push back to this “Replace the Peasants Movement” by the Jewish Supremacists. Southern and Eastern Europeans are more communal that NW Europeans. This is why Russia, Poland, Hungary, Italy, and Greece are not falling for this nonsense. Even in France, the Southern French are not falling for it as much as the Northern French. They are more communal than the Northern French.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  39. anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    “We are ready to face all the risks, to take all the blows, to save our people and our civilization.”

    To paraphrase the narrator at Toko-Ri…

    “Where will we find such men?”

  40. Hossein says:

    Yep blame everything and all of your problems on the Muslims who fought your colonial wars for you in Africa and elsewhere and whose countries you obliterated for sake of colonial Zionism.
    Most of the African immigrants arriving in Europe are the courtesy of French, UK and American destruction of Libya but you dare not to mention such monstrous crimes .
    These are the Zionists who have fucked you to the bone forcing you to fight their wars and yet you lay the blame on poor helpless victims of those Jew inspired disasters.

    Hopeless losers like you always go after the weak,just like your spineless leaders, but rarely pay attention to the source of the disease they complain about.

    It is the disease of Zionism, liberal interventionism and support for Islamic fundamentalism that has paved your path to self destruction .

    Get rid of those and you will be ok.


    • Replies: @JoannF
  41. Rich says:

    When you put on your make-up and high heels, and do that little tuck thing between your legs, does it help you come up with nonsense like this? Every nation on earth is, and has always been “warlike”. Just because the US has been better than most everyone else doesn’t make it the bad guy, or “in need of psychological help”. I’m really getting sick of you femmes.

  42. Durruti says:
    @Richard B

    So basically France is done.

    I am surprised/saddened that none of the commenters mention Alain Soral (Europe’s finest Philosopher), and Dieudonné, (France & Europe’s finest Humorist).

    They have been fined & given prison sentences (on & off for years). They are banned from numerous countries, including the US, Canada, and England. Soral & Dieudonné oppose Zionism, and support French Patriotism.

    And many more links are available (in French & English).

    Soral & Dieudonné had led/pioneered the current resistance of the French People to the Zionist Financial Oligarch controlled French Government. They have also been actively supporting and participating in the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) protests.

    • Agree: Robjil
  43. Ragno says:

    Cedric Herrou, have you met Jussie Smollett and Eric Clanton? You fellows ought to meet for drinks at the very least – representing, as you do, a whole new type of leftist: cash-rich Bolsheviks who left the courtroom whistling after the prosecutors favored them with a wink and a thumbs-up.

  44. geokat62 says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Who we ARE allowed all this to happen.

    Who we ARE is the result of decades of programming orchestrated by Jewish Supremacist organizations working very hard to turn the Western world upside down. For example, the American Jewish Committee funded the Frankfurt School to investigate the sources of antisemitism, as part of their Studies in Prejudice series. The FS’s objective was to destroy the pillars of Western civilization: love of family, love of church, love of country. Their flagship study, The Authoritarian Personality, or more truthfully The Fascist Personality, hypothesized that traditional families were fascistic for holding onto the core values of love of family, church, and country.

    After centuries of suffering from persecution at the hands of Christian goyim, these Jewish Supremacists came to the realization that if they undermined the core values that underpinned Western societies, antisemitism could be defeated, once and for all. Through their sustained propagandization efforts – via the media, the educational system, the entertainment industry – they began the process of overturning these values and replacing them with the false ideology of Egalitarianism.

    Western man has been bombarded with this insidious propaganda for decades. They’ve been slowly boiling the frog over that period until they produced their perfected human, today’s progressives who chant: “No borders, no wall, no USA at all!”

    So, this transformation was not a natural one. It was deliberately implemented by Jewish Supremacists and the onus is on the informed goyim to inject their fellow goyim with an antidote that can undo the damage the poisonous ideology of Egalitarianism has wrought. We have to snap them out of the trance in which they’ve been placed.

    The focus and cause of the impending collapse of the West is not the OTHER

    Based on the foregoing, I beg to disagree.

    • Agree: Charon, Paul C.
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
    , @Bookish1
  45. Anonymous[123] • Disclaimer says:

    That is what happens to real minorities (cultural, racial, whatever sort of), soon as they are in the way of the powerful. It’s not an incident, or a singular targeting of “white identitarians” by History. It’s changeless, readily recurring rules of human social behaviour. If you are few, you are wrong.

  46. beau says:

    the reason the events that are annotated took place is because France is no longer french. rather, it has become an extension of north africa with all the ‘glorious’ events accompanying such a national sellout.

    by the actions described, France’s leaders have decided they want to be more north african than french. will the leaders dine with, live with and work with their north african heroes? about all that notion is good for is a belly laugh. a french snob cavorting with anyone other than fellow snobs is the reality. cavorting with the north africans is what the commoners, the english version of deplorables, must do.

  47. Ragno says:
    @El Dato

    There’s a practical reason that the ski-masked Left waited until now to pretend that the Allies of WW2 were merely the antifa of another era: most of those gentleman are now conveniently dead.

    Nothing’s quite as embarrassing to a ponytailed professor, or a gigantic lesbian with half her head shaved, than seeing men in their 80s, in possession of all their faculties, stating plainly that if they had any idea how they’d end up being betrayed by their own governments, they’d have made common cause with the Nazis instead.

    The truism-cum-cliche of WW2 vets who refused to discuss the war, decades later, wasn’t because they were angry at the lack of redlining and reparations payments – it was because their sacrifices ended up enabling and empowering the duplicitous sellout of their homelands by politicians and editorial writers.

  48. Robjil says:

    The West is in a Zionist vortex. It has been since 12/23/1913.

    Each moment, each day, it has been pulling all of us lower and lower into the deepest depths of depravity.

    Can the west be pulled down any lower than it is now by this vortex?

    It is pulling down everything in the west in its vortex.

    The French are trying to be free of this vortex with the Yellow vest movement.

    Something has to give. Humanity is yearning to be free again.

    This Zionist vortex has no compassion or brains, it just wants power over all of us.

    The world has to figure how to get out of this Zionist vortex for the sake of humanity and planet earth itself.

    • Agree: Paul C.
    • Replies: @Durruti
    , @Richard B
  49. @Robjil

    Everywhere on Idenitarian sites you will read of the great race that Europeans are and were, their stellar accomplishments. The problem is nostalgia, the kind that dying people engage in when they feel the Grim Reaper is near.

    For thousands of years, the Jew has been at his game-the long game. While Euro leaders concentrated their energies on luxury and outward appearance, dominance over other countries, new conquests, the Jew was focused like a laser on any weakness, any tear in the firmament or crack in the wall where his influence could seep in, first by drops and then ever widening. Think how the ladies and royalty of the courts of Diving Right Kings would be enthralled by objects and cloth from other lands, intricate and exquisite. This prioritized their relations and countenance toward those providers.

    With a Jew in every capital-always concentrating his influence toward people at the very top-he was able to secretly concoct, provoke, and catalyze friction or complacency between countries. Jews were able to displace the Germans as purveyors and agents of Western goods and services with the Russian Tsars because of their networkings, across borders. Also, their amorality in competition made for predetermined outcomes. Think of strategies of using resources from the network. Proposing new terms against the competition, who is a sole agent. That sole agent is competing against Jew Inc. with financial resources arrayed across countries. And once the new contract is in place, this will be regarded as an opening for further corruption, chicanery, swindle, and plunder.

    Immediately the Jew assess the landscape and searches for allies, those with contra views of the prevailing authority, internal enemies, backing competitors and offering council, intelligence, financing against competitors. The Devil and Sin are hard to resist, because pleasure and wealth are so enticing and titillating.

    Let’s cut through the micro analyses, the sporadic and largely symbolic advances. The real Shapes of Things is that the Whites, Indo-Europeans in the analogy of a football game is this: it is late in the fourth quarter, Whites have 7 points on the scoreboard, the opposition has 21.

    The real news of significance over the millennia is not what the Jews did but what they were allowed and permitted to do..

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  50. Z-man says:

    The Jew run invasion has to be stopped.
    Viva Salvini! He shall return to power. The French nationalist should emulate him.

  51. @geokat62

    The External Force, if you lived in a walled fortress is a constant, let us say, an independent variable. What you do, as a dweller inside the castle is the dependent variable, and your survival will depend on what strategies and counter measures you undertake. If you do nothing, allow agents of that enemy inside of your perimeter, you are doomed.

    No offense, but your description and tracing of the Frankfurt School, who, from, and when, etc., is a historical document. You do not mention why the Indo-European Christian took inadequate or no action contra this. And, most usefully, why he did not. What inhibited him? What misdirected him, blinded him? Why was he deluded, allowed to look and not see? This is the top priority, to forensically exam JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH US.. We are not a well people, we are not mentally, psychically, spiritually healthy. And we have not been for a very long time. We carry an internal disease and malaise that should made concretely analogous to an antibody deficiency.

    No outward action is, not matter what it is, will turn our fortunes around until we seek and cure what it is-singular and plural-that makes us weak and disease prone. Think smallpox decimating the aboriginal peoples of the New World by Euro settlers. Think hemophilia, no clotting factor K, think of open wounds, and inadequate antibodies.

    If it were not for the Jews, it would be something and someone else. The Underwriters Laboratory was a non-profit organization that tested appliances for integrity, design robustness. To deserve their endorsement, they tested machines in extreme circumstances, usually to destruction. We need to apply that paradigm here. The Jews keep testing and applying stress and adverse conditions, and we break down and do not work properly.

    The first and foremost vulnerability is modern Christianity, which has made us developmentally stunted, infantile, and delusional. When Buddhist monks reluctantly militarize against external Muslim aggression in their countries (Thailand and Myanmar), and the Dalai Lama says that European countries-as all countries-have a right to resist unwanted immigration to maintain their culture and identity, you know Christianity is an engine that seized up and melted down. It is no longer capable of pulling the load and transporting anybody or anything. It is deadweight and parasitic drag.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Paul C.
  52. JoannF says:

    Now don’t be absurd – where am I blaming anything ‘on the Muslims’ ? I’m saying that Islam is what it is, and the Christian and Muslim Goys are united AGAINST each other in their foolishness, and being played against each other.
    I thought that was obvious ? A Jewish Rabbi says on video that Islam is being used “as Israel’s broom.”

    That the psychopaths bombed Libya and tried the same shit with Syria doesn’t however change the fact that Islam is what it is. I know the facts about the “Arab Spring” and what becam of it since 2011, I couldn’t believe my eyes, especially after everyone had been warned in 2001-2003), and I have been trying to open the eyes of others in the West since then, with very limited success.

    Read again what I write. Why do you blame the low-IQ population of Europe and assume that I blame the even lower IQ ones of the Near East ? I blame their idiot cultures, that The Chosen are playing like a fiddle (with active assistance from the established ruling classes of both).
    Two years ago, an Emirati general opined about the Israelis :
    “We are like brothers!”

  53. Bookish1 says:

    Very well put geokat62. I totally agree and if it isn’t common knowledge now I hope it will be sometime in the future. But what is the antidote going to be that snaps people out of their lazy knap? Hunger? Whatever it takes bring it on. It makes me sick seeing 80,000 people screaming at a football game where they have paid \$300 for a ticket. Those people need a wakeup call.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @geokat62
  54. Their crime was to cause confusion?

    So there is an official state line, and showing it is complete bullshit confuses people?

    That isn’t confusing. It is enlightening.

    So this is Orwell, yeah.

  55. “Identitarian” is a stupid name. Not that their aims are particularly wrong.

  56. Alden says:

    Cedric looks Octoroon to me. I be he has some Caribbean sugar planter & slave women ancestry. And he’s a farmer. Farmers are the biggest importers of illegal alien cheap labor in every country in the world.

  57. Alden says:

    France imported tens of millions of Muslim Arabs and black Africans starting in the 1950s decades before the EU existed. So did Britain. Britain brought in black Jamaican pimps and other criminals in 1948. Germany started importing Turks in 1960. Netherlands and Belgium who’d never had N African colonies imported Moroccans as cheap labor in 1960 as well.

    EU is just continuing 70 year old policies.

  58. Durruti says:

    Guillaume Durocher

    Perhaps a patriotic government

    I make this comment – to express a protest (of your otherwise excellent article), that you discuss this Patriotic effort of French Identitarians, in a self-imposed political (& sectarian?) isolation.

    You do not spare (even) one or two sentences, to introduce to your readers Alain Soral, and Dieudonné, who have been engaged in a decades long effort to rescue France. You even avoid mention of the Gilets Jaunes.

    To write of the French Identitarians without even a brief referral to the foundation of previous struggles for French National Sovereignty (not even a mention of the Le Pens, Father & Daughter), is inexplicable. At least I hope it is inexplicable.

    The 3 men in the photographs are not acting in a vaccuum. They are not the first to rebel; nor will they be the last.

    I grew up within a 15 minute bicycle ride of a view of France’s gift, the- Statue of Liberty. France has much more to gift the equally Zionist enslaved American Citizens. Its people are making that gift as we speak. They are showing us that resistance is possible.

    God Bless France!

    God Bless America!

  59. Alden says:

    El Dato’s right. After 2 years, the Germans occupied all of France and the Vichy government ended. The navy fleet was sunk by the British at the beginning of the German invasion of France.

    Check the dates.

  60. Alden says:

    I noticed. Defarge is like DuPont Duvall Delage one of the most common surnames in France

  61. Durruti says:

    The world has to figure how to get out of this Zionist vortex for the sake of humanity and planet earth itself.


    Our American Republic and our last Constitutional President, John F. Kennedy, were assassinated by MOSSAD with some help from their puppet CIA, in a hail of bullets on November 22, 1963.

    The American Deep State hit a ‘speed bump’ with the retirement of Epstein, and Maxwell, and the subsequent revelations of their MOSSAD connections, and their connections to the leading Democrap & Republicain Gang leaders in the US (Casino Yahweh Trump, & Bill in a blue dress Clinton), as well as their connections to Entity politicians, such as former PM Ehud Barak.

    This Epstein/Maxwell/Barak/Netenyahoo/Rothschild Shadow Government has governed America for the last 3 decades. All major economic and military decisions have come from them.

    This is one Hell of a Vortex. As Hobbit Sam says, and I paraphrase, “We are in a hell of a fix – Frodo.”

    We must attempt the Restoration of Our Republic!

    I wrote an article on just how we might do it & sent it to Unz. He has refused to print it.

    Yes, Unz has a nice website!


    • Replies: @Malla
  62. @Durruti


    Durocher and others have often covered these other topics in articles on UR. Did you miss them? You can’t expect him to cover everything in each article.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  63. @EliteCommInc.

    The US will never get a moratorium on immigration so long as its “government” continues to be the country’s largest crime syndicate.

  64. Bookish1 says:

    Not meat literally that hunger stuff but as you know times are getting desperate.

  65. @Poupon Marx

    Every time there is a chance to bash Europeans, you’re on it. I have plenty of criticism of European behavior, especially of the elites & establishment, but I don’t therefore want to replace Western Europeans with “Indo-Europeans — that is “white” Mongols, Turks and Asians. They don’t like luxury and dominance over other nations just as much? You have indicated you are an “Indo.” Am I wrong?

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  66. Chompers says:

    Guillaume – All French people sound pretty “Jewy” to me. A buddy of mine is trying to find an apartment in Amiens, yet it is impossible without French guarantors. And then all the French friends we’ve asked for help behave as if it’s highly inappropriate or some have sent us to interest-charging websites. Meaning, I think the socialist republic of France is infested with high strung, greedy, interest-obsessed individuals. Sorry about your Muslim problem but sounds like it’s a garbage country overall. I’ll stick with the Anglosphere.

  67. @Carolyn Yeager

    Hello Carolyn. Well, I understand your point of view completely. I believe it won’t work and that you have no plan, just a predilection for some idea of racial purity that is hazy.

    If you look at present day genetic, archeological, and linguistic research, you see how related we are from Northern India to the borders of the Han to the Western reaches of YourRope. Now, if you look at many Eastern Europeans, you will see Eurasian features, case in point, our First Lady, Melania Trump. Hungarians, many Poles, Northern Laplanders of Scandinavia, Yugoslavians, Greeks (remember Alexander went to Northern Europe and left commanders in charge of dominions.

    Let us say that Indo-Europeans act in concert, across international boundaries and unite as a loose confederation, at least, against the Black African population tsunami and will engulf the World. In that large confederation could be one state or province for people like you, Northern European “Aryans”, Nordics, and blond haired blue eyed people bred for traits like show dogs, horses, and cats.

    I, on the other hand, believe in genetic quality [it’s inside that counts], which includes looking at people of an ethnic [there are only 3 races] that had achieved high culture. That means also that Eurasian mixtures are quite acceptable. I have known many, have friends and family who have Asian mates. Beautiful children, White, all good. Most European parents these days are quite happy when their child signals intent to marry an Asian. On the most important spectrums of IQ and CQ (Civilization Quotient), they rank higher than “Whites”.

    I am perfectly OK with people wanting to preserve the uniqueness of their communities. Remember the Prince of Denmark marrying the Chinese Woman?,_Countess_of_Frederiksborg

    The Countess with the children:

    And then of course there is Professor Amy Chua, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom” and her two girls:

    It’s like machinery, Carolyn. Years ago, the Japanese started to dominate the major marine equipment and control systems. At first, I felt negative about it. BUT, when I got involved, I saw and experienced the superiority of the engineering and the aesthetics.

    Quality, Carolyn, quality. Measurable , quantifiable, qualifiable. If it works and looks good, I’m interested. Even my cats were selected for intelligence and personality. They are geniuses. They also happen to look beautiful, as well.

  68. Chompers says:

    Gross, Soral keeps gesticulating and waving his hands. Continental Europe is a dump, who cares.

  69. The entire political class of Western Europe and North America deserves to be dragged through the streets and hung. Along with all their enablers and cheerleaders in media, entertainment, education. Oh, and the churches.

    An unprecedented betrayal.

    • Replies: @Chompers
    , @Chompers
    , @Bookish1
  70. Durruti says:
    @Commentator Mike

    You can’t expect him to cover everything in each article.

    Articles that cover a given Political topic – Must Be Written in Context. Context insists on a brief description of the background of the topic/action. These “identitarians” did their actions within a background of other actions of Resistance by other French Patriots.

    Not to briefly explain that fact, isolates the actions reported on to a less important page of history.

    One of our major complaints of the Mainstream Media is that they rarely discuss any news – in context. I do expect an individual of Durocher’s ability, to introduce his subjects – in context.

    Not “everything.” Just in Context.

  71. Chompers says:
    @Dr ExCathedra

    But I think the continental public is more or less in line with political class. Democracy and political liberty have never really existed outside of the English speaking world. The EU is the form of government that is the most natural to the continent – a “managed” democracy of limited liberties and an expansive mandarin class.

    We just need to separate ourselves from them and realize that the Anglosphere is its own civilization, rooted in English liberties and the English parliamentary system. France can choke on a frog or something.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  72. Chompers says:
    @Dr ExCathedra

    We need to distinguish between the Continent and the Anglosphere though. As for the continent, the EU is the natural form of government for them. A “managed” democracy dependent on an expansive class of “experts” and bureaucrats. Political liberty and democracy as we know them have never existed outside of the English Speaking world.

    Meaning, Europeans are sort of getting what they deserve and what they’ve always had. For us in the Anglosphere though, this imposition of a globalized regime is completely foreign. Our system is based on English liberties, the English Common Law and English parliamentary and territorial sovereignty.

    So France can choke on a frog as far as I’m concerned. The US is a very different business.

    • LOL: Alden
  73. Bookish1 says:
    @Dr ExCathedra

    There are probably more people who agree with you than you realize.

  74. @Chompers

    Thankful I am to have been made aware. Once-Great Britain and Amurka shall be saved by its English heritage of Magna Carta and the Rights of Englishmen. The Constitution lives on, in the anals of the whisper and whimper. And to think I was deceived into believing that a tiny oligarchy ran the show and large swaths tortured and displaced their own people.

    Thanks for straightening me out on that. Trust Parliament as you wood a porcupine in your drawers. And Congress as safe streets in Somalia.

    • Replies: @LiveFree
  75. French whites (the general population, rather than political class) are much more hostile to non-white outsiders than Anglos, and much more requiring of assimilation, and so are better equipped to survive the Evil Empire.

  76. Richard B says:

    What the US needs is a complete moratorium on immigration for five years.

    The USA as we once knew it is gone for good.

    Today USA = JSI (Jewish Supremacy Inc.) Period! Full Stop!

    Who needs a Conspiracy Theory when you have the Facts of Cultural History, the Patterns of Human Behavior, and the Reality of Current Events aligned like a Perfect Storm and staring us all right in the face?

    You don’t.

    For the last 100+ years they were good at hiding and we weren’t good at looking.

    Now that we are (or at least a critical mass, which is really all that’s needed) they’re pulling all the stops.

    So, barring a miracle there is no putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. It would be like trying to unscramble an omelette.

    JSI is busy partnering with China. So, anything freedom-lovers do will have to contend with that unpleasant fact.

    Problem is, most freedom-loves don’t have a clue. Or don’t really love freedom.

    But if they do then there’s only one solution.

    Freedom Lovers of The World Unite!

    You have nothing to lose but your souls!

  77. Richard B says:

    Great comment. Couldn’t agree more.

    USA = JSI (Jewish Supremacy Inc.)

    Unfortunately, too many have been brainwashed and not a few have been brainsolied.

    The brainwashed can be turned around. It happens. The brainsoiled are gone for good.

    But those who haven’t been either, those who still have their wits about them and still value freedom over tyranny will have to truly organize and take tremendous risks in doing so.

    And they can’t just organize. They’ll have to be a group in form, moblized around an organizing principle of some kind, ie; freedom, etc. Sadly, there are too few who value freedom.

    Unless that happens, unless those who value freedom unite around an organizing principle (Forget theRight! They’re deader than disco) then the future can be told with perfect assurance, the larger mass will crush the smaller.

    By the way, when I say forget the Right, I mean it. People from the Right can particpate in the fight for freedom. Sure, why not? Today one has to be willing to form alliances. But the Right has bungled everything its touched and will continue to do so. For that reason it can never lead a genuine fight for freedom.

    • Agree: Robjil
  78. @Poupon Marx

    Thanks for your reply. I will treasure it and always keep it safe.

    Amy Chua is married to a Jew. Those “beautiful” daughters are half Jews, half Chinese. Weren’t you just commenting on this thread what a danger Jews are to “Indo-Europeans?” That’s what we’ll get more and more of when we abandon the commitment to racial purity. IQ is a lot but it isn’t everything.

    [there are only 3 races]

    Not really. You see how indoctrinated you are. That is just the broadest classification, but there are many races within each of those three. Just depends on how you want to classify it.

  79. @Poupon Marx

    So your “solution” is : in order to save the White Race, we have to destroy it (by miscegenation). Your idea of high IQ Eurasianism looks very much like that of John Derbishire. East Asians may be intelligent, they have not created modern civilization, they have copied it from us. We don’t need them to maintain that which we ourselves have created. Besides, high IQ or not, there is such a thing as the unique White phenotype that deserves to be preserved. Mongolization is not the solution. You are in effect anti-White.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
    , @freedom-cat
  80. @Carolyn Yeager

    Because they are half Jewish does not imply loyalty to ZOG or antipathy to Whites. Why should it? Aren’t there Jews and rabbis that don’t approve of the “Made Western Civilization Stink (Freud)” desire?

    What is “racial purity” to you, Carolyn? Please be precise. Please reply in the context of my remarks above. I will cite the admixture of genes form at least the Caucasus to Western Europe. And you ? What will that be, appearance, place of birth, culture, phenotype hair and blue eyes? How about breast size?

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  81. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Cannot agree on your dichotomy, as their is a gradient, as I explained (please be kind enough to read what I wrote before mischaracterizing my positions). Eurasian mixing is an established fact for millions of Russians and Eastern Europeans, Franklyn. We are not talking about breeding show livestock but quality offspring.

    What is a “White Phenotype”? It is subjective and judged by outward appearance. Here’s one that you and Carolyn would judge outside of the Northwestern Europe provinces:

    My Gawd, Franklyn, look at the those oriental cast and angular face. Not the elongated eyes and black hair and pupils! Why she looks like an Eurasian, Middle Eastern, Northern Indian. And very likely that’s where her genes are originated. She was born in the Greek Nation. She’ll never win a Nordic Beauty contest, but she is beautiful.

    This is Maria Callas, a musical genius, and widely thought to be the best operatic voice across many categories of the century. She was an exalted being, a high artist of stupendous gifts and integrity.
    I would accept her into “White” and Indo-European phenotype as a superior person and one of ours. Her genes, as are mine are primarily of the Middle East, likely part Iranian.

    Check these out:

    Quality. White. Into-European. Suitable for inclusion for genetic upgrade of our pool.

    You and Carolyn probably need to get out more, and travel a bit. Challenge your abstract reverse telescope perception. Get up close; test some of you constructions and opinions. Like going the the winery and tasting the product.

    • Replies: @Liza
    , @Durruti
  82. Frankie P says:

    I’m incredibly impressed with Alain Soral, and it’s no wonder that he is considered by many to be the philosophical godfather of the yellow vest protesters. He is extremely well spoken, articulate, and he’s able to express his ideas with well founded historical, cultural and ideological support. I struggle to think of an American who compares with him. Frenchmen like Soral, Dieudonne and Herve Ryssen, as well as the three activists in this article make it clear that France still has a chance, that there is a resistance to the globalist internationalists.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  83. @Poupon Marx

    No non-Europeans have loyalty to Europeans. Neither Jews nor Chinese are European and they don’t give a good god-damn about Europeans, they just like living in European countries. They “get along” — fine. The pay is good.

    You are not really a European yourself. Certainly you have no German or Germanic in you – I always get along with Germans and I could never get along with you. It’s the way you talk that puts me off. From the start, you express hatred toward “racial purity,” which to me means you have something good and want to keep it continuing in the same way so you can have a society that works. It’s very much like plant and animal breeding and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s smart.

    I’m not sure what you’re asking from me. What’s the big deal with blue eyes? My eyes are green. And breast size??? Mine have always been small. Satisfied? You’re sort of wanting to play God – design a new race because white Europeans are “hopelessly fucked up,” in your words. I don’t think you’re a jew, but you don’t love (or give a damn about) my people and I do, so you should keep your hands and your ideas off of them. That’s nationalism.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  84. @Carolyn Yeager

    Amy Chua and her husband are raising their daughters as Jews and as the “chosen.” They are not the chosen. If they want to believe their fantasy, they must do it in Israel. They are not Western.

  85. Liza says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Callas’ voice got ugly, raspy & hoarse fairly early in the game. Anyway, what does her being a big star have to do with the topic at hand?

    She was an exalted being, a high artist of stupendous gifts and integrity.

    So were E. Schwarzkopf and J. Sutherland and a whole bunch of others.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  86. geokat62 says:

    Very well put…

    Thanks, Bookish1. Appreciate it!

  87. geokat62 says:
    @Poupon Marx

    If you do nothing, allow agents of that enemy inside of your perimeter, you are doomed.

    Very true.

    You do not mention why the Indo-European Christian took inadequate or no action contra this. And, most usefully, why he did not. What inhibited him? What misdirected him, blinded him? Why was he deluded, allowed to look and not see?

    Great point. Poupon. Can I call you Poup, for short?

    I have previously used the analogy of the Looney Tunes cartoon of The Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote to represent the long running Pas de deux The West has been having with Diaspora Jewry.

    The Roadrunner represents The West and Wile E. Coyote represents Diaspora Jewry. From the very outset, Diaspora Jews have organized to protect and promote their interests by establishing international organizations like the World Jewish Congress. Although they have several objectives, their overarching objective has been to protect their community’s interests by defeating and eradicating anti-semitism. And like Wile E. Coyote, they been repeatedly unsuccessful. That’s why they’ve been kicked out of the West a 109 times.

    But to answer your question more directly as to why The West has allowed this to take place once again, the response that comes to mind is this quote by Thomas Jefferson: “Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.”

    When Eastern European Jewry were admitted into the United States in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, little did the Anglo Saxon elites realize what awaited them. They generally were not aware of the atrocities that were transpiring in the former Russian Empire. They had little understanding that Bolshevik Revolution 1.0 that was unfolding in Russia was going to be followed up by Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 in the United States and other Western countries.

    To defeat antisemitism in The East, Jewish Supremacists introduced the Bolshevik Revolution 1.0, Communism. And if you’d like to understand what transpired there just read Alexander Solzhenitsyn‘s 200 Years Together.

    To defeat antisemitism in The West, Jewish Supremacists introduced the Bolshevik Revolution 2.0, Egalitarianism. They basically surreptitiously declared war on the West without firing a shot. The best example I could give you is the sitcom All In The Family, developed by Norman Lear. The aim was to depict the protagonist, Archie Bunker, as a bigot for lacking tolerance of the Other. Fast forward a couple of decades and everyone is terrified of being called a racist. This has crippled the West for the time being, just as Communism crippled the East. It took them 70 years to break free from that spell, I predict it will take us half that time.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  88. @Carolyn Yeager

    Carolyn, you seem to have missed the point. The fact that the father is Jewish is incidental and not the focus of my point. My point is that these girls are Eurasian, very smart and good looking. In the World we live in, not yesterday or the salad days, we are faced with unique threats that are common, from without and within. It is only by unity and knowledge that we can formulate responses and strategy.

    There is a cavernous difference between what a person wished for and what is possible and doable, in the sphere of the survival of the Indo-European. It is the essential between success and failure. Much of what I have to say on this subject is incomprehensible to some people because they have no traveled, have little contact with other cultures, and can only vicariously judge anything outside of the area they have always inhabited. This doesn’t make me better than anybody else, but it gives me greater clarity, depth, and range. Most people, if you considered the analogy of a power plant, are just knowledgeable in discreet systems, like boilers, pumps, machining, etc. That’s how the Navy does it, and why they don’t hardly ever make it as Merchant Mariners. The latter requires an systematic and integrated whole conceptualization of how things interact. Plus, one must apply oneself across different systems and disciplines in order to be specifically competent and generally so, concomitantly.

    There are far more similarities and commonalitiesamong Indo-Europeans than differences. These similarities should be the focus of our connectivity to face the tsunami of African immigration wishing the next 50 years and the forced immigration of low IQ and low CQ (civilization quotient) Muslims. “Hang together or hand separately”.

    I find it neither good nor bad that some people want only to breed with “Germans” or “Nordics” or “Aryans”, etc. Fine. But don’t pretend that this is going to lead you a strategy of resistance that will lead to future integrity and uniqueness. That contest is over. Europe is over. What remains of “White” people able and willing to congeal into a cohesive force is unattainable unless there is an overarching unity and identification of the Indo-European, his gene set and interests versus the Jews and Africans.
    I have given many references on the what I base my comments on. For those who seek answers beyond the stale cliches, check out Johannes Krause and Proto-Indo-European migrations. Check out Africa population explosion in the American Renaissance search.

  89. @Carolyn Yeager

    You remind me of the factiousness of the European army at the Gates of Vienna a the imminent hour before battle against the Muslim Turks. Instead of unity against the common enemy, where survival is at stake, you would be most likely carping about German superiority compared to the allies.

    You don’t see the big picture, are resistant to the implications of genetic research and findings, and cannot infer or draw conclusions or concoct the meaning from same that would lead to a solution. If we were the Confederacy finding for survival, I’m sure you would be letting everyone know how superior and dominant Virginia was over Alabama and Mississippi, and that no people should even think about marital or sanguine unity with such inferiors.

    You cannot accept anything other than “The Way We Were” in German dominated central Europe. And that is fine. Keep up the good work at the Community Center, that small nucleus and pretend the rest of the World will always respect your boundaries.

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  90. @geokat62

    Thank you for a sentient response and thoughtful opinions. I would make the point that even though Jews were kicked out of countries, they always regrouped and came back, did they not? And many, as in Spain became camouflaged as Cryptic Jews, aka Marranos, changing and pretending to be just another Catholic who converted to the “One Faith”. Meanwhile they were operating with their cousins in Amsterdam, London, and Brussels to continue their agenda, subversion, and make M-O-N-E-Y.

    The whole of what you write forces the question: why does the European Christian have such a short, discontinuous historical memory? Asians do not, and certainly not Jews, who NEVER forget anything, visiting revenge and vengeance centuries later on a people, place, or institution.

    Your discourse, while not untrue, is made more so by editing, e.g., “they were temporarily unsuccessful”. I’t how you finish that determines outcomes. The ship has to sail, the systems have to work, and the future is the critical factor. Europeans seem incapable of sustaining anything that relates to survival. They are easily distracted, mislead, and misdirected. As a very negative indication, comments that predominantly refer to the past are the inability to face the future. Nostalgia is a disease and debilitation.

  91. @Liza

    Your characterization of the voice of Maria Callas is untrue and misleading. Voice in music is more than prettiness or precise tone. It has character, timbre, resonance, tremolo, tonal and pitch shifts, and many other factors. Opera, my dear, is musical theatre. The voice, its timing, amplitude etc etc has so many variables and elements, that the effect is also emotive.

    Her voice, combined with her persona and total genius and mastery of the operatic stage, was unrivaled. All voices shift with age, and some of this is not negative. Where Callas’ voice shifted, she worked in other registers to strengthen and improve. Your two sopranos were geniuses at their art. In coloratura, and the higher registers of the sopranos, they were queens. I take nothing away from them.

    Some snippets:

    her artistic achievements were such that Leonard Bernstein called her “the Bible of opera”[3] and her influence so enduring that, in 2006, Opera News wrote of her: “Nearly thirty years after her death, she’s still the definition of the diva as artist—and still one of classical music’s best-selling vocalists.”

    I puritani and path to bel canto[edit]
    The great turning point in Callas’s career occurred in Venice in 1949.[29] She was engaged to sing the role of Brünnhilde in Die Walküre at the Teatro la Fenice, when Margherita Carosio, who was engaged to sing Elvira in I puritani in the same theatre, fell ill. Unable to find a replacement for Carosio, Serafin told Callas that she would be singing Elvira in six days; when Callas protested that she not only did not know the role, but also had three more Brünnhildes to sing, he told her “I guarantee that you can.”.[26] Michael Scott’s words, “the notion of any one singer embracing music as divergent in its vocal demands as Wagner’s Brünnhilde and Bellini’s Elvira in the same career would have been cause enough for surprise; but to attempt to essay them both in the same season seemed like folie de grandeur”.[21] Before the performance actually took place, one incredulous critic snorted, “We hear that Serafin has agreed to conduct I puritani with a dramatic soprano … When can we expect a new edition of La traviata with [baritone] Gino Bechi’s Violetta?”[21] After the performance, one critic wrote, “Even the most sceptical had to acknowledge the miracle that Maria Callas accomplished… the flexibility of her limpid, beautifully poised voice, and her splendid high notes. Her interpretation also has a humanity, warmth and expressiveness that one would search for in vain in the fragile, pellucid coldness of other Elviras.”[30] Franco Zeffirelli recalled, “What she did in Venice was really incredible. You need to be familiar with opera to realize the size of her achievement. It was as if someone asked Birgit Nilsson, who is famous for her great Wagnerian voice, to substitute overnight for Beverly Sills, who is one of the great coloratura sopranos of our time.”[25][31][32]

    Scott asserts that “Of all the many roles Callas undertook, it is doubtful if any had a more far-reaching effect.”[21] This initial foray into the bel canto repertoire changed the course of Callas’s career and set her on a path leading to Lucia di Lammermoor, La traviata, Armida, La sonnambula, Il pirata, Il turco in Italia, Medea, and Anna Bolena, and reawakened interest in the long-neglected operas of Cherubini, Bellini, Donizetti and Rossini.[25][28]

    In the words of soprano Montserrat Caballé:

    She opened a new door for us, for all the singers in the world, a door that had been closed. Behind it was sleeping not only great music but great idea of interpretation. She has given us the chance, those who follow her, to do things that were hardly possible before her. That I am compared with Callas is something I never dared to dream. It is not right. I am much smaller than Callas.[28]

    Well, suffice it to say, that Callas produced a voice that was immense and practically immeasurable at a technical AND visceral level.

    The larger point is this. Callas’ origins are Near/Middle Eastern. By a lot of “White Identitarians “, she was not “European”. This conceit is not only stupid, but is deadly and toxic for survival against the onslaught of the (((Hostile Elite))), their Shabbos Goys, and the lower IQ armies of toxic aggregation and aggravation. It is a compensatory reflex, a flight from Reality, a retrogressive warm blanket and teddy bear. Really smart people have moved above and beyond this nonsense.

    In my career, I encountered the stubborn nostalgia and retrogressive inertia from the engineers who operated steam turbine plants. When large slow speed diesels displaced this plant type due to enormous fuel savings and space considerations, many if not most just could not retool, rethink and adapt. They chose retirement. Sometimes thinking too much can be painful for some people.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
    , @Liza
  92. @Poupon Marx

    So in order to fight miscegenation we should welcome miscegenation. In order to fight Jews and Chinese, we should accept Jewish-Chinese mongrels as our own. And in order to fight Islam, we should ally with Muslim Iranians. What a brilliant “survival” strategy !

  93. Franklin, I am surprised at you. Using jingoist phrases, and pop tart words. What exactly is “miscegenation”, Franklin?? Is a union with a Briton with a Hungarian so? How about Finn with an Iranian or Armenian? You haven’t been paying much attention, evidently. I have repeatedly said that millions of East European have Asian, mongol, Tartar, Caucasus, Northern Indian genes. If you would check out the sources I listed such as the Indo-European migration on YouTube, you might be able to achieve coherence.

    I have said that individual quality matters. I would not exclude anyone from an Indo-European or IE-Asian union if they were integrated and joined the common weal that I belonged to. I gave you the example of Fredericka of Denmark, Eurasian and her offspring with the Danish prince.

    I do NOT specifically advise going in that direction, but if that union works-and they do on a large scale-the children are welcomed into the Indo-European stock. Your little world of Holland and the Northern Climes is out of gas, my friend. Geert Wilders is being persecuted and prosecuted by his Dutch genetic cousins. The Economics Minister of The Netherlands said in 1989, gleefully, that native Dutch people will disappear in a generation from Holland. Going, going……..

    Wake up and get beyond cliches and name calling. Get out of your delusory bubble. Disappointing to see such limited cognition.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  94. Liza says:
    @Poupon Marx

    I enjoyed reading your exegesis on Maria Callas (seriously). Okay. Let’s say that Callas is incomparable – the greatest of the Great since the Big Bang and unto the end of Time, when fate decides that all denizens of Earth have had their day in the sun and it’s now time to explode the whole ball of wax. I do not see how this advances your argument that we should start calling nonwhite people white. If there are white people who can do Asian and Negro things, I doubt that the real Asians and blacks are calling these white people one of their own.

    If I should turn on the radio and she is singing, I can recognize her immediately (the rasp, not some unique “expressiveness”). I see that you are a big fan of hers and that is okay. It is not okay to say that greatness of voice = let’s us white folks happily transform our race into ugly mulligan’s stews because a stupendous talent might show up. Right…

    There’s other non-quite-white opera singers who made their living singing European music. Even Albanians, for god’s sake (Tito Schipa).

  95. Please define “White”, for me. As you believe it should be, and some universal meaning in the context and criteria of your choosing. Please include that with your conceptualization and definition. Otherwise, how can anybody take you seriously, throwing around terms that are as meaningful as “liberal” or “conservative.

    Even though I have given a genetic and historical basis for the term I believe is more accurate and empirical, Indo-European, I find most people are just lazy intellectually and will not meet my arguments or proposals on an objective level. Slogging about with sloth of White and Not Quite White is such a low level, that I suppose for you and others it signals by way of Northern European ancestry a smug, automatic superiority based on……..? Ah, the recent last hundred years.

    Conflating anything Negro and Asian is really not smart on your part. Incredible mental sloth and lack of cogitation. You must be in a decorative or business or liberal arts farts world of orbit and obituary.
    Push in the other circuit breakers in your brain, if there are any.

    Now to Callas. the “raspiness” as you characterize it. I conclude it must be your mobil speakerphone getting 2 bars of signal in the tenement basement where you live. I have never heard this adjective used to describe her voice.

    The nearest to this defamatory characterization is this comment:

    “One thing about her voice that made it so striking is that it was unlike anyone else’s,” Jorden says. “Sometimes, it had sort of a hollow sound, sometimes a very dark sound, sometimes a little shrill on top. So it was an extremely distinctive voice. More important that that, I think, was what she did with the voice; how she used the voice as an expressive instrument.”

    It seems to me you do not have the complexity to discern the dramatic elements of the operatic voice. I am not talking sotto voce, recital. What I am referring to is artistic interpretation, which in live performances is risky and fraught with danger. Yet, she defined to this day the limits and creative heights of the instrument of voice. For jazz fans, this of course is de rigueur. Notes and voices are bent, elasticized, and and given AFFECT, accentuating the material. This is Callas, untouchable as the most COMPLETE voice in opera. When I listen to her, the heroine and subject take on life and vivaciousness. The voice technically was stupendous, the hight art it created was beyond the senses.

    Anyway, why don’t you broaden your horizons, get out more, and admit your severe limitations. Do something about it.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
    , @freedom-cat
  96. @Poupon Marx

    You are repeating your absurd proposal : in order to survive, White people should disappear into mongrelization. In other words : Death is Life.

    Here is a picture of your famous Iranian “Aryans” with whom we should miscegenate :

    Thanks but no thanks.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  97. @Poupon Marx

    Puopon Marx: define yourself first. Are you a Caucasoid? Were you raised with a Christian background? Are you male/female? If male, are you involved with Asian females? Are you Jewish?

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  98. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Sorry, here is the missing link :
    Aren’t these noble Aryans our blood brothers ?

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  99. All of these left wing globalist cry babies are frauds. Moaning about immigrant rights while quietly condoning Israel’s ongoing genocide of Palestinians, the perpetual UN wars against (their state) sponsored terror, the wholesale murder of civilians young and old in Yemen, Kashmir, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, DRC, Somalia, Ukraine, Gaza. Who did I leave out?

    • Agree: Poupon Marx
    • Replies: @Liza
  100. @attilathehen

    What is a Caucasoid, and what is not? Is there a clear difference or principle of exclusion? Involved with Asian females? What does that mean?

    Before I can answer, I have to know what you mean and the definition of your words.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  101. Liza says:
    @the grand wazoo

    Who did I leave out?

    Well, there was the carpet bombing of Serbia in ’99 if I remember right.

  102. Durruti says:
    @Poupon Marx

    You appear to need a hug. You are badly outnumbered.

    A HUG

    Anyone who admires/d either Maria Callas, or Joan Baez (who I demonstrated with a century ago), or both of them, is a Fine Human.
    They had the loveliest Coloratura Soprano voices (excuse my description I am not a music expert).

    Callas was beautiful, and Baez remains beautiful. I can still hear Diamonds and Rust
    and Tosca.

    Their delivery – as they sang, their emotion, their sincerity, their integrity, remains for all eternity. Am also a fan of Jackie Evancho & Rocio Banquells. My daughter also has a beautiful singing voice, although she specializes in getting crooks & others – off (as we say), in Court.

    I can hear the Moderator now! “You’re getting off topic.”

    Emotion & Love in considerable quantities will be needed if we are to Restore Our Republic!


    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  103. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Yes, Franklin, just like these Whites in America*:*&output-quality=75

    Franklin, what happened to your brain? I’m still shocked at the declination to the level of a 13 year old.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  104. @Poupon Marx

    we will not even slow down our disappearance…..The Indo-European needs to work on himself, his inherited weaknesses, his inadequacies, his cowardice, his indecisiveness, and his self deception, if he will have a chance at recovery and re-establishment of his blood and soil.

    It’s apparent by the many comments you have left that you consider yourself an Indo-European. Indo-European relates to language family that encompasses not only whites but also Persian, Hindi & Punjabi. I have no idea who you are but from your comments you sound like you may be from a Central Asian area (maybe North Iran or even Pakistan), although I could be wrong and you are some blue eyed blond man/woman.

    In another comment you type white people as “whites”, with parentheses. I’ve been seeing this kind of manipulation lately (Jared Taylor interview by Fareed Zakaria – on youtube – Fareed thinks he is “white” – Ok to use parentheses here since he is obviously brown). The manipulation is designed to Broaden what is considered White, which isolates the very Fair and light skinned whites of mostly North American and North European stock into a corner where they have to defend themselves based on skin color only.

    What you do is akin to saying that Japanese and Chinese are really the same. Or that Jews and Ethiopians are the same.

    The article is talking about White, Fair skinned people for the most part, even though there may be some darker toned people, which there always has been, but quite the minority. What Europeans are trying to stop is the ongoing open borders to cultures and peoples who do not match with them; this would include Hindi and Persians for the most part.

    The 3 men arrested are all fair skinned men; they do not have Hindi, Punjabi, or Persian features, even though they may share the same Language family. This is what White people want to preserve. If Hindi, Punjabi, and Persians are allowed in, even though all the blacks and others are stopped from entering, We still LOSE an entire culture and distinct group of “indo-european” over time as fair skin, lighter hair, and slender facial features will give way to thicker and darker features.

    There is nothing about this that is “racial purity”. Whites are simply trying to survive like any other group.

    Nobody is saying that Jews and Ethiopians have so much in common they should bind together as one. Nobody is saying that Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans, because they have similar this or that should lose their entire identities.

    I get exactly the game you’re playing and it sounds like other people do too.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  105. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Poupon Marx is working hard to turn this so whites can only defend themselves by their color, at which point they are then attacked as “racist” and “nazi”. I’ve been seeing this same exact argument more and more. It is being used to divert the narrative so that whites will be forced to admit that other people are “white” (parentheses are Poupons from another of his comments). We are supposed to be one big open and happy family with all other “whites” which according to Fareed Zakaria (who interview Jared Taylor, although I can no longer find the youtube video of it) includes himself. Yes, Fareed Zakaria literally thinks he is white. LOL. Mainstream media also presented George Zimmerman as white! And Meghan Markle is also considered “white” by these people.

    I wish I was a better writer. I would investigate and write about this branch of people who are redefining what White Europeans are, which they think encompasses many darker skinned people from highly different cultures.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  106. @Poupon Marx

    Here is a picture of Iranian crown prince Reza Pahlavi (on the right) besides that of Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman (on the left). Notice the immense racial differences between the noble pure Aryan Reza Pahlavi and the swarthy Semite bin Salman. This leaves no doubts with what kind of people Europeans should mix on a grand scale in order to survive as an Aryan race (at least according to Poupon Marx) :

    • Agree: freedom-cat
    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  107. @Poupon Marx

    You must be a Jew involved with either Asian or black females.

    If not, whence your parents? Europe, Africa, Asia?

  108. @Poupon Marx

    It is not “the way we were”; it is most definitely “the way we are”. You are a perfect example of why people want borders closed. You are extremely arrogant as if you may be an operative of some sort.
    And you seem to be insinuating that violence is the answer and that your people and our people have a common enemy that needs to be cleaned out.

    So, you can keep writing about how we are all cowards and our societies are dead, etc., but please do keep writing because your operation becomes very obvious by what you write; so thank you for exposing yourself. And you know what? Eff your stupid Eugenics. What makes you folks so smart that you can design a better human? Every time humans think they are smart enough to design a better animal, plant, and, now, human, they ultimately make things worse. Even if you have an IQ of 200 you cannot out smart mother nature.

  109. @freedom-cat

    You can find that video CNN’s Fareed Zakaria interviews Jared Taylor (Full interview)

    here :

    Zakaria called himself a “Caucasian” and an “Aryan”. According to him, non-white immigrants in the US will eventually integrate “just like the Irish”, which is a standard argument among such people.

    • Agree: freedom-cat
  110. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Oh, I found the interview of Jared Taylor by Fareed Zakaria. As noted in my above comment, Zakaria talks about himself being white. This is a total operation; a form of Psychological Warfare. Nobody gets away with this kind of b.s. except non-whites like Fareed and Poupon.

    Wow: nobody can tell that Zakaria and Taylor are from different races at all:

  111. @Durruti

    Your comments are splendid. Callas had that ability, the pathos, the magic to transcend and to TRANSPORT one into the realm of her role and the music drama. Beyond words. An artist of the highest form and scale. Joan Baez sang at the Monterrey Pop Festival in 1962-I believe. She was a show stopper, her voice was characterized as “that achingly pure soprano”.

    Blessings upon you Sir or Madam!

    • Replies: @Durruti
  112. Durruti says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Blessings upon you Sir or Madam!

    It’s Sir, or Hey You! or Get out of my way!

    When you have time, Google my nom-de-guerre.

    Thanks for the “Blessings.” I need all of them I can get.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  113. @freedom-cat

    Hi Freedom Cat,

    First of all, you are wrong by a wide margin, which is excusable but will not be once I reference you to where empirical evidence can be found. Into-European includes the precursor the Proto as well. Up until a decade or so ago, mass migrations across Europe and Eurasia were followed by linguistic analysis and archeological evidence. This was inferential and left gaps in knowledge. With the advances in genetic marker and genome research, much more precision can be applied.

    First, there are 3 mass migrations from West to East that happened and that genetic material makes up the majority of the Western and Eastern Europeans DNA. First, here is some beautiful Sufi music:

    How the genetic makeup of Europe happened and what and where it came from:

    Look at the graph of the 3 dominant genome origins of Europe at the 16 minute mark. You see that Norway and Scotland population DNA has the Amanaya component. These were the Steppe people who were herders. Uh oh. Scandinavians are primarily composed of Slavic genes of Eurasian Steppe People!! I alway suspected that because of their eye lid folds. Suicide alert!! Nordic Pure Race buster!!! Don’t hang up!!

    So, to the commenters above that accuse me of wanting to “mongrelize” Whites or assert that anything outside of Western Europe is “not quite White”, you need to to read, explore and study. Turn off the Flintstones and Oprah.

    Come back again and we will discuss further what genetic quality is, why your prejudices are baseless, and without any objective or empirical derivation. When you don’t know, do NOT try and wing it, or blast away with low quality accusations. That’s you, Freedom cat.

    The original inhabitants of Western Europe 8000 years ago left no genetic material in existence because they were hunter-gathers, and the invaders or migrants were farmers and herders. Get it? More advanced people from the East. This is a complete replacement. At 5000 years ago, another great genetic turnover for Europe by ingress of new people. Every single European has these DNA components. In Germany, for example, about 40% of the DNA is from early Anatolian farmers.

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
    , @freedom-cat
  114. @Durruti

    I did. Seriously? I am on the other side of the ideological spectrum. Just slightly to the right of Genghis Khan. My favorite doctor was Doctor Guillotine.

    Nonetheless, we share a love of artistic quality and discernment. That trumps other considerations.
    You know, I mourn Callas every day. She was so sensitive and so strong. My wife feels the same way. My nieces are the same way.


    • Replies: @Durruti
  115. @Poupon Marx

    Look, I already know about all that. But you are missing the point, most likely on purpose so you can keep people cornered as racists since this strategy seems to be working, for now anyways. Do you think that the majority of Chinese want to be flooded with other races? How about Jews? Jews kept to themselves for over 2000 years, and few would care; this was simply their strategy of survival.

    The fact is, most Whites just see themselves as whites. They don’t care that You or Fareed Zakaria want to be included as one of them; you simply will not be included. They don’t have time or care about the long line of evolution and where their ancestors were 5000 years ago. What they care about is NOW and how people like you, Fareed Zakaria, etc are attacking them (and basically saying they do not exist – kind of like what the Jews do to the Palestinians) for wanting to keep their cultures going, their fair skin, their fair hair, blue & green & even brown eyes going ; telling them constantly what racists they are.

    What you are doing is nothing less that psychological warfare against an entire race of people. For some reason calling you a racist just doesn’t have an impact, though.

    The idea that whites should be organizing with you and Fareed Zakaria’s people because it is the only mechanism to survive, sounds a lot like the Globalists, who are constantly talking about the declining white populations. All of this is pure garbage. Propaganda to the max.

    I see you like to throw in the Jew hook as well; likely to get a response from people. Personally, I don’t think the Jews need to leave. They were the first casualty in the war against people 2600 years ago by the ruling classes. They were threatened, killed, and manipulating into accepting the nonsense of the old testament by the scribes who wrote most of it. I’m with Laurent Guyenot; he says that he wants to help rescue Jews from the tyranny of their ‘holy’ book.

    Of course, Christianity and Islam are problems too. But I don’t recall Jesus calling for the mass murder of people (only the churches that arose in his name did). But Judaism and Islam are both very violent religions; geez Mohammed was out slaughtering people and raping women…what a great guy.

    • Replies: @bored of lies
  116. Durruti says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Just slightly to the right of Genghis Khan.

    I am, Anarchists are, neither ‘Right nor Left.’

    we share a love of artistic quality and discernment. That trumps other considerations.

    Exactly: This is the road to Liberty. This will, in the long term, destroy the Evil of Mordor.

    Dieudonné. & Alain Soral, & Ryssen must unite to rescue France.

    We must unite to rescue America. This requires us to abandon sectarianism & march together toward the Restoration of our Democratic Republic. The racist yahoos serve only to disunite those who are beginning to wake from a long sleep, those who are beginning to identify the enemy, and fashion the vision of their Freedom.

    There is only one Race, and (as Red Green says), “We are all in this together.”


    • LOL: Wally
  117. @Poupon Marx

    btw: the sufi music doesn’t work – looks like your youtube account was terminated. You didn’t even bother to check to see if the video worked; just posted it, which is rather impolite.

  118. You know, one of the constants I have noticed with many homeless [who are to a great degree mentally ill and psychotic] is that they talk to themselves in a two way conversations. Reading your comments makes me wonder where you obtained the assertions and attributions from what I said. I declare that I never said what you attribute. I did not infer them or hint in that direction. I never advocated-ever-wholesale immigration of anybody. What I have maintained is that quality on an individual from a equal civilization validates individual choice, including children.

    You need to use the Follow Commenters buttons above and read what I have said, as you either can not comprehend well or are too lazy to have a reference from me.

    In the future you should be less careless and reckless attributing statements that do not exist and interpretations that cannot be justified. If you disagree, then find the statements I have made that validate your claims. If you need clarification then simply ask.

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  119. @Poupon Marx

    Marie Callas:
    She’s ok, if you don’t mind having your ears blown out by her high notes.

    I much prefer Susan Boyle and her natural innocence:

  120. @Poupon Marx

    Are you gaslighting?

    Quotes by Poupon Marx:

    Everywhere on Idenitarian sites you will read of the great race that Europeans are and were, their stellar accomplishments. The problem is nostalgia, the kind that dying people engage in when they feel the Grim Reaper is near.

    If you look at present day genetic, archeological, and linguistic research, you see how related we are from Northern India to the borders of the Han to the Western reaches of YourRope. Now, if you look at many Eastern Europeans, you will see Eurasian features, case in point, our First Lady, Melania Trump. Hungarians, many Poles, Northern Laplanders of Scandinavia, Yugoslavians, Greeks (remember Alexander went to Northern Europe and left commanders in charge of dominions.

    Let us say that Indo-Europeans act in concert, across international boundaries and unite as a loose confederation, at least, against the Black African population tsunami and will engulf the World. In that large confederation could be one state or province for people like you, Northern European “Aryans”, Nordics, and blond haired blue eyed people bred for traits like show dogs, horses, and cats.

    I, on the other hand, believe in genetic quality [it’s inside that counts], which includes looking at people of an ethnic [there are only 3 races] that had achieved high culture. That means also that Eurasian mixtures are quite acceptable. I have known many, have friends and family who have Asian mates. Beautiful children, White, all good. Most European parents these days are quite happy when their child signals intent to marry an Asian. On the most important spectrums of IQ and CQ (Civilization Quotient), they rank higher than “Whites”.

    This one is good; you talk about it being ok for people to want to preserve their unique communities and then talk about a White prince marrying a Chinese lady (which ended in divorce; so did her second marriage):

    I am perfectly OK with people wanting to preserve the uniqueness of their communities. Remember the Prince of Denmark marrying the Chinese Woman?

    Reference you made about fighting the Jews:

    The larger point is this. Callas’ origins are Near/Middle Eastern. By a lot of “White Identitarians “, she was not “European”. This conceit is not only stupid, but is deadly and toxic for survival against the onslaught of the (((Hostile Elite))), their Shabbos Goys, and the lower IQ armies of toxic aggregation and aggravation.

    And this sounds a lot like Fareed Zakaria’s questions on Jared Taylor:

    Please define “White”, for me. As you believe it should be, and some universal meaning in the context and criteria of your choosing. Please include that with your conceptualization and definition.

  121. LiveFree says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Reading your many replies I’ve come to the simple conclusion that you’re a nutcase. But, if you must reply here, please write in your native language. I think Google translate would do a much better job with the grammar and spelling than you have done. Thanks.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  122. @freedom-cat

    maybe he is a little extreme but he is on point of how the priorities shold be refocused if all of us dont want to be end slaved to a tiny sadistic minority that really want the entire world slaved .

  123. Wally says:

    Except a whole lot of Frenchmen supported the Germans.

  124. Wally says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    The tired & desperate ‘rounding up & deportation of Jews‘ canard.
    As if they were sent to the completely debunked & laughable ‘Nazi gas chambers’.

    Every argument with a Zionist / Jew / neo-Marxist ends up knee deep in “holocaust” horse shit.

    It was Dr.Robert Faurisson and many other Revisionists that first spoke of the use of Hitler / “holocaust” analogies (argumentum ad Hitlerum / Reductio ad Hitlerum) being desperately used for just about every argument made by the metioned Zionisst / Jews / neo-Marxists.

  125. Paul C. says:
    @Poupon Marx

    We are sick in the West. The real problem is US.. None of this could have occurred unless traitors in the castle unlocked the gates to allow in the destructors.

    There’s some truth to that, but why are you giving evil a free pass? There’s 12 Federal Reserve banks that have infiltrated “the gates” and are the effective government. What do you suggest WE do?

  126. Paul C. says:

    Thanks for sharing. I just watched a few of his videos and he fully gets it.

    Here’s one only 2 1/2 minutes with English subtitles that can perhaps wake up Americans.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Durruti
  127. Paul C. says:
    @Poupon Marx


    We’re being targeted and attacked and in a way that is difficult for the average person to understand how and by whom. Have you read the Protocols, the Communist Manifesto and portions of what the Talmud says? Do you understand that outside of a site like this we have no media to communicate the truth, thus everyone is brainwashed. This is worldwide, not just the US. On top of that, society is being dumbed down and purposely sickened, think vaccines, fluoride, GMO, chemtrails and pharmaceuticals. We’ve been enslaved financially and pay interest on debt (((they create))) and are forced at duress to pay incomes taxes which are unconstitutional.

    If it were not for the Jews, it would be something and someone else.

    Give me a break. Stop excusing the terrorists. Those perpetuating this agenda and silent war are evil and satanic. Rather than address the evil head-on you attack the victims whose altruistic mentality can’t fathom the evil in their midst. Yes, we have to wake up others in a hurry, but bashing Jesus Christ and the Gospel seems quite misplaced and suggests you might be pursuing an agenda.

    • Agree: freedom-cat
    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Poupon Marx
  128. A tiny point of interest in all that flood of complete irrelevance to my comment is your implication that there were not quite a lot of Jews in France required/ forced to leave their redidences, gathered together and held for a time and then deported by train. Do you really affirm that?

  129. geokat62 says:
    @Paul C.

    Those perpetuating this agenda and silent war are evil and satanic.

    I posted these two comments on another thread:

    1. Some interesting tweets by Henrik Palmgren:

    2. No, you can’t.

    Nor can one avoid the stark consequences of what Jewish Supremacist organizations have set in motion:

    Ethnic Apocalypse: The Coming European Civil War
    Guillaume Faye
    Arktos, 2019.

    “A confrontation has become indispensable if we are to resolve the problem, remediate the situation and free ourselves.”

    Guillaume Faye, Ethnic Apocalypse

    The celebrated French far-Right intellectual Guillaume Faye passed away in March, after a long battle with cancer, but not before leaving us a literary parting shot that deserves to be a bestseller. In his final book, Faye explores the demographic, cultural, political, and military degradation of France, drawing sobering lessons for the West as a whole. The book makes a number of stark and terrifying predictions that, when all current trends are taken into consideration, have an overwhelming probability of coming to fruition. Foremost among these predictions is that the West is now almost certainly destined to convulse with a savage and intense civil war (both civil and internal, both religious and racial) without parallel in the history of mankind

    Thanks, Jewish Supremacist organizations!

  130. ELMIR says: • Website

    Sometimes, I’m reading your pieces and posts
    I highly appreciated some of your pieces dedicated to Syrian invasion by western imperialist powers.

    As a Paris based independent researcher in political science, history of International relations and Geopolitics, also as reader, your website is the mouthpiece of European and International fascism, maybe financed by Steve Banon, the same who finances the fascist Le Pen and its party. With Steve Banon, there are also many connections like american far right christian groups and neoconservative foundations financing not only Le Pen’s party but the whole Far-right parties in Europe.

    for having writing extensively on far right in France and how Jean Marie Le Pen was created by Mitterand in order to undermine the communist party in France, it is unthinkable to read pieces praising fascist groups and fascist party like the national Front. As I have writing in many of my stories, we are living in a time, that of the resurgence of fascism similar by its role to the 1930’s fascism with this only difference between the two fascisms is the scapegoat, the communist and Bolshevik and not the jew in the XX century, today, the migrant and Islamic.

    If in Fascism there is always the scapegoat, the real meaning of fascism is not the race and the skin color but it is fundamentally a dictatorship set up by big capital and its collabo, politicians, paid journalists, newspapers and website like yours.

    Le Pen father and daughter are the offspring of French fascism, nostalgic of fascist groups in France’s 1930, Croix des feux and Cagoule and last but not least Petain and Vuchy regime defeated by the communist resistance and Communist party, labelled after the liberation, the fusillade party representing the third of French voters in 1946

    For more on current fascism in France represented by the Lepeno-macronite, see my comment and analysis on twitter @elmir1975
    my Facebook page
    my webste

    You can read my piece on the origin of Le Pen phenomenon only in French “Comment expliquer le phénomène Le Pen”

  131. Durruti says:
    @Paul C.


    Alain Soral is brilliant (having written some 12 books), and offered not only France, but Europe & America, a way to understand our predicament, and a way out.

    He is sitting next to Dieudonné.

    We need to translate -English subtitle- more of Soral & Dieudonné’s work & circulate them throughout America.

  132. dale ruff says:

    Asylum seekers, who are called illegal aliens, have a right to enter and ask for protecition. Calling them illegal aliens is hate speech, the prelude to hate crimes. Anti-immigraition is now the core of fascist movfements in France, Germany, the US, and elsewhere.

    Stand up to fascism! Don’t glorify it or you become part of it!

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  133. @dale ruff

    So-called “asylum seekers” are for more than 90% economical fortune seekers. We are not responsible for the corruption, mismanagement and thus poverty of their nations. They must solve their problems themselves. If they can’t, though luck. We are not obliged to let them in.

    As for the 10% genuine asylum seekers, they should be received in camps in the nearest stable country. After the crisis is over, they should return to their home lands.

    There is no need for the West to receive any refugee, whether fake or genuine.
    If you call that “fascism”, then long live fascism!

  134. @geokat62

    This is U-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E. They are openly calling for White Genocide, and yes this plot is JEWISH, supported by the Rothschilds no less. This is no “conspiracy theory”, this is conspiracy fact. THIS IS WAR.

  135. @ELMIR

    “Everything the Left touches, it destroys” -Dennis Prager
    Socialism is Communism – Joseph Stalin

    You assume your audience is preconditioned to accept the word Fascism as a reflex, emotive, word that autonomically creates a brain change in chemistry and electrical activity, Pavlovian style.

    Your little essay is not short of stupid, elementary, devoid of support, and childish 13 year old drag and muck. It is Le Merde.

  136. @Paul C.

    In the 1700’s, J. S. Bach wrote a commissioned piece of work called the “Goldberg Variations”, which was paid for by a Goldberg, a Jewish merchant. Amstel Rothschild made public his call for other Jews to pool their money and control all currency, AND rule the world. He and his sons then set out to establish national banks, like the Federal Reserve, to control those countries and place them in constant debt and usury. They financed and manipulated the French Revolution, using Hegelian Dialectic. They sabotaged the Spanish Armada to the English forces, therefore placing them at a great advantage at the British Royal Court. They married out their daughters (a Jew is defined as Jewish by his mother) to powerful families throughout the West. One of the Rothschild sons “leaked” the news that Wellington was defeated at Waterloo by Napoleon Bon Bon, thus dropping the London Stock Market drastically. Thus he bought at fire sale prices those stocks that crashed. There were no repercussions or criminal charges for what was a monstrous crime, probably treason. The Jews-primarily Rothschild, Warburg, Schiff, commissioned Karl Marx to write a document that was so unworkable and phantasmagorical, that Ariana Fallacci said that if Marx had not written it, it would not exist, as it was made out of synthetic, baseless abstractions, i.e., unreal. The Progressive Movement first appeared in widespread public manifestation by the “Great American Hero” Theodore Roosevelt, a cryptic Jew.

    “…these doctrines of the old laissez faire economists, of the believers in unlimited competition, unlimited individualism, were in the actual state of affairs false and mischievous…government must now interfere to protect labor, to subordinate the big corporation to public welfare and to shackle cunning and fraud…

    He extended this idea of rationalization through governmental regulation and experts from Civil Service, to the trusts, to the broader economy and to social weflare legislation. Thus in a March 15, 1907 letter to the Interstate Commerce concerning the Hepburn Act, which regulated railroads, Roosevelt wrote(7,258):

    “Exactly as the developments in the insurance investigations a year ago showed the necessity of a far more rigid governmental control of insurance companies, so your investigations have proved the necessity of a far more rigid governmental control of railroad companies…”

    As well, he argued for more “thoroughgoing regulation” in his speech to Congress in 1906 (8):

    Thus the modern era of Big Government/Small Individual was given a turbo boost. This leads to the Total Control Top Down Central Command government we have today. This is getting tedious and I could list many, many more maladies inflicted upon the Christian Nations by the Jew. The Twentieth Century is one outrage and successful assaults and conquests after another, serially.

    All of these, above, could not have happened unless Goyim collaboration, inaction, or cowardice existed throughout millennia.. All of this by less than 2% of the population. The events of today are the result of uncountable outrages over many countries and over a thousand years.

    And yet, what they have done could not have been done without our inaction, assent, and assistance. WE HAVE DONE TO OURSELVES IN NO LESS MEASURE THAN WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO US.

    You infer that the West has suffered these as a streetlight, stationary on a curb, was hit by truck after truck. The streetlight could not move and thus the entire fault lies with the moving vehicle. This is an implicit admission of the incompetency, cowardice and stupidity of the “White Race”. Losers and bend-over-and-take-it peoples.

    Your comment reveals the weakness of Western Man, who is so insecure and unsure, he cannot self criticize and point out structural weaknesses in his culture, his ethnic, his religion, etc, because it appears disloyal, and “helps the enemy”. How totally pathetic!

    Let me tell you how the Real World is, sonny boy. If you were a power plant marine engineer like me and blamed sea water, bad gaskets, bad luck, poor quality work by the men under your command, you would be fired for incompetence, making excuses instead of corrections, which come from introspection, self-critique, and internal change. Do you think for one split second a military patrol and blame the enemy for its losses if it refuses to debrief, identify weakness and seek internal improvement? How about athletic teams? Does the team that wants to win, CONSTANTLY blame the power of the opposite and competing teams OVER AND OVER WITHOUT SEEKING TO IMPROVE AND CORRECT FAULTS OF THEMSELVES?

    Of course not. I’m sorry if you feel butt-hurt after I have identified you as a loser and excuse maker. You don’t know history, and your knowledge of the Real World, where you lead people and had no other option EXCEPT winning or success, provided you with the clarity of the WAY THE WORLD WORKS. Unfortunately, most Whites-and people everywhere-are confused, confounded and lack intellectual strength to face the real problem.


    • Replies: @Paul C.
  137. @LiveFree

    Central Casting told me that you were to be placed at the scenario of a wimpy bar, you playing the ubiquitous drunken sot, downing shots of cheap booze, nodding off, and muttering nothings.

    Then your role calls for you to jerk your head up, spastically, with your arm extended to the ceiling with your forefinger and ejaculating a single sentence, maybe two that is supposed to be meaningful and relevant in content.

    Examples: “That’s insane”! or “They always were”! And that’s the limit of your contribution.

    Looking over your past posts, they do create a pattern. Simplistic, a title with no body of support, and not of value at all. Is this laziness or inability to compose any line of argument or delineate and organize your thoughts?

    Most critiques of grammar and syntax (minor) that does not mention content is usually the product of a sterile mind, a shallow thinker, perhaps brain damaged.

  138. @ELMIR

    You could be onto something there… But then who brought the immigrants in to play the role of the scapegoats for this latter day rise in fascism? And if the left is doing nothing to fight globalism and immigration but the right wing fascists are then who should someone who is concerned about the loss of his own nation’s sovereignty and identity support? The way I see it, it’s just a whole load of fascists all around from the globalists statist types and the Islamo-fascist immigrants to the identitarian types. So I just have to pick my fascists more carefully or let it play out and see what comes next. And who speaks for those who are opposed to all of the following: globalists, capitalists, Zionists, fascists, LGBTs, and immigrants? I’m sure there is some silent majority that is so disposed but unable to find expression in the present political climate.

  139. @geokat62

    I can’t stand Barbara Sprectre. And the Rothschild family is highly involved with the ongoing open borders, for sure. Lynn De Rothschild is best buds with Hillary.

    One thing I question and ask you, though: The tweets by Barbara seem fabricated. Do you think it might be someone posing as barbara? I’ve seen her tweets before where she’s always talking about “ending the white race”, which I don’t think she would openly state on Twitter. These people operate in a different way.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  140. geokat62 says:

    One thing I question and ask you, though: The tweets by Barbara seem fabricated. Do you think it might be someone posing as barbara?

    Great observation, freedom-cat. I just did a quick Twitter search and I could not locate her handle Barbara L [email protected]_Spectre. It doesn’t appear to exist.

  141. Durocher, stop cucking and start fighting:

  142. @attilathehen

    Durocher never fights – never has. He just likes to get articles published, and I guess makes a living at it b/c he writes a lot.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  143. Durruti says:
    @Frankie P

    I struggle to think of an American who compares with him.

    Embarrassing point.

    J F Kennedy – Check his speeches, & his Profiles in Courage.

    Mark Twain – His views on the American war against the Philippines & other issues.

    Jefferson – In context of his times.

    Tom Paine – Mostly British

    A few others.

  144. @Carolyn Yeager

    Durocher and Guyenot are French Siamese cucks.

  145. anaccount says:

    Sorry, I’m just intelligent enough to know that I’ve been had. It took me over thirty years to discover the truth.

    “The existence of a secret and IRRESPONSIBLE government does not worry him (Americans). It has been here since 1863 and he takes it as a matter of course. It gets worse daily and hourly.” – Ezra Pound, 1943

  146. The tribe tolerates no dissent, and intend to get their One World Government “utopia”. BAMN.

  147. @attilathehen

    he is fighting to awaken european people not all conflict are fought in the streets.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  148. God bless these men trying to save France. But it’s futile without mass deportation of nonEuropeans, especially Africans and Muslims.

    Why? Because simple math will dictate that a people who doesn’t have children — badly distracted, demoralized and brainwashed as they are — will decline and yield to a People on the same territory who does have children.

    These men have a chance only if they and their countrymen start having at least children each once again. Bodies matter, and young strong male bodies matter more, in street fighting/rioting, and that’s only getting worse.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  149. @bored of lies

    This one will be fought in the streets. Already is to some degree. Bodies matter, and the number of younger stronger male bodies matters more. The French aren’t making many of these anymore.

    I wonder about the racial and religious composition of French police. The more non-French they are — esp Muslim or African — the more we should not necessarily count on a proper unified police response when the more widespread rioting and revolution come.

  150. Paul C. says:

    I saw this as well. It just confirms what we know and who’s in charge. People who complain about 3rd world immigration need to start focusing on who’s orchestrating the agenda.

  151. Paul C. says:
    @Poupon Marx

    sonny boy


    I don’t know where to begin with this. In post #38 you give a scathing rebuke to Christianity, because of “turn the other cheek”. Did Jesus not flip the tables on the money changers and rebuke them? The money changers are still at it.

    Your analysis is too simplistic. 95% of the population doesn’t understand the vise that they’re trapped in by evil forces. They’ve been deceived. How do you blame them for being deceived? BTW, we were raised in this servitude, it didn’t just happen.

    Are there traitors among us willing to side with evil for monetary gain (power, fame, fortune)? Clearly there are and will always be.

    Yes there are treasonous goyim, an example is those that fill the Freemason ranks, a luciferian, judaic cult. They should know better. Some do, some don’t.

    We’re in a spiritual battle, good vs. evil. You can hate all you want on Western, white, Christians.
    Have at it sonny boy.

    • Agree: geokat62
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
    , @JamesinNM
  152. @Durruti

    I have written at length on Soral’s heroic efforts elsewhere and will eventually give an update on his persecution at the hands of the “French” State.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  153. Durruti says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    I have written at length on Soral’s heroic efforts elsewhere and will eventually give an update on his persecution at the hands of the “French” State.

    Many thanks for all your fine articles.

    We need more translation (English Subtitles) for Soral, Dieudonné, even Ryssen. They do much good work in French, but it would be quite helpful for more to be available to we Americans. Soral’s Equality & Reconciliation efforts in France, represent the paradigm for rescue of America as well. We must find a way to Restore Our Republics.

    My dad was Belgian (spoke 4 languages – served in the Belgian & American armies). He tried to help me with my French, but to no avail.

    God Bless:


  154. @Paul C.

    Pathetic response. Spoken like a defeated slave and status quo butt boy. An apologist for failure and breakdown. What is your educational attainment? By that I mean, do you read anything but the comics and sports pages, or watch anything outside of the anime Schiesse?

    We are the only people that have been deceived or enslaved or enveloped? Where did you get this, from a random word generator? We live in the INFORMATION AGE, Poppy. How many times would a woman have to be abused, sexually, physically, and psychologically before she realizes that this man and she do not belong together and should separate? HUH?

    And how many times would it take before she realizes that other people around her, family and friends, that enabled and facilitated this abuse should be separated and kept away-and even punished for aiding and abetting.

    But we are talking about the “White Race”, a term of extreme imprecision that most users cannot specific or expound or provide details that are empirical and grounded in the concrete, my entreaties and explanations notwithstanding. It all bounces off subjective perception, convenient and slothful mental habits, and just plain lack of shame for at least appearing as a S.T.E.W.P.I.D person.

  155. Paul C. says:

    We live in the INFORMATION AGE

    For those who know how to seek it and have discernment. For the rest, we live in the disinformation age. We’re lied to about everything. Medicine, food, health, history, news, finance, science, government, law and every aspect of society is largely based on lies, as a result of the corrupt practices of man. We live in Babylon.

    Along the way we’ve been enslaved, conquered. There are no Common Law courts anymore. We are chattel. The State owns everything. Anything “registered” is registered to them. When a child is born the mother unknowingly signs away the rights to that child via signing the Birth Certificate, which transfers ownership to the state. This is where your ALL CAPITAL’S NAME, fictional corporation, is born. We are sureties for the debt of the USA “corporation” out of Washington DC which is masquerading as the legitimate government of the united States of America territory. We have a defacto government versus a dejure government.

    There’s a reason why we’re both using aliases. The content of our speech is not allowed by our owners, the international bankers who bankrupted America in 1933, after installing their criminal bank (Federal Reserve) in 1913. These are the same folks who engineer the wars and profit on both sides of it and have been doing so for hundreds of years. In Europe they send people to jail for questioning the official narrative of WW2 as it relates to the Holohoax. They put a poisonous neurotoxin in the drinking water called fluoride and tell you it’s good for your teeth. On day one, before an immune system has developed they inject poisonous vaccines into babies.

    Through Strategic Aerosol Injections and Solar Radiation Management our skies are being polluted with neurotoxins such as aerosolized aluminum, barium, strontium, and many more. We’re also being inundated with frequencies. Have you read the government’s own research on 5G and what it does to human cells? 5G created in Israel is not being rolled out there, it’s being rolled out in conquered territories, such as the good ol’ USA.

    My method of fighting back is first to protect myself and live a healthy life. BTW, you should check yourself because you come across as someone nearing a nervous breakdown. Beyond that, spreading the truth is our best weapon. We don’t need 100% of the population, just enough (maybe 15%) to reach a tipping point where the genie can no longer be put back into the bottle. This is what I see taking place in France with the Yellow Vests. They have an awareness of the truth and there’s no going back. Another key to winning this silent war is to hold those in positions of power accountable and shame those doing wrong. It’s not easy without a media and with increasing censorship.

    You spew a lot of words in your replies without really saying much. Why haven’t you outlined your recipe for success? You’re so smart, why hold back on us? Maybe you should have coffee with the Mensa guy. My suggestion, try decaf.

  156. JamesinNM says:

    French officials should be prosecuted for attempted murder of French nationals.

  157. JamesinNM says:
    @Paul C.

    Pray for Christ’s return and the destruction of all evil by the second death.

  158. bro3886 says:

    A Defarge feeding the guillotine? This time no more ms. nice girl, she aims to behead an entire population.

  159. @RadicalCenter

    Radical Center: You have contributed nothing to the West. You have an Asian wife and offspring.

    The real French have a good replacement rate.

    The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. Your Asian family will be sent to Asia.

  160. @Reg Cæsar

    Both times when the US should have kept our troops home. What’s the point?

  161. @attilathehen

    Oh my delirious friend, I’ve likely contributed more to the West as the West than you have.

    Our children will have the language skills to compete for and win an increasing number of jobs, contracts, and opportunities that most other North Americans won’t be qualified for. They may choose to live in another country for some time for education and work,

    but they won’t be deported anywhere — unless it’s by triumphant Latinos deporting you and us together.

    But they’ll have problems here in much of the former USA, though, as they’re very white and most are quite tall so far.

    They’ll be armed and well trained in defending themselves and other innocent people, too, a skill that sadly will be increasingly needed as people are imported and trained to hate us. And you, being a fellow nationalist European-American working for the rights, interests, culture, and language of our founding and core majority, aggressing against nobody, our children are the kind of people who will protect you from attack even if I tell them you were a big meanie.

  162. @attilathehen

    Yes, I’m aware of your belief that a small number of English-speaking Christian Asians who love America and defend traditional White Western culture, pose as much as a threat to us as tens of millions of Muslims, Africans, Indians, and Chinese.

    Can’t help you with that.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  163. @RadicalCenter

    Radical Center: you cannot see because you’re face planted in Asian poontang.

    I see the hapas around me. They are not white and tall and are of barely average intelligence. Derbyshire’s Chinese offspring are a perfect example of this type. Many of them marry Asians, blacks and Jews – non-Western types.

    You mentioned the Chinese posing a threat. If I recall correctly, you’re wife is half-Chinese and half-Filipina. The threat is in your home. When Derbyshire wrote his “We are Doomed” book, he was actually writing about his home and family.

    Sometimes a hapa can assimilate, like Joanna Gaines. Asian genes are recessive. However, the hapas must state that they know they assimilated to a superior culture – Western culture and that they are grateful for the biologically evolutionary boost upwards. They must state that their Asian ancestor is/was inferior but they have been improved. This is rare however, and with international travel, the ties to Asia are kept strong. This is a good thing as these people don’t belong in the West.

    Can your wife and children make this statement? Derbyshire’s Chinese family never will.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  164. @attilathehen


    the hapas must state that they know they assimilated to a superior culture

    They must state that their Asian ancestor is/was inferior but they have been improved.

    They must state to whom? Who is requiring of them that they must state anything? You’re writing as if you’re someone in authority that anyone has to account to about anything. Man that just sounds ridiculous. Like those people saying “they must go back”. They must go back by when? Who is dictating to them to go back? It’s all just hypothetical. I’m not saying they shouldn’t go back, or that it wouldn’t be desirable for whites if the others were to go back, but those who keep saying that are a long way away from being able to dictate anything to anyone and are for now very much on the back foot. Take it one step at a time and see how you and others who think like you will get into a position to be able to demand anything from anybody. Unless anything is done the future looks like this:

    I don’t know, maybe it will be even worse than this prediction. Specifically for Texas I found something like this:

    With each passing day you will be less in a position to achieve what you would like. Maybe it is time to reconsider and see what you can salvage for whites in US rather than making these triumphalist maximum demands before you have even won in any struggle or even commenced it.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  165. @Commentator Mike

    The times are changing. You’re dealing with projections over 30 years. Change can and will come in an instant.

    American blacks are moving to the South. There will be a state for them. Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh will not like this. They can move to the black state. We know what a black person is.

    Hispanics are heterogeneous and divide according to their race.

    Chinese and East Indians are legal immigrants so they will be sent back.

    Jews have their homeland.

    Right now the Roman Catholic Church and Christian Zionist churches are collapsing because of diversity and their Christian Zionism. This is forcing these groups to re-examine their beliefs.

    2020 will be wild because of Trump’s re-election. 2024 will be the wildest. Bring it on.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  166. Anon[129] • Disclaimer says:

    It boggles the mind how anyone who is conscious and sane could think that the National Socialist Germans were not correct and justified, at this point in history.

    The Good Guys lost WWII and this is specifically why we are losing Europe. Losing Europe is precisely the grand penalty that vindicates the NS Germans. There is no worse cost that will be able to spotlight the functional (true) morality of that war.

    • Agree: Carolyn Yeager, Malla
  167. @attilathehen


    You’re dealing with projections over 30 years. Change can and will come in an instant.

    True. The projections are a warning. Let’s see how many find them undesirable and are willing to make an effort to change that predicted future. Many may actually want the US to become a “rainbow” nation – it looks like it’s becoming their second flag after the stars and stripes, even under Trump.

    American blacks are moving to the South. There will be a state for them. Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh will not like this. They can move to the black state. We know what a black person is.

    That would be reasonable. I would have thought that original American blacks would. or should, be allied with whites against further immigration as it threatens them too, but now the US is importing even more blacks from Africa.

    Chinese and East Indians are legal immigrants so they will be sent back.

    From those charts they seem to be a minor problem but I suspect there are, or will be, more of them than predicted as they are spreading out everywhere the world over from their source regions.

    Jews have their homeland.

    True but they need the US and wield far too much power there. Many will be looking to go crypto white if it gets critical for them. They’ll be a problem, or looking to cause problems to and for others, that’s for sure.

    Right now the Roman Catholic Church and Christian Zionist churches are collapsing because of diversity and their Christian Zionism. This is forcing these groups to re-examine their beliefs.

    They’re accepting of LGBTs and gay marriage – if that means collapsing or expanding I don’t know. I’m not sure what they believe any more.

    2020 will be wild because of Trump’s re-election. 2024 will be the wildest. Bring it on.

    You could be right there … you just could be. Those are about the critical years to get anything done as if things continue the same way it will get almost impossible to change that slide into a Brazil type nation – can’t really say a South Africa as blacks will still be a minority. I still feel whites need some plan B, something to fall back on, if things don’t work out their way, both individually and collectively. You seem more optimistic than many others from the US who post here. I don’t live there so it’s hard for me to judge the public mood, or avenues open for any such mood to find expression in anything workable and worthwhile – just have to go by what you guys write. It seems that you have so much stacked against you, what with the laws and regulations, denial of service by media corporations and authorities to propagate your views, etc., etc.

  168. Where do you live? A general area is fine if you don’t want to be too specific.

    I do feel optimistic. I’m a Western nationalist. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim.

    The problem is the cucked Western male (who is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim/gay). We will deal with this creature first.


    I live in an area “vibrating with diversity” so I see what’s happening up close. I have no fear of a race war. Whites are too well-armed. Most of the crime is in the black area and the only time whites have problems with blacks is if they’re romantically involved with a black or dealing drugs with them. We have illegals from Latin America but they rarely attack whites. We have concealed carry but I am not armed. I feel safe. Also, no place is 100% safe. Life is a risk no matter where one is.

    American blacks are in favor of immigration. Blacks must have their own state. Their low IQs render them incapable of any rational thinking. There will never be any common ground between Caucasoids and Negroids. Integration has failed. I’ve known many nice blacks, but bottom line: I would not want any member of my family to marry a black. Many Caucasians get disowned if they marry Negroids. By giving them a state, they will be forced to start learning how to care for themselves. If whites want to be with blacks, they will move to the black state. Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, the Kardashians, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh – they can be the leaders of this black state. Any white-black couples will have to move to the black state.

    “Jewish power” is given to the Jews by the cucked Western male. We do have freedom of speech, but the cucked Western male refuses to exercise it. Alt-tech has taken off so the censorship issue is moot. No thanks to the cucked GOP RINOs. Jews have high intermarriage rates with blacks/Asians so the Ashkenazi Jew (Caucasian) is disappearing. Jews are not a Western people so they cannot have citizenship in Western nations. I support Israel because Jews do need a homeland. I went to Israel for Christmas and had a very nice time. As long as Christian holy sites are safe, I have no problems with Israel. Israeli Christian Arabs are the only Arabs not fleeing their country. Muslim Arabs are low IQ and nothing but problems. Muslim Palestinians can have Jordan for their state.

    The RCC and Christian Zionist churches are collapsing and whites are converting to the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church is racial/ethnic. The hierarchy and structure are not as rigid as the RCC or as loose as the Protestant churches. Homosexual priests have taken over the RCC. I left the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes. Many Protestant churches have gay/women pastors. The Orthodox Church is very strict about its liturgy so you don’t get much of the nonsense in the RCC and Protestant churches. The Orthodox Church will be the church of the West.

    I don’t see the USA turning into Brazil because the black birth rate is very low. Brazil is more than 55% black. Most of the blacks live in the north of the Brazil and the whites live in the south. The country has de facto divided. It’s interesting that Bolsonaro was elected the president. He survived an assassination attempt, but he is now basically useless. He did get rid of gun control so whites can defend themselves against black criminals. Besides this, there is nothing else that can be done for Brazil unless the country formally divides itself and the whites build a wall between the black north and the white south.

    The illegals from Latin America will be deported. The only acceptable Latin Americans are the Caucasians. I know many who have assimilated and are not a problem. Christian Arabs from Lebanon and Syria are fine. The American Indians and Eskimos are not problems.

    It is blacks, Asians (Chinese, Korean, East Indian), Jews and Muslims who are the problem.

    As to the commentators, many of the commentators fall into several categories. Many commentators are insane anti-Semites. Anytime I read commentators blaming the Jews for everything, they are eiher government operatives or insane. Stay away from the Hitler nonsense. This is why we can’t get ahead. Look at comment no. 171. He’s either a government operative or insane. Many “Nazi” sites are run by the government.

    The next group of commentators are the Western males involved with Asian females. You can see my response to Radical Center. There are racial groups: Caucasoids, Mongoloids, Negroids. Caucasoids have the highest IQ and are the peoples of the West. The Japanese are the only intelligent Asians. Blacks have the lowest IQs. The Western males involved with Asian females are always babbling that they married them because Western women are fat, tatooed feminists. No, it’s because these males are losers. If Western males want Asian females, they must move to Asia.

    The next group of commentators are the traditional Roman Catholics who accept black/Asian priests-popes. They think that the RCC can save the West. Not anymore. Diversity destroys and it has destroyed the RCC. Not Christianity. I am still a Christian. But, the future Christian churches will be racial/ethnic.

    Many so-called “conservative websites” have been outed. VDare, AmRen are Jew-controlled opposition. Grifters like (((Lauren Southern))) (she dates black males) have been exposed. Trump has exposed the GOP for what it really is. Lately, writers at VDare and AmRen have been babbling nonsense about the USA breaking up. America will not break-up. We have to secure our borders and start deporting people. We must get control of our schools and universities and start teaching that the West is the best and what the West is and is not.

    There is no plan B because there are no places to run to. There are no more empty spaces on earth. As for the cucks who think they will make the chickensh*t flight to the moon or Mars – no. The moon and Mars cannot be inhabited by humans.

    It is time to start planning the Reconquista. 2024 will be the new 1492.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  169. Malla says:

    This Epstein/Maxwell/Barak/Netenyahoo/Rothschild Shadow Government has governed America for the last 3 decades. All major economic and military decisions have come from them.

    LOL these guys have been running America for more than a century at the least.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  170. @attilathehen


    I’m in Europe. Half of it has similar problems to the US, the other half not yet. I am aware of most of what you wrote but not as confident that it will work out the way you expect. I was hoping for Italy to be the first to start deporting immigrants en masse but other than stopping some new arrivals it has not yet happened. I would like to see the trends we have been observing for the past several decades change, slow down, reverse … let’s see how it goes.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  171. Durruti says:

    LOL these guys have been

    running America for more than a century at the least.

    You are correct. Your “running America” is accurate for – the Domination of American economy, ‘education’/Mainstream Media, and most decisive control over America’s political decision making. Recall the switch from Vaudeville to Motion Pictures, which enabled improved levels of Mass Brainwashing-1900ish? And who did Mel Gibson’s father say controlled Hollywood?

    If one analyses the Core Relevance of the recent Epstein, Maxwell (father & daughter), Clinton (in a blue dress), and Entity Prime Minister Ehud Barak, American Shadow Government and their tight connection to MOSSAD, and their coming to Power and stabilizing their control of America after November 22, 1963, 30 years, plus or minus a few hours, is about right.

    The significance of the Show:

    The significance of the 72 American Congressmen/women receiving their orders in the Entity (& implants?), at the same time as the aging (Epstein is 68), Shadow Government is retired (with a Hollywood produced Stage Presentation involving a cast of abused little girls & boys to misdirect our prurient attention), is overlooked by most sincere, and insincere observers,

    In 2019, The Zionist Oligarch control over America is so solid, so total, that a Shadow MOSSAD/ puppet CIA/FBI government is no longer needed (and therefore, an unnecessary expense). Our Executive, Legislature, & Judiciary -national & state & Local, are Programmed, Implanted, & in Place. America is an Occupied & Subject nation.

    You are correct. I am correct. Now, what are we going to do about it?

  172. @Commentator Mike

    Eastern Europe and Japan are fine.

    Here’s an interesting youtube from Gates of Vienna. It seems that Norway and Denmark are cracking down on immigration. Germany, France, Sweden and England are the countries that have to get serious about repatriating blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims.

    Salvini may be out right now, but I don’t doubt he will come back stronger than before.

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