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Belgian State Media Shamefully Endorses Great Replacement Conspiracy Theory
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State-sponsored hatred spread by Belgian media RTBF.

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A specter is haunting Europe: the specter of basic statistical literacy.

As a law-abiding French citizen, I do not engage in any conspiracy theories or really any thoughts disapproved of by my democratically-elected politicians in the National Assembly and by public-spirited ethno-religious lobbying organizations like the LICRA and the CRIF.

According to Wikipédia, the Great Replacement is an “extreme-right, racist, and xenophobic conspiracy theory according to which there is a deliberate process of replacement of the French and European population by a non-European population, especially from Black Africa and North Africa. . . . The main arguments of this thesis, whether demographic or cultural, are refuted by the great majority of specialists, who reject both the methods from which its rests and its underlying logic.”

Naturally, I then reject the despicable arguments claiming there is a change of the European population citing so-called “facts” such as our current immigration policies, demographic statistics, and quotes of our political leaders celebrating our bright multicultural future.

But now my consciousness is troubled . . . the Belgians, our strange neighbors beyond the village of Quiévrain, are now claiming through their State propaganda outlets that there is a growing change in Belgium’s population.

The francophone State broadcaster RTBF blares with the headline: “Now 20% of the Belgian population is of foreign origin and Moroccans outnumber Italians.” It gets worse in the body text as the article claims that “Diversity in Belgium has increased over the past 10 years. It’s what, in any case, is shown by new statistics on the origin of the Belgian population, published by Statbel.”

RTBF provides striking graphs to illustrate their claims:

Population by origin in Belgium, Brussels, Flanders, and Wallonia. Blue: non-Belgians, light green: Belgians of foreign origin, teal: “Belgians of Belgian origin.”
Population by origin in Belgium, Brussels, Flanders, and Wallonia. Blue: non-Belgians, light green: Belgians of foreign origin, teal: “Belgians of Belgian origin.”

In fact, the headline understates matters because RTBF has hatefully excluded resident “non-Belgians” from the Belgian population. As of 1 January 2020, 12.4% of the population is non-Belgian, 19.7% are Belgian citizens of foreign origin, and 67.9% is native Belgian. Already, native Belgians then only make up two thirds of the population!

Foreigners’ and their descendants are very unevenly spread geographically however. Flanders, a region which votes heavily for anti-immigration parties, is still over 75% native Belgian, while French-speaking Wallonia is only two-thirds Belgo-Belgian. In Brussels, astonishingly, native Belgians barely make up a quarter of the population!

It is true that the Belgian middle class has largely fled the capital, sandwiched between relatively dysfunctional Muslim neighborhoods and gentrifying neighborhoods taken over by European expats.

Ethnic (self-)segregation in Brussels: Europeans in blue, Arabs in pink, Turks in yellow.
Ethnic (self-)segregation in Brussels: Europeans in blue, Arabs in pink, Turks in yellow.

In a recent paper, psychologists Emil Kirkegaard and Baptiste Dumoulin examined the the correlation between Muslim settlement and social outcomes in 589 Belgian municipalities:

We find very strong relationships between Muslim% of the population and a variety of social outcomes such as crime rate, educational attainment, and median income. For the 19 communes of Brussels, we find a correlation of -.94 between Muslim% and a general factor of socioeconomic variables (S factor) based on 22 diverse indicators. . . . For the entire country, we have data for 8 measures of social inequality. Analysis of the indicators shows an S factor which is very similar to the one from the Brussels data only based on the full set of indicators (r’s = .98).

Background of foreign-origin people in Belgium: neighboring countries (including Britain) in red; the EU27 in blue; non-EU27 in green.
Background of foreign-origin people in Belgium: neighboring countries (including Britain) in red; the EU27 in blue; non-EU27 in green.

RTBF also provides data on the origin of foreign-origin people in Belgium: 51.3% are from non-EU countries (mostly North Africans, Turks, and Black Africans), 20.5% are from “neighboring countries” (including Britain), and 28.2% are from other European Union countries. We observe that non-EU migrants are concentrated in Brussels (60.7% of foreign-origin people) and markedly underrepresented in Wallonia. Indeed, the latter has a long previous history of Italian immigration.

Top 5

Romanians have also progressed enormously, now the sixth-most important nationality, with a massive wave of immigration since that country’s access to the EU in 2007. This is a heterogeneous group: many Romanians work in EU affairs as yuppies, others work in blue-collar professions such as construction, go to church, and vote for nationalists, and others still are in fact Gypsies who now make up about half of the beggars that hang about so many of this little global city’s street corners. (Many of these Gypsies have adopted migratory patterns of begging a few months in the West and then returning to the home country in stints.)

Most important sources for foreign-origin residents broken down by region: Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels.
Most important sources for foreign-origin residents broken down by region: Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels.

Over 10 years, the proportion of each category of foreigner (neighboring, other EU, and non-EU) has not varied much.

One important thing not mentioned by RTBF is the age structure of the native vs. foreign-origin populations. As Jérôme Fourquet has emphasized in his study of France, headline statistics often understate the intensity and rapidity of changes because the elderly are included, but as always the future belongs to the young.

Population pyramids for the whole Belgian population, native Belgians, Belgian citizens of foreign origin, and non-citizens. (Source: Statbel)
Population pyramids for the whole Belgian population, native Belgians, Belgian citizens of foreign origin, and non-citizens. (Source: Statbel)

If I were to trust these Belgian statistics, I would add this makes the traditional Wallonian-Flemish bickering over Brussels now look very petty indeed: with native Belgians making up only around 20% of residents, the city is fully lost to both sides. The Belgo-Brusseler is a marginal whose proper place is on the endangered species list.

Brussels may as well be an independent city-state and/or EU capital district, something which would no doubt assuage the new residents’ alienation from smalltime Belgian politics (interminable negotiations and gridlock between the Flemish and Francophone parties). This would also give an opportunity for Brussels to become a “Singapore of the North” by shedding the Belgian State’s appalling tax burden on income and social charges. Then again, I suppose the emerging Afro-Islamic majority Brussels citizens overwhelmingly votes socialist.

But why not make English an official language of independent Brussels? We could even make Arabic and Turkish into recognized minority languages. Then different residents could not only live in different neighborhoods, as they happily choose to do now, but could each be educated in the language and culture that most resonates with them.

But anyway, as a good French citizen, I know these “Belgian statistics” are trash. The idea that the populations of Western Europe are being changed because of the preferred immigration policies of big-business and the multicultural left is laughable on its face.

In fact, I am worried about the influence of RTBF’s conspiratorial reporting on French discourse and social cohesion. What is President Emmanuel Macron doing about the menace-upon-the-Senne*?

* Yes, the Belgians chose a name for the river going through their capital virtually indistinguishable from Paris’.

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  1. Danemarks President Mette frederiksen seems to oppose muslim immigration gruite strongly – from The Telegraph, 23rd of Jan. 2021 (my italics)

    Denmark’s Social Democrat prime minister has declared that she wants the country to receive “zero asylum seekers“, relaunching her party’s drive to be as restrictive on immigration as the populist right.

    “That is our goal,” Mette Frederiksen told Denmark’s parliament on Friday afternoon. “We cannot promise zero asylum seekers. But we can set up that vision.”

    Just 1,547 people have applied for asylum in Denmark 2020, the lowest number since 1998, thanks in part to the Covid pandemic and in part to the country’s tough immigration system.

    But, according to Ms Frederiksen, even this is too many.

    “We must make sure that not too many people come to our country, otherwise our social cohesion cannot exist. It is already under threat,” she said.

    She told parliament that Denmark had in the past made too few demands on the foreigners, allowing them to live on benefits while failing to adopt Danish cultural values.

  2. The “conspiracy” seems to be believing that this process is intentionally done to dilute the power of native Europeans in their homelands. It is hard to know if this is really the case or if it is just another byproduct of Finance Capitalism and a desire for more debtors, but the end results are the same. A more realistic scenario would be that there are multiple interests, you have the Capitalists who have tunnel vision and chase after economic growth at all costs, you have native Leftists who have some weird ethno-masochist tendencies and are willing to shaft their ethnic compatriots in order to spite the Rightists, and then of course you have the various ethnic activists who really are pursuing demographic warfare, to promote their own group’s genetic interests.

  3. @Dieter Kief

    Well, she better watch her back ( and chose very carefully her bodyguards )…If memory serves me well, 4 Swedish Prim-Ministers/politicians were assassinated, or had…’ accidents ‘…Like that Austrian ‘ far-right leader ‘ ( from Zio-media )…Joerg Haider…murdered, I mean…killed in a ‘ car accident ‘ ( ” Boston Brakes ” – like Diana )…JFK didn’t do it ( he trusted the Secret Service ) and lost his brains at Dallas…That’s way Dick ( Cheney, not Nixon ) had a personal protection team…he knew a thing or two, about the long arm of the ‘ secret World government/deep state ‘…( even if served them well )…

  4. @Dieter Kief

    Hello Dieter, thanks for your comment. Noteworthy that this is mainstream Danish political discourse. Contrast Sweden! But how good are the actual policies in Denmark? How great are European and non-European immigration?

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
    , @Peter Lund
  5. @Dieter Kief

    Well even if they appear to adopt Danish cultural values they will never really be Danish will they? in the same way that a Jew who some will see as having adopted the cultural values of such a country even 1500 years ago will still be to all purposes Jewish, or an Arab in Morocco despite having lived there over 1000 years will never really be similar to a Berber Moroccan or a Protestant Brit in Northern Ireland will still look to London and Edinburgh for their inspiration.

  6. songbird says:

    I heard an estimate that Brussels is now 40% Muslim. Whether that it right or not, I suspect that it is the worst capital city in Europe demographically, in terms of nonwhites, with the only major city worse off possibly being Birmingham.

    I’m a proponent of expulsion; I really don’t think that any other solution is possible in the long term. So, in that sense, as long as Europeans maintain a core somewhere there is always hope of remediation.

    But in the meantime, I do admit to a little Schadenfreude at the EU being headquartered in Brussels, even if it not really an official thing. Though, as always, I suspect that the impetus of the political class will be towards settling these people in rural areas and the suburbs.

  7. Anonymous[185] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s gone beyond the ‘expulsion’ stage.
    The state of play, these days, is one of imminent takeover and darkie triumph.
    An old old story about exponential growth:

    Suppose a vast vast lake is seeded with a colony of algae, no bigger than a thumb nail which doubles in size every day until it covers the entire surface of the lake. It takes precisely 100 days for the algae to entirely cover the lake surface.
    On which day is the lake still only half covered?

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @Bookish1
  8. MarkU says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    You are right in suggesting that multiple interests are in play, things rarely happen for just the one reason.

  9. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    have native Leftists who have some weird ethno-masochist tendencies and are willing to shaft their ethnic compatriots in order to spite the Rightists

    Yes, they exist – and they come with something attached to them which is an old concept now and part of the philosophical universalism they maintain – and that is: Their traditional internationalism. Don’t underestimate that. It is the precise equivalent of — God (for those prone to linguistic jokes: They are never frustrated by the real-world outcomes of their idealism (in Marxism masked as materialism) because the most important part of it is that it is a place-holder for God in that it represents – – – – – –

    – – – – – – the unexpected, the inexplicable = transcendence & translucent dialectical transgressions of all imaginable kinds (for a shortcut here: think of PARADISE (including sexual liberation (Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse, Masters/Johnson, Lennon/Ono, Bhagwan/Osho…) and boundless pleasures an’ all that)). In other words: The left’s heaven is internationalism****. And this heaven should not be underestimated since whishes are – cf. Deleuze/Guattari – what (cf. Freud) drives our bodies (=our souls / deep down inside…. = us human beings).

    **** and internationalism stands in here for: It is always more pleasurable elsewhere than where we are right now (that’s the deepest secret of the left’s internationalism).

    • Agree: Jack Armstrong
  10. Andy says:

    I don’t know much about Belgium, but I was last winter (before the pandemic) in Antwerp for a few days and was surprised to see women with Islamic headdress outnumber other women on the streets at least 2 to 1.

    • Agree: Jack Armstrong
    • Replies: @oliver elkington
  11. MarkU says:

    You are right, the process is too far advanced already to end well. Most people do not understand the exponential function.

  12. @Guillaume Durocher

    Thilo Sarrazin was delighted when he read the Danish news****.
    Mette Frederiksen is the head of the Danish government and she does what she says. European immigration is a factor but can be handled appropriately, I’d think.

    Ahh – Swiss grass-root news from lefties living there: They don’t attack me personally for my positions as they did before – and: They say that a consensus is building up in Switzerland, that immigration has to be regulated (=cut back) in order to keep the country on track. – Even in the left-leaning daily Tages-Anzeiger (the most read in Switzerland by a long shot) you can read, that open borders are no goal in itself – and that the discussion thereof should be de-ideologized. The union-wing of the left makes the point, that open borders bring down wages (that can’t be overestimated not least because lots of union leaders and spokespersons are secondos – kids of immigrants – and have thus a strong standing in the Swiss public).

    the German Social Democrats are still trying to throw him out – but what shall they do in the Socialist International with their icon (A Social Democratic Women President!) Mette Frederiksen? – They are really stuck! I like that.

    • Agree: lavoisier
  13. There will eventually be an expulsion, but it might be a surprise what group actually gets expelled.

  14. @Andy

    Must have been a suburb of Antwerp, the centre is in general quite nice, in general it is a very smart city and coming from a country where our second city is Birmingham(not the one in Alabama) i weep when i think of how liberals talk about such a city as being “wonderfully diverse” when it is a general dump and one that for obvious reasons would never attract any number of tourists from America or even Europe. I hope Antwerp does not go downhill as i did like it there last time i was there 4 years ago and it is a city that contains such history and a beautiful smartly dressed and well presented people.

  15. MarkU says:

    Care to make more definite predictions? the way you have formulated it you can claim to be right whoever is expelled and whenever it might occur. “Might” and “eventually” are both words that allow you more or less infinite leeway.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  16. I don’t know whether this applies to Belgium, but the theory that immigration policy in France is significantly driven by business interests seeking cheap labor is not very convincing. Much less than for the US. It was the case in the 1960’s and until the mid 1970’s, but immigration to France has been for more than 40 years driven by family reunification and a generous and fraud-prone welfare system attracting 3rd world population. Some sectors still like cheap labor (agriculture, restaurants and cleaning services) but they are not that influential. Large companies will tend to virtue-signal about all progressive causes du jour (e.g. gay rights, gender equality or transgenderism) and immigration is no different.
    European countries are facing an existential disease of immune deficiency (disarmed immunity against external threats) and auto-immunity (attacking one’s body and defenses in the name of anti-racism). The disease is primarily institutional and ideological, rather than economic.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  17. I am impressed by the extremely high correlations for Brussels between the share of Muslims and social ills. I was under the impression that there was a significant Congolese population in Brussels. Am I mistaken? Are they well-behaved because they come from upper economic classes in DRC? Do they tend to live in the same neighborhood as Muslims (in which case they would not reduce the statistical correlations)?

  18. Lot says:

    What’s the least white large European city?

    Brussels is the least white that I’ve been too judging by the people on the street and central business areas.

    I can’t find the info online. Here’s the least white British and American cities:

    The largest 272 American cities ranked most to least non-hispanic white:

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  19. Anonymous[905] • Disclaimer says:

    Apparently, all ‘labor’ immigration into France was halted in 1974.

    – most of France’s darkies entered after that date.

    Enough said.

  20. Anonymous[905] • Disclaimer says:

    Birmingham, the UK’s second biggest city is majority non white, and has been so for decades.
    Not coincidentally, it was Enoch Powell’s birthplace.
    London, England, is also majority non white. As its population is something like 10 millions, the non white character of the place impresses upon the visitor very strongly.

  21. But how good are the actual policies in Denmark? How great are European and non-European immigration?

    In my evaluation the Danish state generally pursues an assimilative “Liberalism in One Country” policy.

    As part of this the government tries to break up parallel societies and manage the negative outcomes of foreign residents.

    One policy is to designate a maximum of ethnic minority pupils not only each school but also, IIRC, in each classroom.

    Another is the infamous “Ghetto law”:

    Denmark has compiled this “ghetto list” annually since 2010; the criteria are higher than average jobless and crime rates, lower than average educational attainment and, controversially, more than half of the population being first or second-generation migrants. The government essentially sees these neighbourhoods as irremediable urban disasters, and in May 2018 it proposed dealing with them by mass eviction and reconstruction. The homes of up to 11,000 social housing tenants could be on the chopping block.


    In addition, the law itself applies differently in these neighbourhoods. The first stage of the government’s so-called ghetto deal set higher penalties for crimes, and allowed for collective punishment – by eviction – of entire families if one of their members commits a criminal act.

    Other laws seem designed to force the integration in Danish society of immigrant communities. Pre-school children must spend at least 25 hours a week in state kindergartens with a maximum migrant intake of 30%, and face language tests. Otherwise their families’ benefits can be revoked.

    But the most stringent part of the plan came into force on 1 January 2020, when these areas must slash their public housing stock to no more than 40%. To achieve this within 10 years, entire blocks will be emptied and converted into private and co-operative housing, from which people on low incomes will be barred. In some cities (though not Copenhagen) the blocks will simply be demolished.

    Current tenants will be offered alternative accommodation, but no control over its location, quality or cost. Those who refuse can now simply be evicted. Adding insult to injury, the eviction and renovation plans will be paid for from proceeds from a fund paid into by public housing tenants themselves.

    Recently there is increased funding for apartments and social workers for victims of “negative social control”, meaning Muslim honour culture, a measure having been pushed for by the Leftist parties.

    A prohibition on niqab and burka and other face coverings in public, introduced in 2018.

    The government has also recently voiced criticism of the social services lack of reaction to the domestic mistreatment of immigrant children including corporal punishment and forcible veiling.


    As for Danish demographics, the state has for years divided up immigrants into Western and non-Western origin.

    A note on how the Danish government defines “Western” and “Non-Western” groups:

    Western – Anglosphere +EU and associated states like Norway, Switzerland, Andorra, etc.

    Non-Western: Ex-Yugoslavia minus Slovenia and Croatia, Russia, Ukraine, Bielorussia, rest of the world.

    Not perfect since there are some false positives and negatives but capable for working measures.

    Currently the definition of “Danish origin” is: At least one parent is born in Denmark and possesses Danish citizenship (born or acquired) as well as no dual citizenship.

    I thought that would lead to false positives where Non-Western decendants are classified as Danish but this chart seems to separate them into “Children of decendants: Danish origin” (the red part). (I remember there was some debate over how to prevent the false positives, but was not aware that it was implemented).

    I don’t think there is much in English but the statistics themselves are available here.

    A few months ago the government announced a further clarification on the demographic state statistics:

    Denmark currently sorts immigrants into those of ‘Western’ (EU, UK, US, Canada and Australia) and ‘Non-Western’ (everywhere else) origin in immigration and other population statistics.

    However, Immigration and Integration Minister Mattias Tesfaye has now announced the introduction of the so-called MENAPT group (Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey), a separate category in official statistics.

    “We need more honest numbers, and I think it will benefit and qualify the integration debate if we get these figures out in the open, because fundamentally, they show that we in Denmark don’t really have problems with people from Latin America and the Far East. We have problems with people from the Middle East and North Africa,” Tesfaye said.


    In 2018, 4.6 percent of young men from MENAPT countries were convicted of committing a crime, compared with 1.8 percent from all the other 190 non-Western countries on the list combined.

    The same year, MENAPT women had a 41.9 percent employment rate while women from other non-Western, non-MENAPT countries boasted a 61.6 employment rate.

    Descendants of immigrants will now also be classified as foreign under the new statistical regime, despite being born in Denmark. Curiously, Tesfaye, who describes himself as “half Ethiopian and 100 percent Danish,” falls under this category, and insists “I think you should be proud of who you are.”

    Immigrants and their descendants account for roughly 14 percent of Denmark’s 5.8 million population, while those from the MENAPT group specifically account for 54.5 percent of the total 516,000 non-Western classification.

    “These new figures will provide a more honest political discussion about the minority of immigrants who create very great challenges for our society,” Tesfaye claims.


    Tesfaye added that the creation of new designations for immigrant groups is not a tool in and of itself, but merely a means by which politicians can make better-informed policy decisions in future.

    While I would have liked the break up some of the remaining non-Western groups into more specific categories like Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, South Asia and the Far East, it is an overall significant improvement in its statistical utility.


    So to summarise (presumably pre-Coronavirus situation) near-contemporary Danish demographics:

    Western immigrants 5.1%

    MENAPT immigrants – 4.8%

    Remaining non-Western immigrants – 4.0%

    Ethnic Danes – 86.1%

  22. For all people living in great replacement drop zones, you’re about to see that anywhere the great replacement is concerned Biden and his liberals won’t mind if that dumb virus spreads at all.

  23. Bookish1 says:

    It is not beyond the expulsion stage if things are done right. The whole muslim population of Brussels couldn’t be expelled at once but a bit at a time would do it.

  24. @Dieter Kief

    Mette Frederiksen, the Prime Minister, is just talking the talk. And she is doing it very quietly. She is not now, nor will she ever be, walking the walk.

    Half her party disagrees strongly with that vision and wants an even bigger yearly Muslim import. Most of the rest want something like the status quo. Her parliamentary support consists of two extremely socialist parties — and one party who wants the state to have more office workers with university degrees that don’t require too much math — who all want a sharp increase in the Muslim import.

    Everybody knows you have to pretend to be tough on immigration (part of the time, while winking and having your fingers crossed behind your back) to win elections here.

    One of the first acts of her government was to roll back most of the — sensible but too weak — immigration restrictions the previous government had implemented…

  25. @Hyperborean

    More fine-grained stats are available:

    Look at page 112, for example. Unfortunately, they only published “corrected” crime indexes, giving you a choice of 4 different “corrections”. You can get the raw crime numbers if you go back a couple of pages but then you have to find the number of people in each immigrant group elsewhere in the document (and I didn’t bother to figure out where).

    The way “descendants” and “natives” are defined does of course mean that many descendants are counted as native Danes. Some of the recent EU immigration is also Muslim immigration in disguise.

    I have no idea what the real numbers are. All I know is that the official numbers are grossly misleading. Representative extracts from the court lists used to be published on the web — “such and such is accused of having committed crime X” — and they were overwhelmingly full of Muslim names (+ some Turkish and non-Muslim African names). The police districts also used to publish extracts from “døgnrapporten” (a log of all the stuff that happens in the district). Again, full of Muslim names and full of descriptions of “Southern looking men who spoke Danish with an accent”. Maybe that’s why they stopped publishing them…

  26. @Guillaume Durocher

    Contrast Sweden! But how good are the actual policies in Denmark?

    They have recently improved a lot when it comes to certain kinds of crime.
    A bunch of “Swedes” (Somalis) killed a couple of other “Swedes” (Somalis) and tried to kill a third in Denmark in 2019.

    That ended with 20 years each for the youngest killers and life for the rest.

    The previous government (now in opposition) made a deal with the Social Democrats (Mette Frederikseen’s party) and Dansk Folkeparti (one of the anti-immigration parties) in 2017 about harsher measures against gangs. We have a few homegrown gangs (“rockere”/bikers) but most of them are immigrant gangs and even the homegrown ones have immigrant members as well.

    Note item 1: 50% longer punishments if guns or explosives are used in public as part of a crime.

    We used to have 16 years as our max time-limited punishment and then life (which usually meant a bit less than 16 years unless you killed police officers) and “forvaring på ubestemt tid” (indefinite detainment) for dangerous psychopaths who the psychiatrists claimed were mentally sane (I kid you not) and then finally “behandlingsdom” (treatment judgment) for people who are obviously crazy.

    Note that not a single party from Frederiksen’s parliamentary support was in favour of that deal.

    As you can see, EL, ALT, and RV voted against the law changes. EL = Enhedslisten = The Unity List (Communists), ALT = Alternativet = The Alternative (Weakly socialist party for innumerate Champagne Socialists who love the local variant of the Grauniad and other people’s tax money), RV = Radikale Venstre = The Radical Left, which used to be a misleading name for that party. It is mostly a party for school teachers, people with long math-free university degrees or who are dreaming of getting such a degree, and people who have office jobs in the state.

    Those parties are the parliamentary support for Frederiksen, together with SF…
    SF = Socialistisk Folkeparti = Socialist People’s Party is another semi-Communist party for innumerate school teachers who think they are well educated. It is quite weird that they actually voted in favour of that law.

  27. Bookish1 says:

    At least the issue is being discussed. Worse would be for people to go around with their blinders on as they used to for so many years.

  28. Wyatt says:

    56% Belgian mutt meme soon. Hilarity to ensue right after.

  29. @Peter Lund

    Socialist People’s Party is another semi-Communist party for innumerate school teachers who think they are well educated. It is quite weird that they actually voted in favor of that law.

    I see. A reason to be glad. (Martin Walser).

    In the days of old, you made such people into missionaries and send them away to the Danish West-Indies or to Ghana…Now they hang around at home and – do all kinds of unwanted things…

  30. @Peter Lund

    One of the first acts of her government was to roll back most of the — sensible but too weak — immigration restrictions the previous government had implemented…

    As an aside: 1500 Muslim immigrants in 2020 does not seem to be that many.

    Biel (50 000 inhabitants) Swiss industrial town, took in 300 people from Black Afrika alone.

    • Replies: @Peter Lund
    , @Peter Lund
  31. Bartolo says:

    The Great Replacement is not real / is fantastic and enriching / is a punishment for colonialism. All 3 at the same time!! There is nothing the Great Replacement cannot do or be <3 <3 <3

  32. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    The replacement is a goal not a side effect of other policies.
    Native born whites witnessing the destruction of their culture and demeaning of their living standards are far more likely to be obstacles than semi-literate at best, immigrants just gifted a ten fold increase in theirs, but the whites would be much more likely to resist a totalitarian restructuring of their countries regardless of economic factors.

  33. No Expert says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    M. Durocher, these figures are frankly terrifying.

    The “conspiracy” seems to be believing that this process is intentionally done to dilute the power of native Europeans in their homelands. It is hard to know if this is really the case

    The root problem is liberalism, specifically second wave feminism and birth control. Without a major cultural shift promoting marriage and family formation as the preferred activity for White Europeans in their twenties this ship is not going to turn around. It could be done if the propaganda organs were to be seized.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  34. @Peter Lund

    Mette Frederiksen, the Prime Minister, is just talking the talk. And she is doing it very quietly. She is not now, nor will she ever be, walking the walk.

    I said the same thing on another post months back. People underestimate professional politicians. Denmark is also still signatory to things like the European Convention on Human Rights.

    Everybody knows you have to pretend to be tough on immigration (part of the time, while winking and having your fingers crossed behind your back) to win elections here.

    Equally Brits were conned four times on immigration. First by Thatcher then Cameron in 2010 and 2015. In 2019 the narcissistic Turkish Jewish clownish PM also talked about curbs but is now importing ‘yellows’ from Hong Kong plus wants amnesty for millions of ‘wog’ and ‘paki’ illegals.

    Macron is following the same script with his war on Islam and (((Anglo-Saxon))) wokery, both low hanging fruits, to blunt Le Pen.

    Once upon a time Merkel also charged multiculturalism had failed but then opened the borders.

    Christian Dürr of the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) is more candid about immigration i.e., importing people is cheaper than raising birth rates of natives. He claims Germany needs 500,000 new immigrants each year.

  35. @MarkU

    Obviously he is suggesting that it is the Muslims and Africans that will be expelling the White Europeans and nonMuslims from Brussels and ultimately all of Belgium.

    I hope that the Russian Federation will take them in, because I don’t see many other countries with the decency and loyalty to do so. Although fellow Slavs would be best , all Slavic populations are failing to reproduce at replacement rates, so Russia will find it worthwhile to settle for second-best from their perspective. Russia does have a vast territory (and civilization) to defend, administer, and cultivate with a declining, aging population, so it is desperately in need of people who are genetically and culturally as compatible and assimilable as possible. This necessarily means nonMuslim, nonJewish White European or Eurasian people.

    But please, Russians, do NOT ever let the coming flood of refugees from Europe and the USA be eligible for citizenship and voting rights — a flood that may include one of our own children. Permanent residency, a warm welcome, and free Russian-language classes, sure, but never citizenship.

    Russians should not underestimate the willingness of suicidally naive or self-loathing Euros (whether European or American) to recreate precisely the thing they fled. Americans see this with people fleeing California; normal white New Jerseyans saw this with Jews and other people fleeing New York City for decades.

    • Replies: @Hillaire
  36. @Hyperborean

    Thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed information. As to these Danish policies and classifications, however: they will do nothing to prevent the African/Arab and Islamic takeover of Denmark and the consequent subjugation, absorption, or displacement of the Danish people.

    So long as Danes keep having children at a rate that is below replacement rate AND lower than the African, Arab, and Muslim rates, they (Danes) will become a minority — and a disrespected, persecuted, physically unsafe minority at that.

    Laughably ineffective measures like limiting the percentage of nonDanes in each school or classroom, prohibiting niqab or burka in public, and the like can and will be repealed or disregarded as the Muslims and Africans colonizing Denmark become more numerous and more aggressive.

  37. @Peter Lund

    What use are harsher sentences for violent crimes or crimes involving firearms or explosives, when they keep importing more of the same groups responsible for perpetrating a disproportionate and Increasing share of those crimes?

    Also, long prison sentences for such violent foreign colonizers further harms Danes: they get taxed more to pay for the prisoners’ upkeep for decades. Better to execute the serious or repeat violent offenders and be done with it.

    • Replies: @Peter Lund
  38. @Dieter Kief

    Who on Earth told you we only got 1500 — and why do you believe them?

    Do note that the importation happy tend to talk about citizenship, asylum seekers, people with refugee status, foreign students, and temporary labour migrants in the same way that trickster thieves play the shell game with naïve marks. “Oh, they were only 1500”, “Oh, they are temporarily here, don’t worry”.

    Btw, we had lots of temporary labour migrants from Africa in the years up to 2008. They were such a sharp contrast to our Somalis that it was scarcely believable. They all spoke decent English and many of them had learned decent Danish in a year or two — while working, and without needing official, properly sanctioned classes or any support from the government. And they were usually nice people to boot!

  39. @RadicalCenter

    If it were up to me, all 5 “Swedish” assassins would have been executed — together with the “Swedish” target who got away. They were all deeply involved in gang crime in Sweden.

    The harsher punishments do make it less appealing to operate in Denmark. They were also combined with lots of other improvements in the penal code that limited where gang members (and “gang adjacent” people) could gather and who they could see while on parole. I linked to the whole thing and google translate is a thing…

    We will probably have to close our border to Sweden at some point in the future because we are deeply negatively affected by Sweden’s crazy immigration policy. Our own is not nearly as insane.

  40. @Dieter Kief

    Citizenship is given by law in Denmark. We pass two such laws per year. They list the names of everybody who gets citizenship + the city they live in (and occasionally their country of origin and whether their children also get citizenship).

    Here are the two laws from 2020:

    Take a glance at the 4805 names. Does it look like only 31% have Muslim names? On top of that, there are all sorts of immigrants who live here without having Danish citizenship.

  41. @songbird

    But in the meantime, I do admit to a little Schadenfreude at the EU being headquartered in Brussels, even if it not really an official thing. Though, as always, I suspect that the impetus of the political class will be towards settling these people in rural areas and the suburbs.

    They can attack the King’s car, but la samah Allah they start attacking EU apparatchiks.

  42. @Peter Lund

    Who on Earth told you we only got 1500 — and why do you believe them?

    See my comment NO. 1 above – The Telegraph, 23rd of Jan., 2021

    • Replies: @Peter Lund
  43. @Dieter Kief

    Those were asylum seekers.

    > 1500 Muslim immigrants in 2020 does not seem to be that many.

    We gave citizenship to more. We allowed “familiesammenføring” (family “re”unification) for more. Familiesammenføring is often a scam, especially with certain ethnicities.

    See the table on page 11.

    Granted, not all of them are Muslim but the majority is bound to be. There will of course also be Danes+Germans, Danes+Poles, Danes+Thai, …

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  44. @Peter Lund

    MP Mette Frederiksen is unmistakenly outspoken against asylum seekers. she wouldn’t have to do that. But she does. – She would be under the sharpest attacks if she said anything like that in Germany. – Oh and thanks too for saying that Danish immigration policy is not as insane as the Swedish one.

    I found it very interesting, that Norwegian Government officials (a minister – a women, if I recall correctly) said, they think Sweden is clearly on the wrong track (on the road to disintegration and chaos even. From what I remember, she said the same thing as you do: That it might become necessary to close the borders to Sweden. And she added – still: If I remember correctly – that the border then would for sure be closed – for native Swedes too.
    A sermon like Abraham a Sancta Clara’s…

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  45. @Dieter Kief

    Norway will never close the border. Never. There is not a single honest politician in all of parliament. The debates are like watching a competition in treason and mental insanity. Every single one of them should be publicly executed. Especially the Prime Minister. I would volunteer for that personally. Germany at least has a semblance of sanity with the AFD.

    In contrast to Sweden and Denmark, Norway’s political class are well trained in submission having been a colony for close to 600 years. By now they have become their own particular breed.

    On the other hand we did have Quisling, so there is some potential if the pest can be thrown off. But this pest extends like a veil over the entire government apparatus, hindering any and all attempts at opposition. In this country, if killing you is too bothersome, they have the entire medical profession ready to declare you insane and lock you up for the rest of your life, chemically altering your brain with drugs, Soviet style. And the media will be absolutely silent about it.

    One Minister had a private contractor murdered because the work man was unhappy about being stiffed by the multi millionaire politician. He was found drowned with cement blocks on his feet. Suicide. Media never reported it. And this was some low level business dispute, not a political threat. The Establishment does not fuck around in this little, liberal Scandinavian “paradise”.

    And an example how corrupt it can be at the top level. One rich guy, from the protected class, was caught red handed in some big financial crime. As if we were back in feudal times, the Police politely put the case in a drawer. And the rich guy, knowing how untouchable he is, created a public web site where he documented his own crimes for all to see. For the laughs. He knew he was completely safe. This is the real Norway that very few know about.

  46. Hillaire says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Your ignorance is somewhat understandable, some fools wish to seem reasonable even when dealing with the unreasonable..

    The aim is most certainly to dilute and ultimately destroy native ethnic cohesion, how that may be attained points more to your aimless musings, all projects may I add, rolled out in sympathy in support of the larger work.

    ‘the abdication of the white man’

    refer to churchills jewish handler and fake aristocrat, architect of bombing terror campaigns..

    frederick lindemann, viscount cherwell

    also that ‘mongrel bastard kalergi’ etc etc.. all private plans by groups of men are conspiracies.

  47. Hillaire says:

    You obviously know nothing about Russia, a crime ridden multi-cultural hell hole already passed the point of no return, all they have is land….. and vodka.
    You should instead be preparing to fight for what is yours in your homeland with your own country men.

    All this talk of running to the east…. pah ! I’m sure the Russians have no need of you. We certainly have no need for them.. thirty million and counting.

  48. Hillaire says:

    Indeed the political class in all western countries is as you describe.. removing them all has to be the main priority.

    Though it must be said female politicos are a particularly loathsome subset, the men more resemble some form of insect life.

  49. Johan says:

    Living in Belgium, since about two years, I see nothing else than a consumerist work-slave mass man monoculture. Just like in the rest of the Western world. In one village in Flanders, the Western mass man’s monoculture was so intolerable, depressing and crude that moving into the city of Ghent, I was happy to see some non integrated foreigners. Though you can only speak of diversity as long as they are not ‘integrated’ into Western mass man’s monoculture yet. There is about next to no diversity in the West.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  50. @Dieter Kief

    The GATESTONE Institute has a detailed report about the immigration/Islam debate in Denmark –

    Places, where things like that are debated, are the ones that are ahead of the curve.

  51. @songbird

    I don’t know much about Belgium except – it’s WW1 neutrality – that it has nice beer – and that their national football side is very mixed race. Belgium’s teams do well at international tournaments (Euros and World Cup) for their size. I was surprised though at how mixed race they were in the last World Cup. I wondered how and when that changed. I thought it was a case where they just gave citizenship to good players to have a better team. But seems that it’s a society thing.

  52. @No Expert

    In all developed nations – feminism has seemingly taken root. Also – wherever you have a more educated population there tends to be a drop in birth rates. But then again – it’s more about the females then too… If women still were home rather than chasing careers- educated men would still have more children… Each society has to decide what they want… It’s almost impossible to have it all.

  53. @Johan

    You sure do offer a different perspective on things. What do you imply by “not ‘integrated’”? Not perhaps: loud, criminal, homeless? One way to cope with living in that depressing monoculture is keeping to yourself – societies everywhere tend to be uniform and boring, and changing your environment can be exciting at first but after a while it all gets to be the same, even if in a different way.

  54. Maciano says:

    Brussels as an independent city state headquarter of the EU, with a low-tax regime, is indeed the only and viable solution. Don’t worry about the locals voting socialist, a low-tax regime in Europe is very doable and the only way to make it; growth by itself would make socialist policies unnecessary. Even cab drivers & waiters would make good pay there.

    Afterwards, Flanders & Netherlands can become the Dutch federation, with a serious degree of autonomy for both. We would figure out how to make it work.

    Wallonia should just become a French province, which, culturally speaking, it already is anyway and always has been. It’s just not possible for Wallonia to remain economically independent; it would be as poor and powerless as Slovenia.

  55. @songbird

    It’s not that I want to see expulsion.
    I would have preferred that our national ‘democratic’ assemblies had lived up to their ideals and never allowed this to happen. Further, I would have preferred that they have come to their senses at some point. What the Social Democrat PM in Denmark is saying should have been acceptable speech decades ago in the West. Instead Jews and their agents screamed ‘racism’, the capitalist overlords sat back rubbing their palms in glee and the will of the people was sh#t upon. Now we are getting to the point of critical mass.

    We need to expel in an orderly and legal fashion. We need constitutional amendments that address the fundamental issue that our free societies were created by Europeans, and their diaspora, and that as such they must be populated by a majority European population. Then, in an orderly and legal fashion, we begin to deliver expulsion orders to Berbers, Arabs, Turks, South Asians, East Asians, and Africans. With all these people packed up and gone we can then focus on the core problem by expelling all Jews to Israel. That state was created for them yet they choose to live among Europeans and the Diaspora because they can engage in corrupt and predatory business practices and offer government a cut of the action.

    It is time to end this degeneracy and corruption.

    We cannot allow this situation to devolve to the point where actual violence occurs. IMHO, that must be avoided at all cost.

  56. @Peter Lund

    What you describe of African temp workers has been my experience too. I have met many Africans from countries that were former French colonies and found them to be very civil, hard working, religious people (in a good way) who spoke beautiful French.
    Unfortunately, what I know about Africa still makes me nervous especially given the performance of Haiti. Despite Islam being in Africa for nearly a thousand years it had never made such inroads in West Africa until recently. For reasons I am not aware, black West Africa has seen a massive conversion to Islam. It is now dominant in areas it never was before.
    Africa has, and will continue to have, problems with issues that are not understood by outsiders. I have no idea as to why but Female Genital Mutilation is rampant in sub-saharan Africa and yet this is independent of Islam.
    For a variety of reasons, African immigration is of great concern. It may not matter if the West skims off their best if in 2 generations there is a reversion to the mean in IQ. Having a bunch of 80 IQ people hanging around in a modern economy does not bode well for the future.
    I see it as importing a time bomb.
    Why do it if you don’t have to? Why risk your children and grand children’s futures?

  57. @Alexandros

    What you describe is the West.
    In Canada, bodies wash ashore on the beaches of Lake Ontario.
    They are noted at the back of The Toronto Star on pg A21.
    They are never identified.
    No mention is ever made of them again.
    This has been going on since the late 1970’s.
    Only certain people know these things in any society. In Canada it is the insiders and the ‘noticers’ (usually members of the chattering classes or, on occasion, very astute observers).

  58. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Basically, you are right Enoch. It is not a “plot” as such. It is a confluence of various issues many you mention and of course, another is the reality that atheist/agnostics in welfare states don’t reproduce and this means the apostate European natives are withering on the vine anyway.

  59. Philip says:
    @Dieter Kief

    She is Prime Minister. The head of state is the Queen.

  60. geokat62 says:

    Not only was Mark Potok, of the SPLC, closely tracking American demographics, he was was keeping a close eye on European demographics for some mysterious reason:

  61. geokat62 says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    The “conspiracy” seems to be believing that this process is intentionally done to dilute the power of native Europeans in their homelands. It is hard to know if this is really the case…

    As Barbara Lerner Spectre reminded us all, there is one pivotal driver for this catastrophic phenomenon….

    Never again! means saying goodbye to blood and soil and hello to multiculti.

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