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The French anti-Zionist and civic nationalist writer Alain Soral has finally been arrested. This has been a long time coming. Apparently he was simply taken in the street by three police officers in plainclothes.

According to his website Égalité & Réconciliation:

Alain Soral was taken into custody on Tuesday July 28, 2020 at the end of the afternoon.

The three individuals who arrested him were police officers.

His 24-hour police custody has been extended.

According to his lawyers, he was arrested as part of a preliminary investigation for a press offense: “incitement to commit a crime or offense violating the interests of the nation” (article 24 paragraph 4 of the law of July 29, 1881 ). The offenses in question include, for example, providing false information, conspiracy, insurrectionary movement, raising of armed forces, etc.

A sampling of Jewish reactions:

The International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (effectively the French SPLC) quoting an old French film: “Justice is like the Virgin Mary. If she does not appear from time to time, doubt sets in.”

The Union of Jewish Student of France: “The old relic Alain Soral will not freely walk the streets of Paris this evening. Alain Soral goes to jail. This is end of the game for anti-Semites who think they can act freely.”

Meyer Habib, a rather dimwitted MP representing French citizens in Israel, suggested that the French justice system should follow the lead of California-based tech giants: “The anti-Semitic and holocaust-denying low-life Alain Soral once again arrested! Condemned by the courts 3 times in 2 years, it is high time that he rot in jail! With Dieudonné as his cell partner. Facebook and YouTube have finally started to clean shop, France must follow!”

It’s not clear what Soral has actually been arrested for. He had recently been sentenced to jail, if memory serves, for republishing a holocaust cartoon. A higher court softened the sentence to paying a €5000 fine.

I suspect this time Soral is being shut down because of his highly critical, to not say conspiratorial, takes on the coronavirus pandemic. Certainly, many tech giants have felt more confident about banning alt-media on grounds of public health – even if they had long wanted to ban these people before for ideological or ethnic crime-think.

Alain Soral has long known that one cannot be a genuine dissenter without passer par la case prison (“go to jail [do not pass-go]”) sooner or later, as did his his famed predecessors Marx and Maurras.

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Percentage of infants tested for sickle-cell disease, a treatment applied overwhelmingly to non-infants.
Percentage of infants tested for sickle-cell disease, a treatment applied overwhelmingly to non-infants.

Due to the lack of official ethnic statistics in France, it’s quite difficult to precisely gauge demographic developments. Among newborns, our best proxy up to now has been the testing for sickle-cell disease, a procedure largely limited to populations susceptible to this illness, that is to say those from the Middle East, Africa, India, and parts of south-southeastern European.

I was looking forward to the publication by France Stratégie – a government think-tank attached to the prime minister’s office – of an official report on residential segregation, both in terms of class and ethnicity. The document is however downright disappointing, using questionable and opaque indices rather than straightforward data. (Straightforward data would be: what is the percentage of minorities in France? What is there percentage in each French territory? How evenly distributed are they in each French territory?)

Comparing the situations in 1990 and 2015, the report claims that class segregation is stable, ethnic segregation has decreased slightly, and low-income housing is more evenly distributed. The report suggests that “migratory origin plays a greater role than social class” in contributing to segregation.

Anyway, count this as an umpteenth contribution to the fairly odious genre of official French political science. Such and such is “un phénomène important,” this or that has “un modèle original,” hiding your utter lack of substance under a vaguely pompous and clinical pseudoscientific veneer.

Alongside the report, France Stratégie has published a data visualization tool allowing you to compare data for different French territories and even neighborhoods. While the indices are opaque, you also have real data: most valuably, the changing percentage of non-European immigrants and their children among minors (aged 0 to 18) between 1975 and 2015.

The results are enlightening, both in terms of the accelerating pace of demographic change and manifest urban segregation. Note: these statistics systematically underestimate the percentage of non-Europeans, because only first generation immigrants and their children are counted.

The once-sleepy town of Dijon, now famous for vendettas between Chechen and Arab gangs:

Lyon, France’s third city, with over 500,000 inhabitants:

Marseilles and Aix-en-Provence with over 900,000 inhabitants (a good example of the data’s weakness, as Marseilles actually appears to already be a majority Afro-Islamic city):

Orléans, which Joan of Arc liberated from the English occupier:

Even gentrified inner Paris is being substantially replaced:

The département of Seine-Saint-Denis, essentially the northeast of greater Paris and the resting place of the kings of France, is almost entirely Afro-Islamized:

Etc. The French identitarian news aggregator Fdesouche has more.

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Politico Europe reports:

The take-no-quarter Polish presidential election campaign ended this week with backers of incumbent Andrzej Duda insinuating that his rival would sell out the country to Jewish interests.

It’s a dangerous tactic in a country with a long tradition of anti-Semitism, but something that appeals to the country’s hard-core nationalist voters, crucial in a race that polls show as a dead heat between Duda and liberal Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski ahead of Sunday’s election.

Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, made a rare campaign appearance late Thursday, taking part in an interview at an ultra-Catholic broadcaster, where he accused Trzaskowski of favoring the payment of restitution to Jews for property lost during World War II.

“Only someone without a Polish soul, a Polish heart and a Polish mind could say something like that,” Kaczyński said. “Mr Trzaskowski clearly doesn’t have them, seeing as he says that this is open to discussion.”

President Kaczynski is most memorable outside Poland as the twin brother of fellow politician Lech Kaczynski, who sadly died in the Smolensk air disaster in 2010.

Polish state television, which is acting as a cheerleader for Duda, has hit similar tones — asking if the Warsaw mayor “will fulfill Jewish demands.”

In the past, Trzaskowski has said “of course we have to talk to Jewish groups and try to resolve this.”

So is this anti-Semitism or a plausible critique? The “slippery slope” may be a logical fallacy, but it’s absolutely a social/political reality.

The issue of Jewish property restitution has been bubbling under the surface of Polish politics for years, and governments of both the left and the right have dodged the issue.

Before the war, about 3.3 million Jews lived in Poland, and about 90 percent of them were murdered in the Holocaust. Many of the homes and businesses they left behind either became the property of the state or were taken over by ethnic Poles.

Poland is the only post-communist EU country not to have passed a property restitution law. The official Polish position is that Jews were citizens of prewar Poland, and their heirs can fight property claims in the Polish courts like everyone else. However, many of these cases are very difficult to litigate and have stalled.

As well, Jewish groups want some form of restitution for the property of millions of Jews who died with no heirs because their whole families were wiped out. Polish law doesn’t recognize such a community right, as people who die with no heirs lose their property to the state.

The rub: the Poles still believe in the traditional Western notion of individual justice, as against the Levantine notion of collective tribal justice.

“I will never sign a bill which says that we will treat the inheritance of people from one ethnic group more favorably than from others,” Duda said this week, adding: “Let the one who started the war pay compensation.”

Well, except where the Germans are concerned!

The question troubles Poland’s relations with the U.S. and Israel, both close Polish allies. The U.S. Congress passed the Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act in 2018, under which the U.S. State Department has to report on progress made on property restitution in 47 European countries, including Poland. Last year, U.S. senators signed a letter demanding Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “act boldly” on the issue.

Eastern European governments always face such foreign pressure from the U.S. State Department, the European Union, and assorted NGOs. Many in the Middle East and Eastern Europe come to an early understanding of the power of ethnic lobbying in the U.S. when they witness the State Department effectively acting as a branch of the Zionist lobby and the holocaust industry.

The EU has been trying for years to cut off funding to Hungary and Poland – which is very substantial, billions amounting to 2-2.5% of GDP – to punish them for adopting “illiberal democracy.” These attempts have regularly failed because such a move requires the unanimous decision of 26 out of 27 EU countries, and Hungary and Poland can always be counted on to veto on behalf of the other.

However, the EU is now looking at cutting off funding for Polish regions that have adopted resolutions opposing gay marriage and cutting off funding to pro-LGBTI NGOs. This measure looks like it may be able to circumvent the national veto.

The PiS government promised to pass a property restitution law, but like its predecessors balked at the cost.

The issue was seized on by Krzysztof Bosak, a right-wing candidate who scored 6.8 percent of the vote in the first round of the presidential election held June 28.

He insisted that Poland “will not pay reparations for World War II,” adding: “In a legal sense, Jewish claims aren’t any sort of ‘compensation,’ and only an attempt at a capital transfer.”

Both Duda and Trzaskowski are trying to lure Bosak’s voters, with the Warsaw mayor appealing to their economic liberalism, while Duda plays up their common nationalistic views.

In the event, Duda was re-elected with 51.2% of the vote. The campaign proved extraordinarily polarizing and, given the pro-LGBTI Trzaskowski’s strong showing, suggests nativist and conservative populism may not have solid foundations in Poland.

By the way, the Times of Israel has reported that Duda’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, is of Jewish descent, making a Duda rather ineffective anti-Semite. But the claim is disputed.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Holocaust, Israel, Jews, Poland, World War II 
Just Who Was Behind the East African Slave Trade?
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NL: Het Vlaams Belang heeft genoeg van de hypocriete verontschuldigingscultus. Brussels senator Bob De Brabandere en Kamerlid Dries Van Langenhove herstelden dan ook symbolisch het Congomonument in het Jubelpark.FR: Le Vlaams Belang en a assez de l'hypocrite culte des excuses et de la contrition. Le Sénateur bruxellois Bob De Brabandere et le député fédéral Dries Van Langenhove ont donc symboliquement réparé le monument dédié au Congo qui avait été censuré et qui se trouve dans le parc du Cinquantenaire.

Posted by Vlaams Belang Brussel on Thursday, July 2, 2020

Two young Flemish nationalist politicians have symbolically restored a century-old monument to the Belgian Congo. The reason? Not for any particular sympathy for Belgium’s colonial past, but because the monument mentions a taboo fact: the Belgian annihilation of the Arab/Muslim-led slave trade in eastern Congo.

The Monument features a statue of a Belgian crushing an Arab man, with the text: “Belgian military heroism annihilates the Arab slaver.” The word “Arab,” which was chiseled out, has been restored.

The politicians who did this are Senator Bob De Brabandere and Representative Dries Van Langenhove – whom I have previously interviewed for The Unz Review. Van Langenhove has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the national scene through his ability to organize a new generation of patriotic young men and to his leading spectacular direct actions.

The moment was immortalized in a video – in Dutch and subtitled in French – of impressive production value. I translate De Brabandere’s statement below, from the French:

Of course there were many things that happened in the Congo which were unacceptable. But that does not mean that we need to tolerate vandalism in our streets.

One does not need to be a royalist to understand this, a bit of common sense is enough. What’s more, we need to end this cult of repentance. The left-wing political elite is apologizing on behalf of the entire population for events which do not concern them.

This behavior is particularly hypocritical. Indeed, slavery exists today in the far-left North Korea, as well as Africa and the Arab World.

But the left-wing thought-police wants to hide this reality. To not frighten the politically-correct ‘beautiful souls,’ the monument dedicated to the Congo in Jubilee Park has been censored.

The Flemish Movement [Vlaams Belang, VB) has therefore symbolically restored this monument to its former glory. The Flemish Movement is very clear: Let’s stop the destruction of our monuments, let’s end the cult of repentance, let’s protect our heritage!

Don’t expect #BLM and its enablers to start demanding that Arabs pay reparations to Black people.

The Flemish Interest party (Vlaams Belang or VB), which seeks to establish an independent Flanders, is generally known for its hostility to the Belgian State and indifference to Belgian history as such. This event has led to some to wonder if VB can become a “pan-Belgian” patriotic movement, focused primarily on immigration, rather than linguistic and financial conflicts with French-speaking Belgians.

Such a shift has indeed already happened, with impressive speed, in Italy’s Lega (Nord), which used to focus on breaking northern Italy from unproductive and corrupt southern Italy. The same happening the Flemish Movement seems unlikely, but given the creeping Afro-Islamization of the Belgian population and the swift radicalization of globalist-egalitarianism, such a reaction may be called for.

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Results of second round of French municipal elections in selected cities. Image credit: Visactu.

Under the shadow of coronavirus, the French people people have elected their mayors and local councilors for the next six years. Well, some of them did, as a vast wave of apathy swept the nation, leading to a turnout of just 44.7% (19 points lower than in 2014). Perhaps the COVID innovation of mass house arrests has turned the whole nation into homebodies.

Green candidates, often in alliance with the Pinks (Socialists), have seized control of twenty cities, including Bordeaux, Lyon, and Strasbourg. The media is trying to spin this as some kind of national mandate. Le Monde claims President Emmanuel Macron must “green” his policies as a result, but that seems like a great overstatement.

Source: Le Monde
Source: Le Monde

The victories of the bobo-green left are certainly a significant indicator. But really it only concerns a couple million urbanites. What is more striking for me is the complete fragmentation of the political landscape. The incumbent mayors who were reelected to office typically did so by distancing themselves from their national party.

This was the case of the mayoress of Paris, the archetypal wine-bar feminist Anne Hidalgo, who handily won reelection in the face two equally female rivals (Macron’s health minister Agnès Buzyn – the subject of many anti-Semitic criticisms – and former conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy’s former justice minister, Rachida Dati). Hidalgo is notionally affiliated with the Socialist Party, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from her campaign.

Rachida Dati votes in Paris.
Rachida Dati votes in Paris.

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) made one great gain: her partner Louis Aliot has been elected mayor of the southeastern city (120,000 inhabitants) of Perpigan. This is the first time the RN will be managing such a large city. His campaign rarely used Marine’s image or the RN’s famous flame-logo, preferring to cite the backing of non-RN hard-conservative politicians like Robert Ménard (who in some respects is more radical than Marine, as he supports collecting ethnic statistics for instance).

The new mayor of Perpignan: Louis Aliot.
The new mayor of Perpignan: Louis Aliot.

Aliot proclaimed of his election: “It’s the proof that there is no longer a glass ceiling for the National Rally. This so-called ‘republican front’ has fallen tonight in Perpignan and could fall elsewhere in the future.”

The RN may have kept a half-dozen mayorships across the country, but it largely failed to make inroads otherwise. That’s out of 30,143 municipalities in France. Otherwise, the RN’s share of local councilors has collapsed from 1438 in 2014 to 840 today.

Significantly, women have made some progress in these elections. Women have gone from making up 16% of mayors in 2014 to 19.3% in 2020. The smalnness of this increase is essentially due to people reelecting their mayors in the countryside. By contrast, women now lead exactly half of France’s 10 largest cities. This is representative of real power dynamics and of the feminization of elite institutions in general. Already, any overrepresentation of men in any prestigious institutions is automatically assumed to be morally condemnable and needing of rectification. The pink fog continues to descend upon the West.

The biggest news is perhaps the collapse of Macron’s party at local level, failing to conquer or keep a single large city. Le Monde deemed this “a genuine Berezina” for the president.

All this suggests French citizens’ disconnect from politics in general. Elections are held with yawn-inducing frequency in France. Citizens are expected to be informed and care enough to regularly vote in municipal, county (départemental), regional, national (parliamentary and presidential), and European elections. What’s the point of voting for so many offices, especially when these lack visibility or discernible power?

The ruling political parties, which used to be quite well-organized and implanted across the country, are being reduced to personalistic and one-off phenomena, to brands. Macron jury-rigged a party in 2017, appointing many incompetents in the process, but has no local presence. Neither does Marine Le Pen.

National elections remain the most important, but there is a real challenge when the national elections do not actually correspond to a country’s underlying power dynamics (witness the failure of Trumpism in the United States, undermined by an erratic president, the systematic opposition of vast swathes of officialdom at all levels, and the failure to organize the Republican Party into a coherent populist machine).

Overt politics is being reduced to empty fad after empty fad. We have a plethora of talkative candidates with ever-more indistinguishable messages, with unclear responsibilities or mandates, most remarkable for their cosmetic differences.

French elites are quite aware of how alienated the French people are from “their” democracy. As a remedy, people are trying direct democracy. A “climate convention” of citizens was recently organized – theoretically chosen according to lot in true Athenian fashion. In fact, the convention was presided by politicians and think-tankers close to the Greens and the Socialist Party, and the “ordinary citizens” were vetted by the organizers, skewing the convention’s results to the left. Still, Macron is now being pressured to follow their lead.

This initiative led the conservative pundit Éric Zemmour to make the following suggestion on live television: “I propose a citizens’ convention on immigration and demography. I am even prepared to preside it! With a referendum at the end!” A fine idea. As we know, are liberal-globalists oh so love democracy, but for some reason do not like the idea of citizens coming together to decide on this most fundamental question of national destiny.

Éric Zemmour (the Gargamal lookalike) making his modest proposal.
Éric Zemmour (the Gargamal lookalike) making his modest proposal.
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Bad news for southern Europe. It looks like coronavirus will further entrench the European Union’s long-standing disparities between north and south.

According to the European Commission’s estimates, the economies of Italy, Spain, and Greece will all shrink over 9%. By comparison, the EU average is 7.4%. France will shrink 8.2%, while most Nordic/Germanic countries will shrink less than 6.5% (that’s Germany, the Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Finland).

EU unemployment expected to rise from 6.7% to to 9% this year. Unemployment will rise to 9.7% in Portugal, 10.1% in France, 11.8% in Italy, 18.9% in Spain, and 19.9% in Greece. Germany will have 4%.

Deficits are going through the roof, from 0.6% of GDP in 2019 to 8.3% this year. Debt will rise to over102% of GDP, with huge disparities: over 115% for Spain and France, and almost 160% for Italy and 200% for Greece. By contrast, Germany’s debt will rise to 75% of GDP and Great Britain’s to 102%.

In terms of jobs and debt reduction, all of the hard-won gains of the past five years or so have been annihilated.

Nominal GDP per capita (in euros) in selected European countries (source: Eurostat). Italy and Greece never recovered the standards of living of the early 2000s. Note France and Germany decoupling since 2010.
Nominal GDP per capita (in euros) in selected European countries (source: Eurostat). Italy and Greece never recovered the standards of living of the early 2000s. Note France and Germany decoupling since 2010.
Unemployment (%) in selected European countries (source: Eurostat). Southern European countries never recovered from the 2010 eurozone crisis. Notice that France’s performance has been noticeably worse than Germany’s and Britain’s since then as well.
Unemployment (%) in selected European countries (source: Eurostat). Southern European countries never recovered from the 2010 eurozone crisis. Notice that France’s performance has been noticeably worse than Germany’s and Britain’s since then as well.

Macroeconomically, France is now effectively part of southern Europe. From around 1965 to 2000, France was, uncharacteristically, significantly richer than Britain. In the 90s, France was about as rich as Germany, which was then hobbled by the annexation of formerly communist eastern Germany. Today, not having its own currency (unlike Britain) and having an enormous welfare and overregulated labor market (relative to Germany), there is no denying that France is falling behind.

Even before the COVID recession, southern Europe was barely on track for slowly growing out of debt. Now these hopes are completely dashed.

The economic disparities between northern and southern Europe – which have been manifest at least since the late nineteenth century and particularly since the Second World War – are going to become deeply entrenched.

This is part of the reason that I am skeptical of short or even medium term race war scenarios in Western Europe. The fact is that the most diverse and, most often, zealously diversitarian parts of the Western world – Germany, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries, Great Britain, the United States, and the former White Dominions, mostly of north-west European and Germanic background – continue to be more economically dynamic.

Northern Europe and its colonial offshoots continue to be better at creating economic wealth – despite being hobbled by African, Islamic, and Hispanic minority populations which represent an economic drag relative to the natives – than comparatively homogeneous southern European nations and their colonial offshoots (namely the Whitish nations of Argentina and Chile, which have a fair amount of Amerindian blood).

In the 90s and early 2000s, the European Union could still confidently hope that, despite considerable inequalities, its nations would gradually converge to the same standard of living and level of development.

These hopes were encouraged by peculiarly Boomer assumptions: that wealth grows on trees and everyone is equal. When the euro common currency was created in 1999-2002, the European Central Bank declared that the public debt of southern European countries was just as credit-worthy as that of Germany and investments in them were effectively be subsidized. German and, especially, French banks jumped at the opportunity make massive investments in southern Europe, leading in particular to a hypertrophied public sector in Greece and a huge property bubble in Spain. The bubble burst circa 2010.

All this has great political ramifications. The scale of the economic disaster in southern Europe is presumably why German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to a remarkable doubling of the EU budget by €500 billion over the next three years, raising EU loans to fund transfers to countries hit by coronavirus, particularly southern Europe.

This improvized quasi-federal scheme is quite unprecedented, in terms of speed and scale, in EU history. As Jean Quatremer observes, given that the new budget would be financed by relatively painless loans, European leaders may have strong incentives to resort again to such plans in order to find the concluding fudge during their interminable summit negotiations.

Significantly, it appears that the German establishment – not counting the German Constitutional Court – has basically accepted the ECB’s adoption of Anglo-style mass lending to shore up the economy. If continued indefinitely, this will presumably prevent a 2010-11-style financial panic in southern Europe, but this has controversial redistributionary and inflationary implications in the medium term.

Today, even not accounting for highly-fertile immigrants, northern Europe’s fertility seems to be somewhat higher than that of southern and eastern Europe, I suspect because (potential) parents enjoy superior childcare/welfare services and higher/more secure incomes in northern Europe.

If southern Europe does not recover economically, we can expect continued depopulation as their fertility rates remain depressed and their more enterprising youth, particularly the educated, head north. These nations’ financial and political dependence on the north will grow. North-European economies will of course benefit from the inflow of southern European immigrants, partly counteracting the effects of Afro-Islamic immigration.

Politically, we have fertile ground for instability. The Macron régime is already barely able to keep the more uppity elements of the (neo-)French population – whether white gilets-jaunes or Afro-Islamic BLM marchers – at bay.

Italy looks to be on the verge of explosion. Both the political establishment and the people at large are becoming anti-EU. The inchoate populist-leftoid Five-Sar Movement has collapsed. Matteo Salvini’s nationalist Lega is being outflanked . . . by the even more nationalist Brothers of Italy.

Imagine that the euro-globalist establishment in these countries will now have to manage these pressures with additional grinding years of mass unemployment and belt-tightening. Italy has strong prospects for decisively flipping to a national-populist regime in the coming years and joining the ranks of Visegrád. (I am less optimistic for France.)

In the long run, I am talking 30-40 years, we can expect that northern Europe will become so dysfunctional that people prefer living in southern or eastern Europe. Non-Whites currently make up around 20% of the north-west European population. When this rises to 40 or 50%, we can expect the situation to get very unstable indeed.

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We are living in kooky times.

The European Parliament has voted a pro-BLM resolution affirming a wide array of victimarian concepts (“structural racism,” intersectionality, “racialized persons,” and the very francophone “Afrophobia”). Yesterday’s kooky left-wing meme is tomorrow’s law of the land.

The EU lawmakers cite the fact that:

[I]n the US, black people and people of colour constitute up to 40 % of the incarcerated population, while they represent 13 % of the total population; whereas the rate of mortality in police custody in the US is six times higher for black people than for white people and is three times higher for Hispanic people, as is the use of excessive or lethal force, which has disproportionately affected people of colour . . .

Apparently none of the 400+ elected officials who voted for this have heard of FBI crime statistics, which show that black and Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly the same proportion as the figures mentioned above. In Europe, one finds more and more the same dumb American memes.

Identity & Democracy, the nationalist group in the EU Parliament, tabled its own resolution denouncing antifa, the practice of kneeling, “the iconoclastic and sectarian drift of progressivism, which is reminiscent of the Taliban,” and the deafening silence surrounding the mass murders of Christians in Nigeria and White farmers in South Africa. This text has no hope of passing but has the merit of showing that not all Europeans are complicit in their suicide.

American liberal elites are radicalizing to a truly frightening degree. The attacks against George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant are a sign that now, for the first time, the very foundations of the American nation are being explicitly attacked. America is no longer considered a tragically flawed experiment on the path to redemption, but an intrinsically evil nation which must be wholly upturned.

European governments, while sympathetic to BLM, have in fact tried to prevent the chaos from spreading to our shores. Both British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron have affirmed that historical statues must not be taken down in their nations.

Statues of Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle, those heroes of the Second World War, have been vandalized. But so far, there has been no mass elimination of statues, with the exception of those of Leopold II of Belgium. That king, who is now condemned for his colonial enterprise in the Congo, has no nation to protect him.

In passing, I note that Leopold II’s Congo embodies everything wrong with European colonialism: a (pseudo-)humanitarian enterprise driven by capitalistic motives (above all the desire for rubber). No one cares that Leopold II exterminated the Arab slave trade which was still thriving in eastern Congo. No one cares that Belgian colonialism spread basic sanitation and health across that vast territory the size of Western Europe.

Actually, there’s a Monument to the Belgian Pioneers in the Congo in Brussels which was setup just shy of 100 years ago. The Monument is a triumph of colonial propaganda, showing the hapless natives being brought to Christianity and into the loving arms of Mother Belgium. On the left is a statue of a Belgian soldier with his foot on a Caucasian man’s face. Written underneath: “Belgian military heroism annihilates the slaver.”

What is the missing word, you ask? “Arab,” which has been chipped out by someone, probably an Arab. I’m not just saying that gratuitously: the Monument is, tellingly, placed right next to the Great Mosque of Brussels.

How times change!

People claim Leopold II killed 15 million Congolese. Given that Leopold’s agents in the Congo numbered in the hundreds, this would entail a genuinely superhuman efficiency on the part of the Belgians. In the meantime, thanks to the aforesaid gifts of Belgian health and sanitation, Congo’s population has risen from 12 million in 1950 to an estimated 101 million today!

Everything is fine except that you are racist.

Anyway, there have been protests and rioting here and there across Europe, including in France. Actually, in France identitarians gatecrashed the BLM protest by flying a #WhiteLivesMatter banner calling for “Justice for the Victims of Anti-White Racism.” Similarly, right-wing counter-protesters protecting the statues have been stronger, particularly in Britain.

In Dijon, the whole world has been amazed by fighting and heavy weapons used in clashes between Chechens and Arabs. Law enforcement fled and the State was powerless. The affair has been solved by a deal sealed between Chechen and Arab representatives in the local mosque. A first manifestation of White Shariah.

The streets of Stuttgart have descended into chaos as various POCs loot things.

Understand that our stupid world is going to get more stupid. There’s really no telling how low we can go. Inequality is a truth too uncomfortable for our comfy postwar Whites to accept. Protect yourself in the meantime and pray for renewal.

Soft men, hard times, hard men, etc.

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Jean Raspail, the famed French explorer and writer, has passed away at the age of 94. This man is famous in our circles, not just in France but around the world, for his controversial 1973 novel The Camp of the Saints, which imagined what would happen if 1 million Third-World immigrants suddenly landed on the southern French coast.

Apparently, the head French counterespionage in the 1980s, Alexandre de Marenches, gave a copy of the novel to President Ronald Reagan. My own grandfather gave a copy to my father. This is a classic of Western identity under siege.


Raspail in fact was a man varied interests. He cannot be accused of being an ignorant xenophobe. He spent many years of his life on various expeditions getting to know exotic cultures, whether exploring the Inca heartlands and Tierra del Fuego, recording the deplorable social conditions of the Redskins of the United States, or living in Japan. As with many thoughtful Westerners, knowledge of the beauties and richness of distant peoples went hand-in-hand with a greater appreciation for his own Western identity. Raspail has won many prizes over the years for his bountiful and diverse literary work.

With that, I leave you with a translation of one of Raspail’s few public pronouncements, an article published in Le Figaro newspaper on 17 June 2004

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The Fatherland Betrayed by the Republic

I circled around this theme like a dog-handler around a parcel bomb. It is hard to approach it frontally without it exploding in your face. There is the risk of civil death. And yet, this is the crucial question. I hesitated. All the more so given that in 1973, in publishing The Camp of the Saint, I said just about everything on the topic. I don’t have much to add, other than the fact that I think the goose is cooked.

I am convinced that our fate as Frenchmen is sealed, because “they are at home in my home” ([according to French Socialist President François] Mitterrand), within a “Europe whose roots are as much Islamic as Christian” ([according to French conservative President Jacques] Chirac), because the situation is irreversibly moving towards the final swing in the 2050s which will see the “native French” become reduced to the more elderly half of the country’s population, the rest being made up of Africans, Maghrebi or Black, and all sorts of Asians hailing from the inexhaustible reservoir of the Third World, with a strong Islamic majority, including Jihadis and fundamentalists, the latter dance only just beginning.[1]

France is not the only nation concerned. All of Europe is marching towards death. There is no shortage of warnings: notably a report from the United Nations (which is overjoyed by this development), the indispensable works of Jean-Claude Chesnais and Jacques Dupâquier;[2] but these are systematically downplayed and the INED [National Institute for Demographic Studies] is pushing disinformation. The almost sepulchral silence of the media, governments, and European institutions on the demographic crash of the EU-15[3] is one of the most astonishing phenomena of our time. When there is a birth in my family or among my friends, I cannot look at this baby without thinking of what is being prepared for the fecklessness of our “governance” and what he will have to face when he grows up . . .

Not to mention that the “native French” – constantly beat over the head to throbbing drumbeat of human rights, of “welcoming others,” of the “sharing” dear to our bishops, etc, boxed in by a vast arsenal of repressive “antiracist” legislation, conditioned from infancy to embrace cultural and behavioral “métissage” [mixing], and “plural France”[4] and all the excesses of the old Christian charity – will have no other choice than to tighten their belts and melt without complaint into the mold of the new French “citizen” of 2050. All the same, let us not despair. Certainly, there will still be what ethnologists call isolates, powerful minorities, perhaps 15 million Frenchmen and not necessarily all of white race, who will still speak our language in its more-or-less preserved integrity and who will stubbornly remain imbued with our culture and our history, as passed down from generation to generation. But it will not be easy for them.

In the face of the various “communities” which we see emerge today on the ruins of integration (or rather its gradual inversion: we are the ones who today integrate “the other,” and no longer the opposite), who in 2050 will be definitively institutionally settled, [the French minority] will in a sense, I am looking for the right term, be a community of French continuity. This community will be founded on families, fertility, the endogamy of survival, its own schools, parallel networks of solidarity, and perhaps even geographical zones, its own slices of territory and neighborhoods, or even its safe zones[5] and, why not, its Christian and Catholic faith, if by chance that cement still holds.

This will not be a pleasant situation. The clash will occur sooner or later. Something like the elimination of the kulaks through the appropriate legal means. And then what?

Then France will only be peopled by hermit crabs, whatever their origins, who will live in the shells abandoned by a forever extinct species which was called the French species. A species which in no way prefigured, by God knows what genetic metamorphosis, the species that will bear this name in the second half of this century. The process has already begun.

There is a second possibility which I can only express in private and which would require me to consult my lawyer: that the last isolates resist to the point of engaging in a kind of reconquista, no doubt different from the Spanish one, but inspired by the same motives. A dangerous novel remains to be written on this subject. I will not take charge of this, I have already given. Its author is probably not yet born, but this book will see the light of day at just the right time, of that I am sure . . .

What I don’t understand, and what plunges me in the depths of an afflicted confusion, is why so many informed Frenchmen and so many French politicians are knowingly and methodically, I don’t dare say cynically, contributing to the immolation of a certain France (let us not say “eternal,” which disgusts certain beautiful souls) on the altar of a exacerbated utopian humanism. I ask myself the same question concering these omnipresent associations defending the rights of this, the rights of that, all these leagues, these societies of thought, these subsidized little offices, these networks of manipulators who have infiltrated the machinery of the State (education, judiciary, political parties, unions, etc.), these innumerable petitioners, these correctly consensual media and all these “intelligent people” who day after day and inject with impunity their numbing substance into the still-healthy organism of the French nation.

Even if I can almost credit them with some degree of sincerity, I sometimes have trouble conceding that these are my countrymen. The word renegade begins to come to mind, but there is another explanation: they confuse France with the Republic. “Republican values” are evoked in their infinite variation, we learn that to the point of disgust, but there is never a reference to France. Yet France is first a carnal homeland. The Republic, on the other hand, is but a form of government, synonymous for them with ideology, a capital “I” ideology, the great ideology. It seems, then, that they are betraying the former for the sake of the latter.

“I do not need to apologize as a white woman and as a French woman”
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Marion Maréchal Le Pen,[1] the niece of Marine Le Pen and granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, has published a Facebook video reacting to the Black Lives Matter protests, the destruction of historic Western monuments, and French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner’s recent statement that he is ready to “bend the knee” for BLM. I post below an English translation of her comments, as a significant marker of the racial radicalization of discourse in France, both among anti-racists and nationalists. I have not omitted Maréchal’s “Dems Are the Real Realists” caveat at the end.

For those who have not kept up, Maréchal has left politics since 2017, dedicating herself to her daughter, setting up a Right-wing university in Lyons, which is incidentally expanding with an office in Madrid, and giving occasional speeches. She seems to be positioning herself as a unifying figure who could be the junction between conservatives and nationalists in France.

• • •

I am making this video as a kind of epidermic reaction, as a kind of psychological rearmament, so to speak, in the face of this steamroller which is coming down on us with the George Floyd and Adam Traoré[2] cases.

This is a steamroller which is difficult to escape, given that it exists at once in our schools, our universities, our companies, but also sometimes in our churches. And so I want to tell you why I will refuse to bend the knee, unlike apparently the Minister of the Interior.

Because I think by this gesture all these left-wing activist groups – so-called anti-racist, indigenist,[3] Black Lives Matters groups – do not seek respect, but rather humiliation and submission, not tolerance. They ask us not only to bend the kneel, but also to besmirch the memory of our ancestors, to spit upon our history, to purge our heritage, to take down our statues.

I don’t know what nation worthy of the name, having a minimum of self-respect, would accept to bend to such demands.

And yet, a demonstration of just 20,000 people in front of the Palace of Justice was all that was needed – I recall that the yellow-vests represented 250,000 people at the height of the demonstrations – for the government to give way on all the demands, to excuse itself, to condemn an entire profession, that of law enforcement, by recognizing virtually a presumption of guilt, and even refusing to apply the law against manifestly illegal demonstrations, despite the restrictions related to COVID-19.

This is the rule of emotion, of the crowd, of vile political calculation, and, let’s be clear, of stupidity. And I don’t think this is very surprising because this entire ruling class has been nursed on these delirious theories, emanating from American universities and which themselves derive from French theory.[4] I am notably thinking of this infamous “white privilege,” intersectionality, systemic racism – theories which are as delirious in form as in substance.

If we have a Minister of the Interior who is ready to bend the knee and a President of the Republic who submits to and is complicit with these demands, I am convinced that there are like me millions of Frenchmen who are not fooled by this political maneuver and this attempt to subvert minds. I am weighing my words here.

I do not have to apologize as a white woman and as a French woman – you see to what we are reduced to in having to position ourselves on this. I do not have to excuse myself for the death of an African-American in the United States. I do not have to excuse myself for the death of a criminal, Adama Traoré, an accidental death which took place following an arrest which was not linked to his skin color, but to the crime which he and a part of his family apparently committed.

I do not have to excuse myself because I did not colonize. I have colonized no one. I have enslaved no one. In the same way, none of these political groups and activists have been colonized or enslaved. If we look upon history, all civilizations unfortunately have, in various epochs, colonized or been colonized, enslaved or been enslaved. Given this, it is extremely unhealthy to enter into this endless and perfectly unjustified victimarian competition, if we want to look to the future together.

There was a time when we prided ourselves on being heroes rather than victims. Today, these indigenist and anti-racist groups take pleasure in this unflattering status of eternal victims. I think this is no trivial thing: it’s a very profitable business, it must be said, given that behind this victimarian position there is the acquisition of power politically and in the media, money, jobs, reparations, privileges, quotas. All of this of course to the detriment of merit, competence, and genuine equality of rights. Because behind this expression “positive discrimination,” there may be something positive for those who benefit from the quotas, but there is something negative for those who are rejected from the start because of their origin or skin color.

I am very worried because these people are preparing and contributing to a completely unprecedented regression of our civilization and of our patiently-built nation. I am convinced that the racialist logic is morally regressive. As Mathieu Bock-Côté[5] says, by categorizing people solely by skin color, we abolish nations, peoples, religions, and civilizations. I think this is an absolutely atrocious world in which we first of all have to look at skin color before judging each of our acts.

And it’s a good thing “race doesn’t exist,”[6] because in the end all of these groups have done the most to rehabilitate this concept and to systematically and even obsessionally evoke it. Fortunately, many Frenchmen – white or black, whatever their origin – are not intoxicated by this Americanization of our minds. Fortunately, they do not aspire either to civil war or to racial war. Fortunately, they refuse to participate in this victimarian competition. Fortunately, they reject these privileges on the basis of skin color or origin.

And I sincerely hope that the French will be able to draw the political weapons from their history, their culture, and their intelligence to refuse this repentance and this self-flagellation, which objectively condemn us to exit history.

Some will object: this phenomenon is not really catching on and the excesses are only present in the United States. Yes and no. Unfortunately, the trends that we experience are for the most part are merely imported with ten years’ delay from the United States. And so we must from today fight and resist this trend. We must be ready and vigilant.


[1] Marion Maréchal legally has actually dropped her grandfather’s name.

[2] A black criminal who died while in the custody of French police and who has inspired BLM-style protests in France. Covered here:

[3] “Indigenist” groups like les Indigènes de la République (“Natives of the Republic”) are black and Arab groups who claim to be mistreated like “natives” were in the French colonies of Africa. Thus, there is a complete reversal of vocabulary on the part of these foreign-origin groups. I am personally advocating for French nationalists and identitarians to declare themselves indigenous European groups.

We’re all living in Amerikwa
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In the great capitals of Western Europe, thousands of people have been protesting against the death of George Floyd and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the Netherlands:

In Copenhagen:

And in front of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin:

There is a long history of Europeans shaming Americans for mistreating Negroes. For example, following the bombing of German cities by black American pilots during World War II, the Nazi SS newspaper Das Schwarze Korps published the following cartoon:

“It is a good thing for us Negroes that no Americans live here!”
“It is a good thing for us Negroes that no Americans live here!”

The downed-and-captured black pilots are made to say that they’d surely be lynched for such behavior against American cities.

We have to appreciate the depths of the psycho-drama that has seized a huge proportion of white people across the world, particularly among women, the “educated” class, and homosexuals.

Their emotional reaction is as though they had personally seen Floyd George murdered in front of their eyes in their own neighborhood. For them, this act is one of conscious sadism by a white racist police officer. This is furthermore not an isolated incident but representative of the systematic persecution against blacks and against people of color generally.

Hundreds of thousands across the West are signaling, either virtually on their social media accounts or physically at protests, their solidarity with black people against a racist system. Some openly quote Martin Luther King condoning violent riots too.

We dissenters would recognize that blacks disproportionately experience police brutality relative to their share of population. However, we would add that this is not necessarily due to systemic racism, but because American blacks commit a massively disproportionate amount of violent crime (about 7 times more than whites) and thus have more run-ins with the police.

No matter the facts. We live in different realities. We all choose what isolated incidents to become indignant about. For xenophilic whites, the mass Pakistani-on-white sexual abuse of Rotherham or indeed the massive daily violence of blacks in the West are of no moral significance, if they are acknowledged at all. However, any violence against blacks at the hands of whites is by contrast intolerable and vicious bullying of “half-devils, half-children,” as Kipling inimitably put it.

These whites are sincere in their indignation. The same cannot be said for assorted Third-Worlders who cite Floyd’s death as a reason to pile on against America.

The former president of Iran., Mahmoud Ahmadinejad quoted the rapper Tupac Shakur:

The Islamist President of Turkey Recep Erdogan tweeted:

Chinese media have also been putting out similar content. All this is pretty rich, cringe, and amusing, given how racist all these countries are.

For people across the world, and in particular Western Europeans, experiencing American psycho-drama is much more interesting than anything their homegrown socio-politics could provide. It’s also more interesting to them than, say, the greater police brutality of Brazil or the shocking criminality of South Africa. America provides the greatest opportunity for signaling one’s moral worth.

For companies like Amazon – which thrive from driving out brick and mortar small businesses, which will no doubt greatly profit from the rioters’ destruction of small businesses, which treat unskilled workers notoriously badly, and which prefer hiring high-IQ whites and Asians for their IT departments – signaling in favor of BLM is a cheap way of distracting people from your questionable business practices. However, the demonstrations of whites across the Western world show there is also a spontaneous and sincere motivation for many.

In the past, Europeans’ lecturing Americans about race was particularly lacking in credibility given that they had virtually no experience of blacks in Europe. Today this is no longer the case: every Western European country now has a significant black population. Wherever we have statistics, we see that the blacks commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes, just like their American cousins. In London instance, blacks made up 12% of the population in 2010 but committed a majority of gun crimes, robberies, and street crimes. These figures almost exactly mirror American ones.

The white European protesters have focused on American police brutality. Black protesters in Europe, by contrast, are both protesting against American brutality and the violence they suffer at the hands of European police forces.

Such is the case in France, with huge crowds of black and white protesters gathered in Paris, cheered on by the black French Hollywood actor Omar Sy:

“The France which loves, the France that we love.”

The blacks were gathered in the memory of Adama Traoré, a black repeat offender who died in police custody in 2016. The protest was sparked by a ruling by a court-ordered medical expert that Traoré had died due to a cardiac arrest, not asphyxiation, thus exonerating the French police officers.

Incidentally, this protest was illegal as the local prefect had forbidden it, leading the police to disperse the crowd with tear gas (actions which, in America, had led to Trump being branded a fascist). A slice of Paris’ périphérique (the road circling the city) was blocked off and there were some fires, but no significant violence by American standards. There were similar protests in Marseilles and other significantly Afro-Islamized French cities.

Incidentally, one of Adama Traoré’s cousins died last year, stabbed to death at the hands of his peers. But, as in America, few people in Europe, whether black or white, attribute any moral significance to black-on-black violence. They seem to consider this a mere force of nature, and perhaps they have a point.

Even French police are officially siding with BLM. When identitarian activist Damien Rieu pointed out that George Floyd was no “gentle giant” but had a considerable criminal record including the threatening of a woman with a gun to her belly, not one but two police trade unions took the time to rebut him. (You can use Twitter’s translate function if you are curious about these exchanges.)

Shortly thereafter, Africans attacked the local police station in Clicht and various colored celebrities (with significant media access, not just e-celebs) declared that “A black cop in France is a traitor to his community” and that “The revolution has come! It is time to take up arms!”

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