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World War Bibi
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Yesterday Netanyahu claimed he’d identified a third secret nuclear site in Iran where Iran allegedly “conducted experiments to develop nuclear weapons.” Yet, despite the hyperbole no one seemed to take Netanyahu seriously: the Israeli press was amused by the desperate election stunt. His political rivals mocked the Israeli PM and a few hours after Netanyahu’s press conference his best ally, President Trump, expressed his wish to meet President Hassan Rouhani. Somehow, world leaders were entertained by seeing the Israeli PM, who threatens the entire region with his country’s nuclear arsenal, performing his victim spiel over Iran’s nuclear enthusiasms.

One week before the Israeli elections, Netanyahu is in a state of despair. He knows that as things stand he can’t form a right wing coalition and without such a coalition he is destined to be indicted for a number of criminal activities and will probably end up behind bars like his predecessor, former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert.

How does Netanyahu deal with this looming threat? He presents himself as the nation’s saviour. For the last few weeks Mr Benjamin Securityahu has launched attacks against Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and, allegedly, Iraq. He seeks an engagement with Iran that could easily escalate into a regional, if not a global, war.

It is easy to grasp the Israeli PM’s likely reasoning. If Netanyahu’s foreseeable future includes imprisonment and humiliation, a global war might provide a way out of his personal and political dilemma. A war would postpone the election indefinitely. If Israel survives such a war, Netanyahu could well emerge as a heroic figure of bible proportions. And if Israel loses such a conflict, there won’t be much left of the Zionist project anyway. According to Israeli military analysts, in the next war Israel’s cities will be targeted by thousands of rockets. Devastation is inevitable and in such a scenario, they predict that little will be left of Israel’s power of deterrence.

This is a dark and scary scenario, but we have to bear in mind that Netanyahu is not an unfamiliar figure in Middle East politics. Arab and Iranian leaders know that while Bibi likes to brag about Israel’s capabilities, he is reluctant to test its strength. Netanyahu doesn’t start wars. He isn’t as confident and assertive as he pretends. Like his friend Trump, who regularly threatens the universe with American military aggression but is repeatedly caught backpedaling, looking for an exit from situations he himself created, Netanyahu is not sanguine about Israel’s military force. He is likely scared of the war he seems to push for and this is not necessarily a bad thing.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Benjamin Netanyahu, Iran, Israel 
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  1. Here is an article that clearly explains why Israel will not win its next war:

    Like Americans, Israelis will only tolerate a certain level of sacrifice when it comes to winning wars that have an undefinable purpose.

    • Replies: @Hossein
  2. Nuttyahoo forgot to tote his very convincing drawing of a cartoon bomb. How could anyone in their right mind hope to sell a global war without one? Even Wile E. Coyote understood the great strategic value of such a device.

  3. Svevlad says:

    The attacked nations know, and will eat all the shit, because they damn well know it’s worth it since it’ll result in Bibi eating all of it in the end.


    ‘It looked like they were blinded by smoke… they just walked to the edge and fell out.’ Victims who plummeted from Twin Towers
    UPDATED: 10:59 BST, 11 September 2011

    Almost all of them jumped alone, although eyewitnesses talked of a couple who held hands as they fell.

    One woman, in a final act of modesty, appeared to be holding down her skirt. Others tried to make parachutes out of curtains or tablecloths, only to have them wrenched from their grip by the force of their descent.

    The fall was said to take about ten seconds. It would vary according to the body position and how long it took to reach terminal velocity — around 125mph in most cases, but if someone fell head down with their body straight, as if in a dive, it could be 200.

    When they hit the pavement, their bodies were not so much broken as obliterated………..

    And yet, tragically, they are in many ways the forgotten victims of September 11. Even now, nobody knows for certain who they were or exactly how many they numbered. Perhaps worst of all, surprisingly few even want to know.

    From the earliest days after the 9/11 attacks, the American establishment and the media showed an overwhelming reluctance to dwell on those who jumped or fell from the Twin Towers…….

    As part of its research into where the fire was at its most intense, NIST analysed camera footage and still photographs, and counted 104 jumpers, often recording the floor and exact window from which they left.

    All but three leapt from the first building to be hit — the North Tower. The second plane struck the South Tower 16 minutes later but it collapsed first, giving occupants less time to react………

  5. Oh shit I meant to post the 9/11 falling bodies on Kevin Barrett’s blog………

  6. Like with Bolton, I will be extremely pleased to see Nuttyyahoo out of office.

  7. Oh for crying out loud, I wish Netanyahu would shut up already and attack Iran so she could finally put an end to the Israeli state providing the rest of the world freedom from this monstrous aberration they call the Jewish State…

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  8. DaveE says:

    It’s getting harder and harder to find new ways of spelling the word “Jay — EU” on the blogs, but it’s quite obvious that, in spite of all the zionist censors and gatekeepers, the jig is just about OVAH for the Chosenites.

    I’m just glad that a few had the sense to LEAVE, like the author of this piece.

    It took us dumbass Goyim WAAAY too long, but I think we’ve finally reached critical mass and turned this thing around.

    I don’t usually think of 9/11 as a cause for celebration but in this case I’ll make an exception.

    Happy 9/11 everyone.

    • Replies: @Assad al-islam
  9. renfro says:

    Trouble in Paradise?

    RoyalCourt | The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia utterly condemns and rejects the Israeli Prime Minister’s announcement of his intention, if he won the election, to annex parts of the occupied West Bank

  10. Israel must give up its nukes immediately. If it doesn’t, the entire world should sanction it.

    • Agree: NoseytheDuke
  11. @Steve Naidamast

    NO! Trump’s firing of chicken hawk Bolton shows that he doesn’t want war with Iran (I think so, anyway). But, regardless of Netanyahu starting the war, he knows the President will have no choice but to come to Israel’s aid, and begin the dismantling of the Persians, even if Washington gets its long overdue and much hoped for comeuppance in the process. As Iran doesn’t have any, the great fear is that Netanyahu will start using Israel’s stockpile of nukes, especially if they are losing. In the festering DC swamp, it’s always Israel first, not America first.

  12. Hossein says:
    @Sally Snyder

    You are right but the Zionist have the white Goyim in America and Europe perfectly controlled . They will have those Goyim to fight their wars for them as they have done before.

    The zionists should be given credit for being able to control so many dumb white trash who blame their problems and destitution on Mexican house cleaners and poor Blacks while dutifully get on their knees and kiss the ring of their true torturers.

  13. Hossein says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    The government of rabbis and the Persian theocrats will not go at one another with a full scale war,

    They are both jockeying to control the middle east turning the Arabs into stateless refugees.

    the Arabs are currently helpless and hopeless after abandoning their nationalism and turning to religious fundamentalism , Shia and Sunni, giving a huge opportunity to Turks, persians and Jews to dissect their countries , promote sectarianism as the case with the gruesome mullas in Iraq.

    Iran has never fired a bullet toward israel nor will it ever do so for they are looking for an opportunity to reestablish their so called Greater iran on ruins of their neighbors.

    The stupid Arabs are almost 400 million and yet are not able to establish a liberation army to rid their besieged land of filth of colonialism and instead seek support from those who are trying to colonize their land again.
    The aim of the Zionists and farsists are the same and that is to enslave the Arabs . Those Arabs have a choice and that is returning to true nationalism and give up on reactionary nonsensical Islamic fundamentalism that has brought them nothing but pain,misery and more defeat.
    What the Arabs need are a new Nasser and not reactionary fascist Mullas and imams.

    • Agree: Tsigantes
    • Replies: @anon
  14. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    “Iran has never fired a bullet toward israel nor will it ever do so for they are looking for an opportunity to reestablish their so called Greater iran on ruins of their neighbors.”

    Enriching yourself is not a crime when the opportunity just shows up on your lap. Iraq requested help from Iran. Iran provided. Syria requested for help. Ian porvided. Houthi asked for help , and iran dithered fro a while.

    Saudi went of the way to get Saddam attack Iran
    Saudi couldn’t influence US to agree to US agreed plan about Palestine
    Sauid cant stop 1st Gulf war and cant stop 2nd Gulf war despite allegedly huge influences on UK and USA .

    Saudi then went out to start sectarian war in Syria, help kill Libya by offering helps to mercenaries and start war in Yemen .
    Then went out making threats against Qatar.

    There is reason that pentagon advisor arm lobbyist Renaissance scholar Italian expert Harvard professor and advisors to a few past US presidents, Israeli apologists and columnist for NYT once wrote in 1991 that Sheikhs were preferable because ” they are not rebuilding the countries like Saddam is and they spend their money on wine and prostitutes ” and Saddam was not ,and that’s “why he has to go ” .

    Iran is getting most of the benefits and reaping success without asking for it .

  15. @DaveE

    I don’t usually think of 9/11 as a cause for celebration but in this case I’ll make an exception.

    Happy 9/11 everyone.

    Since 9/11, four nations are in cahoots. USA, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Yes, and being Ahab the Arab, I know what cahoots mean. What is the benefit for each nation?

    Russia was given Crimea on a Silver Platter by Obama to Putin. Also, Russia is back in Middle East, when in 1972, they were kicked out by Kissinger. A Great Power and a good friend of USA.

    For Saudi Arabia, both Democracy and Caliphate should be thrown out the windows. The Caliphate of ISIS and the Democracy of Morsi (Egypt) are good examples to the Arab masses.

    For Iran, the True History of Islam to be taught. The re-education in Arab countries started more than 5 years ago, and it is very, very subtle. The Pakistanis have no clue.

    For USA, end of Israel and Jewish hagemoney. They will go back to Europe and USA, and will become part of the melting pot. Those who refuse, will live in isolated ghettos, as they won’t have any country to go to. Muslims who refuse to become part of the melting pot, will have their respective countries to go to.

  16. @Steve Naidamast

    ‘Oh for crying out loud, I wish Netanyahu would shut up already and attack Iran…’

    It would appear from his latest remarks that he’s given up on that wonderful war between the US and Iran and is going back to Israel’s usual consolation prize.

    The IDF is going to slaughter itself a passel of Palestinians in Gaza again. That’s the plan.

  17. Tsigantes says:

    Excellent Gilad, thank you. Only 4 days left to the Israeli elections….!

  18. Bibi lies. No one has nukes. See Nuke lies website, see nuke lies vids.

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