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Why Farage Wins the Country and Corbyn Wins Only a Party
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Nigel Farage, Britain’s Donald Trump character, is by far the most significant man in British politics. In just a few weeks he has gathered huge political momentum. In tomorrow’s European Parliament elections he appears likely to score more votes than Labour and the Conservatives combined. Farage stood up against the entire political establishment, including the media and the commercial elites and has promised to change British politics once and for all. So far, it seems he is winning on all fronts.

How it is that once again a Right wing populist has won the minds and hearts of working people? How is it possible that Jeremy Corbyn, who was perceived by many of us as the greatest hope in Western politics, has managed, in less than three years, to make himself an irrelevant passing phase? How is it possible that the Right consistently wins when the conditions exist for a textbook socialist revolution?

Unlike political commentators, my explanation for this reoccurring political phenomenon is of a metaphysical nature.

The Left’s vision of temporality is a linear structure of historical progress that proceeds from ‘a past’ to ‘a future.’ Left ideology is structured around an ever progressing time line. The Left always promises to make things better in the future, to fight austerity, to care for the many not the few, to bring about equality and tolerance, etc. None of this is happening at present. This leaves the Left as a promise that is supposed to fulfill itself in an imaginary ‘tomorrow.’

But this is not how the Right’s political argument is structured. In fact the Right and Fascist argument is far more sophisticated from a metaphysical perspective. In my recent book, Being in Time, I contend that the Right ideologist understands that for the working class, utopia is ‘nostalgia.’ Trump won his voters’ trust by promising to make America great again. He vowed to plant the past in the future, reversing the time line. He promised to march America backward. Nigel Farage is using the same tactic, appealing to the same sentiments. He promises to make Britain a kingdom again not just a corner island in a dysfunctional globalist setting, a.k.a the EU. Farage is riding on the longing for a better past. Corbyn was a political star only because he is a nostalgic character, an old lefty. For a time, he also reversed the time line, but neither he nor any of his advisers were clever enough to grasp the secret behind the ‘Corbyn revolution’. They let a magical moment of popularity evaporate. Corbyn has become a cliché. His approval rating is 25%, not exactly promising for a candidate for prime minister.


Within the context of Left thinking, past, present and future are chronological, set to follow each other in consecutive order. Within Right wing philosophy, time’s tenses change positions irregularly. Trump and Farage put the ‘past’ in the future. They promise to march us back. They appeal to the masses because the human spirit, in its search for unity, transcends linear chronology. The Right wing ideologist capitalises on the human search for essence, for a logos and for transparency. In this regard, humans are historical creatures. They are capable of seeing the future in the past and vice versa.

Can the Left, in its current from, win the trust of the people? I think it is unlikely. The Left, as I describe it above, is removed from the human spirit. It is in a state of detachment. For ethics, equality and tolerance to prevail, we need a profound study of the human spirit not lame discussions of dialectical materialism.

To learn more about the Post Political condition read Being in Time-a post political manifesto

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Brexit, Britain, European Right, Jeremy Corbyn 
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  1. Rational says:


    I am glad he is winning, because the Labor and the Tories are both under Jewish control and have unleashed a war against their own people–3rd world immigration, thought control, a barbaric police state, etc.

    Is Mr. Farage going to stand up against the Judaists, ban immigration, allow free speech (on political opinions) and get out of EU? Because that’s what is needed.

  2. This is a brilliant article. Linear thinking does define the left—linear thinking with a utopian endpoint that never materializes. That is exactly what Marx proposed with his withering-away state that, in reality, delivered the opposite of what was promised: a government that expanded in size instead of vanishing. It happened in places where scientific socialism actually took root and places where hybrid forms of socialism-lite thrived.

    Of course, in Marxism, the workers own the means of production, meaning that the utopian state never even gets off the ground in reality. You might say that leftism is utopian, linear thinking in stasis. Even socialism’s most tepid forms, like Obamacare, are nothing more than excuses to add more .gov layers to the Corporate Governmental Complex. But the linear thinking on the left does not allow for the amalgamation of opposing economic trends, unlike the Hegelian philosophy that Marx based his theory on.

    With the working class, economic reality comes before utopian visions, and since the reality of the present never gets anywhere near unicorns and rainbows, the past looks better.

    Linear thinking should lead to getting more done since there is a believe in forward momentum in leftism. It doesn’t since humans are not like linear computer programs, where the cursor must be set in one place to move forward.

    Maybe, reactionary conservatives get more done by compartmentalizing their nostalgia for the past. That should enable them to bypass the progressives’ “nostalgia for the future” via hard-won skills in dealing with the gritty realities of the present.

    It doesn’t always work that way.

    The Brits needs to make sure that it’s not just conservatives promising to birth “a better past” in the future, but actually doing it, unlike Trump and his yet-to-materialize Southern Border Wall. “A better past” is not just more tax cuts for the rich with a little, clever, bread-and-circuses rhetoric on ending mass-scale, welfare-supported immigration thrown to the masses. A real resurgence of the better parts of the past means no caving to the deep-pocketed Neoliberal Santa bags of the Cheap Labor Lobby.

    Santa: an element of nostalgia properly set in the past—he never delivered the top item on the Deplorables’ list.

  3. @Rational

    Farage doesn’t care about immigration, he is willing to swap immigrants from Eastern Europe for immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, it thinks its a good deal if he can get the UK out of the EU

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  4. Farage is riding on the longing for a better past

    A better past would include those halcyon days before Labour and the Conservatives made Britain a multiracial, multi-faith cesspit. When Farage led UKIP, he conspicuously avoided talking about Islam and one of his reasons for resigning from the party in 2018 was that its new leader, Batten, was obsessed with Islam, so the chances of Farage actually delivering a better past are zilch.

    Tommy Robinson, on the other hand, does talk about Islam and has paid a high price for it, including imprisonment. To date, the ruling classes have not been able to break him and he is standing for the European Parliament. This video, filmed in Oldham during his campaign tour, starts at the point where Muslims are approaching the rally. The English are not pleased to see them.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  5. @Rational

    I am also delighted to see the current developments …

  6. @(((They))) Live

    This article isn’t about Farage it is instead about what is it about Farage .. it is about the vision of temporality ..

  7. TG says:

    With respect, you are overthinking it.

    If you are doing something and making progress, you want to keep on doing it.

    If you are doing something and losing ground, you want to reverse course.

    None of this has anything to do with ‘linear time’ or anything like that. It’s just rational.

    Trump didn’t promise to return us to “the past”. He promised to stop doing things that have been shown to hurt the working class, and revisit policies that in the past had been shown to help the working class. OK, he either lied or was beaten down by ‘the swamp,’ but this is neither forward-looking nor backwards-looking.

    It’s like when you are playing blind-man’s bluff, and you know if you are getting hotter or colder. It’s that simple.

    • Agree: David
    • Replies: @MBlanc46
  8. @Johnny Rottenborough

    The Oldham “Riot” was less of an actual riot and more like an extended family gathering.

  9. MBlanc46 says:

    Jeremy Corbyn the “greatest hope in Western politics”? Talk about being in the grip of nostalgia.

  10. In tomorrow’s European Parliament elections he appears likely to score more votes than Labour and the Conservatives combined

    Now that’s the much demanded second referendum on Brexit and it gives a clear result, is that not?

  11. Calling those not d´accord with what the Left refers to as “The Course of History”(never mind no one ever was as ahistoric as them) “fixated with the past” is a bit like calling someone down with the plague “nostalgic” for wanting to get well again ;b

    So … what we have to look forward to is full 1984 by the Secular Body of Yahweh, backed by melanin-enhanced and/or sexually-deviant goons uniformed or not.
    The more cynical of us refer to this as “Hitler´s Revenge”, and the polarization is giving the People ideas …
    Never you fear, Farrage is an empty suit – controlled opposition, the candidate of the City.
    Corbyn sounded reasonable enough – for a British politician; a bit too historic-socialist-my-fathers-union maybe 🙂
    It seems our overlords are not too sure what is “good for the Jews” themselves.

  12. getaclue says:
    @Endgame Napoleon

    How about the Right is winning because the Left er, sucks? How about all sane people are sick of “Identity Politics” and the Leftist Tranny type policies of putting Tranny Bert in the little girls’ room and then pretending it is some great victory for “rights”. The Left has become the Party of the insane– just check out the Leftist Media cheering on assaults of people running for office they disagree with by milkshake hoodlums–they thinks its great — “by all means necessary”, will they be loving it when it is used against Kamala? Oh dear no….– I used to be a Dem for 40 years–wouldn’t think of voting for what the Party has become now–truly insane lunatics whose policies mirror them.

    • Replies: @Saxon
  13. Anonymous [AKA "Delbert"] says:

    It is hardly news to recognize the reactionary element in the fascist playbook. The reactionary doctrine is a fantasy about a past that was better than the present and future. Of course, this is a distorted picture but people somehow seem to “remember” this past as good. After all, the past is more knowable than the future. The actual past, the real history, suffered from the very same limitations as the present and the future, namely the impacts of human desires, designs and interests, that is, the past suffered from ourselves just as the present. The agency of “us” dogs every effort toward a more just society.

    So, yes, an analysis of the human spirit is needed, as you say. It should probably start at the molecular level to study the biochemistry of wants and needs, the biochemistry of human interactions. Good luck with that!

  14. If
    “left” = determinism/teleology + Hegel (erm … WHAT?!),
    “right” = biology/causality + feedback loops,
    this is indeed a declaration of bankruptcy.

    Besides, if everything is determined what´s the point of being left?
    Intellectually satisfying it isn´t.
    And aren´t these distinctions meaningless anyway?
    “Class” means nothing, “individual” next to nothing,
    “fascist” was introduced to make saying “everything I don´t like” simple enough by the Komintern ~1930 – and no one ever picked a fight with science and won (not in the long run)

    The lower organs of the Party in Britain must make still greater effort to penetrate the backward parts of the poletariat.
    (Actual Komintern directive ~1930; si non é vero é bene trovato ;b)

    • Replies: @animalogic
  15. anon[556] • Disclaimer says:

    N Farage has sounded to who matters where he stands on Iran conflict . His stance on ME war dovetails with Zio.

    So we see ISIS . Alt Right . USA, Germany. UK , liberal leftist , conservatives – all eagerly embrace Zoo positions that matter in today’s international crises .

    Only Iran Hizbullah Russia standing in the way .

  16. @nokangaroos

    “Besides, if everything is determined what´s the point of being left?” What’s the point of anything?
    Historical materialism does not require determinism — it merely requires looking at the material underpinnings of society as a first step to understanding.
    ““Class” means nothing, “individual” next to nothing,”
    Really? Well that settles that.
    “fascist” was introduced to make saying “everything I
    don´t like”
    Some truth there. Although, technically the word was formed by Mussolini from the axe & bundle of rods symbolizing the executive power in ancient Rome (the fascies).

  17. Saxon says:

    You fundamentally don’t understand what identity politics actually is. It’s just group interests. Once you have your “diversity” you will have identity politics. Period. You don’t have a nice white country anymore. You have a bunch of foreigners moving in trying to snap up whatever they can and gain control of state apparatus to take from you.

  18. Wazdo says:

    One of the most interesting aspects of this election will be, “What happened in Liverpool?”

    You see no one in Liverpool reads the Sun (Murdoch rag). It is read by the working class throughout the rest of the country.

    At the last election all five Liverpool constituencies voted Labour by a 78% margin. In the 2016 referendum Liverpool voted to remain by 58%.

    I shall be interested in tomorrow’s result.

    • Replies: @Wazdo
  19. “For ethics, equality and tolerance to prevail, we need a profound study of the human spirit not lame discussions of dialectical materialism.”

    Well that’s the thing isn’t it? From the point of view of the Right proper (paleo-, old-, Alt-, Dissident), the human spirit is all about inequality (natural hierarchy), ethics depends on that, and tolerance has limits. The major fault-line within the Right is whether to ground natural hierarchy in religion or in science (evolutionary science).

    I think for the Left to recover, it has to go back too – go back to its earlier phase of classical liberalism, in terms of which equality means something spiritual (created equal, divine sparks, etc.) on the one hand, and procedural (impartial justice) on the other. (That too, could be grounded either in religion or in science.)

    On the one hand, evolutionary biology is a thing, genetics is a thing, race realism is a thing, people have different talents and capabilities, some people and/or groups are better at some things than others. Some people have musical talent, some don’t; some are suited to leading and inspiring, some aren’t; some are smart, some aren’t; some are good at killing people and breaking things, some aren’t. And so on and so forth.

    On the other hand, everybody hurts, most people have some sense of empathy, and natural hierarchy fades in importance when you get to the 40,000 ft. view in which we’re all bugs on the windshield of a tremendous natural disaster, or a great war. The eyes have it.

    I rather like the Qabalistic idea. The Qabalistic Tree of Life (at least in its Christianized version, as used in Western occultism) is basically just an expansion, a more detailed explication, of the same idea that’s expressed in its essential sense, in Chinese culture, as Yin/Yang. Half way up/down the Tree, the highest levels of concern in the material realm are represented by the polarity of Justice (or Severity) and Mercy. Mercy (the Left) tempers Justice (the Right), and Justice prevents an overweening Mercy from causing things to get flabby and fall apart.

    Despite all the numerous attempts to add dimensions to the Left/Right divide, everyone (or rather, anyone who’s intelligent) knows instinctively that the distinction, at the deepest level, represents a continuum between two absolutely necessary poles of human experience, and that any chosen point along the continuum in relation to any given topic represents the sweet spot of a trade-off in relation to that topic.

  20. Corbin succumbed after the relentless beating inflicted upon him by the Jewish lobbies, and by the time it was over he couldn’t think straight.
    Farage is an opportunist. He recognized what worked for Trump and is capitalizing on it. This fact supports your observation that voters are indeed nostalgic, thus malleable.

  21. @Endgame Napoleon

    The trouble is, Marx was never a socialist. His ideas, mostly stolen from Pierre-Joseph Proudhon were re-assembled through a Jewish filter. Hence, Proudhon referring to Marx as “the tapeworm in socialism”.

    Corbyn is the same age as I am. I disagree with the concept of nostalgia. The old “left” was mainly trade unionists, who, by nature, are quite conservative, operating from the concept of if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. It isn’t nostalgia that told them immigration wasn’t good for them, they understood that excess labour = wage suppression, and higher housing costs. People with little or no money used to understand that you can’t spend what you don’t have. Even in elementary school, we were learning how to make bank deposits and withdrawals as well as the effect of compound interest, all done in our heads. Since then, we’ve “improved” the education system by removing every day living things and replacing them with, in the case of mathematics, incomprehensible gibberish, and letting electronic gadgets do the thinking. Today’s “left” has no nostalgia, and neither does the “right”. What passes for nostalgia is a common sense based on actual experience. It is broken, we need to fix it.

  22. Drogger says:


    Farage isn’t serious.

    He wants the limelight, but wouldn’t know what to do with it besides… Like Trump… Use it for his own aggrandizement.

    Britain would be no better off, and, if anything, worse off, than if Corbyn wins PM.

    The pot needs to keep boiling, because all these guys are are pressure valves.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  23. Nigel Farage….has promised to change British politics once and for all.

    Playing the right chord in a song doesn’t mean that the song is good. The only solution is not to play bad songs, to know the characteristics of a bad song and to identify who is writing and promoting all those bad songs. A commentary on both politics and the music industry.

    Does Farage win because his promises are more appealing or is it something deeper and more sinister? Identity politics is fully ingrained on the “right” as on the “left.” It is completely manipulated by the Jewish revolutionaries throughout the paradigm in all areas of political discourse. Liberal and Conservative “Friends” are an obvious proof of this. This is brilliantly documented by E. Michael Jones in his massive works of the last 15 years. Farage and Tommy “I am a Zionist” Robinson are controlled opposition. Both minor and major parties are in play. See Nick Griffin’s video below. No one is allowed a truly dissenting opinion especially those that have potential to gain traction if exposed to the public. Farage’s opinions have been vetted and as a result is placed on the ballot by those creating the ballots.

    Separating from the EU still invokes legitimacy for the EU. The EU has been a completely fraudulent enterprise from its inception. The only way for any European nation to break free is to not recognize the EU at all and to void all agreements. The legal and political maneuvering of Brexit is a complete magic show.

  24. Farage is a globalist plant, meant to vacuum up the dissident vote and keep it away from real nationalists, like Britain First. He almost destroyed UKIP.


    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  25. whats with Atzmon and all that complexity!??

    I am not English, from an ocean away and I saw from the start that Corbyn was a false prophet..a wimp of a man… a lefty leader who with capitalism on the ropes, refused to attack, got himself put on the defensive and kept there

    I am a lefty myself, none more so but I would not vote for Corbyn..for any office at all. the man is in the wrong job. the Tories need a leader..May will soon be gone. Corbyn could apply for her job. that’s where his heart really is. Corbyn cant kill capitalism..he is one, a supporter of capitalism in his heart of hearts

    Farage from the right is the real deal. the people want out of the EU..Farage is the man who has kept his word. if you are English and you want out of the EU what does it matter who does it…as long as the job is done. Corbyn wont do it. never would he do such a thing

    that’s all there is to the issue. what the people want is clear. who can deliver? we know who! so vote for him

  26. @Drogger

    Farage isn’t even and MP, so there’s no way he can become PM–unless he stands for parliament in the UK first. The issue at hand is Brexit: yes or no?

  27. @Felix Krull

    He almost destroyed UKIP.

    That may well be true. But he did at least manage to get a yes-vote on Brexit beforehand, so it wasn’t all for nothing, was it.

    • Replies: @Felix Krull
  28. Gordo says:

    The Left, as I describe it above, is removed from the human spirit.

    So true.

  29. Bill P says:

    I was going to be a little uncharitable here because there’s a much simpler and more practical explanation for this phenomenon:

    The working people perceive, quite accurately, that the left hates them.

    But then I thought about it a little, and what you wrote about the nature of the left does go some way toward explaining why people have this perception.

    Leftists believe that the common people could be better, and are in a degraded state compared to what possibilities lie ahead. Which does lead them, naturally, to have some contempt for the common working man — he’s “unevolved,” “retrograde,” “reactionary,” etc. They get carried away with their notions of the better man and better future (which are usually wrong-headed and more a reflection of what they, personally desire than anything that might resemble the common good) and take out their frustration on the stupid, bigoted deplorables who are understandably hesitant about rushing headlong into some half-baked utopian scheme.

    This dysfunctional relationship between the left and those they want to rule causes the latter to run toward someone who neither hates them nor wants to change them, and also as an added bonus knocks the left down off their high horse.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  30. @Digital Samizdat

    But he did at least manage to get a yes-vote on Brexit beforehand, so it wasn’t all for nothing, was it.

    He did everything to destroy the Brexit vote.

    Brexit was achieved IN SPITE of Farage, not because of him. He simply occupied the slot as spokesman for disgruntled voters, making sure no-one else occupied it. He had to be good enough to keep the punters from going to BNP, but not good enough to actually effect a Brexit.

    The fact that a Remain vote was planned on, is obvious from the way Farage left UKIP: his exit was prepared to be a noble defeat, one that would allow him to get on with his life and some sinecure position in Goldman Sachs – everything went as planned, except the bit about losing the referendum.

    That’s also why Farage never bothered to build a real party out of his voting base, but ran UKIP as his personal marketing agency, staffed with cronies and yes-men. He didn’t even try: there an iron law in politics saying that you should never be caught on camera with an alcoholic beverage in your hand – Farage tried his best to clown down the Brexit vote, but the British people defied his best efforts, so now there was no Goldman Sachs job for him, only a job as a shock jock on a seedy American radio channel.

    Until, that is, the gullible British vote him back on the gravy train, which should happen in two day’s time.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  31. @Bill P

    The Bilderbergs selected Rory Stewart to mop up the mess years ago. he’s the Tory leader after next.

  32. @Felix Krull

    ah! I see. so Farage was not the real deal. I stand corrected!

    I will go with this assessment rather than my impression that Farage was for real. the argument is good and I don’t know English reality that well.

    then again I am aware of how the Illuminat/Bildernergers/Zionazis etc play the game and it is easy for Farage to have been a spy set up to mislead, not lead. this argument against Farage fits

  33. K. W. says:

    Problem is that Farage is surrounded by Jews himself, and is quite pro-Israel. One of his top handlers–I mean, party members–is Lance Forman, a former Tory who was in the (((Conservative Friends of Israel))) group and who boasts that of their 8 London candidates, only ONE is even White! (THREE out of the 8 are full Jews, another is half-Jewish, and the rest are Indian, Pakistani, African, and Scots-Irish).

    Revealing article by (((Forman))) boasting of his kind’s power:

  34. Wazdo says:

    For those interested, across the UK the Brexit Party got 30% of the vote and so has more MEPs than another party in the UK.

    In Liverpool, however, they only got 18% of the vote while Labour acheived 44%.

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