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When Jews Invoke the Holocaust
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30 Jewish protesters were arrested on Sunday outside a privately managed ICE detention centre in New Jersey, which has been used to hold undocumented immigrants.

Invoking the Holocaust, demonstrators described the facilities in which immigrants are being held as concentration camps and spoke of the immigrant children who have died while being held by ICE. The Jewish protesters travelled from cities all over the USA. They were holding signs and singing and chanting in Hebrew and English.

The Jews behind the protest say about themselves, “we are #JewsAgainstICE because #NeverAgainMeans never again for anyone.” This sounds good enough to me and I have no criticism of the official objective behind this humanist protest. Yet the Jewish nature of the gathering raises some crucial and necessary questions:

Are these Jewish protestors willing to describe Gaza as a concentration camp?

Will the Jewish activists protest in front of the Israeli embassy invoking the holocaust, pointing out that the Palestinians are subject to long-term genocidal policies?

Will these Jewish protestors allow gentile pro Palestinian activists, for instance, to equate Israel with Nazi Germany or maybe invoke the holocaust is a Jews-only domain?

Would the activists consider a Jewish protest in front of Goldman Sachs headquarters or George Soros’ offices, pointing at the carnage these investors inflicted on states and millions of people around the globe?

How far are these well-meaning Jewish protestors willing to go to identify problems that might be related to Jewish exceptionalism, nationalism or racism?

But the Jewish protest raises a much deeper question. What kind of people make a conscious and collective effort to look humane and empathic? I guess one possible answer is that we are dealing with people who accept that some of the actions and politics associated with their tribe are deeply disturbing.

Newsweek reports that “the protest brought together Jews with a range of religious leanings, creating what Alona Weimer, a member of New York ‘s Yeshivat Hadar, described as an atypical cross-section of attendees for a demonstration.” Once again, it is not Judaism or a meta-Jewish ethos that unites these diverse good Jews and Tikkun Olam enthusiasts. One may wonder: what is it then that bonds this Jewish ‘cross-section’? Is it the phantasy of Jewish humanist DNA? Is it the Jewish revolutionary spirit, or is it the controlled opposition gene?

Unless Jews learn to fight for humanity as ordinary people, these questions may keep surfacing.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History, Ideology • Tags: Holocaust, Immigration, Jews 
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  1. All good questions, Gilad, thanks for raising them. Aren’t they motivated by the same age-old tribal concern: is it good for the Jews?

    • Replies: @Wally
  2. escobar says:

    Good questions, but according to the publisher of this site, several of its contributors and many of its readers, the Holocaust is a hoax perpetrated by the Jews to get $$$$ and sympathy for the evil they inflict on the world. “No documentary evidence,” one claimed, despite the mountains of it in Germany, Poland, Ukraine just from non-Jewish sources, witnesses, letters, documents, photographs,,,,and on and on.

  3. Anonymous [AKA "Petter"] says:

    In what way are they not fighting like ordinary citizens in this situation and have you asked them what they want to do about the fascist regime in Israel, because if you have not where is your ethic platform.

  4. @escobar

    What is sickening are the amount of lairs standing on the graves of the real dead of WW2 and hiding behind laws that prevent the truth from being revealed. What is disgusting are the numerous “experts” who cannot add, subtract, divide and multiply. The math does not support the historical narrative.

    Why is questioning the issue? The real focus should be the claims made by a fraudulent group of people who receive reparations from numerous countries throughout the world. They then use their victim status to dictate morality, such as open borders, to the rest of the world.

    The math is extremely simple. Go to any Funeral Home website.
    It takes 2 to 3 hours to cremate a body. Let’s split the difference and use 2.5 hours.

    6 mil. x 2.5 hrs. = 15 million cremation hrs.
    Therefore, ignoring cool down and maintenance (which realistically is impossible), it would take a single oven 15 million hours operating non-stop.

    Since the historical narrative states that the cremations occurred during a 4 year period. That is 1460 days.
    15 million cremation hrs. / 1460 days = 10274 cremation hrs. per day.

    There are only 24 hours in one day.
    10274 / 1460 = 428 ovens

    However, the narrative states that the crematoriums only operated 12 hours per day.
    428 ovens x 2 = 856 ovens

    Where are the 856 oven doors leading into the crematoriums? Where is the coke supply to fuel the furnaces?

    • Replies: @Kloss Tummybag
  5. I feel like we, the citizens of the West, need to start up a few NGO’s to facilitate the transfer of Ethiopian Jews directly to Israel. As many as possible. Two million sound good? Sounds a bit low to me. I’m thinking three million. And if we run out of Ethiopian Jews, we’ll just switch to regular Ethiopians. Somalia is right there too, so we might as well throw in a few of those.

  6. @Jon Baptist

    The math does not support the historical narrative.

    Math is clearly anti-Semitic.

  7. One may wonder: what is it then that bonds this Jewish ‘cross-section’?

    Murderous hatred of the United States, Western civilization, and all white Gentiles the world over.

    • Replies: @paranoidgoy
  8. Wally says:
    @Fool's Paradise

    They’re playing the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ game.

    Their entire premise is based upon the thoroughly debunked claims within the fake & impossible “holocaust” canon.

    And of course, as was implied by Gatzmon: Jews & their leftist shills support strict Israeli immigration laws which specify JEWS ONLY, while demanding massive 3rd world immigration into the US & Europe.

    American Pravda: Holocaust Denial, by Ron Unz:
    “The Holocaust” Is a Myth That Conceals Our Shame:

    Holocaust Handbooks, Documentaries, & Videos

    • Replies: @Fool's Paradise
  9. Wally says:

    Except you have not / cannot shown us real, authentic German documents, letters, or verifiable photos to support your recited indoctrination.

    The alleged ‘gas chambers were scientifically impossible. If something cannot do what is alleged, then it didn’t.

    There are no immense millions upon millions of human remains to see even though they are claimed to be in known locations.

    Free speech is the undoing of the fake ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’. Hence free speech on the laughable “holocaust” is banned in Europe, those that do engage in free speech elsewhere are attacked, persecuted, and deprived of their rights.
    Only Lies Require Censorship.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    See the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

  10. Robjil says:

    Do these protesters know what Israel does in Central America now and has done for many decades? Do they care? Why is 1000 Israeli troops doing in Honduras?

    Honduras will receive 1,000 Israeli soldiers to train the country’s army for border protection, fight against drug trafficking, investigation, and counterterrorism

    The main mission of the troops is to train for border protection to stop migrants fleeing Honduras to the U.S., especially children.

    This would be the second time that Honduras is allowing foreign military personnel in the territory and the first time in Israel’s history to send troops abroad.

    Honduras recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol. It has a defense deal as a reward for doing this with Israel. Do these protesters know this?

    The newspaper also learned from a government source that the Israeli arrival is tied to a bilateral cooperation agreement between the two countries prior to the transfer of the Honduran Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The agreement is still being negotiated, but has reached a stage where it is likely to be wrapped up soon.

    Honduras signed a 10-year multimillion-dollar defense deal with Israel in 2016 to purchase weapons, military equipment, and replenishment for aircraft and warships. It was tied to President Juan Orlando Hernandez’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

    Honduras’s special relationship with Israel has been going on a long time. In 2009 Israel helped with a coup to keep the Oligarchs of Honduras happy. Do these protesters know about this?

    In the aftermath of the 2009 coup in Honduras, I had the opportunity to interview deposed President Manuel Zelaya, who, having been kindly escorted in his pajamas to Costa Rica by the Honduran military, had then resurfaced in Tegucigalpa and taken refuge in the embassy of Brazil. The interview took place via an intermediary inside the embassy, who conveyed my questions to Zelaya.

    One topic we touched on was a comment the left-leaning Zelaya had made concerning “Israeli mercenaries” operating in Honduras. This had unleashed a predictable hullabaloo in international media, with commentators tripping over each other to portray the besieged leader as an anti-Semite extraordinaire on some sort of permanent acid trip.

    In my write-up of the interview, which was published in an insignificant publication, I happened to point out that Israeli mercenaries weren’t exactly foreign to the Central American landscape. When the piece came out, the publisher of another insignificant publication—to which I had contributed some anti-coup articles—threw a fit. How dare I bring the Israelis into it; I would alienate all of Washington!

    Who are the Oligarchs of Honduras? They are five Jewish families. Sorry, but that is reality. What would the protesters do if they knew about this? What kind of place is these Jewish Oligarchs creating in Honduras? It must not be much good, since they are fleeing to the US. Why can’t these protesters protest about what these Oligarchs are doing down there?

    The ‘Turks’ are the oligarchy. A term uncommon in the first world, but appropriate for the third poorest country in the Americas, where it refers to a fistful of families tied together before and after the coup that ousted the president flirting with Hugo Chavez-like policies.

    Even if everybody calls them ‘Turks’ they are actually families of Jewish origin coming from Arab countries in the 40s and 50s, away from the desert and the wars. They are the Rosenthals, the Facussé, the Larachs, the Nassers, the Kafies and the Goldsteins. Five surnames controlling the manufacturing industries, energy utilities, telecommunications, tourism, banks, finance, concrete makers and commerce, airports or the congress. Practically everything.
    They are the kernel of that 3% of Hondurans controlling 40% of the GNP. They are the aristocrats in a country where 70% of the population are poor.

    People like Jaime Rosenthal, presidential candidate in 4 elections and owner of banks, airports, breweries, soccer teams and communications media. He has invested in real estate, phone companies, and the meat exporting business, insurances and telecommunications. Or the Facussés, related with the Nassers, who, in the course of several decades, have divided their energies between business and politics. They are the tycoons of the textile industry in a country where most of brand name garments sold in the USA are made. They control also chemical and precious metals industries. These two families have produced many government officials and there is no decision in the country which is made without them.

    Most of them couldn’t read, write or even speak Spanish when they arrived, but they grew out of the limelight, founding newspapers, exploiting mines, bringing electricity and telephones to the country. They intermarried, they sent their children to American colleges, and they ousted the traditional upper middle class of German and Spanish origin. After three generations they are still controlling the country not letting anybody join their powerful elite.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  11. Saggy says: • Website

    The Britannica definition of holocaust:

    The systematic state-sponsored killing of six million Jewish men, women, and children and millions of others by Nazi Germany and its collaborators during World War II.

    But the holocaust did not occur. And, the owner of this website knows that. So, the dictionary definition is misleading, it defines something that is not real. Therefor the word should not be allowed on this site, or when it is allowed it should be used with quotes, to indicate that the person using the word knows that it did not happen and that the dictionary definition is in error.

    Constant repetition of the word holocaust without quotes reinforces the notion that it is real. Therefore, since is aware that the holocaust is a hoax, the word should not be used on this site without quotation marks, or better yet, replaced by a word for something that is real, holohoax.

    The protesters are not invoking the holocaust, something that did not occur, they are invoking the holohoax.

    • Replies: @paranoidgoy
  12. @Wally

    Thanks, Wally, yes, I have read Unz and Barrett on the holyhoax, and much else besides. As for these New Jersey Jews drawing attention to themselves defending immigrant children: as Tacitus, Roman historian, said, this “obnoxious tribe hates all mankind but their own”, so one can bet that when sympathy for Gentiles is shown, it is to make the Jews look good. “Is it good for the Jews” is what motivates their show of being do-gooders.
    It goes back to their very origin. I suggest reading Douglas Reed’s The Controversy of Zion and Laurent Guyenot’s From Yahweh to Zion.

  13. Good one, Gilad. Thank you!

    Millions of illegal immigrants have poured into the US from Mexico and MesoAmerica over the past half century.

    Not since Eisenhower’s ‘Operation Wetback’ has any president taken the action necessary to apprehend masses of these unlawful interlopers and return them to their native lands.

    For decades, all attempts to find a humane political solution to this rising invasion have failed. The area encompassing Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona will all soon be majority-Hispanic. But there are growing problems connected with this ethnic and linguistic transformation.

    Tensions are rising. Interests and ideologies are coming into conflict. Rhetorical violence is not only becoming more common, but so is real physical violence. This is the wrong road to take if America is to remain even marginally unified.

    Indeed, Antifa and other Left wing (pro-POC) activists now target white Americans who openly try to preserve their monuments, honor their ancestors, and maintain their holidays. A clash is coming. Rising ‘diversity’ will assure it.

    But: Race matters. Ethnicity matters. Language matters. Traditions matter. Identity matters. IQ matters. National origin matters. Physical appearance matters.

    There’s no escaping it.

    Yet the Left pretends otherwise.

    And guess who leads the left?

    The illegal and unsought ethno-racial transformation now underway in America poses an existential threat to our nation’s founding, European-derived, English-speaking core.

    Shouldn’t this matter? Of course is should. America is a civilization that was settled, established and created by Europeans. It’s our country to lose.

    Yet our legitimate stake in maintaining our nation’s historic demographic profile is being viciously maligned and openly smeared by Left wing malcontents and even avowed Zionists (who, on the other hand, defiantly insist on preserving Israel’s ‘Jewish character’ by any means necessary.)

    Their duplicitous objective explains why Americans are being subjected (via print media and on TV) to continuous displays of ‘outraged’ POC, disgruntled Leftists, and crypto-Israelis protesting (White) America’s “inhumane” attempt to stem the enormous (and illegal) wave of wealth-seeking, Third World gatecrashers.

    Meanwhile, Gazans who protest their dire conditions under Zionist occupation are routinely shot. The rest live in real concentration camps.

    White America’s crime is wanting to preserve its European-derived, English-speaking civilization.

    What’s so unreasonable about that, Mr. Goldstein?

    Meanwhile, political violence and the threats of violence in the US are rising. Charlottesville, Portland, Berkeley, Seattle. Anti-white rhetoric and Anti-white activism are on the rise. This ominous trend doesn’t seem to bother most American Jews however. They’re too busy speaking out against ‘racism’.

    Strangely, Pres. Obama wasn’t subject to race-oriented attacks the way Pres. Trump is. Most race-based violence is coming from POC and their sympathetic, liberal handlers.

    But why have multitudes of pro-Zionist Jews openly assumed an (adversarial) ‘Open Borders’ position in (White) America? (Aren’t Jews ‘white’?)

    Yes, Jews are white (when it suits them.)

    At the same time, they wish to put an end to America’s white majority. According to MacDonald, Jews feel safer in countries without a dominant, white (Christian) majority. There’s more chaos, less (White) coordination, pride, and unity. This spells more (Jewish) opportunity.

    Based on news coverage, the Jewish media titans who run our ‘news’ also seem to want America transformed. For countless Jews, this mixing together of ‘the nations’ (under Jewish rule) is biblical prophecy come true. We’re getting close.

    Next step: break the alliance between Russia, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. This is Zio-Washington’s ongoing obsession. And our MSM is right on board.

    Unrivaled and unchecked Jewish power inside America is why Israel–not Russia–can easily meddle in (and manipulate) US elections. No other nation comes even close.

    This unmentionable fact renders ‘Russiagate’ a complete hoax. In fact, Jewish power (as Gilad Atzmon has noted) is considerable enough to make the very discussion of Jewish power OFF LIMITS.

    This same malignant power explains why America is being deliberately and irreversibly transformed by a sustained, non-White alien invasion while US troops fight and die in the Middle East for Israel.

    • Agree: Wally
  14. Truth3 says:

    Just like how Israel sends “aid” to disaster victims… photo ops for showing boxes with huge “AID FROM ISRAEL” printing.

  15. @Robjil

    “Do they know . . .”
    “Do they know . . .”
    “Do they know . . .”

    Of course they do, or some somebody does know that the Jewish families control Honduras and are intent on de-populating Honduras of Hondurans to make room for more Jews — creating another ‘land without its own people for a people who want their land.’

    And that is the entire point of the New Jersey Never Again schtick: “Don’t look there, look here.”

    Why are all of the journalists wringing their hankies at the containment centers at the border instead of investigating in Honduras and other states that the migrants are departing from?
    Why do migrants not apply for asylum in the states they are fleeing from — Is USA incapable of establishing embassies in those states? No room in the US budget?

    In a twinkling of an eye US Congress gave >$4billion US tax dollars/ Fed phony money to pay for Hondurans expelled from Honduras by Jews.

    Shades of Henry Morgenthau, Jr and the War Refugee Board.

  16. escobar says:

    You all take a look at “The German Army and Genocide: Crimes Against War Prisoners, Jews and Other Civilians 1939-1945” first published as “Vernichtungskrieg: Verbrechen der Wehrmacht 1939-1945: by the Hamburg Institut fuer Sozialgeschichte (Hamburg Institut for Social Research) in 1996, Engl. in 1999.
    There you will find out as historian Timothy Snyder first showed- that two thirds of the Holocaust were over –not by gas, but bullets–by the time Anne Frank got to Auschwitz and the Final Solution was running on gas.
    Do any of you read German?
    And the number historians now cite for those “mythical” Jews killed has not been “6 million” for years, but 5.1 to 5.2 million.
    Plenty to dislike about a solid number of Jews, in Israel and in the USA, to expose and curtail. but denying reality addles the brain. Too bad a libertarian website has become so obsessed with denial and self-imposed ignorance to capitulate to its obsession.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Wally
    , @Wally
  17. nickels says:

    What does the UK and America firebombing innocent German women and children have to do with ICE detention centers?

    • Replies: @paranoidgoy
  18. Anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, I think we should find any Black who is willing to claim to be a Jew and get them a free ride to Israel. Force them in with armed ships if needed. Bring them in from Egypt and make one of the the Pharaoh. It would be a very entertaining time indeed.

  19. Anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    No one pays any attention to you anymore because you not based in reality. When someone shows gas chambers were not capable you say it must be bullets. But where are the piles of human remains especially if they were not cremated? If I was interrogating you as a Police Officer/Detective, you have already convinced me you are a liar and are making up stories on the fly. There is no proof of the Holocaust because it did not happen. If it did happen there would be some tangible evidence. Sure the Jews were persecuted by the Germans and others and justifiably so. The Jews also participated willingly to persecute their own which is also well documented. What is now obvious beyond any doubt is the Criminal Scum and Murderous Human Garbage that is the forefront of Judaism on the earth right now. Please keep on defending a Religious Cult that is and always may have been controlled by Satanic people.

  20. @escobar

    The Jews getting cauught up in WWII is not a hoax if stated accurately. The Jews were largely supporters of the commies/Bolsheviks and AH’s mission was to keep that out of Germany and Europe. It was a war, and the Jews along with Roma, Sinti, Catholics were indeed civilian casualties. But the “Holocaust”, a word that didn’t mean this until about 1968 is over stated and drummed into culture as if it was the only time civilians perished in a war. The “Holocaust” diminishes all other conflict as if no other group has ever been caught in the crosshairs of war. I would like the “Holocaust” to be expanded to explain why Jews have been run out of every place they have lived for the last 3,000 years, and why Israel’s motto is “Diversity and Open Borders for you, but not for me”.

    • Replies: @Nona
  21. About the Holocaust?
    1) Witnesses lied, they got the color of the so-called victims wrong, they said guards came in minutes after gassings – impossible, would have been huge explosion and poisoning of guards.
    2) No covers for electric switches and no caulking for doors and windows. Drains led out all through the camp. Hospital right next to supposed gas chambers.
    3) no blue staining on supposed gas chambers, so no cyanide.
    4) not one autopsie out of hundreds indicated death by cyanide poisoning.
    5) facilities shown to visitors at Auschwitz were built or renovated by the Soviets after the war to make it appear as gas chambers.
    6) No aerial photographs of the many taken by the allies showed lineups of victims or lineups of trucks containing containing fuels that would have been required.
    7) dozens of claimed witnesses have been exposed as making up stories, books, Oprah Winfrey show, etc.
    8) the Ernst Zundel trials in the eighties exposed all the lying going on.
    9) Red Cross research demonstrated that about 271,000 died from diseases(typhus) and the breakdown of supplies getting to the camps due to saturation Allied bombing.
    10) no documents from any German sources, and no blueprints of the camps themselves indicated any plan or desire to gas anyone.
    The foregoing is mainly for the concentration camp of Auschwitz, but applicable to any camp where gassings are claimed.

  22. MarkinLA says:

    When Jews Invoke the Holocaust

    Wouldn’t it be easier to ask when they don’t and subtract?

  23. Wally says: • Website

    -You’re referring the impossibly alleged mass shootings by the Einsatzgruppen.
    – Your cited reference provides no proof whatsoever, and I doubt you have even read it.

    The fraudulent ‘holocau$t’ Industry now claims that 2,000,000 Jews or more were shot by the Einsatzgruppen into huge pits (“holocaust by bullets”), so, anyone, please SHOW us the actual excavations, the enormous mass graves, & remains that are claimed to exist, their locations are allegedly known.
    Is that:
    100 graves of 20,000?
    200 graves of 10,000?
    400 graves of 5,000?
    500 graves of 4,000?
    1000 graves of 2000?
    2000 graves of 1000?


    The Einsatzgruppen in the Occupied Eastern Territories, Genesis, Missions and Actions

    The Einsatzgruppen Trial, By John Wear:
    ‘Holocaust by Bullets: Uncovering the Reality of alleged Genocide’:
    Mattogno demolishes ‘Holocaust by Bullets’ ‘mass graves’ fraud
    “Holocaust by Bullets” debunked:

    • Replies: @Felix Krull
  24. Wally says: • Website

    – Ah yes, the ever changing lies within the “holocaust”.

    – First they they say that most of the alleged ‘6M Jews & 5M others’ were gassed in absurdly impossible ‘gas chambers’.

    – Now, after the laughable claims of the alleged ‘gassings’ have been exposed, and as a fall back position, they say that 2/3 of the alleged 11,000,000 were shot.

    Anyone got the claimed human remains of the alleged ca. ‘7,000,000 shot into huge mass graves’ to show us?

  25. Nona says:

    What do you expect from the Tribe?

    Yet, that “shitty, little country in the middle east ” must remain “pure.”

    Yet, the Tribe has done the same destroyed their Hosts, Ancient Civilizations, using this same tactic.
    Every enemy can come into the Host country, and when the country goes down, the parasite Tribals move to another Host.

  26. Nona says:

    ” Jews along with Roma, Sinti, Catholics were indeed civilian casualties.”


    Putting “jews” before anybody else, eh ?
    Truth is, hardly any jews suffered. It was the NON-jews that were devastated, slaughtered by jews!!
    Not only in Eastern Europe, but in Russia!
    Not to mention the American kid soldiers that died by the score! All for a war, instigated by JEWS!!!

    Today, so many died in WWII, that the amount cannot be totaled.
    The alleged 6 million died that “died” is a petty, drop in the bucket!

  27. @Wally

    The Holocaust is not about the Einsatzgruppen, it’s specifically about gas chambers, Factories of Death. Nobody fundamentally disputes the work of the Einsatzgruppen, at least not among serious Holocaust revisionists.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Saggy
    , @Wally
  28. anonymous[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Felix Krull

    The legitimacy of the trial of Einsatzgruppen is certainly questionable.

    Benjamin Ferencz, 27 years old at the time, prosecuted Einsatzgruppen. According to the above-linked analysis by John Wear, the documents Ferencz relied upon were dubious, having been obtained from Soviets; bearing obvious amendments; they were unsigned, etc.

    Ferencz, like the Ritchie Boys — German Jews who found their way to USA in the mid-to late-1930s and were trained as spies, saboteurs, psychological warriors and interrogators — functioned out of motives of the basest Jewish hate.

    Because Ferencz’s methods were so outrageous and unjust, it’s difficult to know what was “the work of Einsatzgruppen.”

  29. Saggy says: • Website
    @Felix Krull

    Nobody fundamentally disputes the work of the Einsatzgruppen, at least not among serious Holocaust revisionists.

    Complete BS. The whole Einsatzgruppen story is absurd. What happened to the bodies? The mass graves? Well, we can consult to find out. led a group of Nazis who dug them up and buried them. How do we know? He confessed and unfortunately for the Jews we have his confession ….

    During my visit in August I myself observed the burning of bodies in a mass grave near Kiev. This grave was about 55 m. long, 3 m. wide and 2½ m. deep. After the top had been removed the bodies were covered with inflammable material and ignited. It took about two days until the grave burned down to the bottom. I myself observed that the fire had glowed down to the bottom. After that the grave was filled in and the traces were now practically obliterated.

    Can it be any more absurd?

    And how’s this for irony? At the very same time, the summer of ’43, while Blobel was digging up the bodies at the Babi Yar non-existent mass graves, only 100 km away, in Vinnitsa, the Nazis had discovered a real mass grave of Ukrainians killed by the NKVD. The invited in an international team of forensics experts, just at they did at Katyn, and bodies were excavated and examined –

    • Replies: @Felix Krull
  30. paranoidgoy says: • Website
    @Kloss Tummybag

    Kloss, my bro’ (say BRAA), your maths is good, but your history sucks. That Puerto Rican bank has been ruling the States as Zion’s Undeclared Soviet in America since Xmas 1913… “hatred of the US” indeed. They love Amerika!

  31. paranoidgoy says: • Website

    Ooh, ooh, teacher, I know this one: holocaust, from Greek holos+kostos, whole+burning. Like in Dresden, Nooitgecacht, Nagasaki? Originally the portion of temple offering burnt to ashes. No dictionary I own talks about Nazis. No history book I know of denies those three REAL holocausts.

  32. paranoidgoy says: • Website

    Methinks a lot of people are slightly irritated by the way some people insist on using every opportunity to advertise their death-cult, even using others’ grief and suffering to claim a superiority in suffering. Because, dear, the moment we stop remembering their nonsense, the sooner we can stop paying for it. More importantly, I think many here will agree when I say that every criticism of the communist/globalist/zionist/satanist agenda is “countered” by an accusation of anti-Semitism, which in turn relies on our “genetically-inherited guilt” for Auschwitz. We feel the duty, therefor, to publically challenge their every attempt to keep spreading their hatred.
    Do you think these people feel anything for those migrants? Hmm? I don’t see none of them buying a Honduran a ticket to Jerusalem? The racists of Zion feel nothing for Goys and their problems, but they sure as hell see an opportunity for publicity. …and here, thanks to Mr. Unz, we giv’em hell!

  33. @Saggy

    The whole Einsatzgruppen story is absurd.

    By fundamentally undisputed, I meant that there did in fact exist Einsatzgruppen, unlike gas chambers.

  34. escobar says:

    Not MAD magazine, not the Onion, not the Pythons could do justice to the mad, mad, mad world of denial and ignorance you’ve created for yourselves here. Even those of us who have neither affection for nor sympathy with the Jewish establishment, Zionism ueber alles. or Jewish “chosen people” malice and idiocy. It’s your swamp, enjoy!

    • Replies: @Wally
  35. Douglas says:

    I like to ask them which holocaust when they say “the holocaust”. There have been many.

    How many people and under what circumstances must they die to constitute a holocaust?

    Isn’t it a little bit supremist of you to call the mass killing of your people “the holocaust” and expecting everyone to think only of your people?

  36. Anonymous [AKA "Piltdown Jew"] says:

    A recent hilarious article in the Jew York Times commemorated various brave, unpopular positions that changed our culture for the better: resistance to Nazis, support for migrant rights in the US, abolitionism – with no mention of the viciously repressed advocacy of human rights for Palestinians.

    This is how stupid they think you are. They think they can control you by distracting you like a four-year old. There’s nothing sadder than a dumb Jew – and those are the only ones left in that primitive culture.

    • Replies: @Douglas
  37. Anon[129] • Disclaimer says:

    Are these Jewish protestors willing to describe Gaza as a concentration camp?


    The sum Jewish demand is to worship the Jew through:

    the Holocaust religion, giving up the world and everyone else in it to Jewish interests for “never again”, and to recognize them as “chosen”.

    But never to notice the Jew by ignoring:

    the open air concentration camps, the racialist religion and state, the anti-out group / genocidal religious texts, as well as the the diaspora industry control (media, etc), perfidy, mafia behavior, nepotism, and bold anti-native European Jewish politics.

  38. Douglas says:

    Unfortunately they can and are controlling a majority of the people. Hopefully that will pass with time and exposure.

  39. Wally says:
    @Felix Krull

    Please read comment #16 and the “holocaust by bullets” maneuver.

    The fake “holocaust” is indeed becoming more & more about the Einsatzgruppen as so many people are finding out that the alleged ‘gas chambers’ were simply impossible.

    Because of Revisionist research in debunking the ‘gas chambers’, the “Holocau$t Industry” is now trying to shift the emphasis away from their absurd ‘gassings’ claims.
    The problem for those shysters is that Revisionists are all over the equally impossible claims made of the Einsatzgruppen, as my previously posted information above attests.

    Revisionists, and I know their work as well as anyone, do dispute the ridiculous claims made about the Einsatzgruppen which was originally, but fraudulently claimed to be supplemental to the much larger ‘gas chambers’ tales.

    Indeed, the Einsatzgruppen really did exist, but only as legal, anti terrorist teams working behind the lines against illegal non-uniformed combatants.


  40. Wally says:

    Yet you have failed miserably when challenged to present any proof for your wishful thinking.

    And what the hell is wrong with you anyway?
    Why do you want ‘6M Jews & 5M others’ to be dead?
    Revisionists bring good news, those ‘6M Jews & 5M others’ were not murdered.
    You should be elated.

  41. Budd Dwyer [AKA "Eddie Collins"] says:


    Israel’s new top education official has reportedly compared intermarriage among Jews in North America to the Holocaust in comments said to have been confirmed by his spokesperson.

    Israeli Education Minister Rafi Peretz, who previously served as the military’s chief rabbi and was appointed last month to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet, said that “assimilation is like the Holocaust” during a July 1 cabinet, a spokesperson Tuesday confirmed to the Associated Press. Citing three unnamed people in the room for last week’s meeting, Axios quoted Peretz as saying Jews in the United States marrying outside their religion was “like a second Holocaust.”

    The meeting reportedly involved a briefing by Jewish People Policy Institute chairman Dennis Ross and a senior official involved in the administrations of former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. The discussion involved the increasing rate of unions between Jews and non-Jews and to Peretz this meant the Jewish people have lost “lost 6 million people” over the past 70 years, according to Axios.

    Interfaith marriage is like the Holocaust.
    Non-sectarian dating apps are like Zyklon B.
    6 million.

  42. Anonymous[343] • Disclaimer says:

    >”used to hold undocumented immigrants”

    Are those anything like “illegal aliens”?

    Were Jews murdered by the Holocaust “transformed entities”?

  43. Anonymous [AKA "KarlStern120"] says:

    There is a difference between the Holocaust as a historical event and the Holocaust as a racket that is being used by the Jewish Smear Machine who destroy careers of people who get in their way. Denying the Holocaust is almost as evil as the Jewish denial of the Holodomer, the Jewish denial of the many deaths under Castro, Pol Pot, the Jewish denial of the Armenian democide under Turkish persecutions, the Jewish denial of the many deaths under Stalin or under Mao. If there are Holocaust Deniers, then the Jewish Smear Machine should consider its own part that it has played in this obscenity. And if the Jews are not denying that all these other deaths occurred, then why are they so determined to always be first in the Victimization Olympics when so many others have suffered? There were as many Poles who died under NAZI persecution as Jews in Poland, and yet the Jews can’t stand it that the Poles should even mention their suffering in the same breath as the suffering of the Jews. The Jews work to make sure that people deny the Holocaust because it is good for business. Show a little more respect for the sufferings of others and maybe the Jews will get a little more respect. Just because Hitler tried to snuff out the Jews does not make the Jews a good people.

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