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When God Is Reduced Into an Arsonist
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We learned last Wednesday that Shlomo Aviner, a prominent Zionist rabbi and Yeshiva leader, suggested the fire that gutted Notre-Dame may have been divine retribution for the burning of Jewish manuscripts in 1242.

In the eyes of His followers, the Jewish almighty is an elastic substance. He morphs occasionally to fit with the needs of His favourite sons and daughters. Early Zionists, for instance, demoted God into an ‘estate agent’ as they reduced the Torah into a ‘title deed’. The early Zionists were secular Jews, they didn’t believe in God but were happy to expel the indigenous Palestinians in ‘His name’ and on ‘His behalf.’ But Rabbi Aviner takes us one step further. He made the Jewish God into a lazy but revengeful arsonist. The rabbi practically makes the Jewish God into a church burner who takes eight centuries to ‘hit back.’

Shlomo Aviner is the rabbi of the Beit El settlement and head of the Ateret Yerushalayim yeshiva. He provides the ‘rational’ behind the divine retribution. “Christianity,” he says, “is our number one enemy throughout history. [They] tried to convert us by arguments and by force, carried out an inquisition against us, burned the Talmud, expulsions, pogroms. Western anti-Semitism draws from Christianity’s hatred of the ‘murderers of God.’ It also had a role in the Holocaust.”

It is needless to mention that many Israelis and Jews were appalled by Rabbi Aviner’s statement. Some Israeli politicians condemned the Rabbi and yet his blatant hatred towards Christianity is unfortunately engraved in both Jewish and Judaic thought.

Back in 2009, the Jerusalem Post reported on the growing tendency of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem to spit on their Christian neighbours. Father Samuel Aghoyan, a senior Armenian Orthodox cleric in Jerusalem’s Old City, told the JPost “that he’s been spat at by young Haredi and Orthodox Jews ‘about 15 to 20 times’ in the past decade”. Similarly, Father Athanasius, a Texas-born Franciscan monk who heads the Christian Information Centre in Jerusalem’s Old City, said he’s been spat at by Orthodox Jews “about 15 times in the last six months”.

The Israeli professor Israel Shahak commented on Jewish hatred towards Christianity and its symbolism, suggesting that “dishonouring Christian religious symbols is an old religious duty in Judaism.” According to Shahak, “spitting on the cross, and especially on the Crucifix, and spitting when a Jew passes a church, have been obligatory from around AD 200 for pious Jews.”

As I am currently in Prague, I am obliged to add that church spitting has had an impact on the landscape of the city. The following can be read in a ‘Travel Guide for Jewish Europe’:

“In Prague’s Charles Bridge, the visitor will observe a great crucifix surrounded by huge gilded Hebrew letters that spell the traditional Hebrew sanctification Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Tzvaot, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts.” According to various commentators, this piece, degrading to Jews, came about because in 1609 a Jew was accused of desecrating the crucifix. The Jewish community was forced to pay for putting up the Hebrew words in gold letters…” (To read more: Travel Guide for Jewish Europe, pg 497)

Charles Bridge, Prague
Charles Bridge, Prague

Shahak maintains that “in the past, when the danger of anti-Semitic hostility was a real one, the pious Jews were commanded by their rabbis either to spit so that the reason for doing so would be unknown, or to spit onto their chests, not actually on a cross or openly before a church.”

But the anger towards the church extends well beyond the rabbinical realm. Some traces of it can be found in most secularised Jewish so-called ‘progressive’ circles. In a letter to his mother dated November 25 1937 , Chaim Katz, a combatant within the Yiddish speaking Spanish International Brigade, writes “I took up arms against the persecutors of my people–the Jews–and my class–the Oppressed. I am fighting against those who establish an inquisition like that of their ideological ancestors several centuries ago, in Spain.” As we can see, Katz defines himself in the letter “as a Jew and a progressive” and sees the deadly civil war in Spain as a possible platform for Jewish retribution against the Catholic Church. It is hardly a secret that the battle in Spain escalated quickly into an orgy of burning churches.*


A week ago, we learned that the Jewish world was outraged by pro Israel Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s suggestion that the crimes of the Holocaust can be forgiven, though not forgotten. While Bolsonaro expressed the most basic Christian belief, both Yad Vashem and the Israeli president were quick to clarify that Jewish forgiveness is not an option. President Rivlin announced that “no one will enjoin the forgiveness of the Jewish people, and no interest will buy it.” Yad Vashem spokeswoman Dana Weiler-Polak said nobody can decide “if it is possible to forgive the crimes of the Holocaust.”

If Christianity is all about forgiveness, Jewishness can be seen as an accumulative project of ‘Amalek’ characters. If Christianity is all about compassion, the ability to defy gravity by means of harmony and reconciliation, Judaism and Jewishness can be described metaphorically as gravitational forces. They are there to unite the tribe around the constant fear of an emerging enemy. I guess that those who insist on pushing the phantasmic notion of ‘Judeo-Christian values’ should bear in mind the clear ideological, spiritual, metaphysical contrast between the two distinct religious precepts that in fact have very little in common.

*Rather than taking Franco’s side I am dealing here with Jewish means of identifications.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Christianity, Jews, Judaism 
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  1. What bugs me about ‘Judeo-Christian values’ is that as long as the Muslims were top dog, Jews were happy to be on Team Islam: see their prominence in Muslim Spain and in the Ottoman Empire in its heyday.

    But once Christendom pulled ahead, it was all ‘Judeo-Christian.’ Them and us; we’ve always been best buds. Arm-in-arm against those nasty Muslims.


    • Replies: @37
    , @hasmat
  2. 37 says:
    @Colin Wright

    “Judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron.

    • Agree: Wally
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @jacques sheete
  3. The more I read about the vile nature of religion in general and Judaism in particular the more I remain convinced my agnosticism has been a blessing. Yet all the venom within and between religions with all the millions sacrificed at the altar of some imaginary deity in the sky (wherever that entity is), together with the benefits of history, enlightenment, the hatred and killing continue unabated. Religion is a straitjacket that can only give comfort to the malevolent, stupefied and brainwashed fantasizing about a god that only favors them and displays unprecedented sadism and cruelty to non-believers.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  4. getaclue says:

    You should actually study the Mystic/Saints of the last 2,000 years and you would get a radically different view of reality…your comment is that made by those who believe the secular attacks against Christianity almost all of which are based upon proven lies, but repeated ad nauseum thus they must be “true”, telling us that humans are descended from monkey type creature etc.–that all creatures have a “common” ancestor….–this is now being shown definitively to be utter bs but has been parroted as “truth” for a very long time along with many other lies….Secular Atheistic “history” is a religion itself, a false one….

    • Agree: Fran Taubman
    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
    , @Justsaying
  5. @getaclue

    So, this 130 million year old dinosaur turd here on my desk [not referring to myself] came from where? Outer space, like me?

    You know what’s funny? Nobody ever came to my door in an attempt to convince me not to believe in anything. And that’s the truth [and difference]between you and me. I’ll even defend your right to have [and hang on to] your beliefs. In return I kindly ask to be treated with the same sort of courtesy and let me be as wrong as I want to be, because my ‘wrongness’ doesn’t hurt or kill any body. Righteous religion non the other hand…

    • Agree: animalogic
  6. you could write stuff like this any time any where about anybody, it is written thru a prism with the sole purpose of making the Jews look bad.
    That is the only reason. Christianity when thru insanely vicious times. The crusaders, the inquisition. Jesus was light, but the actual class of the Catholic Church was no better or worse then Amalek. Painting the Jews in a bad light serves one purpose, to teach and preach hate.
    Like Getacule is saying. Secular BS is just another religion full of all the mendacity and hatefulness they so artfully complain about. What is most striking is the mocking nature. Like how easy is it to mock someone. What a cheap thrill

  7. Anon[214] • Disclaimer says:

    John 4:22 “Salvation is from the Jews.”

    Jew Testament shows Judeo-Christian isn’t an oxymoron, but an apt description of Christian codependency on Jews.

    • Troll: Cloudbuster
  8. Anonymous[214] • Disclaimer says:

    An admitted Arsonist:

    “I have come to set the world on fire, and I wish it were already burning!” Luke 12:49

  9. Anon[214] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fran Taubman

    To teach and preach hate was Jewsus’ prime directive. Jew Testament says so:

    • “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.” -Luke 14:26

  10. swamped says:

    “I guess that those who insist on pushing the phantasmic notion of ‘Judeo-Christian values’ should bear in mind the clear ideological, spiritual, metaphysical contrast between the two distinct religious precepts that in fact have very little in common”…very true – or actually between the two religion’s distinct precepts. “Christianity is all about compassion” & Judaism and Jewishness “are there to unite the tribe around the constant fear of an emerging enemy.” Despite the fact that Judaism predates Christianity by centuries, it still remains a stagnant little sect stuck in it’s own self-constructed ghetto. While Christianity, meanwhile, has grown into the largest faith in the world. It’s clear Christianity does not need the Judeo prefix anymore & never really did after the first Easter. It was over for Judaism then. So Judaism needs Christianity to leech off. Judeo-Christian is mostly used only in the U.S. where the tribe holds sway. Asian & African Christians don’t bother much with the Judeo part. Why should they? Why should anyone anymore?

    • Agree: freedom-cat
    • Replies: @animalogic
  11. @swamped

    On the face of it, isn’t it totally bizarre that all these “born again ” evangelical Christians just so love Israel & Jews in general?
    But, not really — evangelicals have a deep-deep streak of the old testament in them. They love the old eye for an eye stuff. And forgiveness itself…? Well not so much….

    • Replies: @anon
  12. @Fran Taubman

    Fran Taubman—you could write stuff like this any time any where about anybody, it is written thru a prism with the sole purpose of making the Jews look bad

    There are indeed bad people everywhere but the piece draws attention to the badness inherent in Orthodox Judaism and its deleterious effect on the Jewish community. A couple of quotes from The Saker’s 2018 interview with Michael Hoffman:

    ● Orthodox Judaism, I regret to say, is a religion of lying and deceit. Duplicity and mendacity are formally inculcated.

    ● Another defining theological aspect of Orthodox Judaism is its dogma that non-Jews are less than human. This is how the goyim are viewed in the Talmud and its sacred successor texts. In certain branches of Kabbalistic Judaism, such as the politically powerful and prominent Chabad-Lubavitch sect, their founder, Rabbi Shneur Zalman, formally promulgated the doctrine that goyim are not just less than human, they are non-human trash—‘supernal refuse’—which is a reference to their Kabbalistic status as kelipot who possess ‘no redeeming qualities whatsoever.’

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  13. anon[194] • Disclaimer says:

    A deep-deep streak of the old testament is found throughout the Jew Testament, with 4,105 references to the Old.

  14. @37

    “Judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron.

    It no doubt is, but that still doesn’t stop some of them from employing the bullshit to their advantage.Same goes for the consistently imbecilic charge of anti-Semitism and many other goofy labels and concepts as well.

  15. @Fran Taubman

    …it is written thru a prism with the sole purpose of making the Jews look bad.

    And why not? Are Jews the only ones who’re allowed to write such things? Explain.

    “”Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”
    Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.”According to Yosef, death has “no dominion” over non-Jews in Israel.

    Hate the Gentile!” Israel’s Racist Rabbis by JONATHAN COOK

    There’s plenty more of that type of thing available and I can’t wait for it to become common knowledge; can you?

  16. Anastasia says:

    How did you find out all religion was ‘vile’. cliff notes or sound bites?

    • Replies: @Justsaying
  17. Iva Gunn says:

    There is no Religion in Nature, for a very good reason, It serves no reason or logic.
    If, humans ever make contact with people of another planet, It will be a very dark day for both.
    As in Nature, there is only the predator and the prey, Religion proves it beyond any doubt.
    Religion only works for those who sell it, Never for the buyers.
    If nothing else, Religion proves that there is only the predator and the prey and increases the dead.
    Thankfully I accept Nature not religion. I see the destruction of everything that religion has and is
    causing, the division, hatred ,wars, the lack of global unity to celebrate life and get the most out of
    it together.
    Imagine if you would a world that accepted Nature without any religion how much better life
    could be. Your Choice. Share this with everybody,

  18. Another great article Atzmon. You have been on fire lately keep up the good work brother.

  19. @Anastasia

    I qualified my post by stating the limits of my knowledge based on “The more I read…”. No expertise claimed here, but if you wish to follow your beliefs — perhaps yours maybe absolutely lacking in vile traits, the choice is yours. The very fact that religious instruction/indoctrination in most cases starts with unsuspecting, non-discriminating children, deprived of choice, seems like a vile enough measure for me.

  20. @getaclue

    In my pre-agnostic days, in fact I did study mysticism. Your post seems to infer that mysticism was unique to Christianity. It was not. While I would agree the mystical dimensions of many religions are relatively mild in contrast to run-of -the-mill organized religions where power dispensation has often occurred with horrifying consequences for non-believers on the one hand and internal dissenters on the other. As to the ax you grind against evolution, despite its shortcomings, I am inclined to go along with theories that rely on demonstrable evidence rather than groundless faith-based assumptions. There seems to be almost a missionary zeal in your post and a veiled urge to convert. Best to keep your beliefs to yourself and resist the urge to proselytize, if they are to be respected and tolerated. I will keep mine to myself too. All that said, where does the secular Atheistic history bit come in to this discussion? The word Atheist does not appear in my post. Not once. You may find that reading with an open mind may help in your responses.

  21. @Iva Gunn

    Quote: “As in Nature, there is only the predator and the prey,”

    Reply: If you leave the symbiotic relationships between some animals [shrimp/fish, etc.] and some plants and insects [trees/ants, etc.] out of the equation, you paint a skewed and incorrect picture. Of course, the scales tilt heavily toward the ‘eat or be eaten’ narrative, thus your picture is mostly reflecting the truth.

  22. kikz says:

    even the muzzi don’t ascribe human foibles to Deity…. yahweh is a psychopath.

  23. kikz says:

    may be fruitful to investigate Deism……

  24. G says:

    True idolatry is not to deny the Gods of the masses, but to give the Gods the beliefs of the masses.

    It’s been increasingly clear over the last years that we are moving from the decade(s) of total nihilism into the age of total fundamentalism, similar to the times before WW1 and WW2 which have to be seen together. What we are dealing with is a Tryptichon of fundamentalism: Wahhabism, Evangelical Christianity, Jewish Orthodox fundamentalism. All three are apocalypse cults.

    They are joined by several secular Fundamentalisms: (mostly) harmless SJW lunacy, Likud-Zionism and ‘Chosenness’, the neo-secular religion of the holocaust which in parts began to replace actual faith in God and the prophets, finally neo-liberal ‘Globalism’ only being some of them. And yet, if thought through to the end, they are not as harmless as, let’s say, the at best self-destructive secular doomsday cult called Punk used to be. Far from it. Rather like Bolshevism and Maoism were, they are secular, totalitarian cults.

    And with the immunization against criticism, the paranoia, with the suppression and oppresion, the demonization and dehumanization of its enemies, with its total vision for a world, a global vision, the belief to posess the exclusive truth and to know the end of history, they are setting the stage for the transition from the totalitarian ideology of the mind to the totalitarianism of practice.

    We can see its beginnings today.

    Deplatforming, censorship, doxxing and demonization by the media are not the Gulag Archipelago or the Concentration Camp. But social death can preceed physical death. The pieces are in motion. In some cases political murder has already happened: attacks on politicians, the faiths, political supporters. With the gleefull, sadistic eye of the press of the camps, cheering for more. Finally white nationalism, the actual Far Right and Neo National Socialism rise in response.

    The beast rises and if the nukes were not around, we would be already swimming in rivers of blood or find ourselves in a new world war. – Rivers of blood and wars are good for business after all.

    Gilad explores honestly one aspect of the problem and cleanse before his own house. Or if you will the Biblical verse:
    3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

    Matthew 7:3, New International Version (NIV)

  25. ariadna says:
    @Fran Taubman

    His “sole purpose is to make the Jews look bad,” you say. Looks like it. Intellectually lazy is what he is. Going for the low-hanging fruit.

  26. ariadna says:

    “…many Jews and Israelis were appalled by the rabbi’s statement.”
    How many is “many”? A full minyan? A small-to-medium settlement in Palestine? Or the entire staff of the ADL?
    “Appalled” by the substance of the statement or by the public exposure? In more “intimate” Jewish chat rooms on the internet they seem rather excited about the Notre Dame arson happening exactly 777* years after the burning of the Talmud in the very same spot where the conflagration started now, under the spire.
    * 7 is a sacred number of good luck to Jews; triple 7 is 7 X 3, or 7 to the 3rd power?

  27. @Fran Taubman

    The Inquisition- Moses was the first Inquisitor and in two days he ordered the deaths of more men, women, and children than did the Spanish Inquisitionsin centuries of its existence.

    The Crusades were a belated response (after more than two centuries of attacks0 to military against it by Mahometans.

  28. @Iva Gunn

    God is the author or nature.

    God is the author of religion.

    Truth divides and that scares you and so you choose to worship nature – just don’t get to close to it because earthquakes, bears, cyclones etc

  29. @Johnny Rottenborough

    What do I care what the Saker says or Michael Hoffman.
    I was raised an orthodox Jew, and belong to Chabad where I live, I have studied Rabbi Zalman’s Tanya, and latter Rabbi Schnersson. I have studied many great sages of Judaism.
    I was not raised to hate, or to think that anyone of another faith was lesser then me. This is bald face like. You are taking quotes out of context.
    No one says that the goyim are less then human a lie. All humans are equal in the eyes of G-d.
    If they say anything at all they say that Jews have more spirituality then non Jews.
    For what ever reason maybe it serves your hate filled heart you have decided to interpret this concept that Jews are hateful to other peoples, nothing good be more wrong.

    charging the Jewish people with a specific mission—to be a light unto the nations, and to exemplify the covenant with God as described in the Torah.

    This view, however, did not preclude a belief that God has a relationship with other peoples—rather, Judaism held that God had entered into a covenant with all humankind, and that Jews and non-Jews alike have a relationship with God. Biblical references as well as rabbinic literature support this view: Moses refers to the “God of the spirits of all flesh” (Numbers 27:16), and the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) also identifies prophets outside the community of Israel. Based on these statements, some rabbis theorized that, in the words of Nethanel ibn Fayyumi, a Yemenite Jewish theologian of the 12th century, “God permitted to every people something he forbade to others…[and] God sends a prophet to every people according to their own language.”(Levine, 1907/1966) The Mishnah states that “Humanity was produced from one man, Adam, to show God’s greatness. When a man mints a coin in a press, each coin is identical. But when the King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, creates people in the form of Adam not one is similar to any other.” (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5) The Mishnah continues, and states that anyone who kills or saves a single human, not Jewish, life, has done the same (save or kill) to an entire world. The Tosefta, an important supplement to the Mishnah[4], also states: “Righteous people of all nations have a share in the world to come”
    (Sanhedrin 105a).

    I am a student and lived these ideas, and you are wrong, so wrong and so hateful. Try and look up more information, or maybe hating on the Jews just fulfills your human need to blame someone.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
    , @hasmat
  30. Douglas Reed’s book “The controversy of Zion is of great help to understand what is happening today. He singled out those who are advocating the Talmud litteraly, those jews from the East who have been behind both, the communist revolution and the Zionism movement and who are hating the christians.

    For them, the communism, using masses, had for objective to destroy the nation-states and to enslave their population to them. The Zionists were in charge of gathering the Jews all over the world by fighting assimilation, using anti-semitism as a weapon, and of taking control over the nation-states’s governments by rigging their election system and by controlling the media.

    The Zionists have been very successful as all western governments today are in their hands.
    The communists have proved to be inefficient to meet their objective of enslaving the gentiles and
    to meet their objective, the Talmudists have switched to some sort of Menchevik socialism revolution Under the name of the New World Order, which by dividing people, corrupt them, pervert then and throwing them into confusion, is able to bring them to Armageddon.

    Presently, the Zionists are becoming impatient and are trying to push God to meet his commitment now. They are gambling that by triggering the Apocalypse, the Messiah will have to come to jeruslem and give them their due.

    Douglas Reed was expecting such behavior from them and therefore was convinced that they would failed again for it was not yet the Time.

    • Replies: @Tsigantes
  31. Why are there so many people named Shlomo completely lacking in wisdom?

  32. Tsigantes says:

    Israel’s setting its “top” trolls on you Gilad, but no one buys their wares ;-))

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  33. Tsigantes says:
    @Jean de Peyrelongue

    For me Douglas Reed’s book is still the most informative. But I don’t believe the Apocalypse / Armageddon presently under manufacture is really about religion but about power. Religion is just a strand to keep the fundamentalists on side, one of multiple pressure points.

    Their project will ultimately fail. The Zionists will never rule the world, though their idiocy* can destroy a lot of it. It will fail because they have absolutely nothing of value to offer the world – apart from a self-defeating hatred and contempt. Our world is a place of profound meaning, beauty and wonder yet the leaders of this cult trap their people in darkness, ignorance and obsession. Their loss! Their tragedy.

    [*literally: see the true meaning of this Greek word].

  34. @Fran Taubman

    So, student, you have never read the Talmud?

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  35. @ploni almoni

    No not really. But you do not have to have read the Talmud to know hatred when you see it.
    Blind hatred, talking trash about the Jewish religion taking religious comments out of context. Gilad has become a cartoon character, like looking at the quotes and logic from a stupid Rabbi to prove his points and vendetta against the Jews.
    Mainstream Judaism is not hateful towards non Jews, and for every stupid Rabbi there are hundreds of Jews who have contributed positively to the world.

  36. @Tsigantes

    No one “sets up” trolls, there are proud Jews and Zionist everywhere in the world, who will work hard to countermand the lies that are being propagated by haters like Gilad.
    Haters are haters, there are no facts to back up hate. You do not need a troll to fight it. They are lies. I am a proud Jew and Zionist.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  37. Seraphim says:
    @Iva Gunn

    That’s to assume that “Nature” is logical and rational! The cult of ‘Nature’ is in itself irrational.

  38. @Justsaying

    That doesn’t sound as much like agnosticism as atheism. You state certainties about beliefs. Perhaps I’m looking at it in the wrong way, though.

  39. Seraphim says:
    @Fran Taubman

    No one sets up trolls, but someone set up Hasbara.

  40. Everybody sees the world around them as an extension of themselves. That’s why Jews see themselves as eternal victims, because they know the other guy hates them as much as they hate him.

    Nobody’s safe.

  41. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    777, sri lanka, al aqsa.

    can we say man made?

  42. Alligator says:

    Gilad, your literary text never get visible on mobile (Android), that’s why you have so little reply to your exceptionally good articles!
    See about it with Ron!

  43. hasmat says:
    @Colin Wright

    Following from the same pattern is that now the US is pretty much washed up via cultural Marxist Talmudic degeneracy, and bankrupted fighting the zionists’ wars? They are dumping the ‘special alliance’ and setting up ‘best buddy’ status with their next host CHINA. Its been underway in earnest since the 1980s and will soon be complete.

  44. hasmat says:
    @Fran Taubman

    You’re also in denial or an outright LIAR. Rabbi Ovadia has said “nonjews were only born, so as to serve jews”. Dont forget the King’s Torah and so many. many other examples. We know the Talmud. We know Maimonades and all the rest. the white racial supremacy of zionism is pure poison.

  45. Jesus was a Jewish Carpenter—as so many Christians point out when defending Jews—and he wouldn’t have to be a particularly religious carpenter to abhor the destruction of the crème de la crème of construction projects: the Notre Dame Cathedral.

    Add one more example to the PC Era’s double-standard scoreboard.

    Progressives of all types—Jews, Christians, Muslims, atheists—object the minute the phrase radical Islamic terrorism is used, recoiling in Woke horror when the word “terrorist” is placed in close proximity to the word “Islamic.”

    But it’s just fine to link Christianity with the Holocaust.

    Given the trail of evidence—from multiple suicide bombers yelling Allah Akbar, to mass shooters donning burkas, to ISIS taking credit for multiple mass murders—it seems less of a stretch to connect contemporary terrorism with extremist Islam than to see the Holocaust as a product of Christianity.

    The Nazis were not a group of extremist Christians.

    There is the issue of some Catholic institutions failing to shelter Jews in monasteries, nunneries, etc. A few did. But Catholic authorities did save more great art from the horrors of WWII than people, likely because it was easier to do without committing suicide themselves by defying the Nazis, a group that would not have spared defiant Christians.

    • Replies: @Wally
  46. Wally says:
    @Fran Taubman

    This is the same Zionist, Fran Taubman, that faithfully believes in the impossible “holocaust” claims, but cannot provide proof for them when challenged.
    That’s how they roll.

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  47. Wally says:
    @Endgame Napoleon

    “But it’s just fine to link Christianity with the Holocaust.”

    – What “holocaust” would that be?

    – The ‘6M dead Jews’ that Jews have been lying about since at least 1823?

    – Or the claimed ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ that are easily debunked, scientifically impossible frauds?

    “it is necessary to recognize that the lack of traces involves the inability to directly establish the reality of the existence of homicidal gas chambers.”

    – French historian Jacques Baynac, Le Nouveau Quotidien (Lausanne, Switzerland), Sept. 3, 1996, p. 14.

  48. the more I read on the subject of Judaism, the more convinced I am that the Globalists movement is their idea, and they are moving fast toward it, which will not bid well for Christians nor atheists. Their power lies in their control of our central banks. Here in the states we must strip them out of banking by nationalizing the Federal Reserve Inc., a private corporation. We must restrict the rights of dual citizens, and do much more. But nothing will happen until we take over the Federal Reserve. Since Citizens United became law the idea of 1 man 1 vote is lost. It must be overturned, and only we can do it. Until then oligarchs like Sheldon Addelson, and Soros will contine to buy our presidents and representatives.

  49. @Wally

    How does it feel to be alone in the universe with like maybe 100 people.
    Am yishrael chia!!
    Yom Hashoha yesterday only on El Al airlines, where the pilot lost his grandparents in the holocaust. Listen to real life happening, not your fantasy. Maybe life will rub on you.

    On Yom Hashoah, while this El Al flight was flying over Germany, the Captain came out and shared some words including that all 4 of his grandparents had perished in the Holocaust. He then played and sang Am Yisroel Chai.

    Posted by Roxan Reizl Malka Hupert on Friday, May 3, 2019

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Commenting Disabled While in Translation Mode
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Analyzing the History of a Controversial Movement
How America was neoconned into World War IV