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Trump and Melania According to Fritz Lang
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As of today, America does not seem convinced by its democratic nature and its democratic process. One poll released yesterday claims that “less than half of the Americans believe Biden is the legitimate winner of election; a third say Trump won.” By now it is reasonable to admit that America is far from being confident about anything that is traditionally associated with its core ideological roots and its founders’ philosophy.

By now it is also clear beyond doubt that the predictions of a Democratic ‘landslide victory’ were either delusional or even consciously duplicitous. As of today, Republicans have gained seats in the House of Representatives, and look likely to retain control of the senate. If this is not enough, President Trump also increased his support base significantly. He even managed to expand his share of votes within marginal segments that until now were considered ‘democratic territory’ such as the Black and Latino communities

America is divided in the middle. Some may wonder what is it that made so many American voters give their votes to a presidential candidate who seems to be past his best days and often appear confused and cognitively challenged. Others wonder how is it possible that such a significant number gave their vote for a second time to an eccentric real estate tycoon who proved to be totally foreign to some elementary knowledge of running a country, let alone the language of politics and diplomacy. How is it possible that more than 70 million Americans voted for a man who shakes his hands and ass to the music of YMCA at his rallies?

The truth of that matter can’t be denied: Trump’s electoral power is based on his wall-to-wall support amongst White uneducated males. It is America’s white working class that support a man who has never engaged in any form of manual work so to say, a man who was born into wealth.

I would expect every American political scientist to clear his or her table and concentrate on one question: what is it at the core of this bond between this demographic and this abrasive real estate oligarch? Seemingly the many Americans who do not approve of Trump prefer to go to bed in the night and wake up in a Trump-less universe. Bizarrely enough, this is exactly what happened on election night. America went to sleep accepting that Trump might very well make it again, that he might be here to stay for another four years. Yet miraculously, when America woke up, just a few hours later Trump looked likely to be on his way out. We may never know what really happened at the wee small hours in those ‘swing states.’ Yet, Trump’s bond with America’s white working class is, no doubt, a fascinating question and it remains a mystery.

Trump is not the first American tycoon to be loved and admired by the working masses. Henry Ford, the chief developer of the assembly line technique of mass production, a man who made the USA into an industrial superpower, wasn’t exactly a ‘socialist’ by any means but he took great care of his workers and improved their lives by unimaginable proportions.

Ford was a pioneer of ‘welfare capitalism.’ He astonished the world in 1914 by offering a $5 per day wage, practically doubling the rate of most of his workers. Ford believed that paying employees more would enable them to afford the cars they were producing and thus boost the local economy. In practice, Ford offered a valid answer to Marx’ theory of ‘alienation.’ His workers bonded with their reality by means of consumption. Ford believed in manufacturing, nationalism and patriotism. He was against wars; he saw Wall Street and global capitalism as America’s prime enemy. This fact alone put him on an inevitable collision course with the wolves of Wall Street. Consequently Henry Ford went down in History as a “notorious anti-Semite” and Trump has been denounced more than once by the ADL and other Jewish organizations for “extolling” him and his achievements.

It is not difficult to point at some crucial similarities between Ford and Trump. Both are critical of military interventions. Both adhere to nationalist, patriotic and conservative values. Both believe in manufacturing. Both oppose globalism of any form and see globalist Wall Street as a prime enemy. But the bond between the struggling worker and the arch capitalist has deeper cultural, rational and psychological roots that go beyond the particular historicity of one industrialist or another.

The significance of the fantasy of bond between the oligarch and the oppressed is at the centre of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927), one of the most important cinematic epics of the 20th century.

Metropolis was created in Germany during the era of the Weimar Republic. It is set in a futuristic ultra-capitalist dystopia that isn’t so removed from the reality we witness in the growing abyss between Americas’ seashore urban metropolises and the so-called ‘Fly Over’ States. It tells the story of Freder, the son of the city master, and Maria, an inspirational working class, Christian and saintly character. Together, Freder and Maria defeat social injustice and the class divide by means of unity. Against all odds, they manage to unite capital and labor. For this unity to occur, a mediator has to come forward to transform social clash into a harmonious future. Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is two and a half hours of horror, oppression, slavery, capitalist malevolence and class divide that resolves in the end into harmonious reconciliation of the Hegelian ‘end of history’ type. The cinematic epic exhausts itself when the workers’ leader and the city master are shaking hands and accepting their mutual fate and co-dependence. “The Mediator Between the Head and the Hands Must Be the Heart,” is the inter title of the scene, emphasizing the ideological and metaphysical motto of the film. In the eyes of Trump supporters, Donald is such a ‘heart.’

Yesterday I watched Melania Trump – The Mysterious First Lady, a new Arte documentary that attempts to grasp the role of Melania and her contribution to her husband’s success.

It didn’t take me long to notice the similarities between Lang’s Freder and Donald Trump. It took me even less time to see a resemblance between Maria and Melania.


Looking at the Arte film it becomes clear that Melania’s role in Trump’s success is far greater than what the American compromised media may be willing to admit. The American press treats the current first lady as a meaningless decorative element planted in proximity to the ‘great evil’. But, as the Arte film reveals, for Trump’s supporting crowd, Melania is a loaded symbol of deep spiritual and cultural meaning.

Melania is practically the ultimate embodiment of the ‘American dream.’ Born in a remote village in Communist (former) Yugoslavia, she made it to the top of the world. She is literally the First Lady, married to the strongest man in the world. She did it on her own. She had a wish, she dedicated herself and she accomplished her mission.

But it goes further, this ‘sleeping beauty’ character happens to ‘wake up’ in the most volatile moments and say the right things. Being a dedicated mother, she furnishes the turbulent presidency with a deep sense of family commitment. She fits like a glove with the conservative understanding of conventional gender relations. But she also enlightens the compatible and mutual relations between the male and the female couple:

She is ‘young and beautiful,’ he is ‘old and shrewd’ but when things ‘get out of hand,’ when the president, for instance, is caught on tape calling to “grab them by the p*ssy” the couple swap roles immediately. Melania, out of the blue, becomes the big caring mother/wife, she forgives her naughty husband however confirms that he is actually a very nice gentleman and qualified for presidency. It is, practically Melania who Gives Donald the kosher stamp when he really needs it.

It isn’t a coincidence that no one in the USA could produce such a documentary that delves into the true meaning of Trump and his Trumpina. Not one camera owner in the USA has the mental power to admit that the Trump project is actually way more sophisticated than what we are willing to admit. One filmmaker who apparently understands the Trump project is obviously Michael Moore who predicted Trump’s victory in 2016. He also tried to warn his fellow progressive friends that they are deluding themselves into believing the pollsters and their phantasmic landslide victory predictions.

Trumpism is ideologically motivated and strategically driven. Not many Americans in the Left have the guts to admit that if one political offering is pushing for non-binary gender, trans identiterianism, Globalism and anti-patriotism, there would be enough people that push back on this message, clinging to the most obvious call for nationalism, family values, strict gender binaries, Christian ethos etc.

In Fritz Lang epic Metropolis the leader unites the under-city slaves with the Mammonites on top. I am not so sure that Trump can establish any kind of a bridge between Wall Street and his supporters in the ‘Fly over’ States. Wall Street does not see any reason to reach out to the so-called ‘deplorables.’ America is already divided on pretty much every possible front. Two days ago I asked a NY friend how does he feel about the current events in the USA. He corrected me immediately. “I live in NYC not in the USA… the USA” he said, “starts after the Hudson.”

It is hard to predict where America is going from here. But since Henry Ford predicted the current mess almost a century ago it may be good to remember that it was the same guy who cleverly pointed out that “when everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The woman in the pic looks more like Hope Hicks.

    There were plenty of women on the Trump Train, and not all were white.

  2. Uneducated?

    Come on, man!!!…it took 5 yrs to get a 4 yr degree, that extra year counts for sumpin…dontit? Lots more past that for various stuff beyond college level….


    Someone have Sailer get on that Mets stuff. Can’t wait for his take…that Golf thing yesterday was something to see and I haven’t swinged(swang?) a golf club since the 70’s

  3. At least I got a capital W. Capitol W?


  4. Franz says:

    Ford believed in manufacturing, nationalism and patriotism.

    In his rustic and crusty way, Ford probably believed too much. But one old rumor might be true.

    It was said (and it’s been disputed) that Ford was a big reader in his early years. He came across that greatest hit of the 19th century, Les Miserables, and was struck by Hugo’s description of his “model factory” where Jean Valjean makes his fortune manufacturing black beads. Demanding high morals of his workers, one of Valjean’s underlings fires Fantine for having the illegitimate child Cosette, which of course allows Victor Hugo’s plot to shift into the next gear.

    The pertinent part here is Henry Ford’s “Five Bucks a Day” was not automatic, precisely the same as Valjean’s bead factory. The company security police for Henry were allowed access to the worker’s homes day or night to see that basic economic competence and morality was being practiced. Children had to be fed and shod. Workers were forbidden the vices of drunkenness and brawling. Etc.

    Whether true or not, Henry’s paternalism really did make him a cult figure to his workers. Did he really get the idea from Victor Hugo? The idea is not unrealistic. The Chinese social credit system now is not stifling the population much from what the rest of the world can see, and it sounds a lot like Hugo too.

    Excellent essay, by the way. Makes one think.

  5. Sean says:

    If You Believe You are a Citizen of the World, You are a Citizen of Nowhere” (Prime Minister Theresa May speech to the Conservative party conference in 2016)

    Of late the WTO condemned Trump and US car manufacturers were suing him over anti China tariffs The backers of the man from Fortune 500 incorporation base Wilmington, Delaware (Biden) smelt blood; they are the elite establishment and their aim for international economic integration–what used to be called the New World Order–takes in Global Warming agreements like the Paris one as well. Trump abrogated both the WTO and Paris.

    Biden is going to sign back up to both. The really startling thing, although he doesn’t seem to realise it, is an ultimatum that unless the UK agrees to acquiesce in the EU (and Biden’s) interpretation of what was signed up to with the Brexit and Good Friday deals, America will not give the UK a trade agreement, “Period” (he used that word). Judging by the peremptory tone, a Biden presidency is about subsuming the nation states of the West. Case in point, the UK accepted an administrative division of the UK with a Irish Sea Border so that Northern Ireland will be demanding declaration in accordance with EU customs rules at the ports of Northern Ireland for receiving goods coming from Britain. although both are part of the UK and neither in the EU.

    Britain’s self determination as a sovereign nation state is an essential capability, too necessary for ultimate survival to be given up for a trade deal. Britain has nuclear weapons that in a last resort would supposed to used to defend that against the Bear. Yet a trade deal carrot is supposed to make Britain give up any presension to prevent foreign countries being the ultimate authority on what happens in the UK. Ireland is only in the UK because the UK joined it, and now it has un-joined it the Irish and their US friends think the cart can lead the horse. Biden may get his way but it will start very powerful forces in motion for a fundamental reassessment of Britain’s place in the world, in much the same way as the Suez crisis led to Britain becoming subservient to America. This time there will be a sense that things have gone to far.

    The US elite are underestimating the imperatives of the British nation state, and I think Biden’s intervention over the Belfast agreement overstepped the mark; does he not understand the potential to be thee begining of the end for the traditional US -Britain relationship. Boris which was already begining to make eyes at China; he gave Huawei the UK 5g contract and then reneged when America threatened to cease sharing secret intelligence with the Brits. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic started Boris in a phone call told Xi that he loved China. Prime Minister Johnson is very attentive to City financial institutions, and the British economy is regulated by pumping up the housing market. China has much to offer in those areas, and good access to the Chinese market would be a supreme prize for British industry but more especially the City who are desperate to get in on the ground floor of doing business with Chinese. London has a disproportionate share of the ‘family office’ wealth management for Western billionaires. If it could get the Chinese ones, well! Boris is known to admire Singapore as a model for London

    No fan of America, and an Ulster Unionist MP after he left the Conservative party over the EU, Enoch Powell always said that Northern Ireland would be key to the UK’ s survival in the face of the European Union. Many countries are divided on patriotism –globalist lines. France has Marine Le Pen. Even Theresa May who had opposed Brexit–as did Cameron, who was the PM at the time of the referendum–became quite bellicose after becoming prime minister. Brexit is an irrevocable step away from the policy that America had urges on Britain since the 1950s. I think “unchanging needs for security and identity” as John Gray put it, are going to increasingly send Britain down a particularist minding-its-own-business path and drag the politicians with it. Of course it may be that the nation state jealously guarding its rights to determine the ordering of its own territory is outdated, and populations, realizing they are only sovereign as individuals over their own body and mind in the style of J.S. Mill, will come together in adherence to timeless universals.

  6. Reger says:

    As a non-American, all I can say is that Trump is insignificant, his supporters are insignificant and his detractors are insignificant. Or to be precise, America is of no significance in the world except as a nuisance, a deadly nuisance.

    • Replies: @TG
    , @Excal
    , @Jake
    , @VinnyVette
  7. TG says:

    Um. I hear you.

    But America is more than a mere ‘nuisance.’ For all that its elites have strip-mined it of wealth, for all that it is a debt-fueled mirage of past glories, America is still powerful, in its influence and (ahem) prestige. Even as the real wealth of America declines, the status of its intellectual whores – Paul Krugman, etc. – still has the world in thrall. The lies that the American establishment tell the world are toxic and powerful well beyond the designation of ‘nuisance.’

    • Replies: @Reger
  8. Superman according to Twin Perfect

  9. Reger says:

    The judgment of the USA as a deadly nuisance is a summing-up. Indeed, non-America cannot ignore the nonsense that comes out of the USA. In New Zealand, we have had 25 Covid deaths in total. But the latest outbreak, which was swiftly contained in August, concerned a church group which was getting propaganda from USA evangelicals. American anti-Vaxxers have been uncovered peddling their ignorance. We have just had a national referendum on assisted death which was approved by a large majority. The NO campaign had to disavow American backing which came to light – because they knew the connection was poison to the New Zealand voter.
    What has the USA to offer my country where there is no controversy about abortion, guns, universal healthcare, paid parental leave, where a totally independent commission fixes all electoral boundaries and, for heaven’s sake, where the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition are both women?
    When talking about America it is so very hard to be polite.

  10. Excal says:

    And yet, here we are, wasting our time reading about it and talking about it.

  11. Anon[115] • Disclaimer says:

    Great great article including the use of Fritz Lang, one of the greatest directors in cinematic history. A man with much life experience, who, as a German and Jew who fought bravely in WW 1, had that rare balance that truth requires of a great artist. For my part, I particularly liked, not to say loved, his Dr. Mabus series. I understand that he was once offered the job of official director of movies in the Third Reich and turned it down..He returned to Germany, later on in life. How can one not feel a certain respect for such a human being?

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
    , @Alden
  12. BuelahMan says:

    Comparing Trump to Ford on the issue of jews is ridiculous. Trump is the biggest jew bag we’ve ever had as POTUS (which is saying a lot).

    Every facet of Trump’s life is surrounded and controlled by jews. His personal life, his professional life, his political life. You name it. He is as jewy as it gets.

    That CANNOT be said about Ford.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Gilad Atzmon
  13. Jake says:

    if that were true, the the rest of the world could just ignore America.

  14. Jake says:

    Another excellent article by Gilad Atzmon. I think his devotion to truth and beauty in art serve him very well when he wishes to explore ideas.

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  15. Jake says:

    And yet Jews indeed lead the opposition to destroy Trump, and they do so with endless fury.

    What does that tell you?

  16. Dumbo says:

    latest outbreak, which was swiftly contained in August,

    a national referendum on assisted death which was approved by a large majority.

    What has the USA to offer my country where there is no controversy about abortion, guns, universal healthcare, paid parental leave, where a totally independent commission fixes all electoral boundaries and, for heaven’s sake, where the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition are both women?

    For God’s sake, man. You are part of the problem and don’t even realize it…

    “Both women”… LOL. Well, enjoy being led by them to the Progressive Paradise.

  17. Dumbo says:

    Metropolis is a great movie.

    But the comparison with Melania and Trump is silly at best. For one, she doesn’t give the vibe of the saintly Maria of the film at all. Also, a main part of the plot was that “Maria” had a robotic double who was lustful and evil. So her image was used both ways.

    But mainly, current plutocrats have no intention of mediating with the “heart”, and Trump is no exception.

  18. No one tries to argue that we are dealing with a 1 to 1 situation… However, if Metropolis is part of our modern mythological spectrum , we should look at the correlation in that light .. also, I suggest that you make an attempt to look at the Arte film via VPN or an alternative ISP (I understand that it is not available in the USA) and see what Melania mean for ppl who aren’t progressive or liberal …

  19. @BuelahMan

    If you read the article closely you will notice that the comparison between Trump and Ford is very specific and does not refer to Jews.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  20. gay troll says:

    what is it at the core of this bond between this demographic and this abrasive real estate oligarch?

    Trump has always been made for TV, a Richie Rich caricature who appears to be self-made even though he failed and was bailed out for most of his career. Trump is a film trope brought to life; less Henry Ford than Citizen Kane. Even before he built Trump Tower he was featured on TV; and his failures in real estate and business only prove that his real career is that of a television star. He rotated into WWE, then his NBC game show, then the presidency. It’s easy to see how some people could mistakenly believe that this telegenic sociopath pulled himself up by his bootstraps. But in fact his stardom is manufactured. He is a totem for people who want to be rich. His presidency has turned the United States into another Taj Mahal casino.

    • Replies: @Sirius
  21. @Reger

    A little penis envy there? Screwed up and corrupt as it is the U.S. is the most significant country on the planet, politically, financially, technologically, and militarily, and unfortunately culturally.
    And home of the worlds reserve currency.
    You can say alot about the U.S. you cannot claim with any legitimacy that it is “insignificant.”

  22. @Franz

    Good points. It should also be noted that the “downside” of Ford style manufacturing reduced the level of skill needed to do the job, and therefore affected “skilled” craftsmen. The result was that many competitors were put out of business.
    On the other hand, the “upside” was that Ford broke down the manufacturing process to such a degree that many who would have been unemployable, due to loss of limbs or other physical (and perhaps mental) limitations, were gainfully employed.

    I am always amused by the “Ford helped the Nazis” nonsense. There were plenty of US corporations in Germany and the USSR during the 1930s, but only the Auntie Shem-ite Ford is singled out.

  23. Icy Blast says:

    We have to admit that in the United States, the word “education” has no clear meaning. It is one of the most misused and abused words in the English language, along with “culture,” “values,” and “creativity.” If only Allan Bloom were here to write an essay on this topic…

    Recently featured in the news was a young lady who had just graduated from Harvard, and the only thing she had to proclaim to the world was: “Ima stab you!” (By the way, Harvard receives millions of taxpayer’s dollars because they are, apparently, struggling to survive in the anti-intellectual climate produced by the Big Orange NAZI Gorilla.)

  24. mike6972 says:

    “It is hard to predict where America is going from here.” If Biden wins, it’s not hard at all to predict where America is going. We will become a one-party socialist (Communist?) state. Future elections will mean nothing; the result will be a forgone conclusion. This was our last chance. The America of our youth is soon to be dead. And it’s not coming back.

    • Replies: @republic
    , @Ozymandias
  25. mike6972 says:

    How about “soon to become insignificant”?

  26. The height of arrogant, ignorant duplicity is to scribble and/or yap that Trump’s supporters are mostly “uneducated White males”
    While I’m not one, but close, I happen to know a few millionaires, well educated, White family men and their wives ; active in medicine, real estate, business in general…and Union and non-Union trades that despite Trump’s faults…and in light of things Trump has actually done, and not done…like.more wars for Israel’s benefit…
    who are more motivated to vote AGAINST vile criminal scum like Hillary, The Biden Crime Family and Deep State/Tech Ruling Swine…
    and a Hindu whore that panders willy nilly to any pack of rats it believes will help wreck this nation…further.
    Urban/Suburban “educated” SJWs and Cucks with useless…except in Gubbamint/Corporate Drone employment…Liberal Arts degrees, that blindly virtue signal themselves toward a civil war killing floor are the assmonkeys that support Hillary/Obama/Biden/Harris/Clapper/ Brennan/Chertoff and similar ambulatory stinking turds that front for well hidden, largely unknown Novo Bolsheviki rats and snakes bound and determined to wreck this nation, as their kind has done to so many others.

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @Alden
  27. @VinnyVette

    ‘A little penis envy there? Screwed up and corrupt as it is the U.S. is the most significant country on the planet, politically, financially, technologically, and militarily, and unfortunately culturally.
    And home of the worlds reserve currency.
    You can say alot about the U.S. you cannot claim with any legitimacy that it is “insignificant.”’

    Not yet. We’re skidding fast.

  28. Skeptikal says:

    ” He corrected me immediately. “I live in NYC not in the USA… the USA” he said, “starts after the Hudson.””

    Another signal that Atzmon really doesn’t ‘get” the USA and probably should not comment on the country at all.

    Atzmon’s friend deserves a booby prize for Outstanding Lack of Originality!

    The Romanian American cartoonist Saul Steinberg expressed the typical NYC mindset back in 1976 with great originality; his graphic idea has been framed and hangs in bathrooms and front hallways all over the USA, and has inspired all kinds of funny and not-so-funny copies and parodies for the past half century:

    Bravo, Atzmon!! You share the prize with your friend.

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
    , @Sirius
    , @Alden
  29. @Skeptikal

    Yeah I guess Gilad is bored or nothing to write about in his wheel house, maybe out of Jew stuff so he writes about the US which he knows nothing about. I told him to rent a place in Wyoming for a winter and talk to people. He will then understand that no one cares about what he is thinking or writing about. Most people get on with it. No grievances at all. Just hunt and fish.

  30. hillaire says:

    Well, well, haven’t you got it good, assisted suicide, plenty of abortion, free death camp, jug eared mummy leading you all, you must be very happy.

  31. Sirius says:
    @gay troll

    his failures in real estate and business only prove that his real career is that of a television star

    That’s what confounds me. Even his successes were manufactured.

    I can spend the rest of my life trying to figure out the “bond” that Gilad Atzmon refers to between Trump and his followers and will never understand it. It was clearly there, but why?

    Henry Ford was a real entrepreneur who produced real products and no-nonsense results. Trump produced a phoney university with phoney diplomas and only nonsense.

    I’m afraid I don’t see the comparison at all between Henry Ford and Trump. Henry Ford had a work ethic. Trump: I doubt that he ever earned an honest dollar in his life.

    Everything about Trump is fake, from his crappy overlay hairdo and orange make-up (or is it rouge?) to nearly all of his pronouncements.

    Prior to the election, he goes to one of his Michigan rally and announces that he brought back all these wonderful manufacturing jobs by bringing back car plants. A complete fabrication. The whole story can be perused here:

    Trump until November 4 was the most successful con artist in US history. Actually he still is. His “Art of the Deal” should be renamed “Art of the Con”.

    • Agree: gay troll
  32. Sirius says:

    One half of the country doesn’t get the other half so why not welcome an outside perspective? Getting it right isn’t always the point. Atzmon is still thought-provoking.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  33. Theresa says:

    Why the dickins are you praising Henry Ford? That evil man funded the Nazis during WWII. Get a new hero.

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  34. @Anon

    “I understand that he was once offered the job of official director of movies in the Third Reich and turned it down..He returned to Germany, later on in life. How can one not feel a certain respect for such a human being?”

    Nah, he lied about that. No such meeting is listed in Dr. Goebbels’ diary (and you can be sure orthodox “historians” have gone over that with a fine tooth comb), and Lang kept changing the reason for the meeting or which film Dr. G. complemented, so it seems like a dining out story.

    I mean, it’s not like Jewish “refugees” ever make stuff up, right?

    And yes, it’s not to say he wasn’t a great director; one of the greatest, in fact.

  35. @Jake

    That tells me you think Israel has only one political party.

    “Two Jews, three opinions.”

  36. “what is it at the core of this bond between this demographic and this abrasive real estate oligarch?”

    Can we finally put this pseudo-question to rest? Where is Wittgenstein when we need him?

    No one (well, I suppose there’s small, disturbed group of fans who don’t count) LIKES Trump. No one RESPECTS Trump.

    Speaking of Ford, his fellow hometown Michigan boy Michael Moore got it right last time: They voted for Trump to give the Elite the finger. This time, Trump having essentially done none of his “issues”, 6 million more voted for him. I suspect he has always been aware of this; that’s why he spends his time on Twitter not politicking, like an LBJ.

  37. dvorak says:

    Yet, Trump’s bond with America’s white working class is, no doubt, a fascinating question and it remains a mystery.

    Trump supports their policies against bipartisan neoliberalism. It’s really not mystical or mysterious.

    Compared to establishment bipartisan neoliberalism, the median US voter is:
    — far to the left on trade
    — to the right on immigration
    — to the left on entitlements

  38. Alden says:

    I saw Metropolis and some other Fritz Lang movies. In my prole, plebeian, uneducated opinion, they reminded me of all those 1950s bible and early Christian movies. Extremely heavy handed message movies. Just as I snickered at Heston and Burton playing Moses and early Christian martyr, I snickered at Lang’s labor and capital peacefully cooperating. Not that easy.

    I very much admire Metropolis set designs and photography. Compared to unemployed homeless in every city, maybe a factory job wasn’t so bad.

    I don’t think the author realizes that real estate development is part of the blue collar highly skilled truly masculine construction industry. And I believe Donald did do some laborer lumper building work and then went into management. Which is real work too.

    It’s not just picking the design of marble lobbies. It’s knowing when to rotor rooter the sewer pipes and inspecting the roofs. It’s repairing hot water heaters and furnaces. It’s dealing with permits inspectors zoning, health, new regulations all the time.

    Real estate isn’t sitting in front of a computer. It’s a real man’s work.

    That’s why I like Trump. Also why I liked the Bush oil men.

    I really dislike all these men authors who probably never even washed a car , shoveled snow or fixed a leaky faucet in their lives sneering at blue collar men.

    • Replies: @anon,
    , @Sirius
  39. Alden says:

    I too dislike all these foreigners who arrive, settle down, go nowhere else but the town they live in and make a living writing about a country of which they know nothing. They seem to plagiarize their writings from newspapers magazines TV and the internet. Do they ever go to the local school board library board or the neighbored meetings the city and county council critters hold? Ever meet any politicians it’s not hard. Even talk to the neighbors??

    20o years ago, de Tocqueville and Mrs Trollope travelled all over the country, observed and spoke to real people before they wrote their books about America. They travelled with Americans. They stayed in hotels and boardinghouses and ate meals with Americans.

  40. Alden says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    Thanks, my feelings exactly. Real estate is construction , sales, maintenance and dealing with a gazillion legal health zoning building codes and laws. Plus rats, cockroaches tenants and tenants attorneys , managers. Does the author know how hard it is to assemble a skilled fast honest crew for repairs and remodeling?

    All men’s jobs. So why shouldn’t men like Trump?

    I also liked Harris because she had real jobs. Assistant district attorney law and order elected chief district attorney and law and order state attorney general.

  41. Excellent, insightful article. Never thought about this in these terms.

  42. @Franz

    Interesting connection to Les Miserables, thanks for pointing it out

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  43. @mike6972

    This was our last chance. The America of our youth is soon to be dead.

    Your pep talks suck. Can’t you at least dress a little sexier while you lead the “It’s never too early to give up!” cheers?

  44. Tlotsi says:

    New Zealand is known for its overabundance of sheep.

  45. Art says:

    Looking at the Arte film it becomes clear that Melania’s role in Trump’s success is far greater than what the American compromised media may be willing to admit.

    In maybe 2015, Unz Review had an article headed by a picture of Melania and Trump. She was stunningly beautiful. He was the big shot – but she was the regal noble queen. In that picture, and in the terms of personage, she was every bit the equal of Trump. In the last four years, she has acquitted herself well.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
  46. anon,[115] • Disclaimer says:

    I absolutely agree with your message here. It is the blue collar guys and now sometimes women, who do the dirty jobs necessary to make the world go around. Many of these jobs require specialized knowledge as well as grunt labor.. For leftist radicals, many of whom sit around in their college office nooks, drinking coffee and claiming to be the worlds voice, indeed, scoffing at these people is the proof of their utter stupidity and arrogance. It is also proof of their lack of comprehension of the value of all human beings, something they always claim they have but daily prove that they do not get it. Dr. Charles Fhandrich.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  47. lysias says:

    Metropolis was the product of collaboration between Lang and his wife Thea von Harbou, who was credited with the screenplay and went on to become a Nazi. The idea of the screenplay was closely related to a central idea of National Socialist ideology, that there should be collaboration between intellectual workers and manual workers. (Arbeiter der Stirn und Arbeiter der Faust).

    I do not say this to criticize Lang or the film. I think this is one thing that the Nazis — as well as Lang and the film — got right.

  48. @Theresa

    Ford hated Jews a hero everyday here on UR.

  49. Sirius says:

    Yeah? Who do you think is more likely to have had manual labor jobs, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama? Or George W Bush and Donald Trump?

  50. what is it at the core of this bond between this demographic and this abrasive real estate oligarch?

    It’s the bond of a king allying with the people against the nobility. Happens all the time.

  51. Skeptikal says:

    Atzmon tends to be pretty far off-base when he writes about the USA.

    Since I am not British, or Israeli, I don’t have any sense of how far off-base he is when he writes about those countries.

    I often find Atzmon interesting and original, and I often find him way off-base and thinking himself to be, or have, some kind of authority where that is not the case.

    • Agree: Fran Taubman
    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  52. BuelahMan says:

    It tells me that jews try to control every aspect of our lives. It surely does not suggest that Trump is a hero being thwarted by the fake opposition.

    Tell me of any facet of his life that is NOT surrounded and controlled by jews. It may be a different faction of jews. But it is jews.

  53. BuelahMan says:
    @Gilad Atzmon

    Of course, you alluded to it when you wrote:

    Consequently Henry Ford went down in History as a “notorious anti-Semite” and Trump has been denounced more than once by the ADL and other Jewish organizations for “extolling” him and his achievements.

    As if Trump is comparable in his antisemitism to Ford by discussing Ford with his white base.

    I am saying that nothing could be further from the truth since every aspect of Trump’s life is surrounded (and controlled) by jews. Not so for Ford.

    You are a jew. You know exactly how jews play every side for control. If you don’t, then you can’t be trusted. And frankly, at this point, I find no jews trustable. I am looking for one, though.

    What this world needs is a very high dose of antisemitism, again. Just like all the other hundreds of times it was needed throughout history.

  54. @Sean

    After losing two world wars the British might as well shut up for a while and clean house.
    Rotherham and Telford are no outliers. What are their nuclear arms good for if they can’t prevent their girls from being raped?

    • Replies: @Sean
  55. @Skeptikal

    He is clueless. Like his schtick with the Jews. How do you explain Bernie Sanders vs. Trump in the scheme of Gilad’s Jewish identity politics, and his constant riff on the Jews bringing down the left while being the main catalyst of the left at the same time. I guess his Labour stuff proved unreliable so he moved on to US politics. Gilad’s basic ideas have lost their original head of steam.

  56. @Sirius

    Clinton probably.
    Trump and Bush — maybe, maybe not.
    Obama certainly not.

    Your juxtaposition seems off.

  57. @Reger

    What has the USA to offer my country

    The transistor, the personal computer, and the Internet were all invented in the USA.

  58. Sean says:
    @but an humble craftsman

    The US were not going to use a battlefield nuclear weapon over in Europe because the Soviets refused to even recognize that there was such a thing as battlefield or tactical level nuclear weapons. The USSR said it would not use thermonuclear device first, but if the US first-used any kind of one (even a mine) to stop a Soviet offensive from sweeping over Western Europe in a few days, then that would mean American cities would get hit in retaliation. America wanted the USSR to agree to fight a limited nuclear war in Europe but they wouldn’t.

    A country that holds a conventional advantage would be foolish to agree to not retaliate against first use of nuclear weapons on the battlefield by hitting back at the strategic level (nuking a enemy homeland city). Britain was given nuclear weapons in order to give the nuclear counter to Soviet conventional superiority (they were always capable of conquering Western Europe) a bit more credibility. However, Britain would not have started a nuclear war even if it was about to be conquered. Nuclear weapons are a deterrent to nuclear war, they’ll never be used. Reliance on nuclear weapons to deter a conventional superiority is dangerous BS with the potential to cause a conventional war. It looks like it is working when they do not really want what you are protecting, but against someone who has serious intentions, threats to ‘go nuclear’ are unlikely to work as well.

    An old bouncer once told me, ‘don’t pretend to be something you’re not, because they’ll see through you’. If the Soviets had wanted to conquer Western Europe then they would have. The pakis wanted those girls and their fathers, who no doubt if asked about what they’d do in the event of much older men taking advantage and pimping their daughters would proclaim the abuser would be a dead man, when it came down to it did nothing for all the implicit ‘nuclear option’ murder threats. The answer to Soviet tanks was Nato having too many tanks for the Soviets to expect to win a conventional war. The ‘conventional’ deterrent to pimps is earn and spend the money, time, and sacrifice of your own personal indulgence order to bring your daughter up properly with nice friends. But if you are not that sort of man, then your DNA in your daughter is not going to make her very abstemious either.

  59. Manqueman says:

    “In Fritz Lang epic Metropolis the leader unites the under-city slaves with the Mammonites on top. I am not so sure that Trump can establish any kind of a bridge between Wall Street and his supporters in the ‘Fly over’ States.”
    For decades, the GOP has rolled on empowering business interests with their desire for an extractive economy (more so starting with Reagan) while providing the base with lines of BS. The only thing special about Trump — the only thing — is that he panders without any boundaries. Which is to say, a minor, irrelevant distinction.

  60. Ron T says:

    So you watched a movie about workers’ rights, social unrest and the industrial age of early twentieth century and decided to force it somehow on present day, even though it has very little in common?

    The parallels between Freder and Trump are non-existent except for in your imagination, and you literally cracked me up comparing Melania to Maria, with your assertion that Melania is anything more than just a washed up model at the end of her short lived career who resigned to becoming a trophy on a rich old man’s shelf as a shortcut to securing her financial future – in other words, a gold digger. And no, Trump did not marry her for her sparkling personality or intellect.

    Also, rural whites (which tend to have less formal education) and southern states have been the base of the Republican party for decades, so nothing really changed with Trump. If you’re not familiar with American politics you may as well refrain from commenting on them, let alone making these absurd comparisons.

    Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is known for its visuals which were revolutionary at the time, and still are breathtaking. The plot itself is fairly bland and any resemblance to Trumpism is in your head only.

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