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The Yom Kippur Syndrome Revisited
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One of the most interesting aspects of the Yom Kippur War (1973) was that it marked a sudden switch from Israeli manic ‘hubris’ to melancholia, apathy and depression.

Following their outstanding military victory in 1967, the Israelis developed an arrogant disrespectful attitude towards Arabs and their military capabilities. Israeli intelligence predicted that it would take years for Arab armies to recover. The Israeli military didn’t believe that the Arab soldier had the ability to fight, let alone score a victory.

But on 6 October 1973, the Israelis faced a devastating surprise. This time the Arab soldier was very different. Israeli military strategy, built on air superiority and fast ground manoeuvres supported by tanks, proved ineffective within hours. Egypt and Syria, helped by new Soviet antitank and ground-to air-missiles, managed to dismantle Israel’s might. In the first days of the war Israel suffered heavy casualties. It’s leadership and high military command were in a state of despair. Yet, this type of crisis wasn’t exactly a rare event in Jewish history.

The Israeli military fiasco at the first stage of the war was a repetition of a tragic syndrome that is as old as the Jews themselves. These repetitive scenarios involve Jewish collective hubris driven by a strong sense of exceptionalism (choseness), and lead to horrific consequences. I call this ‘the Yom Kippur Syndrome.’

In 1920s Berlin, the Jewish elite boasted of its power. Some rich Jews were convinced that Germany and its capital were their playground. At the time, a few German Jews dominated banking and influenced Germany’s politics and media. In addition, the Frankfurt School (as well as other Jewish school of thought) were openly dedicated to the cultural uprooting of Germans, all in the name of, ‘progress,’ ‘psychoanalysis,’ eroticism,’ ’phenomenology and ‘cultural Marxism.’ Then, almost ‘from nowhere,’ a tidal wave of resentment appeared, and the rest is known.

But was there really a sudden shift in German consciousness? Should 1930s German ‘anti-Semitism’ have come as a surprise? Not at all. All the necessary signs had been present for some time. In fact, early Zionists such as Herzl and Nordau correctly predicted the inevitable rise of European anti-Jewish sentiments at the end of the 19th century. It was the Yom Kippur Syndrome, that same hubris that prevented Berlin’s Jewish elite from evaluating the growing opposition around them.

What we see in Israel at the moment is obviously a tragic manifestation of the same syndrome. Once again, the Israelis have been caught unprepared. Once again mania of omnipotence is replaced by melancholia. Once again the Israelis failed to estimate Hamas’ military capabilities. They failed to recognise the growing frustration of Israeli Arabs and acknowledge the possibility that their frustrations could escalate into street fights or even civil war.


The Israelis have succumbed to the delusional thought that the Palestinian cause had evaporated. They were convinced that cracking the BDS and starving Gazans had dismantled the Palestinian aspiration. Yet it is Hamas that has managed to win the most crucial victory uniting the Palestinians in Palestine, in the camps and in the Diaspora, alongside Muslims from around the world. This unity is significant especially in the light of Israel being politically divided heading towards a fifth election.

Once again, Israeli arrogance is replaced by deep sadness. Israel could ask itself some necessary questions: What is it that we do wrong? Why is our history repeating itself? Is there something we could do to change our destiny? Rather than this necessary introspection, Israel is actually doing the opposite. Instead of dissecting the present crisis in the light of similar events in the past, Israel repeats the same mistakes. It refers to the current crisis as just another ‘round of violence. It delves into the strategic and tactical possibilities that will ‘enforce a ceasefire on Hamas’. Israel basically speculates over the level of carnage that will bring the ‘Arabs on their knees’ once again.

Israel defines itself as the Jewish State and its tragic mistakes are naturally determined by that fact. If Yom Kippur is a Jewish day of introspection, the Yom Kippur Syndrome is the direct outcome of a total incapacity to self-reflect. Yet one may wonder whether the Jew can be emancipated from the Jewish destiny and the Yom Kippur Syndrome in particular? Like early Zionist Bernard Lazare, I believe that all it takes is drifting away from exceptionalism. But once stripped of exceptionalism, not much is left of contemporary Jewish identiterianism.

I guess that we are touching upon the most devastating existential aspect of the Yom Kippur Syndrome; there is no Jewish collective ideological escape for the Jew. We are basically dealing with a cultural and spiritual limbo.

I tend to believe that the only escape route from the Yom Kippur Syndrome is individual: self-imposed exile. Leave the ghetto late in the night, crawl under the fence, dig a tunnel under the ‘separation wall’. Once out on the land of the free, proceed quietly and modestly in search of the humane and the universal.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Israel, Israel/Palestine 
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  1. thank you, gilad, your thoughts are true & lead us all toward more introspection. blessings & peace.

    • Agree: Lucy Lipinska
    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  2. Notsofast says:

    if not for the interdiction of the u.s., israel would have been defeated in short order in 1973. this is what led to their peace treaty with egypt and the return of the sinai peninsula which left such a bad taste in the zionist mouths that they resorted to assassinating yitzhak rabin. all serious peace efforts on israeli’s part died with rabin.
    iranian cruise missiles have now changed everything. hamas can hit hit tel aviv with extreme accuracy, unheard of in the past. if hamas can do this from gaza, imagine what hezbollah will be able to do from lebanon. the iranians have sent a subtle message to israel that they don’t want to even contemplate a direct conflict with them.
    israeli seems hellbent on continuing their hammer headed blunt force approach, but if this keeps up they risk a response from hezbollah. some people never learn.

    • Agree: Alfred, Tsar Nicholas
    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  3. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Only the exceedingly rare Jew leaves the Tribe.

    • Agree: Gilad Atzmon
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  4. Beautiful article, Gilad!

  5. Ace says:

    The hideous IDF snipers and, in recent (?) months, the settler outrages have revealed the attitude of the Israeli government. That and the dumping of sewage on a Palestinian village, cutting down olive trees of Palestinian farmers, visiting humiliation and grief on Palestinians with destruction of houses and a laughable “building permit” process reveal a mean spiritedness and obliviousness that is epic. Do decent human beings do this to other humans? The Israeli treatment of Syria and Iran as their own private shooting range is also in there somewhere, protestations of imminent attack in ten years aside.

    Here in the U.S. organized Jewry agitates for open borders and dilution and destruction of white Christian culture that fills Barbara’s heart with joy. David Gelbaum gave over $100 mill to the Sierra Club on condition that they drop their opposition to immigration. What kind of an agenda is that? And Prof. MacDonald has shown that it was Jews who agitated for 40 years to open up immigration to the third world. Thanks, lads. Those Somalis are nothing short of a blessing. It’s gratifying to see the percentage of whites in our own country heading south and to contemplate the glop culture of the future. Cinco de Maya for us!

    The media monopoly is Jewish and Jewish political money sloshes around our political system causing a monstrous distortion and the most timid criticism of Jews or Judaism is treated as the very last outrage just before the cattle cars roll and the FEMA camps fire up the ovens. Goyische politicians who stray from the reservation by expressing insufficient adulation and forgo the obligatory groveling at AIPAC conventions get The Treatment and are soon dusting off their law licenses and exploring lucrative e-Bay opportunities. And the goyim are expected to accept the Israeli “explanation” of their attack on the USS Liberty as something other than the CAUB that it is. And we’re also supposed to not notice that it was the Prime Minister of Israel who welcomed the most damaging traitor in our history when he arrived in Israel after having flown from the U.S. in Sheldon Adelson’s private jet.

    I care as much for Bulgaria, Burundi, or Tajikstan as I do for Israel — which is to say I am indifferent to them — yet the U.S. sluices billions of dollars into the coffers of Israel and is led around by the nose in the service of Israel’s security objectives. As may have been observed on this very site, we didn’t have any enemies in the Middle East until Israel became our special pal. Needs work probably but you get the point. In the meantime, Israel enforces its “open borders for you but not for us” and Jewish ethnostate policies.

    I don’t know who pushes Christo-Judaism as our national religion but it’s not lost on me that that most sacred of sacred Jewish holy books, the Talmud, sees (1) Jesus in boiling excrement for eternity and (2) goyim as excluded from the celebrated Jewish human heartedness. And didn’t that rabbi somebody or other exult over the divine plan that the goyim’s only role in life is to serve Jews? Maybe that’s talmudic too, I don’t know. But, cut to the chase, I don’t get how it is that theoretically we are joined at the hip spiritually.

    The Chinese have an expression “Open the door and look at the mountain.” It enjoins one to remove the blinders and see what has been there to be seen from the git. Israelis and organized Jewry are not the only arrogant fools on the planet. There’s plenty of goyische stupidity and malice to go around. But by Pelosi, Pocahontas and Whoopi, I swear we all better come up with something more workable than unlimited debt, monetary debasement, abandonment of the Constitution and the rule of law, worship of foreigners and minorities, the (((Klaus Schwab’s))) Great Reset (defined how?) and obeisance to the Duals and their eternal victimhood as the Prime Directive. The best and the brightest are utterly convinced this is the way to go but it isn’t. We all need to rethink these religions and their clearly idiotic, destructive notions as well as come up with economic and political doctrines that don’t celebrate multiculturalism, socialism and totalitarianism, the evils of free markets, and the universal franchise.

    This just my Little List. Perhaps it could be made longer. But I just gotta ask, Who exactly are these people?

  6. But … is this not a wee bit putting the cart in front of the horse?
    Are not today´s Jews the residuate, the refractory of centuries upon centuries
    of assimilation, rendering them constitutionally incapable of universalism?
    Is not, then, spite the foundation of their existence as Jews?

    (the line of thought is interesting but lands us at Marx, and it ain´t pretty)

  7. “Who exactly are these people.” Well if you had your penis circumcised a mere 8 days after you were born you would be subject to so much internal trauma that the only way to deal with it would be to invest all of your psychological energy into some ego driven head trip. Simply for the desperate relief from the unreachable internal pain you would be unconsciously driven to living exclusively in your mind. Your mind becomes your life. Hence the incomplete perspective of being exclusively head bound becomes a culturally self reinforcing syndrome. Denial and egoism become self reinforcing characteristics. This is just one part of the issue but it is a deep psychological driver that adds strength to the other factors. Does it not? Along with that circumcision trauma comes fear of the patriarch (the cock cutter) and a drastically reduced ability to integrate the feminine principle of body centered feeling. Their patriarchal egoism is driven by encountering the knife as their first experience of life. But it all gets buried in their unconscious. The freaky thing is that they end up being unconsciously driven by a need for revenge. How could they not?

    • Replies: @Ace
    , @Jus' Sayin'...
  8. Once again, Israeli arrogance is replaced by deep sadness. Israel could ask itself some necessary questions: What is it that we do wrong?

    Jewish arrogance is everywhere. The Jews of Berlin are the Jews of New York, and the Jews of Los Angeles, and Vienna, and Miami, and everywhere else where Jews reside. As an American, the Jews within the gates are the problem. I guess they are banking on their uninvited immigrant guests and blacks to save them from paying for their crimes against white America (a non-white America is no longer America!).

    Whatever happens, they have destroyed civilizations and nations, stolen and killed on a massive scale, and created chaos that will likely deepen and spread beyond their war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Middle East. They deserve whatever disaster visits them as a group. There is no hiding behind Hollywood, academia, or the media this time. It’s all too out in the open.

    I don’t really care if a few Jews escape the group, or not. It’s good for them if they do. However, I doubt that many would ever truly assimilate into another group. They’ll just push the same old cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, internationalism….without calling themselves Jews. What good is that for the host? It’s just as selfish and destructive. It’s the same old view that if Jews can’t handle being a distinct group and mind their own business, then no other group can or should be allowed to maintain distinct societies, either. No thanks.

    • Agree: Ace, Patriot
  9. Thanks for the brilliant historical perspective.

    I am an outsider of the middle east and the only book I ever read about Israel is “My Farewell to Israel, Thorn of the Middle East”.

    I’ve been watching the news for decades and trying to understand the root causes of the bloody fights in that area. But hatred between different Israeli tribes (Jack Bernstein), Israeli and Arabs seem to be related to the same problems you describe in Europe until WWII.

    Does that mean that Israelis hate themselves and hate all other neighbors in any country where they settle?

    As you point out well, it may turn out to be an individual’s introspection since there is no reliable government or movement that can help.

    But that helps me understand another fact on this planet that people don’t usually think about:

    Why do all empires always end up in the garbage bin of history?

    In the past 3000+ years you’ll see them rising, falling and sometimes disappearing completely from the map.

    Just to name a few:

    1. Macedonia empire
    2. Roman empire (entire middle east, Europe and north Africa)
    3. Caliphate empire (8 centuries of Spain occupation)
    2. Mongol empire (the biggest contiguous empire in history)
    3. Byzantine empire
    4. Russian empire
    5. Soviet empire
    6. Ottoman empire
    7. Portuguese empire
    8. Spanish empire
    9. French empire
    10. Brutish empire
    11. American empire


    You just answered my question.

    It’s because there is never a collective introspection and the empire keeps making the same mistakes they themselves made or other empires had made before them until they die – and history keeps repeating itself.

    That’s what you see in Israel
    That’s what you see in the US today!

    • Agree: Jus' Sayin'..., Alfred
    • Replies: @Alfred
  10. A123 says:

    Hamas that has managed to win the most crucial victory uniting the Palestinians in Palestine, in the camps and in the Diaspora, alongside Muslims from around the world. This unity is significant especially in the light of Israel being politically divided heading towards a fifth election.

    On policy, Israel is *not divided* the Center Left, Center, Religious Right, & Secular Right all agree on the fundamental issues. Only the Far Left (Labor Gesher) & Ultra Left (Joint Muslim List) advocate degrading Israel’s national security.

    The Israeli caretaker system is fairly robust. If no one obtains 61 seats, everything continues to work pretty well. The upside of this is stability. The downside is minimal pressure to force a politically risky coalition (or an equally risky big-tent unity concept).


    Fatah is run by Mahmoud Abbas who is in his 16th Year of his 4 Year Term in office. Everybody wants Abbas to depart, and the other choice is Hamas. There does not seem to be a strong pro-Hamas sentiment. In many ways, Biden and Hamas are in the same political hole. No-one really likes them, but their “side” dislikes the other guy more.

    Given the casualties from “friendly fire”, Hamas and PIJ are becoming less liked by the salvo. Once Abbas is dispatched, there is little reason to believe the “Anti-Abbas Unity” will hold, unless Fatah manages to pick an incredibly disagreeable successor.

    PEACE 😇

    • LOL: Alfred
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @anon
  11. @Ace

    Who exactly are these people?
    They are satanic minions. They work for destruction in order to build anew. The question is, what do they want to build?
    It is simple.
    They want to build a system based on lies not truth.
    They want to see others suffering and in pain. They find this amusing.
    They want to brainwash our children. They are rapists and pedophiles.
    They want all the wealth and power which means we must live in abject slavery.

    This is not ‘BuildingBackBetter’. It is total destruction of the middle class. They are loving every minute and laughing their asses off as we fllail around helplessly.
    This people are absolute vermin.
    If people really knew what was coming they would revolt beforr they lock down their gains.
    There are far more of us than them and they are very afraid.

    • Thanks: Patriot
    • Replies: @Ace
  12. Interesting Twitter feed from Pakistani analyst Zaid Hamid on the current battles in Palestine:
    Hamid sees Israel has cracking internally from the riots and fighting inside Israel, and has some hopium about an anti-Israeli Muslim coalition:

    If Iran, Turkey, Pakistan & Hizbullah can coordinate military support to Hamas, the idea of Israel can be dead in few days…..& a multi-national Muslim peacekeeping force can land in Palestine. Entire Middle East will see peace for the first time in 7 decades.

    But of special interest in Hamid’s feed was this:

    Ari Shebet (shavit) is a famous Zionist writer. Today he wrote in Hebrew paper Haaretz an article, ‘Israel Breathes Its Last’

    Absolutely incredible admission of defeat of Israel & the lies which were told to Jews by the Zionist movement to bring them there

    He actually goes on to advise Jews to go back to the countries where they came from as there is NO Solomon’s Temple under the Aqsa masjid & they were all told lies by the Zionist movement.

    He accepts that Palestinians are the original owners of the land & they cannot be enslaved.

    Photo of translation / paraphrase from Hebrew of this ‘Israel Breathes Its Last’ article in Hamid’s feed here

    • Thanks: Unpersoned by fb
  13. Anon[363] • Disclaimer says:

    Very beautiful and very powerful.

    Yet one may wonder whether the Jew can be emancipated from the Jewish destiny and the Yom Kippur Syndrome in particular? Like early Zionist Bernard Lazare, I believe that all it takes is drifting away from exceptionalism. But once stripped of exceptionalism, not much is left of contemporary Jewish identiterianism.

    Yes, that is the reading I personally have, as an ex-Christian and ex-Nationalist white guy, who is now a liberal anti-anti-racist.

    Before my nationalism, and after my Christianity faded, I noted, with confusion, that Jewish kids in college, ones who were observant enough to always wear yarmulkes, would brag about sexual exploits. I noted, with confusion, those in the homosexual activist circles that were boastfully Jewish. Are these things not against the Torah’s teachings?

    Catholics often, but not always, were similar: “cradle Catholics.”

    I realized that Judaism had to be about something else. What was it, I could not ascertain at the time. Over time, I came to the conclusion that it is a kind of chauvinistic hate-cult based around grudging against non-Jews.

    Catholicism is, in the USA, about avoiding white guilt and distancing oneself from “shameful” Republican-voting Protestant/nominal white people from the rural parts of the country, people who bear ancestral guilt for slavery and conquest of native Americans, by remembering&observing one’s non-American (Irish, Italian, Polish, German) heritage.

    If these religions were real, they would leave the religion behind when they cease believing, as do ex-Christians[Protestant] and ex-Muslims and ex-Hindu. Because such would be only logical.

    Why take and “identity” for no reason? There must be a payoff; as tribal membership and loyalty reduces marital options, and often requires financial and temporal sacrifices.

    There must be some belief that you are “better off” in the tribe than out. Maybe the tribe privileges you and you get material benefits from participating.? Maybe the tribe is better to be in bc the non-tribe is just really bad? Maybe the non-tribe is ok, but the tribe is amazing and superior, so you’d prefer to stay inside to be superior?

    There aren’t really any other logical options. I think you need one of these. People simply won’t waste time or money and inconvenience themselves en masse for nothing, because reciprocity is deeply ingrained in the brain of humans and animals through evolution, and inconveniencing yourself for nothing would be an unreciprocated effort.

    • Agree: Gilad Atzmon
    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  14. Ace says:

    The obsession with mass, illegal third-world immigration and the lies of “multiculturalism” and “diversity” can only be explained by a satanic malevolence. I think one reason non-Jews fail to act in their own interest is that they simply cannot conceive of the kind of evil that is at play. EVERY decision you want to name is and has been for the last 100+ years precisely the WRONG decision. Not one decision has been taken with a view to buttressing the long-term vitality of the country.

    As the commenter gcjohns1971 said:

    The Petty, vain, venal, neurotic, obsessive, corrupt and cowardly denizens of our national political apparatus inherited the greatest concentration of wealth, industry, goodwill, and military power in 6000 years of history and squandered it in a single generation.

    That really did happen. The country reached the tipping point with its insane spending and monetary debasement and debasement of the backbone culture and there is no one on the national scene but for some courageous men (Ron and Rand Paul, Steve King, Tucker Carlson, Kevin MacDonald, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Roy Moore, Joe Arpaio) and women (Tulsi Gabbard, Ann Coulter, Candace Owens, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Heather MacDonald, Liz Cheney – just kidding) who attempt to communicate some kind of vision. The existing cesspool destroys or marginalizes possible leaders and the culture of lies, unreason, and suicide cannot be undone in time to reverse this catastrophe. Fairy tales must and will dominate our national debate ad inf.

    The thinking must be that anything and everything is disposable and replaceable but this thinking does not understand the economic interconnectedness. Everything is perfectly tuned to deliver essential goods and services and, once, basic security and predictability. When the next figurative supership gets crosswise where it shouldn’t, when the next gasoline pipeline quits, when bubbles burst, and when inflation ignites there won’t be a resilient culture of self-reliance to put a floor under it all. This time there just won’t.

    So, this time, there won’t be another country to subvert and the host country won’t be able to absorb the damage and continue. And we will have millions of foreigners and minorities with a pathetic, half-assed agenda of their own to make it infinitely worse. Lesbian lives matter!

    These are forever changes coming up and when the epitaph for this great though grievously subverted experiment is written it will say, “People intend the natural consequences of their acts.”

    • Thanks: Patriot
  15. anon[570] • Disclaimer says:

    “Last month Foreign Affairs ran an article saying that Iran and Israel were engaged in mutual hostilities that could drag the United States into a war not of our choosing, and there was no mention in the article of the people who really do want the U.S. to go to war with Iran, the neoconservative branch of the Israel lobby. Last week Foreign Policy ran an article by one of those neoconservatives, saying that if the U.S. returns to its deal with a “rogue regime committed to Israel’s destruction,” Israel will likely go to war against Iran.

    It ought to be terrifying that our supposed client state is escalating its attacks on Iran just as the United States is trying to reenter the Iran deal; and its friends in the U.S. are escalating the war of words.”

    Will the Americans ever learn who their enemy is ? Who there enemies are? It is Israel. It is Kagan Wndy Sherman ,Indyk ,Dennis Ross, Podohoretz and spawns of Podohoretz pf Kristol of Goldberg , products of Markus and Singer , Sheldon , Bernard Lewis Kaplan , FDD AIPAC JINSA ADL , it is Wolfowitz, , Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams, James Woolsey,it isJohn Hannah, a senior fellow at the Jewish Institute for National Security of America , it is Meir Ben-Shabbat; the head of the Mossad, Yossi Cohen; the chief intelligence officer of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Gen. Tamir Hayman; and the air force general in charge of Israel’s Iran strategy, Tal Kelman. Together and separately, Jake Sullivan, Antony Blinken, it iseir Ben-Shabbat; the head of the Mossad, Yossi Cohen; the chief intelligence officer of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Gen. Tamir Hayman; and the air force general in charge of Israel’s Iran strategy, Tal Kelman.

    Getting this nation into war to prevent peace ,so that ,that son of a bitch, greed oriented and free lunch seeking country can feed its hungry mouths is its philosophy . Destruction of zionism will free American minds and free the world to love again USA.

    • Agree: Patriot
  16. Take away exceptionalism and universal supremacism and Talmudic Judaism and its bastard offspring, Zionazism, disappear. A Jew becomes a mere human being with a tragic collective history. Many Jews will rather commit mass self-destruction, ie Masada themselves or exercise the Samson Option, than countenance that.

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  17. A123 says:

    Hamas credibility is collapsing at a staggering rate: (1)

    Hamas Makes Fatal Mistake, Falls for Oldest Trick in the Book After Israel Fakes a Ground Invasion

    It appears that an elegant act of deception by the Israeli Defense Forces may have led to the slaughter of hundreds of Hamas terrorists, all without a single civilian caught in the crossfire.

    On Friday, IDF issued a tweet through their English language social media channels that “air and ground troops are currently attacking in the Gaza Strip.” Predictably, establishment media outlets gobbled up the news as the latest evidence of an Israeli invasion of Palestine.

    In response to the supposed invasion, hundreds of Hamas fighters who had previously been hiding among the civilian Palestinian population fled into the terror group’s extensive tunnel network to prepare for a bloody final battle with Israeli forces, according to The Jerusalem Post.

    The invasion never came, however.

    Instead, as the confused Hamas fighters came out of the tunnels, 160 Israeli aircraft flew overhead and rained fire and fury upon the terrorists.

    The Jerusalem Post reported the attack struck 150 targets including anti-tank and mortar teams. The IDF verified the claim on Twitter with impressive footage of the assault.

    No one should be fooled into believing that Hamas represents some sort of popular, unity leadership. They started an ill-advised, poorly planned offensive against Israel. Based on objective facts, the Hamas aggression has backfired. They are losing badly and very publicly, which is demoralizing.

    PEACE 😇


  18. @Ace

    Thanks. Your amplification and expansion of this great essay by Gilad Atzmon are a valuable complement and supplement to Mr. Atzmon’s thoughts.

    • Replies: @Ace
  19. @Snow Leopard

    Well if you had your penis circumcised a mere 8 days after you were born you would be subject to so much internal trauma that the only way to deal with it would be to invest all of your psychological energy into some ego driven head trip.

    That’s a nice piece of intellectual Jiu Jitsu. You’ve managed to redeploy the same strategy Freud used to malign Goyim and turn it around to malign Jews. In all sincerity, I’m delighted by what you’ve done here.

  20. nickels says:

    accept jesus or know eternal pain, jew boys.

  21. @A123

    The Sabbat Goy troll is reveling in her Masters ‘mowing the grass’ of Gazan children, yet again. Perhaps the greatest damage done by the Evil, racist, terrorist, Zionazi regime is in seeding the world with metastases of hatred and cruelty like this creature. Austfailian media is teeming with them, like a species of poisonous lice.

  22. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Many Jews will rather commit mass self-destruction, ie Masada themselves or exercise the Samson Option, than countenance that.

    The “Samson Option” is a frighteningly real possibility. Official Israeli spokesman have bragged that Israel has planted nuclear weapons in the major cities of its enemies and “friends”, e.g., the USA, the UK, Germany, and France. these same spokesmen have suggested that Israel plans to detonate at least some of these weapons if Israel ever faced a serious threat to its existence and felt that its “friends” weren’t doing enough to protect it.

  23. @Jus' Sayin'...

    The “Samson Option” is a frighteningly real possibility.

    That would be the end of both Israel and the diaspora.

  24. Ace says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    You are too kind. Thank you very much.

  25. @Anon

    ‘Only the exceedingly rare Jew leaves the Tribe.’

    But as a rule, don’t Jews who leave the tribe simply vanish? Do you even realize they were ever there?

    My suspicion is that Jews actually ‘leave the tribe’ quite frequently. It’s just that then they are no longer perceived as Jews. This actually came up a fair amount in the Third Reich. Once people started looking into the matter, they seem to have quite often found a Jewish great grandfather or whatever who had just kind of started omitting that detail from his resume.

  26. Anonymous[255] • Disclaimer says:

    They failed to recognise the growing frustration of Israeli Arabs and acknowledge the possibility that their frustrations could escalate into street fights or even civil war.

    How about failed to acknowledge their humanity?

  27. Dnought says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    Official Israeli spokesman have bragged that Israel has planted nuclear weapons in the major cities of its enemies and “friends”, e.g., the USA, the UK, Germany, and France. these same spokesmen have suggested that Israel plans to detonate at least some of these weapons if Israel ever faced a serious threat to its existence and felt that its “friends” weren’t doing enough to protect it.

    Who and when?

  28. @Jus' Sayin'...

    A Jewish Professor, Davis Perlmutter, writing an opinion piece actually published by the LA Times, in 2002, advocated Israel detonating its nukes to cause a nuclear winter. As he said, ‘What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a nuclear winter?’
    The features of Judaic xenophobia and hatred are all there. The ‘Jew-hating world’ explicitly implies that ALL goyim are Jew-haters, because all would perish in a nuclear winter. That is Judaic dogma, reinforced over millennia, and rank pathopsychological projection. And, of course, the Jews were always only victims, never victimisers, as we see again today in the whining over Israelis being forced into reinforced shelters as Hamas’s sky-rockets fly overhead, while Gazans pulverised by Zionazi munitions are ignored, or blamed for their own fate.
    The source of Perlmutter’s wrath? That a few EU politicians had dared criticised Israel for its brutal suppression of the Second, al-Aqsa, Intifada, an act that the current Sabbat Goy invertebrates in the EU would never dare repeat. Greater hatred hath no man-sorry, I meant ‘God Upon the Earth’.

  29. @Colin Wright

    Also, doesn’t Jewishness come from the mother’s side? I once knew someone with the last name “Aronson” who would get offended if anyone referred to her as Jewish. One of her paternal ancestors had left the tribe awhile back.

  30. Alfred says:

    and history keeps repeating itself

    You hit the nail on the head. And that is precisely why they no longer teach history.

    When I was a kid in England, we had to learn some Latin. I had to pass a simple exam in Latin in order to enter an exclusive school. Some smart kids studied to a much more advanced level. Other kids also studied Ancient Greek. All our teachers had studied these subjects. Some of them had studied the classics at Oxford and Cambridge. Obviously, when you study these dead languages, you come to realise that every empire has its moment in the sun. Nothing is permanent. History is not linear. It is cyclical.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  31. Wielgus says:
    @Colin Wright

    A work colleague’s girl friend was Jewish or half-Jewish (I forget which). She was quite secular and wore her Jewishness pretty lightly. She looked on Haredim with distaste and thought them “inbred”. She was probably somewhere between being a secular Jew and not identifying as Jewish at all. Her partner was not Jewish.

  32. Wielgus says:

    This is true, but Jews tend to think they themselves are eternal. Ancient Rome and Greece are gone, but they are still there, in their own minds. I doubt whether they are capable of appreciating the ancient world for anything but those aspects that pertain to Jews and Judaism.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  33. @Ace

    Nicely put, Ace.

    There was much confusion relating to the concept of freedom of religion at the time of the Enlightenment. The Christian denominations had been at war with each other, or one of them, ruled by the top hierarch in Rome, had been at war with all the others, for centuries. The secular rulers, to the fury of that hierarch, decided there had to be freedom of religion. But by that they meant within Christianity.

    So, we can have freedom of religion while disenfranchising the Jews and prohibiting them from engaging in certain kinds of employment, making them wear a badge (not 6-pointed), not allowing them on public transport etc.

    • Replies: @WaffleStaffel
    , @Ace
  34. I so appreciate your analysis, Mr. Atzmon. The lack of a fall back position for Jews, once Israel stands exposed for its extraordinary barbarism toward the Arabs, is palpable, and I am glad that you pointed it out.

    Some thought that the advent of a “Jewish state” was the equivalent of the coming of the Messiah. Others saw the danger of embodying Jewish hopes in a physical state would be the death knell for the religion. And surely we are seeing some evidence of that “crackup” at the present time. As you noted so aptly, what do Jews in the last analysis stand for? Only two things come to my mind, namely the “state of Israel” and the holocaust “death cult.” Surely eternal victimhood and pride over the expansion of a barbaric state cannot be the recipe for religious survival. Yet that is where we are. Maybe the Jews should have hitched their wagon to Jesus when they had the chance. If suffering and martyrdom are what life is all about, the Christians supplied plenty of that. The “Jewish way,” as we have seen, has only led down a dead end street.

    • Replies: @Lucy Lipinska
  35. @Gina Schrank

    Thank you, Gina Schrank. Here in Sweden such an utterly “anti-Semitic” comment only can be found on the Nordfront, where Europe’s only nationalist organization, i.e, the “Nazi Nordic Resistance” still is allowed to publish their “Nazi” opinions.
    We have a woman of Jewish descent that has won considerable popularity among Swedish right wingers for her criticism of Muslim immigration, but she always is weaving some line about the horrible Nazi Germany into her “patriotic” statements, claiming that Germany was a Muslim ally during WWII. The few Swedes that dare to express their disliking the massimmigration will be fined, or even get a minor prison sentence, but this lady appears to be “immune” to criminal procedures. My account on Twitter was shot down for much less, but that lady is at liberty to voice her “hate speach” both on Youtube and Twitter.

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  36. Tsigantes says:

    A beautiful piece Gilad, thank you.

  37. @Wielgus

    Read Israel Shahak. Judaism survived only because of the murderous totalitarian powers given to the rabbis by ghetto autonomy. A dissident would be flogged to death.

    It should be called Maccabeanism rather than Judaism. Judaism survived only because the Jews knew they were all victims. Victims of their rabbis and rabbinical courts.

    Again, read Shahak, his book, and Ron Unz’s review of it here, his Oddities article.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  38. anon[320] • Disclaimer says:

    Anecdotally speaking, in response to this latest Jew state genocide Western Jew supremacists are increasingly choked with rage, while human rights defenders supporting Palestine are evoking a wave of public happiness. The neurotic Jew state manipulation strategies are not getting traction as they once did, and Zionazis can’t handle it. They’re old and out of it and no one gives a shit what they think.

    When Nasrallah says Israel is going to end soon, he is presumably thinking in terms of force ratios and Russian vital interests, but this feels like the kind of moral tipping point that kicked the props out from under South Africa’s CIA client-state status. Now that they’re seen as shaved apes, the Jew supremacists can’t help but intensify the repulsive primitive aggression that evokes mass loathing everywhere they go.

  39. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The hardest ghetto to escape is the ghetto of the mind. Jews now can leave the religion, or join one of the ‘reform’ varieties that the State of Israel does not recognise, or simply leave the cult and live as a secular Jew, interested only in family and communal ties, or as a plain human being. Little by little the Jews are vanishing into the host communities, but the New Ghetto, Israel, and its Chief Rabbi, Bibi, constantly seek to drag them back in by making Jews reviled yet again, through their barbarity in endlessly persecuting the Palestinians, and froth-mouthed arrogance in defending it and denouncing those who disagree as ‘antisemites’ and by their ceaseless corruption of Western societies through political bribery, media control and financial crime. Bibi is a world historical monster who may yet cause Jewry’s greatest ever catastrophe.

    • Agree: Aaron Hilel
  40. Patriot says:

    Gaza is the largest and oldest concentration camp the world has ever seen.

    Shame on the Jews. Shame, shame, shame!

    • Replies: @A123
  41. Patriot says:

    Dear Jews,

    Stop being evil.

    You can do it. Start today. Try to be normal humans.

    Many of your Jewish kin have already done so. You can too.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  42. A123 says:

    Gaza is the largest and oldest concentration camp the world has ever seen.

    And the camp guards are all Iranian al’Hamas operatives. Shame on Shia Islam — Shame, shame, shame!

    Why does Ayatollah Khameni intentionally cause so much suffering in Lebanon and Jewish Palestine?

    His Nasrallah-shima blast at the Beirut port killed hundreds, injured thousands, and left tens of thousands homeless.

    PEACE 😇

  43. RogerL says:

    A couple days ago I posted comments parallel to this essay, and said I don’t see anybody addressing the fatal flaws in Jewish culture:
    I also commented on how successfully the Palestinians are exposing the dark side of Israel, and how this affects the high ground the Jewish culture has been standing on.

    Since WWII millions of Germans have worked to shift their culture and avoid a repeat of Nazism. Jewish people could learn from this effort, but I don’t see this happening.

    I was wondering how a culture could do this to themselves, and this suddenly reminded me of the self-help cults in the US. These basically teach you to brainwash your self into success by doing things like taping messages to your bathroom mirror, and then chanting them several times a day. Messages like “I’m incredibly talented” and “I will be successful today”. This method works because most people defer to an aggressively confident person, even if they are an idiot.

    A key point is that if sometime these brainwashed people aren’t successful, they don’t question anything, they blame the failure on a lapse in their focusing on the self-help dogma.

    I would imagine that spending time reflecting would be pure poison to a program of brainwashing people into success.


    People can learn defective thinking by growing up in a culture where that thinking is a norm. For instance, people use defense mechanisms to distort an unpleasant reality until it feels comfy.
    Whole cultures can be infected with the same defective thinking.

    I’ve never thought about reflection being a cultural characteristic before. I was raised to do reflection. Obviously I failed to reflect on what happens to individuals and cultures who fail to reflect. LOL One reason I’m good at being a generalist (a know it all, jack of all trades) is I’ve always been eager to learn from my mistakes, and from people who know more than me on that subject. I see new info as gold nuggets I’m picking out of the stream of culture. I suppose this is that egoless approach to life that some people espouse.

    Gilad gave me a new gold nugget, which is very useful, and that makes me happy 🙂

    Bodies have mechanisms for healing injuries like cuts. On a cultural level, reflection is a mechanism for healing damage to the culture.

    When reflection is suppressed, the cultural healing mechanism is suppressed, and its only a matter of time until its cumulative cultural injures cause some kind of major failure for the culture.

    It seems like the Jewish culture suppresses reflection. This combined with raising children to have a very high level of self confidence and self esteem, would explain a lot of things.

    This statement, and the last 2 paragraphs could also be applied to the euroamerican culture in the US:

    But once stripped of exceptionalism, not much is left of contemporary Jewish identiterianism.

    The European immigrants to the US dropped their cultural baggage, and focused solely on material success.

    Now the descendants of Europeans (white people) in the US are struggling to find some positive sense of identity, and are sitting ducks for the racism divide-and-conquer wedges that the billionaires use to suppress the population they exploit.

    Likely this is why so many euroamerican people in the US basically adopt another culture, such as Sufism or Buddhism. They do this because they don’t have any real culture of their own.

    I have been mulling over this statement:

    We are basically dealing with a cultural and spiritual limbo.

    When a culture ends up in this dead end, on a cultural level, what can they do to rebuild their culture?

    I fundamentally object to the idea of, when the going gets tough, walking away and going to where an easy life is easier to live.

    Israel is a nuclear armed threat to peace in the Mideast, and the US is a nuclear armed threat to peace in the whole world. Walking away from these problems and letting them fester is a really bad idea, if you live on planet Earth.

    I’ve read several essays on the difficulties in escaping the black ghetto culture in the US, and even people with white skin, who are raised in that self-defeating culture, have difficultly escaping from it. So I agree that not walking away from problematic, self-defeating cultures, and doing something positive with your life, is a big challenge.

    We need a better answer on how cultures that have arrived at a dead end, can change and revive themselves.

    We need a good answer on how the first trailbreakers, the first individuals who start working on this, can survive on that path, while living within a self-defeating culture.

    These are the questions I really wondering about:
    How do you revive a moribund culture?
    What is the cultural equivalent of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?

    When a country becomes a failed state, it is a tragedy for that country, but not for the whole world.

    So far, there hasn’t been a nuclear armed state, which became a failed state, and I don’t think we want to find out what happens to the world, when a state like that fails.

    Russia is in a gray zone in this context. While there were a lot of hard times for Russians, when the USSR fell apart, I don’t really count that as a failed state, as much as a messy reorganization.

    Libya became a seriously failed state. What happens when a nuclear armed state fails that badly, especially when most of the people in control of the country are psychopaths? I don’t want to find out the hard way.

    This gets back to finding ways to revive nuclear armed states, which have a moribund culture.

  44. SafeNow says:

    “stop being evil. you can do it”

    Nice thought, Patriot. But I think it’s usually unchangeable wiring. Embracing irresolvable conflict is in the Jewish dna. Dissension and contentiousness. Blinken at Anchorage, the country’s chief diplomat, channeling Don Rickles. I have a herding dog, and when we play herding games, it comes naturally, and he lights-up with joy.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
    , @Alfred
  45. @A123

    Villainous lying, as ever. The Gazan prison guards are the Zionazis and their Egyptian stooges under the bloodthirsty dictator al-Sisi. God you are loathsome-I sometime pity the Zionazis the abject wretchedness of those few who still lick the gore off their jack-boots.

  46. @Patriot

    Some Jews are Evil, some good, others in between. Some change over the years. They are just human beings after all. But Judaic Evil has a particular quality built up over 3500 years of xenophobic hatred of the rest of humanity., and Israel embodies it tragically.

    • Replies: @Unpersoned by fb
  47. Wielgus says:
    @Colin Wright

    Assimilation into the surrounding society does happen, to the point where people might eventually forget they were Jewish at all. This may go back as far as the “Helleniser” controversy, where many Jews became so culturally Greek that they in effect ceased to be Jews. The translation of the Septuagint does suggest the loss of the ability to read Hebrew among many Jews.

    Apart from being distasteful, things like the Toledot Yeshu and parts of the Talmud were most likely attempts to dissuade Jews from becoming Christians, which must have become a real temptation after Christianity became the dominant religion.

  48. “openly dedicated to the cultural uprooting of Germans, all in the name of, ‘progress,’ ‘psychoanalysis,’ eroticism,’ ’phenomenology and ‘cultural Marxism.’ ”

    How was phenomenology part of this?

  49. anonymous[265] • Disclaimer says:

    In an interesting sign of panic about spontaneous support for Palestine, Zionazi counter-demonstrators are embedding undercover cops in their meager ranks. That’s what parasitic castes do, of course, suck up to authority figures. But these cops are making a counterproductive show of their secret Izzie counterinsurgency training like the dumbshit junior spy cadets they are.

    It’s hard to tell at this point whether the Biden administration is going to attack Palestine solidarity like Obama attacked Occupy, with interagency all-hands-on-deck state violence. But the Vegetable-in-Chief’s puppet regime is evidently penetrated and controlled by Mossad’s fifth column, so illegal government ratfucking seems likely to intensify.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  50. You know, being Chinese I used to view the Jews simply as one people among many. A people with its own history and culture, trying to get on in life like everyone else. Then I learned that the Sino-British Opium Wars of the 19th Century were funded and instigated by a Jew named David Sassoon. And still later I learned that Churchill was often funded and instigated by Jews as well; that they had a big hand in the Bolshevik Revolution; that they have maintained a large presence in the US government, a government which has wreaked untold damage on the entire world for decades; and so on. Add to all these the endless bloodshed caused throughout history and right down to the present day by the three Abrahamic religions, all of their origins ultimately traceable to the Jews, and now I look at this people very differently. Sorry.

    For centuries Jewish communities thrived in China without any fear of persecution. What did China owe the Jews, that they had to make China one of their victims as well?

    Why, children of Abraham? Why?

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @Lochearn
  51. @SafeNow

    I have a herding dog, and when we play herding games, it comes naturally, and he lights-up with joy.

    Curious what a “herding game” looks like.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  52. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Some Jews are Evil, some good, others in between. Some change over the years. They are just human beings after all. But Judaic Evil has a particular quality built up over 3500 years of xenophobic hatred of the rest of humanity., and Israel embodies it tragically.

    On this we agree, mumblebrain.

  53. Anon[363] • Disclaimer says:
    @Colin Wright

    Theoretically, Jews that leave the tribe can vanish.

    Regular people are always willing to take them in. We are not spiteful.

    But we can answer the question of the commonness of this, more or less, but looking at demographics. If many Jews were leaving the tribe and becoming normal, the numbers of Jewish people in the USA should be decreasing, like the numbers of Christians are collapsing.

    It’s not happening though. Numerically, the total numbers are increasing ever so slightly.

    Evidently, for every Jewish-Gentile mixed family that raises non-Jewish kids, there is an offsetting Jewish-Gentile mixed family that trains the kids to “identify” as “Jewish.”

    My cousins are in that latter category, for example, even though they never went to synagogue.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  54. Lochearn says:

    Good concise comment. Just one little thing. Sassoon was an Iraqi Jew chosen and funded by the Rothschilds to lead the opium campaign. You could add to your list the creation of the Federal Reserve, the biggest financial con of the 20th century. It’s all in “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve Bank by Eustace Mullins”, which is available free online.

  55. SafeNow says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    Thanks for asking. I am a sheep. I break free from my corner, elbows flapping, bleating, a wild runaway. The Sheltie, barking, herds me back. In the yard, I am on my feet. There is an indoor version, on all fours, in which I more closely resemble a sheep. Once we traveled to a farm where the farmer had a small flock of docile sheep to do this with, but it was a hassle. This doesn’t make the dog aggressive — once the game is over, I am the alpha again.

    • Replies: @A123
  56. @Lochearn

    I heard radio programs recently regarding the Sassoons in China and the Sacklers in the USA, both Jewish families engaged in gigantic drug-running operations. Both were said by the lecturers to have not regarded their victims as fellow human beings. Funny that.

  57. @Anon

    I read the ranting of a Judaic extremist some years ago, decrying the USA as the United States of Amalek. Amalek, of course, is Yahweh’s eternal enemy, who MUST be destroyed. The USA’s crime? Judaic out-marriage which results in ‘..the loss of precious Jewish souls’.

  58. @anonymous

    Every time there is a ritual, mitvot creating, blood-fest in Gaza (‘mowing the grass’ as the great Zionazi humanitarians call it)the local fakestream media are craven in boot-licking the local Zionazi apologists. The Murdoch cancer is, of course, wretched in its vicious pandering, and the celebration of mass murder.
    However the public is divided, with more and more escaping the brainwashing of ‘terrorwism’, ‘Holocaust’, ‘antisemitism’ etc. Most are NOT Judeophobes but they can recognise Good and Evil. Occasionally a public figure dares express outrage or disgust, and they are then targeted, and driven from public life. Later, when the blood is dry, the local Zionazi scum chortle in joy and self-congratulation that they ‘..flushed out the ‘antisemites”, ie those who object to deliberate, mass, child-murder.

  59. A123 says:

    Once we traveled to a farm where the farmer had a small flock of docile sheep to do this with, but it was a hassle. This doesn’t make the dog aggressive

    Have you considered training dogs to keep Canadian Geese off asphalt parking lots. There has to be money in it. I swear, what they leave behind is slicker than spilled motor oil.

    PEACE 😇

    P.S. Dogs are rather off topic here. You could respond in AK’s Open Thread if you want to relocate to a more appropriate venue.



    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  60. @Lochearn

    Thanks for telling me about the ebook. Really appreciated.

    To think I share this planet with a bunch of people who have been indoctrinated with a toxic narrative telling them all of the rest of humanity is there for their exploitation…

  61. @Anon

    What you have described is the same mental process that everyone goes through for every group identity to which they subscribe – be it a nationality, a fraternity, a club, a religion, or becoming a supporter of a sportsball team.

    People do things because they generally expect to be no worse off than if they didn’t do them. (That doesn’t mean that their expectations will be fulfilled: my guesses about the expected net benefits of being a Collingwood supporter are often wrong in both sign and magnitude).

    If people become atheist Jews (i.e., they stop doing most of the stupid primitive shit and wearing silly hats) but retain some silly nonsense cultural practices, it’s probably because to reject the lot outright would cause friction with their family.

    It’s also worth noting that the more UltraOrthoHeeb the starting point, the greater the expected cost of exit: this is now a widely acknowledged thing that has received significant publicity recently. (There’s also the fact that someone abandoning Ultra-Heebery probably can’t do basic arithmetic or write an English sentence – even if they live in Crown Heights – so they’re not employable).

    Since I’ve never belonged to any organised religion, I find the whole pretence at belief in preposterous bullshit vaguely mystifying (and let’s be clear: almost everyone is pretending to believe, because they would behave very differently if they actually believed).

    What is not mystifying though, is the downside of leaving a highly organised clique who view anyone who abandons them as a legitimate target for righteous wrath. Scientology; Mormons; Jews (esp. UltraHeebs); 7th Day Adventists; Hillsong/Pentecostals etc.

    I often wish that there was a Rabbi or some prominent Red Sea Pedestrian somewhere in my family tree – simply so that I could declare that it didn’t give me the slightest hint of philosemitism.

    After all, my maternal great-great-grandfather was almost certainly a cannibal, but knowing about him hasn’t made me remotely anthropophagic (although to be frank I have never had any in-principle objection to the idea, particularly in extremis).

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  62. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    You may or may not be surprised to learn just how many Catholic Popes and Saints are Crypto-Conversos.

  63. Alfred says:

    I have a herding dog, and when we play herding games, it comes naturally, and he lights-up with joy.

    You can see Gates, Fauci and Schwab lighting up with joy whenever you turn on your TV. 🙁

  64. Ace says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Thank you. There’s a great (Yiddish) expression, “Send a fool to close the window and he’ll close them all over town.” So with this freedom of religion and later this equality obsession. Clearly the idea was, as you point out, to find a way to eliminate stupid turf battles or the battle of the sects WITHIN the Christian religion.

    But now this concept applies to requiring Muslims and Jews to be able to practice their religions. Both contain explicitly supremacist doctrines that are central to the belief system. Muslims are required not to submit to infidels. (‘You are commanded to carry out jihad against the unbelieving infidels until they submit to Islam.” Koran surah 47:4.) Jews consider goyim fit only to be the servant of Jews. (“Goyim were born only to serve us.” ~ Ovadia Yosef, a former chief rabbi of Israel.)

    I don’t know that voodoo or santeria espouse doctrines of supremacy but they are primitive superstitions to which, incidentally, we must conform ourselves. Chicken entrails outside Florida courthouses? Yes, sir. Three bags full!

    I think petty humiliations achieve nothing. I have great respects for the Chinese approach to the Uighurs, such as I understand it, which is to say that the majority very firmly expects a troublesome minority to cut the [nonsense]. Period. A similar approach should be taken to monopolies here, which just might affect certain Jewish interests. Enterprise is to be encouraged but market domination with its enormous economic power will not be permitted. Nor should any ultra wealthy individuals have any more political influence than what individual contributions and voting permit. The astonishing influence of Adelson and Saban on behalf of Israel is simply unacceptable.

    Ditto for this vicious attack on free speech that plagues us now. White non-Jews can be defamed all day long but no Jewish idea, doctrine, or practice can be pointed out, let alone criticized.

    But, unfortunately, America and the West are a hollowed out shell and its citizens are repulsed by any idea or act remotely resembling a muscular determination not to commit suicide.

    Lawrence Auster had it exactly right:

    And the West will continue to sleep, so long as it refuses to renounce the liberal belief that the highest values of our society are tolerance and inclusion, the liberal belief that all differences can be settled by reasoned discourse, the liberal belief that we must strive forever to find common ground with people who are irreconcilably different from us. So long as liberalism with its non-discriminatory embrace of the Other remains the core of Western identity, the West will be unable to know itself, to value itself, and to defend itself. And the Muslim conquest of the West will continue.

    So let’s all get down to business and discuss this idea of irreconcilable differences.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  65. @A123

    Shove your lies right up your ass Kike Faggot123

  66. @Ace

    Let’s see. The West led by the USA and Israel have destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Lebanon etc, and sabotaged, sanctioned and subverted Iran, Iraq in earlier days and Sudan, and installed and or supported vicious fascistic thugocracies in Egypt, the UAE, Bahrain etc, killing many millions, impoverishing tens of millions, over many decades, and it is Islam conquering the West. This Auster creature is barking MAD.

    • Replies: @Ace
  67. @A123

    That wasn’t Canada geese effluence-it was your reflection. Peace.

  68. @Kratoklastes

    In my opinion, for what it is worth, Jews are a very various people. So too are Christian, Moslems, Hindus, and secularists. But Judaic Evil is essentially Judaic in nature, and Evil among ‘Christians’ has a distinctly Christian flavour. Indeed I believe that wickedness in any group is driven by the history, collective memory and socialisation of that group, whereas good among people I would assert in more universal in nature. An Evil Jew is particularly wicked because they have been cultivating the roots of that Evil in xenophobia, supremacism, narcissistic arrogance, and the worship of blood-letting for 3500 years. Hence the nature of Israel and its appalling hasbara toads.

  69. Very good piece Gilad, as usual.

    In the section on Jews in Germany after WW1, you forgot to mention the Bavarian Soviet Republic. When in 1919, largely Jewish, Communists seized power in Bavaria and unleashed a Red Terror upon the civilian population. They were only finally removed from power by the Freikorps after several weeks of fighting.

    Germans were very much aware, from first-hand experience, of what Jewish control of the levers of power might mean for them.

    • Agree: Ace
  70. Ace says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Hitler was conquering the Soviet Union right up to the gates of Moscow and then he wasn’t. So it might help if you considered the overseas “successes” you describe.

    Syria wasn’t destroyed FYI despite our best efforts and, though grievously damaged, will still be there after the consequences of American lunacy are discovered here at home. We’re abandoning Afghanistan too, also heavily damaged by us. Iraq wants us out and I’m sure we’re just loved to death in Libya.

    The whole rules-based international order hypocrisy has earned us only enmity and contempt. All at enormous cost back home in terms of actual outlays (and attendant debt load and monetary debasement) and astonishing political distortion, not least because much of our overseas efforts have been in the service of an actual foreign enemy of ours.

    This domestic economic clown show is about to end up in collapse so I’m not seeing that nut job Islam is exactly on the ropes. Certainly, Iran isn’t. The one bright light in the Arab world, Syria, we are bent on destroying but that’s another story. Are you getting some kind of U.S. foreign policy triumph out of this?

    But to get to the point, Auster was addressing a domestic philosophical weakness that has an essential component — the mass importation of Muslims, among others. His point was that our self-inflicted philosophical flabbiness is causing us to treat enemies and hate-filled minority populations as though they must be treated equally, even when they have nothing but hate for us.

    On top of which we are actively bringing in people who are bent on taking over. Ironically, our foreign “policy successes” have ensured the importation of the very enemies we “defeated” overseas. You see the problem, I’m sure. If you think stupidity and astronomical waste overseas is working to our benefit then there’s nothing I can do to help you acquire a deeper understanding.

  71. @Ace

    The conclusion I have come to- and this is quite recent by the way- is that we are facing a massive criminal conspiracy that is only hinted at in recent historical works. Now, a determined multi-generational conspiracy is one thing; it is entirely something else when matched with the technology of industrial capitalism, post modern technocŕacy, modern psychological manipulation via unprecedented propaganda, spiritual malaise and ‘shock n awe’ inducing demoralization and impotent rage.
    Here is an example from the past. Rome finds a very troublesome group, jews, who are difficult to integrate due to a unique, vexing religion. They cannot isolate, amputate and cauterize: location. Palestine is prime location and leaving it unsecured invites no end of problems-persians. Eventually, they are forced to go to war, destroy the Temple and expel the urban population. This is temporary. Long term they must solve the religious problem. A cunning Emperor, Titus, uses his new Jewish expert, a priest named Josephus, to write religious literature that will create a pacific version of Judaism. It is ‘woke’. Josephus, however, inserts his own people,from his large entourage, into leadership positions in the new cult. Ratber than taking over Jewry, however, the new cult becomes a viable alternative to Rabbinical Judaism. In fact, despite tbe best efforts of all Emperors, including Constantine, Christianity takes over the Western Empire and becomes the new secular-religious power structure. Note, this is NOT a Roman goal. The Roman way was to subordinate religious power to the state; it is tbe Hebrew way to go with a Theocracy.
    So there is an example of a low tech conspiracy that was successful. Conspiracies tend to be difficult to prove, really, we are only solving this one witb modern archaeology.
    Now, imagine a bigger conspiracy by a group hiding within a group. Modern day Moloch and Baphomer worshippers who wish to overthrow an established order and an establish civilization. These guys have used Judaism as a place to hide, they briefly came out as Sabbatean but hid again as Doenmeh. They spread their ideas into Europe via the Knights Templars who, when crushed, went underground and spread wide to re-emerge later as Masons.
    Tracing these groups over long periods of time is quite possible. What makes it a cake walk now is that they have spent over 2 centuries ‘coming out’. They are tired of living underground and, besides, they have infiltrated and destroyed pretty much everything.
    Now, the question is not what is next.
    Tbe question is how many do they plan on killing in their attempt to implement their NWO.

  72. anonymous[293] • Disclaimer says:

    New topic:

    Biden is pushing Electric cars (EV).

    EVs run on batteries powered by lithium.

    Will USA trade for lithium, as George Washington would have counseled, or will US destroy the South American states of the “Lithium Triangle:” Argentina, Bolivia, Chile in order to steal what is “in the national interest.”

    Jews already have footholds in Patagonia.

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