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The Question Concerning Covid-19 and Technology
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At a time of health crisis one would expect to see an open global scholarly, multi disciplinary debate among scientists, scholars from different fields, politicians and finance experts. Not only does such a discourse not exist, what we have seen instead is a crude attempt to eradicate any such exchange. It isn’t our governments that interfere with this crucial discourse: it isn’t Trump or the FBI that deleted seven million FB posts that didn’t agree with the World Health Organisation’s narrative. It wasn’t the Tories or Boris Johnson who erased thousands of salient videos from Youtube. It has been the work of the giant technology companies operating in concert to silence dissenting views.

By now we are used to the idea that telling the truth about Israel and its lobby provokes severe authoritarian reactions, and it took us just a few days into the current Covid-19 pandemic to grasp that dissent from the official Corona virus narrative elicits similar drastic responses. One may want to question what Covid-19 and Israel have in common.

The outcome has been devastating. Six months into the ‘crisis,’ we still know very little about the virus we are told threatens us all.

Not only may many people have died ‘with Covid-19,’ science itself has been murdered by a deadly virus. What we have seen in the last six months is a complete eradication of the Western scientific and cultural ethos. 3000 years of Western tradition have been replaced by money driven culture that fakes images of scientific thought.

Instead of asking what is it that endangers some segments of the population, our health institutions and corporations are concerned with one simple question:

How do we translate Covid-19 into a cash machine?

Instead of scientists debating the most crucial issues to do with a well-advertised global health hazard, start-ups are competing amongst themselves in a desperate vaccine contest, we see Wall Street rising by hundreds of billions exploiting the confusion. We witness Amazon extending its global monopoly while smaller retailers are falling like flies, and during this time, technology companies have shown us their true nature and purpose. The truth can’t be denied, Google is not a search engine, it is an Orwellian indoctrination apparatus, big brother 2020. FB, and Twitter are not social networks, they are actually anti-social filters. They gate-keep that which you are not allowed to say or think, but surely start to grasp.

Bizarrely enough, none of this is new. The warnings about this authoritarian shift were predicted by many including yours truly. Orwell saw it coming as early as 1948 or perhaps in 1936 while fighting in Catalonia. But the context of this draconian twist was probably defined best decades ago by the great philosophers, Otto Weininger and Martin Heidegger.

In the early twentieth century, the Austrian philosopher Otto Weininger realised that medical science was about to lose its holistic understanding of the human body as an organism and had begun to see a collection of organs instead. Weininger saw that medical science was destined to morph into “a matter of drugs, a mere administration of chemicals.” Weininger, Jewish by origin, was one of the most critical voices of Jewish culture and ideology. In his book, ‘Sex and Character,’ he unleashed an unprecedented attack on Jewish culture and its impact on medical science and scientific thought in general. I do not have any doubt that his words may offend some people however, it is clear that the non-organic, anti-holistic approach to medicine extends way beyond the limited realm of ‘Jewish doctors.’

Weininger wrote the following in 1903:

“The present turn of medical science is largely due to the influence of the Jews, who in such numbers have embraced the medical profession. From the earliest times, until the dominance of the Jews, medicine was closely allied with religion. But now they would make it a matter of drugs, a mere administration of chemicals. But it can never be that the organic will be explained by the inorganic. Fechner and Preyer were right when they said that death came from life, not life from death… We should return from this Judaistic science to the nobler conceptions of Copernicus and Galileo, Kepler and Euler, Newton and Linnceus, Lamarck and Faraday, Sprengel and Cuvier. The freethinkers of to-day, soulless and not believing in the soul, are incapable of filling the places of these great men and of reverently realising the presence of intrinsic secrets in nature.” (Sex and Character, Otto Weininger pg 315)

Weininger didn’t pull his punches in his criticism of his fellow Jews. He wanted science to be emancipated from an emerging materialist paradigm that was hostile to his understanding of the meaning of being in the world. Otto Weininger, who was one of the most influential thinkers during the first half of the 20th century, is unknown to most contemporary thinkers. His genius, however controversial, has been largely eradicated by those who control our public discourse.

Heidegger’s lecture, ‘The Question Concerning Technology’ (1954) was published five decades after Otto Weininger’s ‘Sex and Character’ saw daylight. In between the two literary events, the world experienced two world wars, a communist revolution, mass genocide campaigns that were technologically and industrially inspired and driven, the car was born as was aviation and the computer, the atomic bomb and a cold war.

Heidegger saw technology primarily as a mode of revelation. Through technology, things unveil themselves to us to the extent that we learn about the world around us, but also about our role, meaning, limitations and destiny in the world. Technology, as such, has made the world in which we live and provides a window into the meaning of Being.

But modern technology, according to Heidegger, introduced a change in the duality between man and the universe. Rather than revealing and unveiling the world to us, technology has mutated into a mode of exploitation that sustains the world in being somehow inaccessible to us.

Heidegger observed that because of technology, “all distances in time and space are shrinking…yet the hasty setting aside of all distances brings no nearness; for nearness does not consist in a small amount of distance.”


Despite rapid advances in technology, we do not experience this ‘nearness,’ let alone understand it. Instead of a gradual understanding as items manifest themselves to us as technological, we see them and treat them as what Heidegger calls a ‘standing reserve:’ supplies and exhibits in a showroom or a warehouse. The world is becoming a collection of technological items, gadgets, pieces of inventory to be ordered, conscripted, consumed, digested, uploaded, streamed, assembled and disassembled. Everything approaches us merely as a source of energy or as something we must organize or purchase. We treat even human capabilities and illnesses as though they were only the means for technological procedures and instruments for production.

This is what Covid-19 is and this is exactly where we are with the ostensible health threat. Even before we could realise what covid-19 is, it was reduced into a technological asset, an Heideggerian ‘standing reserve’. Whether it is the mask debate, future vaccinations or ventilators, Covid 19 morphed into a ‘cash machine’ as much as a health risk.

If Covid-19 and the technology involved is a mode of revelation, it reveals little about the health crisis, but tells a lot about us and what we are not willing to admit about ourselves. We are now, in fact, removed from the Western Athenian ethos that subscribes to pluralism, openness and, most important, a relentless and OPEN search for truth in wisdom. We seem pretty happily occupied by the so-called Jerusalem way of thinking. We are delighted to be fearful and accept being terrorised by repeated apocalyptic scenarios. We seem to follow anyone who strips us of our elementary rights. We accept suppression of free thinking, until further notice, we prefer to follow laws, regulations and ‘mitzvoth.’* In such a world, Heidegger and Weininger are public enemies. Orwell and his prophecy are not going to be part of our Western education curriculum for much longer.

Covid19 has revealed to us that we are not as free as we may have believed, and the only question left open is whether we, the people, can rise again, and when?


*By ‘mitzvoth’ (plural) I refer to orders, rules, commandments that do not necessarily follow any scientific or rational reasoning. In Judaism mitzvah (singular) refers to a commandment ordered by God to be performed as a religious duty. As such, the purpose of any given Mitzvah cannot be challenged as it is grounded on a decree made by a higher order.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Censorship, Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus 
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  1. ariadna says:

    Thoughtful essay. As an aside (or two):
    Weninger was an oddly interesting philosopher whose work focused on one central dichotomy that mesmerized him: men vs women and respectively non-jews (manly) vs Jews (effeminate). He was a Jew and a homosexual who clearly wished he was neither. Persuasive though…
    He was hardly influential: the only philosopher who found him intriguing was Wittgenstein (a true genius) who said once: “Weininger’s arguments were wrong, but that it was the way they were wrong that was interesting.” ) Wittgenstein’s work was in no way influenced by Weininger’s ideas. (Nor was he influenced by Weininger’s suicide. Wittgenstein had a rich family history of suicide to draw inspiration from…) Also, there are is no basis for putting Weininger on the same level as Heidegger. Not by man extremely long shot.

    One of the few things we cannot blame Jews for is the absence of the holistic approach in Western medicine. It was never there to any significant extent and only in recent decades it became fashionable to import some Chinese and Japanese treatment modalities, often as fads, and without the integration of the vision from which they developed.

    • Replies: @Tsigantes
  2. I agree that Heidegger and Weininger do not belong in the same slot however, yet weininger killed himself when he was 22..he could be easily become the greatest of them all.. unlike you, I am not convinced that Wittgenstein was such a great philosopher.. I think that he was actually an anti philosopher .. I also believe that Weininger actually had a great influence at the time… in 2006 I gave a talk about his work and the j world went mad .. we are not allowed to discuss Weininger. I know you are familiar with my definition of j power so I won’t repeat it..

  3. “One may want to question what Covid-19 and Israel have in common.” Well, Gilad, you raised my expectations that your essay would explore this sentence but I didn’t see you take it anywhere.

    Gilad attributes the covid cash cow to technology but aren’t we really talking about capitalism with technology simply its most useful instrument?

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  4. ariadna says:

    A handy definition of what makes someone a great philosopher likely includes his capacity of constructing a comprehensive view of the world (Welanschauung), of the human condition/consciousness (that tricky Dasein), the works! He is not a one-issue guy.

    Powerful as organized Jewry is, it has not succeeded yet in making the Jews the philosophical navel of the universe, exception maybe in their own walled-in universe.
    I owe you thanks for introducing me to Sex and Character a few years ago. It is an important book. One does not have too be an anti-feminist to find his ideas about women compelling, even more now than in his time, and one does not have to be a judeophobe to find his analysis of the Jewish mentality perceptive.
    Nevertheless, having read his treatise on sex and character, philosopher Peggy Lee might well exclaim: “Is that all there is?”

    As for jews (and their allies in cultural marxism) objecting to your extolling Weininger and doing all they can to make his book hard to get (Amazon sells it for $75), no surprise there.

  5. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    “One may want to question what Covid-19 and Israel have in common.”

    My take:

    Both have shut down: expression, inquiry,
    religion (Christianity), movement, association,
    truth, honesty, hope (for many) for a decent future.

    The elite scum-thugs behind both
    belong in Guantanamo enjoying
    bat soup and hanging bat-like

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  6. Tsigantes says:

    One of the few things we cannot blame Jews for is the absence of the holistic approach in Western medicine. It was never there to any significant extent

    How then would you explain Aesklepius?
    Or by ‘western’ do you mean northwestern Europe / USA?

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  7. @Cycling Goddess

    Be patient, an extensive answer to the question is being written now but the gist of it is already presented this article.. Covid 19 is a Jerusalemite precept .. in my next paper I will show that all current apocalyptic narratives are Jerusalemite to the core …

  8. @Tsigantes

    Not only it was there ,, I even remember it …

  9. @anon

    You are on the right path and it goes even deeper…an extensive paper on that shortly..

  10. I happen to agree with you Gilad. Since the internet was propagandized to America, investors, and the world as revolutionizing information, but has devolved since Google changed its algorithm in approximately 2016, and has been getting exponentially worse for yielding requested search results, producing search results that do not have anything at all to do with the search, in addition to security breaches and hacking increasing, and in addition to censorship increasing, the public will no longer support it. Obviously the power brokers do not like having the narrative siezed from them and do not like being exposed as pathological liars and psychopathic criminals.

    It is really a shame that the psychopaths end up destroying everything. It has nothing to do with capitalism, as many psychopaths are trying to convince people is the problem. It has to do with corruption and total disregard for people’s constitutional rights.

    If the internet companies were to officially become government agencies, there is still the conflict of interest, however unconstitutional it may be, of using the internet to censor and destroy political opposition.

    Criminal psychopaths will remain criminal psychopaths in capitalist, socialist, communist, bartering, or agrarian economies.

    Andrea Iravani

  11. lysias says:

    Interestingly, Adolf Hitler had a high opinion of Weininger.

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  12. @lysias

    Very…and for a reason,,, he was a true genius!

  13. Critiques of:
    Weininger quote: life from death or death from life are too religiously loaded. “Living” and “Non-living” would be a better distinction. Unless I’m mistaken, only an entity that once was alive can be dead. In contrast, a rock is not dead, it is non-living. Philosophical question: what were you a year before you were conceived? “You” didn’t exist, but the physical materials that would later make up your infant body were non-living chemicals (excepting the case of living food sources, later consumed and broken down to non-living chemicals.)

    What’s so bad about chemicals? We owe much of modern medicine (and health) to laboratories. Herbs and faith healing may have their place, but from my point of view, it’ll have to be some other place.

    Are Jewish doctors bad? Unless you believe all Jews are intent on doing harm to Gentiles, I would gladly trade three of my doctors, a Haitian, an Indian and a Pakistani, for the stereotypical Jewish doctor of yore. Assuming in the likely case he was of European ancestry, he’d have far more in common with me culturally than the third-world cast I just mentioned. To their credit, I have gotten good service from my diverse doctors, but all else equal, I’d take a -berg or a -stein any day [grin]

  14. In this presentation, An Israeli Soldier’s Story, Eran Efrati explains how, as an Israeli soldier, he could walk down a Palestinian street shooting a weapon and demanding that all Palestinians LockDown, for the convenience of Jews for whatever reason.

    That experience of oppressive power was not quite as stark as Gilad’s witness of Palestinians in concrete boxes, but it had a similar effect: Efrati now warns others of not just the ways that Israelis oppress Palestinians, but that the same oppression is coming to a town near you.


  15. Johan says:

    What has ZioTech to do with Israel? Hahaha.

  16. xcd says:

    I see the issue and the times in far simpler terms: the logical progress of the supreme religion called capitalism. Sociopaths reign supreme in exploiting people and the planet, and in hoarding what they consider wealth or security. Where their deceit, propaganda or usury fails, their psychopath minions apply force. Such insanity on the scale of a civilization cannot end well.

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