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There is a war in Jerusalem right now, a war that ends the Israeli illusion that the Palestinian cause has somehow faded away or evaporated.

Veteran Israeli General Amos Yadlin, former commander of the IDF’s intelligence and a chief Israeli National Security analyst, described the Israeli reality in the most brutal terms in his commentary on Israeli N12: “The Israeli delusions are over. The Palestinian problem is Back. “

Yadlin believes that Israel’s lack of leadership has led to strategic paralysis, in which Israel and Palestine have practically morphed into ‘one state’ and it has only two options to choose from: either to ‘stop being a Jewish State’ or to be ‘undemocratic’! According to Yadlin, the “Palestinians are engaged in a different discourse today than in the past. After the failure of their three main strategies – terrorism, internationalization of the conflict and reliance on the Arab world, the Palestinians have greatly strengthened the discourse of rights. If they cannot achieve their own state, they seek equal rights as citizens of the Greater State of Israel – with the long-term hope of an Arab majority in one state. In the meantime, they hope to exhaust Israel’s economic benefits and gain points in the campaign for Israel’s delegitimization.”

I wouldn’t use Yadlin’s misguided terminology, as the Palestinians are already the majority of the people between the river and the sea. Yet, I believe that his dissection of the situation is largely accurate. It is also consistent with IDF intelligence’s reading of the Israeli Palestinian conflict since the early 1980s. IDF generals have been saying it for years: for the Palestinians to win, all they need to do is to survive. Mahmoud Abbas, whom many Palestine supporters tend to detest, also came to the same realization a while back. It is not war that will defeat Israel, it is actually peace which Israel fears the most.

As if the news is not bad enough for the Israelis and their future prospects in the region, the last election made it clear that the new Israeli kingmaker is no other than Mansour Abbas, the Leader of the Islamic party Ra’am. Benjamin Netanyahu was ready to form a government with him just to sustain his primacy, with the hope that this may help him stay out of prison. But an alternative centrist coalition also can’t be formed without the support of Abbas.

The hardcore right wing within the Israeli Knesset do understand that such political power in the hands of an Islamic party empowers their bitterest enemies. It is destined to bring many more Israeli Arabs to the polls in the next election and if Arabs in Israel enjoy the same political representation as the Jewish majority, they can easily become the biggest political force in Israel. Is Israel ready for an Arab PM, or Muslim minister of defence? I’ll let you ponder over that.


The most peculiar fact in all of that is that Jewish lobbies around the world are actually very successful in dominating different nations’ affairs that are relevant to Israel and Jewish interests. A lot has been written about AIPAC dominating American foreign affairs. A lot was said about the power of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) and the Labour friends of Israel (LFI) in Britain. Yet in the USA Jews amount to less than 2% of the entire population. In the UK, Jews are less than 0.5% of the Brits. In Israel, on the other hand, Jews are 80% of the Israeli society and about 50% of the people who dwell between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean Sea. One may draw a conclusion that Jews are doing far better for themselves as a marginal exilic identity than being a majority on the land. Zionism, for those who do not know, was born to refute that observation but it failed.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Israel Lobby, Israel/Palestine 
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  1. It is not war that will defeat Israel, it is actually peace that Israel fears the most.

    That’s been clear for decades. That’s why Israel created Hamas.

    Unfortunately Israel has always found ways to ensure that there would not be peace, mostly breaching any cease-fire agreement with Hamas. And being forever on the attack against Syria and Lebanon, and never giving up illegally occupied neighbouring lands. And avoiding any specification of their boundaries.

    The two alternatives mentioned, and their pretence that theocracy plus apartheid is democracy, … well, obviously there’ll be a new war, a new bombing of refugee camps. It’s coming. If the Palestinians avoid fighting back, become pacifists, there’s a chance

  2. For the Palestinian people, exister, c’est résister. Nil desperandum!

    • Agree: Wielgus
  3. I’m afraid I find this article difficult to grasp.
    “It is also consistent with IDF intelligence’s reading of the Israeli Palestinian conflict since the early 1980s. IDF generals have been saying it for years: for the Palestinians to win, all they need to do is to survive.”
    Er — why? Demographics are destiny?
    You really need faith here — & a crystal ball with stunning clarity.
    Do I really need to rehearse all of Israel’s & the Jews advantages? At Unz here we all know them.
    So Israel has a few current issues? Problems forming parliamentary majorities. A couple of international agencies blathering about “crimes against humanity ” (as if Jew’s consider Palestinians “human”).
    The short story ? US dollars & support continue?
    Nothing — nothing changes.

  4. Yahweh promises peace on Earth. And he tells us how he will achieve it: by destroying all people who do not believe in him. This is the promise of Zionism: not peace through harmony, but peace through subjection. War is Yahweh’s means to peace; he makes no secret of it. In fact he celebrates degradation, violence, and malice. The end sanctifies the means.

    But there is no covenant. If you want a covenant with God you can only make it for yourself alone.

  5. Notsofast says:

    israeli will someday regret not accepting the pre 1967 boarder two state solution and peace with the palestian people and the rest of the arab world. 75% of palestine was a more than generous offer but the zionist madmen wanted it all, greed and hubris will be their undoing. it is ironic that the former political untouchables in ra’am are now king makers.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  6. Johan says:

    the same political representation as the Jewish majority, they can easily become the biggest political force in Israel. Is Israel ready for an Arab PM, or Muslim minister of defence? I’ll let you ponder over that.

    Since democracy is the dictatorship of the proletariat, the rule of mediocrity, the rule of averageness of which the level is near to imbecility, the question is then whether it matters who brings about the decline, but democratically it is justified that the majority should be able to throw their weight in the decline. And I think it is also generally justified that the people do it themselves at large, rather than a minority.

    Since democracy in the longer run brings about total annihilation of culture, as we can see in the Western world, and all the historical democracies, the Arabs, if they value of what is left of their culture should not partake in this Western system. If they are forced into democracy, they might even be better off in the situation in which they are now, as far as their current situation enables them to maintain their culture. If they are forced on the path of democracy because the Jews adopted some corrupt pseudo form of it, they will have a Sisyphus victory on the long run. There is courageousness and virtue in keeping your culture while being oppressed, there is none in partaking in the rule which brings about decline and annihilation of these.

    Are the Arabs ready to have their culture annihilated by partaking fully in democracy is the question to ponder about.

    • Replies: @Hans Vogel
  7. R2b says:

    Reminds me of the docu ”Defamation”, where the film-makes mother asks, how shall they now live, when all in Palestine and no goyim to fool.
    Interesting piece mr Atzmon!

  8. anarchyst says:
    @Ever Becoming

    Your statement:

    /Yahweh promises peace on Earth. And he tells us how he will achieve it: by destroying all people who do not believe in him. This is the promise of Zionism: not peace through harmony, but peace through subjection. War is Yahweh’s means to peace; he makes no secret of it. In fact he celebrates degradation, violence, and malice. The end sanctifies the means./

    … is spot on.

    Every jewish “holy day” is an affirmation and celebration of war and conquest–nothing more.

    This is why it was a major mistake for the many Christian sects to adopt the concept of “judeo-Christianity, which are belief systems that are actually diametrically opposed to each other, actually a healthy situation.

    All “judeo-Christianity” did was weaken Christianity by grafting jewish concepts on to the “tree of Chrstianity”, thereby weakening Christianity and strengthening judaism.

    There are us “old-line pre-pre Vatican II Catholics” who will NEVER accept the concept of jews being “our elder brothers”, jews not to be abused but to be recognized as true enemies of Christianity.

    • Agree: Druid, Druid
  9. Modris says:

    Israel has tons of illegally-obtained nukes and an inconvenient question that the people who are rooting for its obliteration cannot answer is what they think the Arabic barbarians will do with them after they overthrow the Israeli government and slaughter all the Jews (which is obviously their goal).

    A nuclear arsenal in the hands of such an inbred, disorganized and incoherent group of people would be a nightmare scenario for Europe. I will take the Nationalist Israeli Jews over the Jihadis at any time, especially considering that a mass expulsion of Moslems from the continent is going to be necessary within the next 30-50 years.

  10. Notsofast says:

    the jihadis work for and are armed by the israelis. ask a syrian if you don’t believe me. if by continent you mean e.u. just remember that the neocon zionists and nato poodles created all the wars that have driven these massive waves of refugees and immigrants purposefully into the e.u.
    if their plan succeeds it wont be a mass expulsion of muslims it will be a replacement of the traditional europeans or europeons if you prefer.

  11. anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:

    Israel is Jonestown East, a death cult. They all grew up obsessing mawkish shoah fantasies, and they act out the Nazi role on whoever they can safely mob and torment, because they’re contemptible cowards. Every nuclear power better have a laydown for Israel, because they’re going to push the Talmudist psychosis until you have to nuke them.

    • Agree: WaffleStaffel
  12. saggy says:

    Here is what the Jewish Torah has to say about the Palestinians …

    Deuteronomy 20:
    16 As for the towns of these peoples that the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, you must not let anything that breathes remain alive. 17 You shall annihilate them — the Hittites and the Amorites, the Canaanites and the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites — just as the LORD your God has commanded,

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  13. @anonymous

    It’s happening. The dangerous time of peace has ended.

  14. Anon[363] • Disclaimer says:

    The Israel-Palestine conflict is, to me, one of the funniest s***shows in this planet of slightly-evolved apes.

    I’ve watched dozens of the Cory Gil-Shuster videos on YT, and I’ve noticed that the ordinary-looking people on both sides proclaim that they are anti-racist (really though, they say this), tolerant and “totally cool” with the other people, and believers in peace. They both use the language of modern people, even when discussing religion.

    In the meantime, Palestinians often do not recognize the state of Israel as a “Jewish state.” Which is the only way that Israel could be Israel, instead of Palestine. When asked what “peace” entails, they say that they must have “all the land.” No Jewish state.

    And older Jewish fellows laugh about the good old days when they had power over the Arabs. They laugh that coexistence with Arabs is find as long as you are employing them , and they are “fetching your water.” I assume that’s a reference to something in the Talmud or something…?

    It’s just monumental liars on every side. And then, out of nowhere, they are killing and torturing each other. Completely hilarious s***show.

    I rather prefer how we whites just come out and say what we mean when we are cretins. Even actual neo-nazis, you know, that kind of thing. People who are on twitter and Youtube ringing alarm bells that we’re going to racially amalgamate ourselves out of existence (It’s not too crazy; it’s not as if this hasn’t happened to many unique sorts of people in the past).

    I don’t know if it’s true, but I mean, I am proud that my cultural heritage, even from pagan times, is one in which my people try to “speak truth.” And when we find that our cherished beliefs, such as paganism, and then later Christianity, are bunk, we leave the religions behind, rather than morphing Judaism over and over through thousands of years to keep the lie going (for what reason, again? What’s the point? Is there some sort of payoff?).

  15. lloyd says: • Website

    The name Abbas resonates from the origins of Islam. The leader of an Arab clan, uncle and follower of Mohammed was an Abbas. They were the greatest of Islamic dynasties, the Abbasids of Baghdad. They were the nominal heads of Sunni Islam according to wikipedia. Then there is Mansour Abbas, the leader of the main Arab Party in Israel and potential King Maker, and Mahmoud Abbas the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation or of Palestine Authority as the Western media call it. Are they all kindred? That issue must not escape both Jews and Arabs. I read an article that Mahmoud Abbas masterminded the attack on the Israel Olympic team in 1972. The article then mentioned that Mahmoud Abbas wrote a University thesis that debunked or questioned the Holocaust. The author said the first was bad but the second went well beyond the pale. That finally convinced me Zionist Jewish women are insane.

  16. anon[190] • Disclaimer says:

    Which DC “thing tank” sewer did you slither from?

  17. BREAKING: Hamas Fires Iranian-Made Cruise Missiles for First Time, Three Israelis Killed

    An Israeli security source has revealed to Tikun Olam that Hamas and Islamic Jihad have used a weapon never before seen in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Iranian-made cruise missiles, perhaps of the type which wiped out half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production, were fired on Israeli targets and caused extensive damage in communities in the south and Jerusalem. This development is under military censorship and Israeli media may not report this major new development. Three Israelis have been killed as well in the missile fire.

    What’s more …

    WATCH: Huge BLAZE at Israeli oil pipeline reportedly hit by rocket strike from Gaza

    No, it’s not enough to defeat Israel, but it’s certainly an indication of a significant qualitative shift in the balance of affairs.

    • Replies: @traducteur
    , @Pascal
  18. @lloyd

    The PLO and the PA are different.

  19. As Israel commits a real genocide against the Palestinians, the corrupt vermin who run the West, all bought and paid for Sabbat Goyim, say nothing meaningful, but murmur polite but hypocritical regrets, and meaningless admonitions, equally to the victims as to the genocidists. At the same time, they hiss and spit utterly false accusations of genocide in Xinjiang, against China. Could the West possibly be more vile and Evil?

  20. @lloyd

    ALL Zionazis are insane to some degree, just like their role models, the German Nazis.

    • Replies: @lloyd
    , @Badger Down
  21. @Modris

    Someone turned over a hasbara rock, and out scuttled this vile racist, a pluperfect Zionazi hater.

  22. Israel was founded as a homeland for the Jews. It is a racist ethnostate, and always will be: it’s in the constitution. It was true four thousand years ago, and it’s still true today.

  23. Zionism, for those who do not know, was born to refute that observation but it failed.

    That is not why Zionism came to be. The man is ignorant of the history of his own people.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  24. @saggy

    Here is what the Jewish Torah has to say about the Palestinians …

    .. almost makes one want to seek out an alternative deity to follow.

    • Replies: @Pascal
    , @Dr. Krieger
  25. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Could the West possibly be more vile and Evil?


    So far, they’re just getting warmed up.

  26. Pascal says:

    Is it the same Israeli security source that told the UK and US in 2002 that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and bought uranium from Niger so that these two nations would invade and destroy Iraq?

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  27. In the very long run, the country of Palestine/Israel will be empty, mostly. Humans favor the northern climates. Four seasons is the ideal, in the long run. For those humans suffering in the desert countries, one visit up north and you are sold. Screw the desert. Humans are not meant to live in the desert. So called “Jews” living in Miami and other parts of Florida, living in Los Angeles, New York will NEVER want to move to the desert of the Middle East. That would be a huge step down in comfort. I don’t blame people of Latin America trying to move north, it is more comfortable in the North. In 100 years, the desert countries should be mostly empty. If you had a choice, where would you prefer to live? duh.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  28. Yet in the USA Jews amount to less than 2% of the entire population. In the UK, Jews are less than 0.5% of the Brits. In Israel, on the other hand, Jews are 80% of the Israeli society and about 50% of the people who dwell between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean.

    Gews under report their presence. The six godzillion in Second WWR along with the 2% in UK and other countries are false numbers. The British Empire was initiated by the Gews.

    • Replies: @Crescent Moon
  29. @Pascal

    Why not check the link for yourself and ask Richard Silverstein? He’s usually accessible via the comments section.

    Unless, of course, you doubt him from the get-go …

    • Replies: @Pascal
  30. @Quartermaster

    Herzl set out to make his “a people like every other”, to prove they were not
    like the tapeworm – so adapted to parasitism they couldn´t stand on their own –
    that, in short, the “anti-semites” were wrong; so much is undeniable.
    (of course “Is it good for the Jews?” becomes meaningless when there are only
    Jews around, and inside jokes to that effect abound 😛 )

    What remains debatable is whether Zionism ever was “pure” to begin with –
    Mr. Atzmon says affirmative, I am no longer too sure …

  31. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    You sound like one who has been inbred for a few generations. Please stop the trend .

  32. The One State Reality, one state with equal rights for all, will finally end this monstrous mess created by the Jews, ancestral Europeans (that’s what Ashkenaz means) with their slow genocide of the real Hebrews.

    But is there any chance that Hizballah will start attacking the Jewish Enclave while the Jews are using all their weaponry against the Gaza Strip? It’s possible that the Jews would be defeated in a 2-front war.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  33. Another deep-marsh gas-fuelled article from Unz Report’s roving Freelance Pharisee ? (aka Jazzy Boy)
    Samantha Power gave an almost identical speech at the Kennedy Centre.
    Bravo !! Keep ’em coming

  34. lloyd says: • Website
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Some are more insane than others. There were extreme women German national socialists. But they didn’t occupy high positions or write for prestitious journals. I suppose Frau Goebbles was one. But she was no Melanie Philips or Caroline Click. The fanatical German women national socialists loved Hitler as a cult leader but were at least publically demure. There was that Indian woman but she was a mystic not an hysteric.

    • Replies: @Dr. Krieger
  35. @Ultrafart the Brave

    yahweh is a Volcano Demon.

    he is not the God of The New Testament.

    • Replies: @Ever Becoming
  36. @lloyd

    Sevitri Devi was of Greek and English descent born in France.
    She converted, and became more Hindu than Kali, as is often the case with converts.

  37. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Right. Westism makes Nazism look mild.

  38. Pontius says:

    “A nuclear arsenal in the hands of such an inbred, disorganized and incoherent group of people would be a nightmare scenario for Europe. ”

    This will be a nightmare scenario IN Europe thanks to the lunatic immigration laws.

    Oh the irony.

  39. @Dr. Krieger

    Then it would be nice if the New Testament let us know who Jesus’ father really is. It’s not Joseph, we know that much, meaning that Jesus “of Nazareth” was INELIGIBLE to be the Messiah. You are correct that Yahweh cannot be Jesus’s father either. But because he is situated in a Jewish milieu, and because he is assumed to be the Messiah, when Jesus speaks of God he is assumed to speak of Yahweh. If Jesus told the Jews that his mother was a virgin and his father was, for example, Zeus, the Jews would have spurned him, since none would have thought him king. Then there would be no New Testament.

    Thus we must acknowledge that the Gospels depict a pagan incarnation of God fortuitously sown in the womb of a woman who is wed to the seed of David. The Gospels show Jesus being acclaimed Messiah (Christ) because he fulfills any number of biblical prophecies, most crucially his royal patrilineage. But, just as the reader knows Jesus cannot be the Messiah, Jesus himself never claims the title, and when people call him Christ, he says “if you say so”! Then the fact that Jesus claims to fulfill their law while contradicting it entirely, and promises that the Son of Man will come in judgment to steal the Jewish covenant and the Temple treasury and raze the city of Jerusalem. Jesus said these things would happen before the generation he was scolding passed away. Titus “fulfilled” his prophecy 40 years later.

    In case you haven’t noticed, the Gospel Jews find themselves in a no win situation; whether they believe in Jesus or not, they lose everything including their lives. Because the Gospels allow the reader to know that Jesus is not really the seed of David, they must be deliberate satires. Or at the very least, Mark is a satire that was built upon, wittingly and unwittingly, by later authors. Mark in fact is a satire OF PAUL.

    • Agree: gay troll
  40. Nancy says:

    Maybe OT? Just took E. Michael Jones’ advice, and looked up what happened when Julian started building the Third Temple in 361 AD. Hmm….. and the Talmuds are chomping at the bit to do the same, and materialize their ‘Moshiac’ now. Is something burning at the Temple Mount? (which must be removed to rebuild the temple, IIRC) Interesting times.

  41. @Rev. Spooner

    Mark Twain:
    “They say there are only 250,000 Jews in America. I have met personally many more than that.”

    Being a minority and an oppressed minority has it’s benefits as we know know.
    Viva la Simon Wiesenthal Center~
    And the glass ceiling of the jacob javits center

  42. Altai says:

    Bari Weiss left a very good job at the NYTs because she was protesting the woke inquisitions running through the newsroom. This is despite the fact that she is a lesbian who agrees on every level with the woke except for the glaring omission of her intense zionism. (Which, despite significant media coverage of her decision, was never mentioned as the obvious context) A central contradiction that is impossible to square to be sure but one which has been unexamined for a very long time indeed.

    At the time I thought her foolish, despite the obvious logic of hashtags like ‘#DefundTheIDF’, nothing much has emerged from the woke convulsions on social media (One Israeli ‘leftish’ used it but nobody else) or in real life activism. (Partly due to the MSM not covering pro-Palestinian protests marches which did, for example, take place in Portland repeatedly during the free reign the antifa there have had)

    But the latest crazy incidents from the Al-Aqsa mosque and threat of a new intifada will require dedicated censorship (Which may itself be noted and inspire more discussion and hashtag activism) to keep a social media narrative and activism from emerging. Unlike say Trump recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a single event mired in non-stop media meltdowns about every word Trump spoke, it’s more difficult in a covid world to hide this or bury it. There is literally only one non-covid news story in town and it will produce, continually (An important part for twitter activism, repeatedly events to keep the ball rolling) news images of outrages and carnage.

    I’ve already seen ‘#IsraeliTerrorism’ trend once today. It seems like the perfect storm of Trump’s term ending, covid creating a world devoid of much other news and the 2020 BLM social media appetite for news activism avenues created a perfect storm.

    And if the next intifada happens and we have pictures of teenage boys throwing rocks at adult soldiers who shoot back? What are they going to do, tell all 15 year old girls they’re wrong? You’ve just spent 2020 incidentally teaching them to be activists of a set of aesthetic and moral foundations that leave you no room to defend Israel. Are you going to say, all of black twitter is wrong? You can destroy individual public intellectual and political critics of Israel, you can’t stop millions of ordinary people bringing it’s crimes up. Social media will be the end of Israel.

    • Agree: ziggurat
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  43. The Palestinians are reaping the result of decades of Western cosseting of the racist, terrorist, Zionazi regime. Time after time, cowardly massacre after cowardly massacre, the Sabbat Goy stooges of the West, bought and paid for by Zionazi Fifth Columns in their countries, have turned a blind eye to Zionazi barbarity, more often than not openly supporting it, and blaming the Palestinians. Right now I am listening to an ABC bitch blaming Hamas ‘terrorists’ for the carnage-her stinking job and future prospects depend on it.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @anonymouseperson
  44. @Nonny Mouse

    The dilemma is that the Palestinians must be released from the Hell on Earth that the Zionazis have imprisoned them in for seventy years. And Israel must not be destroyed for basic humanitarian reasons, and because they will ‘..take the world down with us’, as they have often threatened. Stuffed if I know how to end it. China might be the only hope, as with much else.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  45. @Johan

    Nice move to refer to Sisyphus here, instead of Pyrrhus!

    • Replies: @Johan
  46. @Modris

    especially considering that a mass expulsion of Moslems from the continent is going to be necessary within the next 30-50 years.

    I’d say max 20 years.

  47. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    The “German Nazis” you speak of are the products of insane zionazis fevered brains.
    Don’t confuse them with German National Socialists, who actually existed as decent and honorable people.
    Remember the “Death Camp Commandant” shooting the inmates for sport? Jewish fiction.
    This week we can see “israeli” Jews murdering the inmates of the Gaza concentration camp. For real.

    • Thanks: nokangaroos
  48. @Dennis Gannon

    Honestly?? I would much prefer the tropics but with air conditioning.

  49. @Altai

    Hear, hear 😀
    … though I´m slightly less sanguine; anecdotally, even the most
    frothing-at-the-mouth matterer ™ is scared out of its nonexistent wits so as not to
    lay fire to a synagogue (while BLM donors are fair game – go figger).
    It is under very tight control.

  50. Pascal says:

    Propaganda’s remarkable success is entirely based on the fact that a sucker is born every minute. I can’t say I’m particularly inclined to believe just off hand an anonymous Israeli who tells me his country is being bombed by weapons made in a country that his country has been steadily wanting the US to bomb for 30 years. Especially at a time when the US is kinda reconsidering its stance toward the JCPOA. It looks so much like a false flag I can taste it :o)

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  51. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Israel should totally annex the West Bank and give everyone it rules the right to vote at Knesset elections. And abandon the notion of official political parties, a closed list of parties, allow individual candidates the right to stand for election.

    That doesn’t mean the Jews would be expelled, but the Knesset would soon authorize the return of the refugees and who owns which piece of land and who has to rent would be argued over and decided on.

    In the course of that process many Jews would decide to emigrate from the Levant.

    And, the creation and history of Israel having exposed the monstrosity of Judaism, most Jews would soon cease to be Jews. The nightmare would end.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  52. @Pascal

    Okay, I see your take on this, but your analogy to Iraq’s chimeric WMDs is imprecise.

    Silverstein has a track record for reporting on this kind of thing — that is to say, news suppressed by gag orders in Israel. More recently, he reported on the fact that it was Israel who was responsible for the massive oil spill that contaminated its own beaches. That news was never broadcast by the American MSM.

    Nor was this news. For years now, the American media has propagated information about Iran’s assistance to Hamas, so one would think the fact that Hamas has used this particular Iranian tech would be all over the airwaves by now. The fact that it isn’t tells us that the media is basically toeing the Israeli government line where the gag order is concerned.

    There’s even a commenter at his site who raised the same concerns as you. Those aren’t unreasonable concerns, but it isn’t as though Iran would have provided the tech only after Biden became president, and whatever we may think about it, improving Hamas’s deterrent capability is a net positive.

    • Replies: @Pascal
  53. Syd Walker says: • Website

    “The most peculiar fact in all of that is that Jewish lobbies around the world are actually very successful in dominating different nations’ affairs..”

    If Gilad Atzmon actually cared about reducing the bloated power of his adopted nation’s Zionist Lobby, he could have supported the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, the one true friend of equality for Palestinians who’s come close to becoming British Prime Minister in living memory.

    But no, during Corbyn’s entire stint as Labour leader, Atzmon rarely missed a chance to pour scorn on the vintage anti-apartheid peace campaigner.

    Funny that..

    • Replies: @Trevor Hardy
  54. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Given that Talmudist Jews, so very powerful in Israel, and their secular Zionazi compatriots, regard Palestinians (and all goyim)as animals, with inferior souls, they’d as much give the vote to ‘human dust’ as give it to cats and dogs. The alternatives are three-mutual obliteration, or expulsion and/or genocide for the Palestinian ‘two-legged animals’. Peace? Not a hope.

  55. Pascal says:

    I agree completely with your last sentence. Only I think that if there were any new Iranian weapons in the game, Israel’s Hasbara Bureau would be jumping up and down the joint yelling: “Tehran delenda est” (with Hebrew subtitles). Why miss such an opportunity and why would the Hasbara Bureau keep a lid on it is what doesn’t make sense to me. Besides there was an allusion somewhere in the original piece to an Iranian missile hitting Saudi oil fields some months ago. As far as I know, it’s never been proved that it was an Iranian missile. The Houthis have been accused first but somehow this didn’t fly. I remember reading somewhere that, considering the direction the stuff came from, it could very well have been shot by Israel, whether as a false flag or by mistake. It didn’t seem to me such a long shot (no pun intended :o) considering Israel shoots a lot of stuff all over the creation over there and this episode, although quite dramatic, promptly went down the memory hole after the initial accusations didn’t pass the smell test. Strange… Last but not least, even with improved deterrent capabilities, Hamas doesn’t stand a chance in an all out war against US-backed Israel and it might even lead to the complete destruction of Gaza (like Carthage in the old days) that the Israeli far right has long advocated for, much to the delight of the guys who rushed in droves to applaud the 2014 massacre from a nearby hill while the USG – with already Biden and Blinken in the front seats – was looking the other way. So Gaza’s future perspectives certainly wouldn’t be improved in any way – especially as far as the international support is concerned – by setting Israeli infrastructures on fire and killing Jews beyond the usual couple of heart attacks in a shelter due to a home-made rocket landing in a neighbor’s backyard.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  56. @Pascal

    Why miss such an opportunity and why would the Hasbara Bureau keep a lid on it is what doesn’t make sense to me.

    Well, Israel has already been crying “Tehran delenda est” for years now, but since you asked …

    We still don’t know exactly how this will play out. While the conflict continues to rage, Israel keeps a lid on this news for fear that it will demoralize its public and lead many to reconsider the viability of residing there. Now it may be that, in the near future, they will seek to exploit the news. That time, however, has not yet come.

    As for the attack on Saudi oil fields, I can’t speak to it. You may be correct, but of itself, that possibility doesn’t undermine the credibility of the current report from Palestine.

    Re: the possibility of an all-out destruction of Gaza, it won’t happen. Israel may be enraged, but it’s not about to perpetrate a degree of criminality that would result in a far worse PR nightmare than they’re already facing. Its control of the media narrative is simply not so airtight.

    And even if Israel attempts it, most Palestinians are entirely prepared for that possibility. Not militarily, no, but psychologically. Remember: They keep faith in the Hereafter, and since the world has turned its back on them, they’ve got nothing to lose.

    Recall that the last time Israel placed boots on the ground in Gaza, we witnessed merkava kebab.

    • Replies: @Pascal
    , @RobinG
  57. @anonymous

    *Jonestown East. Great comment

  58. @Syd Walker

    Corbyn groveled to the wicked, duplicitous Jews. He got rid of his most effective allies to placate them. Gilad had exactly the right attitude towards him.

  59. Pascal says:

    And to think that the world would see things totally differently if the Palestinians were filthy rich and the Jews dirtpoor… Tells you a lot about perception, doesn’t it?

  60. Syd Walker says: • Website
    @Trevor Hardy

    What ridiculous nonsense.

    It is true that Corbyn is respectful to all – and that includes human beings who self-identify as Jewish, a number of whom are his own constituents. But because he may not be as rude as you’d like about the people you describe as “wicked, duplicitous Jews” does not mean that he posed no threat to zionist power. Indeed, that threat was judged to be so serious by the zionist leadership within Britain that they relentlessly vilified Corbyn, aiming to wreck his chances of leading the British Labour Party to victory with an unprecedented onslaught of “hate”.

    One might have thought in those circumstances Gilad Atzmon would have stood up for Corbyn or the very least remained silent. But no, his trashing of Corbyn’s leadership, and of the Labour Party at that time, was almost as vitriolic as the Board of Deputies.

    It’s all the more puzzling because Atzmon is (or at least was) friendly with the progressive and very decent Jewish Londoner, Paul Eisen, a director of Deir Yassin Remembered, who knew Corbyn personally prior to 2015 and admired him greatly – and whose tangential association with Corbyn was one of the first grounds for what because a tsunami of vicious attacks on the most pro-Palestine prominent British politician in living memory.

    When the crunch came, Mr Atzmon was on the side of Israel Firsters deeply entrenched in the British establishment and mass media. He could doubtless come up with a justification for this behaviour, and readers might like to read it. But will he dare?

    Polite inquiries via Twitter led to snide put-downs and blocking. Given he seems to prefer communicating with sycophants, Mr Hardy perhaps you could ask him whether he thinks the Palestinians would be better off at this time with Corbyn promoting their case from No 10 Downing Street – and if not, why not?

  61. RobinG says:

    Israel keeps a lid on this [ALL] news for fear…..

    Some tweets from journalists…

    Yesterday: the AP is one of the only outlets that doesn’t uncritically report Israeli military spin/misinformation.

    Today: the AP’s office in Gaza is destroyed by an Israeli air strike

    In the first several years following the 9/11 attack, the US military targeted journalistic outlets it considered adversarial and bombed them. Tony Blair admitted it was discussed deliberately, then backtracked:

    Oh my god. The building where al Jazeera’s office is housed has just been taken down by Israeli airstrikes. There was a warning and evacuated. It houses offices and private homes. I can’t believe it.

    I’m in shock. That building was my office for years. Now gone in an Israeli air attack. The BBC and AP also had offices there, but most of the floors were residential. So many more families are homeless in Gaza tonight.

  62. RobinG says:

    AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt statement after press offices in Gaza destroyed by Israeli bombing,

    “The world will know less about what is happening in Gaza because of what happened today.”

    That was the idea, of course.

    • Agree: AnonStarter
  63. @Trevor Hardy

    Absolutely true. Either Corbyn was a thorough coward and betrayed his closest supporters, or he was a long-term mole of the Establishment. He through one ally after another to the baying, slavering, Zionazi lynch-mob, and we are supposed to believe that he thought that would placate them. Perhaps he’s an imbecile with NO understanding of Talmudic Judaism and Zionazism.

  64. @Ever Becoming

    Have you seen the videos of fundamentalist Judaics chuckling about how many goy slaves they will have in the future, after the Jews take over the world when their Messiah arrives . I used to think that they were just joking. I believe the number usually quoted is 2800.

  65. Johan says:
    @Hans Vogel

    Thanks, I meant Pyrrhus, but if you see something applicable in the idea of Sisyphus, be my guest.

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