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Netanyahu Is Not the Disease, He Is a Symptom
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In a recent thought-provoking article Gideon Levy, probably one of the last genuine Israeli voices for peace, claims that “It is not Netanyahu who is responsible for Israeli ‘racism, extreme nationalism, divisiveness, incitement, hatred, anxiety and corruption.’” Behind Netanyahu, Levy says, there’s a nation of voters and other elected officials that aren’t very different from their leader.

“Simply put, the people are the problem… There are those who have hated Arabs long before Netanyahu. There are those who despise blacks, detest foreigners, exploit the weak and look down their noses at the whole world – and not because of Netanyahu. There are those who believe they are the chosen people and therefore deserve everything.”

Levy reaffirms the observation that I have been pushing for two decades. The problem with Israel is not of a political kind. The conflict with the Palestinians or the Arabs is not of a political nature as some delusional characters within the Palestinian solidarity movement have been proclaiming for years. Israel defines itself as the Jewish state. In order to grasp Israel, its politics, its policies and the intrusive nature of its lobby, we must understand the nature of Jewishness. We must learn to define the differences between Jews (the people), Judaism (the religion) and Jewishness (the ideology). We have to understand how those terms are related to each other and how they influence Israeli and Jewish politics globally.

Levy writes that “there are those who think that after the Holocaust, they are permitted to do anything. There are those who believe that Israel is tops in the world in every field, that international law doesn’t apply to it, and that no one can tell it what to do. There are those who think Israelis are victims – always victims, the only victims – and that the whole world is against us. There are those who are convinced that Israel is allowed to do anything, simply because it can.”

In order to understand what Levy is referring to we must dig into the core of Jewish identification and once and for all grasp the notion of Jewish choseness. Levy contends that “racism and xenophobia are deeply entrenched here, far more deeply than any Netanyahu…The apartheid did not start with him and will not end with his departure; it probably won’t even be dented. One of the most racist nations in the world cannot complain about its prime minister’s racism.” Netanyahu as such, is not the disease. He is a mere symptom.


The devastating news is that neither the Israeli ‘Left’ nor the Jewish so-called ‘anti’ Zionist league are any less racist than their Zionist foes. The Israeli Left pushes for a ‘two state solution.’ It crudely ignores the Palestinian cause i.e. the Right of Return. The Israeli Left advocates segregation and ghettoization; not exactly the universal message of harmony one would expect from ‘leftists.’ Disturbingly, the Diaspora Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist Left is even more racially exclusive than the Israeli Right. As I have explored many times in the past, Corbyn’s ‘favourite Jewish political group namely, Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) is a racially exclusive political cell. It wouldn’t allow gentiles into its Jews-only club. Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is no better. It will happily take donations from Goyim but will never allow those Goyim to become its board members.

Levy proclaims that “Netanyahu is the best thing to ever happen to Israeli politics – you can dump everything on him.” But in his most astute observation, which has been explored before by Uri Avnery (may he rest in peace) and yours truly, Levy continues, “It would be great if some local Nelson Mandela would arise, a brave leader with vision who would change the country’s basic values and lead a revolution. But no such person has been born here, and it’s doubtful he ever will be.”

Levy points at the core of the Zionist failure. If early Zionism was a promise to civilise the diaspora Jew by means of ‘homecoming,’ Israel happened to do the complete opposite. Not much is left out of the Zionist promise to make the Jews ‘people like all other people’: as Israel is about to perpetrate another colossal war crime in Gaza, we have to admit that we are dealing with an institutionally racist and dangerous identity like no other.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, Zionism 
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  1. Another good one Atzmon. I thinks it’s hard for people to grasp outside of Israel the connection you speak of between the religion, the people, and the ideology. Its underreported for obvious reasons in the media, plus the control the Israel lobby and its donors the Adelsons, Sabans, and Singers have in the US on what people hear about Israel and its citizens. All you hear is it’s a democracy among hostile states that hate it because of freedom or democracy or whatever propaganda speak the mouth peace for Israel/Zionism media uses. You never hear about Israel’s and its citizens actions that cause it just the eternal victim status they have been awarded.

  2. A123 says:

    Violent Islam is the Disease, Resistance Leaders are the Symptom

    The author makes a good point. Netanyahu is not unique:
    – Modi resists violent Islam in Kashmir.
    – Jinping resists violent Islam in Xinjiang.
    – Orban resists violent Islam in Hungary.
    – Trump resists violent Islam in the U.S.
    – Netanyhau resists violent Islam in Israel.
    And, there are more cases not in the list above

    Islam views all non-Muslims as infidels. Violent Islam wages Jihad until the infidels are killed, converted, or willingly submit as Dhimmi slaves. Until Islam changes, Resistance leaders will continue to protect their people. Perhaps the collapse of the Iranian government and its funding of terrorism will open the door to that change.

    Israel started as a far left venture where the people lived in true communist shared estates know as Kibbutz. Seventy years of resisting violent Islam has changed the people into a practical group that will do what is necessary to stay alive.

    The upcoming election makes no difference in Israeli survival strategy. Netanyahu’s only serious competitor, Benny Gantz, openly states he will fight Iran’s violent Islamic expansion in Lebanon & Syria (Iranian Hezbollah) and in Gaza (Iranian Hamas).

  3. Zionist racial nationalist occupation of Palestine

    would be just fine…if

    it weren’t based on ZOG in America.

    that’s the core problem. The Chosen are in fact


    who cannot live without a Host that

    they insist on destroying.

    • Agree: Bloody Bill
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Ralph Seymour
  4. Saggy says: • Website

    we have to admit that we are dealing with an institutionally racist and dangerous identity like no other.

    Stay tuned next week when Atzmon will address another raging controversy, and he courageously concludes that we have to admit that water is wet.

    • Replies: @Gyre07
  5. There are those who have hated Arabs long before Netanyahu.

    Yes, from the Zagros Mountains to the ports of old Phoenecia to the Atlantic Ocean. Those who they’ve conquered.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  6. ariadna says:

    Yes, do let’s differentiate between Jews, judaism and jewishness (lest anyone be accused of criticizing “Jews the people,” which is something only an anti-semite or a self-hating Jew might do, isn’t it?).

    The Jews are the people, judaism is their deeply inculcated worldview and ethos, and jewishness is their inherently logical behavior.

    Or… the Jews are the computer, judaism is its operating system and jewishness its applications.

    Or… the Jews are the rice, while judaism and jewishness are the white on rice.

    The zionism did NOT fail to deliver its promise to make the Jews “people like other people.” It is Atzmon who fails to understand that the Jews’ definition of “people” (“nations”) is based on the very Jewish worldview of the model: irrationally hateful, brutal, greedy, covetous, and ruthless “winners.” I would say zionism succeeded remarkably well, but it had eager students to start with.

    • Replies: @mark green
  7. @ariadna

    Ha! Very well said.

    Mr. Atzmon has painted himself in a corner on this otherwise tough editorial. But let’s give him some credit. Gilad’s taken a hell of a lotta heat for his rough and penetrating criticisms of the Zionist colony and its endless deceptions. And he (generally) pulls no punches.

    But when all is said and done, and all the hairs are split, and all the (overdue) debates are finally finished (and we can somehow separate the ‘racist’ Jews from the good, ‘humanitarian’ Jews) we are nevertheless left with a core Jewish identity that puts God’s Chosen People forever and eternally above the rest of humanity. God says so!

    Basically, the problem is that Jewishness and ‘Jewish supremacism’ are pretty much one and the same.

  8. Anonymous[675] • Disclaimer says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    The Chosen are in fact parasites who cannot live without a Host that they insist on destroying.

    Bingo. Crazy, isn’t it?

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  9. @A123

    “Israel started as a far left venture … Seventy years of resisting violent Islam has changed the people into a practical group that will do what is necessary to stay alive.”
    I wonder why the Palestinians employ violence ? Of course, the State of Israel was born out of terrorism (King David hotel, multiple assassinations etc) & ethnic cleansing (ie Nakba ). And yes, the Palestinians were also violent.
    As for Israel’s “survival” — that’s been a none issue since the late 70’s, at a minimum. Israel with its 100’s of nuclear weapons & it’s US body guard has NO survival issues. It’s all the poor bastards around them who have survival problems : (Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Iran, Libya etc)

  10. neutral says:

    Orban resists violent Islam in Hungary

    Typical brain dead Hasbara nonsense. Orban resists third world immigration, which I support, the problem is about mass non white immigration not Islam. The ultimate problem is the jew, it is they that push for mass immigration and miscegenation the most.

    • Replies: @m___
  11. My biggest problem with Zionism is that so many Zionists are hypocrites who want every nation to have open borders — except Israel!

    • Replies: @bunga
  12. Christo says:

    “Simply put, the people are the problem”

    And the rest of this article just goes on and on about how evil , Israel, Israelis are , and as to how they are self-justified and unified in being so. And this is a Jew writing this.

    Wow. What is the world to do? Doesn’t seem to be any other option or solution, except a trip to Wannsee.

  13. bunga says:

    Dancing Isreaeli said to the cops:” We are not your problem . Arabs are ”

    This guy is shouting at China India Russia and at the God : Israel is not the problem Its these Muslims.

    Question is this : will these guys be allowed on the graves of the 911 victims strewn all across the world- Germany Soviet Russia, Poland, American rust belt, WW1 and 2 British cemeteries?

  14. bunga says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    That’s it?

    When did they say something that turned out to be true?

    Having said that, the world would be a better place if they ended up destroying elite run US UK . Yes they would cut the branch on which they are sitting . But they would jump the ship just before taht happening

    You know Albert Sasson whow as knighted , who married in Riothchilds family, whose grand son / nephew or another Sasson – by name Amery gave us the Balfour in part . He was thrown out of Iraq court for corruption He made it to Raj’s India and planted the seed of opium That soon ate up all the available fertile lands of north India . The opium made him rich made India poor corrupted British Raj and led to Chinese deprivations rebellion and to communism

  15. m___ says:

    Regardless, Jews (definition as provided and all three facets) are the most coherent group globally. They can muster the most coordination, the strongest drive, the detachment and loyalty, add as needed,

    Since everyone here on unz likes thinking in bursts, to the matter. That makes for success. No reason to whine about for the loosing party, the WASP, traditional US elites. If some other group has ambitions, it should acquire that type of quality identity.

    Islam is a poor enemy, as Jews see them as target practice, so should other entities maybe.

    Western European descend Whites, and the ambition of enlightenment, (for one, all individuals across ethnic and religious lines being equals), should stow their ambitions of principle until they are in charge. That will require appropriating the same acerbic mindset of the Jew, and not whine publicly about the teacher. White elites have sold out, they are burdened by a commoner population that far exceeds any asset value. To disconnect their base, also made them hostages of Jew elites.

    From the point of view of the Euro-descend commoner, non-Jew, unpriviledged, as long as they see themselves as genuine and belonging to the system, the US, and not the trash they are treated as, as long as the non-Jewish middle classes continue their egocentric quest for scraps, they deserve the Gaza they are converted into. No Jew should be blamed for pushing an outsider into demise. The tactics are in the open for grabs, Whites (non-Latino, non-Jew) have only themselves to blame for their demise.

  16. I have always thought that Bibi is an ass hole elected by ass holes. So I guess I’m in agreement with this article.

  17. @Anonymous

    so who will be the next host..when America is destroyed?

    I however dont think they will ever be done with the USA..wont destroy it totally. there will always be juice to suck from the very large american body.

    but as the USA ceases to be a major cash cow, can the Khazar do to the whole world what they have done to the USA..turn every country into a collected, gathered host?

    I mean I cant see a country anywhere they do not control the politics..have parliaments everywhere doing their bidding. why cant they make the whole world a giant host?

  18. @A123

    ‘Violent Islam is the Disease, Resistance Leaders are the Symptom…’

    You’re simply too boring and repellant to merit a response. It’d be like talking to a dog turd.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  19. it is important I guess to be able to split those differences in approach to understanding the Khazar /Jew..but ever since I was a boy I caught the very essence ot the Jews this author describes..and having understood that, I saw there was no compromise with the Jews.

    and I could never understand why others did not see it that way too, as clear as it was-is..especially my own Black people whom I found to be most exposed, hanging by a thread really

    and that is still th case with Black people, at the hands of the Khazars..hanging by a thread we are.

    there is no way the Khazars are going to let Black people do what, return the favor?

    it is not a slight and one-off evil the Khazars have done to Black people. it is centuries of the most extreme wickedness. there is no way that situation can go into perpetuity unresolved, by way of major input by Black people in its resolution

    now the same goes for White people too.. mainly the Germans who have ben royally effed by the Khazars. and the Russians too. in fact having made enduring enemies of just about all other human groups, the Khazar/Jews really cant afford to leave anyone alive, sentient and kicking, who are not Khazar/Jew.

    the Khazar/Jew must kill and otherwise render the rest of humanity incapable of resolving the situation they have put us in, in our collective favor. they simply cant afford to do that. it is too much of a risk. its humans we are deling with and they know themselves..and no doubt they judge us all by at least how thy have behaved toward us.

    the penalty for centuries of unending crime against humanity that the Khazars have perpetrated on the rest of humanity is death. that is what Khazar crimes require, demand in fact, cry out for..penalty of death. there is no soft soaping around that reality

  20. humanity has no future…Khazar/Jewish historical and current behavior has seen to that.

    the rest of humanity has no choice but to kill Khazaria to save itself.

    Khazaria however has developed the power held in its national state, and prolly elsewhere too, to kill humanity as well. Khazaria made sure of that fully aware of what it has been doing to the rest of humanity all along

    the rest of humanity bought the Jewish bag of crap, too late coming to its senses..if at all.

    the late great human species: there is no way out now..caught in it’s own headlights. arrest and try Khazaria, find them guilty and sentence them to penalty..and try to effect the penalty. Khazaria blows up, poisons, attacks the world.

    no arrest, no trial..Khazaria wins by attrition, by degrading of the human species, rendering it unable to defend itself. then human dies in and by the hand of Khazarian effort to make humanity permanently unable to ever make Khazaria pay for its crimes.

    just imagining what a human being with no memory, unable to remember, incapable of memory, functioning simply from day to day… would look and be like terrorizes me.

    and what about the other atrocities chock full up the Khazarian pipeline for us, that they are already rolling out..including trans human beasts of many forms?

    oh well!

  21. “The devastating news is that neither the Israeli ‘Left’ nor the Jewish so-called ‘anti’ Zionist league are any less racist than their Zionist foes. ”

    This is hardly “devastating news.” It’s actually a non-sequitur. Being “less racist” is like being “less pregnant.” More importantly, “racism” is largely a Jewish (Frankfurt School–Cultural Marxist) invention, along with “homophobia” as weapons of guilt to punish and eventually destroy what’s left of European Christianity.

  22. anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    Do you think everyone else on the Planet does not know you are a clown?

  23. Ma Laoshi says:

    Hooray, three cheers for early Zionism, when the ideals were still pure and wholesome, as immortalized by its founding fathers: “After we chase the Arabs out, the land lies wide open for us”. Oh wait… If you want to be ‘people like all other people’, then why do you need a separate country for your own race, while strenuously denying the same to whites? Why work towards a “homecoming” into a place where none of your family has ever lived, seizing land by force from the families who do live there? Why not do something useful in the countries where you live instead of chasing bible fairytales?

    One may perhaps reasonably argue that stealing from Palestinians is not worse than stealing from Indians, Maori, Indonesians, Algerians, etc. But for all his post-Zionist posturing, Mr. Atzmon is still trying to sugarcoat what was basically an act of theft.

  24. TheOldOne says:

    This is an example of EOEIF–the enemy of my enemy is my friend–and, as usual, it doesn’t work.

    We don’t like Bebe and his buddies, so we must invite 100 million or so Muslims to live in US to prove we’re not racists.

    NO WAY!!!

  25. Mulegino1 says:

    Zionism is politicized Talmudism, and Talmudism- the very core of Jewry- is the codification and sacralization of ethnochentric psychopathy.

    “Israel”, in its current incarnation, cannot survive without the twisted hatred and paranoia which characterizes its national spirit. Nor can it survive the acknowledgement of the truth, because it is based on lies- big lies, such as the 6 million myth as well as the lie that the contemporary Israelis are the descendants- spiritual or otherwise- of Abraham, and as such, entitled to rob others of their land, treasure and freedom.

    This is not meant, of course, to demonize all Jews, which would be unjust. It is the Jewish identity, not the Jewish origins (which are unalterable and not matters of personal will) which must be rejected by men and women of good will. But any decent individuals of Jewish descent will hardly find a true home in Israel- no more than doves in an adder’s nest or sheep in a lair of wolves.

  26. Exile says:

    Immigration, not Islam, is the West’s greatest threat. If Muslims lived in their homelands rather than ours, they would be inconsequential to the West. Painting Muslims as the New Nazis, out to destroy muh way of life, was a useful way to make Israel’s enemies our enemies, but too many goys are noticing. You can still herd the Boomers with this nonsense but the post-Reagan generations have seen this trick too many times.

  27. @Colin Wright

    It’d be like talking to a dog turd.

    You have a way with words.

  28. @mark green

    “Basically, the problem is that Jewishness and ‘Jewish supremacism’ are pretty much one and the same.”

    This ought to mean that calling somebody a “Jewish supremacist” would be intrinsically tautological, hence superfluous. Therefore, using that term anyway is actually flattering, in general, compared to simply calling somebody a “Jew“, because it implies the belief that a substantial proportion of Jewish people are not supremacists, and a special distinction has to be made. In this way it would be analogous to the overused term “White supremacist”.

  29. Gyre07 says:

    Diagnosis of the pathology is important to figuring out how to address it. Knowing that Israel and Israelis are coming from a psychological place of entitlement, exceptionalism, cruelty and racism is extremely important. It won’t have occurred to most people, at least in America.

  30. @A123

    Islam has a slightly different notion of collective self defense than the Gentiles. In international law, a state must invite another state to help it defend itself. For Islam, the Ummah is stateless, so no invitation is necessary. Israel attacks the Ummah, and has done so since the beginning of the 20th century, so it gets resistance. Same for the other colonialists. You want Islam to be peaceful to you, stop invading its lands, and be peaceful to it (to them, Israel is just a continuation of the crusades).

  31. @mark green

    God’s chosen people are all the same. Parasites.

  32. IstvanIN says:

    I wish the European people and her American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand cousins were as “nationalist” and interested in survival.

  33. Eckbach says:

    Looking for a new Nelson Mandela? Really?
    No hope.

  34. When we open the files on political history (JFK, 9/11, etc,) in 50 years, guess who will be at the TOP of the list of politically motivated MURDERERS?

    Netan YAHOO, that’s WHO!

    Still haven’t forgotten Port Arthur, you slimebag!

  35. Hibernian says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    And north as far as the gates of Vienna and not far from the gates of Paris.

  36. @ Three Cranes

    Our reproductive urges and promptings stem primarily from our reptilian core. All the various over-layering and ministration to our instinctual nature we experience as humans are cultural reactions to the beast within. So be it. Therefore any Freudian or Jungian et. al. insights are mainly cultural divining and don’t reach the thoroughly programmed animal accompanying each individual human’s life adventure.

    Sexual reproduction is a daunting chore and life has had to resort to various compelling devices to keep it viable. An element of danger or a break in routine together with episodic stress can render coitus a hazardous act. Without strong and enduring instinctual promptings coupled with a pleasure premium, and in the case of humans, yards of exposed epidermis, why would any creature devote half a lifetime to this quest? This dilemma appears to be, with the possible sole exception of our cousin the Bonobo ape, shared with the remainder of the dutifully reproducing world.

    The stress of competition between human groups can result in strange, sometimes bizarre, social and sexual phenomenon. Identity memes are on occasion, though well intentioned and thought to be helpful, the cause of an entire generation muddling through profound sexual identity crises and subsequent reproductive issues.

    Humans are currently the only fully aware creatures existent and the life force has invested much time and energy to accomplish our presence here. As such, we do have obligation to increase our kind so as to continue life’s epic journey. We have freedom to indulge our awareness within certain limits. If, however, humans through lethal or heedless actions promise catastrophic threat to the viability of life’s many other progeny, there could be dire consequences for us.

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