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Nazis Didn't Like Jazz, the Corbynites Are Following Their Path...
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In the last three years we saw the Labour party suspending and harassing its own party members for thought crimes. Now the purge is escalating, the party is now terrorising private citizens. I seem to be their prime target. My crime, I told the truth…

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(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Anti-Semitism, Britain, Jazz, Jeremy Corbyn 
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  1. Anon[206] • Disclaimer says:

    You should be proud to be called a Nazi apologist (except for the fact that it might adversely affect your livelihood, of course). First, why would Hitler target the Jews and Marxists? This video by Rabbi Yosef ben Porat will explain

    Video Link
    Beyond that, the Jews/Marxists tried to establish communism in Germany at the very end of WW I, see

    Video Link


    Hitler’s analysis of the problems in Germany rang true for much of the population. This is an excerpt of a speech given at the Siemens Dynamo Works on Nov. 10 1933 prior to the Reichstag elections and a referendum on the League of Nations:

    Video Link
    at 4:15

    Perhaps some of you here are unable to forgive me because I eradicated the Marxist Party. But my friend, I also eradicated all the other parties.

    Hitler rescued the German economy –

    Beyond that the Nazis successfully revived the German economy. When Hitlercame to power the German economy was in shambles and France occupied the Ruhr, the main center of Germany’s iron, steel, and coal production. His first goal was to restore Germany’s economy and he was successful:

    Thinking Outside The Box: How A Bankrupt Germany Solved Its Infrastructure Problems

    Or so it seemed. Hitler and the National Socialists, who came to power in 1933, thwarted the international banking cartel by issuing their own money. In this they took their cue from Abraham Lincoln, who funded the American Civil War with government-issued paper money called “Greenbacks.”

    Within two years, the unemployment problem had been solved and the country was back on its feet. It had a solid, stable currency, no debt, and no inflation, at a time when millions of people in the United States and other Western countries were still out of work and living on welfare.


    Although Hitler has rightfully gone down in infamy in the history books, he was quite popular with the German people, at least for a time. Stephen Zarlenga suggests in The Lost Science of Money that this was because he temporarily rescued Germany from English economic theory — the theory that money must be borrowed against the gold reserves of a private banking cartel rather than issued outright by the government.

    There’s more, follow this link – See

    • Replies: @Anon
  2. Anon[206] • Disclaimer says:

    Link to Hitler Speech Nov. 10 1933 at Siemens plant
    Youtube –

  3. I don’t fault you for your ideas, but I am astounded that you do not understand why they are going to take you down. If it is the last think they do they are going to take you down. What don’t you understand about why? You cannot talk about people like that an start a hate cult and think that people are going to let you get away with it. Why? Because what you are doing is dangerous.
    But I have to agree with you that Judas group is disgusting.

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  4. Anonymous[253] • Disclaimer says:

    Dear Ron Unz:

    Here’s an idea: Every time some at-a-loss-for-words columnist on your forum uses “Nazi” as an all-purpose but otherwise meaningless, content-free epithet, like anti-semitism, make them drop something in the cuss jar — Start with $500.d

    Pay up, Gilad, or wise up.

    Many on this forum are fed up with anti-German hate speech.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Gilad Atzmon
  5. Gosh, I guess I’m a Nazi. My parents loved Big Band (including the early years of Ellington, Garner and Waller) and Dixieland jazz. That’s all I heard growing up. I like that sound. I can’t stand 99% of the “jazz” of the last 50 years.

  6. Anon[206] • Disclaimer says:

    Unz crossed the Rubicon with the holohoax article, but …. he still has a ways to go. The holohoax is the humongous tip of the fantasy world that has existed since the early 1900s. The Germans and the Nazis encompass the bulk of the fantasy. To see the Nazis examined rationally on a nominally ‘left’ website will be a thing to behold !

    • Agree: Fran Taubman
    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  7. @Anon

    I agree all of this Nazi, Holocaust stuff, is just too much, this rehash is useless

    • Agree: Fran Taubman
  8. @Fran Taubman

    I have never claimed to be a victim and I know very well why Jewish institutions across the entire spectrum are committed to my destruction.

    I am a whistle blower and I am pretty good at it…
    However, I have noticed that you don’t know the difference between truth and hate. Telling the truth or at least seeking it is an Athenian adventure, it has nothing to do with hate. I guess that you interpret my truth seeking as an hateful act because you simply project your own symptoms.

    The Sanhedrin fail into this trap trying to silence Jesus. Amsterdam Rabbis gave it a go with Spinoza ..You are clearly not alone.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Fran Taubman
  9. @Anonymous

    You know Anon… I looked into this argument a few years back., and then I realised that telling people what not to say is actually a Jerusalemite tendency. I guess that before you tell me and others what not to say or how to say what you want us to say, you should make a clear decision whether you are with Jerusalem or Athens because as things stand, you are dwelling at the deep end of Jerusalem.

    • Replies: @anon
  10. Has anyone other than Bill Cosby actually liked jazz? It is “music” to induce suicide.

  11. Anon[206] • Disclaimer says:
    @Gilad Atzmon

    “I am a whistle blower and I am pretty good at it… ”

    In your previous article on you promoted the holocaust hoax, and in this article you promote the Nazis are evil incarnate hoax. What in hell is left? When called on it you resort to Talmudic obfuscation and diversion.

    Here is my thinking – there are lots of Jewish ‘whistle blowers’, Chomsky, Greenwald, Hersh, plenty of others, but they are gatekeepers, co-opting the ‘left’ to prevent organized and effective opposition to ‘Jerusalem’.

    The litmus test is the holohoax. It is not just about what did and did not happen. It is about the fact that this preposterous and degenerate hoax is being promoted right now by every Jewish organization, the government, the media, and, most surprising of all, every last academic save Arthur Butz.

    As long as you promote the holohoax and the evil Nazis hoax you are a gatekeeper.

    The entire history of WW I and WW II as it exists now is presented from a Jewish perspective in which the Brits/US/Jews are God’s people and the Germans are evil incarnate. It is all a lie, we have been in a sea of propaganda, starting with WW I. Two YouTube refs give the outline – Corbett’s WW I Conspiracy and Buchanan’s Unnecessary War.

    From ‘La Démocratie Victorieuse’, E. Malynski, 1929

    The nation which above all others claims to be free and in sovereign command of its own destiny was brainwashed to the hilt. In 1914 any American would have laughed to scorn the idea that in three years time he would be struggling and suffering in France for the sake of affairs which had no connection with those of his own country.

    And yet, when 1917 came, the same man enlisted enthusiastically. Every soldier whom we happened to interview and questioned as to his personal motives for fighting, invariably replied: ‘we are fighting for democracy’. They were one step ahead of their fellow soldiers from other nations, who went for their own country’s sake.

    It is only when we realize that France was invaded by hundreds of thousands of inhabitants from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Wyoming, California, Louisiana, and subsequently from Ontario, Manitoba, Rhodesia and New South Wales, whose only possible motive was to hasten the triumph of democracy, that we begin to understand something of the power of Israel. The power to stir up a whole nation of solid, egotistical and utilitarian individuals, and to persuade them that their greatest privilege is to set out and get themselves killed at the uttermost ends of the earth, with no hope of gain for themselves or their children and almost without their understanding against or for whom they are fighting, or why, is a simply incredible phenomenon which makes one afraid when one comes to think about it.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
  12. @Gilad Atzmon

    You never claim to be a victim, but you cry when attacked (like this video), you always use the “show me”, like show me when I have said anything negative about Jews. You hide behind the “I am only talking about Judaism as a religion”. Always trying to trip people who come after with misquotes. This Jewdas crowd is pathetic I would physically punch them out and get deported.

    Others have had similar ideas about Judaism creating a permanent victimization status (for the Jews ) as a vehicle to propel them into a superior position from the non Jews, like an unfair advantage. Hannah Arendt went were you are. Her ideas are plausible and interesting, and similar. You are not the first to claim this territory.

    Arendt and even Heidegger would have pulled the plug after reading just one of your threads. The internet is tricky you can really spoon feed people into hysteria. The people who respond to you (like look at the videos on this very thread) are not into the truth, they are sucking on your breast and pulling out hate. They are sucking onto you so hard it is nauseating to watch. You would be nothing without the internet. If you only wrote books and quit the internet you would stand a chance of having a musical career along with your whistle blowing, but the H denial cult you have amassed overrides your ideas. People don’t much care about you, it is the cult followers they want stopped.

    What do you think that Heidegger and Arendt would say to H denial? I am telling you the truth gets lost, it is like watching a train wreck, you either look licking your lips or turn away.
    What is up with this Judaism vs. Athens ?

    • Replies: @ariadna
    , @Sean
  13. Don’t waste your time expecting Labour, or the Conservatives, to save Britain; their job is to wreck the country. European civilization will only be saved by ‘far Right’, ‘extremist’, ‘racist’, ‘anti-Semitic’, ‘populist’, ‘Islamophobic’ nationalist parties.

  14. ariadna says:

    His videos are indeed disseminated ‘across the whole political spectrum,’ but this is one of those better suited for a more restricted audience, say, one of “progressive” Jews.
    It has the intimate tenor of a heated Jewish family squabble, each side hurling tat he other the ultimate insult they know:
    “I am a Nazi?! You’re a Nazi! Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!”
    “I am a Holocaust denier?! Prove it! You can’t! Even Germany lets me in. Na-na na-na boo-boo!
    Ich bein an Athener. And a whistle blower. I just blow at other stuff.”
    No need to trenchantly take Atzmon or leave him. It would be a waste of the good bits. Cherry picking is OK.

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
    , @anon
  15. ariadna says:
    @Fran Taubman

    Ease up on the imagery of Gilad suckling anybody. It distracts attention from the powerful beauty of your arguments. It’s bathos.

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  16. @ariadna

    It really is disgusting to watch him engage on threads, in FB and on threes like this. Glad thinks it is about him and he is getting closer to the truth, he is the whistle blower hoping the truth will come out,. It is not about him at all, it is about the cult following him. He should immediately disengage from FB and UR and just write books if he wants his jazz career to survive.
    I am beginning to think there might be something pathological or psychological here.
    But thanks for the compliment, that the argument was good.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  17. @ariadna

    You have to love the irony of him ultimately becoming the scapegoat for the entire H denial crowd.
    He has some pretty bonafide Jew haters after him.
    Now he will maybe know what it feels like, because he claims he is innocent of racism, and maybe he is, but he is the one they are gunning for. Gilad the Jew returns

    • Replies: @ariadna
  18. anon[253] • Disclaimer says:
    @Gilad Atzmon

    You seem to be in an “Athens vs Jerusalem” groove. It’s pretentious; in any event, I’m not impressed, not nearly as impressed as I was when I met you in DC when Helen Thomas sat in the front row and asked the first question.

    I have to admit, I don’t have a quick and ready grasp of philosophical concepts. My basic intuition is that an Athenian would opt for applying the same rules of logic to all parties, and the same demands for respect of all parties, and for evidence-based arguments.

    If that is the case, then it is the basis for my objection to your use of “Nazi”: it’s plain old fashioned name-calling; it’s a slur against National Socialist Germany and it’s been extended as an identifier of all Germans. There are men and women in jail, some for life, because groups like ADL attached the epithet “Nazi” to them, with absolutely no other evidence of wrongdoing. That’s evil.

    It may be the minorest of minority opinions, but I think that if “all are equal. under the law,” and if rationality is to be applied universally, then persistently vilifying National Socialists/Socialism violates the principle of universality and the term must be re-entered in the lexicon of serious society and debate.

    If it is not OK to vilify Jews, or even to communicate inconvenient facts about them;
    If it is not OK to vilify zionists, or even to communicate inconvenient facts about them;
    and it is not OK to vilify Blacks,
    and it is not OK to vilify Muslims, Arabs, gays, etc.,
    why is it acceptable to use an identifier for the German people, and for a German political movement, that is loaded with overtones of hate and demonization?

    Your use of “Nazi” as a marker for “it is acceptable in polite society to hate THIS” gives ‘aid and comfort to the enemy;’ you make ADL’s work that much easier; hell, you keep them in business.

    I insist that NAZIS must be treated like any other historical concept, with the reason of the Athenian, not the choseness bias of the Jerusalemite.

  19. anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    What part of “I would physically punch them. out” do you find elegant?

    Fran has, shall we say, anger issues.
    His/her comments make repeated use of threats of physical attack of the most violent and deadly kind.

    If someone said about Jews what Fran says about others, ADL would have their ass in a sling by nightfall.

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
    , @ariadna
  20. Saggy says: • Website

    “it is acceptable in polite society to hate THIS”

    In the US it is obligatory to hate Nazis.

    Note to moderator: I’m trying to establish a screen name.

  21. @anon

    That is true, but when I hear some of the things said about the Jews or the H on these threads I get worked up.But that is the entire problem with the internet. We would never speak to each other like we do on these threads in person.
    The Punch comment was sarcastic. But I do have rage.
    And the things said on this site about Jews would never be said about blacks, gays or muslims.
    So I do not what you are referring to the ADL does not have anyone in slings.

  22. @anon

    If that is the case, then it is the basis for my objection to your use of “Nazi”: it’s plain old fashioned name-calling; it’s a slur against National Socialist Germany and it’s been extended as an identifier of all Germans. There are men and women in jail, some for life, because groups like ADL attached the epithet “Nazi” to them, with absolutely no other evidence of wrongdoing. That’s evil.

    Do you have proof or can you name someone that is in jail who was accused by the ADL for using the word Nazi, or anyone that is jail that the ADL has put there?

    • Replies: @Saggy
  23. Saggy says:
    @Fran Taubman

    “anyone that is jail that the ADL has put there”

    In the UK a man was arrested because his dog gave the Nazi salute: the crime –

    Funny, yes, a joke, no. A measure of how the west has debased itself.

    Thousands have been arrested in Europe for thought crimes (i.e. thoughts deemed criminal by the Jews), one well known case is that of David Irving – right out of ‘1984’ –

    Something crashed on to the bed behind Winston’s back. The head of a ladder had been thrust through the window and had burst in the frame. Someone was climbing through the window. There was a stampede of boots up the stairs. The room was full of solid men in black uniforms, with ironshod boots on their feet and truncheons in their hands

    The true degeneracy of the thought crime laws is displayed when they are used to jail people in their 80s for Christ’s sake … Ursula Haverbeck is now in jail in Germany –

    See for a list of prominent persons jailed for thought crimes against the Jews.

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  24. @Saggy

    Those UK crimes have nothing to do with the laws of the UK. As far as Irving goes, he libeled people and was sued and lost his case in court.

    He said: “The board is pleased that David Irving’s action against Professor Lipstadt and her publisher Penguin Books has been so clearly rejected by the British courts. The decision proves that David Irving is a falsifier of history. Irving follows the short line of Holocaust deniers who aim to resurrect Nazism by denying the planned destruction of the European Jews.

    None of this has to do with the ADL which has never imprisoned anyone.

    Germany has strict rules about denying the holocaust for obvious reasons, again nothing to do with the ADL

    • Replies: @anonymous
  25. ariadna says:

    Anon 253, Of course Fran has anger issues. She may have family who perished in the Holocaust or knows Jews who know Survivors or have read about them. So she knows that the Nazis exterminated 6 million Jews by gassing them and did so with insanely cruel determination despite the primitive gas chambers with unsealed windows, wooden doors that opened from the inside and shower heads that malfunctioned. But gas them they did. The approx. 4 million Survivors don’t lie. They tell horrific tales (Wiesel) of having seen common graves from which blood gushed like geysers (the Nazis did not burn them all), or of a woman who had to ingest her diamonds, defecate, retrieve them and ingest them again over and over to be able to hold on to her cherished mementos.
    Are you surprised Fran has anger issues? Please refrain from butting in on my dialog with Fran.

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  26. ariadna says:

    What do you say to the idea that it is not only convenient but necessary to feel free to “to communicate inconvenient facts” about ANY group?

  27. ariadna says:
    @Fran Taubman

    Fran, your keen perception of irony has not escaped me.

  28. anonymous[253] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fran Taubman

    Germany has strict rules about denying the holocaust for obvious reasons

    What are those “obvious reasons?”

    Maybe you & Wiz can get together and find a reference to a book of fiction to offer instead of actual details and facts.

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  29. @Fran Taubman

    Look the truth about this guy is that he is a crazed leftist maniac, and he is using the jazz idiom as a tool to push his leftist agenda, as he apparently thinks that the engagement of jazz music within his manic strivings will lend some kind of credence to his leftist viewpoint.
    He reminds me of one Charlie Haden, a deceased American nut-case jazz player, and a worshiper of Che’, and his cohorts.

    Myself, a pro jazz artist with fifty years-plus on the bandstand, I really resent these marxist loonies who give jazz a bad name and turn people away from this otherwise marvelous art form which is loved and revered world-wide.

    As a side note the amazing incident in which the great Charlie Parker was introduced to the head of the US communist party in a NY night club and he, Parker, refused to shake his hand, this telling incident somehow got swept under the rug by the leftist music critics/authors, who just can’t believe that “Bird” would have committed such an act of disrespect towards the hallowed head honcho of the US commies.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro Jazz musician.

  30. @ariadna

    Thank you a breath fresh air with these H deniers.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  31. @anonymous

    Maybe you & Wiz can get together and find a reference to a book of fiction to offer instead of actual details and facts.

    Care to read this line a few times, you want fiction to refute facts, or facts to refute fiction.
    It makes no sense.

  32. ariadna says:
    @Fran Taubman

    Thank you, Fran for understanding my comments. “Breath of fresh air is nice.” I think of it as the Breath of Sanity of the Holocaust. (I avoid acronyms, they are confusing).

  33. @Fran Taubman

    Tell them about the soap and the lampshades, Fran. Who wouldn’t weep on hearing those ones? Hey, there could even be a buck in it too.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  34. ariadna says:

    Will you go so far as to even deny the evidence of the shrunken heads?

    They said:
    “Documentation indicated that they were made from two Jewish Polish prisoners that tried to escape and were later executed.
    One of the heads was later used as evidence of SS atrocities in the Nuremberg trials in 1945-46. We don’t have that head, but we have a crude replica of the one used in the trial. It was later discovered that, although authentic in nature, the shrunken heads were, in fact, not Jewish or Polish, but all the way from the Equatorial jungles of South America.”

    Do I believe the authoritative expertise and objective proof used as evidence at the Nuremberg trials or do I believe shrunken head deniers? South American heads? Pshaw! They look Jewish to me.

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  35. @ariadna

    Sorry, Adriana – It’s time to cue up Wally, et al.

    Have you perused the archive section of this website?
    I think ya better.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  36. FB says: • Website

    Dear Gilad…seriously, I think your 15 minutes are over…you are now officially an attention whore…

    I regret the 15 minutes of my life I wasted on this here thread trying to figure out what is going on…I care because I know that there is a campaign by the fascist and imperialist global establishment to block the election of Jeremy Corbyn by any means necessary…and hence this bullshit campaign painting him as some kind of anti-semite…

    So that’s why I bothered to waste my time here…only to find out that now you are involved in some petty little outburst against a man of far greater caliber than you, Jeremy Corbyn…and for what…?…because he called your silly little ass out on your attention-whore stunts with far right nuts and actual Nazis…

    So what…who the fuck cares…why don’t you just shut up and go away…?

    • Agree: Zumbuddi
    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  37. Zumbuddi says:

    Couldn’t AGREE more.

    Atzmon is a used condom.

  38. ariadna says:

    Who’s Wally? Why peruse the archive?

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  39. @Fran Taubman

    Yes I hope to profit greatly form my Human lampshade and human soap. Selling on e-bay. Looking like all Jews for big money in the H business, My human Lampshade is something to see.

  40. @FB

    Some how Gilad has made it all about him, hard to validate, you are correct it is all about his following and cult status, not about the issues, anyway he is not an Anti Zionist, he is trying to take down an entire religion and thinks he is a whistle blower. He instead has become the ultimate narcissistic Jew, poking the bear and bringing on his own downfall. I mean who in labor is going to stand behind trashing Judaism, what a ticket to know where.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  41. Zumbuddi says:

    Who’s ariadna?
    Lisbeth or Camilla?

  42. ariadna says:
    @Fran Taubman

    “Ultimate narcissistic Jew”?! So, help me, Fran, if that’s not an anti-semitic trope giving grist to the mill for the anti-semites, and this coming from you! Who knew?
    And accusing him of NOT being a bona fide anti-zionist! You are beginning to worry me. Anti-zionist is anti-Israel: someone who denies that Israel (Hashem forbid!) has a right to exist as a state. OK, we know that no state has or ever had such a right; states come and go, but we also know Israel is special.
    Of course Atzmon is not an anti-zionist by this measure. No jew is. You accuse him basically of being a Jew who fearlessly eats pork. You claim he trashes judaism, which he always explicitly denies. But even if it were true, that’s just one of the Jewish religions. He does not deny the Holocaust now, does he?
    And another thing: what about your spelling errors? Contrived! Someone who does not know how to spell “nowhere” would not spell it “know where” because that person would not know how to spell “know.”
    You disappoint me.
    I say, be coherent in your chosen persona and pick a matching writing style. I can help you if you wish. I do a much better Jew (or Shabbos Goy when the occasion calls for it) than you and I have proved it, if I say so myself.

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  43. Anonymous [AKA "A Love Supreme"] says:

    I don’t get all the vitriol here against Mr. Atzmon. If you have been following his website/blog for years and read his books, as I have, you wouldn’t be writing these insults. It sounds, in fact, as if at least half of these comments are trolls from the UK taking the opportunity to slander Mr. Atzmon for the express reasons he has often enumerated in his writing and lectures. You are hoping to steer people away from his work.

    As for Jeremy Corbyn, give me a break. Did you not see him just this week betray the voters of the UK and side with the horrendous PM May? And, specifically, he betrays the supporters of his own party. The London smog may be long gone but London has its own swamp and he is part of it.

    As for the insult to David Irving, one need simply search out the videos of his lectures in the internet, watch and listen to him, and discover what an incredible historian he is. You can learn in detail about how he—unlike so so so many other “historians”–goes to the real sources and how since 1961 he interviewed more people associated with the German government of the 30s and 40s than anyone else.

  44. @ariadna

    You are very smart and bring up good points, unfortunately you miss understand my irony, I am entering his world, according to Atmzon he is representing the very Jew he is trying to distance himself from. He claims that Jews are narcissistic in their victimization above other victims. Of course I do not agree with this, but his polemics lead him right to the same space. He publishes awful stuff about Jews that have nothing to do with Zionism. He is just trashing Jews. Bonafide Zionist stay away from just Jew bashing. For instance on his FB page he showed the article of about Robert Kraft and the message parlor arrest, what does that have to do with Zionism. He regularly goes off the anti zionist reservation to go after Jews for criminal activity, which has nothing to do with being Jewish. Crimes affect all races and religions.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  45. @anon

    Very well argued. I always refer to “national socialists” now when talking to normies and very cautiously try to explain why “Nazi” replaced it in the lexicon.

    • Agree: Zumbuddi
  46. bjondo says:
    @Fran Taubman

    scratch a crime
    find a yid
    scratch a yid
    find judaism


    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  47. Fran Taubman [AKA "Willie"] says:

    Aww a poet,
    Scratch a Jew Hater, you will find a Jew Hater.
    Scratch a Jew hater you will find a Hater.
    Scratch a Jew hater, you find an, ignorant, low IQ, low functioning person.
    probably someone who lives a lone with cats.

  48. Sean says:
    @Fran Taubman

    In fairness, Heidegger accommodated himself to the reigning regieme, both before and after WW2. He wept and begged forgiveness when he suffered professionally. I do not see Atzmon ever doing that.

    British Jews are furious the Labour party refused to accept the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism and adopted its own instead. The IHRA says claiming Israel is a racist endeavour is antisemitic. This is sophistry, and yes it existed in among Ancient Greek philosophers.

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  49. Fran Taubman [AKA "Willie"] says:

    Atzmon is an enigma to me, he uses philosophy to elevate his theories about Judaism, fair enough, but he ends up in sewer, covertly trashing Jews behind the criticism or Judaism.
    He goes right for cheap stuff looking for Jews in trouble whatever.
    But you cannot go after a religion and expect to survive, they are going to stop you, and most of his supporters are rapid Jew haters. Nothing about Zionism.
    Gets into selling organs etc., what does that to do with philosophy?

  50. Sean says:

    I wonder. Maybe he secretly thinks Zionism made Jews just as bad as all the other peoples.

  51. @anon

    Your use of “Nazi” as a marker for “it is acceptable in polite society to hate THIS” gives ‘aid and comfort to the enemy;’ you make ADL’s work that much easier; hell, you keep them in business.

    In addition to “Nazis”, “White” is another hate marker acceptable in polite society.

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