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Israel Leading Scientist Admits: “the Vaccine May Not be as Effective as We Thought."
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Introduction by GA: Israel struggles to understand its chaotic COVID-19 situation. The country voluntarily decided to mass vaccinate itself. Israel is clearly winning in the vaccination contest, yet the numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths aren’t encouraging to say the least. As for this morning, Israel’s R number is back at 1. The Times of Israel produced a grim audit yesterday; despite Israel vaccinating almost a third of its population “Israel has been reporting some 7,000 new infections a day, one of the highest rates in the developed world. Nearly 5,000 people have died, more than a quarter of them in January alone.”

How is it possible that transmission in Israel is so high despite the ‘success’ of mass vaccination? Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu admitted this week that the “British mutation accounts for 80% of all cases in Israel.” The most obvious question in that regard is how do we explain the successful Aliya of that esoteric mutant especially considering that air travel is almost non-existent? In my recent writings I pointed at a clear correlation between mass vaccination and mutants (here and here). I am obviously not the only one who detects such a parallel. Monitoring the Israeli MSM, I see the question repeating itself. However, the country’s medical establishment and politicians, together with internet giants, work hard to supress the question and silence those who dare to utter any dissent.

Earlier this week I watched an Israeli news interview with the head of a COVID Ward in Tel Aviv’s biggest hospital. When asked about the spread of foreign mutants and the lack of improvement in cases and deaths despite large numbers being vaccinated, he was quick to answer, “why do you ask me, I am just a doctor.”

Israel is once again in political turmoil with an upcoming election. The success of the vaccination campaign is now a sensitive political matter which will have a direct impact on Netanyahu’s fate. Israelis aren’t fools and many of them understand the parameters that determine the current situation. They grasp the possibility that they are subject to a political ploy, with their personal and communal health held hostage by a compromised political establishment.

In its desperate attempt to vaccinate the entire population, health services are offering vaccination to anyone aged 16 and above. But the Israelis are reluctant. According to Israeli reports the vaccination centers are empty. The more pressure mounted by the government (including threats to future employment and personal freedom), the more suspicious Israelis become. They can see that the COVID situation in Israeli-Arab communities is improving despite their defiance of the Pfizer/Israeli experiment, while some almost entirely vaccinated Jewish cities struggle with a relatively high number of cases. A brief examination of the Israeli COVID situation reveals that the number of cases and deaths grew exponentially since the beginning of mass vaccination and the third lockdown.

In the light of the above, the following is a translation of a week-old Israeli MSM interview with Prof. Eran Segal, a leading Israeli scientist and computational biologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

In the interview, Prof. Segal thinks loudly about that which most Israeli scientists prefer to keep to themselves.


“The vaccine may not be as effective as we thought, but we do not know it”

Prof. Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute commented on Gideon Oko’s (103FM 28/01/2021) program on the effectiveness of vaccines and the impact of the British mutant. “We witness a virus that behaves differently”

The third (Israeli) Lockdown is in progress, the mass vaccination campaign continues, and yet there is no significant reduction in COVID-19’s cases and deaths.

Prof. Eran Segal from the Weizmann Institute spoke today (Thursday) with Gideon Oko on 103FM about the issue and commented on the effectiveness of vaccines and the impact of the British mutant on the data.

Would it be fair to say that we all expected a significant drop in numbers this week?

“True, I agree. We were on the rise last week, we estimated that this week we will see a change in the trend. I think we are seeing a change in the trend, that is, the R number has already dropped to the 0.9 region and we are 20% away from the peak in cases. However, the number of new critical patients has remained stable and we have also been stuck on the same number for two weeks.”

Do you know how to explain why this is so?

“When we discuss possible scenarios and theoretical models, some assumptions always come into play. We know what were our set of assumptions regarding the British mutant that slowed down our predicted progress. We (also) took vaccines into account. The set of assumptions is incorrect. I mean, the vaccine may not be as effective as we thought, but we don’t know it for certain (yet).”

Could it be that the vaccine is less effective than we thought?

“I think it cannot be said, we have to wait and analyze the data. We have to give it more time as we do not know yet the impact of the second dose. We do not expect to see its effect yet. In the meantime, it can be said that the impact of the vaccine isn’t exactly what we hoped for but this may be due to many mistakes in our interpretations.

There could be differences between those (populations) who take the vaccines. In the red COVID areas people are less likely to get vaccinated.”

Maybe that’s why Dr. Sharon Alrai-Price (The head of public health services at the Ministry of Health) said today that they are examining the possibility of giving a third dose of vaccine if it turns out that the vaccine in its current form is not effective against the South African mutation? Is that based on a hypothesis or knowledge?


“This is something preliminary. Pfizer announced that they were considering a third dose and that there might be an update to the vaccine that would also tackle the threat of the South African mutant more effectively. ‘There were reports from the UK that it may be possible that the South African mutant is more dangerous. It could be that the vaccine is still as effective as we thought, but the reason the number of serious patients is not decreasing at the rate we hoped could also stem from this assumption.’

Are we expected to face the same COVID measures in 2021?

“The Coronavirus will be here for a long time to come even if the vaccines turn out to be as effective as promised.”

We tend to believe that in March/April we will return to a certain normal routine.

“There is a lot of uncertainty but it is too early to say… there is no doubt that the British mutant (as well as other mutations) introduced an element of unpredictability, (but all of that may change) if the vaccine turns out to be effective after the second dose. At the moment we struggle with the vaccination of certain sectors. In the Arab sector we covered only 66% of aged 60 and above, 76% in the ultra-Orthodox sector. These numbers need to be raised.”

Do you expect to start to see a decline next week?

“We currently expect a decline because we are already seeing a drop in cases that will be followed by a decline in critically ill patients. Also, the impact of the vaccines are starting to be seen and we all hope they will indeed be effective.”

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus, Israel, Vaccines 
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  1. shima yisrael … hear O Israel: the Lord Jesus is Our God, the Lord is One.

    Isaiah 9

    2 The people who walked in darkness
    Have seen a great light;
    Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death,
    Upon them a light has shined.
    6 For unto us a Child is born,
    Unto us a Son is given;
    And the government will be upon His shoulder.
    And His name will be called
    Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
    7 Of the increase of His government and peace
    There will be no end,
    Upon the throne of David and over His kingdom,
    To order it and establish it with judgment and justice
    From that time forward, even forever.
    The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.

    • Replies: @CheeseMan
  2. lloyd says: • Website

    I think Israelis are fools. In 1993, they had peace and tranquility within their grasp. All that was required was to be as statesmanship as America after the Indian wars and New Zealand after the Maori wars. The Arab leadership had capitulated. A faux Palestine State was accepted by them completely dependant on Israel. Really a reservation. Israel could have demilitarised and confined any “terrorism” to police acton. They could have made Uri Averney their Prime Minister. The world’s institutions would have loved them. The people of Gaza and West Bank would have been been brain washed by the allure of Western goods. Remember when Gaza and Tel Aviv were designated “sister cities”. Instead, they kept on stealing their neighbours’ resources. I don’t think there is a single day they stopped. Now they are international pariahs. They are also fools to allow themselves to be the new version of Doctor Mengles’s experiments. I should add in reality.

  3. That pesky virus, eh… And its pesky mutations! And such faith have been invested in the alleged efficacy of the vaccines.

    Meanwhile, the search string “Corona + chloroquine + SARS” on Google Scholar returns 18.000 hits, and “Corona + Ivermectin + SARS” returns 4.000, indicating that there is rather solid empirical grounds for stating that both of these (cheap and well-known) medications would probably be very useful against the Corona, if only the necessary political will could be summoned.

  4. I thought that the film of an ultra-orthodox yoof deliberately coughing over Israeli police during a Talmudic jamboree in Jerusalem was illustrative. I also recalled an Austrayan ‘journalist’ who started her camera in Jerusalem, on the Sabbath, then thought it had begun to rain. Looking up she saw a mob of fundies all spitting on her in unison, because she had ‘defiled the Sabbath’ by using a machine. Pity the poor Palestinians and pity us all.

    • Replies: @hillaire
  5. @lloyd

    The Zionazi oppression of the Palestinians is religious, killing civilians being, according to the Talmud, a mitzvah, or good deed. It is also simply the usual European settler hatred of the Indigenous who must be annihilated so the Western Herrenvolk can have their lebensraum (we here in Austfailia still treat the Indigenous with excruciating cruelty and contempt, ditto Canada and the USA)and it is vengeance for the Nazi Judeocide. Bibi made that plain a couple of years back when he blamed the notorious Mufti of Jerusalem for the Nazi decision to attempt to exterminate Jewry. It will ‘end’ with Palestinian extermination or mass expulsion, or a bit of both, or Israel’s destruction, which means humanity’s destruction, so prospects are grim.

  6. saggy says:

    This article lacks the one piece of information that would make it meaningful, and that is, what percentage of the new cases are in persons who have been vaccinated. We dont have a clue, and that it a statistic that should be available.

  7. Wyatt says:

    Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu admitted this week that the “British mutation accounts for 80% of all cases in Israel.”

    The lying jew blames the backstabbing English. This is impossible to decipher.

  8. Kumbaresu says:

    It is worth nothing that even the flue vaccine (among many others) is likely to cripple the human’s immune system and cause long term negative health problems. For example, people are more likely to have an exaggerated response to common microorganisms which don’t present a threat to a healthy human. In other words the immune system becomes paranoid for no good reason. As a result instead of getting a flu for one week and moving on with you life people may feel unwell very often for no apparent reason. The most well known long term side affect is Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) (an auto-immune disorder). Unfortunately, in most cases people don’t notice the causal relationship to the vaccine they received. Most likely, COVID vaccines are going to be much worse.

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
    • Replies: @GeeBee
    , @Annony Mouse
  9. nikki says:

    The jabs stolen from American consumers, given to Israel for free may prove to be very dangerous and a tactic the chosenites will come to regret . Sputnik V is way safer and efficient than the mRNA vaccines already given to the residents of Israel. The effect of ADE will come to the fore about two years from now. Estimates are that about 17% of those jabbed will die.

    • Replies: @Kumbaresu
  10. GeeBee says:

    What you state is pretty much the case made by German doctor Claus Köhnlein in the video below (it’s already been posted in another thread here in Unz):

    Essentially, Köhnlein makes the case that with Covid19, as with AIDS in the ’80s & ’90s, a high proportion of deaths are caused by the treatment, much of which is known to be immuno-suppressive. This may well include the o’er hasty vaccine.

    As for the PCR test, governments around the world are spending billions on something that is of itself responsible for the ‘pandemic’. As Köhnlein puts it in fact ‘we have a PCR pandemic’, remarking that if the testing were to stop tomorrow the so-called pandemic would disappear immediately. He goes on to observe that this is not what ‘they’ want, otherwise the simple wisdom stated by Köhnlein would prevail.

    There is far too much at stake here regarding what one might politely term ‘vested interests’, among whom are profits for big-pharma and the re-shaping of societal norms in the wake of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’.

    • Agree: Irish Savant, RoatanBill
  11. People certainly seem excited. My advice. Do not let yourself be vaccinated. You will be sorry if you do

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  12. It was ‘strictly for research purposes’ … From Pink News:

    • Replies: @hillaire
  13. I believe the only thing that can be said about this fiasco, with any confidence, is that the medical community and their pharma brethren don’t KNOW more than a thimble’s worth concerning this virus.

    When each country has a different response to this situation, that alone should signal that there is no base of true knowledge being used for decision making. Each supposed expert in a geographic area spouts his / her opinion and the gov’t goons enforce a program of compliance to show they are in control of the situation. It’s the do something mentality in clear view.

    With all the purposely generated paranoia the media supplied constantly and the propaganda the gov’ts put out, how is it possible to have informed consent? What ever happened to informed consent? When businesses are bribing their employees to get the jab, when traveling passports are a thing, when ridiculous masks are mandated, where is the informed consent each individual is supposed to possess to determine his or her reaction to the current situation.

    This is gov’t tyranny on full display with the heads of the medical and pharma mafia’s trying to make a fortune by pushing their bullshit solutions via law and purposely preventing alternative solutions (HCQ, etc) from being used, again by punishment by law.

    • Agree: GeeBee, Lost American
  14. I was very surprised that the Israelis took to inoculating their own people. My assumption has always been that the ‘vaccine’ (it’s not a vaccine) was a globohomo ploy to sterilise the goyim. Back to the classroom for me.

  15. Prof. Segal thinks loudly about that which most Israeli scientists prefer to keep to themselves.

    I’ll say this for Israel: You get more uncensored comment in their MSM than you do in their entirety of the West’s.

  16. @Thomas Faber

    “we here in Austfailia still treat the Indigenous with excruciating cruelty”

    Seems to me that the Australian State bends over backwards to accommodate these, let’s face it, backward and useless people, endlessly praising their “culture” and paying them to lie around drunk all day.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  17. hillaire says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Everything the ‘jews’ have is what you have given to them, so one can only blame oneself..

    Fools are undeserved of pity. So are ‘jews’, whatever a ‘jew’ is.

  18. hillaire says:

    The quaks pushing the ‘little pricks’, refer to their noxious unguent as a ‘platform’, no doubt in deference to the woody allen of windows kill bill gatz, could it be that its mode of operation (plug and play) is indeed attenuating the virus code in preparation for the next update ?

    In which, when sickened by his shoddily coded toxins he’ll implant his lucyferass bleepers in you all so wall street can keep their beadies on their barely sentient stock..

    Like always and anywhere big ‘jews’ have always killed little ‘jews’, just like gentile robber barons enjoy thinning out their herds.

    It’s an ancient pastime for the withered old governors.

  19. Kumbaresu says:

    If your prognosis is correct (take the jab now and pay the price much later) then it makes this vaccine so much more dangerous as the majority of the world population will get vaccinated as Bill Gates wanted before it becomes obvious to everybody that Gates, Fauci and all their cronies are not our best friends (to say the least). In fact when people begin dying and getting sick en masse I expect Bill Gates to say something like this: “Sadly, more people died than we expected, but we learned a lot from this predicament and should be able to prepare much better for the future pandemics.”

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  20. hillaire says:

    Much like that other quak alfred kinsey… those little beady eyes, that demeanour…

    I’m certain he must have a talmud clenched between his buttocks…

  21. @Thomas Faber

    I think I have identified the problem with making an effective vaccine: No real vaccine is effective against an imaginary virus. They should shift their efforts to producing an imaginary vaccine and administering it in an imaginary way. The whole thing could be accomplished world wide in an afternoon.

    • Thanks: St-Germain
  22. @Irish Savant

    and paying them to lie around drunk all day.

    That’s a great strategy. Maybe the zios should revisit their China policy and introduce opium to the indigenous people i.e. the Palestinians.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  23. GeeBee says:
    @Irish Savant

    I also scratch my head on this one. It doesn’t, of course, fit in with any of our cherished ‘conspiracy theories’. Which might well have something to do with it.

    Certainly Occam’s razor would do away with all such unwelcome theories once the situation in Israel is tested against it. Anyone for 4-d chess?

  24. @lloyd

    ‘I think Israelis are fools. In 1993, they had peace and tranquility within their grasp…’

    Figure it out. To maintain a national identity, Israel needs war, not peace.

    There has to be an enemy at the gates, an other. When there isn’t, the various Jewish communities of Israel start turning on each other.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  25. R2b says:
    @Irish Savant

    But what do you even about what they are inoculating.
    I am amazed at these Gilad articles comomg to no5hing.
    Wait and see. Like the election, you now which.

  26. onebornfree says: • Website

    This just in:

    1] There is no virus. It’s existence has never been proven:

    2] There is no “vaccine”. The various”vaccines” are in fact gene-modifying, completely untested [i.e experimental] drugs being used to deliberately attempt to degrade/compromise the immune systems of humans and make those “vaccinated” even more susceptible to ill health, and even death.

    They are part of a worldwide eugenics program which has its roots in Agenda 2030, The “Great Reset”, and “Operation Lockstep” [and others]. The reason they are being called “vaccines” is to enable an end run around laws that would otherwise make the manufacturers liable for their effects on those injected. The term vaccine has a precise medical definition. These mRNA drugs do not meet any of the criteria of regular vaccines already in existence.

    3] Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge at this time, no “vaccine” manufacturer has claimed that their “vaccine” will prevent the “vaccinated ” from transmitting the [ not proven to exist] virus.

    As to effectiveness, regardless of manufacturer, all they have claimed to date [ in the “fine print”] is that their drug will reduce symptoms in mild cases. So the manufactures have many “outs” to save them from future prosecution [they think 😈].

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  27. @saggy

    It’s also necessary to know whether they have had the second shot 2 weeks after the first and the 2 week gap after that to produce a sufficient immunity. The immunisation is generally a 4 week affair. Before that, it’s hard to draw any conclusions. [email protected]

  28. @saggy

    How many of the new cases! are found in people who have taken the jab? More importantly, how many of the new cases! are found in people who have been exposed to people who have been recently jabbed? How many recently vaccinated people are quarantining?

    Recently vaxxed people spread disease and should quarantine for about a month.

  29. How is it possible that transmission in Israel is so high despite the ‘success’ of mass vaccination?

    Because recently vaccinated people spread disease.
    Recently vaccinated people should quarantine for about a month.

    • Replies: @Peg B
  30. .

    this is how genocide looks like.

    the vaxxed will die within a year or two ,probably earlier.

    ofcourse the satanic govt of ziostan knows this.

    sad to see so many people locked up in concentrationcamp ziostan.

    almost as many jews there as in concentrationkamp usa,who will be culled by mRNA as well.

    part of the introduction of the satanic world order is another burnt offering of jews by the zio’s.

    they are going for 6 million in ziostan and 6 million in usa.

    right now the covid psyop is culling the old ,sick,doktors,nurses,teachers,police,army and assorted ignorants and cowards.

    and most jews.

    the awake and sceptics will avoid the test and the vaxx for a while,and live to fight another day.

    no real reason to complain for most of the world,that’s why nobody will lift a finger.


  31. @Thomas Faber

    You have it backwards.

    The political will is to suppress these drugs.
    Doctors are perfectly capable of prescribing these drugs on their own without politicians “helping”.
    But if you are right and politicians are more important than doctors why don’t you consider the fact that Trump did promote HCQ and was attacked for it.

    Thomas Faber, in my estimation (based on this comment and others you have made) you are either and idiot or a troll on a mission.

  32. @Irish Savant

    There are many different vaccines.
    They get the Kosher one. Maybe it’s safer.

    • Replies: @Teel
  33. @Rev. Spooner

    ‘That’s a great strategy. Maybe the zios should revisit their China policy and introduce opium to the indigenous people i.e. the Palestinians.’

    This is actually part of the problem. The Jews make lousy rulers. They neither placate, reward, nor even effectively terrorize their subjects.

    On the contrary, they compulsively bait and provoke them. If the Jews of Israel were junior high school teachers, they wouldn’t make it to Thanksgiving.

  34. So hide in the basement and wait for the vaxx and the ‘Rona circus would fold up its tents and leave town and you could get on with your lives, and now the vaxx is here and it’s turning out to be a little weak. Right on schedule just like the conspiracy theorists predicted last year. Please no one tell Steve.

    Looks like ‘Rona is here to stay.

  35. Bonnie says:

    Believe me, many Americans feel the same way. I, personally, refuse to get the vaccine for Covid. I do not trust it.
    Americans have not (as far as I know) been threatened with future employment.

  36. @Kumbaresu

    One thing I know for certain is that I was encouraged by my doctor to have the flu shot after a bad bout of flu. Shortly after that shot, I developed fibromyalgia. Of course – correlation does not mean causation as he told me. Had I known then what I know now about big Pharma, I would have taken my chances of getting the flu. The flu will run its course – Fibro will not.

    • Agree: Kumbaresu
    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  37. @Annony Mouse

    The flu will run its course – Fibro will not.

    Don`t give up. It may be that modern medicine knows even less about the disease than you think it does. When you look at history even the names of diseases are made up to reflect the prevailing theory of causation.

    Malaria, for instance, comes from the Latin for bad air. They thought it was caused by the miasma coming from swamps. It was only by accident that someone found it was an infection transmitted by mosquitoes.

    Stomach ulcers were until recently thought to be caused by stress. An Australian doctor some 25 years ago proved it was caused by the H. pylori bacterium and treatable with a triple antibiotic. He got a Nobel Prize in medicine. I developed ulcers about 20 years ago. It took me perhaps two years to find the research and a couple more to persuade my gastro-guy. Pretty sure it cured my GIRD as well.

    Recently I began taking Ivermectin occasionally for Covid19 prophylaxis. Found it cured an unrelated and presumably non-infectious condition. Checked the literature further to find it`s a general anti-virus.

  38. drciber says:

    “Israelis aren’t fools…”

    Oh no? Bibi still isn’t behind bars and has been re-elected multiple times. Israelis are fools for sure. Some of the biggest fools on the planet.

  39. Teel says:
    @Bobby Fischer III

    Biowar by deception.

    Say, didn’t the death cult state murder your grandfather ?

  40. CheeseMan says:
    @anno nimus

    That is proof against your claim that this refers to Jesus. Jesus never ruled, so how is the “government upon his shoulder” He never ruled over the kingdom of David. “From that time forward, even forever”

  41. Peg B says: • Website
    @Adam Smith

    What “disease” is being spread, if no virus has been proven to exist?
    Could it be reactions to toxic contents?
    What are the symptoms?
    What about harm from the so-called tests?
    So many questions.

    • Agree: Adam Smith, Herald
    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  42. Chinaman says:

    It came from the UK, it is the UK virus….not an variant or a mutation.

    It is 80% of the new cases and much more lethal than the “China” virus.

    It was a gift from herd immunity.

    Didn’t any of those epidemiological genius consider that by letting the virus proliferate and multiply, it accelerates its evolution and makes it mathematically MORE likely that a mutation will occur that makes a genotype more dangerous? 50-60% of Americans don’t believe in evolution so that’s probably why.

    COVID will ravage the West for another decade and will be the straw that breaks Western democracy. There Will new variants every season killing millions. China will be the last man standing.

    Herd immunity just means breeding ground that allows the bat virus to become more adapted to the human body.

    It is the UK virus. If you want to be more specific, it is the London virus or the English virus.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  43. Chinaman says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    I know invermectin is well tolerated but any side effects on your end ? It seems to cure cancers too!

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  44. @Peg B

    What “disease” is being spread, if no virus has been proven to exist?

    I agree with you that no one has proven that SARS-CoV-2 exists.

    When I say vaccines spread disease, what I mean is that influenza vaccines spread the flu. Most of the cases of polio in the world today have been caused by the polio vaccine. The Acellular Pertussis vaccine spreads whooping cough and the shingles vaccine spreads varicella zoster. These links show how vaccines spread disease through viral shedding. Vaccines also spread disease by making people more susceptible to illness. Researchers in Hong Kong found that Flu shots increased the risk of non-flu respiratory infections 4.4 times and tripled flu infections and that Vaccinated children are 5.9 more likely to suffer pneumonia and 30.1 times more likely to have been diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis than unvaccinated children. Physicians and public health officials know that recently vaccinated individuals can spread disease and that contact with the immunocompromised can be especially dangerous.

    Could it be reactions to toxic contents?

    Absolutely. Vaccines are a cocktail of all sorts of exotic ingredients that have no place in the human body. WI38, MRC5, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, thimerosal and aluminum are just a few of the many toxic ingredients you will find in the poison needle.

    So many questions indeed.

    As you said… “Conventional medicine on all levels has taken a very dark turn in this country…”, fortunately not everyone is blind to the problem. There is good medicine out there, but you’ll likely have to find it, or make it, yourself. Your husband’s ordeal with Vioxx induced heart damage is heartbreaking. It’s saddening to learn of his early demise. Please accept my heartfelt condolences .

    I hope you have a good day Peg.

  45. @Chinaman

    I’ve had absolutely no side effects from Ivermectin. Having bought it in preparation for an infection, I decided it would be smart to try it out before I got sick to see if it did cause any problems. I’ve taken it roughly six times now.

    Can’t say whether it cures cancer since I have not been diagnosed with such. It did however seem to alleviate a common condition that is said to be a precursor of cancer. (Not willing to go further in fear of the disapprobation that comes with touting cures for cancer.)

  46. @Peripatetic Itch

    Ivermectin is also used for severe scabies skin disease.

  47. @Peripatetic Itch

    If a vaccine is made pure and just contains the mRNA and no whole live virus then how is it causing a Covid 19 outbreak in that person? I figure that perhaps the vaccine changes something (immune system or stimulates certain cells of the immune system in an adverse fashion if the virus is already in the person).
    Judy Mikovits and Frank Ruscetti showed how vaccines were contaminated with other viruses. The cells in which the vaccine virus were grown were contaminated. Viruses can be aerosolized even in highly clean research labs.

    • Replies: @Herald
  48. @Chinaman

    ‘…Herd immunity just means breeding ground that allows the bat virus to become more adapted to the human body…’

    What you fail to grasp is that the virus becoming more adapted to the human body means that it will be less deadly, not more deadly.

    The last thing any organism wants to do is to kill its host.

    The Corona Virus is here to stay alright. We could start ignoring it now. A decade from now, we won’t even notice it.

    • Agree: Herald, Lost American
  49. solo says:

    Much as the wicked jews don’t want to die, but death will strike them down like it will the rest of humanity. The Israeli zionist jews are perhaps the worst example of humanity, the lowest of the low.

    They have been murdering breast feeding infants and their mothers, women, children and infirm old men of the Palestinian peoples for over 50 years, in the meantime they have been stealing their homes, lands, farms, destroying thousands of years old olive groves, stealing water from all the neighbours and above all creating mischief in all of the middle east.

    Do these profane evil people think that the heavens above is absent and not witnessing this savagery, indeed the lord above is not absent and indeed one day these evil people will have to pay a bitter price and agonising death through plagues and famines, and a huge fire awaits in the next life. this universe is based on justice wether we perceive it or not the lord of creation is well in command only we humans lack the vision.

  50. Herald says:
    @Lost American

    Vaccines generally contain all sorts of detritus and some of it is intentionally there. Vaccination generally knock the immune system out a gear for a week or so after injection and render the vaccine recipient liable for whatever infection is then going round.

    Vaccines generally don’t work for the very old and sick. These people will likely die soon, whether or not they are vaccinated. The young and the healthy old have little to fear from Covid-19, so the real risks for them lie with the hardly tested highly experimental biological agents, that are now being criminally passed off as vaccines.

    • Replies: @Lost American
  51. @Herald

    So when pople say they got Covid from the mRNA vaccine they would still have to be exposed to the virus in the air. The vaccine could throw their immune system out of whack making them temporarily weaker but the only way the vaccine could give them Covid as they say is if the vaccine is contaminated by the actual virus. Mikovits and Ruscetti were concerned about the detritus you mention getting into the vaccines and given to the one vaccinated.

    • Replies: @Herald
  52. Herald says:
    @Lost American

    I generally go along with you and of course, a vaccinated person could pick up something that might be taken as Covid, though whether it actually was, won’t really be known, as the Covid tests generally mean so little. Either way though, it’s probably still a vaccine caused illness.

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