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Israel and the West Do Not Have the Means to Counter Iranian Technology
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Introduction by GA: The following is a translation of today’s Israel’s News 12 headline article. The article explores the lessons delivered by the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities. Though I, like many other commentators, am not convinced that the attack had anything to do with Iran, the attack showed that Iran’s weaponry is likely superior to the West’s ability to mount an effective defence.

Israeli writer Nir Dvori points out that the attack took place 650 km inside Saudi territory. “It proved measured Power Utilization – Sending two types of weapons that achieved accurate hits.” It also demonstrated superb intelligence capability – “both in identifying and selecting targets and in selecting the attack route and the military.” Apparently, neither the cruise missiles nor the drones were detected and no attempt was made to intercept them before the attack. Which really means that despite the Saudis’ multi- billion dollar investment in Western weaponry and air defense systems, their sky is far from protected.

In the last few years Israel has prioritized its efforts to counter Iran’s ballistic and drone projects. It seems Israel knew what it had to dread. The recent attack on the Saudi oil industry proved that the West has not developed an adequate response to Iranian precision missiles, slow moving cruise missiles or drone technology. This alone explains why, despite Israel’s persistent threats to attack Iran directly, it has been reluctant to do so. Israel knows how vulnerable it is and well understands the possible dramatic consequences of such an attack. Israel knows that although its anti missile system, which cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars, may be somewhat effective against German V2 ballistic technology, its system is ineffective against what Iran has at their disposal.

This helps explain why Israel wants America and NATO to attack Iran on its behalf. It may explain why Israel might consider doing whatever it can to provoke such a conflict- everything from intensive Lobby pressure to possible false flag operations.

Donald Trump seems miraculously to have gathered how volatile the situation is. As a consequence, he exited his prime hawk, John Bolton. Might Trump find himself booted out of his 1600 Pennsylvania Ave as a result of his reluctance to fight Israel’s war against Iran?

The character, uniqueness and success of the Iranian attack – worries Israel and the world

By Nir Dvori

The Iranian attack on Saudi oil facilities was of great significance and is of particular concern [to Israel]. The attack was [the first of its kind] and proved that the Iranians are capable and possess both the knowledge and the ability to hurt and cut [Saudi] oil production by nearly fifty percent. At the same time, the Saudis have already begun to rebuild the buildings damaged by the Iranian bombing


The attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia has been a warning for the West and Israel – the effects of this attack are extremely concerning. This [technological] ability that can be used against Israel requires that [Israel] prepare its security system to respond to such a threat. Israeli officials analyzed the outcome of the attack and reached several conclusions : The attack demonstrated both impressive design and execution, the results were painful and cut Saudi oil production by 50%, and likely affected gas production as well.

The attacks were carried out with only two weapon types :The first were 7 Quds cruise missiles driven by a Czech jet engine, 3 of which fell before they reached their target; the second weapons were 18 suicide drones, an Iranian replica of the “Rafi” – an Israeli suicide drone.

The attack was significant on a few levels:

The attack was carried out at a relatively long range – at a distance of 650 km.????

It proved measured Power Utilization – Sending two types of weapons that each achieved accurate hits.

Iran has also demonstrated its intelligence capability – both in identifying and selecting targets and in selecting the attack route and its execution.

Apparently neither the cruise missiles nor the drones were detected and no attempt was made to intercept them before the attack.

Iran’s inability to penetrate the Saudi air defense system, despite the billions of dollars spent and deployed to defend the area, was shown by its failure against the small, slow-moving assault weapons.

Impressive and unprecedented impact accuracy of less than 3 meters. The fragments of the Iranian cruise missiles have been identified as among the derivatives of the 55-KH missiles that Ukraine delivered to Iran in 2001.

The nature of the Iranian attack has embarrassed the Western intelligence community. It turned out that Iran, a country with average technological capabilities, has developed medium and long range missiles that are accurate and effective. This basically undermines the very existence of the regulatory bodies which assumes that denying access to technology can impede, or prevent such technologies being obtained.

The attack is proof of Iran’s operational potential that relies on technological capabilities, intelligence infrastructure and coordination, leading to the conclusion that the Western monopoly on precision-guided armaments has evaporated. The countries of the entire region and Israel have learned a lesson: Discovery and interception systems do not provide a proper countermeasure to new regional threats.

It is necessary to deal with cruise missiles, slow drones and hovercraft. The ranges reached by Iran this time – 650 km – would allow damage to any point in Israel from western Iraq.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Iran, Israel 
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  1. journey80 says:

    This blatantly obvious false flag “attack” makes the Onion look lame.

    How amazing that all those “missiles” went undetected, evading the Saudi security system! How can this be? !! Wait – wait – I’m having a flashback – it’s clear to me now – those sneaky Houthis used box-cutters!

    • LOL: Alfred
    • Replies: @Crazy Horse
    , @Gyre07
    , @Gyre07
    , @TX
  2. Anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Britain deserves to fall for its support of scummy countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia. The average Brexiteer supports the Jews and the Saudis so they deserve no prosperity.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Alfred
  3. Bill H says: • Website

    But we did stop Iran from getting a (“a” is singular, meaning one) nuclear weapon. We never stopped to think that they might fight, and win, a war without one.

  4. anon[365] • Disclaimer says:

    Our greedy, foolish US colleges and universities welcomed the high tuition paid by the former Shah of Iran to send thousands of Iranian kids to our colleges. Mostly they studied technical and scientific subjects.

    They and their next generation now use that education for weapons development for the centuries old violent spread of their version of moslem totalitarianism. (While the Saudis spread their version)

    Now, our greedy, foolish US colleges and universities welcome the high tuition paid by the PRC for thousands of their kids to learn first-rate engineering. Gee, what might they use that knowledge for back in the PRC?

    Only for making better flat screens? Only for EV batteries? Don’t think so.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @anonymous
    , @Alfred
  5. @Bill H

    Even back in the 1960s there was a considerable body of opinion that said the US was _too_ dominant in the world, and that it should become just another peer nation, reason being that US dominance was not fair. That body of opinion and the end of the Cold War stopped most actual Western weapons R&D. Under the Obama presidency (8 years!) DoD was considered only as (a) a possible source of anti-Obama coups and (b) a definite source of patronage jobs (sort of a DoD derangement symdrome, rather like TDS). The officer corps didn’t make out very well, neither did the NCO corps. That this policy was carried out during active combat by the US Army didn’t help things.
    I should add that the US Army Futures Command [1] is an effort to play catch-up. It is crippled by general US decline and the US Army’s decline.

    So now we get to see first hand what the “fairnes” advocated above amounts to: local powers building themselves local suzerainties [2].

    Hope you like it, because _I_ don’t, and at least somebody should be happy.



    2] Suzerainty is any relationship in which one region or polity controls the foreign policy and relations of a tributary state, while allowing the tributary state to have internal autonomy

  6. Anonymous[419] • Disclaimer says:

    same goes for the United States.

    I am an atheist who always thought the televangelist use of biblical and vivid language displayed low IQ and emotional manipulation by the televangelist hucksters.

    But now I can confidently say that the United States is WICKED COUNTRY WITH WICKED PEOPLE for if there was a god with a sense of justice he would wipe it from the earth. this is not to say all Americans are wicked, you have noble people like the anti-interventionist with code pink, people who vote green party or libertarian.

    But this is a small sliver of America, pathetically small. Most Americans are lazy, shiftless and greedy. The religion of America is easy money. the belief that you can get money for nothing, mass rent-seeking behavior.

    Americans may think I am being harsh but they need to recognize their active role in aiding and abetting the most horrid war crimes in Korea,Vietnam,Yugoslavia,Iraq etc. not to mention the support for criminal regimes. You don’t kill millions of civilians and poison their environment with agent orange and depleted uranium and impose murderous sanctions on millions, without paying a price.

    you can’t blame the politicians and the media, they are a reflection of the American piblic at large. even when fellow americans are voctims you sanction it, such as waco and ruby ridge and the police abuse and property confiscation many innocent americans endure, to see your malignant cattle behavior go to any TSA checkpont in America.

    there is no salvation except destruction. the obly solution is Russia nukes america with hypersonoc missiles before the U.S develops its own hypersonic missiles and passes them onto Israel. Or someone develops pills that instantly raise intelligence and empathy and Americans start taking massive quantities of them

  7. dearieme says:

    The first jet-to-jet combat occurred in 1944 when a Gloster Meteor of the RAF brought down a German V-1 cruise missile. There you are: 75 years notice that it might be necessary for the US to learn to defend itself and its allies from cruise missiles. And the response has been …….?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Bill Jones
    , @animalogic
  8. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    There you are: 75 years notice that it might be necessary for the US to learn to defend itself and its allies from cruise missiles.

    Or — and equally wrt Israel’s current predicament as USA–

    Could have used the last 75 years to learn to live equitably with neighbors near and far.

    Not like USA didn’t have sound counsel on that score: Geo Washington urged it well over 75 years ago.

    Instead, USA chose to mimic its infant zionist occupier, Israeli belligerent zionists, rather than take a firm hand in guiding and reining in that people that respects no borders, nither geographically nor behaviorally.

  9. Andevro says:

    This article is misleading because it starts with the assumption that Iran has carried out this attack on the Saudi facilities. Iran has denied ownership of this attack and the Saudis, or anyone else for that matter, has not presented any proof to the contrary.
    The Houthis claimed responsibility. Why is it so hard to believe them?
    The truth might be hard for west to believe …68 billion of American armaments have been unable to defend Saudi infrastructure, simple cheap drones and missiles hit their targets undetected and with impressive precision, and the intelligence needed for such an attack…scary!
    People that have been under attack for the last 4+ years, poorest country in ME, population starving in biblical proportions, over 90,000 deaths…can become inventive very quickly to protect themselves. The Saudis two weeks ago bombed a Houthi prison, for Gods sake, Killing over 150 people … couldn’t the attack be considered as payback?
    Please, both sides get to the negotiating table and stop this senseless killing of innocent people before it is too late for all of us in a wider war.

    • Replies: @frankie p
    , @Gilad Atzmon
  10. anon[292] • Disclaimer says:

    At least those 2 paid

    Does Israel pay ?

    Does their PhD students steal ?
    Does our money subsidize their education , health care, housing and military ?

  11. Crazy Horse [AKA "Gall"] says:

    I second that. As far as getting NUTSO to attack Iran on their behalf. Good luck with that. They’ve already said if attacked that Israel will be history in less than thirty minutes but then those crazies have always said they have their Samson Option so we may all go down together because of those Khazarian carpet baggers.

  12. nymom says:

    Some are saying that it was really an Israeli hit on the Saudis…Someone who will remain nameless is reported to have put them up to it as revenge against Trump for firing him…

    This is the 4-D chess everyone is always talking about…

  13. anonymous[348] • Disclaimer says:

    centuries old violent spread of their version of …

    What has your cursed kind spread? Much death and destruction in this world, is an obvious given. We “violent moslems” pale in comparison to the sheer barbarity of you godless “civilised” savages.

    Then, how about the spread of that pagan polytheist mangods-worshipping faith, which underpins your godless civilisation, that which has cursed many a man and woman through the ages everywhere, and as those unfortunates pass this world, their godless souls will stand in wait to enter Hell for all eternity… except whomever the Almighty One may eventually pardon (which assuredly excludes rabid Islamophobes like you).

    … moslem totalitarianism.

    The only “totalitarianism” in Islam is the Oneness of God…

    Say, “He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent.” Holy Quran 112

    Chew on that, pagan godless scum.

  14. Quoting GA:

    “Though I, like many other commentators, am not convinced that the attack had anything to do with Iran, the attack showed that Iran’s weaponry is likely superior to the West’s ability to mount an effective defence.”

    So even if Iran had nothing to do with the attack, it proves such and such about Iran’s weaponry!


  15. @Anonymous

    Leave it to a psychopathic atheist to yearn for world destruction.

    This is a silly website, as the accepted narrative here is now a cliche:

    Russia = Good
    Iran = Good
    China = Good
    U.S.A. = Worst Ever

    The true assessment is this one:

    All geopolitical entities are enemies of the Living God, and they will all reap the whirlwind. Moreover, no one’s lack of belief is going to change that.

  16. peterAUS says:

    Israel and the West Do Not Have the Means to Counter Iranian Technology….

    • LOL: Herald
  17. frankie p says:

    After this week’s devastating attacks and defeat by the Houthis on three Saudi brigades in Saudi Arabia, perhaps people will wake up to the fact that the Houthis are a force to be reckoned with. The intelligence gathering and operational planning of this attack were something we would expect from a potent military power, not a rag-tag bunch of poor militants.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  18. @anonymous

    “Allah” is one of Satan’s incarnations, and Muslims all worship Mohammed the pedophile.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Miggle
  19. Lot says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    The ethnomasochism of Unz and Atzmon is sad and pitiable. Rejection of your ancient heritage and family is psychologically damaging and results in such strange behavior.

  20. Anonymous[419] • Disclaimer says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Destruction of the U.S.A is not world destruction

    Destruction of the U.S.A is world salvation

    The U.S.A is not the world and hypersonic missiles limit the U.S’s ability to counterstrike. Russia will probably be martyred, but the world will continue, it will be hard but there will be a better future at the end of it.

  21. ‘…Might Trump find himself booted out of his 1600 Pennsylvania Ave as a result of his reluctance to fight Israel’s war against Iran?’

    …and he’s likely to find himself booted out if he does fight Israel’s war against Iran.

    Poor Trump.

  22. It would seem Iran did manage to effectively communicate with us.

    …she certainly managed to communicate with the Saudis. I’ll bet they got off this sleigh ride pronto.

  23. Anon[145] • Disclaimer says:

    As I have said many many many many times over the years: Persians are not Arabs.

    Accordingly, it is a poor idea to plan on the basis that the Iranian military is going to be as ineffective as Arab militaries have recently been.

    P.S. There’s a typo in your piece, Gilad: “Iran’s inability to penetrate the Saudi air defense system,” should be, “Iran’s ability to penetrate the Saudi air defense system.”

    P.P.S. Some website security setting forced me to put “Anon” in the name field, but it is I, Christoph Dollis.

  24. Might Trump find himself booted out of his 1600 Pennsylvania Ave as a result of his reluctance to fight Israel’s war against Iran?

    It’s tough to tell. Amash and Gabbard are both in favor of impeachment. It’s an interesting theory, and well within the realm of possibility.

  25. There can only be one outcome here, American taxpayers are going to have to dig even deeper into their pockets in order to protect Israel. It seems to some that that is only right. It is high time then that US taxpayers stopped being so selfish in wanting a place of their own to call home and more of them need to be encouraged to live in tents at the side of the road like so many others have done in sacrifice to Israel so that the people that god chose can live in the land that god chose for them to live in. It’s really that simple.

    • LOL: Parfois1
  26. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    All governments are violent, evil entities to some degree. The reason we defend Russia, Iran, and China is because they oppose the globalist hegemony. It’s not the USA that is evil, it’s our globalist occupation government. Unfortunately, it will take a revolution or a military coup (are there any true patriots left in our military?) to kick the occupiers out.

    • Replies: @Herald
    , @2stateshmustate
  27. @Lot

    ‘The ethnomasochism of Unz and Atzmon is sad and pitiable. Rejection of your ancient heritage and family is psychologically damaging and results in such strange behavior.’

    Huh. What specific group is Atzmon descended from, Lot?

    He’s never told me. Has he told you?

  28. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    ‘Allah” is one of Satan’s incarnations, and Muslims all worship Mohammed the pedophile.’


  29. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    It seems that Iran would have everything to lose by attacking Saudi Arabia in this way. One must look at who would gain by the concomitant rise in the price of oil and having the US attack Iran and putting it out of the business of being the other dominant military in the Middle East. Who would be the one to gain indeed?

  30. @Andevro

    In the introduction i make it clear that I myself do not buy into the accusations against Iran. This article serves as an Israeli admission that Israel and the west do not have the answer to either Iranian or Yemeni technology…

    • Replies: @Patricus
    , @SolontoCroesus
  31. @Anon

    P.P.S. Some website security setting forced me to put “Anon” in the name field, but it is I, Christoph Dollis.

    So you’re a copy editor.

    P.S. Never heard of you.

  32. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Russia = Good
    Iran = Good
    China = Good
    U.S.A. = Worst Ever

    Russia=Trying to recover from the 1990s.
    Iran=trying to survive the US.
    China=Not so good, but trying to survive, period.
    U.S.A. Worst ever? Who knows, but pretty bad now with the outside influence.

    Unz is not a silly website, it’s a serious publication/collection of writers and sages and I’d argue many of the authors of comments are brighter than some of the original writers and add context and often, more data to articles because after all, most here have been or still are, tied to the Deep State Defense/Intel industry.

    Gleim, there is the occasional psychopathic atheist, but there are plenty of Christians (ignore my last name, please, I am not of them) out there praying for the return of Christ and the destruction of all that (they believe) is wicked. They’re the 1/10th of the 1%. Scroll by those and comments are from engineers, pilots, military guys, intel guys, you can’t fake what you say you are with this crowd.

    You’re new. Or something. I know #anonomous (sp) sticks out, but to ignore the body of work here and only see that? Or does what you read here SCARE you? I get that too. I can barely open a PCR or Pat Buchanan article anymore because having been a piece of the depravity that is the Deep State for decades one way or another, I know they’re right. As for the depravity, rot and decay of our society as depicted in Steve Sailer’s blogs and in Taki’s, who could argue that we’re pretty close to doom everywhere there’s diversity. The center is barely holding. As for Israel? Not for nothing they’re writing speech code against any criticism. They lost me when they wrote laws against BDS. And they DO drive our foreign policy in the sand box. And I don’t want to hear from anyone that the very observance is anti-Semitic. That’s a tired old meme. Sort of like “Teens” and “Youths”. All insult, to cover their depravity and shut you up when you notice.

    Unz and Taki’s and others point this out. All of it. Silly this place is not. Read on, there’s little that’s silly. Ok, here’s some silly: Just know that yes, Wakanda DID have an Air Force:

    • Replies: @Ash Williams
  33. Alfred says:

    The average Brexiteer supports the Jews and the Saudis

    It might interest you to learn that all the Zionist-controlled mainstream media of the UK is in favour of “Remain” as is their subservient Deep State. In view of this, your comment is absolute nonsense.

    … so they deserve no prosperity

    The growth rate of the UK’s economy was far higher before joining the European Union. Believe it or not, long-term, the UK will prosper while countries like Germany will suffer.

    UK Economical Growth Rate (1949-2011)

    The mainstream media does not want you to know that since the referendum, growth in the UK has been far greater than that of Germany, France and Italy.

    Britain Tops Economic Growth in Europe Proving it Does NOT need the EU | Armstrong Economics

    It is a repeat of the nonsense about year 2000 / Global Warming / Weapons of Mass Destruction /Iran’s Nuclear Weapon Development / 9/11 Official Report etc.

    • Replies: @Donald A Thomson
  34. Alfred says:

    It seems that you believe in evil. That suggests that you are a realist and no longer an atheist.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  35. @Bill H

    LOL> You didn’t stop anything. If Iran wanted a nuke or even a bunch of them they could have built them by now, or just bought them, it isn’t as if they couldn’t get their hands on a few. The Norks did and so too a few others. hell they’re probably on Craig’s List from time to time. Iran has got TWO outstanding Fatwas by both the current and former Ayatollah against such weapons. The Islamic Republic has forsworn nuclear weapons as un-Islamic and decreed their use haram or forbidden. You folks who are forever asserting Iran wants nukes are just blowing smoke up your own arses.

    That the Islamic Republic wants the technical expertise to master the entire nuclear cycle is another thing. They are a technologically advanced society and have every interest in extending their knowledge and independence in all areas and why shouldn’t they? Shia Islam is much more monolithic and disciplined than Sunni Islam. We both are Muslims and follow the Five Pillars but we have very different ways of approaching things. No vast army of clerics to interpret the scriptures we simply follow the admonition in the Noble Quran NOT to interpret anything. Instead of a great army of clerics, many self appointed we have a single figure of authority who is however elected and if he strayed from directly speaking to his only role, which is to represent the exact and non-debatable parts of scripture then he is replaced. he is not some all powerful figure but his word is supreme when issued in accordance with Islamic tradition.

    Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei has decreed via fatwa which itself was just reinforcing the fatwa of His predecessor that Nuclear Weapons are forbidden to true Muslims and this canot be breached by anybody with any authority in Iran I can assure you.

    Iran has put its own satellites in space. they have run rings around the mighty US in various technologies they first overcome and then copy or improve on and send it right back at you. They have warned you if you hit them, they will clobber you in return and they have not once shied away from confrontation with the entire Empire and it’s pack of puppies. They recently showed you what weapons that were mere export of concepts and plans to their allies can do to your useless anti-air defences and they have much better themselves. The Pentagon knows it. That is why they do not dare hit Iran.

    As for nukes, that is not the problem. Iran refuses to allow their resources to be lorded over by colonial powers and they will decide their own independent course. they have huge resources and an important geographic position. They know this too. Nobody wants to talk about that of course so as usual they lie.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Christo
  36. @Bill H

    By the way sorry if I seemed a bit brash. Wasn’t my intention but it comes across as more accusatory than intended. I don’t think Iran would win a war with the US or “Israel” for that matter although in either scenario Israel would cease to exist in the bluntest meaning of that, but given their nuclear advantage they could certainly defeat Iran. The problem with that is the scale of nuclear attack that would take is still going to end up as WWIII which is the wisdom of refusing to have them anyway. Nobody can justify an all out nuclear attack on them and yes as you say they managed to unravel their foes’ conventional advantages.

  37. Alfred says:

    Total nonsense.

    Well-off families from the Middle East sent their kids to the best universities of the UK and the USA for generations. My Egyptian grandfather studied civil engineering at London’s Kings College before 1914. His twin brother studied medicine at Heidelberg. My Egyptian father studied mining engineering at London’s Royal School of Mines before and after WW2. His two brothers went to Caltech. His sister to London where she got her doctorate. Myself, Egyptian-born, studied civil engineering and later business also at London’s Imperial College. Both my brothers also went to London University and one went on to Harvard Business School.

    Many of my contemporaries were Persians, Iraqis and so on.

    The difference between the Persians, Egyptians, Yemenis and the Saudis is that the Saudis who get sent over are not motivated. They get a good job back home regardless. Needlessly to say, the non-Wahabi Saudis are kept locked up in Saudi Arabia and not given these bursaries.

    Yemen was an ancient civilization. Sadly, the World Bank financed the construction of dams that inundated much of their history. Because of the very real risks of kidnapping for ransom, very little real archeology has been carried out there.

    It looks like their is a replay of history:

    The Persian king Khosrau I, sent troops under the command of Vahriz, who helped the semi-legendary Sayf ibn Dhi Yazan to drive the Aksumites out of Yemen. Southern Arabia became a Persian dominion under a Yemenite vassal and thus came within the sphere of influence of the Sassanid Empire. Later another army was sent to Yemen, and in 597/8 Southern Arabia became a province of the Sassanid Empire under a Persian satrap. It was a Persian province by name but after the Persians assassinated Dhi Yazan, Yemen divided into a number of autonomous kingdoms.

    This development was a consequence of the expansionary policy pursued by the Sassanian king Khosrau II Parviz (590–628), whose aim was to secure Persian border areas such as Yemen against Roman/Byzantine (American/Israeli) incursions. Following the death of Khosrau II in 628, then the Persian governor in Southern Arabia, Badhan, converted to Islam and Yemen followed the new religion.

    Ancient History of Yemen

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  38. Paul says:

    Actually, it is that Iranians can use Western technology.

  39. But now that the Saudis have been alerted, how much money does it take to put up a bunch of Phalanx R2D2 Gatling guns around oil processing facilities and mast-mounted radar antennas[*] to increase early-warning time? They certainly have money and western contractors certainly have the technology.

    [*] –

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  40. Patricus says:
    @Gilad Atzmon

    The Yemenis may have surprised the Saudis with low tech drones and cruise missiles. That doesn’t mean they have superior technology. Protecting against similar attacks might be quite simple.

  41. @dearieme

    When has the US ever needed to defend itself?

    Btw, it’s spelt Gloucester.

    Try not to appear more ignorant than is absolutely necessary.

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
    , @dearieme
  42. @Alfred

    Could you further explain this statement? No idea what you are talking about.

    Yemen was an ancient civilization. Sadly, the World Bank financed the construction of dams that inundated much of their history. Because of the very real risks of kidnapping for ransom, very little real archeology has been carried out there.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  43. dearieme says:
    @Bill Jones

    it’s spelt Gloucester.

    Try not to appear more ignorant than is absolutely necessary.

    If you wish to correct someone’s spelling, you only make yourself look a bloody fool if your “correction” is wrong. Try googling it, you muttonhead.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @Jim Christian
  44. @dearieme

    Whoops the lesson is to not do the grammar nazi thing from the phone.

  45. @Joe Stalin

    Somewhat after the American attack on German facilities in Greenland in September 1941 and the April attack on a U-Boat.

  46. Christo says:

    You seem to know some things.

    Do those Ayatollahs’ “fatwa’s” forbid Iranian developing or using biological weapons or just do they just forbid nuclear weapons?
    Do they mention them at all.

  47. Paul says:

    The United States and Israel, well armed with nuclear and other weapons, can destroy Iran. However, Iran can inflict much damage by shutting down the flow of Persian Gulf oil. And what if Iran targeted Israel’s Dimona nuclear plant and thereby spewing radiation in retaliation? Iran has cards that it can play.

  48. Christo says:

    “the second weapons were 18 suicide drones, an Iranian replica of the “Rafi” – an Israeli suicide drone.

    Whether or not these were “replicas” made in which country remains to be seen. People with a bais ax to grind often accused their enemy reflexively and immediately

    It would be my guess such “suicide weapons” – instead of Atzmon/ Israel’s misinformation naming let us call them what they are and are used for -“assassination weapons’ , would have components that are “untraceable”, typical of Israeli thinking and deception(and a good idea for such weapons) for plausible deniability . And people building “copies” if anyone is actually doing so , would do the same.

    Surprised Israel has not yet filed a mega billion dollar lawsuit in a US Federal court against Iran for copyright infringement. A loose end that points the wrong way- not at Iran

    My personal opinion, is the Houthis fired them . Occam’s razor. Accusing others with no facts looks (suspicious)

  49. @Joe Stalin

    That was my first thought too – the Phalanx is the logical off-the-shelf.
    But there is a reason no other nations use Gatlings in this role – time-to-rate.
    For 0.1 to 0.3 sec a Gatling is a spray can, then it stabilizes itself – in addition to system acquisition time. Per target, that is – and that decision was made before swarms were considered possible.
    And I have my doubts about the mm-wave radars as-they-are on land – the SNR will be disastrous and the radar cross-sections on the order of a seagull.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  50. @Gilad Atzmon

    This article serves as an Israeli admission that Israel and the west do not have the answer to either Iranian or Yemeni technology…

    Surprised that you give the Israeli News 12 headline one mg. of credibility.

    It’s a feint.

    Perhaps you’ve been in contact w/ Phil Weiss and caught his breathless “the solution is at hand” virus. It pops up about once a month on Mondoweiss.

  51. @dearieme

    If you wish to correct someone’s spelling, you only make yourself look a bloody fool if your “correction” is wrong. Try googling it, you muttonhead.

    Meh, no need for anyone to get pissed off. Funny thing about the whole New England thing is Gloucester is pronounced in these parts as “Glahstah”. Even funnier is Worcester, Massachusetts where the name is pronounced Woostah”. The region is full of em.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  52. peterAUS says:

    Khm…ahm… about the idea to smash, into pieces, atoms if necessary, the political entity which controls the launch?
    The concepts of a pre-emptive strike, deterrent etc?

    A missile/drone is likely to be launched by these guys. Instead of waiting for a missile/drone to get into CIWS range why not bomb the launching site?
    Why not bomb the site where people who have control of the people tasked with launching are?

    Just an idea, mind you.

    How to prevent a .338 Lapua Magnum round striking a VIP? Let me think…having a bulletproof vest.
    Why not simply arrest a possible shooter at his place of residence days before he/she pulls a trigger!?

    Stuff like that…..

    • Replies: @TX
  53. @Jim Christian

    In England it’s Wooster Sauce. No one uses the tongue twister,

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
    , @anon
  54. Gyre07 says:

    The evidence-free, unaddressed assumption that Iran was responsible for the refinery attack is classic brainwashing technique 2a. The fact that that same assumption is repeated over and over again throughout this evidence-free, speculation-fest pretending to be a fact-based article makes it that much more obvious that an attempted sleight-of-hand is being practiced here on the readers (the majority of whom are not practiced in the art of careful analysis of what you choose to read and how much credibility do you think it merits, and why).

    However, a semi-careful examination of the source of the article provides substantial evidence that this is nothing more than Israeli propaganda.

    • Agree: FB, Kratoklastes
  55. Gyre07 says:

    “Introduction by GA: The following is a translation of today’s Israel’s News 12 headline article. ” tells you all you need to know about the intentions of the author. This is evidence-free Israeli brainwashing intended for an Israeli audience who lack sufficient intelligence or the will to critically-examine the source of the ‘news’ that they consume and the likely motives of the author(s).

  56. madmarc says:

    “Israel and the West Do Not Have the Means to Counter Iranian Technology”

    One word: Stuxnet.

    • Replies: @Miggle
  57. madmarc says:

    The assumption is that Iran comitted the act, but there is some compelling evidence that Israel may have done it themselves.

  58. The fragments of the Iranian cruise missiles have been identified as among the derivatives of the 55-KH missiles that Ukraine delivered to Iran in 2001.

    Very careful phrasing intended to try to make any Iranian link much more significant than may be the case.

    Anything that’s a “derivative[] of the 55-KH missiles… delivered to Iran” is also a ‘derivative’ of 55-KH missiles generally.

    In other words, the fragments require that someone was able to ‘derive’ the design of some identifiable component, fragments of which that can be identified categorically as part of a KH-55 Granat (the actual designation of the missile in question).

    That Iran is alleged to have taken delivery of some KH-55s means that they are among the people who could reverse-engineer components.

    However the Soviets produced a shit-ton of Granats since 1983, and they lost control over most stock when the USSR collapsed… so nobody would ever have to reverse-engineer any part of the design.

    So, y’know… the ‘Iran link’ is being pushed using string.

    Also: if these supposed fragments are genuinely part of a KH-55, then Saudi air defenses are significantly worse than everyone thinks.

    KH-55s are slightly longer than a Tomahawk, run higher, and run slower than a civilian airliner.

    And they’re aircraft-launched – so what does it say about US and other regional ‘overwatch’ ? (e.g., AWACS; satellite monitoring; aircraft launch detection).

    No airforce sends a single aircraft to dispatch one of these things – so everyone failed to notice several jets taking off, and launching these missiles, and returning to base. Seems legit.

    Assuming the missiles were launched at a ‘standoff’ distance outside of air-defense radar range, a 19-24-foot long, 2-foot wide missile traversed ~600km of some of the most surveilled airspace on Earth, and slammed into its intended target without anybody being able to do anything.

    It takes (roughly) 45 minutes for a missile to cover 600km at Mach 0.75; if, as US ‘defense officials’ claim, the missiles were launched from ‘South-West Iran’, they’re talking about Jask or Kish Island (Bandar Abbas Airport can be rules out because it’s an international airport), or the little cluster of military airfields that includes Ahmadi, Darrahi amd Gorreh.

    So several aircraft can take off undetected from any of those places (which, let’s be clear, are under constant overwatch) and fly sorties that launch an unspecified number of missiles that themselves traverse the Gulf… again, undetected (or at least, without being intercepted).

    Get your heads around that.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @TX
  59. Ace says:

    ** The only “totalitarianism” in Islam is the Oneness of God… **

    And that death for blasphemy and apostasy thingy.

    • Replies: @Miggle
  60. @Bill Jones

    In England it’s Wooster Sauce.

    And it is delicious everywhere.

  61. Christo says:

    Worcestershire sauce, originally “Garum” – Roman fish sauce

    Been experimenting cooking with MSG which is the favor “savory”, found in Garum/Worcestershire sauce. Other than a few drops, W sauce gives me heartburn now

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  62. @Kratoklastes

    Why couldn’t the fuckin Iranians just mark the parts ‘made in Iran: in English like they used to?

    • LOL: YetAnotherAnon
  63. @Christo

    I’ve been hitting the Vietnamese (claimed) fish sauce of late.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  64. @dearieme

    “a German V-1 cruise missile” ?
    What? The V 1 was as much a cruise missile as your average guy Fawkes rocket.

    • LOL: Twodees Partain
  65. Gordo says:

    It’s mainly Whites afflicted with that disease.

  66. Miggle says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Mohammed the pedophile

    In England even 3 centuries ago it was legal to marry a 5-year-old girl, or even for a 2-year-old boy to be carried in the priest’s arms to the marriage altar.

    However, formal marriage and “consummating” marriage are different. Something like age of consent still applied. The girl married at 5 retained the right to renounce the marriage when she reached the age of 12 or 14 or whatever (but not before), and before that her husband didn’t have sex with her, though married to her for a decade.

    Something similar may have applied to Mohammed’s marriage. Probably did. We only ever hear simplistic disparagements like yours on this subject.

  67. Miggle says:

    One word: Stuxnet.

    Been done. Too late.

    I expect the Iranians will since have developed their own operating system or picked up an open-source system in which dodgy features can be detected, are visible in the source code.

  68. Miggle says:

    He said,

    We “violent moslems” pale in comparison to the sheer barbarity of you godless “civilised” savages.

    You throw in:

    And that death for blasphemy and apostasy thingy.

    Changes nothing. The violence of the “violent moslems” still pales by comparison with the deep evil of the West, the USA, the Five Spies, the Frogs.

    Yes, Islam has some very nasty features, the jailing of the Jakarta mayor, the very existence of Pakistan etc. etc. But what they do in their own countries is their own business. What the barbaric gang he mentions does in other countries than their own can’t be compared, is deeply more evil.

  69. @Lot

    “Rejection of your ancient heritag end family is psychologically damaging”

    Not if your ancient heritage consists of lies theft and corruption, as it does with you Jews.

  70. Herald says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    I think you are looking for a cop-out.

    Most ordinary Americans have clearly been unmoved by, or may well have backed, the government’s long term criminal rampage across the globe, so in all fairness they must take, in large measure, responsibility for what has been done in their name.

  71. TX says:


    the suicide drones are very difficult to detect and intercept by any military, including Russia, who first got a taste of this a couple years ago from a swarm attack.

    they only succeeded using ECM. Pantsir was totally ineffective and the Israelis have bragged and shown footage of their drones destroying these systems. They had to bring in TOR systems as these had some success at targeting and hitting drones. Just luck by the Russians. Pantsirs are being redesigned to account for this threat

    Iranian targets in Iraq have been lit up repeatedly by Israeli drones and nobody saw anything coming.

    These things are small and slow; they appear to be birds and give off relatively no doppler return.

    It wasn’t a false freaking flag; it was simply that US-made weaponry isn’t that good and the Patriot and other AA systems we market are garbage.

  72. TX says:

    huh??? A .338 Lapua will penetrate a “bulletproof vest” easily

  73. TX says:

    The KH-55 is NOT the Granat

    the 55 is basically a USSR made Tomahawk

    The Soumar is a ground launched KH55 derivative made by Iran

    do not spread misinformation

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  74. Alfred says:
    @Fran Taubman

    My brother was with the World Bank and he was involved in a project that would have resulted in the flooding of ancient ruins in Yemen. He lamented this fact to me. I have no idea precisely where it was. I searched on the World Bank website and found nothing. Possibly it never got built. I don’t know. I have not communicated with him for 20+ years.

    It is worth remembering that the real land of “milk and honey” was Yemen. At that time, it was a fertile land and it had some of the most impressive dams in the world. It had far more rainfall.

    The Ma’rib Dam: An Engineering Wonder of the Ancient World

  75. FB says: • Website

    What bullshit…

    Neither the Pentagon nor any US officer is accusing Iran of carrying out the attack…

    This ‘article’ is pure Israeli propaganda trying to implicate Iran…

    The ‘author’ mentions the Quds-1 cruise missile and the Czech TJ-100 jet engine that powers it…this is a Houthi weapon…not Iranian…[although it is very likely to have been built with Iranian technical assistance]

    I have on my website the only bona fide quantitative technical analysis on the Quds missile that has been published anywhere…

    The Quds-1 is capable of a range well in excess of 1,200 km…plenty capable of striking the Saudi target from inside /houthi-controlled territory…

    My findings have not been disputed by anyone…including prominent experts who have reviewed my analysis…

    Assman Atzmon shows his true colors as an Israeli Hasbara…as I always suspected…

  76. @Fidelios Automata

    You are correct. The MSM where the vast majority of Americans get their information is focused on one thing; keeping Americans in the dark about the truth.

    Take 911 for instance. This event which I humbly believe is the key to overthrowing the traitorous scum that run things here is obfuscated by the MSM to the nth degree.

    Yes, Americans do have a responsibility to figure these things out for themselves and hopefully before it’s too late they will. But in a court of law I think they might be able to get away with claiming ignorance because of the total lack of honest information provided them by the MSM.

  77. anon[166] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bill Jones

    Is that anything like Worcestershire Sauce?

  78. @TX

    You’re conflating the KH-55 Granat and the RK-55 (weirdly, also called ‘Granat‘); the latter is ground- or sub-launched, and was the base design for the SS-N-21 ‘Sampson’ sub-launched variant …and eventually, to my outright favourite anti-shipping missile: the SS-NX-26 Yakhonts, which I first wrote about in about 2004, and which is now known as the P-800 Onyx/Oniks (doesn’t matter what it’s called: it’s a carrier-killer. Phalanx can’t beat it, nor can AEGIS, nor can any other defense system).

    It is fairly unlikely that Soumar was derived from an (air-launched) KH-55. The KH-55 has a power plant that is ill-suited to ground-launch, and fatal to sub-launch – because being launched from an aircraft, there is less inertia to overcome so air-launched missiles have power plants that don’t generate enough grunt to get off the ground and retain significant range.

    By stark contrast: the RK-55 has a solid rocket booster (as does the Soumar).

    If I had to guess, I would guess that some journalist has heard a claim that Soumar is a ‘Granat‘ variant, and picked the first designator that came up on Google. Journalists are like that.

    Also… the claim that Ukraine sold a bunch of KH-55s to Iran in 2001 should be treated with the same disdain as the claim that Khameini said that the Zionist occupiers should be ‘wiped off the map’. In other words, it’s bullshit.

  79. @Bill Jones

    I’m a fan of Wooster sauce on my periodic steamed dim-sim binges; beats the snot out of soy sauce. If I’m feeling impatient I’ll mix Wooster and cheapo BBQ sauce, so that the sauce sticks to the dim sims and makes the surface cooler, so I can eat them without waiting for them to cool.

    There’s a Malaysian dipping sauce (more of a ‘paste’ – not pourable) called sambal ikin bilis, which is a chilli sambal with deep-fried anchovies in it. Stuff is like crack cocaine.

  80. @Alfred

    Year 2000 programming work had to be done and was done successfully. The first correction I did was before 1984 to cover the case of children turning 16 and affecting social security payments in Australia. I knew people who made changes before 1979 for dependents turning 21. I also did work in 1999 for a bank whose age calculations would otherwise go crazy in 2000. All you are saying is that we did our work well. You are correct. A lot of the work was simple though. Hopefully the year 10,000 problem will be handled as well. It won’t be if people believe it doesn’t exist (4 digit numbers in COBOL can only go up to 9999 and there are a lot of COBOL programs still running and it costs a lot of money to rewrite them). Even larger number representations will eventually overflow though not for a very long time. If that is in millions of years, I wonder if an artificial intelligence will even be aware of the problem. I don’t expect anybody else to be. If something works for that long, everybody assumes it always will; I’m pretty sure that tomorrow the sun will rise in the East and nobody disagrees with me regardless of their ignorance about the solar system. [email protected]

  81. SafeNow says:

    “what they do in their own countries is their own business”

    True, but the important exception is securing nuclear weapons from terrorist theft or purchase. Pakistan is the current worry. They do use strong physical security. But in a crisis, where tactical weapons would be moved to the field, physical security is much weaker. PAL (Permissive Action Link) technology prevents a stolen weapon from being of use, but Pakistan’s PAL is rudimentary. The U.S. helped France with PAL, but not Pakistan. My info is a few years old, but the above is my understanding.

  82. @Alfred

    An atheist can deny the existence of a god, but not the existence of a creating force of some kind. Whether it was a big bang or some other natural phenomena, the universe must have started at some time in the past. Or, maybe, it has always existed. We cannot know because whatever was before our universe, although natural, is outside human understanding. For now.

    We can refer to the creator as god, small g, to differentiate real god from the plethora of Gods that have been created out of thin air by magicians since it became obvious that there was more profit in selling fantasy than actually creating useful stuff. Ancient example, Zeus. Modern example, Voldemort.

    As far as belief in god goes, we all have opinions and interpretations. Somebody, somewhere, may by right. But who?

    It probably depends on a persons point of view. Same as the definition of evil. It is viewpoint dependent and therefore inexact. If you kill a wasp you are evil in the eye of the wasp. But from your viewpoint you are protecting yourself from a painful sting.

  83. anon[863] • Disclaimer says:

    The Granat is the designation of the S10 sub launched version of the RK55. The RK55’s designation in Russian is the “Relief.”

    Again, most resources online suggest the Soumar is a KH55 variant, however, as you point out, it isn’t air launched. Most of the rest of the missile sans booster, however, doesn’t vary from variant to variant.

    the site is rejecting my TX handle so I’m having to use anon

  84. @anonymous

    Yeah, that Ottoman Empire was awesomeness!
    Except if you were part of the huge slave labor population used to do the grunt work while lazy assholes took a cut off the East-West trade (silk, spice, etc) and lashed you.
    Or Devshrime ( Christian boy’s separated from family to fight for the Caliphate, converted to Islam and offered fun filled adventures in far off lands).
    Or your blood didn’t coagulate fast enough (after they chopped off your nuts and pecker) which is about 80% of responses. How many bled to death to give the Harem’s a Eunuch for the Sultan?

    The Ottoman Empire was a millenia long blood bath. Only the hundred’s of millions of Hindus murdered in India by the Mughal’s can compare.

    The so-called bloodbath of Christianity pales in comparison to Islam and Communism. In fact, there is no comparison. Jewish Bolshevism and Islamic Caliphates were blood Empires. The West gave every colony it went to the lasting benefit of Western Civilization: technology, medicine, science and ideas.
    Can a person cherry pick? Sure, they love to talk about Leopold and the Congo. It was his personal fiefdom. He had no clue what he was doing and left little of lasting benefit to anyone.
    His failure doesn’t generalize to all European colonies. Already, Africans are comparing how China is very different from pre-1960’s European colonialism.

  85. @peterAUS

    Big Fail.
    That’s like saying the Byzantines had full spectrum dominance due to ‘greek fire’.
    Being able to burn everyones’ house down isn’t a response. It’s an admission that it is your only response.
    In reality that is failure.

  86. @Anon

    Agreed. Pompous Pompeo may spew rhetoric but he doesn’t grasp the Persian or the culture.
    They could all hate their leaders but they’d still fight to the death for their country because they are patriots. That neck of the woods has 5,000 years of civilization and a martial history that goes with that fact.
    The U.S. has a long history of failing to maintain foreign relations with a semblance of consistency, dignity or honor. They lost Iran in ’79, Russia in ’03, Pakistan by ’14 and now they will lose Turkey to the Russians. Brilliant. Each of these countries could have been allies or, at bare minimum, a functional relationship with a back and forth. Now they all view the U.S. as being incapable of sticking to an agreement.
    Your John Kerry type, like Pompous, don’t get that they are held in contempt. Turning on Sadaam Hussein, an ally, that they used to fight a war against Iran is viewed as despicable from Morocco to Pakistan. Even worse, the U.S. destroyed Qaddafi for $60 billion in gold. Now they are viewed as thieves.
    There will come a time when many nations will view their relationship with the U.S as purely ad hoc and transactional. I’m sure many already do.
    This all came about as Jews gained greater and greater levels of control over the U.S. government.
    Recap: as Jewish power in America grew, America’s actions became more and more suspect and the ability to trust America is now at an all time low.

  87. @HallParvey

    It probably depends on a persons point of view. Same as the definition of evil. It is viewpoint dependent and therefore inexact. If you kill a wasp you are evil in the eye of the wasp. But from your viewpoint you are protecting yourself from a painful sting.
    The definition of evil isn’t inexact.
    What was the state of mind?
    Was it avoidable?
    Was their regret?

    A wasp lacks the sentient functioning to discern evil.
    We, however, do.
    If the wasp could be left alone, then leave it alone.
    If the wasp deliberately attacks you then it is self-defense to kill it.
    Now, do you regret it? If you don’t regret killing it you now have a second problem.
    The wise person allows nature to take its course. A wasp sting won’t kill the average person, just inconvenience them.
    If you go around killing living beings you have a serious problem on your hands. Namely, you like to kill.

    Behavioral prohibitions create functional societies.
    Religious prohibitions don’t exist to cause humans inconvenience they exist so people can be made aware of what behavior- and mental states- they need to avoid so that they can fulfill the purpose of being human; ironically, the purpose of being human is to transcend the physical world and cease to be human.
    Typically, nobody just ‘finds’ themselves in situations where they are forced to defend themselves. They occur for a reason and based on our responses we create our future.

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