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In Between Taliban and COVID
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Does it take a genius to gather that the colossal failure of the USA’s war in Afghanistan is identical to the disastrous ‘war against COVID’? It’s certainly clear that it is pretty much the same people who devised the fatal strategies that led to a grandiose defeat in these two unnecessary conflicts. We deal with people who adhere to the concept of war of destruction. These are people who do not seek peace, harmony or reconciliation neither with nature nor with other segments of humanity.

Our pandemic ‘strategists’ believed that it was within their powers to wipe SARS CoV 2 from the face of the earth. They were similarly convinced that the Taliban could be eradicated. They were, obviously, catastrophically wrong.

But the progressives and the so-called Left also have an unforgivable part in these catastrophic tales. The Left weren’t responsible for the ‘strategies’ or the grand planning. They weren’t really participants in the neoconservative think tanks, they weren’t involved in Pfizer’s promise to fix the human genome. They weren’t advising Netanyahu, Trump or Johnson’s in 2020 as they weren’t amongst Bush’s advisers back in 2001. But they were the first to support the Ziocon ‘War Against Terror,’ mostly in the name of ‘moral interventionism.’ Similarly, they have been amongst the most enthusiastic supporters of the current experiment in mass human population.

One doesn’t need to scratch the surface to notice that that the Jewish State also had a central role in these two humongous blunders. The neocon think tanks that pushed America to Afghanistan were of course made of ardent Jewish Zionists. Back in 2003 Ari Shavit wrote in Haaretz “The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history.” The people who volunteered themselves as the guinea pigs in Pfizer’s COVID experiment where of course the Israelis. Netanyahu’s Israel didn’t attempt to “live with COVID,” it instead treated the virus as a contemporary Amalek, an anti-Semitic plague that must be eradicated: the Mossad together with the IDF joined forces in the war against Covid. When it seemed as if number of COVID cases were going down, Israel was fast to declare a victory in the war against the virus.


But the reality is embarrassing. In Afghanistan the Taliban is stronger than ever. America left the country it promised to ‘liberate’ with its tail between its legs. In the fight against COVID, America is equally defeated. In the USA, a CDC study found vaccinated people made up 74% of cases in a beach town outbreak in Massachusetts. And In Israel, Delta has made a spectacularly successful aliya. The vaccinated are now overrepresented amongst Delta cases and equally represented amongst critical cases. A few days ago an Israeli hospital director admitted that 90% of his patients are vaccinated. “The vaccine is waning in front of our eyes,” he said.


The modernist 19th century military theorist Carl von Clausewitz defined war as “the continuation of politics by other means.” But in the global Zionised universe in which we live, politics is merely the continuation of war. Keeping the world in a conflict is the current global mantra as people are submissive when fearful. This philosophy has sustained Zionism for decades. It kept the Jewish people united for two millennia but it came with a price. Jewish history isn’t exactly a story of tranquility.

It shouldn’t really be me who reminds my fellow peace loving brothers and sisters that loving one’s neighbor may as well mean seeking peace and harmony with the universe as a whole (viruses included).

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
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  1. gay troll says:

    Recalling Gavin Newsom would go a long way toward ending the scamdemic. Elect Larry Elder for governor.

  2. Notsofast says:

    “keeping the world in a conflict is the current global mantra as people are submissive when fearful.” this is the core issue that allows our descent into a global police state. gilad, have you heard the latest collaboration of eric clapton and van morrison called “stand and deliver”? a great song about losing our civil liberties, over which both artists are now facing a backlash. clapton and morrison are such huge figures they can’t be canceled. what if you and roger waters joined them in a super group that could not be ignored? it would be nice to see music reclaim it’s role as a protest medium rather than a sound track for “woke” police state.

    • Agree: InnerCynic, Kali
    • Thanks: emersonreturn
    • Replies: @Jack McArthur
    , @Pascal
  3. Since our bodies are composed with cells, bacterias and viruses, it indeed seems rather blatantly wise to be in peace and harmony with viru…ourselves.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some psychopaths haven’t had the wet dream of replacing viruses with nanochips… That’s the way it goes in the psychiatric hospital that is the world at the present moment.

    Thank you Gilad, que la Paix soit avec toi et avec ton esprit, as well as a good sense of humour.

  4. In Between Taliban and COVID

    Alternate title:

    In Between a Crock and Jihad Place

  5. Skeptikal says:

    Per Google translate the complete sentence is
    “the vaccine pretty much dissipates in front of our eyes and it becomes less and less effective over time.””

    Just to clarify the point.

  6. anonymous[150] • Disclaimer says:

    Rebel Israeli scientists at the Sheba Medical Centre, join dissident doctors proving that ivermectin works against ‘covid’

    Our study shows first and foremost that ivermectin has antiviral activity. It also shows that there is almost a 100% chance that a person will be noninfectious in four to six days, which could lead to shortening isolation time for these people.

    Ivermectin has been actively opposed as a covid treatment by the World Health Organisation, the FDA, and pharmaceutical companies. Mere discussion of the drug has resulted in big-tech censoring or deplatforming … those banned including Nobel Prize winner Dr Satoshi Omura

    20,000 reported post-vaccine dead in the EU, likely well over 100,000 or more post-vaccine dead worldwide … but the WHO and government agencies say the high-profit ‘vaccines’ of their billionaire friends are ‘safe’, whilst cheap and successful ivermectin ‘could be dangerous’ and should be avoided … Below, figures for only the EU, about 1/6th of the vaxxed globally … with most side effects cases unreported in these databases, so real numbers could be 5x-10x higher:

    • Thanks: emersonreturn
    • Replies: @Mark G.
  7. Dumbo says:

    We had the “War on Drugs”: war on an infinity of substances some of which were pushed by the same people who supposedly were forbidding them. It failed. Now they are directly drugging the populace.

    We had the “War on Terror”: war on a tactic, but it really should have been called “War on the Middle East” or “War on Israel’s possible enemies”. It failed too. But they keep on with it.

    Now we have the “War on Covid” or “War on Viruses”. Of course it will fail too.

    Interestingly, while pregnant women were excluded from all vaccine trials, they are assuring us that they are safe for pregnant women (on what basis?) and they are even doing door to door campaign to vaccinate pregnant women. (Make that “pregnant persons” or “pregnant people”, as they are called now, even in scientific, medical journals.

    And they dare to call this “Science”.

    We really live in surreal times.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  8. roonaldo says:

    The war against the “unvaccinated” is just getting started here in the U.S. and is proceeding at blitzkrieg pace.

    The unrelenting, deadly lies used to justify this war are of monstrous proportions and are being swallowed whole by seemingly every political, medical, religious, educational, etc., level planet-wide, outdoing even the Global War on Terror.

    Last night, a pudgy-faced longtime local news anchor declared that only .04 percent of new covid cases are among the vaccinated and that the surest way to protect oneself is, of course, to get the jab. I wanted to reach through the screen and rip out his tongue.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  9. @roonaldo

    When accosted by some fool wanting to get you to submit to the jab, in a loud and powerful voice just say : fuck you.

    We need these low life people employed by TPTsB to regret their employment choice. We need them to feel like the assholes they are.

  10. Mark G. says:

    Ivermectin has been actively opposed as a covid treatment by the World Health Organisation, the FDA, and pharmaceutical companies. Mere discussion of the drug has resulted in big-tech censoring or deplatforming … those banned including Nobel Prize winner Dr Satoshi Omura.

    With the vaccines failing to provide anything more than short term protection, we can see now that the almost exclusive focus on vaccines as a solution was a mistake. Early treatment protocols using drugs like Ivermectin or HCQ could keep many people who come down with it out of the hospital. These protocols have actually been developed but are not being used in most cases because more money can be made by the medical cartel with expensive in hospital treatments or forcing the entire population into getting vaccinated, followed by endless future booster shots. When I got Covid my five day treatment at a nearby hospital came to forty thousand dollars. That’s eight thousand dollars per day. My insurance paid for most of it but this huge expense may not have been needed at all.

    The few doctors who have tried using early treatment protocols have had good success at keeping people out of the hospital. Rather than censoring them or trying to block them using these methods, we should be trying to widely adopt what they are doing and also doing further research in this area.

  11. Beautiful article Gilad. Thanks Your writing gives hope.

  12. Learn about Dr Brian Ardis he has exposed the biggest crime of all.

    He says that Remdesivir was the only protocol that all DR’s world wide had for the pandemic with orders from Faucci. They blocked HQ and other known helpful respiratory drugs worldwide. Mocked any one who talked about them. Remdesivir was known to cause destruction of all vital organs and was causing all patients to die.

    The forced protocol of Remdesivir on hospitals was a death sentence for every patient.


    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  13. Pascal says:

    They’ve just enrolled Brian May -who should know better – to say he disagrees with Clapton and that anti-vaxxers are “fruitcakes” even if he probably didn’t put it quite as the media presstitutes make it sound.

  14. Jim H says:

    ‘the colossal failure of the USA’s war in Afghanistan’ — Gilad Atzmon

    As the Taliban gobble up territory like an inrushing tidal wave, the fleeing US does what?

    That’s right — sends in long-distance bombers from distant bases to rain chaos from the skies.

    These useless bombs are the last angry tail thrash of a dying United Snakes empire, acting out its impotent humiliation and rage the only way it knows how.

    Pathetic America: can’t defend its empire; can’t protect its people; can’t advance living standards since it unpegged the dollar from gold fifty years ago this summer.

    Lilliputian Israel is likely to be on its own pretty soon, as its dim-witted, co-opted giant Gulliver curls up in a fetal position. Looks like poor Gulliver needs a shot in the arm! /sarc

  15. Il sionismo ha sempre portato la guerra in tutto il mondo.
    I sionisti erano riusciti a farmi odiare tutti gli Ebrei. Ma adesso ho aperto gli occhi grazie a Gilad e a Neturei Karta.

    Zionism has always brought war to the whole world.
    The Zionists had managed to make me hate all Jews. But now I have opened my eyes thanks to Gilad and Neturei Karta.

  16. Patric says:

    I very much like and agree with Atzmon in his comparison of Afghanistan and Covid. From the beginning this whole covid operation rang bells with 9/11. The whole ‘the world has changed, it will never be the same again’ ‘the Before and After theme, the comparisons of the ‘heroes’ of the war on Terror and the war against Covid.

    The endless errors and ‘mistakes’ the paid propagandists who are inured to reason. I am afraid as irrational as this covid operation is it has a long time to go. After all Afghanistan lasted 20 years let’s hope this one is not as long.

    One interesting thing to think about is it seems Israel is as duped as anyone else maybe even more so. This suggests that Judaics really do believe their own nonsense………….it is not all some cynical plan to delude the goyim, I mean it is but they believe it themselves also. I guess the best salesman is one who believes his own bs

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