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Hot Off the Press: Israel’s Three Largest Banks Pay Hundreds of Millions In Fines for Helping US Citizens Evade Taxes
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Following a few mild words of dissent by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, the US House of Representatives was almost united in affirming the special relationship between Israel and the US. See, for ex. So how is “our most reliable and most important ally” treating us? If ‘our’ includes the US treasury, the answer is that Israel’s banks have been accused of and have admitted to actively colluding with wealthy US taxpayers to avoid US taxes.

On March 12, Israel’s third largest bank, Mizrahi Tefahot, agreed to pay \$195 million to the United States to settle charges that the bank knowingly aided tax evasion by US citizens from 2002 until 2012.

Israel’s largest bank, Leumi paid a \$400 million dollar fine for similar “criminal activity” that spanned the period from at least 2000 to 2011. Hapoalim, Israel’s second largest bank is presently negotiating a settlement with the US Justice Department. The total settlement from all three banks will amount to over \$1 billion.

As conceded by the banks, these tax avoidance schemes have been going on for decades. Israel’s Supervisor of Banks, Hedva Ber, noted the longevity of this practice: “Twenty years ago, Israeli banks did not ask customers about the source of their money and did not ask if they had paid taxes or not.” But the issue is not limited to banks failing to inquire about the source of funds, these admissions of actively aiding tax evasion show that “Israeli banks…..for decades helped Diaspora Jews evade taxes and launder money on a major scale.”

According to Hevda Ber, for many years Israeli banks provided essentially the same services to foreigners that Swiss banks gave, minus Switzerland’s banking secrecy laws. Actually, according to the settlements and to criminal cases against US taxpayers, Israel’s banks not only did indeed offer American customers secrecy for bank accounts, (Leumi admitted to failing to send statements to the US addresses of over 2400 customers) but also provided ways for US citizens to bring untaxed income back to the US without paying US taxes.

For instance, for over twelve years in the 1970s and 1980s, the Antar family, owners of the discount electronics chain Crazy Eddie, laundered money through Bank Leumi. Sam Antar described to The Times of Israel how he and his family transferred a total of about \$10 million in unreported cash by handing a briefcase full of cash to a Bank Leumi employee in New York and then receiving an equivalent suitcase the next day on an El Al flight to Israel.


Here was the challenge of withdrawing that money as described by Anton. “Say I had \$10 million in Israel, and I needed to use that money over here in New York. They couldn’t wire me the funds because the account is secret. This money is hidden from the US government to evade income taxes.” So, according to Antar, Bank Leumi in New York would give him a low interest rate loan secured by Antar’s assets in Israel. The paperwork for the loan concealed the fact that Antar had money deposited in Israel.

Similarly, and according to court documents, Elie Waknine, of Huntington Beach, California, held millions of dollars in an account at Bank Leumi. Waknine’s tax returns falsely claimed he did not have any foreign accounts. Bank Leumi did not send bank mail to Waknine’s home in the United States. Leumi allowed Waknine to access his accounts through certain ‘loans’ issued by Leumi’s U.S. branch that were secretly secured by funds in his undeclared accounts in Israel.

The Times of Israel notes that the fact that three of Israel’s major banks have been under criminal investigation by the US Justice Department for allegedly helping thousands of US citizens launder money and evade taxes has garnered remarkably little public attention. The Jewish press covered the Mizrahi Tefahot settlement, but the New York Times gave only a short summary and I could find no mention in the Wall Street Journal.

In comparison, the 2016 Panama Papers leak of offshore bank account holders led to street protests around the world, the resignation of Iceland’s prime minister, and countless investigations.

According to David Shuste r, a lawyer who represents a number of American citizens who had undisclosed bank accounts in Israel, the lack of publicity is understandable because none of the actors involved are interested in the limelight.The Department of Justice’s goal is tax enforcement and the banks are “going to say as little as possible. The more they say, the more evidence can be brought against them.”

Mr. Shuster may be right, but he fails to account for the dearth of reporting about Israel’s banks as compared to the Panama Papers or even the recently uncovered money laundering activities of certain European banks. I suspect in the present atmosphere of heightened paranoia over anti Semitism, the press may be reluctant to touch a financial scandal in which most of the participants are Jewish. Maybe they have taken into consideration that much of the outrage over Omar’s observations about Israel was over her accusation that “it’s all about the Benjamins.”


(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Banking Industry, Israel, Tax Evasion 
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  1. As you say, what is going to be interesting is going to be the sound of silence. Imagine if the banks of any other country were caught abetting tax evasion on this scale.

  2. Rational says:


    Steal, steal, steal.

    Hide, hide, hide…in Israel.

    What about the secret bank accounts of US politicians in Israel, where the bribes paid to them for promoting the alien invasion are deposited?

    • Agree: Alfred, renfro
  3. nik1975 says:

    We are ALL slaves to the intergenerational bloodlines

  4. bjondo says:

    no worries
    fed will print, transfer
    amounts to balance, exceed fines.
    few more trillions will go to private accounts.

    is this stealing?


  5. Priss Factor [AKA "Asagirian"] says: • Website

    Hilarious stuff.

  6. Anon[140] • Disclaimer says:

    NYT and WSJ do not report this scandal because both are owned by Jews.

  7. Sean says:

    I suspect in the present atmosphere of heightened paranoia over anti Semitism, the press may be reluctant to touch a financial scandal in which most of the participants are Jewish

    It would be better to say the press are reluctant to touch on any financial scandal involving Israel. The ‘heightened paranoia over anti Semitism’ is in relation to criticism of Israel not Jews.

  8. Israel is always the focus, but I doubt that the pea-sized country is the biggest source of that sucking sound of US dollars, flowing out of the USA to foreign countries.

    I know that after we elected Trump, with some of us crossing party lines to do it, he has not done anything to reduce the mass-scale immigration that has led to a 40-year undercutting of wages for most US citizens. Immigrants getting welfare that covers their major bills for each US-born kid, plus up to \$6,431 in refundable child tax credit cash, can afford to work for beans for our globetrotting top 20% of dual-earner parents, a group constantly flying around the globe on “work” excursions that look a lot like expensive vacations.

    Deplorable voters do need to concern themselves with tax money, siphoned out of the country, because it takes \$113 billion per year just to cover the welfare, incarceration & education bills for the illegal aliens who serve as cheap servants for the rich.

    After halving the size of the US middle class by keeping two of the scarce, good-paying jobs under one roof, above-firing, dual-earner, assortative-mate parents who could afford to take 7, 8 or 9 two-week “work” vacations per year to exotic locations around the globe all during their working years are now selling paid-for homes to avoid the property taxes that fund the schools for all of these expensive, womb-prolific immigrants———the millions of womb-productive, illegal immigrants and the 1.5 million new legal ones each year who are taking at least half of any new jobs created in the USA.

    The dual-high-earner globetrotters are all for mass immigration since they have not been hurt by 40 years of wage decreases. They do not care if welfare-consuming illegal immigrants send \$28 billion in remittances just to Mexico each year, with total remittances from legal & illegal immigrants depriving the USA of \$120 billion per year in total business revenue and, thus, umpteen million in tax revenue.


    We have a lot more money going out of US government coffers to people around the globe—a massive, de-facto, shadow foreign-aid program much bigger than anything Israeli tax accountants arrange.

    The globetrotting top 20%ers are not creating many quality jobs for American citizens, and they do not care that SS tax revenue is compromised when their low-wage immigrant servants stay under the earned-income limits for multiple monthly welfare programs. Single-breadwinner households do it by keeping their traceable income low—below the earned-income limits for welfare programs—getting hundreds per month for US-born kids. It makes it easy to work on the cheap for top 20%ers.

    After a grinding childbearing-age work life, consisting of one long, global vacation after another at posh overseas convention hotels, the top 20% of bleeding-heart, pro-mass-immigration Boomers are now calculatingly moving into luxury apartments in no-income-tax states, whereupon they will finance even more expensive, global vacations with the money saved on income & property taxes, the property taxes that fund public schools.

    Globetrotting top 20%ers must think the underemployed US citizens who were told to train their immigrant replacements will replace them in providing a tax base to fund the schools for all the multitudes of kids created by womb-prolific, welfare-eligible immigrants, even though more and more US citizens cannot afford rent for a one-room apartment in their temp, part-time and churn gigs.

    At retirement, dual-earner, “needs-the-job,” above-firing parents have two SS checks per household, the bigger SS checks allotted to those who held higher paying jobs for 5 or more years, and two streams of 401K or annuity payments, plus a paid-for house. Global vacations pay. Hard work with no vacations, or with a few humble, 3-day jaunts to inexpensive, nearby resorts over decades, does not pay.

    Thanks to a crony corporate system that rewards dual-earner parents, putting them above firing in locked-down jobs no matter how many vacations and other time off they take, unofficial, part-time work, peppered with a ton of global vacations, pays a lot for dual-earner parents.

    Thanks to .gov, official, part-time work in “voted-best-for-moms” jobs pays quite a bit during the childbearing years of single-breadwinner parents & immigrants, staying below the earned-income limits for welfare that covers every monthly bill from rent to food, with added monthly cash assistance child tax credits up to \$6,431 to hoist up their low pay.

    But hard work no longer pays for most citizens who need for earned-only income from one job to cover all bills.

    More US citizens are divorced or never-married than ever before, and most are navigating a dismal, churn job market, full of low-wage, part-time or temp jobs that cater to those with unearned income streams from a spouse or government. Rent alone absorbs more than half of their earned-only income.

    Rent has gone up 72% between 1995 and today.

    At retirement, all of those single parents who did not have to worry about what jobs paid since their main bills were covered by .gov join the rest of us, with no paid-for home and no 401k money, needing to cover \$900-per-month rent on the typical \$1,300 SS check.

    We voted for Trump, taking him at his word that he would stop the mass immigration flow that keeps wages down, leaving most US citizens with a dismal future. What we got was a bigly tax cut for global corporations and heirs who spent it on stock buybacks and giving their highly paid, dual-earner crony parents bigger expense budgets for global vacations.

    Do six-figure employees, and the wives who can always take off from their crony-parent jobs to coordinate one long trip after another with their spouses, drum up business in exotic or high-status, overseas locations? Mayhe they do, and that adds jobs to foreign countries, increasing their tax base, not the tax base in the broke USA, with its \$21 trillion in debt.

    Instead of giving corporations that invest mostly in other countries tax breaks, including tax breaks allowing them to write off wanton, global travel expenses, we need a global vacation tax.

    Tax compliance will be easy to monitor since highly-paid dual-earner parents post tons of pics of their constant, work-week vacations on social media.

    Single, childless people with one earned-only income to cover all bills mostly must abstain from vacations of any kind, allocating most of their meager earnings to rent, with any indulgences being the modest type, not global travel costing thousands per jaunt.

    It is the dual-earner parents———burdened by childrearing costs——-who are doing most of this expensive and frequent global traveling, and when it is not them, it is their extremely young kids who have not worked much.

    Constant global travel creates a mentality that is focused on anything but investing in the USA, where 95 million citizens between 16 and 65 are out of the labor force, and the average “employed” person is a part-time worker.

    If the affluent are not going to use tax money to create jobs for US citizens—rather than jobs for foreign nationals—they do not need bigly tax breaks to spend on even more status symbols, like one more reputation-enhancing global vacation or getting Jr. into a prestigious college at any cost.

    When the US had a widespread middle class—rather than a top 20% of dual-earner assortative mates, keeping wealth from salaried jobs concentrated in fewer households—the typical family took about two vacations per year, mostly spending the money in the USA, helping to create jobs in the US tourism industry.

    A more affluent couple might take one dream trip to Europe at retirement, but they did not head off for a 4-day excursion to Barcelona during the holidays to accomodsts the ultra-sophisticated travel preferences of a toddler, said to love European architecture, in addition to all of their other yearly excused vacations, their pregnancy leaves, their official PTO and their many afternoons and mornings off for kids’ activites in family-friendly corporate & government jobs.

    These are the people that are retained in America’s family-friendly workplaces, “the talent.” The talent vacations hard. And it’s is all for baby, including the trips to parry*party Caribbean locations, with at-their-beck-and-call grandparents keeping the kids.

    Ramp up the welfare budget for keeping up their immigrant servants by imposing a luxury vacation tax on global vacations exceeding two per year, regardless of whether or not they are described as “work-related.”

    This will have the dual purpose of reducing the cost to taxpayers for airport security screening that prevents terrorists from blowing up planes. Underemployed Déplorables are told that we are xenophobic for even mentionining the danger from mass immigration. We are told to keep our mouthes shut, acknowledging that foreign nationals are all well-intentioned toward Americans since most of them have had womb-productive sex. Womb-productive sex does not mean that foreign nationals are all non-dangerous. Just ask the momma of a young baby who helped commit the San Bernardino massacre.

    We have a bigly airport security budget because of all of the terrorism and because top-20%er elites prefer to trundle around the globe, rather than investing in their own country. When the US middle class was broad, a business trip for a manager meant flying to Cincinnati, Ohio, not to exotic, global locations.

    At a cost to US taxpayers, they hop from country to country, doing what looks a lot like expensive vacationing in the name of drumming up overseas business and overseas business contacts to milk for more top-20%er profit that never, ever trickles down to most US citizens, not over 40 years of wage stagnation.

    Tax them on global trips over 2 unless the overwhelming majority of their employees are US citizens. This will also reduce the consumption of jet fuel, making all of these environmentalists, like Rep. Cortez and Bernie happy, along with funding the welfare smorgasbord for the immigrants servants who keep the top 20%er’s labor costs down at the expense of underemployed US citizens.

    The specter of being a crime victim due to out-of-control mass immigration does not affect the attitudes of most, moralizing, anti-xenophobic top 20%ers in their gated communities, nor does 40 years of falling and stagnant wages since they are in locked-down, high-paying, family-friendly, vacation-friendly jobs.

    Maybe, more taxation to pay for the cost of absorbing so many welfare-eligible immigrants will change their attitudes. They need to put their expensive, global vacations and other luxuries where their moralizing, anti-xenophobic mouthes are, helping the mommies and babies crossing the border illegally by contributing more tax money from their excessive, global vacation funds.

    • Replies: @Anderson432
  9. Anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    Who says its a foreign bank. Just an un-ratified State of the JewSS. I mean US. Oh well FUKUS all.

    Two things you can always count on from Jews.

    Lying and Stealing. No wonder they have had such troubles for centuries. Oy Vey!!!

    • Replies: @athEIst
  10. anarchyst says:

    …our “friend and ally” Israel–yeah, right…receiving the largest amount of “foreign aid” while ripping us off…seems to be normal behavior for a jew…

  11. Fran Taubman [AKA "Willie"] says:

    Not a lot of comments cause this article is so stupid, like who cares. I ‘d like to see the money laundering going on with the Arab countries in the region, they do not even have banks that are monitored. It’s like 50 families own everything and if you want to see how much or who, too bad, it’s there business and everyone else in the country is a quest worker who makes like 2 dollars and hour and gets to call home once a week.
    I mean these families are notoriously corrupt, whole countries, makes the Jews look like boycotts., no purpose other than to give the Jews a bad name, yeah written by an x Jew who thinks he has guts.

  12. alexander says:

    This is quite an eye opener, Mr. Atzmon.

    I am quite shocked about it.

    One thing fascinating is we are given the “settlement number” for this criminal activity without knowing the true extent of it.

    Does the US Treasury have an idea of the “actual amount” of money laundered over the last 18 years?

    Is it 10 billion,…. 50 billion, …..100 billion ???

    If its 50 billion (or more) than the settlement number of “one billion” constitutes a mere 2% claw back……which is probably the same rate the Israeli banks were charging to launder the money in the first place.

    In a weird way, the US Treasury becomes complicit in the exact same laundering scheme because the penalty is so low relative to the total laundered cash flow.

    Considering that the base capital gains tax in the USA is 15 %, the criminals are being rewarded by our Treasury with a big bonus for committing the very felonies they are charged with.

    If they paid 2% to the Israeli banks for the laundering service…then 2% to the US Treasury on the settlement “claw back”, the perpetrators still turn a handsome profit of 11% as opposed to paying the nominal capital gains tax of 15%.

    Who says crime doesn’t pay ?

    • Replies: @Grace Poole
  13. @alexander

    Are you referring to the U S Treasury Department wherein Stuart Levey created OFAC, the office of terror finance, whose mission is to blackmail and arm-twist any and every international financial institution or corporation that does business with Iran? and latterly, Russia?
    (When Levey left that post for a position at HSBC, his former law partner, Daniel Cohen, took the chair. That position is now occupied by another Israeli-born Jew.)

    THAT US Treasury Department, that functions, essentially, as armed robbers intent on draining the economies of Iran and Russia (just coincidentally Israel’s two biggest competitors, both intellectually and geopolitically)?

    THE US Treasury Dept that can’t seem to manage to keep US finances on a sound footing; but are scrupulously efficient and effective at sniffing out every. single. bank in the farthest reaches of the globe, that does business with Iran?

    How does it happen that the “guerrillas in grey suits” who made up Stuart Levey gang of anti-Iran warriors
    — and who are now embedded in the Vatican, failed to notice at least a billion US dollars flowing untaxed to Israel?

  14. Cowboy says:

    I have been closely following this entire IRS tax hunt saga since before 2000.

    After Bradley Birkenfeld from UBS turned whistleblower in order to obtain 30% of all the IRS penalties charged for tax evasion, UBS, the biggest bank in Switzerland, had to settle with the jews running the IRS and the jews running the US government. In the process they sold out all financial privacy for the entire planet, but that is another story.

    Jews, had already raped UBS twice over non-existent “Secret Jewish Holocaust Bank Accounts” and then over “Nazi Gold”. So when the US had UBS by the balls with testimony from Birkenfeld, it was just another Meier Lansky or Bugsy Sigen Jewish Mafia style operation. “Nice little country you have here, sure would be sad if some terrorists came and messed it up”. You know the story.

    So UBS, and CS who was now also suffering under extreme Jewish extortion, went to the Swiss government and explained that Jewish Power needed a sacrificial lamb. They finally agreed on holocausting financial privacy for the planet and the result was Fatca. But I digress.

    What Switzerland, UBS and CS and several other banks had to give up were the names of US persons who had private bank accounts in Switzerland. Switzerland had already made several bilateral agreements over tax reporting, and they had always been fulfilled.

    Who knows exactly what Switzerland had done to offend Jewish Power, but she was made to pay. UBS immediately handed over 4500 names of Americans expats, the IRS demanded 52000 names, I am not sure how many they eventually got, but it was certainly thousands.

    But what was far worse was the take over of Swiss banking by US lawyers. Of course, searching through all your accounts to find any customers unlucky enough to have the “taint” of US personhood, and then contact them and make them PROOVE that they weren’t American is quite expensive. Thousands and thousands of banks not just in Switzerland, but across all of Europe were forced to undergo a witch hunt for anyone born in American or owning US assets. Incredible costs. Every bank had to set up Compliance Departments run by (((US lawyers) with direct access to the highest executives.

    Plus the Swiss banks all had to pay billions in fines to the JewSA.

    Even more amazing were how hundreds of US tax lawyers from expensive US accounting firms took over all the fine hotel rooms in Frannkfurt, Paris, Zurich and every other capital. Daily rates for lawyers and IT forensic specialists ran into the thousands. Many, many of these lawyers were jews from New York, of course. With this legal assault came a parallel corporate LGBQ push that forced women, queers and PoC to explode far beyond their merit into the upper ranks of Banks across the continent. It is all tied together.

    I follow Jack Anderson, and I have only seen a couple jews caught in this IRS FBAR/Fatca push over the last decade. Many innocent goyim, especially innocent “accidental Americans” in Canada ended up ruined by this entire sick joke.

    Now, 10 years later, Israeli banks have been forced to meet the same standards their cousins in America forced on Europe a decade ago. \$210 million. Of course, we have no jewish names. No information over the IGA is type 1 or type 2. Yet jews have somewhere between 40% and 60% of all the worlds wealth. Clearly, 40 to 60% of Israeli dual citizens are also tax “cheats”.

    As if I needed to point it out, jews don’t pay retail and jews don’t pay taxes. The only law they follow is the Talmid.

  15. ……….(((American Citizens)))
    They’re in the same superset of perennial foreigners as “British Asians”.

  16. renfro says:

    If they looked at wealthy donors to Israel they could find some money laundering there also.
    Jews aren’t subject to the same % tax free qualification for charitable contributions in IRS rules as everyone else is, any amounts they donate are tax free. If someone like Charles Kushner for instance donates 1 million and its under the 7% threshold its still a total tax deduction.
    Donate a million to Israel tax free, get a kick back that goes into a off shore Israeli Bank account for them.
    This is the kind of scheme Jews like…..and Israel would promote.

  17. renfro says:

    Israel is a organized crime state so what did we expect. Even when they promised to clean up their banking to get off the international blacklist they didn’t clean it up….typical.

    Israel’s chances of leaving money-laundering blacklist look slim …
    Jan 22, 2002 – In 2000, the OECD’s Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) placed Israel on a blacklist of countries with lax banking …

    FBI Takes a Bite out of Jewish Organized Crime and Political Corruption

    WRMEA 2009

    ”The religious leaders would allegedly deposit Dwek’s cashiers checks as charitable contributions. In return the rabbis gave Dwek “clean cash,” keeping anywhere from 10 to 15 percent for themselves or their charities
    “You have here an alleged crime that was committed by a group of people who shared several common characteristics,” explained Antar. “Religion, race, ethnicity and social background. It’s no different than other organized conspirators, like the mob, the Eastern European gangsters, the South American cartels. When you build bonds between people, their crimes can go undetected for very long periods of time
    Five years ago or more an Israeli syndicate surfaced in the U.S. and cornered the sale and distribution of the party drug ecstasy. In fact, Israeli criminals now have a finger in many lucrative pies all over the world:extortion, illegal gambling, drugs, money laundering, real-estate and insurance fraud, prostitution and human trafficking.
    When high-rolling mobsters from six rival Israeli families began trying to assassinate each other in the summer of 2003, mainstream U.S. media were shy in their reportage, but the gangs garnered plenty of headlines in Israel and the Jewish-American weekly Forward.The Israeli cabinet met on Dec. 14, 2003, and ordered the police to step up their fight against organized crime. Police officials soon came under fire for misconduct, and covering up murder evidence. According to Israeli police chief David Cohen, crime syndicates had penetrated local governments and the formal economic sector, and equipped themselves with large quantities of explosives and arms.

    In November 2005 a Yediot Ahronot crime reporter wrote that the only force capable of standing up to Israel’s crime families was the U.S. government. The gang war has continued, “and left a string of bodies across Israel, Europe and South America…as rival Israeli crime families struggled for control,” according to a Forward article published Dec. 20, 2005.

  18. athEIst says:

    And tax farming, which made them so popular in Eastern Europe. Only the rich jews did this but the engendered hatred covered them all. Maybe that’s covered by stealing.

  19. The gang war has continued, “and left a string of bodies across Israel, Europe and South America…as rival Israeli crime families struggled for control,” according to a Forward article published Dec. 20, 2005.

    I wish ’em all the best! 😉

  20. @Endgame Napoleon

    America is destroyed by the trillions of dollars spent on the endless wars that serve no American interests, and by the destruction of the manufacturing base by outsourcing millions of well paying jobs to China and other foreign countries. And you are trying to divert the attention from that by blaming America’s misery on the poor and the immigrants! You are doing this to cover for the criminals who ruined the nation, perhaps you are part of the tribe. Your clumsy and disingenuous rumbling would fool no one!

  21. anon[414] • Disclaimer says:

    The start of World War I marked the end to this comparatively measured policy. As historian Niall Ferguson notes in The Pity of War , initially, no one in London saw any reason for Great Britain to fight alongside France against Germany. However, based on growing public support for war with Germany, the Prime Minister H. H. Asquith and his cabinet concluded that if they did not push for war, their government soon would be replaced by another that would. The decision to fight on the continent committed the British people to a war for which they were woefully unprepared.–’s-global-power-48472

    Now the question is –how did it happen? who polluted public minds? Who did against Iraq and against Syria and now doing against Iran ,NK .

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