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Gordon Thomas on Robert Maxwell/Mossad Espionage Project in the USA and Beyond
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As time goes by it seems as if Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was just the tip of the iceberg. America has been riddled and infiltrated by Israeli spies at the highest possible level for decades. You must listen to this interview with Gordon Thomas:

Watch the extended interview:

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
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  1. eah says:



    • Agree: Amanda
  2. Durruti says:

    Nice suggestive interview.

    What should be understood.

    1. America has been Governed by a Foreign Shadow Government for at least the last 3 decades.

    2. Establishment of the Zionist Entity was key to the effort of Foreign Criminals to take power in
    America. John F Kennedy (our last Constitutional President), understood that.

    3. What we have just witnessed is one of the periodic Shake ups of the Zionist/MOSSAD Deep
    State Government of America. One way or other, Epstein, and the Second Maxwell have been
    eliminated. The Zionist Foreign Controllers are setting up a New Shadow American
    Government, as we speak.

    a. Note: We American People are treated like shit, like slaves, and brazenly misinformed about
    the nature of this Corrupt Foreign Tyranny that controls us.

    b. Even the participants in the ‘Alternate Media’ fear to approach an understanding of WHAT
    AILS US. Some fools and miedosos are advocating voting for one of the Chosen (pun
    unintended) Candidates.

    c. Throughout history, agents often hide in Brothels. The Epstein, Bill in a blue dress
    Clinton, Barak with a scarf over his face, Casino Yahweh Trump, 72 Congress people
    IMPLANTED in one trip to the Entity Front Office; you choose the verb.

    4. The prurient, putrid, pedafile, abuse of young girls/women/prostitution by the outgoing
    Zionist Board of Directors, (Epstein & Maxwell & other Agents), is just the cover for far worse

    a. The Crime of High Treason, marked by Mass murder (Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan,
    Libya, and America, 9/11, The Liberty, etc.,), assisted by Assassination (JFK, RK, MLK, MX,
    JL, & many more).


    The fun sex stuff is just the cover. The Actual Crimes are Horrendous. The Crimes are Treason. The damage to Humans, including our American Citizens, is physical and spiritual. We might discuss how we may Fashion a Cure for this Plague.

    We must Restore Our Republic!


  3. @Durruti

    I can’t argue with a single thing you wrote, Prof. One minor quibble is that the control by foreigners may go back a century or more.

    • Replies: @Svevlad
    , @the grand wazoo
  4. The interview with Gordon Thomas begins at 1:22:12.

  5. Ronnie says:

    Amazing video! It is encouraging that these evangelicals at have figured out that Israel is not biblical prophesy but is engaged in a Zionist occupied White House that is sealing our fate at our expense. They note that the entire Trump Israel team is Jewish and totally unfair to the Palestinians and everyone else who is not Jewish. I think that True has made it so obvious that more people are starting to get the picture. Maybe that is the beauty of Trump – he makes bad things very obvious.

  6. Svevlad says:
    @Twodees Partain

    Well, that depends on what “foreign” is… Foreigners will always have some degree of influence everywhere (especially foreigners of a certain oriental flavor), it’s when they start behaving maliciously that’s the problem

  7. @Durruti

    Miedoso sent me to the dictionary. Thank you. I would use fraidy-cat or girly-man but miedoso works just swell.

    Nuclear arsenals make cowards out of just about all. Fear of nuclear warfare is nearly absolute. Our current system seems foremost to be the kludge for that problem.

  8. Why is the video so disconnected from the audio? It’s almost like the producer is running “interference”

  9. Durruti says:


    Fear of nuclear warfare is nearly absolute.

    Yet we are beaten down, rendered passive victims, cowards, long before the blow is struck (long before even a conventional warfare blow is struck). Long before another Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

    We might clarify-con o sin miedo. The fear rises when we realize the nature/strength of our enemy.

    The 3 Step Process – for all Resistance

    1. Our The Complaints.

    2. Description (Name) of the Malady.

    3. Discuss, visualize, advocate, The Cure.

    Then We March (if we dare) and Apply the Medicine.

    We must Restore our Republic!


  10. @Twodees Partain

    Yes more than a century. Alexander Hamilton was the Maxwell of 1776. He created the 1st Bank of America using a carbon copy of the Bank of London’s chater. Washington DC, designed by Masons, is very similar to the City of London and the Vatican, an entity unto itself.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  11. @the grand wazoo

    As I always say about Hamilton, whatever the failings on Aaron Burr’s part, he did humanity a great service when he faced Alexander Hamilton on the field of honor and lit his ass up.

  12. J Squad says:

    This is a very enduring human trait: It’s ok to kill everyone not in your tribe. You can walk around saying how civilised you are but yet possess a level of contempt for others beyond cynisism and hypocrisy. Still the same old monkey but now running around with cell phones and car keys. Only the wallpaper has changed. Oh how neurochemically rewarding to be better than someone else. If I have an advantage over you physically, emotionally, intelectually, financially ect. why should I care about you? I’ll show some concern for my progeny but that’s it. Not everyone is like this except for the humans in charge.
    That’s enough drama for now.

  13. Tony Ryals says: • Website

    Thanks so much Gilad for that trunews video.If they succeed in ever getting their fellow American fundie Christians to think then they can indeed be given credit for working miracles like getting the
    blind to see and all that stuff.Now please check out this recent video from from Amazing Polly,(she really is),that is a real follow up to the trunews video to say the least…..

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