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Everything You Want to Know About Covid-19 But Were Afraid to Ask Peter Duesberg
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In 2002 Arnold S. Relman, a professor of medicine at Harvard University commented that: “The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country [USA] are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.”

Those who are interested in the notion of truth and its pursuit recognize what led Professor Relman to blow the whistle on his profession and its standards. His observation can be applied to almost every academic and research domain. Rather than seeking the truth, what our universities and research institutes do most often is to bend an ‘image of truthfulness’ and an ‘illusion of scientific discourse’ to fit with the interests of those who are powerful enough to dictate their views. We do it to our past (history) and to physics, chemistry, biology, political science, legal studies and most other contemporary scholarly domains.

Yet, although truth is evasive and the subject of relentless assault by those who are supposed to be its guardians, truth survives. Miraculously it manifests a unique and undeniable trait: truth always unveils itself.

Not many living scientists have been subject to as much public hounding as professor Peter Duesberg. Some have come close to accusing the scientist of mass killing. And yet it was Duesberg who, well ahead of most, noted that medical science had gradually become compromised and treacherous in its ethos.

Whether we like to admit it or not, Peter Duesberg predicted the current institutional turmoil to do with Novel Coronavirus and the dangerous conjunction between those who mimic the image of ‘scientific thinking,’ and the pharmaceutical industry and other oligarchs who see financial opportunity in human suffering.

Duesberg is known to many as the ‘HIV Denier.’ In the 1980s, while he was a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, he came to the conclusion that the human immune deficiency virus (HIV) is a harmless passenger virus* and had little to do with the AIDS condition.

I do not have an opinion, nor am I qualified to comment on Duesberg’s scientific theories. Yet, it was Duesberg’s work that alerted many critical minds, including mine, to the disturbing fact that medical science had lost its way. Perhaps to some it is more disturbing that in the long run, it has become clear that whether Dueseberg’s science was right or wrong, the gist of his argument has been adopted by most of us, including those who deny the validity of his science.

Duesberg’s research led him to believe that it wasn’t HIV that caused AIDS, instead he thought it was the lifestyle choices within the male gay community at the time that made this community so vulnerable. He referred primarily to illicit drug use and profligate sexual interactions. He practically blamed the victims, but when the victims made the necessary changes in lifestyle, AIDS somehow became ‘less infectious.’

Duesberg was a romantic 19th century style scientist, he understood the essence of scientific thinking in general and of medical science in particular. He observed that AIDS patients were dying of a variety of diseases that were related to the failure of the immune system, however, the ill only became ‘AIDS victims’ once diagnosed as ‘HIV positive.’ Duesberg smelled a rat already in the 1980s. He grasped that we had accumulated numbers rather than thinking about the problem scientifically. He identified the corrosive role of the pharmaceutical industry and the dangerous impact of world health institutions. Now at the peak of the Corona crisis, many of us can hardly manage to bear the stink of that rat that grew exponentially into a rotten dinosaur.

The medical discipline is traditionally defined as the science of dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of disease. Forms of Medical Science have appeared in many different cultures and variations, but throughout, the science is primarily committed to maintaining health and to identifying symptoms and defining a course of treatment.

There are two crucial parts to medicine, 1.the diagnosis – the art or act of identifying a disease from its signs and symptoms. 2. The course of action. We understand that Western medicine existed successfully before we possessed the means to conduct forensic ‘viral tests’ whether for HIV or Covid 19. In 1917, at the time of the Spanish Flu, patients were diagnosed as carriers of the disease without the help of ‘bio-labs’ and forensic tests. The same applies to malaria, pneumonia, different cancers and so on. They were then treated according to the knowledge and means available.

It should be embarrassing to admit that four month after the outbreak of the contemporary health crisis, and over a century after the Spanish Flu, medical science and the public health authorities haven’t progressed much. They probably have less of an understanding of the philosophy at the core of their profession. We see governments desperate to put their hands on ventilators and CV19 tests just to find out that ventilators are actually deadly and the tests do not really work. In fact, we learn, just a bit too late, that putting patients on their belly often achieves better results than a ventilator. As in the case of AIDS we insist upon reducing a difficult situation involving a manifold of symptoms and complex implications into a Covid-19 ‘binary test.’


Duesberg didn’t deny that young males were dying in large numbers from a score of infectious diseases in the 1980s. What he doubted was whether it was all caused by a single mysterious virus. He believed, and with reason, that the human experience and human health are complex and cannot be reduced into binary reasoning or a single factor. Duesburg, like Relman a decade and a half later, realised that medical science in the West has been compromised. Instead of the maintenance of health and diagnosis and treatment of disease, it has committed itself to the maintenance of the pharmaceutical industry and other satellite institutions associated with that corrupt universe.

Peter Duesberg wasn’t the first to point at the collapse of the medical scientific ethos. Notably, the Austrian philosopher Otto Weininger realised in the early days of the 20th century that medical science was about to lose its bond with a holistic understanding of the human as an organism and was destined to morph into “a matter of drugs, a mere administration of chemicals.” It seems likely Duesberg would have found common ground with Weininger.

Some Americans were upset in the last few days by the fact that many fatalities in NYC were added to the Corona victims’ list despite the fact that they never tested positive. I hold the opposite view. Medical science can operate perfectly well without Covid-19 tests. In Britain we trust members of the general public to diagnose themselves as Covid-19 carriers and to self -isolate accordingly. If a Brit can diagnose himself as a carrier of a lethal virus without a test, we should assume that an educated American medical professional can do the same for a patient.

What Peter Duesberg understood well ahead of most people was that the so-called Global Health Organisations may not have been operating with what is traditionally regarded as the core medical ethos. Thirty years later, we are locked down by our governments that are following the directives of such an organisation, one that offers little or no medical scientific thinking let alone an exit strategy from the current crisis.

The lesson we draw from the Duesberg Saga is not novel. Truth, wisdom and creative brilliance are the property of just a few. For a society to move forward and fulfil its potential, it must learn to tolerate its mavericks, those who most often scare us in our guts. The English speaking Empire was spectacular in celebrating brilliance, revolutionary and controversial thinking, but those days are long over. When the USA is brave enough to look into its decline, it may identify the authoritarian elements that robbed America of the one quality that made America great.

* A passenger virus – an harmless virus that is frequently found in samples from diseased tissue but does not contribute to causing the disease.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Coronavirus, HIV/AIDS 
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  1. Intriguing read. Much of Duesberg’s positions on medicine and health seemed reasonable and valid at the time. But his earlier take on HIV was not borne out by later developments with millions of lives saved by medications designed by molecular modeling specifically targeting various aspects of the HI viral molecules targeting (mostly) enzymes mediating viral transcription and proliferation. Whatever the validity of such data, millions of HIV+ individuals have been spared from what was hitherto a certain death sentence. I must confess to have followed the debates between Duesberg and his detractors only in the initial stages and did not know how the debates subsequently panned out.

    All that aside, the pharmaceutical industry’s vested interests in health (mis)management has created a dependency complex driven by fear and anxiety. Yet time-proven, common sense preventive medical practices developed by the poverty-stricken island of Cuba, continue to be ignored; it is a model that is as efficacious as it is cost effective in contrast to the conventional treat-and-run strategies of corporate medicine. The Cuban model is clearly not given to generating sinful profits for the pharmaceutical corporations, but based on public education and taking responsibility for one’s well being. It is still incomprehensible why Third World countries, despite many of them welcoming Cuban doctors to help out, have not adopted the Cuban model, presumably because of arm-twisting tactics from aid donor countries, especially the US and Western Europe. Donor countries naturally wish to back their corporate drug peddlers sell their products at prohibitive costs to countries that can least afford them.

    • Disagree: Delta G
  2. Tx for your comment… I avoided the HIV topic as the current science involved is way beyond my grasp. However, like you, I followed the HIV debate in its early phase and it was Duesberg who actually helped me to shape my critical thinking method. He is clearly a spectacular mind.

    • Agree: Jon Baptist
  3. hetro says:

    Now at the peak of the Corona crisis, many of us can hardly manage to bear the stink of that rat that grew exponentially into a rotten dinosaur.

    This would appear to apply in more than one direction in the current situation.

    At last we have some specifics on the virus problem.

    See David Stockman: “Covid gate and the folly of lockdown nation”

    The opening:

    “We are getting sick and tired of the CNN/Cuomo Brothers inquisition and the Coviddeath Cavalcade. Their relentless, morose, partisan coverage of the coronavirus pandemic is the single greatest campaign of misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, scaremongering and elitist prattle we can recall in our entire lifetime.

    “Indeed, Joe McCarthy’s Red Scare was a Sunday School picnic compared to CovidGate.”

    Stockman follows this assertion with specifics on who has been affected.

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
    , @larry
  4. nCov-19 is a classified Central Ineptitude Agency Psyop & Bioweapon utilized as a control mechanism due to the fact that the Fractional Reserve Banking System has officially imploded at the zero bound post Lehman Moment & Minsky Moment Great Financial Crisis which developed out of the dark pool derivatives universe post-deregulatory Glass-Steagall Act 1999.

    Turning the entire planetary ecosystem into an in situ BSL-4 laboratory to see what manifests is like the controlled demolition of WTC 1 & 2 plus Building 7. Biocontainment of nCov-19 is impossible given the Gain-of-Function engineered process.


  5. JDTrader says:

    Excellent post. I take exception to one part however:

    “In Britain we trust members of the general public to diagnose themselves as Covid-19 carriers and to self -isolate accordingly. If a Brit can diagnose himself as a carrier of a lethal virus without a test, we should assume that an educated American medical professional can do the same for a patient.”

    I live in Nassau County, NY, just outside of NYC and one of the hotbeds of virus infection. I have a family member who had symptoms and reasons to believe he contracted it. He also knew that he was in contact with others who were potential carriers (but aren’t we all?) at his place of business. He was tested and the test was positive. Here’s the rub – he had all of the symptoms of a bad case of the flu with the one difference that he lost his sense of taste and smell. So if that last symptom didn’t exist and he had all the other symptoms, how would he know what was the cause without the test? This is also flu season around here. I have spoken to others and read all kinds of first-hand revelations of those who tested positive and many had flu-like symptoms only. Given the lack of objective reporting, and new reports almost daily of new symptoms and new effects of the virus, how is one supposed to make an informed decision?

    • Thanks: Gilad Atzmon
    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
    , @khush
  6. @hetro

    Joe McCarthy’s Red Scare was a Sunday School picnic compared to CovidGate. And just as there were no commies secretly subverting America 66 years ago…


    • Replies: @Franz
  7. @JDTrader

    “The Test” is useless. It can’t identify any particular virus nor can it report the viral load count. Once you buy any piece of the MSM pushed fraud, you open yourself to swallowing the whole thing.

    It really appears to me that there simply is no “novel corona virus”. The official reaction to the whole thing is obviously not aimed at controlling the spread of a disease.

    • Agree: The Grim Joker
    • Replies: @animalogic
  8. On the index of subjects on Peter Duesberg’s home page there is no entry for the latest viral brouhaha.

    Is the old fellow still working?

    • Replies: @The Grim Joker
  9. NoNwoNow says:

    “what our universities and research institutes do most often is to bend an ‘image of truthfulness’ and an ‘illusion of scientific discourse’ to fit with the interests of those who are powerful enough to dictate their views.” This applies doubly to the CDC which itself stands accused by RFK Jr of being a multi billion dollar vaccine concern. Ditto the FDA which tried to suppress hydroxychloroquine/HCQ, and the minions of Big Pharma who ridicule the HCQ+Zinc therapy, which several doctors say they’ve had 100% success rate with.
    Zinc deficiency is related to a weak immune system and all the chronic diseases that account for 99% of deaths of Covid patients.
    See my paper Add Zinc: From Game-Changer to Game-Winner against Coronavirus
    If a therapy like HCQ+Zinc that mobilizes the immune system were allowed to save the day in this pandemic, it would be a great victory for natural health advocates against the vendors of synthetic invasive triggers as a substitute for health. Big Farm has a lot to lose if the cattle get wind of the steaks in the game and start to stampede.
    There is a bit of truth in the claim by medical oligarchy that the evidence is scanty so far, and they are determined to keep it that way as long as they can.
    What we need is more patients to ask their doctors for HCQ+Zinc and more doctors to come forward and share the results, and these should be tabulated to remove doubts.
    50% of doctors surveyed worldwide have now prescribed HCQ, but still only 29% in US, 43% in NY, 83% in Italy.
    Already HCQ is breaching the barricades, but there is good reason to believe HCQ+Zinc is a lot more effective.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  10. UK says:

    He was wrong about HIV and this article is aggressively stupid while also being cringingly pretentious. You criticise what you don’t even understand 0.1% of. I suppose this at least serves as another data point for proof that talent is not equally distributed.

    Sorry for the harsh words but you do at least seem like someone who wants the truth.

    • Replies: @ivan
  11. @Twodees Partain

    You’ll forgive me i hope, but i dont understand this :
    ““The Test” is useless. It can’t identify any particular virus nor can it report the viral load count. ”
    I get the viral load count bit (true) but i dont get how a test for x or y or z virus is not telling you something about whether it is x or y etc virus. Yes, i get that a test might not pick up different strains of the same virus.
    Are you saying that all tests are inherently unreliable or that this test is unreliable ?
    Nor do i get — if a test says that covid is there, why covid should not be there.
    (Dont misunderstand me, i seek to make no general defense of the medical or pharmacuetical industry — esp’ the later — often they make the cartels look moral).

  12. JasonT says:

    What Twodees Partain is saying is that the test being used for Covid-19 is non-specific and gives a positive result for other coronaviruses, such as the virus that causes the common cold. Whether this is true or not, I do not know.

  13. Well yes I am shocked that Doctors have sold out for filthy gobs of money. They must be the exception to the rule. I used to feel sad when a friend got ill because I would see their gradual disintegration at the hands of the medical profession. Over the past several years the profession has assembled “dream teams” . My theory is that in trying to sue the “dream team” your effort results in them becoming the “nightmare team” .

    Another interesting aspect is the jargon. With Covid we have “flattening the curve”, “social distancing” “second wave” and so on which just raise my blood pressure. In medicine, medication (not drugs) are administered and these are “fine tuned” (not increased or decreased) and “supplemented” rather than “this drug is not working try Drug B. So00, Drug B is not working try C with a a 60/40 mix of D and E plus some mercury and aluminium to enhance the effectiveness. An observer gets the impression the patient is a lab rat . In the end, the original disease might have been migraine but the patient dies from growing a second head on his left elbow from all the poison he has been prescribed.

    Then of course the Doctors allegedly get a kickback (I mean a fee) from the pharma companies for prescribing their drug ( I mean medications). The whole system is one of Pimps, Johns and Whores but a short time can run into the thousands.

    I am always amazed that people drink, use recreational drugs, take a pill for every ache and pain, use prescription drugs indiscriminately, smoke, eat junk food, eat the wrong food, eat too much, rarely exercise and generally invent new ways to defile their bodies and then wonder how on earth they got sick ! One co-worker used to like tinned tomato soup and drank the thing every day. The white cup he used turned red on the inside probably from a dye used in the soup and of course when he heated the thing up it would smell to the high heavens. That, and a diet of junk food for breakfast and lunch guaranteed him a cancer in the bowels which was partially cut out only to recur with another operation to remove more. The poor fellow ended up with a bag on his side that became his porta-potty. Then with the intestines shortened, endless drugs and the diet unchanged he succumbed at the age of 34, not from self abuse but because cancer “invaded his body and attacked him”. Visiting his widow and two children a month later to see how they were doing I was invited to lunch consisting of hotdogs, chips, soda drinks and for dessert donuts with a sugary filling. I declined on the grounds I had already eaten. My co-workers diet was now that of his kids and so the process repeats and consequences are doomed to recur.

    I avoid Doctors. Some may be good at heart and sound of mind but in my opinion playing with some of these is like playing Russian roulette with all six chambers loaded.

    • Agree: ivan
  14. @Justsaying

    “Justsaying”, you must not believe the lies that some propagate about Cuba. The Cuban model, hmm. Of every 10 Cubans of the latest arrivals, the joke goes, 9 are medical doctors. Interesting, right? In Cuba becoming a doctor is very easy, they are mass produced. It doesn’t automatically mean that the quality of what they are taught is low, but that is another issue for another day: education in the west. When Balsonaro became president in Brazil, substituting the previous leftist government, he announced that he would not pay the Cuban government anymore for the service of the Cuban doctors. He would instead pay the doctors directly. Immediately the Cuban government recalled all Cuban doctors in Brazil. Many stayed in Brazil instead. Those that had close relatives, hostages in the island, or that had drank enough koolaid, went back. The secret behind the mass production of doctors is that they are a source of income to the government. They are sent to friendly countries, leaving behind a spouse, al elder parent, a child. Their salaries are paid directly to the Cuban government, which then pays the slave workers a small pittance, part in hard or local currency, part in Cuban pesos. Recently, a friend of mine brought with him to the island bed linen for his father, who was in the hospital in his last days, to cover the matress in the hospital where he slept. Also to create a squalid division between his father and the other patients. And of course, food also had to be brought from home. Cuban health care was better when the Soviet Union existed, because Cuba then was fully subsidized and could play that game. You see, once Castro said in a speech that the easiest thing for a government (to keep the population content) was to give them decent health care. Especially when someone else pays the bill. In those years Cuba imported potatoes and tomatoes from the Soviet Union, otherwise they could become forgotten extinct plants, at least in the memories at least of the people. This in an island where the climate is such that if a seed falls of your mouth when eating, you may see a plant growing soon. How then, you may ask, it is possible that there is no food? The answer is very simple: one of the tools for population control is the creation of artificial scarcity. This was a common characteristic of all communist countries. By the way, don’t believe the tale about wrong implementation of communistic theory. Marxism is a very primitive theory, suffice it to say that the Marxist postulate about consciousness being only possible in “matter with the highest level of organization, the human brain” is easily debunked by any one that is acquainted with the experiments with birds in different tasks. There is even one that comes to mind now showing how they use tools, which debunks another Marxist postulate. As I write this the desire grows to write marxist not only without first majuscule, but with micro miniscule. I wonder some times if birds would see easier than humans that communism ( and all its cousins are not what the media says. Don’t you find curious that the same media that lied about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq shows some fascination with Castro and Cuba? I could understand a little better the case of Canada, that has been so consistently brainwashed for so long (, or perhaps because of blood links (, or, who knows. But, what am I saying, crazy me, I forgot to check the best authority ( Going back to our main conversation topic, to have a better understanding of what scarcity is, just give a while to the forces that have brought the planetary economy to a halt. When most of the hours are spent in foraging, no much is left to think about who and what is behind it.

    • Thanks: ivan
    • Replies: @bjondo
  15. @animalogic

    Yesterday I stumbled on a You Tube video by a Dr Shiva ????? (forgot the last name) where he explained that the tests are unreliable because they look at just one strand of the virus and also if a person got vaccine shots in the past those also mimic certain characteristics of the virus. Hence, tah dah, one has the virus. There is also another set of videos by Dr Buttar on the same topic.

    It also seems that if you went into the hospital for ingrown toe nail and died your death certificate shows you died from Corona. In addition MILLIONS were supposed to die and this turned out to be bullshit. Then, it seems the deaths from this virus, inflated though they may may are still comparable to deaths from regular flu. The stats on this virus are in my opinion utter nonsense, too many people fiddling with the numbers.

    Notwithstanding that is the fact that tests for other conditions are also unreliable or reliable but misdiagnosed. How many times have we read that some one is diagnosed for this or that only to discover they never had the disease.

    I agree with T/ Partain. Look at the videos if you can. I found them very interesting and of course they confirmed in my mind that the whole pandemic is a jack off operation

    • Thanks: Twodees Partain
  16. @Morton's toes

    He has social distanced because he cannot cope with the brouhaha, hysteria and hype. I guess he has a lot in common with most of us.

  17. eric says:

    The mortality rate for HIV positive Americans is pretty much the same as HIV negative Americans in the same demographic. The CDC says this is all because of the new drug protocol, but I’ve read that half of all HIV positive Americans are not taking this medication. Insurance companies have to pay for HIV drugs, so it’s a huge cost that is then spread around to everyone via our insurance premiums, generates huge profits. This profit, combined with the moral virtue of fighting HIV, creates a strong incentive to promote HIV drug therapy.

    Does anyone have a link to some good data on the efficacy of the current HIV drugs? I suspect Duesberg is basically correct, in that HIV is correlated with those who developed AIDS, but it was never necessary or sufficient, as shown by the low mortality among HIV positive (non-Africans) today.

    • Thanks: Gilad Atzmon
    • Replies: @Telemachos
  18. Medical science can operate perfectly well without Covid-19 tests. In Britain we trust members of the general public to diagnose themselves as Covid-19 carriers and to self -isolate accordingly. If a Brit can diagnose himself as a carrier of a lethal virus without a test, we should assume that an educated American medical professional can do the same for a patient.

    The British response to Covid-19 has been a disaster – killing the economy but not the virus. Britain has “flattened the curve” to around 4,000 diagnosed new cases per day, but has not been able to reduce that number, as (for example) Austria and Australia have done by applying stricter measures. Self-diagnosis is simple if you have symptoms, but many Covid patients do not. Even educated medical professionals struggle with differential diagnosis of symptomatic patients, and the solution that would stop propagation of the virus – quarantine everyone with symptoms, trace their contacts, and quarantine the contacts too – is either politically unacceptable or too difficult to organise. The British authorities are so pro-globalisation that Britain even has 15,000 air passengers arriving every day. They are not tested, they are not quarantined, they are simply “advised” to self-isolate for two weeks.

    And yet it was Duesberg who, well ahead of most, noted that medical science had gradually become compromised and treacherous in its ethos.

    Peter Duesberg is a professional contrarian. Such a person does not care if he is wrong 90% of the time, as long as he can claim bragging rights for the other 10%. Such a person is sometimes useful at reminding us to stop and ask questions; as long as we don’t forget that his flaws of personality usually compel him to choose the most perverse answers that he can imagine.

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  19. khush says:

    You are correct in observing that this is a flu season which runs from March to May, Also the CDC or WHO never isolated this virus,so what they are testing for?.

  20. @James N. Kennett

    Whether you approve of the British policy or not is totally irrelevant to the point made in the article. Brits were expected to diagnose themselves without the help of a test. If Brits can do it without any medical training we should assume American doctors should be able to diagnose Coronavirus symptoms…

    I also don’t agree with you on Duesberg. I think he was actually right about most things. His holistic attitude the AIDS was correct and brave ..the cocktail used at the time was a disaster .. his philosophy was spectacular and can be applied to Covid 19… The debate on HIV should really be seen as a philosophical debate between instrumentalists and realists (is HIV a real thing or rather a theoretical explanatory feature …)

    • Agree: ivan
  21. @NoNwoNow

    I was acquainted with, in my view, was an enlightened pharmacist, who was deeply involved in his licensing board. He said everything you put in your mouth is a drug, because your body will react to its chemical composition in some way. He didn’t care if people took supplements from health food stores, if they found them helpful. He wanted to know what they were, so when filling a prescription, he could determine if there would be a drug interaction. A longtime local herbalist had been a pharmacist. He recommended echinacea and zinc for colds, something very common among the older farmers in my area.
    I know people who have been treated successfully with Naturopathy or Homeopathy when Allopathy has failed. I remember having mustard plasters as a kid to help with coughs and colds, and they worked. There is so much out there that Allopathic medicine has suppressed.

    • Replies: @anon
  22. Delta G says:

    The problem is scientific proof that HIV causes AIDS. Like almost all pharmaceutical interventions, the actual mechanism of action for amelioration of the disease may not be the mechanism scientist believe the drugs work. This is the norm. Just look at the chloroquine anti malarial drug and Covoid 19 or lupus treatment success.

    Duesberg was not a team player. Gallo and Professor Luc were. Look at Professor Luc’s ludicrous statement SARS-cov-2 absolutely came from lab because of HIV related sequences. See recent article in European Scientist destroying this claim using scientific data. Maybe Professor Luc was paid off all the while.

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  23. Covid 19 the latest fraud by the Zionists. Now will come Immunity Certificates and Manditory Vaccines.

  24. Franz says:

    Joe McCarthy’s Red Scare was a Sunday School picnic compared to CovidGate. And just as there were no commies secretly subverting America 66 years ago…


    This is an insanely convoluted subject. Once your in it, you never come out.

    To make it REAL simple (complicated would be an encyclopedia):

    After WWII in Russia, Stalin went after Trotsky’s minions in the USSR. Trotsky’s followers in the USA went after Stalin’s minions in Hollywood, etc. It was all either side could do.

    McCarthy, in this reading, was nothing but a cat’s paw to pester Stalinists in the USA. Since both types were Jewish, Americans generally have never figured out what actually went on. It was commie-vs-commie, pretty much, and while Stalin sent his enemies to Kolyma, the Trots in the USA blacklisted American Stalinists. Joe himself was right about the “Bad Stalinists” but very naive about the Trots who were were helping him out.

    To this day the fight goes on. “Anti-Putin” Americans are mostly Trots (or useful idiots) and since Putin has been compared favorably to Stalin in Russia, it won’t end anytime soon.

    Jow McCarthy was right, pretty much, but like most Americans never grasped that both sides are communist. It’s a question of which, who, when. A bit comlicated.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  25. SafeNow says:

    I had read that the test for being currently infected is 70% sensitive. in other words, there are 30% false negatives… The test says you’re fine, but 30% of the time you are really not fine.

    On the other hand, the specificity is 90%. In other words that’s the positive predictive value. The test says that you currently have it, but there’s a 10% chance it’s detecting something else, and not covid.

    Dr. Fauci, if this information is not current, or is incorrect, please correct me. While you are at it Dr. Fauci, please tell me, when you speak of a vaccine, are you talking about something that always works, or, more likely will it be merely like the annual flu shot; be quantitative in your informed estimate. Oh, by the way Dr. Fauci, I have been humidifying the home and raising the thermostat. Is this a reasonable thing to do? Also, Dr. Fauci…

  26. @Franz

    Mnuchin, Powell, & Congress are all pinko Commie bastards too, Franz.

    The Pentagon houses the most pinko Commie bastards of the bunch IMHO.

    Dr. Alan Greenspan is also a pinko Commie bastard whereas his predecessor Volcker was a Capitalist.


  27. bjondo says:
    @Antonio Rodriguez

    The answer is very simple: one of the tools for population control is the creation of artificial scarcity

    Castro said in a speech that the easiest thing for a government (to keep the population content) was to give them decent health care.

    Wouldn’t the people also be contented if given good food
    to go with the decent health care?

    Lotsa food finished by a fat cigar would make me happy and easier to control.

    5 dancing shlomos

  28. been pondering this quote from a compatriot, it seems to agree with your notion about truth. forget greece, stick to Jerusalem. the greek mind is incapable of coming to The Truth, ending up worshipping stone idols or creating new ones like evolution or scientific socialism. professor censorship is alive and kicking at unz, will this get thru?

    Gorfu: Truth may be illusive, but not forever. And when one sees the truth, it soon becomes very obvious. And one is often left wondering, ‘Why didn’t I see it before?’

  29. @Delta G

    The problem is scientific proof that HIV causes AIDS.

    That was a problem that they easily “solved” by means of propagating a massive hoax campaign, and most people believed it because back then there was no Internet, through which criticism could be widely expressed by skeptics.

    Under pressure during the early Reagan re-election campaign to “do something” about the many gay people getting sick from their sexual over-indulgence, facilitated by amyl nitrate inhalants, an illness that manifested itself in peculiar lung symptoms, informally called GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency), the secretary of Health and Human Services at the time, Margaret Heckler, simply gave a press conference 36 years ago, on April 23, 1984, and announced:

    The probable cause of AIDS has been found.

    This video has briefly excerpted a news report from that day, showing her announcement:

    That was the beginning of the hoax, borne of political expediency.

    Initially they called this “probable cause” HTLV-III but that sounded too complicated, so it was renamed HIV.

    To detach the gay stigma, GRID had already been renamed AIDS by the NYTimes in August 1982. Eventually AIDS was officially defined in a circular manner, so that HIV “caused” AIDS by governmental decree, even though the mysterious HIV had never been properly isolated in accordance with the guidelines. Note that the “S” refers to a syndrome, which included 29 different symptoms, so that as many people as possible could be included.

    Moreover, the tests that were developed were supposed to react to alleged HIV antibodies, so what should have been good news, if one tested “positive”, was transformed into a sentence of death through an intense fear campaign that caused credulous gay people to believe that they had only a few more years to live and for straight people to be afraid of engaging in sexual relations.

    None of this made any sense, yet the tangible effects of mass media propaganda must have emboldened propagandists to utilize fear in a new campaign to induce behavioral transformation, so the “global warming” hoax was concocted, more recently propagated under the term “climate crisis“.

    More information on the beginning in 1984:

    • Replies: @George F. Held
  30. Yet, although truth is evasive

    I suspect you did not employ the right word there. Maybe you mean truth is elusive? The respective meanings of the two words are quite proximal, but, as I understand it, ‘evasive’ applies to concrete beings, whereas ‘elusive’ applies to abstract ones.

  31. @eric

    The debate about HIV drugs ended when far too many young healthy-seeming people on Duesberg’s side of the argument died seemingly inexplicably. The deaths of Christine Maggiore and her daughter received the most attention were the beginning of the end. The death of Karri Stokely was the end. These (not just those two but many others) were smart, charming, educated, thoughtful people who lived very healthy lives. They generally won debates with supporters of pharmaceutical orthodoxy because their antagonists were often very narrow-minded (“Stop asking questions and just obey your doctor!”) and often nasty people with an inexplicable amount of hostility. The amount of gloating some of them indulged in the day Maggiore died was revolting. But of all the people who stepped forward to take up the torch from Maggiore, who declared that they had HIV and weren’t taking medicines and were just fine, most were dead within five years.

    I had never heard of this debate until the publicity surrounding Maggiore’s death called my attention to it. I am convinced that many aspects of our pharmaceutical culture are wrong-headed (anti-depressants, overuse of antibiotics, medicines for ‘acid reflux’ and other things that can be solved with better diet and lifestyle) and so I was pre-disposed to sympathize with the HIV questioners (out of respect I won’t call them “denialists”). And theoretically Duesberg had powerful arguments. But as I say, too many of them died young and inexplicably, and as far as I was concerned the death of Karri Stokely was one too many such death and it was no longer decent to maintain the argument.

    I would refrain from comparing coronavirus with HIV for many reasons. For one thing, coronavirus is not all that deadly. Even among patients who were 90 or older, the lethality has been 25%, which means that even of extremely old people who were sick enough with coronavirus to go to hospital and get tested and treated, 3/4 survived. Whereas with HIV outside of a tiny number of exceptional cases, nearly everyone who had it and didn’t take medicines died.

    I suppose what you’re saying of coronavirus is what Duesberg incorrectly said of HIV, that people without other issue mostly won’t die of it. Problem is, we do have a lot of people with those issues. In America (much more than Italy) we do have lots of people who are obese, who have diabetes, who have heart or lung conditions even at younger ages. I’d like to think that maybe the coronavirus scare will encourage them to live healthier lives, but in the meantime they’re here and the virus is here and I’d prefer that they not die in myriads because of it.

  32. ivan says:

    ….millions of lives saved by medications designed by molecular modeling specifically targeting various aspects of the HI viral molecules targeting (mostly) enzymes mediating viral transcription and proliferation.

    The truth is just a little more complicated. I recall those days quite well. Well into the 90s I did not hear a single word about researchers such as Duesberg of whom there were many but were effectively silenced because no one gave them a hearing. The consensus was that AIDS invariably killed. The fear-mongering led to numerous suicides. Like in everthing else to do with human affairs politics played a role. On the one hand you had the homosexual lobby which was intent on continuing with a promiscuous lifestyle, at the other extreme there were those who though that AIDS was a just punishment from God. Between them and others a convenient myth developed that AIDS was the one and only reason for the illnesses. But the truth was if one were prepared to change one’s lifestyle one survived.

    The AIDS lobby though was not interested in any changes in lifestyles, the wanted their vaccines and protease inhibitors, for that was where the money and prestige were. I can go on and on about this : the first time I became aware that there was a phenomenon called “mass psychosis”. We were told that millions in India and China would die in the 2000s. Did that happen? Did the miraculous protease inhibitors stop the disease in India or China? No, since the masses in neither country could afford it. Did they perhaps have less sex? I don’t think so. And as for these protease inhibitors they kill the cells as well by disrupting the metabolic chains in the same way. Now under the fear of death, anyone of us would try anything. For example AZT a drug deemed too dangerous even for cancer treatment was approved to treat those diagnosed with AIDS. Through fear, mass propaganda and such the AIDS lobby got what they wanted and the sodomites escaped censure. Now I am certain that there were hemophiliacs and others who died, the question is did they die of contamination by AIDS alone? If an AIDS patient donated blood could he have not inadvertently also passed on other diseases?

    I consider myself a middle-brow reader keeping up with the news through wide reading yet till I read Neville Hodgkinson’s book : , it did not once occur to me that there were alternative explanations.

    The scientists pretend that they all are disinterested servants of the truth : that they examine facts without bias. But like everyone else they have fashions and irrationalities.

  33. ivan says:

    Don’t think you are the only educated person around.

  34. Treading says:

    The test does not look at the whole genome. It looks only at some protein sequence that could be contained in any number of corona viruses. There are maybe millions of corona viruses causing colds and flu so if you have had a prior infection with a corona virus , which is not unlikely, you will test positive. If you had a flu vaccine you could also test positive. Perhaps others will like to refine my comment. Dr shiva and dr Buttar were both on Fox News recently. I think they both talked about it. Dr Buttar for sure.

  35. @animalogic

    What do you think I’m saying? Am I saying what I wrote or am I saying some kind of nonsensical shit you dreamed up in your head? You seem to enjoy taking something that is written in plain English and translating it into Martian so that you can expound upon something else entirely.

    You just earned a place on my ignore list, a year or so late, but better than never.

  36. “What do you think I’m saying? ”
    You mean that the test is shit? No didn’t get it. Funny how couching much of the comment as questions & even prefacing it with “forgive me” can result in one being saturated in a spew of someone’s rancid bile.
    Incidentally there is nothing I “enjoy” less than exchanging comments with someone who uses “Comments” as a recepticle for discharging their toxic emotional & spiritual … “shit”.

  37. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    I remember my mother who had never taken any pharmaceuticals of any kind except aspirin and who only went to the Allopathic doctor when she was having children, started to get terrible pains in her stomach when she was in her 80’s. Her first thought was to make an appointment with the Naturopathic doctor. He did some tests and told her that her problem was an overgrowth of Candida in her gut. He prescribed Camomilla for gas and special herbal pills from Germany to kill the overgrowth. It worked like a charm and whenever she had that problem, she would take the same pills and it worked every time. That Naturopathic doctor moved out of town and a number of years later, she got the problem again. This time she just went to emergency since the pain was so intense. They did a battery of tests and couldn’t find any problems, she asked the attending physician if it might be Candida and the female doctor actually got mad at her saying that women only get Candida in their genital tract. They basically just gave her something for the gas. My sister managed to contact the original Naturopathic doctor via email and got the original prescription from him. She purchased the Camomilla and German herbs and they worked perfectly to get rid of the Candida. She used it for the rest of her life whenever she had the problem and lived in perfect health without Allopathic drugs until she expired in her sleep at the ripe old age of 97. Lesson of the story, Allopathic doctors are limited in their knowledge and always get a second or third opinion if you can. Allopathic doctors learn very little about nutrition and are sometimes downright arrogant to cover up their lack of knowledge.

    • Replies: @Dave Rubin
  38. Xerocky says:

    Every time someone writes an article about Duesberg, someone has to respond with this type of reply. Each and every time it’s the same pseudo intellectual crap.

    The gays of the bath house era destroyed their own immune systems. The gays that came after that were murdered by AZT.


  39. larry says:

    the author should have done more research. it’s been widely acknowledged that there were commies back in the ’40s and ’50s. they were in the media, hollywood, academia and government. much like the world today. in short, mccarthy was right!

  40. @anon

    What was causing the Candida in your mother’s case?

  41. For the full story on how Fauci has killed over 300,000 Americans by blocking early home COVID treatment with cheap, safe and effective generics and protocols read the new book Pandemic Blunder; here is summary and Amazon link:
    Joel S. Hirschhorn

    Pandemic blunder is defined as the failure of the United States public health system and federal agencies to support and promote early home/outpatient treatment for the COVID-19 pandemic disease. Considerable medical information and data convincingly show that when given early a number of proven safe, cheap generic medicines and protocols knock out the coronavirus. Early means within the first few days of getting symptoms or a positive test. Some pioneering and courageous doctors have been using innovative approaches to prevent their covid patients from needing hospital care and facing death. Many expert views of doctors support the view that 70 percent to 80 percent of covid deaths could have been prevented – and still can for future victims of the disease. Learn how hundreds of thousands of deaths could have and should have been prevented.

    This book does more than describe the pandemic blunder, particularly in terms of the influence of Dr. Anthony Fauci. It can help Americans protect their lives by not being victimized by disinformation and propaganda from leftist media. Pandemic management has failed because of corrupt forces aiming to make billions of dollars from expensive medicines and vaccines. There has been widespread dereliction of duty on the part of many local, state and federal government officials.

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